Programatically create command button in Primefaces
Frontpage Slideshow not working in firefox
Forced Password change in PasswordRecovery control
NullPointerException when i do insert into database (android)
Mysql joining multiple totals - making query efficient
showing a text message while fetching the data from php myadmin database
Navigation of folder structure on remote webserver and treeview
How to add a custom view into a scrollview?
How to hide root node from jsTree?
Can i skip the first activity?
Get all the events bound by .on() in jQuery
Java constructor with method that creates instance of that object
C++ Allegro 5 - rescaling images in initializizion
Is it possible to see the code generated by ARC at compile time?
Loop in assembly doesn't work
How to apply SuperScript to BoundField in
Activity Access Restriction Implementation in a Monodroid Application
Removing <tr> using javascript
IE CSS issue with background getting cut when there is a negative margin
Device cannot connect android market
Applying blur filter to freeform areas
Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function on loading jquery-min.js
Applying blur filter to freeform areas
Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function on loading jquery-min.js
CSS unable to vertically line-up elements
Incorrect horizontal scrolling by clicking on links to hash-anchors in Google Chrome
how to get value when a variable name is passed as a string
Net-SNMP used in UNIX
How to merge values of two lists together
Using an array to add randomly selected images to a clickable gridview
Replace TabBar items dynamically
Viewing Scaladoc in Eclipse
Initialization of non-primitive static data type within class in C++
CakePHP saving data in HABTM fields
Struts 2 - s:select using Map
Error binding view to presenter?
Scripting and interactive terminal client in python
Are CakePHP Database Sessions Auto-magically Cleaned?
Any advanced tool to compress a JS file?
Regex replace with capturing groups
NullPointerException when trying to save data using hibernate
Why doesn't my layout resize using a Graphical Layout?
Shell script parser or editor
how can i display caption from the bottom to up in jquery?
Data Caching strategities fort ASP.NET MVC Web Application
Linq Query for Employee Details using Where Conditions?
performance of unpack combined with join in Perl
I have a situation here with postfix and prefix operator
cakephp211 conditions issues
Floating divs top to bottom
Text shadow Inset effect css3
How get left position by element
How to Update a JSP in Spring MVC and Apache Tiles
Segmented Sieve of Atkin, possible?
Dynamically import classes in Visual Basic
Does dropping a database user drop triggers the user has raised on tables from other schemas?
mapping of data between same server but diffrent databases with same table names
ExtJs bar chart export as png or jpeg image
App crashes when saving UIManagedDocument
Using limit in sqlite SQL statement in combination with order by clause
Prefuse: Adding labels to edges?
How to map class to multiple tables which are not related in hibernate?
MonoDroid evaluation System.UnauthorizedAccessException in Directory.CreateDirectory()
SQL, matching all the values in column b and return column a for those matches
Azure Table storage batch suddenly fails
javascript overriding addEventListener and making it cross browser
Compiling PowerBuilder application v12.1 Build 6518 and OLE object
Error: 鈥�Net Framework license compiler鈥�devexpress on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
XCODE: Get the Value of a setting
Google Maps V3 Street View Service and getPanoramaByLocation() effect on quota?
howto run cookbooks from server on local machine [closed]
image stream to base64 string in WP7
Delete database record by using window scheduler
Bring a certain activity to front
Accessing dynamically generated controls Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Find an element in a jQuery object built from a string of HTML
My Java Program hangs after calling a shell command
Insert wordpress post via php fatal error
ACM 4744 Brute-Force Algorithm
ImageView src with drawable selector ignores enabled state
Can I install Ruby v1.8.7 in System(not in rvm) after installing ruby in RVM 1.9.3
Windows Form XML Serialization Save Dialog
Hot swap debugging with Android
Backbone.js: how to unbind from events, on model remove
Cluster Sessions Not replicated to group Nodes
C# Passing a value a new form
how to pass an operator to a Perl subroutine?
Dapper mapping SQL Server Spatial Types
embed video in html page and make it play any video file in local drive
Automatically switch to logarithmic scale when range is too large
Dynamically loading unmanaged OCX in C#
Symbols in Windows 7 (e.g. PowerPoint, Word)
Android ADT version update throws error status
Transferring data USB
MySQL Group By Hours
How to find out the relative path to upload image in php?
Scala / Akka: NullPointerException on master actor?
Calling AudioUnitInitialize() when no audio hardware is available
Is there a V8 CommonJS implementation that I can use as a library?
Handling media types in Spring
Using Same UIDatePicker For Two TextFields
PUM - do you know what is it?
How does validation work in cakePHP?
Error when using two EDMX files (one dbContext, the other regular EDMX)
unable to connect Android phone to Adhoc mode [closed]
Spring dynamic injection, factory-like pattern
Can't install opencv from source
problems at a shared-memory based chat application
DEVICE_POLICY_SERVICE can not be resolved or is not a filed
What's the correct way to use maxAge with Express.js?
Animate quadratic grid changes (matshow)
SQL query with SUM on column in JOINed table
Categories and .orderedtest in MSTest (console)
SSH command in a bash script isn't run when the script is executed by an application
how to change a function in existing 3rd party library in python
HTTP/1.1 303 Redirection to avoid resubmission on refresh
regex and preg_replace_callback authentication: strange beahviour using different browsers
Coloring with hsl and functions with my php code
Passing Array of string from C# application to C++ DLL
Change background color of 鈥渢h鈥�on change to the immediately next td
JavaScript Prototype Appending a Method to DOM Elements
Sorting database columns according to time in Android?
jquery-ui dialog doesn't open immediately
get text input from wpf window
Can I create a android custom control using the xml attributes alone?
Struts Session value not changing
Umbraco.getDictionaryItem Helper in Custom Controller
Context path for tomcat web application fronted with Nginx as reverse proxy
enable a dropdown,textbox from cs file c#
Ajax request cross domain json data and display?
