Setting a delay on a UIAlertView
Outlook Appointment Ribbon Button Events
Razor (Web Pages) Layout page execute before RenderBody
How can I access many Cocoa controls without the same number of properties or outlets?
PDO insert error php
Is the result of strtotime() is changed based on the timezone?
Problems redirecting a specific directory to another domain using htaccess
Are Roslyn SyntaxNodes reused?
camel route with regex choice
Does anybody know of any good PHP Codeigniter auto form generators? [closed]
Dictionary-based keyword detection
Why cant I set this pointer to NULL?
PDF - Remove White Margins
Is there any way to trigger the code behind enableModifiedFlag from CCSJ or SSJS?
SQL - Pass Table to a UDF in a Select
Is there a Groovy equivalent of the Ruby Timeout module?
Javascript that submit a form when pressing the ENTER
Playing flv android
Issues occured when adopted the VB or VB.NET project
Accessing contents of DB query
Does long polling have connections limit?
Dynamically named temp table returns 鈥渋nvalid object name鈥�when referenced in stored procedure
Thread-safe normal random number generator in F#
jekyll with broken front matter, how to find the broken file?
Android get WebView height
javascript preg_match equivilent [duplicate]
Getting a hibernate error in XML mapping: Repeated column in mapping for entity?
Why does my query result repeat 3 times?
What is different between all these OpenCV Python interfaces?
Move scrollable contents relatively with jQuery
Accessing an application in XPages with Lotus connections using the same authentication
Is there a need to secure connection string in web.config?
HTML Codes .. Names Vs Numbers
Guice: How to create HttpSessionProvider
Loginstatus not working while i want to logout in remains logout
Sinatra using ERB doesn't serve background image
Find matching Predicate. Predicate of Predicate?
Linux Single Instance Kill if running too long
ASP.Net CollapsiblePanelextender Control
jquery .html doesn't process certain tags and functions
Two ways of immediate call to anonymous function (function(d){ }() ); and (function(x){ } )(); [duplicate]
Android Buttons as part of a larger png graphic
One to Many CSV file moved to SQL using logic
add some elements from 2 txt files into a third file
Last child CSS3
Parse xml document with jquery
hide and show dynamically created paragraphs using jquery
Add a loading overlay onto google maps
Excluding when X exists
Google Conversions Not Working - Script Won't Load
R checking a parameter is defined
Getting property name and distinct values of a type T from a List<T> with reflection
Error defining variable in bash
Is using namespace in an anonymous namespace safe?
Please help me crash my C# code with an OverflowException
OpenFileDialog - InitialDirectory open a remote directory
How to get multiple placemarks from CLGeocoder
on using oracle database link theres an error 鈥淥RA-12154 TNS Could not resolve the connect identifier specified鈥�
Use Navigation History in Eclipse RCP
Schedule iOS Auto-renewing subscription start in the future, like Netflix
Stacked barplot with errorbars using ggplot2
Get the data from XML file in drawable-folder using sax parsing?
PHP If Statement Being Overridden
Executing Py file in Python Service
Where to get the JavaFX sources?
Android AudioManager setMode() permission Denial MVC cancel button with multiple redirect choices
Customizing a Javascript engine on firefox
SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH leads to 鈥淥RA-01489: result of string concatenation is too long鈥�
CSS design of Current Item (wordpress multi pages posts)
NoClassDefFounderError External jar file
how to prefix a culture string such as 鈥渆n-gb鈥�before the {controller} position in the url in mvc?
Change the model in OnActionExecuting event
Generic Argument Error [closed]
How to display recently compared products in the products page in magento?
How to debug this nodejs code?
can i try windows azure free trial without having a credit card? [closed]
how to prevent deadlocks occurring in this SQL
android EditText what inputType to avoid text suggestions
JSTL - use formatDate with a java.sql.Timestamp
Reading Data From NSTableView
Hiding/showing grandchild pages in a menu in Wordpress 3.3.2
Using the Javascript SDK, how can I obtain a Facebook user id, when the user has not yet authorized my application?
Compute gradient vector field of an image
JSON: 500 (Internal server server error) in .NET MVC3
How to keep post variable value in other page even after refreshing page in zend framwork
Import Data from .CSV TO SQL using FileUpload?
Shutdown / Restart Stats Tracking Android
In Ansi C - Where is 'decay' defined, and where are all the cases of it occuring documented?
401 Error when accessing API
drag one div to another and change size of that other div when i am over it
Switch statement in jQuery AJAX success setting
Wrapper class using annotation in Spring
Runnnig a Java console application from another Java cosole application
Opening an OpenCV window in a gstreamer element
Method to create shopping cart that saves content without logging on?
Adding a border to <UL> in drop-down menu
.done is not a function
Rake Aborted: Wrong number of arguments (0 for 1) web api - json serialization of interface member resulting in mystifying error
0x80040e51 Description: 鈥淧rovider cannot derive parameter information and SetParameterInfo has not been called.鈥�
How to fade in picture in ImageView loaded from url
Node.js + Express + No client socket events firing
Iterate over possibly empty lines in a way that matches the expectations of existing code
tsql - match up to closest number in lookup
Development and Testing Web Client Application
PHP resize image, kinda works
Why is there a recursion overflow in this rule?
XCode 4.3 鈥淔ailed to load project at 'project path' for an unknown reason鈥�
Why didn't I get all the files when I git cloned this directory?
Use websphere MQ as XA transaction coordinator
How to use Google map styles on a My Map
Magento API: How can I assign an image to multiple products without re-uploading
Error Converting C# to VB.NET
How can I get detailed geocode information?
Warning for 'incomplete implementation'
Using selenium Webdriver how to check if the webelement is outside the visible area of the screen?
Handle unpaid order
JTextField.getText() returns null value even if it has content inside
Updating credit card logos based on user input via JavaScript
鈥淟ight鈥�serverless SQL engine with T-SQL language access
How to run two Oracle stored procedure one by one from Unix batch file
Find catch statements re-thrown that don't have the inner exception set via RegEx
ASP.Net c# Membership provider <add name> attributes in web.config
how to prevent html form reset if submit is unsuccessful
addSubview outside the view
Is it possible to close confirm box after a time interval?
