Error in pushing code to Heroku
entry() get into the different address from the entry point I set in the Elf
Simulated Annealing
unable to parse '' as integer, then it quits
How can I change a label with a date once the system date changes in iOS?
Checkbox onClick Fill Text Box - Not Working
how to mirror a LAN site with login
How do I realize setup() and teardown() before each unit test in the Objective-C Xcode bundle?
HTML table with different number of cells in each row: how to space the cells evenly in their row?
Cipher A Message, And Then Decode It in Objective-C
How to Use a Web Service to Update TextBox controls in ASP.NET?
What's wrong with this case expression that uses conditions?
Need a python module for stemming of text documents
Confusion with Haskell type inference
Creating User Define Function to Convert Dates in SQL Server
adding a new value to database, no error but does not enter
How to save integer greater than 64 bits in C++?
How to convert HashMap<String,Integer> param to Map<String,Object)
Shuffling a deck in Java
How to delete a SimpleXMLElement? [duplicate]
Invoking an ICommand that is assigned in xaml
My function that calculates the product of two dynamic arrays does not work
How to add UserControl to Canvas of MainView from multiple ViewModels in WPF MVVM
Final issue w/LDAP authentication to Windows AD from Linux, Win7 Tortoise clients
Python Cant find attribute in module and strange behavior
form_for building in rails, what can someone infer?
Replacing files in a file structure similar to a file system?
Twilio client library on Appengine
Extract data from HTML table row column
WinRT Replacement of System.Environment.TickCount
Regular Expression to match all characters up to next match
Support css3 rotate and scale on IE8 and earlier
Simplify xml node using if-else condition by XSLT
opendir: Too many open files
Python permutation
Can't get .php to output to the browser
Find last used element in object array
valid value for name attribute in html
Read in Comma separated list of files, output without commas without iteration
Integrating RESTFUL api in my application
Is the user_id from the facebook api unique?
In SQL need to extract values from 2 columns containing NULL values
Postgresql lowercase to compare data
setOnItemLongClickListener for Expanded ListView gives incorrect itemIndex if preceding group is expanded
Can a Windows Installer perform logic like a normal application
FB understanding the action taken for a Send Dialog [duplicate]
Altering MySQL table to add foreign key constraint leads to errors
Implementing Parcelable
SET A, 0x1E vs SET A, 0x1F
Any software to find and replace within zip files?
Implementing chat in Rails
how to create folder and sub-folder in a document library in SharePoint 2010 automatically when creating and new folder?
How to customize the list of categories in WordPress
When do we get an 鈥淎ssertionError: HDF dataset not available. Check your clearsilver installation鈥�
Overlaying R county map onto a state map
Will these variables live throughout the life time of the main frame?
Is Hackage open-source-only?
Recursive function in node.js giving unexpected results
Use created attribute with javascript in select list
MIPS assembler memory alignment issue (detailed code included)
why can't my javascript detect for mobile devices?
forcefully logout a specific user among all online users
Moving string from ClassA to Class B in Calendar on android
Javasound not playing .m4a files through JAAD (an SPI)
Multiprocessing module showing memory for each child process same as Main process.
How do I get real time updates for a users wall in the Facebook sdk for iOS?
Bootstrap collapse with just one element shown
Label cuts-off at the end of the client's rectangle
How do I find the count of concatenated columns of int and string data types in SQL CE?
Need ideas with my music player
A thread barrier class using only Win32 APIs
what javascript library exists that allows partial loading of a larger image? [closed]
Testing Nodejs with Coffeescript
use object name in a loop
Android: Difference between FileOutputStream and FileWriter
Java integration in Processing
Rails 3, get a list of all controller names from a model?
php include file from different server
sample code for displaying hierarchical data of N depth in iPhone app
iPhone calculator tutorial help, decimal style..again
Use variable to access multiple objects
Facebook Deauthorize Callback over HTTPS
Force disconnect TCP connection when server gone
Block not fired
C++ : Reduce reserved space with std::vector::reserve [duplicate]
Error parsing JSON string
Xcode showing current date on the Datepicker while creating a map app
deleting node from a binary search tree
Am I violating the Law of Demeter here?
Hello world app for Nancy Framework does not compile
Java Receiving CORBA Callback with Swing
How do I point multiple domain names at a single Google App Engine application?
Get integer before float's decimal point (Objective-c)
grails maven integration
MonoTouch: Sending / Receiving NSData Though GameKit
how to use QWidget::scroll ( int dx, int dy ) in Qt?
cURL POST: 400 Invalid content length
Xubuntu or Ubuntu [closed]
fit iframe to content not working in Chrome
C#/WP7: Working with a JSON object that includes an array of JSON objects
How to dock bottom of control A to location of a variable-size control B
Flask tutorial: Stylesheet does not work
How to handle syncs between server instances in a cloud? [closed]
Get integer before float's decimal point (Objective-c)
grails maven integration
MonoTouch: Sending / Receiving NSData Though GameKit
how to use QWidget::scroll ( int dx, int dy ) in Qt?
cURL POST: 400 Invalid content length
Xubuntu or Ubuntu [closed]
fit iframe to content not working in Chrome
C#/WP7: Working with a JSON object that includes an array of JSON objects
How to dock bottom of control A to location of a variable-size control B
Flask tutorial: Stylesheet does not work
How to handle syncs between server instances in a cloud? [closed]
Strange associative array with punctuation behavior
Finding lag at which cross correlation is maximum ccf( )
Define object's prototype in a self executing function
ActionListener for a menu item using JGraphMenu
URLForResource working in Debug but not Release?
Array .each() loop returning string instead of value in jQuery
How to run ASP.NET and PHP on same machine?
