Why byte level functions are required to read a text file?
Google static maps via iPhone connected to AT&T wireless network not working [closed]
Is the stack corrupted if the EBP frame pointer is NULL?
Running iOS UIAutomation tests from Jenkins
Adding ABRecordRef to NSMutableArray causes error about requiring bridged cast
scheduling user space thread through windows kernel driver
Java InetAddress.getHostName() taking a very long time to execute
Special characters work in some cases and not in others, I am confused
DotNetNuke Custom Application Architecture
XtraGrid whole row is highlighted except the clicked cell
Android - How to attach file to SMS?
.NET get data from printers which have www interface
jQuery and LESS, stylesheet update only works once
Like Box without profile pic
Questions on subViewController and multi-threaded in iOS
Export Jar File in NetBeans
Unchecking radio-boxes in a pdf with restricted security
Client side data annotation validation is not working on partial views using firefox and chrome
malloc conditions for failure
Moving Activity to another Activity when class extends ArrayAdapter
CSS: fix the height of a section within a variable height element
Django - How to get admin url from model instance
AVIERR_MEMORY error occurs during AVIStreamSetFormat() call
How to Insert 3D annotation to PDF document with iText?
CSS position relative without relative width?
PHP page not saving form and parsing output
rails 3.1 link_to image_tag where image data is embedded as string
I need a hardware or software solution for guaranteeing a particular video output resolution and refresh rate on a computer running MS Windows 7? [closed]
Substring in sql server not wroking properly for long string
Connecting a backbone localstorage based app to StackMob remote server via the Stackmob Sdk
Mark ActiveRecord attribute as html_safe
How to add vertical scrollbar to NSTextField?
What is the Android Codes to record accelerometer data in millisecond?
How do I convert a Dictionary to a Lookup? [duplicate]
UNION in SQL queries
Pre checking h:manyCheckbox after selecting value from h:selectOneMenu in JSF 2
linux makefile linking error __line__
DataPager not working properly with Listview
Javascript Cross domain requests in IE8
extjs4 - Adding custom components to container
Specifiying a :format in link_to doesn't work in rails 3.2.2
Magento module setup - change product attribute to not required
Calling a static method when the class is a variable with namespaces
Enter and Exit subprocess from Shell Script
Join Two Linq Queries into a Single Selection without foreach loop
FTP commands send vs put
changing UI dynamically in iPhone app
Parsing a GLSL shader string to find the variable names in the Android NDK
Connection to prod APNs with development cert
How to create read only email in iOS?
What is faster: include() or file_get_contents()?
Why does this sub query fail?
Twitter bootstrap scrollable table
Azure Table Insert row into TableServiceContext
Find text in DB without knowing what table or column?
PHP imap_open fails via Apache with 鈥渘o such host鈥�but works at command line
How to fire Click event of Check Box in asp.Net MVC Razor
Error when calculating correlation
How to duplicate and add more repeated contents to multiple selected rows with Excel VB?
slide down effect with jquery
How do you change value of ExchangeConnectionMode (Outlook)
mySQL query statement
creating a css form that s horozontal using css not tables with boxes above text
Rails: How to implement search through association
JAXB xjc mapping to existing domain objects
Update Google fusion tables dynamically using MySQL or other databases
Rspec : Saving instance variable value on failure
Passing backing bean action to Facelet tag file
performSelector:withObject:afterDelay crashes app in release but not debug
performSelector:withObject:afterDelay crashes app in release but not debug
UITabBarController selected tab bug (?)
How to get offset of all repeated matches in POSIX C regexec()?
matching certain keywords in a string that are not delimited by certain characters
in report, repeat only certain columns after first row
How to return Async ActionResult of another controller's action?
C++ Saving Position in a 2D array
How to read a single file inside a zip archive
MySQL - Combining multiple queries + counts
iPhone SDK -> RightBarButtonItem disappears when loading view through AppDelegate
Printing data from list of lists
Http GET method with parameters to php function
Detouring and GCC inline assembly (Linux)
Simple JSON parse example wanted in VB.Net
Android, libgdx and box2d basics [closed]
Samsung devices supporting setTypeface(Typeface.Italic)?
Querying by base type in EF4 Code-First
Getting what is in a view on ContextMenuListener [duplicate]
what are pros and cons of using HttpContext-based cache vs. System.Runtime.Cache?
mysql procedure - random number from five numbers
Return data from a call to a client
iOS Class containing accessable methods [closed]
Can you render multiple partials from a JSON array in a Rails controller?
Button to add widgets , in Tkinter
UINavigationController animation
numerical issues causing the difference in outputs of two programs?
Free subscription, prevent 鈥淪hare Your Information鈥�box from showing?
Jackson 2.0 with Spring 3.1
Symfony2 Fatal error when dumping assets with assetic
convert irregular date in mysql
Refresh browser's page programmatically, from a .Net WinForms application
WSO2 DSS Cannot execute SQL Server stored procedure
std::unique_ptr<T> incomplete type error
java server send printstream to port 80 or 443
suppressing errors when converting strings to uniqueidentifier
Why TWTweetComposeViewController does not show accounts selector?
options for restoring appengine datastore data?
Adding hotkey functionality to a Silverlight button, but underscore character does not work
Azure CDN - Enabling HTTP Compression - Hosted Web Role
how to change the background of table view , quickdialog box
ebay api - search php call
Easy way to create Zen-Coding Snippets in Sublime Text 2
JQuery - deleting dynamically created rows - where do I need to put the delegate ()?
Creating an MPI_Datatype for a structure containing pointers
asp.net within a hosted environment and Castle.Windsor -> Required permissions cannot be acquired
How do I make SVN commit before each time I publish on VS 2010
Changing UITableViewCell width to fit a UIImageView outside of the cell
Reset action bar after using SearchView
How to add Javascript into a component without disabling other script?
