Python multiprocessing pipe will not recv() properly
How to get values of fields of schema in SDL Tridion using core services?
Why is Qt recognizing neither my header files, nor my library files?
Android - simple touch event management
Ruby C API `defined? SomeConstant` equivalent?
Actionscript 3 RegExp quantifiers do not seem to work properly?
I am getting a java.lang.NullPointerException with jexcel
Is it possible to get one SSL certificate * and
How can I use javascript to allow user to select a check box automatically when clicking a link to contact form?
Make a checkbox checked when a radio button is clicked
Google BigQuery :User is not a trusted tester
Generic definition of back-tracking design technique
How to wrap each word in a span but retain text formatting
Post details with an image on Facebook wall
Why is Cache.asMap() not consistent with Cache.size()?
Worksheet_SelectionChange event in xla add-in
Download images from website
How to get object in ObjectSet by ID?
Designing WP7 App
org.hibernate.MappingException: An AnnotationConfiguration instance is required to use
Interface Class relationship in visual paradigm
how to use for-each-group?
Calling super class' super class method?
Change Identity Of Table
HTMLUnit : super slow execution?
Conversion of string to non-const char*
Why must a Java file have the same name as its public class? [duplicate]
When text is entered correctly, image rolls over?
getJSON is not retrieving json object
Error in scanf()
boost library inside c++/cli.. exit with 鈥渃ode 0xC0020001: The string binding is invalid鈥�
Passing a template function into another template function
looking for a node after finding a specific node
Convert DateTime object java to Json string
UIBezierPath find cross points / get all points
Maven shade and assembly plugins resulting in stack overflow
Set Intent to back key in TabActivity
Alternative to selectionchanged event of listbox
Disable touch for the duration of a block in ActiveRecord
jQuery toggle replace anchor tag value on click
Wanting to display array in a specific way
Click on part of text and move to other activity
How do I remove the spaces from my image name?
gif thumbnail creation in php is not working
Received an invalid column length from the bcp client for colid 6
Oracle - Obtain the SQL as a string when an exception occurs
How to show user mobile number into a textbox in android?
Why are my CSS properties being overridden/ignored?
PHP methods that work in both instantiated and static contexts?
Extending a JFrame
logger and FileHandler in java
IOS how to decode PDF CIDFontType2 text
AVPlayer background playing issue
How to restrict file upload to JPG, PNG, and GIF in ASP.NET MVC 3
Unrecognized selector calling category method in static iOS library
invoke default camera and save pic at user defined location which is not part of gallery
Cannot access current_user in controller (Devise)?
What is the Metaphone 3 Algorithm?
what's the performance impact causing from the large size of Apache's access.log?
why these three line of code use lots of CPU in mvc?
UPDATE statement not updating DB
How to create a Authlogic user via the rails console?
Can configure generate .h files?
UIButton is dead after I change views and switch back
In Xpath, how can I select all the nodes that are not li under a div node which id is 'test'
what type of associations
objective c: fit twitter page width in UIWebview
Setting up MySQL issue under Eclipse PHP
Rest call using jQuery
Undefined symbols for architecture i386:
Detect if video has no audio in C++, preferable using Qt Phonon
Why the mysql reconnect failed and cause a segment fault?
NSUserDefaults erased due to memory crash?
Echoing html file using php
batch file 'for' and appending confusion
Converting to Ascii fails at &
objective c: fit twitter page width in UIWebview
Setting up MySQL issue under Eclipse PHP
Rest call using jQuery
Undefined symbols for architecture i386:
Detect if video has no audio in C++, preferable using Qt Phonon
Why the mysql reconnect failed and cause a segment fault?
NSUserDefaults erased due to memory crash?
Echoing html file using php
batch file 'for' and appending confusion
Converting to Ascii fails at &
Keeping track of original line numbers through macro expansion
what's the reason for the unexpect behavior of plot()
The first syntax I used didn't work in this table
Open PDFSharp Document and Saving Removes Password
Access data in custom component in Flex
retrieving the value of the included html in struts2
source code/docs for sun.misc.*
Dictionary help for Python
Sqlite Database locked in some case while inserting data
SPOJ Prime Generator My python code is giving a Runtime Error NZEC . Can anybody tell me why
Can email id be used as username in android app [closed]
PHP: Validating URL with Curl
How do I get latitude and longtitude for desktop application? [closed]
How do i do this in a simple way?
Language Translation in ASP.NET
How to wrap part of the text with spans using jQuery?
Rails two step signup with devise - Errors
How to remove and undo remove a gridview row using javascript?
Implementing Timeout on BackgroundTransferService transfer request - Windows Phone
jQuery AJAX calls to database work, but not in order
Error when returning from jQuery Ajax call
save substring from a string in Objective-C [closed]
Harmonic Mean Calculation and Float Precision
Hashset -making objects same after creation of Set
Redirect to new page on Facebook Like in Ruby on Rails
Any cross-platform video playback library for c++?
Android FTP Download
Migrating Maven Glassfish v2.1 to GlassFish v3.1 and Framework is Jsf1.2 without Facelets
MVC Password Format : Hash , Validate the user without keying Username/Password
Graphviz splines=false has no effect on undirected graph with bi-directional a 鈥�b/b 鈥�a edges
Where can I find jQuery.sheet API documentation
What part of the Facebook Graph API should I use to post content with custom actions?
Google app engine how to upload seperately rather than as part of a blob
Android : Hide the soft keyboard when click the EditView
What is the idiomatic way to check and document function preconditions and postconditions in R?
error while adding data to href
How to skip has_secure_password validations
how to download file from webserver when url contains only file ID
How can I have hover effect on DIV's using the DIV ID in javascript? [closed]
getting embedded flowplayer to play a local video file
setinterval() and clearinterval() - when cleared, does not animate automatically
Can't use 鈥渨hich mysql鈥�in zsh, but in bash work [closed]
Google App Script Spreadsheet bug with insertRows() and getRange() operation immediately after
Is GroovyResourceLoader ever called outside the main ClassLoader?