How do you increase the amount of rows that are shown for Sencha Touch 2.0 pickers on phones?
Remove the BUY NOW button on Tomato cart
Implementing i2c from Linux Userspace
constant definitions not valid anymore with PHP 5.4.x?
Trouble Adding Custom Tools to SSIS Toolbox in Visual Studio 2010
Building a zoom-able / pan-able container
鈥渦nrecognized selector sent to class鈥�when calling category method from a library
Packaging a BlackBerry App for Release
Regular expression to remove special characters in JSTL tags
How do I restore a project from a CVS Backup Directory (without the server)
Accuracy in rounding numbers [closed]
String and CharStream<'a> in FParsec
go language: build and reference my own local package
Implicit new and delete operator killing perfomance
winapi - Hooking an app's taskbar tab events
How to connect to a client in Broadband shared IP
Writing a macro for logging
How to check if a HTML5 video has ended on Windows Phone 7?
Reading a file over a network path
.show() .hide() not working in FIREFOX, working in IE
Codeigniter upload not accepting .doc files
Simple regex does not work in htaccess
When I LIKE my website none of my og properties are showing up in the news feed. Instead some Facebook default text shows up
possible bug with mysql variables in birt/pentaho report
Is a parse tree the same thing as bytecode?
android ndk and opengl-es 1.0/1.1 - 2D graphics
How to change the the name of 鈥淢odifier鈥�field in edit configuration of jira gadget- I want to change 鈥淢odifier鈥�to 鈥淓dit Title 鈥�
Tkinter: how do you delete entry field without causing errors?
Accessing Sharepoint 2007 via Adobe Air App using Javascript
Mongoid Complex Query Including Embedded Docs
Cannot Create an LinkedList<String, int>
WPF Custom control for receipt preview
Remove parent element, keep all inner children in DOMDocument with saveHTML
PHP: <?= not working / Apache configuration issue?
How do I include module into ActionView from the lib directory?
Java results differ for (int)Math.pow(2,x) and 1<<x
How do I use 鈥�鈥�in XML element names using lxml?
Rails I18n set_locale
Making jquery .on function work with AJAX loaded content
Google calendar sync issue with 鈥淩emember the milk鈥�subscribed calendar
AirPrint for ios Adobe air native extension .ane
Can't pipe into gvim from a ruby sub process
Howto extend a form via ajax depending on select
Adding Qt Sources to QtCreator 2.4.1
iOS: Webview causes flicking while navigating to another controller
Measure time required to create thread
A curiosity about the VS2010 text editor
How to convert multiple rows into single row in iformatica for large volume of data, need best solution
How to test a value on being AnyVal?
Best way to store a table of data
Call to Application.Run(New myForm()) not working when called outside Sub Main
CakePHP 1.2 Number Helper - Currency method format to GDP 拢
Default Salesforce pgination
GIT commit doesn't push to repository?
highlight words in html using regex & javascript - almost there
Will that be a crossdomain XMLHttpRequest?
Script wont call function in Google Chrome
Inputing results to inArray from .html (or innerHtml) and making it work
ASP button ID not being find 鈥渇indbyelementID鈥�in JavaScript
home screen icon
Netbeans platform and menus
MySQL can't restore table from backup - #1366 - Incorrect string value
Unregister Widget programmatically
How to set default value for UITextField that saves data in NSUserDefaults
Word Press Page - I need to GET variables
BindingError during binding to viewmodel's interface implementation via F#
How do I configure ninject to return a dynamic proxy of T?
What does 鈥�$鈥�mean in bash?
CodeIgniter - Convert GIF to JPG? Possible?
How to write event buffer for Java Swing MouseEvent?
Communication between ContentScript.js and Chrome Extension
Adding a date to mysql value being inserted if value exists in column
Browse an array of structs
Valid SSL certificate being rejected
wrong image height in canvas
replacing layout on a QWidget with another layout
iPhone iOS do apps running in backgrounds generate and process notifications?
Java normal distribution with mean diff than zero and std deviance different than one
Events and shared classes in multiple servers
Handshake failure when using jconsole with ssl
jQuery Template Plugin / Unobtrusive Validation
Detect If Current Record is Deleted on Access Bound Form
Ruby Dir.glob on windows network share
Nice way to do this regex substitution
String format currency
Getting Olson timezone ID information from browser via javascript [duplicate]
how to implement hash function `h(k) = (A路k mod 2^w) >> (w 鈥�r)` in Java
write out file / page name in Classic ASP
Json web service - NULL as values
Getting Olson timezone ID information from browser via javascript [duplicate]
how to implement hash function `h(k) = (A路k mod 2^w) >> (w 鈥�r)` in Java
write out file / page name in Classic ASP
Json web service - NULL as values
Parallelizing a serial algorithm
how to add subview over storyboard?
Integrating WCM between Liferay and Alfresco
confused about .htaccess [closed]
Rally: Load same tasks into multiple stories
Same code works on VS 2010 but not on 2005
UITableView crashes when number of rows >1
Restlet consume post webservice, add json-string as representation
Best way to hide a button on an HTML page with Javascript
Custom Error Pages not working correctly in .NET
Flash Mobile iOS app launches to a blank / empty screen when using an ANE
ASP.Net C#: submit image/documents to web site
Base64 encoding for the log in with the spring mvc
How do you specify the availability zone while creating a DynamoDB table?
Managed Bean Classes Separation
How to count rows in mysql query?
Measure Computing Time and I/O Time of a Program
A Novice SQL User Trying To Create A Complex SQL Query
How to handle screen rotation on Blackberry
MDM profile installation check
Back/Forward Swipe Gesture in WebViews
Play Framework and DB2
Getting o is undefined error using jquery-scrollTo plugin
jQuery validate except some selected characters
Titanium [ERROR] JDK version 1.7.0_03 detected, but 1.6 is required
How to open a new page when row is clicked in a JSF page?
