Presenting ViewControllers Modally
Hovered element to overflow out from an overflow:hidden element css
Would JRebel work with this project setup?
play framework 1.2.4 leaks https connections
Eye detection in opencv for small pics [closed]
how to dismiss a popovercontroler from anotherviewcontroler
Serial communication API for Java on 64 bit systems (modem interaction)
TokenInput plus jQuery UI Dialog conflict
Add array elements between each of the existing array elements
(Phonegap for iphone) Open external links in web-navigator
How to get coordinates of a point on a Bezier curve for a certain time in cocos2d?
Is there a nice Javascript arithmetic-only addition operator?
WP7 How to reduce the letter spacing in a TextBlock
Why PHP APC cache miss in increasing all the time
OclInEcore: operation return type issue
T-SQL: Find the last occurence of a aggregate state before today
I want a code that will be called everytime an app is launched, activated, or reactivated
Directly open colorbox when entering through external link
Qt: create custom QTextCursor select
Android notifying AsyncQueryListener
Can I do this with Drupal and Organic Groups?
IOS : How to Copy One User Define Model Class to Another Object of It's type
Reading from memory stream to string
Why nginx server file upload always fail?
cd into directory in while loop doesn't work
Get the status of an object on eventhandling in javascript
In batch file, how to pass parameter to program which has started runnning
Does ampersand of reference data type return the address of the reference itself or the value it is referencing?
How to extract string in Java
How do I write a generic Convert function?
HttpClient with WebApi in unit testing scenario
SVN. Retry interactive conflict resolution
tool to trace data transferred over https
how do I generate preview image based on first page of a PDF or PPT/PPTX or DOC/DOCX in ASP.NET C#
How to wordwrap with different length / string modification?
Command /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/usr/bin/clang failed with exit code 1 in iPhone
Using selectionArgs doesn't work in a query
Simultaneous rotation, translation, and scaling of bitmap in android canvas
Calling a remote .NET DLL inside COM+ without the proxy installation
how to insert / edit values from repeaters dynamically?
What attributes are not stored in __dict__ and why are they not?
Really confused about installing PHP Modules
What's the differences between addShutDownHook and signal Handler in Java?
Need help in creating jquery plugin
How to be notified when a thread has been terminated for some error
View pager does not inflate the good page
How can I show a loading screen while a really large image is loading?
Can we return a DataTable from DLL file having ClassLibrary Project?
How to use library of other languages in Action Script 3?
How to show progress dialog in Android?
Where do the write operations come from?
Javascript/Jquery Callback for Fancybox Yes No Confirm
Javascript Array indexFirst
Increase ThreadPool thread count in Monotouch?
How to send signal to child process in Java?
Show undocumented function parameters
SQL remove spam row, update most recent row
Get a remote picture cause NetworkOnMainThreadException in android
Need help in grouping rows [duplicate]
Different result for zcat and zless piped with grep
TextView ClickableSpan styling for pressed state
Problems setting up Extensible calendar
An expression tree may not contain a dynamic operation - mvc
Structure a site's contents with the section elements and headings
Jquery for retaining the selected value in select option
how to edit akka application.conf
How to filter a list from a Django query?
Asp.Net 4, C#, Web Application. Help required on upgrading Users to Roles as stored in Sql Server db
Using Apache Myfaces with Prime faces
Realtime push/pull with Django/Redis/Node.js
Extract data using spring jdbctemplate to load in a different database
Searching for a number in a list of ranges of numbers
problems with maintaining session over a hidden cross posting to an iframe inside a modal jquery dialog
Oracle Command not returning desired results
Run GDB repeatedly on an executable file (and halt on crashes/errors)
.NET shopping cart with customizable layouts for different users
how to loop few dos commands in C#
Synchronize multiple axes over not visible attribute
jQuery datetimepicker addon not working when attached to div rather than input element
Syntax error in passing parameters to SQL Server Scalar-Valued function
Using Hibernate Profiler with Logback
compare and fetch unique data, stored in comma separation
ASP.NET and Javascript linking and event order
does InnoDB MySQL automatically use row-level locking?
Maximum recursion depth in Objective-C
JSON encoding problems ios 5
Dynamic Pivot table, how to remove NULL values without knowing column names?
W3Schools unable to replicate tryit editor
Android animation examples [closed]
Facebook 鈥淟ogin鈥�(OAuth2) on AppEngine Python
Scroll with easing
Open a Twitter tweet by native Twitter app on android
Non-blocking UDP server in Python game?
jQuery: Is there any way to select multiple elements using an array selector?
Hibernate: insert ManyToMany, generate ID in relationship table
Using JAX-WS webservices with Spring 3.0.X on JBoss AS 7.1.X
javadoc doclet libs : Illegal package name or ClassCastException when running it
What exactly does $ match in Perl?
Can I add a metadata to a source file in eclipse on save/commit/upload?
Why can't I iterate over a ChannelLocal?
Customized Listview with items containing Checkboxs when Scrolling the List
Wso2 Web Services Framework for PHP and issues with ssl client and http sender
Paging data with HQL
ExtJs:Initialize variable from Store
Prevent Highcharts to redraw Axis' scale
onClick/onSelected Event of a button in a GWT CellList
IOS - ObjC - JSONString From NSString
Node Not Found In AWS VPC For Create RabbitMQ cluster?
sort array by date,inside the same array
R - quantstrat orders cancel each other
Change multiple files
ajax call failed to execute while calling a rest webservice
Interface with exception extends interface without exception
TSQL: How to check if column is fulltext enabled?
Programatically setting content of tab
How do I get Devise session#create test to pass
Adding data to DataGridView Column wise
Why does My Rotation only go Anti Clockwise when I want to go Clockwise?