Thread and Loop.prepare() issue
how to implement services and repositories on onion architecture?
Adobe Flex (mobile): StageWebView and HTML5 features: window.localStorage is null?
What causes 鈥淭emplate is not defined鈥�in Meteor?
Using IXmlSerialization, how can I serialize a T property?
Is there an official literals / reserved symbol reference for PowerShell?
Basic Indeterminate JProgress Bar Usage
Invoke a c++ class method without a class instance?
Invalid conversion from int** to const int** Unsupported Encoding utf-8鈥�action=鈥�
Is it possible to make schtasks run at specific times?
Comparing two columns in a matrix in python
Where to find the data from add to cart button when clicked using MarketPress in Wordpress?
Git remote end hung up unexpectedly
Bulk Insert with Named Field Parameter
How can Maven building depend on jar files which are inside another jar file?
Correct syntax for innerHTML to change DIV content with php include statement
Why is matrix multiplication faster with numpy than with ctypes in Python?
python Input delegation for subprocesses
ViewPagerIndicator not snapping or displaying pager contents all of a sudden
SCOPE_IDENTITY() always returns NULL + SSIS
Why is part of my UIView covering the keyboard?
How to open excel 2007/2010 on browser by using .ashx?
Create instance of model w/ Paperclip attachment from Rails Console?
Get values of all columns in selected JTable row
Push message via java [closed]
Zend keep front controller from blocking image requests
CSS for same level
What is the PowerShell equivalent to LINQ's Select?
How to support internationalization for String validation?
Ruby - rails - jquery autocomplete parse json
WCF service hanging in SendResponse
Passing data between two controllers MVC
Save data to file not working properly
Rails Nested Resource Routes
Code with Flash or Phonegap? [closed]
How can I stop joins from adding rows in my match query?
Why does JavaScript (or ECMAScript) not allow var(x)=1?
Benefits of blocks/inheritance/extends over includes [closed]
why do I keep getting this error: undefined method new_message_path
Is it possible to export a PDF from an AIR app for iOS
what is the best way to pop-up a print feature of may dom-pdf output
Do iOS devices meant to have enterprise apps installed on them require any special configuration?
UIPageControl showing incorrect page
Do you need to install a gem for each separate rails app
Unrecognized selector in application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions with topViewController assignment
how to clear the graphics(rectangle shape) in picturebox
Select from text file
Compare two lists in Python
XPath with multiple predicates
Mysql - joins - too many rows are being returned - one for each of the joined table but dont want that
Scaling a System.Drawing.Bitmap to a given size while maintaining aspect ratio
Sqlalchemy query not consistent between multi tornado instances
Numbering multiple occurences of a word in a long string
Stopping android service in case of force closing
Getting a LoadError when using nokogiri gem in my ruby on rails application
add action / url
Verification of form
Override animation with :hover
Can users get DB info from my software if using MySQL Connector
Split/parse a PHP string by separate certain words
How to pick up a call by adb
Visual Studio designer opens click event code when trying to select a control
Printing with word.application causes error 鈥淭here is a printer error鈥�
OpenSSL Encryption 鈥渮ero length password鈥�Error
Proper way to PHPunit test mock getRequest->getHeader('referer')
Mobile HTML5 Application Local Storage
stop OSX from interception option/alt/meta key combos
convert adb command to program code
Meteor how to use multiple .less files
How to write a perl regex substitution as a function in an expression?
Django Management Command Cron on Dotcloud
How to use ACL plugin?
Where's GetTickCount() in Windows 8 Consumer Preview?
User's Phone Screen Size
An Issue with Multiple ASP:Update Panel (Both are updated)
Python / web scrape / aspx 鈥�is it humanly possible when there are no forms?
Java Image Flickering
is there pyqt4 reference documentation for python example?
How to send input from web application to a web service
How to unit test Java code that dynamically renders html and css?
RSpec - as_null_object?
Mysql, phpmyadmin, create database
mysql query with multiple transactions
Django model fields
What is a static method? Variable?
URL: response.redirect, VS2012 or IIS?
IOS Font color with UITextView
Segmentation fault (core dumped) when changing type int into int32 in ocaml
How to fix error when adding array functions after main?
iOS application base path
R - Slider for gwindow
鈥淒omContentLoaded鈥�isn'tworking in my brower?
Handling mySQL date formats when local date format is different
Error in installing ADT plugin in Eclipse Java EE Galileo win32
as3 Main-Timline calling a function from a class loaded from Child.swf
as3 Main-Timline calling a function from a class loaded from Child.swf
Heroku can't see config folder; why?
Using t from a Text File in Java
How does an executable function properly with multiple users simultaneously using the same program without the program crashing?
What is the regex example for: a string should not contain any sequence of characters immediately followed by the same sequence?
Can a Directory alone load specific query on a page?
TFS Power Tools: Shell Extension : Context Menu Quirky and TFS Icons on Files/Folders missing
Can you re-use code in SSIS? Can you programmatically change source/target?
How to insert xml data from URL into SQL Server 2008 database by call stored procedure in C#
Saving video on server with flash, php and RED5
Validation of uniqueness for an accepts_nested_attributes_for model
.prop() and twitter bootstrap modal dialogs
Remove html markup from Rally description field
InvalidCastException occurs when try to Deserialization a JSON
Combining relationships
Simple JQuery syntax issue
CRT memory allocation
Error after approved: no valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application
Getting lon/lat from pixel coords in Google Static Map
Why do we want to pass a Class to a function
Response Stream from HttpWebRequest lifetime scope
Repository with Ninject and the Ninject Factory Extension. Lose the magic strings?
Why does 'onhashchange'in(window) work?
Python subprocess.Popen to create a new directory
Div not covering the whole page?
Define a character as a word boundary
Is there any way to make camel-jetty dynamically reload the key store once the key store is changed?
Google BigQuery - Error while downloading data to a table
Android MediaPlayer Errors
How to find the total number of occurance of text and files with find command
Installing Pytables, error in finding HDF5 installation
Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'slides'
Where should I put the logic to get the record from Database?