How do I get the *real* url of a link from Google search list?
Filtering results in two tables
View not being drawn on top of GLSurfaceView
How can I run my Entity Designer DDL Script through C#?
Underscore.js: create a map out of list of objects using a key found in the object
iOS: In-App-Purches failes on test devices
How to test if Word document opened successfully using Automation from .net web application
Storing third-party applications in artifact repository
exception on sending an automatic email
How to get a pointer to some qml element from QDeclarativeView?
Trim number function
Finding items in an universal hash table?
EMF Databinding to Container of object
analyze a file's fragmentation in Windows 7
Clearing values without reloading the page
PDO Query Fatal error: Call to a member function setFetchMode() on a non-object [duplicate]
SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE url IS NULL syntax error exception [closed]
converting a MySQL query to use in web2py DAL
Perl script to modify file
Do I need to cache localStorage?
Core Plot Charts Axis Position
accessing a variable in another conroller via view
Getting error in using photobucket api using C#.
How to determine which aspect ratios are closest
Can we have while loop test two arguments at the same time without &&/,,
WPF multiple windows, change combobox affects both bindings
How to tackle twitter sentiment analysis?
Facebook connect is very slow, can I use AJAX?
Function doesnt get executed
Open a facebook link by native Facebook app on iOS
Why is this Visual Studio post-build event not firing?
About ipp image construction
undefined reference to `png_read_info'
How to go through 2 vectors in paralle using the same linq statement
jquery autocomplete with php source & json issue
My StreamReader ReadLine is reading every other line
How can I use Google Maps API to search both places and postcodes?
repaint doesnt clear the panel before repainting
C- program : Memory overflow for hash table using array of linked lists
How to upload multiple files and save the information into the database? [closed]
how to understand - and := in bash?
It is possible to get battery use per app in android?
equivalent date_part function in sas
Appending data to PrimeFaces' dataTable using Ajax
Opencart how to test if vqmod installed?
Structure of glibc?
How to compare date (month/year) with another date (month/year)
How to catch a session timeout when using GET to insert html?
Many to many hibernate mapping with extra columns?
Search multiple fields with like, without any order of parameters
Fastest possible byte array concatenation method
YouTube embed setup w/o controls but w/ fullscreen
jquery kill hover rules when button is clicked
How do you get an external computer's computer name in VB.Net?
Can anyone recommend a good, open-source GPS program? [closed]
Rails nested model form is showing random order on child objects
Has SOAP exclusively used HTTP POST historically for HTTP?
Spotify apps dead after update?
Should I use String instead of TFilename?
Json convert and return a wrong string
PhoneGap/Cordova and external url instead of www/index.html
rapidminer some concepts
WebBrowser does not redirect
Display wordpress posts using get_posts - first post shows no date
Class not persistence?
How to implement AsyncTask for twitter.getAccountSettings(): Android
JavaScript and Java in the same for loop, is this possible?
How to implement SPDY with Rails 3.2.2 on Heroku?
How to get Application Max Memory Limit in Windows Phone 7
Query in C Pointers
JavaScript and Java in the same for loop, is this possible?
How to implement SPDY with Rails 3.2.2 on Heroku?
How to get Application Max Memory Limit in Windows Phone 7
Query in C Pointers
SQL How to show '0' value for a month, if no data exists in the table for that month
Using KendoUI Charts, How do you make the Legend item a hyperlink?
TCPDF - Special characters(like this: 鈥�) showing up as diamond question mark
Google maps API v3 - pan tool is hit-or-miss
iOS - View not loading properly in iPad when rotating
Trouble generating CXF client code (wsdl2java) with Axis2 service
Left Joins returns duplicate values
How to calculate tides for specific date and location with Delphi
ExtJS: datagrid: re-apply sorting / refresh after loading
Listview Binding SelectedItem Grids Image how to get
VS cannot load VSPerfControl.Interop
Metatag displays as html ouptout (aspx page)
Jquery ui rotated image resize issue
Creating an install script
C++ DLL Returns only first Character to VB Application
Overriding global jta timeout in spring context in weblogic
Connect to Microsoft Exchange Server with Spring Integration Mail
Is there an equivalent of Source Outliner for Java?
Drupal Themes getting 鈥渦nselected鈥�
merge specific revisions only with svn from command line
For command using devenv.exe runs too quickly
Making a ListBox item go onto the next line
Html5 Mime type error in grails
Return the index of clicked button?
silverlight's design in MVC shows only on Visual Studio and not Blend
ExpressJS/Node: 404 images
Confused with polymorphism written in C# [closed]
How to display localized time, based on a visitor's location?
How to get last child in the self referencing table hierarchy?
What parts of an Android app should be fragments?
Importing XML into SQL using Linq to XML, is there a more efficient way?
Clean text coming from PDFs
Developing an application that spreads across multiple monitors [closed]
What's going on with this Generic Factory
Why does my jQuery Mobile app not show correctly in the Android 4.0.3 browser?
Clearcase running commands from a script (error: Bad phone number)
how to call play, pause on vlcplugin in mozilla firefox
Pros and Cons of saving image in SQLite
noty jquery confirmation and php execution
Basic PHP & Forms
Finding hidden images in xcode?
Unable to select a value from drop down in cucumber capybara
Enumerate environment variables in C++ (cross-platform)
How do I get full sentences to print after reading in a text file?
Sort datagridview rows in alphabetical order [closed]
Azure no subscription listed when create new service namespace
Reading colour value from png file in C
What is the ideal way to handle window.onpopstate for all browsers?
Forms Authentication not working for specific page
Javascript form validation failing
Execute SSIS task when a given list of files exist
Is there a good IntelliJ color scheme for Grails development?
MVC3 / JSON: How do I use model binding when my property names are renamed via a DataContract?
