Android TransitionDrawable current displayed layer
Html Agility Pack: how to parse a webresponse and get a specified html element in c#
Tricky wordpress setup with redirect from another server
Rails 3.2 and getting AR to properly order this query
NHibernate Transaction.Commit automatically closes Session
ASP.NET Facebook app session issue with safari
Android TransitionDrawable current displayed layer
Html Agility Pack: how to parse a webresponse and get a specified html element in c#
Tricky wordpress setup with redirect from another server
Rails 3.2 and getting AR to properly order this query
NHibernate Transaction.Commit automatically closes Session
ASP.NET Facebook app session issue with safari
merge two or more node in xml using xslt
Maximise sum of 鈥渘on-overlapping鈥�numbers from matrix
How can I delete a row in a table [closed]
boost serialization polymorphic issues
Accessing a .NET web service using a Java client
Basic PHP Security Issue
Call a DOS executable file from Python
OpenCV Line Detection
HTML5 Drag and Drop, Or JqueryUI Drag and Drop?
KnockoutJS: The 鈥渁ttr鈥�binding
set background image [closed]
EF entity.attach does not work
Maven doesn't copy untracked resources while releasing
why can't my iphone app connect to my server?
Mootools: Open a parent/section accordion panel if its child item is active
Add a simple pushpin with Bing Maps in android
Red5: Get rtmp stream in java
MySQL view of just one column?
Coverting string to java code
iphone: initialize part of a nib file multiple times
How does MySQL store data
Google task on iPhone
Remove route mappings in NodeJS Express
Passing images between Activity
XML Parsing 2 ways, one works, one doesn't android
FMResultSet parameterized query returns no results xcode
Antlr AST construction
How to Get the Selected Index of RadioButtonGroup in Adobe Flex 4+?
how do i make a Sencha Touch list display in a VBOX layout?
PHP proc_open environment variables
In case of converation error , how to return to the application without checking other methods in pam
Django NameError
Cannot instantiate the type Iterator in JSP (Exception: The value for the useBean class attribute 鈥�is invalid)
Why is my jQuery inline code is blocking jQuery code in MVC3 DateTime Editor Template
How do I find what is causing ORA-00054?
2 Dimentional Array VB.NET
PHP: Injecting code on non-sql code?
PHP strtotime ERROR
How to proceed after the Google Authentication in ios App
Store information inside keychain
Can i store a cursor.fetchone() in a variable
How to send a message to self in a C function in obj-C?
chrome extension executeScript
Using Rest Api In Java
Metaprogramming with ruby, operator overloading and instance_eval
How to reset Contents and Settings in an OS X app?
Eclipse Indigo for Java EE + Maven plugin = the Maven menu does not appear in import and preference
scikit learn: desired amount of Best Features (k) not selected
PowerShell txt file comparison not finding matches
ValuePattern's SetValue does not work for Chrome browser's control like address edit (Exception thrown)
JavaScript: Adding static methods to objects in two different ways
Can I use get on a key in a jinja template?
yiic on Mac Lion doesn't generate webapp
Bundling app for app store distribution in Xcode 4.3
Regarding use of xsl:choose
UI technology for firmware product
Convert HTML to PDF with ABCpdf
Equivalent of openssl in Java
Matlab: Setting Value Based on Index and Dimension
How to replace force close screen with appropriate error message.
To show number of alerts/mails/messages a user has got when he logs in. Ajax, Jquery, Struts 2
PhoneGap / Cordova + ChildBrowser Open In
App crashes on Database Creation attempt
Android, Video Recorder, what is the reason of application lost the surface?
Form Submit Redirect Based on Form Data
Can someone explain to me what's going on here?
XCode not recognizing my iphone
Remove text before last comma in JavaScript
Python package to parse identifiers in a program (C, Scala, Lisp)?
mongodb/mongoose: minimum value for each day
PHP mySQL result array - while a row's id remains the same do something, when the row's id changes move on
Android Crashing After Adding Gesture Support
override font styles- every element of the page
Is it possible to escape a whole form?
Running PHP on my machine locally?
Recursively remove xml nodes using Linq to XML
finding if part of a word is in values of a python dictionary
maven unable to differentiate between two similar classes in different jars
Best design approach to query documents for 'labels'
How can I base a style on a default control's style?
How to make a List look like iphone menu
Persisting Chrome Extension popup between page loads
How to support both IPv4 & IPv6 on Java
Creating Database Values in a Rake Task - Rails
Deleting an Object from Collection in SQLAlchemy
Visual Studio: Setup Project changes based on build configuration?
How to do you use cuPrintf with cuda projects that have the main() in a .cpp file?
Need clarification on when to use quotes and when not to in JavaScript
How do I do an query for places in a local city
Google Spreadsheet ImportXML - can't figure out how to get time attribute
What kind of panel should I use to create a custom dropdown?
static and inline
Should an Class utilize it's own factory?
how to fix ConcurrentModificationExceptions in multi-threaded environment?
Hosting a java servlet on a Tomcat Server
Google App Engine passing nested values to template
How to pass null into WeakReference constructor?
How do I prevent UIScrollView from intercepting touches outside of it's own view heirarchy?
warning message for pointer assignment two dimensional array pointer
How to Add IField Object in Crystal Report Manually (Without Wizard Intervention)
R - find indices of multiple maximums in a vector
Is it possible to create database tables in SDL Tridion 2011 SP1
custom xml and sql server
MySQL OR conditions
Jquery is Ready wrapper
perl array only prints the last line
Using UINavigationController
In entity framework code first is there a way to add paging to navigation collections?
Displaying different View after selecting one item in GridView android
Assigning behavior, events, and handlers from server side code only in node.js?
Socket questions
how to avoid repeating similar markup in xaml?
