xls mail can't be previewed in iOS mail app
ipad js/html 鈥�Trying to sync a fixed header and sidebar on a native scrolling div
Failed to iterate over List objects
Java Swing Validation
Unable to set a selection on a JTextField after a NavigationFilter
How do I change the background color of the eclipse expression value window?
IE 8 Div Disappears when Children that are larger are appended
Perl regex matching emoticons
VBOs doesn't work correctly with more than one object
Combined positive and negative stacked line plots
Creating tiff image at runtime in WPF
JSON security warning in IE, tries to download in MVC3 app
Animation of flex Hslider / graph interaction
How to serialize and deserialize an interface using IXmlSerializer?
How can I load a class from a jar file packaged in my .apk file?
Scala map to HashMap
Simple JSON request with cURL to Mochiweb
PHP & COMET. Need some guidance
bash 鈥�amp;鈥�without printing 鈥淸1]+ Done 鈥�
Plotting and positioning in LaTeX of multiple times series from multiple files
@Stateless Session Bean acts as a @Singleton Bean
How to Pop-up/Alert in Seam? (Java)
Spotify app broken after update?
Touch JSON issues with Twitter on iOS
Creation process in C++ in regards to member variables and constructor call
PHP & COMET. Need some guidance
bash 鈥�amp;鈥�without printing 鈥淸1]+ Done 鈥�
Plotting and positioning in LaTeX of multiple times series from multiple files
@Stateless Session Bean acts as a @Singleton Bean
How to Pop-up/Alert in Seam? (Java)
Spotify app broken after update?
Touch JSON issues with Twitter on iOS
Creation process in C++ in regards to member variables and constructor call
RSpec testing a controller to restrict user behaviour on Rails 3.2
PHP Newsfeed with Reload
Getting a SIGABRT From Deleting a Row in a Table View
Integration Testing in CakePHP 2.0
Python: For-loop won't finish
Block a user from viewing a PDF until they log in?
Why self-invoking closure to load Javascript FB SDK?
Preloading WPF listview with many items
cannot import openpyxl to python on OSX
How do I layer multiple layers of images in a Max / MSP patch?
Blackberry Bitmapfield taking space on screen but not showing in horizontalfieldmanager
java reordering and memory model
Conditional checks for different variables
Link errors for a 2d maze game in c++ darkGDK
SignalR and Groups
conception of a search method in Java
My Nintex Custom Action not reading in Workflow Variable in SingleLineInput
Python List of Lists
Global, thread safe, cookies manager with Indy
How To Delete a Document using indexWriter in LuceneNet
easy trigger to rank dates and insert rank - apex - salesforce
Where can I find the appropriate tax class ids in Magento database?
Wordpress 2 column page not working
Using OAuth in Wordpress Plugin
How to exclude a tag by a surrounding tag
Watin browser title property is empty
Uploading delimited excel data into a MySQL DB
How to remove a binary file from fossil history
Reading data from a CSV file with mixing data types
what is a convenient way of continuously editing a file of text
Loading settings.py config file into a dict
Set / update expiration on aspxauth and asp.net_sessionid cookies
save pylint message to a file
Creating a csv with sqlcmd
Complicated rules for mod_rewrite
How do I bind to property within ancestor's data context?
How to Setup LDAP Role Provider for SharePoint 2010?
Horizontally Align New Lines of Text After Image Has Ended
JSON Multiple Object Creation with ASP.NET Web Service
Unrecognized configuration section applicationSettings in NHibernate
Form POST issue
fork() in for() loop
PHP Regex to find words containing both letters and numbers
Trouble with creating good IF statement in C
javascript / php - change textfields based on select change
Programmatically encrypt Outlook email using Inspector
Update a datagridview trick for checkbox
filter a resultset in asp.net mvc3
gstreamer memory leak
allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' error while opening pop up
Composing LINQ Expressions
How to draw graphics or custom designed charts in BIRT reports?
Variable speed for jQuery Cycle plugin horizontal slider
How do I add hidden form fields based on which checkbox is selected with javascript?
is there an OnTabsChanged type of code
Wayward Thumbnail generation in dynamic PHP script
jQuery - on enter key submit text - line break still inserted into textarea
Why does dynamically adding a list item work in Chrome and Firefox but not in IE8?
Change img src in responsive designs?
Panel larger than frame in java
Google maps marker show just one quarter of it
How to detect which HTML element lies under given mouse coordinates? (Seadragon)
Using deferred.defer with Python 2.7
The usage of pointer star in C
Reading specific lines from a file in a loop (optimization)
inputHidden binding to a long id field in backing bean
Merging Two Tables in SQL Server
Animate a UIButton into place from off screen when app loads
Php parse html dom and count specific rows
How can I show a summary in the footer of a win grid and not have the Sigma show up in the header?
Replace stylesheet with jQuery
PDF Form Filling in PHP
Can anyone figure out how to keep this menu on top in IE?
Howto get the RedirectURL from WinRT WebView control
Where does Raphael.js store an element's data that is set with the element.data() method?
Add numerical content of UITextFields
Auth cookie different domain issue
Why isn't my rss feed working that I have coded in XML?
.NET Hashing. Difference between SHA512Managed() object and HMACSHA512 object
change annotation image after its created
why does changing font size with <input type=submit button error out? [closed]
opencvsharp Cv.Threshold returns void even for ThresholdType.Otsu
Creating and drawing huge (Buffered) images in Java
Reloading bootstrap with Grails
how to select from finger not standard columns
Retrieving values from a hashtable
jQuery .addClass and .fadeIn?
Like Button disappears on page refresh
Determing Height of DIV set in percentage, not pixels
Error on creating EXTERNAL_ACCESS assembly on SQL Server 2008
On select/unselect of checkbox, query DB, return array, then update array without refresh
Error on creating EXTERNAL_ACCESS assembly on SQL Server 2008
On select/unselect of checkbox, query DB, return array, then update array without refresh
Is this a safe way to access Grails Configuration in static mapping block?