Why animated drawable doesn't appear
numeric and float validation not success
I can't remove white spaces from nokogiri node content
String passed in parameter
Edit trackbar value while paused
How to differentiate between Inline image and attachment in outlook 2010 [C#]
Ruby - Rails - Type Error
ListView.SelecctedItems is not showing selected items [duplicate]
Validating for large files upon Upload
How to call web services using json proxy in sencha touch?
Switching signature to base classes not possible easily?
Converting a character to a numeric value in R
is the Access token expired?
Limit the number of articles (and lines) within a news system [closed]
string delimiter ajax call
Cannot create an attribute as integer
Programmatically clicking on dataGridView header cells
Why does ablob with filename $$$.$$$ appear in Azure directory listing?
Case sensitive string comparision issue with NSString
C++ Vector iterate over abstract class
Declare structure as pointer, possible?
Overriding __contains__ method for a class
Protocol Buffers and Hadoop
Duplicate values in generic list c#
Error generating sequence in HSQLDB with Hibernate using hbm2ddl
winforms .net c# - external program
HTML 5 web page is loadign slowly how to improve performance [closed]
Saving mouse position and time in HTML5 canvas ipad
RegEx does match in Expresso but doesn't in JavaScript
ASP.Net Web Handler
Easiest way to edit/modify compiled class file
Circular references in iPhone Cocos2D game programming textbook
Open an editor in debug in Eclipse RCP application
If data set has rows?
Ruby 1.9.3 doesn't run any unit tests when run in parallel
Send an image in an email with Grails
Is it possible to create shared preference files in sdcard
Using <meta http-equiv=鈥淴-UA-Compatible鈥�content=鈥淚E=8鈥�/> mode in sites good practice?
Double all columns except for the first and the last one
PHP, IMAP and Outlook 2010 - folder names encoding is different?
Gzip static files previously instead of on the fly
WCF: how to modify registers with different types of operations (update, add, delete鈥�
How to create uml class diagram and notations by programming?
How to change the default icon on the SearchView, to be use in the action bar on Android?
How to prevent Title bar hiding when keyboard in active?
Disposable resources in library code
Creating two HTML5 video elements with the same source not working
group by and count with sqlite in android
Casting issue when trying to use pointers to member functions
PHP: Anyone know any tutorials for integrating facebook connect with a user login system? [closed]
C# params with atleast one value
Excel VBA prevent deletion of cells but allow edit
How to get the name of last installed application
Connect marker with EditPart
Can't save an object to database using hibernate
Add Item into a generic List in C#
how to print directly to a text file in both python 2.x and 3.x?
DisplayObjects not in mouse event flow until dirtied
How to practice HAML and SASS (environment)
Loading multiple files
.bash_functions: Calling a function from another one
Uploadify for Servlet/JSP
Regex and RSS Feed
How to avoid superfluous Wicket log warnings when using field-specific FeedbackLabels?
What is the difference between heuristics and metaheuristics?
Android - Eclipse: Syntax error on token 鈥�鈥� Expression expected after this token
Can't add CDATA into my XML string using simplexml with php
Zend Form: Custom validator isvalid()
MVC 3 Webgrid make entire row clickable
Changing the routes for named parameters in CakePHP
How to implement a custom rules for pushing changes on hg or git in a way that is easy to deploy?
Change permissions for files in S3 using Dragonfly
How can I organize Collections.binarySearch Java analog for the TreeMap object?
Reset zoom doesn't adhere to axis extremes
Javascript for check and uncheck detection for the checkbox list control
How to use UITableView in Multi View application
How to store data in internal memory of device in android programatically
how to use Layout to display the result get from XML
Jquery offset() strange positioning of fixed positioned elements
javascript weirdness in IE8, document.write issue
Overwriting a field of AdmingeneratorGeneratorBundle
Mac OSX: Switch to Python 2.7.3
JLabel refresh icon with updated image
Implementing Pinch and Zoom on Android SurfaceView
c#: what is a constant expression?
Retriving image from mysql database and display it in html page
MVVM concept for collections and parent/child relationships
How to add files to Internal Storage in the project
How to move trackbar automatically
Coords interpolation
Can we change the dEFAULT_FD_BUFFER_SIZE value for our own?
Samsung smart tv app ID during test?
How to retrieve favorite contact programmatically [duplicate]
Weird vector<long> addition with '0' as '-1'
How to determine if file path is absolute or relative in ColdFusion
About listviews in C#
kafka NoClassDefFoundError kafka/Kafka
No option to 'Get Latest' in VS2010 with TFS
C++ - How to screen-capture, except for some windows
Linkedin API. How do I get a pop window which asks user to click on allow and automatically get the code instead of copying and pasting in Linkedin
lvalue required as left operand of assignment C++ compilation error
Where is PagedCollectionView in Silverlight 5?
WebRole vs WorkerRole
Sorting one column based on another column in ExtJs 4.1 grid
Ajax call results into error in PHP script when setting header in Joomla 2.5
Android App Update programmatically
LINQ group by property as a parameter
c++11 includes <cstdlib> at times when c++03 will not?
How is it possible to use dual core in opengl game loop?
JavaScript/jQuery - Array list does not go across whole board
Can a thread be interrupted by the scheduler just before it returns?
Curiosity about passing a function as parameter - C++
Can I send a SOAP message to a web service without using tool kits like gsoap and get the same result, or is it necessary to use gsoap?
How to 鈥渇loat鈥�image in XAML (Windows 8 Metro)
How do I cleanup correctly in playn
How to install MobileTerminal on a non-jailbreak iPhone?
Joining tables with 1-N relation
Passing optional callback functions with parameters
how to redirect from a jsf facelet if an el expression is true?