JS Form validation
Youtube Zend Api Function Interrupts Script
Unable to research FreeText (reporting) applications
How to delete a row using php and my sql
Writing a oracle stored procedure to generate a unique serial number?
Make an 2D Dynamic Array in VB.NET
Need help using Google map API
Can't post NSData properly via NSURLRequest
Functions inside objects
Decoding HTML stored as JSON with PHP
undoManager used in coredata
floats overlapping when negative margins are used
Why does setting frame origin in loadView have no effect?
Django application in heroku
Scaling a background image inside a li
Android display facebook wall in webview?
link my eclipse project to SVN
How can I attach a DataContext to this ContextMenu?
How can I dock a Windows Mobile 6 device and sync it with a local database?
Escape character in LESS CSS inserts unwanted spaces
.htaccess Relative Path to ErrorDocument
How to create/work with layered images using Lua/Corona SDK?
PHP DateTime::createFromFormat not working
'Google Docs like ' functionality in python [closed]
References about develop a web application which supports large numbers of concurrent users
Android image loading
Is it possible to do mathematics inside CSS?
Blender UV texture images not updating with Python API
Can Heroku add-on configs change randomly in the cloud?
Loop in trigger with comma separated values mysql
Array of array subtraction in scala
How to sign Apache server so all requests originating from a directory are via HTTPS and contain your Private Key?
Blender UV texture images not updating with Python API
Can Heroku add-on configs change randomly in the cloud?
Loop in trigger with comma separated values mysql
Array of array subtraction in scala
How to sign Apache server so all requests originating from a directory are via HTTPS and contain your Private Key?
FOSUserBundle Registration Bug
Thinking_Sphinx Partial Work Matches
Notice warnings dealing with PHP
How can I make this jQuery listener not fire multiple times?
Alignment issue in the grid with locked columns
What is the equivalent to Java's string.getBytes() in C#? [duplicate]
Faster TMultiReadExclusiveWriteSynchronizer?
Stateless Session Bean - Stopping Multiple Calls
What is @鈥渢ype鈥�in [Soap getNodeValue:element withName:@鈥渢ype鈥漖; Sudzc generated code
Bit shift when there is no 鈥�bit shift operator
H2 Database how to keep rows un-ordered when updated
Fire function after others complete javascript
JNI, Accessing SurfaceTexture using Native Code
SPDY protocol support from Android browser?
Link Image CSS won't center Rails 3.2
Rails + Sorcery: Add external auths to existing user
Django - common data in every templates
Objects communication
This C code just get HTTP header, But not a html file
Prevent record count in a part of SQL statement for SQL Server
Jasmine can't spy on event handler?
Task.Factory Timing Out in ASP.NET
vagrant: a better to way to 鈥渞eset鈥�my guest vagrant vm's network?
JSF logged out removed session
How does this SQL query fetch records?
How can I import private methods in Python?
Which tools and technologies are used to build android apps like instagram, twitter clients?
spring mvc 3.0 and display tag
path environment variable & unresolved external symbol
Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; [closed]
Can null be inserted into Cache?
find links in a text and wrap that in a tag using jquery
Why does setBitmap not seem to work in ICS?
PHP MySQL syntax error involving hyphens
Is it possible to subselect in overlaps clause in postgres 9.1?
How can I disable scaling of my sub calayer when resize it?
When should I instantiate the children class?
compile error of incompatible types when assigning to type char[2] from type int
Dynamic AuditLog using annotatiion (no plugins involved)
How To Update a UILabel as text is being typed in a UITextField
Retrieving a particular string from a sentence using Regular Expressions
CUDA GPU slower than CPU
antlr length of token and error handling
Call Module in Other Class
How to set the page title for controller actions?
Get Thread Name from inner object method
Drupal PHP - Internal Error only when erasing file upload and saving
Mock/Test Mongodb Database Node.js
Navigation controller: in landscape mode, going 鈥渂ack鈥�animation pushes down
Chopping Paths in C
Export to PDF to a local folder
webkit inspector losing network data on page change
regex pattern to allow alphanumeric and special char(,- s) with size checking
Getting Rid of (Hiding) Android TabWidget's 鈥淔ocused State鈥�
Plotting multiple lines within a FOR loopin MATLAB
sqlite .NET 4 and Entity framework
C API to return timestring in specified time zone?
How to disable/enable view toolbar menu/action in Eclipse Plugin Development
String immutability in CPython violated
Google Appengine: db.LinkProperty vs db.URLProperty
Given a pointer to a container, how would I add an item to it?
how to make the table scrollable with fixed header and the table content from mysql
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF in C: Program Files (x86) EasyPHP-5.3.9 www Inventory addclient.php on line 25 [closed]
Using local workers in OpenCL for large matrix computation
Which algorithm is stronger for TLS: AES-256 or Camellia-256?
Can ember-routemanager add states dynamically on load?
jsPlumb handling elements in a scrollable div container
0.5.3 to 0.9.2 adding to collection inefficiency
How to convert HDF5 2D arrays to 1D in NumPy?
Consuming a Rest WebService created using PHP
creating and displaying objects during runtime using swing
How to set the position of a div inside a table by using row and column
How to explain this incredibly slow socket connection?
Prevent makefile from recompiling all source files
Insert conflict with foreign key constraint
Two devices, similar densities yet different image sizes?
padrino - adding html options to submit button on button_to
Why my Java Process takes 16G Virtual Memory as soon as I start it
How do I insert the value of a configuration variable in Vim?
Default RESTful CakePHP routing gives Missing Controller Method error
jquery has class and hover
Is there a well understood algorithm or solution model for this meeting scheduling scenario?
bytesWritten, but other device never receives NSStreamEventHasBytesAvailable event
finding the closest previous sibling that contains .myClass
Iterating over a list of files in a given directory
Navigate between sibling detail views of a parent table view
Declaring pointer to an integer array C++
XSL: Split text attribute based on delimiter
Google Maps API v3 getPanoramaByLocation (StreetView)
CMake: How to build projects in a cross-platform manner?