Interesting BC/Google Calculator Discrepancy
J2ME Back command - returning to previous screen
C# equivalent of Java's Long.numberOfLeadingZeros [duplicate]
include HTTP method in Javascript redirect?
Parse XML multi line string in Java
Write data to a char using Assembly
Java: Using variables from try blocks
typedef a shared pointer that contains a templated class
Externally hook into 鈥渢ear down鈥�of unit test in PHPUnit
Get the value of a Drop list while hovering the options without clicking with JS
How to retrieve parent child in a single MySQL query and display using PHP
Deploying a .NET application and use Sybase Adaptive Server ADO.NET Data Provider
Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Exercise 8.5.2
Count leading zeroes in an Int32
Trying to install zgrviewer to view DOT files
How to create Android tabs like this (screenshot)?
Making executables with makefile on python code [closed]
Pragmatic solution for Sencha Touch 2 on Windows Phone 7.5+?
App Engine Connected Android Application no Google account
Rally .NET REST: How to create new Test Case Results
Trying to hide an object / create a fold effect
Quartz Composer Objective C compare previous with current input
onClick should activate the get method [duplicate]
h:commandButton click throwing IllegalArgumentException
Submit form on Django page without changing url
Symfony forms, error bubbling
Is it fine to use 鈥渢hrow exception鈥�inside parallel region?
Get TFS TestPlans for a particular Iteration via the API
Could not find cache store adapter for memory_store
Extracting string from a string in Objective-C
div showing up in the background
HTML PHP Form Processing; Variable
No tag 鈥渃hoose鈥�defined in tag library imported with prefix 鈥渃鈥�
Dropdown onchange function into html
How do I list files in a folder showing name, time and number of rows in a line with bash?
Can I somehow get values entered in the User Interface into my custom actions installer class code?
jquery file uploader pathname folder
Can't remove bundler in RVM
How to get DrawingVisual area
Script embedded within an SVG disappears when inserted
How to Determine Where Your Visitors Come From Except Referer
How to influence the reponse ws-addressing action element?
Manually parsing JSON before parsing to object
Making a ternary plot
select count(*) from select
iOS. How do I handle a URL authentication challenge in the context of Grand Central Dispatch
git pull into a specific directory
jQuery UI bold term in autocomplete results
Different results between z3 binary and z3 api
Reading bmp files in Python
Why is the CancelIo function failing?
JQuery DataTables: How to show/hide row details with multiple tables?
Force install.packages()
Why am I observing multiple inheritance to be faster than single?
OpenGL inside a JFrame
take JSON input and store it in to an array (javascript)
Failed to handle callback; interface not implemented, callback:com.adobe.flashplayer.FlashPaintSurface$7@41bf1b38
Do SQL mapping tables speed up queries? How do you use them?
Find pg_dump.exe path in NSIS to call with Exec function (or is there a better way to talk to postgres?)
Add Remove Column Handler on jqGrid ColumnChooser
IDictionary assignment shortcuts compiler feature or language feature?
Linux kernel 0.0.1 vs 2.6.36, 鈥渃type.h鈥� whats the difference?
Tutorial on how to use multirec [closed]
Handling mail draft ( i.e. MFMailComposeResultSaved ) in MFMailComposeViewControllerDelegate
Convert String to JsonObject
Hyperellipsoid confidence region
jQuery dialog in Wordpress buttons appear on the left instead of the right
How it is better to do shopping cart in rails?
Select a tableadapter at runtime
Save a string for later use in ASP.NET
getSize() not supported on older Android OS versions, getWidth() / getHeight() deprecated
Timed slide of the element with jQuery
VBA Shell command always returns 鈥淔ile Not Found鈥�
HEAD HTTP requests in Rails 3
JSON Data Formatting
How do I fix an 鈥淥ccurs check: cannot construct the infinite type鈥�error?
Validation on multiple Inputs via Jquery
In Codeigniter Pagination's generated page links, page 1 is always selected
Where are the files for Adobe (CS5.5) InDesign's *export as XHTML*?
List.add using Linq
check if text 鈥渂egin with鈥�substring in Actionscript 3
Match width of select menu with text input field in jquery
Random integer with conditions
How to display a 256x256 grid?
Preserving numpy strides in a python pickle file
Reading UInt16 numbers only binary file
dropdownlist displays wrong item after refreshing page in Firefox
scons, -u and aliases
Python dict using dot notation and chaining
2D texture replaced when rendered to
What is an instance of an NSObject
php sorting multi arrays with multi priority
Use std::random_shuffle with std::array
Linker errors when trying to enable FFmpeg stagefright support
Simile timeline layout issue in IE8 and IE9
Fastest way to add rows for missing values in a data.frame?
Internationalization JSF 2.0
onerror=string . $varible - fails
Avoid absolute path names for zip file contents
Why doesn't RazorViewEngine pick up my DisplayTemplate?
Maven package as war : does not consider a folder under src/main/java with *.vm files (velocity templates)
How modify a control on a different form?
Save Image to Json File
Jasmine Matching Return Value
How to make gmaps behave like gmaps4rails for focusing where the markers are
Generifying with 鈥渟uper鈥�
Is there a markdown parser supported on Jekyll that plays nicely with mathjax?
Need to assign user selected sheet name to variable
Functions using Non English based character sets
How do I insert PHP before and after HTML code from an external PHP sheet? (Wrap a div with PHP)
Server error after modifying current httprequest
Is it a good idea to use hidden inputs in email?
Process SQL JOIN results with PHP
difference between receive and deliver in a distributed multicast
How to efficiently calculate a modulus in C by hand?
Getting error in XDEBUG
Make post on behalf of app to a user's profile
SNMP AgentX: Howto register for OIDs?
How to update a custom baseadapter after onListItemClick ?
In Perl, how can I use multiple threads to process parts of a large array?
