Improve performance while updating entities in CRM 4.0 using C#
Adding a new line in a TextBlock when needed
Error related to undefined variable
Copy hard drive to a smaller one (all partitions with their attributes) [closed]
Rails summing the values in a hash thats sorted using Regex
how can i pass the selected value of dropdown list to user control
Passing raw SQL to Django template
N-Tier architecture and redundant database accesses
Polymorphism constructor function
Are cookies fit for just client side usage?
How to create a map with key and value as structs in C++?
xhprof on WampServer 2.2
Triggering Commands from the ViewModel in WPF with MVVM
Using Orca To Change Service
Use an Image or using the graphic function for 2D game dev?
Right destroy of objects in JavaScript from constructor
Dojo PJAX library
How to create a map with key and value as structs in C++?
Triggering Commands from the ViewModel in WPF with MVVM
Using Orca To Change Service
Use an Image or using the graphic function for 2D game dev?
Right destroy of objects in JavaScript from constructor
Dojo PJAX library
How to send long strings to a php file without a form?
How to set minLength in jquery autocomplete from database in
getting csrf tokens for json post requests to a rails app
Zend framework : no other Action except index action in the controller is callable
Getting Likes count of each posts on a fan page in Facebook
C# WebRequest.getResponse(): 400 Bad Request
window.print - what setting makes the browser print a url
How do you set up jetty-start with Maven?
Change .php URL with id into .html
Google+ integration in iPhone [duplicate]
glibc not properly compiling
List of .properties files in Java applet
unifying model for 'static' / 'historical' /streaming data in F#
ListView getting clicked view and corrosponding row
Updating an entity using EF 4.3 code first
Difference between byte ptr and word ptr
Exception while Parsing JSON with DataContractJsonSerializer
Validating Zend Forms with a Zend_Form_Element_File on mobile Safari
How to display a div on top of another one after click
Nested Wildcards to Handle Virtual Items in Sitecore
Data warehouse design - how to design for measures that are time related, such as last 7 days, etc
How do I know if django model instance was modified?
separate an NSString to NSString(s)
jQuery: How to obtain the index of a list element
What is the correct way to send keys with modifiers to a hidden window?
Eclipse My project no longer shows up under Package Explore
Eclipse plugin developed under Indigo will work under Juno (Eclipse 4)?
How to create a TCP/IP Socket connection pool on IBM WebSphere Application Server 8?
Jquery check form to see if any inputs has value
How to avoid that an executable cares about the dependencies of its dependencies?
[[UIManagedDocument alloc]initWithFileURL:url] crashes in Simulator, but works on iPad?
missing name after . operator error needs fixing
Entity Framework throws NullReferenceException in ValidateConsitency
Does /usr/bin/perl run as separate processes when invoked with one script multiple times?
How to select value of input onClick?
With checkbox selecting particular record
how to get default value of stored procedure parameter in java
ASP.NET Multiform Validation
How to assign color scale to a variable in a 3D scatter plot?
hadoop flume log4j configuration
Alternate method of VEShape.GetIconAnchor Method in Google Map V3
How to resize Image in Android?
xpath to get all the childrens text
Share same information on multiple web pages
How to show finishing form in Setup Wizard as if setup was interrupted?
Converting String to BigDecimal in GWT
NoClassDefFoundError messages differ with context
Rails 3: Popup option in Omniauth Facebook Gem
Python, writing multi line code in IDLE
Javascript's Confirm on RadioButtonList not working in FireFox
BitmapFactory.decodeResource() ignores inPreferredConfig option for jpg images
Unable to install a theme in Silverstripe
Synchronizing session between two web application
htaccess error pages and authentication
UIWebView can't load a URL?
Get address from latitude and longitude in ios
Android: Updating text in the UI thread issue
Managed C++ and AnyCPU
mapviewballoons error
jquery tipsy. trigger:focus not working on radio buttons
Why net().get on success return empty string
Rounding up to the nearest 0.05 in JavaScript
How can I put data from UITextField to IBAction string
Extend PHP to communicate with R programming language
How to navigate to the Edit route after New in a Spine stack
Creating COM object in Threads
Message 2100 when run sql*loader from UNIX
Eclipse ${project_name} expanded inconsistently
ASP.NET Protect files inside folder
JavaScript FileReader using a lot of memory
display and hide on mouse hover
Adding hashbang to URL if not already present
Link in a generated email is not being shown as clickable
Custom upload field in wordpress user profile
Mongoid create vs collection.insert
group subversion xml log entries by jira number using xslt
Reverse order of ObservableCollection
Why do people group rspec under test and development in the Gemfile?
graph api search not returning a post
How to control the browser buttons using java script?
How to default the root view controller to landscape with a size of 1024x768
Force Wi-Fi to stay on [closed]
Drawing an SVG File in WinRT
Observer pattern-The subject keeps track of the items to be observed by the observer
Anchor tag right click event in jquery
Internet Explorer automatically changes my DOCTYPE
How to call a subroutine with a variable pre-assigned to some value?
鈥淯RL Parts Error鈥�with inetc::post in nsis
adding views to tab Vs adding activities to tab android
How to get bean validation error message from properties file?
Label Text middle truncate
Radio button doesn't get selected after a post back
Duck typing and class methods (or, how to use a method from both a class and an instance?)
android : zoom/pan in canvas
I want a design alternative to a singleton
String to NSDate format conversion
app crashes after checking network reachability in iphone?
Opa : Fatal error: exception Sys_error(鈥淐annot allocate memory鈥�
expected<true>,but was<false>
auto_ptr to normal pointer conversion
Modifying the interface used for WebChannelFactory
Does Apple GateKeeper have anything to do with iOS Developers?
mysql query on equal values in a column
importing simple program using pyqt4 and python
Cleaning up annotations in Plone's CMFEditions history objects
How to create WCF service in Windows form
Parallel operations of image receiving and processing in C
Some events dont work in Winform in C#
Android get Session Initiation protocol(SIP) calling states
How to load resources from external assembly in WPF
Save the page state when navigating out
How do we know when our application data get cleared in android?
