define a list of id's for grouped item
iOS Launch Maps-App in-App on iPhone.
How to use youtube video as a source in 鈥渧ideo鈥�tag in HTML5
I am using Decimal format and setting rounding mode to down
Numbers formatted using scientific notation in the MSFlexGrid on Windows 7
how to compare a label in a Custom UITableViewCel if its empty or not?
Tab container hosting dynamic presenter widgets
how to get all post of my facebook application?
What is absent in go that C++ has? [closed]
How can I use MongoDB in Kohana?
How to Update form ExtJs Grid
Editing files of Xcode project from different Mac Application
Div gets extra height for no reason
Using delegates
How to move elements of Java ArrayList to file in java [closed]
Getting an anchor value which is inside a li tag
Using Google adsense on phpbb3 web board
How does caching works without max-age or expiry settings
NSMutableArray to NSNumber
I am looking for a way to convert a number into two strings with leading zeros and back
Adb device offline on Ubuntu Natty
Adb device offline on Ubuntu Natty
How to execute specific test method in junit 4.8.x
How to put controls within different content placeholder without using form
iPhone app SQLite prepare statement crash
Limit WebBrowser from consuming too much memory
Google Maps using a button/Onclicklistener to open Google Maps app
Levenshtein algorithm in MySql and accented characters
backbone.js and jquery mobile: click on a fragment link (#something) causes a scroll to top of page
Unselect Rows in Datatable when Tabview changes (PRIMEFACES)
Can't understand a matplotlib's example where there are both ellipsis and colons probably associated with indices
Retrieve all keywords present in a Bugzilla instance through webservice
show form input box if link clicked
Store average time from ping command in ruby on rails
Using BATCH to get country and ISP name from an IP or Hostname?
Store multi-line input into a String (Python)
How to prevent the automatic dialog box in applescript?
Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose
How can i Check whether user is Logged In Or Not In Symfony?
Individually select the last X rows from an SQL database
custom UIButton shadow
Mapping two classes on Single Table
Android Tesseract progress callback
combobox value in c sharp
Windows phone device hangs / restarts
How to check if path is valid in boost::filesystem?
php + javascript string checking
Hibernate sessionfactory deleting my database contents everytime it starts up?
Escaping form Values
Testing modular Zend Framework application with PHPUnit
System.Transactions.TransactionException: The transaction has already been implicitly or explicitly committed or aborted
Sending Outlook meeting requests without accept/decline option
how to make that click on div fire onitemcommand event
PHP - SQL Script Creator
Hardening Captcha security
I want to use in oop with protected static [closed]
Cannot authenticate using devise_cas_authenticatable
How do you peg versions of Maven artifacts in the Nexus repository manager?
MYSQL Syntax error on inner join
Why a lot of binary-tree data structures in C do not have a parent node pointer?
Google Drive SDK Service Account Error 鈥淭he authenticated user has not installed the app with client id 鈥︹�
combine symfony1 and Symfony2 projects
UISplitViewController: How force to show master popover in app launch? (portrait)
CakePHP bake custom controller.ctp
PHP preg_replace bug?
npgsql trouble in c# app - An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
XTK won't load converted VTK STRUCTURED POINTS into a NRRD file
Is there any way to detect if video can be played on a device?
how to send value(id) of clicked html tag to
jTDS + stored procedures + prepareSQL = nesting level error?
range of RFID tag and scanning to receiver [closed]
Spring.NET, C#, Dependency Injection and transactions
how to find the reason of failure on linux in case of jni call crash?
How do I create a single page application in Rails?
To set printf in alias [duplicate]
Intermittent 404s using LinkedIn Sign In API
Display the name of current user in the horizontal menu
Creating a Class, after you set a property, How do you test the property and enable it? [closed]
How to make my application paid in android market?
Counting frequencies of Continous Dates
Test run failed, Robotium
change UITableViewCell width [duplicate]
How to make JavaFX 2 wrapper discover an existing installation on Linux systems?
Optimize a SQL query : call a function or do a join?
Missing messages for Sequence Diagram in Enterprise Architect
Missing Maven Plugin Jetty
How to access a variable attached to the webpage using contentscript in - contentscript using Add-on builder
Android notify when phone book is updated(Content Observer)
when active menu is highlighted, links are not working
optimizing the performance of <QuartzCore/QuartzCore.h> core graphics iOS?
how to stop gridpane items shrink with shrinking of window in java fx 2.0
White Screen Of Death when Cache is cleared in Drupal
Visual C++ Express Edition
how can YQL output a XML in my python script?
Rename DOS command
Mysql: Restoring a single db table using non privileged user(non-root user)
AS3 video event: How to trigger something when the video first plays
Storyboard PeformSegue
WP7 Search on text box textchanged event
Apply regex on Solr query?
how to call c# code from javascript in phonegap windows phone
Refactor existing classes to use implicit properties [duplicate]
How to Solve the XAMPP 1.7.7 - PHPMyAdmin - MySQL Error #2002 in Ubuntu
Is shifting required to pop the front of a list in Python?
Position Relative vs Position Absolute?
How to get selected/highlighted text from <textarea> using Javascript? [duplicate]
Change date string format in android
When do I use EndOnDemandTransfer() in Azure Diagnostics?
WCF service discovery issue, take much time to return results?
CRM 2011 Banners/Branding
Cursor-type for MySQL
Corona SDK Display Group Issue - Where is the error in this code?
jsf - retrieve parameters from ajax request
Serial port baud rate change delay
Making PDF less Easier to copy
android listactivity background color
Dynamic variable onchange of dropdown menu
enum set to string and get sting value when need
Need to Generate FFT graph of my audio file [duplicate]
Session Not Carry Over to another page in https server php
Invalid template dependent member function template deduction - thinks I'm trying to use std::set
How to save and retreive a downloaded file using ASIHTTPRequest
Some doubts on lock free programming [closed]
CSS + Align Text by ':'
What are the limitaions and inabilities while using HTML5 in android? And what are the advantages using HTML5 in android? [closed]
Set default permissions when creating a new Message Queue (MSMQ) in C#
sending email using cakephp via smtp
Eclipse Git keyword expansion
Layout sql server
Getting Row Data from a list of names
Windows application( APPCRASH when IE9 is installed in the computer
How do i make the script auto-restart
how to get common output in array?
onclick function Ajax Load a Page on div with history back and next in browser
Does there need to be a specific command to have git recognize the movement of a file?
