Program hangs after calling Dispose()
Edquota editing user settings via PHP
How do I get my HTML button to delete the right list item from a SQLite database?
Trouble using ActionBarSherlock Tab Navigation to display a Fragment inside a FrameLayout by ID
Deallocation in C++ (Array of Vector of Pointers)
How to take special part of a url using php
How do I ensure that the text of my UIButton is not shortened?
AMQP or MQTT which can I choose?
Reading h.246 NAL header info
How to write in a Xml using derived classes?
Agreement in the case of using maps api by android webview
Bind Slider Value to ProgressBar effectively?
div position absolute inside another div that stretches
Manipulate History in jQuery Mobile
How to fetch values of column 1 that contain only the given value of column 2?
How to fetch values of column 1 that contain only the given value of column 2?
MySQL Error 2002 - Can't connect through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' on 64-bit, with a botched 32-bit uninstall complicating things
Jetty persistent sessions - write-only?
Executing Python code on UNIX
Save In-App Video To Camera Roll?
importing data into a postgresql from csv file- best way?
Separating different data from within a string
jQueryMobile Scroll to Div after Page Loads
Integrating eventkit from GCCalendar to show events from single day
How SQL Server stores SQL statements inside stored procedures
Combinations and Permutations
How to %w[text] in Ruby without including n where it line wraps
Loop Unrolling -Microblaze C programming
How do I convert a boost::spirit::lex token's value from iterator_range to a string?
Disable mvc membership and role table create
Returning a class in C++
Visual Studio 2010 crashing
using .each() .find() and .text() in a variable
schedule a daily backup with SQL Server Express by using window schedule
how to tell when a video is done playing?
rectangle width(probably easy to answer) VB
Industry standard for implementing application branding?
MVC Routing Constraint on Controller Names
Optimise Sprite CSS for multiple images
Passing variables to same document Javascript / Ajax
Filling a list with a parameter from a list with a for iteration in java (Android)
Is there any equivalent to Postgresql EVERY aggregate function on other RDBMS?
Ruby - rails - NoMethodError on user model
Unable to cast object of type 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label' to type 'System.IConvertible'
How to set the Asp Calendar Extender DataType to smalldatetime
Express with Advanced Services, can't create Full Text Index
Code stripped when using destroyShow() function inside $(window).resize() function
about xslt count()
How to show another graph when a data point or bar is clicked
how do I get the data out of a javascript function
2px difference `outerHeight()` between Chrome and every other browser
Why is this function first in this Jquery code?
jqgrid set method in the API
Acessing ReportService in ReportServer From Windows Application
RxJS + node.js HTTP server implementation?
How to run mysql insert without duplicates in java
Redirect stdin and stdout in Java
How to use spring transaction in multithread
maintaining the order of vectors
Saving XML files from a dataSet through ASP.NET
Symfony Doctrine Form creation error
exec/system() - script being called works until called from PHP
how to pull data from many to many relationship table in django orm
Class syntax error
rspec error - no such file to load 鈥�rspec/mocks (LoadError)
MySQL Slow Performance Related to ci_sessions Table
Can an Android app running on a WiFi hotspot-enabled phone 'see' the LAN? [closed]
Are the returned values of a static object thread safe in java
scikits learn and nltk: Naive Bayes classifier performance highly different
How can I exclude certain files within a tree from being subversioned?
How to get MySQL query return correct value in PHP? [closed]
MVVM-WPF: Dynamic view and memory leak?
Javascript Not Working On Page?
Understanding caching strategies of a dynamically generated search page
Remove one div if another is empty
How do I select and display a specific field from may table in cakephp?
Trigger PHP on simple Jquery event with Ajax
Is there any way to modify the name of parameter that transfers 鈥渞ef鈥�from 鈥淟ike鈥�button?
Using a StaticResource inside a ListBox.ItemContainerStyle throws exception
Download FTP directory contents to ios
Is it valid to include images with <object> instead of <img>?
how to add image with text in qlistwidget pyqt4 python?
view render in zend not working properly as expected
Using XmlLogFormatter with the RollingFlatFileTraceListener in Enterprise Library
What's the correct wrong with my project template
how to check if all values in an array are equal to eachother. C++
Removing data from a variable
hg serve - An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions [closed]
How to properly setup a dev server for use on intranet
CGContextAddPath console error?
problems when using Npgsql in SharpArchitecture
How to create named ranges dynamically?
Tomcat: getHeader(鈥淗ost鈥� vs. getServerName()
Aggregate multiple Bluetooth data streams on a PC
Posix Threads - Threads in Parallel
removing text - ideas anyone?
mysql subquery issue on comments voting
jqgrid addJSONData doesn't work
how to handle unique identifier parameter in
using intentservice to handle upload and update UI
How to launch the stock installer app in android
NullPointerException When Creating New Intent From Inner Class
Load dataset from Internet QCAR v1.5
Check if plist file does not exist
JavaScript setTimeout() not actually executing it's function?
How to manage start activity for result on Android?
illegalstateexception pool not open with ObjectPool
Primefaces fileDownload non-english file names corrupt
Mysql - PHP different values searches
How do I run a program linked against a DLL in MSYS?
Colon Operator with Deques (in Python)
CLLocation causing EXC_BAD_ACCESS
Writing functions in R with vectors
How can I trace JS while using Firefox?
How to hide the blue dot and the circle on an MKMapView
python-config missing
Javascript prompt() has dim (faint) prompt message in Android browser
Many syntax errors in coffee-rails; did I forget to install something?
Multiple Stateless Beans using same static method
Including dynamic component presentations within a rich text field?
Creating XML requests and sending them to server using ASIHttpRequest
Draw a scaled bitmap to the canvas?
Making return-key on keyboard dismiss it. IT WON'T
How to get around for loop bottleneck for constant time operations?
VSTO MS Project 2007 Add-In Button Events Stop firing after a few minutes
Does *anyone* have Windows SVNServe authenticating to AD/Kerberos via SASL/GSSAPI?
how to remove certain character or select certain index character in string?
