How to run a script under CRON that outputs a CSV file and is then emailed
How to prevent IE 8 to shows Video Preview in Full Screen mode?
How to draw an arrow/line between two labels in a JFrame? [duplicate]
sqlite does not see new tables I added to the db
onclick add dropdown list data into a json array
How to add a curtain on top of the google map
Rules for id ,name and class attribute in HTML5
Too many open files - socket(2) with net/http
How to get the data param in an app generated request for a facebook user
Delete file on Android after 24h? [closed]
Geocode intersecting streets using geocoding webservice api
How to get the data param in an app generated request for a facebook user
Delete file on Android after 24h? [closed]
Geocode intersecting streets using geocoding webservice api
How to use a SyncService in WinForms application?
Incorrect Device API version in android
How to ignore special characters when using ORDER BY in a MySQL query
Can anybody think of a way to refactor this to avoid repetitive code?
How to get free physical memory like the one showing in Windows Task Manager
jQuery $.ajax GET cache period
RestSharp: UrlEncode in signature base generation returns invalid string
Hiddenfield in a usercontrol, can not access it on clientside
Should I sanitize inputs to a parametrized query?
Unable to Download Application, Application could not be installed at this time
how to add custom callout view in mapview
how to remove gravity from chipmunk?
Getting list row id in list view
Cross-browser input text focus system?
Using jQuery scrollTop with Wordpress?
WP7 Crash when trying to create instance of WriteableBitmap
Why doesn't CudaFree seem to free memory?
xslt count sibling
underscore.js: example
Something goes wrong with PHP microtime parsing
Where should I put util functions - OOP best practices
Randomly pick k bits out of n from a Java BitSet
LISP - converting grammar inputs to strings (language theory)
Merge with above line
Identify 404 Source from within a page
How to handle the phone call while running the application in iphone
Indexing not supported?
File encoding from English text to UTF-8
D std.regex - return as text
How to use @Scheduled(cron) with SpEL in spring?
Avoiding duplicates Database records in a datamapper code igniter
Create file inside new directory in vim in one step?
How to manage list views Checkboxes Automatically checking?
Install util looks for service on wrong folder
PHP notice and warning logs [closed]
how to set pro-grammatically field components in grid edit mode
How to create dynamic datatable?
glXMakeCurrent never returns in multiple multithreaded linux opengl applications
crawling errors on non existing pages
SELECT CASE something missing
Why are bindings introduced by 'let' limited in scope?
Parse HTML and Javascript with Jquery
Are domain objects the same as JPA entities?
Zoom in and out to a UIImage
How to convert a drawn image to a character in android?
very slow cython classes?
How to add a calculated/computed column in numpy?
why process initially runs in kernel mode
How to perform XOR operation in J2ME
JIRA query to check if a parent issue has specific sub-tasks
Making hover color stay if link is active
How can I make an iDevice app with a 1 week trial period, and after that, requires the user to pay?
One to many, one view do I need a custom model?
getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError with small amount of images, is it better to use pngs or bitmaps?
Can we submit the specific html form using frameset and give the feeling of ajax in some sense?
Custom (NFC) NDEF format
Is it necessary to lock a C# list before adding elements to it if I do not intend to read from the list while elements are being added?
Get simple variable from php file (NSURL)
Handling click events inside ABPersonViewController
Button to start activity if statement
How can i get lat and Lang from
Regarding doing research on a main method() [closed]
Tile Collision Detection? Can't Figure out
removing reporting service encryption key on tfs migration to new hardware
unary class text classification in weka?
AdControl SDK Version 6.1.320.0 is not serving test ads
Finding if the currently logged in user is an administrator or not in Windows OS [duplicate]
too many characters in character literal with string builder in c#
CWNAN0020W Socket error on socket 4, peer address <IP Address>:57710; ending connection
Is there another type of JTree?
Installing RestKit.FrameWork on ios application libRestKit.a file missing, its in RedColor?
Excel Conditional Formatting 3-color over one row applied to many rows
Zooming in and out in Grid, Images on WinRT (Metro style app)
Unity3D Third Person Controller and Animations
Create a JSON-formatted text file with my username and password?
Automatically trigger operations when creating collections JSON feed for Homepage
Why POST and GET method Form Not Working on PHP?
HAML error, ruby 1.9.3 on rails 3. syntax error, unexpected keyword_ensure, expecting $end
What is the best way to build a json API using Play Framework and Morphia?
Android get the values of dynamically created items
Sort data of a column in a grid obtained by PyGridTableBase
Need a bash scripts to move files to sub folders automatically
Resize NSTableView or NSScrollView depending on number of rows in table
Adapter in Android
Multiple Links /Java/DOM/Cookie?
Using PHP CURL to login to a remote web site
enable or disable the checkboxlist item using jquery
Installing custom plugin on a clean Eclipse
basic help for Perl CGI module
how to save video programmatically on iPad1 iOS SDK
Dequeueing UIViews withing UITableViewCell
Related to pointers memory allocation [duplicate]
post/send updates or messages to fans(who likes website) not as user
Converting from lower case to upper case
Setting sqlite temp store directory
Recursively traverse HashMap?
Locking UITable scrolling after button pressed [duplicate]
How to quickly switch windows layout in Visual Studio 2010?
how to get street level information using Google Map API
how to install pecl mail parse on mamp?
Eclipse cursor changes to crosshair
Regarding constructor overloading
calculate date of next monday to a given date
What will be connection string for MS Sql 2008 server with instance for the JBoss server and Java
How to save x/y coordinate of a movie clip?
jQuery Supersized: Load images from LI
menu onOptionsItemSelected giving ClassCastException
Modal showing on page load
Is the rest client app design approach in google io 2010 still up to date?
