Slow MySQL Performance & Sleep queries
How to reduce the file upload time? [closed]
embedded relationship hitting server not loading form parent JSON
Load iframe only once with toggle event
IOS: ActivityIndicator over UITableView鈥�How to?
What does this mean in javascript?? var leave =<%=seconds %>;
MDI Implementation in WPF [closed]
Code for Ant not Running in Maven
debugging TCL for a specific line/service/Pots
Sencha Touch 2 share events between the views and controllers
Extract database from application sandbox
OpenGL texture atlas bug - Artifacts
Mysterious bug in javascript class
Best way to add 鈥渃o-author鈥�feature to Rails App?
Image loader isn't displayed
hg export changeset
Are Scheme and Racket different? If so, how?
C++ Armadillo:- Equivalent to Matlab's bsxfun
OpenNI Zigfu - One or more of the following nodes could not be enumerated:
Masking mongoid _type to and from JSON
Iterating an XML file and extracting data from it
jquery slideshow effect [closed]
How does IE10 run in both Metro Mode and Desktop Mode in Windows 8?
How can i connect phpmyadmin (wamp server ) from iis server (test.php)? [closed]
How can I retrieve IP address from HTTP header in Java
Emberjs and jQuery UI integration questions
Can't run CUDA nor OpenCL on GeForce 540M
OpenGL 2D colors gone wrong
jQuery address won't bind on ajax-loaded content
JSF f:ajax and IE 8
Android slide out animation , space left is filled by other view
what happens on form submits in Coldfusion?
How are database datatypes returned in DataColumn class?
TransactionTimeout not working properly
Can someone explain the following piece of Javascript code?
NSRegularExpression - Every Character except a specific one
how to use sqlite in xcode storyboard
How to work with AsyncTask and threads?
Spring Dependency for Wicket 1.5.3
multiple (my and 3rd-party) native libraries in Android NDK
CodeIgniter inserting apostrophes in to database query
Android Relative Layout Selector
How to get the project directory from a Visual Studio Add-in
Samsung Galaxy s2 AVD (MAC) [closed]
Why is this javascript snippet triggering 鈥淯nexpected token ILLEGAL鈥�
How to change vim cursor shape in different modes
PHP JSON output with mysql for tag-it
Merging Git Flow Feature Branch after Hotfixes?
Replicate Wordpress Admin Posts Section with Category Limitation
add 1 to c++ bitset
DELETE with a percentage on total count
CodeIgniter - Shared template variables
Treeview flickering?
initWithCoder: not visible in NSObject?
Chargeable Web Service with long running operations - Transactional design
How to model a one-to-many?
stop IntentService from Activity
how to display selected itemimages another page in custom listview in android
Android how to perform specific action right after installation?
nginx 301 redirect not working [closed]
iOS tabBarController is not displayed
My splash screen background dose not show up when I try to launch another intent via a thread
How to get public key using PyOpenSSL?
Difference b/w plugin based on name and plugin based on function
Jade select field populating data
encapsulation in javascript module pattern
How to create a JavaScriptObject by hand in GWT?
Forcing a context switch from the userland on Linux?
Find nth smallest element in Binary Search Tree
Registering OCX file manually
fancyBox Image Number
Nice Editor in ASP .NET
Android emulator 3.0 kernel
JSF2 Static resource caching
Error importing jar in groovy script (soapui)
QuickSort Stack Overflow
Simple mediaPlayer example doesn't work! Why?
Boost.Signals2 destruction safety
HTTP Status 404 - Servlet HelloServlet is not available using apache tomcat 6
make a button that moves image
Rails Tutorial - Have to save users with validations off
Yii HAS_MANY with some fixed values
Rendering drawingvisuals fast in WPF
Knockout adding computed breaks observable array
Add js in Joomla 2.5 plugin
Using CodeIgniter and PHP, is there a way to issue a redirect to the client and continue executing the present script?
Object-oriented approach to 2D graphics: delegating JPanel clicks to painted objects
Simulate mouse-events in javascript on a div to contol a google map which is displayed by the div
Encoding & decoding serialized XML in the class which the methods are in
How to get RAM size in JavaME Netbeans
Error #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version
Reading url image from plist string
CakePHP Validation Error Message
How do you use circle-based collision with group collision methods in Pygame?
Change pop/smtp settings for exchange server 2007 [closed]
Where do I define application and session variables in Coldfusion8 application.cfc?
Git reset and checkout by single command
Google Drive authentication issues
export column groups to excel
CAPTCHA in Fat Free framework
topological sorting using dfs
Google Drive authentication issues
export column groups to excel
CAPTCHA in Fat Free framework
topological sorting using dfs
displaying images contained inside individual gallery
Select the last img in 2 divs with the same class
DNS routing not working on Heroku app
How do I find out when a resize ends in a Silverlight application?
Cannot pass date into stored procedure
iOS device computational/memory limit
forbid to cache resources from specific host
If labels are equal change view
Default model and handler directories with webapp2?
Google App Engine + Jersey + IntelliJ Idea
Highlight on a autocomplete with XML
WPF: Button Click on one ViewModel should exxecute a command on another viewmodel
twitter like pagination in django using jquery
Writing html from within R using knitr
Acessing The Return Array
VBA (Excel ADODB ODBC) : Get list of stored procedures and tables from ANY database?
Orderby in Rails association
Showing a dynamic image that depends on a Request Parameter
Abort image upload on a server
Android - How to make tabhost/ tabwidget displayed in vertical style in Honeycomb?
WCF: callback contract no async, error because no implement Begin/End methods
is (int *) and (int []) the same? [duplicate]
Twitter bootstrap - multiple modal windows
How to check if Doctrine 1.2 sqlite cache is working?
ezurl operator in JavaScript
How to connect a J2me Midlet installed on a mobile device to a java application?