Does camera calibration and remap produces a pinhole camera model?
Resources to understand the implementation of Groovy [closed]
Sitecore AdvancedDatabaseCrawler advantages/benefits
How to draw a line based on mouse move
How to send data as a form via HttpPost to server in Android?
How to pass credentials during writting file at server path?
SQL Split Multiple Columns into Multiple Rows
View Template Override that is full page
Sort by time (format: hh:mm a) in JavaScript for use with DataTables
how to get parent panel in java?
Ruby regex selecting multiple words at the same time
url has /errorpath
ImageJ - Image to Stack in Batch
Developing an OpenSocial Gadget within Visual Studio
Python sys.platform = Linux2 but not Linux3?
PHP 鈥渇or loop鈥�to gather data [closed]
ObjectAtIndex causes app to crash
Threaded Sessions expiring on SQLAlchemy?
SQL Server runs SP on startup - where's the magic?
Change jQuery image src dynamically
How to dynamically define different no of rows for different no of sections in a UITableView?
SQL - Rounding off numbers [duplicate]
JSON object parsing for text and image
How to generate columns dynamically?
unit tests python 鈥淿_init__() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)鈥�
ToolTip with text + databinder.eval
Write database to CSV file [duplicate]
Retreive the object id from sys.sysobjects in sql server
ie8 and 7 Permission Denied when trying to load an external js file
How to make vector line selectable?
How to check whether a cookie has been set on previous visit?
what is 鈥減ublic new virtual void Method()鈥�mean?
Preserve special characters in PHP string
Commerce Server 2009 API - Get All Profiles
Need help about android mounting Sdcard
FB.init has already been called
Using PHP shell_exec to print PDF on the network automatically to a network printer not working
IE9: Access is denied when set up document.domain
Perl file copy duplicating output
No response from MIFARE CLASSIC
Ruby on Rails protect_from_forgery, why not default behind the scenes?
Best way of displaying form validation errors in a Node.js app using Express?
table row height determined by specific cell
Max-height and margin-bottom work fine in Webkit, not in Firefox
jquery php load when user enters room
Registering both 32bit and 64bit DLLs
jQuery set class to inner div
how do properly design a content provider?
ASP.NET MVC Database access
Why doesn't this query result change when DISTINCT keyword is used?
Embed Google Map code in HTML with marker
How to pull a range of values from a four-dimensional array in php?
Interactive rebase of a branch with it's point of divergence from master
AutoMapper: How to configure opt.NullSubstitute on nested property?
Remove base url for one link in CodeIgniter site
Unknow length of Http Response
Affiliate links in Facebook app - Against app policy?
index.html should clear session/cookies
Facebook graph API - Getting a user ID using an email address
CookieContainer data gets lost, why? [C#, web form]
Output Console.WriteLine from WPF Windows Applications to actual console
Login to Freebase for MQLWrite operation
IE7: li's behaving badly
How to parallelize event handler execution in C#
Aligning text in Textview for Android (using Html.fromhtml())
Refresh a ListView implemented using Lazy Load and JSON
WPF TwoWay ComboBox binding not updating
getting error 13043 when trying to submit product feed to amazon mws
Alarm and baseAdapter [android Application]
Powershell: Extract SentTo from a users exchange sent folder?
Check for Blank variables of Object
Shifting data with gnuplot candlesticks
Is it likely that future releases of Chrome support contentWindow/contentDocument when iFrame loads a local html file from local html file?
MVC VB syntax for default text for TextBoxFor
How can I create an association record if it does not exist when it is accessed?
Java RESTful services - What is the difference between QueryParam and PathParam in terms of their usage?
How to process a string into layer of sublists
Test for specific users with cancan
User defined exception are checked or unchecked exceptions
as3 dynamic class convert in runtime
dynamically changing height of #container div in flexslider
gdb gives me infinite 鈥淧rogram received signal SIGTSTP鈥�when I try to resume
Why would a PriorityQueue not act like a Queue?
Fluent NHibernate One to Many Could Not Insert (foreign key constraint)
AD linked server query works on one server and fails on another?
JDBC Connection to Oracle database using TLS Certificate
Launch AVD for large screens
Godaddy affiliates with CJ
Fluent API Composite Foreign Key with Generic Object Type
Git plumbing command to find out which files have been changed in a given revision
Best way to access nullable values in c#
jquery ui wont work while the 鈥渉ttp://鈥�script is also linked
Incrementing a long value which is a date
Tkinter Listbox set focus on last item
how to retrieve data from mysql database and store the resultset in an array using groovy [closed]
Spring Security: ClassNotFoundException or IllegalArgumentException on deploy
Google Analytics within Spotify - Every call is a unique visitor
Programatically set the marker on a plot
How to know all info DHCP returns?
How put Map's Keys in <select> on JSP
Loop through a grid in Sheet 1, return cell reference with formula in a column on Sheet 2
Generating code from data held in a SQL Database: Should I do it in a Stored Proc or on the Web Server
Eclipse : Link with editor keyboard shortcut?
windows phone 7 bing map
whats up with passing proxy information in Gradle?
Run Batch file as administrator - Windows 7 - Command 鈥淩un As鈥�from network file system
How to build/use sharpen from XobotOS?
How does one instruct the ExtractingRequestHandler to parse only the body of a document?
JPA connection configuration for SQLServer
jquery event handling for links
Deleting object array with for loop
Android: Error with cursor in a SQLite database
How to return a smart pointer?
Position a block on product page below tabs - Magento
Maven(maven-jaxb-plugin) with XSD [ERROR] XPath error: null
Jersey Client + set proxy
RESTful Web Services Publishing API
MonoTouch App to Mono Android
foreach get next item
ColdFusion ORM error inserting into child table
Remove old/unused provisioning profiles from xcode
Javascript 'changing' anchor position on screen
Sencha Architect 2: onLaunch never called
Covering One group box with another and using visible property to display one
Google Cloud Storage with get_serving_url
MVC EDMX Codebehind is using ObjectContext vs DBContext
Copy and Paste Value - With Coloring
Haskell Formatting Issue
Using an IOC Container in MVC3, are objects shared between sessions?
