input date&time form with increase/decrease buttons
MySQL Update, Set with Where not working?
Two layouts, one disabled
Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial: Chapter 6 Section 6.3.2 Password and Confirmation (Rails 3.2)
why is before_filter being applied on to associated models
Css, text shadow - How to get it overflow off the div
Jquery .append array: reference an array by value contained within
select from inner join on where match against return 0 result
Heroku push rejected, failed to install gems via Bundler
Dividing a integer equally in X parts
How can I send a 403 Authentication header, as a cross domain request (CORS) , using a bookmarklet with JQuery?
How does Rails handle concurrent request on the different servers?
How do I avoid creating a session?
Generate k most subsets unique pair of elements
Taking a screenshot of MKMapView
The name 'FormMethod' does not exist in the current context
How does Linux determine the order of module init calls?
how to prevent css inherit?
C# forms - Getting time between two dates
How can I determine the size of an array in C? [duplicate]
How to append an uploaded file name?
Access values modified with beforeSave() in cakePHP
captureOutput:didFinishRecordingToOutputFileAtURL:fromConnections:error not being called
Getting parent PID with shell?
Objective C AES CBC Encryption with Zero Padding
In JNI, is there a cleanup function for the JNIEnv pointer returned from AttachCurrentThread()?
IOS Memory Leak Analysis
System.Threading Sleep function help? (C#)
Can't run Python 'Hello World' in Komodo
Pyramid: Default values in route pattern
assets:precompile tries to compile a sass partial when it shouldn't
Objective-C : How to access properties of an object within another class?
Case sensitive urls in apache
Build failed when installing node-postgres module for node.js
Rails Asset javascript Template Errors
Why does this IF THEN SQL statement return an error?
how to pass url from controller / model to view
How to send notification from EJB container to web container in Java
Update blocked binaries after build
Linking actions on two tables
extrapolate word from TextView by location
Could not resolve view with name 'xmlView'
Why slider won't stop on hover
How to use dotnetopenauth to send email to the contacts of my website user on my user's behalf?
Grails static mapping for String[]
How to use GWT SerializationStreamFactory
Efficient MYSQL DB structure for internationalization
How to save image in MYSQL database without post method?
Xcode / Cocoa: Change uitableviewcell formatting after event
Simple TDI driver
In-App Purchases cannot be added to this version because it has already been submitted for review.
Dynamically add options to a list through a hidden iframe
How to index field with comma-separated text value - hibernate search
Firing an Play/Pause event in Linux
Segmentation fault when running C program (putchar() and multidimensional array pointers)
Sending Windows key using SendKeys
How to have an android service keep the phonegap ui alive
get the first element that the mouse hovered after a MouseLeave event
how to Pass query string in 404 error redirect through .htaccess?
How to specify unordered image list?
Django url regexp not working
extract 9 digit number from a string
what is the advantage of RDF and Triple Storage to Neo4j?
Ruby on Rails 3.2.3 not creating foreign keys after rake db:migrate (MySQL db)
Getting data from Listview with BaseAdapter
Build CSV from parse files python
How to take difference between two linux time stamps
Python/Django: Simple Django Template
Can you share data across provisioning profiles using the keychain?
Choosing data storage for a web game?
Android How to implement services for time delayed actions?
query with single quote shown as empty
STR_TO_DATE in MySql gives error
how can I include php in jQuery?
How to add matrices with alglib?
Find when right click occurs, stop the effects of it and replace with shift click in java or python
Organizing an iOS App with Storyboards
Inject local .js file into a webpage?
New Relic API - difference between instances and hosts?
I confused on the basic concept of database management system [closed]
Does polymorphism interfere with NHibernate's batch insert/update capabilities?
What's wrong with insertion operator overloading? (<< operator)
Error 404 display Issues
JDialog disposing another window
Creating WebLogic users programmatically from a standalone Java client
running server in development mode in rails with error screen
C++ performance in eigen library
Django: How to save data to ManyToManyField?
Look-up mac book specs with PHP
cannot edit DataGrid cells if ItemsSource is bound to linq expression
ruby - text parse issues when populating from database
JavaScript MVC Framework + raphaelJS
Possible to simplify this expression?
child_process exec can not response to client broswer
iphone - Setting NSMutableArray to nil is not releasing array in ARC
Input parameters in java
How do I display mysql table row as column
Convention for main arguments
Only log in Debugger, but no data in report
MySQL - delete all rows except
Oracle DATE and Hibernate/JPA mapping
Heroku logs show syntax error in syck.rb. How to resolve this?
Showing separate legend for a geom_text layer?
NavigationController with UITableView going to sub-cells (or how should i explain鈥�
Applescript - Google Chrome activate a certain window
Querying Users who 'like' my Facebook Page and Get Profile Images of the Users?
Awkward gap between menu items. How to fix?
How to omit a certain substring out of an NSString?
Make Detail View 鈥淢aster鈥�Button Title Always Be the Title of the Active Master View with Xcode 4.3.2 Storyboards
Using Function Pointers to make a firmware patches in C?
Importing module, AttributeError
Facebook like notifications DB logic for entity framework?
improving my jquery image carousel
How to link to D Libraries in a D program
Testing a server with socket
How to create a two column div that grows with contents?
image sprite - how to select correct area and then place in desired location
Character counting program not outputting anything?
Checking which CSS classes used on page
How Can I Define IP Address Field in SharePoint List
File uploads empty string
adding javascript variables to session attributes using jsp
looping a diagonal animation
Using subproperties in a list of superclass c#
When pushing to remote Git repo using EGit in Eclipse, what should I choose?
