PHP if statement, variable not displaying
using values from one mysql function for a second function
C# code issue for ASCII to HEX. insight required
Three.js - release memory
Apply CSS to data within TD but not to the TD. Need to up baseline of text in every TD. Maby text-atribute selector
Different text color in a JTextArea
how to detect if a windows installation is RTL
cakephp: parent/child data displays as siblings
Joomla: Sub Menu Disappearing
How to Install NeatUpload?
Accepting PHP in a textarea may be too dangerous, trying to find another solution
Why does this Ruby code return the object id as well as the method I am calling?
Environment Variable not being passed to CruiseControl, specifically the 'nodosfilewarnings' ENV variable from Cygwin
How would I make a web page print exactly the same across all browsers/printers?
Bluetooth support in C#
regex contains 鈥渢imes鈥�but not 鈥渃lock鈥�
ConfigurationManager code fails when called from NUNIT project
PHP Mail Headers are Being Sent Within The Body
Arrays getting changed inside irrelevant object
My SQL Database error
How does android define max heap size for an application?
positionning a css button under a text
Tracing a SQL Exception
JNI method help. Memcpy with destination offset
Can't use 鈥渃onst鈥�and 鈥渄efine鈥�in PHP class
One-liner powershell script
Issues with encrypting a file using openssl evp api(aes256cbc)
How to update orientation when changing from one UITabbar Item to another
The world of Listview
Is there anything that can mimic the apache module's mod_suexec behavior with nginx? [closed]
JavaScript error only in Chrome, works fine in Safari?
Source Control System Setup [closed]
wordpress and isotope masonry suddenly messing up
File not cacheing on AWS Elastic Map Reduce
Launch image doesn't update
Handle value change of control inside UserControl inside FlowLayoutPanel
Displaying iOS emoji unicode characters on the web
how long should it take for your google developer registration to be processed Android? [closed]
Why doesn't Rails pick up my custom mail delivery method?
Multiple Application in Single AppDomain
Debugging Node/Express 鈥�require('express') creates a break
AS3 - Check if BitmapData is completely obscured by other BitmapData
Forms in zend framework
Passing a deque to a new pthread
How do I add a new page to the customer account dashboard?
storing session data to mysql tables and last_insert_id function
What build option do I need to get Node.js to dump a core file on a segfault [closed]
Git 鈥渄oes not appear to be a git repository鈥�
CSS no-conflict styles
Hibernate @Lob annotation no work anymore : cannot exceed overall CLOB length with a few String?
Javascript Variable to PHP Session Variable and then call it via Ajax for multiple use
How can I enable _GLIBCXX_USE_C99 on Solaris 8 SPARC?
Encryption based on user entered key
How to get value from submitted button in JSP?
SDL Tridion - Published files are not UTF-8 Encoded
MongoDB Find All Comments
php display blank and error on mysqli_fetch_array
Screen Scraping old HTML Table To CSV or XML
Threading android doubts
Using underscores in global php variables
Using underscores in global php variables
Number of occurrences of a character in a string [duplicate]
NSString return wont work
Reading a specific .txt file?
Stop grid column from being trimmed (Ext JS)
Set username for repository when using SVK?
How can i send a packet to some users in python? [closed]
Connecting to SQL Server Named Instance from Windows 64bit
same hash, different behavior
Match, eval and replace BBCode style tags
Titanium - Unable to Parse local JSON file
Firefox does not run and opens up blank
Set process priority of an application
Commit to multiple SVN repositories (maybe using Git-SVN?)
Nunit Test failing to compile in appharbor environment
Login.php Redirect To Members.php Not Working
No known class method for selector 'defaultStore'
basic radiobutton issue - java
Unhandled exception/Access violation reading location while trying to draw a cylinder using VBO
Model value wrong in generated view
internal Server error 500 when calling soap message on web services
Unable to get access token from LinkedIn
When a response to $.ajax is 301, can I programmatically get the new URL?
PHP query returns no results
Java: avoid checking for null in nested classes (Deep Null checking)
How does NOW/DAY in a Solr query work?
Best place to enforce retention policies for tables in SQL databases?
Eager loading is not including the navigation property from my repository class
Checking $_POST data
Matplotlib window appears at the back?
extjs keymap on Ext.form.field.Text
OOP - without GET / SET
Facebook-like-like functionality in Joomla 1.7-2.5
Setting fabric hosts list from an external hosts file
How to delay asking for Facebook timeline post permission until it's needed, with Omniauth?
only display Virtuemart products based on registered login
Painting Ellipses in Java
Why is Number.prototype a Number
Visual Studio Class Diagram Viewer stand alone
ajax datepicker jquery ui
Node.js build ./configure options explanation
Linq char.isnumber to check if string starts with an number [duplicate]
WCF REST - Overriding incoming request data
Are there any specific requirements to enable 鈥渇ast-start鈥�progressive download with webm and ogg codecs?
Optimizing a specific regexp search for equidistant letters
Add an arrow under the active menu item in HTML+CSS
Inline onclick handler preventing catch form's submit
Counter application doesn't stop
Avoiding duplicate code for begin() and end() functions in generic containers
Sitecore DMS stopped recording?
is there a way to make title= attribute work on Chrome?
Static methods vs instance methods in BLL
Creating thumbnails from directory with php loop
Subclassing UISegmentedControl to add a colored UIView on each segment
Hash in Java with or without salt
TestNG surefire, run suite with maven command line
jquery animation for OnBegin and Success is interrupted and not smooth at all anymore
Populating a JavaScript array using PHP/MySQL
phpmyadmin Want kill a process but its busy
issue adding a leftBarButtonItem to nav bar
Error 鈥渘on-absolute home鈥�via Net:SSH
Problems with String[]
overloading magic methods in child classes
Drop down menu disappears when hover over content in IE9
iText/BouncyCastle ClassNotFound org.bouncycastle.asn1.DEREncodable and org.bouncycastle.tsp.TimeStampTokenInfo
Google Maps geocoding Multiple Lines Point Limitation
JetS3t fills up my /tmp directory. How should I remove the old files?
Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord query using a join
Return stylesheet from external js file
Javascript and CSS: Why does content disappear when I disable Javascript? [closed]
Firebug Debugger won't Identify Syntax Errors Properly; Need Solution or Superior Dev Environment
Sencha change Ext.Panel title dynamically
Can Spring EL (SpEL) be configured to accept null arguments in method calls?
Weird row-count return for PHP/MySQL PDO
How to write a bulletproof Backbone js manager? (or fix delegated events in this example)
My java program keeps on freezing
Rails: How to use ActionMailer by itself?
SQL to group based on the counts of a column
MVP, Winforms - EventHandlers or Delegates
SBT git dependency produces error if scalaVersions different
Jquery Validation Methode
Mvvm nested propertychanged in model
Google access token expiration time
How to send a JSON object over POST Request with Android
PHP 5.3 OOP need answer
biztalk putting the processed file into some folder
Drawing using a bitmap on PictureBox in C#
How can I find and remove an unknown giant object from my git repo?
Speed up fsockopen for server monitoring
PHP include inside select element
How do you test a model that is dependent on another?
Offline access on iPad to svn diff information
Method calling - Cocoa/Obj-C
ListBox Numbers, getting the average of the numbers
How to save JavaScript code in localStorage and execute it later?
'Text-decoration: none' not working in Bootstrap
Query LDAP for all computer objects created in the last 24 hours
How to efficiently INSERT a large number of rows in MySQL?
Serialize image to a String
Is Oracle MySQL the same as MySQL?
Updating the MySQL database with PHP only if the value changed
Generalized reference that allows efficient deletion from a variety of containers [closed]
Xilinx True Dual Ported RAM with different aspect ratios on two ports
How can I populate a context menu on load?
recurisve copy to relative destination paths
Django sitemap change base url
Regular expression for matching id selector using javascript
How can I detect on change event in ckeditor instance?
Iteratively compute drift coefficient from random walk with drift function in R, compile into list
Serialize a Zipper?
Getting parent class field value instead of child field which suppose to override parent's
C++ class destructor called straight after constructor
How to run two python blocking functions and
Deleting shape in PowerPoint programatically and undoing causes shape to be 鈥渓ost鈥�
Java JAX-WS multiple web services for fail over configuration and architecture
SSRS - Adding static null to parameter query
Can the underlying email provider be determined from an email address?
USPS api - using curl and codeigniter
MySQL 1329 Error No Data - Zero rows fetched
Determine if Optional Parameter was passed in WCF Soap Service
YouTube not showing as a referrer?
Issue using step (control flow library) and mongoose
Scale a Web Image in iOS
Forcing method sequences on ActionScript 3.0
Salesforce - Data type for webservice response
android set custom backgorund color to wintow title of Theme.Holo.Light themed applicatin
How do I adjust this for single/multithreaded?
How to hook into the internal Eclipse browser?
How can we do 'Like' system in Jsf on a Blog Project?
Datastore solution for tag search
Using QTQuick with haskell
Where do I put a loginView in a storyboad?
Why is this jquery callback for complete not executed
Display multiple columns from Database in ListView
Why does my UINavigationController crash on release configuration?
sql - check for uniqueness of COMPOSITE key
Allow anonymous user to browse the Style and Images folder
Trouble checking for a valid path (string) being entered into a tree
MVC3 Remote validation, validation fires, method is called but the parameter is null
How to delete a file name and not all file names?
Load Testing in VS2010 doesn't seem to report results
Magento - No Edit Order Address Link
How do I make a Composite selectable in Eclipse?
SQL foreign keys and referencing other tables
defining unused parameters in C
Captcha after several consecutive visits or actions
What it the GLSL equivalent of gl_PointCoord for LINES?
C# : Keyboard Hook
JSF Custom component Tag class is skipped?
Captcha after several consecutive visits or actions
What it the GLSL equivalent of gl_PointCoord for LINES?
C# : Keyboard Hook
JSF Custom component Tag class is skipped?
Looking for a simple hash table implementation example to use as a reference
Undefined symbol when loading php extension made with SWIG
How to create a query that gets only data which has been updated in a table
Browser overrides text on warning dialog using jQuery 1.4
Redefining a macro operation with Clojure + Midje
Removing element from JList is not working
NSFetchedResultsController doesn't sort
How to add or subtract two instances of the same class/type
Dynamic creation of objects based on DB entrys
RoR need correct coding for employee - user
Python program that finds most frequent word in a .txt file, Must print word and its count
Default values to reference, c++
database design issue when adding new columns to table from application
Netbeans not generating javadoc properly
D3: refining ordinal scale to return groups of colours?
Overlay drawing in Hardware
C++ Xerces-c - How to tell if node is placeholder
How do I find a TreeViewItem with a specific value in its Tag property
How to create an open source iOS project?
Specify Mongo DB and Collection name as variables in PHP
Pygame Slow refresh rate
MySQL + PHP - Select info based on previous select result
Rails 3.1 ActionMailer: 鈥淒EPRECATION WARNING: charset() is deprecated鈥�
Cakephp does not save dropdown list
I have an iPad app that keeps getting Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException'
Chrome desktop notification click to focus on content
Override Anchor color to inherit the default color
Max value on 2d array with condition?
Echo the selected option from an array populated select form
Learning index of 鈥渇or-in loop鈥�
bottle on cherrypy server + ssl
simplexml parsing in PHP
Why use Handlebars.js? [closed]
How do I make JTIdy make HTML documents well-formed?
Apache Ant 1.6.5 - Clean Up Unused Jars Files
How to position a picture flyout
Forcing post request to finish submitting before new page loads
Zoom in animation - c4framework
Connecting to FTPS using PHP and certificate as auth
Programmatically assigning Margin and/or Padding to a Label
Setting HTML Frame src to; not working
python, Json and string indices must be integers, not str
How to add extra key-value pairs to a dict() constructed with a generator argument?
