getopt.h: Compiling Linux C-Code in Windows
Inno IDE Eliminate View checkbox after installation
Cloudera Hadoop VM no eclipse
simple C graphic library for demo a matrix
Wrong digest value for xml signatures using Java XML Digital Signature API
Plug in to device driver stack Linux
How to attach OnClickListener to a button in a custom preference layout?
Editing custom GUI in NetBeansIDE
Rails 3 Active Record Fetch associated model based on scope
parametrize ajax callback
Connecting a MS Access (.mdb) Database to a MVC3 Web Application
Should Service layer throw an exception?
UITableView swipe return animation
Object has null values when subclass attempts to use it. Why?
How come the publish_action is so unstable?
Inno IDE Rename directory during copy
Java using classes from jar
Unable to use Auto Config for PyDev interpreter setup
UIWebview does not get cookies
iOS 5 Facebook Integration
Dynamic UI, Loop not working correctly
How to type cast using Sun/Oracle CodeModel library?
Sprockets 2 With Rails 2.3
Haskell data type error PBMfile
XSLT Data Map with the character < in the data
Spring + Ehcache - can @Cacheable be used to cache the output of a jsp view
Casting objects coming back from Ajax
Wicket on Jetty: Cannot save page with id
Showing a scrollbar only in Firefox
MATLAB: flushing event queue with drawnow
SQL Server dynamic PIVOT query?
ImageJpeg() - resource required, string given
Creating WP blog archive - date rage .htaccess
Not getting the right values when copying structs
Force close file on NFS opened by someone else
RichTextBox removing unknown tags
Telerik RadButton with ContentTemplate not showing radio button
Get a count of ranged and comma separated items in a string in SQL
iOS - run multiple async requests at the same time
Homework: How can I log processes for auditing using the bash shell?
Why am I getting Data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status? SQL Native Client
How can I create software to let users upload photos to my facebook profile / page from my own website?
Control different DataContext
HTML5 rich-text inside textarea
How much memory maps are consuming?
DateTime.TryParseExact and parsing multiple date formats
What approach should I use to do client side filtering?
std::count errors
solution for Design this forms in jqgrid
How can I rewrite this Visual loop to make it work?
Expression Language to get formatted datestamp in oozie synchronous dataset definition
Is this a good instance for the Decorator design pattern?
Wordpress Multisite (style sheet and images not displaying under wp-content themes folder)
Java example of using ExecutorService and PipedReader/PipedWriter (or PipedInputStream/PipedOutputStream) for consumer-producer
Memory allocation for a variant-typed token
d3.js - transform & transition, multiple lines
proper syntax after escape?
Error message handling due to exceptions
json in to a variable and then pass it
How to return multiple rows in a LEFT JOIN
usage of __declspec(dllimport) in MS VS 2008
Best Way To (Re-)Learn HTML [closed]
Unable to Isolate Transactions Across Tiers in Postgres / JDBC
PackageManager.queryIntentActivities() returns incomplete list?
Issues with dynamically generated web pages
Serialising XForm instances as SOAPAttach attachments
C++ Link Error Mangling when trying to put in .a
How come my Facebook App won't size to 760px?
Azure deployment with .json file extension
How do I use the Time class on hash values?
How can I tell premake to generate a Makefile that uses clang?
Going from black to green with limited input factor
ImageMapster: how to synchronize two image maps?
FQL query on stream table returns empty using created_time
Smart quotes not encoded correctly by Twitter share pop-up in IE7
How do I interpret Path to Dependency?
How to delete a row from a data.frame without losing the attributes
Configuring Object Instances from JSON in conf Files
What is wrong with my data contract?
How to save layered pyCairo pyGTK image
Reasonably secure way of verifying files?
Creating Twisted TCP socket and sending test value
jQuery: Each loop pause till finished
PIC Microcontroller Operating System
some readline lib missing for ruby on ubuntu 12.04 with rvm
Objective-C: Receive 鈥淓XC_BAD_ACCESS鈥�signal [duplicate]
Testing window.resize for a fixture with Jasmine
Can I just SELECT one column in MYSQL instead of all, to make it faster?
UIButtons not enabling other buttons
HTML form with ajax processing not getting passed to PHP script
PHP Mail, setlocale, and accented characters
How To Determine Which WHERE Clause Was True In A Linq Statement
Constructucting filters for a class with two foreign keys to the same class in Django
iPhone - create animation like Xcode
How can I delete multiple documents in CouchDB?
How to add two markers on map for source and destination in Android
Can Joomla handle Queries for Millions of Users in the jos_users table?
selenium web driver - explicit wait vs implicit wait
Adding metatags to Header in ASPX page
Video player in qt using Gstreamer or Phonon or VLC Player
Perl script to parse XML using XML::LibXML;
Opening file from directory in ruby using
Why can't g++ find/link to qjpeg4.dll?
How do I convert a UTF-8 String into an array of bytes in Dart?
How to link manually created ViewControllers into TabBar application
Run selenium scripts in Internet Explorer
Anti-Filter in Image Processing?
getting the value from an NSDictionary of NSDictionaries
Guidance for how to add nicely formatted output to a custom rails generator
Using Sublime Text 2 with ASP.NET MVC 3 [closed]
Windows Phone TextBox retains autocorrect suggeston after being cleared
Emacs in Mac OS Lion terminal - map right command key to meta
UITableView infinite scrolling
In TextMate, can you have a command go to a line in a file? (Alternatively: Can it do a Find for a specific string?)
PostGIS OSM query
How to archive an RSS feed?
stop settimeout incremention for an animated div
API get value Tumblr
Should I have separate tables or integrate the data?
Windows service installer for different user account (other than local system)
Nhibernate interceptors not picking up properties of base class
Validation in a layered application
Storing time zone as ID string or offset from UTC?
Form doesn't display
Why does this Jquery If statement not work?
