minifying js & css with one min file for each jsp page
Avoid 404 error when using ajax links that pass variables
Practical validation of JAXB data with JAX-RS?
Read an incomming SMS in Android
How to get value of a pressed button
How to locate drawable folder in Android
How to connect to remote database from android? [closed]
double value programming issue while changing to integer
How can i change row height of a GridView at runtime
Sorting a private element of a class [duplicate]
Stored Procedure with a conditional?
Need help in adding a new XML node
Large grouped data plotting
Extjs pass in parameters to window on show
RuntimeException using a ListView
Jquery Count words in parsed XML file
jQuery UI Date Picker on Android?
KbdLayerDescriptor returns NULL at 64bit architecture
Resizing a div to fit content with maximum height
Download and launch another app within the base app- iphone [closed]
Android - Stop broadcast receiver being killed with service
Loop with undefined number of iterations
how to post message user's recent activity in facebook using php
Matlab: create close packed layer of circles
Read xml data from iframe using javascript
ExtJs: What will be the sequence of code execution in ajax call?
Core Data - How to fetch an entity with max value property
Welcome page in JSF using pretty
Re-evaluate LINQ query when ObservableCollection changes
I need other syntax for RDLC Expression 鈥�=Fields!xxx.Value鈥�where xxx contains dot(.)
SQL Server Jobs / Schedules - US vs. UK Daylight Savings Adjustment
Datagrid mouseover header image overlapping
Change color of multiple separated lines of text in Wordpress?
Can you have multiple sets of JAXB annotations to marshal/unmarshal to different XML?
jQuery each() to return false and start up again
VMware workstation vs Oracle vm virtualbox? [closed]
Pass security token WCF
ASP.NET MVC 3 - Custom Validator
Escape dot in a regex range
Restrict Hadoop MapReduce to Specific File Extension
Test code fails for Answer and Reply Insert in a customer portal site
List of reserved words
bash script - exit status of previous command different if checked in a function
Loading different HTML in UIWebView from bundle
jQuery Mobile loading message
Haskell - Average of Lists of Tuples [duplicate]
Fatal Error : Symfony2 Controller
Is it possible to display hybrid maps?
Is there any quick way to add same php file to many folders?
Jquery onchange select submit a form to PHP
Parallelization with Gearman
Selected value missed if use model in DropDownListFor()
Facebook error: Some of the aliases you requested do not exist: access_token
NSPredicate to use IN and LIKE at the same time
Handle Webcam correctly in C#
Does linker exist in all compiled programming languages? [closed]
use CursorLoader with PagerAdapter in android
Exception Handling Application Block not writing to Event Log
How to use foreach/while to loop only through each 10000000? [closed]
segfault on vector assignment from two pointers
How to manage combinations of styles: multiple classes, specific classes, or context?
Java: LockSupport.parkNanos vs Thread.sleep(鈥�
Can a user defined function be used in the discriminator formula in Hibernate
NavigationBar not displaying properling when pushViewController
Touch events aren't dispatching well from child to parent - source added
Add asp:Button from codebehind
Using a name spaced JQuery with Isotope on site running multiple JQ breaks browser resize function
Default UITabController with Contact list
PHP - Create one image from images
Play template don't evaluates a variable starting with @
Javascript not pulling an attr value correctly
Can't animate the border color with jquery
libcurl how to stop redirecting when an url redirect to itself
authenticity token and iphone
Overloading operator new with WDK
delimited txt file to array? then update mysql PHP
jQuery On Selector Issue
How can I get the description of ResponseCode of HttpURLConnection?
Matrix division with constraints
use of servlet in javascript
Mystery exceptions during Tomcat startup from Eclipse
How to write these regular expression in c++ boost?
OpenGl Blending: Identical Transparent Objects
How to detect phone tilt?
what is this in here (function literal)
SearchWidget not calling onSearchRequested()
How to improve performance of an ALTER TABLE? [dropping collation]
Python - subprocess.check_call gives a CalledProcessError exception
How to keep two digits in float number (PHP)
Accessing a div element in an array of li elements
turn a matrix into a sorted list google docs/spreadsheets
Reading 1D barcodes using zxing for iPhone
How to embed an image in the HTML body of an email in iOS
Not Loading data Using KSOAP2 in Android
sort an array of arrays based on number of occurences in ruby
Canvas image cropping issue. Is the image to big?
OpenGL ES 2 vs Drawing on Canvas (SurfaceView) - which is better?
Embedding multiple datasets in a gnuplot command script
Calling ffmpeg api from Oracle
Android HTC 2.3.5 version device, I am unable to keep password lock to my device [closed]
IFRAME has a lot of problems with iPad safari
javascript won't execute - only displays code
Specifying 1.9 mode with JRuby and rbenv
Converting OCaml to F#: Converting OCaml open_box and close_box to F#
RestSharp - Ignore SSL errors
How do I cast a 16 bit 'short' into a 32-bit integer in C#?
What is the correct design pattern to implement email validation for each provider?
how to create a rotateY animation via jQuery and css 3
Facebook Login in Website - How to Cross Validate
jQueryUI Autocomplete - Multiple controls - One function
Shared connection over multiply threads
How do I cast a 16 bit 'short' into a 32-bit integer in C#?
What is the correct design pattern to implement email validation for each provider?
how to create a rotateY animation via jQuery and css 3
Facebook Login in Website - How to Cross Validate
jQueryUI Autocomplete - Multiple controls - One function
Shared connection over multiply threads
InvalidOperationException: The null value cannot be assigned 鈥�when calling SubmitChanges
Renaming folders in svn,
Valid SSL without a domainmatch
Ant task to filter JARs for zip file and manifest
WrapPanel with dynamic height childs
How to know when the last file is being visited in FileVisitor?
cscope for Java and Cpp and C
Interop with Microsoft Access does not interact with User's session
Computing values from textfield in realtime using Dreamweaver
Getting last 5 unread mails in AOL and HOTMAIL account
How can I move a board piece?