NSSortDescriptor sort a string field as a number with comparator block not working
Paypal Payment Data Transfer doesn't work with 'Click here' link
Pysandbox configuration questions
How to build a dynamic mysql query to suit all users
NHibernate 3.3: <sql-insert> executing an Oracle 11g stored procedure
Cannot scroll horizontally in Android 2.2, 2.3.3 with jQuery Mobile 1.0.1 or 1.1.0; 2.3.3
Close Modal Dialog Screen
How to kill a process created by Python subprocess.Popen()
as3 access VARIABLE in parent MovieClip or Loader?
decimal numbers conversion
NAND error in Hello World project in the offical Android developer tutorial
How to properly close application with exit code
Is it possible to 鈥渢alk鈥�with running process?
Efficient Way to do Very Complicated SQL Grouping:
How can i put my pagination to work properly in a searching result using keyup event?
Stymied by recent changes in browser javascript DOMParser and XSL
Multiple input validation
Location listener in a service sends notification issue
Trouble Serializing To JSON Using JavaScriptSerializer
Most Flexible Open Office Word Document Format (Not MS Word) For Git Versioning and Collaboration [closed]
Ninject and Custom Membership provider Mvc3 [duplicate]
Using a foreign key in Oracle SQL to display text data
Upgrading Ninject/Ninject WCF Extensions to the latest version
Chrome 鈥淯nloading鈥�Images?
Android save data from nested AsyncTask onPostExecute after screen rotation
Finger Painting from a UIView Class to Another UIView Class
Slides in Powerpoint
Flajaxian Custom Folder Save Location
Reading and writing Sinatra params using symbols, e.g. params[:id]
show radiobutonlist in datalist with
how do I combine Expression<Func<MyClass,bool>>[]?
Expecting null in Scala. Should Option be used?
Why cant we override Equals() in a value type without boxing?
jQuery AJAX Database Query and updating HTML List with results
Is it possible to use a stable function in an index in Postgres?
.NET driver for MongoDb: Is any way to avoid property names hardcoding?
Oracle XMLtype query
SSRS Report Access to others
Is it significantly slower if I have over a hundred data members (variables) in a php class?
Why are empty Arrays and Hashes treated differently when cast to string and then to symbol?
Modify presentation of element in a TabularInline
PHP link parameters lead me to localhost/xampp instead of running the script it's supposed to
How would I modify jinja2 to keep CSS and JavaScript with the corresponding HTML in included files?
jquery animate delay
Can I clear the focus from a touched div on a mobile?
Simple PDF Text Extraction on Android?
Calling a function when thread is exiting in PThreads or Windows
Doctrine2: discover last ID of the table?
Wrong Function being called or No Overload for Method
posts_per_page returns one extra post
Choose Database from Controller Constructor [closed]
MWPhotoBrowser Doesn't Rotate To Landscape When Used in Tab Bar Navigation App
How to get Latitude Longitude from SQL Server 2008 geography line?
How to create MVC 3 Autocomplete ComboBox
Format data for Highcharts chart
combining arrays in php
Overriding curried functions in Scala
PHP mssql_query errors when converting date and/or time from character string
How do I select a row from nearly duplicate rows based on a field value?
How to convert a long string of numbers to a short string?
minify external url & multiple style sheets
Abstract model class in django, but with table
Including Icons/Background Images with APK
How to use TransactionScope?
Black triangle drawn on grid background instead of grid's contents in WinRT
unable to get correct status code in AJAX Error handler
jQuery add class if it exists elsewhere
Django multiple foreign keys or one enough?
Search indexer for NoSql, specifically Cassandra
How to handle code exceptions in node.js?
how to convert existing relational database model into model suitable for a no sql database (like Mongo DB or Amazon Dynamo DB)
How do I create a list of horizontal items?
Is replacing JQuery.keyup() with onkeyup() a safe practice?
Wrapping Intent in LabeledIntent for display purposes
return 鈥渃onstant鈥�value from method java
cannot add a service reference to Windows Phone 7.1 project (dialog not available)
Change background of Metro TextBox at normal state
Internet Explorer 鈥渕ixed content鈥�warning 鈥�how to squelch?
How to store the user selected input from a Listbox
Explain Python code for listing all permutations
SWF file works on Mac browsers but not on PC browsers
DerbyJS and Authentication
C thread creation in a 20 line program. Why doesn't it work?
check if all actions are finished cocos2d
jQuery timestamp format
bind the click event to all links in a div with a certain class name
PHP echo'ed out form with two fields, submit focus not changing to just hit enter on keyboard?
python SyntaxError with dict(1=鈥�, but {1:鈥 works
Using Key Bindings to move Images
random bits to integers in range
Custom attribute declaration for methods
Is it possible to bind a custom function instead of an event to a div in JQuery?
Force GCC to static-link e.g. pthreads (and not dynamic link)
A filtered and sorted view in CouchDB?
Vertical barchart with two y-axis
limiting number of rows in a ContentResolver.query() function
Custom ContentProvider for complex sql database with multiple tables
:dependent => :delete_all not working
ios converting project to arc
Accessing topmost dialog
What is the meaning of a public member of an internal class?
NoMethodError with Devise LDAP and blank User Object Properties
Getting Create to work in a ViewModel?
How do I generate a random number in C4? [C4Framework]
Fix Warning: mysql_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource [duplicate]
quickly test if xy coordinates are within a given rectangle and avoid loops?
XDomainRequest - Get response body on error
Cant redirect stdout, stderr to another logger in Celery
Instantiate typed IEnumerable of compile-known type by reflection
Caching Matplotlib with Memcache (Wont Pickle)
Revisited: MySQL: Check if the user exists and drop it. Any news?
