Mysql query mixing date time and position
Why is there no comparison statement in this javascript 'If鈥�Else鈥� statement
OCR reading phone numbers with Tesseract
Configuring Python Application based upon git branch
How can I route a Core Data class to multiple resource paths In RestKit?
tools for Crawling popular forum/bulletin board software [closed]
JQuery Cycle pagerAnchorBuilder - list tags have different classes attached to them.
Virtual Serial Port access using C and MinGW on Windows 7 x64
Equivalent Quantifier Free Formulas
Where to find TortoiseSvn Subwcrev Error code list?
WCF: in async contract I return List<T> but I receive in client an array
twitter bootstrap button changes rendering oddly in firefox and chrome
Why not to use a 'Return' statement in VB.NET?
Input string was not in a correct format - calculating total of labels
Howto print Long in Binary?
Restrict user login on kernel level in Linux
JavaScript dynamically loaded into iframe runs in parent scope
MVC3 & Razor: How to structure forms & actions to allow for postback-like functionality?
Jquery multi select
jQuery autocomplete works on test webserver but not on production webserver
Opening app in Google Play from a redirect link
Why when I run my chess project as a runnable jar file I get a strange behavior while when I run it inside eclipse everything works just fine?
Killing a process in debian - 鈥渟h: /usr/bin/p$: not found鈥�
Count bitmasks, enumerate 0s
How to setup a 鈥渨atch鈥�for notifications in Ruby on Rails?
OpenCart How does the config class work?
How to check if app has been loaded from Google Play or 鈥渦nknown source鈥�
Nesting surfaceview>Linearlayout>Horizontal scrollview
ApplicationEventMulticaster not initialized with spring-data for mongo
PHP PDO bug when trying to parameterize SQL LIMIT :offset, :display?
Model State - What you see is not what you get - revisited
jquery - showing div based on radio button checked?
Sticky footer containing multiple divs not working
NAT traversal techniques and idea
two models in a view - not working for me
Rails 3: validate that a record belongs to user
Determine which button called an actionPerformed method
How does the NOT IN logical operator work to generate this output? [closed]
How do I write an xpath expression for an element following another with certain text?
ToString Method Overriding in DataContract in WCF
Python dictionary initilization
Generate thumbnail of website?
fading effect in iframe using jquery
Link error using std::vector
Unable to Configure Spring Security With X.509 Certificate and Anonymous User
Can't get to <style> in xml file using XmlDocument
Smarten up my jquery tabbed browsing
OpenEars - fliteDidFinishSpeaking not called the first time Flite is fired
Newbie query on Node.js non-blocking behavior
struct: Storage size unknown, or variable undeclared
How to get new table rows onClick only when one line of previous inputs is not empty?
Can an abstract class contain a public method?
MySQL alter All Columns In table
Javascript object methods and binding functions
Using Beautiful Soup to convert CSS attributes to individual HTML attributes?
Blocking standard out from a NSTask-run program
add 鈥渁ctions鈥�parameter for upload photos on wall
It is possible create a layout and view flipper on the same line?
Should i continue clearing the screen with the os module or use subprocess?
Objective C how to troubleshoot NSCoreDataOptimisticLockingException
on Android Unable to disable to cut copy paste option
Show Semantic MediaWiki error text instead of warning icon
Difference between constituency parser and dependency parser
displaying each line with a different color inside TextArea
Rails 3 HABTM not changing created_at and updated_at fields
non width specfic jquery carousel
Difference between Python's 鈥渋mport X鈥�and 鈥渇rom module import X鈥�
Preventing users navigating to a document
Textbox and messagebox
Concatenation of binding's path property in XAML
How to use librt function in Python?
How can I attach a cookie to my jQuery post request header?
jQuery finding deeply nested input element
Moving annotated jpa entities between environments
How to determine flash drive on linux? [closed]
How do use the nested INSERT/SELECT command in this case?
What context instance to pass to non-activity constructors from an Activity?
Create a label using jQuery on the fly
Play 2 Framework code generation tool or Yii/Cakephp frameworks?
JavaScript Date object not working with string passed to it
Delay between viewDidLoad and viewDidAppear with animated UIImageView
How to return multiple values into a label with sql [closed]
POST request to WCF Service over 3G
Regarding factory design pattern
CSS opacity class not working
A better wsdl.exe? Specifically, for handling circular group references in the source XSD files
Sqlite DB Android Backup/Restore
Regular expression to fix invalid JSON
Non-trivial responsive design layout techniques (i.e., moving things around)
Sef Joins - How to get all next editions records in one table
How can I detect if my code should Impersonate or not?
How to change RadGrid鈥檚 GridButtonColumn Confirmation Dialog Ok and Cancel buttons text for different languages
Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: XML
How to toggle visibility of a view in Eclipse with a keyboard shortcut?
How to get unique method ID in .NET profiler (ICorProfilerCallback)?
android and node.js
How do I create a dynamic table with rows and columns using the windows 7 platform
SEO optimization for AJAX site and dynamic HTML canvas
Java linux / unix commands
Excel Source is out of sync issue when loading data from a spreadsheet to database using SSIS
SQL SELECT statement to pull data from multiple tables with foreign keys and associative relationships
KML controlling polygon styles
Can extra criteria be built into the CakePHP Authentication Component?
Ruby using FbGraph gem :: get friends' email address
Add a Label over Picturebox
image and radio button alignment issue in css and html
NSException raise:format: as the last statement in a method
I am trying to send a contact form data via mail in hostgator
JQuery datepicker set defaultvalue
How to Create GWT CellTable Dynamically with entity
Custom Scrollbar overflow?
Rails session losing one key:value pair between actions
NSDictionary's allKeys array messed up - not in the order they are in the dictionary?
apache ajp configuration for grails application
zend_validate_regex not happy with accented characters
Looping over a function in Haskell
c++ checking at runtime if object implements interface
PHP login system / sessions isn't working the first time
Include Maven profile name in assembly-plugin built (with dependencies) jar
mysql - select values from tables LIKE values from another table
鈥淣etworkStatus0 = TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function鈥�Error Without Reason
Unable to locate RXTX native DLLs in a JavaFX app
MVC .NET - Is there a security framework that allows permission based system
Rails and Importing CSV issue?