Graphviz outputs a mess
Python: subscript a module
Using button to call method in another class iOS
Add the same method to multiple classes
MongoMapper: maintaining sort order of an association based off of a key as an array
backbone.js collection.get(id) returning undefined
response to the tab in primefaces very slow
Mac Rails install鈥�error: Error installing rails: invalid gem format for /Users/鈥�cache/railties-3.2.3.gem
Difficulty with pointers in C
removing text via appling onclick on anchor tag
message passing with tornado websockets
Use form handle in a vb.net class without pass it as argument?
Template specialization alias
Flash stops applying keyframe information to a MovieClip if any of its properties are changed?
Anchor tag page jump
Show empty UITableView row from core data
writing file in %TEMP% fails silently
Method overloading getting wrong overload
Wordpress - Multiple Post Queries
Setting up a MySQL table to track user link clicks
File structure issue, ftp from php.
Automatically truncate TextView text so as not to overlap another TextView
Sharepoint List Item Alerts to Item creator
Adding getTotalCount() value from JSON to the variable
Is possible on Android control speed of MediaPlayer?
installing NDIS lightweight filter requires OS reboot
phpmailer & in subject coming in as &amp;
Check whether this is the last EditText in a LinearLayout?
TLS with Server Name Indication extension (RFC 3546) in Android
MPMoviePlayerController Causes All Other Audio To Be Soft (After MP finishes)
retrieving the elements from list: python
RequestSecurityTokenResponse won't deserialize
Strange problems when using requests and multiprocessing
Parallel processing of untar/remove in unix shell script
Specify a nil in command line args
Make input in program input value at website
UITableView sticked to UISearchBar
how to upload a zip file under apache ode?
LinearLayout partially overlaid over a ScrollView but not blocking touch events?
Accessing online database with Java
How to use functions from different C++ projects in Visual Studio 2010?
Query that matches on several potential conditions: Proper design?
KeyUp/KeyDown alternative for languages like Japanese, Chinese and Korean?
adding x and y axis labels in ggplot2
Set a maximum value for an expression
Using BeautifulSoup to extract an li element based on a string contained within
How to find master form and attach child
How to choose between two method of the same name in Java
Landscape mode for Xcode using storyboard
Trying to Insert Values into a Database from TextBoxes
Obfuscating an Android Library project / apklib
Link renders as raw html text
Testing server ruby-application with cucumber
Fusion Tables filter conditions OR
XPath expression that matches the bgcolor attribute of a TR element
Why do many addresses on the stack point to the EXACT location of functions in the .map file?
Overlay animated images with transparency over a static background image using ffmpeg?
Google checkout button doesn't work in nopcommerce
How to refresh user-defined functions [duplicate]
Splitting array based on a time interval in PHP
jQuery UI Autocomplete value disappears when selected in IE
Using a sample list as a template for sampling from a larger list without wraparound
Use apply(,2,) to perform mixed effects(lme()) over columns of a huge dataset
C++ list of objects not working properly
How to check uniq constraint on update/ insert in gridview?
symfony2 use multiple url pattern for a single Controller Action using regular expression
update date format
Java - convert named html entities to numbered xml entities
JavaScript alert has z-index of 0 in new Firefox
Error adding NSMutableArray programmatically with loop
Why does this moving circle vibrate during drag?
Request external website data using jQuery ajax
checking uniqueness of items before inserting in the database
Install wkhtmltopdf in a Mac in order to be used by imgkit gem in RoR
Can you help me with Django's URL regex?
Placement of a 鈥渃onst double NA = 1e-300鈥�errors out in header for Cocoa-Touch but not Cocoa?
Declaring static properties of Rails model subclasses
What is wrong with my declaration of a hash inside a hash in Perl?
Android Mediaplayer play Local Files with Variable
Equivalent for value-property for controls in winforms
Transparently Get Facebook Profile Pictures
Pass array by reference using C
template method specialization on *nix
How to show a profile with link_to rails
Can't access my array of structs
Adding a WCF reference via 鈥淎dd Web Reference鈥�
DataGridView - how can I make a checkbox act as a radio button?
Why wont the MVC3 modelbinder parse List<List<int>> with empty List<int>'s in it?
Command Button action not working
jquery - check for required but empty checkbox, multiselect, radio and drop field
How can I change the path to the css file dynamically?
The best way to construct the image path in jquery for inline css [closed]
Performance testing on SQL Server view resulted in surprising results. Why?
In C# how do I make the value of a string variable equal to what the user entered as the username on a login? [closed]
Command /Developer/Platforms failed with exit code 1
PHP Hash Key Array
CouchDB: Not Serving Futon
Array of Objects Initialization (C++)
I want to disable a button from clicking
symfony: routing goes always on the same route
jQuery mobile add animation to collapsible-set
Getting moment.js to show datetimes appropriate to info being viewed
Redirect subdomain to CakePHP action
How to play a movie with alpha channel on Qt?
JQuery Mobile Slider vmouseup Event
How to pass a UserControl with CommandParameter?
Using django-celery chord, celery.chord_unlock keeps executing forever not calling the provided callback
How to serve custom domains pointing to a subdomain in Saas App
Design of a server push using netty
Compress BitArray with GZip in C#
Issue while displaying Dialog on Android Fragment
How to change the errorElement for MVC3 unobtrusive validation
How do you style iOS components?
RewriteEngine conditional directories
Totalling Values and Finding the Top x Values
Can regex match a pattern only if that pattern appears exactly one time?
Pass by null reference in PHP
How to convert GUI to path on Windows with Qt/C++?
Error6 while trying to use sublime text to msbuild
MySQL IF Statements in Query issues
jQuery live() - functionality loss - live() without click: but on enter key?
An event when document stops loading
AccessViolation occurs in RichTextBox.ScrollToCaret
How can I disable left and right swipe gestures on a UITableView
Magento - best approach for handling multiple white label stores
How can I include a JMS Producer in a Transaction when the JMS Prod lives in a helper POJO class
how to get jenkins maven surefire to produce incremental console output?
how to get jenkins maven surefire to produce incremental console output?
php/gd resize and display images on the fly
How do I copy data from one table to another with WHERE clause?