Http server using Titanium Studio
Pandas shuffle rows at a certain level
javascript Accordion Customisation
wp7 binding pushpin List to Maplayer
How to toggle multiple overlays in Google Maps?
LINQ query with multiple join result represented as comma seperated results
Designated initializer and initWithFrame
Python: Mail sent by script is marked as spam by Gmail
Pass search word to template in Drupal Solr search
Refill Layout when hiding some elments
Navigation controller with two views
Remove space around title in TitledBorder
Does NSWindow have IBAction
JUnit and JFileChoosers
UIButton disable and enable background image
Can't push or pull to Github
PHP MySQL Query group by items
How to use or use not a tag basing on a condition in ASP.NET MVC3?
apache: don't have permission to access / on this server. when I am using virtualhost
Autorotation in multi window in iOS
Icon Overlay on Mac OS X Lion
Convert string to tree representation with rules
lisp way of looping over bits of an integer
Selecting nearest geo coordinates using spatial index on mysql table not working
How to drag multiple images in android
Copy a list of files from a file
getting the X and Y coordinates for a div element
Problems With Multiple File Upload In Symfony2
Check XML via XSD schemas which are specified in xsi:schemaLocation attribute
jScrollPane scrollbar disappears when applying scrollTo
strcmp returning unexpected results
Pass data submitted by Zend_Form in the view to the model
Actionscript RegExp positions and lengths of all matches in one call
Very slow select query, how can I speed this up?
Cannot debug javascript on webstorm
c# WinForm how to retrieve value from resource file on code behind
SoapClient30 give error in window 7 64 bit
calling READ a second time gets end-of-file error
C++ new operator - memory layout
Intermixed sequence of Push and pop operations why is this sequence not possilbe
f:ajax Unable To See My Conversation
Modifying existing components within stream
How to output a value on every third result of a foreach statement in php?
Ksoap2 on android 3.2
How to run Dart on a server?
How to consitently structure multiple forms
find('all') return two different queries
Remove a part of string via first and last character?
Ruby - rails - read only text value form input
animate() not working continuously
301 URL redirect from one domain to another maintaining full URL
Facebook PHP SDK 3.x , sometimes doesnt give me the User ID
tfs work items (e.g. risk) - need to copy current *html* field values to another new html field
How to call a function when receive push notification?
Monotouch mp3 errors
How to assign a class property to textarea tag?
ObjC blocks & openssl C callbacks
Information On Solr Core shards
Elements missing when added to Set
My textviews width is not static in my custom list view
Org-mode: embed links to info files
鈥淯nresolved external _WinMain@16鈥�if I move WndProc to another cpp file
EnumMap or HashMap if lookup key is a String
How to reverse or construct a belief in jason (agentspeak)?
Download file not working on internet explorer 6 (only for certain people)
Binding to change of external model
strange characters (amp;) added to moss service output
When I combine JQuery dialog box and JQuery tabs inside it my form doesn't work good
How do I suppress the warnings about me using px in a layout xml?
suggest tool for UI prototyping on Android - AppInventor, other?
How to pass parameters to a msdeploy batch file
Multiple versions of the same multi-modules maven project under eclipse
Nested performBlock: on NSManagedObjectContext
Will Learning C Programming Before Objective-C Hurt Me? [closed]
Storyboard view won't present
modify class of an element inside jquery dialog
Free IaaS for development with full access control? (like EC2)
how to Update duplicate rows without primary key
UIToolbar is getting hidden
Append parameter in url without reloading page
Use Turnkey Linux to host a Java webservice in a windows environment?
Ninject session scope concept in MVC3
MVC 4 integrating jQuery DatePicker in aspx file
jQuery ajaxStop() increments and fires multiple times
PHP: Is there any practical limit to the length of the input string for MD5 hashing?
Tasks API using Google Apps Script (complete task)
How can I select the row with an id that's depending on a javascript variable?
Divide Matrix into Higher and Lower Value than Scalar Value Input
Get parent <li> item with jQuery
how can I continously run a unix script in background without using crontab.
Get parent <li> item with jQuery
how can I continously run a unix script in background without using crontab.
JSR-303 Bean Validation for enum fields
replace the . character and put around the strings on each side if the . is not surrounded by numbers
How to efficiently transfer objects between machines in Java
Estimate the time to run the SQL Query
Checkbox and Textview alignment with white space
Twitter's Bootstrap - create a form with 2 columns
process html form with c#
Validate image Resolution in Javascript, PHP
A website that can test other websites
SQL Query - Subquery returns more than one row
how to write a query to get find value in a json field in django
URL encoding + sign
ruby on rails rake db:seed undefined method for
SQL Show most recent record in GROUP BY?
how to enable and disable radio buttons to checkboxes with JQ
Understanding Pseuodo code for back tracking algorithm
Easy way to hide system bar on Android ICS
jQuery Filter List Effect
Creating Tabhost and Adding specs from AsyncTask in Android
Cakephp redirect is not working [duplicate]
Inserting multiple lines into a border in CSS?
Setting the width of a pagination depending on how many child elements
how to enable location service from my aplication on WP7
Why does svn checkout use the wrong URL?
QTcpSocket state always connected, even unplugging ethernet wire
Benefits of a redirecting page after logging in
mvc httppost href parameters
What's the best way to compare a list<int> with the database table id column
Error while inserting into db in php
Handling temporary errors
NSTimer causes crash
Appropriate way to output SQL Result Array in JSON
Using stringstream to indent/center output
nutch-solr: Formatting date from web page metadata into correct Solr format
How to update status with custom appid?
CALayer mask removing?
mod rewrite issue
Kohana make View::factory('/foo/bar') hit bar in foo class
Accessing nested child attributes in parent model?
search filter by date in mvc 3
Global pointer to object causes access violation?