How to count number of patterns using variables in tr/// operator?
Using WebRequest to obtain cookies to automatically log into Sharepoint Online, getting variour errors
C++ equivalent of Python getattr
Process the result of an executeSql statement using Handlebars.js
String stream producing memory-map
How to extend the plugin for jQuery?
Thread gets released before the data is fetched.Would you know why?
How to dispose of Autofac container used with Caliburn Micro
Mic Volume Meter
Validate that a string contain some exact words
Logging with Vala
What is the default targeted .NET Framework version when i compile an application from Source File?
Windows Service Onstart issues with two services
Android ListView change specific element with custom row layout
How to implement the scanline access of TBitmap correctly?
Surface View canvas . @Override on key down
what does this ABaddressBook NSLog Mean?
What is the advantage of JCXZ?
Jquery Mobile code for Flickering Navigation with PhoneGap
Return true for first instance of a number in a different column
Class A initialisation within class B containing pointer to class A
Java code dealing with arrays (Compiles but not sure if it is doing everything it is asking for)
VBA Internet Explorer Automation - How to Select 鈥淥pen鈥�When Downloading a File
Flex varargs parameters
jQuery delegate click function speed + crash issue in iPad
Getting error in manage categories - not found for attribute 鈥渘avigation_column鈥�
Compile error concerning variables (scope?) in JSP
Pad currency to fixed width (ToString(鈥淐鈥�) with zeros?
MySQL: How to order by (-) dash
Multiple images per layer in OpenLayers
isapi rewrite version 3, subdomain spoofing
Loop returning bool
C# syntax issue - trying to add value to data row
How do I truncate a field and append 鈥溾�鈥�to it?
Config Apache HTTP Server for Eclipse
How do VmRSS and resident set size match?
Creating a highscore list
How can I eliminate syntax error in command line?
Drupal Grouped Photo Gallery
isapi rewrite version 3, subdomain spoofing
Loop returning bool
C# syntax issue - trying to add value to data row
How do I truncate a field and append 鈥溾�鈥�to it?
Config Apache HTTP Server for Eclipse
How do VmRSS and resident set size match?
Creating a highscore list
How can I eliminate syntax error in command line?
Drupal Grouped Photo Gallery
Is there any way to start a stream in a Phonon Media Object from an arbitrary point?
In Perl, how can I skip some rows returned from a DBI select using multiple regex matches?
Is it possible to run the Visual Studio Conversion Wizard from the command line?
cfdocument how can I resize the footer height?
Android contact manipulation
Word wrap in MATLAB editor
Passing Array of Strings to LINQ Stored Procedure
State flags in C++
element of Hashmap updated by one function cant be accessed by other function in same java file
Setting wallpaper from Dialog
How can I implement a swiping/sliding animation between views?
RGraph gradient applied to the single circle
Heroku - task ran by Schedular (CRON)
Order of execution of lambdas from multiple parallel_for_each calls
Jquery selector returning html element
SQL hashtags regex to table
Android Log in Application to website
BufferedReader vs. RandomAccessFile in java
Reorder items in a spark List using drag and drop in Flex/AIR
installation of nuget on a teamcity server
Android: How to bring activity to front after 鈥渉ome鈥�button has been pressed
Detect if Serializable object is really serializable?
Cocos2d - action in collision?
Using PHP to Open MSMQ Queues
Linux Bash: Setting iptables rules to allow both active and passive FTP
Why does hibernate's getPropertyNames return an empty list if all attributes are part of the key?
How to retrieve masked value of the control using Microsoft UIA
Modification of svn:log with pre-revprop-change hook
What is the best way to distribute postgresql
Can't get masking to work correctly with OpenGL
Secure message from jsvc to Jetty (or other app server)
Set Line Width in XNA 4.0
ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver not found while using service mix
Why don't multiple HTML select tags show up in the DOM?
permitted_uri_chars in codeigniter
Position Chart relative (over or under) another chart in VBA
How do i use Field Encryption in the Lotus Notes Client with multiple client versions?
Remove a backbone model by id?
how to replace the Javadoc in MethodDeclaration?
Is there a content management system that fits these requirements or am I stuck rolling my own?
Pass Integers and Strings trough Activities in Android?
Drupal 7 : jQuery doesn't work at all
Decorator pattern - access value in wrapped object from decorator
Keep timestamp when doing search and replace in multiple files with perl
Find unique field id when inserting records
simple_form input_html not grabbing date when editing object
Need to determine proper SPN for svn/svnserve authentication via GSSAPI to Win 2008 AD
Passing hidden_field ids becomes an error
Set up to use jQuery in MVC3 / Razor application
Vertically align Infragistics TextBoxControl edit areas on Ribbon?
Method for storing data for 300 entry lookup table (c#)
Flex TabNavigator Tab Buttons not firing Click Event
Passing values (integer) between forms?
converting ajax response from windows-1255 to UTF8
Force SSLv3 connection on MacOS / IOS SDK
Is it better to ship WAR with class files of JSPs, instead of JSPs themselves?
referential integrity into rdf-like mysql table?
Google Translate API: Is there any way to make a http web request faster?
64 bit MapViewOfFile slowness?
How do I use ffmpeg with Python by passing File Objects (instead of locations to files on disk)
The correct way of adding custom query parameter in Solr
convert datetimestamp to RSS pubDate
Using ASP.NET and MVC 3, how can I create hidden fields so that a List with an array as a value of each item in the list binds correctly?
runOnUiThread() method for Android
Protobuf-net RuntimeTypeModel not serializing members of base class
How can I display only attributes that have a product count in Magento?
twitter search API per user
Geolocation not working in firefox
Perl script with threads works progressively and not asynchronously
Android: Change focus order in XML when field visibility changes to GONE
Encoding problems with MySQL
Sencha Touch 2 Application Doesn't Work on Android Phones, but Works on Virtual Android Devices
Placing multiple jquery sliders on one page
Slim Framework - Calling halt in the new version 1.6
Why tomcat does not see the update in the database?
