resultset filtering in mvc 3 linq
PHP inside PHP Syntax and Logic
Pandas cannot be imported into IPython
What is the most efficient way to setup relationships between thousands of objects in Core Data?
cannot convert from 'const char *' to 'std::_String_const_iterator<_Elem,_Traits,_Alloc>
How can I convert a VBS script to a .EXE using Linux?
Can't connect to a PHP API
TFS 2010 - Exclude a Working folder from the CI trigger
Drag/drop between two datatables
How do I pass parameters to the tested project?
Use of unassigned local variable - if statements
NHibernate session in BusinessLogic with lazy loading
Magento Add Shipping Tax to Tax Breakdown And Grand Total
How to get page count using Kaminari
Ipsecurity restriction set on at a file level through UI is not reflecting in the applicationhost.config or web.config
Retina and non-retina ios App
How to get TapPoints of User
extract number from alphanumeric string
How to set label text in one scene from a different view controller
What Causes A Conversation ID To Be Incremented
PL/SQL Cursor Use Parameter As A Column Name
I can't render a jinja2 template using a GQL query
Drawing one NSString with two different fonts in drawRect?
Does OpenCV's undistortPoints also rectify them?
Titanium: ImageView for Android that is scrollable horizontal AND vertical
I Need An App For My Ecommerse WebSite - Looking For Background Info [closed]
How to encode a Euro symbol into strings.xml in android XML files
Only one checkbox can be checked
PL/SQL Cursor Use Parameter As A Column Name
I can't render a jinja2 template using a GQL query
Drawing one NSString with two different fonts in drawRect?
Does OpenCV's undistortPoints also rectify them?
Titanium: ImageView for Android that is scrollable horizontal AND vertical
I Need An App For My Ecommerse WebSite - Looking For Background Info [closed]
How to encode a Euro symbol into strings.xml in android XML files
Only one checkbox can be checked
Adding Status updates similar to Tweets
How do I resolve the 鈥淥bject required鈥�error message with TinyMCE and Internet Explorer 8
javascript function - variables passed into function work for IE, but not Firefox
How can I detect through a web browser if an iPad is running in accessibility mode?
Console App running as a Windows Service throws an error
How to Drag and Drop For listbox from scratch MVVM using ICommand
Error Occured in SVN Repository
Django database with router returns a count, but no records
Muting an AVPlayer playing Http Live Streaming video
Unit Testing WCF Visual Studio 2010
how to increase carousel image space?
Reading data from fsockopen using fgets/fread hangs
Mysql Time Arithmetic - Time only
Table disappears in Firefox and Chrome
C RS232 comm. How to compare CPU time?
Spring MVC 3.1 exception : An Errors/BindingResult argument is expected to be immediately after the model attribute argument
Align images (different size) and text to center in list?
COM: Access violation making a SafeArray of BSTRs
Progress bar not showing unless in shift key bypass mode
Textbox and DateTimePicker BackColor Corner Case - Is there an explanation for this?
Tinymce copy/paste from excel (Plugin BBcode)
Complex SQL query - collapsing date ranges
Microemu running MIDlets on JavaSE
ORA-12899: importing a .dmp file + character set conversion
How things work after deployement in Application Server?
Undefined when calling rootNode.childElements? mvc disabled text box updated by javascript does not post new value
How to get the position of a pointer for a list
SSIS Accesing MySQL tables
Facebook sdk issues
Passing URI variables in CodeIgniter and MongoDB
Is there a way to influence automatic sound settings in Flash / AS3?
What's a I18N-friendly way to show a date range?
Actionbarsherlock back button doesn't go back
string into a list in Python
Automatically switch my sound profiles based on Time/Location in Android
php key() function not working inside object
Animate background position y in Firefox with Jquery
getting arrays and replacing spaces with comma
dyld issues library not loaded
I want to get like 鈩�character in db. how? in ios
htaccess rul won't fire
Android Multiple Contacts Chooser (with option of choosing which phone number)
taking the address of temporary object
Expand div in all directions using JQuery
Outlook Add-in for Calendar
run function in childView directly VS trigger a event on it's model [ In BackBone ]
how to add new layout xml properly?
Android Post to Facebook image timeout
jquery ajax calling a method
Getting grouped data in column format rather than by rows from a MySQL query
Table cell click event work with an f:ajax tag
Hibernate error running webapp with jetty-maven-plugin
Get secondary Intent via getIntent() in Android
3rd Party passing variable to ASP with session data in URL
expect language, how to keep the spawned program running while the expect script is closed
override git from Xcode with homebrew version
`levels<-`( What sorcery is this?
Cant get correct value in UITextField using shouldChangeCharacterInRange method
Deploying a War File to Tomcat Root With Maven pom.xml
Prompt for user input on Command prompt using Javascript
Understanding some aspects of node.js
Returning a row table as a partial view is not working on firefox
zend framework view breaks on exception
Match a longer string with a shorter one
Can't get $.getScript to work
Message box popup in the background
How to perform a binary search of several occurrences?
Fatal error:Class 'Mage_Adminhtml_Controller_action' not found in BookmarksController.php on line 4
How do I print % percent symbol in Drupal's t() function?
Android selector with background image and gradient
Matt Ryall鈥檚 jQuery live filter - only return results that start with the string?
how to save file with GetSaveFileName in win32?
Can we add more Amazon Elastic Mapreduce instances into an existing Amazon Elastic Mapreduce instances?
Matches in Array Algorithm
I can't scroll vertically in a webview
Minimum value in 2 arrays
Netbeans 7.0.1 in Ubuntu has no javascript support?
how to hide the softkeyboard in the time of fragment transaction?
Creating Google GeoChart async
Folder hierarchy traversal [closed]
how to find out how many bytes I've written to bytebuffer (new to java)
What are the keywords '%type' and '%token' used for in C?