Please some one help me to retrieve data from mysql DataBase using dwr
Return records with all columns but with unique one of them (distinct)
How to put the STAR symbol into title of html page?
htaccess redirect in case of 404 error for paged results
How a progressbar should be correctly updated within a nested loop in C++?
How to display a child's many to many attribute in a parent model's list_display in django
Has anyone changed the theme of splitactionbarwhennarrow uioption in Actionbarsherlock
How would be transfer the file through Socket in and WCF
Android:How to Support multiple screens using different xml file
Why am I getting a 404 for a page without the trailing slash but it works with the trailing slash?
Unable to create a box over a field in cics
Why Rails ActiveRecord last method orders by id whereas first does not?
How to produce documents (docx or pdf) from SQL Server?
Speed up phantomjs screen capture time?
python mechanize FormNotFoundError
Integrate application in contextMenu on Windows 7
What's the right way to ensure jms consumers are closed using spring integration?
Porting CLI/GUI Windows program to OS X
Creating two Interdependent Dropdownlists using jquery/ajax in php [closed]
Best practice to wait for a change with Selenium Webdriver?
Eclipse, Git and Assembla
regex pattern in VB6
issue with chef server installation
Strange pointers initialization
Windows Azure: how do I expose a configuration setting as an environment variable?
How to program a Dreamweaver-style IDE, integrated with language engines?
ORM update does not support file upload
Text To Speech Api
How to download file optimally [closed]
Twitter bootstrap custom.css.scss not working
ios colored loading bar [closed]
Android 4.0 鈥�no logcat messages from Log.i function in an Android program
Order the join returning multiple rows
How to run new and auto add Ctrl key?
Website Redirect 301/302 issues
Formatting the output of oracle plsql query
Image From Camera Intent Got Rotated in Sony Device
How to Restrict MFC Application to run only from a known USB flash drive
How can I manually override the WSA To header sent by a WCF client
SQL Function for Financial Day of the year
Sencha-touch-2.0.0 Horizontal Image list not working in PhoneGap
How to clean an Azure storage Blob container?
How to get Product Image in magento
How To compare two dates using ValidatorPlugIn in struts1.3.8
select box value on select shows in the textfield
validate youtube URL and it should be exists
Setup HTML5 mediaelement player
How to identify and remove newline and white spaces?
Android Multi Language Keyboard Support for an application
jqPlot - How to change opacity or z-index of canvasOverlay?
clone and insert after multiple times
When to use HTML5 in android? when don't use?
can a html file inside apk be accessed by external apk
Restrict what a user can see in an SQL query
MYSQL query, joining 2 table's issue
xslt apply 2 templates with different modes, on the same elementwhile preserving order defined in xml
Rails cucumber undefined method `config' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
get feed when some one tagged user in photo FQL
Add a white background to a .png UIImage file with HSImageSidebarView
thread 1 :program received signal exc_bad_access?
When SignalR made 8-10 connections at a time live chat doesn't work
downloading a file from amazon s3 account to another s3 account using php
Creating/Writing a text/xml file using javascript without using ActiveX
English to Danish locale issue
What can be risk if we compile our .NET project on framework 2.0 and deploying on framework 4.0
iOS - Disable viewable down state on tapping on a UIView
Windows Azure Table Storage Webrole.cs vs. global.asax.cs
why there're repeated records in my sqlite3 database?
constructors in scala (primary/auxiliary/default primary)
How to build a composite Rack application?
Set global variable from within macro
Extends class in objective-c
How to upload a text file and parse contents into database in RoR
Javascript refusing to work?
Android: got CalledFromWrongThreadException in onPostExecute() - How could it be?
Replace all strings at index x in nested arrays
error while installing window service System.Security.SecurityException
How to make a dropdown with data from a mysql table?
Basic difference between following NSString assignment calls
SVG - ECG like graph
openGL FBO copy to texture results in black/dark image
Display alert dialog box based on Maps place Click?
Increment index of a Javascript function's argument name dynamically
SQL Optimizing the Query
Removing Textboxes
Removing Textboxes
Making python coding locale specific
Best way to strip out a NL
Anyone does compare two csv files in c#? [closed]
Is it necessary to have a view file with every controller action
Updating mysql table
how to get HINDI ISO font for windows7? [closed]
suspend the application programatically if no internet connection iPhone?
How to pass more than one parameter on frame navigation in Metro Style Apps?
What the timeout for maven snapshots in eclipse?
Alter Table Add Column with Default value And FK, that Value no existing in FK Reference Data
PreBuild for PreBuild Event Command in csproj
no focus for key events in swt
Java Splitting integer Linked List
Checked Radio Button not updated in UI
Translate Content in JavaScript an HTML with the Google Translate API
WCF - Error handling depends on the binding used?
Jump to another label from within a label
Import Excel to database in C#.NET
MVC3 model - how to makeit so editorfor is a dropdown?
Where did the leading 1 means negative number in signed int arise from?
How list differ from map?
How to validate MySQL alter, create queries..?
Store JSON Data on Server
Swipe gesture in tablet 3.0
Java Access Main Class Variables
node js : there are two setInterval()
Stream reading a file in php
Apache Camel and CXF : How do i send HTTP status code from bean
How to read numbers separated by space using scanf
cont Other Associates Records of same category with the latest record in the category
jQuery on click change css for DIV
Threads in Haiku
Simple rating system; get ID of current entry and post to table
Git implementation with nfs share
Issue (problm) on Scroling the UITableView in iPhone.. data changes/ reloads when scrolls up/down
how to count of links in a page in xslt?
two managedObjectContext with one managedObject
How to Parse a CSV in Salesforce
SQL Server 2008 is not supporting special characters
MVC 4 Web API File POST Error
Update a specific QGraphicsObject by moving other objects
Custom Table ViewController in a StoryBoard
How Get Full Call Stack in Delphi Server Application
Any class in .Net that check whether a given string is a valid SQL statement or not?