How to remove from a string everything which is not a digit, a dot or a minus in javascript
What type of project will help me learn thread programming [closed]
sending a formatted email
Get lines in Adapter
Executing constructor yes/no
Stop tramp from opening remote directories when using ido-mode
Perl Regex - capture all characters until a pattern
Using data from yaml to intialize app config variables in java classes & javascript
Terminating the browser programmatically
Play! 2.0 hangs with JDK 1.7 on Mac OS X
RETS and how to design our database table as it has lots of column and Query performance issues
iOS - MVC 1 or MVC 2?
Make multiple httpServletRequest from java code
Viewpoint size when zooming in/out
TextBox GUI programming in C#
buttons at the center of screen
paperclip - test if images have been uploaded
How to test login page signing on with 100 username, password and email from txt file or excel file using Selenium IDE
ggplot extra bar in barplot
Getting the date info in a MySQL friendly way
How can I get the current location of an ActionBar MenuItem?
In Java, if a null pointer happes very seldom is it better to use catch instead of if
How to hide the front end of Joomla from viewers while making changes?
How to map an IDictionary<string, string> with Fluent NHibernate's class mapping, and test that mapping?
Can access developer page [closed]
JavaScript radio button issues
omniORB C++ server, Java client problems with running application
Efficiently compute mean and standard deviation from a frequency table
Find pointer/class using raw memory address
T4MVC and Html.BeginForm
sed/awk how to add to the matched strings
assigning custom class to UIWindow while using storyboard
GWT 2.4 editor framework ui for create weak one2many relation
django admin tools and grappelli together
Communication between iOS and PHP (Web) Service Issues
Extract a value from a string in a table?
Gearman - Calculating Statistics
Saving JSON to system cache
modrewrite of url
Invalid provider name 鈥淒efault鈥�for SitefinityMembershipProvider specified in web.config
Are Open Graph tags just for Facebook?
Telnet Using Applets in JavaScript
Faster/Easier query for this result-array
Routing all 鈥�api鈥�requests to a HttpHandler in ASP.NET MVC, using the RouteTable
google calendar events list in drupal 7
Mogenerator ios
ExpressionEngine's tag integration issue
Google Map API - Get Address of User
IRSSI 'Connection timed out' Issue [closed]
Does the SRP suggest that an MVP Presenter should only have one responsibility? [closed]
WP7: TimePicker Binding not updating with new value
Reloading modules in a mod_wsgi daemon mode application
Iframes loading with progress bar using jQuery?
Procedure for complexity analysis from first principles
How to model recursive relationships in DDD
jQuery-Collapse with link in header
for loop iteration in django
WCF Streaming Big file
Missing Template though routing seems to work
Invalid syntax for INSERT INTO MySQL query from Python
SQL Order by using the values from two different columns
Multithreaded JNI causing segfaults under load
php - turn-on/off-able function to print debugging messages
how do i call a vbs script from
Symfony2 is trying to feed my /css/* paths through routing but I don't want it to
Loading XML files into a Treeview without data binding in wpf
facebook sdk for android- authentication from Service example
android app email sending to field
SQL connection string and resolve domain name
How to capture when a user is leaving ASP.Net page unexpectedly
Underline form field value using itextsharp
Bash script error: [i: command not found
what should the master branch contain in git
Effect on Linux of usage of custom TTF font
Settingup Proxy with htmlunit
output folder when exporting rcp plugin
Character Detect into android Application Realtime
Tabs with several Activities per tab
How retrieve ticks with same format like DateTime.Ticks in C++ ATL/MFC
How to interact with the Windows applications with GUI?
Pass parameters to location.href in javascript instead if HEADER()
Regular Expression For Validating a bank number
Adding control method(s) to button created in storyboard ?
emacs (orgmode) does not accept links with non-english characters (osx)
how to get USPS shipping rate in coldfusion?
Design suggestions for an Image class hierarchy
SkyDrive API file upload using REST
Response.Redirect() disables back-button
Add ellipses to content that spills over 3 lines
converting ajax response from ISO-8859-1 to UTF8
HTML unit basics failing
Parse out phrasal verbs
How to create an STL object of iterators of template Type?
ruby pop array without affecting other variables
libcurl: Is there any way to get certificates of FTPS without logging in?
jRating stars not showing in Zend Framework
I need help to draw a pointer on a map callout
Apple certificates, any way to submit to iTunes without being an Agent?
best practice when updating records using openJPA
JQuery Contact Form
GetClipBoardOwner with Adobe acrobat reader
update radio buttons after each record iteration through cursor
Reading a Cookie give strange format
Select within two dates, where the second one is not defined
session code for login
Is there a control to arrange a variable number of sub-controls?
How to avoid name clashes when composing objects
Parsing Stackoverflow-like text box in Python
Having instance specific io_service, resolver etc is okay VS creating them in every function?
How to detect a mobile phone and redirect to another namespace in struts2
Determine if variable is the smallest out of a set of variables in PHP
iOS startMonitoringForRegion didn't work in Sleep mode (black screen)
using require.js with Google Maps JavaScript API v3
Javascript logical search?
Best practice for storing usernames & password in MySQL Databases [duplicate]
Wav file convert to byte array in java
How to get text from modal and insert in email body?