JSF 2.0 Navigation after commandButton
Using PersistentContext annotaion
Appending contents of a php file (html w/php) to a div
Javascript Dynamic grouping table
Saving player progress so it will be tamper proof
Is there a way to output the java data type to the console?
jQuery UI Combobox Widget not working with click() event?
How to use execvp() with grep?
How do you catch URLs using intent-filter with a specific parameter value
Getting An Error When Adding BitmapImages to a ListBox
Why am I seeing streaks with <canvas> rotation on mobile browsers?
GenerateApplicationManifest error
In web service without call from clients, could I send file, and perform some operations?
Object not found in excel vba
Google BigQuery Api
Using MembershipProvider with Windsor Castle
MySQL Join query incredibly slow, explain not helping
What is the C#-idiomatic way to convert a string of characters into a string of hexadecimal characters? [closed]
Spring IoC - constructing context dependent beans?
C# instantiate enum from another one
Windows 7 insists folder does not exist when it does
Display multiple uitable objects in the same figure?
Any way to disable the 鈥渕inus hack鈥�in PDF/Poscript output?
IOS Maps not pinning to map
preserving whitespace in/around nested Bold tags
Use PHP / GD to Save Binary Data as a JPEG Without Losing Metadata
Track cellular usage statistics in iOS [closed]
Java TCP Clients/Servers and loop issues
If I'm using ASP.net controls with requestvalidation, XSS should be prevented right?
Javascript Array.indexOf() shows strange behaviour when applied to array of objects
jQuery - on change input text
Div section not displayed to all the radiobutton section-Jquery
How to use twitter-bootstrap spans from right to left?
What is the alternation operator in Lua regex?
accessing website using PhoneGap
Is EKCalendarItem's UUID truly unique?
c++ reference to array
Streaming audio/radio in Java?
How to get unreaded sms/missed calls from my Android device?
How to Test the Ecommerce Transaction?
ASP.NET charting control - first charts show blank at first load of page
positioning a StatusStrip on the bottom of a window in windows forms
Deleting rows from 3 tables at once in PHP
VB Excel Macro Millisecond Timing
Sending message via Facebook throws 500 error
How to invoke setter method when using methods with arguments in UIInput components?
Hidden Button Saving
Fill out javascript with python?
NDK C code call kills the whole Android app
c# add data to firebird database
How to strip namespaces from Xml Document
How can I store more than 4000 chars in an SQL Server parameter?
C# socket server with windows form application
How to disable static file caching in Rails 3 + Thin on Windows
XML reader flooding listBox excessively
Unable to get json in correct format with file_get_contents()
Send only one Ajax post request with keydown() - jQuery
Using Microsoft.Build.Evaluation to publish a database project (.sqlproj)
How do i stop text fields and picked images vanishing when device is turned off
I'm having some trouble with C++11 in Xcode
How to provide a larger database with the App
In C++, what are the differences between static_cast<double>(a) and double(a)?
Is it safe to store critical data in HttpSession?
graph, set of points with minimum distace from a set of points [duplicate]
Sending Data to JS Form from iOS App
Possible to configure JSF 2.0 web.xml to redirect to another context root if user is not logged in?
How to alter all columns without specifying column_name?
openid: login without redirect
AlarmManager not working for specific date
Database design for relationships [closed]
JQuery Modal, need can't make the click back to on and other issues, any ideas?
Customizing TabItem : Closeable Tab and release memory on Close
Inline Textarea Style to override the CSS default
Is possible in Android in app purchase create registered members and take fee at the end of the month
Why is my TextBox.Width value not accepting the value I'm trying to assign it?
Index already exists error in EF 4.3 Code First with Data Annotations
Best practice for a long-running foreground operation that uses Core Data?
gtk_source_undo_manager_begin_not_undoable_action / gtk_source_undo_manager_end_not_undoable_action not working
header and float issue
does anybody know what 鈥�鈥�means in CSS selector
Remap key for tag pop
Unable to include header file in C++ console application project
Twitter's streaming API with multilingual keywords AND rate limit
Retrieve data from a SQL Server stored procedure into a List<T>
NHibernate property config
Using the REST API of Twilio
AppHarbor + RavenDB - EsentFileAccessDeniedException
IsPressed Trigger (Button) cause Exception
jQuery plugin for preventing users leaving a page with unsaved data with a dialog?
jQuery - caching multiple selectors to one variable?
How to convert float percent value to integer percent?
Validation.ErrorChangedHandler is not called on TextBlock in WPF DataGrid
Why does Chrome and Safari not see cookies for some sub-domains?
sql adjacency list CTE : filter/limit to only complete paths
Fast way to find the maximum of a float array in OpenCL
Can I mix arm-eabi with arm-elf?
How to define an iterator in a std::map class
Building Tesseract in Visual C++ 2010
Are there any iOS libraries that allow a POST message to be sent asynchronously and reliably?
How do I site optimization php files with gzip compression using .htaccess or php.ini?
RoR user management & dictionary tutorial recommendations
Is there a Java EE JDK
xstream CannotResolveClassException
php : xml node content edit and return xml
Bouncycastle AES 256 multithreading decryption speed degradation because of JIT
Android alarm not triggering [duplicate]
Facebook iOS SDK - Wrong language on auth/login page
Android How to synchronize a Layout view?
jquery bxslider integrate ajax
Android gridview wont fill screen - only small with scroll
Event timing visualization tools for real-time software design
Long running delayed_job jobs stay locked after a restart on Heroku
How to match and assign data the pythonic way?
Using SQLite with iOS鈥�very beginner program
Git fetch/pull have stopped working
Update not working using WHERE, AND, JOIN although select is
SyntaxError on 鈥渇unction x.y () {鈥鈥�
Unable to get image from url using NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest
How can I investigate these mystery Django crashes?
I have a seemingly untraceable hang with Ubuntu/Mono/C#. How can I find it?
How to prevent circular reference in MVVM when using DispatcherObject.Dispatcher
getting my PHP form to work over a server [duplicate]
Jquery removing default text from textbox on submit
How do I turn a combined media query into sass from css?