OnKeydown for 鈥�鈥�does not get fired in Delphi 7 application
gcc and glibc versions
Storing and retreiving shared preferences in android
Php, printing a 3d array into a table
SelectAll Textbox Text
How to dynamicly databind the itemsource of WPF Toolkit chart to a public property?
RVM won't install Rails to system
Close last opened tab
Alfresco: Custom Share Evaluator based on some custom repo webscripts
SelectAll Textbox Text
How to dynamicly databind the itemsource of WPF Toolkit chart to a public property?
RVM won't install Rails to system
Close last opened tab
Alfresco: Custom Share Evaluator based on some custom repo webscripts
Overload postfix increment operator [duplicate]
How to pass command line parameters with quotes stored in single variable?
Inexplicable behavior by Internet Explorer with FancyBox
Add content if element is not empty
AudioServicesPlaySystemSound Volume on iPad
How to register a custom built jar file as maven main artifact?
Magento not using correct DB details
Changing database design after creation
Dojo require, connect to error when module failed loading
calling bash from python
Get html from a webpage with cURL and strip html with preg-replace
I want to replace a entire String with new value using String replaceAll method in Java
How to determine if a JavaScript function is defined?
Partially skip sections with Google Closure Compiler
Can ANT change values in a XML files?
DBI: Connect to a different database if the first database doesn't exist
Intercept Rendered HTML / Runtime HTML for Pages in Sitecore
Profiling for Django + Tastypie
Filtering a QuerySet With another QuerySet
My Windows Service is not able to Identify Process
How do i bind a button to close command in window style
jquery mobile ajax post with multiple pages
How to save mongodb array into vector using c++ driver?
Cross browser compatibility of the CSS scrollbars
Resource scheduling algorithm for ad hoc jobs allocation
Magento Add url link to open a specific product tab
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL in GOOGLE MAPS API V3
How to start service after reboot with out using BOOT_COMPLETE intent in android?
JS/PHP Array Merge
C# System.Security.Cryptography.HMACSHA1.ComputeHash() does not return expected result
How to access child nodes of a root element?
The alternative usage of fread
Rails: Adding options to collection_select
POST JSON data to PHP via C# and store values in MYSQL
Convert to const int
how to make image move smoothly with C#
Pointer initialization with an arbitrary number
How to unpack gzip QueryResponse in twitter api wp7?
What does 鈥淧rint the string using twice the length as the width.鈥�mean? [closed]
I want to make db with text type column. but length is always 0 . in mysql
show and hide some span text
Services available on Eclipse port 51235
Enter key does not work on Netbeans 7.1 mvc routing - Multiple Parameters
Maven: Unit test not running
trouble installing package: ecogbm
Changing the value of a TextView
How can i read color from json of following type?
Accessing various databases as one in SQL Server
Sending attachment via Web Service using java script
Two inserts simultaniously
Getting left and right floats to overlap instead of stack
Watij鈥檚 JxBrowser OS X / Java 1.6_64 incompatibility?
datePicker in GWT
can a iOS application receive shake gesture while it is in background in iOS 5?
Edit HTML Reponse before sending
How to implement the Strategy Pattern?
Sample Xcode IOS project for Poppler
Localized URLs in Play 2.0?
PUt and DELETE not working on IIS 5.1 with VS 2008 using C#
Dispatcher.CurrentDispatcher vs. Application.Current.Dispatcher
Can lucene only sort and search for nothing?
Compare each item in a list with all previous items, print only unique items
MySQL+Java Transactions
multi-faceted heat map with ggplot for selected portion of X with additional text labels on it
Assigning custom extension as static resource to Color property
How to get offline access with the access token?
How can I get warnings in my Objective-C code on an empty line?
Open an existing form from the main form
Font size to fill dynamic div
System.Drawing.Graphics.Transform has no effect in Mono under Ubuntu
What's the difference between using nested routes vs. accepts_nested_attributes_for?
CellList widget number cannot be over than 25
HQL ERROR: Path expected for join
Clarification sought on Active Record Query Interface 3.0 implications
I want to do something when user segues back in a navigation controller(iOS)
Fluent NHibernate Mapping for a Category / Sub-Categories Tree
Dynamic button click event created OnPreRender doesn't fire
Failing to read data from an excel sheet with where clause in select statement
Android :Virtual Joystick widget with OpenGL ES2?
Why does pip installs a package outside my virtual environment?
Daily cron at specific time
Create Batch file for iexpress
State Machine or Flowchart for Windows Workflow Foundation 4?
Get part of URL with PHP
How to find out if Zend Framework, Zend Server are installed on my machine?
How do I set a minimum window size in tkinter?
cURL STDERR is not working
Is it possible to generate code properly through a toolbox custom control?
Download is not resuming using Curl C API
How to find latest inserted row from db row in YII?
Set and get username between activities
Is there any way to use javascript (jquery) to make an element behave **exactly** as if it was clicked (a unique situation)
Issue in row updating in gridview
XML::Compile::SOAP and a fault call
Is there any way to use javascript (jquery) to make an element behave **exactly** as if it was clicked (a unique situation)
Issue in row updating in gridview
XML::Compile::SOAP and a fault call
Data storage for the following program
Mac Mouse/Trackpad Speed Programmatically
Getting guid in sandcastle chm with presentation style vs2010
Jpg encoding with Java
cocos2d run two background after one background ends
How to use a Tibco JMS module defined in weblogic and post messages to it using Spring
How to enable <aop:aspectj-autoproxy> with java-based annotations
PHP Regex get UPPERCASE Name
@Unowned orm annotation in datanucleus-appengine 2.0
Telerik RadGrid Clientside Access to FormTemplate
How large eCommerce sites are so fast? [closed]
Using parentheses in strings of text
KnockoutJS - ViewModel Abstracion
How to calculate average mark for each student
Using python to send a single int over ethernet
ASP.Net - Telerik Compatible with master page(<meta.. content=鈥淚E=9鈥�
GlassFish JAX-RS Jackson custom JSON serialization
Append to file after application restarts- Phonegap
How to show dropdown-select list in jQuery popup and retrieve selected value
How to write a script that runs as long as the server is up?