Align contents of div to the bottom
Can Google Drive transfer files from Docs to Picasa? [closed]
How to write many cells to a text file
Combining multiple if statements
How do I find the plane at which two hyperplanes intersect?
Intersection and Union in Java Errors [closed]
JS helper link for a different action
WCF fails to deserialize JSON request
Time Complexity for an algorithm
Validation Message
Synthesizing Music in JavaScript
Emgu SetCaptureProperty CV_CAP_PROP_POS_FRAMES does not work as expected
How do I access hash data in sinatra?
PDF from UIWebview sent to apps in 鈥淥pen In鈥︹� Menu
Why this code doesn't create 10 lines in WPF?
How to check if record exists, if not insert
MVC3 razor how to handle button clicks for each of the dynamically created button sets
鈥渋ncompatible types when initializing type鈥�after initializing an struct with an union inside
iOS Leaderboard GameCenter
ruby on rails condition on a method - ruby on rails 2
javascript how to use a variable to reference an object
Executing HTTP request inside a thread - Error
Why are large array indices not stored properly?
How to get tomcat to understand MacRoman (x-mac-roman) charset from my Mac keyboard?
Can't match any option in bash select statement
Objective-C/Cocoa: Detect all keypresses
Java Servlet Web XML URL Mapping
uninitialized constant ImageUploader::CarrierWaveDirect
terminal version of mcrypt
TypeError in __iter__
Javascript - JSON string replacement
php load data into fancybox when is load with JSON
Compiling Bullet physics and Boost together as static libraries
PHP replacement for mime_content_type
My mod_rewrite code in htaccess caused the page to not load
return an object javascript
ImageView will not trigger after click on the image, but will trigger after click on TextView
Using nodejs's Forever to output console.logs to screen
Launch helper from sandboxed application
Displaying GUI frame with Swing
Rendering new form for a nested Ruby on Rails Resource
How to animate a specific instance of a class?
Apply Jquery Masonry and Infinite Scrolling to Tumblr Theme
I'm having a repeating try block issue
Update/Refresh Dynamically鈥揅reated WxPython Widgets
how to make qmenu item checkable pyqt4 python
Finishing an Activity in Android
Check if piece of string exists inside array
How can you make an about message under the Application name menu on a Mac?
Pass php string into Javascript array with httpRequest
Deploying a Java servlet based application from local server onto Virtual server
Open source code licensing guidance [closed]
benchRun query with sort by date field
Occassional ECONNREFUSED errors
Lucene : How to give more importance to certain documents ?
why ImageView can't update before SystemClock.sleep()
Clojure Domina Tutorial
a pointer about *argv[]
SQLite Delete from New Table data that exists in old table
CheckBox and selectedObjects
Using structs/classes to increase cache spatial locality?
How can I check Windows version and conditional-compile a section of code based on this version using Cabal?
Where is 鈥渃reate project from existing source鈥�in eclipse Indigo?
JSP - transferring data from controller to scriptlet
What signal might pthread_join() cause?
How to make WTForms read from the datastore?
EJB - How to search by non-indexed fields?
Ajax JSON Not Returning
maintain MPI version and non MPI version in a convenient way
Notifying a player of a change in their standing in a tournament [closed]
How to get project workspace details
Attributes of another jQuery plugin instance getting overridden
Best design for storing related things [closed]
Marking highlight / important notes in VS 2010
call javascript functions without receiver
How to get python 3 to display html and dynamic content when running http.server
How to markup a transparent pygtk pycairo window and save the combined image?
How do I bind an IEnumerable to a Repeater in aspx markup?
CLR20r3 DllNotFoundException in Mono project; How to check what dependencies I need?
Code using GPL-licensed libraries in statically linked executables?
jcombobox filter in java - Look and feel independent
Merge two or more XML node using XSLT [closed]
Exclude first page from Table of Contents in pisa / xhtml2pdf
Creating table header on top of table header dynamically
Jquery append element to Div and hide on mouseout
Sudoku solver bug
SQL contact site
MVC3 Parent Child Views
Running a php script from cron not picking the $_SERVER['host'] wheras running from CLI works
Inno Setup if and language
Partitioning a list in Racket
Multiplex address and data to show string of letters over parallel port
many to many association quesion
Using [NSObject load] to initialized system with no autorelease pool
Config troubles consuming Web Service ASP.Net (Not WCF)
Rails autocomplete and acts-as-taggable-on
function codes for MIPS architecture
Is there a time_from_now gem?
PHP - How to construct and write a byte to a binary file
What is the best way to clear out a Deque of pointers? [duplicate]
How do I upgrade Java Compiler?
python multiprocessing pool Assertion Error in interpreter
find free variables in lambda expression
node.js readfile woes
How do I disable the overscroll and the bounce in an android listview?
How to get a list of file names in a directory in Python
Associative Array with Vector in C++
fprintf issues in RPC C program
Issue with System.Uri
how are android security permissions checked at run-time?
Javascript - JSON date formatting
Can a Titanium iOS module access files in the Titanium app?
Storing a pointer's address in an unsigned int in C
Current size limit of a Facebook fan page photo album? [closed]
Generating nice looking BETA keys
Beautiful Soup Page Source Error
Simple linq2sql query to display in crystal report
About haskell, how to define function in file?
How to show the original price in the shopping cart in Magento
How to parse json data received from a jQuery ajax call in php
Reading album art using php-reader (zend)
preg_match_all not working when trying to get all characters including whitespace
Reduced noise in debug view of stl types
files not indexed but never deleted in the working directory with git?
Unexpected behavior using iterators with nested vectors
WPF Binding DataTable Row Column to textbox
Spring Security : How to rename the 鈥淿spring_security_remember_me鈥�checkbox field?