Proper DB access authentication
How to prevent lag in java game
Smallest array element in Java
USB device could not be opened on Android 3.1 XOOM and attaching event could not be trigger
Variable Scope Example Explanation
How to speed up factory_girl associations
Change code to list comprehension
Beginner Meteor: template and findOne
Error in success callback: NetworkStatus0 = TypeError
xorg get windows visible stack (active, behind the active, behind again鈥�
Need touch device to keep touchmove event triggering when overlaying another element?
print a same line several times in perl
CakePHP 1.2 custom label for form helper input
how to plot a value using plot.stepfun when y is not longer than x
How to properly Trim values inside SQL Statement [duplicate]
Event loop queue and priority
How do I map M-x to 鈥渀鈥�key in emacs 24 (Mac OS X Lion)
Java 7 ImageIO can fail to read and write in Windows 7 due to permissions problems
How to tell if user is submitting a form with changed values, in a Spring MVC-based webapp?
ASP.NET MVC 3 Creating a Controller with Model Inheritance
Gracefully terminating a Scala program after using Actor.self
Is < intentionally ignored in Javascript RegExp as an assertion (as JSLint suggests)?
Using Python to replace digits in an excel file
selecting textViews and getting their values
Display empty UITableView
PHP Select query
How to create a font with +fontWithName:size: and specify both the font family name and the specific style information for the font?
Why PHP file handler doesn't work properly?
c# get path for directory in project
Using Jenkins and irrFuscator - doesn't get past obfuscateing the source
Why might CreatePointFont() return NULL for me?
Encoding and decoding the file with XOR in one program
How to capture onfinish event of a video
Access 2007 Report not pulling in data - Common causes?
Implementing Mirth HL7 transformer to conditionally change a field
Will it be fast if I use amazon web services for India? [closed]
Returning parameters of YUI DataTable from function
Add an object to an Array of a custom class
Using Cocos2d, to detect if a Sprite is tapped on, we need to do all the calculations?
How to Check Object Content Equality not Object Reference Equality
How do I ensure that my startup program is run after the system tray is loaded?
How to translate 鈥渄efault(SomeType)鈥�from C# to CIL?
@RequestMapping mapping does not work anymore in Spring 3.1
Android RelativeLayout align center of one view on top right corner of another view
rbind-ing numeric matrices 鈥�issues when one-row matrices involved
MySQL: Select User Only If They Completed All Items?
How to read a parent domain's cookie
jqGrid - No such method: setFrozenColumns
Regex rookie needs assistance
Dynamic class binding on a nested child view in #each - how?
Wrong number of arguments: called-interactively-p, 1
Invalid file extension when uploading from Sharepoint
Is there a medium weight font between -systemFontOfSize: and -boldSystemFontOfSize:?
What is the difference between sort() and sort.list() in R?
Missing UPS Shipping Methods on the Magento Frontend
How to have radlistview paging maintain it's index when the back button is pressed?
undo all changes made in a view controller
Make static attribute immutable after declaration
Access SMS and Call logs on windows 7 phone
How do to MVVM for vector graphics? [closed]
Dismissing a modal view is not calling dealloc/viewDidUnload on modal view
Support in vim for specific types of comments
Is this the right way to use NSAutoreleasePool?
iPhone -Pthread condition signal not unblocking the waiting thread
Apply gesture recognizer to all view components?
3-Dimension List or Map
Is the any way to make the window.onload function execute only one time?
Implicitly cast a generic type to a non-generic equivalent
JVM garbage collection algorithm
Compare 2 instance objects and find uncommon elements
Variable types of videos and images
JBoss AS 7 configure logging to Syslog Appender
Removing jquery and CSS from an Xml Document
Using completely project-independent settings for testing
Access alternative through python and sqlite3
How to make particle effect in Andengine?
Road Maps in Java
AppleScript: How to return a boolean from an event called inside an if() statement
How to observe changes in connected monitors via Xlib?
what is score in princomp
ObjectPool not reusing objects as expected. How can I design this to pool resources?
Solve prohibition and overwriting in a XBRL linkbase
visual studio macro with the path of a props file
Refreshing parent page refreshes child instead, Salesforce
Using LINQ to read key value pair from configuration file
Custom UITableViewCell with large UIImageView causing scroll lag
Password encryption/decryption Spring security
How to play background audio in iOS with
Calling (cpp) 鈥淎pp.exe鈥�From Matlab using 鈥淪ystem鈥�command
Need to pass parameter and event information into javascript function
Xcode 4 version control with SVN repository using private/public key
Nuget 鈥渁lready has a reference to鈥�
Missing datasource in ejb-jar.xml
How to check page is reloading or refreshing using jquery or javascript?
Struct to byte array? [duplicate]
How to flash color change for text inside a div element with jQuery UI?
Convert Adress to Latitude/longitude (using php)
hgweb raw view returns the wrong content-type
Injecting an instance using Gin/Guice
How can I ensure that my fragment's content views are available for access after committed?
Updating git repo name
How can I encode string with http web request?
inherit from Excel built-in dialog?
Where might virtual hosts be configured to use https?
How do I use case statement to aid altering another field?
Avoid modal dismiss on enter keypress
Jquery Plugin to show More/Less text inside Table?
String.Format vs ToString()
Using The Media object to record and play back audio files on a device
Validation error on rel value
programming workflow: which one ? passing argument from function to function or passing the output as argument to other function?
How to block out a div for a certain IP address
How to add a static row to a gridview
Concept for a grails app
HTML How to get id of parent Component?
username password not prompted second time
Validation of long long Int in C behaving unusually
how to change Highlight color of Matching function or other element in zend studio?
Django - Catch argument in Class based FormView
Javascript function not being called at all
Beginner Python book tutorial issue
Order of if conditions executed at runtime [duplicate]
Google App Engine Slow Logs Updates
Simple While Loop Example Explanation [closed]
.net and Java migration equivalent table
C# get properties of the ViewBag?