How to validate INI-File format in Eclipse
Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 Data Access - is it possible to do 鈥渜uery by example鈥�functionality?
PHP script doesn't finish after large file download
Crystal Report Viewer takes a very long time to run
Can't infer register because its behavior doesn't match any supported model in Quartus II (VHDL)
Mysqli searching value in multiple fields
fftw c2c: missing symmetry in transformed real data
Could not find the main class error with Ant
Class lambda callback NameError
Display the actual month as opposed to the number
SQL Server date compare ignores year
EF4.1+Code First: Testing with transactions
Open Mobile Safari from a Link in a WebView
How do I find out what Library a method is in?
How to clear jqGrid add/edit form with custom post?
Inverse relationship on Child's child
My windows mobile application wont connect to my localhost server
Why doesn't my hook DLL work when installed from a service?
Retain Selected Value of dynamically bound dropdownlist after postback
Rails ajax form submit message
Too many pages causes Wordpress admin to be unusable
How do I check for a bracket in the file name of the a drag and drop file in javascript?
inline backgroundworker
Listview pictures with text and indexes
How can I verify that a Microsoft Fakes (beta) stub/shim was called (like AssertWasCalled in Rhino Mocks)?
MySQL: Return SUCCESS after operation
Exception parsing string to JSONObject (works at local server, but not at the online server) android
Data bound DataGridView show new row symbol
Sending datas by chunk
Usage of :- in bash
Mootools video 鈥渆nded鈥�binding not working
Count an intersection where two dates match
Facebook development [closed]
How to alter Foreign Keys in phpMyAdmin
Sharing a 2 Dimensional Hash using Perl Threads
Prevent AutoCompleteTextView from showing the result in its own box
Views: How to overlay?
Can less.js handle relative paths for images?
load an image when selecting a jstree node
QT socket read losing bytes
Windows Service can't connect to database - ConnectionString property has not been initialized.
Which database for good, standard full-text searching abilities
Which database for good, standard full-text searching abilities
strtotime february bug
Jquery Mobile - 鈥渘otext鈥�erasing button icons
Fail to get data field from rest service using Jersey
Xcode falsely states 鈥淐loud.h鈥�doesn't exist
Core Data: Not able to add persistent store to coordinator
C# serializing/deserializing with memory stream
How to get started writing SIP / VoIP based software [closed]
Javascript file reference in debugger missing
replacing special placeholders in HTML file with Qt
Why is jQuery auto lower casing attribute values?
opa textarea width
Zend Framework, echo message if (!$row) not working
leanModal not a function
Linq Selecting rows from a view?
Isusing an 鈥淎ttached Property鈥�a good practice for input capturing?
my animated gif (with alpha) is opaque on top of my Modal window
Using accepts_nested_attributes_for in rails with datetime
Button not being added on navigation controller
Why can't I get my logger to write to the file appender in Grails? [closed]
Artifacts when animating shapes in C4 - c4framework
Command to stop querying in SQL Server
fwrite line by line?
Mass deployment of PIP through e.g. group policy?
Config files and Reltool
Display footnote character in text
DRY approach to Razor syntax marking the currently viewed tab of a web page
How to change the <font size> of SC Editor?
Scrolling visual studio phone emulator
how to correctly get django models from db using jquery?
adding markers to google maps using information from sql databases
javascript error with php variable passing in codeigniter
apt installation of Cacti database failing on Ubuntu 10.04
P/Invoke with Shell32, bypass Interop.Shell32.dll generation
How can i programmatically post an update to my status on Google+
How do you write a String to a text file? [closed]
raphael.js how to add id to a path
SCRIPT87: Invalid argument
color java JSlider based on tick value
jquery formatcurrency error on IE and Chrome
MySQL Search multiple columns without OR
How to set-up a Django project with django-storages and Amazon S3, but with different folders for static files and media files?
Migration Data Unsaved
xcode 4.2 crash
IE 9 onhashchange Delivering Undefined Event Object
Differences between gmaps and gmaps4rails
Powershell Bulk Find ActiveDirectory Objects
Determining if redirects to
What is the redis equivalent of storing an array?
Laying out the users in a rails 3 application correctly
Pointer address changes during extern function call
Hudson - Can't Poll Mercurial
Custom Authentication Module inside MVC3 web app
force asp:content or even div to stay on top while scrolling?
Creating object in C++
Why don't controls placed in TableLayoutPanels 鈥渟nap to鈥�their 鈥渃ells鈥�
Why does the activity not change on button click?
If I can only use javascript, how can I filter list by date?
Installing HTML Components into Delphi XE
install_name_tool reporting malformed object
C++ Calling methods of a remote object (RPC alike)
drawing lines on screen?
Apply UI for jQuery tabs earlier?
How to Uninstall Xen
Is it possible to dynamically include a shared object based on the computer architecture using a .pro file?
ruby - strange param behavior
MVC DataAnnotations remove error message
Getting absolute path to perl executable for the current process
Extacting Specific Rows To a New Sheet [closed]
One huge XML file with long SQL statement or not?
Should I use a single DataGrid, multiple DataGrids or something entirely different?
Making a boost C++ UdpConnection class thread-safe
How do I use COMMTIMEOUTS to wait until bytes are available but read more than one byte?
In jsTree , How to get Node information by node id?
ASP.NET: How can I set up my resources where I can use the same location for Development site and the Production version?
t-sql TVF function slow when using localvariables in 鈥淐ASE statement鈥�
SSL On Server Doesn't Work, On Local Machine Works Fine
ramaze locks uploaded files?
find a specific element that shares a class with multiple elements, through jquery
Java - repaint JPanel 2 times in one method
print via system() in perl via xampp (windows-7-x64) not working
HTTP POST request from browser to another server
Compile error when using CriteriaBuilder
RegEx with optional part inside
Annotated Spring MVC @ModelAttribute automapping not working with associated objects
How to retrieve attributes of requested Action Method
ASP.NET MVC 4 Back Button -> Form Submit -> 404
retrieving Checkbox value within an MVC controller
Windows Installer XML (WiX) template or guidelines for deploying Petrel plugins?