ViewPager with ContextMenu which is different for each view
How to redirect to Ajax-call in JSF?
Object instances in App Engine
Rails form helpers with devise
Delphi XML - obtaining a value from parent node
How to pass a network path to a stored procedure?
Create a dynamic course map on a jsp site
Stream Position Returned By Box API Cannot Be Used To Track Events
Convert .m4p to non-DRM format (mp3, ogg)
Oracle ADF: LOV not working on create
How to take reliable QGLWidget snapshot
sample program does not execute always after making changes to dalvik jit
Apache jmeter - parsing json limit on size
More pythonic way to 鈥渃onnect鈥�two objects [closed]
Creating a git repository in a parent folder of another git repository and removing the child repository but integrating its history into the parent
Concurrent UART Output with Line Buffered
how to add number of textboxes at runtime in web foms?
$(window).resize not working in IE
How to fix cell format as excel cell is losing format after executing macro
CSS BaseLink and additionalLinks within a Div
HBase 鈥渂etween鈥�Filters
Can we add single gesture on multiple views and make it working?
Ebay : GetOrders API call returning no orders
XSLT: Constructing an HTML file from code snippet in XML node
Why do I get a 鈥淭he requested url / was not found on this server. That鈥檚 all we know.鈥�error when loading my website?
In - App Purchases in iPhone
What should be passed into if() to print 'Hello World'?
Limited Memory Usage by C# app
Test if well formed javascript expression before executing
Ruby On Rails: suggested gems / development stack
Common variable for execution groups
javascript with for loop for tagging text in a form textarea
Dictionary Formatting and defaultdict function
Jquery - JSON Parse with hash character in key
NSIS _?=$INSTDIR switch on ExecWait removes the uninstaller.exe on reboot
How to send and Mime attachment using PEAR Soap
multiple latitude and longitude using Geo location in Gmap
Auto restarting chrome
Batch insert SQL statement
FTPClient's isAvailable and is Connected return true but storeFileStream returns null
SSO Login to Gmail
FTPClient's isAvailable and is Connected return true but storeFileStream returns null
SSO Login to Gmail
VBA: Regex and Dir() function questions
jQuery plugin for generating multi coloured text which changes colour on hover
jquery remove created elements, children included
RazorEngine - Use Layout and Html.Raw
TFS 2010 source control permissions history 鈥渃hanged by鈥�
How to add a background image to a flex android app?
Custom View show on center of the screen
Can I use a REST service to populate a computed <selectItems> control using SSJS?
Get all days of a current week?
Why do we typecast ActionForm object into our java form bean class in Action class in STRUTS?
Error when parsing $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] in PHP while Apache Server mod_rewrite is on
Getting the field names from a Linq To Sql object
dropdown list selected value not working
Retrieving GUI data from a backgroundworker
How to change Image based on my specific time iOS SDK
Compare method of custom comparator not called when clicking on table row in Java
browser back button doesn't work on named anchor in overflow: visible div
Umbraco throws stackoverflow exception when run from SVN checkout folder
fusiontable table format
Modem Security on Linux
Superfish sf-navbar issue in internet explorer 7,8,9
which one is good mysql or csv to read data in php
Facebook, Handling Like button clicks
How to track HTTP responses of a page through an Add-on using Add-on builder
Date type without time in Oracle
Modify function to link to next and previous post
Django and SaaS + Ztask for backgroud tasks
Android set oval button clickable only on image
Dreamweaver Server-Side Include causes invalid markup
Dealing with lazy loading outside of an ISession?
Execute Crontab of the local web request on OSX
Working with Auto Generated Poco Entities
PDO fetch table not working
CakePhp Multiple tenants - single DB versus multiple DBs
How to move a tablview row?
NSString encoding and javascript
Jenkins - Cannot proceed with MSBuild
Correctly handle didReceiveMemoryWarning
Map with multiple value types with advantages of generics
Debugging back to original error with conditional exception handling, i.e. rethrow
Geolocation on Android with google maps v3 & jQuery Mobile
Get DIMM & CPU Socket Information
Class to DataSet / DataSet to class
EF Power Tools Beta 2: System.MissingMethodException thrown by 'Reverse Engineer Code First'
Return type from a ActiveRecord query
WindowManager$BadTokenException in Android
How to remove deadlocks in SQL Server 2005?
Share data between hive and hadoop streaming-api output
How to handle background audio playing while iOS device is locked or on another application?
Achieving 鈥渙ne instance per object鈥�as in Entity Framework
How to create installsheild msp using Msbuild task?
git push origin DENIED by fallthru, hook declined: gitolite
Does Microsoft Sync needs to loads an entire table on both side to compare?
Twitter style time in Rails
XFBML like button disappear after like
Android - Simplify my code: Multiple buttons linked to one method
Database Architecture - dating site
Display data in GridView according to priority
Detect the surfaces of a 3D mesh, selected by mouse
RESTEasy mapping a 鈥渓egacy鈥�Moodle REST service
How do I avoid multiple query for Pagination count and data retreival?
Facebook login shows a blank page after giving permission on Windows Phone
inline javascript within handlebars template
Maven JBehave : encoding stories UTF8
Windows CMD script to get directory in which file exists
How do I get all Sundays between two dates in Ruby?
JNA C DLL Debug Howto?
How to add Usercontrol to ItemsControl using multithread?
Toggle one of many blocks with jQuery
Binding Command MVVM
Cancelling an AsyncTask stops starting method
What is the best and fastest technique in .Net for searchin a string into a large file/folder upto 1GB?
Change UIViewController self.view frame
Hiding keyboard after calling new Activity that shows a ProgressDialog
Media library Images
add an event to an element
What ID is sent to Exchange ActiveSync from Windows Phone 7
Android: How to change layout in code
getting multiple paginator
Improving app performance
Why do I have to retain a property despite using (nonatomic, retain)?