Infinite Carousel with next and previous display
Cross product in MapReduce
How to write all words of a string into different variables?
Can't return firstResponder status
How do I read the basic authorization in a ASP.Net MVC4 api GET request
Running camel in standalone mode
Hiding a Master View Controller when Selection is Made with Xcode 4.3.2 Storyboards
How to load elements into array using for loop? C#
Get number of text fields with text
spring-hibernate3 with hibernate-core-4.1.2
MonoTouch random crash on device, not on simulator
iPhone - Localizable.strings with double quotes escape character
McCabe's cyclomatic complexity
SVN Rename file as a directory
Google Maps app loads to emulator but will not open on emulator
Which redirect URI should I use for my iOS Google OAuth response?
Computing word, image, video and audio file counts in a scalable way?
Variable declaration in the switch head?
If empty message appearing all the time for drop down
iS rotate view CGAffineTransformMakeRotation
Creating/Rendering Activity before starting it
Generate JSON file with PHP
Workflow for Collection.Add()
Using querysets properly
How do I connect AppDelegate in XCode 4.3?
Update site bindings in applicationHost.config
Import string from CSV to DateProperty in App Engine
Is this PHP code vulnerable to SQL injection?
How can I pool channels in rabbitmq?
Creating a Drop Down Menu with Xcode 4.3.2 Storyboards
鈥�expected identifier or 鈥�鈥�before 鈥榌鈥�token鈥�and 鈥�error: expected 鈥�鈥�before 鈥楢鈥欌�
How do i name my mongodb table in production?
How to specify location on Bing in the URL
What are bindings in Perl? [closed]
build a webpage using php modules
c++ pointer reference method call
How do I use an ActiveRecord Transaction in a Rake Task to rollback in the case of a Ctrl+C interrupt
User Controls and JavaScript and Master Pages
Detect all uppercase variables in PHP project (and replace with something else)
Gem installed. Gem's command is not found
Display Image from bean
Measuring request latency while using persistent connections
Int template member function within a template class
Php mysql, pdo and query: why multiple 'query' don't work (in this case)?
Can't run Jenkins Build - bundle: 鈥渃ommand not found鈥�
Update table with sequential ints
Drop-down input field
Can't access property in abstract class via sub class
How to read a Message Box content text using the 鈥渦ser32.dll鈥�functions
Distribute iPhone app to testers?
REST test client
append value to environment variable on builder call
Table view cells do not lose highlight on touch up
Separator character in string c++
ruby - populating combobox
PHP sort multi-dimensional array that contains doubles
Sed and Regular Expression
Simple css: overlaying divs shifted one pixel
No horizontal scrollbar
FlashDevelop - browser crashes while FD is attached to Flash 11 debugger
Spring Hibernate Exception
Using css position to position a dynamically loaded search results box
Progressbar in ListView issue when scrolling
Mod rewrite doesn't work on SSL
click through control
visual 6.0 and finding mac address
Show matrix cells as tiles
iOS iPhone is it possible to clone UIView and have it draw itself to two UIViews?
google chrome writing itself inline style in body tag
How to eqally split an array to 3 arrays
templates for post only
How to know which row in a ListView is selected?
ASP.NET MVC Folder Conventions
linking source files
How to test two objects are equal in
Getting php value in html
How is MS C++ from VS2010 behaving differently from other compilers in this case?
Implementing ETag Support in ASP.NET MVC4 WebAPI
Update path of uploaded image into db
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 鈥淿min鈥�
knapsack-like algorithm
How to use Multiple Cursor Output values from procedure(package) in
Share properties between 2 VMs
Reducing the size of pdf generated from software using proprietary fonts
COLDFUSION CFGRID Datapass with a post
why does dynamic memory allocation fail after 600MB?
Getting POST data from HttpRequest (Android)
Are there any polyfills for display: table, table-row, table-cell etc
How to build Firesheep on Mac? 'sys/types.h' file not found
How to define printfn equivalent in F#
Sort array on timestamp
UPDATE TableA.FK VALUES TableB.PK WHERE TableA.Column = TableB.Column
Meteor Oauth access other websites (500px
Parent initializer not called in multi-level inheritence?
Querying membership database with the membership api
How to apply GAE Application Settings to non-default versions
How to store a 鈥渓ocation鈥�for an 鈥渆vent鈥�in MySQL
jQuery dialog popup behind my blog content. How to fix
鈥渟ys.getsizeof(int)鈥�returns an unreasonably large value?
How can I get execution context in a signal handler?
Cluster quality measures
how to represent tree structure in C# pulling from database and then display on web page
Switch between view controllers
Error with Simultaneous use of Graphics Object in C#?
Defining a type with a variable list of other types
How to get response time of a url/website in android service?
Writing concurrent code, non-blocking code
Ruby execution on Mac OSX huge and weird time difference between 2 directories
How to get particular element from an array [closed]
unique identifier strategy
How to implement commands to use ancestor methods in WPF?
How can third party cookies know which sits a user have visited?
Prevent git submodule update from deleting submodule committed changes
Setting a global REST root url in a Backbone.js application
Google Extension - Call SendRequest After Page being loaded
NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No bean named 鈥riverManagerDataSource is defined
Windows forms app (visual studio 2010) compatibility issues
Get a Movie Rate Form from IMDB
How to show up a Window?
What's the best choice for this rails model?
Search a table with jQuery or search Backbone.js collection and create a new table
Is it possible to scaffold out an entire UI in Qt using the Model/View/Delegate design pattern?