HTML Form data > PHP > MySQL UTF encoding (cyrillics)
Rewrite Condition not working for Rewrite rule on individual pages
How to install cake project in cpanel(shared hosting)
Which build to be considered for use when a preprocessor is used
Share bought products from order on buyer's Facebook wall
Autofac IoC GetInstance method
Comparing output of DDLGEN from two databases
XSD validation error: Element '{}Scope': This element is not expected. Expected is ( Scope )
AJAX request in Auto-Timeout files
std::move between std::string and std::vector<unsigned char>
Java Generic Calling Method of Variable Type
what's Wrong with Menu
Dojo transition to another html file in same project
Windows phone 7 TCP network client
Adding shake gesture to GameCenter
SSIS incomprehensible error when loading files
Is XSLT disappearing in .NET [closed]
Invalid column name 'RNumber' - Trying to implement pagination using PHP and MS SQL
Notify whenever Rss file is changed android
What is better in mysql- Multiple tables with less no. of records or one table with large no. of records
Android GestureOverlayView limiting paintable area
Bind Value From XMLWebService to Dropdownlist in ASP.Net
Remove underscore from list of enums?
how to search for commits for particular issue
Xcode allocation problems with UIImagaView keep growing
Linq to entities - Lambda - Concatenate strings
How do I execute a method of a class using an array of methods in the class?
RubyMine randomly disappears from the taskbar in Ubuntu
.htaccess - stop processing if rewriterule true?
Ordering of object members [duplicate]
Regular expression that checks for existence at least 3 different characters in a string
How do I specify the jdk for a glassfish domain?
get Touch point in Arc drawn by CGContext
IPhone regarding HTML content in UITableVIew
Apply .ui-datepicker-trigger class on jquery date picker
Maven used but undeclared dependencies
Mp3 download from URL using RestKit
Casting CWnd pointer to CEdit pointer in MFC
fetching values and calculating using jQuery
JNLP not loading properly during loadtime
ld: unknown option: -melf_x86_64 while compiling shared ATLAS libraries on MacOS
setVisitility item in custom ListView
Add users to Google Groups using Google Apps Script
Custom jQuery accordion is acting weird on double click
How can i change configuration setting using RoleEnvironmentChanging in Azure
SQL indexes on a large table: some large indexes or more smaller indexes?
Netty ClosedChannelException When Asynchronize Process My Received Message
How to get the line number of the line which violate the FK constraint when importing a txt file?
htaccess mod-rewrite rule for query string
How to add dynamic text-view pages to Android Page-Curl Animation
PHP: Replace Foreign Characters in a String
Save captured image on SD card
Avoid message broadcast
How to track files received from Request ( mvc3) for Google Analytics?
What is the form of unicode representation called?
Phonegap iOS app, Jquery Click events
cache_archive param only downloads some jars for the <object> applet
Would setInterval overload the client PC?
Collation Issue MSSQL
Unable to invoke putty.exe from Teamcity using Nant
jQuery Nested sets and PHP
How can i set keywords or (similar information) per page on pdf?
How to add buttons and other components dynamically with free layout in swing?
dynamic query error in ibatis
MySQL column value revision history
svc_tli_create not found in Linux
Undefined test for an enumeration with Acceleo
How do I have to draw a SVG arrow, that ImageMagick can export it to PNG
JBoss AS 7 remote standalone client auth
How to read from an excel file in vb when it is not open
MongoDB / Morphia saves technical id as ObjectId although it's a String in Java
Rails: activating SSL support gets Chrome confused
3D visualization - rotating cube
Rows to mimic Columns
Whats the purpose of Index.php in MVC Frameworks?
changing the height and width of image
passing pointer to int array into template function
Difference between set/getId() and set/getTag()?
How to configure VPN programatically?
Zend 1.10 place websites in virtual subdirectories
Weather and Traffic Webpart in SharePoint 2010
How do i check if an archive is passwordprotected?
TextViews with no content at the beginning are not refreshed
Opening a full web page by using java
combining 2 strings in objective-c
JSF-Component which does not insert any html
Overwrite the return value of a Stored Procedure
Running a libraby for fuzzy logic classification (jfuzzylogic) on Android?
Error Number of query values and destination fields are not the same Property Get and set values without Private variables
Default value of Html.DropDownList
Hide/show toggle separate divs with the same class name
Path of Solr Document
Array of CString -> Memory Leak?
what's wrong with my database?
CMake: generate header using custom tool output
How to keep track of svn merges by team mates using mergeinfo
Synchronous Event Handler thread execution in non-Win Form C# app
Eclipse CDT multithreaded debugging not-optimal - how does one run threads exclusively?
Ivy - output the results of a resolve to an ivy file
How does one restrict number of allowed types in Java generic type
Change the text of corresponding node with attribute's value using jquery [closed]
C# creating multilingual application with plugin support (MEF)
Integrating DI container within domain layer. Domain events
Truncating a Float Value Without Using SetRoundingMode()
Simulating Disk I/O
reliability of spring integration esb
Where can I get Tridion.ContentManager.Data.ContentManagement DLL?
Axapta: is it possible to add a search textbox to filter menu name?
Is there any good way to get a indication if a computer can run a specific program/software?
Create a Google Site Page using Google Apps Script
How to create JNDI for Unittests with Spring from XML Configuration?
How to Return an Object Via Static Factory Methods?
Query ContentPart by fields in Orchard CMS
Does this json code cause memory leaks? [closed]
Removing id variables in joomla v1.5 router
Is it wrong to add razor (cshtml) and c# projects to a Visual Studio vb website?
Compute transition function
Adding additional MySQL data folder to server. Ubuntu
Primefaces page layout with tree menu as navigation
Coldfusion Method Level scope definition
How to call .NET WSDL call in jQuery Javascript?
