from nltk import WhitespaceTokenizer gives ImportError: No module named nltk
My app created on XP does not run on Windows 7
Loading a custom UIView from a XIB file within a XIB for a ViewController view
drawRect in UIView subclass doesn't update image
How do I center an ImageView and a TextView?
how to get array value in lua in not using id
AS3: Sort array descending while keeping strings in correct order
Match partial filetype in vimscript
Trying to stop email alert on FAIL inside PHP script when a fail occurs.
OS X 10.7 Animation Did stop selector
Compare table to reference table and update value if specific fields are contained in reference table
Failed to use sp_session_relogin (libspotify)
How to allocate objects without saving them in variables?
Adding listener to ListView
Problems getting even basic javascript to work [noob here]
nodejs hello world example - symbol lookup error
Is there a way to know if a tile of a overlay layer failed to load in google maps?
Building a set of records incrementally as app progresses
OpenCV: cvContourBoundingRect gives 鈥淪ymbol Not Found鈥�while other contour functions work fine
playing around with LD_LIBRARY_PATH
A LIFO data structure that holds max N items
Where is my unexpected T_STRING?
How to clear everything after certain character in string php?
Comparing poker hand in java
Model associations for a contest
PHP proxy only functioning at certain URLs
Javascript - mapping mouse clicks over a grid
jQuery - How do I prevent for a second paragraph to be highlighted when one is already highlighted (鈥渃licked鈥�
Echoing through PHP an HTML image path which is dynamic
Why is python giving me a Syntax error?
Take screen shots inside of full screen applications with java?
Adding parts of a line to make a sequence line (python)
iOS subviews of window not rotating
EMScripten fails to build sample project
ceiling and floor in TreeMap java
Twitter Search API - PHP multiple word search not working
No Such Column - When Column Exists
VisualForce - conditional html tags
Is there a way to get the return value of a function and test it's 鈥渘onzero鈥�at the same time?
Passing an array by reference as a function parameter in C++
Getting the selected listValue of <s:select> in javascript
linking with libc++ compiled boost
C++ Filehandling: Difference between ios:app and ios:ate?
Moving label and input to same line as previous
How to read input with c++ using program.exe < text.txt
Good alernative to a database in a C# program
Set 3d view angle with view_init in the subfigure
Grab keyboard with Qt application in Linux [duplicate]
Is it just me, or does domain driven design fall apart in large enterprise architectures?
How to make SoundPlayer in WPF play two sound files alternatively
How to make SoundPlayer in WPF play two sound files alternatively
Using jquery to animate a div to the top a page, but it flickers in Chrome
KeyListener not responding in Java swing
Can't Install Powershell 2.0 on XP SP3
How to suppress DDL log
Custom run script error in Xcode
How to properly load a Database row into a class in php
adding objects to NsMutableArray Depending on how many checkboxs are checked
zend form dispatch a validator onblur an element
Time Complexity/Cost of External Merge Sort
How would I move an SVG pattern with an element
Best practise for developing Google App Engine OAuth2 Java API application on local machine
Weird $_POST PHP issue
I am confused on this JUnit Test Case
Is Qt Model/View programming design pattern limited?
Why isn't this MySQL double metaphone function working correctly?
import images into an intelliJ Java project
Web.Config Transform xml comments
where to put option for event for edit/delete/add form_editing in initialization
why clang++ behaves differently from clang since the former is a symbol link of the latter?
NSButton: Action on Element within a Custom View
automatically infer class name as T for generics
Data Transformation in Postgres Using SqlSoup
Am I running out of memory with these 2-dimensional arrays (C++)?
Is there a preprocessor or something to control what headers visual studio includes?
how to separate source code and data while minimizing directory changes during working?
Android wifi p2p unsupported (wifidirect)
Odd behavior of Excel DisplayAlerts: 鈥渙ne or more invalid references鈥�error message
Images URL with Grails Resources plugin
Linkify is linking invalid links. Why? Is there an option to prevent this?
Condensing Javascript/jQuery Code
Cassandra AssertionError
Rvalue references in a conditional expression
Running Selenium IDE tests via Selenium Grid
Drawing a line between two percentage points in Raphael JS
List of results from async operations
I keep receiving a .class expected error
?? in OpenMP backtrace
W3C validation of css sprite back button?