Split string by multiple separators? [duplicate]
SOLR query length issue
Sort an array and replace the values w.r.t index
Multiple file input type upload in grails
Installing Ruby on Linode Server
How to fetch information from facebook using FBConnect
jQuery Tablesorter - does not sort date field
Multiple monitors on one PC for a KIOSK system
unexplained behavior of GetOpenFileName() on windows 7 64 bit OS
In the HTML version of PlayN, why does the following JSON-handling code throw an exception?
EntityFramework and aspnetdb
Finding a Node in a Document using Xpath
Google Maps API causes Page Speed hit
OnClientClick JavaScript Confirm is not working
How can I send an invitation using another person's email ID with the LinkedIn API?
Dynamically changing localization in VS2010 setup project
Select the Textarea using Button
LWUIT Touch devices scrolling issue
Select Records Using Linq to SQL
Architecture and protocols to communicate with the remote server
Audio file is not playing from our application in android
everytime push to heroku, images is not showed ,paperclip
Not able to select row in jqgrid
Running one batch file silently and another normally, for USB auto backup
POST XML data returns HTTP/1.0 501 Not Implemented error
php comparing dates for day change
Issue with Importing xls file to sql server 2008 using c#
SQL Update ceasing to work?
verify integer value in javascript
Please explain Getter and Setters in Objective C [duplicate]
NoClassDefFound exception while using jcifs library on android 2.3
ajax issues in updating view count
How to take snapshot with a webcam in a HTML page?
Error in .Net Web Service running on IIS 6
Only update the SQL fields if the fields are True
Retrieve multiple API's using ID
Send an email in the future, without notification
Group user defined variables in jmeter
Gnuplot---clustered rowstacked bars
Formatting images in CSS div table
How to take dict values from list using django templates
Selenium Chromedriver causes Chrome to start without configured plugins, bookmarks and other settings
SocialDNA plugin not working in socialEngine
can anybody explain me difference between class level controller and method level controller..?
Exception handling in Mule ESB Flows: Multiple exception strategies
how to get small clip of music from complete song
CSS selector browser compatibility of #idValue.classValue Selector?
Output file of size zero
ScreenShot of Current Displaying Page
Does the space on hard drive where application is hosted does matter for performance of the site?
If Strings are immutable,why does the following code run on turbo c++
Passing Json using Ajax Post via javascript to php not working
jQuery TableSorter working only on ID (numeric field), not on other fields like text , date etc
How to call a method with argument from HTM page and get a return string in Apache Click framework
StringTokenizer only taking last word of the line
Which one is recommended, curly braces or colon and endif statements? (PHP) [closed]
How to get phone number of a Place using Google place API or any other better APIs
Kernel Compile Error: gcc: error: elf_i386: No such file or directory
Request Error from storing entities in python
The search function does not work
(MVC 3 Razor) - Easier way to loop through 3 column div
WP7 AutocompleteBox with image in text field
SDL_MapRGB is crashing with no error message
How can we make a website authenticated user autologin to wordpress?
Dynamic slideshow in jQuery + Rails 3.1
Converting an exe to DLL - Calling the main function manually
Child div with absolute position parent
Button on click animation
Add public variable in Rails Model?
Disabling the WebView double-tab zoom
Is there a way to change error handling message when using PHP Form Builder Class framework?
Redirecting to new page in response to Socket.IO event
How to plot series of results as number of iterations after I used Newton_system?
How do I insert a variable into a PHP array?
Bash script comparing curl results with file
How to write SQL Expression for Ingres Database in Crystal Reports
How to check if user has already downloaded non-consumable item Inapp purchase
PHP using Zend for Google Calendar not generating webpage
call css and js files in jsp page?
Alternative Zoom option on JIT Graph
What is the time complexity for this algorithm which finds every prime number up to n
get mbean-attribute values?
Data for daterange is not same
Sticky selection box
Why do I get a Oauth error with, but not
how limit image dragging within the screen?? Expecting suggestions [closed]
NASM, macro or subprogram for exponents?
Updating mySQL database using an HTML FORM and PhP
Set image full screen in android
How to output the shell find result and the match number?
how to Convert Matlab fft function to cvDft in opencv
Is there an equivalent in PHP to .NET's datasets?
Converting JavaScript into PHP code: Is year a leap year?
How to change EasingDoubleKeyFrame value at Runtime?
search the word in linq to sql?
How to send array to subview and then print into label?
Read 鈥渁ctive鈥�mail message on Outlook context-menu action?
Where to start in editing a wordpress plugin?
Using jQuery Date picker with name instead of id in struts application
WP7 creating a loading animation
java apns getting list of device tokens registered under an application
How do I fire the SelectionChanged event in datagrid when there is only one row
Email not go to BCC address
How to show an entire div on select
Matching partial string to complete strings from an array of strings
Dll Import in C# metro style application
Getting error invalid assignment left-hand side
How to See a List of ALL the fans of Your Facebook Page
Download from github automatically with every commit?
Is there a way to add created_by and modified_by similar to how created and modified works in cakePHP?
java unreported exception java.lang.Exception error when compiling for code incorporating weka
Archive Page in Wordpress?
Robolectric tanks on Application objects that load JNI libraries. Can I get a workaround?
creating textbox Via js
Android: Dynamically Populate a SlidingDrawer (or a small list) within the Main Activity
Symfony2: How to get a config parameter within a listener?
Prevent MS Access Automaticaly Updating Queries
App Engine API Android client
Something weird with operator overloading (C++)
Can i use string literal inside for loop?