How to read external GeoJSON file from openlayers?
Learning how to use Clojure (Language) with Closure (Google Library)
Running kmeans function on matrix with NaN?
Inserting Pin programmatically to access a private key on a smart card
Retrieving a table cell's text once clicked in jQuery
TableLayoutPanel evenly spaced cells
On iOS, why changing the frame of a CALayer didn't cause an animation?
Where is TreeView.Nodes[int].Name in C#?
Add numbers to the end of a decimal point (Objective-c)
XML-serializing a nested class including a list
How to I disconnect VisualSVN from my Solution?
lua-CoatPersistent, would this work with Corona SDK?
Run a multi-module Maven project
skipping after_filter in inherited controller in rails
Google Drive HTTP 403 鈥淎ccess Not Configured鈥�error with DrEdit
Textarea Sideways Scrolling Cancellation
Transparent NSWindow can only be grabbed where pixels are
Cannot find libcrypto library error
Rails, Devise: If an annonymous user tries to access a page - redirect user to sign in page.
Rails 3 undefined method `create' for nil:NilClass error while trying create a related object
Javascript function taking too long to complete?
UIImageView shifted when I click my back button
Store User data temporary on ASP.Net MVC
No action after PHP form Posted to SQL
Implementing a SOA in Django using celery
JavaScript Constructor Argument
How to read Scala API documentation?
Azure table storage query returning data from wrong partition?
What points to a pointer?
UIAlertView button opens a new view, but the navigation and tool bars are missing
Event Handling doesnot work for the following wxpython code.No error after I Run it.The Frame/buttons displayed
How can I tell if it is an object or an array?
is `<element />` to `<element> </element>` valid?
Save the state of a NSMutableArray with Core Data Entities as content
How do I highlight a country with the google maps api v3?
Abstract constants in PHP - Force a child class to define a constant
How to convert arbitrary JSON into a usable structure in Java
How to install clang 3.1 using macports? (OSX, snow leopard)
On iOS, why can UIGestureRecognizer be instantiated, if it is an abstract class?
GetElementsByTagName in C#
How does std::vector's copy constructor operate?
Backbone click event not firing
How to delete everything in a table sql
meanings of mov instruction in nasm
why throwing ThreadAbortException don't kill the process?
Use Built In Soft Keyboard in Win 8 DirectX Metro App
An equivalent to If contains using SQL?
Change textblock from class#.cs windows phone
Populate UITableView with custom objects?
dpi for downloadable images
Localize Listpicker Items in Windows Phone 7
mysql join query with sum retuns null
Python: How can add words to a list?
Android SQLite: Convert long to Date and back
xcode / cocoa: Reuse identifiers in custom cells
mysql join query with sum retuns null
Python: How can add words to a list?
Android SQLite: Convert long to Date and back
xcode / cocoa: Reuse identifiers in custom cells
Adding button in Django admin and show modal box
Normal Activity and Tab Activity
Get razor intellisense in library project?
How can I load a vertex with related vertex as a collection
Core data parent entity generated NSManagedObject subclass
XML parsing in Opa
MySQL: (Fulltext/Index) Search on 鈥渙ne-word-columns鈥�
How to traverse Subversion repository to find specific file, and stop searching further down?
Is there a way to make maven build class files with UTF-8 without using the external JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS?
How to convert a character column of data frame to Posixlt type
Simple Trigonometry?
tinyMCE textarea and imagemanager on same page conflict
How can the tab selection indicators be removed in the Android 3.0+ action bar?
Android setEGLContextClientVersion() is not registering properly
pass Ckeditor value to div text without html tags?
List of users Chat application
Ksoap and HttpTransport Seand AndroidHttpTransport Method Call
Validating an entry in TK/Tcl
NSTokenField not editable
Algorithm Complexity Time
Bind named datagridview column with specific column in datatable
any way to disable fixtures app-wide?
Sublime Text 2: View working directory/directory of file
Why this message: does not contain a definition for 'Controls' and no extension method 'Controls' accepting a first argument
How to show a popup box when user click Login on LoginStatus Control
java short how can I tell if a carry is needed
oracle - run stored procedure from script
use .obj file from blender 2.62+, in java with Eclipse for Android openGL ES
HashMap.put causing an infinite loop in Java
How to store the id from the one table to another in ruby on rails 2
Page reloads after loading a connected FB account using Facebook Login Plugin
Can the Chrome Web Inspector be docked to the side of the browser window rather than the bottom?
Push in a new table view
QRegExp - color word before ::
Session object does not have `request_token`
StreamWriter overwriting previous records?
applying multiple limits
Android: lifecycle, onRestoreInstanceState not called when Phone turned
Why does this SQL statement fail when two columns share the same LIKE statement?
Drupal webform url to edit existing response to field
Rails : file upload using paperclip plugin - changing the default location where files are stored
Emacs syntax highlighting of nested regular expressions
How to return @Html.ActionLink
Handling sessions with procedural PHP
Speak to a device using TCP/IP
longblob base64 image from db
PHP search array using wildcard?
Extension only works when Chrome starts
Generated Identifier Too Long For Constraint Name
How do i create a Parent surrogate key that corresponds to the Primary surrogate key?
Evaluating multiple conditions at once using PHP
More design patterns?
Using CKEditor / TinyMCE with Meteor
undetermined string literal error
a null progressbar is created?
matplotlib animated plot wont update labels on axis using blit
LINQ to xml query with performance issue
Counting the number of DIVs placed into a DIV via drag and Drop
Proper Unix (.profile, .bash_profile) changes for Python usage
What can you do with server-side includes & htaccess
DotNetOpenAuth SSO sample behavior
How to email an invoice in
how to insert data in my databse using entitymanger?