Non-removable copyright text in footer
OSX Lion 鈥�NSEvent when Launchpad is entered
What's a pythonic way to check membership in a list that could be None?
oink logs command not working on heroku
String Index Error
Routes broken in production, but not in development with Pyramid
Don't return any result if the precedent query has at least 1 result?
GridView Column click export data into Excel
MySQL UPDATE with SUBQUERY of same table
PHP Crypt_RSA encryption produces error in bin2int()
Getters and setters in javascript
Wolfram Mathematica import data from multiple files
Pulling parts from a string (python)
how to draw automata in java
Function Not getting called
Facebook post on page
Simple PHP dom parser - Get text with no tag
xcode 3.1.4: nib controller doesn't seem to find nib file?
XORing least significant bits in java
Running through two strings and use an 'and' gate on them in c#
Python module for statically typed class attributes
How to download and unzip a zip file in memory in NodeJs?
Mercurial Setup for Lotus Domino Designer 8.5.3
Javascript xml nightmare
Multiple task invocations running spring task scheduler on jboss 5.0.1 GA
RaphaelJS Zooming Broken in Chrome
Getting the XML without the <?xml 鈥�> from minidom
Positioning Form Elements in jQuery Mobile
iOS not rotating
Visualizing binary trees in Java and C++
Regular expression matching length and letters
How do I disregard the time portion when comparing two date values?
custom header overlaps cells in group
PhP Regex or Basename()
How to add a partition table to a device without losing data
Is it possible to change the preview surface while recording with Media recorder
Saving PNG image to Isolated Storage for WP7
Should the machine instruction fxtod be ridiculously slow
Asterisk playback sound file into ConfBridge?
Migrating an existing web application to google web toolkit
Is it possible to read multiple result sets using a ResultProxy object in sqlalchemy?
sendmail: how to configure sendmail on ubuntu? [closed]
Comparing all elements of two tuples (with all() functionality)
in c# how to convert an var to a char array. char array[8]
How to move An element in an array into a different position while preserving the array
Java Chat application. Displaying current time
How to use FreeGLUT glutMouseWheelFunc in PyOpenGL program?
php logic for follower/followee
JSON Data String Replacement and Date Formatting
PHP extension works with IIS-5.1, not with IIS-6
jQuery margin-left of each previous element
Mock4as vs Mockito-flex
IIS Express references machine.config versus project web.config
Can CSS3 enabled elements make a position transition?
It keeps messing up when appending name of a file from a $_SESSION
Check if an input folder exists or not in PHP or JavaScript
Show loading page while main page is preparing
Is there a BigFloat class in C#?
Time limit on the execution of a Java function
clojure REPL - connect from another process
drawing part of a perfect circle using curveTo
drawing part of a perfect circle using curveTo
Draw line in Cocoa?
How to check if a link has been clicked in php
PHP Parse URL - Domain retured as path when protocol prefix not present
Jquery UI button on mvc 3 nothing happens on Firefox 11
Does Emacs 23 support prog-mode-hook?
Can't get Express session ID from cookies w/ Socket.IO
How can I set up sockets to do either 鈥渟end/receive鈥�or 鈥渞eceive/send鈥�
Casting vs Specifying type in C#
NSDictionary with NSNumbers as keys - strange behavior
How does one avoid a NullReferenceException in a foreach loop within a View when my model is null?
iOS Facebook SDK--Uploaded Photos Sideways
Rails 3. How to exclude records from grouped_collection_select?
Writing a fast 24-bit bitmap exporter in ruby
How would this line be re-written in plain javascript?
Quick basic loop
Managed alternative for GetBestInterface?
value does not enter the switch statement
Segmentation Fault in postgreSQL client (libpq)
Reference System.Data.Services.Client
I want to return a function of vector<Competition> but is told that Competition is undeclared and that I am using undefined class 'std::vector'
Why can't I initialize an object incorporating itself into its initial value in c++?
What actually happens when AJAX calls a different encoding page?
is is possible to make a function that when clicked changes images multiple times?
ASP.NET MVC 3 application with third party user profile management?
.htaccess rewrite rule to keep subdomains when redirecting to new domain
How is the user tied to an event/place check-in?
How to make APC not cache a specific php page?