Dynamic jQuery identifier gives 鈥淥bject doesn't support this property or method鈥�in IE8, using jquery 1.7.2
inserting quotes in big query
How to automate data gathering and not freeze in 10%
Globally catching javascript errors in $.get and $.post handlers
Understanding complex code with reduce(), Python
how can I dismiss keyboard when I click enter in textview
Use JQuery-click() on IPad
Linked List in OpenCL
URI scheme is not 鈥渇ile鈥� Unable to read file from classpath
Rails - syntax for combining statements in the controller
consuming coldfusion webservices
XSD <element><complexType><sequence> vs. <element><sequence>
Why is the Paypal transaction details array being returned empty?
Best way to Write Function for Tx Buffer and read Tx buffer for 4 different Panels?
HTACCESS Redirect from URL including ? to static page
Finding the graphics card device ID without drivers installed
Count distinct rows via a pair of known values
Magento - How to swap the add to cart form to my own form
Weird gap between columns with CSS3
AWS S3 Ruby url_for response headers (custom file name and file type)
Make Control Invisible on start up (no values) / Access control inside DataTemplate
UIWebView: 502 Bad Gateway response
error in json in corona lua
Removing URL file extension
NVelocity merge fails if last character in template is $
Java OutOfMemoryException unable to create new native thread
Adding icon to label in google chart
Background image along with CSS3 gradient
Spring MVC 3: Is consumes supposed to disambiguate request mappings?
Font embedding with css
azure acs authentication in winrt
Visual studio 2010 show Errors when building silverlight application in release mode
Android: How is the appropriate element picked from Cursor in CursorAdapter's newView() method
Ignore folder only if it is not inside other folder
Grails criteria select when hasMany hasn't any elements
Is RTSP allowed on iOS or one MUST use Http Live Streaming instead?
How to Highlight the GWT TextBox
Spotify API throws TypeError in Player view
Generate Sitemap by URL using C#
how to access database from one website to another website
Accessing the returned value of a SQL statement in SQLCMD
Are there convenient tools to automatically check C++ coding conventions beyond style checks?
Scroll inside an item renderer result in an empty item
Calling a dll function inside a C++ program
Autobean and XSS issue
Understanding PIVOT function in T-SQL
Does InstallShield Limited Edition Support 64 bit Installer?
Access restriction on jdk1.7/jre/lib/rt.jar
SIGABRT Error on Button Click xcode
Intercepting Processor State on Segfault
VB.NET MessageBox with markup in forms
Mozilla Firefox not getting value innerText
How to use QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(鈥� under MacOS
RestKit Integration issues 鈥淣o Such File Or directory鈥�
Can i edit the external XML file through AS3?
Error cache in joomla 1.5?
SQL constraint for limiting a daily task
offline fulltext search with synonyms
Can Rope auto-completion (RopeCodeAssist) in vim not automatically insert results?
Update multitables using one form in symfony+Doctrine
Smoothly move between bodies
Getting the completed image to view in scrollview
TextField.setConstraints null pointer exception
Uploading Image from gallery to remote server (Titanium-android)
How do I display binary field image on a PDF report?
Cucumber Step definition failing
USA addresses rubygem
Data driven subscription in SSRS 2005 showing error but not in log
Is orphan removal possible with Hibernate OneToMany ManyToMany sets depending on same enitity?
date range's any date in between date range
how to set data in textbox after sax parsing
Building Gstreamer Code?
How can a custom-validator know which commandButton was clicked
How can I get changed attributes on update using JPA/EclipseLink
What are the rules of mapping from PersistEntity/PersistField to column and table names in the DB
No such file or directory. Sending Attachments
Is unobtrusive JavaScript outdated? [closed]
Selenium IDE and xpath - find text / row in table and select radio box
Regex on url in Javascript
WPF C# - XML Edit Binding in Treeview
Python: handing exceptions when downloading non-existing files using urllib
How to format a String to display on multiple Lines
mysql, insert with select sub query
how to refactor the following codes
magento exclude bundled items from search results
how to add shadow on text in android? [duplicate]
How to calculate the Absolute value of complex numbers in opencv
Total upload speed is slower when all connections are accepted by one TcpListener
Sending values to web handler [.ashx] from jqueryui dialog box using json ajax
Windows phone 7 live tiles and push notification
Changes just in Xcode 4 simulator visible
Query Returning SUM of Quantity or 0 if no Quantity for a Product at a given date
Exception for duplicate documents with same URI in MarkLogic
NSLog statement for Cursor Location is showing wrong value, when calling from ViewWillAppear method
Convert CFString into Python string
Gstreamer Missing plugins
Clearly recognize a certificate in Windows certificate store
Column 'CHARACTER_OCTET_LENGTH' does not belong to table
Back button seems disabled iOS
AsyncTask cancel(Boolean) calls onPostExecute -? [duplicate]
TransactionScope and SQL Transaction
how to calculate number of tuesday in one month?
404 Not Found1 error on Magento
Block alt+shift event or disable changing language in programming way
How to overwrite an existing image with c#?
I want to know the condithion in which AUTHENTICATION_FAILED error occur when I regist C2DM?
How do you call a model's show url from a Rail create controller?
How do i get friendly url in php only?
How do I pass input field values to pdf?
How do I get a fixed positioned footer, fixed width right column, left column for the rest using CSS lay-out?
Detecting changes in SQL Server 2000 table data
AccessIISWebsites PropertiesUsing ServerManager
How do I project a rotation-matrix to the x/z-axis in order to create a radar?