Need to see sent post headers
Show a submit button on table row mouseover (PHP, Javacript)
Objective-C, NSLocalizedString Random Crash
Basic Assembly Program
Selecting all options from SelectList on button submit, before POST
I cannot get Apache::VMonitor working in Apache2
Swi-Prolog: Undefined procedure: random_permutation/2
Where does the COMMAREA reside in CICS?
Modify Self, Ruby
Download txt file containing content of a html table?
How to setup multiple uitableview and uiview in one viewcontroller
Swi-Prolog: Undefined procedure: random_permutation/2
Where does the COMMAREA reside in CICS?
Modify Self, Ruby
Download txt file containing content of a html table?
How to setup multiple uitableview and uiview in one viewcontroller
Embedding MP4 videos on my website
How can I observe array changes and see which new element is added?
Possible to write NSIS uninstall information without administrative privileges?
Querying for value based on three keys/values
Node.js - Using the async lib - async.foreach with object
Can't start thin server as service, RubyGems: Could not find thin
Post Directly To the app's wall
Regular expression for percentage
CSS/JavaScript manager for django
Define new list and recursively add items in the list by appending in Prolog
Returning a List<String> so that caller can not modify it
recursive polynomial multiplication [closed]
Crash in strdup() on Ubuntu
jQuery .click() is triggering when selecting/highlighting text
using external redis server for testing tcl scripts
Installing Rails on Mac os X 10.6.8?
NSString componentsSeparatedByString 鈥�amp;鈥�but ignore 鈥�amp; amp;鈥�
JavaScript bug in JSF table
Check if a value is null?
sqlite3_column_text returns only 255 bytes even though there is data in db
Missing separate debuginfos, use: debuginfo-install glibc-2.12-1.47.el6_2.9.i686 libgcc-4.4.6-3.el6.i686 libstdc++-4.4.6-3.el6.i686
IE7 excanvas drawImage workaround?
What are the reasons for not hosting a compiler on a live server?
TabHost activity
How to get file suffix in c++?
Binary Tree In Order Traversal causing Stack Overflow
Appfabric Error: ErrorCode<ERRCMC0003>:SubStatus<ES0001>:Error in client configuration file
jQuery/Javascript: Defining a global variable within a function?
Duplicate 鈥渒eys鈥�in map-reduce output?
Common legend for multiple plots in R
How can I adjust the Wordpress Twentyeleven theme so that the page width is 100% and centered?
google play maximum number of (free) apps per account潞 [closed]
rvalue template argument implicitly used as lvalue, and std::forwarding working
Complicated (for me) database query in Rails 3 app
Ember.js: How to access nested view instances
Make MySQL read from multiple indexes?
Normalizing date in MySQL where one column contains comma delimited items
relation between support vectors and accuracy in case of RBF kernel
XMLReadFile mixed the header proprties
Adding a commit from a fork to a topic branch
Textarea charCount - Preventing user paste
ExtJS - Issues using getForm()
QToolBar Border setStyleSheet()
Using bookmark parameter with /users/
Can't run a client/daemon server app in java (socket creation error, IP/port)
How can I determine if F15 has been pressed?
Unload included javascript files
How can I use a local library repository for django in my hosting?
Qt Model/View programming examples and tutorials in Ruby
Using WIN32OLE_EVENT::message_loop not in Main thread Issue
Setting an array in a spinner retrieved from a database
What field type to store the facebook token?
App becomes unresponsive on NSFetchRequests
uploadify 3.1 completely broken
How does gnome extensions website work?
Dynamic image selection with multiple languages in PHP/Codeigniter
Using Event Queue to execute a simple method in main()
Save HEX data to file
C++ - How to write the code to find the intersection of two hyperplanes
VSTO Excel AddIn Using Enterprise Library Swallowing Exceptions
Setting the class on a CollectionView item based on the value of the item
how to draw all line in a NSMutableArray
How do I tell how much iCloud space my app uses?
OpenERP OpenObject processes
How to find out the piece of code that initiated ajax request
Jquery on hover html text change
Trying to save a manual DataTable to my SQL Server CE table
compatibility routines for supporting only iOS devices with cameras
Representing data pull and Push in Visio [closed]
Creating PHP counter/rules for Wordpress Loop
circular import landmines with Lettuce
Using Python to reformat a tab delimited text file to a format usable by another program
Click a button but no error message shown
E-procurement Questions
ASP.NET MVC define ckfinder baseurl dynamicly?
Using HTTPS and httpWebRequest
Convert Type Decimal to Hex (string) in .NET 3.5
Split string at first space [closed]
for get a ruby variable in javascript
adding a plotline to one of two highstock panes
#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax [duplicate]
Setting width of a column with ellipsis
Selected Checkbox Choices Not Saved for Has Many Through Relationship in Rails 3
returning json from google calendar and parsing with php
uiview autosizing displayed with a shift of 20 px mainly after playing a movie
php/mysql prevent duplicate entries over multiple columns
How can I make SQLTABLE results link to outside pages?
Rails Updating a associated Model
Should I check if an object exists in a collection before removing it?
jQuery Limit the amount of characters i'm loading/appending?
Flowing from a thin client (web browser) to an installed and running application
How does CorFlags.exe /32BIT+ work?
Cannot compare two objects using instanceof
jQuery Mobile Page Load Issue
Testing recurring payments (paypal IPN)
Cannot compare two objects using instanceof
jQuery Mobile Page Load Issue
Testing recurring payments (paypal IPN)
Submit twice in jquery ot php?
Executing shell script commands in Ruby script
Rewrite an mvc ajax actionlink as a jquery/ajax statement
Submit several changes to Datacontext Entity Framework
Check which word is a real one and common used
Get the latest posts of the author in the loop
Socket single client/server connection, server can send multiple times, client can only once
Is it possible to change the the text of the Facebook button like 鈥渙kay, watch video鈥�as like in SocialCam app?