Mouse drag event not being fired on 10.5
google earth plugin refresh automatically
network checking application flex
how can i map two column in single rails query
how to resize columns of two table on mouse drag event for only one of the columns?
Show Notification in try-catch block
Matrix and Model design in Django
counter using javascript
Cplex NullPointerException on big Arrays
Can't run rails 2.x app
SQL UPDATE with CASE Statement Yields Incomplete Results
Spring security: excluding WSDL document from requiring authentication
Why is copying a PDF with iText un-embedding some fonts?
Entity Framework select parents and N number of children
Value of this showsdifferent results when event handlers are assigned in two different ways
Menu in custom view
convert sql to linq
Multithreading in Oracle
Maintaining separate folders various project files in Finder
C++11 case insensitive comparison of beginning of a string (unicode)
How do you programmatically set focus to the SelectedItem in a WPF ListBox that already has focus?
When we instantiate in string in java using new operator where is 3rd object created
How is user mapping achieved during migration from MKS to SVN using svn-importer?
Cleanup HTML with PHP to create clean string
Development Of Desktop Application In PHP
NHibernate Fluent many-to-many mapping with multicolumn primary key in junction table
Do-while in Expect script
Assembly::LoadFrom called from Managed C++ dll
Why Soap Responce give exception?
C# count if a imputfield letter is in a word
Program (with SFML) detected as virus/malware/trojan
Change visibilty to richboxtext inlines
Check which checkbox is selected
Can the Delphi TTaskDialog be made to use VCLStyles?
http post data not inserted but showing successful response
Blackberry - Read SMS and MMS from inbox [duplicate]
Opening aspx page as dialog shows blank page
Backbone.js: Model, Collection, Router, when and why?
How to execute a powershell script available in remote machine?
Java/ read from .txt file
Chrome 18 cannot view selected text in a disabled multi select box
zoom in and out functionality by using Draw2d
TO_DATE Conversion Issue in Oracle?
connect to sql ce database from sql server 2008 stored procedure
image thumbnail with file input type
Simple Animation in DirectX 10
How to achieve cellpadding with divs or likeiwse?
can't install ADB to samsung galaxy tab
Show Route Maps on Windows mobile 6 using GPS
Still confused about $'s before variables in javascript / jquery
Eclipse EGit and git on command line show different status
cocos2d :: CCmoveTO
Updating a JQuery Flot with JQuery Ajax
android multiple project
C# Listener to detect automactically new incoming SMS on GSM Modem using AT commands
Using Paypal GetTransaction Details not able to get details
In CVS how to commit all files as binary except a few whitelist
BufferedReader or Socket does not throw exception when telnet closes
鈥渋n all鈥�restriction for Grails/Hibernate Criteria Query
Using a custom segue for moving backwards on a navigation stack
How to remove all items except the first item from dropdownlist in C#?
How do I write a video encoder for use with Air Native Extensions
Oauth Between Jira and Apache Rave (shinding)
Pylint: Relative import should be
Importing in python, how many ways can it be done?
Jetty closing async http requests properly and not leaving horrible amounts of sleeping threads around
C# loss of precision when dividing doubles
How to change the frame of UIKeyBoard programmatically in iOS
Share link to posts when using FB.ui
visual similarity of images in java
Compare year with date('Y-m-d') in PHP
SQL Server: How can I use the COUNT clause without GROUPing?
not able to insert image on cell of table when converting griddata to PDF file using iTextsharp in
How do I control which linked Components are published when I publish a specific Component?
When is EJB injected
Django output word files(.doc),only show raw html in the contents
text of div in nested divs htmlagilitypack
Android : How to parse the XML Attributes
tomcat/jboss session store [duplicate]
ExtJS polling provider to poll rest call from server using store and grid
Google map integration with blackberry
python regular expression substitution with matched group
resizable rectangle with user touch events on Android
Drop Unique Key and generate new unique key
Google Search Appliance wildcard character support
Google map integration with blackberry
python regular expression substitution with matched group
resizable rectangle with user touch events on Android
Drop Unique Key and generate new unique key
Google Search Appliance wildcard character support
Display images asynchronously in listfield blackberry
access my jar file items in eclipse
Fastest solution to compute normal
Apex test method error
Reference to R.drawabe dynamically?
What is ActionMapping, RenderMapping?
I am getting (lat,long) coordinates in phonegap geolocation without using internet or GPS ?
Accessing Query string in postback event while using URL rewrite 2.0 in 4.0
HttpClient and HttpGet Support in WP7
How do you override a back form button if visitors have just landed on a website
converting ejb project from websphere to glassfish 2.0
NetServerEnum API not working as I expected
Apply the default ListView item onTouch animation to a LinearLayout url rewritting, without CNAME
I can't send a request by Firefox in iso-8859-1
beginner SQL statement
All-in-one module method to make sure inline is possible for library functions
Can't simulate action properly. SendMessage in c# (spy++)
36X12X12 LED Cube Hardware requirements?
Application is running on iPhone simulator 5.0 but when I'm running it on it gives the linker error
Information saved in memory when using pending request in LINQ
Solving addition chain problems using dynamic programming
UIView opaque property
GUI library for handling primitives and arrays/collections of primitives
update statement with duplicates values
How to get tags from image metadata in java?
from applicationWillEnterForeground:method get UIButton text
Vertical Scroll TextField in Blackberry
How does <asp:Login /> control build the way user login by press enter? [duplicate]
WAMP server. Very large data directory in MySQL?