Is possible to inject method with arguments in Spring?
Start activity in a Fragment
mysql subquery to gather grouped subset with limits
Is node.js behind Apache much slower than the node.js HTTP-server?
getting data from WML page using J2me
multithread java app ouput an strange result when click 鈥渟top鈥�button in debug tool Netbeans
Objects look weird with first-person camera in DirectX
sql trigger stoped working after 8 months (not showing up in profiler)
How do I force a browser to displaying while loading
Parallel computing in image processing? [closed]
Im trying to use google translate api and it dosent work good yet i cant figure out why
What does the NIO constraint level do exactly, and how does it affect performance?
JQuery clone image reloads from server
Adding a page loader with jquery
How to look up field name from an aggregate result
Error - Directory index forbidden by Options directive? [duplicate]
Determining the point of OutOfMemory Error
Struts 2 List of List access
Why doesn't the compiler resolve implicit constrained type variables inside a function?
php file_get_contents giving error
All other things being equal, which platform for Windows 7 will create the lightest, smallest windows app? [closed]
What is wrong with this regex : trying to match pattern name1.name2
Error while trying to call method
Meteor how to perform database migrations?
Easy language to write apps for Android? [closed]
CakePHP 2.0 search database error
Segmentation Fault 11 , CGEventTap application stops processing mouse events after arbitrary amount of time.
Android: How can I tell an activity to do something from a service?
Jquery navigation in modal
How to make my script affects only it's own image in jquery?
<h1> - <h6> Tags Rendered as Green Font in Email Newsletters
Java: How much memory is taken by an object? How to determine at runtime? [duplicate]
Modifying a list passed as a parameter gives different results in SBCL and CLISP
Jquery.ajax API request in JSON format causes 鈥淯ncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token :鈥�in Chrome
Error when launching AppScale Instances: /usr/bin/ruby: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
Submit form on select change via AJAX
How to Get Submenu in MFC?
Write variable shortcut
Why uninitialized variable print a strange negative value?
How to select an storyboard programmatically?
MacOS X: Remove plist file when the app is removed
Alert Dialog does not work for all items of the list
Perform segue on viewcontroller's startup
Use geo coordinates from google maps link/url/ in Android device
OLE DB vs OPEN XML SDK vs Excel.interop
How should I manage glActiveTexture with regard to initializing textures?
How to retrieve multiple user statuses with the twitter API
Creative solution for caching of list pages
Correct approach for gathering data with jQuery Mobile [closed]
Corona SDK 3d engine
Updating GUI from a runnable
PHP, find exact value from mysql arranged data
Java process invoked by ProcessBuilder sleeps forever
Change 鈥淲indows font size (DPI)鈥�in Powershell?
ActionView::Template::Error (db_name must be a string or symbol):
How to code with JCIP (Java Concurrency in Practice)
How to disable XST FF/Latch trimming or hide warnings about it
What is the appropriate way to build WSO2 Carbon tags?
Java Regex to replace string surrounded by non alphanumeric characters
Insert item into database
Get distinct users in a list using mongomapper
UINT16 monochrome image to 8bit monochrome Qimage using freeImage
Implementing a basic MD5 algorithm in c++
NoHandlerError Paperclip on ruby on rails 3.2.1
back key detected but Activity not ending
capistrano hangs at git clone
Command line argument vectors in Prolog?
decodeAudioData returning a null error
Why can't I link with an associative array in a class method?
Get all screen names from Twitter without hitting rate limit
Problems with canvas size when implementing a scrollbar with Tkinter
How can I manually set the bit value of a float that equates to NaN?
Why won't a Delphi-XE2 64-bit windows program run from within integrated environment?
What is the benefit of 鈥渦sing鈥�
How to re-open xCode Archive
ruby on rails - translate id to name
How do I receive a third-party intent, and then act on it?
iPhone: .ipa PNG Files
Percentage height vs margin of parent element
Windows Phone Bind Listbox With a Listbbx
Uilabel and a Tablecell
jQuery callback for click() not working
Why using triangulation for flat terrain?
Facebook gives me a 鈥淯RL requested a HTTP redirect, but it could not be followed.鈥�but the browser has no issue following it, how can I fix that?
Java NIO Issue on CharBuffer
servlet-context error
Disregard right click and make it shift click instead
roughly 12px white space at bottom of page not attributed to any element?
Releasing ivars in dealloc gives 鈥減ointer being freed was not allocated鈥�error
Java String split not working as expected using a colon (鈥�鈥�
Using UIAlertViews inside a for loop to sum numbers in Xcode
mail problems to the database
ERROR: Could not find a valid gem 'digest' (>= 0) in any repository - Why can't I install/find the Digest gem?
What determines when a collection is created?
The code is not synchronized when manipulating the DOM with jQuery?
include a header under a custom namespace?
PHP how methods/functions work within a class object
emacs hurts my wrists, how to make ' into Meta?