How to display the image of second uploader of carrierwave
How to get value of programmatically created NumericUpDown?
Google hybrid ( openid + oauth) protocol doesn`t work for
Resizable / fluid images wrapped in a div?
Adding a number id to a table
Can TTimer object be a field of a Delphi class?
Date Conversion from String to sql Date in Java giving different output?
Get component of Date / ISODate in mongo
Need to port data in sql child table
JavaScript using an array to display data
Upgrading to maven 3 from maven 2
Errror string catch: redundancy with grep command
using QueryDSL in osgi
Android - getType(int) is undefined for the type Cursor
EXTJS - Returning a form object
Conditional join based on a table further down the line
Dynamic UI, Loop
Highlight only required field validation errors
Rails & Act as taggable, filtering out results with multiple tags?
Getting identity column value using entity framework 4.1
how to use javascript in form runat=server without sending request to the server?
Need help pairing data
tcpdump implementation/adaptation
Let TextBox fill remaining Space in Grid
Weird behavior of custom UINavigationBar
Pairing and connecting in iPhone app over Bluetooth/Blutooth LE
Disable Database Initialization for Entity Framework 4.3
What to check in web project if library exists by error class not found?
How to call WCF Service from Android application via WiFi Network?
How to scroll a detached object?
hovering an list item anchor with an active state
Get Gps Location Using Android
Get Gps Location Using Android
impress.js: How to run function on slide #id and class .active (or slide enter)?
how can i can change the icon of the facebook app in the timeline
Render Word Document from Remote Server using WIN32OLE in ruby on rails
How to get all leaves of given node? (tree has only id_parent)
What is the structure of the JBIG2 filtered stream in the PDF document
http response return type deserialization into a specific type
Implementing error logging in windows phone 7 app? [duplicate]
cakePHP paginator not passing passedargs
How to Create Contact QR code in iphone
Redis Retrieve by Foreign Key using ServiceStack.Redis
How to make a WHERE something OR something_else query in Django?
jQuery slideToggle command causing text link to move
SenchaTouch2: Store 鈥渟ync鈥�Request data-format (Content-Type)
changes not visible on remote branch after push
Android export error
php/mysql database redesign and migration: changing databases to tables
C++ program to read a txt file and sort data
Animated website scaling/zooming
Enterprise Library 5.0 Logging - rollInterval
How to remove anything from string after whitespaces in java
How to steal build an app of two html files with shared dependencies in JavascriptMVC
hi,mongodb c# driver Cannot read the slave,so I had a bad day
List users and their privileges in shell script in Windows
Dismiss an Alertdialog in Android
Annote changesets from source control in Visual Studio 2010
Can glibc be compiled into one object file
Reading data from database using labels and radio buttons
jQuery Stickysidebar overlaying on footer
Stop JUnit test in @Before method without failing
I want to try to check the IP using ServerVariables[鈥淩EMOTE_ADDR鈥漖 but it keeps return
Client found response content type of 'multipart/related; type=鈥渁pplication/xop+xml鈥�
how to avoid the 鈥渦seless split in void context鈥�warning in Perl?
call webservice method that return list<class> or two dimension array
Converting values from array ? PHP
Get text from all quotation marks and display it [closed]
Chinese Text to Speech in iOS
Sliding form stop animation if mandatory field empty
Mobile App HTML5 Game Development (Tools)
Resizing and clearing array
Where should 'call command on property change' functionality go?
How to Sync yahoo contacts with android contacts? [closed]
Java connecting to localhost SMTP server
How to make JNLP download the correct version of JavaFX 2?
How to center contents or divs
Socket failed connecting to server
Execute code after sinatra response, Twilio app connecting to external API [duplicate]
TeamCity says success but the msi doesn't load
currency format in c#
back tracking algorithm design technique definition
Sencha Touch 2: Pass data from a panel to another panel
Saving your Private Key and Transferring to other Systems
dynamic scroll bar division with ajax
imageMagick: draw a text on page two of pdf
Copy of an hashmap
File and Filewriter
parsing information from a table
how to configure plugin in Nagios?
CakePHP 1.2 - Model validation database table field prefixed with id
IIS restart MVC3 application when delete subdir
Android Sqlite multiple cursor for multiple table
Struggling to create MySQL Connection Pool on Glassfish
Invoking standard 鈥淔ile changed outside Visual Studio鈥�dialog
Show translation missing in rails 3 like the rails 2 way
sqlite, slow joined query throught 4 tables
Getting Started with PhoneGap and JQM.. Pretty Confused
NHibernate autoincrement string column
Error querying dbf file from network share using Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0
GKTurnBasedMatch quitting out of turn
stop the stackpanel items inside scroll viewer to be at the display left side when scroll
Grails query not inList
Javascript error: 鈥淓xpected identifier, string or number鈥�in IE
Rails scopes - undefined methods
How to get substring in SQLIte?
To found all the page not found page in my website [closed]
Is there a way to step into decorated functions, skipping decorator code
OpenCL version of cudaMemcpyToSymbol & optimization
How to convert view into Drawable
Record online blackboard with playback
Error opening SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0 using Nhibernate
MARS not working with sql native client
Mixed font types in resx file for localization
Is there a way to chain methods which return an Option-Type in a way like getOrElse does but keeps the option-type
Is it possible to programmatically set the partial refresh element for an event?
How can a SqlParameter value be set to the result of a SQL function?