RadioGroup with two columns which have ten RadioButtons
Timestamp in Photobucket api
Web based MP3 player
how can i log in my website seamlessly using facebook credentials , when i'm already logged in my facebook account?
How to pass a list of objects to server?
Definition of a leaflet layer
Disable moving to Outlook in SSRS?
SQL Get count of users who participated in a survey
do sth. before view is loaded in iOS. viewWillLoad? [closed]
iPhone: Access to number of missed calls and number of unread messages?
Sweep and Prune: where does temporal coherence come in?
Dynamically create frame on combo box selection (& button click )
Is it Possible to invoke keyboard Function keys using Chrome Extensions
Intuitive explanation for why QuickSort is n log n?
as3 AIR for android - Application-sandbox content ERROR
Creating a database for Dictionary app
WCF exception : Cannot load the X.509 certificate identity specified in the configuration, how to fix it?
Save data to localStorage when form is submitted
JAXB unmarshal exception cannot find JAXBContextFinder for media type: text/html;charset=鈥淯TF-8鈥�
Listview custom ListDivider
Reading cell styles along with data-Excel sheet reading using apache POI
general menu for all layout android
Best way to install to setup a Django Webapp in Windows 2003 and IIS6 Server [closed]
Clear screen in C
2D plane fitting , ransac, matlab, link
Need suggestion regarding customizing textarea max length function
How do you read a seriers of numbers from input and store them into an array?
QWebPage not working after the first load
Shuffling an array with a set of rules and returning the value from the function
Android Code Works On 2.3 But Not On 4.0
How to convert Web Project to Website鈥�
(Codenameone) Blackberry TextField Missing Border When Focusing
mailto X-Frame-Options error
Getting 鈥渁 generic error occurred in gdi+鈥�only on live server, every thing is working on localhost
Wicket datatable propertycolumn
(Codenameone) Blackberry TextField Missing Border When Focusing
mailto X-Frame-Options error
Getting 鈥渁 generic error occurred in gdi+鈥�only on live server, every thing is working on localhost
Wicket datatable propertycolumn
File upload issue in host server
What's the standards-compliant code for deploying a Java applet in an HTML5 document?
Start sevices over incoming SMS in android
MFC:throw 鈥淎ccess violation鈥�when execute 鈥淚HTMLTable::insertRow鈥�
Need help to set DWORD value with python
Very basic SQL query in PyQt questions
html table structure
want to display exactly 2 digits after floating point
Create 鈥渃heck all鈥�/ 鈥渟elect all鈥�checkbox with jQuery?
CJuiInputWidget (date picker) mozilla firefox issues
Exception while reconnecting to a tag
Hold Spinner value for next tab
Restore Database in WAMP
how to convert 2012-05-03T25:00:00 to 2012-05-04T01:00:00 in unix
Div tag within img tag
(Solved) JAXB marshalling failure with 鈥渦nsupported javax.xml.parser.transform.Result parameter鈥�
View raw Solr tokens for a single field on a single document
onClick not executing on Buttons in Scrollview?
How to delete a particular line which has occurred many times in the file in vim
removing objects from an array
unable to bind the data
CNMarkPortalOnline return NG
Strange thing happened in oracle database [closed]
how to store file structure kind of data for easy retrieval and insertion
get all hitids of a requester in Mturk workersandbox
File upload Android defining path
Issue adjusting iframe height when opened as popup using ModalPopupextender
how to create a C# wrapper class from the C++ tesseract library? [closed]
Edit a file without going over the whole bytes buffer?
Can I grant permission on files on my AS3 bucket via HTTP request parameters?
How can I return actual value of model's object after that value was changed but didn't saved?
MySQL Segfault, Intermittent
javascript converter price undefined
Cookie. How can I count each page visit no duplicate?
jQuery selector to find an element based on a data attribute isn't working
facebook PHP SDK redirect error can't get userid in facebook application
Weird positioning issue when tabBar is present
Three.js Full Screen Issue
deploy a war file in Jboss 7.0.2
If there's more than one certificate in Jetty's key store, how does it choose?
Use Reflection to new a webdriver class
find the Day of week of a particular date
Shuffling random integers, printing all possibilities [duplicate]
Registering RAPI program with ActiveSync?
how to store few millions of cache and then track down 20 oldest cache
How to play mp4 video in android
set new id for element in jquery
hierarchical data model in mysql
jQuery Mobile NavBar with back button of previous page
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: No ClassLoaders found for:
JQuery scrollbar component for Desktop browsers and iOS & Android
VBScript 鈥淓xpected Statement鈥�
Checked Checkbox not updated in UI
Is IE The Only Browser (or version) That Does Not Allow Flash Object Manipulation?
Rails - Create internal server error (500) at localhost
CMake with Xcode: configured header file ( not found
Modifying Levenshtein Distance for positional Bias
pass object method as reference in Javascript
How to set that which one will use localhost port
How to get a Facebook page posts, and its comments in a single batch query via Graph api?
case label not within a switch statement error in linux
C# POS fast receipt printing [closed]
WCF 4.0 Routing and Manipulating responses at Router
Why jQuery animation is responding very late in my program? How can i solve?
Installing bigquery
Ajax get request with useless parameter
table <td> tags not having a uniform and even size
Why isn't my Ruby on Rails model's attribute being set with before_save?
How to get the response from the restlet server using httpclient4.x send post rquest?
How to close the window without the security check in javascript
Memcache + PHP - Why data is not expiring?
Can't get second radio button selected value
Using an array in a Where clause
Yii CListView ajax post data
Java compile error in linux: cannot find symbol 鈥渏avax mail session鈥�
Edit Text values get empty [duplicate]
make a list of lm objects, retain their class
exploding a file name to separate the name and extension won't work in PHP?