I am looking for jquery tree menu which hides nodes which are not parents of selected node
Linq Query To Return Complex Type
scrollview in potrait and landscape in ipad
extract digits in a simple way from a python string [duplicate]
Protocol not working
How do you document instance variables so PyDev can display the doc?
dynamic casting of stack object fails
Deep mutable seralizing iOS dictionaries / arrays
Database design change with JPA
Confused by foldLeft error (both in Eclipse and REPL)
Animated Background in Andengine
How to get a row from the SQLITE db whose element in a particular column is the least
is this code truly private? (python)
Using OData Filters with C# MVC 4 Web Api and Backbone
Android Beginner: Layout Button and Text
keys do not work with bound SelectedItem on DataGrid
Java reads files very slowly on Windows
Form submit in
geom_bar bars not displaying when specifying ylim
preg_match unicode parsing
Will Compiler optimize malloc/free or new/delete pair into alloca
PDF Google Doc Viewer
Updating one mysql record each time the for loop counts in php
Trying to see image upload after insert - php mySQL
jQuery: Horizontally center absolutely position objects
Windows 8 preloader (loading icon) using HTML5 and javascript without images
ASP.NET WebApi testing - Asserting a request returns a 404 response
Java: Nested synchronization blocks
Rails migrations: self.up and self.down versus change
How to use Rails 3 url_for method for the url parameter of $.ajax in jQuery?
Where to put selector of NSMenuItem
libjpeg library missing for bookshop princexml install on Ubuntu 12
Is there a library for loading in SVG layers to an Mac OS X application using Objective-C?
recognizing which radio button is checked and using php with it
Mean value and standard deviation of a very huge data set
Meaning of @12 in output from nm
unexpected results: microbenchmark
How wait/notify and Condition manage threads
Showing images from the Netflix oData in WPF
gaze estimation from an image of an eye
glibc function to retrieve current executable name?
How to create a random function that returns a different value every time? [closed]
Create an iOS pills reminder: how to deal with UILocalNotification for specials repeat intervals?
xCode 4.3 Unable to read snapshots
Model Structure in Rails
Javascript redirect method inside page
System.ServiceModel.FaultException in System.dll
PHP code for sending a post to my own wall [closed]
java association of a class to itself
crash reporting in MonoTouch and MonoDroid
Render a form content on Ajax event
Productive data on the test system
Window setContentView Crash?
jQuery - animate not css value, but just global variable in JS
Generic Entity Framework Updater
UIWebView Interpreting UTF-8 latin characters incorrectly
Window setContentView Crash?
jQuery - animate not css value, but just global variable in JS
Generic Entity Framework Updater
UIWebView Interpreting UTF-8 latin characters incorrectly
jQuery, get the outer function selector
radio button selected
Building WCF Service using unmanaged C/C++ Libraries
Operator+ overloading
ios file sharing/sync to devices from mac/pc
Maintaining a connection to server in thread?
syntax help - background image sprite css
Trying to get a match with regex
Embedding Lua with Xcode
c++ PPL parallel work - function max() in reduction class 'combinable'
How do I find the number of rows present in database for a given input value?
What is class Random seeded with when no seed is provided?
OnClick Javascript doesn't seem to be working properly
What are some universal 鈥渃lean-coding鈥�conventions?
Check for memory leaks [duplicate]
How to setBackgroundColor of textview to a Paint instead of a Color?
Vala: Creating a thread causes properties to get lost
file size changes when using cp
getting pixel's palette from BMP using PHP GD library
Custom source handler for Jquery plugin Levitip
PHP Http Requests & Pecl/Pear on Hosting Servers
Is Try::Tiny still recommended for exception handling in Perl 5.14 or later?
How to tell if a C++ symbol is #defined in XCode
Mediafire timestamp?
jwplayer not loading flash.swf
How to do joining of tables and have all attributes of each one of them?
PHP preg_split() pattern for splitting by sentence periods with exception of spliting by periods in floats/prices
Make web root folder a sub-folder with .htaccess?
Uploading files on Amazon EC2
Trying to use jquery ajax but can't parse JSON?
Get PHP variable value via Ajax with variable name as parameter
How can I retrieve the cookies from a POST request?
Overlapping UIControls in a View
Resize UIView not working
sql code for sets
Query about the event loop of Nodejs
A* algorithm missing a calculation
wxPython caret move event
Why this htaccess code is not working as it should?
Parsing PHP Multidimensional Array
struts 2 - Passing parameters from one page to another
Memcache doesn't set keys
Creating Sencha Touch, Phone Gap project in Xcode
$.on() bubbling after stopPropagation();
How do I remove old versions of node/npm?
How to draw vertical lines representing dicrete graph with ZedGraph library in C#? (resolved)
c++ how to remove filename from path string
Create std::array from variadic template
is it possible to create 64 bit program using a 32 bit OS
PhoneGap - Bad Performance compared to Browser on Android
CouchDB Authorization Logic?
Flask debug=True does not work when going through uWSGI
Adding a scrollview and get it to zoom
ObservableCollection from Linq
What is the correct way of using a Dictionary in C#?
show app widget selection list
Why do I have to cast this?
JSF + SpringSecurity url not intercepted
Finding common elements in arrays
How dict objects are pickled?
C# and the mischief of floats
How does 鈥淩otation Locker鈥�work?
How to have 鈥�鈥�forward slash in @RequestMapping?
Disable server side of button
How to retrieve key value pair from a cfg file
Ruby 'script = $0'
Removing element from vector using std::erase and std::remove not working with custom struct as value
Java map content comparison
how to find a mac address?
WCF/REST Logging
C - adding base64 methods to my file
Why margin:0 auto is not aligning to center
creating a simple html page in ruby
Simple Javascript Slideshow from Database Array
Simple fusioncharts in MonoTouch not working
Is there any drawback in using a combination of RandomNumberGenerator class and base 64 encoding for generating passwords?
Problems launching a virtual machine using the android avd manager [duplicate]
Dynamically choose a view in android app
My Site not opening in IE
Django testrunner for both Celery and Selenium
Does android-support-v4 jar will be bundled with the android application in which it is referred while compilation?