Showing menu when right clicking on a item of a tree view
embed audio of youtube playlist
Improve the LINQ query returning indexes of items meeting a certain condition
Need help in Writing custom attribute in MVC
Android play music in a random amount of time
Achieving multithreading in PHP
Mouse click on JLabel array (Java)
OpenERP: develop or modify a module?
Accessing assets in subdirectories in android?
How to continue program execution even after throwing exception?
How to add values to zend registry in zend framework 2?
T-SQL, string comparison with leading digit using parameters returns a false positive
Get my facebook public events and show in the my site with Facebook API - SDK
How to handle different error types in node.js
Using registration-free COM-assemblies (side-by-side)
AntiForgeryToken With Jquery Ajax Calls Using ViewModels?
Detect css change to element with JavaScript
CustomTreeCtrl Popup Menu Binding Assertion Error
Compute the mean of the float values in a certain column in a large MYSQL table
Is there any package for creating html to pdf in python3
Time accuracy in programming, applications and operating systems
Find contact from email (or other information) in Xmpp
Strategy for finding already spawned task in queue
Why does this wordpress code throw an empty WPDB error?
jPlayer CirclePlayer Multiple Instances
Android dynamically change keys in soft keyboard
no success activating ajaxtoolkit popup modal using javascript
No data is sent with GET method
any other option for php header in jquery
MATLAB name clash: 鈥渨rong number of arguments鈥�
NFC Android: getting value from a NdefMessage
using string as an attribute for a linq query [duplicate]
Accessing SVN or Remote Git Repositories etc using iOS or c/c++
Fallback factory fails for JSF2 on Weblogic 11g (
Django - Get gravatar from view
JdbcTemplate mutiple variables in query
Can't seem to force image download even with output buffering on
validity of x-google-token
Displaying a number in 2 point decimal format in jsf
Marque Scrolling text in UILabel
SudzC for magento WSDL does not work properly
Easeljs Container event listeners
Move The First Div Appear Under the Second One in CSS
PHP gd library, how to draw line on existing PNG image
Japanese Characters in Java App
How to draw a cube using triangle_strip in android
scrollbar making issue when used heirarchical datagrid with item renderer
span with onclick event inside a tag
How to display delete message in correct row
Treat phrase in quotes as a word in javascript
Undefined symbols for architecture i386: 鈥淿sqlite3_open鈥� referenced from: error
How do I calculate Block Numbers
Plain JS version for the jQuery code
locally hosted WCF service can accessible in android using wifi
XML Node data for SUDZc
declaring two properties with different name that will point to the same variable
Bash conditional piping
Disable automatic updates check in Glassfish
How can I fill a DataTable from a LINQ inner joined query resultset?
Dropdown menu aligned wrong in IE7
Struts tag 鈥渋f test鈥�in jsp
How can I convert a protocol buffers message to JSON in C#
Simplest possible servlet and web.xml in netbeans
PHP Stylesheet won't work?
ios 5.0 login to twitter in ios simulator issues
CSS Hover Menu Problems
java simple embedded HTTP server - DOS filter needed
how to convert date difference to number in javascript
Getting Edittext values
display xslt with xslt
Why does my session var increment by 2?
padding exception and decryption in java
How to retrieve the Access Token from Facebook login in ASP.NET?
receiving data from smart card reader through serial connection (C#)
Dynamically pivot table data without using aggregate function where columns are not consistent?
SQL server slowing down, what could be the reason/ways to improve?
Android & iPhone Sound Recording
adb error in android eclipse
Scheme - detecting aux keyword
Request for 鈥渘ear鈥�venues keeps failing
Renaming files in a loop
Using model data and FormCollection in a HttpPost
Null pointer exception when tranforming Geopoint into Location
Is SSH possible on remote networks? [closed]
Checkbox kind of fields with XML Schema
Rserve return type in case of multiple statements
Is it possible to improve this stored procedure
typeof(Sys) === 'undefined' error when running ASP.NET app
Easier way to add elements in XML using LINQ
List View with adapter android
JQuery: Replacing a visible character
can't access service reference of wcf service in wp7?
Geocoder google maps longitude and latitude lookup
Retrieving 2 closest numbers among 3
Generate Semantic HTML forms
Modifying the java code generated by adding a break line before each new section
File API not working with Blob in Google Chrome Extension
Android optimisation and portability
compiling your own glibc
Show the HTML code preview in JFrame?
Netbeans platform custom configuration file
BUILD FAILED D: opt trunk build.xml:117: Could not create task or type of type: for
How to get selected items valus from list box without using for loop
Proximity Alert firing twice?
Checking if a document is ready
How to run 鈥減ackage鈥�before 'test
graph - How to print the path between two vertices if I already have and only have the parent array?
How to stop the 鈥淐hanged database context to 鈥︹� message
Preventing a double redirect with htaccess
parse string to const uint defines
DocumentInteractionController annotation property not passed to second app
Lithium form helper data and errors missing?
Cannot convert Array to String
Design Surface in ASP.Net MVC
Not using fork calls in LIGHTTPD source
Not using fork calls in LIGHTTPD source
How can I remove script elements before they are being executed?
Can I define a LESS mixin to generate a transition-property with a variable number of parameters?
Fetch Local phonebook contacts From SIM card only android
How to make an inline-element to occupy space above and below itself within a text using CSS?
Find ID does not find the id and create
How to find all downloaded items information?
How to write a Linq query to pick the last max number in the given strings ?
Countdown Timer which shows on the UI with AsyncTask
What is the appropriate data type for a course_code?
Umbraco v5.x learning resources
How can I let tables be created automatically from entity classes with PostgreSQL and JPA?
sending bitmaps over tcp in c#
How can I read image files?
How to obtain the 鈥淕rammatical Relation鈥�using Stanford NLP Parser?
Set date & time through WMI in vb
How can I speed up fetching the results after running an sqlite query?