How to add a responsive image using pseudo-elements
Scanning duplicate file names
Capitalize a single 'char'acter in C#?
how to call ajax loader
Copying n chars with strncpy more efficiently in C
Compile Ogrekit on Mac OSX 10.7
How to toggle a gridview templated asp button text using jquery or javascript
Build a transmuter for a given graph and a spanning tree of it
Using Double data type to transport Money values
Where are the possible VisualStates for Windows 8 Metro controls documented?
Linear Interpolation in Python
display a comment widget for a specific post instead of a url
16-bit obj files VC++
Why isn't clearInterval working in this code?
Error while building project when executing build step 'Make'
Insert Layouts dynamically into an activity at runtime
search for last created text file and importe it to Sql using C#
JQueryMobile Datepicker and new framework
Error while building project when executing build step 'Make'
Insert Layouts dynamically into an activity at runtime
search for last created text file and importe it to Sql using C#
JQueryMobile Datepicker and new framework
How can add image in wordpress custom post?
How to generate development MDM/APNS certificate?
No of Keys to Reducer function
javascript converter
What is the best way to write a function that converts an integer of minutes into a string formatted in 鈥淴 hour(s) Y minute(s)鈥�
Add Class before slide open and remove class after slide close using slideToggle?
Android - How to do bulk updates on a contentresolver
I get a conversion error from char* to char when I try and compile my code
App Rejection due to google map branding [closed]
HAML prevents template engines to render anything else than HTML
How to handle authorisation failure in MVC3
How to set up and enhance bugzilla response speed
how to implement code for saving multiple array items through the alertview?
I made chaikin money flow indicator, but I got 0 result?
VB 2010: Search for strings within large text blocks (e.g. HTML source)
generate schema file during build for hibernate 4.1.2
find word and wrap div
error import excel to mssql. 鈥淔atal error: Uncaught exception 'com_exception' with message鈥�
How to show/hide 2 different divs depending on select list value chosen?
How can I get longitude and latitude from address?
Juice UI droppable example - clueless newbie can't get workage happening
Apply Knockout.js model to several elements
Creating a timed game in c++
rubyrails using jquery mobile, redirect not change url
Using JSON to display the data
android, How to rename a file?
Google authentication and authorization among their apps
Searching a string in eclipse workspace
Print a character to start of every line in Python
Assigning structs to static array
Python inequalities: != vs not ==
How do I set a symbolic breakpoint on _WebThreadLockFromAnyThread in Xcode?
Python ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence
How to pass a table-valued parameter from a stored procedure to C# [closed]
Is it faster to traverse the DOM from a cached selector than to find an ID'd element in the DOM?
Java - looping in try-catch block
How to program an XBee ZigBee module?
Add signed/authenticated attributes to CMS signature using BouncyCastle
Kohana framework Fatal error mystery
Best practice for PHP paths [duplicate]
When does Git show a file as modified, when it actually isn't?
How can I implement search functionality with a prefix highlighting in a non-editable ComboBox?
Outputting Chinese char instead of numbers? Objective C
Hacking Some js
Maths Online Examination Implementation
Split String to String[] by a period but returning an empty array
How to get value and Return values from Restlet?
Strange Rails 3.1+ error after upgrade: undefined method 'parent_table_name'
How to print java.lang.Class object to a file?
Image translation confining boundaries
Django admin add form ajax call
Generating a random GLfloat value
Rails object attributes / db migration defaults
How can I dynamically declare these instance methods?
SQL query for finding a value appearing more than once
how to find an element based on two selectors?
Escaping with HTMLENTITIES
Android TextToSpeech other library options
Forms authentication failed for the request. Reason: The ticket supplied has expired - occurs every minute
extjs with node.js backend?
MPLab / C prg / Variables
.Net options for JSON API?
How to automate the Java build process for IntelliJ IDEA 11 Projects?
htaccess mod rewrite root site and sub-folder site SEO trouble
AsyncTask and generics
Merge the specific rows in one column sql
brew install mongodb error: Cowardly refusing to `sudo brew install' Mac OSX Lion
Ruby on Rails equivalent in python [duplicate]
ASP.Net Request Life Cycle - Application_BeginRequest
GAE/J Async Datastore API: how to do the equivalent of a UNIX select?
Temporarily change printer page size then revert back in Access 2007 using VBS
jquery load between two urls
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime error
Draw Shaded Area on Google Map V3 - Javascript
Android emulator doesn't work properly
Export an Array of Arrays to Excell in php.
Download Latest Exported File from Directory
Where do I place str_replace(' ', '-', to remove spaces from url and load proper sql data
HttpListener: firewall says no
Python unittest: respond to failure within the test method
鈥淥bject doesn't support this property or method鈥�occurs, when I try to call method from applet
Return data from Loading screen
Spring 3 controller mapping conflicts
How to convert byte[] type to Certificate type in java?
Retrieve Json API [closed]
How can I find with Twitter 鈥淕ET search鈥�tweets by 鈥渢ext鈥�field only?
Greasemonkey: Adding print button - print and 'print friendly' style div
Aspose tiff Converted PDF Opens in Adobe not Foxit
Serialization of boost::variant [duplicate]
How to pass multiple parameters in a query string openlaszlo
What is the Disadvantages of saving images in Database in Android?
SQL Server query help needed
NSXMLDocument writing to .xml
High volume ASP page calling an ASP.NET to leverage cache results in 503 Service Unavailable
Generating an HTML document given an XML file and XSLT, in a php context
More elegant way to filter out table rows using jquery?
NSXMLDocument writing to .xml
High volume ASP page calling an ASP.NET to leverage cache results in 503 Service Unavailable
Generating an HTML document given an XML file and XSLT, in a php context
More elegant way to filter out table rows using jquery?
WPF Creating a template and binding to an object inside a property of a list item
fancyBox: How to get rid of jerky modal window flash
Forum not displaying 'all' results
NSKeyedArchiver NOT writing Data to File鈥�
Double grouping + exporting in SSRS
Difficulty with setters
jQuery Won't Work
Running C++ Programs with variable inputs
how to only select false statements in java
Using anchor tags in conjunction with a form's action attribute
How do I remove all punctuation that follows a string?