Mac OS X: How to draw multiple NSViews into a new, multi-page PDF?
Pointer to object as argument of a constructor
How to click a link using xpath and selenium ide
C# automatic update data from db
ios - Check If File Has Loaded
Markdown Line Breaks in Code Blocks
Javascript Canvas bad rendered
How to reduce the nesting of these if-conditionals?
Calling the static methods of a java/groovy object using reflection
Who gets updated first, parents or children? (cocos2d)
Free memory allocated by LLVM
How to change the style of an active menu with php + css
Trying to display list of members
To run MySQL on Mac have to export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
Blackberry UI guidelines for making Toolbar like iPhone
Django - First project - runserver is an invalid syntax
Android JavaCV dilemma, NoClassDefFoundError thrown inside of method 'draw' when IplImage is created
setting a background image with tkinter [closed]
ImageView Button Toggle in Android
RailsCast 182 (revised): Jcrop not working
Storing MS SQL Server credentials in a MySQL Database
Different behaviours of treating (backslash) in the url by FireFox and Chrome
jQuery Mobile changePage show transparent
Initramfs built into custom Linux kernel is not running
can't find a register in class 'CREG' while reloading 'asm' - memcpy inline asm
Have facebook and windowslive openid url?
create ios application without using app-delegate in xcode [closed]
Equal height columns that resize with the window
rich:panel set text and X(Close) in header
Replacing an Accordion doesn't look like an Accordion
How to draw a icon over a big bitmap?
Always position Div Element in center of second Div that is Resizable and Draggable
How can I get back web.py's stdout log when running under Apache/mod_wsgi?
Zend framework Specifying Module Controller Directories implementation?
Two iCloud devices get different results with NSMetaDataQuery
How to parse true and false string in an array to become booleans
Segmenting an audio stream or audio only file
How Spring instantiate this class and its dependancy
jar-Binding of ActionBarSherlock for Mono for Android
Handle changes to a big form. Alert before closing modal
Prolog - Assert into a new database
CakePHP : site not opening on webserver MIGRATION issue works fine on localhost
Storing 5 different values inside single table in oracle xe including blob image using jsp and servlet
Alternative to UIDate picker - better UI element for picking Date and Time.
Google maps API not displaying in full size
One or two dialog instances for adding and editing?
fscanf file read in matlab for mixed numeric and non-numeric data (textscan not available)
Memory overflow in C
Retrieving contents of a user-specified table
Add value to select List
Django SQL Select logs - why do I see so many of them?
Should gcc warn when an integral enum that evaluates to 0 is used as a pointer?
Why is the Page_Load event firing when I want to load another page?
Get nested properties out in a list - using Index
List styling issue
What is the best way to handle an ExecutionException?
ZXing Xcode 4.2 iOS compiling error
Best practice: Text-search in Ruby, or let MongoDB do the work?
How to enable the automatic asterisk in Visual Studio 2010 when adding a multi-line comment in C++?
how to empty a database in oracle
download file to a specific location with Response.BinaryWrite and Server.Mappath possible?
filling 2dArrays with another 2DArray in Lua
FTP Connection Confirmation Required in Bash Script
Replace whole string with stars
How to modify a vdproj for a Windows service to be associated with a custom account
Do WakeLocks prevent the screen from locking (password/PIN lock)? If so, can I work around that?
Search for a Cell in Excel using VBA
Destructive Git Commits?
Rails 3 - Passing parameters to show action
Restrict integer template parameter
How can I turn off automatic creation of a local repository for an existing project?
automatic/programatic opt-in for new QSB/Search Manager content provider
How to load content from third party site, and from where?
Replace whole string with stars
How to modify a vdproj for a Windows service to be associated with a custom account
Do WakeLocks prevent the screen from locking (password/PIN lock)? If so, can I work around that?
Search for a Cell in Excel using VBA
Destructive Git Commits?
Rails 3 - Passing parameters to show action
Restrict integer template parameter
How can I turn off automatic creation of a local repository for an existing project?
automatic/programatic opt-in for new QSB/Search Manager content provider
How to load content from third party site, and from where?
can't bind to own dependency property
C++ Random Generated Numbers
generate an real url with rails for an e-Mail [solved]
ScraperWiki/Python: filtering out records when property is false
libpng 鈥�error: Not a PNG file 鈥�png_process_data()
3D rotation like credit card in Android
Select numbers from a data frame
C/C++ duplicate symbols error
jquery mobile listview slow and non smooth scrolling
Access node.js File System module in Meteor
stopping jquery animation when not hovering
how to create this architect [closed]
MYSQL Query same field twice
Parsing multi-level JSON array
Linq: Select all items group by name with count equal 0
SQL , how not to count 0 values
Targeting part of a comment using XPath
Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in D: xampp php PEAR Config.php on line 80
How to get the real, actual duration of an MP3 file (VBR or CBR) server-side
Using session to get/set object properties everytime
Associative-array in for loop using jQuery.post() results in only last entry being stored
how to invoke a jsp method onclick/on form submit
Java JSlider with two set of labels
Android Media Player back button null pointer crash
jQuery: Prevent adding on('click') twice
Social Network gem / plugin
NHiberate count query
pass php variable value to javascript [duplicate]
Telerik MVC3 Razor Grid - Partial View returning from Controller
How to animate a uibezierpath to make it stand out
Matplotlib, globally set number of ticks. X-axis, Y-axis, colorbar
Single paged website, which i want to get at a certain point after refreshing page
Xpath error has an Invalid Token
Scroll bar not working with WPF datagrid
Cross Validation in Weka
How do you modify the id attribute of current selector from inside of a jQuery dialog button section?
unable to remove items from custom BaseAdapter on onListItemClick()
errors using xjc:superClass with XmlTransient annotation on super class with EclipseLink Moxy (jaxb 2.1 generated code)
Finding last char appearance in string
ImportError: No module named test_data, but test_data.py in same directory as test.py under PyCharm using virtualenv
Finding last char appearance in string
ImportError: No module named test_data, but test_data.py in same directory as test.py under PyCharm using virtualenv
Is it possible to plot a boxplot from previously-calculated statistics easily (in R?) [duplicate]
Software for collected sensor data analysis
lightweight unit testing in python
Debugging jQuery plugin 鈥�worked in 1.4, doesn't seem to work in 1.7
enum class in java
Vertical align middle on an inline-block anchor tag
column value in datagridview
iOS: Horizontal UITableView inside another UITableView issues
Google Android In-App Purchases 鈥淐ontent Delivery鈥�How to correctly deliver content?
how to find the max value of an arraylist and two of its Index position using java
How to implement infinite multidimensional array?