Overriding package name in sbt 0.11.2
Orientation of UIImage on UITableViewCell and Coredata changed after saved
Skip M elements and Delete N elements from LinkedList, skipping 0 raising issue
Which store should I use: Document storage or SQLite?
Creating authToken for api ruby
How to analyze the audio file recorded in audio queue sevices in iOS?
iPhone - How to fetch the contact detail using address book?
More Page in ChartBoost
How to set one keyboard event at a time?
Call ruby class by name with round brackets
Problems with Macros in MacVim
How to return value from table's DataSource to main report in iReport?
What is the difference between MvcContrib.MVC3-ci and Mvc.Contrib NuGet Packages?
jQueryUI Templating: Does It Work, Will It Work?
Is it possible to localize CalendarView or DatePicker?
Running Haiku r3alpha1 with VirtualBox
Using Interaction.Triggers in WPF
How to find all input tags and submit buttons from all opened windows using Selenium Ruby?
In Renewal of iOS Program Enrollment id is missing
Configure a tokenizer with pyes
C++ type casting int * to class [duplicate]
How to terminate an openssl handshake from a batch file?
how to display imageview tilted?
How to read contact one by one record from .vcf file
starting with joomla
Insert text into text area by query
How can i reference an Android Project from another project using ANT
Exception in method signature in interface
WSO2 - Configuring JPA on WSAS
how to produce a nested list from two lists in python
Applying jQuery .click() to Ajax-generated HTML
PHP Syntax Error?
style not working with QItemDelegate
Is there an 鈥渋n memory鈥�setting for SQL Server?
How to implement session for the user logged in GRAILS( Spring security)?
js file inclusion in ajax requested page showing in modal dialog
Tooltips getting cutoff in pie charts in highcharts
PHP Syntax Error?
style not working with QItemDelegate
Is there an 鈥渋n memory鈥�setting for SQL Server?
How to implement session for the user logged in GRAILS( Spring security)?
js file inclusion in ajax requested page showing in modal dialog
Tooltips getting cutoff in pie charts in highcharts
How to change data in combo based on other data selected in extjs 4
Javascript IE Redirection Loop (with some PHP)
JavaScript Separating Axis Theorem
sha1 is hashing nothing, how do I stop it from doing this?
Construction of B+ trees
Remote DataBase Links
get the value of href using lxml in html table
using Raphael JS to scale a group of elements at once
How to get the email address of twitter user with twitter api
When use Animation in same ImageView, (ex: Alpha -> trans), remaining opacity in imageview
How to make a thread wait until another thread finish?
Can argparse help me here?
How to have a conditional checked, disabled, 鈥�with the html helper?
Better editor for customizing VS 2010 menus?
How to show custom button on custom objects?
after run AsyncTask class, next activity return nullpointexception
How do I use vi keys in ipython under *nix?
My sql SELECT statement JOIN on three tables
How do I find out whether the Context object is being Leaked from one activity to another?
How to intercept keystrokes to windows command prompt?
Finding intersection between multiple clolumns of the same table
Low UILocalNotification volume for some users, any way to control it?
Best structure other than Datatable to store ~half-a-million records in Frontend
Identify first character in a string
Is there a tool to output each line of a PHP script as it's executed?
IE9 background image 1 white px :(
Dynamically adding text to a JTextArea using Java
give line break in django form.init data
Wordpress BB press Css Issue
how to get the data from the row of a Tableview of JAVA Fx 2.0
Allegro library installation
Strange error on increasing memory limit
Suggestions for a report designer to produce a 4 quadrant page for printing?
Detecting Linux boot with perl and serial device
checking permission dynamically
Embedded Google Map Application not working on ICS Device
Can my extension get a user's e-mail address from Google Chrome?
Looking for a Python editor that will let me collapse functions
Syntax error in Update Query [closed]
Show View Before Loading? Run Indicator While Loading?
php regex for finding image in a Text
Mysql 1050 followed by 1051
Emacs reopen previous killed buffer锛�
How to make a application build in android (apk file)
How to find places in code that must be covered with unit tests
How to get gamecenter app friends in Objective C?
Sending streaming video to a server through node
Stopping the page refresh - not working with clear function
How reload data jqGrid when user change Data with custom popup Form
I cannot get default in sql to work
php implode $array[]['string']
setTimeout overlaps when using jquery load()
How do I discard Image Position after Animation on iOS
Paint PNG image on other PNG
Appending 0 before the hexa number
Invariant For Nested Loop in Matrix Program
Write session data to database
Passing Web Service Url to Flex 3 using
.is(':checked') not working in jquery
Creating a JApplet using netbeans and maven
mySQL breaks when adding a var
Url rewrite querstring getting appended after postback event in iis 7
Could anyone tell me why the program call abort() in the try block?
How to pretty print C++ to HTML? [closed]
Java: state sharing between threads in functional programming
Get all elements contained in document and their current values using jquery or any preferred library
swapping between mobile view and desktop view on window resize
True, false, background process in Bash
Aligning Image and Hyperlink
How to implement a nested hover with jQuery?
Considering image compression, is Run length encoding always better than Huffman coding?
How to get mysql data from table into php date()?
writing column entry just one below another in python
drag and drop button
Attachment sent through email is of 0KB size
parse email using nokogiri
Facebook C# SDK - Hw to get my details from facebook
get the title from a context
Adapters for WSO2 ESB
Value limits of primitive data types in android
date picker should appear when clicked on image
Is it possible to rotate pixels using this 2x2 matrix? [closed]
Spring 3 validation throws java.lang.IllegalStateException
What are the Different types of dimensions in SSAS
Keep a vertically larger image inside a smaller, size defined div without overflowing
how to use jqgrid extraParam parameter of saveRow
Two UIGestureRecognizers and UIButton
Using custom table for jsTree without hardcoding
Ruby - multidimensional hash
Get Django model's table name directly from database
Input an arbitrary number of strings from the user
Issue in Debugging the program on CDT-Eclipse
How can I change the Options menu background for Android 2.3?