Grab facebook user ID and pass from iOS app to MySQL?
what is benefit of sending xml using jms
Issues with Pool and multiprocessing in Python 3
what is the fastest way to rotate a bmp image in C?
iPhone app programming
how to call a public class to display gui in java using jformdesigner
PHP image uploader rename image?
How to reduce number of requests to the Datastore
Are there any good tutorials or examples on how to use Java ObjectPool/pools?
Jquery mobile data-rel=鈥渄ialog鈥�doesnot work on iphone or ipad
Webservice, Axis & OSGI (knopflerfish)
Multiple Running Totals with Group By
Would regex be a good choice to parse SMTP received lines
How to test POSIX compatibility?
Parsing a JSON array into a NSDictionary
MongoDB Array Search in Query or client side
Apache mod_rewrite rule as subdomain
Const at the end of function declaration in C++ [duplicate]
Finding Public Events in your area [closed]
Structure of Ruby Programs
combine items of list
Pyparsing 'no such attribute _ParseResults__tokdict' on multi-line inputs
Logical Comparison == operator overload
Sharepoint ListAdded event
AS3 How would I get an enemy to throw something?
How to use double Buffered AWT Animations in Java
Error Importing GTKMOZEMBED
iOS5 classes on iOS4
Post without title in Jekyll
Decode an base64 encoded string through php in javascript
Problems in summing two polynomials using python
What is the best/worst/average time efficiency of the double metaphone algorithm?
Arrange Rows in a MySQL table using a 鈥渟ort鈥�column
more flexible tagName in Backbone.js view
mysql triggers on multiple instances
Vector C++ error [duplicate]
Graphing Activity budges that will also incorporate behavior
Venn Diagram Drawing Algorithms
How to get the file extension in PHP? [duplicate]
How to use parent viewcontroller to launch uiactionsheet so that it does not get clipped?
Accessing SQLite database from another class
Java: How do I simulate probability?
undefined method in rails
jqgrid three dependent dropdowns
Putting expressions (plotmath) in the legend key labels
Ckeditor Outline in Chrome/Safari
how to transfer textboxt value between 2 cases in switch
Higher Level API For Sensor Values Pitch And Roll
multiple automated tasks to run ubuntu 10.04 server
Find by clicking any cell or table data, its left and top headers
plotting pie graphs on map in ggplot
How to deliver a response to a client after a Node.js server gets a message from a AMQP queue?
printing contents of 2d vector
How to extract a json object that's inside a json object
beautiful soup extract a href from google search
Is using a mySQL column a sane way to achieve global locking?
Is the python C API entirely compatible with C++?
python dictionary structure, speed concerns
How to apply media query CSS rules to iframe content
Unit Testing Claims in .Net MVC app
VB code to C# code
send and receive data between 2 application in c++
very slow website loading speed
UnsatisifiedLinkError - Any idea on how to fix this?
How to share a data access layer (Services and Domain Classes) between multiple Grails apps
Dynamically setting bg image with viewgroup.layoutparams
Encode a RSA public key to DER format
'SyntaxError: invalid syntax' in python 3 IDLE
How to get rid of the undefined index below? [duplicate]
Cassandra user maintained CF indexes
Why in Xcode, Groups can be created, but not real folders?
Play audio when user exits my website
Get Lines after specific occurrence in linux log file
Split with empty line delimiter
MSMQ - send from one computer to another
Sentence parsing with regular expressions including bullet lists in java
read a line in textfile, put it in listview
Jquery append element to Div and show/hide on hover
jquery/javascript - check if input (password) has some duplicated characters
PHP example from tutorial won't run all the way through
Like Button stopped displaying
Writing a function in MIPS with global variables?
creating objects and polymorphism
Update of a row in MVC 3
Parameters to STL list::insert
鈥淪CRIPT5039: Redeclaration of const property鈥�in IE9
Source folder 鈥渟rc鈥�does not exist - have you run forge create yet?
Efficiently plotting large number of markers on CloudMade map
aligning input fields in divs
OutOfMemory and NegativeArraySize exception
Codes works jsfiddle not working on dreamweaver
Android Google Play marketplace changed permissions in application now won't allow update
replace a mysql database table if it exists
.htaccess 404 error page relative url
Android: Broadcast Receiver and Service issues
Arithmetic operators in JADE
Uninitialized to Boolean C++
Which datatype for flag?
How to auto close inactive program?
Visual Studio: cannot access resources from code
Gathering sent events from UITextField
cakephp 2.0 blog tutorial redirect order
OpenGL simultaneous translate and rotate around local axis
I am new to c++. So please help me in following snippet
Best design pattern for fragment activity
Upload progress for each file with formidable
if number is between two numbers by plus/minus 10 addclass
How to trigger several changes as 鈥渦nit鈥�with knockout.js
what address do I need to have to host a restful WCF service publicly off my computer?
weird db error from query for calendar array
how to detect racing conditions in multi-threaded programs at debug phase [closed]
How to use POST method in Tornado?
How to prevent question mark in diamond shape from showing up?
addCondition with addQuickSearch
Android Tabhost save state of tabs
substr_count not working with new lines?
Update Field schema in Django Model
Creating an Array of Structures on the Heap in C++
Facebook ios logout method does not work
PHP: Can I guarantee that date('s') will always return an unique value?
Firefox vs. Firefox Mobile (Fennec): Are there javascript detectable differences?
GWT: High resource usage during mvn goals
Limit JTextField character input
performSegueWithIdentifier failing presentPopoverFromBarButtonItem Popovers cannot be presented from a view which does not have a window
What is quine meant for?