How to reference ExtendedData in array in Geocode XML Response
Random value when UIButton pressed
sqlite android backup restore example code
Text center after Rotation with CG in IOS
Eclipse RCP MessageConsole: How to allow user to input and handle this listener?
Radically custom tabs in android
IIS7 returning 500 for status code 401 when mvc app writes it to the response
Am I adding .lib files in VS 2008 correctly? c++
Adding values to an ArrayList<Number> each time a button is pressed
Clicking desired pixels - Java
MVC3 Ajax.BeginForm with PartialView and persistent routedata issue
Multiplayer game in Facebook
Disabling the behaviour of iOS when pressing buttons with :hover states
PHP How can I show total data based on Department
Doctrine 1.* cache invalidation
Android gson.toJson() gives a result with escaped quotes ( )
IE8 Not picking up 'Float Left' and 'Fonts'
IE8 Not picking up 'Float Left' and 'Fonts'
How to display MySQL results from previous page in PHP?
JS Jquery Namespace Calling Functions
php undefined index error with if/else shortcode
.NET XmlSerializer and nested classes in C#
Not be able to connect to Azure SQL after connect through VPN
PHP to view PDF on web page and disable user to download
Getting 鈥淪ubquery returned more than 1 value error message 鈥�while using Case statement inside Where Not In
Why is the MySQL query call unsuccessful? [closed]
passing ajax varabiles
Can you alter the table to change engine types in MySQL? (MYISAM to INNODB)
Crash when trying to call [super didReceiveMemoryWarning]
good jni framework for usage?
Unhandled Exception after Upgrading to Entity Framework 4.3.1
Python crashing when i try plot a graph
CGAffineTransformScale a UIButton
301 Redirect but exclude subdirectories
Java application subscribed to PostgreSQL/MySql
Using Google Prettify to display HTML
simulating tail -f in Perl & SQL Server + Transaction Rollback
Cookies for Remember me in JSF 2.0
Dropdown delay not working
watir 3 modal window access
open a customized pop up window without address bar using javascript
jqgrid to do ajax search
How to Add Data Contents to Data Grid in the Same Page without any Database Connectivity?
Vim: For Multiple Files: Copy all Text, Replace and Paste
JS Events Not Attaching to elements created after load
Error 鈥淥peration failed because the requested database object could not be found鈥︹� when using indexedDB
Daisy Chain Methods in C#
MVC pass JSON ViewModel to View
How to reproduce correct JavaScript object literal property that is an anonymous function from CoffeeScript?
UIPinchGestureRecognizer require two touches
what does FlatLoop/UnFlatLoop mean in valueinjecter?
WebResource.axd throwing exception
LDPC library for error correction in .net for QR code barcode
Boost Python : Having problems importing a module
Android - How to force a gallery to redraw its views?
cuda threads and blocks
Google Chart Tools - How to create stacked bar chart [duplicate]
Clear download permission denial?
Why won't my image name convert to lowercase in PHP?
Trying to install windows 7 for dual boot on a system that already has Ubuntu [closed]
Launching app2 from app1 & passing data
ruby, how can I remove a space at the end with gsub?
I have to take data from ms sqlserver with the android. Help me please
when DynamicClientFactory with Binding Files creates createClient(), exception occurs
android app force close on second run
Incorrect File modification time with log4j
<a href or <asp:hyperlink鈥ag does not render at runtime
Why is there no scrollbar in my tableview in my popovercontroller?
Splitting a large into smaller pieces
Yii search for each term in a comma-separated query string not working as expected
Displaying message while waiting to connect to store for IAP
Objectify app engine - querying embedded entities using a list of values
Play 2 scala route controller bytecode is not the same as all the other bytecode
Can not authenticate with UserInfo service with google-api-php-client library
Permission denied (publickey) with bitami AMI & EC2
Use Form to create new page
Building a Quote Database without Server Side
Using a Picture Box as a button, how do I ignore/disable double-click events?
HTML does absolute position create new positioning system for its children?
Adding URL shortcut to mobile screen through a link on the website
ajax: updating without refreshing
Printing more than one array using print_r or any other function in php
dust-me equilivant for js?
Apache Pig, Suppress 鈥淥utput Location Validation Failed鈥�鈥淥utput directory 鈥�already exists鈥�
How to minimize a JQuery UI Portlet by default
Is it possible to create a limited registration signup form using Google Docs Forms?
How to close AlertDialog.Builder without clicking any button
add text field on button click and pack into jsonfield with django
create checkbox checking sequence
Why is this LFSR not always shifting correctly?
How do I generate a consecutive list of numbers greater then the size of a bigint?
Java ME: How to wipe all information from a device
Text Field doesnt show up in PDF
Android SQLite CursorIndexOutOfBounds
FlowDocument/RichTextBox with Hyperlinks using MVVM
What are return types of operators in C++?
Error with Entity Framework .Any() filter
Plot problems in Python
JavaScript scope in a try block
Finding a repeating sequence at the end of a sequence of numbers
Remote Queued Logging of Issues (not exceptions)
Android, Generics and inhertitance
Exception thrown when using TaskSourceCompletion in Silverlight 5
Vaccum full and Reindex Heroku database
glReadPixels - malloc with global var
Java Eclipse OS Error
store images with MediaStore to specific folder
Handling events from dynamic controls NOT added on Page_Load?
codeigniter session across all controllers
recommend an opensource message queue service [closed]
BindingSource And Composite Properties
NSOperationQueueDefaultMaxConcurrentOperationCount in the wild
API for changing Gmail password
Eclipse cannot read file when using freopen or fopen CPP
ASPNet WebAPI: JSON Deserialization error on POST
can timer interrupt be masked?
can timer interrupt be masked?
UpdatePanel and posting messages to other controls
how to display full string value of variable in VS2005 watch window?
EF Code First Cyclical Reference
Combining javascript functions
Rails: Count specific records then do calculation
store.loadData not defined. How to load data into store Sencha Architect
Muti word command completion for bash [duplicate]
Error: 鈥渃annot access private member declared in class 'boost::signals2::scoped_connection'鈥�
With MySQL, how do you store the current time as UTC time?