Convert .p12 file to .pem using Terminal app in Mac 鈥淣o such file or directory鈥�error?
Any alternatives for jquery msgbox
SEVERE: CouchDBQuery error. Too many open files
Plist Error: String is Empty
How to create component in SDL Tridion 2011 using core service?
Why CGLayers are not blending?
How to render return HTML content after GWT form submit successfully
Pointers and if statement error, in C code while converting in Java
Telerik mvc grid with Edit mode true or false
OpenGL Face culling not working properly
Akka: actor spawning vs filling up mailboxes
How to call .net web service with jquery?
Dynamic programming in power sets
Can we migrate MKS 2009 to TFS 2010? If yes how and what tools are available?
Finding ancestor with specific attribute or class in jQuery
iPhone - Data fetching from Parent table using Child Object in core Data
Tab-Control inside normal Activity, is it possible?
Accessing table names in .mdb file using Python package Adodbapi
How to use and reuse JS variables across functions
How do I add labels to individual bars on a bar chart using Dojo charting
Convert Timespan to IADSLargeInteger for Active Directory Setting
Illegal character error in jquery
Accessing Capacitance Data From iPhone
Trouble determining the pattern for NSRegularExpression鈥�
How to show multiple images in a single page of LeavesViewController?
Access MSSQL Db from MYSQL
Convert texture to GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA
Record user voice from web browser
Why is an iframe in XUL popup not displayed?
Submit form and save values to sessionStorage
WSO2 ESB Topic Subscription for REST url
Displaying children categories in current parent category (Expression Engine)
Stretch a row with data overflow while having multiple rows in a single band
Stretch a row with data overflow while having multiple rows in a single band
Timeout error when loading Xml from URL
jQuery accordion plugin (like Facebook or Google)
Achartengine: scolling and re-draw Pan. How can I do?
Java Spring Batch - executing from a jar
How to create custom Push Notification for my Own App?
Mac App Store security IAP (or receipt verification) for educational content
URL Rewrting not working in joomla 2.5
active state in accordion menu
How to get values from Liferay authentication Page?
Restlet add parameter to webservice call
intellij idea folders instead of packages in project view
Query for 鈥淗ow many users submitted content each month鈥�
Excel Interop to open excel with macros disabled
Adjusting distance between points in RGraph (javascript)
merge two steps shipping method and payment information in onepage checkout in magento
CSS 3 Gradient Confines Nested List to Parent UL
Bad shading result when applying material
sencha don't seeing the list in a panel
How to prevent from tabbing to a UITextField?
how to support background downloads in iPhone (iOS)
jquery accordian hide show visible event trigger
php preg_match find all parts
Scala job scheduler with MongoDB jobs storage
How can I use to translate the string in Java program?
How to implement horizontal scroll for toolbar in android?
Java - Convert doc/docx file to chm file
Posting to facebook fan page and to the user's wall in the same time. Android
JQPlot - Stacked Horizontal Bar Chart - No Bars When Stacked
Visual studio 2005 autocomplete
when sending image from assets by email the mailer view shows 0kb size of image?
Basic guide to the Box API doesn't work for me
data not getting inserted in sqlite with pdo
Is it possible to have live wallpaper with 32 bit (ARGB_8888) surface format?
JQuery: Selecting a page's visible text
Extended EDT does not compare dates
why setName in Thread class assigns to a character array?why not a String?
RegularExpressionValidator versus Regex.Match in CustomValidator
How to Read an embedded resource as array of bytes without writing it to disk?
Can't edit credits callback url in Facebook Application
Multiple app entries in my MSIDatabase
Analyse String replace Memory leak
set image path with createTrackbar
Rails: Separate controller's method for partial view
Binary Tree - Copy Constructor
Why toString() returns different values for the same input in Java?
unable to convert Nsarray's object into string
Display messagebox in dll library
Json encode php file
Eclipse plugin development - Putting a canvas into a editor window
JQuery dialog not returning to codebehind
count multiple row values in the same query, mysql website fully qualified path and assembly
How to show view display if one field value is higher than another value
What does the . do in Haskell? [duplicate]
How to add list of elements as options in select html tag
Replacing variable placeholders in a string
Access 2007 populating a report using a macro
Rest Server or API to test my Restful client?
FubuMVC: How do I add a new method a la DisplayFor
Facebook apps redirects to 4oh4.php only on some browsers
want to change the color of text in multiple choice listview
Cookie less Session not expires after closing IE
Two PHP Forms that Redirect to x/y URL on the same page
Applying styles to a listitem inside a div
Multiple foreach vs multiple if inside foreach
SBJson deserialization issues
How to play rtmp video in videoview in android?
Android onResume Show Previous state of Activity
How to Set Baud Rate 2.000.000 Using DCB Structure
Variadic function va_arg() returning incorrect parameters
How to Plot Density from Frequency Table
What's the difference between BlobBuilder and the new Blob constructor?
Separating MVC project into separate projects using WCF
ModelState is Invalid for Drop Down List
Remove everything from a string but numbers, dots and single letters with preg_replace
google app engine (java) - storing url images on the datastore
DataTable to Excel range in one shot?
memory allocation with instance creation in C++
Code working on simulator not on phone
Bitwise operations on negative numbers in C
Array not storing the required parameter
Jquery ScrollTo issue
Can Cake Php Validation clear input field value
Avoiding repetition of javascript version numbers in Rails manifest file
Create SQL using variables
Phonegap getCurrentPosition and watchPosition
Extension method must be defined in non-generic static class
Scrollviewer & SIP Issue (WP7.5 Mango)
What is difference between class path , file system?
Is it possible that a C++ program gives different results on different x86 hardware?