Adobe AIR Debug Launcher has stopped working when profiling application
Parent div not inheriting the height of its child element automatically
Does jquery interfere with php?
double printing of instance variables on HAML
soundcloud-python uploading a track is extremely slow
Is there any API in j2me to make silent http requests without the connection selection prompt?
gethostbyaddr on GoDaddy - workaround to disabled functionality?
What's the most efficient method of determining a 16 bit checksum calculation? [CRC Hell :-(]
passing data with php script to database through NSURLConnection
Is there a better way to do this, maybe replace the for/foreach loop with something LINQ ish?
Unable to set alarm using Calendar class and AlarmManager
jquery fadeout darkens layer behind it
symfony2 and twig for on sub-array
defect with jquery modal dialog after scrolldown and refresh in IE
CruiseControl. NET Getting Unused node detected for username
Graphicsmagick for node not writing the whole jpg
Having trouble loading custom view from xib in another xib
Datepicker input not passing validation
Process.Start(): The system cannot find the file specified, but my file path seems to be legit
Looping through text and putting each line in an array PHP
SQL Server 2000,2005,2008 compatibility
Windows 8 GridView - disabling item tap visualization
Process.Start(): The system cannot find the file specified, but my file path seems to be legit
Looping through text and putting each line in an array PHP
SQL Server 2000,2005,2008 compatibility
Windows 8 GridView - disabling item tap visualization
Eazfuscator.NET breaks Enum.IsDefined
How to select which button to click on Robotium for an alert dialog?
Passing JavaScript File objects between iframes
How do I prevent a hidden div from creating a linebreak?
How to tell the active view controller when applicationDidBecomeActive is called?
C++ Should I destroy old objects in an object when setting new objects?
Load phtml content in custom viewhelper?
Stopping CGI Email Script through Javascript?
Can I push to an array while decrementing values?
AppSettings in ASP.Net html file
Data access and security in service layer (Doctrine & ZF)
Minecraft modding gives a Missingtexture error
Slicing an array by page
Android: Ignoring Self-Signed Cert Errors; Actual Implementation?
Apply surround with code snippet to number of items?
KendoUI: Compound editable field in Grid?
Spring MVC can @RequestMapping annotation be used to match url based on httpsession parameters
data structure for a circuit switching?
Are GNOME APIs stored in *.so files?
NSMutableArray of UIImages - view stays stuck with last image
Why Am I Getting a NoMethodError?
What is the difference between warning codes cs0618 and cs0612 MVC 3 Error: 鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object鈥�
Variable with weird value in gdb
Exception when using Contains() in LINQ Query
Pushing A Webform Into vTiger
Soap request with NSData and base64 encoding
Windows function that works like: Linux queue_delayed_work( workq, dwork, delay)
Where does the saved file go in WP7 when used IsolatedStorageFileStream
Is it possible to style a child element when hovering over the parent element?
How to set up a zend modular application
What are the possible problems with unit testing ASP.NET MVC code in the following way?
How to measure latency between two machines in LAN
form_for [@parent, @child] causes undefined method `parent_child_path' in Child#new
Getting last x consecutive items with LINQ
unix domain sockets on linux? [closed]
dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libglib-2.0.0.dylib
If possible, how can we avoid re-preparing a statement in pure SQL?
mkdir to create multiple subdirectories php/apache
Django Models - Prepare the data for the database
Cannot establish local S3 uploads with refinerycms
Why does IE not display position:absolute like it's supposed to?
How to break a process on start
Magento Product Listing - Sort by product type(Configurable then Simple)
Saving and restoring app settings in C# Forms
UILocalNotification - repeatInterval reset (no repeat)
Getting the document's width and height
How to read a REG Value into an Environment Variable
wxPython WebView example
Google Maps API V3 - How to Get Optimal Roundtrip Route Through Arbitrary Waypoints
Working With SkyDrive
Wix: Using KeyPath on Components, Directories, Files, Registry, etc, etc
UILocalNotification - mutable copying
Oracle SQL 鈥�Analytic functions OVER a group?
jQuery lightbox with Zend Framework
How to send Object over Datagram Socket
why mount an engine?
In Visual Studio 2010, how do I rebuild my site in 鈥渞elease mode鈥� I can't find 鈥渞elease mode鈥�
How to install a project using symfony
How to hydrate columns from JOIN tables into a Propel Object collection using custom SQL in just 1 query?
Using OpenCV Random Forests, is there any way to obtain the 鈥渃onfidence鈥�level for a classification?