C++ ftp upload error
Soft-delete on has_many through association
Stretching an image within a <li> with css IE8
What are the implementation differences between TabPageIndicator and TitlePageIndicator?
How to blend two dependent repositories data to create a single UI model in MVC
SQLAlchemy Many-to-Many Dynamic Set-like Relationship
Silverlight: WCF Service for SQL fails when trying to return an Array
Do enterprise iOS apps and enterprise configured iOS devices get any special functionality?
adding pdf form field
Write Junit tests for Spring MVC application which internally relies upon ContextLoader.getCurrentWebApplicationContext()
kCTParagraphStyleSpecifierParagraphSpacing not respected for first line of a CTFrame
EC2/AWS, Jenkins, Git, SSH
quantstrat in R: Setting a date based exit signal
FluentSecurity with MVCSiteMapProvider
Default model in :has_many collection
In Cocos2d, if ccp is to make a CGPoint, is there a macro or function to make a CGSize?
Event called after windows maximized
Backing up Android emulator for QA work
gtk# ScrolledWindow - scroll to top
WinRT Custom Control Dependency Property Setting/Binding
Matlab Basic Function
WS.URL in Play Application Test
Hiding a library within a library
Opening an image file in an executable I created
parsing RSS Feed Description in Android
SQL.REQUEST Excel function Alternative? Create one with VBA?
Do I need to install MVC 3/4 on web server to run mvc application
JSP download from intranet
Updating UIImageView when a button is clicked
Asset pipeline and @font-face on rails(rails 3.2.3)
Shopping basket without using any predefined collection libraries
Scala equivalent of Haskell's do-notation (yet again)
How can I assign static pieces of information to randomly selected data with javascript?
What is the best place to configure a MongoDB connection in ASP.NET MVC?
Ruby method to reverse characters not recursing for words
How to calculate sum of values based on month of year
Browsing an apps folder structure on an iDevice
Running a function in Wordpress when publishing a custom post type
Register with facebook - Java server side authentication - Getting access token
Dynamic Markers - Google Maps API - Markers not incrementing with i value in loop
Register with facebook - Java server side authentication - Getting access token
Dynamic Markers - Google Maps API - Markers not incrementing with i value in loop
iOS - how to adjust the scale of a slider
Mobile redirect and full site to subdomains
Tidy URL losing relative links
OpenGL ES - Getting pixel colour not accurate
Matlab Loss of precision computing variance
Dealing with UISearchBar in Core Data
touchesBegan is not triggered
Get address from google map api v3 in English
Getting an Error: access denied for Node.js with mysql
Displaying image in Zend Framework
Installing OpenCV on Windows 7 for Python 3.2.3 [duplicate]
Getting Xcode to recognise C++ header files without the '.h' extension (OpenSceneGraph)
Can I use an activerecord relation to find nested attributes?
changing a url for web service that uses SOAP [duplicate]
c++ program stops without errors warnings when printing matrix
Java HTTP Client for ElasticSearch
PHP search data with 2 table relations based on date range input
subscript text in a locale .yml string
Using facebook-sdk to publish in a user's 鈥渘ews feed鈥�
Exact object to byte conversion, similar to memcpy in C#
How do I remove the apostrophe before inserting into MYSQL? (not simply escaping them)
Prevent save() from overwriting dtd in an xml file
How can I keep an image/link visible vertically on page?
Prevent Android device rebooting when app is re/uninstalled
undefined method `gsub'鈥�NoMethodError) for docusign
Error: Android SDK requires ADT version 17.0.0 or above
Enterprise distribution apps on iOS, possible to drag and drop the ipa into iTunes?
Can I have multiple URLs map to an Action, changing a boolean parameter?
Convert comma seperated list into JSON using Javascript
Convert a CoffeeScript project to JavaScript (without minification)?
Compare ImageView Objects
Is it possible to back a readonly SQLite database with a memory buffer (or PE resource)?
DevExpress XtraReports - How to configure fields from custom datasource
Search for a String in each Objects of NSmutableArray
X. in my column names of an R data frame
HttpWebRequest dot working with HOSTS file mapping?
iOS AudioQueueNewInput function - how to link it in?
using <g:select remoteFunction> grails
After raising IEnumerable.OrderBy(), the source list was not sorted锛寃hy?
Can I override the @RequestMapping on a type for a method?
Setting a ContextMenu to open on 鈥淭ap鈥�causes ContextMenu to open up at the top of the screen
what happened when i use multi ob_start() without ob_end_clean() or ob_end_flush()?
Why does FlipView ignore SelectedItem
HTTP Request will not go through the controller
Error when concatenating 3 variables in PHP
GroovyCodeVisitor says java method returns Object instead of actual type. No generics involved
deleting local branches forked from a repo
major page fault handler in Linux kernel
play video using jquery mobile and toggle
Updating a JTextArea dynamically and reading specific text from it
SQL to insert millions of dummy records into MySQL database
Grails - Duplicate form submission handling - How does withForm{} works ?
jQuery to carry over a form data to a new page
Prevent multiple instance of a service - best approach?
Sencha touch for Mobile Web Development
How can I remove the border around an image without a source?
鈥渙verloading鈥�doesn't work with stderr
MVC3 Razor not recognizing when to stop parsing
Possible to get ESQL using ToTraceString() with parameter values included?
How to make an Information Box slide out from right of a link onHover?
I need to read many rows into a single SELECT row
Mono's BackgroundWorker not working in background?
Reference Entire Table with Cursor then Insert based on conditions
Use Facebook API from personal website
Software or Tricks For Live Coding Presentation
Sidebar moving when hovering over a nav button
List which columns have a full-text index in SQL Server 2000
How create an anchor in yacc ocaml in an AST
Hide required attribute labels for configurable products in product view in Magento
How to call javascript function from the $(document).ready(function())
Render 3D models using QR Code
In the following CSS layout how can I make my arrow right aligned?
rails - reject_if - only reject if it is not the only item in the collection
LISP- simple functions , syntax error?