Prevent some values of SmartGWT IPickTreeItem to be selected
What is the best way to create a static bar(like the youtube red-green bar)? [closed]
Are references to Java enum values global?
php form not working with hidden field
How to get the Raw pixel data from CGImage [duplicate]
HTML5 textfield on IOS Keyboard: How to jump to next field with enter, leaving keyboard open
Rewrite rules for subdomains
Object reference not saved properly in entity framework
Android: Display custom dialog in center of the container
ListPicker separate templates for Normal and Expanded states
Timer Based Application In GWTP
how to get absolute X/Y coordinates for a display object nested within Display Groups in Corona?
MessageDialog unresponsive after FileDialog ShowModal
How can I specify the HADOOP_HOME after I install hadoop 1.0.1 in ubuntu with deb intall file
Getting the handle of a loaded dylib
Postgres DB connection through python with a password - mac
How do I pass variables from Connect's middleware into app.get-action?
How can I simply retreive the absolute path of the current script (multi OS solution)?
iOS NSTimer firing twice
How to share a library between two identical swfs on the same HTML page?
Strange Behaviour with Flat File Import
JQuery Detecting Hover on Flash Object
Replicating tables from oracle to mssql
Where are all mount points stored in Linux
Add a custom field to jira (create issue) with a plugin
Setting format of setters & getters in Scala case classes
Why applyDimension method returns wrong values?
Calculate total time of each user in single/per day - php/mysql
Performance effects of moving mysql db to another Amazon EC2 instance
Navigate to another page based on the callout clicked
How do I display annotations titles for an array of locations on MapKit
jQuery performance on Android OS (Samsung galaxy Tab)
Unescape database content with adodb or PHP
Twitter Bootstrap: Nested modal popup doesn't fade
php - preg_replace / backreference - Syntax to extract parts from mail address
Populate form with localStorage
Which is faster to get running processes WMI or System.Diagnostics.Process?
good practice in mail and FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING
Internet Connectivity check in Android
PHPMailer: Error handing with BCC
Looping through a 2d session array shopping cart php
Sinatra : how to use helpers in Mustache views
How to measure IEnumerable<T> evaluation time?
How to check for file existence inside a Jlist
Android keyboard on hold
Unable to disable links in iframe with jQuery
Add new column without table lock?
Adding events date and time in android calendar
Failure to play MP3 file with COM exception in IGraphBuilder.RenderFile
MySQL COUNT with empty column
Zend fetchall cannot return primary ID
How to record user's voice from the website but without Flash?
How to run nginx + python (without django)
set the values in Listgrid (smartGWT)
unable to use Spring Advice(@Before) using annotations
How to get specific sequence of array given the array size and the beginning
Unable to add a Cookie using response.addCookie
Create an object with a String and method overloading
In SQL, how to aggregate on a field inside the table
Generic query for both oracle and sql server databases?
virtualization on flow layout container
ExpandableListView and getItemViewType
if menu item exists show or hide link with jQuery
Execute a SQL String and insert result into table
Given an arbitrary collection, is there a way to tell if it is ordered?
Understanding Java's 鈥渇inal鈥�for translation to C#
Inserting file to the download url sent by google drive
avoid app installing on tablet in android
Is it possible to publish similar apps under enterprise app deployment
Windows Phone timed repeating method (like NSTimer in IOS)
Why isProviderEnabled() method always return true even inside the Building
Steps to run a bash script from Android app remotely
Adding view to storyboard programatically?
How can we bind selected row (or any property [for example Id column] from that row) to a property from ViewModel?
selfupdate macports not working
How to get the width and height of an Image View in android?
sorting an array and adding AND to a query
drag&drop not working in Opera 11.62 and Safari 5.1.4
PHP - Just in time compiler Vs Interpreter
Send and Receive DIME Attachments Java
Video playing on Android
ActionBarSherlock requesting search
Convert Windows Timestamp to date using PHP on a Linux Box
Responsive web CSS rules at 992px Chrome issues
mySQL is not starting after installing WampServer 2
Android OptionsMenu, add items on runtime
java.text.SimpleDateFormat not thread safe
How to avoid to crash a browser?
Appending different values from same column with each other
Merge aspnetdb.mdf with my own database (automatically generated)
CSS gurus: font shorthand and CSS duplication
pretty printing and expansion
Why isn't Symfony2 triggering my Doctrine event listener for `preUpdate`?
Explicit instantiation of a function template parameterized on a templated function
Is it possible to use placeholder in WP7 (PhoneGap)?
XSLT/Diazo: create element for each pair of elements
How to troubleshoot threading issues on Linux?
Scroll Bar is moving to top when reaching maxlimit instead of stoping right there on textarea
nodejs Game loop and external scripting files
How to Implement facebook using Titanium [closed]
Receive JSON object in index php, process JSON info on page and send back JSON response. How to go about it?
SMS API's for Stand alone application [closed]
The process cannot access the file because it is being used (error)
In Java, How to check if time is within two Date objects
Why is foreach() %do% sometimes slower than for?
Integer to real conversion function
To maintain the state of a scrolling level menu
MySQL Query output using if else or case..?
Receive JSON object in index php, process JSON info on page and send back JSON response. How to go about it?
SMS API's for Stand alone application [closed]
The process cannot access the file because it is being used (error)
In Java, How to check if time is within two Date objects
Why is foreach() %do% sometimes slower than for?
Integer to real conversion function
To maintain the state of a scrolling level menu
MySQL Query output using if else or case..?
Is there a simple way to detect collisions between 2 GL objects? e.g glutSolidCylinder & glutSolidTorus
linear genetic programming constants
Show DetailView from UITableView
jQuery Mobile: filtering nested lists
how to configure graphics.h into Code::Blocks
Search filter for an Arraylist
Hosting for my webservice (for Android/iOS) [closed]
any way other than AsyncTask?