Aspnet mvc4 webapi cause workerprocess crash
How can I limit the number of decimal points in a UITextField?
How to get the width of an image in playn with HTML5 before rendering?
OpenCV dot target detection not finding all targets, and found circles are offset
Multiple AJAX requests in MVC3 application
Skeleton has 143 bones, but the maximum supported is 72
Defualt info for backbone view on server error
Scipy: Convert RGB TIFF to grayscale TIFF and output it on Matplotlib
Disadvantages of using EOF?
How can I replay a multithreaded application?
LEFT JOIN DataTables - how do I get this to work? [duplicate]
Reload the page when visited by clicking Back button in Firefox
error: pointer to a function used in arithmetic
How to get result of searching google images in JSON?
Dynamically Import Resources into Config.yml in Symfony2
Can't compile example from google protocol buffers
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.apache.commons.lang3.ArrayUtils
SQL Developer: Uploading date format
Searching for a specific element in a TreeSet
Horizontal Collision Detection Using Crafty.js Game Engine
setting background image behind link tags
Firefox won't play .WAV files using the HTML5 <audio> tag?
Could not find the main class: Program will exit
SimpleLESS and LESS CSS syntax / validation fail; another pair of eyes to see why this is not working?
Rails & Haml: cant get a form to work
Combine different case rules in one Perl regular expression
How to send text from screen1 to screen2, using i.putExtra?
PHP: HTML Attribute Encoding / JavaScript Decoding
Cross-browser image onload event handling
why does this cast require no bridging under ARC?
iOS Push Notification error with UrbanAirship
Jersey - JsonFormatException - JAXB - GET returns okay - PUT parse throws error
How do I use WP_Query to filter by post_excerpt
include simple javascript in nodejs
Star Rating Primefaces always zero
SVN family of products versioning
ElasticSearch + Tire: good strategy to mock ES
Deploying unmanaged DLLs to output directory
Star Rating Primefaces always zero
SVN family of products versioning
ElasticSearch + Tire: good strategy to mock ES
Deploying unmanaged DLLs to output directory
Deploying to multiple EC2 servers with Fabric
Does HttpWebRequest's limit of 2 connections per host apply to HttpClient?
wrapping/overriding a ContentProvider
Read from file to type
Proper Syntax in a CodeIgniter Model
How to create a list of checkboxes from seed data passed to a model in rails
Retrofitting Unit/Regression Testing on a mature library/framework?
which of my friends are NOT like my page?
Android: How to display message when call is received and ended?
clear text value after success?
jQuery autocomplete shows results in console, but not as dropdown
PHP image resize cuts off my images
How to set spinner to a specific value when using custom Adapter
How can I return a variable number of containers of various types?
Why does a filter gradient on a pseudo element not work in IE8?
jQuery Tools scrollable + mobile safari bug?
has many through join table - additional association
Can I use system views to get aggregate value for all columns in a table?
Scopes for weekly calendar of events
Schedule re-occuing task whilst in background state. (iOS)
Passing variable from javascript to php get statement
Richfaces is not defined javascript error
I'm trying to find files with multiple extensions in a shell script
what jquery library is used for the input text keyword buttons here in Tags below?
Appending NSMutableStrings - Exepected 鈥�鈥�before 鈥�鈥�token error
How to get rid of an automatically generated span via CSS (un-display)?
Make Windows 7 Explorer details divider lines wider?
How to represent this schema in MongoDB
Firefox javascript escape error
Using reflection to get static property value, a concatenation of derived and base class
.is(鈥�animated鈥� selector returns true during animation and twice called
How do you iterate over namespaced XML that resides multiple levels down in the tree with PHP?
Java Parse Json Byte Array
How to set fixed size for thumb of ListView?
Java Can't create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare()
Swapping values in an array using Pattern Matching in Scala
Convert 12-bit Bayer image to 8-bit RGB using OpenCV
Decoding a file
Prevent an accordion in JavaFX from collapsing
Wordpress: Adding a variable inside wp_nav_menu
I'm using the Unit of Work Pattern in my DAL, but I need to perform data access in Application_Start. What should I do?
Content type not working in struts
How do I bind a dynamic set of jQuery Mobile buttons using Knockout.js?
working java Hibernate 3.3.2.GA offline?
WCF SOAP 1.2 service expecting SOAP 1.1 content type
Configure Virtual Printer Port Redirection
javascript sort array double sort
VBA Range from String
Url.Action not giving me actual Url
How to Hide Play button in Firefox 12 HTML 5 Video
scala sbt cache x eclipse build path
Looking for way to parse a structured plain text email message with PL/SQL
Copy a selected row to an array that populates another UITableView in Xcode (iOS 5)
Change javascript src attribute from Code Behind
Why does one of these programs work when the other doesn't?
Passing a parameter versus returning it from function
solr delta import 鈥渇etches鈥�but does not 鈥減rocess鈥�
Is this PHP script correct?
Saving Message object from JavaMail to Filesystem
How can Skype Android link out to a mobile site to purchase time? [closed]
android: How to achieve space on the top above the tablelayout(between screen and tablelayout)
Is it correct ok to use ConcurrentBag<T> as object of ConcurrentDictionary<key, object>
completed and async methods in windows phone 7 application
The values 鈥嬧�passed in parameter when creating the lost object when using threads
A good animation library for visualizing the sort algorithms
XCode debuging on simulator after code is changed
Proper way to use a Rack middleware from a gem in a Rails project with Bundler
Cannot read a byte array from socket
How can we correct or suppress CA0503 and CA0505 messages from Code Analysis in Visual Studio 11 Beta
web.config - 鈥淭his file has been modified outside the source editor鈥�after every build?
Php Active Record Remove Connection
JQUERY Image slider
SUM IF not working in Excel
How to remove the Table of Contents from the Table of Contents in WKHTMLTOPDF?
Building Boost Python with mingw on Windows7 64bit
RoleProvider Enum HttpContext.Current.User.IsInRole
Why does Visual C++ warn on implicit cast from const void ** to void * in C, but not in C++?