Cassandra seed nodes and clients connecting to nodes
SQL Insert/ Counter Increment
OpenGL opening Mesh (.m) file with Visual Studio2010
PHP: Apply Chmod during Unarchiving
ajax login in yii framework
Android: id in onOptionsItemSelected differs from in XML specified menu. Why?
Django reportlab - Print current page (admin console) to PDF
saving the data after it was printed to screen python
Create a html5 audio and play it doesn't work
Class Block Instance Variable
Can't install EGit in Eclipse
Undoing a single-file Git Checkout
django-piston add value foreign key
Doxygen to parse Makefile
Conversion from .NET 3.5 to .NET 2.0
How do I superscript characters in a UIButton?
Why does getchar make a call to printf stop working?
Rotate Image .pbm Haskell
ModelState.AddModelError is not being displayed inside my view
Using a slider controller to update map data/shading? Example included
Facebook graph API 'friends' request now only returning 25 friends per page? What's going on?
How to assign a string value in Objective C using ARC?
TinyMCE and ActiveAdmin for Rails
How to get the next command id to use when inserting a MenuItem?
Will an optimiser deduce mathematical expressions based on compile-time constants?
MongoDB + PHP: How do you query object sizes?
What should I learn before learning ASP.NET MVC? [closed]
How to respond without html in
MustUnderstand attribute in WCF response causes error for Java/Axis client
nsmutablearray meet NSGenericException 'Collection was mutated while being enumerated'
Error in MyBatis while setting parameters
How to change the cursor before a long task?
Rails: redirect_to '#{user.role}_url' how do I accomplish this?
fade() function doesn't work
Replacing specific characters in first column of text
How to open custom type from plsql on php?
Carrot2 license for commercial project without website&documentation
Rails: redirect_to '#{user.role}_url' how do I accomplish this?
fade() function doesn't work
Replacing specific characters in first column of text
How to open custom type from plsql on php?
Carrot2 license for commercial project without website&documentation
ADT18, App Engine Connected Android project and noclassdeffounderror
C#/ Html agility pack, is there a more eloquent way to screen scrape?
How to change 鈥淴 minutes ago via SO AND SO鈥�in the Facebook API for Android
Removing duplicates in TreeSet
how to clean up this jinja2 and/or boolean expression
How to extract data in *.txt file and use it in Python?
How to show black empty space in CGContext for iOS
Python if statements moving ahead
Selecting MYSQL rows with same field names and adding a prefix
How to construct a WebSocket URI relative to the page URI?
colorbox bug - close colorbox from a link or button
How to Change Default Virtualenvwrapper Prompt
Access Grouping Across Rows by criteria
How to get the string store in an array in php
Windows Azure: length of blob remains 0
MySQL: how to get distinct numbers in this way?
Chrome Browser Developer Tools: Scripts Show Up Multiple Times
when I use rgba for transparecy with css no color is applied
Why do I need to double click on button for JQuery to render partial view
clarification on mysqli_real_escape_string: storing in database
how come I replace a CALayer's position implicit animation and it still kicks in just before my own?
Awk getting results back with multiple columns
Passing values in Access Forms
How to implement a transaction-safe, random sequence in MySQL
Resuming execution of code after interruption while app is in background
How to make up a unique name for a $_SESSION in PHP?
Trying to use egrep to pull only matched hexadecimal chars from a database
I want to know how to make this .live() in jquery
Casting String to Long in Scala in template play 2.0 template
CSS text disappear [closed]
moosefs chunkserver breakdown, how to repaire?
Background iCloud processing slowing gui and corrupting view controller stack- how to stop multiple touches
Plotting fixed plot area
Find Value on Array by Index on VB.Net
Ajax - limit the loading of a list and then load the rest on scroll
Using a script how do I create a text file that contains all of the filenames in a directory C: sample ?
with HTMLpurifier, how to add a couple attributes to the default whitelist, e.g. 'onclick'
Accessing FAST ESP admin services (Dictionary and Deployment manager) from .net
Cannot use applet in HTML
Live Connect API - Create Sub-Folders
Some problems with using semaphores
virtual box guest o.s not working
I cannot get jQuery-UI's autocomplete to display returned items
How do you specify only one option on a filter, such as FILTER_INT
How to create incremented view filters for numeric fields in Drupal?
Unable to create web service bean with Grails and CXF Plugin
SQL*Plus does not execute SQL scripts that SQL Developer does
Any server implementing the Git protocol, apart from Git itself?
Visual C++ executable and missing MSVCR100d.dll
How to customize validates_length_of message to include attribute length?
Call DhcpGetClientInfo in 64bit process fails
VirtualQueryEx / ReadProcessMemory
Why does JIT order affect performance?
How can I inject a Jquery object from a parent iframe to an embedded iframe?
Error When Databinding to Control
iOS NSUserDefaults. How do they behave in the context of backgrounding/foregrounding an app?
Spring SimpleJdbcCall fetsh size not working?
playframework streaming file upload 鈥渢hrough鈥�play not using their Blob?
RichTextBox Help saving *custom* links
eclipse project properties
Simulating touchstart and touchend events?
SWIGTPYE_p data types Java
Why do I have to reinstall Kinect SDK everytime I restart PC
Javascript: Enable 2 textbox simultaneously, once checkbox click
What is the ideal way to create view-instance-specific bindings in emberjs?
GWT/JSNI this. is not replace with a reference to the instance
Graphics2D not clearing transparent image
Playframework 1.2.4: get the results of render() as a String?
HibernateOptimisticLockingFailureException marks connection as 'closed'?
PHP/MYSQL Comment-reply table structure
sending link lists using NSData
Http exception code 0 using IronMQ PHP Client
django-haystack 2.0.0beta facet example - not showing facet counts
Losing connection with Net::SSH::Perl
Awk Search file for string
rails 3 dynamically populating dropdowns
Java: How Executors relate to Queues
Making a LI an anchor link with codeigniter
Syntax errors in mysql with procedure, triggers and signal
Accessing Twitter streams with the Twitter API - in Java
vim: insert word with vim-surround
compass not importing extension in some files
gzencode php to objective c nsdata
Way to show survey questions based off previous survey q using PHP
Arel and pgAdmin return different data from same query with condition on timestamp
Prevent object stored in ArrayList from being over written
Coord texture array does not works on a cube
Listview rows getting mixed colors when loading and scrolling
Proper way to detect deletion of documents in iCloud across devices?