Jquery code running multiple times on page load
Adding a searchfield keyup listener on object creation?
Trying to do something if value isn't equal in foreach loop, but not getting expected results
How to call a private function from a string in javascript?
php 鈥渇or loop鈥�with time interval
Ember js: binding to strings in a list
How to create a recursive function to copy all files and folders
How can I validate student_name that so that only alpha-characters can be entered in it? [closed]
change keyboard language by API in
in Subclipse: How do I connect an existing workspace with an existing repository
possible to get an early exit on a distinct sqlite query?
is there any web api or webiste for finding some location and its nearest alike location based on longitude and latitude?
search for a value in a multi dimensional array and get its path in PHP
Any elegant way to remove flicker for dockable controls?
JavaScript - passing variables through the URL: #var=val vs ?var=val
magento data installs - correct use of
Possible to access MVC ViewBag object from Javascript file?
magento sort filter options by position
J2ME read file byte by byte
Event bubbling - does the Event get cloned?
How to get and set a Hyperlink in a class
Python: Parse elapsed time (minutes : seconds) to seconds
Entity Framework 4: Is there a way to mark an entity 鈥渋nsert-only鈥�(without using stored procedures)
UIAlertView with Two TextFields and Two Buttons
perform same operation as linux pipe in java?
Selecting Excel rows with data in first column via Linq
Fragment over another fragment issue
Disabling specific data entry objects based on edit button clicked on GridView row
iOS design pattern for a basic application using 1 menu & many UIPopoverController 鈥�
How I remove this email field from registration page without using custom provider? Membership provider
javascript / DOM - how to access the property of an object
Backing all the up to the root folder without multiple ../../
EF Code-First Migration - Ignore Property
DJANGO: how to create a web query form?
How can I rotate a movie? [C4 Framework]
Magento transaction error 鈥淧lease specify a shipping method鈥� processing flow
Generalize different implementations by using Generics
How can I create a contextmenu which only displays on the cursor position when the container is clicked?
How can I create a contextmenu which only displays on the cursor position when the container is clicked?
Programming trouble Action listeners-FillRect
copyWithZone error
call java function from javascript over android webview
Strange MySQLi OO error
PostgreSQL formatting time aggregate function date('date_format')
What is the best field to store the birthday?
Making MonoDroid and Db4o work together
Boto DynamoDB error when using attributes_to_get in table.query
Covert a column of string dates
Parse CSS for url() values with Python 2.7
SectionIndexer with GridView in Android
cut value in creating table
removing image data from memory
Linq to SQL Multiple DBMLs Share Types
how to access a local javascript var in greasemonkey
Wordpress get image url (currently using wp_get_attachment_url)
Facebook Application Error:
using Core Data with tab bar controller in storyboard
Blocking Serial Port Read
Log4J Log Rotation
How do you create an inverse mask using AS2? [duplicate]
How to encrypt my password in phpMyAdmin for my own cms website
Convert a Decimal number to float and truncate it
Can I inject JavaScript code into an image?
Java string.hashcode() giving differing values
XML->Generate MSG -> Folder -> PST for Outlook
Spawning Multiple of the same sprite
How to send channel data into email using ExpressionEngine? [closed]
How to check if users visiting the site are on root page or any other page?
Link to an attachment
SQL Add foreign key to existing column
hiding keyboard ios [duplicate]
XCode, svn, ssh worked before Time Machine restore - now not so much
How do I deserialize a list with double entitiy names?
The Cut & Paste HTML5 Mouseover/ Click sound effect script
C# get data from database
Store components in ArrayList
How would I control a JCarousel inside another JCarousel?
Find words in the correct order [duplicate]
Wierd error when trying to run app with AdMob
Is there a way to detect if I'm hovering over text?
Is there a way to give someone access GitHub issues without giving them read access to the source code?
Any benefit in sockets from multiple cores? (Linux)
scope of 3 dimensional array in javascript?
Will adding a versioning workstring to css file path prevent caching by all browsers?
How can I place a header image fixed at the top of my Tab Application?
Symfony2 - Nginx/FPM vs Apache
RSS feature of Hippo CMS to gets feed from facet
How to apply the Levenshtein distance to a set of target strings?
MVC3 url with parameter inside javascript
Ruby rails - no ajax request on jquery autocomplete
C# string.Replace doesn't work
Apply CSS to data-role=鈥減age鈥�in jquerymobile
Trouble conceptualizing how to have LDA-Ruby read multiple .txt files
How to properly use Coldfusion's FileExist() method?
Where can I find information about Google Maps Single Search Box coverage?
Can I add several values in a form to the same array without appending each value as a separate value?
MySQL query Works first time through loop only
Visual Studio Addin: How to know if already opened document got focus?
How do I search the inheritance tree in C++ at runtime?
Xcode Organizer - Devices showing yellow light
what's the ASP.NET method to load a server control by parsing from a string
Undefined variable: mapleader
Add a set of Namespaces to every Class file?
No matching function call to 'pthread_create'
datagrid rows to save in collection and show on another page
Is there a way to covert or export an entire MySQL database to valid CSV files?
Floating text side by side using overflow auto
How do I add a subscript to a string?
Facebook Graph Api 鈥�Can I get the 鈥渄efault鈥�fields plus some?
Is altering the Page Size in SQL Server the best option for handling 鈥淲ide鈥�Tables?
Eclipselink and Spring 3.1
ios transform.rotation.y breaks up window
how to call a php function from my html form?
How do I split an xml variable using xquery?
JSON data and PHP
Converting to hex in php not the same as MSSQL
Counts line in a text file VB
Why there is no treeview in android? [closed]
When I save invalid data through a nested association, it shows up as valid?
htaccess mod_rewrite redirection if a specific string in it [closed]
Can't install any ruby with RVM-Capistrano
Mocking a method with conditional arguments using Moq
How to add multiple views to a split-view controller?