Is it possible to refresh the inCall screen?
calculate all latitude and longitudes in a metric area
Javascript: is there a better way to execute a function after x amount of async database/ajax calls
Maven does not find lucene-regex.jar
When are imidiate materialized views updated
Matlab hangs while generating mex-file
flash/flex 4 application - why/when it works differently in different environemnts?
place click dialog box in Android?
moving horizontal background line when hovering other links in the same list
Waiting in android app
How to keep indent for second line in ordered lists via CSS?
Custom node.tpl file not working in drupal 7 project
MonoDroid DialogFragment setStyle
WebDAV testing with Tsung
Windows forms - inactive highlight color
SQLite primary key options
Bold x axis values in jfreechart
SimpleDateFormat in J2ME
Default result in struts2
preventing multiple clicks on a checked radiobox
How to Correctly Write this Arithmatic Expression in Bash / Ubuntu 12.04?
jQuery window scroll event. For every XX pixels scrolled
Please help me find the actual error in this jungle of compiler errors
menu navigatin in GWT with Spring roo
How to implement console commands while server is running in Node.js
Direct uploading from user to another server in my rails app
Putting commas in a number in JavaScript [duplicate]
About accessing structs defined in different source file
Atomic transactions in Entity Framework 4.1 Code First without stored procedures
explicit constructors and their definition with (default?) values [duplicate]
JQuery datatables crashes JS in IE because of console.log [closed]
How can I create an email using a specific font?
Can't access System.Windows namespace
TortoiseSVN 鈥淪how log鈥�displays incorrect logs (from a different respository)
What version of Ubuntu is best for LAMP and web development server? Why ubuntu 32 bit is recommended? [closed]
In Sconstruct, how can I specify include paths for D programming language
How to create a mimic of the Keynote for iPad sidebar?
How to stop tibco messages in a specified timeframe
unable to commit into svn using git-svn
How do I stop a WPF Datagridtemplatecolumn from exiting edit mode?
Penalty to implement Serializable in Java?
provide old content, while changing
How to get work live click function only inside exact div [closed]
Programatically set the initial view controller using Storyboards
Incorrect news feed in the Facebook API
remove li containing string
New entity with preset ID detected as 鈥渄etached entity鈥�
Can I use before_save to sort nested_attributes?
NHibernate update not saving for composite key
Dynamically append element in JSF [closed]
MongoDB not okForStorage error
Extracting url based on headers with curl
working out a calculation based on two mysql fields
Not able to visualize a loaded data
Simulate the 'new' operator in JavaScript
SmtpClient.Send(MailMessage) times-out with large BCC list - C#
Preloading images - not working on floated images
Extract 'is a company' from ABPersonRecord
How to Handle android background activity
JVCL Docking-Docking_in_Code example - Tab Dock possible error
SWI-Prolog cgi_get_form(Arguments) saving and handling arguments web form
Password Update - PHP, Jquery, Ajax
create only limited number of page in drupal
Error while trying to build my kernel in ubuntu
Making javascript external
add border for child rows in hierarchical datagrid in flex
Order by Relevance to Search Term Javascript Function
how to get javaScript event source element?
Extracting Description Of A Debian Package
How to set event listner on a QML object received say from QDeclarativeView?
Separated ListView with headers
Select and merge layers in Photoshop
how to get the size of the SIM card memory?
How to change the border color (or remove the border) of a PropertyGrid control?
Menu list item width refuses to change?
JDOM: Get all element descendants (not only direct children) with a certain name
How to create Payflow link sandbox account
Rally Eclispe plugin doesn't work with SSO
List of Print SDK for iPhone/ iPad or iOS except AirPrint SDK
Comparing NSnumber
swipe action with images in android [duplicate]
ActionDescriptor.ActionParameters in ActionExecutedContext
Cannot focus on form tags in stuts2 div after submit
light calculations in modelspace
Control audio volume with a range from 0 to 99
filtering results using php and mysql
Track progress when uploading file to Rackspace Cloud Files in C#
Can you put JFrames inside Full Screen Exclusive Mode?
date picker not appearing when cursor is put in textbox
SQL Server tsql parenthesis logic?
How to start/ launch application at boot time Android
Using jQuery to perform actions in sequence
What are the available variable asignments and expand methods that can be used in Makefile files?
Which folder to put 9png images to?
Extracting values from string with PHP [duplicate]
Optimizing SQL request
C# How to monitoring the change of table of the database
Get distinguished name from Active Directory of currently logged in user mvc 3 User.IsInRole(鈥淎dmin鈥�
How to extract elements of NSArray and convert them(parseInt) to integer values?
cannot ping to ip base on host name
PHP bindParam does not seem to work with a PARAM_INT out parameter
Hudson delete shared directory
Extracting URI from Android's Twitter OAuth
Hudson delete shared directory
Extracting URI from Android's Twitter OAuth
WinJS: use a XPath method with a responseXML object
Implements Serialization in VO without saving the state of Object?
Is all the form data sent when using a Page Method?
ExtJS Charting examples code
Custom Item Templates in Visual C++ Express
Find all the city for country with google maps API
log debug enabled check in java
StorageFile Async usage in a NON Metro application
How do I randomly select an array?
Core data, NSMutableArray contains NSManagedObject , objects become nil after inserting the first NSManagedObject of the array
Is it Possible to retrieve Database data using client-side code? [duplicate]
Software to handle incoming phone calls and reply via sms
An unhandled exception has occured in silver light`
Using relative positioning for views in a ViewSwitcher
How to access winform textbox control from another tab?
Sending pictures of a network with Android
Match an element in a list, then return `n` elements before it and `m` elements after it
How to optimize a wxpython GUI (without threading preferably)? hints for code below?
I can not successfully pass parameters from form to php code using post
Dynamic notifications pop up
(Primefaces + JSF) can not update binding component
YUI.getElementsBy equivalent to jQuery
Calling a generic method in a loop with different types known at compile time
os walk with changed directory structure
How to draw rectangle on Buttons by using canvas
Can a class instance know if it's an argument?