Why sometimes no detail info when debugging java code on eclipse?
Where NOT IN () on a join?
UINavigation bar back button not responding
How to implement methods that act 鈥渄irectly鈥�on object attributes?
Can't see why I am getting this error
Google Maps API v3 getPanoramaByLocation (StreetView)
CMake: How to build projects in a cross-platform manner?
Why sometimes no detail info when debugging java code on eclipse?
Where NOT IN () on a join?
UINavigation bar back button not responding
How to implement methods that act 鈥渄irectly鈥�on object attributes?
Can't see why I am getting this error
Scrollable Fragment
Scale and Translate animation for a Dialog given X and Y
On iPad, why does AVAudioSessionCategoryAmbient stop the music playing in iPod?
How to returns a string representation of the integer argument as an unsigned integer in base 16
How to get (up)values associated to C closures outside the given function?
MATLAB - storing sting
script works on jsfiddle, not on local machine
Separate worksheets containing pivot tables into individual workbooks with only values
How to remove tooltip hints in thunderbird?
Building GLFW with MinGW64 gcc 鈥�entry-symbol warnings & linker errors
Increase / decrease image size preserving aspect ratio on click
Syntax Errors when using ScaleDrawable()
copy to vector giving segfault
Connecting to my Ubuntu AWS instance using a GUI interface
Disqus-like comment thread logic in PHP
ManyToOne with where clause
check from view if an certain element is present
Google AuthenticatorFactory replacement?
How can I use multiple constructors to remove duplicated code while maintaining readability?
android navigating from one activity to another
mysql/php best practice delete row from user selection
I Need to store a bunch of data in a table database and pull from it in my android application
jQuery hyphens in animation
Part of web page getting cut off?
Including a constants.h file in Prefix.pch breaks code completion, syntax highlighting
Why do we specify 鈥渨eak鈥�when testing in iOS?
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in C: Program Files (x86) EasyPHP-5.3.9 www Inventory addavaya.php on line 20 [closed]
Triggering Submit in File Upload with JQuery Form Plugin
PROLOG 鈥�logic base of entries to LIST of entries
WP7 passing value from sub array to new page
Django internationalization on admin
Scrolling to the other part of the webpage
Access MasterPage public property in Design
Can the Meteor Collection Object_Id be used like the Mongo BSON ObjectId for optimization techniques?
Hibernate: many-to-many association is empty
Making/finding html5 validator bookmarklet
UNO card game remove card from hand
How to delete first few records from a table using SQLite query?
C++ Pimpl vs Pure Virtual Interface Performance
ASP.NET MVC 3, Code-First EF: OriginalValues?
overloading cascading insertion operator
Outlook Items Restrict Method Not Returning correct result
How can I create a nested screen session?
How to change hours, minutes, and seconds separately using a JSpinner?
Specifying Reference URI of #Body while digitally signing SOAP request - using WCF
PowerShell isolating parts of strings
different behavior of changing config by extjs.apply
Share button does not show the image from the shared link
What's the best way to force EF to return all rows in a view?
user create content within user created content
Setup file-system based routing in Node
Saving multidimensional array to Cookie to be called back for display?
Aligning html input and submit
How do you associate click events of buttons created in code in C# with methods?
What does ' ' mean in the context of this perl script
Delphi TForm OnCreate gets called multiple times
Rails preserve only 1 out of many records per day. Keep last, Delete rest
Low picture/image quality when capture from camera
Return Boolean Value on SQL Select Statement
.htaccess redirect has query string, but misses file
JQuery: image src variable clean up
Lots of questions on the tutorials (part 1)?
Pass ArrayList object as a parameter to Jasper Reports problems
How can i rotate 2D (x,y) pixels around x axis?
Recommended approach to load proprietary binary image file into NSImage?
Using WebClient to download string from ASP.NET Web Service Error
How can I get all the files inside `/var` and its subdirectories and ignore listing out folder name?
PHP two questions
PHP opendir issue
how to highlight an item in listview?
Check if an array only contains one key/value
CGAffineRotation Skews Image Photos
CakePHP ACL tutorial group_id
Parsing the incoming request in PHP
Visual Studio and XML Commenting in Javascript makes 鈥減ublic鈥�methods disappear in intellisense
Most mature native Node.js MySQL driver?
Trying to fire off a function affecting an element from its child, sort of
getting selected item from radio list view. Android
View mobile screen on PC using adapter
Oracle warning:execution completed with warning
wp7 - how to check if the image was loaded
SharePoint 2010 event receiver,List Item Events, Document library,event ItemAdded not firing
How to solve the warning: Sending 'ViewController *const __strong' to parameter of incompatible type 'id<AVAudioPlayerDelegate>?
Spring AspectJ fails when double-proxying interface: Could not generate CGLIB subclass of class
Open a .gz file and read/replace
Reading data from a text file, parsing it and storing it in an array in shell script
limit results of each in handlebars.js
jquery did my first plugin - Issue with fadeIn/fadeOut when it goes too fast
Setting temperature through emulator
Local Notifications not trigering alert consitently
Lightning Lag- Cocos2d
php specifying array values? Variable passed to each() is not an array or object
php include unterminated string literal message
php include unterminated string literal message
How to use .htaccess mod rewrite to redirect php url as a string?
Set activity indicator until image is loaded from server?
what's distinction of HTTP proxy, tunnel, gateway? [closed]
Speech Recognition Engine Not Firing Event in Windows Service
How to convert get Days,Weeks,Months,Years from Days(in terms of daily savings)
Error when setting up eclipse
Apache HttpClient inside JAR looking for JBoss reference?