Rails 3 response mimetype and content-type
Merging two different repositories
Play Framework - where can I find the release notes or the 鈥渨hat's new鈥�document?
Why javaBigDecimal2bigDecimal implicit is not applicable?
How to I programmatically find the Backcolor of a DateTimePicker Control
How to select multiple contacts and pass them to another Intent in android
How to use setInterval() as an event listener
Jaxb Unmarshaller handles Long and Integer differently
Recursive Algorithm for a space filling Hilbert Curve in java
Psych::SyntaxError couldn't parse YAML
Add image to body of email
Set my sitecontent to the right place
DataTrigger is evaluating just the first time
Load external web applications on a MVC3 Main application - Intranet
Qt: how to create a file (with directorys required by its path)?
Pure AS3 components performance test for mobile: MinimalComps vs MadComponents
Reading input with ajax and Java servlet
C# Change Image File while Refreshing Image on Form
How do I get the last four weeks including current week using an sql query
How do I detect that a file/image has been chosen so I can perform an action?
How to handle KeyboardInterrupt (Ctrl-c) nicely with pycurl?
Problems adding a new element to the DOM?
Android Text Selection In Webview
Size of a struct containing 1 Pointer
android parsing negative number strings
Is a simple color enabled logger for Haskell available?
jQuery split() not鈥�splitting?
Android Text Selection In Webview
Size of a struct containing 1 Pointer
android parsing negative number strings
Is a simple color enabled logger for Haskell available?
jQuery split() not鈥�splitting?
open a pop up a window in a webview
Serialize only part of a view model class
Opening local files without input or drag-and-drop
ruby on rails 3, populating selection list depending on selection from previous selection, the ruby way
how can i improve this code [closed]
How can i position a background image to the top left and bottom right of a html element?
Error on trying to run a simple RPC progarm
how to optimize query if table contain 10000 entries using MySql
Read a PDF file and return as stream from a WCF service?
Clean urls and https redirect conflict in .htaccess using YII
How should I remove all elements in a DbSet?
Unable to import term sets from CSV in sharepoint 2010
Issue with the count in PostgreSQL
ASP - New instance of SQL database per user?
files_get_contents give error with twitter
Compiling local mof file in all the remote systems
Why is it selecting this file?
Android, Call API 14 method but should stay compatible with API 4
Java Calendar.add in giving inconsistent results
Add to Timeline and Authorization issue
Replace <pre> tags with <code>
Code-first always working with SQL Server Express or SQL Server CE
Can SSIS output an SQL Server Compact 4.0 file?
2 div layout issue
VC90.DebugCRT not found by PyInstaller
Hide/remove piece of text [Updated]
Number placement in an 鈥渙pen鈥�slot in a random coordinate
C# MySQL LINQ DateTime conversion
This target might include its own product
Handling response when hit any URL
How to perform exception handling in struts1.3.8, raised from DAO layer?
$.get function not calling in IE
Adding multiple external domains in chrome extension
Missing Separator Error in Makefile
Apache mod_rewrite Rewriterule without regex?
ZF One project with two different application_env
Tridion 2009 - Publish another Component from a Component Template
Number of records reducing after mongo mapreduce
Dividing a string into 3 parts with keeping words intact
how to identify errors in manifest file
Maven coordinates for vert.x?
Apache JMeter - listener results interpretation
Left Outer join on a many to one relationship in Hibernate
DataMapper join statements
CopyFromScreen not working
Extract registration data from .net assemblies
How can you prevent Entity from erring when a property is null?
When`starmap` could be preferred over `List Comprehension`
Animation with Custom key in CFBasicAnimation Doesn't work when exporting Video
Does the DropDownList selected property ever change in html?
For Search In PHP using Ajax
Javascript - Jquery, bind a dynamic selector with 'On' method (not a string)
HowTo draw pixmap in QHeaderView section using delegate?
Eclipse plugin default dialogs localization
get value from database if two rows exist and value is equal to
How to Compare strings in Linq Query
How do I create hyperlinks from resource files?
Is spoofing attack possible in RS232 communication?
How to make a connection to a database via Massive
webkit browsers hide LI A (display:block) elements. sometimes
How is ignore-paths evaluated in git svn?
CodeFirst C# Generation
ASP.NET-MVC3: how to get the url of an action in the controller
Celerybeat shuts down immediately after start
Processing XML based DSL
Controller library direct access to HttpServletRequest
Getting java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when trying the execute a java.class
Can the powershell pipeline monad be broken without an assignment?
Acces SSL SOAP WebService with Grails
How can I get MVVM Light to work nicely with a Grouped Items Page in Metro?
Change Tumblr audio player color with Javascript
Differences between Minimum Spanning Tree and Shortest Path Tree
Keep a Select Option Selected after Submission to mysql
How do I use VisualStudio git extensions to access remote repository using password access?
php zip file to multiple zip files
Using #define to access App Delegate Object doesn't work
iPhone How to present photos from my documents directory?
Regex: Match any string but one ending with thanks/
ZF1 and dijit tab container the Zend_Dojo_Form does not show
NULL value in designer-generated DataSet throws an exception I don't want
Wrong Constructor being called on MVC Controller
BitTorrent library for Java WITH selecting files after loading torrent
flash upload button not wroking for more than one field on a page
php quote inside quote bbcode script (nested quote)
Producer-Consumer Implementation
Why is nothing happening when I click my 鈥淪end Email鈥�menu item?