Unable to get image in my pdf created using itextsharp
How can I get 'minimum password age' of user in active directory using
android - LinearLayout become visible when calling removeView() after fade out
Accessing Original Document Value in Update Queries
core data error: no known method '-notes'
Handling a click on Facebook's 鈥淪ubscribe鈥�button
Trying to return lat and long from Google Geocode
iphone SSO Facebook implementation
Is Garamond really a web safe font?
Best way to create a custom contact us map
Entity Framework IsRequired with AllowEmptyStrings=false
Why does a file update sometimes return drive:v1 as the file id?
Converting from rich text format to plain text problems
working Multiple opened browsers of same kind
Collecting specific data from server emails (delivery failure reports)
Why is my Stopwatch not adding time?
Forwarding a request to a specific frame
RMI with IP - ClassNotFoundException, UnmarshalException, ServerException
Custom component
Why is my Stopwatch not adding time?
Forwarding a request to a specific frame
RMI with IP - ClassNotFoundException, UnmarshalException, ServerException
Custom component
Replace a String between two Strings
XPath: Match whole word (using matches function with case insensitive flag)
Loading dynamic AJAX content into Fancybox
Getting IsolatedStorageException: Operation not permitted on IsolatedStorageFileStream
Run base class function and then inherited class function [duplicate]
Android tap limiter
Android ImageButton how to have a clickable area that is larger than the image itself?
why i can't unset session in php?
visual basic 2010 how to find a 鈥�鈥�in a string
Adding opencv processing to gstreamer application
In Javascript does a recursive function release it's resources once it has hit the base case and starts moving back down the stack?
Registry or $_ENV
Unknown Column error for
wxpython demo implementation
php/javascript: making a character add colour to a line
Retrieveing Day, Month and Year separately from Date
XPath to select element based on childs child value returning multiple values?
Java: An array inside of an array? [closed]
preg_match for Specific URL Structure
c2dm messages never received
Detect click inside arc
SQL Sorting Strings and Numbers
nav links working in firefox but not safari
How to reduce an if statement and pass multiple values to Contains?
compareTo: how to return a boolean?
In RESTful Web Services, should Response DTOs contain their child DTOs?
javascript splice
iPhone iOS how to merge Core Data NSManagedObjectContext?
How does CDI remove stateful session bean?
MySQL update statement getting cut off
Renaming TAction for another form
Is there SaveToFile method equivalent in .NET?
How do i implement this scenario using PHP?
How to make an external log using Excel VBA?
What am i doing wrong with programming this SUVAT
Adding additional pages to a Rails controller?
Simple 鈥渟croll to/down鈥�effect using minimal markup and hash tags
Do variables on namespaces always have default values?
iOS5: Data not passed to UI object during segue
Serializable wrapper class for named pipes transport
The info about unread emails reading from a content provider
Checking Session Access in xhtml JSF
Add control variable to $_REQUEST in wordpress, php
Replace image in an element
jQuery .html() large load
Java - Parsing ArrayList with 2 iterators and the dreaded ConcurrentModificationException
Excel Formula & Metadata
How can Firefox be forced to respect environment variables such as SOCKS_SERVER or HTTP_PROXY?
Create column based on rows of dataframe
Why google plus seems using ajax to load page content but the url changes?
Authorizing API calls to a server
Comparing the first couple characters in a string
Android Limitations for In-App Purchases
MySQL design for performance - Many Tables and DBs or 2 Large tables in one DB
How to allow free-form JSON data within Mongoose documents?
The compiler states that there's no matching function for a call, even though there is one in the prototype
gmaps4rails1.5.0-Application no longer renders map
How can I stabilize a BasicEditField contentHeight?
Struts2: how to return result from action to some callback in the same jsp using $.post
How do you post to PHP in JavaScipt without Ajax?
Can't activate select using Flexslider/SwipeJS on Android/Gingerbread
floating point in python gives a wrong answer
Pulling data from one page to populate info on another.
ZF 1 Unable to chain to Route_Module to get a Id field
Reconfigure jquery preload for image used as div background
How to attach components programmatically to GroupBox
Some questions about AsyncTask
Using IIS 7.5 with Tomcat and ARR to re-write URL
Exclude PictureBox From TransparencyKey
Flex: implementing TextInput restrict in spark table gives error
C++ Passing unknown function as an agument
Find Day in The shell script
Making a UI change to ABPeoplePicker
Why am I getting a NullReferenceException in System.Data.Entity.dll (Entity Framework)?
Asp.Net MVC3 With required field validation
.net app call hierarchy explorer?
Elements 鈥渏erk鈥�back to right when I change their order
How do I know when a tab bar item is pressed (iOS)
.Net Redirect to User Details after Login / passing the GUID of a User
Cross-browser support for position:fixed
Android Eclipse Graphical Layout Issues
Android Custom Dialogue Box
How to add facebook like in multiple blog post like your index file in wordpress?
How can i switch to settings from my app? [duplicate]
Nx3 column data to 2d matrix for image processing
Form submit name get value
AVAssetExportSession creates movie successfully, but the duration is off
Parse url to get rid of all parameters after the first
Git submodules not updating?
Controlling CacheItemPolicy properties from your config file - is it possible?
Scraping data from flash web app [closed]
C++ Moving a char in a 2d array [closed]
How to get XID of Gtk2 GtkDrawingArea to embed Mplayer
Retaining route details on MVC Form Postback
Boost.Python: Fill in a passed in buffer in Python
time functions in c++ [closed]
set explicit source update while using data context
Is the unnecessary to loop through the result of an executeSql command?
How to read the contents of a MS Word file using javascript/node.js? [closed]
I cannot get VisualPHPUnit to run my tests
Maven, Ant, Dependency Resolution, How to Invoke Target in Another Project
Rename output of Shell script(s)
Can't bind to the keydown event using jayq
Sorting a list by function result in Haskell
Why can't I initialize getter this way in Objective C?