How to use ?: operator [closed]
Silverlight 5 and Business Application
Draw rounded linear gradient (or extended radial gradient) with CoreGraphics
How can I display country borders, US state borders, and city borders using Google Maps?
validating xml using a tool in python - gather output
registring a wcf service with Castle Windsor
Run a Java main class using its relative path? (Python)
Sencha Touch 2 Memory Management Options
date picker not appearing after clicking on image
How to find type value while reading from text file?
multiple plot arrangement by level of one variable in base plot in r
How do I debug canvas cross-domain issues in Chrome?
How can I delete all cookies that the browser added during one request?
Django - Create user crashes
How to get attached files outputted by views for given node id (programatically) - Drupal
Change version release control in iTunes connect
Django - Create user crashes
How to get attached files outputted by views for given node id (programatically) - Drupal
Change version release control in iTunes connect
Sendsms plugin not working on Phonegap
How to check for :focus in input:text or textarea
PHP: PEAR on windows tries to open c: windows pear.ini for writing even though the configuration file is c: pear pear.ini
Pull down tableView programmatically
Program crashes using ListView in Java for Android
Problems printing a directory listing to the console
WIF exception on Win2003 R2 using Azure ACS and Asp.Net 3.5
Using HTML5 Geolocation API with Android 2.0+ Browser
Text alignment not working in 'select' element with Safari
Heat map of binary data using R or Python
Client Handler Won't Start
Loop for instream from file
pass data between activities with intent
jquery-oembed-all append iframe to a div makes page too slow to render
Optimizing the mysql join when a lot of repetitive data in the column to join on
How to show Grouped/Categorized thumbnails in grid/table like layout
Update several Eclipse-RCP applications using p2
Cross platform technique for overloading a makefile rule for the same target
How to find a field in a JSF page that is connected with an AJAX push server with Selenium?
Infinite Scrolling - setContentOffset: stops deceleration of UIScrollView
Marker is not being displayed on map
S3 temporary signed url with custom header without modifying object metadata to disk
Regexp matching html tag
To Nest or Not to Nest? MVC Controllers (CodeIgniter)
HTML5 preloaders under 10k that also account for scripts?
Dynamic controls do not display
Color Blending RGB Model: Transparency
Looking for a certain word from column A in column B
contains ilist nhibernate
AES Encryption in C#, Decryption in Java
Why does += of a list within a Python tuple raise TypeError but modify the list anyway?
graph - What exactly is Augmenting Paths?
How to do parameterization in Selenium Webdriver?
fast calculation to get the minimum sum?
setTimeout not waiting for the specified interval in JQuery Mobile
Distort a 鈥減ath鈥�in Raphael
jQuery TreeView Control with Checkbox + DotNet
If both base and derive class has a same member variable, how compiler resolve which member is to be called?
Wordpress - Customizing href of tag cloud entries
AVPlayerLayer and AVPlayer
Android File Transfer not working via XMPP and OpenFire
Using threadpools/threading for reading large txt files?
Cocos2D on iOS build twice and run once issue?
Data structure / algorithm for information retrieval system [closed]
HashMap Implementation Concept
ScrollBar Size Unusual Behavior in UIScrollView
Is it possible to put one left outer join within other left outer join
HashMap Implementation Concept
ScrollBar Size Unusual Behavior in UIScrollView
Is it possible to put one left outer join within other left outer join
How can i do rescan to hardisk using DDK ?
Embedded fonts not displaying when building via mxmlc
Jquery: Smooth resize when changing html
How to handle Tribools
binding combobox from listbox
2-D Arrays in C/Objective-c
Can I run both wordpress website and non-wordpress website on same domain, what do i do with the Index.php file?
Splittable Bz2 input in Hadoop 1.0.0
How to access this JSON value?
get dimentions of image while uploading
Resolution Google TV
Installing a python package/tool by a non root user
Switching first word of paired lines using sed
Layout glitch with SurfaceView in Dialog
SmartGWT: ComboBox - ValueMap not appearing
clearing circular regions from HTML5 Canvas
Android difficulty while running on Tablet Emulator鈥�
GWT - Adding visibility true/false handler
Prompting the user to give a five star rating [duplicate]
how to transpose a row into column
Sort a list that contains a custom class
MySql JDBC Connection pool not taking database records in realtime
fopen() / fputcsv( ) : error
using variables in a dynamic linq query
Overriding CSS style
Google geocoding with latlang results with no Country Type
jQuery Mobile option select list with text search?
Can you Print a wxWindow in wxWidgets?
Using Which with a symbol-based test
How to combine the eclipse hot-key with control + s?
How can I call ajax, without 鈥渓ink_to鈥�kind of helpers?
internationalization issue in
Why is my table's <th> style overshadow by the global one?
Android app built in eclipse wont run on phone
Utf-8 to UTF-16BE
C# security - LinkDemand or SecurityCritical or any explanation?
How do I import data from one database to another using script?
Best practice when defining instance variables
How can i put marker on map by using webservice
why shared_ptr can access with ingoring the 鈥減rotected access right鈥�
Once my action has been approved, and the app is still in sandbox mode, will my action be public to all users?
How to show russian text in jquery dialog title
Facebook Graph Batch, only takes top-level access_token
How to store in-app purchases for offline availability on per-user basis
Sessions don't work on MAMP
C++ read text file into an array
RoR I18n - can I pair a yml translation file with a view?
Magento: How can i assign a block to a parent block added to a CMS page
Can you use tooltips on other Dojo wijits such as ValidationTextBoxes?
Zend select issue
MongoDB schemaless design - advantage or mess?
how to get $_POST query when 404 redirected through .haccess?
Async database API for Java
Why Datetime property value changes when I retrieve it from a List?
MySQL SUM() with COUNT() on Multiple Columns
Merge two arrays in PHP
Sqoop Import is completed successfully. How to view these tables in Hive
django- how to update using arguments, i can update normally like first assigning,then
upgrading mvc apps
Calling removeView() on the child's parent
PHP ent_quotes exception for <br> and <ar>
Is this a Google Chrome extensions bug?