PHP math (numbering)
How do I account for all of the memory in meminfo?
Integrate overflowed links into a dynamic dropdown menu at the end of the list of menu.
webApi vs SPA .NET MVC 4 controller
How to add a canonical tag to a page in Magento?
previous stack variables
Is there a high-level inter-process communications API that is implemented in both C++ and Javascript
Rails 3.2 rake assets:precompile error
how to make a Grid of NSImages?
Problems with zeros method
Easypaginate jQuery plugin not working in IE9
Android vs Native Blackberry (C) programming? [closed]
Delay form submission until location is retrieved
vector class member doesnt get copied
Alternative to ClientLogin for authentication
populate n-ary tree using tree.hh STL Like
open iframe fancybox from within an iframe so that it opens in the parent
Hibernate: Obtaining Map with a column's value as 鈥渒ey鈥� and as 鈥渧alue鈥�a list of rows containing 鈥渒ey鈥�
Cooldown timer in a button
Programming Ruby Slot Machine Game
Seam 2.3, JSF 2.0 - Conversation propagation for <h:selectOneMenu />
Accessing a page in a child web application via URL from the main web site
Application crashes on SensorManager
how to make the webpage follow the size of the browser window and when resized, the layout does not get distorted?
How can I programmatically scrape a web page and 鈥渃lick鈥�a javascript button?
Modify and return list with modified element
Secure a url that has a cname record
How to get $(this) to work when called via jquery 鈥渙n click鈥�from an <li>
UISplitViewController push one viewController
Objective-C JSON types
Caroufredsel interferring with Dropdown menus IE only
DI with parameters in Castle Windsor
Easily create MVC ViewModels from Entity models?
Django - AttributeError => 'set' object has no attribute 'get'
CoCreateInstance: Create a COM instance defined in a .NET library?
Relating a model to multiple other models in a single relationship
Targeting anchor href in last TD of first TR in TBODY
any way to do an asynchronous put with astyanax for cassandra or hector?
How to open a ContextMenu on RelativeLayout click, using custom Adapter
Find/Replace function RichTextBox
API requires POST arguments in a query string?
Why won't my canvas draw?
Zooming in/out of a TImage inside a TScrollBox to a particular focus?
richface drop down selection
java: is interrupting thread absolutely necessary
Can I set a default table space for Index and Tables?
Format.js and render json combined in Rails?
getting breakpoint retrieving addressbook data
click jquery button + send data without form - bookmark
Another Memory Management Issue
How to sort a table containing csv file data
How can I have a space-filling segmented control in the toolbar in an iOS app?
Is there any possible way that I can manipulate foreign keys in my cakephp model associations?
App Engine Batch Put Too Large?
Is it right to think of a Javascript Function Expression that uses the 'new' keyword as 'static'
Proper view controller not displayed when tapping push notification
understanding Ruby code?
APICS 2010 Programming Challenge [closed]
Core Plot - How to convert touch point to plot point in a plot space with log axis
Java 鈥淐reate New鈥�window
Python subprocess output on windows?
How to handle overflow on long
Objective-C - Having Trouble Following 鈥淚nitializer Chain鈥�
Understanding why php increments characters the way it does
How to alter index change tablespace in Oracle 9i?
CSS for two column jQuery UI Sortable List grid that handles elements of different sizes
UnsupportedEncodingException When Parsing PDFs Android
Android- SQLite query to Order Results by Day using the query builder
How to make a public variable from a 鈥減ublic ref class鈥�in c++?
Resetting myphpadmin
Need Hardware Sizing guidelines for SSAS Tabular server
ActiveRecord Causing SQLException in Rspec Test
Doing a push segue using a custom UIBarButton
Find and Extracting a string using PHP
OCaml Printf.sprintf
Why does g++ fail on the exact same files, but on different computer
System V IPC Limitations
How to determine what is between divs?
Facebook API to post on Pages without Oauth
Dynamic loaded JARs/etc. in same JVM container
jquery autocomplete showing id and not label
In Google Maps Javascript API v2(for Business License), How can I call Maps API correctly?
Which Azure role should I use?
DrEdit sample fails to open txt file
Hashsignaling and Google Analytics
mod_rewrite: remove query string from end of url URL
Saving a table to an XML file
Does UPS Address Validation API works in mobile app?
C, Open MPI: segmentation fault from call to MPI_Finalize(). Segfault does not always happen, especially with low numbers of processes
Dojo Rich Editor in Django: Correct Settings?
Sending Form data to remote rails application using Httparty
Admob ad not showing on blackberry shows on android
how to change a numeric value that is in jQuery by a variable coming from php
Timer, click, mousedown, mouseup events not working together
Factory-like method as abstract template method
Scroll a div on button mouseover using jQuery
Is it possible to conceal a OS X app from DTrace?
Efficient inline implementation of nCk in Perl
IEnumerable<T> to List<T>
iOS App Beta Distribution (large scale)
Why is this function not executing on page load? (How to create HTML option using JavaScript at page load)
Java NullPointerException when using Evaluation.areaUnderROC from Weka
Translate a few words in wordpress theme
How do you make a tablet so the screen wont flip [duplicate]
How do I replace global operator new and delete in an MFC application (debug only)
How should I store Gmail authentication in my app?
Translate a few words in wordpress theme
How do you make a tablet so the screen wont flip [duplicate]
How do I replace global operator new and delete in an MFC application (debug only)
How should I store Gmail authentication in my app?
CSS3 progressive transforms for unknown amount of children
Appropriate language tag for HTML page for language learners?
Is it possible to attach an onclick event to specific coordinates in a document?