How to use ffmpeg for video to image and vice-versa conversion? [closed]
Error 500 using DrEdit Python example for Google Drive API
Griffon SwingPad: cannot add label (groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method:
IE , Chrome , Firefox - show only bold text
How to load lightbox outside iframe (tympanus)?
SIGABRT after freeing an array in struct
Uncaught Error: Error calling method on NPObject in javascript
Table not created in Sqlite
Apache deflate on files match condition
getting an error while inserting php form data into mysql database using MVC
Move parameter in clojure function
Proper way to choose specific data after json_decode to display on webpage from Facebook Albums
Restrict FB app install to premium accounts of my website
download whois database [closed]
Don't quite know how to add TBXML url data into my table view
SQL server select list of rows with same last action
Complex Matrix Inversion in OpenCL
How to access # separated parameters from url in java
Get current browser DOM with jsdom?
How windows 8 relates app tiles and secondary tiles with the application?
I need to deploy my software on other machines along with the databse
Any software or programming language to do images like this?
itunes filesharing of app stucks in between
Android slide element to delete
AWK parse month from date into variable
C++ string data() function make references and pointers invalidated?
How can i set a different image for each cell of my tableview
Membership table in l2s schema
How can I start a function in a new tab using a bookmarklet?
C++ write part of *char buffer to temp file on Windows
Django Memcached Pickling Error
Create XML File on Disk through VB.NET Code without administrative rights
Is it possible to use groups in regex without them showing up in the results?
How do I get all cookies from GAE urlfetch service
Draw Editable Line
Double scroll bar in iframe with jQuery Fancybox (2.0.5.)
MySqlException (0x80004005): There is already an open DataReader associated with this Connection which must be closed first
How can objdump emit intel syntax
TortoiseHG: add all files in directory tree
Cannot load contact photo into QuickContactBadge for custom incoming call screen
Error when trying to restart my app by pressing home button?
MVC3: EF Code First and authentication
Node.js writing to array without blocking
dbModel read resource does not implement Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract in Magento ver
When MFC dialog with a WinForms control hosted inside is deactivated and activated again, not responding then
Sending data from service to activity?
Cannot scroll ScrollView
javax.xml.transform.Transformer swaps elements attributes after transformation
Merging two files with a key -> values structure
Issue about 鈥減lease make sure the application for the project (.wip) is installed鈥�
Tomcat 7 and Java EE 6.0 javax.annotation.sql package
How to make sidebar with 100% height that overlays header but in same time doesnt overlay footer
JavaFX2 doesn't run on OS X
fcntl: Turning disk buffering on and off
Acquiring instance of Background Service
How to programmatically respond to Snap in Windows 8 Metro
Mysql I keep getting total jobs in return
getting the ID (or just URL) of an image that was uploaded to FB using IOS
Rounding float up to first non-zero value
Android dev: How I can find the list of all avaiable intent-filter actions for a receiver?
document.addEventListener() in Phonegap
How to check the lastest dependency on Maven
using inner classes in Java - enum
Retrieving Data From Server Android
Similarity between two polylines [closed]
Ajax page jumping after function
Start PendingIntent for result
How to show image programatically
Blocking Hotspotshiled?
MKAnnotationView / Mokriya Example - dynamic loading images into map
Polymorphism with Serialized Data
Basic use of immediates (square brackets) in x86 Assembly and yasm
Using STL sort() func for a class I built
Can an Android app have more than one Services?
tmux pipe-pane not working
Simple Stack Implementation in Java not working
Jquery dialog issue with map
How do I trigger a 鈥淭ask Failed鈥�from inside a C# Console Application?
Java subtleties in the foreach loop
Joining tables in Yii
simple libcurl app - segfault
Facebook fan gate page only working with static pages
Run php script through cron hangs the terminal
Bus Error:10 with more indexes to go
How to start activity only once on Android? [duplicate]
How could I use Router in View module in modular Backbone.js app?
PHP rewrite links using .htaccess file
Using nolock in sql [closed]
Bat-file prohibit user input
Copy Maven Dependency Jars while Run On Server in Eclipse
How to specify the report pdf name at run time?
Including a <form> inside a <section> in HTML5
Entity Framework Insert Fails after intermittent time periods
Unique by domains urls list
Dimming inactive forms
LINQ or stored procedure? Which one is advantageous? [closed]
Facebook Application Notifier in Newsfeed
Passing LESS variable to JavaScript
nhibernate: Class Mapping with no table
ajax call to check duplicate data
how to get most popular post?
jquery load() equivalent for offline use
Upgrading the add-in to ssms2008r2
Stage files, then remote add, then pull - and my files are gone
Develop windows daemon to listen to all incoming/outgoing TCP/IP calls [closed]
error while modifying xml integer value in java
How to dispatch scroll UIEvent on an IFrame in a Firefox addon?
How to hide thead when tbody is empty?
Spring-roo 1.2.1 cannot filter the finder list?
Cannot Decrypt RSA encrypted Key
How to integrate sencha touch plus phone gap in android
get item[i] from a listview using threads
LISP In Small Pieces - best LISP environment to run code in?
sencha rest store json responses
Using underscore.js to copy backbone.js Modelattributes - algorithm
using scalatest in a playframework project
Save figures in R command and restore device
Need some help on managing Strings
DOM element dblclick event changes after click event on dom element deletion
cake bake console error:Database connection missing
IntelliJ Ultimate/PhpStorm, showing code coverage results for Symfony2 project
using preg replace to format urls
Adding tables/stored procedures with aspnet_regsql
NSTimer, NSBlockOperation NSInvocation or NSOperation?