Attaching events to elements added dynamically with jQuery
iPhone top of gadgets cut off first time it is drawn
removing unneeded query from generated url string in php
how to customize date-picker in landscape mode
Chrome Content Scripts not loading JS
Where to find Microsoft Build engine Redistributables [duplicate]
Unix - how to get IP address of domain name?
Finding a substring match asynchronously. Recursion? Flattening?
Can't use callback function AND easing plugin
Codeigniter htaccess - controllers in subfolder not working
CSS element does not work in Chrome when printing
Java for loop not completing properly
HTML5 Canvas Mouse coordinates
MPI count of zero is often valid
Sum of items from two different datasets
wxPython Error in Openning Files in Ubuntu
Mongodb Map/Reduce - Multiple Group By
open a window in background with javascript error in firefox and opera
Get information from a remoteView?
8 logical threads at 4 cores will at a maximum run 4 times faster in parallel?
MatLab - structure and field arrays
Adding Items to UIScrollView Dynamically
Textarea: pressing enter creates new line
Making my images clickable and evaluated
DotNetNuke Unit Testing Facilities and Tutorials
jQuery Remove attribute in ajax
Reload data using TableAdapter
wp7 bing map on emulator
PowerBuilder 9 seeing 100's of SQL processes per user
Connection reset by peer when calling .net web service from android
sublassing UIWindow while using storyboards
iOS - App crashes Garbagecollector's fault?
Ruby syntax formatting and highlighting using snippet command
MySql select with max getting wrong ID?
Nice URL: Wicket 1.5 mountPage
Z-Index and YouTube Videos 鈥�Overlapping Content Quandry
Is Spring security login form equivalent to Httpclient post method?
Error when inserting function mysql_real_escape_string in a string
What is wrong with this short-circuited if statement?
jquery get value of select
How to simulate soap response with JAX-WS 2.0?
Nice URL: Wicket 1.5 mountPage
Z-Index and YouTube Videos 鈥�Overlapping Content Quandry
Is Spring security login form equivalent to Httpclient post method?
Error when inserting function mysql_real_escape_string in a string
What is wrong with this short-circuited if statement?
jquery get value of select
How to simulate soap response with JAX-WS 2.0?
Why is my 鈥減ressed鈥�and/or 鈥渟elected鈥�button state lost when a dialog is opened?
Greater than or less than operators and versions
Apply XSLT to add a tag
Modifying the names of factors in logistic regression
Moved A Database And Now Stored Procedures Run Slowly
Looking to remove comments from a large amount of javascript files
regex to replace @[name](type:id) to username [closed]
Modifying tab bar items in parent view controller
using knockout.js with django forms?
How Mange Memory to solve NotEnoughMemoryException in C#
When using Doctrine 2 custom annotations, what's the best way to get an array of all entity classes that have a specific annotation?
Enable multi-core compiling in VS2010 debug mode?
Making standard console appear in allegro
Need to increase height & width of jquery dialog with animate function
C++ Assigning array size as variable and assign value to the variable at runtime?
Very slow Innodb insert: 65secs for 1K entries in empty table
OpenERP and Gunicorn
Getting default 404 error page for unknown file extension even with custom 404 error page
Best way to enforce substantial password change, without saving to plaintext?
Shell script conditional statement if else does not work
What programing language can i use to interpret graphs? [closed]
Is there a way to generate Code from a DB in Java Play 2 Framework?
MySQL: select query, 5 minute increment
Parsing JSON object containing an array with Windows Phone 7
FOV test is detecting player infront AND behind
jQuery Datatable table is going outside of template
what to do when prompted for ec2-user password?
Non Null-Terminated strings while sharing string data using boost interprocess, (v 1.41, 1.44) x86_64
How to hide elements in graphical layout?
Aspect Ratio wrong after onResume()
How to trigger an alarm clock on iOS that will resume my radio stream? (like tuneIn Radio)
LEFT OUTER JOIN 2 datatables
How do I add a separator between elements in an {{#each}} loop except after the last element?
Using Regex to find words with characters that are the same or that are different
C# Inheritance Issues
How can I use webapp2 in Google App Engine using Python 2.5?
What is wrong with that column in my MySQL statement? [duplicate]
VisualSVN Server Repository Backup/Restore
Why HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() fails after connecting to a VPN?
need oracle sql returns 1 row when 0 rows are selected
Reflection getMethod without causing exceptions
NSOutlineView - How to remove the expand/collapse toggle
How to get Formview control by javascript's getElementByID?
Comparing ObjectId's using redis and mongodb
How to POST to HTTPs?
ideal lowpass filter with fftw
Is there ListBox loadfromfile method equivalent in .NET?
Output from an Exception class in App_Code
Test Servlet using JUnit and EasyMock Java
Android - java - count words
Facebook PHP SDK Throwing an Uncatchable OAuthException
Spring MVC Controller not resolving URI
Releasing the mutex.
How can I check the time the iPhone application takes to start up?
Usefulness of LOOPNE
How to use tr1 with Visual Studio 2010 (tr1::function)?
Can not activate discussions on Plone Dexterity types (folderish)
Updating Column Based On Another Updated Column
Blocked Android camera
Writing html in a string
Django Model Distinct clause
Excel import and export to SQL
Warning during WebLogic server startup
Insert session variable into MySQL database
remove all but a specific portion of a string in javascript
How to setup server variables for unit test using moq
ASP.NET MVC site that works for mobile and non-mobile sites?
most efficient way to validate us zip code in Flex
Calculate height of the element w/ jQuery gridview paging issue when rebinding it for a search result
Code behind database connection
Magento Categories URL
Loop with ChildWindows in Silverlight?