Multiple JLabel MouseListeners
Custom listview for AlertDialog
Syntax error in the Constructor.The Keyword class was used and then removed
C++ - How to find the rank of a matrix
Create a list of sets of atoms
IE9 createTreeWalker - no such interface supported
WPF cannot access nested control
Refresh SQLDataReader on button click
Refresh SQLDataReader on button click
Looking for API call to Block Application ID
Apache with Eruby not parsing require statement properly
Data type mismatch in VB 2008
Binary Search Tree Remove
Im getting exception Typeload what the exception can be?
WIndow preloader comes in delayed in jquery
Posting data to php script with sammy.js
Install AMD OpenCL CPU driver with an Nvidia graphic card
Graphic Pen 1 Sided Width?
Dynamically generating databases in MVC3 EF
UILabel AutoResize cuts off the top part of the text
Catching exceptions inflating layouts
in `%': Array can't be coerced into Fixnum (TypeError) Trying to reduce lines of Ruby Code
What does ruby syntax mean?
Android Bluetooth enable error
Disabling radio button in jsp based on map value struts2
Display on Webpage Number of iPhone app downloads
Python with statement
calculating the best speedup
Github-api giving 404 when passing json-data with python + urllib2
Jar has grey screen, not rendering displaying pixels etc
html5/android touchcancel
PartialView() does not return a View with a underscore
Is it possible to allow anonymous user to browse only few files from a folder
Get Selected Text custom server control
Writing into RandomAccessFile then re-printing [closed]
Follow up about using VBA to send e-mail
Access output of motion sensors of connected iPhone from Mac OS
how to control a combo box by using another combo box swing
How to run the example code for a gem such as Vacuum?
MYSQL+Unable to connect from PHP
powershell error wmi
Creating procedure or function in Ada task
String Concatenation / Overwriting?
Ubuntu not detecting Rails installation
class methosd (ruby)
Semi-automatic annotation tool - How to find RDF Triplets
I'm working on creating a static node.js server
jQuery broken href [closed]
Adding View from Different ViewModel to MainWindow?
Populate an array/list with sums
Issue with calculation
Object pointer issue
How do I add a predictive text to my search field for searching data from mysql data base?
PHP Date String Format
MVC3 & html form. how to get params from URL?
Ruby scan regex will not match optional
Port Forwarding on website
Two simple mysql query
How can I read in project's into a site?
creating a sum tree from leafs
Java Swing/AWT - painting objects with context menus
Using Non-Local Data/Media Files with a C++ Application (gtkmm)
Give style for &raquo;
Sprites optimized for retina display
Running python script in terminal, nothing prints or shows up - why?
multiple definition of `Scheduler::_singleton', importing header twice
xpath:number returns false for 鈥�鈥�
Cannot open output file in qt
Mulitargeting C# project files with Mono and MonoDevelop
Update JTextFields text every 3 seconds after pressing button
PDF output from MATLAB and inclusion in LaTeX
ICU's MessageFormat on iOS
Multiple lookup set
dependent popup window persists even when parent is gone
multi-language .htaccess redirect to subdomain
Android: NAT Traversal?
How do you take data from Python sort and perform some math on the tuple without messing up the sort order?
igraph for python
Clearing my JFrame & JPanel in a new game
swfobject - clickable swf - very unique set of circumstances
MySQL Slow query: count articles, group by category, any way to optimize?
Forward Proxy to Gateway of WLAN Accesspoint
EF4.3 linking viewbag item to viewmodel
Java multiple file transfer over socket
Is there an XML schema for the Tomcat 6 context.xml?
Rails 3, will_paginate, random, repeating records, Postgres, setseed failure
How to transform this img code like this in php (regex pattern) [duplicate]
Javascript : Event listener defined inside function of object literal making the code dead
Can I use <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC 鈥�//W3C//DTD XHTML 4.01 Transitional//EN鈥�鈥渉ttp://鈥�> in Visual Studio 2010?
linking to a static 0MQ library in VS
How to tell your viewController to update and pass it an object with the update specifics?
Variation in Pointer address values
how do I create a DOMSelection object from a specific node?
Servlet gets weird character with US International keyboard on Mac
combining rotated and un-rotated graph in R
Java - Is calling sort() upon an already sorted list an O(1) operation?
accordion in joomla module for form inserted from jumi
Compass not importing extensions in Rails 3.2
WCF CallBack implementation [closed]
Facebook Page Crawler / Access tokens
Trying to sort results from a multi-column fulltext mysql search
Cannot load remote webpage in mvc modal
P/Invoking to Native DLL with Runtime Filename
Android app connected to Ajax chat
Which GUI framework/component should I use. I am using Spring MVC with Java and intend to create web applications
ruby on rails parse string and output the result into an existing table
what is the difference between (NSString) *name and (NSString *) name in objective c
Naming the new instances of a class with numbers
Naming the new instances of a class with numbers
How to allow users to edit a post using the sql UPDATE statement?
Rails start up is very slow [closed]
StringBuilder Append vs AppendFormat efficiency in C#
Android: Append not shown ActionItems to Icon instead of Context Menu
UITableView with Core Data ordered by time, not alphabetically
Bitwise shifting array of char's
Assignment = operator overloading
Vector Initialisation in C++
Heroku(Cedar) + Node + Express + Jade Client-side javascript files in subdirectory work locally with foreman+curl but not when pushed to Heroku
Grails error installing searchable plugin
Troubles crafting a flexible CSS Layout for displaying user comments in a text balloon
Match comma separated list with Ruby Regex
Why is System.Random giving '1' a lot of times in a row, then not for a while, then again?
Sax error on hero
Java Bit Operation on Long - Removing some bits
Converting Kinect Methods from Beta 2, to Version 1
Block access to folder or file in Mac OS X [closed]
How do I join multiple tables to fetch the results based on a given criteria?