Doctrine and Symfony2 cannot merge new entity EntityManager#merge()
Best practice for setting the DacUpgradeOptions.IgnoreDataLoss flag in continuous deployment?
Can I specifiy a 鈥渢arget鈥�for a Coldfusion template which is inserted from application.cfc
$.ajax doesn't work in WP7 (Phonegap-Cordova-1.6.0)
How do you clear a twitter session in Rails 3 app using devise
Make <td> background-color equal array value, but each group of 3 have same value
While loops drawing diamonds
Increase Performace in OpenGL
Why does my program keep looping?
Synchronous HTTP call in Netty
{% url %} gives me NoReverseMatch error while reverse() returns the url just fine. Why?
Is there a more efficient way of fuzzy string searching than BK Trees?
WebView Open '_blank' Links
C# webservice calls using jQuery 1.7.1 /eval/seq/
multiple delegates in objective-c
What format does this SQL need to be in for Oracle to accept it?
Dynamic Method Naming
Losing jQuery autocomplete 鈥淪elect鈥�functionality when implementing custom HTML menu
How to insert checkbox on custom listview
Why is my onChange event not working? [closed]
The data types time and datetime are incompatible in the greater than operator
Maintaining gpuArray data between CUDA kernel launches in Matlab
Get all tds based on index using eq()
how to svn version control of a project contains both code and data files
Uncommon shape buttons in ASP.NET
How to implement the communication between a Service and an Activity in different processes?
Java and JDialogs
How can I access the last item in a DataList in order to set its class?
Android Canvas Not Displaying
Populating google map with array of circle obejcts created from Fusion Table data
How to parse binary data from socket in python?
Unclear when to use a specific FactoryGirl syntax
How to get 鈥渃anonical unix shell鈥�for Python
html form not rendering in java servlet
Android if else statement not working inside onItemClickListener
Unclear when to use a specific FactoryGirl syntax
How to get 鈥渃anonical unix shell鈥�for Python
html form not rendering in java servlet
Android if else statement not working inside onItemClickListener
Control Google Map zoom level with a hyperlink
Rails 3. has_many as another class
Scripts in scenes loaded via Application.LoadLevel don't work
Get multiple items in one session
What is the difference between a Rest WS and Servlet
How to draw a mindmap
opening Omnet from ubuntu 11.10
How can I deal with output from a secondary process in realtime?
GET Tags on Javascript?
EL tags not rendered
Map parent child relationship in EntityFramework on top of existing database
Two pipe symbols (OR) in this Javascript line [duplicate]
iOS draw circle on navigation bar
8086 TASM Assembler - Error when looping: 鈥淰alue out of range鈥�
How to block ip Ranges using http modules?
specifying degrees of freedom for b-spline fit using bs function in splines package
Simple level system
is it possible to use javascript to get data from django models db?
Continuations in python
Supress subreport based on the data field 鈥�CLOSED
Get the name of a track the user is playing in iOS
XMLParser skipping to the last tag in a set of tags
java printing code not working
app binary organization [closed]
Empty method name, what does this actually do?
Create an array from a string
Access namespaced JS functions via autocomplete?
Lubuntu and remote desktop
FFMPEG restricting keyframes
How do I deal with unusual characters in my CSS?
In Bash, how to strip out all numbers in the file names in a directory while leaving the file extension intact
Is Morse code subject to cryptography export laws?
Sort complex JSON based on particular key
Facebook PHP SDK - getLoginUrl() - state value
Async template loading - How to load it only once?
BackgroundWorker for YouTube DirectUpload in VB.NET?
How to use Libraries
MySQL syntax error - near '1' at line 1
best practice for overriding ExtJS model getters & setters
Register menu wordpress
Initializing struct in C
how to make cURL call in Objective C?
Elegantly handling blank values in a nested hash
JSP foreach doesnt print the content of list
I already have an sprite sheet image, how can I get a plist file for cocos2D?
Why can I push from some tracking branches but not others?
mysql trigger used with load data infile
I'm getting an X509 error with Amazon AWS PHP SDK
Launch intellij via URL
Dialog that saves a particular user filepath - Xcode
php generate a string and check from mysql with not exist
Adding a one dataframe to the the end of another data.frame in R
In Objective-C, how to deal with [[myView alloc] init] returning nil?