Is there a JavaScript (or other) library to read driver's licenses?
Run javascript in a dynamically created iframe
selenium, capybara, and cucumber testing drag and drop reordering
How to change the tab width and height in android to work for all devices
Using Custom scrollbars to contain text?
OpenCV iOS - Not the same result on simulator and on iPhone
Comparing AX register against zero
No OpenGL 3 headers in Arch Linux
Pass an ASP.Net control into JavaScript function
Dynamic class instance naming in Python
How can I retrieve values from included PHP contants with conflicting names?
How can I replicate this cookie functionality on my Web Client?
using an if statement in windows batch file script
Displaying AlertDialog when a button in listview is clicked
jquery pulling a dynamic value for an ajax dataString value
How to set ASP checkbox state with Javascript?
Conditional SQL targeting different servers
Program that hosts every string one writes in the shell to the ip url using wsgi (and only the wsgiref module)
PowerShell -match strings stored in variables
Segmentation Fault - vector string - multimap implementation
Is there a jQuery plugin like DataTables for a <ul>?
How do i sign into a website using username/password from XCode?
How to initialise collections of collections in Hibernate
eager fetch performs left join in hibernate
Java applet socket server permissions
Form Fields Not Outputting Alphabetically in JSTL
Responsive design doesn't work on wordpress
PHP Code Cleanup (Multiple If, Else If, Else)
How do i load an automation addin (dll) programmatically from within a vsto addin
Cannot set a java annotation member called type in scala?
SQLite Databse Dump and Read Functions Android
Domain layer and DAO layer with DDD approach
Play 2.0 Morphia design pattern with mongodb
.matches in powershell not returning any results
Backbone - View not updating page
How does 鈥渢arget.should be鈥�work in rspec
How I can I SELECT rows based on string containing ascii code 0x02?
JSON parsing syntax error with manually entered string
If I have a SIGCHLD handler installed, is a *blocking* wait on a specific pid still going to work?
Detect Browser back button press - Jquery Mobile
Paramiko calls from webapp fail after a while
Heavy Load Application Freezes
How to select column value for row in for statement?
What does the following assembly instruction do addsd -8(%rbp), %xmm0?
GDB C++ - Inspecting STL Containers when looking at a core dump?
Query mysql database in extjs
Region monitoring in iOS: didEnterRegion fires but didExitRegion does not in simuator
Antlr and link failed
How to write parameter infinity under MS windows xp command prompt?
sending mail with link and parameter in PHP
iPhone iOS Generate star, sunburst or polygon UIBezierPath programmatically
Objective-C - Scrollview Events
Vim - indent and syntax highlight broken after recover file
Hmisc's latex(): na.blank not working as expected; spurious empty column; how to get groups in columns?
GET 404 (Not Found) error after login [closed]
Integrating Spring with GWT
<img src> w/ timeout?
Setting up redirect in web.config file
How to change axis-label color in ggplot2?
How do you change the customer invoice template in Magento 1.6
How in PHP to add values from one array to another when their key value pairs match?
MySQL set column as CONCAT of other columns in the same table on INSERT?
How to use output from WWW::Mechanize?
Design of Bayesian networks: Understanding the difference between 鈥淪tates鈥�and 鈥淣odes鈥�
Convert time from JSON string with PHP
IDataErrorInfo notification
Tracking Google DFP Ad Clicks in ASP.NET
Vertical and horizontal centering [duplicate]
How to trigger F5 key and reload page manually with full cache use
Size of ELF file vs size in RAM
Spring - Maven , Jasper dependency
Save array in database or make different columns
Extremely basic HTML formatting
How to cache data received from an Ajax call?
Reuse property with version number when adding a dependency in sbt
How to get Flicker Contacs list in iPhone application [closed]
node.js and server security issues
Android - how to refresh (expandable) listview from a holder?
Method to simulate multitouch (n > 2) on ios?
鈥淪aving鈥�directly to Clipboard - Possible?
Trying to create a simple project and change the background [duplicate]
Specifying complex conditions in regular expressions
Read all pages within a domain
How do I load a Magento product and find stores it's assigned to
MKMapView freezes for about 30 seconds when showsUserLocation = YES
Python string .format(*variable)
How do I password protect resources in a ModX Website using htaccess and htpasswd?
simple_form a single non-model field
Time (DateTime) Format Conditionally Show Minutes
c# Items collection cannot be modified when the DataSource property is set
Specifying complex conditions in regular expressions
Read all pages within a domain
How do I load a Magento product and find stores it's assigned to
MKMapView freezes for about 30 seconds when showsUserLocation = YES
Python string .format(*variable)
How do I password protect resources in a ModX Website using htaccess and htpasswd?
simple_form a single non-model field
Time (DateTime) Format Conditionally Show Minutes
c# Items collection cannot be modified when the DataSource property is set
Should one use xrange(iterations) or a list of len(iterations) for better performance in a 鈥渇or loop鈥�evoked 1000000 times?
how to call activity from inputmethodservice and pass data to Inputmethodsevice from activity
javascript function what is scope and why using $ [duplicate]
How to check if Double value is negative or not? [closed]
Disable back functionality on Duplicate Window (asp code)
stratified 10 fold cross validation
Check if user has been Logged In before loading anything else
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate application java.lang.NullPointerException at LoadedApk.makeApplication [duplicate]
JPEG compression and decompression over and over again
Does JTextPane support text memory paging?
Where to place the unlink code to delete a file from the server
Remove fancybox on clicking on a link
Prolog recursion grammar
Why it is not floating?
Calling setter method of object in List also changes properties of other objects in List. List is value in HashMap
powershell bitstransfer object reference not set to an instance of an object
F# type inference (compiler output)
mySQL Query String in Perl does not seem to handle ' n'
Filling a space with equal spacing lines
JSCH + Expect4J, need additional login step before standard .expect and .send
jQuery-UI: sortable() placeholder feel sticky
jQuery-File-Upload plugin - can't drop folder
Sync ID Across Multiple Entities
Backbone.js template error with coffeescript and eco templating language
Check for file in ftp folder using powershell
How can I create an abstract base class in C++?