Append text in textbox on another form?
working with images in windows phone app - performance
How change tracking works in Entity Framework
Android app compatibility issue
retreive the web app root path in JSF Managed Bean
How to use can_add_related in Django Admin
mongoose best-practice with data layer in node application
NSMutabel 2 dimensional array not working
what is svn? and how to use it with project?
How to apply base64 encoded data uri's dynamically?
Deep cloning using MongoDB
Write array to xml file [closed]
putting a link to a pdf and using pdf as the image
SQL Server 2005 Timestamp datatype and triggers possibly not mixing well
RestKit Reachability null
How do I 鈥渦niquely鈥�repeat a function n times in javascript?
Is there any way to programmatically add a startup script to the local group policy?
My app presents the facebook login dialog and user prompted to login - how can he cancel from this dialog?
Is there a way to unhide hidden-visibility symbols with GNU binutils?
Creating an organized Java library
DFT gives different results if iterated
large sql query causes error when line breaks removed
Append items of a list to each line in Notepad++
How to drop connecting lines where the function is discontinuous
Jquery image resize doesn't work constantly
Jquery, each time click button a textfield appears
Bundle install failed installing ffi (due to env command error?)
catch response from web service
jQuery on Firefox
Which join, union or select should I use to process data in multiple tables?
Emit reStructuredText from sphinx autodoc?
Rails routes based on a value in a column
how to use json_encode
JQuery injecting click()
how to pick images from mobile gallery into an android application
Mongo DB : Impact of object schema changes on document design
Adding a Custom keyboard to a textfield
Array of Components in Forms Designer
How to use Linear Discriminant Analysis for projection in MatLab?
Selecting items from generic list based on true condition from another list
Table expand row with just css
Zend-mail sending email Connection Timed Out error
Table expand row with just css
Zend-mail sending email Connection Timed Out error
How do I read and understand stacktraces?
website looks horrible in firefox is it because I am using a public dropbox url?
Facebook OAuth 2.0 / connect
Is there a Java framework/assembly similar to the .NET Microsoft Enterprise Library?
What is Axis for when constructing WidgetCellSpan
Berkeley DB (JE) growing out of control
Boolean logic issue
Mailto tag puts text into the 鈥淭o鈥�field of email instead of subject on mobile devices
django - checking to see if filter returns anything in the queryset
Repainting Continuously in Java
MapView, MKAnnotation & Key-Value-Observing - Error message
How can I add two double values together to form another double value(casting) [closed]
iphone uiviewcontroller not displaying?
Creating a Cookie in a forloop with a button javascript
Configure UPS shipping for Magento [closed]
Add rich text editor in wp plugin
CellValueChanged and Checkbox issue
Bind Dictionary to GridView
Cost of SQL commands: Select vs Update
Dispatching a saved request
Given unix time and timezone name, determine if DST is in effect
Custom UIScrollview with UIPageControl Performance Issues
NodeJS converting string to variable
Silverlight 5 AccessViolationException When reset textbox values
Why does alert() fire but not console.log() for this jQuery in Greasemonkey example?
trying to use coredata with an object class ** unsuccessfully**
HTML - fitting an image to a table cell by height
SASS: Get value of existing background string and add to it?
UML MVC pattern List class use
How to programmatically increase the per-socket buffer for UDP sockets on LInux?
Making the outer-edges of a UIBezierPath semi-transparent
i want take value from url with jquery
Play infinitely looping video on-load in HTML5
Removing ETag in IIS 7.5
Union in context-free languages
How to Read & Write in Internal DataBase with PhoneGap?
CSS text in <p> doesn't expand as it should
MQ client connet to MQ server
Where do I put the files I want to be displayed on my webpage on my webhost?
Call ps1 from cmd
Need to select the non-duplicate values from two table columns
PHP use of IMAGEMAGICK or imagick or magicwand
how can i display the full decimal points for my Decimal(10,4) field Database connections a little off
OpenCV InputArray/OutputArray
Scanner nextline() only printing new lines
How to make Servlet recognize caller JSP and session
Deleting Files Permanently and Securely on CentOS
Github integration on AppHarbor not working
mysql - storing an array of id's in one db field VS breaking out into a joining table - what sql to use?
Doesn't 鈥済o get鈥�just fetch files and then cgo+鈥済o build鈥�them? Apparently not
SplashScreen staying open even after Application Exits
Why use AJAX when WebSockets is available?
Keep program from accepting double value when int is necessary
How to place split elements into an array?
Java: How thread pools map threads to runnables
Cassia using impersonation and wcf
rails beginner, created 2 rails app on local dev
Retreiving email address from Yesod OpenID
jquery using objects as filters
early binding late binding is it same as runtime and compile time?
Is it possible to relauches an ipad application?
Get value of bit fields
Regex matching JS source that's not in a string or regex literal
Using boost::multi_index_container
Connecting to a SQL Database throws error saying 鈥淢ySQL鈥︹�
git, how to overwrite commits
C block division c language
The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair. InnoDB or MyISAM?
Selecting specific namespaced content from an RSS feed using coreylib
How to create a directory anywhere in Java?
How do you deal with LicenseCheckerCallback.ERROR_NOT_MARKET_MANAGED error code?
Excel VBA 2007 Save workbook in read-only mode
Partly managed, partly unmanaged class in java spring
Mongodb: db_name must be a string or symbol
PostgreSQL Database - Inner Join Query Error
Spring Security + MVC : Questions around context definition & bean scope
How to force threads to utilize group of methods in C#
updateprogress not displaying when you click a button inside of an updatepanel?
How to put Facebook and Twitter buttons next to each other?
Possible solutions for a public Redmine to access a private/local subversion server?
tm Package error: Error definining Document Term Matrix
Dealing with Core data one-to-many relationship
16 KB allocated by getc and fprintf on OS X
Can only push one button
Create a new HTML Table for every mySQL row [closed]
How to find all rows that match every value given in filter criteria?