Meaning of `get functionname() {鈥` within Javascript object
Issue in Debugging the program on CDT-Eclipse
How can I change the Options menu background for Android 2.3?
Meaning of `get functionname() {鈥` within Javascript object
Displaying html page in ASPX page
Accessing iOS crash report from iOS app
Where do I look in Drupal to see if magic quotes are turned on?
MATLAB - Supervised Classifcation/Segmentation
Select row with max date from duplicate results
Regarding casting
mysql using temporary table with subqueries, but not group by and order by
Configure clustered hornetq client with spring
MySQL: What does the equal colon =: mean in an update statement?
How to read chunks of an image?
access the value of a random element of an list c#
use of cssselect for fetching the url using lxml
About implementation of abstract/concrete graphs in C++
Rotating Box With CSS and JavaScript
How can i save Text to Speech file as .wav/.mp3 format in Arabic language in External Storage?
Propel to Doctrine Code Snippet
Add direct labels to ggplot2 geom_area chart
Multiple analogRead() calls at timed intervals
Java with JFrame and class interaction
Getting a char array from the user without using a String
Auto generated WebLogic Web Service from WSDL causing errors
how to pass a stringfrom a UIButton using prepareForSegue
Error receiving broadcast Intent?
Jquery return original value on blur if the field left empty
Sort iPhone TableView by Date in Filename? [closed]
User friendly embeddable HTML/JavaScript hi-res image editor
Setting Oracle XA Client in Tomcat
Sqoop Permission Issue when running inside Map Reduce Code
Working with Pages in jQuery Mobile
Proper permissions for my SVN repository directory tree on Mac?
Customizing multi-model nested form behavior
PHP $_GET[url] not working
Cannot use OracleParameter of type NVarChar with ParameterDirection of Output when calling stored procedure from ADO.NET
HEX-edit UTF-8 file
How to create a success message within a div upon successfull form submission?
Constructing a Netty ChannelBuffer from a string
Python time.sleep
fetchedResultsController and Integer
Plotting real time graph with microsoft chart?
How to get a HTTP POST request body as a Java String at the server side?
ASP.NET URL Routing with wildcard
Android Development - Dealing with XML
same componentGUID for two different entries in the Component Table of msi database
Multiple use of LEFT JOIN brings only 1 row
$.ajax - POSTing to https
Prototypal inheritance and new keyword
Graphics.TBitmap successfully decoded from a JPEG frame results in empty TDibSection after GetObject() call
Is a constructor always a function object?
MonoTouch to objective C
Android Audio Service has leaked Service Connection
Facebook app development: select friend
using expect in bash script
How to SELECT for the following in MySql?
about typecheck in linux kernel
Simple PHP IF Statement Does Not Evaluate Correctly
Determining Resting contact between sphere and plane when using external forces
Matlab ksdensity point range
jQuery Infinite Scroll Bar Without AJAX
Split keyboard like iMessage app on iPad
Remote interface cannot be cast to EJB container
transaction in spring mvc and hiberante
Example on how to create HTML for THTMLViewer at runtime
Joomla Paypal IPN always return INVALID
Sinatra CRUD Routes for every model, route issue
Creating an array of IDs from a while loop
How do I give PHP permissions to run PDFTK?
Can't Able to get Instance of ExceptionManager
How can I add padding beneath an HTML button?
How to use jquery-addresspicker jquery with rails 3.1
Performance testing of HTML5/cs/js pages in phonegap
Antlr Tree Grammar
PHP - File Upload spitting out error
MySQL Delete Performance
Attach database to SQL Server Express automatically
standard for maximum TCP packet retransmission
ticket has users that can send messages - rails messaging
Identifying the origin of likes for a particular page
Why doesn't GHC give a compile time warning for the 鈥淣o match in record selector鈥�exception?
Using fsolve for large system of coupled nonlinear equations [closed]
Create a Custom Tag in JSP to get objects
About mysql views, relationship and any other related column to column thing
Action Bar in Android [closed]
how to compute Facebook graph api cover offset_y to pixel?
Can't get location blocks figured out in nginx
Java client server program using tcp/ip
How to check update values in the plist file
mysql_select_db causes server error
When to use Volatile modifier? [duplicate]
Getting Wireless Internet working on Arch Linux
How to do restore purchase and get whether the Product is Purchase or not?
Very simple user validation
css3 nth-child specificity
receiver_id not saving - rails messaging
RadListBox - can't get it to work
how to create a NSManagedObject
Referencing static fields of the subclass of an abstract class in the abstract class's method body
Rotating an image back to it's original state
Is it possible to swap two variables in Java? [duplicate]
default content for extends tag - django
How to disable SMS and internet functionality by app in android? [closed]
Dictionary that holds Blocking Collections of different Type without casting
How can I hide the window when I run a exe
rsvg with Python 3.2 on Ubuntu
Blank Screen on Android [closed]
鈥淭here was an error processing your order. Please contact us or try again later.鈥�error on magento
How to add a variable to an a href selector in jQuery?
Put shaded box around Facebook 鈥渓ike鈥�button to make it look centered
Using the void ptr in the events structure for epoll
Putting contact info into Phone Book from Blackberry
Chrome extensions - Other ways to read response bodies than
DbContext Object in EntityFramework
C++ WriteConsoleOutput Display Issues
Merging two sorted arrays into a third one can be done in O(n)?
How to parse this XML and store it in Collection
OpenGL's glClear() causes Access Violation (0xc0000005) in Windows 64 [closed]
Generate satellite assemblies for large solution with many resources and many languages
UITableViewCell backgroundColor set in IB, shows up black when it's set to white
save jquery flip state into a php session variable?
image conversion from .pdf to .jpg not showing complete image
if arrayposition is an int鈥�
java finalization doubts
The JSF page ins't redirecting using by Filter interface
javaScript field validations using in php file
Draw route by getting my point to destination point
Optimize ListView backed up custom implemented BaseAdapter by caching View generated
How to add application icon on the contact screen panel Android [closed]
Java int[] vectors are giving me points instead of data.