How to revert multiple commits as part of a single commit
How can i return this Datatable in my [WebMethod]
C# System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory - create directory with utf-8 characters?
Ipad show title-Tag of image
Security in Web Api
What version label to use for a forked maven project?
loading both jquery and jquery-mobile javascript files in Vaadin fails
C# culture info/setting up a specific tostring for currency
Fluent Nhibernate One To One mapping issue
why isnt Thread class final ? Why would you extend a Thread ever?
Mapping classes with multiple levels of subclass NHibernate
Overflow-safe way to calculate percentage from two longs in Java
Matlab: How do i use ANFIS (Fuzzy Logic Toolbox) for prediction
Get XML tag in Java
Mapping classes with multiple levels of subclass NHibernate
Overflow-safe way to calculate percentage from two longs in Java
Matlab: How do i use ANFIS (Fuzzy Logic Toolbox) for prediction
Get XML tag in Java
WPF Book-like application
how can i get window's contentView to 鈥渉ug鈥�it's subViews
Does IE9 enable 'something' when using developer tools?
UITableViewController does not show tool bar items?
Why would call to __kernel_vsyscall() from write() never return?
Maven releaseProfiles not applied when activeByDefault profile exists
Implementing covariance using Virtual types (Abstract types)
How to convert URL rewrite from Apache to Hiawatha
Splash page (not my idea) using jQuery to fadeIn/Out before going to first real page of site
Position Views side by side in main view in WPF with MVVM?
Connection UI.Dialog for c# setup project
SEVERE: Manager [localhost#/]: Unable to receive message through TCP channel
Elasticsearch sort by single nested document key in array
Should we wrap Facelet regions in a div?
android: google mapview IOException
Android synching data between users
How to extract the common logic including return statement in Javascript?
Farseer collisions
How can I terminate a thread that has a seperate message loop?
Disabled ComboBox looks enabled on Win7
Having web.config sections copy to all configurations
UPDATE query is not working with LIMIT
Doctrine2 : Detach / Merge on ManyToMany association
how to use alternate port number to send mail
textbox value in c#
Access synthesized properties when using ARC
Facebook Application getting blocked [closed]
Running php via a unix script
Compiling some CoffeeScript files on save
Getting Error When Using SET PROCEDURE TO
Jquery splitter save position in cookie
Restricting results included in SUM() with the condition in joined table?
Questions on the XML editor in Eclipse
How can I use the Django ORM in my Tornado application?
APM tools - where to get trial software? [closed]
OnItemClickListener not responding when changing layout on ListView
jquery detecting div of certain class has been added to DOM
Command line MP4 to WMV9 converter
Avoiding duplicate search pages in Google
Creating a multidimensional array in javascript
Swipe between webpages for a webapp
Switching from roaming profiles to folder redirection in a painless way
PHP components for PHP based simple and quick framework
In DynamicReports, how do you set absolute coordinates of report elements
Compare date range with dates in table VBA
Extra byte(s) after encoding/decoding
iPhone Game, one phone faster than the other [closed]
Is there a way to select in one click this-my-own-text? [closed]
Datepicker doesn't load in GroceryCrud when adding date with callback function on insert
Can I typecast a Base to Derived interface type?
rails 3 option_from_collection_for_select with selected null value
jQuery ZendX setup
Why Doesn't DataObject.SetText(String) accept empty string?
My iOS app hangs on saving with mulithreading
WP7 How to change the color of the second header of a pivot item
Create a pdf with text at given coordinates (PDFBox?)
django-rest-framework using views returns 500 with a POST
How to join multiple mp3s into one downloadable mp3 file in Flash AS3?
jquery draggable set containment
iOS synchronization - what is a good way for a Core Data object to know it has to be pushed to server?
Regular Expressions
How to simplify generation of number range using linq?
Adding value to array if condition is fullfilled
AbstractRoutingDataSource + JPA won't create table except defaultTargetDataSource
Java ListView class?
How to check if variable is of type of a type thats stored within a variable
Using a Servlet variable in a JSP submit button
JQuery or Javascript code to change the font of the last character in html text
Remotely running Get-EventLog wipes actual event log
How insert into table(User-defined type) from Stored procedure and passing to c#
Installing wget for Mac [closed]
Banner expiration variable, how to grab across pages?
Join two tables with not exactly matching dates in sql
how to load a new script in a single-page app?
Getting checkbox value in controller
Defining a custom table for AuthComponent
JayData vs Upshot (crossplatform HTML5 app)
how can I switch two menuItems in wpf with Icommand
CSS Cross browser Font support - bold and italics not working
Email format not supported in MS Outlook 2007
What is this 鈥渇oo.(bar.Baz)鈥�thing in Go code?
sectionForSectionIndexTitle not scrolling
Ububtu, opencv, and linking
Why is :key.hash != 'key'.hash in Ruby?
How apply the restrictions of an application to comments plugin
Why is the integer converted to string in this case?
Mirroring and Availability Groups in SQL Server 2012 [closed]
Is it possible to use mother's object fields without passing them in method's arguments
Is this php safe to use? [closed]
Border length property CSS
how to process/extract .pst usig hadoop Map reduce
Open source html5 document viewer for mobile apps
AddIcon in a Column of CellTable in GWT
How to create a CUDA context?
Less compiling to empty CSS files
Suspend Sub-Process in .NET?
AddIcon in a Column of CellTable in GWT
How to create a CUDA context?
Less compiling to empty CSS files
Suspend Sub-Process in .NET?
CakePHP 鈥淔atal error: Class 'Debugger' not found鈥�in a File That Doesn't Reference Debugger
PostPublish target didn't work on vs 2010
Jasperreports: how to make the page footer always fixed at the bottom of each page?