Log4Net localhost addressing issue in Windows7
how to use css to float the div from bottom left to top right when reduce the windows screen size
Cannot display Dimension Extended Data Types in SSRS from AX 2009
Save over layed image to sdcard
How do you change the logging location of a SDL Tridion Publisher?
Encrypting a cookie in Django
JSHint considers a for-in variable 'bad'. What does this mean?
Javascript Cross Domain Authentication
Styling button in MVVM
Problems migrating from Spring Security 2.0.4 to 3.1
Lazy Loading Items in Entity Framework
Android: Adding a fragment to an activity
How do you select from a date range as the data source
Adding the number 1 to a set has no effect
@Url.Content not pointing to correct path in a new MVC project
How to assign a name to every view in a storyboard
Reading a file of text into array with malloc in C
Any way to get stable/consistent FPS form kinect?
XMPP chat - receive messages
Is there a callback for History.pushstate?
Dynamic Programing : Rod cutting implementation error
How Can I get NSStrings containing any character into my database?
how to do Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F in visual studio? [closed]
XNA - HeightData to heightMap img
How do I invalidate a bad authentication cookie early in the request?
Float divs horzontally
Getting error 鈥淐all to undefined function wkhtmltox_convert()鈥�in wkhtmltopdf
Dynamically add images to a prototype custom cell
Does facebook help developers to track 鈥渢rial pay鈥�
check_call and command line arguments on Windows
Convert simple android game made in Java to Facebook
Export Excel file to create html webpages
Capture all main gestures on same view
Possible memory leak when using a vector of a map of strings C++
Cropping a Pixel Buffer
Convert System.Action to String
Recursive string to int converter for nested types
Override abstract method with another one, having different parameters
Tricky SQLite query, could use some assistance
What are user permission with impersonation to write file at server path?
How can i find out where a BufferedImage has Alpha in Java?
Migrate users and permissions from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010
cannot combine with previous 'type-name' declaration specifier
ASP.NET MVC Tri State Check box Server Control
Quartz.net firing previously scheduled jobs
Javascript anonymous function - definition [duplicate]
Obj-C method naming: setup method [closed]
Why is this SWFUpload -> Presigned Post to S3 setup not working? (Rails)
How would I expand a superdiv with then scroll to a subdiv with scrollTo?
The default expression for the query parameter contains an error
JSF ExceptionHandler removing event from queue causes NullPointer
How would I expand a superdiv with then scroll to a subdiv with scrollTo?
The default expression for the query parameter contains an error
JSF ExceptionHandler removing event from queue causes NullPointer
MySQL trigger + comparing 2 dates
Distributed lock with Hazelcast not working
PHP + XPath + fputcsv - Storing data in arrays
When does an NSOperationQueue start its first operation?
Adding months to DateTime with DateInterval changes original date to match new date
Push files up to Amazon Cloudfront: Possible?
Undefined reference to _unwind_resume and __gxx_personality_v0
Extract all fields from XML result using Google Geocoding API
Adding image with JavaScript
Server sided editing of office (word,excel,powerpoint) document properties
Different controllers for each view in a directory?
Calculate (next day) date for messages posted after 16:00
Software for drawing graph algorithms
comparing doubles with adaptive approximately equal
How do I optimize MySQL queries with image serving script?
I am receiving a Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.CommerceException
jquery form gets submitted before jquery dialog ui
file_get_contents - how to follow GET / POST?
TaskCompletionSource - Trying to understand threadless async work
Using a Lambda expression on a View in MVC3
Memory issue with overload operator [duplicate]
Xcode: is it possible tosave uiwebview in core data
How can I add an app to a Facebook community page?
Deferred binding failed
URL encoded Regex Parsing issue in PHP
What do the terms elastic and scalability mean in the context of cloud computing?
In php urls, can I use something like ?name=Item+Name?
Error opening MainMenu.xib
How can I create my own SelectList with values of 鈥�0鈥�and 鈥溾� in C# for MVC?
Node.js TypeError: undefined is not a function
in-app purchase works fine the first time but if I try again it executes code several times
SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008: possible to restore a 2000 database to a 2008 schema?
How to: fetch data from a site without doing a Denial of Service attack / know when there is knew data on a site
Open GL ES - Difference between GLenum vs Glint and GLint vs GLsizei
store form values in database
JTextArea doesn't list out results
How does pgBouncer help to speed up Django
test return of an XML parse
Simple Curl script returning no data when using variable to call the function
Natural language generator for dates (Java)
Start PHP Daemon from php script
Jquery Slideshow in page not working
RDFStore/Query Performance
How to loop through multiple result sets from stored procedure in PHP?
Open Graph user-generated-photos action approval process
Android - restore database clears database when database file is missing
making a server chat
how to reference artifact version from dependencyManagement in the maven pom
NHibernate weird error
Is changed items from array go to Garbage Collection?
How to use htaccess to rename pages and remove extensions without affecting css or js external files
Enable support for CSS3 ::outside pseudoelement
EditText, Do not allow copy/paste from one to other
Rails 3 Open Word Documents Inline [duplicate]
iOS - How to find the right font size (in points) with the same height as a given CGRect?
Silverlight : WCF getting error on server but localhost works fine
Letting users update their own posts with CanCan and Devise
Linq Query with using sum and order by
Capturing current_user.id saving deeply nested records
.htaccess / .htpasswd bypass if at a certain IP address
Identify that the lock screen was unlocked
Encoding issue with Sqlite3 in Ruby
Turn Image into Text - Java [duplicate]
Files on the ftp server are not showing up on html site
How to connect a button in the view to the db in code igniter? [closed]
WPF DataGrid - Bind to collection of 'cells'
jQuery validation plugin multiple rules/fields
CSS: Relatively sizing an element between 2 other statically sized elements
Why my form is skipping every other item
How to raise property changed event from outside of Entity?