MYSQL - How to get the highest value of each record?
how to extract decimal number from string using javascript
Change body html with jQuery
Does wxPython have a native FlowLayoutManager/FlowSizer/WrapSizer implementation?
Using 'back' button breaks page after POST event
Webkit Mutation Observer callback not triggered when select box attribute's change
How can I restore my code to a specific commit, while keeping pushed commits?
testing concurrency locally
Android: How to enable device administraton?
Split a string using Regular Expression
Submit button does nothing
drupal didn't send selected value from dropdown list
How to solve: several ifs with more or less the same code?
Backbone.js - rendering collection with jquery mobile renders without styling
Forming a tree from a flat array with category id
Use Webcam as HTML Background
add attribute to a XML node at a specific position in AS3
Calling shell script as another user from PHP in specific directory
Facebook Liike button not showing on localhost
CakePHP controllers and models in subdirectory
Displaying text of the Control based on Gotfocus of other control
How to customize JSF validation error message
Animating td's using jquery
combine Javascript function
Why Google Maps JavaScript API v3 returns different search result to search from
template specialization -> 'too few template-parameter-lists'
How to insert a variable into an xslt document function
sendSynchronousRequest blocked app?
How to scale out a NServiceBus publisher
Delete Query(named native Query) is not working in JPA with Hibernate specification
Unable to unit test a .aspx.cs code when using App_GlobalResources folder
Wind River workbench autogenerated make file issue
How to merge two database copies (postgresql)
Error while creating a backbone.js view - Expecting a function in instanceof check, but got [object Object]
sorting by frequency of occurrence in an array
Better way to send java mail, any other option than classical SMTP mail?
How to customize Wi-Fi on Xubuntu 12.04 to work with auto DHCP?
Flattr SDK for iOS?
Not able to understand role of param tag
XML not well formed due to long UTF characters
Malayalam font in Nokia E63
Saving extra data added to a class extension
WindowsError: [Error 126] when loading a DLL with ctypes
Search API for a job site like indeed, monster? [closed]
DateDiff years into decimals
Set flag when linked server unreachable, oracle
JavaScript not working (Custom Dialog Box)
Concatenate multiple strings in XML?
Why does my conversion/casting fails?
Styling IE9 Browser Mode with Document Mode IE7 standards
mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result [duplicate]
<meta charset='ISO-8859-9'> is not working properly
Edit SOAP request from client at WCF Service end
How to distinguish between GRPS and 3G in IOS? [duplicate]
Getting all the datasources configured in applicationContext.xml file?
Changing location of web.xml of my application in tomcat application
how to convert -negative values in strings to double
Git pushing failure
Problems with -moz-box-align: center
403 Forbidden Error for All Directories Starting with 鈥渨eb_鈥�
Howto bind Views to Viewmodel in a MVVM-Environment with XAML and WPF in C#
Include external function into a phpunittest with selenium
How to shutdown an android mobile programatically?
Fallback strategy for rendering locally downloaded XML files with external XSL stylesheets
how to know mobile log in or regular log in?
IE plugin (Not verified)
Maven m2 Repository: Making it OBR
AM PM functionality to be implemented
How to create a MIME mail with an attachment containing extended characters (with accents) using LotusScript
is a there a free tool like Excelsior JET?
Code for capture android device screen? [duplicate]
Taking additional parameters while using OmniAuth without Devise?
ListView.SelecctedItems shows 0 selected [closed]
Need Help regarding Comboboxes
glpaint in uiviewcontroller; message sent to deallocated instance
Grep regex NOT containing string
WP7 Tiles with PNG and Custom Colors
post_order_Iterative_Traversal in java anyone help me
converting GPIB to USB using NI-488.2
How to use Apache Logger or Log4J in Coldfusion MX
build android .apk on the server side? what do I need to setup?
how to persist the state of selected items in multichoic listview
How to detect a mouse condition on Unix [closed]
Getting error while implementing Menu in the blackberry app
How to detect a mouse condition on Unix [closed]
Getting error while implementing Menu in the blackberry app
Fast listing files in a directory and all of its subdirectories
Changing namespaces in python minidom
Easy to maintain CSS or lightweight HTML?
How to get the text of the selected value of a dropdown list? [duplicate]
Making one program for 2 different versions
Java vs C version of same algorithm web API - no dll is available containing Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation.IServiceLocator
How to detect if javascript is enabled or not in browser through Java
Which element is causing the horizontal scroll bar?
loaded nib but the view outlet was not set while assigning a custom view for UITableView's header
How to get spinner value depending upon the other spinner
Add not applicable to all empty input fields on submit
App working on the Dev server, not working when deployed on GAE
How do I convert a string to a lower case representation?
Crop Image taken from iphone camera
Magento pagination products
Package Manager Console Enable-Migrations CommandNotFoundException only in a specific VS project
Un-able to un-compress the xml returned from the service in the windows phone 7 application?
Different spinner layout for collapsed spinner
How to avoid exception of request querystring in if parameter is not passed
Change fieldname in the ValidationSummary
Export Grid view to excel and save excel file to folder
waiishost crashing on deploy
Can second parameter of Expression.Property be made dynamic?
How to use smart pointer?
Show Screen Of Android 4.0 Device On Computer [closed]
How can we know the JSON structure of a Facebook graph api field
How to rename a part of path in a fileset
How to change text color depending on the stat of the element (focus,selected,hover)
AspNet WebApi System.Web.Http.SelfHost namespace is missing?
Opening GeoRiot Affiliate Link from Inside App?
sendRedirect not redirecting
Output conditional field in Umbraco:item
For delete trigger is not working (Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio)
TabBar application with multiple NSFetchedResultsController but only one UIManagedDocument
ReleaseHandleFailed on CustomLineCap.Dispose()
Isolating Celery, RabbitMQ and Erlang from the system
How to change datetime format in MVC 3
Amend foreach loop to output <li> based on variable of IDs
Java-EE Session Clarification
Difficulty with Sending email using cakephp
Is this the correct way of putting HTML in PHP?