CSS alignment issues Internet Explorer
query adding and multiplying values
upload image to specified folder
Profile Common in Visual Web Developer 2010 Website
Azure Table Storage get last record
Birt 3.7.2 integration report html deployment
How to get all factors of an expression tree that affect its output
How to require location to be on for an app on marketplace download?
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when sorting JTable
Best practice for storing settings for a website?
Passing touches to parent view controller after finish of Gesture recognizer
How to Ping in Linux Shell from Windows
Using preg_replace to colorize things
How can I control which elements are signed in a WCF SOAP request?
100% Width of header / footer and still center content
Access custom theme settings from within views
Integrating Castle Windsor in ASP.NET MVC 4 WebApi
Remote API is extremely slow
Edit NSMutable array at index
is any sync-ml API available for server and client ??
AFNetworking crashes , downloading large files 200MB+
Perl: array reference versus anonymous array
BackgroundWorker.CancelAsync() causes 鈥淏ackgroundWorker does not support cancellation.鈥�error
How to use the switch statement in R functions?
How to rewrite URL in HTTPS?
FB chat using SASL X-FACEBOOK_PLATFORM not working
How to output raw html in an external js file
Image Id does not exists in current context
JQuery Mobile not working inside UIWebView
Regular expression to determine if text has no more than n occurrences of a word
Segmentation fault in C++ thread
This submit value make me confused
Face book wall posting is not working properly
javascript: site passing object to setinterval
Octave/MATLAB: Variable Scopes and Name Lookup?
Placing Unicode character in CSS content value
How to get mouse coordinates in Javascript under Adobe Air Extension for Dreamweaver 3.3?
Connecting Arduino Standalone Chip and XBee
How to validate if value is an array using Zend_Filter_Input?
How does work this pythonic trick: a[::-1]
iPhone app running on iPad: rootViewController not the tabBarController as it is when running on iPhone
Segmentation fault when deleting all values in a binary search tree
Scope gotcha when dynamically adding methods in a loop
How can I delete files in Python
Temporarily making a cell selectable
How to get all documents from couchdb using lightcouch api in java
JQuery Resize Browser Width, Hide Div at > 1024
How to parse XML containing prefixes but no namespace declarations with lxml?
OpenGL : Cell division effect
get return value from a function php using oops
apache pivot - desktop application
Any library to manipulate COFF files?
JavaScript and jQuery, 鈥渢his鈥�inside an anonymos function
How to run a command and don't wait for application exit?
close horizontal drop-down menu on second click
Get my Nth tweet via twitter API
When I try to refactor in Xcode, a warning to add the file to the build phase of the target in this workspace appears
Backbone complex sort issues
Making maven copy additional files inside the build jar (not resources but any file inside any package)?
Parse json to jquery ajax autocomplete list from Rails
Restrict multiple page access by a user from the same IP [closed]
how to set seleniumserver loglevel to info?
UTF-8 to UTF-16 API wrapper libraries for Windows?
SQL Stored Procedure Conversion Failed
Warning when I revert from desktop session. Emacs
OpenCl equivalent of finding Consecutive indices in CUDA
algorithm to find how many radar towers can be turned on without interference
Python鈥�Static variables? [duplicate]
Initializing size of hash table
How align a popup once its popup? (show a particular part of the poped up page)
Java: No main classes found - following books example
Listening a queue using html
Python CGI form (NameError: name 'form' is not defined)
windows phone push notification on tiles
Twitter-bootstrap header tags are garbled in safari [duplicate]
How to initialize Website Configuration on MVC
How to access a jQuery variable outside script?
Can I still manage to develop on Windows Phone even with limited hardware on a development machine?
Berkeley DB segfault - __bamc_put parameters misaligned?
jQuery UI Datepicker using onChangeMonthYear to update date
How to add custom icon in Twitter Bootstrap?
Accessing static file/folder from rails
How to block a specific host for testing
What's the formula of kCGBlendModeColorDodge
how to get browser history in android?
C++ Parenting a WPF window from another assembly and handling events
Setting output path for cl.exe
Post Data via Url with Ruby
How do I map an Enumeration class without the discriminator being passed into the constructor?
Round #2: HttpListener not receiving outside requests
Activity not starting
What's the minimum number of operations needed to copy a string n times?
Parsing FIX messages, stress testing
Optimization of 鈥渟tatic鈥�loops
Rails: Caching a Tree in memory on the server
CSS styling tables in IE
Using SharedPreferences across multiple classes?
Writing a raw data file in Mathematica
Create non-overlapping stacked area plot with ggplot2
SQL server refusing to cache plan for a fixed length parameterized IN clause
struggling with inapp email in ios
Create a temporary URL from a temporary PDF generated from session data
C structure code compiling but not running
jqGrid not display properly
How to use ::first-letter on a inline elements
AJAC MVC3 Request object and raw Ajax data, where the heck is it?
Get filename from string-path?
Why does my date format function only work when I use single quotes?
HID Device programming - Does it works with C++ (SETUPAPI.dll and HID.dll)
How do I add a new content type entry link at drupal top page?
jquery ajax call will not run the php script
User signup leads to IntegrityError
how to update label/textfield of storyboard uiviewcontroller from controller.m?
SQL/PHP query works in PHPmyAdmin but not the site
Category on NSObject to get instance of AppDelegate?
When invoked with a jQuery $.ajax, what to return from the Action Method if things go ok?
Jquery fails to capture <form> submit event
AJAX unable to open request to target file
error in Struts framework settings
Is there a substitue for <iframe> in HTML5 without using JS or CSS trick?