APC not working in php console
JavaScript dynamic function name
Best method for (HEX) string comparison
Multi line preprocessor macros
ItemStateChanged Event not invoked when unselecting a JToggleButton
Directory access
Is possible in Android remember in player time where it is stopped ?
Alternatives to smbclient. smbget to talk to samba server
Can I upload a document to an Issue in github?
What integer format when reading binary data from Java DataOutputStream in PHP?
UTF-8 unreadable in phonegap android
No known class method for selector 'sharedStore'
Use PHP To Generate Random Decimal Beteween Two Decimals
Facebook android: passing facebook object between activities
Global JSON variable override
Framesets and leftnavigation pane e.g
parsing variables to a construct in CI
Json parse from Facebook events
Javascript Logging
Copying over glibc library
equally distribute ul list across div
Make UIImageView animate after another UIImageView has finished
Model view advice needed
Open PDF file by AJAX holding the button
Get top-frame (address bar in browser) URL in PHP?
Removing items in a container
Struggling to understand how this block works
Get top-frame (address bar in browser) URL in PHP?
Removing items in a container
Struggling to understand how this block works
Filtering elements out of a List
Stop thread on Android
How do I prevent jQuery $.ajax from adding a leading ampersand to the query string in the request?
Looking for Java wrapper for Windows DirectSound/WASAPI/? audio
NLP Library (Subject Extraction+Sentiment Analysis) for a Java-based Web Application [closed]
Jquery, from keyword 鈥渢his鈥�to all td's in table
How to add a custom field into template.php using Zen sub theme
STS 2.9.1 keeps duplicating Grails generated classes
Render a partial via page.replace_html and using a layout?
ObservableCollection<T> CollectionChanged event
Save a list to a file
How to check if a css/js resource is included in head
Determine Largest Files In a Windows Sharepoint Services Site Collection
Passing variables in HTML & jQuery
Is it possible to rewrite silverlight application resources at runtime?
Is it necessary to use my 'sql_real_escape_string' when selecting in MySQL? [duplicate]
python csv reader scientific notations [closed]
CakePHP, Helper class AjaxHelper could not be found
Spring JMS Session Issue When Using Open MQ
jQuery call same function when two different buttons are clicked
How to import an Excel file into Access database, using delphi
Installing earlier version of Ankhsvn
phonegap camera not loading image into <img> tag
generating the cartesian power of a set
Comparing a double and int, without casting or conversion
Salesforce REST API Query More than 2000
How to add unique message id to soap 1.2 request of it is not present?
Rails and SQL, how to .last on all members of a table's associations
How to programmatically publish to a facebook feed for a liked webpage?
MS charts not displaying properly on win 2008 server
Eclipse: Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging
VennDiagram for data gives error?
Ruby - Class methods
TableRow with image and 2 TextView
Set tab title programatcally in monodroid
BGInfo error occurred opening the Default Desktop registry key
replace/remove cycle in graph
From reference element, get count of preceding element occurrences within ancestor
Tortoise SVN ignoring .so files
OpenNLP Name entity recognition model for time and date
Changing the font for selected segment in uisegmentedcontrol
Hibernate: Using complex classes as properties
NSObject Subclass Initiation
Java JDBC with PostgreSQL: PreparedStatement Execute with Add Column Query returns false
How to make checbox checked or uncheked in gridview editmode
How to determine CPE: Cycles Per Element
rawQuery on 鈥渃ount(*)鈥�return no row
Separate a table in different tabs (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc)
Is this layout possible in CSS?
php sending file without extension to email
splitting whitespaces doesn't work fine
Sqlite Browser Tutorial
How to get customized tab
SSIS DataReader fail from Mainframe
Building a custom control in C# (Metro App) that has a page flip effect
pathfind() function not found in libgen library
Comparison of two variables
HEX String to Chinese String
how to compile .NET code to 32 bits on a 64 bit machine
Sudden error with changing height of form
Loading pugi::xml_document from std::cin fails when invoked in pipeline
How to do HttpWebRequests from a Windows Phone 7?
C and Python, Py_InitModule method not found
set texture of a sprite is not working
Skip processing of Git revisions in post-receive hook that have already been previously processed
cakephp adding a <a> tag without being coded
Add <?xml version=鈥�.0鈥�?> to the top of a xml file after xsl transform
Whether or not to include external DLLs in C# project
Why double stack capacity instead of just increasing it by fixed amount?
why i can't reach my database?
django-storages with multiple S3 Buckets
What is the complexity of the following algorithm?
IIS forms auth using PHP
UISearchBar: Style search text and prevent edition
Difference between Activity re-creation and Process re-creation in android
Label of UIButton appears intermittently inside a UITableView
DB2 query fails in SSRS when generated from expression
How can I extract the value from the contents of a table cell?
Linking to sources from scaladoc?
JSInterface from webview undefined when backing to previous activity
ipad app - most views rotate ok. One view does not
Multiple Questions on Fancybox 2: Multi-image from One link, Video and Images in same gallery, How to prevent cycle
more robust regular expression lookaround
SplitViewController app crashes when loading webview
w images in header float issue
iPhone iOS how to delete local files referenced from Core Data entity nested relationships when the entity is deleted?
How to merge two Subversion commits into one
Multithread operations in WCF Service contract implementation
NullPointerException when accessing array of JTextAreas
ComboBox database value doesn't refresh after Adding New Data
Can I add the 鈥渓ogin using facebook鈥�feature for my fb business page?
Does C regular expression support lookahead?
Using SimpleTest on multivalue checkboxes
javax swing html parser not picking up img tags
Switched website host, need old domain name to work but it won't
Subreport parameter not showing as a selectable parameter for linking in crystal reports 2008
Stripe the order of a PostgreSQL result set
Match a number in a string with letters and numbers
login with username or email address in php
Get rid of last comma [duplicate]
Drupal - fetch body text of a node via URL?
how to provide different android widget for 1.6 and 3.0+?
binding data with 3d cylinder chart using asp.net 3.5 /(updated)
How I remove' Current/Old Password' section from ChangePassword control in asp.net?