PSQLException: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block
IE9 filter gradient and border-radius conflict
select data from a php multidimensional array
Set the assembly default icon programmatically
Semaphore (Mutex) trouble
NoSuchEJBException when running maven test
Multiplying then dividing sampled texture values in GLSL produces incorrect results on some Android devices?
Handlebars has no method 'html'
Disadvantages of using TLB (and tlbimp.exe) with C#
Alternatives to standard functions of C++ to get speed optimization
Build durable architecture with Websphere MQ clients
Qt Error: Signal QDeclarativeEngine::quit() emitted, but no receivers connected to handle it
Haskell: getting the static type of an expression
MySql query error near WHERE
How to create a 2nd app from a 2nd target in XCode?
C: segmentation fault
Redis output to Python Variable
How do I get documentation lookup for non-core libraries in Intellij?
Change in HEAD makes site not work correctly?
haml syntax issue - write separate word in tag, no mapping
Ruby vs ASP dev time [closed]
Using BroadcastReceiver to get the playing position of a song
Complexity analysis of QuickSort from first principles
Qt: what class should I use for matrices instead of QMatrix?
Android shape button hit area
鈥渜tCored4.dll was not found鈥�when running the application outside console.what could be wrong?
shared variable between two threads behaves differently from shared property
Prevent all non system shell extensions from loading in a GetOpenFileName, CFileDialog, IFileOpenDialog, etc
Does msmq ensure data integrity on transactional queues?
Start drupal 7 module development [closed]
Difference between Libraries & lib folders ? How do we add jar files to lib folder?
Accessing value inside nested dictionaries
Why can't I open a website in the browser even though I can curl on my linux localhost?
Lithium link routing
Resolve one hostname to another, using hosts file
Create Sphinx wordforms from aspell
how to prevent TextBox from stretching vertically inside Grid
What is the best way to represent priorities/preferences in objects?
jquery & SEO - using methods to hide content via js [closed]
Replace bullets with dashes in a Word document
How to add php code directly into article using Jumi plugin
How can I work around Eclipse ADB unable to establish loopback connection?
Why do Haskell list comprehensions with multiple generators treat the rightmost generator as the tightest loop?
How to show a form when a button is clicked?
Reading a specific input format in C
Difficulty to color converter
Is a PHP Session acceptable with the new UK cookie law?
Nested Interfaces: Cast IDictionary<TKey, IList<TValue>> to IDictionary<TKey, IEnumerable<TValue>>?
Changing where cursor starts in an expanded EditText
Is it possible to run selenium (Firefox) web driver without a GUI?
Apache Multiply Sites again
hbase cannot connect to hadoop
html5 canvas animation. moving an images gives flickering or a trail
jQuery: How to validate dimensions of images before upload?
using a for-loop iterator after the loop exists in C
Logging in production and proguard
How to get the currently connected VPN鈥檚 name under OS X
What is differences between ./ and sh [duplicate]
Get differences between two list
How do I change this Java Applet to use JPanel?
Inline & Block Form Inputs together
jQuery .append() JSON data in a jQuery Mobile list adding duplicates when page is refreshed?
How to query a table from different databases without using alias of database?
Subclass UITableView to change font colour of the section index?
C++: Is there a point to add const to POD that are passed as arguments?
How to get the currently connected VPN鈥檚 name under OS X
What is differences between ./ and sh [duplicate]
Get differences between two list
How do I change this Java Applet to use JPanel?
Inline & Block Form Inputs together
jQuery .append() JSON data in a jQuery Mobile list adding duplicates when page is refreshed?
How to query a table from different databases without using alias of database?
Subclass UITableView to change font colour of the section index?
C++: Is there a point to add const to POD that are passed as arguments?
Images not being rendered in rails 3.2.3 in controller
Changing Scope of parameter in the simbiology reaction in command line - MATLAB TOOLBOX SIMBIOLOGY
Remove rel attribute from a tag [duplicate]
Divs arrangement error on Chrome
Chinese characters showing as?
CakePHP 2 sends out 2 emails each time
Could not load file or assembly Telerik.Sitefinity
jQuery update form element
php navigating an RSS Feed with a namespace [duplicate]
Facebook like button iframe implementation not clickable in Firefox, works in other browsers
Ticket lock algorithm performance?
calloc call fails and code crashes
iPhone iOS Dropbox SDK how to sync in background?
When is an element guaranteed to be focussable?
Submit Datatable: Spring
Scheduling in is best solution?
EasyMock Expectation with a void method and an object array as argument?
NHibernate aggregate query for one-to-many relation
Zend_Form int validation..?
Asp.Net MVC3 - can I call a field 鈥淚d鈥�and not have it contain the page Id?
How to work around the can't cast from parent to child issue
jquery mobile trigger 'create' not working except the first time
Count duplicates and update table with a single query
Mask numpy array with a range of values
Video chat on silverlight
Jquery .toggle event bleeds into child elements
AutoComplete with vectors - android
Does PHP parser takes microtime while reading comments
Extension not working on open cart
Best Way to read rss feed in .net Using C#
how to easily convert a JSON to a string for logging purposes
Replace any words with modified version of themselves
php function array return?
Add Get Variable (QueryString) into PostBackUrl in FormView
Complex Iterating Query in SSRS 2008
regex require next character to be a number if dot is found
Very Basic Backbone.js issue
Restoring Purchases on Multiple Devices
Resolving DNS in bulk
Canjs vs. Knockout? [closed]
Changing/Adding Java applet parameters from within applet
php c2dm code false response
how to show a marker in the center screen with google map + mobile Secncha touch
Why does execution stop on LocalReport.SetParameters call without triggering an error
JQuery adding active class to classes of same name
How to validate rows in a datatable using few keywords
JqGrid GridView issue
Upload large files to FTP with PHP
Backbone.js custom constructor?