Installshield 2008 trying to change INSTALLDIR
Cocos2D CCTransitionPageTurn From Left to Right
Writing trigger using sql server?
Display video in the VideoView?
Displaying html/JSP documents inside iFrame
byte to string android
IIS 7.5 URL Redirect for specific patterns
Not Able to Post an Action on Object using FB Open Graph
When does Core Data flush to disk?
Prestashop root directory
Duplicate Lines with Python and regex text manipulation
Get a components location on its current monitor
Is the STL map container optimized (balanced tree) while constructed?
Execute SQL Script with .net executable
IVideoWindow interface does not show video frames properly in UserControl
Sprockets append_path does not add to SASS load_path
Insertion sort better than Bubble sort?
error in 301 permanent redirect
updating components on different page in primefaces 3.x
Should I avoid using javascript and jquery in my website?
Determening what is content in html page
Keep files generated by RPM after rerunning rpm -e
What is a good solution structure to allow easy customisation of a product on a per client basis?
ember.js - how to apply action to entire {{#view}}
How to sorting two string arrays
Fatal error: Class 'Zend_Application_Bootstrap_Bootstrap' not found when I browse to Bootstrap.php file
Table data displays fine in Chrome and FF but looks a mess in IE
Solution for install big application on Android
PHP - error in json_encode()
NSFetchedResultsController doesn't show updates from a different context
AQRecorder AAC play in AVPlayer
Issue with allocating object and releasing ios
Custom field in Workflow model
Build error after signing referenced assemblies
Autocomplete with php outputting xml as data source
Rails Controller id Equals
Rails: Is the devise gem secure?
calculate distance
WPF AutoCompleteBox Width based on Content
Hard to understand Android C2DM
CakePHP 2.1 saving HABTM fields
(python) append used to list, then only return value if it hasn't been used
Make 鈥渄efault鈥�text to appear in an empty TextBox without focus using XAML
Opera adds weird spacing in documents with contenteditable and twitter bootstrap, why?
Auto Correcting Date Format STRING 鈥渄d/MM/yyyy鈥�
orchard cms shape tracer is not selecting my shape
How to install a browser's extension with c++?
Batch command: if IF contains .pdf
NVIDIA NVCC changes compile time constant when using template trait types
How to determine if an entity was created in the current session?
CSS format special content in TextBox
How can I implement my own hook function with LSM?
How set the background Image for a section in UITableview?
Qt, Phonon and multimedia codecs: how to bundle them?
Non-intractable view
clean stack and exit app onBackPressed()
Unattended install of ilmerge
Windows phone 7 Jump List control
Can I Add custom Follow up action to Outlook tasks context menu?
Adding images to Urban Airship Rich push composing
Batch file that opens adobe reader to print PDF doesn't end/close
WPF wrap header text on TreeViewItem
ASP.NET MVC4 WebAPI and Posting XML data
MVC3 DropDownListFor not setting selected property
Touch not detecting?
android : listening to keypress from background
Bad php codes can cause this(Error:Connection timed out) type of errors in FTP?
Windows server commandline ftp mput files older than 1 minute
iOS Xcode - Grouped TableView separator line display
linq cannot see the actual sql query
How do I create a hierarchy of lognames in the Windows event system?
QTcpSocket write an struct of data
Javascript/Jquery Post and Get?
Pass variable from one function of JS to another function of javascript
Read whole message table from resource DLL into a C# object
Gearman worker unresponsive after some time
Create 4 percentage bar plot in same figure reseting to 0 the count in each one
Getting the name of the tab under which a custom field is held
Nested parameters causes kSOAP2 to produce an error
Opening a word document to a specific point in c# windows form application
Connection to remote machine.
Why HTML5 drag and drop dragImage is not displayed when it's hidden?
joomla password encryption
openssl based AES encryption in android
SSIS Component Development Resources
Dev c++ Editor closes on project loads
Transparent widgets are not moving with their parent
Difference in resize between jquery 1.4.4 and 1.7.2
Why Http request with Fiddler is blazing fast
Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.NullPointerException (15-Puzzle)
WP7 Horizontal ListBox Items at the end are getting cut off
How can i use grouped_select group_method with a scope?
Cannot persist entity in database Java EE
I don't want that magnifying glass appears below UITextView
Calling a function with keyword params
Comparing en IEnumerable<T> to IEnumerable<IEnumerable<T>> efficiently
How to save the activity history in opportunity in custom button click?
play 200fps video on 30fps on iOS
How can i make semantic zoom without list
How do I demonstrate that .NET class Random is not suitable for generating passwords?
c# dynamic behavior?
Scala - implementing 鈥渕anager鈥�pattern in companion object?
Reading value from using FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie Method
Compiling Qt4 projects with Visual C++ 6
Why same image menu has different transition in different sites using firefox
coloring with hsl with my php code
In Sinatra, is there a way to use my own error handler for some errors, and the default handler for all other errors?
Progrmmatically save Resource Dictionary to Disk
Google Apps + HTML + Regexp
Navigation Property null With Entity Framework 4.3.1
how can i search value in Array?
Could not find file PrecompiledApp.config when working with precompiled Razor views and VirtualPathProviders
Error : Shell script returns unary operator is expected error message
SQL : Speed considerations : multiplication by 0 / 1 vs conditional action
Unity of work used with more database
Steps to make a mobile application using drupal as a back end or service
mysql batch insert : get the number of inserted lines
C# XML Deserialize Array elements null
ExtJs:Show Grid after Button is clicked
Error when starting Eclipse?
targeting more than one following element with element+element
Error when starting Eclipse?
targeting more than one following element with element+element
jquery ajax success function works only once
Working with Microsoft Sync Framework and SQL Server 2000
How can I make this menu using only anchor tag and css Not using ul and li?