How to get GPS details of an device
Getting mongodb authentication failed error
ShortCut Icon Not working On Ice Cream sandwich 4.0 But works fine on SDK < 14
PHP semicolon encoding [closed]
Xcode 4.3 - Standard/Retina navigation bar icons
svn unignore rvmrc
Reading a QTcpSocket
Android statusbar overlay with ActionBar
fadein function to specific elements of a list
Can you replace ^13 paragraph markers with ^p paragraph markers in MS Word using Interop?
Panning within a ScrollView
Java library for showing network graphically
Starting process (one console application from another)
Saving a NSMutableArray using NSUserDefaults not working
How to avoid Out of memory exception without increasing Heap size on eclipse
Java Class chartobyteconverter Type deprecated
Drawing in JScript on Windows CE
moss 2007 postbacks creates issue in URL rewriting?
Shut down a CURL request
Silent Authentication in Actionscript without generating the dialog box
How to use beginBitmapFill?
Is it possible to ping a host and get a delay?
Form submission using email
how to install ffmpeg php on localhost and online server?
send email in c#
Firefox Addon Development
Disabling the zoom functionality of webview,when clicked on the textfield?
bar button item add toolbar programetically
count image hash(md5) in adobe air
Get HTML page source using SOCKETS VB.NET
When doing game programming, does it matter to iOS, HTML5, or Flash that an image is 72dpi or 300dpi?
Cannot Bind Value to Dropdownlist
Date Format JAVA
Ruby - Check if intersect exists
How to automate Uploading A file using webdriver.
javascript to read content between <a> tags
How to remove cookies under 1 domain in CookieContainer
why the name of the Controls in ItemsControl not displaying in Codebehind file in Wpf
create a wav header for ADPCM recorded data on iPhone
Javascript removeEventListener not working
What is the time complexity of HTML DOM lookups [closed]
Memory leak and valgrind errors in this small for loop?
addfooterview cause exception
Android Bluetooth HID implementation
file_exists() returns false even if file exist (remote URL)
Paperclip Error while uploading image from mobile application
Redirect Addresses to localhost by Pattern on Mac OS X
Objective C - Cast operator int to nsstring
How could this happed: iOS UITablveViewCell in UITableView
SVG / Raphael relative stroke-size
Custom image sizes for custom field media uploads in WordPress
Mongo DB query in java
How to copy tables plus data for testing purposes
Application works like a charm on emulator while force closes in device in android
Automatic log-out if no activity found on page
App Engine, can't operate on multiple entity groups in a single transaction
Can I load JQuery twice using iFrame?
Ruby: Modifying hash elements from Struct?
MYSQL - Turkish character
jQuery disable draggable fade out
How to map model fields with form field in Django
Does anyone know how pubnub binds your account with the javascript API
i'm getting the model item passed into the dictionary is of type error
Naming php files: what do 'class.php' and 'html.php' extension mean?
Why form.submit() is fails IE9 , when form in iframe and user coming through gmail
Make custom types appear in Xcode's documentation popup
Android-How to create custom dialog/alert
accessing a file from folder within assets
Why does not self focus work in javascript?
How to get a list of all the USB removable storages attatched in the system using C?
My app is not available for tablet device on Google play
I get an error in Sonar-Correctness - Double assignment of field
Java: efficiency of writeObject vs writeExternal
MongoDB $ne Explanation
How to specify a custom element to display the autocompletions?
Php date function
Explain which layout to be used when in swing
JasperReports dynamic input controls
What is the fastest way to load a large CSV file into core data
Changing row and column names on matrices to numbers
Can I build RubyMotion apps with Interface Builder?
Git's performance with Big Commits vs. tiny commits
MPLab C18 v3.41 Header Files
PhpUnit default action
To make the change effective both in master and in branch
How to logout with mysql_auth_module?
datetime (month + year) comparison with String
Ad Provider integration with PhoneGap App
Memory issue on Android 4.0
How to set QGraphicsScene/View to a specific coordinate system
Powershell Command: rm -rf
http post giving illegal state Exception
Enable Disable RadioButtonList with another RadioButtonList Selection ASP.NET
Automated password generation based on logged in facebook account
One call function for UIView animation
concatanation char with char *
FB Graph / FQL: Current_location of friends is sometimes reading Null when FB page shows a location
How to get the watchpoint breakpoint info after kernel hit a watchpoint breakpoint on arm
Programatically create new media type using fluent API of Umbraco 5.1
Android project local manually created lib
Matching images
Opening Excel-Workbook works with .Net3.5 but not with .Net4
libcurl smtp mail undeclared error
Running a javascript after ajax load
How to detect user movement in Android by using wifi rssi or acccelerometer?
How is the WebView than Safari
How to create a before delete trigger in SQL Server?
jQuery UI Autocomplete - how to reset user-visible text?
rails 3 : paperclip : undefined method logo
Read number from file, increment and write back
How to display tamil characters into UITextView from .rtf/.doc file
entity framework many to many inserts code first
Images will not upload on web server but ok on local
Ignore folder except root
Zoom Button on JIT Rgraph
When checkbox is checked show message in javascript
How to view multiple tables in the View MVC3 ASP.NET
Will compiling the same code using different JVMs result in the same byte code?
MYSQL 5.5 Nested Stored Procedure Error Handling
converting dot syntax to bracket syntax on a struct
How many points/pixels are added to a CALayer given a shadowRadius?
Where we can see the MySql database table and stored values from Mac OS X?
Loading pages dynamically in SplitView in jQuery mobile
undo all changes made in the child view controller
Tastypie sanitize input?
How to use unapi for biliographic in drupal
Voice Modulation in iPhone
Spotify App Dead
Tag editing in a WPF TextBox
Adding Item in List with Cursor Adapter
How can i to get color/alpha of pixel from Sprite in andengine?