Store String Array In appSettings?
Using IE6 CSS, how can I make it look like that of my FireFoxCSS file? [closed]
Discover last insert ID of autoincrement column in MySQL
c explanation of preorder binary tree traversal [closed]
Checking multiple contains on one string
Dataform OK/SAVE button stays disabled when editing a nested object
How can I read the contents of a webpage, not the source code of that page? [duplicate]
How can I find the statements in a Scala program from within a compiler plugin?
Why is my service's Dispose() method called even when I don't invoke it? (using BasicHttpBinding)
How to capture all form inputs that have changed, except those in a specfic class using jQuery 1.4
how to simplify XML node between sibling to make sure no duplicate node exist using XSLT?
SQL Server syntax to return a query between 2 given dates
How can I increase the number of frames displayed in Webstorm debugger?
find the character ~ 's first occurence that is in the middle of the url
Page refresh instead of Ajax Load without
StringFormat, TextBox Validation and Caret Position
Highlight text in two textboxes at the same time
unexpected input from external device - iOS
Using C# to read/write Excel files (.xls/.xlsx) [duplicate]
Using NAudio to increase Sample Rate of WAV file causes 鈥渟tatic鈥�
How can we reduce the property proxying overhead of NHibernate?
mongodb increment counter on select
Invalid because it is not contained in an aggregate function or the group by clause
Is there an equivalent of Boost.Program_options in lua? [closed]
dijit.layout.bordercontainer hides all inner contents
Binding to RelativeSource TemplatedParent does not work within ControlTemplate
Displaying xml in jsp
SQLite3 getting errors in xcode 4.3.2
Adding subfolders in the ST2 application
access running scene in jni main.cpp ( cocos2d-x)
Location name to Address with Google Maps?
Fastest way find the edit Distance of a word, given a list of Million words
how to add more hobbies to a person
How do I update columns in a table by joining it with 5 other tables?
Issue trying to access tomcat from another computer inside my office network
trouble redrawing graphics multiple times after a button press
Reading the contents of a NFC Tag
HTML/Javascript remove data from img src attribute
Using omp for reduction in nested loop
Going backwards in a matched string in Javascript regular expressions
The state of a custom UITableViewCell after the Delete control has been dismissed
How to show images in GridView?
What should I unit test in my ASP.NET MVC3 project?
efficienty count the elements in the list
How do I allow symlnked directory traversal in WASCE web app
PHP/SQL math adding issue
Select records with no releations
AS3 deletion of unused variables
How to change line-ending settings
Should an SQL Union or Join be used?
PostgreSQL DEFERRED CONSTRAINTS and begin end block
Crystal Reports selecting data from two different databases
CodeIgniter back button after logout
[Android SDK]Can't copy external database (13MB) from Assets
Python lxml XPath with deep nesting with specific search
How to detect (valid with Apple AppStore submission rules) if a volume is a Time Machine disk
Rais 3 UJS unexpected behavior
Log4Net Viewing using a Circular Buffer
how can i get a detailled log to Spring Beans loading?
Sum with expression and group by in Access 2007 / VBA
How long do session cookies last on Android/iOS devices?
Casting an interface to another interface that it does not inherit
Custom validation in ASP.NET MVC
Get NHibernate working on shared hosting with medium trust
Connection String in a VB.NET Application
Offline validation for xml using system xsd
How to get Jenkins to --fail-fast on Maven 2 builds?
Dynamic HTML generated through javascript - onClick will not work in other browsers besides IE
Add view programmatically to RelativeLayout
Html.RenderAction cannot find my controller
Resources for drawable-xlarge-mdpi AND drawable-sw600dp-mdpi without duplication
How do I execute but not install a binary with autotools?
Unparseable date with SimpleXml
Running Shutdown Hook in NetBeans IDE
How to bring JPGraph second Y-axis data in front (AddY2)?
XCode (4.3.2) auto-completion and IBAction
Salesforce Batch Apex Class - Querying Against Large Data Sets
Compare two lists 2D and determine differences VB.NET
Copying Pivot Table Formats
SSL with 2 pair Public/Private Key
PHP XML Foreach Error
a bit of a string matching conundrum in excel-vba
How does Python package installer exe work?
how to get date from table then store it to variable in php
tool to extract strings for localization of iPhone/iPad app?
Make certain area of bitmap transparent on touch --> again
jQuery Tools Scrollable: 3 Items on screen but scroll one at a time
How can I access a Mule message through Ruby?
FOSUserBundle Unit testing
i am not able to create ReverseGeocodeRequest instant in wp7
What's the best way to store and update a Set in HBase?
Previous coordinates of a touched object
Simulate delayed response for specific address
Android: Best practice for dealing with large arrays
How to create gantt chart in lotus connections
How to custom format a number in SPSS, like putting percentages between parenthesis?
Can't write file in external storage in Android
DDMathParser - How to recognize an error is iOS
Rebuilding dynamic tables in VB.net
Jquery Mobile - ListView on Click Color
How do we effectively prevent concurrent use of a web-application in one session?
Jenkins detects SVN changes but doesn't update workspace?
Why does stepping every instruction crashes while launching the program works? [debugging]
usercontrol vs iframe, limitations and known problems
LD_PRELOAD loaded event
IntelliJ EAP: How do I stop forced rebuilds of Android app?
Does the javascript global namespace get cleared with each full postback?