How to use maven uber pom with dependencies?
android : fetal exception issue : main
Stopped working ajax request in the opera
Powershell: Combine ContainerInherit and ObjectInherit in FileSystemAccessRule?
How to find which vertices are in a graph cycle
Product Version in WiX 3.5 and Visual Studio WiX Projects
ZeroMQ Topic Filtering with Pub/Sub (Java binding)
jQuery function behavior on Chrome and IE8
Grouping table rows and joining the results to another table
Record store in lwuit
linux shell script in java
Any reason to run JETCOMP on smaller MDB file? [closed]
How to display 鈥渃ompare products鈥�& 鈥渞ecently compared products鈥�sections in a specific category?
When should MVC views be unit tested
Websphere 7, session-timeout using jython
WPF Custom control guidance - horizontal tree
Jackson - Deserializing to a Different Type
3D pie Chart in Android
can django ORM handle conditional mysql statements
Form not displaying for logged in users
Google Map Event listener
ListView Visible property
AppFabric Cache - issue with Get
uploadify returns a value after uploading
RecursiveDirectoryIterator + RecursiveIteratorIterator + RegexIterator are not working like they should
C++ semantic issue, const value_type to pointer*
Stop Python from using more than one cpu
Including a GMail sidebar gadget within an installable Google Marketplace listing
checking equality of a part of two files
How do i do a mod_rewrite in xampp localhost in a sub directory?
Interactive drawing with kineticjs
Set timeout when loading xml from a URL?
client listens a incoming data from server with get JSON request
Rails 3 - routing and parameterized name
Retrieve parameters from properties file
GWTP Eclipse plugin generates empty presenters
Is it possible to increase MySQL database quota?
NSDictionary splitting data from API
How can i do NSSet's easier to save in CoreData?
Android: MapView - getMapCenter() not accurate?
Simple swing application. The jar file runs on my computer, but not others
Debugging Backgroundworker
Is all the functions can interrupt in a RESTful way?
Update SQL with JQuery and AJAX
Refer to ActionBarSherlock from a library [duplicate]
MVC 3 Dynamic View
Django/Python Getting 鈥渆rror_message鈥�: 鈥渕ultiple repeats鈥�on using regular expression
write arabic in Excel sheet by delphi? [closed]
Turn off bluetooth every day at specified time using Alarm Service
Arranging hexadecimal horizontally
Linebreaks / newlines Django
What do these Jquery selectors mean?
how to add file to the specified embedded JAR resource
wxWidgets get wxlistctrl header label
how to get brightness from UIColor correctly?
i always get -1 when I want to use outputStream to create file
Best practice referencing projects
How to change paper length and updating page bounds
Amazon DynamoDB Driver
Phonegap barcodescanner build
How to not load a reference/collection in NHibernate unless it is eagerly preloaded?
How do i send email to outlook 2010 in c#?
dlatrs subroutine deallocates counter in calling subroutine
How to replace the place holder while customizing validation messages
How to add header your soap request in c#
Highcharts toggle between multiple datasets
How to investigate SQL Server Timeout Error on application?
Implementing blocking concurrency using ReentrantLock
how to control cell reusable in iphone
Change boolean value for certain date range
CSRF Token Zend Framework and Webkit requests
is there a certain way to configure web.config and make Razor available in ASP.Net 4 normal Web Application?
How to draw shapes interactively on top of a HTML5 canvas?
Android: Microphone Volume Level (maybe), Automatic Gain, FFT, Butterworth, Audacity
XSLT Transformation based on predefined output string
Did backbone collection automatically parse the loaded data
How can I run Selenium WebDriver tests in an embedded QT Webkit browser?
Flex 4 xml nodes doing something wierd
Remove Column Names From LINQ Resultset
Qt for Embedded Linux: I get an error when I run ./configure
Remote Access to Web Service (Microsoft Visual Studio 2008)
Assigning QTcpSocket object
Win32/Dll: The address that is jumped to when a DLL function is called?
How to increase volume of mediaPlayer
what's wrong with this iptables rules? [closed]
Multiple file upload Html Jsp
Override function (e.g. 鈥渁lert鈥� and call the original function?
PHP Difference in months between two dates? [duplicate]
PHP: register_shutdown_function does not always work with Symfony 2
How to create an entity of a model with referenceProperty without the reference exists?
OSGi GWT org.apache.commons.mail.EmailException
Extending a singleton class which has private constructor and destructor gives compile time warning
How an assembler instruction could not read the memory it is placed at
I want to store captured camera images in new folder in sdcard and Uri of that image in database in Android?
SIP registration api
OSGi GWT org.apache.commons.mail.EmailException
Extending a singleton class which has private constructor and destructor gives compile time warning
How an assembler instruction could not read the memory it is placed at
I want to store captured camera images in new folder in sdcard and Uri of that image in database in Android?
SIP registration api
Can I startup a http server that can be accessed only from the same process?
Making codes obscure
How to get information from console
Insertion into STL vector
How to apply a XSLT template to an element as many times as number of another element in the document?
Checkbox should be checked when pressing enter after Textbox edit in Datagrid
Garbled compiler (MinGW) output
regex to replace zero's
TOUCH_POINT and GESTURE events at the time in as3
How to attach CSS to my template?
Read feed on a Facebook page without login in
App crashes when scrolling thru list
How to use eraser in corona?
Possible to use curl upload an external json file instead of --data?