How to make a select element with different values then text using Knockout.JS
Smart way to handle HTTPRequest.responseText
PHP openssl_sign() ecparam key type not supported in this PHP build
Best practice for structuring data over time
jqPlot - How to programmatically find under which jQuery UI tab plot exists
Any way to copy a VALUE from XSD during XSLT (Schema Aware XSLT 2.0 ala Post-Schema-Validation Infoset))?
convert one big quote to string/list in scheme
use of c# nested class and accessiblity
I want to delete all files matching 'a.*' if the used disk space in /tmp exceeds 50%
Validating a certificate in java throws an exception - unable to find valid certificate path to requested target
MefBootStrapper and splash screen
Column Alias Too Long in sqlalchemy/Sybase ASE
os.system not running in same subshell
Dual boot - latest 2 鈥渙riginal鈥�Android & iPhone versions on a phone
ECB: can't access /
How to format double value for a given locale and number of decimal places?
Zero latitude/longitude not allowed in Foursquare searches?
Subclassing UITableViewCell with its own Nib
C# Generic Type error after reflector
How to check if the Worksheet exists in the Excel file
how to count the number of rows returned by query in Codeigniter with Datamapper
combine some elements from 2 txt files into a third file
Firing OnCheckedChanged event with ASP:RadioButton
Is there any implementation of File Pipes in C#?
Embedding Angelscript in a C application and exposing C++ like objects to host (C) application
LLVM type cast fails for the types having in total differnt number of bits
Installing Google plugin for Eclipse Helios
reverse bit operations
Unpickling large objects stored on network drives
Reuseing enum values in seperate enum types
PayPal Integration in Ipad
What is the suggested way to handle exceptions during in a MVVMCross application?
Upload files - Cant find BROWSE button control windows phone 7
Best way to get data from a Server to Android phone
Java global namespace access
How to handle file openings by double click, while refusing multiple instances
Can I distribute (and not develop) my iOS app on the app store using Windows machine
php 4 data encoding
validating MON-YY format in MVC 3
Xcode instance method is not being called from another class
making multiple links visible javascript
Gstreamer rtsp playing (with sound)
Codeignigniter Tank Auth鈥ookies?
How to convert configSource to inline elements in web.config on transformation
change the visibility of silverlight control's parent node, the silverlight control got reloaded
How to sort CakePHP multidimensional arrays? - RESOLVED -
selenium2.0 how to deal with unusual problems
Create a hard disk error on linux
what does this bash script line of code means
How to get the latest mail from hotmail account using TcpClient and SslStream
UITableview text alignment not working in iPhone
Sending session id to server from Flash or Java Applet when cookies are marked as httpOnly
Why does iterating over a generic object in ActionScript give me values instead of keys?
Add a click event to list items in a tree of lists
Jquery dialog table width picking previous value
How to insert data using Core Data in IBAction
svn:ignore not working
Intelligencia UrlRewriter force lowercase URLs
Command Line like Django Command in Play Framework
Running PHP file outside of documentroot (cgi-bin folder)
String Tokenizing erro occurs
error in loading url in simplexml_load_file
nginx doesn't serve static assets in Rails 3
Bluetooth option is coming in chooser list
Flv streaming video on website via jwplayer does not play on android iphone
getting datagridview row data to textboxes on another form
CoMarshalInterThreadInterfaceInStream returns 0x800A0062 for Visual Basic 6 classes
MPMoviePlayerController playing YouTube video
How to test in iPhone sdk
setFastScrollEnabled don't work perfectly
Android: set xml layout to table row?
JSF web project <h:xxx> tag invisible
knotckout js foreach appending rows automatically in IE 7 and 8
ASP.NET MVC 3 application with multi-tenancy in separate app domains?
Sharepoint 2010 Mysite Blog branding (with publishing) not working
Visting direct links after a redirection cookie exists
Update/Delete/Insert DataGridView
what is wrong with this json array code facebook form
ajax not loading under external div
Creating a Pyramid using CSS and JS
How to prevent cancel all the local notifications. Cancel Single notification nor works
Pattern for this programming task (PHP)?
mvc application restart automatically after one scenario, which not throw an error or so
PDO ->query returns null
How can I detect if a JScrollPane's scroll bar changes visibility?
How to show icons during drag and drop
Requests time out with async. How should I fix this error?
how to remove autocomplete with in a text box
How to check the background-color of an element using jquery
Move a UIView with my finger
measure of the use of the memory with python [duplicate]
Basic authentication through VB.Net client
any docs for all nodejs event API?
How to Compress and UN-Compress Xml in c# .net for a windows phone 7 app?
Porting c code to actionscript 2
What does version for winmd files indicate?
JavaFX 2.0 loading fxml files with event handlers fails
sencha touch insert data to localstorage
Remove cells in excel which have zero values
Unit test framework for Vala
Yii and EGMap extension (Google Map) refresh map on checkbox changes
Compare String in javascript
How to modify XML using LINQ to XML ( XDocument)
How Can I Align Double Digits in a html Numbered List?
BinaryExpression type in custom linq extension method throws exception
PHP array stored in session is set to null if we initialise a array with same with same key, is it coding issue or php issue?
How Can I Align Double Digits in a html Numbered List?
BinaryExpression type in custom linq extension method throws exception
PHP array stored in session is set to null if we initialise a array with same with same key, is it coding issue or php issue?