HTML button onload submit
CakePHP 2.1 create select box
How to mod-rewrite subdomain directory using htaccess
Validation on arabic characters
trying to send parts of a struct from tcp server to client in c
jQuery animated search box with ul/li
How to Combine an IF and For/Foreach for checking multiple items?
infinite loop creating 90,000 random files ..but it creates only 10?
Is it more efficient to query MongoDb for key=null or for exists=false?
Slashes in text output
Trouble in understanding control flow in python class (in a google app engine)
html dropdown list taking me to the wrong url
minimize the number of interset points extracted by SURF
Fork and shared pages
Java ME help displaying calendar canvas from Nokia tutorial
Invalid redirect url after open auth 2.0 authentication via Google
Parse only one item from RSS feed with PHP
Why doesn't case expression work on SQL query joins used in PHP?
When do I use Google's MapReduce
global hotkeys in Java
table td is not taking its css when created dynamically
Sending and returning data with ajax
Cannot create Java Web project in NetBeans
How to get data from a cell in DataGrid
Detect rect of white objects on a black background using opencv
Problems running Android virtual machine from avd manager
Testing nested resources CRUD with Rspec and FactoryGirl once and for all
Parsing XML from SOAP response with jQuery/JavaScript
How to synchronize only part of project?
Akka: How to schedule retries on failure with growing delay intervals?
ActiveX Control in ASP.NET
Getting Values From Form And Using It In JavaScript Function
Launch an iOS app in the simulator without XCode
4NT like functions in PowerShell
Dynamically create and add a movieclip to the stage
CSS two background images using a sprite
Android cursor index out of bounds exception
Suspicious IPs (, apparently from Verizon) prepended to all image URL's in CSS
CSS / JQuery border
How to find the minimum support in Apriori algorithm
Strange separator on empty jface window
How to find the number of pair of points that can form a line with positive slope fast?
adding a static 1km grid to google maps using php
Why doesn't junit run injected method?
jQuery Continuous fadein fadeout Loop
how to create google contact?
VHDL - How to detect change on std_logic_vector?
MATLAB special characters/operators
Optimizing by caching results of calculations to string variables
equivalent of gtk's expander in pyqt4
How to use stdin in powershell to use git commit-tree?
Uploading files to server using php and phpMyAdmin
Can I Allocate a specific memory address using pointers in c++?
regarding webservices
Getting treenode text after an edit
Limit of 500 test users per Facebook app - should I stub the Facebook API for automated load testing my app?
Refactoring blocks of code that differ only by one function call
Normalization in variable range [ x , y ] in Matlab
check-in with photo in Facebook
bash 'while read line' efficiency with big file
Connection timeout error while uploading bulk images
Facebook apps and herouku cloud
How do I fix this 鈥減addle jump鈥�glitch in my code? [closed]
Passing more than one parameter to an anonymous function in R
Talk to javascript with c# and vice versa
Talk to javascript with c# and vice versa
can not find dependency created by maven nar plugin
Git: Strategy for Dealing with Merge Conflicts?
JSF exporting excel data from another page
Is there a way to call some code after subclass inititalization in Scala?
鈥淢onad-friendly鈥�event-based IO
MySQL PREPARE and EXECUTE statements inside procedure
Writing ROR API only wrapper for existing APIs
JAXB on the fly class generation
Implement Ticket And Flight Relationship with JPA
construct an array of integers to achieve specific sequence
Login using facebook api
Executing Image download before intended script
Rails: how to update data in migrations when we use attr_accessible?
Placing a div at the bottom of another div
Page redirection issue in Yii
FTSearch involving date fields is confusing me
Jquery mobile styling issue
matching exact search string in jquery
PHP mime type not working for MP3
Writing and Reading Objects from Resource Files IOS
Preventing Hover event of a Div triggering on parent Div?
sqlite alter using select and match from other tables
Browser Print Command
How to set file description with C#?
Ogre: how to move entities using a class without extending BaseApplication
very simple ruby combobox - text parse prolem
When Automatic Memory Deallocated? [duplicate]
Got exception: fragment already active
Libsvm+Weka optimal parameters with Grid Search
When to call the QApplication destructor
Importing pfx file into iOS application
Clockwise rotating line
Properly defining font-family in @font-face CSS rules
merge two files by key if exists in the first file / bash script
phonegap Html 5 application - android javascript libraries are loaded only in first index.html page
How can I force a file download using php?
.class vs #id: what's the difference/when to use?
How do I get the selected option in a list?
Unpredictable behavior when trying to synchronize AJAX + .ready() using jQuery in Chrome
Use jQuery ui range slider with same handle values without overlap
Rails: Creating a composite key for my postgresql db
How can i add more algorithm in cryptoAPI in linux
Inner join error
Unable to get a match, regex
Is there any way to insert a space in normal mode?
How to commit to remote git repository
what the correct synatax to use XMLFormat() in Coldfusion with input fields?
Using virtualbox to install windows on an actual usb drive?
SearchList doesn't work for my project
Isolate css of a particular page element in firefox
Showing Runtime Errors in ASP.NET
Redirect in HttpPost Controller not working
$.Ajax doesnt work in windows8 metro app
How to split python list into chunks of equal size? [duplicate]
Binary number representation
<fb:login-button> attributes&events
How do I group records having time difference of more than an hour?
How to transform currentTimeMillis to a readable date format? [duplicate]
php print result from two table in one query
JavaScript, object instance without reference
PowerBuilder Migration
Java- Dynamic Sub String Extraction from File - Fast Way
CSS3 :not() selector
move_uploaded_file() script not completing
zend form and zend x dialog
Grabbing Pixel Attributes In Python Using Tk Or Wx?