Posting a uilocalnotification on all devices
array_search for string with space
error scripts/ security problems / active x
Android app cannot connect to MySQL database
Calling full trust assembly from a low trust assembly with AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers 'proxy' assembly
PHP / MySQL sort item first if 鈥渨ord鈥�is present, then the rest ASC?
.php Random image served as .jpg on external site
redirecting stdout in shell script
Accessing Object properties in a loop
Custom View not responding to touches
OpenOffice in server mode with PHP on Windows
Magento set product status to 'Disabled' when qty = '0' (Out of stock)
Infinite loop - why?
In what situation, if we add sorted numbers as keys to a hash table, we can expect the hash to be ordered? [closed]
Avoiding PopupWindow dismissal after touching outside
Stream through files in 7-zip archive
Setting the size of a hash table
Multiple save on upload plus save on database errors
Need a simple, DRY, general-purpose checkpointing mechanism [closed]
How can I 鈥渂ack out鈥�a feature branch merge in Git?
View inside other view
Using the site's API even for the site itself?
IIS Redirect Files
List-view crashing my dialog box
Page ignores style sheet but reads same style in the header
jQuery indexOf function?
bootstrap 2.0 Activating tab and data by url within tab-content
Get all elements in a group
Jquery Filter (keyup bind.. the function) soo simple but it doesnt work
nunit and log4net
Development Console in Google App Engine with Struts 2
Temperature array, potentially 2D?
How can I pass a pointer to a Perl function as a callback to a function with pointers as arguments in a Windows DLL?
What does the 'Static' keyword do?
Switching between different forms
Knockout.js - how do I throttle custom bindings
Making Children decide the size of parent Div
Using invariant with Dexterity form and fieldsets
When using subprocess.Popen(), stderr and stdout have no output
How can I display a full screen google map with jQuery Mobile?
ios thwarting a potential memory leak
Making Rails use ActiveRecord for only some requests
Background image to canvas using onDraw?
CancelDrop with KnockoutSortable
Reading .png file in C and sending it over a socket
Why am I doing wrong when printing this string?
In javascript need help wrapping a function and handling 鈥渢his鈥�properly
Java Concurrency & Tasks
Generating content based on tags in Umbraco
Rails 3.2.2 SQL Query Builder
ListView slow performance
Why is arc4random returning outlandish values?
Compiling java test issue
JQuery not recognizing click on table row
Is it safe to set recursive properties with PHP object?
gmaps4rails1.5.1-Geocoding not working
How to pass an array from ajax to code behind
Using theos, how can I download an HTML file and overwrite an existing one (objective-c)?
Python GUI line break
java3d simple way to translate object
why is this not the same: char dog[1000]; and char *dog = (char*)malloc(1000 * sizeof(char));
Json data weird behavior
get id of selected option with jsp?
Where to start with Fourier Analysis
Notifications on an app after it is shut down with the 4.0 android task manager?
Flex newbie on using HGroup and VGroup to control layout
Dynamically change between a select_tag and a text_field_tag in Rails
Gtk Widget is not redrawn after window resize
Calling Session Bean's asynchornize method from backing bean
jQuery page-flip animation
Generic Delegate Storage and Usage
Keep an instrumented Activity alive after test case
Gridview textbox on Page_load enable edit
Download audio file
access properties/method via the __get() magic method
Spring static resource servlet request
Optional regex pattern produces no value
UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xd1 in position 2: ordinal not in range(128)
window.location() is not working in .aspx page
dynamic jquery ui selectmenu not styling
Check if something is NOT in a list in Python
css3 Media queries are working on browser resize but on my iphone they doesn't seem to work
Sparse consolidation Algorithm in Congos TM1
Issue with Google Charts API Line Chart
Unable to change gateway info in fiddler
Joining functions together - cleaner code
reset form when div is closed using ajax
Batch file to move all files whose file NAME contains a future date (YYYYMMDD) to a seperate folder
How to catch click event from <div id=鈥渨hatever鈥�gt;<a class=鈥渁ction-add鈥�href=鈥�x/y/z鈥�gt;add</a></div>
Overloading template operator*
Why do I get an error while adding a foreign key constraint to a table?
jQuery - Check if child div is visible
Git merge issue(s)
Batch file to move all files whose file NAME contains a future date (YYYYMMDD) to a seperate folder
How to catch click event from <div id=鈥渨hatever鈥�gt;<a class=鈥渁ction-add鈥�href=鈥�x/y/z鈥�gt;add</a></div>
Overloading template operator*
Why do I get an error while adding a foreign key constraint to a table?
jQuery - Check if child div is visible
Git merge issue(s)
jquery validate plugin require field if another field has a value and vice versa
Creating a web interface to edit a plist file
Pause before in javascript [duplicate]
Why does my gem list show a gem in my gem list but doesn't let me uninstall it in Ruby on Rails?
In PHP, how do we return a large array?
Insertion sort implementation in scala
Is using '!!' in C/C++ good practice and is it common? [duplicate]
Adding Pagination Control and Zoom by using a Percentage in a text box or dropdown in WPF Document Viewer
Not checking a branch
How to read the weight from a USB Scale
GC.Collect() and PerformanceCounter
Extensive update statements
Best Way to Deliver an Offline Website
How do I reference functions in other files with leiningen?
Database Design: How to allow for peer orders aka Model a baseball trading card trade
Android Layout Setting Height to a specific percentage of its container?
Java EE 6 Injection Into Abstract Class
MIPS32: recursive subroutine crashes at the 鈥渏r ra鈥�line
Synchronizing on synchronized collections-> performance issue
Ruby on Rails Rake migrate logs .0030s but takes 10 seconds?
How to extend a PHP class within the class
Developing for Retina and non-retina displays OpenGL ES
Best language for a daemon application?
Null Pointer when trying to dynamically disable a preference
How can I customize a UIPopover inside?
Remove column from a JTable
Calling functions from a c++ DLL in Delphi
XML XSLT %0A%09%09 ? fix?
SAML for HTTP binding
Should I go with dynamic or static data for my app? [closed]
issue with capistrano and rake using ext/multistage and rake vs 0.9.2 on the deployed server
How to select Scene (UIStoryBoard) depending on user?