Font Size with php and/or CSS
Binding child ember objects to handlebars class
JQuery Accordion Tabs + Datatables
What could possibly lead to the following assembly execution result
Delete last character of string (if exists)
Loading Custom Assemblies with CompileAssemblyFromSource
iOS calendar integration to app
Need a routine to detect strings that are similar but not identical
Could some one explain compiling Apache from source on Windows
What Instruments tools should I use to find out about my Monotouch app's memory usage?
Ruby manages to fail opening a 644 file as read-only
UnityContainer() LoadConfiguration not found [closed]
rewrite rule for my drupal site url not working
NSData to byte array (or array of integers)
mongoid - deleting child objects from a parent in a reference 1..N relationship
How can I simplify my url with .htaccess?
execute ajax loaded javascript code
Passing a LPCTSTR parameter to an API call from VBA in a PTRSAFE and UNICODE safe manner
NSMutableArray Add/Remove Objects (Inherited File)
How to make iOS believe there is Internet Connectivity
Cocoa: How to send proper mouse delta events?
How deep can I nest backbone change events?
Jquery logic working 3/4 of the way (check box list) - How do I make it work 100%
Sorting issues on Heroku
Type Cast UIView Warning
JQuery drag and drop with validation issue
PHP - FTP file upload error
Get location of 鈥渟ource鈥漞d script
Share session (cookies) between subdomains in Rails?
Can't download complete image file from skydrive using REST API
Convert listBox.SelectedItem to PointF
Observable Network IO Parsing
Which value use with _trackEvent to monitor retention / cohorts?
Can I reference a DataContract and its proxy version from same class
Can a master jenkins run jobs on remote jenkins?
Using ajax to store textarea info into database. Works fine unless I edit textarea in ANY way.. Info still gets stored but XMLHTTP never closes
oAuth implementation: Does the current domain matter?
Simultaneous animations on Raphael objects - Last animation overrides previous animations of the object
When push objects to array in php, all objects are same
Having a strange issue with jQuery Cycle Plugin Pager and IE7 and 8
Rails 3.2: Failed Assertion uniqueness: true
WPF and Win32 messaging
How can fix this wamp server , phpmyadmin page error?
What's a good way to store keywords in a database? [duplicate]
Using Regex to find pairs of words out of a list of words
.NET WebChannelFactory service proxy leaves connection open, even though it is disposed
Ideas on how to make user-defined variables within a Java program?
How to HitTest XAML 3D object in WPF
Is BDD the solution for planning a medium sized project?
Android: how do I create File object from asset file?
How do I pull the name of the user that posts to our page wall?
How to have LED Light Notification?
Create table around text
mysql update from select - same table
Binding to DataGridTemplateColumn using style applied within DataTemplate?
Android Using Soap Library or Rest WebServices
adding a scope to ActiveRecord::Base via initializer?
Sending information across pages PHP
how to stop setInterval after php script is done executing through ajax
Getting Primary HDD serial on OSx using terminal
C# Class Inheritance Issue
How can I pass data through a DragDrop event?
What is the best way to simulate no Internet connection within a Cucumber test?
background music
Why do .htaccess redirects work on a url with www in it but not without?
How to cast explicitly in clojure when interfacing with java
JavaScript document textarea issue in Safari
Configure XDebug for PHP
static array buffer assignment
jQuery post data return comparison not working
C# Class Inheritance Issue
How can I pass data through a DragDrop event?
What is the best way to simulate no Internet connection within a Cucumber test?
background music
Why do .htaccess redirects work on a url with www in it but not without?
How to cast explicitly in clojure when interfacing with java
JavaScript document textarea issue in Safari
Configure XDebug for PHP
static array buffer assignment
jQuery post data return comparison not working
Performance comparison between hadoop Pseudo-Distributed Operation and Standalone Operation
Error when creating an EntityManager
Image invalid sent by ANDROID to C# TCPListener
XML encoding UTF-16 using PHP ( I keep getting UTF-8)
How do I combine these xpath expressions?
Submit form with Jquery UI
I encountered an error that 鈥渁uthentication mode= windows鈥�error .
Encoding for HTTP Live Streaming with Xuggle
NSArray clears itself after three times [closed]
AlertDialog closing without clicking ok and cancel in Android 4.0
Not working: Giving an empty field a value - php
Android onClick() assistance with method call
HTML-Validator Errors and Warnings
Drupal: How to display a menu item of access denied and redirect it to login page
Hide input field when advanced form is shown
header and nav issues
best_in_place & model attribute accessing (noob?)
Read an array of JSON in JAVA
Trying to get form data into Hash table, then place in session
How do I directly link to the Apex Report 鈥渆xport as CSV鈥�option?
Copy of GKSession object implementing copyWithZone
Receive S3::Error::SignatureDoesNotMatch by using Paperclip with 鈥渟3鈥�on Heroku MVC 4 WebApi - Testing MIME Multipart Content
jquery $('<div>') vs $('<div />') [duplicate]
Maintaining logical consistency with a soft delete, whilst retaining the original information
Launch another app but not new process
Intent to play a video always plays the same one
rails app in development doesn't show up on heroku
How do I combine templates from different HTML files
Getting ongoing time from first view in android
Preserving sessions
In Redis are all hash keys stored in the same 鈥渢able鈥� and if so how does it affect performance?
Determine How Much Space Each Site is Using - Windows Sharepoint Services
How to Overcome this NeatUpload Object Reference Error?
Most efficient way to append a constant string to a variable string in Java?
How to parse this HTML table with BeautifulSoup and Regex?
Change variables in bash
How can I get getopts source?
Bundle Identifier confusion
Expand array linux kernel module
How Can I Copy My Macro To The Production Version Of My Workbook?
django simple relation in template
SQL Query return results in a comma separated string (Optimised)
Java library supporting XPointer with the xpointer() scheme?
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linux - export output from apachetop to file
mkdir c++ function
Unified ARM Cortex M3 documentation
Refresh map in Activity does not react
opinions sought: architectural blueprints for instance level security
JetBrains RubyMine code MS Word export
Spring ROO sorting
How do I write a query that bridges two tables?