Using appcmd to add a new site without supplying site id?
jQuery can't find element in ASP.NET MVC Project
jQuery each on appended elements
Android VM Out of Memory Error [duplicate]
CheckBox Image as a column in jqxGrid
Non-canonical linear addresses and general protection exception
Will the descriptors closed after fork be invalid in the other process?
windows screen saver as android live wallpaper
Python Scripts Are Opening Python 2.7 Interpreter
PHP Mail() Base64 sends emails as encoded text
How to return the index array of a character in a string in Java
What does the -EA switch represent on Send-MailMessage?
auto complete and mod_evasive
Count occurances of user input (mouse keyboard) in Python?
div inside wrapper div not aligning bottom
Why is this function not breaking up this input string?
VSTO 2010 with Visual Studio 11
PHP - write in a file
QueueUserAPC not working unless used immediately after thread creation?
How to properly set up the projection with libgdx for 2D?
gvim: go to a specific file with multiple windows and multiple tabs open
UILabel selected in a multiple option quiz template
Adding char and int
How to get the image width from html 5 file API
Flat Join of two tables
Pass Date as parameter
Merge two tables in MySQL
How to call a procedure with arguments from argument list
Moving an object in an array in Java?
grep for contents AFTER pattern
how do i make an image button to come up on my main xml after 5 seconds?
With the SalesForce API, what do these two exceptions mean?
integrating the autoupdate feature into a java application
Simple custom roles for windows authentication in asp. net?
Datatables warning while using server side processing
Deserialize / Serialize the AMF Request with PHP
Tool for designing android buttons
MYSQL: How to select the same columns twice from one table based on two different conditions?
Trivial MySQL Query: WHERE (鈥� AND (鈥�
can't zoom UIWebView for certain web pages
Get JSON Data - newbie here
How do I solve: pandoc: 鈥�hGetContents: invalid argument (invalid byte sequence)
decoding a byte in java
Get JSON Data - newbie here
How do I solve: pandoc: 鈥�hGetContents: invalid argument (invalid byte sequence)
decoding a byte in java
What does OpenJPA do with a db schema when entities change?
how to use python with javascript?
What does 鈥渁llocated inline in a structure鈥�mean for Value-Types?
Draw multiple instance of same image on surfaceview's onDraw efficiently
CATransform3DRotate flip horizontal
Proper way to check for particular .data() value in a jQuery object?
problems with self definition
Android notificationlight not working
missing info when submit app
Reference a window variable with backbone view
Approximation algorithm for TSP variant, fixed start and end anywhere but starting point + multiple visits at each vertex ALLOWED
access sql Distinct Replace
Convert seconds to fractional hours (half hour being .50 and not 30)
Java - creating an order link list and don't know how I got infinite recursion [closed]
boost::array<char, 2> how to pass the 2 as variable
Is this silverlight bug or I am doing something wrong? Grid alignment
set background image from sqlite database
website directory structure and file paths
Html.HiddenFor with preset value
detecting if a SWF file makes network calls
Does the CouchDB cookie have a sliding expiry time?
Solar System using OpenGL-ES 2.0 and GLSL 1.0
Draw gradient like UITabBar with tintColor in code
Programmatically unhooking an event handler
How to read from MS access to JPS [closed]
UINavBar seems to have an invisible layer over other buttons
(AS3) Solved: How can I use a function parameter to refer to a variable?
Why HKCR pngfile context menu works in Windows XP but not in windows 7?
rogue missing c++ symbol - debugging strategies?
Running spell check on Test Cases and Test Scripts in RQM
Java 鈥淐ould not find the main class emeraldrandomizer.EmeraldRandomizerApp. Program will exit.鈥�
TSQL: How do I move data between SQLServer instances?
Getting deadlock when execute UPDATE at same time
Startups using Clojure [closed]
restoring database and re-importing aspnet membership data
svn won't update existing files
Asset Creation - 9patch SplashScreen and ScreenDensity
Libstpotify API - How can I login with my Facebook credentials?
How to send the same variable from php to two different php pages using javascript
Use Python to select rows with a particular range of values in one column
Startup Rack server without
Making authenticated POST requests with Spring RestTemplate for Android
Using a functional java construct (Predicate) from jython
Parallel implementation of Levenshtein distance slows down with more threads
Java Error whilst attempting to run a web-client
send info to client on server event
WCF - how to perform operations from all clients in order they arrive?