Tokenization of text with jQuery
Identify a TV in upnp / dlna
Is it possible to customize jqgrid look and feel?
email validation for localparts that contain dot
a sql query from oracle table
Apache presenting virtual subdirectories and passing parameters to PHP script
uploading video through ftp using
Reopenprogram function returns type error 鈥淐annot read property 'style' of null鈥�
Building emacs 24.1.50
C# Serialize Nested Custom Class List
Accessing Background Service Through MainActivity
Many-to-many interprocess communication, with no central hub
Html.EditorFor and multiline textboxes in mvc4 and EF
Calling JSON file from URL in JavaScript
How do I handle time zones on my Google AppEngine server?
how to create a Proxy for accessing OData Service on android
Configuring Royal Slider to work in Magento
How can I 鈥渇etch two鈥�with python-mysql?
Delete element using javascript
Override shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation defined in Category
Display an XML attribute value only on the first encounter with XSL
Special character handling in ANTLR lexer
Want to take unit test in rails of 2.2.2, but failed. Could anyone tell me the reason and help me to get the solution?
how to set content on Jquery dialog
Cannot print out read integers: java
How do I solve this 鈥淧/Invoke declarations should be portable鈥�
Android MediaPlayer setDataSourceFD fails on a Pantech Crossover
Right way to Unit-test Repository.Update Method
AWS ELB handling less request than single instance
check connection javascript
How to use dynamic id in jquery
jQuery.parseJSON vs JSON.parse
Update Xcode Compiler
how to attachment big file in mail with php?
reset fck editor values yii
How to exit a function without exiting form when form is modal?
superfish items ' width aren't correct in IE 6,7
Save ImageView to Android Emulator Gallery
How do I fix the rake assets:precompile task causing 鈥淸FATAL] failed to allocate memory鈥�issue?
Two unique named pipes conflicting and InvalidCredentialException
c++ seg fault issue
How to lock the screen orientation for blckberry OS 4.5 Application
Update div with the result of an Ajax-call
How to convert a three address code to MIPS Assembly language?
How to set a web page as PhoneGap startPage?
Test in Perl if data is available on Device::SerialPort
Styling zest graph nodes and connections
Linking weather widget
How can I be notified that window is activated?
Jquery / Html form
Exception of An asynchronous read operation is already in progress on the StandardOutput stream
Library for printing expressions
ImageLoading in JPanel using JFileChooser
Android. Too small text in TextView
Is SPDY any different than http multiplexing over keep alive connections
Use the HTML Agility Pack to extract lang and lat from Javascript
Facebook android post on the wall Permission error
Maven option is not found in Eclipse
Azure ACS token renewal on Windows Phone
foreign key constraint not working through program.but working with terminal
How to insert text in to a word document from Rich Text Box
How to prevent leaving the page until answer accepted from jquery ui dialog
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException with java persistance API
How to change app - credit company information?
ASP MVC - Are there any constants for the default content types?
What is the correct way to encodeURIcomponent non utf-8 characters and decodes them accordingly?
Use services in android to synchronize with
make datalist or listview appear like grid
How to find the available EnvDTE.Comands names for Visual Stuadio 2010?
Can a computer run a localhost (MAMP etc) as a backup for if internet is not available - and update server database?
Android setShareIntent within fragment
Why does String(null) work?
Is it possible to have a getter for a const?
linux programming: write to device file
How to parse text file with dynamic delimiter
Secondary tile with empty string in arguments parameter does not work
ObjC: Best use an NSArray or NSDictionnary for this (zBuffer)?
Middleware not catching exceptions
exit() Doesn't work?
PHP - set time limit effectively
Twitter bootstrap - images not showing
C# wrapper class for c++ lib dll
ctags with taglist in vim and python virtualenv
JSpinner with a SpinnerNumberModel always returns value 0
How I can run this script in node.js?
15 puzzle background image JavaScript/CSS
User attributes values in db table - int or varchar?
Insert To Database Table With Bindingsource / DataAdapter / Dataset (Vb.NET) Broken pipe For MSSQL DB
Simple radial gradient background in Metro-Style App
How to achieve the method of controller that will be requested by client in interceptor of Spring MVC
Error using the User Defined function of Excel in Matlab [duplicate]
sql display data in radio buttons
Whats the correct way to write
A good PgPool II configurataion
replace not updating in database
Eclipse Marketplace - Maven Integration
AS3, Access of undefined property
Entity Framework - TOP using a dynamic query
play youtube video in your flash swf
Destination Array not long enough?
ORA-03113 end of file communication
Need to run a powershell script every time system wakes up from Sleep
Countdown timer with pause and resume
Hibernate doesn't save any records in database
Call by need: When is it used in Haskell?
Why ever use in-memory session stores instead of encrypted-cookie session stores
How to proceed to next API request after successful authentication in Google Auth 2.0 in iPhone?
Slow Multiple URL retreival in iOS code
How can I draw route from my location to destination location?
Is it smart to publish tab-activity-based app to Android 4.0+ devices?
How to use more than one widget in a Django field?
Plugin framework in C++ with
starting and stopping hadoop daemons/processes in a cluster
can't really understand the math behind the mandelbrot set
Is it possible to get all new checkins at specified location?
How to detect programmatically when the OS has done loading all of its applications services?
De-interleave and interleave buffer with vDSP_ctoz() and vDSP_ztoz()?
How to make animation from popoverview to backview?
How to make Netbeans window undecorated?
SVG images blink when their order is updating in Chrome
Android game dev - use single view for everything?
Is it possible and advisable to subclass a generator function?
Java system time
Singleton property variable Release and Access
Assigning a value to an objects attribute, through multiple functions
Best threading strategy for multitasking
Qt layout is larger than it should be
Error when running simple python script
How to upload file to google cloud storage using java?