Vertically align image next to inline ul navigation bar
null Canvas in SurfaceView Thread, despite stopping Thread in surfaceDestroyed() - only on Android 4 / ICS
iOS 5.x - detecting when user clicked on the search text field
Apple App Id: Handing over an App ID
Open another submenu closed submenu
Is it possible to create junit test for injected methods in Spring?
WordPress Options Page Checkbox - How to Translate to Conditional Comment?
How to output a string in AS3
Accessing CSS class using javascript
How do I get query output as text in the pgAdmin v1.14.2 Query Tool?
cannot implicitly convert type system.drawing.image to
How to pickle python object derived from dict
NSMutableURLRequest HTTP Status 600
Int from public to static
SharePoint 2010 - Single Sign-On on a claims web app WITHOUT a password, like SetAuthCookie()
how to submit form in asp and get its values
How to access the admin section of Spree in production?
SWF files can store the complete data within a span of time can javascript and HTML5 power can do that too?
java.crypto different output on mac/linux JVM & Android 2.2 to Android 2.3
How to make an always running app such as 鈥淎dvanced task cleaner鈥�
Given an array of integers {1..n}, and a date, how do I randomly choose a unique element based on the date?
Glassfish dynamic application reloading not working
Weird order of executing threads in C++
Will the same addEventListener work?
backtracking in the graph
Javascript Calendar rederection
Binding data to a ComboBox using code behind
Remote akka actors on android?
windows registry hive files documentation
Constantly updating numbers
Debian Linux script files and data files location
Reading 'CSV' file in xCode
testing system call in linux kernel
Oracle Triggers Update based on orderlines fulfilled how to avoid mutation error
SQL Server not granting equal amount of connections for each connecting webserver?
An example of PHP curl_multi_exec() without curl_multi_select()?
Programming Puzzle: How to paint a board?
How can I populate combobox items from a database and not copy the same code everywhere (how do I change my code to use OOP)?
Download location of JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 8.12 Standalone Demo
PyQt QTreeWidget - SIGNAL 'clicked' from header
setInterval(鈥�*some code*/鈥� time) and setInterval(function() { /*some code*/ }, time)
get thumbnail from rss feed linq, xml
gem install rails does not work
Make DataGridView SingleVertical CellBorderStyle extend all the way down?
Monodroid : how can I fill a ListView with data from a DataTable I bring from SQL?
Multiple indices into a 1D array
Do a check when List.Add method is called
ajax iframe insert options to a list through PHP
monitor php script executions
How to search all CJK chars in vim?
Prolog - return whole clause
Image transformation in OpenCV
Setting value for one column of all records in table
How to set margin between controls inside of stack panel without duplication?
Getting the letter of the drive containing the windows system directory
updaing sql table using UPDATE mysql and php syntax
HTML, CSS - Blank space when resized window
geolocation database implementation
Python: parse commandline
SilverLight: how to align buttons in stackpanel center and right
I get an IOException when building the Roofline Tool. Why?
unable to create a thread in python
Changing box color using jQuery on email validation?
How to log a specific query?
Ruby: Replacing hex char with another char in a string cause A with a circumflex
An Apache Lucene based DAO?
javascript object literal - object creation
How to invoke snippets for python code in Eclipse with Aptana plugin?
Positioning popover with CSS
create table on Upgrade
Pointer cast for use with qsort
Prevent unresponsiveness when manipulating canvas
In Java, must non-serializable Sockets prevent use of a client-server Observer pattern?
XCode 4.3 Text from clipboard automatically in TextView by entering
code::blocks can debug code but not run it
Is it possible to use a debugger for spring injected methods?
System.Drawing alternative in wpf?
Stop Perl's `tie` from resetting my Arduino / pulsing DTR on my serial interface
android: how once get location from gps?
Closing Activity when Call is disconnected before picking (missed call)
Show advertisement while game loads
How to distinguish between global dragging and local dragging in javascript?
Namespace of curl in symfony2
Small jQuery script not working in IE8
R ts( ) function to specify that data has been collected over 10mins interval in a single day
Errors with arrays in GDB (written in C)
buildr generate folder structure
Need to add photo upload to my existing script for mySQL
Now() - Show Month and Day only - Microsoft Access
print's order of execution
notify client browser about changes on server
How do I save utf-8 encoded json with PHP to a .txt file
How to preserve indent after pressing Esc in Vim
what is the type of an iterator in STL?
Is this a valid 2D Array definition in C++?
ActionBarSherlock - actionbar custom background with divider
IOS 4.3.2 MapKit Annotations
JAVA abstract interface implementation polymorphism all in this [closed]
How to compute rank of IEnumerable<T> and store it in type T
Logging out user from Subversive in eclipse
How to change the value stored in memory adress?
Delete Image Icon Alignment
How to clean unused add-ons from a Plone site?
Send one Chrome Extension desktop notification at a time
xterm: how to change the background color?
C++ Reading and Writing 2 text files simultaneously
Why IQueryable executes in Where clause?
Using reflection in C# to modify fields in a loop, extension method
how to extract columns from a text file with bash
Design of package with facades
CSS:Positioning divs
How do I move data in my production server to a database on my test server : MYSQL
how to combine multiple select query into one?
haskell list of primes construction; ambiguos type variable
How can I open a temporary buffer
Bind comments to my entites in EF
Preload data in ASP.NET MVC
Styling Pushpin with binded text and color WP7
iOS - Core data - completion handler
fetchRequestFromTemplateWithName returns nil
using the find function from algorithm on vector
C# Canvas resize
Regex to ensure a specific word does not occur in the middle of a pattern
Selection of multiple values from drop down list
how to get international dialing code based on SIM provider?