Using MVC 3 to dynamically create Site.css on IIS 6. Works in dev, prod fails. Why?
Grouping Query Help in SQL Server
How to reduce the branch divergence of binary search using CUDA
Need help getting child nodes
鈥淭here was an error parsing the query. [Token line number = 1, Token line offset = 52,Token in error = Data]鈥�
Creating a circular reference
Upside-down splash screen with Cocos2d
Is there a difference between Netbean's Swing Extensions Library and javax.swing?
Transparent TextView background in FrameLayout
Is it possible to add dynamic jQuery tabs using KnockoutJS Templates?
Order by clauses coming from two other tables
Assertion failure in -[UITableView _endCellAnimationsWithContext:] when 鈥淣ew鈥�button pressed
On off checkbox styling
Double (Scheduler) bean initialization
Algorithm for sorting Java objects into buckets, then sorting within buckets
offline access. After July 5, will desktop appl. be able to have access to FB data if user, associated with access token, logged out from FB?
How can I apply an external CSS class to a span created with dojo.create?
Arel syntax for ( this AND this) OR ( this AND this)
Finding right thread for profiles mysql query
How can I remove a delay when trying to disable duplicate submit for a large form?
Google APIs JS File
Select 30% of each column value
Sharing variables across submodules and classes
joins on polymorphic table
Python script to fetch URL protected by DES/kerberos
Sending to Subset of Users in Room/Channel with Socket.IO
OleDbDataAdapter fill datable
There is a way to know which type json is represent?
Facebook Javascript api not loading
AIR for iOS: 360掳 panorama viewer
How do I get a subquery to be updated for each row inserted in mysql?
Parsing Parentheses in Propositional Logic Program
Show current <leader> key setting?
sql / sqlplus - How to view schema [closed]
Can I modify the side-by-side assembly search sequence?
Telnet input buffer issues I think in perl
Socket connection failed after a long time of waiting
Layout views diagonally across the screen
UIButton not clickable
jquery mobile posting form content but wont print
About generated serialVersionUID in Eclipse
How to manage a buffer between C and C#
How to know the ID of my Facebook's comment box?
Call list by name from loop or lapply, in R
Posting on server from android phone
Regex to change <img> relative URLs to absolute
jQuery empty field validation only checks first occurence?
facebook connect: can't switch user
Tutorial for using TriggerIO with impactJS?
HTTPRequest to Node server works in IE 8 but not IE 7
Using One Kinect For Windows For Two Parallel Processes
Use and load extensions (鈥減lugins鈥� for Sencha Touch 2?
client to server delay estimation - over UDP
Select entry from JSP site, delete entry from database with SQL and JBDC
What is a HTML5 鈥渕etadata element鈥�
ProcessStartInfo - print output in console window AND to file (C#)
Disabling the Perforce 鈥淪ync Progress鈥�bar
How to setup Eclipse project with two webapps, and also be able to do Hot Swap
CouchDB: Return Newest Documents of Type Based on Timestamp
EJB can't find Optional Package and thus Persistence Unit in it
How can I profile my rails app for memory allocation hotspots and navigate back up the calltree from a hotspot to my code?
How do I capture an application close event of an application hosting my class libary tool?
Cycle images in a UIScrollView
Adding a sliding view to a table cell when selected
submit a $_GET variable as a submit button is clicked
submit a $_GET variable as a submit button is clicked
Stop image from being downloaded when on a smartphone
How to transform 3d data units to display units with matplotlib?
How to merge remote github repos to local correctly
Compiling for iPhone simulator using a Makefile
MySQL Remove first two characters of all fields
how do i make formset required [closed]
What does vbFromUnicode mean?
Position of Game AI in world [closed]
how to give current user site administrator rights programmatically
confused with Navigating a LinkedList or keep track the previous elements in LL
Convert a bitmap into 2D byte array in C#?
How could I accomplish this in Linq?
Sending messages via MSMQ from a password filter
Get the number of rows of a static table view
Ms Charts control for commercial use
Rails sql query, filtering thousands of records and summing up one column
What does the 1/w coordinate stand for in gl_FragCoord?
NSOutputStream flush
Need help on CSS to place these elements correctly
NSIS Scroll License Welcome Screen
attaching event in loop
Where to store cross referenced SQL values?
errno location on different systems
Full Screen Video Intro HTML5?
Error occurred during initialization of VM when doing grails -version
JsTree - Expand by clicking Parent Node
best way to monitor versioning - ROR
Android Save Image and read [duplicate]
How to pass null to method that expects long or int?
Disable selecting a range in JTextPane
How should I name fields in a relational database?
Joins for queries
How to implement ACTION (move/rename, set permissions) operation in J2ME Bluetooth OBEX?
Open any video via jQuery UI modal on click?
Backbone model attributes raising TypeError when being called
Android, AsyncTask with kSoap2
Pivoting the employee column
How far do you go with Mobile First Responsive Design?
CruiseControlException: Unknown plugin for: <users>
GoToWebinar - Request not in expected format - RestSharp
How to merge two xml files using XSLT by matching attribute?
How can I generate html and text emails from the same source?
How to get detailed diagnostics from CRT Memory Manager in Windows?
open in Eclipse - Code
How to print leaves of a tree implemented as a list of subtrees in Python?
Backbone Collection.fetch() strange behaviour
PHP redirect within a function call
Create a correlation graph in Matlab
Get java applet to run in browser using jnlp
matching query does not exist
Has no method 鈥渘ivoSlider鈥�in Rails app
Flot won't Plot (Ruby)
Setting the capture size for a video file in OpenCV
Scrolling UIImageViews getting 鈥淟ow Memory Warning鈥�
Download a file from a web server in ASP.Net 4.0 C# [closed]
Load up entity from db rather than pulling data directly from db
getCurrentPosition phonegap (cordova 1.6) onSuccess fires never (but iphone device&sim work perfectly)
Using JQuery to find the contents of a td tag
Tomcat log http request and invoke java code
Mac - Virtual Serial Port
HTML5 Flexbox stretching possible in both axis?