Will this addition class cause a memory leak?
Designing the jrxml
what's the correct image src path to display the image in wordpress?
Single class instance C++
What does 鈥淐lear Graphics Context鈥�means?
why python hash_ring is so slow?
How to apply only one css file out of two css files included?
Just my code - Visual Studio 2010
How to register a listener for orientation change?
How can I execute Perl code stored inside a shell script variable?
module for usb pen drive
Organizing methods for better accessing them
Compilation Error for an array of rational polynomials
How to check for null in nested references
Resource compilation for C# project
Resource compilation for C# project
does the support style tags
Splash screen image. How To add this in my app? [closed]
When do we need to add reference to the stage from one class to another
Winform TextBox can't display text
Send LatLong to Server
Generic Facebook Page creation
Papyrus 0.9.0M6 Installation to Eclipse Juno cannot be completed
Fixing 鈥渦ndefined index鈥�errors in PHP
GWT strange serialization exception
how to pack python .py from Lib and python27.dll in main .exe
some problems with Android Bitmap in Out of Memory
ExtSJ 3.3.1 grouptabpanel howto change tab
add android calendar events using java
How to convert a dateformat from SQL Server to MySQL
Read an XML style file using PHP
How to set Orientation of Screen in Landscape and Portrait mode in Blackberry
Simple Twisted Echo Client
declarations within python class equivalent to _init_?
Format string as currency
In Javascript, the difference between 'Object.create' and 'new'
Flowchart for complete Android application
WP7 constraints on image width/height on gestureListener
How to sort html div elements based on inner element content using JQuery / Prototype / Javascript?
How to retain DataGrid group headers from scrolling in WPF?
How to get xmlrpc response from a mysql db like field-names as elements and records as data?
Drag and drop to reorder HTML lists
Android: Change emulator datetime using our application
Archiving the project give me the following error : The identity 'iPhone Distribution:
Randomly populate button in iPhone screen
Keep textarea open if change event otherwise animate it on blur
Send multiple objects between threads using invoke in c#
TransactionTemplate vs @Transactional(propagation = Propagation.REQUIRES_NEW)
CMake: automatically find target dependencies in other CMake projects
Cannot resolve the dependency about yesod-auth-oauth package
Android - How to make all lines in an edittext underlined?
Codeigniter no input file specified error
phpMyAdmin no longer automatically logging in
Running a Hello World program (basic) in Sencha touch
Facebook Fan Gate
Dynamically Change Pop-Up Content from External Source
Tools to help developers reading class hierarchy faster
Project euler number 10#
Dealing with clock in Synopsis tetramax
How to use subclassed methods
Redirect from few url's (both www and non-www) to original one
SproutCore: SC.TableView alternatives
Wait for Json call to be completed in javascript
building a nested set
cURL not handling foreign http characters php
Struts2 JQGrid, need example to do
how to add two css files one for safari browser and one for ipad desktop version in web page
how could i configure .htacces for slim framework in mac
encrypt database username and password in java?
jquery plugin for website annotation/tour? [closed]
Brute Force permutations
Creation of EditText Dynamically and get their text from each of EditText
debug memory usage
Google chart showing 鈥淣o Data Available 鈥�
How to show offline Connection Error in UIWebView in iOS?
Javascript: Trying to make form submit button open in new window, link determined by radio buttons
Multilevel inheritance/polymorphism and virtual function
Best practice for encrypting on the client
What's means of Self-Signed Certificate in OpenSSL
XCode adding duplicate and incorrect icon filenames to Info.plist
Weird compilation error when using switch on enumeration
try catch bad programming practice
IE 9 Crashes on my website
Periodic W3WP.exe crash
what does + sign after variable mean?
avoid output buffering error in serevr
jQuery validation without plugins
Rotate UIView with offset
Are Unicode and Ascii characters the same?
XML Page view from Codeigniter [duplicate]
Is there a better way to get the checkbox values and make a string from them
writing sql query
Android OpenGL-ES gradient background
Jqgrid Sorting not working
dates in couchdb
Nested Parentheses to Array using regex in PHP [duplicate]
What is the difference between assigning an object and assigning an object reference?
AVAssetWriter finishWriting failure when CTCallStateIncoming
How can I pass data from one view to another in android?
Simulate send and receive using pthreads
How to create a live scorer app for Android?
Get number of objects in a collection
video embedding in xhtml
SQL Azure privacy issues
PHP and gettext_noop
storing confidential information in database on iPhone/Android
Are 3.5 and 3.5f the same in C++? [duplicate]
Image rendering with Flying-Saucer/iText
Items won't display
Stop sql injection
Link compatibility of enums and enum classes
WxPython switch between controls using tab button
Database Design with regard to my business logic
Not able to run .apk from eclipse on emulator
Insert Items dynamically in a QListWidget
Trying to make ajax calls on my site. Works on modern browsers (IE9, Chrome, FF) but IE8
Playing H.264 video in an application through ffmpeg using DXVA2 acceleration
How to get the Eventbrite user's data using eventbrite class
how to upload live images without saving
Getting Started with GWT RequestFactory
Data annotations don't seem to work
Upload Image using ajaxupload
What algorithm does Math.random use?
Java EE Example not working
Delete file and get objects list from Amazon S3
How can I change or remove HTML5 form validation default error messages?
Created a new MVC 3 project in VS2010. Where are users being stored? What's a good tutorial for MVC3?
unable to use `` in render update inside controller
Is it possible to use a Portable Class Library that references System.Net in MonoDroid?
Subclass of UIView. How to add through Interface Builder?