Regex.Match for a string like sampleText(any Alphanumeric charectors)
SQL Alchemy + Postgres + Python Integrity Error
no video with supported format and MIME type found. What does this mean and how can I change this
union select works on first command, but not second?
What are the pros and cons of using the Hadoop NameNode, Checkpoint Node and Backup Node?
Border Around an Image When Tapped
How to float list items towards top of page?
Visual C++ Forms Application Error: C3374
puppet variable as a variable
Creating variable names dynamically from list
Most Efficient Way to Create Scrollable Text Window (Win8 Metro)
How to use PHP interact with YouTube API?
how to post json data by using asihttprequest
cannot display result when query sql based on user input in webservice
Array of Pointers to Type
Tastypie recognizes logged in user as AnonymousUser
Eclipse Java Project Compilation Error Using Ivy
Activity calling BaseAdapter which sets OnClick() for each item in row
JQuery Mobile validate method not working
Saving file bean, for some reason extra random numbers in file name?
Make a relativeLayout and it's child im my case an imageview act like one button
Java Arraylist from type <Contact> extraction to JTextFied
UITableView :: Bugs on instantiation (detailed description inside)
How to Convert a Quoted String to a Normal One in Makefile?
Folder as parameter in PHP
PHP html and php integration (Sorry for the vague title)
Compress HTML with Node, Express & EJS?
How can a C++ array be value-initialized?
SQL query invalid column name
jQuery Autocomplete - When an item is selected from the list store it in a php variable
passing a list to a where clause
iPhone App crashing after adding and removing an interface class
exception exit failed with c++ call python script
Is there an archive of comments from the Facebook Live Stream social plugin?
How do you use an html helper in Razor without closing an included <li> tag
Eclipe for php how to know how many called of my function. e.g foo(). i want to know where called foo() and file locatioin
Google Earth plugin key not required, and not working either
Run pngquant through an Ant task
PHP: Trouble with mysql statement.
Django-nonrel vs Django-mongodb vs Mongokit vs pymongo native
Inject a value at the front based on count of query that's run after
What's the scope of a Public Lock - the function, the file or the project?
Eclipse Constraint Programming - search/6
Why i can not find my own image by cocos2d?
Rails Time objects
best practice for accessing data in a database while abstracting the accessing
How to make a facebook app send notification to user
How to use Twitter Bootstrap in productions, LESS or compressed CSS?
Changing Java Version From Within Eclipse
my application freezes after entering into the loop
How do you kill a redis client when there is no connection?
Python multiplication table syntax differences
How to get properties of picked object in mplot3d (matplotlib + python)?
CSS3 Animating position
Modelling a store in Rails
Finding intersection of 2 arrays in node.js [duplicate]
Jquery mouseover event don't work
Edit and delete rows in gridview
CSS can't set a bottom of the page margin
Building Netty on Mac OSX Lion under Java 1.6.x
Jersey with Spring-Security DB login keeps redirecting to Login Page
Legend text color in accordance with line color in jqplot
Rails3 form_tag routing error
JavaScript Radio button selection validates fields?
DragonMobile Nuance SDK Speech Recognition on iOS鈥�AURemoteIO::ChangeHardwareFormats: error -10875
as3 Can StageWebView be tween or animated?
how to use output of helper method as value in haml hash?
Pointers on using celery with sorl-thumbnails with remote storages?
Is there a quicker way to download HTML/XML documents?
icon-globe not found after update gem twitter-bootstrap-rails
Alfresco web service response before executing rule/workflow
How to detect clicks on generated elements?
Setting Access-Control-Allow-Origin (CORS) in the Rackspace Cloud Files Python API
What are the connection limits for Google Cloud SQL from App Engine, and how to best reuse DB connections?
Edit Internet Explore's open links from other programs settings
iOS - animation and performance?
How to work with facebook setUrlHandler?
em1: watchdog timeout 鈥�resetting virtualbox
WCF in Mono 2.10.9 performance issues
Monitoring Amazon S3 logs with Splunk?
CakePHP Containable on Assoicated Model
MongoDB $slice (embedded array paging)
LINQ to Entity Cross Tab
Prevent or forbid use of Parallel.ForEach
Undefined index: userid
How to work with facebook setUrlHandler?
em1: watchdog timeout 鈥�resetting virtualbox
WCF in Mono 2.10.9 performance issues
Monitoring Amazon S3 logs with Splunk?
CakePHP Containable on Assoicated Model
MongoDB $slice (embedded array paging)
LINQ to Entity Cross Tab
Prevent or forbid use of Parallel.ForEach
Undefined index: userid
How do I group a date field by week, where the weeks start on Saturday?
Merging .NET 4.0 Tasks/continuations of different types
Xcode/iOS 5 - Rounding only bottom 2 corners of UITableView
How do I make a Ruby script to move .mp3 files to iTunes folder?
Sizeof(Struct sem_t) gets error: invalid application of 鈥榮izeof鈥�to incomplete type 鈥榮truct sem_t鈥�
How to get high resolution screenshots for iTunes connect? [closed]
Click different text elements - previous text element does not deselect
Inserting into database using a PDO
GHC type inference for higher rank types - assigning to monotypes
Dynamic table cell height (content cut off)
Repeated dllimport call of C dll in C# seems slow compared to straight C#
File Upload Not Working Form Tag PHP MongoDB
Need to create a memory game in Android
Why base64Encode images in CSS? [duplicate]
How can I combine multiple rows into one row?
install eucalyptus on centOS error
WP7 Marketplace Test Kit
How do I print out a method within a loop
subst for-loop element in makefile?
Something lost when I print flex items with Flash Player
Does C++11's decltype make clone unnecessary?