Flipping coins using Scala
learning about database performance: php and mysql
Collecting data from multiple sources using multiple processes/threads/tasks
Why ApplicationException is thrown?
database table with field of type date not allowed in SQL Server 2008 R2?
鈥淯npack requires a string argument of length 4鈥�when unpacking floats?
Is Logback Really Inside Play?
BeautifulSoup - Blank line in the output 'cause a strange useless <tr></tr>
WP7 getting device coordinates
WPF datagrid rowHeader object
List threading issue
htaccess mod_rewrite exclude images/css
Nhibernate Many-to-Many bridge table Keep to be empty
Google Drive collaborative editor
Suppress moreNavigationController in custom UITabBarController
Android: Is there another way to display data from a string array?
Error in PROLOG code
How do I use a recursive collection listing to build a directory structure?
Rails 3 running on passenger, unknown attribute: session_id error
MYSQL LIKE clause returning nothing?
Auto-name range in an excel spreadsheet with R
Monotouch.Dialog RootElement that opens a UIViewController and Passing in Data
CakePHP: allowing database update with button click
Value of this in protoypal object in JavaScript
List colors in ComboBox without transparent color
How to create a function in Sencha Architect?
How can I plot positive and negative values for both axes in a scatter plot with d3?
Page size for large resources in a RESTful web service?
Backbone file is not importing in QUnit test
adding subviews to an NSView to have a chess-like grid
Is there an equivalent source command in dos command prompt as in bash or tcsh?
How can A.f defined in module A get list of function defined in B if A.f was called from B
save imported photo within in xcode project
Get text from the listview
error while sending email in django [closed]
Reference to ejs view files does not change after the build, although it combines it inside of production.js - Javascript MVC
getting error SIMD operation
How can I disable breaking on user-unhandled exceptions in Visual Studio 2010?
sunspot with i18n framework in rails 3.2
Why does populating my table take so long?
Variable to store data, that can be accessed by any class
C++ Common Language Runtime Support [.Net?]
Localizing timeAgoInWords in CakePHP
Invalid HANDLE was specified when RegCloseKey(HKEY)
Identifying when a CGContextRef is a PDF context
Embed NHibernate assemblies in ASP.NET website
How to send extra parameter on SelectedIndexChanged?
Why are Wrapper Classes, String,鈥�final ?
How to run some code only when the rails console starts? Kindof like an rc file?
ORDER BY column containing a mix of text and numerical data
Pynotify screws up datetime, why?
Handle scrolling with UIView on top of UIScrollView, ScrollView wont Scroll
HTML Email and Lotus Notes - Content is repeating
Request.Filter in an IIS Managed Module
Parsing data from hdp device for android (API 15)
StackOverflowError in servlet mapping with url-pattern 鈥�*鈥�
How to get rid of false dependencies in gerrit
How to modify connection string in Web.config when running tests through Visual Studio 2008?
c++ limit process child ignore SIGXCPU
Condensing a Bash script to parse a file
Large amount of dataURIs compared to images
鈥淥RDER BY FIELD鈥�MySQL does not seem to be working
3-clause BSD or LGPL (or鈥�?
coldfusion tinymce spellchecker not working / showing
jQuery hotkeys鈥ot so global
Expression Builder Access 2010
Cant get resource from application level
Problems Linking to
Finding first sentence in a paragraph
C++11 move constructor
Moving a knockoutjs object into a popup edit form
SharePoint public url is not retrieve but load balancer url is retrieved using sharepoiont OM
Rebuilt jstree with selected nodes using checkbox plugin and Json data
REST, json, .Net4 , and complex data types
algorithm of chat application in java using sockets
Is Chrome supposed to transfer HTML5 video from the server in chunks?
How do I add a variable inside a string in Crystal Reports
Change Fragment contentView in android
Image stamping with javascript
Where to place regular Controllers and ApiControllers
Instructions for getting setup for PhoneGap/Cordova 1.6 for Blackberry 5.0+?
Is command pattern more than adapter?
Auto-Deploy on IIS from Github?
Unable to open publications - an item with the title 鈥淪egments鈥�already exists
How to create the linked server for SQL Server 2008 where we have the database from 2000 and 2005
Linker error when moving function to a different file in VS2010 with Qt Add-in
Unable to open publications - an item with the title 鈥淪egments鈥�already exists
How to create the linked server for SQL Server 2008 where we have the database from 2000 and 2005
Linker error when moving function to a different file in VS2010 with Qt Add-in
ABPeoplePicker selecting many and returning array of emails
Chocolatey Uninstall Package
windows phone development on windows 8
Grails - Startup Memory/Memory Usage/Domain objects
Show view on button event in Sencha Architect
LINQ Comparison Between Two Child Property List Types?
How to maintain font styles in json file?
JavaScript error with html form submit
Soundcloud API: Is it possible to get the 'playlist/set' data of my Favorites?
JTable binding Avoiding Default Value
Capture all strings that start with 鈥淸[鈥�and end with 鈥淽]鈥�as regex while splitting
Drupal 7: Views 3: display profile info for current user only
Sort and count instances of words in a database
How/what to mock in BDD
How to get syncronization lock of a process
How to merge two or more coffeescript files together with duplicate function names?
Main Activity start delay
Trying to build jquery interstital div, but no action when clicking on link
simpleXML in PHP reading elements from nested namespaces in XML document
Friend-selector doesn't work?
DateTime and Date Comparison
JSObject.equals() says JSObject.getWindow() is not equal to JSObject.getWindow()
Uploading image in ASP.NET MVC
What are requirements for using dot notation in Objective C?
Algorithm for minimum manhattan distance
Horizontal List Scrolling with CSS
Website left aligned on iPad
Handling imploded values from a find operation in the controller
Rails uniqueness of several (aggregated) columns?