Strange output for simple php mysql search
How to get latitude and longitude on click event with jquery-ui-map
all values are displayed except image when back clicked in php html
PHP malloc error with Zend Server CE 5.6.0 and WSO2 WSF/PHP
Check jquery unobtrusive validation is true by jQuery
`highline` gem is already installed, but `commander` refuses to install
How to convert a number into hours in Google Spreadsheets
Submit form via jquery modal to codeigniter controller
How to get know that name Helpers in my Rails app
putting a variable into a css button's href attribute
understanding a simple Perl construct
Iphone: Virtual keyboard don麓t hide after taping/clicking on 鈥淕o鈥�Button
Change text of edit text on button click inside custom adapter
UIImagePickerController white screen?
Fieldlength constraint when using linked server
how to show message when countdown reached to zero?
KML and Fusion Tables
refresh div with jquery
Java web application : managing picture/thumbnail galleries
Delete divs by 2 classes and node attribute mvc 3 razor change model value in view
OSGi bundle read config properties
Symfony 2 How do I embed collection form using some criterias
PHP show data using date range
TestNG Parametric failure
Progress bar is not showing on phone after clicking on notification status bar
Entity Framework auto incrementing field, that isnt the Id
Check if string 鈥渟tarts with鈥�another string in classic ASP?
Changing the signature of one method
List of all the symbols in namespace std
CakePHP DB field update fail
play framework 2.0 - how to enable the CRUD module
TortoiseSVN from command line
Lazy Loader for Images which have URI Not URL android
Unable to set a watchpoint in either gdb or lldb
Symfony2 doctrine reverse engineering, can not generate code one to many
Parse Error - Installing apk progrmatically
How to set ip for vm from outside [closed]
how I can slow grind down the line in android?
Dealing with pages with many script files
Java Regex to find substring
What is the algorithm that opencv use for finding contours?
Am I supposed do dispose the Image property of a UIImageView to help Garbage Collector in Monotouch?
How to get this substr with a regex?
How to join the rectangles in Prolog?
ProPlayer : Embedding this video is disabled by its owner
How to save email to a location with a delivery method=鈥渘etwork鈥�
Database Design: Referencing multiple 1 to 0..1 relationships
How to pass a path to a stored procedure?
understanding [x:y] structure in matlab
Is this a correct database design?
IE8 gets caught in an infinite loop with array push
python. write to file, cannot understand behavior
HMENU with graphics
How can I set my own MongoId with Doctrine ODM for MongoDB?
How do I publish an ASP.NET application using SCP from MonoDevelop on Windows 7
How do I add a button to the bottom bar in extjs?
Web api custom routing
How to retrieve users to a dropdownlist from AD with restful service
Permssions to set job Enable/Disable in SQL Server
Expected a type error
Android data (text+image) storage
Replace dropdown with the selected value from dropdown in javascript
Does Magento Template.php in every block define common methods for all template belong to these module?
How to create a translucent(the space below the window should be Clickable) window for java SE 1.5?
ExtJS 4 cant check if variable is undefined and alert for error
remove first row from csv file and create table according to it
how to find first column name with null value in specific row
Xcode 4.3.2 ans SBJSON
Testing for string containing variable characters in ruby
How to get SSIS to wait for a file to exist and/or become available
Need to write to db from validation
HTTP Live Streaming with Android 2.x
List index out of bounds: 1
How can I set default values in Entity Framework
Filter applying to only one model with Tire and ElasticSearch in Rails
Orkut/Flickr Framework for Objective-C
Phone books and databases : what's the best option?
Variable Month mmm and Append to static text Field in SQL select Reporting design Studio 2005
Tomcat URL mapping individual servlet to root level
Populate CheckList from SQLite
Tomcat URL mapping individual servlet to root level
Populate CheckList from SQLite
foursquare api venue details specialsnearby not being returned
Extending Core Data generated NSManagedObject classes
What is 鈥渟td::vector<unsigned char> Data = example鈥�
C++ OpenCV equivalent for C# EmguCV Image.setValue(鈥� method
ATOM Service - How to access it from Java?
Can't Update my app on Google Play
Imperative vs Functional by example [closed]
What code is generated when 鈥淎dd New Item鈥�is chosen and 鈥淐omponent Class鈥�is selected in Visual Studio?
Creating RadioButtons from an enum in C#
Cannot modify variable at before_save?
Problems sending a message to a player
Wordpress theme using Isotope and post views
Android: how to bring Animation to front: bringToFront and zAdjustment/Z-ordering
How to encode xml to Base64 and send back as servlet response?
File exist on server using C#,
Is there a perfect program changing IP to Country(meaning 100%!)? [closed]
Make difference between inherited classes
How can I find the mouse click position co-ordinates as per graph in wpf charting tool kit
How to get IP address (IPv4 is NULL, but IPv6 is exist), detail for content
Symfony 2 EntityManager injection in service
different criteria for columns in crystal reports
need ignore basic http auth
Check User is Logged in or Nor in Web Browser Control
date picker not appearing
Django: problems while loading custom filters in the base template file while using template inheritance
Why pom.xml ask a version for dependency?
unique_together and implicitly filled-in field in Django admin MVC3 save last action when user navigates from site, redirect to that action when they return
Resolve WCF Error: The EncryptedKey clause was not wrapped with the required encryption token 'System.IdentityModel.Tokens.X509SecurityToken'
getting child category's parent name with a single query in mysql
specific business POI types in google maps
headphone plug-in plug-out event when audio route doesn't change - iOS
Events between an ASPX and ASCX
Placement Position of Content on a Page
Top 3 most visited pages in sharepoint 2010
Jquery autocomplete: using tab to select first item and remain focus on search box
Apache children hanging / mod perl
Prevent certain types from appearing in folder listings in
Haskell records, cleaner approach?
what is a good place to put a const in the following C++ statement
How to create 3d carousel like
What are the common things that cause an email not to get forwarded? [closed]
Create new array from two arrays
combining strings with Ascii chars (STX, ETX) comes out different than writing the string at once
javax.crypto.BadPaddingException:Given final block not properly padded
real time traffic api
Objects referenced in multiple locations
django template filter ,use 2 or more filter like pipe
How to deleselect / blank a databound ComboBox? SelectedIndex = -1 does not work
how to write list to file without [] in python
Do I need to include all Maven dependencies for hibernate.jar?