Why is jQuery.camelCase() function not documented?
Tiny clickable area in Firefox
Error handling springsource java project
Change select query in SqlDataSource from code behind
Cache-Manifest How to handle authentication cookies?
Not able to host Web Applicantion on local IIS because VS2010 鈥淥K鈥�button gets disabled
Can't get rails debug to work in aptana 3 in Ubuntu
How to fix this error dealing with an iframe
UISwitch with AVAudioPlayer
EF Code First Multiple entities to same table
merging two files with similar columns
RLIKE with subquery?
My JProgressBar is not Updating Until it is 100%
Navigation bar issues
Socket IO reconnect?
CRUD RESTful tutorial
K&R C Exercise 4-11, Static Variables
Xcode Annotation from Property List
how to store uislider values for 10 seconds on a nsmutablearray on iOS and how to load the nsmutablearray values to other uislider
Measure dimensions of biggest character in a CGFont
how can i have access to my files that placed in WEB-INF folder
jquery ui dialog call won't open from external file
Delphi XE2 DataSnap REST handling parameters from iOS asihttprequest
Prevent member objects referencing the same list
CDC DrawDragRect Equivalent
What does PersistenceUtil.isLoaded means?
MVC 4 - Visitor auditing and tracking [closed]
How to link to a database page
Java Remote Logging through HTTPS 443
Node AWS-lib: CreateTags action 'not valid for the web service'
Why am I getting this WebDriver exception in Chrome and not in Firefox
Load a .Net WebControl with JQuery and AJAX
How does sendBroadcast(intent) work internally
Filtering a set of items by data
Transformation from RRD to CSV
Hibernate One to Many Deleting with Annotations
Changing a UILabel text from another class
using Spoon Virtual Application Studio
phantomjs always giving parse error on windows [duplicate]
SQL Server Pivot Table - Dynamic
Animating Cartoon Sprite using CDAudioManager in Cocos2D
passing parameter when redirecting to action
AS3 - Accessing class information through variable
Registering to receive event notification of SSLSocket handshake completion
IOS:Memory footprint increases when switching between views (ARC enabled)
Check GPS accessibility
How do I create a hyperlink from Word to Excel specific cell, without macros/vba?
Jquery - Find my required Fields in my visible Fieldsets and show message
Perl Stop Print if Wide Characters Error
How do I tell if a transition/transform is 3d accelerated in Firefox?
Avoid Duplicating Object Initializer Value
result of std.algorithm.map
Place a border around points
How to hide 鈥渘ull='true'鈥�in JAXB xml
Android java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError using JODA libraries
Button that deletes cookies [duplicate]
Unable to launch bluetooth chat sample app from developer.android.com on emulator
AFNetworking - Making an XML POST request to REST service? How to form NSDictionary parameters?
FFMpeg Continuous Real-time Image to Video Encoding
Understanding semaphores
How can I pass an array of PDO parameters yet still specify their types?
Load a file without using a new URL() via Java
c# Decimal to string for currency
How to check on inserting new values if they already exists?
RestSharp: ExecuteAsync<T> never responds
Simple RMI Callback Example
boost::split leaves empty tokens at the beginning and end of string - is this desired behaviour?
Upload images to Azure
ERROR LNK2019 FATAL ERROR C [duplicate]
Performance of WPF TreeView Refresh
How can you use inner classes in static context?
Prolog - How to assert/make a database only once
converting jQuery script for div id to loop div classes
how to pass a javascript associative array in ajax to php file
str_replace with array_keys/array_values returns strange result
Previous lines are cleared on ofstream
Will xid-based fb:comments be lost on June 1st?
Remove array items with RegExp?
jquery start time /end time validation
HTML4 fallback gives trailing dots in URL
Can I customize ff-find-other-file to switch between tests and implementations?
JQuery mobile multiple select menu display items?
How can I make some lines of code to run only one time
asp.net deploy - Main.Master.cs file not found
New to Ajax鈥ow can I return my CSS to it's default value after an ajax call? (e.g. reload CSS)
Why save data files in hexadecimal (binary) instead of just plain text?
Keep list elements in the same line when resizing. CSS liquid layout
How to incorporate all the four orientation in Navigation Controller?
Sitecore tasks configuration from web.config
Windows XP SP3 URL Namespace reservation
How to get the transfer time in a custom Fiddler inspector
how to make container scroll to element
field validation - both server and client side
Random text on button click
How can I add a LoopingSelector?
Passing custom objects to Activities
Why is my bash script trying to run comments as code?
Is there any priority between multiple try/catch execution in java?
CoreData IOS: How to create an object with values without it being marked as having changes
Pushing a UITableViewController with custom animation always animates UINavigationItem Title
How can I flip an image-button inside a Windows 8 Metro live tile?
How to prepopulate a standard lookup field in a standard object?
Why there is no GPS updates
Tag-it jquery: get tags from the webserivce
How do I reuse a class in a different form when a class method is run in a BackgroundWorker?
CSS Target pseudo-class not changing DIV properties
Handling variadic templates in c++11
Classic ASP - set cookies in addition to session
dojo contentpane- how to keep it closed by default
css :hover not working as hoped in safari only, found some answers close, but none solve. Please Help :)
get text from a <li>
what causes CRVAP0237E error, how to fix it?
making the output appear faster on the client browser
Convert INT to VARCHAR
Initializing static member of nested templated class during nested template specialization?