Getting the value of self via reflection
Hw to open image in default image viewer, using VB.Net
Handling Null types from SQL in C#
Need a macro to detect if cell value changes from current value
How can I change the speed of the fade for alert messages in Twitter Bootstrap?
How to replace the 鈥淎bout Tkinter鈥�menu in Python on OSX
JDK 1.7: 鈥淭oo many open files鈥�due to POSIX Semaphores?
Onclick scroll to div id and animate the div
ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended mystery error
use jquery dialog button to submit form
Launching network settings pane in Windows 8 Metro app
AJAX reCaptcha Throwing Undocumented Error (鈥減rogramming_error鈥�
Android Login in Portuguese but Locale set to English
I am not able to copy the entire binary file
How to know if certain process is running on windows ce device from desktop app
Inline vector operations in C
missed logic in finding sum using recurssion ,got segfault
what is the method for WolframAlpha to get the integer solution of indeterminate equation?
How to send sms using php script from ftp server
I have a error in my Javascript code
Making a string regular text, eg. 鈥済鈥�so that it can be used as a variable g = 0
R - boxplot with multiple factor labels
Get pictures from facebook in ListView?
Investigating segfault in Mono when calling a OpenCL method clEnqueueTask in linux
How can drag-and-drop affect memory usage in a Windows Forms application?
Where to put a class shared by child namespace?
Knockoutjs dependencies
Rails full error page not showing for view errors
Using a sample list as a template for sampling from a larger list with wraparound
MySql, PHP display Picture on HTml
p:fileUpload doesn't invoke with JSF template that contains JQuery
Why are my social media icons/buttons wrapping?
Closing Caliburn Micro View from a UserControl Button?
Basic issue with setting HTTP cookies
UIBezierPath draw line representation
Loading an EditorFor template dynamically via Ajax
Updating a page element in a php script
Write data to a non existing file in scheme(after creating through the program)
Oracle Accidental Deletion
jQuery improve select all checkboxes function
Silverlight: Adding ChangePropertyAction to DataTemplate
How to Move Caliburn Micro Child View in ShellView?
Can anyone give me some android accelerometer example code?
Writing to Text file using JS only
screen in winforms and animation
Error When Changing to MySQL2 on Heroku
Mono + SQLite + Dapper SQLite Exception during Insert
Media Play/Pause Simulation
How to append new line character in node.js?
Why won't this regexp work in google spreadsheets?
How is a homography calculated?
Is there a way to force a multi-word li in a horizontal nav menu to stay on one line?
HTML Organization Microdata Just On About Us Page Or Front Page Also [closed]
Upload folder in production in Play Framework 1.2.4
Catching Exceptions and Rethrowing
jQuery: Ajax before submitting form
Akamai Media Player: Get event callback when it's ready to play
Hierarchical state machines for JavaScript
Looking for proponents of tightly coupled design versus SOA
How do I get my new eclipse branch to show up as a new project in my github repository?
Copy some values between List<> and List2<>
Intercept JSON prior to RestKit
subdomain to url redirect with mod_rewrite and htaccess?
VLC Live Video Streaming on Windows Phone 7
XML syntax error?
How to set default value for Rails SimpleForm select box
NSWindow - Deactivate on Hide - isVisible
Objective-C static inline NSString array
How to configure and run Hadoop Pipes on ubuntu 10.4
Getting most recent objects in a list
Exit thread upon deleting static object during unload DLL causes deadlock?
Executing a command on the command line and reading the console output in Java
iOS storyboards segue push not working
How to close an entitymanager when used with Jackson and Jax-rs
Exit thread upon deleting static object during unload DLL causes deadlock?
Executing a command on the command line and reading the console output in Java
iOS storyboards segue push not working
How to close an entitymanager when used with Jackson and Jax-rs
Google maps API v3 places search - pass in another parameter to callback function
Cygwin: Running bash script directly inside dos batch file doesn't work
3D plot in java. Java3D or Jmonkey [closed]
weird behavior when validating :has_many relationship with mongoid
Why is my website working perfectly in FF but not in Chrome/IE? [closed]
Detect element I click in UIWebView
How do I create new column with list
Checking if a datetime field is > than a specific hour of the current day
Disable PositionItem in BindingNavigator
Correct way to nunit test httpcontext object for
Is return superfluous after setting handled to true in a KeyPress event?
scala and java io and sockets issue
ListView in <include>
android recycle all bitmaps in view on view removal
How to programmatically set the ForeColor of a label to its default?
backbone.js execute view method when view 鈥渋nserted鈥�into page
hide the horizontal scrollbar is a bad idea?
DEFAULT clause in ALTER TABLE statement resulting in syntax error
How to use .live() jQuery and .hover() combined?
How can Ruby open and write to a device path Instead of a file
Unable to launch installed application created from Visual Studio Installer when installed in %ProgramFiles(x86)%
How to debug this WCF webservice
Setting data attribute values for jquery can't seem to get it working for data()
How can I add labels to either end of a ExtJS Slider control?
Running a PHP file using AJAX and sending parameters
Why does curl allow use of the file URL scheme, but not wget
What is the best way to create multiple Magento product pages for the same product with slightly differing attributes?
Visual Studio Code Snippet Literal Replacement Ends Prematurely
C++ cannot pass objects of non-POD type
Using with nodejs on a server with apache as a reverse proxy
Tell RavenDB to ignore a property
The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties - WPF
zip folder in windows using command line
mysql_query not returning result to select call [closed]
Use part jQuery mobile only
How to make Django queries retrieve updated information from database?
What does the . operator do in matlab?
What is wrong with the Django Forms BooleanField unit test case?
ImageView with squared pixels (without interpolation)
tag count on collection
xmlnode insertafter secondchild鈥r third?