How to Run a Spock Test inside Eclipse
Jquery plugin 鈥�Dynamically bind it to elements
Example with discreteMapper
Auto-load trace listener to all new trace sources
jQuery autocomplete label, value in different fields when selected
A straightforward way of how to compile a program using GNUstep makefiles?
When would a value type contain a reference type?
debug library + UI for objective-c
Nested stores in Extjs4
PHP: Get Parent Class Property Values
How would I make a polygon based on the relative positions of markers in google maps?
How to add multiple strings to List<string[]>?
Cultute error on Entity Framework 4.3.1
hash keys / values as array
java String variables not setting
Setting editing range in Vim
Hide SSRS paramters in CRM 2011
How to add 鈥淩un as CLI Application鈥�to Zend studio 9 Run/Debug toolbar?
How do I make a list clickable?
Builder::XmlMarkup use
Threadlocal memory leak in Threadpool
Saving an NSArray of custom objects
get the values of a form field and save in database
How to read an Excel file(97-03) in Visual Basic 6.0
Does ProcessModel impact WCF Window Services
How to use common master page for different roles?
Want to exclude file from 鈥済it diff鈥�
window position a little off just after spawning and moving using python-wnck
MacPorts Clang 3.1 missing Standard Library install?
MS Access SQL, summing a few fields and comparing the value
org.springframework.orm.hibernate4 alternate for spring hibernateTemplate?
I18N key for rails models grouped in a module
Full Qualified name
Android: Unbelievable StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
Marshalling null values with a custom type used with an xml adapter
Converting aligned array uint8[8] to double
Create Internal Google Drive App without publishing on Chrome Web Store
Entity Framework MVC Slow Page Loads
How do I check for empty tags while parsing xml?
how to calculate the minimum of two variables simply in bash?
Mouse wheel event does not fire on GWT FocusPanel, if FocusPanel is on GWT PopupPanel (only in Chrome and Safari)
Azure Cloud Director not working after clicking 'OK' - No error message, nothing else
What is the difference between colon placement in :something and somethingelse:
How to write (long) integer values to Berkeley DB using bsddb3?
Display Dialog Box when i click on the maps place marker icon?
How can I recover the return value of a function passed to multiprocessing.Process?
Why was the parallel version slower than the sequential version in this example?
How to generate a link with multiple parameters in MVC3?
Pyplot Mapping <string,number> pairs on graph matrix
Zend_Mail multipart/mixed inline images and pdf attachment
Is it possible to target the very last list element in CSS?
System.Windows.Controls.Image - trying to get a color of the certain pixel
How to auto-restart an app after a crash (like Skype 4.0 did)
Oracle Service Bus ( <xsd:include> issue
How to insert text on the end of sql statement result?
Eclipse: Get the project name as a VM argument?
Two different GPS locations given from same code
bulk insert a date in YYYYMM format to date field in MS SQL table
Syntax error in mysql?
Exhausting floating point precision in a (seemingly) infinite loop
Unable To Access Hidden Values In .CS file
Parsing JSON data in an ASP.NET repeater control
cocoa:Click on the event to re- load a link to how to do?
Div only stretches to browser-window height, not page height
Programmatically setting a field inside a model in CakePHP
any ideas why this may be closing the programme? [closed]
Rails Timezone priority fields showing same timezone multiple times
Can't run mysql from terminal [closed]
Using Python to find Syllables [duplicate]
Undefined method sort for Enumerator
Ending the Apache rewrite-engine after a certain rule is matched
Maintain State of Page
Changing activity from fragment, without creating new activity in android
Selecting sequence number
waiting for user input on a form
Rails App- postgresql - learning to use copy command - location of db on mac OSX?
CSS & HTML: Placement of multiple divs/sections and images
How to program a Wcf service to accept xml data?
Adding .class files onto ant classpath for groovc ant task compilation?
Zend_Translate & Zend_Cache standalone
How do I save a floating-point number in 2 bytes?
Server-side versus Client-side Chart generation
Tracking Gitolite (common) hooks in Git
Pre-Existing Script Injection Point
Framelayout, Interacting with the views underneath other views
Is it possible autodownload Grails plugin sources?
Parasoft error: objects to manage resources should be used instead 鈥渪鈥�pointer
PMD: how to deal with no need to check null before instanceof
What's up with these Unicode combining characters and how can we filter them?
Removing every instance of the empty list from a list of list
Modify Cursor columns value in android
Dynamically creating multiple RadDocks on a button click
How to open SMS setting Activity in our application?
Find closest element after another element
install hibernate tools in eclipse helios
schedule two tasks subsequently in android
Javascript world map [closed]
ANTLR Grammar Issue
JNDI lookup from Applet to JBoss on EC2 instance
Keep track of multiple alarms with Android
Are JSPs generally shipped as .jsp files , pre-compiled Java files or pre-compiled class files?
Can I do GroupBy in the query to avoid property in poco class?
Cannot access object properties (weird as it should work as it always does)
The revision of a specific branch(within another branch) within SVN - Using SVNKit
TortoiseSVN reports conflict, but no conflict can be found
iPhone one title for all view controllers
Fast way to convert a Bitmap into a Boolean array in C#?
How can we understand that a div has a unicode character or not with JQUERY
How to show the progress of copying a large file in iOS?
How to put it back the stored data into exact label in
Copy a database table to flat file using unix shell and perl
MS SQL 2008 R2 - How to Compare or get the Difference from Two Queries
Column breaks in mulicolumn text in Windows 8 XAML
developing android mapping application with osmdroid
Suddenly get ClassNotFoundException in Exception
What causes a L3 cache miss in CPU?
Is there memory protection on GPUs
How format text, in a div element, with syntax highlighting using Javascript?
Temporary view is not working using CouchDb4J API in java
git pull keeping local changes
How to validate user inputs using regexp [closed]
Android 4.0.3 - Web Services updates not working properly
Assign const ref to non-const object
Semantic markup for address using Microformats
How do i remove an image from a report in Access. When i am trying to remove the image it is giving me an OLE server error?