Most Efficient Way to Ping for HTTP Code
Multiple PUT actions, asp.net mvc 4 web api
SSIS File System Task error: The type of the value being assigned to variable 鈥�differs from the current variable type
Qt Translation returns the same string instead of translation
How can I use i18n in a combobox using struts2?
Which ctor is called? [duplicate]
git diff with parent 1 - 2
Lua examples to link to Asana
Ecommerce Tracking Code inside Google Analytics
Need to get the clients machine name or his Mac address using asp.net c# [duplicate]
Adding dynamically elements on the win form?
Launching a command line application that launches another command line application never responds
Sqlite frequent Header access
What do I lose if I use Wordpress instead of a php framework for a complex but 鈥渟tandard鈥�webapp? Is the tradeoff worth it?
This web page has a redirect loop With Code
MVVM: Binding to Model while keeping Model in sync with a server version
jQuery expression to pull attributes from tags
Java/iText/Flying Saucer: Convert HTML containing svg tags to pdf
hapi library 'getAll(String name)' doesn't return all custom z-segments from message
Using http.send() ajax
What is the correct way to create locale -object in Java (for instance Finnish)
Error when viewing Google App Engine application after deployment
How should I approach wrapping the Composite pattern into the Builder pattern?
Twitter Bootstrap modal on mobile devices
Quickhull - all points on convex hull - bad performance
custom mysqli class has an error with php 5.4?
Stuck on closing socket while interposing JVM through LD_PRELOAD
How to access characters of a WideString by index?
Accessing a specific control located in the footer template of a column using client side
How do i make a JPanel Transparent?
Update Data return Cannot insert duplicate key row in object
android clients - java server implemenation
Javascript - animate tube or wire to write text
Why does my Perl script fail to connect to the database?
How can I capture/pass a keyword through a URL and pass it to a PHP page
What should and shouldn't I cache in javascript?
JSF, how to start a separated thread to handle pdf generation and directly render view
how to get ajax .load function to not re-load entire page
JSF Bean return HTML to DataTable
I want to handle the link clicked in a QWebView
NSInvalidArgumentException in select data from sqlite file
jQuery.data() namespace
Detect device moving distance
modify id of an element with the help of jquery
NTh square free semi prime
Clicking on a TTStyledTextLabel selects the UITableViewCell
special characters on window.open URL needed to open the file
MvcScaffolding: Adding Default Datetime Field & Current User Field (from Forms Authentication)
How to make Entity Framework Data Context Readonly
mysql insert into two tables using auto_increment value from the first table as a foreign key in the second
How do I update .git/config on a remote server
C# wrapper for importing .dll, 鈥淎ttempted to read or write protected memory鈥�
What is the easiest way to install ImageMagick for Spree on Windows?
XCode 4.3 unit testing C++ library, breakpoints not hit. Why?
PHP array from function passed onto array on new sheet
Using Boto to determine if an AWS AMI is available
WPF RotateTransform DataTrigger
c# TcpListener async BinaryFormatter.Deserialize
Alternate way to use String.Split
Does a Go's channel return two values?
find command and inverse regex
Select connection string at runtime in c# project
Present a modal view flipping a view in iPad
send NSData to another process and not just pointer [duplicate]
Best way to send file between Flash and Win form app
Verify my interpretation of this python code snippet is correct
best practice to read inner static class and its vairables
WinForms application hang due to SystemEvents.OnUserPreferenceChanged event
How to make a list in Python that ends with a trailing comma?
Accessing member of a class. This class's object was never instantiated. All members are of type static
Compilation error in Ubuntu: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -llog
Throwing an exception while constructing object during a throw?
Display exception message using JavaScript in Base Page's OnError event
Android Widget PendingIntent Fails
Naming primary keys 鈥渋d鈥�vs 鈥渟omething_id鈥�in SQL [closed]
WCF Rest service error handling & WebChannelFactory
Any tools or library to manipulate CUDA PTX code?
Quantification over actions
How detect a MS Windows IP address change without polling
Can't get dynamically generated tile working (Windows Phone)
Out of memory error with loading image
Are querystring parameters supported in OAuth 2.0 redirect URLs?
WP7 - Text to speech API
Fieldset does not expand the parent div floating
C++ Handle as HWND?
Trying to initialize multiple 'select' inputs inside a list item
char* ptr to struct
Why do my input elements not retain focus/blur events after postback?
Displaying floating point variable as a hex integer screws up neighbouring integer
C# Reflection: How to use an 鈥渙bject鈥�as a 鈥渢ype-parameter鈥�
iOS + jqueryMobile unable to capture webview event when html file is loaded
Adding 4 Drinks to a Station in Form
Recommended way to provide users with a Terms and Conditions dialog?
EF database-first generated form won't validate
Property is not serializeable error
streaming a jpeg using com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.JPEGImageEncoder vs javax.imageio.ImageIO
basic auth with rails-api
echo command using c++
methods of lessening the number of features when machine learning on images
Change thumbnail dynamic display counter
Select DIV by button using JQuery
PQt4 QDatetime: Why do I get the same answer when using addSecs() with two different seconds values?
Best way to convert existing java projects to osgi bundles
Android parcel, stored in memory or on disk? How to store on disk
Regex: getting html attributes
Retain formatting of a Double value - Java
How to create three records using one form? And how to show validation errors for them?
How to propagate the try catch block for Checked Exceptions?
Selenium and new tab
iOS System Time Update Causes NSTimer/NSDate funkiness
Vertical Marquee remove space
Using KnockoutJS with detached nodes
Why isn't FindWindowEx finding the label in my window?
Cython and c++ class constructors
What would be a nice (almost perfect) django settings and apache conf configuration?
Drop-down menu postback for non-JavaScript version of asp.net page?