Error: readv() failed (104: Connection reset by peer) while reading upstream
Android Camera Program
Dynamically display data from csv file into drop down list
Issuing a POST request with a large amount of data fails in VB6
Does mySql have an update/insert combo which inserts if the update fails?
twitter bootstrap prepend, append vertical misalignment is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin
What's the difference with childprocess.fork between cluster.fork
Is there a way to read a .txt file and store each line to memory?
Can CakePHP generate my database tables from the _schema attribute on the Model?
How to show record in DataGridView based on selected ComboBox item?
code won't populate email
Create executable bash script that accepts drag & drop
use preg_match to grab value
How to replace setCallbackHandler() with a Sync call rather than Async?
Splitting a string with multiple delimiters in Python how do i find the # of indexes in an array
How do I find out why I am getting an EOSError code 5 - Access Denied registering a service?
Multiple Child Models and Nesting RABL 鈥�Works in HTML
Get filename of file which ran PHP include
Box API 2.0 downloading file
iPhone App: Calculate Distance of path in Google maps
if statement to determine responseText function AJAX PHP
Converting HSL to RGB
Need to display only the latest record from each ID and display the sum of each category using php & mysql
Convert SoundFont to .wav files for each note
Asp.Net App_Code classes are highlighted as 'is not declared' in Visual Studio, but compiles anyway
expression must have a constant value
find files with specific text and remove that text
ListView Onclick?
what does direct in _meta.get_field_by_name(django) mean
GetOpenFileNameW results in FNERR_INVALIDFILENAME, or CDERR_INITIALIZATION if I call GetOpenFileNameA
calculating variable discounts using a dropdownlist in c#
DIsplay Modalbox while waiting the server processing the code
function vs lambda statement
how to get substring using regular expression in java?
CPU time is always zero :(
Issue with cellForRowAtIndexPath:
Expressing basic Access query criteria as regular expressions
How to remove all folders of name x within a directory using cmd/batch file
read content from Twitter sample using Javascript
Suppress ticks in plot in r
Opening specific view from push notification
how to init and instance from GCDAsyncUdpSocket
How do I perform a coder review of all Drupal modules using coder?
TortoiseSVN setup with Windows Server
Retrieving information from an XML file using DOM in Java
how to get server ip of PPP connection
facebook graph api check if user is a member of a group using PHP
Visual Studio 2010 Code Profiling During Debug
Visual Studio 2010 Code Profiling During Debug
Java JTable data loading
Accessing base class private members in C++
How to keep Aptana tests in a single tab?
Redrawing UITableViewCell when entering/exiting edit mode
When recursing in prolog, can one access variables from n amount of levels up?
How to delete Index?
libxml2 or lxml error when trying to run the Scrapy Dmoz demo code
Unexpected bracket - PHP
Unique URLs for single page JavaScript apps?
Files vc'd with GIT garbled
Applying isolated CSS to PHP
customAttributes function's arguments are set as NAN
Grails (GORM) Many-To-One Cascade Delete Behaviour
Hadoop reduce become slower when there are less reduce task
Joining two tables but the join key is in a query string
visibility:visible/hidden div
More efficient way:selecting vec from a list
What's the best way to 'bundle' a gem inside a Mac app?
How to play flv, mp4, avi format video in JAVA?
KeepAlive messages in Bittorrent protocol
setHint fails during Runnable
Optional Dictionary Parameter in MVC 3 Controller Action
iOS Library/Framework, how to exclude specific classes from the build product?
PHP's Float Precision Causing Problems With Small Numbers
How to design for a future additional enum value in protocol buffers?
How can I hide sensitive information in a web page?
Adding pages/posts after plugin installation
Word Correlation from text files in Java
PHP code for generating thumbnails [duplicate]
jQuery improve show/hide script to include fadeToggle
Reverting under Git
how to empty firefox dom localstorage
Mobile redirect not working for Joomla site
Is it possible to make subfolders in the 鈥淪how View鈥�menu?
Monitor size of php://stdin buffer
HttpResponseRedirect in a method, cant use 鈥渞eturn method(req)鈥�as its giving error when method not returning
type of c array name in gdb
How do you start activity 鈥淰iewMessageListActivity鈥�when clicked on notification from status bar
Rails application deployment issue
Customizing a Javascript Alert?
Bring ASP.NET MVC Model Binding to ASP.NET WebForm
html rendering and speed issues
How pipe powershell commands in c#
Adding arbitrary connections to my current channel in netty
Determining if a sphere is enclosed completely by other spheres placed around it
What's the advantage of having nonvolatile registers in a calling convention?
Modifying subplot axes in matlab
wpf mouseover fill rectangle
HTML zooms in/out in iOS when open/closing a menu
GregorianCalendar and SQLite
Are Files in Public/Assets Required with Asset Pipeline?
Make default value of a 鈥淪hort[]鈥�element 0 instead of null?
Remove Help tabs on wordpress
How string library works in C++?
producer consumer - ExecutorService & ArrayBlockingQueue
HTML5 WebSockets only work (when testing) on localhost?
mp4 streaming with jwplayer and download speed limit
How to view the source code of wizardDialog in Eclipse?
How can I split a single direct ftp download into simultaneous multiple parts?
.innerHTML function Javascript
What do each of the keys in the $_schema var in models do in CakePHP?
URL/ Path in address bar
Initiate zoom within an Android WebView from a longpress
ListView Control with DataPager in VB.NET
add autoplay to basic jquery slider
Is there any way to distinguish between two templatetags that have the same name?
Export iPhone App for WWDC Submission
PHP PDO config file include - global
how to set a click listener on individual listpreference items in android?