Hierarchical master-detail app with xcode
Attendance system with Radio buttons
Use of undefined constant in php [closed]
What is the scope of load tag in Django templates?
Add a picker view at the bottom of the screen in a tableview controller
AutoCompleteTextView clears user input on HTC desire Z
On plothover in flot display all corresponding datapoints for all series on selected item
Hook process socket calls from kernel driver
Why doesn't get-service , get-member display the members lots of times?
Android/ JavaScript - Passing data within a URL
Perl - Odd number of elements in hash assignment in Constructor
Expand Fancybox outside the iframe
Limiting UITextField to a certain character range
file_get_contents - special characters in URL
FQL - Getting Facebook user Album Covers and number of pictures
numpy genfromtxt columns
How to make horizontal qTranslate (wordpress plugin) flags in IE?
Mesa3D: 32-bit channels doesn't work in OSMesa32
MethodNotFoundException when adding a user control to another form
powershell remove last 3 characters from file name
Will the LPUSH command work on a record that was initialized from JSON?
Adding references for SilverLight ToolKit 5
How do I decrypt AES/CCM encrypted cipher text with Bouncy Castle?
Get the coordinates and dimensions of individual characters in a rich text box
Does Clear() method of STL containers calls delete on heap objects? [duplicate]
Print instantiation chain
Homepage with multitouch login
Upload files from folders and sub-folders to webapp
Misaligned UILabel
Parse the string and append the resultant values
Threading when reading a large txt file in java?
Code is working properly but if data is empty that time validation is not working
Why is [super loadView] or [super viewDidLoad] required?
How to find Correlation of a grayscale image
how to show toast notification or popup notification in win 8?
how to show toast notification or popup notification in win 8?
Create a class during runtime
Android: Drawing a Transparent Bitmap on Canvas with some color
Haskell Type into Data
Assign color to country in Google maps API
How do I insert output from xml.nodes() into a table?
netty - Can I bootstrap a new client to connect other server in a channel handler?
鈥淩ight Way鈥�for OpenFrameworks testApp to have ofColor member?
CakePHP save multiple rows
Does quickfix store received messages somewhere?
appending one vector to another end AND sorting one vector
using servername sharename in IE9 not being picked up as intranet site
how to sum subdocument properties
Webcam image capture issue
How to Stream Facebook Videos in android? [closed]
FileNotFound exception when trying to get File from resource
How can I change the UI in my iphone settings at application level
Is there any way to split an Ember.js app across a few files?
how to retrieve the data from arraylist that is passed statically in android?
Forwarding in Rails
ASP.NET MVC Code-First EF - Possible to use EF without database create permissions?
Problems to start using openNi
mysql php : how to efficiently fetch previous X dates that include entries
android reinstall fails after making the launcher activity disabled
Order of traversal in Files.walkFileTree
Joomla menu item templates wil not change from default
Python: getting lowest integer in list of tuples
Chrome Extension run for a specific page
error while parsing url using python
User.find('123-foobar') will return User with id 123
AutoIt- WinExists dont work correct while no user logged int o the computer
SQL Server 2008 R2: Calculated Member is SSAS not pulling correctly in SSRS
why cannot access arraylist from other class?
adding 2 XML strings together in XQuery
extract variables and values from http post / string c#
GridView does not show all the rows
Best real-time solution device ( iPhone ) vs server side
MySQL: trigger with clause 鈥渋nstead of update鈥�
How can I lineup my text and my button in the following example?
Convert special characters to HTML entities
Finding installed apache module versions in CentOS/RHEL
css: space between anchor image within table data
cuda blur with array
PHP concat a word to mysql query [closed]
Soundcloud HTML5 Player: Events.FINISH only fired once
How to resize background-image with jQuery
Zend Framework background service / worker
Including custom text in legend of plot
On click event, Silverlight child window resize to show more options
JSF FacesContext#addMessage is not displayed
How to convert if-Non-Match-Response:304 to 200?
Displaying comments based on profileID
Using Java generics in interfaces
How to send dynamic parameters with values in struts1.3.8 using hyperlink?
Do I need to re-use the same Akka ActorSystem or can I just create one every time I need one?
JSF <h:commandButton> with <f:ajax> not executed on @ViewScoped bean but <a4j:ajax> works
Facebook returning error 500 with Koala Rails gem
Regex multiple line breaks
Problems with loops in Ruby Code [closed]
How to gracefully support Android 2.x devices in apps that use the ActionBar?
CF Builder Debugging config
Real world sample of Financial accounting data models [closed]
table width in IE7/8
Install windows service using command promt
how to sort an integer that is declared in the private
Is there a way to use math symbol? [duplicate]
jQuery animations getting slower towards the end and a bit jittery
Entity Framework Code First Multi Column Foreign Key
Binding objects to controls on JSP pages
Facebook login issue with only Chrome while using DotNetOpenAuth 2.0 in mvc 3 application
Do I need to make Pagination for Android Cursor
center an image with a link on it
EJB : does container need to synchronize entity bean persist?
OpenKinect: Cannot build RGBDemo
Jquery UI Datepicker onclick event
Unable to run java program from CLI while Netbeans runs same program correclty
鈥淔unction expected鈥�error when updating frames with javascript in IE9
How to display an update to a UITableView before a the view closes
HTML mail headers
Ruby for loop a trap?
How to create cache in Java to store user sessions
Debugging Remote ASP.NET Web Method
How to obtain the date information from a web page, using C#?
IOS blank start screen
notifyDataSetChanged() not working
How to assign Custom Activity Result to a Root level variable at Runtime (in Custom Activity Execute method) in workflow?