JUser::_load: Unable to load user although the user exists in all 3 main joomla tables
dumpdata, too many arguments?
Using two queries in the same controller for same view using - User.Identity.Name
ListView full button disappears
Best way to check 2 mutually exclusive conditions with Javascript?
How do I define a compile-time *only* classpath in Gradle?
barplot in loop in R
How could I access to part of localStorage data and render them in Backbone app?
AS3 : AddChild based on Array Value
FFTW with MEX and MATLAB argument issues
How to send variable content to a file
play iTunes preview video with MPMoviePlayerController
Linq - Join results from 2 columns from same table
using a .Net interop with multiple versions
How to get the language name in native language?
pdf AESEncryption in iPhone
bash script array
matlab mvnrnd in gsl
Database Supporting Update by Function rather than by Value
Is Realtime turn by turn navigational application using google map api for android legal? [closed]
Order an Array by Value of Key
Uneven Circles in Connect 4 Board
Inheritance in MongoDb: how to request instances of defined type
Set focus to the Filter input in a jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget
Change value of an input
How can I stop the service of another app in Android?
What does =~ mean in Perl [duplicate]
Install xdebug 2.1.4 on ubuntu server 5.3.6-13ubuntu3.6
Outputting a value with two decimals using 鈥渄ouble鈥�
Too many arguments to method call
static_assert doesn't recognize a const char* template parameter as constexpr: g++ bug?
incrementing array corresponding with a sorting time
How do i check how long a file has been in the Recycle Bin?
Changing the symbol in the legend key in ggplot2
Devise Auth. gem sign out does not work as I ecpected
What is the := operator?
Why does this curl command return rss and not HTML?
Replacing CSS3 hover transition with jquery click event
Why does the name of my internal member variable break data binding?
MongoDB connection over SSH Tunnel
injecting javascript during webViewDidStartLoad not working on reload
Will this query work as expected?
Display html page before document ready
'>>>' Java to C++ [duplicate]
Heroku serving bad home page on custom domain
Send Html Tables to Multiple Excel Sheets
mongoDB distinct on indexed field
Regex 鈥淎ppend鈥�or 鈥淩eplace鈥�only the first letter of each word?
qsort function - trying to use a comparator
Send Excel File to ASP.NET Web API
How to use PreferenceFragment?
Using Case to match strings in sql server?
Google Maps V 3.8 and Touch Sensitivity for Draggable Markers
Is GLKMatrix4Translate correct?
Resizing pop up window to zoom levels
client JavaScript and/or JavaScript code using jquery invoking WCF Service retrieving a collection of System.IO.Stream?
Latest Xcode build only transfers onto iPad (device or simulator) after running twice
Why am I getting an 鈥淓xpected Identifier鈥�error?
x86 Interrupt Table Modification
how to display message in correct row and not all rows?
CASE WHEN in SQL WHERE condition for non numerical data
mysql - please advice with correct regexp syntax
Google Maps V 3.8 and Touch Sensitivity for Draggable Markers
Is GLKMatrix4Translate correct?
Resizing pop up window to zoom levels
client JavaScript and/or JavaScript code using jquery invoking WCF Service retrieving a collection of System.IO.Stream?
Latest Xcode build only transfers onto iPad (device or simulator) after running twice
Why am I getting an 鈥淓xpected Identifier鈥�error?
x86 Interrupt Table Modification
how to display message in correct row and not all rows?
CASE WHEN in SQL WHERE condition for non numerical data
mysql - please advice with correct regexp syntax
How to force close jQuery UI accordion <DIV> with <asp:button>?
PHP 鈥渕agic鈥�methods Get/Set [duplicate]
Keyboard shortcut for Run As -> Android JUnit Test in Eclipse
const-ref when sending signals in Qt
Water Physics In a Tile Based Platformer
CSS Floats not going as planned
FFMPEG API: how to use lossless h264 encoding?
read xml using file get contents
rotating a UIImageView in UITableViewCell subclass
Registration page in PHP
What's the advantage of using an ObjectId instead of a plain String?
Find file path of a given class
urllib2 in python equivalent for ruby
How to query integers, floats in lucene and how to store (NumericComparator)?
How does one change the animation for Bootstrap Image Gallery by blueimp?
Does Python's garbage collector harm my application?
versioning tool for nodejs
Pointer-to-private-member-function array
Using BigQuery for logs analysis
putting an integer into a string
Sourcery G++ (cross-compiler for ARM) installation failure
g++ Compiler Error using ROSE Compiler Framework
Internal Server Error - Google App Server (Property Content Required)
Android Layout How to Set a Specific Fixed Layout Height
UrlEncoding issue for string with 脽 character
How to parse a parenthesized hierarchy root?
showing different user controls - WPF MVVM
Strange Segmentation fault when dealing with files
Is it possible to make a mobile website work as a native app in windows phone?
What resolutions and color depths should be used for favicons? [closed]
Why is my red background not displaying in my table?
Apache RedirectMatch where destination URL contains Querystring?
How to make the amazing Hibernate framework provide a connection object from its session?
Yii - dynamically change rules from controller
PHP counting issue [closed]
How to add velX & velY to my current image?
python numpy recarray stacking
Why are some functions within a namespace accessible without the namespace scoping prefix?
Use outer instead of expand.grid
java.lang.SecurityException when upgrading from samsung s2 skyrocket 2.3.5 to 2.3.6
Represent String `000000001` to Integer `000000001` [closed]
How do I reuse and override controller actions across two modules in Zend Framework
Parsing kSoap response to array of objects
How can I access javascript methods from jQuery selectors
SVG object in Firefox, XML parsing error: Junk after document element
How do I execute scripts based on what month/day it is?
Cannot convert X to T even though X should match T?
How to write the modified exif in source image file (like JPEG, TIFF, PSD)?