Settings the title from inside a UITableView
JSF a field of managedBean in sessionScope
Line Buffered Cat
ffmpeg c#asp video conversion
Displaying images in android?
Create a function from a select that includes another function
Short URL to Long URL Function in PHP?
Can I make an application using Oracle DB(Spring and Hibernate used) to work with HSQL DB, including queries? or is H2 DB better suited?
How to check number of instances of a domain in a text file
Get Facebook friend list - Android
Conversation from NSCFString to NSNumber
Vibrator on Android
List of temporary table columns (MySQL)
How should I record the script for Java Applet in Selenium?
Is there a c++ wrapper that compile php into a c++ program? [duplicate]
The conversion of a datetime2 data type to a smalldatetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value. r nThe statement has been terminated
ruby range parts
getting numbers only for cin
Converting string to int (or something else), is there a prefered way?
Customize the android maps places?
D3 drag and drop with anchor tag not clickable in FF
Using submit and text to pass a value to a controller
Truly random number generator
webfont causing div to not adjusting for correct height
C++ Cloneable mixin
Downloading file using C# HTTP GET
How to observe MPMoviePlayerController according to the playback time?
force git submodule to always stay current
Selecting the selected value in PHP for loop and HTML select options - not working?
What is difference between svn Merge b1 b2 Or simple patching b2 with b1?
Android Security Exception while accessing contacts
AsyncTask issue
Need help in image upload django form
BufferedImage filesize issue
Static data(caching) refresh at runtime
How to create a custom page in ViewPager in which each page has 3 ImageViews( it could vary)?
Is there a way to read tags in Asana tasks?
jQuery Custom Scroll bars - are they SEO Friendly?
MVC4 WebApi compress Get Method Response
C# -Do I have to add out parameter to parameters collection
Is segmentation possible in real time?
How to set and then check day of week to make an Alarm go off - Android
Identify threads in a Delphi application outside debugging environment
get current location in android
How to customise a HSlider in flex?
CSS3 text-shadow distorts/pixelates in all IE browsers (see screenshot pls)
Push Notifications to PHP using Socket.IO / Node.JS
JNI_CreateJavaVM() fails every other time I run my application (exactly)
How to display the image from root folder?
sprintf() is giving Access Violation Error in VS2008
How to use FTPSClient and keys in PuTTY format
C# try to use Visio Shape from a Dictionary
Dynamic Dropdownlist on ASP.Net
Manually Clear Fragment Cache in Rails
want to start installed third party navigation app through my application
Is there an implicit Barrier after omp critical section
Something makes UITableView to go slowmotion
How to build a jar containing only dependency jars in pom
What is the underlying technology of QT GUI Framework for Windows?
How to make mysql answer in only one line [duplicate]
How to find each next element with specific class name using jQuery?
How can I do this using DevExpress XtraReports
Disappearing text in dynamically added textboxes with Javascript
Array of pointers to strings
How many objects are created
Read data from XML file (in Java) using Reflection
MFC Drawing a Line on one image from a set of images
Related to speed of execution of Job in Amazon Elastic Mapreduce
Unsubscribe from rabbit queue when machine is shut down
Java FTP not working inside SwingWorker Thread
jQuery add css value incrementally
Passing a set to create a new set
Pull Data from JSON format using Jquery
'log10' identifier not found error on compiling [closed]
Do I need to put a dollar before variable names with javascript?
How to get the numeric part from a string using T-SQL?
c# Array.FindAllIndexOf which FindAll IndexOf
Transferring large number of files from one server to another
error: no match for 鈥榦perator==鈥�in 鈥榖oiler::uniqueInstance == 0l鈥�
How to split server.xml of apache tomcat into several separate files?
android - showDialog(); error
How to set ImageButton size and when button is pressed show it on added image
Versioning workflow with ftp-servers, coding on mac
android - showDialog(); error
How to set ImageButton size and when button is pressed show it on added image
Versioning workflow with ftp-servers, coding on mac
json parsing in web application showing error as xmldomobject
How to set content to a component without loading XML in SDL Tridion using core services?
Read twitter user timeline without oauth but with rate limiting on my application
Proxy Username/Password in Apache HttpClient
Divide 9脳3 rect into 8 equal size square [closed]
Matching SUMIF with partial lookup
Browser doesn't remember file path when doing multiple uploads
How to send a POST Request to a web service without data from console application in C#?
Integrate spring with hibernate using maven dependencies
where is this dotted border coming from?
Validation of Input Rails
linux joining multicast group setsockopt returns errno 19 device not found
How do I fix the text file provider error?
Remove leading a trailing spaces?
search api to use in external websites
JQuery select in dialog does not have options appended
HTTP PUT and POST alternatives for uploading content
Fadeout function not working in all browser
How Do i pass a file into a web method?
Running multiple sql queries in a single thread?
Bidirectional spanning tree
CakePhp ControllerTest seems to be deleting Model Table
how to make sure run website with javascript disabled
How to develop Google maps in Windows Phone
Morphia - remove a reference object
How do I get NSString values from an Mutable Object Array?
IE table first column whitespace
Unknown verilog error 'expecting 鈥渆ndmodule鈥�
Can i return different objects in views of same action method in Http get and Http Post?
full size background image with variable height div on the right
How to Create CRUD Restful WEB SERVICE in JAVA using Eclipse IDE? [closed]
PHP : What is the best way to fetch string coming between some palceholder
Custom validation in Rails
Flow of program not what was expected
How to fix the error 'This server version is not supported. only servers up to microsoft sql server 2008 are supported'?
When to use Abstract Classes and Interfaces? [closed]
HTML column width changes when table row is hidden
How to resolve Sagepay payment gateway error, 鈥�006 : The TxType requested is not supported on this account鈥�
add a new item to vector and shift it remaining part to right
How to convert OLE Automation Date to readable format using javascript?