How can i get the Image Id in c#, from Repeater?
Can you define tooltips in Dojo wijit template?
Drupal views strip HTML - Paragraphs sticking together
Android : Buttons and edit Text repeated in listView
can anyone tell me why my product description is not flowing right in virtualmart 2.06
how to check items of a checkboxlist based on some data using jquery
geoinfo with python
Jquery - making tabs animate syncronously
Return N results for different groups with additional condition oracle sql
How to efficiently draw multiple primitives in cocos2d-iphone?
http.get and query string in node.js
How to run code only when i click on a button..python/wxpython/boa constructor
Why is my named form not being returned?
Python space+time efficient Data Structure to store 2D Bit Arrays
AS3 Mouse Over Change Image
Extracting an XML file from an Android device in C#
php regex - clean file names
varstatus attribute in ui:repeat in jsf 1.2
OpenGL ES rotate model in 3 axis
Alternatives to jQuery Tabs and Accordion
Client assembly
javascript function can find another function
IE error in timeout jquery
Play framework i18n in error templates
Memory profiling and search for memory leak [closed]
Wordpress theme loses widgets during move
What is my foursquare authenticaion, callback_url and application website?
Convert Byte Array to PDF File IOS
MySQL Converting to DateTime
Visual Studio, Collapse/Extends Regions ONLY shortcut
Disable/Hide InApp purchase
Asp.Net Website giving error when upgraded my server from 2.0 to 4.0
post from non-ssl to ssl domain via .htaccess RewriteRule
Why do we write out.println() in jsp instead of System.out.println()?
How to use SimpleAdapter.ViewBinder?
how to check an image is available in an array
jQuery not working after AJAX Call
How to add fixed buttons above a ListView android?
Undefined index Slim framework with twitteroauth
How can I find out which coordinates are within a shape drawn on a map?
fetching a table with another tables 鈥渃onditions鈥�
How to host python cgi script with `python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000` or `python -m CGIHTTPServer 8000`?
How do you show a 404 when there are extra URL segments in CodeIgniter?
math.h linkage with file
Remove Fragment Page from ViewPager in Android
mongo db or redis for a facebook like site? [closed]
passingvalues (through listbox) between webpages in
Remove a directory when unzipping
NPM package 'bin' script for Windows
Access Web Service of PHP in JavaScript which will give response in Json
How to update the password and 'is_staff' status while using django.contrib.auth models
Dedicated database sharing between two apps on Heroku
Combobox dictating the content shown in a panel
extracting text fields surrounded by other formatting related text
Using LWJGL without making too much JNI calls
Why are ForwardIterators required to model DefaultConstructible?
jar file creation - library dependecy
What is the purpose of the 鈥渞ole鈥�attribute in html?
phpmailer: Reply using only 鈥淩eply To鈥�address
Mapping first 3 records in database to variables
ruby: building string with length constraint composed from many variable length strings
ExtJS Window is undefined after hiding
form validation with regular expression
GWT: handling event in composite cell
ruby: building string with length constraint composed from many variable length strings
ExtJS Window is undefined after hiding
form validation with regular expression
GWT: handling event in composite cell
how to check log into window phone 7.?
UIWebView, determine if page has loaded
PHP - DOMXpath - Get the result
Issues in passing parameter in f:ajax
Creating a grid in Fourier-space
Having trouble getting the MD5 Fingerprint of the SDK Debug Certificate
Adding generated content to jQuery object which is not bound to the DOM fails
C# - Loading image from file resource in different assembly
Unique issue with id attr
can not send mail with attachment in Android
Ruby DSLs and Dynamic Documentation?
Query with multiple subqueries required in Mysql
Regex matches from command line, doesn't match from bash script
Silverlight 5: print outside the UI thread?
Ruby - each starting offset
Building a native mobile application - based on a PHP web-app
Enable SAXParser qName to handle spaces
Plotting multiple legends
New App 404 - Very Basic Setup - URL Exists
jarsigner is unable to open jar file: NooYawk.apk .(NooYawk is App name)
Change editing control image for UITableViewCell
How to stop magento from removing tiers that are more than or equal to the default price?
org.json JAR provisioning
How to navigate b/w three views using IBAction button method and round rectangle button in Xcode?
Adobe Air - StageWebView Meta Title
how to get total amount as textview in custom layout in android
How to replace NULL in a result set with the last NOT NULL value in the same column?
MySQL (HeidiSQL): Using localhost but 10 seconds of query time is 鈥渘etwork鈥�
Increase performance of WPF controls loading resources
$.post not working, i get no answer in firebug
Missing abstract methods error in database testing with DbUnit extension in Zend Framework
count flagged rows on SQLite
MVC Paging with partial views
Strange `UnicodeEncodeError` using `os.path.exists`
Delete contents not within Date Range
Python unittest setup function 'is not defined'
IBOutlet variables in a Singleton
Starting multiple Django development servers from a Django project
Dont execute jQuery unless all form fields have been completed
How to modify an Outlook .msg file using
bulk insert queries in rails 3
Completely remove matching string from HTML
multiple calls to cURL
Check date is not null ? (rails, arel)
Can't compare serial data in the Handle Method
debug with multiple processes
margin:0 auto; not working for the whole page
Mail function has stopped working on server
Change node creation title on Drupal per Content Type
Application Constants and webservice URL in App.xaml in Windows phone 7
how to define window login in filewatcher?
Capybara not working in my rails application
Remove specific characters from a string in Javascript
javascript window.location page redirect in frames
Need to merge attributes from 2 XMLs into one
Unable to use static method defined in another file of same package
Translation direction in separating axis theorem
Why do we need to use brackets while composing functions in haskell?