Creating a web server control to mimic jquery autocomplete API
Vim equivalent of emacs major-mode tag
Why can't I put iPad app on my iPad for development?
jquery - prepopulate a php text field with session email address
how to run a bash script using ssh and xargs across several hosts without the script being copied to each host?
managing windows
Prevent activity from being destroyed
Android - Barcode scanner
mySQL multiple cross reference select query
Php list of forms
Silly little thing thats bugging me
need to refresh subform based list box selection in access 2007
Map reduce in RavenDb over 2 collections with child collection
Rails pass additional parameter to a model
OverlayLayout doesn't seem to be Layering
Deleting checked ListView items
Prevent users from accessing admin area
Rename file using a hash table
Make a Double Click work in a WebView
php mysql shopping cart
Toggle content with jQuery
How to build a module in playframework 2
iOS UIWebView - trap exceptions loading invalid file format
Joomla Media Form Field - Only Images [closed]
Why does C allow both i[a] and a[i]? [closed]
Filling an object list from MS SQL Server
GAC Scope: why does it override local assemblies, and is there anything we can do about it?
high-performance continuous communication with a daemon
DOMAttrModified doesn't fire
Advanced query language for MongoDB [closed]
What if you put a manifest=鈥渃ache.manfest鈥�in a .cfm page?
INSERT String in UTF-8 doesn't put utf8 chars into DB
can't add git submodule to repository
Ajax not working with javascript. What am I supposed to do?
Locally Hosting Web applications in Ubuntu
Adding gradient to element breaks CSS functionality in IE
Ajax not working with javascript. What am I supposed to do?
Locally Hosting Web applications in Ubuntu
Adding gradient to element breaks CSS functionality in IE
virtualbox copy from Linux guest to non-Linux host using xsel or xclip
Very poor performance with a simple query in Entity Framework
Hosting ASP.NET in IIS7 gives Access is denied?
Wordpress posts to xml
AS3 Defining coords for a screenshot?
Display image over disabled button, without image being grayed?
WordPress Plugin and One-Way Encryption
All points with minimum Manhattan distance from all other given points [Optimized]
vb.net Array resizing inside a function
Using EnumMemberAttribute and doing automatic string conversions
OSGi in Distributed Infrastructures
jquery check/uncheck event trigger
Creating an iframe with given HTML dynamically
Issue with relative date formats in php
Maximum Number of Columns in Hive External Tables
what is the easiest way to get started with hadoop on ec2 preferably mapr
two operations on two lists in haskell
JSTL Access Integer/Long key in Hash Map
Interoperating between CM Synergy and Mercurial
(Java) setBounds issue with a JLabel
How to use location.hash as a selector for variant elements in a page
Does Darwin/MacOS modify Bash?
Change in glibc not working
SQL to give the more recently inserted record
Run html5 video in iPhone by clicking a link which is display:none
Nosql design - tags and mvc
getResources(); error
can't find api token in Github
With FileStreamResult, how is the MemoryStream closed?
HTML5 video in Internet Explorer 8
How do I redraw and reorganise the elements within an Isotope container upon reordering the DOM?
PHP realpath on Windows Case Issue
How do I use boost::signals to implement the observer pattern?
Python multi-lists iteration
Shailan Dropdown 3rd level working in chrome but not in IE
How to remove subdomains from domains using javascript [closed]
installutil with windows service installs, then immediately uninstalls custom windows service
FREBitmapData can't be edited
Ouput escaping in my PHP (html tags render as it is)
Why is my mongodb call so slow?
How to get text from programmatic textbox when text changes?
Rails/Mongoid dynamic model
Configure Binding on WCF Service injected with Autofac
wordpress css image link
Routing error on rails button_to method
calculating adjacent xor [closed]
I can't seem to populate a Textbox with the Model's property value
Android image upload to online mysql database
Python lists of lists [closed]
Creating vertical timelines with Javascript/jQquery
javascript jquery.getJSON weird behaviour
bootstrap: allow scrolling below certain width
Validate Collection using JSR 303
Setting layout of my menu object
Custom config injection - New to Castle Windsor / IoC
How to return HttpResponse before script finishes?
Using Arrays in Vb.net
When all previous fields are filled, add new input field
How can I get session variables to persist across header redirects?
Storing Ruby code in the database
creating gradient on cell in a static iphone tableview
How to render filled B-Spline in a SM5.0 way?
How to find out the longest pattern in a string
How to check if a canvas function supports hardware acceleration on a given device?
localScroll next prev button
Garbage appears in vector after inserting result of operator
Is unmanged Visual C++ running on CLR?
Complexity analysis of SelectionSort
Met HTTP Error 400: Bad Request when using mechanize in python
wxWidgets Linux GCC, how to add scroll bar into wxFrame
Syntax error of MSSQL XQuery or no results at all
Why doesn't z-index work?
How to create and populate a table in a single step as part of a CSV import operation?
How can I get final bin size with javascript growing bin packing algorithm?
From Date & To Date Validation in javascript
get the message myLogger.log(e) in a String variable
Using iOS filename Device Modifiers (~ipad, ~iphone) in Documents or Caches folder
Unable to pass multiple parameters
Create a new format option for Maven Assembly plugin
Place a link within a infowindow using gmaps4rails
Java: Plotting 3D points in JMonkey
Cannot Host IIS Express in a Windows Service
What is expected from a SlickGrid editor factory?
JSF Filter skip some files
LINQ Grouping or Splitting
jQuery - filtering elements by id
Regarding factory design pattern through reflection implemented in java [duplicate]
Rewriterule with exception for subdomains
JSF t:datatable and c:forEach looks like conflict
After clicking 鈥淟ike鈥�button on my App different icon and name shows on the person timeline
Create a DLL in C and link it from a C++ project
String multiplication versus for loop
References in VB.net and Basic Programming
asp.net mvc 3 razor & jquery ui datepicker
how to find number of days between current timestamp and login date [duplicate]
Setting up Knyle Style Sheets and/or kss-node
Rails devise - error on update when resetting the password
how to find number of days between current timestamp and login date [duplicate]
Setting up Knyle Style Sheets and/or kss-node
Rails devise - error on update when resetting the password
AFNetworking UIImageView setImageWithURLRequest returning response code 0
Cannot load files in Magento altough they exist on the server
Lock down PHP for public use [duplicate]
<p:ring> tag in PrimeFaces 3.0
Rails - starting background process (Resque) from another process
How to enable a cgi-perl-script to do things with root-authorization?