Initing certain values in too many of an object makes my app crash
Better/alternative way of phrasing this SQL query
Image size validation
How to make script run remotelly on computers?
Unable to run sh script from remote computer
Can you send a message to clients who have just joined your access point?
Android App Crashes after Sharing using Facebook Dialogs
Retweet count for specific tweet
Is it possible to calculate grand total in second gridview?
CSS switch between cases
call a function using thread in xcode
any one can explain me how this filter(':first').click() working?
WPF - Hosting content inside a UserControl
Calling unmanaged C++ COM server from C# locks on different thread
How can we get google map api key for flex application?
How to make a dictionary using bat
Flexigrid / resizable row height dynamically
how to make scan-build(clang) work together with prebuilt android gcc?
How to copy values, not references, of List<Integer> into another list?
Luracast Restler error when using @class tag in doc comments with error_reporting ON
How to get number of tokens in parser rule in ANTLR C runtime
Importing a .NET assembly type library into Delphi doesn't generate the procedures
鈥淟iquid鈥�tiles scroll with CSS/JS
OpenCV2.4.0 - facerec_demo runtime error
Registering unique users on basis of emailid
Redirect url to another application
Overriding fetch() method in backbone model
computer name of user along with ip address
GoogleMaps not loading properly
Can I say that domain doesn't exist if Socket.Connect fails?
Painting text on Button - Difference in look
Broadcast receiver when application is off android
MPMoviePlayerController gives me a black empty view,no video playing
Implementing equals correctly
design graph (diagram) for erlang system
Assign date in salesforce.
How to get the value of DataNavigateUrlFields?
C++ Video Playing + Alphas and Other Questions
web cam calibrate
BookMark Redirection using AOP-Spring interceptor
CSS Positioning: Left hand long menu appears behind footer
how to add firstvalue by default null in spinner.?
android:layout_gravity doesn't always work as expected
why does vba want me to use an assignment for a function/sub call?
wiring and unwiring event
References needed to use Open XML from within .net web application
UIScrollView strange ScrollIndicator as compare to UITableView
What are Double Quotes in Oracle (XMLElement)?
Is it helpful to create thread in service to do heavy work?
Thread safety in Server side code
RabbitMQ connection in blocking state?
Need idea on how to render this semi-complex graphed area?
Microsoft's Source Annotation Language (SAL) 鈥�any way to take advantage of it?
How to stop access to invalid file on SFTP server?
what is the difference between LIKE and REGEXP?
ruby - zeromq detects client timeout, but client hangs
How to add build ear file containing only dependency jars in pom
how to send a letter as itself when it is used as hotkey in autohotkey
how to make ultraEdit autocomplete class members/functions of C++ class
Multiple log4cxx Dom Configurator in single process
Alternative methods of running ajax submit method
Python - OCR/Image Processing: search and split
Adding too many Widgets to a QGridLayout
IIS 7 URL Rewrite QueryString
Launching my Desktop application via the intent URI
Removing childs from @OneToMany-association: CascadeType.ALL + orphanRemoval = true not working
Develop a poller similar to MRTG
EIntOverflow on Delphi
How to render a page in zend framework 2?
Best practices for configuring name-value pairs
How to convert regular expression when we are using localization in iphone app?
Different versions of the same configuration file in different branches
jQuery / AJAX autocomplete, query MySQL table only once per session
Preserve DOM element highlighting in chrome dev tools / firebug
How to store comments in a site?
How to specify source languge in Google Translate API .NET?
Upload files to ftp from iOS application
Rails 3.2 conflict between Comment model and REXML's Comment
Python regexp replace 'a_1_1' to 'p.get(鈥渁_1_1鈥� 0)'
JSON root element
whats the suggested order of extracting dimension/fact data?
how to convert uml2 file (*.uml) to xmi file?
Select Padding in IE8
spark combobox dataprovider validator
Python : How to load column from multiblock csv tables?
How can I highlight paragraphs from text input in jquery
Symfony2 error 500 instead of 404 at production
JasperReports: Dynamically set time period in time series chart
Git remove --cached by Tortoise Git
PSPDFKit - Add bookmarks support
Make div non selectable behind the overlay
how to skew image like this
PDO cant connect, but mysql_connect can (without PW)
AffineTransform truncates image
Handle null values in datagrid
does regular expression works when i translate them into another language?
Drupal 7 - Programatically Add Free-tagging to a Node [closed]
Make div non selectable behind the overlay
how to skew image like this
PDO cant connect, but mysql_connect can (without PW)
AffineTransform truncates image
Handle null values in datagrid
does regular expression works when i translate them into another language?
Drupal 7 - Programatically Add Free-tagging to a Node [closed]
Custom title bar with Image view for TabActivity
Prolog falling into infinite loop
how to solve bitmap size exceeds VM budget solution? [duplicate]
What happens when List<Integer> A = List<Integer> B?
Dealing with library dependencies on linux
Submitting problems with 3 remote validations in my model
How to add headers or parameters to an HTTP request handled with Selenium Webdriver?
PHP-JSON : Check broken links
Read Uploaded Files Using Service
Setting paper size in FPDF
Quickest way to check internet connectivity in JS
Table state in extendedDataTable is not saving after removing some columns
How to use dynamic duration value in Output Caching?
VerifyError when using jCIFS in Android
Immediately loading new view in IOS
Detecting the third friday in the last month of quarter
Form validation for view helper elements zend fram
Detect Image in RichTextBox
Spin the bottle app in Android [closed]
Leave out classes during compile time
PopUp overlay on maps moves far from pin when i zoom in /out