Accessing Array by index in bash doesn't work correctly if array is from a sourced file
Realtime Analytics with BigQuery
Pass Date as parameter in DAO and Servlet
How can I merge these two web.config files?
Picture list in subview [closed]
Iterate from controls inside data template - windows phone
How to add an alt attribute of img tags with jquery
Write datatable to excel template and adding backcolor to a row in excel
Example for override function in Perl
Declared function can't be found
How do I fix a valuerror in django?
Subclassing NSNumber
Javascript not working in IE and Chrome
iPhone app Development Target change in xocde4.2.1
Treat the same XML tag differently depending on the parent with etree/python?
prop(鈥渄isabled鈥� true); AND attr('disabled', 'disabled') is not working in chrome and firefox
Spring 3.0 and EJB3 integration
Treat the same XML tag differently depending on the parent with etree/python?
prop(鈥渄isabled鈥� true); AND attr('disabled', 'disabled') is not working in chrome and firefox
Spring 3.0 and EJB3 integration
Use T9 dictionary from mobile phone for own chatapp
MySQL server has gone away during crawling in Perl
Gathering the numbers and math
Linq to Entities - Project into object, search on all fields but only return ONE single property
Live HTML editor for client
Item separator for context menu in Android
Search through Grid View that can take closely matching Data
Can not get background color in PDF generated from HTML
MS Azure Autoscaling - won't recognize target for reactive rules
How can I return a result set with the values of a field as column headers?
how to get caret position for contentEditable div?
How to get a selected file from JList
BlackBerry launch browser, then quit calling application after a short delay?
Every time I use my web app, I just create my data table again. how to fix this trouble?
NSNotification not received by sub level view controller
Create a Grand Central Dispatch queue that will only be on one thread, for Core Data
Is possible to split PHP configuration file php.ini?
StringTemplate invalid character '<' when reading XML Template
Can I exclude auto generated code from Eclemma code coverage tool Java?
Twitter bootstrap nesting form layouts
MonoTouch Binding Handler
PHP MySQL PDO -> ON INSERT if value already there do another query
SetcontentView after a video is played once
How to tell if a page unload in ASP is a PostBack
WP7 Exception error - Operation not permitted on IsolatedStorageFileStream
Where should I store custom php logs?
UIWebview: Why do my images not load?
regexp in mysql - find a string that holds ALL keywords (AND operator)
UITableView - get data when tapped
How to copy file to path that contains ampersand '&' using Python's shutil?
Memory Leak in the Delegate.m
How to know if a web request is made from particular another known website's link button
Scrolltop() has max value
application android that can make a call
Determine if code is called from within the same assembly
Problems with DNS
new and delete in wdk
How to remove untracked files in SVN
How to get server MySQL version in PHP without connecting
ASP.NET - Control dropdownlist postback programmatically
Return different data from mysql based on a row count returned from a subquery
Strange Winston issue with File transport open and closing
Combining results with DateDiff included
Rails change routing of submit in form_for
Low level graphics programming and ZBrush
Android: Request the focus for a boutton instead of the EditText
Low level graphics programming and ZBrush
Android: Request the focus for a boutton instead of the EditText
SEHException while in paint() - .NET handling is ruining call stack
How can I pass referece from an object in AppDelgate to ViewControllers
Index was outside the bounds of the array
dataRender in jqPlot ASP.NET from an AJAX Request
How to integrate JayData with Knockout
Show/hide drop down list based on selection of another drop down list using jquery
SQL Developer: Load Data Date error
JQuery Remove all content inside a specified Div (Facebook Tag)
can't upload file on server
Make a div display under another using CSS in a totally fluid layout
Heroku add new files into my facebook appgit
How can I create wizards in spring rcp using netbeans?
How to get QDockArea size?
PHP. Is there a way to require a function parameter to be an array?
How i can change the separator lines so they will disappear after the populated cell in UITableView
keeping login sessions with cakephp view caching
Embedding 鈥渃鈥�file into epub
Sending automatic email on background
Why mocking membership role fails to restrict access with Authorize attribute
How to get LastOutgoingCall from CallLog.Calls android?
Mac and Windows Excel
Issues in dynamic crawling of vbulletin
How do I print a table inside a popup dialog with jQuery?
MVC - Datasource container in the view
How to prevent user to enter text in textarea after reaching max character limit
PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer + PropertiesFactoryBean only resolving location properties
Getting error while calling CMIS service
Is it ok to place a <div> inside an <a> [duplicate]
Problems with file uploading HTML5
Objective c MailCore message body
MongoDB: Querying multiple collections with two queries?
change NSLocale/Language of iPhone programmatically in running app
How to provide two values in query string in LzBrowser.loadURL in openlaszlo
Shell shift procedure - What is this?
what is the best way to insert repeating HTML blocks with small changes?
How to have the designer serialize a collection of objects in WinForms?
How to show SplashScreen on the second monitor?
Binding Datagridview Combobox Cell to Int Column in DB / EF
javax.ejb.NoSuchEJBException: Could not find stateful bean
using android mobile as a server
How to sort search dictionary result based on frequency in j2me
JAVA Stack Pop Error, trying to create an undo
CheckedTextView Attributes ID and checkMark
Is it possible to create email alias for receiving payment throught the Paypal API?
Initialize Objective-C NSDictionary from c++ std::map
Having problems using a template container's constructor c++
Having Problems with Hide/Show Functionality in jQuery
SQLite query not working - (Objective-c)
Proper setting of the Umbraco distributedCall setting (multi-server cluster setting)
if statement in php mysql
How to write between XML tag in qt using QDomElement?
google maps v3 setting marker title dynamically
php xml PDO insert query error
How to transform xPath to CSS Selector
GroupCollection2 Compare function spliting groups
Creating a sticky note with JavaScript and jQuery
PlayN GWT/HTML, keeps insisting module must be (re)compiled
rails 3.1 submit an ajax (remote: true) form with a link
tecdoc WebService apache axis in .net client
undefined reference to `__errno_location'
Select a sequence of a stream
How to transfer 鈥渄ata鈥�between two device (android,iphone)?