How to import a page break from html to google docs?
Should custom deallocation functions consider compatibility with generic containers?
Jackson JSON Processor: SerializationConfig.Feature.USE_ANNOTATIONS setted to false
Remove unmatched parentheses and unmatched brackets from XML content
Does the File.Copy(source, dest) lock the file?
history.js's replaceState() keeps appending new hashes to url
parentNode is null or undefined in draggable resizeable custom overlay with image. GMaps v3
MOVS with LSL Carry Flag
Rails: Check for cookie
Basic NumPy data comparison
ignore_user_abord() and flush() in symfony 1.4 [closed]
Browser loads duplicate copies of scripts
What happened to bootstrap options in PHPUnit 3.6?
Input box inside a box/table
How to get the offset in a file in flash
Responsive images - Resizing a image on different screen sizes
JQuery, Canvas, Updating a variable
Git fetch/pull only work when connected to a specific wifi?
Best allocator for node-based containers?
looping function every second
Linux to Linux GUI Remote [closed]
How do I add a 鈥淥R鈥�operator to this if statement?
What are some good tools to create graphs with vertexes and edges? [closed]
Is there a way to run JavaScript code inside Aptana Studio 3 IDE?
Dreamweaver's Code Editor, highlight
Auto populating column based on if column number is listed in another worksheet
how to set config-constants in FlashBuilder
Prevent page from scrolling after DOM manipulation
Intellisense inserts wrong word while typing
Locate Scheduled Jobs on OS X Server - Cron Job?
Why am I having to double cast here?
Dreamweaver CS5.5 color theme for Zend Studio or NetBeans 7.1?
Not numerical weights in Mathematica 8 graph
Can't Disable Controller Class Caching in Rails 3.2
JavaScript and/or JavaScript code using jquery invoking WCF Service retrieving a collection of System.IO.Stream?
Unexpected Error on Capability Validation when running Marketplace Test Kit of Windows Phone
Arduino C++ char array is empty, elements are filled
Interactive visualization of connections between cells in a matrix
Codeigniter $_GET validation, XSS Issue
How does PHP handle variables?
C# equivalent to db.repairDatabase()
Printing a control
Android: Animated Door
Django: Can not get django-admin.py to run anything
FileNotFoundException with JAR in Mac
no_script_filename configuration in symfony 2
Using smart pointers to manage buffers
How to implement Wordpress pagination?
How to add methods to a has_many collection
Should the services in my service layer live in separate projects/DLLs/assemblies?
Using Linq to do: Compile a list of all lists within a list of objects
Change href with JavaScript
Wordpress Custom Plugin - PHP file uploader in Top-Level Admin Menu - Page not found 404
Gridview textbox multi line only for one single case
Is there any way of quickening monkeyrunner script execution?
form gets submitted before jquery dialog ui
ebay finding api itemfilter (php)
Firefox 3 with image links and roll over
NHibernate.Driver.FirebirdClientDriver does not support multiple queries
Test Case Outcome Column in TFS 2010 and/or Test Manager
How to add changes to code after deploying app to iPhone device
CSS background positioning with sprites
Printing values of keypoint descriptor matrix opencv
How to work arround a pool of priority queues? And is this the best option here?
How to map two tables to one entity using foreign-key?
Open 'Add Your Review' link in Reviews tab on product page
create sketchy / wobbly line using 1D perlin noise
What is a good web service for ajax interactions? in Zend Framework context?
Crystal Reports: For each crosstab column, highlight max value
how to write a function which calls a simulink file in it
Difficulty checking if elements in array are type integer PHP
What does Representational state transfer means : REST
String substitution in Puppet?
Run ssh in shell script in parallel and set remote variables
sed returning different result on different platforms
Adding a preloader to jquery autocomplete
Objective C: Getter Methods vs Class.ivarName
How can I write a .sol file without using flash?
pull only user name and select groups from AD with Power shell
Writing innerHTML with imgPreview.js
How to acces a returned value from a Google Maps Geocoder
JQGRID turn on/off column sorting
IP Info Using PHP
Checkbox :checked detection with jQuery
Javascript: How to pass an argument to a method being called without parentheses
How do I generate a git commit log for the last month, and export it as CSV?
Facebook Like Button HTML5 code Errors
How to get yml paramters outside the ActionController
Apache Sling resumable upload
Modify DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH for Apache? Perl CGI script not working when connecting to MySQL
decoding my NSData
Facebook Like Button HTML5 code Errors
How to get yml paramters outside the ActionController
Apache Sling resumable upload
Modify DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH for Apache? Perl CGI script not working when connecting to MySQL
decoding my NSData
Panel not displaying when it should be
How do I capture the HTTP code of an iframe?
Wierd names on WCF's xml schema
ios5 passing data from calloutAccessoryControlTapped to another controller
How do I dispose inline declared objects
Opencart how to test if module installed?
How do i install rails application from github
How do I escape a RegEx?
read.zoo always prints out results - why?
Java - Eclipse IDE
How to pass singleton as generic type parameter?
Android Spinner add items
Extension to the page icon status in SDL Trdidion 2009
Using glob on a directory above current?
Get char pointer in assembler function
restructure string in javascript
draw embossed arc using core graphics
The sample of in facebook sdk for Android always displays authentication page with language 鈥淏ahasa Indonesia鈥�
IE7 issue - spacing too large on floated, padded elements [closed]
How do you insert multiple unique records into another table based off of individual rows in a starting table
Can you create an intent filter based on query?
How to define 4 functions to fit these two tests (javascript/q)
How to generate hiberate POJO classes from DB tables
Not calling [super dealloc] inside a static UIViewController subclass
cx_Oracle install issue on CentOS 6.2
How to match the sentence that start with 鈥溫Y傎堎�鈥�by this code?