PHP - Convert multidimensional array to 2D array with dot notation keys
Encryption in .NET and decryption in Android throws BadPaddingException: pad block corrupted
Rails The action 'show' could not be found for CommentsController error
innerHTML doesn't add form elements in firefox
Credentials.acquireTGTFromCache(null, null) returns null using jre 7
Facebook PHP-SDK with CodeIgniter not returning $_REQUEST['signed_request']
Fixing UIToolbar height to 32 pixels in iPhone Landcape mode
Div's overlapping
Benchmarking SQL Server Execution Plans For Automated Testing?
JQuery wont change href depending on computer OS
Struts 2 Dynamic Url to be used in Search
Why can't I allocate memory for a string using [] in C?
Where does website like this store its Google Maps marker details?
Getting first element from PDOStatement
How to Create Universal Iphone/Ipad App in Separate Classes?
ios tableviewcell width not same as tableview
Should the static or global data which is stored in .data or .bss section be loaded before the program executing?
In a javascript game is it possible to completely prohibit the user from tampering with the JavaScript?
Multi-Variate Linear Regression R-squared without storing input data
Fastest algorithm for finding overlap between two very large lists?
Fastest algorithm for finding overlap between two very large lists?
GWT Constants is not working - Searched the following resources: (blank)
How can I open a Twitter tweet using the native Twitter app on iOS?
Customizing the imessage screen inside of my app
Problems looping information from multiple tables
SQL Server 2008 Stored procedure returning null for output value
Android, Is it possible to put two different activities in screen of tablets using Fragment?
Doubly linked list printing everything correctly but receiving segmentation fault at end of print function
Java splitting input
Read a jpg/png via fread into an array of Points
Android: How to download RSS when a website contains: link rel=鈥渁lternate鈥�type=鈥渁pplication/rss+xml鈥�
Weblogic Spring Dependency Injection from flat-files on the file-system
accessing views within a receiver
Core data relationships vs. server based foreign keys
static method - when to return an array argument as void and return as an array?
Can java main class parameters be changed?
In PlayN, how do I use the Storage interface to persist data?
How to solve field wrapping in Entity Framework database-first
Combining lists into one
Why doesn't my bit left shift?
Trying to extract values from a PyQt4 QSqlQuery
Get album ID from facebook android SDK?
first-time user logs in, show a dialog
Call a subprocess
Open Graph approval process with user-generated photos and user-generated messages
Auto Select parameter Value if only one value
Android library not pulling its resources through to other projects
How to select controller namespace with Zend Framework 2 routing?
What are the most common vulnerability types in well designed code bases like Joomla or vBulletin?
How is it that #define does not require one to specify the variable type?
How do I fetch the count from MS Access tables using group by clause?
cannot setvisibility in listview
How to make a contact form send a confirmation email to the user?
Does the name of an argument matter when defining a function?
Count column and then group two columns in SQL
python and weierstrass function
What are ways to optimized LWUIT application?
Passing blocks in Objective-C
Unicode-compatible alternative to imagettftext()
Why *this returned from a const member function cannot be used to call other functions in C++?
Why is the click event triggered several times in my Backbone app?
allowing Raphael/SVG element events to fire through HTML layered on top
c++ stack overflow unhandled exception with large array
Checking if tabpage exists, then create a new one if it doesn't
Reorder panels in scroll-pane
Change the initial applications in the Mock RPM build environment
Is it possible to use Go's buffered channel as a thread-safe queue?
wildcard dot-star to ignore delimeter
error while running MySQL query [duplicate]
Disable HTC Noise Cancellation
Proper multitasking for android
iPad not selecting all text inside a text input on tap
Need advice on Tomcat6 and Oracle 11g app deployment
As3 Facebook API 1.8 FacebookMobile.login
How can I create an IEnumerable list for just one item?
How to list all the tags searched by cscope?
Evaluating postfix expressions in java
how to return 2D string array/vector in C++ [closed]
Resque multiple workers in development mode
Dynamic GWT Modules with Guice and GIN in execution time
PyMongo Cursor Iteration
How to recover from a nova-compute crash with 鈥淣etworkNotFound鈥�
How to select lines of text in a PDF and then highlight them? (iOS)
How to track what pages your users are visiting while logged in
Message box pop up twice--WPF
To what is castable QML WebView to?
Validation not working on partial views
error C2447: '{' : missing function header (old-style formal list?)
debugging email not working in cakephp
createStatement method implemented by Oracle Driver or JDK
Firing key event ctrl + space on JTextArea?
Android XML Parser Not Getting Tag
Pad counter with leading 0 up to 9, then remove leading zero with php
Mysql technique for Skill dependencies
ELO rating for simple hot-or-not sorting?
Right way of inserting data into SQLite db iPhone
Stack level too deep in activesupport callbacks
Do My C++ Classes Have to be a ref class in Windows 8 Metro Style Applications?
List the directories and files on the server by a java web application
How to find location of JDK crossplatform
JS library that 鈥渞eloads鈥�a page to mimic pre-load code injection?
Java Servlet: Send form data by email. (Netbeans)
Multiple Rails submit buttons in one Form (one remote)
Removing multiple inheritance
Encrypting a Silverlight XAP File
Wordpress two custom fields - search-results sorted by value
protecting jsp action pages with tomcat
changing color of table with javascript [duplicate]
malloc returns null when run with Valgrind
Simple Mod_rewrite
how to include external jar file using PIG
Get list of all Outlook folders and subfolders
NSMutableArray of ABRecordRef. How do I serialize?
Android: How to speed up load time, when retrieving XML info from a website?
Combining results from multiple tables in MySql
Rails View Undefined Method
Google Maps SetCenter function refusing to work
How can i automatically post on the user wall Facebook graph
Update binding component
Parsing a string with nested brackets
Get list of all Outlook folders and subfolders
NSMutableArray of ABRecordRef. How do I serialize?
Android: How to speed up load time, when retrieving XML info from a website?
Combining results from multiple tables in MySql
Rails View Undefined Method
Google Maps SetCenter function refusing to work
How can i automatically post on the user wall Facebook graph
Update binding component
Parsing a string with nested brackets
NSIS has 2 ways of declaring variables and for Conditional Statements
Threads totally freezes the GUI
How would I go about loading a 鈥渓oading鈥�scene using typedef enum?