Delphi reads, java doesn't read
MongoDB Analytics Schema
transaction with dapper dot net
showing and hiding text box using php code
Passing an array to a nested jQuery template
How to fadeout image, then make it appear on another position in jquery?
The simplest algorithm for poker hand evaluation
Rails, how to pass selected value from a dropdown list as same as other values in the form
How to fadeout image, then make it appear on another position in jquery?
The simplest algorithm for poker hand evaluation
Rails, how to pass selected value from a dropdown list as same as other values in the form
How to gzip all files in all sub-directories in bash
Qt: can't launch Windows console with QProcess
XmlElementWrapper and strange values appended
Check if page returns true or false
Save files and uploading in the same time
text file to bitmap in allegro
Executing JavaScript in pure Python environment
parallel iterative algorithms for solving Linear System of Equations
Array of dummy variables in mathematica
how to map properties of a member object of an entity to the table field in EF Code First
UITableView reload data when click button
Zend framework order before group
Testing for email in a form?
Clarification on the row_id returned by sqlite's insert statement
Login with Facebook / Google PHP conflict
Android sqlite data insertion issue
Is this correct behaviour for a Ruby hash with a default value?
warning C4180: qualifier applied to function type has no meaning; ignored
does extraction operator remove delimiter?
iPhone how to get UITextField's text while typing?
Reading/writing to a Popen() subprocess
SQL Row Counting
Contrast algorithm C# pointer to marshal.copy
SqlDataReader Execution error
Set a field that increment automatically in core data
Comparing two string
Need to change selected index in Panorama Item based on selection in Listview? [duplicate]
Repainting JPanel after button click
link between model dialog and caller function
android movement animation?
uploading video file through ftp in android
Substrings and indexes
Android maven using wrong java version
Local post assets with Jekyll
Slowest hash function in PHP for password storage?
Cancelling Thread Timer from another class
XCode 'Run Script' step to create directory and copy file is failing
LINQ C# Null exception
permutation of integer arrays [closed]
Setting Up PostgreSQL for Rails on a Mac
Operator >= returns false when it actually true
Fluent Nhibernate Compound Id slows perfomance
Scraping Links With Unique ID's PHP/Curl
Primefaces blocks component only once
Unable to reload all frames in parent window from child
301 redirection in htaccess
Strange errors: EXC_BAD_ACCESS in my class
HTML/PHP Rendering data from DB to HTML form
Tab Bar disappearing when switching views
php function inside another function?
How can I write a better multiple join that matches multiple values across rows?
want to get username from SC.get() function of soundcloud api
Grouping a IEnumerable<IEnumerable<int>>
I can not run my application in tomcat 7 with myfaces 2.0.13 and richfaces 4.0 final
How to compile servlets from command prompt?
Auto resize parent div
Is there a search history in Intellij IDEA?
Writing to a file based on contents of EditText
How to query data from table1 where table1_id not in table2 and table1_id not in table 3
Are there performance problems with non-local jumps?
deviceready event not fireing in phonegap build app based on 1.6.1
awk distance matrix
vim: how to remove spaces between the cursor and the code?
parallel iterative methods for solving linear system of equations in MPI
Tumblr / Lightbox / Infinite Scroll
Auto generated validators being created for Nullable fields
Select an element with highest z-index using jquery
How to create a model with calculated columns only in Rails 3?
data-add-back-btn=鈥渢rue鈥�not working when adding changeHash: false property to changePage
Add png Icon To HTML
geo:latitude,longitude?z=zoom in android taking me to my current location
Add image field to XML sitemap in Django
FireFox SDK keydown / keyup events
Is it possible to create a 鈥渞estricted scope鈥�in Scala?
biojava import org.biojava not working
Telnet connection part of OSX app [closed]
How do I create a gallery within a custom adapter?
How to gzip each file separately inside a folder and then if successful delete the original file
How to get the checked items of checkboxes created dynamically and write that value to a file in WPF?
XCode 4, dylib & install_name_tool
Source control operation failed permission denied in IBM RTC
stream camera output onto screen: IwGx vs s3e
Should derived attributes be duplicated as column or computed each time?
Resize NSBox and its Contents to Fit Window
Adobe Air installation window language
Change size of text in text input tag?
SBT default unresolved dependencies
jQuery Bounce Effect on click no jQuery UI
Python MySQL insert with list
How to upload the image to server in android phonegap
Binding cycle plugin with .live() on window.load event
Java: synchronized method exception and write visibility
How to extract something from text?
ListPicker Not Clickable
Unable to get Status of Check boxes as a child element of ListView Item
template class with static function
Compiling C++11 with g++
running a form on another thread
Object Collision Programming (Multiple collision case)
Tree structured database schema for Product categories
textfile in string
Null Pointer Exception in my dashboard system
AFTER MySql restart : #1452 - Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails
How can I change the font color in a cell of a WPF ListView depending on the value of the cell?
valgrind reports more frees than allocs
Encryption in C#
UpdatePanel Update() causes InvalidOperationException Error
Haskell: newtype for type-safe synonyms: any way around using two constructors?
Facebook login - access_token
How to remove visual studio's popup 鈥淐hoosing to wait for a request鈥︹�
ASP.NET feature similar to WPF/XAML ValueConverter?
How to create views automatically from model as in Django admin?