Using the Google Maps (Jquery-UI-Map api), is there a way to attach a close event to an InfoWindow?
treeview, hierarchical datatemplate cannot get it working c#
MS Access VBA expoert to TXT ERROR
Call start and end function in each operation in a wcf-service
accessing web resources from jar
DefaultTableModel doesn't refresh
Symfony2 Doctrine PHP Annotation for refClassRelationAlias
Internet Explorer 7, 8 & 9: canvas support (Mootools)
My iPhone app is being archived as 鈥淢ac App Archive鈥�and not 鈥渋OS app archive鈥�
Call js function after html page loaded in html5?
Using OnGestureListener cursor in not repositioning on edittext
Check for previous version of application
How to get the active panel in jquery ui accordion
Converting integer to binary in python
Dismiss to RootViewController?
How to know when bluetooth disconnected
How to nicely format generated Java code
Adding a Parent's ID to hidden field
tomcat startup java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: [Ljava.lang.String;
Android different screen sizes and AVD
C++ compiler - common symbols
Attributes and polymorphism
PHP Create an Article
How can I encrypt/decrypt data using AES CBC+CTS (ciphertext stealing) mode in PHP?
Introducing RESTFUL services into an existing middleware
iOS: how to read the installed configuration profile from app?
Using Specflow to test object copying
Do nested structs affect performance?
Jackson multiple objects and huge json files
Update UILabel in a 鈥渨hile loop鈥�
Glassfish Jdbc-connectioPool Issue
Performance tuning for linq/lambda expression
Using struct in action method
jQuery Mobile doesn't work on android's browser
Activity killed / onCreate called after taking picture via intent
How map many-to-many don't use primary ID on FluentNhibernate
How to exclude email addresses from using remote SMTP?
what module can generate themes for every module
How to fix bug with unbeforeunload in Chrome?
Tomcat 7.0.25 is not starting with Eclipse Indigo
DB2 Stored Procedure: Dynamically Building a Select Statement for cursor
Default django-admin list filter
Facebook - Twitter authentication - information merge
Load jQuery into an iframe and get notified when it has loaded
how to run games or apps within one project --iPhone/iPad/iOS
Is it possible to map hibernate entity as id?
mysql trasnposing rows to columns
foreach on selected rows SQL stored procedure
How to allow file upload in .NET
GWT assembly of the RPC Serialization White List Entrys
How to get user control id inside another user control id? [closed]
jsf+hibernate: saving a many-to-many relationship
Lua encapsulation class
Complex types inside command
jQuery - filter by visibility, and if checked
Zooming in/out on Android Webview without a set limit
Mysql Update / Insert: copying historical data
Maximize function with fminsearch
How to export data from excel file and import into to sql database?
How to get a unique identifier of a property from within its accessors
ExtJS4: How to pass arguments to initComponent
Reorganize classes structure
Access private members of local objects (of same class type)
How to trigger the On-Screen-Keyboard in Windows 7 by clicking on an input?
Strange html table layout
Not able to get the value of Radio Button
Symfony 2 form field - image preview instead of file path
Can I build and distribute app to apple store without Xcode UI?
Converting WPF local resource to application resource
jQuery can't find nested image
How to get actions from another UIViewController?
Symfony2: DataMapper
Making tinyscrollbar work with changing, animating content
Calculating Odds Throttles in PHP
How can I modify this regular expression to not allow white spaces?
Luracast Restler is sending 'text/html' instead of JSON
CodeIgniter Static Page Tutorial(Unable to load the requested file)
How can I calculate the age of a person in year, month, days in PHP? [duplicate]
HTML5 Canvas Layering Objects within the same canvas
dashboard in jasperserver 4.5
Unicode string matching
Drawing Rectangles using a starting and ending point C#
NSAffineTransform running out of memory
Base64 String to Image
Call a wowza server from android app?
Make drag and drop file upload div, to work like an input type=鈥渇ile鈥�
TortoiseGit鈥�switch to local or remote branch
Flume syslogTcp not output to console
Dojo/ExtJS layer for .NET
Facebook Linter return a 200 error code
SELECT foo AS bar not working
Sort a list into tuples
Create variables from POST
Updating the model in the controller?
How to have app automatically send log file to support?
How to get android device screenshot programmatically? [duplicate]
magento add bundle item directly to cart from upsell - predefined options
How to execute exported Test suite in Selenium RC (Eclipse)?
Rails: Testing OAuth API by posting multiparted messages with file attachment
Z-index on IE7/IE8
Defining KeySpec to 鈥渂oth鈥�in a certreq -new policy inf file
Multi BackgroundWorker
What and the typical methods employed for UI bindings in an javascript/AJAX applications? [closed]
Customized web gui for asterisk
select values tolist() when orderby distinct date
Multiple definition of logger-errors
Is it possible to design reports using SSRS on dimensional database_
EndDate time Doesn鈥檛 accept (2400)midnight as a finish time(C#)
where should the .bss section of ELF file take in memory?
Element ID can't be found after beind appended to DIV
iOS SVN check in rules
Partial Searching Two Text Fields on SQL Azure - Best Practice
Extracting Address Types from Google Geocdoe
Autofac: How to force all methods of objects that inherit from a particular interface to have an attribute
Access system cursor image form JavaScript
Android real time ECG-type graphs in a PopupWindow
XCode 4 not detect iPad
How to take backup of Site prior to publish
Symfony2+Doctrine - Validating one-to-many collection of entities
cake php undefined function on controler
if statement returns false even if it's not
Fast FileSize Compare with Linq
changing coredata to sql database in iphone
Running php script in background with session access
Reducing if-else statements in Java
Making button to Posting link to a website on friends's wall
How do I convert MySQL that uses group by and order by clauses to T-SQL query?
How to use Robocopy to copy a template folder structure to other folders?
How to programatically install a Root CA certificate on a Windows phone?
How to write regex that match start with a letter, can contain letters, numbers, hyphens and 1 underscore?