Cant build Firebreath when including libgpgme
Distributed computing using message queue VS Map/Reduce
In ASP.NET/VB.NET, how do I declare Properties/Events such as IsPostBack/Init on an interface that a user control will implement?
Blank responses from Django runserver when checking user permissions
write spinner selected value to database
System.Security.SecurityException: The source was not found, but some or all event logs could not be searched. Inaccessible logs: Security
prove the algorithm that uses min-heap to merge k sorted lists
XEP-0077 In-band registration with Strophe.js and openfire usage
creating thread inside child process [closed]
Getting parameters in label from a Gridview with SQLdatasource on a buttonclick
Event hooks for MVC unobtrusive remote validation
nHibernate update not working for existing entity
Debugging objects failing to finalize?
Problems with connecting to ORACLE database from .NET 3.5 platform
Rails savon, two wsdl
showing a css component for a specified number of seconds
.NET MVC 3 How to cycle modelstate errors and force ModelState.Valid or disable specific errors?
Python: Why should I use next() and not
Permission denied when opening file with file_get_contents; webbrowser can open it without problems
How best to debug鈥� , logger.error(鈥� not writing?
How to pause/resume downloads in iPhone (iOS)
Showing a fancy tag list on git
Comparing curent date with date from database
UITextField.text keeps returning null
How to convert secured HTML (ASP.NET MVC 3) page to PDF using wkhtmltopdf?
Why are my attempts at using Vimeo's advanced API authentication using Perl's Net::OAuth failing?
VB.NET/ASP.NET 4.0 custom configuration section: 鈥淎n error occurred creating the configuration section handler鈥�
Where can get more information about the Java OpenStreetMap API?
How To Make a 鈥淐orrupt鈥�File [closed]
Javascript default text in textfield like tumblr
Partial declarations of must not specify different base classes
Correlate Source with Assembly Listing of a C++ Program
typeof this in virtual methods called from derived class
Java: Making an outline of multiple shapes
Clojure TCP Server with Aleph
Redirecting stdout/stderr of spawn() to a string in Ruby
typeof this in virtual methods called from derived class
Java: Making an outline of multiple shapes
Clojure TCP Server with Aleph
Redirecting stdout/stderr of spawn() to a string in Ruby
Is there any Url Spider component that I can reuse?
Serving large file with zend framework thats connected to another sftp server
LLDB identify an object with its address
What similar functionality method (viewWillAppear) exists on UIView?
To prevent postback failed: isValid=鈥渦ndefined鈥�
Using AsyncTask to download an XML file
How do I calculate values across three columns for a given formula?
Screen resolution / Physical size
How do I write a dynamically allocated multidimensional struct array to a file?
How to call a servlet on jsp page load?
Pass a string into view content pane and print in view header
Field level injection with Gin
Merge MySql table and a external XML to have them ORDER BY timestamp
How to store value in HTML input through jQuery
How to call a Clojure variadic function from Java
Why clicking links on the news feed wants authorization from users
Making text in a linked div selectable
I have an error with my asp gridview
Sort Grouped By Results MySQL
Dalvikvm crashes with 鈥淟inearAlloc exceeded capacity鈥�when running unit tests on emulator 1.6
Chrome: Form Border Radius Different than Firefox
How to get an URL of an image which has been stored on server
datatable to string with unique rows
Why won't my div sit on top of my image in ie7?
graph - Is Minimum Spanning Tree afraid of negative weights?
How does ruby on rails know what to put in @params?
Sorting ListActivity through a CheckBox
Boost MSM library giving errors
Having trouble with server.htmlDecode() returning a JSON string from Database with
mysql query to check greater than date and time
wsit-client.xml without modifying wsdl?
Parsing 'multipart/alternative' content-type
Specifying a unicode range in an actionscript regular expression
Apply web.config style xdt transform to other XML files in project
unable to get the services+notifications in android
cocos2d : rotate a sprite so it is oriented to the center of the screen
how to prevent cancelling of order in Magento
processing of list of list
Session variable not updating when using Azure cache
Visual Studio 11 Express for Windows 8 is only for WinRT?
PHP Soap MustUnderstand
Subpixel positioning/rendering of views on Android
Using Apache ANT to programmatically execute sql script with plpgsql function fails
Is it safe to add custom keys/strings pairs to root.plist file?
.NET native images created with NGEN are not loaded
ViewState Chunking in
How can I provide addition user's data on login (CAS)
Bundle says gem is missing - but it's not?
Source code for standard typeclass instance declarations
Android application JNI/Java crash after pthread_getspecific
Telnet IAC command answering
using jquery to play pause embedded vlc player
How to make a GitHub README page display HTML code as is
Is this a bug of Box API v2 when getting events
Using iPhone retina image as iPad non-retina image, without duplication
How to save login data in my iOS application
Using Percentages in Titanium for Fluid/Responsive design
Can I auto-detect which serial port where a specific device is connected?
Creating a Jenkins environment variable using Groovy
How to filter out specific entries in tree created by <DataFolder_object>.getNodeDelegate()
bind focus to a radio button
Using fold_left to search for an element in OCaml
How to add aliases in my disjunction using hibernate?
Yii - join tables into 1 huge table and access all columns directly
Convert spaces to tabs in lines I changed in a commit MVC - cannot understand why routing is not working
How to get the currently opened tab's URL in my page action popup?
How to add a line after every few lines in vim
netbeans: English keyboard for code but other language keyboard for comments
Store a jsRender template in a separate js file
Highcharts upload series data
how to redirect from modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=XXX to
How Would You Write This C++ Loop in Clojure?
What is the use of BindingResult interface in spring MVC?
Multiple Queries in MQL on Freebase
How to distribute updates to users of pre-installed paid Android App?
Gridview does not display
What tool can I use to create an HTML5 candlestick chart with an inverted axis?