Using PayPal Express Checkout with ecommerce site- item limit?
Session persistence with Zend framework
C# Static Order, Member Variables, Member Enums
How to correctly use oembed to pull thumbs from youtube
How can I launch a process that is not a file in Go (e.g. open a web page)
How do I use php or JavaScript to make a person be redirected to my mobile site if they are on a mobile?
Apache 2.4.2 (win32), mod_fcgid - Can't find module file
How to start multiple audio tags simultaneously?
Google Docs API fetch ACL with batch operation
need some guidance in dialog box implementation
How to use .wav file of 4 seconds to play tones in it based on progressbar value [0-250] range in c#
Standard Template Library lists - doubly linked or circularly linked?
How to keep my own CR in Vim with automatic format?
Abstract Class vs Class
Communicate with python subprocess while it is running
Drawing an NSAttributedString in iOS?
Row Count Is Returning the incorrect number using RaptureXML
Trigger Backbone Event from another js function
How to view/edit the source code of a wizarddialog in Eclipse
How to not add a string to a text area if it contains something - Java
How does one extend MEF to create objects based on a factory type provided as an attribute?
Unable to retreive new datatable column
How to fetch the list of all students and assignments combination with grade score?
鈥淒epends on鈥�relationship for subclasses
Why doesn't dereferencing null crash my program?
multiple intent in list view class
EncoderFallbackException while writing to file
UILabel with two different fontColor
How to show a html file inside a JEditorPane
Is substitution performed on a variadic parameter pack type if the pack is empty?
Vs2010 show me this 0xc00000ba error after trying to run it
Web app that lets users upload a video
Doing a simple search
Visual Studio Setup project with Feature Selection
iScroll not scrolling down on iPad when ul li is used with float:left;
Inline-block elements have different vertical alignment
Why am I having this issue with the tan() function on iOS?
Does a new watcher see old unhandled events?
converting a string to UTF8 with perl
How to sample from a sensor and do PWM at same time?
How do I precisely measure sound output duration?
compile time polymorphism?
Error: json.load in python
how to include a view in another view in cakephp2
How can I start two window form in a program?
Mocking a LinqToSql repository in-memory for use in unit tests
HttpClient ReadAsAsync - do something on completion
button visiblity in openerp
Attempt to draw a rectangle goes left when it should go right and up when it should go down
Mnemonics (underlined letters) on popup menus in Java Swing on Windows XP
how to cut txt with hash in perl?
What's wrong with my Recursion?
How to Structure Categories to be Subfields of a Page?
Appengine > Go > Mapping datastore results high load sms/email scheduler architecture
Android - How does recurring timer task work?
Compound assignment and add operator overloading
jQuery fade images in sequentially after JSON grab
Get the parent of a child in a has_many relationship?
Multiple conditions using 'or' in numpy array
Database model for favoriting items.
Can jQuery manipulate inserted elements?
How can I use an external library with Embedded JavaScript?
How to recognize a phrase from a voice file
Assembly only used in XAML is not copied to bin folder
Safari not loading jquery until page scrolled
Unwilling EditText onTouchListener Function Call [duplicate]
Flash AS2 - For each loop returning odd order array
Putting a UITabViewController inside UINavigationViewController with storyboard
wiring generic interface type to different implementations
Is there any way to create user specific table 鈥減ointers鈥�in MySQL?
Java Error: Should be declared in a file named
Mousedown event not fired on a Div if the Div is placed on top of an img tag - issue is only in IE
boost::threads based queue algorithm
Getting a database error on a Rails query
i want take value from url
Mercurial Hook - change a commit message pre commit
Does Java EE not have text fields in scriptlets?
How to playback a 5sec audio clip in a playlist every 5 songs?
Why isn't this NSArray deallocated under ARC?
How do I access an object inside of an object in javascript
Hash navigation; Either animate transitions with CSS3 or disable CSS3 hashtag navigation and use jQuery. But how?
How to search for a string in sql database - Android
jquery cycle lite images breaking out of containing element
algorithm to find most realistic market price average in dataset
set equivalence with expect.js
session_start() - Cannot send session cookie [duplicate]
What does synchronized mean in context of Vector / ArrayList?
Allow user to login after session times out JSF 2.0
Opencv Clustering On More Than 4 Channels
Error Comparing Strings in If Statement
Building specialized dict class from specialized list class [closed]
in iOS app, why does prepareForSegue occur before didSelectRowAtIndexPath
How to save any changes to my local data in Backbone.js app?
Why doesn't this Haskell typeclass code work?
OpenFileMapping issues, can't find filemap
issues with File exists command windows phone
How Do I Run a Visual Studio Macro for All Files of a Certain Type Within a Specific Folder Within a Project
Java Invalid HTTP response on localhost
Installing Beautifulsoup with Mac OSX Admin Account
How can I construct and save to a DB for later use a semi-arbitrary lambda expression?
Assetic unable to find file
Read text file's lines
Creating echos from multiple tables in database [duplicate]
Changing spinnermodel into a double value to be used later outside change event
Resubmitting a Form That Has jQuery Submit Function and Return False
Regex to match patterns of same numbers
When I output a string into a checked list box in windows forms only the first line of the string is shown next to the checkbox
Reading non-ASCII characters from a text file
Serializing Jquery-ui sortable with dynamically updated content
Assetic unable to find file
Read text file's lines
Creating echos from multiple tables in database [duplicate]
Changing spinnermodel into a double value to be used later outside change event
Resubmitting a Form That Has jQuery Submit Function and Return False
Regex to match patterns of same numbers
When I output a string into a checked list box in windows forms only the first line of the string is shown next to the checkbox
Reading non-ASCII characters from a text file
Serializing Jquery-ui sortable with dynamically updated content
IIS7 won't server Flash swf file that uses XML data
Git ignoring gitconfig?