R unexpected NA output from RandomForest
mmap file shared via nfs?
Save image from another model/controller via url and not form post
Move background on click event jQuery
how to post to a fan's wall from facebook page tab app? [closed]
C++ Win32: fast word processing-style text rendering under Windows 7
Opencart re-cache product pages after import
Multiple items are (wrongly) selected in a menu consisting of RadioMenuItems
Failed to install project.apk on device 'emulator-5554
Google Apps config via DNS zone file [closed]
Loading XAML having a data-binding with conditional string format fails
C++ Making 2D game graphics with GTK+
Is there any performance benefit of using objects in php? [closed]
Visual C++ Undo and Redo operations
How to override a small part of a method?
Can't parse json Data via YAJLiOS
Spectral Subtraction in Java - using JMathLib
how to insert $$ and put the cursor between them in autopair-mode
Integration facebook api to iOS app
C++11 number of days since date
getJSON error - not sure where I'm going wrong
Need help finding/traversing dom in Javascript
Populate hash on the fly: keys in one file and values in another
Display multicolumn graph
Trying to do a php/mysql search and need to break string into array and search
$_session value counter
how would one multiplies two big integers in LISP
Is there any way to play and stop the sound in other view?
how to put an unsigned int into a char array and extract it back
How can i avoid same image name at the point of upload to filesystem
Replacing AJAX with cURL in php
Set specified build system as default for a file type on sublime text 2
Keeping password length uniform internally and keeping salt secret?
I'm Programming a sticky note that won't stick
Using Drupal 7 views, merge data fields from 2 content types to a single row
Easy VSIX get started?
Importing a library in MS Visual Studio from the same solution
Running a remote development environment in Rails
Is there a way to let my 鈥淔ile association鈥�not to be opened by the application?
How to deal with relative imports in a Python package
Writing a login screen like default android pattern lock
Make an offscreen dragable view (like iOS 5 Notification center)
How do you do a require and a function in coffescript together?
Delete Function
final link failed: Invalid argument when including windows.h
How to do you get an character to jump?
phpexcel excel data insert issue
UILocalnotification is not appearing when the application is in the background
Objects not storing/retrieving correctly in vector (C++)
Symfony 2 Assetic. Don't see single css or js file
Center object with jQuery and CSS
Java Hadoop: How can I create mappers that take as input files and give an output which is the number of lines in each file?
Are there CSS alternatives to the deprecated HTML attributes 鈥渁lign鈥�and 鈥渧align鈥� [duplicate]
Printing a decimal in non-scientific form in Mathematica
How can I get my C++ program to compile on Unix?
Mount a postgresql database from S3
Upsert with Mongoskin (node.js and mongodb)
Choosing ruby version that Aptana recognize?
Can inheritance be used with Codea?
Combo Box For ASP Page
Is it possible just to update the details in the pypi index, without recreating package?
Rails: Run a feedreading script (1h) every day. Suggestions?
How to recurse directory tree to operate on lower most directories first and highest directories last?
Handling a cron job after a post
missing TwitterTemplate
compiler error preventing iOS project from compiling
Revise my DB schema of surveys please
Django Test Database looks empty while test is runnin
CoreGraphics: How to find out if a PDF file has entries in its catalog?
Ruby on Rails: associations
How to sort AND limit Noe4j result using Gremlin?
Parsing XML in javascript without a browser-specific xml parser?
How to define mysql engine or default charset with Ebean automatic DDL generation
Don't show slideshow image caption
How to use an IF (or other) statement in PHP to look for a MYSQL table?
Excel shortcut opens latest installed version
Lock mysql table column
font-face is not printed by IE (8)
What is producing 鈥淭ypeError character mapping must return integer鈥︹� in this python code?
m2eclipse is unable to locate C: Program Files Java jre6 .. lib tools.jar
How to have hash for number that does'nt change with permutations?
mp3 sent OK, but mp4 not (Django & X-Sendfile) [closed]
How do I trap NumberFormatException thrown by parseInt
Photoshop pattern program
Calling ostream friend function of base class in c++
Initializer element is not a compile-time constant error
dynamically generated query?
A tricky SQL statement using 3 tables with a status check
How do you disable the default rescue to user-friendly static pages in Ruby on Rails?
PHP in CSS background
SQL query for nested records
Android: tutorials on integrating Skiller or Swarm [closed]
Why are my Android logcat logs being lost on device boot up?
Const return values in Java
Android automatically re-sizing bitmaps
Arduino Mega 2560, how get the borad firmware version?
View.Invisible - images stay on the screen
What is a 鈥渙rder line鈥�
Tools for modularizing big CSS files & aggregating smaller CSS files
Entity Framework 4.3.1 Code First relation not working when getting data
Redirecting my output from a Makefile
ListBox AllowHTML in c#
Authenticating to Trello API using RestSharp
Problems with trying to open Contacts list?
java: General approach to out-of-memory error
Column BG image won't extend to 100% height
Embedding JavaScript in ASPNET1.1 C#
iPhone Calculator decimal digits reversed on input
Array as Parameter from Rails Select Helper
MYSQL ordering columns in my query
I'm using this scrolling bookmark js script, why aren't my target id's lining up?
How to call a function in javascript without HTML?
IIS URL rewrite in child virtual directory not redirecting
Tweepy and streaming
JSF Authentication: cannot intercept error messages
Trouble Setting Frames of NSView
Sequence diagram should consist of View objects, DB objects, etc.?