How can I use ReadAsAsync<T> with this data schema?
Script EF migration seed from Configuration class
Beginner trying to figure out how to import a simple csv file into R
Speed up numpy matrix inverse
EF keeps trying to persist invalid object
Generic Delegate Threading
ArrayList does not fill in Android
Query for to avoid conflicts for different time slots
ImageField doesn't upload
How to get JPEG module working in PIL
Make JQuery UI Dialog automatically grow HEIGHT to fit its contents (width remains static)
Handling exit without saving in Qt
RDF, Triples, and Semantic Web in everyday apps
reshape matrix - multiple columns in one column
Split an IP address into Octets, then do some math on each of the Octets
Importing Font to GUI
Legacy DCOM server on Windows Server 2008 R2
apache camel request response and how to route to next transformer
Upload image to facebook using default dialog
Adobe Air and Dropbox
CSS3 animations with transform causes blurred elements on Webkit
float div if there is no space beneath it
static variable value
XML::Simple & accessing complex structures
Process.waitFor() not waiting for executed shortcuts (.lnk)
Can I get any useful information from the camera?
T-SQL: Conditional sorting on two columns
Joomla: Call helper function from within a model?
Send email to multiple users within an account when criteria is met in Rails App
Convert Facebook Graph API Date to UNIX timestamp
ExtJs 4 How to Increase width of panel dynamically?
PowerShell: Headers, Footers and/or Frames in CLI
Event tagging on plots in PyQt
Under ARC, are Blocks automatically copied when assigned to an ivar via the property?
Specifying Exact Reference Versions in app.manifest
Keep form focus
Authentication Database Fields
Android- Java.io.Exception: content Length error Expected x amount of memeory got y amount
change url by htaccess
NSTimer invalidate - duplicate timers
Devise do not generate rails standard URL
MVC Model binding with lists
JTabbed Pane creation in an external class
SQL Right outer join with no match in right table
Autoload a namespaced (PSR-0) directory of classes in CakePHP?
asp.net web user control with loop
Partitioning different types of terms during parsing
Constructors comparison [duplicate]
How to save and retrieve a hashTable from a file?
Append array item to DOM element with corresponding index (jQuery)
Add text box with corresponding combo box dynamically
Open Source (free) designing tool like photoshop [closed]
Best webservice/RPC modules/libraries for Node + Android [closed]
Android: In which way should I separate code from style?
Hide Scrollbar for iFrame in HTML5 on Firefox without editing the SRC
Remove a line/block from QTextEdit
Re-using existing activities in stack (to avoid duplicate activities in memory)
Dexterity Content type with working copy (iterate) and workflow
Posting to /PROFILE_ID/links only accepts link and message parameters
View not being rendered for lengthy request but controller code exectuted
Extracting a pattern from file with PowerShell
In tsql what does tablename(1) mean
How to create magnifier on android
newFixedThreadPool not working as expected with object pool
Difference between iPad keyboard buttons for Done and Minimize button
Allowed signatures for iPOJO @Bind/@Unbind methods
how to integrate jQuery maphilight into MVC3 Razor C# project
get a list of all files inside a directory outside the system folder
UIButton @selector never actioned when I click on the button
Segmenting media files with FFMPEG
C# - Application randomly locking up when interacting with the UI
A lot of movable squares in Delphi
ZedGraph - Part of line graph not showing
Error when installing Phusion Passenger 鈥淐ould not find passenger (>= 0) amongst [] (Gem::LoadError)鈥�
Oracle 11g client jars performance impact with Oracle 10g server
simple issue database connecting using oop
What are the rules for invoking functions on number literals in JS?
Is there a way for me to force the browser to fix invalid markup by rerendering a specific element on the page?
Querying DataTable with LINQ
Java modifying run(), by adding a loop and removing the call to display()!
Integrating Google+ into website
how to create a derived table from two other tables?
Are Queries Acceptable in Rails 3 Views?
Watir-webdriver: I can't click a visible div in an iframe
how do i send an xml file from server to device via http post
How to fulfill open graph requirements for buit-in read action
Regarding factory design pattern through reflection
Release 鈥渙wnership鈥�of COM object in .NET
Loading PHP results after form submit on same page using Ajax
Missing column parsing Excel file with OpenXml
Compare only object references in numpy
my jsoup can not selcet elements by some classes
sprockets dont want to compile valid coffee script
jQuery Mobile not enhancing Headers after Dynamic Creation?
Outlook 2010 email fixed width issue
How to expand (flatten) row in datatable which in one of columns contains array?
NullPointerException when injecting Spring service bean to JSF ManagedBean
Can you have too many models in a PHP mvc?
setTimeout issue appearing only in Safari
Logical Error in a program that selects a letter based on given probabilities
writing from a function in a Bash script leaking file descriptors
Response code 200 but nothing is scraped by the Object Debugger
Maven Dependency error in Eclipse
C# opening a new WinForm and closing the Form that created it
Security vulnerabilities of letting users add content to a site's header
toDateString inconsistent with getDay?
How can I remove title and icon completetly in Actionbar sherlock?
iOS webview event when remote html file finish loading
Getting radio-button value on a loop
Performance tuning in iterating through FileSystemObject Collections
Simple loop/repeat on hover in jQuery?
How to display SVG in Firefox using <object>?
Crystal Reports Charts with detail data and hyperlinks
C++ reading from file puts three weird characters
adding UIView into subView of cell, UITableViewController
how to prevent html checkboxes, radiogroups and textarea reset if submit is unsuccessful
Conditional mysql join?
Liferay SDK portlet plugin: use ant target to modify .war file after being created
C++ reading from file puts three weird characters
adding UIView into subView of cell, UITableViewController
how to prevent html checkboxes, radiogroups and textarea reset if submit is unsuccessful
Conditional mysql join?