Delphi Indy 10 Demo Application Client Server
I'm getting 鈥淰alue is not a valid option鈥�for SelectManyCheckBox
how to add image in tableview from array
PHP referencing array element (&$array['element']) creates element
Wrapper around ASIHTTPRequest
Is it possible to allow multiple instances of a same air application to run at the same time?
Removing asterisks and single quotes from attribute values using XSL
Remove/Modify an inherited ACE in an ACL (Windows)
smarty - how to output the variable 鈥渰$myvar@display}鈥�
Deleting a modified object from a set in a no-op?
how to make matlab detect incompatible type assignments?
Does the Google Drive API support Content-Range for Uploads?
Cannot get my jquery formvalidator to work
textarea innerHtml output in mvc?
Apache suddenly not parsing php
Android Background Image Appears In Eclipse But Not Emulator
Marshal va_list in C# delegate
Compile error in jasper report-Error聽filling聽print
Why `session_destroy()` does not work in PHP?
Redirecting User to Checkout after adding item to cart instead of Cart Page in new magento1.6.2 version?
By what application is the domain name's length restricted by, and can this be changed if it is a different DNS implementation?
Know widget is installed or not?
How to properly add image to tab in TabControls using WinForm
ErrorException JMS SerializerBundle JMSSerializerBundle
Editing one List<> edits it's clone
Python, cx_freeze and Windows console
What is better form for getting info from an Event?
How to install chrome extension on chromium?
Creating a PhoneGap based project
How to add a category to a 鈥渉idden鈥�class
How to find out maximum points possible from a directed acyclic graph?
Ruby rails - text field change event and ajax
Ajax call not working on enter keypress, works only for click function
git status for cloned repository shows file deleted
access css property value
access css property value
Excel download without MS Office inteop or any other 3rd party library, is inserting additional html markup in the generated xls file
Job failed when index with solr
Diffrence between JRockit in BEA Weblogic and Sun Java Implementation
Get Actual Error Message From Oracle Exception In Dot Net
modifying a string and sending a PM/query to a irc user
How do I know when to insert a concatenation node in a regex parse tree?
Building a phone OS: Where to start? [closed]
UIWebView reuse
Django view based cache with authed users
How to update frequency of WiFi configurations in Android?
gettin EXC_BAD_ACCESS while using nsstring
Prevent user from including file extension in file name in air application
Implicit conversion from enumeration type 'UIViewAnimationCurve' to different enumeration type 'UIViewAnimationTransition'
Error 'svn' executable not found for subrepo '<folder name>'
make direction using Google maps and Android with multi destination?
Using only one NSThread for one method
Regarding methods were not overridden in StringBuffer and StringBuilder?
Paging among multiple aggregate root
I am facing 鈥淭he authenticated user has not installed the app with client id鈥�error even after installing the app [duplicate]
Bindings in IIS7 when creating a subdomain
android dialog close button
Does Set in Ruby always preserve insertion order?
Download Image file from one URL to another server
Check internet connection in Android and reload the activity if it is not available
template filter to trim any leading or trailing whitespace
Javascript problems in IE - object expected?
Android : The application Bluetooth Share has stopped working
Edit/Add Columns in a ListView (eg, add a textbox or button)?
how to show a treeview style in WPF?
What does the dollar sign ($) in x86 Assembly mean?
cross-domain jquery.ajax calls are getting aborted before sending requests to cross-domain server
Video Search in GSA
sync records of two tables in the same database in MYSQL
Serializing WPF DrawingBrush with protobuf-net problems
GeoJSON open source library
Android How to get brower history records in all the browser apps?
Struct array in struct
How to run an IPython magic from a script (or timing a Python script)
CSS-defined font not found [duplicate]
window.onblur not working
MVC jquery post to method working to id but not for string or list
Cropping image with CIImage.ImageByCroppingToRect or CICrop in MonoTouch
Runnable jar file error
In Python, when should I use a meta class?
how to capture package at a specific port on any interface using tshark
How to programmatically get the exact address in the memory space according to the assembly statement
How to printf part of command line command
comparing $_get result to db stored value
How to Create JSON data with some complexity?
How to Create JSON data with some complexity?
Executing an insert statement and put id in a local variable?
regrouping django template
Placing a label behind a tableView when there are no rows in the table
Can we keep python & php both with same apache server?
How to delete all the files from sd card in android? [duplicate]
Issues with Fixed div on bottom of page that stops at given place
Break out of a loop when signal handler returns
Where should my rspec helpers go?
Create Common DataGridTemplateColumn in WPF
What determines if a variable of type UnicodeString represents a Unicode string or an ANSI string?
How to close div (modal) clicking outside. Pinterest and Facebook way
html div scrollbar error
WPF binding doesn't work
Is there a browser event that fires when the OS X scroll bar style changes?
How does a Dependency Walker work? [closed]
android app error: application has stopped unexpectely, try again doesn't even start the app
Compiler error when passing 2D array to a function without specifiying 2nd dimension
iOS: Tapku Calendar: Need to select multiple dates
Getting value of a column on click of a row in jqGrid
Infinite loop in assembly program
Pdf To Text in android
Access a DOM element by using its id as var [duplicate]
XML creation using CodeIgniter
Center aligning pagination
PhoneGap Disable Screen Rotate On Single Page?
Show Desktop button in VB.NET Windows Form
Where to store objects if I want them to be accessible for every class in my project
Is there any limit to the capacity of an iPhone's documents folder? [duplicate]
strncat implementation?
Server.Transfer for Button Click in Gridview will not transfer to designated page.
pass multiple objects to RequestContext in django
how to create ms-access like continuous subforms (widgets) in Qt?