Cross table delete with mysql
C# WPF WebBroswer Control: How to use JavaScript
KineticJS onFrame is slow and jerky
Events aren't fields - I don't get it
UTF-8: showing correctly in database, however not in HTML despite utf-8 charset
Move or browse photos and email attachments from within Google Drive
Hibernate 4 not creating Tables
鈥淚nvalid to many relationship in setPropertiesToFetch鈥�error trying to group a many to many relationship
Recursive call function in jQuery AJAX withajaxStop
R filtering out a subset
Android self organiser with calendarView
how to return matches value using preg_replace()
Compare a string read by network stream
R filtering out a subset
Android self organiser with calendarView
how to return matches value using preg_replace()
Compare a string read by network stream
using jquery one() function as a hack to prevent multiple click events from firing
How to redirect root of the project to specific page in a Primefaces+JSF2.0 application using JBOSS 7
JBOSS: where to find jboss.xml
find element nth position within parent
xcode custom ttf font not working
Multiple themes in
Generate different elements with an if statement
overloading parenthesis operator for Set() and Get()
Editing a tableview in a tabbed application
configuring phpmyadmin and mysql
Java Finding Set Bits of Long
M2Crypto - import keys from non-standard file? datatable to List(of T) 3.5
Custom UIImageView in UITableViewCell
CSS table equally-spaced columns
Compare a pointer to an integer in C [closed]
Facebook server-side authentication flow: is this the right 鈥渃ode?鈥�
How can I make a table鈥攐r something table-like鈥攆low across CSS 3 columns?
Efficient way to find if an integer is one of sums of integers
Is tar ignoring --after-date option?
Can I search on a specific line with regex in Python? [closed]
Converting a string to date (ios5)
how to get access to resultset or using rowcallbackhandler when using SimpleJdbcCall
How to allow exceptions when using Melander's DragDrop suite
Sum one table where columns match another table and join the results
compare two lists in python and return indices of matched values
Working with millions of MySQL rows
How can I use a 'next generation' java data object style together with interfaces?
php script only being server to two clients at a time
CookieContainer manual cookie override
Why is pow(-infinity, positive non-integer) +infinity?
Android - How can i search for information in a SQL Database
Linux incoming/outgoing packets modifying module
Android Tab Layout Design - Best Approach
Android: Widget Text fit in Widget
calling object's properties using super (or how to access super view button in a sub view)
Core Plot - Assigning a CPTGraphHostingView from a class
Setting TIME field to NULL with Zend_Db
Randomly rolled powerups all activate, instead of just one
Refactoring after changing local variable into instance variable
Add indent to a plain javascript code string
JTattoo appears in JMenu dropdown
How can I run the wordCount example in Hadoop?
Doxygen : how to strip eu.mycompany from the package names
There is a section in size inspector with name Autosizing. How to do it from code in OS X?
EF4.3 + sqlite many-to-many relationships
Best Practice: Unit testing a method that takes in a Socket as an argument?
posting on facebook user's friend wall not working
Can you please help me modify this JavaScript? [closed]
Samsung Touchwiz lists widget
OpenSSL using EVP vs. algorithm API for symmetric crypto
How refer to variable in ViewController from AppDelegate?
How to switch on the mouse over effect of a button programmatically?
What should be the type expression of a 2D array?
Form submission event error in jQuery
Apache MyFaces JSF2.0 bug: getStateHelper().put doesn't save anything?
SetText String[] in a TextView
display one article from multiple posts per month
c++ using templates with a singleton
Google App Engine and CORS
Search with relevance ranking using containstable and freetext
Within the Containing Class, Use Property or Field?
how can I know if the user has left the page in wicket?
Jquery Slides, i want one open at all times
Have a script simulate a control, keypress sequence?
How to send an HttpPost message to the Drive service of MRDS
replace function in javascript with regularexpression [duplicate]
oauth_problem=consumer_key_rejected using Scribe library
only show first # words, using jquery
Image analysis on scientific chromatograms
Integer pointers in C?
javascript terminology for that variable scope thing
.net Configuration Error allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level?
How do I call an empty or default version of a model in CakePHP?
<object> tag doesn't refresh when its data attribute is changed in Chrome [duplicate]
Moving code from Xcode 3 to 4 produces error: Cannot declare variable inside @interface or @protocol
APK Installation
Javascript: access parental function's variables
Delete duplicate strings in string array does not (re)generate po/
Equality in javascript objects?
Drawing Rects on HTML5 canvas
Base64-like string conversion, to smaller character set
Comparing and displaying SQL results efficiently
How to send attachments (images) and nested params using XHR to uplaoad file in titanium?
SQL statement to determine rating of a row/record based on comparison performed among columns?
Exporting Java Program that uses Unlimited JCE Policy (Encryption)
update command not working in gridview
how to draw smooth/anti-aliased circle in opengl?
HTTP GET of GWT cache file returns truncated file
How to pass object as method parameter in vbscript
In-order multi-threaded message processing
Python ImportError cannot import urandom Since Ubuntu 12.04 upgrade
Opposite of this if?
how to modify a file using Perl, adding and replacing strings between double qoutes
Complex Event Processing
How to use method in a view that i put controls on it from subclass of one of that controls
Read content of a file off a remote svn repo without checking it out locally
Sockets and client bukkit plugin
Finding out when someone purchased your app
Set LayoutParams Opacity
Regex: String.split and Pattern.matches does not agree with each other
Removing a row in ListView [android Application]
jquery getting value of span is empty, html is not?
Is this possible to have placeholder in routes prefix?
Get value from textbox
owl - protege not inferring correctly? how to define precisely a class 鈥渧egetarian鈥�
how to get only the parent tag text from html in C#
css position, border radius, overflow not respected in webkit - other solutions?
Making functions from an emacs mode available outside the mode's file
How to texture a tiled 3D terrain in DirectX9 C++?