How can I use Test::NoWarnings to catch redefinition errors for EXPORT()ed subroutines when loading modules in sequence
Config File Process in Python and C++
ANTLR Variable Troubles
accessing parent property values in child class
Some PHP functions do not properly work on mapped network drive
accessing parent property values in child class
Some PHP functions do not properly work on mapped network drive
Responsive ASP.NET framework (ASP.NET as an alternative for Silverlight)
Displaying an array from xml resources in ListView not working
Creating an application that uses Expansion Files without publisher account
Why does this query show only one result?
Code First model and deployment of new versions of the software
How to change initial tab bar selection programmatically
How to mask ints using bitwise operators
Creating Innerclass with full access to local variables of outerclass
How to get the corresponding DataSet row number after filtering a BindingSource
Getting weird characters when converting from XML Element and its child nodes to String in Java
Play! 2.0 Scala - Accessing global object
Boost Intrusive unordered_set broken in 1.48 with GCC in C++11 mode
how to get environment in javascript file in rails app
Jquery .Hover issue with Ajax
Pairs in a list of lists prolog
Ruby script for matching 3 patterns on ruby
Duration time to execute in PHP
PHP Validation Trouble
How to make pause/resume event in android andengine game?
How often are updates retrieved by the Android LocationManager for requestLocationUpdates()?
How to detect an application was installed via ClickOnce, using Wix
Handling concurrent UDP DatagramReceivedFcn executions in Matlab
Problems with DirectWrite in plain C
Facebook FQL error in Node.js HTTPS GET
how do I setup cedar for bdd testing of ios apps?
How to find the current location of an element in browser?
Tkinter 16-bit raw (monochrome) image display w/ scaling?
How to renew an iis7 self signed ssl certificate
javascript working in Firefox or Chrome not IE
FindControl() not finding control
SQL Server: How do I return all columns where one is not repeated?
Trying to open a 32 bit image
Why does 鈥淸] == False鈥�evaluate to False when 鈥渋f not []鈥�succeeds?
How to add a parameter to a form submission?
inner div not matching width of parent
how to convert the parameters into the description if parameters have more than three in TextField from Jasper reports
Android - does decodeResource scale the bitmap for screen density?
How do I encrypt in Python and decrypt in Java?
Using Cron job to activate a php script but it's not run completely
COUNT() function each time, or store the value and increment it by one?
Conditional formatting tags not working in IE8
Eclipse Java --> Class
Can I lazy-bind @Named dependencies?
why am i sending out MultiMedia Message instead of Text Message
Can't understand 0 rows being returned in php/mysql
How to print a word document without opening word
How to disable special properties or handle them properly in JSON.NET
ios uitableview uitableviewcell reuse has old data
ios shareApplication rootviewcontroller.frame flip-flops on Y axis
Search recent data with mysql, Full text search old data with solr
Bind events to properties and vice-versa in WPF
Virtualbox with Ubuntu connect to Internet in browser but fails in terminal
Search and Replace All Instances of text that has the same name
Rails form without a model
PHP Escaping Quotes Automatically When Using fwrite()
Why does this suds script return urlopen error [Errno -2] Name or service not known?
pylinting zopeish files: F0401: 11,0: Unable to import 'zope.interface'
can not add luaeclipse
Pros and cons of using a Http proxy v/s https proxy?
Libstpotify API - How can I use a single sign in process to connect to both Spotify and Facebook?
What is the T-SQL equivalent of MySQL syntax LIMIT x, y? [duplicate]
can gwt be used with other languages other than java?
What is the cause and solution to SVN: Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic challenge?
Find transparent area in an image
extending a activerecord model: is it possible to write a new method and how to do it?(calculating mean value of more activerecord entrys)
Where can I find the file object with the getImage API when the iOS location is not allowed by the user?
In Python threading, how I can I track a thread's completion?
Is there a portable class library profile which supports System.Xml.Linq and System.Windows for .NET 4.0
JFrame vs JPanel and then JFrame
Objective-c iOS 5.x - Check if the iDevice is connected to a computer
C++ error when defining array
Simple Line Graph in SSRS
How can I match the place with the result of CLGeocoder?
Error installing Rails
A simple scatterplot example in D3.js?
What cases will prevent javascript from being executed in a WPF WebBrowser control?
Welcome Message in Struts 2 running in Google App Engine
Website loads slowly! Is it because of my CSS?
access helpers options in view cakePHP
How do I change Xcode Project Format to Xcode 3.2-compatible?
Display partialview based on a url
forEach is not working with Spring3 + Tiles 2+ Jstl 1.2 + Weblogic 9.2
Huge vector 鈥渉angs鈥�program? (50000 x 50000 cells)
Ruby/Rails: alias_method practices
open a menu in ListActivity with onListItemClick
Select all times (hour/minute) that occur within a set of small ranges bound by a large range - SQL 2000
How to load generated java documentation in swing program
Force Crystal Reports to run in an x86 build?
jquery post not allowing csv file to download in MVC application
how to increment a sequence number while triggering data from one table to another
jQuery - how to prevent click event on merged classes to also be interpreted as click event on a single class?
creating a performance tool for web based GUI
packet size limit for iPhone games?
Connecting java to ms access database using jdbc odbc, java user login system
Using Protocol Buffer Java Bindings in Matlab
C++ equivalent for print_r() from PHP? [duplicate]
horizontal scrolling issue with color box
Android Facebook SDK Progress Bar during upload
how can i get the right fields into a group and sum using linq?
Error handling for a mysql_fetch_object(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
Chrome Plugin image persists after close
Sign in redirect to the page where he were lastly in Rails Devise
Can I start the Activity without show it's layout on android screen?
Best auto complete/suggest for a search form in rails 3
floating divs are overlapping
How-to pass a function into fprintf
Multiple parameters to named route rails 3
Avoiding pointers when calling the function call operator of the derived class
What could suddenly cause my Delphi 2006 IDE to behave erratically when debugging?
Own ORM and data redundancy when mapping multiple tables into one object
accessing unspecified fields from JodaTime DateTime objects
Memcache, Mongodb or other Database storage for Lithium Sessions
How do I update user access token with post request?