Update Content Page from Master
Get win-loss for each team in Teams table using Games table?
Rails 3.2.1 javascripts in asset directory not working
mysql_fetch_object($result) or die(mysql_error()); White screen of death
Make get_adjacent_post() work across custom post types
Better to write large strings versus numerous individual characters with a writer?
Browser to Spotify syncing data
APC 100% Fragmentation every time
Solr soft commit feature
CSS drop down menu disappears when using Internet Explorer 9
iOS Location Services still used by an app even after killing in taskbar
How to create a small form into a view in WPF
little bug in Combobox in extjs 4.0.7 after store load
XmlSerialization - Ignore variables by default
java.lang.NullPointerException error when using arrays
HTML table issue (fixed left cell, right cell filling all rest of the content)
Animate div position when other content size changes
Xcode: Twitter text field post issue
ExpressionEngine Manual Entry Import
Debugging javascript/jquery: Expecting more source characters
Android: How to tell if the ok key of the keyboard was pressed?
Asynchronous network operations in iOS 5
Linux scripting: Search a specific column for a keyword
How do I accomplish this on JSF?
Android how check for double entry in my sqlite db?
Auto-delete empty item in listobx?
iPad incorrect rendering of Objects
$(document).ajaxstart not firing
Relative paths in doxygen to allow continous integration
Cocos2D and iPhone's accelerometer
Webpart call to Web Handler
Confused over C++ Stack Usage
Fastest way to read/write a Bitmap from/to file?
How to validate remote data in a client?
Need help understanding E8 asm call instruction x86
Emacs shell: outlining input, output, error
How to change a view depending on a state?
Perform Dynamic Table Calculations in HTML - jQuery?
RestKit SerializationMimeType - does it deserialize using the same type?
Cannot get the tab ID of the background page in Chrome extension
HTML Form passing two deminsion array to PHP (special case i think)
ruby metacharacters with matching string
How to make the same .exe work with .NET 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0?
Running 'syncdb' on heroku for my Django app throws an error
Evaluating expression tree using std::map
Get data from Form in MVC3?
Syling window in Google Maps 4 rails
Go: extensive memory usage when reusing map keys
Solrj error adding doc
PostgreSQL Query and PHP Assistance
Are there any drawbacks of using technology JSP(instead XHTML) in JSF-2.0?
String compression for repeated chars
Growing files on Amazon S3
Is there a way to copy the contents of a FILE* to a file descriptor?
Static arrays VS. dynamic arrays in C++11
Z3 Python API - when will it be available
Big Theta Notation - what exactly does big Theta represent?
Testing the interaction of two pages with FuncUnit
Raphael object won't animate along path correctly
RGB value encoded from height
How do I echo something from Facebook's graph api?
How do I scale an SVG that has some complex path definitions?
How do I resolve a mysql Thread Stack Overrun?
IDE for C# with unit testing (like Eclipse for Java and assertEquals( 鈥�) etc. )
Displaying information from a multidimensional array?
$.getJSON not doing anything
How to append the name of the file which has just been uploaded? [duplicate]
MVC replacement for web form user controls (ASCX)
PHP _GET issue not refreshing data on multiple tries
how to make a keycode work for cyrillic
Android Indeterminate ProgressBar does not spin
Cache Memory Confusion
annotate then filter then annotate
How can I search an embedded collection within MongoDB?
how to remove selected state from an edittext when an activity launches in android?
How does a SQLite cursor work internally?
meteor and textareas
VBO texturing does not work
set default value for a select field which depends on another select field in rails
Android: NullPointerException on DataOutputStream
Problems with changing between scenes in Flash
Save 2 text, in the same file.csv but in two differenct columns on iMacros
XmlAttribute / XmlElement in Interface (Element Name not changed when Serialized) - Why?
Unable to perform automatically routes file upgrade (rails-upgrade)
Disruptor pattern with variable-duration 鈥渂usiness logic鈥�
Copy a file in bash that is actively written to in bash
Error with parsing on the view?
Can someone please explain the Golden Grid System grid to me?
How to fix game loop running at different framerate than VSync?
Copy a file in bash that is actively written to in bash
Error with parsing on the view?
Can someone please explain the Golden Grid System grid to me?
How to fix game loop running at different framerate than VSync?
Installed Python Modules - Python can't find them
org.json.JSONException: Value <br of type java.lang.String cannot be converted to JSONObject
Geographic queries in NoSQL
Relational Database on rails
Destroying objects in Ember.js
How to multiply to (n) number of funcations using for loop? [closed]
Isolate execution of JavaScript
How to stretch this CSS menu to 100%
Best Approach to Storing Mean Uptime Data
Filtering related entities with Entity framework
NoMethodError (private method `gets' called for #<Paperclip::UploadedFileAdapter:0xdbc7624>)
How do you create a Marker with a custom icon for google maps API v3?
php / sql - login is failing
Is there a native or faster way to partition a list in java?
Overriding special methods on an instance
normalizing a list of doubles to range -1 to 1 or 0 - 255
simulate click to view tab when function is run
How to use ArrayList to find a name in a register
connecting to a remote mysql db with python hangs often in windows xp
Reading TIFF in Python and Matplotlib using GDAL
Turn horizontal Superfish menu into dropdown on small screens
Cuda: data corruption in memory after kernel call
Unichar number for the return key?
Javascript Console Trouble
The securityTrimmingEnabled=鈥渢rue鈥�in web.config works too good
javascript stylesheet changer not working
ListView contentview change from external xml file
GWT(serverside) Multithreading possible
Admob: from lot of activity to inactive
Django jquery datatable 鈥渁Data is undefined鈥�error
Resources$NotFoundException: Resource is not a Drawable
Duplicate fields when generating PDF from template
Can I change the message in a repeating UILocalNotification?