Getting URL with PHP $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] and encoding
get numbers from string in javascript
How to run script continously in background without using crontab
Linux Bash Ftp Automated Image Upload
What is the kohana framework used for?
Generating web service proxy classes using wsdl2java/Apache CXF
OpenLayers steals click events with Popups
EDIT SOAP of a WCF Service using IClientMessageInspector
how to get my git repo to a server downloaded state without any of my changes
What is the kohana framework used for?
Generating web service proxy classes using wsdl2java/Apache CXF
OpenLayers steals click events with Popups
EDIT SOAP of a WCF Service using IClientMessageInspector
how to get my git repo to a server downloaded state without any of my changes
jquery.parseJSON not working
How to save image in a file and save the name of image to database using MVC3?
No module named exceptions - scrapy pipeline
handling phone shutdown event in android
Callback after for-loop finishes in node.js
Normal image and selected image? jQuery or css required?
Filing in C Programming
iOS5 Custom Tab Bar
Symfony2 Assetic: How to display uploaded image which path is stored in database?
Load EhCache diskstore content into memory
how to fill textboxs from dataset in, when executed following code then i got invalidCastException
Trouble installing py2cairo on Mac OSX Lion
Create project from existing code issue
How to test em-mongo + Goliath?
Unable to install phonegap app in android (installer_r18-windows.exe)
How to use gdb with LD_PRELOAD
Possibility to call nonstatic gwt java method from javascript
javascript window.location fake callback
Is a Dataset the same as a Recordset
LINQ Expression starting with From and Aggregate is confusing
Removing dynamically added elements
Liquid horizontal UL-based menu with variable spacing
Report structure from table
Time difference between two times in iPhone
PHP looping multidimensional array
How to increase the mappers and reducers in hadoop according to number of instances used to increase the performance?
Getting output parameter from stored procedure
How to parse multiple sub-commands using python argparse?
Replacment UDID with OpenUDID is this good way?
Launch an Application After Installing using Visual Studio 2010 Setup Project
phpvideotoolkit class errors on xampp installed on windows server 2008
Get the current user Liferay using a simple Java code
Sortable VS DragnDrop in Jquery
How to add a child entity collection to an entity on its creation using datagridview selected rows
TFS Build Server with project with 鈥渃ustom build tool鈥�
AS3 audiioencoder to convert to audio
Managing multiple databases
Combobox on userform only half enabled?
Javascript Regex for all words not between certain characters
The type or namespace 'IRange' could not be found
In bash, how to set a return code?
Creating complex div structure using CSS
Image creation from pdf
dollar-o-gram: how is this developed in excel? [closed]
SQLPLUS TRIM and COLUMN formatting
dollar-o-gram: how is this developed in excel? [closed]
SQLPLUS TRIM and COLUMN formatting
Want to create a personality test in python. How to do functions for this task?
How to move title of UITabBarItem?
Volusion template editing .asp code to include additional header graphic
Clunky calculation of differences between an incrementing set of numbers, is there a more beautiful way?
_beginthread and WaitForSingleObject
How to calculate the difference of datetime field and now in php?
Change the default install folder in NSIS
container is disposed
How to get the position of the list item in onGesturePerformed method?
file transfer through ethernet from server to client [closed]
MSMQ exception occuring during queue creation
Where is linux-tick-processor on node.js ubuntu native package installation?
How to extract unmatched keywords, thinking sphinx
UIScrollView with 鈥淐ircular鈥�scrolling
Making wait() and signal() atomic
Visual studio templating system [closed]
ClassCastException in a Widget
Regular expression to accept 00100 to 99999 with the length of 5 Characters
How do I make a generated file depend on a java class in Scons
writing python libraries: structure, naming and import best practices
AsyncFileUpload really slow on the server
send special characters with ajax and receive them correctly to php
Include c file in another
Initialization of Lagrangian Multipliers in SVM using SMO (sequential minimal optimization)
Changes to do in my ASP.NET application to add globalization
Setting auto complete shortcuts in Eclipse
Is my code wrong somewhere? I don't get any email
Authenticating libcurl FTP download in C++
How to open a view(another xib) on clicking of a uiimage in ipad application
Unable to crop image using mini_magick
Select image id
Why may @Secured in Grails Spring Security be ignored?
Does the info and warn logs by LogCat create any problems while running the application?
SQL issue - calculate max days sequence
Easiest way to compress in Python and decompress with decompress C# (and vice versa)
How work the jquery oriented object?
multiple wsit-client.xml
Invoice pdf Logo Image issue
Xml namespace declaration: auto-substitute package name
Javascript - Alert users score and rank name
How to change the line between two elements in listview
Create connection to database in VS2010 without SQL Client - dynamically
presentModalViewController not firing until later
What is the name of a thread that shows the progress?
Default value for foreign key columns
std::fstream error
Get tt_content uid
How can we do partial page updates in
SelectOneRadio and Disable inputText
Amazon AWS For Whois?
Multithreading (Stateless Classes)
Django: Where do I place reusable functions? [duplicate]
SUM() on all rows of a LEFT JOIN?
How to stop my twitter code outputting apostrophes as &#039;
Browser handling of REALLY massive images
Does changing ASP.NET to 4.0 will run the virtual directory with CLR 4?
Ambiguous type variables with Haskell functional dependencies
Sound format for mobile browser with construct 2 game engine
replace random words in a string
console returning different heights in ie, ff and chrome for the same element?
How can I set a custom log4j properties file in DEV mode in Play! Framework?