Liferay SDK portlet plugin: use ant target to modify .war file after being created
How to locate the formatting of a line in the Options/Fonts and Colors dialog?
Neko Dlls in Haxe C++ target
Django - Change the max_length error message on a CharField TextInput
Re-ordering numeric columns
How to install, require, and use a gem in ruby
Changing div styles using a javascript timer with different intervals
How to reduce the avaudio recording file when recording for long time about an hour?
CSS and JavaScript appearing inline in sourcecode
How to use an <img> Tag in Flash?
ReportViewer Control Version Conflict
Creating universal app. Does current user pay twice?
gcc:how to remove undefined symbol that is not used?
how can I validate a composite component on blur?
P4Eclipse unified Diff
Is there any way to make multiple checkboxes for each item in the list?
Visual Studio DataSet Designer Expressions - How to convert Datatime?
What's the easiest/cheapest way to create a cloud-based SQL database?
What is the correct way to join two tables in SQL?
Douglas Crockford's 鈥淛avascript: The Good Parts鈥�Chapter 5.5
iPOJO: difference between @ServiceProperty and @Property
Tsql unique records grouping
MS Access Form events, VBA
Calling tableview method within block
Why is Photoimage put slow?
Why does this JavaScript code not animate a window?
Using devise helpers in model
Document creation and editing online
Large file uploads via WSHttpBinding in WCF
Pre-Approval of iOS Text Messages
Issue with Antlr Stringtemplate V4 ArrayList iteration
Multiple background images positioning
checking user input submitted via ajax method
How to get real world coordinates (x, y, z) from a distinct object using a Kinect
difference between conditions in join clause and where clause
JRuby ActiveRecord/ActiveModel not creating methods and attributes for table columns (undefined method)
Orchard CMS Render module view in homepage
How to find out current working directory in Bamboo?
C++11 constexpr string implementation
Efficiency of comparing two dictionaries
How does 'UQ' function if another field is 'PK' in MySQL workbench?
Could not start release with rebar generate epgsql
Detecting History Change using PHP?
undeclared identifier when adding additional functions after my main in C++?
Php code for is not in array
Scss/Sass not working with sinatra-assetpack
Detecting History Change using PHP?
undeclared identifier when adding additional functions after my main in C++?
Php code for is not in array
Scss/Sass not working with sinatra-assetpack
Client-Server: File transfer from Android to PC connected via socket
Action link to _escaped_fragment version of link
Docked Settings Button override for Android
cout input stream with and without (void*)
ManyToMany self-referencing relation - how to optimize this code?
Have a class always return true for method exists
How to draw endless 2D board/map if AbsoluteLayout is deprecated?
Solr schema changes aren't picked up unless Solr is stopped for 3+ seconds
adding page numbers and creating landscape A4 in streams with itext
Equivalent of DefaultLabel in primefaces 3.2
Put Space Between Auto-Generated Getters / Setters in Eclipse
AndEngine - how to use standalone shaders
ZF2 with Doctrine Mongo ODM
Alfresco set permissions for node in bootstrap
Game Center - resetAchievementsWithCompletionHandler is not called?
jscrollpane that is shorter than its div
How can we use serialized the private field?
Add appointment to android calendar
Android app requesting url twice when requested with url params
How do I set a modifier in a coffeescript heregex?
Zend Framework Alphabetic list, new entry isn't alphabetised
Render html elements in email
Converting CodeFile to CodeBehind
Rendering Video to an OpenGL texture in iOS with scrubbing
Android layout style: subdivided boxes and shadows
How to update the first row of a table where condition matches in every row
Eclim is slowing down opens and writes of ALL files from vim
canvas slide animation
Reloading rails view from another controller
unable to nunit test my log4net wrapper class
How to deal with a multiple-user database
display loading message in php self submit form
Attach Eclipse to a remote process
Yet another issue about log4net 1.2.11 conflicts
Vertical scroll bar disappeared
Handling app termination during core data background population
How best to handle .classpath files in Git when developers are using different versions of JBoss in their project build paths?
General Python modules
Unity Exception resolving type that is correctly mapped. Why?
Tumblr API file_get_contents
unable to start service from activity using startService
C++ init member variables with multiple constructors
which part of ELF file must be loaded into the memory?
Trying to finish a design, and can't get past one little CSS issue
Javascript does not stop submit to server after validation
HSQL: how to get the number of rows updated by an UPDATE statement in a stored procedure
How can I supply the 3 splash screen sizes for a Windows 8 app?
Adding class based on contents of link text
RESTful json response failing on tomcat but works in GlassFish
Creating a shortcut with command line arguments
KeyEvent.getKeyText() is returning special characters in OSX (e.g. for 'VK_ENTER') but not on Windows XP, any solution?
Reports from GIT of a given programmer
php extending session expiration
External file for strings, as opposed to hardcoding them
Change object instance propertyChanged when any of its properties get changed
Show a hidden div relative to the hovered element on click with jQuery
CoreData, getting an element of my in my object coredata
why to use 鈥渢ext/javascript鈥� [duplicate]
How can I perform a reference equals in Groovy?
Javascript select text and format textarea
How to create console single file executable from nsis
Conversion fails in Visual Studio 11 beta
phonegap native header
Excel 2007 - How to determine a column is calculated or not
Reconnection of Events to the Selected TabItem in WPF TabControl
MySQL aes_encrypt padding scheme?
Combobox item source does not work in silverlight datagrid
Core Data and JSON
php drop down menu to delete from database
Connecting a WebLogic 11g domain to a WebLogic 12c NodeManager
jquery - printelement() on click
Image reflection CSS not working in IE9?
Hibernate Many to Many Delete with Annotations
Ideas on the Limits of BitmapRegionDecoder
Rescheduling Timer in android
how do I prevent VS2010 from auto-adding new SharePoint modules to a random feature
Convert iPhone app to Universal app on xcode 4.2