Adding up end values using classes. Java.
Text field in scrollview?
Where is the default collectd pluggindir?
Keyboard access for GridViewColumnHeaders?
Selecting textarea text when tabbing
Android to PC notifications platform
What are the lowest locking primitives in Linux
using dapper to replace a fully fledged OR/M
Why does Rails validate unchanged attributes?
Vertical Gradient Using Bootstrap and LESS
Is there a common Java library that will handle URL encoding/decoding for a collection of strings?
How to build application to put executable on the desktop
How do I compare a text area being submitted with a database?
knockout.js not working when select list doesn't have options
Is synchronized being used right in this code?
mysql query not inserting into database [closed]
How to use Spring Cacheable (query-cache) in a distributed environment?
Analog of TableLayoutPanel in Swing
Make Nested Jquery accordion menu close when new tab is clicked
Can you apply a Media Query specific style to an HTML element via JavaScript?
How to translate the default CoreData value
iOS remote xml is parsing residual content
Swing JPopupMenu: grey area overlapping
Django Pagination works for first page, does not second page
Using localized text in UILabel in Interface builder?
static method objective c - init once
Improve speed for updating existing records (~11.000) in Core Data
Calling Ant tagets via Maven
Comparing character array contatinig hexa values
Mysterious psaadm process [closed]
Messages not being sent from content script to background.js
Display IDataErrorInfo Error in Textblock instead of Tooltip
Require an Optimal solution for a 2d matrix containing time for running tasks
display all tables that start with specific characters
how to hide revision number from eclipse explorer view?
UITableViewCell. How do I just highlight cell during touch down?
VB.NET: End of Statement error on IF statement
Methods that Clear the Thread.interrupt() flag
Entity Framework returns faulty data while querying
limit div height [closed]
Skip reading xml elements that are inside a certain parent node
jQuery Mobile Listview - Phantom/not refreshed in Android 4
Copying files to/from iOS application's data directory?
Python method-wrapper type?
How to configure PhpStorm short tags indentation
ResolveClientUrl inside runat server head
How to use option split to control typo3 menu properties?
Using Django (or simple SQL) - is it possible to sort a m2m relationship with a field on the `through` table?
Hide Year field in Android DatePicker?
What is the best way to run JavaScript in Java?
python extra value added to the variable
Powershell xml function error
How to use Alarm Manager Content Provider.
Shiro Authorization populate authorization with remote roles
UIViewController and UITableViewController shared logic
linux history command
Uncaught ReferenceError: _gaq is not defined (Google Analytics)
Class vector c++ issue
Checking if browser is javascript enabled or not
Should local SQL Server edition be the same as host's edition?
Use XML file as database
0xc0000005 When starting .Net process
MySQL Join with Highest?
Error while compiling module for linux kernel
keyboard vs menu conflict on Java 7, Mac OS
MySQL and Python Select Statement Issues
How to terminate anonymous threads in Delphi on application close?
How to solve this error in Activating WP Plugin?
How to send a csv attachment with lines longer than 990 characters?
Referring to Memcache Objects And Updating them
S3 Obfuscated const_missing_from_s3_library error
Cannot get Source RPM for Centos 5.8 Packages
Like an Open Graph action
How does Guice pass in ServletContext/ServletConfig to the bindings?
How to handle username in Cocoa Touch?
iOS: can't figure out how to write the proper method
Class Naus bundle Entity Sample is not a valid entity or mapped super class
How to store results of dynamic SQL into a variable
SSMS - every SELECT statement creates extra empty line - how to suppress?
sort vector for index
Using functions in a underscore template
What's wrong with this htaccess entry?
Where can I get the latest Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.DLL?
How to render tags as html in browser
undefined method `assert' in ruby on rails
Akka ZeroMQ - Any way to get the socket address?
Get members posts per day in percent
Greasemonkey script to extract my desired HTML content from an AJAX response?
jQuery how to stop Vimeo video when click
How to properly extend Devise Recoverable?
Python: Determine String Formatting With a boolean?
Output only the date in a parsed email using php
How to pass-in IMongoFields values into a function parameter
Is it possible to calculate the Chinese Zodiac, or must I use a lookup table?
Multiple instances of IEntityChangeTracker Error
Regexp for unicode string
CGPDF - Saving images with FlateDecode Filter
Change default 鈥渢ab鈥�action (transferfocus)
Reference to group function not supported
can I use several usernames in maven settings.xml file?
How to make switching statements based on NSString more efficient and scalable?
When does Cassandra DB index data after updating a column as secondary index
thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x4001b188)
Newbie on debian and trying to make Java 7 the default java version used
Prevent an object from being visible when dragged outside a div
Growing tree animation [closed]
can not pass httpcontextbase into method with HttpContext type variable
Adding QuartzCore to project when deployment target is 4.2
Retrieving data from table recursively or by iterations - as a pedigree tree
Removing custom binding elements in web.config for child application
Constrain Multicast Packets within computer
Securing a WCF RESTful service鈥�can't call it unless authenticated
Theme directory path in wordpress
Set multiple buttons in dialog
Read dropdownlist value from a gridview
Move text cursor to particular screen coordinate?
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting T_FUNCTION
having issue in extracting an element from xml
SOLR / LUCENE how to expand list into multi-valued fields?
set attribute from value of method
Download code works in Windows 7 but not XP SP2?
MySQL UTF8 varchar column size
Browsers don't pass form data
js canvas gradual zoom?
Tunnelling RTSP through HTTP
Calling Web Services on interface on iOS
How do I make my image zoomable in a scrollview?
Get Tweets and Display them in Wordpress
Visual studio cannot find my referenced DLL's namespace
How to programatically find Manifest options for the Activity?
jQuery - Dynamically reloading / refreshing a div using $.load function
Fitting a waveform to a set of points and choosing discrete intervals from it
<asp:TextBox> Vs <input type=鈥渢ext鈥�gt; Vs Html.TextBox
Writing a function template that is specialised for a class and its subclasses
Difference between const ref and const pointer, c++
How do you compare and check for all values in two arrays? [duplicate]
dynamically inserting templates in meteor
deadline timer expires, now what?