How to make text display in a textbox multiple times in C#?
how to debug maven tycho plugin?
uiwebview crashes on scrolling past bottom
Ember.js - Diff between ArrayController and CollectionView
Removes occurrences a given element within a list of lists
data does not inserting into the prebuilt database
Andengine Box2D physics body is not rotating when increase weight
IO implementation inside Haskell
jQuery Modal dialog from URL, not using .load({modal:true})
Why getch() is throwing an error in C
Check which flags are On/Off of an Integer Number? [closed]
Type inference in SML
Null Pointer Exception in setting a value to TextView
github - asks for username and pass when it pushes/pulls
Is there a neat method to output text to debugging pane?
Making a CLI based Java calculator
Heroku/postgresql search
Dialog Box appears and then disappears
On the server, player movement is not rendered
Dateformatter change the year of my date
Jira-Servlet-Plugin using TemplateRenderer
Error Python 2.7 on Google App Engine - Threadsafe cannot be enabled with CGI handler
cufon not rendering the fonts correctly
App crash - 鈥淒iskImageCache: Could not resolve the absolute path of the old directory.鈥�
batch file gpg command
Log4j daily rolling catalina.out without restarting Tomcat?
how to Show or Read docx file
how to open a Native Camera with FOCUS_MODE_MACRO as Default in Android
Displaying div on Radio Button click only
plone how to add content rule for event which after end date should be moved to another folder
C++ Member Variable value changes based on whether or not it is printed out
Selecting a part of Image while Cropping
Issue with roundings and value comparison in SQL Server
The quickest and most efficient way to split string in PHP
Spring Data PagingAndSortingRepository
Change XML shape color while app is running
unable to add Facebook SDK in iphone application
What are 鈥渘ested attributes鈥�in rails?
VideoPlayer Shows Error (1, -1)
Select after merge: Hibernate
PostgreSQL: 2+ clients, unique constraint -> race condition failed to instantiate
Converting a project from webforms to MVC over time - can this be done?
How to Define UIImageView size as UIImage resolution?
Python context manager: conditionnally executing body?
Trouble faced trying to change int value in an if else statement in android
How to prevent all activity screen from rotating in android
OCaml syntax error with let 鈥�in
Problems with mongoid querying
android: in app billing RESULT_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE
Ignore single quote in C#
What does -lm option do in g++
Get Element inside Element (parent/child) WPF
Unable to display data from
In JSF on an ajax call, how do we create a HTML fragment using a different JSF page for rendering?
if statement nested in a for loop
Manually adding Fragment to BackStack
SSRS using Xml datasource [WCF], its possible, but is it advisable?
Why My jQuery Function always Executed in Conditional?
ASP.NET DropDownList - How do I handle missing values?
鈥淩equires user session鈥�error in facebook connect drupal module
Android: table sql query error
How to run a specified bat file at particular time ie.. scheduler
how to change the data scraped by facebook like?
extjs 4.x with Sencha Architect v2.x
Why should I NOT deploy my website or webapp to the root of a domain in IIS?
How to set-up git with utf8 filenames in EGit
Downloading Insight data with automated background process
Find and replace in a specific column [closed]
is it worth rewriting my code in cython?
wikipedia servers gzip content
NSFetchedResultsChangeUpdate not called when merging ManagedObjectContext
Data Replication error in Hadoop
ActiveMQ embedded broker SSL
Encrypted string changes on different application domain
How to put data in next line in a table in Prawn
HSQLDB SQLException: Out of memory establishing database connection
When is a connection timedout exception thrown in java?
OpenCV - DrawContour at an offset
Datetime picker value doesn't save in the database
Communication between native app & web app [closed]
WP Query not working DESC
Getting dynamic width height of DIV or Span with formatted text
customize actionbar sherlock tabs and dropdownlist
Pass action as Parameter on Command Prompt (Linux)
Monotouch Dialog News style element with drill down capability
Wix3.5: Undefined preprocessor variable '$(var.Platform)'
Pass action as Parameter on Command Prompt (Linux)
Monotouch Dialog News style element with drill down capability
Wix3.5: Undefined preprocessor variable '$(var.Platform)'
Convert string into hyperlink in Outlook
Java apns : list of device tokens under an application
C++ 鈥渘ew T[size]鈥�doesn't work?
How to escape ' in setParameter
Context menu for blank space in a listview
C- Is it possible to define const value and than ask from the user to enter it?
Switch View on Gingerbread
Ruby: How to count the number of spaces at the beginning and end of a string?
Display a progressbar [closed]
cloudant: retrieve some ad-hoc user fields
NullPointerException - using spinner
How to write a logic for Safe Connection Pool
showing value of enum in jsp using spring mvc
Interface vs Multiple Inheritance In C#
Math::GMP errors when installing
Lexical Analyzer code in C
split view url parameter passing and dynamically loading the pages
Replacing HTML line in notepad++
Is there an alternative to raw sql query?
Why is the character 茅 encoded as 0xC3 0xA9 in UTF-8?
Apache - redirecting with a new domain
How to compile Browser source code for Android 4.0.3
Add UITableView to an existing project: crash when adding array to populate rows
Using ajax how to get data from the database in PHP?
full background and non expected 1px border
Is it possible to set a users memberOf property in Active Directory using Powershell
Cloud Storage with API that support file detection
Jquery Waypoints Refresh
Multi threading and deadlock
Zend Db query to select all IDs
Deploying multiple war files with own JSF configurations
Azure WCF service gives error on blob storage file
error C2308: concatenating mismatched strings
Getting return data from message to Android handler
How to get result from JPA query, filtered by custom criteria
Zend :: Changing get parameters from controller/action?param=value to controller/action/param/value
float left property not working in syncfusion HTML to PDF conversion
Decrease runTime to O(n)
How to check the exception thrown correctly by PHPUnit?
DOM access in Chrome
It is possible to automatically update graphics when database changes?
Reusing the options menu xml - is it good practice
How to remove post parameters on temporary redirect (HTTP 307)?