Twitter Bootstrap Typeahead text field name attrib messes with autocomplete
g++ cannot find the correct copy constructor when doing copy initialization
In what directory do i put my mysql config.php files when setting up a website/app?
shallow copy and deeply copy in object-c
API resulting in Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from
What exception type should be used in Powershell to catch a XML parse error due to invalid characters?
Symfony2 Twig Iterator
Do jQuery scripts still need $(document).ready if they are loaded after all of the page HTML?
enable & disable a link depending on an event jquery
How does pthread implemented in linux kernel 3.2?
Archive all past calendar items in Org-mode?
rvm get latest is throwing error
how to submit form from jQuery and navigate to the page?
Need to resolve jQuery slideshow issue in IE8
Same array value not equal?
Change in the values of parameters - web2py application
I remaked console app to WinForm app. I can't get output from another console app now
Non jta datasource connection on JBoss AS 7.1
How to do UI Automation of Metro-Style Apps?
how to create a ear file with datetime and version using pom.xml
Is there a better tool compared to Oracle SQL Developer?
Importing dates from excel or access to SQL Developer?
Weighted directed graph
Android View.OnKeyListener: click once, execute twice [duplicate]
Trouble converting NSData to NSArray
Magento: Delete products and 301 redirect to relevant existing page, e.g., it's parent category
IE9 issues with HTML and CSS
R: Regular expression is invalid in this locale
used AsyncTask in android
How to change menu item behavior as 鈥渙n hover change background鈥� with Twitter Bootstrap?
How to change menu item behavior as 鈥渙n hover change background鈥� with Twitter Bootstrap?
Node.js Amazon S3 - Download fails with SignatureDoesNotMatch error
Double nested for OpenMP
Images, CSS and other links not working on WAMP virtual host
jquery to javascript translation [closed]
Am I too fast to count jiffies?
Ruby rails - jquery auto complete - combine multiple values for a list item
kohana orm join duplicate objects result
what is the difference between an inner class and a local inner class in java?
How to distinguish an Importand Application from a non Importand one when both are in background
PHP: How to Insert an Image in a new row for every 10th row in the MySQL?
as3 declaring a GLOBAL variable - in TIMELINE / outside of CLASS
Weka EM cluster get 鈥淓rror: Could not find or load main class test鈥�in eclipse
In PHP, why I am able to access non-static method in a static way? [duplicate]
Facebook Like Button Confirmation Page Says 鈥淭he Page You Requested Was Not Found鈥�
Do we need Hashtable since we have ConcurrentHashMap?
Java using final keyword inside a method
Masking Many Objects With 1 Mask Using `getChildAt(i).mask` Not Working
A good example on how to use UpdateSourceTrigger=Explicit with MVVM
Apple Push Notification service in background in PHP
Android ListView row layout ignoring padding
Webpage doesn't show new entries after saving it. Only appears after refreshing
SQL query: Using DISTINCT/UNIQUE and SUM() in one statement
database and php debugger
text word search inside a text file - C programming
reading data from a file into an array of a class
Formatting NSString from NSXMLParser
PHP JSON with UTF8 characters
Proguard Config File for Multi-Project Android App
Lawnchair .nuke() not working after filling my storage quota
Calculate the bounding box's X, Y, Height and Width of a rotated element via JavaScript
copy from old database to new database in Couchdb
Can I display windows user controls inside IE8
Best way to store sensitive data
How do I put my Screen size in an alert? JavaScript [closed]
Django & Ajax - view without return statement
Design NSObject class to call web method
retrieve the data from SQL table using WCF
change the location-permission dialog in iOS using google maps api v3
Javascript Common Tasks Form Library
NHibernate laziness concern
How to make a shortcut to run a VSIX method?
How can a batch file run a program and set the position and size of the window?
JQuery Caching Ajax Requests in Dom + Performance
convert prolog input `(a,z,b)` to `[a,z,b]`
XSLT: How to exit a 鈥渇or-each鈥�loop if a condition is satisfied
Jquery Multiple Attribute End Selector (OR)
Can't find NullPointerException in Android app
Overriding an OnSelectedItemListener in a Spinner
DNS server Error in IE6 While running solution
Finding the largest connected component in an adj matrix graph?
Coldfusion serializeJSON example
Call contacts by typing their name in textbox
Using scikit learn to predict good content on a website
How can I suspend all audible notifications on the iPad?
Starting a new activity inside a thread
how to read NSData from coredata
Ruby hash error: undefined method []
How to add a field to POST values in CKeditor upload
measure number page faults happened of a program on Linux
Will ASP CSS page still get cached as normal CSS page?
PostgreSQL pass data from recursive CTE onto function
User Login Control
Java initialization
Hibernate 4.1.2.FINAL Disabling contextual LOB creation as createClob() method threw error , Blob field
Calculation: Complex Query vs PHP function call in a loop
Figure drawn in paintComponent() is immediately lost
Custom configuration files - Play! Framework 2.0
How do you pull data from external files, and then use it? i.e. Visit The 5 URLs in url.txt
Using Geocode Ruby Gem for User Address input
PHP HTTP Header to send POST data
AJAX CalenderExtender Not Working
How can I generate a String Array for a ListView using conditionals to determine if the String elements should be on the List?
JPA @ManyToMany relationship without primary compound key on join table
Implicit animation not working
Rails 3.1, JQuery UI Datepicker, Simple_Form and Date Format
Django printing status isn't working
XML to array - Group Array results based on one child element
Need help coming up with hash function algorithm
Karatsuba algorithm in Python
Rhomobile inserting into local database using CSV or XML from external web server
How to align image with name?
Fix Node Position in D3 Force-Directed Layout
select field in form is not sending data using php
How to resize ScrollPane - the code I resizes down but not up. Any Suggestions?
Implement generic timer (periodic event) with Java NIO?
Installing libyaml for ruby on a mac osX (Lion)
Replace a word with a bold word using Excel Interop c#
JQuery click event firing multiple times
Facebook Graphi API with FQL Batch Requests
how to make this jquery work in the UIWebView for iOS 5.1?