Jquery Validate Pluginto allow only text
Not loading img temporary file on IIS
Python for loops (novice)
What effect has a statement like 'var and do_something_with(var)' in Python?
Facebook Session is null
Proper name for a method that sets a property but also sends a request
Cyclic Template
Launch jar from C#
Scaling Redis for Online Friends List
Scraping Ajax using Python
Should you compare a float with 0.0
Following a Codeigniter/Ajax/Jquery tutorial: Can't seem to debug what I'm doing wrong
What is a robust browser-based method for uploading (very) large files?
Alternative data structure - Preventing memory leak in ios5 with ARC
How can I add multiple statements to DataGridView DataSource
jQuery ColorBox grouping of all images in all posts (or all posts on a page, like blog page) (Wordpress)
How to pass a C++ function pointer as argument with some fixed values?
use RX to trigger events at varying times?
Updating a single element in a nested list with official C# MongoDB driver
Hibernate dialect issue with Spring configuration
TAPI 3.1 - Remain on the line
Auto-Completing JTextField and Arrow Keys
Sharing TinyMCE Across multiple scripts
SyntaxError: Unexpected Identifier. Google Chrome Debugger for Google Ecommerce tracking code
Monthly Execution of an SSIS Using SQL Schedule
abort reply crashes with access violation
How to display radio button value using PHP
How to do a COUNT in SPARQL
Python: binary conditions
Django syncdb - NameError: name '*********' is not defined
Perform on Next Run Loop: What's Wrong With GCD?
Set local ENV variable in Windows command from Ruby
Following calls to static methods with indexing when importing classes
Adding callback functionality to my simple javascript function
using javascript setTimeout causes a loss of data within an object?
How to replicate CIRandomGenerator using GPUImage framework
Spring, Hibernate and multiple references to the same row in database
Ruby S3 Multipart pause and resume (add a part after calling close)
How to clear customized file input with JQuery
DBCP Connection properties
php check if gravatar exists header error
radiobutton click & reclick
Compile Time & Memory Usage of a large C++ Project?
Accessing a remote JNDI in Spring
ASP.NET - Request Params and the 鈥�amp;amp;鈥�Separator Issues
rotating a picture continuously on a windows form
jQuery slider not behaving as expected
jQuery mouseenter second time then do this
Spring/Java - Encode HTML Entities + XHR
WebView / App Label Interactions
Do you know of a javascript library that lets you embed textareas that update a webpages format in real time?
Anchor link in iOS
Executing PHP code from HTML file loaded by PHP
unicode failures in Rails over Webrick
Cleanly integrate login from Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. into CakePHP?
Combo box VBA coding problems
Modulo algorithm with byte array and 8 bit integer: 8bit = bytes % 8bit
Recommendations for C/C++ remote message queues
Passing Variables like facebook
Window Workflow Foundation tutorial on VS11
C header files and dynamic linking error
Need a regex pattern for input validation
HTTPS certificate verification using corporate Certification Authority in Python
Syntax error: missing expression (ORA-00936)
Body opacity affecting whole page?
LINQ Purpose of Include
loop in phpmyadmin
freeglut fails to open display with valgrind
Why can't JSON.parse() parse what date.toJSON() creates?
Distributed server model
configure script in xcode fails with exit code 1
Using API to get Covers - URL Error
Custom HDPI controls are invisible
remove .html with htaccess
URL Shortner鈥�Mod Rewrite [closed]
Using SimpleHTMLDom to get big Image throu google search
Yii: User Auth not working
Phonegap multiple instances
Game (with KeyListener) does not respond to user input?
Scale Animation for SurfaceView
JQuery how to check if NONE of the elements in a set have MULTIPLE class names
memset array inside structure c
C - Encryption Algorithm
ImageView not displaying Bitmap on real device
how to save facebook access token after success
automatically show target div
PHP uploading seems to default to 72 dpi, I need 300 dpi
selection list filtering in datatables (MVC 3) with javascript
Perl - Ratio of homogeneous areas of an image
Find which lines in a file contain certain characters
Application Object Won't Share
Check which Locale is running in Android
Why does jQuery not work with a piece of html that jQuery added to the page via Ajax?
How can I get special Unicode characters to appear when Pasting the Clipboard into an Outlook Email?
How to find a wxAuiToolBarItem from the wxAuiManager?
How to compare two vectors with different dimensions to get logical array?
AJAX Request Not Getting Any Info
how to Load CKEditor in div?
How do compile mercurial from source on CentOS 5.8
Setting priority class and processor affinity on a process vs job object
Using properties of BindingNavigator
I have names stored in mysql how do I display that information in my android app
trying to create pList however its not being created
Try to join two tables in Hibernate
How do I prevent jitter between moving kinematic platform and a dynamic body in Box2D?
Any simple (and up to date) Java frameworks for embedding movies within a Swing Application?
How to convert java timestamp to php timestamp?
Can't install sinatra-contrib
How To Capture 鈥淩ow鈥�Number
How to update a model's order attribute when a list is being sorted in Backbone?
Get the last 2 rows of a table while grouping one of the column. MySQL
Using ExtJS how do I specify '->' minus a little bit?
php : xml parse and return xml
Does MSSQL currently have any features similar to 鈥淧ERIOD鈥�columns in SQL2011?
The use of the LIMIT clause in MySql doesn't work with subquery
GameCenter details
How to use strings in if statements in c++?
htaccess Rewrite Works on Parent Directory, but not Subdirectory
Simple way to unzip a .zip file using zlib
substitute text javascript .append()
Why does AutoFac's AsImplementedInterfaces break my resolver on another type?
Screen and trackball frozen at login screen Ubuntu 11.04
Does Excel evaluate both results of the IF function?
Jquery.parseJSON compatibility on Firefox 3.6
KeyBindings in JavaFX 2
SQL Server XML Value formatting newline
Cannot download & install app APK from own webpage
How to track number of calls and each call timings using selenium2
get dynamic details on image mouseover in nested gridview
Extract OU info from database using a query
php addslashes becomes illegal token in javascript
Can elasticsearch create histograms by X occurences of a field?