How to encrypt the $_GET data in php?
Disabling background or all controls on a ASPX page using Jquery
Where to store what in an MVC model and how do the components communicate?
Hidden field not found in user control
Creating a Game Server
iOS - Using Twitter Reverse auth in app which doesn't use ARC
jquery mobile lost css with ajax post
How to determine the input source of some characters?
using Zend_Service_Ebay_Finding to retrieve sellers items
How to de-fragment APC cache
android preference change diplayed preferences in same PreferenceActivity
An attempt to generate a certain amount of randomly-placed numbers in an array
How can I import external files into SDL Tridion 2011 using core service?
Reading kallsyms in user-mode
Creating a component that copies field values from another component
how to customise dynatree image?
How to drawing a simple line in an SVG image using Batik?
Access 2007 referential integrity without using lookup within table
ultrawebgrid paging using LoadOnDemand as XML
Does <ui:composition> go before or after <body>?
Where to order a result set randomly - in database or in memory?
CakePHP Routing - params as actions
connecting dgrid with a dialog
Why Output to JTextArea in real-time doesn't show up?
Automatically update UITableView when Array changes
How do I normalize a string using ICU4C?
Grouping not working in solr
Retrieving rows from mySql Table using Groupby
How to add reference to Visual Studio .cu project?
Postgresql Query - Ordering by result of subquery
From xml in SQL Server, get next sibling value
Using Boost.Pool in VS2010 - Linker error
Algorithm to create n-th level of nested patterns in RegEx
editing built.xml in windows for tomcat's path location
ASP Database connection questions
API to manipulate photo overlays
How to align custom dialog centre in android ?
VOIP SIP - Help to encode from PCM to U-law
Please help configure JBoss 7 鈥渕ail-session鈥�via jboss-cli
Access Query If/or condition
Creating nested attributes through HATBM
javascript arrays in and outside of functions
Placeholder is not working properly in all browsers [duplicate]
Struggling with JQuery .each() Function
compare two char in matlab : char 105 and char 99
Optimising MYSQL queries
How to view the Oracle query which populates an Excel spreadsheet?
WP7 How to remove a pivot item when there are controls inside it
jQuery animate function doesn't work on Firefox 11 & 12
AWK Script throwing syntax error on for loop
Java rounded corner bug
Set paragraph text to JSON data result
border radius in css
maybe someone can see what I'm missing (debug case, C++, function pointer)
Set paragraph text to JSON data result
border radius in css
maybe someone can see what I'm missing (debug case, C++, function pointer)
Alternative to stopwatch?
Using Spring and html forms to get an object
Binding checkboxes to object values in AngularJs
Adjusting WPF font height and width independently
Find when google places autocomplete returns zero results
How to use json in ios 5.1?
Search input focus not work
.net mvc codefirst multiple SiteDataContextInitializer one database
One XSD scheme or multiple XSD schemes?
populate selectbox in parent window via popup
Combine rich:orderingList with rich:inplaceInput
how to put validation for radiobuttonlist's radiobutton ?
php reverse email from right to left
Write antlr grammar for custom script
How to start RMI Registry through java code?
Save CIImage, by converting to CGImage, throws an error
MDIParent stops Child from loading correctly
Bluetooth-Android ICS Base build
How to implement XSLT tokenize function?
How can I compare the message received after sending ajax request
adding chart and key (legend) into power poiint using vbscript/vba
drop-and-create-tables drops too easily
Redirecting network traffic
Empty struct after calling a function to populate it
Remove biomentric data from smartcard
How to call a URL with multipart request on server side where instead of file there is a string containing file contents
How is the Stream-cons #:: translated in Scala?
what does AllowOverride ALL mean in kohana .htaccess?
Using SQLCommand - Will it dispose of items passed to strings?
How to change background color of selected items in ListView?
Count missing function arguments in PHP
BroadcastReceiver for BOOT_COMPLETED not returning from sleep()
Convert Bytes Into UIImage
Clues to using Hibernate for generating (bulk) SQL queries without session/connecting to DB
What causes 鈥渂ad operand types for binary operator '==' 鈥漺ith second type <nulltype>?
Most efficient way to split paragraph based on element height
Android on click listener to pass json variables
Jira Startup failed with unloaded plugins
Multi-line list view populated with arrays?
Can 鈥淓rror loading Script鈥�js errors be ignored?
ant script cant support nested If statement?
Int id vs. varchar id
Custom Cover Flow Implementation in iOS
Google Drive Java Authentication
Xpath: select following until node
How can I set a listener for a click event on a ListView item
PHP: inserting a row and selecting id of inserted row
Start asp session OnClick (when click on a link)
Image aligning in divs
C++ Executing A coded test UI using a button. WINAPI (no MFC)
How can I highlight an entire DataGrid row when a single cell is clicked?
How to modify advlink.js?
鈥淭imezone less events鈥�migration for Facebook
How can i used startActivityForResult in getView method in ArrayAdapter class?
Resume timer with jQuery
Cassius and Hamlet
unit testing spring/jpa/hibernate and google-appengine with cloud SQL : API package rdbms missing
Null pointer exception while reading properties file
How can I check if my div tags fields are null or not and if its null do something with Jquery
Handler postDelayed doesn't post on delayed?
How to fix content-type for Aurigma uploads to S3?
javascript if image
How to properly access method from another function within class?
Documentum DQL query to import a file form cliet machine to repository
How to extract column names from SQL Query as String SQL query is passed as a String
Installing mod_wsgi module for apache
How to display and manipulate visual objects in a web app?
Realtime color picker hsv to hex string?
my undefined reference is defined
Difference between get_Offset and Offset?
how to wrap a form generated by webform in a div?
Android toasting Listview element?