Monotouch UITableView horizontal scrolling
Passing Values from a ModalViewController to the host ViewController
How do I change the y-axis increment in Core Plot?
page not scrolling correctly
Skipping Blank Excel Cells in Apache POI
Decimal to ByteArray & write to offset
Can I use .gitignore_global to ignore file for all users over multiple repos?
Command line: Create line breaks after 'x' characters, plus white space
Library load error on Qt
Issuse with displaying customised Error 404 page
Function to sort a list of tuples - Haskell
border or image not showing on horizontal scroll in iphone
Twitter Bootstrap: Modal popup won't fade
How to remove border from appearing around the image?
Does rails 3.2.1 have the has_secure_password method?
cookies set with php are being cleared on browser close
jQuery - text field value change after jquery auto complete select event
piping in shell via Python subprocess module
Issue with custom button for <rich:fileUpload> component
Get the filename behind a friendly url in Java
Weird x-values when plotting live time series in D3.js
Drupal 4 node clone module no longer works on new server
Google Maps API V3: search markers
Pass Collection as request object from JSP
Getting the @param comments for a method in Java
Multiple update queries in doctrine and symfony2
Is it possible to know last user activity from a Windows service?
org-babel new language
Game programming - CPU usage of an infinite loop
Advise for performance when using custom Adapter and SoftReference in Android
Mouse cursor jumps to the start of a string in an text input field in IE
Why doesn't this Oracle 10g XE script generate tables with foreign keys?
VBA automates Outlook Mail Bug: put 2 strings in the HTMLBody
Percentage rank of matches using Levenshtein Distance matching
Catching 500-Internal Server Errors generically and returning a json
Custom validation issue with IF statements
Anonymous functions using GCC statement expressions
Does the MySQL NDB Cluster consider node distance? Will it use the replicates if they are nearer?
Having an Issue with a form field on my site
Azure ServiceBus Queues 鈥�taking a long time to get local messages?
my type illegally extends DeleteResourceAction
Why does the simple_format helper seem to ignore double new lines in ruby on rails?
Anonymous functions using GCC statement expressions
Does the MySQL NDB Cluster consider node distance? Will it use the replicates if they are nearer?
Having an Issue with a form field on my site
Azure ServiceBus Queues 鈥�taking a long time to get local messages?
my type illegally extends DeleteResourceAction
Why does the simple_format helper seem to ignore double new lines in ruby on rails?
Blood Pressure Monitor via Bluetooth/Internet in Android
need help creating a batch file to call a list of networked servers and to find a file in each
php - session, check for admin
Use '%' with column names in MYSQL select statement?
Rspec: mock a nested/dependency injected object
How do I use django to create something similar to eventbrite?
Combining Google Maps MarkerClusterer v3 and Viewport Marker Management
Website has no scroll when viewed on Android
Why is <t:inputFileUpload value=鈥�{myBean.uploadedFile}鈥�/> not working?
What's the proper name the foo: function() style of creating a function in Javascript?
Checking if a variable exists or re-writing the value. Which is quicker? [closed]
Centered navigation bar and links
iOS:Read and Write into Plist
Insert entire DataTable into database at once instead of row by row?
Using a string function to display specific data
Map not displayed well
Javascript regex - remove all special characters except semi colon
Service References from Business Layer vs Service Layer
Does Eclipse have means to show me a 鈥渕erge鈥�of a Java class's full implementation?
Concatenate multiple rows from multiple tables
how to change the height of two views (One view shrink and the other expand) using objective c?
Create Salesforce Case object with nested relationships using REST API
Is there an omniauth strategy for Google login using openid?
Why my chat application that does not work behind a router?
What is the cleanest way to get the sum of numbers in a collection/list in Dart?
Threshold for matches in OpenCV's DescriptorMatchers
Can I pick which meta data to use from photos to be able to use ALAssetsLibrary with location services off?
Loading vector graphics from XAML files programatically in a WPF application
Cannot Compile Hash Table ADT - C
Ellipse not responding to controls
How can I write to a program after executing it in a .bat file?
Android server-client application session issue
Operand evaluation order and associativity
Save and Delete buttons not working
MySQL statement select where a column is NOT a number
How to symbolicate PLCrashReports for OS X Apps
Android: corrupted TextView using .setShader()
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot forward after response has been committed
Backbone-based web app for rails backend: separate project or on top of rails?
C++ - ostream, friends and namespaces
This jar contains entries whose signer certificate will expire within six months
KnockoutJS data-binding drops elements from IE7 and IE8
Keypress or keydown event handling in grid
iOS Performance Tuning: fastest way to get pixel color for large images
Collecting usage data about internet
pure javascript dropdown DIV animation
HTTP GET POST -> How to use both at the same time? (.Net environment )
JavaFX 2.0 FXML resource loading error
Is the traditional update-render-loop method overkill for cocos2d/cocos2dx?
Can't find VLC header file
requestSingleUpdate(鈥� doesn't automatically fetch GPS location
Where keyword class can be used in c#?
How to calculate my GPIO port address
Transitive Library Includes in Visual Studio
Explanation of proxy_association to find unassociated records
libsvm input data?
How do I hide a scrollbar using CSS?
How to use UIPopoverController to edit a UIlabel
Is there a reusable convenience function to update a ManyToManyField's value without clearing it first?
jquery image border on click
resolving osgi service with version
Find a table when you know the name of a column? (Access)
Find specific job in resque queue
CDI works in JAX-RS MessageBodyWriter but not in MessageBodyReader
check euclidean distance across periodic boundaries
Creating a dynamic popup for Disqus comments for different threads
Create ODBC Connection from Access to SQL Server
Accessing the original TWebRequest object in a Delphi SOAP Server
does Lua allow metamethods with weird number of arguments?
jqTree - creating tree data from json
GridView not updating when data comes from multiple tables
Detecting background color of an image
WooThemes + Custom Sidebars and Archive Template Issue
Create and stream a large archive without storing it in memory or on disk
Mulitple groups of dropdowns
VirtualBox Python SDK, closeMachineSession -> XPCOM component has no attribute 'close'
Reactive framework stream switching
nuget package inside
VB.NET HID: SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetail GetLastError() shows 1784 (ERROR_INVALID_USER_BUFFER) both times it is called
How can I change this input's value when a button is clicked?