SQL count distinct values for records but filter some dups
I need to make analog clock that works on Internet Explorer [closed]
Custom property in C# with list need to access list for each item only
jQuery UI Dialog Box - link with javascript function
Editing .txt file Java
MouseJointDef libgdx - draw a trajectory line like Angry Birds
Express stride in bytes in boost::multi_array
how to retrieve value of a json check box using php
Validating a Textbox field for only numeric input.
Could Not Write File on FTP server using FTPClient in Java
single character arithmetics?
How to override EmbeddedNavigator_ButtonClick (XtraGrid)
Haproxy redirect www to non-www
asp:sqldatasource SelectCommandType=鈥淭ext鈥�Dropdown not populating ONLY when parameters are passed to SQL
intellij idea community edition + JPA
ASP.NET is HttpCookie a persistent or session type of cookie
jquery templates - how to code unescaped buffering with node.js and Express
Coord texture array does not works correctly with glDrawElements
Can we use ' n' in assembly?
Refreshing UITableview Section to One With Different Number of Rows
adding blocks to magento adminhtml modules
Adding two strings together to create a new LPSTR
operator new field value has wrong offset in multiple inheritance
How do I fetch count of two columns for a given criteria grouped by another column?
BlockingCollection auto executes my functions when I attempt to add them to list
Pressing on the notification removes alertDialog
Ordered list not working in Django
Symfony 2 + Doctrine 2 + inheritance
Wireshark Dissector in Lua
Protecting variables from stealing in php
Adding two strings together to create a new LPSTR
operator new field value has wrong offset in multiple inheritance
How do I fetch count of two columns for a given criteria grouped by another column?
BlockingCollection auto executes my functions when I attempt to add them to list
Pressing on the notification removes alertDialog
Ordered list not working in Django
Symfony 2 + Doctrine 2 + inheritance
Wireshark Dissector in Lua
Protecting variables from stealing in php
TempData[] usage in MVC3 controller errs w/The SessionStateTempDataProvider class requires session state to be enabled
how do i get gluCylinder (and other GL objects) position?
Response BinaryWrite not working on Android browser
Keep app-models in one file or separate each into a new file?
How to change the UITableViewCell content view by IBAction?
CvInvoke.findFundamentalMatrix method in emguCV
ButtonGroup: Quantity of selected elements
HTTP Error 401.2 When Issuing HttpRequest
Only allow leaf category as a choice - Django
Create Random Serial with PHP
Getting null for form parameter after being forwarded or redirected
Stream not building up using memcpy
Troubleshooting Site Slowness on a Nginx + Gunicorn + Django Stack
Dojo Dialog with confirmation button
Getting both Key Gestures and Executed method to work in WPF
Socket Handler failed to connect Java
Microsoft Access runtime error 2455 when trying to access grandchildren forms from child form
Put string version of operator in between its operands
MongoKit 鈥淚mportError: No module named objectid 鈥�error
Hello World phonegap app crashing [closed]
External libraries in Visual Studio 2010 projects
Is there an easy way to Extract Interface in Visual Studio Express 2010 Edition?
sas date format
Passing hidden variables using a form and post metod php [closed]
鈥淚nvalid field in source data: 0鈥�error with ProtoBuf-Net and Compact Framework
JavaScript print blocked by Chrome, Workaround?
Upgrading from .live() to .on() for single page applications
Sharepoint Designer Vs Visual Studio 2010
What should handle drag & drop of UIViewController within UIView?
Interrupt table modification [closed]
symfony 2 - one to one mapping
Syntax error in bash
SQL Queries, How to deal with complicated Queries?
Getting the index of an element in a deque given a pointer to that element?
With PHP to MySQL datetime formatting
Reload in Python interpreter
x86 program arguments location
Google Maps API v3 coordinates of map after move
Pass a copy of GKSession object from one view to another
Launching notification with AlarmManager
python scrapy how to remove extra parsed character
jQuery Validation only validating the first hidden input element?
Delayed Input Validation with WPF
How do I increment videoIndex on my video navigation?
using moq to populate httpcontext.request
Is it legal and good practice to leave methods unimplemented?
Cache-Control: before public or max-age?
How to share SessionAttributes between Controllers in Spring MVC?
how to bind Radio buttons in Silverlight datagrid row and read the selected value for each row in Viewmodel
Remove reversal pairs using SQL
Excel 2010 Relative Link to Cells in other Workbooks
Java: System.out.println() should write to the console, but it doesn't
Make an imageview appear and disappear smoothy
Scrolling in OpenGL ES 1.1
Verify Gamefield VB.NET
Grails: querying hasMany association
Cg problems with OpenGL
Doxygen @todo Tag
SQL Query selecting where there are more than 3 distinct
Which jade.vim plugin to use?
Take screenshot of <body> with html2canvas and store img as JS var
Pass the value of one argument to multiple functions within a function wrapper
Quartz Cron Trigger, runs twice
Cocoa Preferences Overwritten
How to find 'common route' in Google Maps?
String compare NSString to NSCFString never equates
Can I limit results using IN and COUNT?
How do I get an Axis/Castor web service to validate the request against the XSD?
Why does setting UpdateSourceTrigger to Explicit still update the source?
Does this implementation of the 鈥淐ontext Pattern鈥�look ok? [closed]
CodeIgniter - Search results - How to create good query and URI?
Simple Recursion Explanation
Routing error in Rails 3.1
OpenGL. Ball to ball collision
Calling an ASP.NET webform page from ASP.NET MVC application within the same Project Solution
How to Create a System.Drawing.Graphics object from a System.Windows.Forms.Screen object?
How to play notification sound from scheduled agent?