Insert multiple attribute as foreign key
Where is HttpContent.ReadAsAsync?
Android, scroll view and useless layout
How to eval strings in racket
Setting up cron job in google app engine python
More than Three vertical button in AlertDialog.Builder [duplicate]
Display an Image if YouTube fails to Load
Is it safe to create a QLayout on the stack?
Detecting if the user has stopped scrolling the page
Binding query result column alias in SQL Server
In regular expressions, how can an explicit character optionally appear in a replacement?
Outputting all 255 ASCII/ANSI/ISO characters into a file
Printing with css style
How to open all tweet links in a new window?
Can I abuse the browser timeout to avoid busy-polling the server for the result of a long-running task
Is it possible to consume a web service in an MVC application
Selenium C# create Class Methods with WaitForElementPresent & WaitForPageToLoad etc
run django on php server [closed]
Best practice for referencing settings from a class library project in .net
Not getting any output from jobs submitted to thread pool
Tutorial / Overview about Prefuse graph layouts?
redirects and SEO [closed]
Add new Attributes to a HTML string with JQuery
Passing dynamic array: blanks out values
How to create an image gallery on an Alfresco WQS site?
using SQLCipher with android shipped sqlite database file
AJAX Enabled WCF Service
MYSQL accepts only root accounts
Bash tab completion with argparse does not show all the files in the directory
How to change the command line in process list? [closed]
FancyBox vs TwitterBootstrap modal?
Invoke non void functions with performSelectorOnMainThread
Grid inside Expander Content doesnt align left
A DELETE-statement that causes mySQL server instance shutdown?
Fetch Method Not Picking Up First Value On Report
Robotium and ActionBarSherlock
Approaches to caching large number of objects (ASP.NET cache vs static objects & caching objects individually vs as dictionary)
Html.DropDownList not validating
One build for two different versions (4.6,4.7 and 5.0+above) in blackberry
htmlagilitypack scrape all rows
How to set text of TextView ?
How to tell if button view exists in java/android
Special characters in an enum
cURL SSL request fails
how can i test a jpg image for cmyk or rgb color mode in wordpress/php?
Event driven design and separation of core/UI logic
Read Write Overwrite extneral files with javascript or jquery
django app - i completed app using SQLITE3 but want to convert to postgreSql to deply to heroku ,how to convert?
Jquery Back Button.
Trying to install a vimball having vimballPlugin installed
How to make Flixel ignore transparent images when overlapping?
jQuery select <br> tags and wrap spaces around it
Websockets with Glassfish 3.1.2 and Grizzly - Unexpected response code: 405
Responsive 'grid'?
Vagrant for virtual linux dev - how to know if the vm startup is 鈥渉anging鈥�?
How can my application access the keystore configured in Weblogic admin console?
Issues parsing xml data with TDOM
Why does this http streaming not work as expected?
Injecting a Remote EJB through @EJB annotation
How to get info from oracle database to java bean?
How to call findPreference from the main activity, dialog's onClick function?
UINavigationController Toolbar - Adding status text with UIActivityIndicatorView
Cross-domain scripting using = true
Recommended way of clearing .lobs files with HSQLDB
CakePHP Model Validation, check 1 field of a possible 2 has text present
C# Showing XML data [closed]
Backbone-relational Belongs To
given a pcap file, how to find if a src ip address is local or remote using jpcap
Ways to create XMLHttpRequests [closed]
Record speakers on windows phone 7
Android airpush error
Android autocomplete EditText from server
Loss of information when saving database rows into a graph and RDF?
finding a permutation h of {0,鈥�n-1} such that h_i+a_i becomes increasing
Why my bookmarklet doesn't work?
How to organize the JavaScript Code in ASP.NET MVC applications [duplicate]
jQuery show() has interesting and unexpected 鈥渁nimation鈥�effect
Algorithm for getting the overlapping of a sequence of string in an array on another array
pROC package to compute AUC
How to parse Goodreads API's response in XML?
A Memory buffer for multiple images
Relational database(sqlite) for holding state information about a network on android?
Symfony environments and debug bar
Disable uploading javascript files with htaccess
Django HttpResponse - response with file and content
PHP decrypt passwords from user cd
How to retrieve an UIManagedDocument from a known url / file path?
How do I group by on calculated columns?
Android Streaming with MediaPlayer: Error(1, -1004) and 3GPP video
How to skip overrides of a method when looking for all references
Excel Two Columns With Duplicates
Rails local server can't boot up
Solving error: 'Timer' is an ambiguous reference between 'System.Windows.Forms.Timer' and 'System.Timers.Timer'
Make HTTPHandler (ashx) to place session cookie in ASP.NET
XSL - calculating table widths
what can be deleted from facebook user profile using the graph api?
Activity doesn't finish
Does progressDialog have a minimum time?
Dojo Drag and Drop Issue: Convert Data in Target Container to JSON
ConcurrentModificationException with Android and OpenGL ES 1.1
securing admin panel - ASP.NET using SQL
Preview local html file in browser
svn commit changes made on an older revision
MySql update fields based on other fields
Which method is better always writing data with file_put_contents or check if data changed and then update file?
Troubles with Hibernate configuration with H2
Stop characters being typed into form
entering the last created directory via sftp connection
async template loading and post-render actions with Backbone
MonoGame Mac MonoGame Templates Installation
code or javascript for browser compatibility
android need idea about image uplaod on server
Displaying User Logo After Upload + Devise
QuickAction and a way to hide an item
Placement of DIV using JQuery [closed]
C# Property with variable sub properties
Prevent Controller from executing
Is set_time_limit() global or only for the current running script?
Generating a big XML file using PHP from data from multiple tables
Passing textures to shader
Can we copy part of Map as Image.?
Setting up an oracle connection pool using spring in Mule ee 3.2.2
DataTable - InCell Editing How to get the Value of the object edited in the Managed Bean
Pygame level system causing list indexing errors
What does 40bit - 256 encryption actually mean?