How to validate file upload? [Play Framework]
Sending multiple emails through Gmail smtp using javax mail class triggers connection refused error occasionally
Loop Through Generated Characters
Exporting X509Certificate2 (with public key only) to .CER file
Javascript Object Child Reference?
how to save the value of a jspinner from change listener
Is there any way to regexp-quote a string in Node.js?
NSInternalInconsistencyException could not locate an NSManagedObjectModel for entity name
A error when using a function that return a custom structure
accepting return values for arguments to a function
Why having this as a separate process causes all sorts of weirdness
Newline characters in XUL listbox listitems
Severe fileinfo issues
Not sure how to fix error 1119, AS3
The icon app android is small
Zend_Filter_Input and required value
Facebook Comment Listener returns Comment's box ID instead of comment's ID
How to modify a string date to the correct format in Adobe Flex?
iPhone Set Auto Resizing
Should custom exceptions have their own ErrorCode?
How do I get an array of pointers to a structures? [closed]
Custom server error codes spring MVC & tomcat
jquery trying to achieve mouse direction & angle
why can't I create my private variable where I declare it?
Control flow pattern when checking for nonexistent variables
Android radio application stops playing when I turn the screen or when screensaver activates
Number of installations statistics for PyPI packages?
Read an undefined number of lines from standard input
How do you split a string read from a file into arrays in C
Catch error from lastlog (unix & bash)
A way to return DOM objects or jQuery within Slickgrid's column formatters
Array Issue Not Printing Middle or Median
Receiving broadcast error for Bluetooth discovery
Layout Gravity is not working with LayoutParams [closed]
where T: <interface> into where T: class gives cs0452
jquery re-attach div on pop up window close
Showing a textarea with a shortcut but without inserting the shortcut key
Is the binary search algorithm used in core python?
WP7 App's HttpWebRequest throws NullReferenceException
Javascript modal DOM updating necessary?
Query update result in huge unexpected number
Iterate through the letters of the alphabet in Racket
java - replace key + values in hashmap with identical key + different values
button in gridview to connect another page
rebuild the signature of a function knowing only its name and argument list
Autoresizing iframes across domains where there is no access to frame content
How to get maven to resolve/attach source packages to dependencies in own/local repository?
openStream works on Android 2.3, fails on Android 3/4
JSoup Form Posting
1 final compiler error :( can someone explain in real simple for me
Java Division error
Parse Error: Simple C Program
Java: JFrame resolution?
display Hashmap return values one at a time random
String Currency Format not using correct Local
IBAction Sender
Auto populate date time for MVC2 CRUD
How To Maintain PHP Session State With Another Application
Visual basic 2010 removing from listbox
Writing an instrumentation tool for C/C++ programs
Java Example using Google Cloud Print
How to use GUI in C?
Auto populate date time for MVC2 CRUD
How To Maintain PHP Session State With Another Application
Visual basic 2010 removing from listbox
Writing an instrumentation tool for C/C++ programs
Java Example using Google Cloud Print
How to use GUI in C?
IntelliJ - 1 Project - support 2 versions of an imported library?
changing the rails env. to production
How to change the case of the bundle id?
Animation using simple canvas in a View
Django {{ profile }} globally available in templates
What is the relationship between Enum and Enumeration, if any
How to package a Java file
Newlines not displaying in CodeIgniter Email Class
check for page error
Windows service - get current directory
linux - write commands from one terminal to another
Remotly logging into Managebac
Forcing graphical changes to be displayed During a method execution
Change defined textfield properties
SQL syntax error when using DATE_ADD()
Firefox 12 not reloading pages after redirect
Content disappears when I press ctrl + f11
Post Video To Facebook With ShareKit?
jPlayer - undesirable results when seeking to section of track before fully buffered
WP7 How to change XNA Song volume?
How can I use a CSS preprocessor with a chrome extension?
Ajax call not running before new page is loaded
Flickr API JSONP signed with callback
How to handle overflow in hashCode method implementation
Preferred bash shebang?
Objective-C interface/implementation paradigm: what does it mean to have a method in implementation and NOT in the interface?
How can I use non-default delimiters when reading a text file with std::fstream?
How can I prevent fancybox from closing? Want to make the user click the Close button instead of anywhere on the browser
Android: NetworkOnMainThreadException on Thread
AppEngine application can't make cookies once online but works fine on localhost 鈥�is this right?
Need help implementing a scrollbar on multiple views
' n t r' == 0 is true?
Increase pipe internal buffer size on CentOS
changing the x value of an image on xcode?
Can I permanently remove access to the taskbar when a JFrame is Maximized?
Transparently handling a numeric type as a single-valued sequence (or vice-versa)
Sharing Model code between Sinatra and Rails
Mahout on Elastic MapReduce: Java Heap Space
How do you use jQuery's .draggable to drag a table cell?
Compiler Error for method
how I can read text from html textarea in page?
Disappearing background image in IE 7 only
Added directory to python path, but python gives error when I try to import
Accessing dynamically allocated nested struct in C
Accessing dynamically allocated nested struct in C
php long running process with 'at' acting very strangely
Circular dependency caused by managed assembly calling C++/CLI
PHP UTF-8 Encoding in HTML Input Box
GPS current location
access token expiration/renewal
Rails fails to install
Adding third party jar tools
2 Table Views on One Page - Two NSArrays
2 minor errors i just cant get my head round in C++!
Creating a customized language using Python
Pausing a timer using setitimer?