Using tlbimp without needing a second assembly?
editButtonItem Not Showing Up
How to set options in embedding youtube video [closed]
Connecting Flex to SQLite
Javascript Error: this.replace($foo, 鈥溾�);
Dynamic If Statement - Complex Filtering
PathFinder_Exception Unable to include Model/Model/ using setModel
How to add duplicates lines to a file using Unix
Using reflection to SetValue on property with private setter
Parenthesis around 鈥渘ew鈥�in Java Thread trail?
Indent UIWebview content / Move Scrollbar back to edge of screen
Java FileReader not finding files
sorting pattern algorithms in python
Non blocking timer in linux user space (in C)
passing values using viewstate across postback in multiview
How can I open vim with a particular line number at the top?
get new result from sql every week
Delay load user controls in parent control
Redirect depending on URI Segment
Sending an error to handler in Android
How could I change the data order in localStorage in Backbone.js app?
Removing everything after character (and also character)
How do I correctly include and test an ActiveSupport::Concern in an RSpec mocked_model?
SkyDrive backup questions
Not unique table/alias: 'categories'.
How does the InsertionMode.Replace works on the Ajax.BeginForm
Hibernate 4.1.2.FINAL Properties hbm2ddl.import_files don't seems to work
Plotting dense 3D point clouds ( or mesh) in java
iPhone SpeakHere Example recording on 1 channel
How to recurse a single list in prolog?
ClientListener for RichCommandButton
Sum values from one table based on keys in another table.
Achieve tooltip like this in
Use of undeclared identifier 'sender' in void function
How can timestamping cause 鈥済lobal deadlock鈥�
How to get files in a directory including all subdirectories files?
C# serial command to move Arduino servo X degrees?
print the first link in the document
How use gvim command history?
PHP + Regex expressions
What happened to .ajax() between jQuery 1.4.4 and 1.7.2 to make code break?
CUDA Crashes for big data set
How to make a label static
UIScrollView application (w/ paging enabled) to load images only relevant to current page
In MySQL how does one create global/general foreign IDs?
Reading in / playing wav files in Eclipse (Java)
Border radius in ie9 producing clear lines in element (image linked for reference)
how to get SVG transform Matrix values from rotate/scale
How to remove diacritics only for uppercase characters in a string
Installing packages on Android SDK pointing to weird Linux packages
How to Check for 2D Collision Without Checking Every Object
Function pointer confusion
Change CSS of with JQuery from WebForm code-behind
user defined constants from db vs. from file
Android - Custom AutoCompleteTextView CursorAdaptor - Suggestion Behavior
returning different time frames from datetime
Regular Expression to count number of pairs in a string [closed]
relative paths and pushstates
How MSBuild multitargeting works
In @font-face CSS rule, can we have a separate 'src' declaration for 'local' definition?
Replacing InnerText of a TextBox
Spring + Spring Data JPA Configuration
Creating a custom field constructor in Play 2 (scala)
how can I copy the content of popup box in javascript or jquery
Stringify javascript object with circular reference
Passing Xml Snippet into xslt as parameter
Script to embed either html5 or default flash player how to detect and do nothing with android?
c# XNA content file not found after changing build action
Recognize DateTime String as valid when containing day names in C#
How come I cannot dismiss the view controller that I loaded?
Returning Boolean Value PHP MongoDB
Why are callback functions called that? [closed]
Serialize/Deserialze to a string C#
Need multiple file upload file script for mySQL
Organize imports for Eclipse plugin files
CakePHP and VirtualDocumentRoot issue
How to get a session value from a second table?
PermGen space Error in tomcat
Visual Basic specific characteristics
Haproxy not matching path (with express.js & Socket.IO)
Hebrew calendar control
Overlaying tooltip style data on an SVG world map
How to add Modules to WeScheme
Silverlight/ImageTools to Convert Webcam Imagesource to Jpeg not working
Why is Foo.first returning the last record?
MVC unique HTML IDs with helpers
Change the default '鈥� at the end of a text if the content of a UILabel doesn't fit
Switch from IIS 7.5 to Apache
Sudden undefined symbols for architecture i386
why is django not recognizing my admin user/password when i try to log in?
Prevent recursive function from causing an 鈥渙ut of bounds鈥�error
Magical System.out.println(鈥減rompt鈥�; wont display output
Two views for one action
How does one go about iterating through kmem_caches?
XORing 鈥淗ello World!鈥�cuts off string
facebook app, friend data access token does not work
ClickOnce de-signs our executable and says 鈥淯nknown Publisher鈥�
COUNT(), GROUP BY and NULL Values in a MySql query
Does the UITableView function visibleCells return custom cell data?
Creating new object in Core Data: create first or upon return?
Issue with CSS showing images in Wordpress
Error: Cannot find module 'mkdirp' when pushing nodejs application onto heroku
Associative cache
cant grap img src and assign it to a div as BG in jquery?
jquery fancybox 1.3.0 iframe
Self Containing Form for Heirarchical Data
Setting up MAMP with git repo and virtual hosts
Regular Expression (in C#) that starts with a string, but matches everything that is after the last occurrence 鈥�
why is jquery not working in mvc 3 application?
How to fix a query which mixes AND and OR conditions?
Using multiple text colors in Android's textview [ Html.fromhtml() ] [duplicate]
how to call a database table in rails MVC3 show query result on details page
Activity crashes after button click
Convert vector to integer
Simple log in with Facebook C# SDK not working
Rails: Webrat or Capybara? How to tell what I'm using in my app?
How can I overlay a div including an iframe with external source?
Updating multiple divs
How can I make a DLL ApplicationSettings class which reads from library.dll.config?
How to update and display Map objects?