Redmine - how to add an activity in the DDL
Add or Remove a Mark on Image using Jquery
QtConcurrent::map() with member function = can not compile
Javascript Data Layer Architecture Assistance
Getting 鈥淪ession is closed鈥�exception sometimes
Creating a custom method with completion block [duplicate]
How to make shorter path for a nested resourceful route
Robust open source Node.js based projects for learning?
Disable the minimize button in Internet Explorer IE9
Get Public IP in Objective-C?
Sharing data between multiple tornado instances
LinqToEntitiesDataController MVC 4 Single Page Application - Session variable
WPF Relative binding exception
WCF - Cannot obtain Metadata
Draw Dots like Matrix Structure on iphone sdk
Removing duplicates from a huge file
Current Location in the Simulator
Fire a server side method on aspx page immediately after an interrupt
Abstract user control
Lua/Corona sdk error
Customized bash wildcard expansion
Classes C++. Multiple inheritance [closed]
JNI calls interleaved with regular Java calls - what is the execution order?
jqgrid setFrozenColumns cellEdit
how to access listview from another class?
Exactly what a Thread Pool in Java doing?
Overreleasing an array in CFNetwork?
Why would I get a JSON error when I try to rake db:migrate?
php mysql news error [closed]
Not having any luck with :hover, either with jquery or css
In-Place Merge Sort
Get access to all css style properties?
How do I remove tray icon on application uninstall in C#
Why was the cocoa touch main function template like this?
Javascript clock differs from device
In Java, is there a method to get hold of a server object through a socket connected to its serverSocket?
Appending data to the specific table cell - jQuery
Footer's background pattern gets cuttoff when window is resized
find interfaces and ip addresses (arp in C#)
Access web page from a different project
flask-openid make url so long
java exception arraylist iteration
Emacs - How can I find the name of a command (for calling M-x <command>) for a key binding?
How to use a different data model with EF
android: How to notifydatasetchanged from an onclicklistener in a dynamic view
Remove List from Vector getting java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
Clojure stack for Video Chat
Committing within Xcode (using Git) any image files?
assign an array to a variable then switch in a series of condition statements
How can I start internet connection in Windows Mobile?
<identifier> expected error
Preventing Memory Dump of Packed .Net Executable?
Issues while creating an android project
All static methods or a single instance?
Android textView onCreate changes
Identifying faulting address on General Protection Fault (x86)
How to display epub file content in iPhone application without using UIWebView?
How to find what object called a context menu
App runs different in simulator 4.2 than when first developed in xcode 3.00 and built in simulator 3 [closed]
URL Mapping in Java AppEngine (for Python-like functionality)
Using apply or call for member functions that are event handlers
I want to put a button in a echo table cell
Passing Information from the Application to the Handler Level SOAP
Client data isn't passing to the server
Running dart in a web server
How to upload photo to existing mySQL via form
InfoPlist.strings path and SVN
Need some assistance in formatting a MySQL query to return information
How is a program segmented?
Method to get a value from plist
Getting error message 鈥淎ndroid sdk content loader stuck at 0%鈥�
Either Remote or Local Sandbox, why not both ?
Issue when reloading activity in Android
Already read posts
Is there any Python module that helps to crawl data from DOM loaded by Javascript?
Global buffer of 4096 defined in kernel module causing performance issues while doing a get from a storage device
How to make android phone silent in java
Facebook login using phonegap (cordova 1.6.0) not working for Android
How to get one workplace
How to texture a model in LWJGL?
javascript DOM: html table manipulation issue
I would like to check user existence
create thumbnail creation of png,jpg, and gif images
Passing Parameters Among Functions During Matlab Optimization
Can't get RelativeLayout to set above another RelativeLayout?
Draw javascript image from PNG data
Response.Redirect to same page with query string causes Postback issues in
Use MPMoviePlayerController with AVCaptureSession
There are simple way to get a character from multibyte string in PHP?
File not found exception in android
Calling a rails controller method with jQuery on 鈥渂eforeunload鈥�
How does Nutch work with Hadoop cluster?
specialized member function based on baseclass
Populating a Table with an Immense Array
CSS: how to layout 3 columns, 2 are optional
Use of `this` in operators
Does erlang ChicagoBoss webserver support couchdb (couchbase)?
How can the same expression be evaluated differently?
how to add New device for testing and make a new certificate for testing
Why is it not safe to assume that Objective C for loops behave like C for loops?
how to hide text in image Matlab
Setting header search path while adding 3rd party framework into ipad application
Commit failed after deleting file
ARIMA modeling with panel data
telling uglify to keep certain comments (using CodeKit)
run/pause CSS animation with jQuery
Android - How to extract data between tags in xml
TypeError when form is submitted in django
How to Use Multiple Databases in a Rails App Using the database.yml
Sorting text in progress bar (Twitter Bootstrap / DataTables)
bash: double vs single brackets in file test expression evaluation
What does <%= @something %> mean in a Java properties file?
Infinite loop with java code, Scanner object buffer may be
OpenCV Runtime 鈥淓rrors鈥�Not Shown
Making a conditional statement to send email alert
Live widget generation for users
Remove gzip encoding in Zend
Best practice for organizing selenium tests and unit tests
A JavaScript vulnerability - 鈥渢his鈥�stealing:
MVC4 鈥淐annot await鈥�
Regarding sorting of list without iterating [closed]
parsing html with lxml - how do I specify a 1 - 3 digit wildcard to make my code less brittle?
dynamically add files to the public folder and getting the refreshed results in meteor
Why does adding a checkbox to an XML layout cause a java.lang.ClassCastException?
ImageButton effect on Android 3.0+
How is this DP solution approached?
Measure web application deployment time in glassfish
jQuery validation still submits with invalid fields
Facebook Android Application - Login Issues - 鈥淎n Error Occured鈥�
Binding events to device context objects in wxpython
Baffled by } jquery error
Check and Download Multiple files from FTP server
WPF Expander won't expand Up when is inside Canvas?