QWebView setContent in a separate thread
WP7 Developpement : How to make the program wait until the end of an EventHandler?
jQuery UI Sortable doesn't refresh after cloning and appending a new sortable list
How to track number of calls and each call timings using selenium2
get dynamic details on image mouseover in nested gridview
Extract OU info from database using a query
php addslashes becomes illegal token in javascript
Can elasticsearch create histograms by X occurences of a field?
QWebView setContent in a separate thread
WP7 Developpement : How to make the program wait until the end of an EventHandler?
jQuery UI Sortable doesn't refresh after cloning and appending a new sortable list
How to write a (MySQL) 鈥淟IMIT鈥�in SQL Server?
How to generate all bijections of two sets in Matlab?
Can I perform a SELECT within a WHERE in mysql?
Mod Rewrite and passing a URL as parameter
What is the etiquette for keeping/discarding a contributor's namespace in pull requests?
How does Eclipse run .java files as applets?
Android NullPointerException causing crash
Rails markdown editor
DataGridView displaying superfluous column on the left - how to get rid of it?
How do I strike through an entire row in a prawn PDF table?
Drupal 7 Comment Not Posting
Alarm Receiver and Android Manifest
bizarre PDF faxing Issue with .NET
How to apply validation to a collection item in MVC 2
JSF 2/Trinidad redirect to external site and back from external site, preserving view/pageflow scope
Linux device left open
In a php.ini file there is '2M' where I expect a number - what does it mean?
connection string injection
nodejs express unknown method render
jQuery code looks butchered, best way to write?
Serialization example of boost/archive/binary_woarchive.hpp and/or boost/archive/binary_wiarchive.hpp?
Does the python logging run in it's own thread?
Excel Vlookup on multiple values combined with sum or countif
Tidy URLs, Query Strings and force type not working as expected
What would cause the SelectedValue control not to work?
Learning Assembly and IDA
鈥渨rong number of template arguments (2, should be 4)鈥�error with std::map and typedef
When text is entered correctly, image lights up/changes
Efficiently create a density plot for high-density regions, points for sparse regions
jquery deep replace
Accepting packets in user-space from netfilter
Routes between two points in a grid
canvas tag produces black block in chrome
Error when running rake db:migrate
Codeigniter template library and HMVC ( mx library ) the static method run()
How do I post a JavaScript array to an MVC 3 controller action (no AJAX due to file download)?
Textarea inside html ordered list
Matching characters including line breaks and return carriages
VHDL login terminal
Search within xml file(s) in linux
Web server for Android [closed]
BroadcastReceiver with intent-filter for them?
eliminate FIX layer to increase performance
log zmq socket instance send/recv?
raphael js pie chart move slices
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} -f Doesn't Recognise Query Strings
Unable to start activity ComponentInfo, MapActivity Android
Find out how many threads my application is running?
Error Store Load
some problems with converting from StringBuilder to string
How to remove a table row when it's dynamically generated?
SVG, Raphael.js, Drawing
XCode3 - relationship between Library Search Paths and project Frameworks
Can I move defects from Quality Center to Bugzilla
How to SELECT using LIKE on entire column, but not require exact match?
movenext and moveprevious navigation
How to include lwIP original source code into my project?
Stop & Replace running threads with new threads
abort the right ajax
Jquery Add div inside h1 tag
Issues with displaying mysql data [closed]
npm install sqlite3 error
remove documents with array field's size less than 3 in mongoDB
JavaScript .replace() part of a url not working [duplicate]
how do I change the path used for rails assets?
Can assigning a member variable (CBrush *) to memory dynamically allocated in a class constructor with new cause problems?
QML ListView and ListModel index
MYSQL SELECT repeatable fields into columns
Rename a string-array in arrays.xml
URLConnection.getContentLength() returns -1
Unable to hit localhost programmatically - HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
Haskell: Datastruture with O(1) append and O(1) indexing?
Tools to measure the effect of individual CSS rules on page rendering speed? [closed]
How to get current rendered value in renderer in grid?
SQL: replace non-consecutive values with consecutive values
In WCF Data Servics, is ToDictionary broken when using objects with relationships?
[NETTY]: map urlpath to method
How to laod Raw HTML using jquery ajax call to [Webmethod]
How can I put a decimal point in UNIX live count as stardate
how to add a sum of even and odd number of an array
How do I make a erase a Graphics object?
Translating a code of c++ to Java without success
How to make a Web Service be use multiple threads?
Chibi Scheme - Simple define-library example not working
Closing Modal Popup by Clicking Away from It
LINQ to XML return an object instead of IEnumerable<object>
Converting android application to work with Galaxy Note
Remove Control Control from Word document after generating a document
Which design pattern shall I choose? Decorate or Chain of responsibility or something else
Footer override with duplicate block name
How do you get a long lived access token with the javascript sdk?
Looking for JavaCard 2.1.1 JCDK
redirect to index rather than show after save
Print text from a java class method within a .jsp page
C# 'Default1': member names cannot be the same as their enclosing type
SQL assign numbers to dates, grouped by a value
Reportlab's platypus para
Why the name 'Request' does not exist when writing in a class.cs file?
Sql Server Pivot on 2 columns / Order Columns
How to secure the ELMAH web console in Umbraco?
ComboBox with left-side vertical gradient bar
Objective-C: typedef'd a block, used it in a method declaration. How do I implement this?
Howto combine two fields in form to one field in model
How to put a variable in x/y label using matplotlib module pyplot
Eager loading nested, repeated models?
Balancing a Binary Search Tree (BST)
wchar_t and encoding
PHP - Solr API compatible with SOLR 3.x?
Can you have multiple tags with xml tag having CDATA section?
Getting custom assembly attributes without loading into current AppDomain
RegEx pattern any two letters followed by six numbers
Arrk! ARC error:'CFTypeRef' (aka 'const void *') to 'NSNumber *' is disallowed
ListView Columns
NSURLConnection behaviour when there is no internet
key codes in different browsers? jquery
rails: passing additional parameter with