Integrating Rails Geocoder with Devise
Raven query returns 0 results for collection contains
How to skip a job step based on outcome of previous SQL Agent job step?
Why do these alerts multiply?
iOS: icons are visible in app despite they're not existing physically [closed]
Ext.Ajax.request with a custom enctype
:Hover pseudo selector not working on Select element in IE
Subclassed UIButton doesn't appear to initialize
Can't Pass Parameters to jQuery Function Based on Hidden Page Content
Storing strings in a vector causes error
For Loop only two things included C++
MS Access, OleDbAdapter not deleting records but no errors
How do I strip initial offsets from OGG files?
Emoticons from iPhone to Python/Django
How do you query the database within the model?
Syntax Errors when using Scope Resolution Operator
asking a person for a file to save in
How can i know if a midi input is connected to a midi output?
Find method with empty string
Need Entity Framework to ignore a model member
Telnet IAC commands (NSStream socket)
How do I make this SQL code faster?
AWS CloudFormation and Windows Server 2008 R2 for Bootstrap file downloads
Clearing Windows' Clipboard While Using Sikuli Or Jython
Change Database schema but keep data access compatible
Group by, with rank and sum - not getting correct output
Connect to Multiple SQL Anywhere 11 Servers With JDBC or ODBC
recommended limit for memory management in Cocos2d?
How can i have this JButton repaint my Die Graphics?
Extract/convert date from string in MS Access
How to append file name in the row it belongs to?
how to skip a directory while reading using dirent.h
Test ControllerFactory (pre-start initialization stage)
If month is not current month
I've a very noobish inquiry about an issue with a display
Add 0 padding to number in middle of string in ruby
NSDate from 12 hour time
In Spring 3.1 can <mvc:interceptors> be used in conjunction with @Configuration
In Spring 3.1 can <mvc:interceptors> be used in conjunction with @Configuration
How to set up different databases per environment in Play 2.0?
How come synthesizing with an underscore is not working?
Error 'Object already exists' when signing an assembly using Visual Studio 2008
Text from file to float
How to make my count thread-safe?
Job-Scheduling in Play! Framework
High Resolution Image Viewer
Libconfig edit config value
ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack python
How can I XML serialize an array of object lists?
How to Override Children.Add method of Canvas class in WPF
Running time of merge sort :: All elements are identical
Biggest possible number from given blocks of digits C++ [closed]
javascript not evaluating tab character from input box
Binary Search Trees, how do you find maximum?
How far back it's possible to get browsing history in Chrome
How to get all phone numbers with labels for all contacts in address book?
Mysql default current_timestamp not storing in 24 hour military format
window.location.href on Safari and Chrome
Working with Java layout managers
sorting and pagination cakephp
How to make postback request to ASP.NET page?
how to add jquery-fileupload plugin
Get line number of first-chance exception
Show Intranet page on the Internet from another published application
Potential memory issues with ElementHost'ed WPF form and grid binding approach?
Values getting lost and while debugging code just skips
What does node --nocrankshaft do?
How to use SPN to connect via SSMS
How do I pass a javascript variable to php and reload a frame
Javascript .Append() and Dynamic Hidden Fields?
Writing scopes for many-to-many relationships
javascript grid sort by number, ordering issue
CCSpriteFrame's gone when Android device go into sleep
How do I generate automatic migration scripts with model-first?
running external C# file in a program
how to refresh in a div values from a model with jquery .ajax() to django
How do you make developing a XAML based UI bearable?
android-ndk-r7c unqualified-id error in 鈥渄eque.h鈥�
Python output to terminal during ssh login
Threads associated with the same process
Difference between jQuery and jQuery Mobile?
Methods to prevent brute force & DoS attacks- PHP & Apache [closed]
Printing figure at same size as figure window
Can I interrupt function if it is executed for too long?
IEumerable list in C#
Adobe Air - can you use a multitouch event instead of a mouse event to drag a native window?
How to call rake target twice
jQuery .has(鈥�focus鈥� in FF/Chrome/Safari
How to execute a Byte Array in C++
tar: This does not look like a tar archive
Vows callback testing in Node.js generating anonymous errors
Re-ordering a single item from the results of a query
Simple slideshow with navigation overlay
NSKeyedArchiver and NSKeyedUnarchiver with NSMutableArray
How to use postMessage() with a Google Chrome Frame ActiveX object
Nodejs TCP socket, when ending, does not contain remoteAddress information
How to remove element from ArrayList without left shifting the rest of elements
How do I get the data the user inputs and insert it correctly? [closed]
Data reader Display issue
mySQL convert integer to text in SELECT query
How to set the Stack segment
Create a BufferedImage from file and make it TYPE_INT_ARGB
Looking for a WordPress plugin to use as an example/starting point
Find all letters not used in a string
Java Method Can't Pick Up Files
Does IE8 have any specific restrictions on postMessage to IFrames?
Best practice to navigate between screens in a GUI program
Search string, retrieve next line
Send 鈥淗ello World鈥�message via udp from iPhone
Android - Large file downloads stop - using async/progressdialog
Working with jQuery .load() callbacks and images
How does one change the color of a Core Plot scatter plot?
Primefaces selectbooleancheckbox not working in a column
Get original files from Subversion directory copied from server
Tuning Apache Camel JMS router performance
Is there a function to cast string tokenizer to array
Can Castle ActiveRecord be selectively lazy?
Copy FormatCondition Object From Custom Collection
SQL Loader fails when opening control file
Text box - trigger.create query
Unable to delete file from UNC path
Is method-entry-point-resolver able to cast the argument to a base class?
Wordpress pagination link rel start prev next
Kinect Depth and Image Frames Alignment
LINQ - Group DataTable by multiple columns determined at runtime
How can I get a folder or file path through a single WinForm dialog?
Will a local Handler with postDelayed get garbage collected before the runnable is called