Paperclip - converting images to pyramid tiff after image upload
Printing out specific bit of a big json object in PHP?
Number of combinations with LEGO plastic bricks C++
Should I pass a full webpage as html/text for a rest GET call
how to generate load using loadUI?
i want to set typeface for GridView
Checking for non-existent optional tables
Font conversion sources
ANTLR replace tokens in a recursive manner
Is there any (free) alternative to Visustin, I need to create flowcharts from existing JavaScript code
IllegalArgumentException when trying to get objects from Oracle database with JPA
jsf richfaces a4j:region call render
How use LogEventInfo and LogMessageGenerator/IFormatProvider together in a Log method?
How can i communicate between background.js and popup.js?
speeding up drawing of an OverlayView
Hibernate, jpa and mysql
Custom Attribtues - No SQL Data Store
comparison with more than one value in sql
Difficulty to remove exception in project
Facebook wall post shows a redirect loop error
Calling zend form on everypage of my application
Bind custom attributes on Ember view with controller data in xhandlebars script
Rails form validation works in one template but not another for the same Model
How to get all possible classes combinations in C#
Android Widget and click Listener
Lock Cells after Data Entry
Android crashes when try to overwrite TextViews
Frames to milliseconds conversion in android
jquery ui plugin/widget load order when adding individually
Ruby C Bindings vs. Ruby Wrapper for System Calls
How do date comparisons work in ActiveRecord?
INSERT from JOIN inserts null values
Are Http Handlers the appropriate choice of architecture?
How to block execution of function untill json return result?
How to browser display controls on its page when it is said it strictly understands only html content and scripts?
Using Inline PHP with $_Session
Maximum size of 鈥淭EXT鈥�datatype in postgresql
Tough MySQL error: Subquery returns more than one row
How to browser display controls on its page when it is said it strictly understands only html content and scripts?
Using Inline PHP with $_Session
Maximum size of 鈥淭EXT鈥�datatype in postgresql
Tough MySQL error: Subquery returns more than one row
how to handle html button in webView (cocoa)
How to create a form for a petition? [closed]
How To Set as COM2 to a Device?
Set reminders in a table view from action sheet using UIswitch
Multiprocessing output to file
What Wordpress plugins are necessary for an Article Directory site?
I Want to Upload an image to my facebook account using my own J2ME application, without eSWT and LWUIT
Running open layer with JSF and .xhtml file
How to make CDT/Eclipse work with C++11 threads?
debug php code of a facebook app present on heroku
Can't have function named default in php
unhaddins with Nhibernate 3.3 not work
301 redirect with {~`% characters in url
SSIS Fast Load error when using Attunity Oracle connector to 11g
How do I dump a groovy representation to YAML and avoid having untagged nodes?
Why NSNotification third argument is often object:nil?
Why do I need Sum and Bank class to calculate Money?
How I can do a confirmation window?
Why is there not Concurrent ArrayList in java.util.concurrent package [duplicate]
how to add url icon on rss site
create hierarchical class structure , loop through data table and then add parent and child and return object
Opening in iPhone aplication
iOS storyboard and injecting properties
how to fix error 403 when update new tweet to twitter using xcode?
Saving plain NSArray with NSNumbers
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
how is this slider done it looks to be js but its altering the url with each slide [duplicate]
Are there any coding standards available for spring or springMVC? [closed]
Handle mouse event from another process
How to create an app with like 4 views (table views)
Java ArrayList Casting Issue
Get AlertDialog view of WebView
Adding Android library
Rotating contour in OpenCV
QuickDialog - How do I select a QSelectItemElement=
Is ADD A,5 allowed?
How can I invoke a dynamic external dll
displaying preloaded bitmap in webview
Create a regular expression using data extracted from an XML file
Change XML value with html
ASP MVC RTM on Visual Studio 2010
Running a multi-module Maven web app with Jetty, HTTP ERROR: 503 SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE
SQL Server 2005: Scale of numeric expression changes when adding SUM()
Blackberry - How to make a count downtimer and display on screen when we click on the button
how to create regular expression which not allow semi colon, colon single quote and double quote
Google Maps API v3 cannot make a marker鈥�
insert temp table with multiple select statement
Spring: Best way to select a customized view at runtime
Cross-domain POST request ajax in internet explorer
Catch 404 error on DOMDocument->load()
Java Convert String to byte[]
Orientation listener in a service
Social Media Buttons in PHP, HTML: Taking too much time to load and distorting page
Error message '/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lIL'; how do I install that library?
binding text box from listbox
Sending email (using gmail & C#) Desktop or Web Based?
how to apply css to a particular table?
Custom Navbar Icon stuck inside a cirle
GLSL frag shader - only works on nVidia, non-standard code?
Absolute value of negative zero - bug, or a part of the floating point standard?
How to restrict NSLog to print using boolean variable
Merging 3 database calls into one
Filter for admin site, How works FilterSpec,RelatedFilterSpec,ChoicesFilterSpec i.e?
Using Number Randoms in Arrays that randomize
How to test REST in spring app with spring security
unnesting a table in oracle 10g
Getting data from Gitolite config file from bash script
Restricting a staging server
WebLogic and rendering of nested Tiles - static content is ignored
Embedded C with RTOS debugging to SD card stuck
Testing strategies
Eclipse: how to open files always in the active edtor?
Using selenium grid to execute remote code
isset within an echo? Or is there a better way?
Get queue of iPodMusicPlayer
Jquery get contents from a table into Facebook Feed Dialog on Click
Django admin: how to limit related selectbox values based on another selectbox
Depending on a class template parameter, define or not define a function in the class
Multiply price and quantity in custom listview in android
return to full backstack when app started (a) from android market (b) then home No space left on device?