OpenGL rendering from FBO to screen
WS02ESB proxy service returns <axis2ns2:binary xmlns:axis2ns2=鈥渉ttp://鈥�gt;
error on delphi loading, after install UniDac componnent
Where can I find a human anatomy dataset that is easy to read/use programmatically
Delete empty Changelist Perforce Java API
The type or namespace name 'IClientValidatable' could not be found
PHP Define() - Building Its Value Parameter with Multiple Parts
Javascript how to remove text from a string
Format and arguments inconsistency in printf
Ada: Understanding private types and understanding packaging
How does SQL Server decide format for implicit datetime conversion?
Phonegap button does not fire due to 鈥渟ingleCursorHandlerTouchEvent -getEditableSupport FASLE鈥�
Does ListBox keep the CollectionViewSource per ItemsSource?
msc_cntr_0_txt, charting: unauthorized access error occurs sporadically
Check whether update_batch() is successful in CodeIgniter
TableView doesn麓t show rows
Can pointers be a data structure? [closed]
Non-Latin input in emacsclient
Uploading images and text to Iphone App
Constrain Drag UIButton on diagonal path
Regular expression javascript to check comma separted numbers
jQuery animate <object> tag
Why this simple Facebook Connect button doesn't work?
ZipOutputStream append data file to Exist Entry?
accessing Facebook notifications, messages, etc
Java Exception Handling with additional information [duplicate]
Running Several Apps Within a WPF Host
Who can I localize text inside resque job?
How do I connect to an internal network SQLSRV database securely with PHP?
List with a parameter which extends more than one type
RSpec: should have_selector failed, but title is present
apache - change directory
Is there a recommended design pattern for communicating parameters with a process?
jquery autocomplete not sure how to load the C# handler
Which RRD interface to use?
What is the possible cause of this crash?
Convert byte data to string output like in hex editor
Using Javascript parseInt() and a Radix Parameter
SqlServer/MyBatis SqlMapConfig datasource setup
How to get values from checked checkboxes in controller?
How to track a users flow through your app
Inserting many rows in EF too slow, how to get primary key from SqlBulkCopy?
Why HTMLParser ignores start tags in non-strict mode?
web/android analogy: declarative vs programmatic layout
Concerns about Ajax use in ASP.NET MVC3
getting the start command to send a message once its task was complete - is it possible
I want to move 'app' dir to 'app/back', it's possible?
iphone xml binding / parsing to objects
warning: control reaches end of non-void function. C Binary Search Tree
Listen to custom events from other Controllers in Spine.js
imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: Unable to open 'img/100001326588945.jpg' for writing
sms message stored in a DB, compare with database and return sms in java using smslib, how to implement?
ios html5 video mp4
Login control and how to implement what I am looking for
jquery form.serialize and other parameters
NSSplitView resizes the custom NSView contained
bash: is there any kind of buffer for last visited paths?
How to save an array of Android Parcelable to a file?
Database error handling in entity framework
Toubles with sessions
Calling a particular function when multiple events are bound
Store Vertices DirectX C++
Exceded maximum insert size of 16,000,000 bytes + mongoDB + ruby
Some Android phones not opening custom file extension
WebApi controller dependencies cannot be resolved using StructureMap
XML Getting attibute value of a Node
iOS 5 - Images within labels?
Merging IDictionary - is there a more efficient method than this?
EclipseLink JPA CriteriaBuilder generated invalid SQL Syntax
Extremely slow MySQL database connection
Is there a struct type isomorphism check in LLVM 3.0?
does git store diff information in commit objects?
How to get the state of a toggleButton in a ribbon in wxWidgets?
how to display string tokenizer result in Jlabels in java
Can I set a default layout for ViewResults on an MVC3 base controller?
exiting functions in main
Waiting for WebBrowser to fully load between multiple Navigate() calls
Remove from begining of string, when it gets to long (chat) php
Search XML using combo box for Title & Description
Haskell - Counting how many times each distinct element in a list occurs
Algorithm for placing dashboard panels in unoccupied space
Android Move cursor from one EditText to another one?
REGEXP in SQL-Server-2008
(tryMS) in ajax HttpRequest
Resolving bool from linq query
Expect 'struct netif *' but argument is of type 'struct netif *' [closed]
Extract exactly four integers from string in regex
How to enter captions for multiple file uploads
How to use Regular expressions to replace a part of string in C#?
Android: host is not reachable
Why would my battery widget stop updating overnight?
How can I make my android dialog fullscreen?
How to recommend K similar items to a user who has bought N items?
How does tunnable pid_max is set
Confused with command listeners and new forms J2ME
How can i reload a form with different arguments?
Is it possible to login two or more with ASP.NET Membership?
What does the use of an asterisk (*) mean in a mysql select statement, other than a wildcard?
How to check if a PHP session is set using jquery ?
jQuery Mobile - Header not rendering on second page
Symfony2.1 Dynamic/extended form doesn`t valid additional part
multi-threading, sampling and basic software issues
Recursive manipulation of vector elements
Global try-catch for loading pages in (vb in this case)
How to hide a checkbox behind a DIV
How does charAt reverse the input in this method?
How can I use ctags with vim?
How to select child nodes when parent node equals a specific value in LINQ to XML
SQL Server 2008 Foreign Keys case sensitivity
In Perl, how can I compare dates & times in ISO Format (%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ)?
Support [ and ] characters in PDU mode
ConcurrentModificationException when drawing on SurfaceView?
Volatile Member Functions (C++)
Google hosted jQuery causes country problems with Youtube?
Android with fragments: how to fix issue with inflater in simple application?
Visual Studio 2008 Remote Debugging Error: 鈥淯nable to start program '*****.exe'鈥�
Best way to execute a thread after a period of time in android
Are Images assigned in a xib cached?
CSS, can i use two different colors in one table cell? (for example dark purple and light purple)
Play framework 2.0 continuous integration setup
In a database, is it better to store a time period as a start/end date, or a start date and a length of time?
DecimalFormat, how to set maximum number of integer digits via patern?
Run different function on clicking again
how to install two apache services
Why is a program crashing due to DEP when DEP is disabled?