Windows Form won't pass a variable to another?
Database multitables and ICS
Best Way to Dynamically Resize Pictures
Custom BuildFile for a Netbeans Java projects fails
What is a good website to learn prolog? [closed]
robots.txt not used correctly by google bot and shown wrong [closed]
Fabric authentication with kerberos
Positive/Negative button not displaying properly
Is it possible to preserve git version history for moved files when splitting a repository?
#include <string> file not found in iOS in C++ file
How to bottom center webpage?
No MediaTypeFormatter is available on Windows 2003 Server
ORDER, LIMIT and query with sprintf
Does Visual Studio's built-in web server support HTTP PUT?
How to extract only integers from string and chosen letters?
How can I modify 'Name' attribute of an instance via the Amazon EC2 API?
python xml library with similar functionality to json library
Check for updates in one url without download the whole file
JLayeredPane formatting issue
Why does my UITableView fail to scroll unless I tell it to animate the scroll?
Unselect a DrawLine after its drawn
Jquery cycle plugin containerResize option
Drawable to Bitmap, Drawable unknown size / dimension
getting result value by using ajax
CSRF verification failed. Request aborted in a Django form
Rails - New line character at the end of row in CSV import causing errors
DotNetOpenAuth: Could not load file or assembly log4net, Version= Client: respond to all events with one handler?
Solving for Big Theta Notation
Regular expressions for characters on mobile phones
HTML5 animation - play when scrolled to
codeigniter ajax form submit
Zend_Application issue with extending Frontcontroller and using extended Frontcontroller application resource
Convert date from m/d/yy to mm/dd/yyyy [duplicate]
Read gradle paths from project
Multi-threaded RPC with timeout and resend using RabbitMQ
Swapping text in iPhone by Animation
Encapsulating Data Outside of a Class
How do I modify the shebang line in a Perl or shell script?
2d to Pseudo 3d graphics
customizing ngModel directive to support model->view binding in jquery plugin
C++ unordered_map fail when used with a vector as key
divs created (javascript/mootools) from ajax response not showing until entire response processed
Interfaces for Command Pattern in Java
Database Join Query
Building .war with JRuby and warbler
Dynamically check if iFrame will break?
Sorting multidimensional array, upper case being sorted before lowercase
Successfully checking out svn files but no SCM status displayed in the navigator nor the source control utility area
Sqlite 2 python using a python tempfile
A little hint about an algorithm
Need assistance in modifying the python script to return wind direction in degrees
Using HTTPS in my Django site
python sqlite3 for loop update
Handling shutdown in KMDF filter
Generating WADL request parameters for @InjectParam
Custom Configuration file gets contents replaced with nulls
Getting 鈥淥RA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied鈥�when trying to create a data source in Tomcat 6
Get unique worker/thread/process/request ID in PHP
Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline Precompiling fails with asset_path wrong arguments
Limit displayed text length (from DB) in PHP?
How to remove element in a certain set which is stored in Arraylist of Set in JAVA?
ZF2 Advanced Routing: how to have user directories?
facebook like button on every element of my blog
Get unique worker/thread/process/request ID in PHP
Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline Precompiling fails with asset_path wrong arguments
Limit displayed text length (from DB) in PHP?
How to remove element in a certain set which is stored in Arraylist of Set in JAVA?
ZF2 Advanced Routing: how to have user directories?
facebook like button on every element of my blog
How do I add in a new template for my lift project (including url setups)?
What is the significance of the red outline in a failed Coded UI test screenshot?
How would apply a value to a string variable inside a struct?
mysql MAX query not returning latest record on join
How to predicate all pairs in a given list in Prolog?
label not positioning correctly?
How to get ebay item id from full ebay item url?
get value of div class in jquery drop event
mysql update a cell C with the updated division of cell A and B
Magento 1.7 - 2 stores with differnt domains sharing a cart?
Building a WHERE clause programmatically, then passing it into SQL as a parameter
Getting minimum number of MKMapRects from a MKPolygon
Entity Framework - Transactions replacing SaveChanges(bool) with SaveChanges(SaveOptions)
jQuery Isotope library with HTML tables
Copying keys and certificates to another one Mac for iPhone development
java.lang.VerifyError when running main class in Eclipse
FullCalendar Event Size in Month View
How could a distributed queue-like-thing be implemented on top of a RBDMS or NOSQL datastore or other messaging system (e.g., rabbitmq)?
rails -v shows wrong version when using rvm
Forcing a sql query to return results
New log file without server restart
How to get $var outside the function without using global php?
Linq select join razor page display
Checking element is in cell above using id in jQuery
Getting Null value for HttpPostedFileBase with Asp.Net MVC using the latest Uploadifive
Leave Unsaved form: button submit event will reset the 鈥淐hanged_Form鈥�status
.htaccess is not working by my desires with CakePHP
Delete ASP.NET user account when customer record is deleted?
gcc: lack of warning about order of initialization in constructors
Stripping HTML tags with Jquery
Android mediaplayer takes so much time in gingerbread
Polymorphism and Constructors
Can elasticsearch do a running tally of a number field?
ios twitter wrapper
Rails 3 View - Rounding Up
Exercise in Polymorphism, Inheritance, and Array-Sorting in Java
Actionbarsherlock layout params (align NAVIGATION_MODE_TABS at bottom)
Jquery - Select the <li> around <a href=鈥渟pecific-url鈥�gt;
How do I define xaml content (stackpanel with content) as an application resource?
Why am I geting an invalid XML error in my Phing build.xml?