Replicating Facebook's 鈥淥lder Posts/Comments鈥�thing
VDHL - initial value of signal?
Django form field grouping
How to sync android repo after making changes?
Can I use php to search through some files?
how to retrieve value of an object in RDF when we have subject and properties using jena without sparql?
Where do I put this JS code to make it work?
How can I create an offline environment for my PHP Facebook application?
Facebook PHP SDK showing page events
android - using logcat in the command line : application info & exact priority filtering
XSL: dynamically select nodes
How to recalculate IP checksum in netfilter?
Python variables and files
Why are real time systems concurrent?
Xalan DTMManager.newInstance performance issue
LINQ GroupBy With FileNames
Format XML file
Why am I getting error: 鈥淰alue Error鈥�- invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'matthew'
how can I handle either-or with Rx?
Warning: imagettftext() [function.imagettftext]: Could not find/open font in /home/a2424901/public_html/index.php on line 35
Backup Permissions
How to compile SIMD code with gcc
Achieve blurred background in NSWindow with public API?
Get sums of pairs of elements in a numpy array
Dotless on Appharbor
BlankPage.Page1 is inaccessible due to its protection level
Itterate through char array, printing bits of each char (in C)
SoundcloudAPI Wrapper iOS5 authentication errors
How to convert java swing panel to quality image
How to setup postgresql for a rails application on heroku?
How to remove my application name from the URL?
Java: adding info from one array to another
Make NSViews and NSWindows have fixed position
content of dynamically created iframe is empty
Is it possible to somehow start an activity with a given content?
Saving state while changing back and forth to a view
prolog permutation function
Convert from string to system.drawing.point c#
document.ready runs even if window.load is loaded
C++ how to convert ip address to bytes?
How to add dictionary inside of an array to UItableview using insertRowsAtIndexPaths?
Grails: mapping domain class variables to web API XML data source
DidSelectRowAt .. nothing happens
camera not saving to specified file location android
Excluding tables from UIGestureRecognizer to hide keyboard
What algorithm to use for distribution of pieces
Load icons based on screen resolution
Reading Table Contetnts In MS-Word File Using Python
Am I using the compareTo method properly [closed]
Determining real amount of size used in directory with hard links
distibuted semaphore system to serialize tasks that must not run at the same time
Is it possible to run a mdf database without SQL Server program? (c#)
avoid loading all data from tables into context in EF Code First
How to detect who is the Xth 鈥渓iker鈥�
Sell app including AndroidPlot
Custom form processing
Exception using WebClient calling HTTPS URLs
Class methods (ruby)
403 Forbidden Error display instead of a customised Error 404 page
A way to edit multiple rows of a table with different values at once
Deserialize xml element that is empty but has attributes
spl_autoload_register vs __autoload
Fetching Core Data Related Objects
Referencing complex variables in JavaScript
Not recognizning ENV variables in S3.yml in rails
Rails has_many relationship is weird
Stack overflow exception before entering main()
Avoid textNode creation after new line?
ACCESS: Truncation error when appending CSV data to tables?
AS3 - Ball hitting Y coordinate
How the bottom div takes the rest
Controller view communication, Ruby on Rails
Combinations of integers
Ideal Skip list ? O(n) run-time?
php create directory
Update JTable through file
Use Function in Javascript
Linq query to access data from xml
APPFabric Caching or SQL server - Specific scenario
CI not working locally
Open Graph calls generating OAuth Exception
Rotate Texture2d using rotation matrix
How using a Java GUI in a GL Linux Server command line?
JSP form doesn't send to database. Using beans
yii, Development and URL issues
Google OAuth 2.0 Authenticate by Web Server Application (ASP.NET)
Problems with images in Team Foundation Server 2010 (SP1)
Function scipy.optimize.fmin for python
Problems casting NAN floats to int
create a list box in ruby on rails
jQuery masked input plugin conflicts with validation plugin
how to get the value of my var, which double dollar var is set from multidimensional array?
Where does a std::vector allocate its memory?
Servlets - Send Response Based on Session Only
WCF async pattern Begin/End with tasks block the GUI of the client
Include API documentation in SWT
Rich:Layout is not tagged
How do I add data into NSMutableArray by manually assigning index?
PHP DOM: parsing a HTML list into an array?
Best Control to add Multiple UserControl in WPF MVVM?
Why textbox name and id affect the border of table in html on IE and Firefox?
How can use Scrollbar in android in this case?
One line assignment according condition in c/c++
Code Analysis AvoidExcessiveComplexity - Just Setting Commands
鈥渃hange鈥�in .live()
Fastest algorithm to find a string in an array of strings?
Excluding ID attribute of base entity in the sub-entity in Hibernate
MySQL partition drop takes time
Python, function quit if it has been run the last 5 minutes
Parallel delaunay triangulation naive algorithm
blob detection in C++
Refactoring session check
Java ME Calendar not displaying
Linux: Triggering Shell Command On File Save
Putting JMenu on the Mac menu bar
Binary Search Tree in C# Implementation
Fast thread syncronization
How to automatically update time in cics
Script keep ssh connections opened and resume sessions if the connections are broken? [closed]
set Flash.keepMessage to true in JSF 2 configuration file is possible?
Rails & Heroku: We're sorry, but something went wrong
indexing and comparing string index or hash
Building Protocol Buffers with Standalone NDK toolchain
Pausing Javascript execution until button press
FullCalendar Event has too much top/bottom padding around the event time/title
Layout does not match preview
Extract data from an already filtered excel using C# .net interop
How to tell if an out parameter was set already?
What is the 'pythonic' equivalent to the 'fold' function from functional programming?
Send and receive UDP data [duplicate]
Saving daily data for a model in Rails
Facebook PHP SDK - will not logout properly