How do i foreach from database to verify login in Android
Detect an <a> inside an area using JavaScript
How to use Twitter Bootstrap 2 with play framework 2.x
Convert an html Object to a String and Output the String using jQuery
check if value already exists
Regex: getting html attributes
Retain formatting of a Double value - Java
How to create three records using one form? And how to show validation errors for them?
How to propagate the try catch block for Checked Exceptions?
Selenium and new tab
iOS System Time Update Causes NSTimer/NSDate funkiness
Vertical Marquee remove space
Using KnockoutJS with detached nodes
Why isn't FindWindowEx finding the label in my window?
Cython and c++ class constructors
What would be a nice (almost perfect) django settings and apache conf configuration?
Drop-down menu postback for non-JavaScript version of asp.net page?
How do i foreach from database to verify login in Android
Detect an <a> inside an area using JavaScript
How to use Twitter Bootstrap 2 with play framework 2.x
Convert an html Object to a String and Output the String using jQuery
check if value already exists
Splitting Reducer output in Hadoop
Rails 3.0.12 Performance test issues
How can I click each item individually when using BaseAdapter in ListView?
Trouble with accessing helpers from mailers in Rails 3
how to get jquery popup when hover on image in a nested gridview
How do I use print operator for a const instance of a class?
How to make a working Copy of Joomla 1.5
MySQL Error:10061
Refresh/Update text field and progress bar while running a sub in vb.net wpf application
Void pointers to struct pointers in C
Why is my screen2 recieving null.null from screen1 when I use i.putExtra?
Connection between android and PC bluetooth applications
Actionscript, objects and event listeners
Like button data-href with IP address
How to download an Excel Spreadsheet stored on my website
How to get a numerical value from an Android EditText
Zend Framework 1 - How to detect routing errors from within a plugin at routeShutdown
Using LINQ to build a Dictionary from a List of delimited strings
How to set default checkbox status with javascript?
DecimalFormat - no decimal separator
How do I resolve a 鈥渟ection type conflict鈥�compile error and best practices for using section attribute with gcc
Drop draggable on collapsed div
crash when using EKEventEditViewController
How to fill listviews with sqlite data, which are swiped horizontally
WP7: Binding problems with UserControl
What all things do one needs to consider when UI scripts needs to support same application in different language
Ruby not picking up .gemrc
Website Backend - Have Different Functions Print To Different Printers?
Hibernate template translation
After setting up rails' has many through relationship
Loading view from a nib file
Quantifier Elimination - More questions
Adding Operation Behaviors with WCF Facility
Adding Operation Behaviors with WCF Facility
salesforce.com - Role based hierarchy in report access
Need to remove certain URL paths from URL htaccess
Creating a Table B which has only a subset of Table A attributes
AS3 Is it possible to duplicate a Shape object?
Override model's attribute accessor in a mixin/module
How does float relate to absolute and relative div positioning?
Python script to remove all comments from XML file
Issue in connecting to a servlet with midlet
EF + async = The context cannot be used while the model is being created?
Upload specific file from computer
How to generate a Yii Report
Does VoltDB fully support ACID on multi-partion (or global) transactions?
Change Password form, If no results
FFTW vs. OpenCV cvDFT
How do I get PHP strip_tags to remove HTML and Script tags but not XML?
Retrieving multiple images from database to a dynamically loading image control
how to embed a video using URL
Glassfish 3.1.1 Class Loader Order with jar files
Using Roboguice 2 without inheriting from RoboActivity
Liferay: expiration date for messages (message board)
Call a jquery function to the parent page from iframe with regular javascript
How to set the same height in the inners DIV's? [duplicate]
Code running slower with g++ -std=c++0x
XMPP application need to filter other clients e.g. Pidgin out
how to get datagridview current row column value?
Exception UnicodeEncodeError while uploading an image
mongoid - using includes to select children objects in a 1..N referenced relationship
Complex ExpressionEngine template: possible to render <=1 second?
Calling a c dll from C++, C# and ruby
Mathematica: Print Text on 3D-Graphic
Crystal Reports SQL
sql query returning number of rows from joined table
Why does this snippet display the answer as 6? [duplicate]
Posting Link to Facebook Wall using iOS SDK
designer.cs files conflicting with pre-existing .cs files converted from VS 2005
Pchart: X axis, too many ticks
Creating hyperlink from Excel FlowChart to MS Word Heading
FileWriter and BufferedWriter imports are 鈥渃onflicting鈥�in JDK 7
Oracle DB Hello World Tutorial [closed]
List worksheets and associated worksheet IDs from Google Spreadsheet API in Python
Difference between vendors and app/Vendor on cakephp
PHP preg_replace: substituting Youtube links over substituting URLs
PHP:Can't retrieve line by line text from a text file with php
LWUIT - How to get a 9 part image to stretch and not repeat (resource editor 1.5)
ASP.NET beginner. List layout
JVM HeapDump: The memory is accumulated in one instance of java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap$Segment
AS3 and PHP鈥�saving a screenshot locally and avoiding system dialogs?
Delphi : How to read image from 鈥�res file鈥� not the embedded resource
How to install a newer version of gcc separately
yepnope.js injecting scripts above already loaded scripts
Distributed caching for Mybatis
Show a label over the limits of a UITableViewCell
Eclipse search results - filename not showing
upload photo on google cloud server
Hosting MDI .NET Winform in WPF web application
cocos2d how do I prevent multi touch propagation to previous layers?
infinite scroll in tableview using footer
jquery.clone() attrs of elements
JAXB marking elements as deprecated
Remove a long dash from a string in JavaScript?
Is it possible to retroactively get the date someone installed or first launched my app?
errors in Sending email in iPhone
how to overlay text in a <p> on an image
objects of objects? or maybe nested objects? in javascript
Executable JAR ignores its own Class-Path attribute
Create per-instance property descriptor?
UINavigationController as ModalView
Is checking for type instead of null a reasonable choice?
onclick the second time round click
Using checkboxes in a grouped vb.net datagrid
Which system signal is sent to a ruby program when an exception is raised and the program stops execution?
EF SaveChanges Error
Error in File I/O
WCF Relationship