Execute code before the called function is executed
Is it possible to add tags to AndroidManifest.xml at compile time?
PostgreSQL equivalent for MySQL GROUP BY
Ignore spaces with jquery ui autocomplete combobox
boost::regex performance issue
Oracle setup database to share schema
relative path on different server
mingw OpenGL SDL shows only white textures
Make browser back button close jQuery UI dialog
How do I fix syntax error in JOIN statement while using SQL to query Excel spreadsheet?
How to make a very simple asynchronous method call in
jScrollPane (jQuery) scrolling all items in a content pane API at the same time
Adding Multiple images dynamically to TableView
Can't link to Boost libraries having upgraded to Xcode 4
Given a lat/lng coordinate, calculate the min and max lat/lng values for a 10 km area
Netbeans there is a way to create an empty project?
How to get reviewer's name from status change object of a workflow transition?
I want to write a code that creates more than one User in Facebook . Is it possible? [closed]
Is there a performance difference in using a tuple over a frozenset as a key for a dictionary?
Converting string to XML in android?
MVC Multiple Databases in one single domain model
Global.asax not working
how to view JSP java file when using runjettyrun plugin
mvc default validation on numbers
Can an Xcode .mobileprovision file be 'installed' from the command line?
Java Generics Error [duplicate]
How to make webservice pass errors through NSURLConnection's connection:didFailWithError:?
Android EditText check assistance
Should a ComInterfaceType attribute ever not be InterfaceIsDual
open every time new Activity using broadcast reciever in android
Using the before function in JQuery
2nd to last level of a directory tree
How can you trace what a user read on your blog through the Facebook API?
Visual Studio ASP development - changing database connection in apre-existing project
Using Activities from Library projects
mysql_insert_id() not giving value
Left column as wide as it needs to be
What is the unsigned counterpart of ptrdiff_t?
How can I access a contact's phone number in a PhoneGap running on Android
How do I connect to OAuth in C#?
Sql to Linq difficulty - group by, having
How can I access a contact's phone number in a PhoneGap running on Android
How do I connect to OAuth in C#?
Sql to Linq difficulty - group by, having
Excel formula or database lookup for mapping multi-valued cell to multi-valued result?
GStreamer dynamically change the filesrc location of a pipeline- No sound
Understanding External Jars in Eclipse
Finding out the URL called by an ajax action
Jquery change onclick for first <a>
jQuery - add ticker to DOM after ajax call
uiwebview is not showing PDF properly as showing in safari
How to secure my ColdBox application?
Membership system
Access XML nodes with integer names
Open cart, Orders not showing up in dashboard. Using paypal
unknown error when compile STLPort with arm-linux-gcc
is it possible to send a not requested info or command to clients in silverlight?
Can the Anymote protocol get the current channel from the Google TV device?
Problems with PHP file_get_contents() on RHEL 6
Asking for help in post request with RestKit
Opening HTML document from Solution Explorer
Creating a search that you can click a link to open a form from it's unique ID
SFML Tiling Vector Subscript Out of Range
Converting JavaScript into Python bytecode
Fluent NHibernate without Automapping SQL Exception, Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'User'
How to change page title and add breadcrumb items to these pages in Magento?
Excel VBA - Sub or Function not defined Error
How to change application badge with push when application is closed
Toggling list, clicking on item shows all subitems instead of only subitems from item
method for accomplishing both .closest and .prev exist?
Design tips for a search engine in mvc which vaguely resembles a sharepoint view
Is intptr_t a signed counterpart of uintptr_t (and vice versa)?
retrieving all results in RavenDB
I can't make windows phone's context menu appear middle of screen
鈥淯nexpected list type鈥�exception when invoking ISessionAwareCoreService.GetList()
ajax jquery with codeigniter. url doesnt access controller
How to get value from dataTable of gridview?
Negating sentences using POS-tagging
How can print multiple records of a listview
Taking a Reference cell, searching through 2nd sheet, replace data with same identifier
Get the lat and lang from the Geo coding API?
Rails model 鈥渂efore_filter鈥�
Application crash on exit
Android - How to display another overlay in onTap action of another overlay
postgres in a java server info
WP7 Listbox items out of sync when scrolling
Error when accessing array populated during viewDidLoad
What does the number at the end of each stacktrace line mean?
Time Picker Android
DataView.ListChanged event is not fired when adding rows to source table
CodeIgniter routing not working
Comparing many files in Bash
Consequences of a missing init?
amazon s3 renaming and overwriting files, recommendations and risks
How to re-validate a form after it has been re-loaded
Django installation in windows command line
Changing Singly Linked List arrangement [closed]
Rendering image in a View
Link in 100% width table results in 90% width table
What is the .git/branches folder used for?
How to block all client cookies with javascript?
Java JTable data loading from Oracle DB
How to call preference action from the main activity?
When to use paranthesis and when not to use parenthesis while assigning variables in VB6?
ArrayList is changing index order after copying content of a JSON object
I need global keyboard listener in java for Mac
Assign one row of 2d array to 1d array
change highstock flag to lines on xAxis
How to delete a file from the server
MySQL: Find records matching in two tables A & B where B is massive
Convert node section into one line
Showing matching lines from a search using jquery
How do I add a data attribute to a Rails radio_button?
ViewPagerIndicator tabs - control over text styling
In Android, when swipe to change the screen how to show an animation with both screen
Redirecting url to index.aspx page using standard asp.net3.5 and web.config
MySQL Shopping Cart Structure
Querying to find if some columns are in array
facebook keep me logged in vs not keeping me logged in
How to serialize/save a DOMElement in $_SESSION?
Does buffer overflow happen in C++ strings?
MySQL, SELECT column value when using GROUP BY and HAVING
Lighttpd can not start when including mod_rewrite
Is summing an array an example of dynamic programming? [closed]
AS#3 Cant Seem to find a resolution
operator precedence in C programming language
How to determine if the guest web browser supports html5 <video>
What is the best android SDK to start developing Android application? [closed]