ExtJs: determine grid that fires the update event on a store
How to get shipping date of an order in magento? [closed]
What is the proper way to avoid the rake assets:precompile error on Heroku
Please help me with my comment sections sql query
std::string vs string
No suitable driver found
Kernel debug output not shown in DebugView ( Win7 x64 )
What's the better approach to write Magento modules?
.map() second argument of the callback function
submit and load the same form using struts2
Hiding images with blank src using jquery
Two processes saving a record in database at the same time
SQL CLR return two new columns
Uploading an Excel sheet and importing the data into SQL Server database
how to make a single list out of this lists of lists , using list comprehension?
MySQL blocked in Preparing Statement with really strange behavior
How to extract data from this JSON ? (PHP) [closed]
jnetpcap save rtp payload: both channels
Textanim in Flash Builder
ptrace_detach, SIGINT and trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)
Double Clicking JAR file does not open Command Prompt
changing my web browser on netbans 6.9.1
arrayWithFile returns count of 0
What does () => {} mean?
What are the parameters need to be put inside a Html.BeginForm()
ZUUIRevealController with UITabBarController instead of UINavigationController
JavaFX builders/Java Generics
LocalNotification / Reminder PhoneGap plugin for WebOS?
Render Partial View using Jquery and MVC
AFNetworking and storing Cookies globaly
AndEngine GLES 2 - black screen, no errors
How to close the connection to MYSQL in nodejs node-mysql
Trying to install windows service application created with c#
How to synchronize toggle selections across pages with JQuery Mobile?
Image cropping and thumb creation
Iphone, always set a Facebook app's audience to Public
What does it take to built an Auto Alignment for elements like NetBeans?
Linq, select values + - a value
jQuery plugin to position a popup next to a button?
Accessing Sencha javascript files in Phonegap on Android
WorkerRole.cs what is its purpose
OpenGL ES 2.0 doesn't render on Android 4.0.3
How to interface can extends 2 with that extends the same but with different generic parameters in java?
combine same values of master array with slave array in php
Does Google give back its former PageRank to a page that returned 301 during some time
How to pass literal JavaScript code to Yii framework methods?
Regular expression to match comma or newline but not both
why reference size is always 4 bytes - c++
Call default browser with URL and set a target
How to run Akka Future using given SecurityManager?
C - change the last element of the matrix
jackson self reference leading to cycle
is it worth to optimize Javascript code replacing strings with constants?
Google Map OnClick, How to Programmatically get clicked point information and add a pushPin
MySQL query can't handle variables
Facebook like webpage button description
Application metrics in dotcloud doesn't show any activity
Caching vs Report Snapshot in SSRS
Do-while equivalent in Expect [duplicate]
Swipe action binding in knockoutjs
updating RestKit: loadObjectsAtResourcePath: usingBlock: don't save objects in cache
Java decompressing archive packed by implode method
Idetifying equivalent regular expressions
telnet in clojure
Play framework 2.x laconic template internationalization
jquery autcomplete returning source array
UIWebView in UIScrollView,UIScrollView how to get Tap Event
dynamically adding images using for loop -objective c
Creating Materialized view in oracle taking forever
Rebind error - EventBus cannot be abstract?
Installed gmp but can't see it
Does dictionary's clear() method delete all the item related objects from memory?
How can I set the titles in a PagerTitleStrip for a View pager
Removing hexadecimal values from XML through XSLT
How to convert a character string date to date class if day value is missing
How to get json from external url with port?
Get current view
Software (or commandLine) that dynamically runs dotnet code
Detecting mismatched array <-> enum initializers
testing support for overflow-y:auto inbrowsers
Do Apache Access Logs Ever Miss Requests?
submitting form on image click
What array to use to store an Object?
Form autosubmit for online payment: bad practice?
Sorting and Querying an Encrypted MySQL Table
Close Button on VS11 Apps
After deleting xml nodes in java ,xml file doesnt get update
Hadoop Pig Cassandra get_range_slices error
Order of selection in html select multiple?
Zend Framework - Custom defined routes overridden when adding Zend_Rest_Route
java paint method not being called
UItableviewcell 鈥渃ell-identifier鈥�memory management
No text is being set once I select an Item on an Android spinner.
Why does package naming in java has TLD in the beginning [duplicate]
How can I control UTF-8 ordering in MySQL?
NotSupportedException on generic collection when garbage collector calls clear() (CF 3.5)
WCF returned System.IO.Stream garbled
Low quality image into a label
Display Google Map markers with Mysql driven drop downs
iOS view 'folding' animation [closed]
Joda DateTime conversion locale
How I can see camera ip use with webview on Android 2.3?
Jython PyList mapping to List<String> and other Jython to Java variable mapping
Safari plugin crashes on NPN_GetValue
docx file icon shown differently in my windows7 pc?
Handle devise 401 gracefully during sign in
REST POST request results in HTTP 415 error
vsnwprintf alternative on linux
how to retrieve the message from Webservice
What does the size: attribute do in this code?
How to get value of ValueMember of datagridviewcomboboxcolumn
How do I inject into some generic http handler using Ninject?
Which Framework choosing for 3D animation on Android?
Complex Number App - graphing with core-plot, power-plot or else?
Send formatted tweets on twitter : iphone sdk
LinkButton not working properly. Changes my webpage's top and left panel layout
In Java, How can I create threads so that each thread is dedicatedly running in one core? [duplicate]
Drop-down menu of pages in parent category
Capturing and storing Referrer
Identify instances of the same form
How to color a word in a dropdown?
WPF DataContextProxy in resources section
Binding to ObservableCollection in SelectedItem
Xcode Automation tool for UI test
Display property sheets for multiple shell objects
How to check if an objects is inside of a NSSet of objects by using predicateWithFormat in CoreData?