Numpy cannot be accessed in sub directories
Clear UITextfield Data when coming to that page again iphone
XML file can't be saved in windows mobile
Function for counting conditional cell formatting
Simulated Annealing - Possible to Improve Performance?
show posts filtered by language rails 3.2
Get substring from HTML tags in android
jQuery if statement $(this) selector
MacOsX HFS+ corrupts long utf-8 filenames by adding hash sign and number at the end
Image upload security. GD enough? when do I use it?
Reset button for specific fields
jQuery form.validate() callback failing to execute ($.ajax)
Front-end Ajax in ModX Revolution
Which one gets applied at the end?
Maps and substrings
mysql fluent nhibernate issue nvarchar
Calling stylesheets in Rails 3.1
Dealing with null value and JSON
mouse focus on a textbox not getting updated in wpf
How to get records from table based on two other tables JPA
Ben Alman's postMessage, bi-way communication between browser windows
16bit/ASM: Simple function using int 21h?
Layout of the forgot password page in SocialEngine?
JBoss AS 7.1 - running schedule using @Schedule annotation
MySQL constraint using fixed 鈥渉ard-coded鈥�value - is this possible?
How to add Validation Rules to Propel Models after Model Generation?
TextChanged event doesn't work.
html validator versus SU:BADGE
If you accept user submitted content containing HTML whats the safest way to generate auto excerpt with valid HTML?
Default values for objects in Javascript
Is there any way for my class to support serialisation as an XML attribute?
Condition vs wait notify mechanism
change the position of the <li> element using php
Embed a custom View inside a WebView
I want to create an list of video songs from specific folder like video folder [closed]
JQuery AJAX response undefined
Extracting some part of text from a tag with jQuery
Null values showing when trying to manipulate data in stored procedure
How to open a new window with keeping mouse focus on the older window
Collision between circle and a radius
DDD specification pattern with stored procedure
Why am I getting the error Incorrect syntax near 'BYStock_Date'?
Symfony2: How to translate custom error messages in form types?
Put Enums from xml to Spinner
What is the correct way to test this code using MOQ? about catch webbrowser input file path
can this be considered duplicate code?
Having Trouble With Closure In Javascript
facebook like ajax search - how to go through results using the keyboard
Post rating system on Wordpress Heroku blog
Cat previous file and new file together and mv to temp file.
How to select the one equals to each others in Sparql
How do I cut an irregular shape into two parts along a path?
Java notify() gets called before wait()
Detect EventLog permissions before calling EventLog.SourceExists
using jquery mobile with multiple headers per page
Backporting Java 1.5+ to 1.4
How to concat a string to xsl:value-of select= 鈥�
Globals vs dependency injection
facebook shows a blank page with ssl page
ClipView in JavaFX 2.0
Cursor not moving automatically to next TextField
How do I translate this command line curl into php curl?
Symfony 2/Propel: Class 'Phing' not found, autoloading?
Handling Browser Authentication using Selenium
Handling Browser Authentication using Selenium
Comparing results with today's date?
How to search a character from a string android
Showing diff's in the commit message
In the PayPal dialog, is there a way to specify whether to expand 鈥淗ave PayPal Account鈥�or 鈥淒on't have PayPal account鈥�
Reconciling epochal time with OO - is it possible? [closed]
Can't see my demo application with the Titanium android emulator
MySQL count and group by day
NSObject subclass as a property
Download many pages from web by BackgroundWorker component
interface is implemented by thousands of classes so if changes occurs in interface then how to reduce it
XCode 4.3 Storyboards: why are some UIViewControllers sized 1024 while others 320
Are Vala and Genie production ready? [closed]
ImageIO error when writing to file
What does Erl return when there are no line numbers?
Having Issue with MySQL Stored Procedure
Printing RadGrid
How to check DB2 SYSADM or SYSCTRL authorization for a user
Can UIMenuItem show UIImage?
How can a catch block catch a reference to a temporary variable in an other scope?
jQuery mobile: How to create custom page transition
why the system can change the displayer's resolution? [closed]
PHP - Using cURL to access HTTPS (SSL) protected sites
Generating controls dynamically using placeholder
Sorting an Array of Hash by multiple keys Perl
MYSQL query not the result I looking for
How do I force OAuth2 access token expiration with DotNetOpenAuth
jQuery to track Google analytics events not working
Why does this regular expression pattern cause the parser to hang given certain input?
How can I get just the first word from an address link text with jQuery?
Operator overload in c++ class
How to delete value from jsarray in GWT?
Date picking and finding difference
preg_replace() [function.preg-replace]: Unknown modifier '/' in /home/
Validation on an Attribute Comparing another Attribute of another Iterator
How to create job in SQL Server 2005 [closed]
calculate binary expression - convert string to binary data
Writing to a MySQL ENUM column by index using ODBC
python convert str to javascript literal string
Android caching method
AD Authentication Silverlight app within a Page Viewer in SharePoint
Running jquery selections on a markup string that's not on the page
SAP .NET Connector 3.0, error pushing data to SAP
UIButton Title Doesn't Appear unless Clicked
Only Last random number insert in database not all
File creation at the file system level
Android WebView, Scaling Image to fit the screen
Changing the height of a AVL tree node when rotating
Reorder data in Vim
Rails / Token Input
Jboss as 7 deploy using HTTP managment api
How to protect SqlDataReader from multiple access in C#
Setting data inside ListView Row
XML Search Value with Condition in PHP and JQuery
Javascript Templating vs Server Templating
Get SelectedValue of dropdownlist which is created with javascript
javascript Date().getTime() is not a function
CRUD ignores $display_field during Add
jsp html image marquee from server image folder
whois lookups on the IP addresses
Meta Cache or Codeigniter Cache
Distributed parallel batching
jQuery autocomplete - request doesn't get sent
underscore.js: _.throttle(function, wait)
enum flagsattribute
CSS Code Issue with any version lower than IE8. Background images won't load. Any Ideas?