Jquery form - Change hidden value to option id
Luasocket custom headers, 404 turns to 301
Is there any way to get full page ads on my app besides just banners from admob on android?
Drawing text on canvas with WINGDING.ttf font is not working on android
convert SQL to LINQ group by min, count [closed]
i only get one result using this code
extract 鈥渟tyle鈥�information when scraping data in html using XML in R
Python Virtual Person Error
Ctrl+f5 clear session values
How to concatenate a range of ranges (鈥淩oR鈥� in D?
Is it possible to switch in PHP based on version?
gtkentry focus behaviour
Perl: Unusual RegExp
does .Net PixelFormat have Java equivalent?
When using storyboards, and changing a view, sound will not stop playing in new view
How to invert the y-axis on a plot
File data changed after encrypting then decrypting
Storage of SQLite database in Android Notepad tutorial
Is there an easy way to make a ScrollViewer 鈥渂ouncy鈥�
Fatal error: Call to undefined function facebook() in /home/a2424901/public_html/index.php on line 7 . Please help in making this code correct
I am using an eclipse maven project with seam and prime faces. When i create a servlet the project doesn't refer anything more
Simple Javascript Help Request
Sliding not working in HTML5 web page
AS3:Calling a switch case from another class does't work
Convert radians to degrees, minutes, and seconds
setting UIViewControllers as properties within other UIViewController
How to combine and make the validating functions work together this JavaScript work with calling in another function?
SDL slowing down animation
How do I remove the space at the bottom of the page(chrome extension)?
New to jQuery, ajax not working
Dynamically Populate Content Within Un-Orthodox Grid
How to use union all in LINQ?
Application throwing time out exception on sending bulk data
Change Android Audio Record Default input Source
Using Javascript Closures in minification
Disabling Nested MovieClips After Removing Parent Movieclip
When i Check the Checkbox how do I change that specific row style? C# ASP.NET
Using ApplicationContextAware in Singleton class
Appcelerator, Android Emulator Build Speed Suggestions
Submit form fails
Does TBB scalable allocator emphasize memory fragmentation?
Insert Query is not working with phpexcel Script
How do you terminate the Python shell in Wing IDE?
Override ToString in EF Metadata Class File
Regarding static and dynamic binding in Java
locking each item in array by java
How to create a fast MD5 algorithm in Java or C#
Removing item from vector, while in c++11 range for loop?
Limiting scope of Python import
node.js mongoose session issues. Undefined when defined?
Faking window focus (sandbox?, App-V?)
ClassCastException in JMS ConnectionFactory lookup in JNDI
Securing a login system in a particular way
How to check if a TR contains a TD with a specific CSS class with jquery?
How to chain try() and scoped to_s() in Rails?
How to accept buddy request porperly in Android smack?
recursively watch a directory with node.js api
Undefined method `emails' for nil:NilClass
Some code that i don't understand of the ajax
CSV File line data to dictionary input formatting
How to check If 鈥渕ywindow鈥�tab of the browser is active or not in 4.0?
How to add music in the console
Why isn't the table being created from within the stored procedure?
Sticky footer overlapping content when content contains floats
MoveClip.Visible and MouseEvent - ActionScript3
Grids - Action Column to behave like a Flyout Menu
Preparing mySQL query with where
Dynamic Content JSP Loader
Can someone explain this function-wrapping syntax in JavaScript?
MongoDB Cannot find entry by specifing ts.t(ts is a Timestamp type)
Best way to figure the best server to serve a file
Compiling Win64 versions of GLFW under mingw64
How to update a list in Scheme (Racket)
declaring a variable-length array as a global variable in C
How to import multiple projects into Eclipse using command line?
Is it better to have a php front loader or use .htaccess to load controllers?
Trouble Switching Classes on Android
Why is String.IsNullOrEmpty faster than String.Length?
php iterate over both keys and values and split into sub-array based on array-keys integer difference
Realtime server push with Socket IO (or Strophe.js), XMPP and Django
Why isn't this simple javascript working?
can't present modalViewController
Android Beam failed when the length of transferring data is out of range
text-to-speech error
Android Beam failed when the length of transferring data is out of range
text-to-speech error
const parameter lifespan in c++
how do i user Jquery selector for odd and even rows generated by php code?
Critical Bug Session is not destroying in Kohana 3.x
custom sorting scientific notation using jQuery plugin dataTables
Git Clone Into Another Existing Git Repo
extracting data from docx files in python
Compilation error in ASP.NET MVC4 BigShelf sample SPA solution
Writing characters using binary values? [closed]
file format for video analysis
Backbone.js routes don't fire correctly
How to use Go's time.Tick?
CSS - Sticky footer + Sidebar Problems
How to use magic __set() with validation varying by property? (PHP)
Resized bitmap's width and height are not the same as resized bitmap draw on canvas
Whitelist javascript to strip html tags
mysql query to return table.column where the column is the foreign key of another table
KnockoutJS: ko.mapping.fromJS problems
Background during modal view horizontal flip transition
Need a formula for moving averages in Open Office
Haskell bitwise operators in Data.Bits
ajax basics for beginners [closed]
DBSight does not work on Linux
Difference between 鈥渁鈥�and 鈥渁:link鈥�
Ruby: how to do change object to something readable
Is there a web stack optimized to minimize server-side coding?
Is it safe to do query with Model while in Behavior's BeforeSave callback?
Using a switch/case with group tableView populated through an array
How to initialize a string or char jagged array in C#?
Linq to SQL insert with primary key as tinyint set to auto-increment gives error message
How can i use Regex or DOM with PHP to get a slice of HTML?