How to display progress during a NSIS Installation, when installer calls the uninstaller in silent mode?
Casting to a dynamic type and Invoking a method on an InternalCOMObject returned from a dynamic COM Object MVC 4 API and Knockout.js: Generate Knockout.js models
Json object reflection
FAT: List all files in a directory
How to specify IN parameter that as Oracle data type of TABLE type?
C3P0 configuration in spring/hibernate application?
Sectioned ListView not showing anything
Magento - this javascript file doesn't merge correctly
textarea scrollbar remove automatic wordwrap/ new lines
In SQL, is it OK for two tables to refer to each other?
UDP client prints received data twice [i.e. received data is appended on itself twice]
Attribute 'nowrap' is considered outdated. A newer construct is recommended. What is it?
Website usage statistics
Is it possible to use dataset in VB6?, Jcrop value issue
XSL file causing error when stylesheet is included
What is the difference between 鈥済ravity鈥�and 鈥渁cceleration鈥�sensors in Android?
Archive Opennebula images before transer and extract after
Has anyone tried taking backup using the Asana API
HowTo grant Full file Permission in C
Producer Consumer pattern - handling producer failure
XCode Project Settings not working
SortedHashTable in c#
Disable Save & Save As option in all Browsers using javascript [closed]
Perl Regex: How to remove quotes inside quotes from CSV line
undefined in php script
MySQL round weird bug
Bellman line simplification algorithm
Register a source, what licence? [closed]
Why is Chrome referencing 鈥渄ata:text/css,鈥�in all websites?
open_basedir restriction in effect. File() is not within the allowed path(s) and Uncaught CurlException: 3: No URL set! thrown in base_facebook.php
What is the reverse skew value when applying a CSS skew transform to an element?
Magento: Override only a part of a layout xml-File
Keep track of images captured by user
Fastest way to disconnect client in Net::Server
Concurrent computing in dot net
winapi - How to use LayeredWindows properly
How to avoid 'Login Only' rejection from Google Adsense program?
Xml tags all on a single row
Opening a link inside a div in the same div
Remove successive row with same fields value
Correct Approach: Always Passing all Variables as Function Arguments?
call javascript window.onload after SelectedIndexChanged event fire
add nav controller to tabbed application
How to only update an sql table column if a variable is not empty with php?
Symfony 1.4 wrong URL routing
Get last modified time of file in linux
php/mysql - i am doing a web app that has 'achievements' (a bit like xbox achievements) - whats the best way to program this?
custom shape in canvas?
Silverlight app remote debugging via msvsmon.exe
How to read local DB from Phonegap
GWT Logging : Send server output to Client
Convert MS Access Color to hex with php?
Set paragraph text with javascript on page load
javascript object prototype property access
incomplete type error
Load HTML contents in Silverlight RichTextBox?
PHP programming logic for framework [closed]
Issue with databinding when the browser's window is minimized
Ubuntu 12.04 - TortiseHG - Mercurial [closed]
sql GROUP BY but use the most recent record?
Which of these jQuery JavaScripts will have better performance?
iOS / Core Data - How can I change sectionNameKeyPath of a NSFetchedResultsController?
what are other ways of 301 links. Is there any plugin for doing it in symfony..?
htaccess redirection rules with conditions
how to improve the display for a large form in this situation?
List comprehension with multiple variables
GameCenter Sandbox and beta tests
Template class that takes a template class as template won't compile
Best way to access external jar on local disk
Relative Python Path to Script
How to read Textbox which is inside Ajax tab control into javascript function
Procedure to insert employees: PL/SQL statement ignored
TYPO3 Fluid Template get language code
add a counter to a SELECT query's results
CSS multiple selectors
What less files should i include to use twitter bootstrap tabs?
Get child records on one column
Seeing value being stored in memory to check endianess?
Is it possible to show the appwidget in the application menu and not on the homescreen in android?
Error when reading ComboBox values within BackgroundWorker DoWork event
Is there a way to subfacet a table which has been already 鈥渇aceted鈥�
xml parsing error xml or text declaration not at start of entity in wordpress feed
Auto-adjustable side DIVs
Want to prepare iPad App similar iPad Mail app
php security hole, will this fix affect my typo3
Space determine for a C program
php: check if a file is open
JSONArray in JSONObject, how to retrieve?
Android - Eclipse: 鈥淪yntax error on token 鈥�鈥� Expression expected after this token鈥�
Can jQuery read cookies to a browser?
CSS height not work in firefox
Java SSH connect to remote machine from another remote machine
How to use scanf() for multidimensional char array in C
Django Form Error: Select a valid choice. 29 is not one of the available choices
Encoding with nsstring
Signed APK will be re-compiled when running it with eclipse
Less: Show line numbers origin file and line numbers in rendered CSS
GData objective c error
Page Authentication in Silverlight 4 Navigation Application
Task manager on windows 6.0 ce for Motorola MC3190 Handheld Computer
jQuery ajaxComplete called every time?
Session factory issue in setting up hibernate distributed ehcache with terracotta
Animate UIViews like iPad photos application
Hide marker in google map at zoom level 3
Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�com.restfb.exception.FacebookOAuthException:
Understanding weird branch merge with git
REST Authentication: CDI safe? Which scope for CDI @Produces?
Nested attributes has_many passing and collecting ids to build model
Change Label.Text in nested Master Pages from Content on button click
Facebook Like Button disappears on clicking Like Button
Android - getNetworkInterface and needed permissions
Send and receive images with aSmack on Android
UITable does not scroll smoothly and cells show wrong info in IOS
Passing value into textbox
TLB misses vs cache misses?
Prevent screen lock on dimming/standby while using android app?
Partial update while supporting seo
How to serialize fields of super-classes as well as the serializable class
Is it possible to store all the application's data in sdcard?