Does selenium support IE with google frame add on installed on it?
Return value to class object in C++
The OnClickListener for individual views in ArrayAdapter gets mixed up
Scala statement caching with lazy val in servlet environment
Algorithm for finding selected matching symptoms from a set of conditions
Opening and reading a 2GB csv
Could not initialize class
Callinga c++ .exe from Matlab - Program Stoped Working?
CSS 2 column page with float not working
Parsing XML files with special characters
Java IO Exception when using Weka CSVLoader in Java code
Guessing game using JOptionPane - Java
How to map hierarchical Json to ItemFileWriteStore?
Couldnt get CSRF to work with ajax (CI 2.1)
How can I tell if PDO module installed/disabled?
SQL Server 2008 XML Query
Library for photo-booth style effects
Rails and named_scope queries
Using CASE WHEN in the where condition
Add a column to a datagrid
How to Copy parent Directory Files in PHP
Monkey-patch Date class for next_<weekday> methods
Store facebook display picture of user into mysql table using the facebook registration plugin
what is a pythonic way to get the number of times list1[i] < list2[i] and vise versa
cannot convert parameter
Jquery Cycle Plugin - hiding specific thumbnails
RestKit objectModeling dynamic data
MS Access C# oledbconnection
Tombstone Issue
ExtJS 4 making more dynamic filter based on change selection
How do I pass a variable inside of an ajax call which is inside of a for loop (javascript)?
How to keep android from inverting the image from the front facing camera?
How to generate file with name yyyyMMdd.2.log with log4net
How can I reload a jQuery dialog box from within the dialog?
Apply jquery animate on sub class
Change dark blue background in Visual Studio 2010 IDE
Requested Resource (servlet name) not found Tomcat Eclipse IDE
Requested Resource (servlet name) not found Tomcat Eclipse IDE
How to do a bitwise AND on integers in VHDL?
Object animation - c4framework
Expanding Perl array into shell command arguments
How do I Add every element from my rows not overwrite the last element
Polling v/s Interrupt
WebChannelFactory & Headers?
Detect image orientation (landscape, portrait) for proper printing of a XHTML report
how to select multiple sets of elements in Sencha Touch 2?
rails: How do I disable protect_from_forgery in tests only?
Where is Google Play billing package?
iOS CoreData - prepopulate db with existing indexes
Using BufferedWriter and DataOutputStream in java together
HTML Emails appear blank in Yahoo
Associated table SQL statement
ReSharper: Find usage of a Page.aspx
Random EXC_BAD_ACCESS with persistentStoreCoordinator
How can I make Spring show different validation bundle-based messages for the same validator on a class?
Self-Signed Certificate with SAML 2.0
How can I disable shift+enter in Dreamweaver
how can I develop a class for searching OID values with SNMP4j
Estimate Full-Text Index Size
Why do some floated elements decide to clear both?
Adding an Option 'Sub Menu' to Navigation
Jquery XML working in Firefox not in IE
Ruby - alternative style for determining if object is contained within a list?
TransactionInterop.GetDtcTransaction() throws ArgumentNullException鈥�sometimes
Canvas vs. Panel
How can I save an image from a url?
Can't changing an xml value with PHP
Is it possible using Spring's @ExceptionHandler to get the handler that actually threw the exception?
C# compare sql datetime to null
guard-haml output to multiple locations
Unable to Remove Web.Config Nodes using Transform
Will this UPDATE statement work?
How to find all file names in a directory using windows wildcards
Sorting a LinkedList causes loosing the LinkedList middle values and returning only first and Last as sorted value in java [closed]
How to display Jquery Dialog on blur?
Python Ctypes and FFTW Linking
submit multiple forms on one page
How Debian manage conflicts on packages names?
Do Google Maps usage limits apply when using own photos?
svn: Error parsing svn:externals property on '.'
Rails conditional validation not working
simple linq needed
Passing codeigniter variable to wordpress theme file
New Extended Classes Without A Separate File For Each One
HTML Authentication on Java doesn't work
Heroku attempts to push to a different directory
Bash variable formats
Creating a custom keyboard
Add again after remove
Setup Virtual Dir using PowerShell
Java: Instantiate a concrete impl by name
Number of scheduled UILocalNotification
Contravariant binary operations in Scala
Remove image background in website?
Clistctrl selection detect
Splitting NMAP XML Files
In powershell, how do I convert directory type? Property: Type File folder --> XAP (file)
Connect SQL SEVER DB from network by ODBC
Access violation writing to static global variable?
Checkbox toggles the page view
insert or ignore multiple documents in mongoDB
Google TV VideoView playing YouTube rtsp videos
INSERT DELAYED with Zend_Db_Table_Abstract::insert()
Set `defaultCharset` from `pom.xml`
Java Custom Properties in environment.xml
3 nested repeaters with Sql tables
javascript let not working in various browsers
Writing one file per group in Pig Latin
How to include the asm header directory for Linux kernel development in Eclipse?
ASP.NET MVC: Render view as image
persisting an update query using openJPA
Converting a Multimap value from an int to a string? [closed]
Java: Using scanner to read in boolean values failing.
jquery change button id
How to send json post values to a remote server and get the results with iOS 5?
Convert a base64string back to byte[]
How to set additional cluster IPs in NLB through WMI
rails create a collection select from a array of db
Combining reading and writing of XML configuration functions.
WPF DataGrid CellEditEnded event
Compute subtotal rows in a spreadsheet
Matplotlib different size subplots
logout facebook connect session
How to draw a line on a bitmap in Stage3D using Agal?
How to draw thin line with no gap while dragging the cursor?
Having a hard time understanding how reference types work