Missing - Active Perl x64/windows
Can you invite or join people to a group using the Facebook API? With events?
Generic Interfaces and Type Parsing
Chrome cannot parse single line JSONP object
Service Timer keep alive forever
ASP.NET MVC: Passing data from View to Controller (Ajax vs jQuery)
How to write a static file server in Clojure?
Javascript: Get cell's column id
PHP MySql Record Count with Date Selection, LIMIT and Paging
Can perl Config::Simple module with properties file with variable assignment
Is there a way to use a Custom cross-sectional slicer of 3d image data?
Deploying to a Tomcat server using Aptana
How do I use a chain of operator overloads without modifying the operands?
Python: Why is global needed only on assignment and not on reads?
Call method in another class by Casting?
Why does Prolog crash in this simple example?
Simplest way to set up a 3D OpenGL perspective projection
Better, cleaner way to write this jQuery code
Lucene Indexing with Semantics
Regex repeated groups
Silverlight freezes while loading DomainContext data
How to display numbers in different bases under elisp?
Why my shellcode does not work (in Linux)?
.ajax() 鈥淕ET鈥�within an .ajax() 鈥淕ET鈥�, ajax call now showing correctly
Using Git and Xcode, how to branch off or create a new project from all existing code?
Bad pointer for a string data member - Getting access violations
First Person view of structures in mathematica [closed]
PHP/MySQL - Unable to submit values after 1 record inserted
ASP.NET MVC3 Custom Route Mapping?
Explanation of untyped terms
Mockito Scala for akka.http.Get
CKEDITOR - cannot modify data
NSView Remove after animation
Java Swing Graphics2D drawString slow initiation?
Multi Hosting Quota on CouchDB
Element's bottom margin/padding in IE
Eajaxupload shows 鈥渇ailed鈥�everytime
ruby rails - suggestion list for text fields
how to pass a parameter in _layout.cshtml in actionLink MVC 3
Calculating TFIDF score using Lucene
Javascript slideshow select 鈥渘ext鈥�image confusion
Please recommend a Firefox extension which can select a specified element on page [closed]
Binding Nested User Controls to Composite View Model socket.set and socket.get - what is the callback argument for?
Using JS function with button to display variable
jms Queue in jsf
Resize a video when the parent container is resized
No debug visualizer for Generic.List in runtime loaded assembly
Django-Registration Activation redirect with django.contrib.messages
Get skin path in Magento?
IOS Need to know what search method is most efficient using CoreData ManagedObjects or NSMutableArrays?
What should my Android network service's lifetime be?
Semantic issue: missing '[' at start of message send expression
Building Existing Android Application through Ant
How does foursquare return venues during search
Customized ListView:Multiple choice List Item
Draw MKNumberBadgeView on UIImageView
Existing Entity in Core Data
Ruby Method Chaining
What to put in a default label of a switch?
String split out of memory
Does calling java create new JVM instance or just another Java process?
Tell me the 鈥渞ight way鈥�to build objects from JSON
How to Create Movable Background with Cocos
Difference in client/server JVM options [duplicate]
How to make keyboard configuration as close as possible to Visual Studio or Eclipse in XCode
How to use plist NSString items as UIImageView object names
Pointer trouble creating binary trees
How to make keyboard configuration as close as possible to Visual Studio or Eclipse in XCode
How to use plist NSString items as UIImageView object names
Pointer trouble creating binary trees
What defines an 鈥渁ctive鈥�thread?
How do I create a guest account without actually placing it in the db in CakePHP?
Search through an HTML Table and find text fields with required classes
How to debug broken IE 8 when FF is fine
3D Perspective Projection doesn't look right
Drawbacks of combining C#.NET and VB.NET
How to get List<object> from a method of web service (.NET) to a app android using Ksoap 2
How to make Chrome respect the names of my fields and not attempt to autocomplete
Going to a certain position in a string [closed]
call function after dragging in jquery
is += in python thread safe?
copying span text to a hidden input value
Can't load '/Compress/Raw/Zlib/'
CrashReporter dialog doesn't show when mac app crashes
Is it possible to access the parent class (instead of the subclasses) when using single table inheritance?
edits in a ggplot2, geom = 鈥渓ine鈥�
Bad Data error while des decryption
Select data: paginating data from multiple tables with inconsistent dates
How do I avoid an 鈥淣+1 Select鈥�and specify fetch strategy for (N)Hibernate user type which has many-to-one?
How to setup JNDI name for JBOSS
How do I replace part of the value of attributes for a set of elements in jQuery?
How to use addEventListener for this?
Youtube oembed: How does it calculate the 'width' and 'height' values?
New to reporting with Visual Studio
Java Implementing copy completely from superclass when classes do not differ by data
Code runs extremely slowly inside Google App Engine
Is there any advantage of using references instead of pointers in c++? [duplicate]
how to show my tableview in my popoverController with data
After been deleted manually, the file content can still be read out?
Creating an online CMD/Terminal using JavaScript
Bioinformatics open-source tool contribution [closed]
Array Sum and Average
oracle sql - find common items purchased between two users
sync data between datagrid and SQL Compact table
Counting Recursive Calls by Hand
determine SQL query of albums, and total videos
Add a site to Silverlight permissions tab
application executable is missing a required architecture
how to create own file with icon that inherit from JFrame icon, that I set it, in java and my own file use FileOutputStream and ObjectOutputStream
Implementing a TCP/IP JSONRPC connection in C# - Need design Advice
How would I sort and display data in a tabular way with entities gathered from a Linq request?
getElementById('___').innerHTML Destroying Element's ID?
Very basic formatting Issue
C++ Binary Search Tree error with deleting nodes
How to write cookies using C#
jsdom and Contextify error