WiX unable to check property that is set using CustomAction
CE-HTML development
How can I insert data from a table into database?
endl doesn't work with wstring (unicode)
Delay a submenu
HTML 5 input type email check validation on lost focus
what does bounds really mean in CALayer?
Click it up by javascript
UIView Animation Block Makes No Changes
php mysql fetch statement fetching issue
Find Location Address from latitude and longitude [closed]
Zend_Acl impossible to access at robots.txt
Unable to insert data into database
Ivy cache not updated with a compiled and published module
preg_replace - random word in array
Creating a 鈥淪ection鈥�page with XAML on Windows 8
Javascript to scan words infront of and behind a selected word
pycharm running wayyyy slow
jqgrid saving records for inline editing
select max() from count() [duplicate]
mongoose (mongodb) Alias _id field
Generate PDF files with Zend
Size of Image after watermarking
SASS prepends incorrect @charset rule
class method not found return type defaults to 'id'
Exception when saving List<string> to Settings
OpenGL: create complex and smoothed polygons
Flex mobile : how to know it is the very first time running the application
Selenium PHP鈥渧erify鈥�fails do not include line numbers
Unloading external swf files on online portfolio
It displays a blank web page when I open it
Store AJAX return into variable
Why does not pjax
Firewall impeding Bonjour network debugging
jQuery replace HTML formatted words in HTML text
Why does not pjax
Firewall impeding Bonjour network debugging
jQuery replace HTML formatted words in HTML text
Does new FileInputStream(templateFile); invoke close() after initialization?
What is the correct way for quering a NSNumber in a NSArray within CoreData?
iOS 5.x - Segueing between view controllers
Socket.IO documentation
Can I access /dev/urandom with open_basedir in effect?
How I can connect local sql database from Oracle VM OBIEE
Data visualization with R igraph package [closed]
MapView - how to zoom to the viewport returned by the GeoCode service
How can I make eval return a number with decimal places?
Are implicit parameters a difficulty for inlining in GHC?
Twitter bootstrap-modal for images
IP Address left shift representation
How to create a Thread in a portable class library?
How to handle multiple hyperlinks in JTable cell?
FROM_UNIXTIME and performance
How to kill the cherrypy process?
Making a wysiwyg in Qt
textfile update, add and delete
tomcat jdbc failover hosts
What is the root cause of the 鈥淯SB Host support is unavailable鈥�message?
How to Fix open for write P4 ERROR?
send a nested request in android
Conditionally load content script into a Safari extension like in FF/Chrome?
.htaccess subdomain redirection to root domain
Get user rank with MySQL
Create a Java Keystore from a openssl Self-Signed certificate file
Show this div and hide that div
libxml2 can麓t get content from node
DateTime format conversion to string ignores AM/PM
Adding duplicate row when insert else update
What is a fast way to replace identical branches inside nested structures with references?
what is super keyword why it basically used in objective c
A different kind of shared ownership
Perform query on server
Simple login checking password
Java EE opensource monitoring tools
snmp_set_enum_print undefined?
Lexical error css
Make calculations and drawing independent of CPU speed in Android's SurfaceView
code to reverse alternate nodes in a linkedlist in java
C# value type and String
disabling 'grab' panning for bing maps control
How can I post to OpenGraph using php sdk
possible give two datasource to one repeater
Backbone.js Single Page Architecture
Can we Only work with one broadcast receiver?
How can i Display Map with input and output values?
Wordpress vs Joomla vs Drupal - Final solution for my client? [closed]
Validating with JavaScript Function
How to create a restricted package like sun.misc*
Android media player to run in background
Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript doesn't work - why?
Commands handled by git-shell on prompt don't do anything (just hangs)
MVC3 app in multiple languages
How can I map these java classes with Hibernate?
How to show Bengali text properly
Matlab fminsearch get's stuck in first iteration
Common interface for several modules
Here I want 100% height in my bottom section and I don't want exceed what I fixed 400px height in 鈥�main鈥�class
NSJSONSerialization - How to convert JSON into NSArray properly?
How to show the current play time of a video file in JTextField?
how can i handle the jsp taglib by clicking event?
javascript rounding
Windows form loads then quits
IF ELSE condition when working with numbers
Changing the font size of a range element
How can I remove an InfoWindow when the Marker is removed?
Javascript - create array index and access
How to have more columns dynamically as required based on number of items in menu?
Example public live stream for IIS smooth streaming
Gap Between <ul> and <div> in IE7
What was dumped into {{ns:6}}?
Why does this php function leak memory
Why Am I Getting a SystemStackError?
(python) BeautifulSoup syntax, retrieve first paragraph
Why we can't use &(*a) but can achieve it using typedef?
remove scroll for iframe in thickBox plugin
What does apostrophe means in Haskell?
Redirection When user dont have the Right credentials
Connecting to a MSSQL database view with php
codeigniter url title special characters error
Getting mime type of zipped files
JSF 2.1 鈥渞equired鈥�atttribute and INTERPRET_EMPTY_STRING_SUBMITTED_VALUES_AS_NULL and SelectOneMenu
Requesting Http Get over https
Devise current_user returns nil when I create new users, Rails 3.2
Unicode in javadoc and comments?
MathJax: How to change the default color for svg output
How to pass data using shared preferences in android?
How to input t from
A wxpython widget that displays an image and returns the coordinates of a click
Use local images in Webbrowser control
How to change the code according to the particular Button click?
Reading and writing time values from/to a spreadsheet using GAS
mysql query queue?
How do I loop through and assoc array that get data from database [closed]