LESS css - JS Parser vs Compiled
Dynamic resize of <p:layoutUnit> can it be done?
When exactly do OnResultExecuted and OnResultExecuting fire?
Running the same sed transformation on a large number of files
Perl one-liner with -pl command-line options
What is the header size of png, jpg/jpeg, bmp, gif and other common graphics format?
Android Gesture onFling not working
MySql Select Query Help - How to count number of times the query appeared
how to find if two verilog modules are connected using VPI PLI - Verilog VCS
OpenCV 2.2 Does not open Camera
How do I define an SVG doc under <defs>, and reuse with the <use> tag?
how to create 32bit depth pixmap with XQuartz (or and XMingw
need help converting range of numbers (ex:0-7) to an average (ex: 3.5) in R
in-App purchase backend service [closed]
overflow:hidden at a certain height > on hover displays all?
All icons disappear except for the first five from google maps after having been placed on the map
Moving Rails Deployment on Windows to Ubuntu
Why Is toggle() Not Working?
Java main methods with 鈥溾�鈥�arrays? [duplicate]
How to assign combinations of members into specifc groups (for OLAP dimensions)
Adding up data from a specific column in the database table
Python: can a class instance evaluate to any type?
JSON 鈥淚nvalid object passed in, member name expected鈥�
Calling WCF service from MVC4 application not returning response
How can I reload a page in php after I submit a form (method=post)
Testing CS classes in the browser with Mocha?
how to solve a eqaution of a parabola that passes through 3 points? [closed]
How do I specify a multiline title in an iOS Settings bundle?
UITabBar Inside UINavigationController Using Storyboard
Sizing SVG Background Image
Google App Engine won't launch on NetBeans - Stuck on Deploy
Need to get/display properties from a variable [closed]
UITextView Link To iTunes Using Word Rather Than Address
change colors of table with javascript
How to downsample images in a pdf (iOS)?
libxml2 preserve empty tags
How do I display a widget (HorizontalPanel) on top of another widget (Image) in GWT?
I need help in PHP with seeing if an integer is Positive or negative [closed]
I need help in PHP with seeing if an integer is Positive or negative [closed]
Dijkstra's Algorithm using Adjacency Matrix Issue [closed]
Postgresql breaking rails querying functionality
Winform Flickering issue
Windows Mobile 6 optimising application memory consumption
Modifying XSD schema - Adding new element is greyed out
Database connection - Django is auto renaming or something! CONFUSION
WebDB: finding pre-existing database and/or pre-existing tables
can you do multiple Salesforce deployments, putting most users in the cheaper one and a few in one with best features? [closed]
How to change screen on double tap
Basic JSON With PHP
how to equally separate imageviews in a linear layout
How to return null inside the function/method if a property in the class is not found?
How to programmatically refresh the Notification Area Icons page
Database translations with doctrine
How to cancel a file upload using an iframe
SQL Data Range Min Max category
recursive method doesn't work
casting error while creating RDP connection
GZIP decompression C# OutOfMemory
Add regular json to jstree?
Can one-to-one shared primary key mapping in Hibernate be optional/null?
SQL: Repeat a result row multiple times, and number the rows
Using Node.js and Kue, is there a way to specify a date I want a task to execute?
How to use browser chrome in
plain javascript to jquery - clientHeight
Why won't this method call work?
SQL get change in values based on consecutive dates, grouped by a value
Update records from one table to the other MySQL non-unique columns Membership password
php upload file error #8 when it's a linux executable
Using CakePHP 1.3 but have no database
how would i write a kernel module that runs program b whenever program a is called
Use to build chat room, where to start?
jquery replaceWith variable returns undefined
good intro jquery book or website [closed]
Entity Framework doesn't update data value changes made from database
Performance of setting Java Initial and Maximum memory to the same value
PG error for SELECT DISTINCT, ORDER BY expressions must appear in select list when trying to view on Heroku
Writing tests for ASP.NET Web API project
Telnet reader will split input after 1448 characters
Why can I not get the Year from a NSString using NSDateFormatter dateFromString?
How to structure app.configure in Express
NullpointerException when converting String to double in java
Execute code when form loaded and before Form closes
Error when using a ListView, id attribute ``is required
Why is my UITableView not being updated?
Is there a way to change a toast's color and text size/color, but retain the system toast layout?
data loss when sending across type NSData
element & fetch in cakephp2
beta invite code + codeigniter
Dynamically create search criteria and results using Java and sql database
Weird fragment on Mocha JS test page?
Can you iterate over a each possible enum value using a Qt foreach loop?
how big would a 鈥渢ypical鈥�Salesforce installation/configuration code base be, in lines of code? [closed]
Chrome Extension that copies image URL on click
Clarification on Asterisks and Underscores in Cocoa Syntax
git - Change all global settings
Where is the C++ profiler in Netbeans 7.1.2
Catching CTRL+BREAK in a Windows application
Selecting values present in one column but not in all other columns
Auto fill in fields in WebView android
How to Animate Drawing in HTML5 Canvas
HTTPS and MITM attack
Copying database form assets fails on emulator
JavaScript getElementById() problems getting data
Abstraction of Apache VirtualHost URL's
C++ lock tabskbar on WM6.1 but also lock windows key
whats the proper way? sql server and services account
Read/Write to serial port (for UBW)
php xdebug wamp automatically create profile file
pass variable to coffeescript
Any way to replace part of word with the preprocessor?
Getting REQUEST_DENIED when calling Google's Autocomplete from a Browser
GoogleMap ap on Android - Creating an Overlay
Submitting a form from iPhone to PHP
Creating a dashboard feature for my website
In R, how to extract just the significant variables after running a Multiple Regression with a large number of variables
Cannot create Sencha Touch 2 jsb3 file, TypeError: 'undefined'?