Google Custom Search Engine how to show ads with JSON/atom API
How to avoid Navigation of folders through URL manipulation
Facebook Event Picture from API
maps api3 load xml marker delay
Getting the Bundle args in the onLoadFinished CursorLoader callback
Sticky footer displaying through content with screen resize
Format output by two decimal digits and separate decimals by five spaces
Sending a MDB mesage from Servlet
How to proper clean up after delete in the navigation collection in one to many relationship EF 4.3.1
How can i take facebook url likes and creat page wit them? [closed]
iPhone App Appearance Swap?
iPhone calculator app crashing when trying to add object to NSSet
Sencha add dynamically tap listener to record list
Referencing foreign keys across different users
Safe to change field in large database (table structure)
Rabl return string Rails
GWT: You will not be able to access files from your working directory on the production
Round to 鈥渂eautiful鈥�value
How to create a 'rising' or 'What's hot' query in Mysql and PHP?
pushing unique data into vector
Unit test with controller parameters
hiding uitoolbar leaves gap at the top
How to stop Uploadify from displaying progress box
sys/stat S_ISDIR(m) with struct dirent
Binding backbone collection to view and underscore template on front end
Doesn't work JSF annotation @ListenerFor/@ListenersFor
MVC 3 HTML 5 and HTML 4
fopen Permission denied on a file with 777 permissions
nil is not a symbol when uploading file using Carrierwave
DragMove() and MouseDragElementBehaviour won't work in the same window?
Can I access the Google Maps API inside of Flash?
jQuery code doesn't work correctly in Chrome & IE
Cannot create folder in SdCard, Android
using aggregate function once instead of multiple times inside a stored procedure
Javascript Closure compiler -Exporting global variables
is there similarities between template method pattern and strategy pattern?
Should a Progress Bar (Horizontal) disappear after reaching 100%?
Should a Progress Bar (Horizontal) disappear after reaching 100%?
How to configure syslog so that an applications log goes to a specific file
How to live stream a desktop to html5 video tag
Rendering from WPF's internals to a Directx application
Assigning the result of fopen inside an if statement
Aptana won't start because workspace has change location
how send to google ping after add new post
Jquery mobile form wont submit nor post input to php script
Direct Mapped Cache Hit/Miss
displaying html report of session user id
Populate IEnumerable through XAML neatly?
Accessing XML data with jQuery?
Trouble getting file path in Netbeans project
How do I clear selection of a gridview row?
My NSMutableArray suddenly becomes a CALayer
trying to find best way to develop opengl es 2.0 in windows
Ruby: add a method to a module from a separate file and autoload it
ActiveRecord + Oracle connectivity issue
Using if statement when using values from the database
Windows phone 7 add items asynchronously to stackpanel
Facebook Open Graph API explorer offline_access tokens cant be ticked
Selenium set preference directory
css3 transition accordion menu
Use Facebook Graph Api to get info about comment?
Error: declaration of C function conflicts with previous declaration
Yahoo forecastjson gives XML error
Windows Mobile 7 - C# Converting SQL to Linq, deleting all but top 10 in table
Add support for new html tag
Pressing Enter to Continue
jQuery date format returning wrong time
Printing the hexadecimal representation of a char array[]
How do you accept one nested attribute, when that attribute is associated via has_many?
SQL/Entity Framework Error on Date Range query
get address after clicking in the map
Base number converter from 10 base with recursive function - C
jquery show div only on first hover
Display class object in new form window on click event?
installation guide of graylog2 web-interface on windows [closed]
Argument Error in Password Resets Controller
what is the xcode code for current image center?
Global Memory write drastically decrease performance
jQuery ui datepicker force minimum days to select
Opening a document in MS Word that is stored on the server
MVC3 authentication and anonymous users
fast way to select small sample from huge table
How do I avoid mass assignment vulnerability with dynamic roles?
Retrieving all data from a Database Column
Is there a workaround for the confirm popup bug in Firefox?
How detect when a vcl style is changed?
flot yaxsis and colors
Drupal 6 Views: Toggling filters on/off via checkbox?
Did factory method violates dependency inversion principle?
Getting an error when trying to computer the smallest distance between two integers
symfony2 FOSUserBundle redirecting wrong
snake game with allegro [closed]
How does a browser know and are not related
Rails Error: Could not find gem 'activerecord-mysql2-adapter (>= 0) ruby' in the gems available on this machine
How can I force Mediawiki to respect single line breaks?
Ruby on Rails tutorial: section 6.3 鈥�unknown attribute error
Cross browser Selecting elements by class name
Assitance with checking array items and placing them in a TextView
Jquery Scroll to bottom in Firefox AND Chrome
render model to json and use encode64 on one of the model's columns
Java - How to pass a paramter to an if statement 鈥渋f 鈥滷(x)鈥�found, pass 鈥漻 to the F function
MySQL detect field order pattern?
Disable a VIM plugin in a specific directory
SQLite3 - Updating a single column in a multi-column database
mysql orderby doesn't work on operations in the select part of the query?
Django mod-wsgi error 500 - nothing useful in log files
Dim / Darken the page with exception of <div> </div>
Sinatra cache control is not working
How to open alarm settings on tapping analog clock in android
Readprocessmemory into string
CreateIndexBuffer() crashes,some kind of pointer error.What could be causing this?
Somehow my GUI got stuck when I click on a button to perform a method call
I can access but not /APP_NAMESPACE/
Hide first_name and last_name in Django's admin
Adding an Array to a UITableView, using a UINavigationController on a Tab Bar based application
Passing variables without a form using url
data member initialization [closed]
Explanation of part of a PDF file
JavaScript: How to preload <object> image data? / JavaScript's Image vs. <object>
I open a new view and code is executed from the parent one
Arduino Serial.available() keeps increasing
Remove Get Variable from URL [duplicate]
ASP.NET Login system
AlertDialog not dismissing
What is the mistake in setting filter for Listview
How can I define, in the C programming language, a FIRST macro that let's me declare scoped variables?
copy character from string to another string in C
How to display RatingBar correctly?
Variables as JavaScript Array Names
Mysql PHP Arbitrary Increment
Should I add cursor:pointer to pseudo class :hover or not?