Python subprocess.Popen change folder permission?
how to present graph with query results in orientdb
Why getText() in JPasswordField was deprecated?
A panoply of queries about Magento databases
Combine 3 separate numpy arrays to an RGB image in Python
Getting song name of streaming track in iTunes with Applescript
gem install rails not working windows
Why getText() in JPasswordField was deprecated?
A panoply of queries about Magento databases
Combine 3 separate numpy arrays to an RGB image in Python
Getting song name of streaming track in iTunes with Applescript
gem install rails not working windows
Passing array of strings to vector C++
Difference between DeleteJob() and Unschedulejob() in Quartz 1.8.5
What are practical examples of the higher-order functions foldl and foldr?
How to find how many times a word appears in a array? Python [duplicate]
Declare a global CSS property ? Is this possible?
shell: can I use linux-like command style `rm tmp/ -fr` in mac
How to implement auto update in Java?
Is there a way to pass a ServletRequest parameter to JavaScript?
How to Change the permalink of new posts while keeping the existing permalink for existing posts in wordpress
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space while sending email to large number of recipients
Notify when end of inner div is reached on scrolling outer div
Change duration of splash screen?
Re-populate struts2 checkboxlist data from database
How to set Option set value in CRM 2011?
Perl text diff color
Symfony2/ Use custom repository method in a formType
Issues while editing an EditText during a focus change
jQuery cycling through list items with controls
how to listen to the picture captured by camera in android
Images as buttons in Android
java dynamic tree drawing library
removin event listener [duplicate]
Installing GeoIP On WAMP
Store ByteArrayOutputStream in SD Card
fetching form value in an array in jQuery
Biopython Indentation Error
How do you synchronise stateful controls in an Ember view?
Printing the Index of an Array Element: Java
Maven: How to avoid building a module during a release?
pgpool cant create database
How to retrive email reciept generated by
What tools are there to cross-create an OSX installer for a python package?
How to convert french date to english date?
Why the render_to_response not working properly
Crystal report talking long time to load
Managing multiple stylesheets and .js files when pages are added
Array showing series without duplicate and after last array begins from first in php?
Trying to avoid Governor limits in no of SOQL queries
Button not responding to Click Event after Translation animation
VB.NET Calling class functions after declared as an Object
Is Distinguished name always present for Active Directory objects?
Type reference cannot find public type named
using qsort() to sort pointers to structs containing strings
how much memory a C/C++ program is using
Jquery getJSON not firing controller method
Extracting Raw Voice Data from AndroidSmart Phone Microphone
DOM parser in java not encoding quotes in UTF-8
coffee-script loop efficiency
in Tomcat thread pool executor, we will specify the thread size, right? is that thread count included in tomcat thread count?
Subclassing NSButton, need to make it look like a regular button
Rails Tutorial Chapter 8 - undefined local variable or method `signin_path'
change value of a timestamp format into other timestamp format?
How do I implement a protocol generically with a category?
Notifying applications launcher icon in android
Build the sencha touch 2 app for production
javascript code to populate image links on web page
Two columns floated (right and left) but content in the middle
Can I get access to the JMS on non-EE java?
remove anchor not working
How to iterate over space-separated ASCII file in Python
Java EE Application is unable to access to external JARs added to GlassFish lib on Jelastic Cloud
'fast' bezier curve length python library
UIImage on UISlider being Streched
C# UDP Socket not listening for responses?
CSS how return calling element?
Special Characters in MySQL Table Name
MVC model - how to update one row in DB?
What does this line of php do?
String manipulations to separate values
Creating many instances of a class will fail when there are threads around? - Singleton pattern
What changes in a jailbroken kernel?
wami recoreder with java
PHP associative array get values in an array
PHP Libraries - what are they and how to create one
How do I open a PDF file List in a new Window in ASP.NET?
PLCrashReporter framework not working
CRM 2011 JavaScript IDE
Missing image on html file in android default web browser
Regular expression for templating captures too much
Change text in a textbox in Powerpoint slide
how to use ant in eclipse for preprocessing
Plus Symbols (+) in URLs
How to use ebay sdk in Python?
mysql database row pickup
find count of elements contains in both collections
What extra optimisation does g++ do with -Ofast?
Can I simplify multiple if - else statements?
Visual Studio 2010: How to set build platform to Active(x86)?
How exactly is [att~=val] different from [att*=val] in CSS Attribute Selectors?
Removing specific node(s) from STL List
How to send JSON data in XDR using the POST method
How to reuse code in iOS(IBAction)?
Weird error - doesn't do anything after breaking from menu
Source file documentation syntax
How can I locate and kill file sharing sessions for open files using PowerShell
How can I locate and kill file sharing sessions for open files using PowerShell
Twitter Bootstrap manually close tabs
how to encrypt/decrypt URL parameters in Java
Log user activity gem
Removing text via js and data posting
How to add dependent object to list of objects in rails / rhomobile for HTML page
DataContext in WPF throws an exception
Showing Garbage Value in WebView when displying webview data in html format
symfony2 CSRF invalid
Code Igniter url segment illegal charachters replace with '-' [closed]
sql insert keeps getting error
working on simple HTML table columns parsing
two robotium test case, but the second hang there not responding(in JUnit View)
Query using date in grails
execCommand creating invalid html
How overloaded postfix operator works?
Should entities from Core Data be strong or weak properties when using ARC?
QR Reader in iphone/ipad
on cscope, can I list up function names with some word?
set variable name depending on other variable
how to make a glowing effect to a star image
Finding and clicking a button with no ID within html code in WebBrowser
Java Mail to Exchange Server 鈥渘o login methods supported鈥