Eclipse - New Project
hibernate+jpa+postgresql: no dialet mapping
AES weird difference between encryption and decryption speed
鈥淓rror: Parameter 1 required鈥�when attempting to set a listener on onBeforeRequest
Python use in VB .Net as compared to Excel
Determinant of a positive semi definite matrix
How to make a Perforce changelist restricted under certain conditions?
distribute android app through Google Play and as .apk file directly
Smarty: Returning data from database
Mysql2 response does not work with method collect in Ruby
Comparing value in the datatable
CSS: Implementing CSS Sprites with input button image
C++: XCode EXC_BAD_ACCESS issue
Splitting authentication across a site
Add To Tuples Within a List With Filter Taking in-game screenshots
Python Matplotlib Surface Colourmap Not Displaying
Watir-webdriver: how to force the click method to wait for the page to load completely
Making php handle get URI's like symfony
MySQL query - 'CAST' ' CONCAT' - How to multiply several rows of data by a certain amount and display their individual totals in a new column in 拢's?
Error in trigger seems to rollback entire transaction
Professional Skills Database/API?
How to generate all unique 4 character permutations of a seed string? [duplicate]
How can you stop user input actions while an AJAX query in requesting data?
Making a button that loads into a loaded swf file and unloads the swf on click
matplotlib set yaxis label size
multiple/optional segues from UITableViewController tableview cell
Get YouTube ID from URL regex pattern
How to use a variable value as a regex pattern
mongoDB Map/Reduce
Best practices for CFLAGS handling in configure scripts?
Find files which have certain attributes
Running PHP files in cloud 9
Upload S3 knox node js (signature doesnt match)
Get an information about all connected devices in the WIFI - connection
Java inflector to convert plurals to singular forms
Curl PHP http_code says 404 but browser says it's 200
Jquery conflict in Yii
JQuery Polling using MySQL and PHP. How?
Modify data entry in a column with IDENTITY property
graph - The implementation of updating Minimum Spanning Tree after adding a new edge
JTable sorting int in undesired order
iPhone - Leaks in MessageUI framework?
How to delete a Fetch Request in XCode 4
Convert Dataset to ListItem
Time taken to send iOS GameKit message
vim: gp over the paragraph
Need more than one of the same jQuery effect on same page
How does Facebook achieve infinite scrolling?
Saving arrays to the hard disk
how to build an UI for membership using mvc
Win32 UTF-16 character indexing
IBOutlets defined in controller's .h file are not visible in Inspector
QProcess not working on win32 systems?
IBOutlets defined in controller's .h file are not visible in Inspector
QProcess not working on win32 systems?
getting save as file name in word
HAML -> Backbone Template, Unescaping HTML Parameters
Move Focus to Next Cell on Enter Key Press in WPF DataGrid?
how to use html parser to get whats in a div tag or another tag in java
Hysteresis Round to solve 鈥渇lickering鈥�values due to noise
When / why would I ever want to raise an exception on a method?
Refresh List From Another Activity
Save the highlighting text in UIWebView
game development for any OS platform [closed]
CSS table TH elements not bold in Firefox (but OK in IE)
Selecting among dependencies in Angularjs in production
Regular expression for 1 or more [closed]
Can I have an index on 4 columns and set it to unique in a Rails app postgresql db?
Distance between 2 arduino's using rf links
Suppress cast to Date in mongoose, after transforming with getter
Dashboard widget: getting version number from Info.plist
iterating over mongo document in python
MySQL SELECT returning old value
Restricting connected sortable options
Internet Explorer Scroll jQuery
How can I have associations properly set in Factory Girl?
How to convert data.frame to (flat) matrix?
MySQL and time zones
How can I get FCKEditor in Drupal to stop re-escaping my HTML?
Is there any way to link Facebook Graph data with other data sources (Freebase, DBPedia)?
Setting AM/PM of TimePickerDialog
Unable to make FTP connection
Translating cucumber to rspec
How to write a three address code using ocamllex and ocamlyacc?
Trying to write TBitmaps to AVI file and getting only black frames (all zero data)
Pop up coding to avoid browser blocking [closed]
PHP error causing a blank page (error reporting working correctly)
Core Data background thread not updating record
Visual studio wont open mdf file
pagination $_GET['page'] in php
Select (keyword) from table phpmyadmin
Creating a new entity with a field of type optionset
Real time multi user interaction
How to copy a file and inherit Windows EFS?
How to not trigger exception when trying to write to HKLM on standard user?
Web Crawler in JAVA. java.out.lang.outofmemory Unable to create native thread
Querying for Entities with no parents
xCode long freezes after upgrading to 4.3.2
What's wrong with this function. unable to return string value
Magento 1.6.2 - Problems overriding contacts controller
Facebook API: checking if user is logged in on connect
What causes infinite template recursion in this tensor outer product?
Android SQLite Database: adding columns after DB is created
UrlByAppendingPathComponent vs UrlByAppendingPathExtension
HttpModule Resonse.Filter Write method not being called
Issues with calculating the determinant of a matrix
jquery same selector for multiple contexts
ExtJS 4 combobox shows valueField instead of displayField on form bind
substring check assistance with android
os.path.getsize Returns Incorrect Value?
Simple JSON issue?
if else statement after sql query
migrating existing chat database to XMPP (jabber) db
AS3 qestion about removing objects and memory/garbage collection
Re-Starting Jquery Tools Scrollable after Stopping - Using API
How to connect an image rollover with a link rollover?
How can I compare Lists for equality in Dart?
Anjlab sql profiler, limit the data to only tsql and sql, statements and stored procedures?
phpDocumentor - Could not open input file: phpdoc.php
Memoize and vectorize a custom function
Loading FB logo from FB's own CDN
Fortran read multi-line record
Can you do a Form submission with Javascript disable
Devise access associated object from current_user
Should website image files be included in GIT repository?
Include non python files in RPM with setuptools
jquery form validation require one of a group of inputs AND require that input is an integer
crash removing keyValue observer (using Apple SquareCam example code)
Can't access my android sqlite DB from windows
ExtJs Don't find Property to Map String Collection
Dynamically update variables into an existing file?
Reusable component in SpringMVC
devise admin logging out error
Lighttpd slow downloads
Resolve relative (鈥渵鈥� paths without reference to the current Page?
How to retrieve a single photo information of picasa web through the jquery $.getJSON
Write Access Client App for SQL Server 2005 Backend
Print or visually represent encrypted data