Trinidad tr:treeTable expand/collapse commands
Format numbers in MVC view
Highlighting and functions
How to start a daemon on server startup in spring mvc 2 form not posting to controller via Ajax
Browser detect and redirect [duplicate]
Creating (Inserting) an array index
Open a doc in a whiteboard using java
Detect each object points in Autocad (.DXF or DWG) exported xml file
Android - Google Maps didnt show
Rails: Proper setup with DNS, Rack-rewrite etc for Heroku
Getting alfresco's cancelled workflow
JOptionPane.YES_OPTION == ENTER on each button
Symfony2 undefined variable in form
C++ DLL imported into a C# application
PHP preg_match words within boundaries
How to get client IP address in a JBoss remote EJB call?
How to get user input and write to file - Java
why python scrapy is showing 鈥渢wisted.internet.error.TimeoutError鈥�error
What does it mean if a function's toString() starts with 鈥渂ound: 鈥�
Access other Class instance from AppDelegate
Implementing subclasses with sparse common functionality
Dojo.Query Issue: getting elements of a class using `dojo.query` by class name
how to find the particular db and table is already there or not in android
Access Spring configuration file in web application bundle
鈥淥n Error Goto 0鈥�before Exit Function
Protect Sub-Div Background
How to restart app if it unexpectedly shutdown
Create a Video file from images using ffmpeg
python/django list.reverse() and reversed(list)
not able to access mywebsite in webbrowser
Parallel between LMax Disruptor and Rx Framework concept?
Are there any implementations of Subjective Logic based trust metrics out there? [closed]
replacing the character with another one on deleting
Create a Video file from images using ffmpeg
python/django list.reverse() and reversed(list)
not able to access mywebsite in webbrowser
Parallel between LMax Disruptor and Rx Framework concept?
Are there any implementations of Subjective Logic based trust metrics out there? [closed]
replacing the character with another one on deleting
Lua and os.execute return
Zend Db Table update adding 鈥�鈥�instead of update value
Display random image when refresh
Painting a circular graph by script written in Matlab using Excel. Working with COM VBA
Can variables with lookups be used in Django {% ifequal %} expressions?
iOS Audio Service : Read & write audio files
GWT ToolTip -Requirement
Javascript openWindow with my Chart
Adding new rows throws 'Multiplicity constraint violated'
divide screen into equal parts with overflow
Flaw in my logic? iOS button states
invalid regular expression flag a
Updating XCODE using different apple account
Error in doing drag and drop
How to access some row databound functions in row updating event
What is the difference between RCR and ROR?
Error in adding tomcat 7
Detecting Sudoku Square in an Image
USB HID device detection
How to make highcharts default to 0 for missing data
How to handle ajax call when there is no response from the server
Get error exception when using the sleep function
Element broken on Safari for iOS
C error: array type has incomplete element type
All my resources get duplicated in .apk file
Stepper value reset after loaded from coredate
Shard Existing Collection - MongoDB
Apache server 鈥�multiple directories, different error logs
UIView transitionFromView not animating in container
Getting ARP table on iPhone/iPad
Expand and collapse (drilling) in cross tab BIRT
How to make recordset (categories and subcategories)
An infinite loop appears to have resulted from cross-dependent views
Emacs Haskell mode - Speedbar not updating
Use the GWT generator / linker to emit generated artifacts into source directory
iOS leak instrument CGContextDrawPDFPage
CSS expand div and add scrollbars
WPF: How do I limit number of items in Combobox ItemsSource?
Every page we publish increases around 2 MB memory on server. Is it a configuration issue? [closed]
WHERE clause in mysql php
Test Driven unit testing with stored procedure in VS 2010
Where can i find custom opengl datatypes in SharpGL?
Installing HBase Explorer [closed]
ContextMenu items Visibility
Headers needing each other
Saving Score from Form
How to start service at the particular time?
Getting ID of product then getting subcategory and product titles from another table
Jar executable can't find main class - weird one
BDD testing with cabybara: button not found
rails, overriding bootstraps rules in production
Rails, Paginate with an or statement in the conditions
Serialization issue on WebLogic
How do I get back TFS(2010) data after I uninstalled it by mistake
Hosting a java servlet on Amazon AWS
jquery modal dialog height issue
How should I toggle JQuery ajax on or off based on .NET Auth
Parsing data into struct
Exception handling and `Getopt::Long`
Installshield execute uninstall custom action
Improve load time of page
Making text bold on a webpage [closed]
One id have two dynamically numbers _ separated. update only one using jQuery
Where are the implicit Monoid[Int] etc. implemented
Looping through a grid
Redirecting to the same page after facebook login so that i can make posts accordingly [duplicate]
Why does UnderscoreJS use instead of typeof?
Regexp which will search symbol from class A, but not from class B?
Display huge columns in a grid
how to execute mongo admin command from java
Why does assignment of split to print formatting not work?
javascript keydown event only work for html input tag?
ASPDotNetStoreFront and PayPal Express: order details are not displayed when client is redirected to PayPal
Using Nutch solrindex to index to multiple cores?
WordPress my plugin $_GET $_POST single file
Get Value from Parcelable Array in Android
An error when i acces concurrently to pthread_mutex_t pthread_mutex_lock.c:62: __pthread_mutex_lock: Assertion `mutex->__data.__owner == 0' failed
How do I do C# typeof(bool) in C++/CLI?
How to track detected object membership LoginStatus control needs codes?
In OOP programming style, why should we hide object's data member from being directly accessed by others
Using @Transactional with Spring-Data