Oracle SQL - achieve MAX functionality in where clause?
Multi-table SQL query - IN OPERATOR
Is there a CDN for jqGrid?
How do I search multiple mySQL tables to find one specific row?
C Multiple Strtok to determine delimiter
UI for defining rules and action similiar to XQuery or SQL like statements
Multiple Backgrounds CSS3 problems with IE8
PHP check that string has 2 numbers, 8 chars and 1 capital
Executing Queries in MongoDB with Greek Characters using Javascript Returns No Results
SQLite query row issue in Android
preg_match array items in string?
Trying to echo contents of multiple text files while sorting the output by the file name - PHP
How to set username/password to connect to Subversion repository in AnkhSVN in Visual Studio?
Hibernate 3.6 + JPA2 + Guice-persist + Maven
why does it need it!=obj.end() although every iterator should know itself when to terminate?
DirectorySearcher FindAll SearchResultCollection Count throws COMException
Representing a graph (adjacency list) with HashMap[Int, Vector[Int]] (Scala)?
PHP: Self-referencing array
How to setup a website with CMS on Amazon WS
Detached objects in standalone Java SE Client: Netbeans uses autogenerated DTOs?
Why are frequencies represented as complex numbers?
everything after --
Merge 2 DateTime vars into one in C#
I am trying to show all the Home Depots on my Google Map
Http server/client newbi
Jquery Modal Selectable Data (Suggested Users)
How is javascript used to transfer information between websites
get line with second last occurrence of words in linux
PHP Captcha using $_GET
php available options [duplicate]
Can VIM remember the mode when switching between tabs?
htaccess two parameter mod-rewrite problems
CefSharp - How to handle 鈥淭his page has insecure content.鈥�message?
Can I delete ASP.NET authentication cookie (.ASPXAUTH) using JavaScript?
ios - UITableView Section Index Titles - not many titles => spread out letters?
How do I add proxy support into my python script? (reddit api wrapper python) [closed]
execSQL wont run SQL statement from an Asset
MIPS Assembly - Instruction String to Hex
Bash - curl script, run with options
Pyparsing setResultsName attribute error: 鈥渘o such attribute鈥�
Input keydown event is firing button click of another element
Is it possible to use Antlr's gUnit with the C++ target?
More database traffic than the DataSet? [closed]
Sending the html code of a canvas in client web page to server?
jQuery callback not called
How to remove border line in my website overlaping my sidebar border
Include library from data directory in main.js in Firefox add-on
jquery-datatables-rails sort arrows not showing up when deployed to Heroku
Xcode goes crazy debugging OSX project
In an Apache Tomcat application, do MBean fields need to be volatile/synchronized for JMX updates to appear in other threads?
In an Apache Tomcat application, do MBean fields need to be volatile/synchronized for JMX updates to appear in other threads?
In Clojure 1.4 what is the use of refer within require?
Inserting the Identity of another Insert from Select?
Replacement for Ms Access Db for multi-LAN user purpose
Datagrid on auto complete the other column?
Android App XML Parsing Error
HTML/CSS: how do I propperly style this menu?
Two UISplitViewControllers, 1 (Shared) Detail View
SQL Simple JOIN issue
html, body {height: 100%} is always displaying scrollbar
Calling JQuery event as function from elsewhere in code鈥�
Using a block to name and create instance variables [Ruby-on-Rails]
How to access localStorage in node.js?
How do i wrap a standard wpf event with an event of my own?
Creating 16:9 Video Rather than 4:3 - AVAsset Writer - iPhone
Rails 3.2 Asset Pipeline, CarrierWave and .gitignore
Sine regression PHP
C++ Binary File method is removing content from the file?
SQL & PHP query with union
Only first For loop called
Hiding Tk root without hiding dialog window, and returning to dialog box
log4net configuration for a given class not working
osmdroid GoogleTilesOverlay smooth resize zoom
Animated gif pauses when ember.js objects are loading
Random numbers from Beta distribution, C++
Editing a Drupal page for someone. Using Unfiltered HTML, Drupal is backslash escaping quotation marks that I'm using in image tags. What gives?
My NSTextField highlights text when I press Enter.? I just want 鈥渆nter鈥�to place a 鈥淣ewLine鈥�character in the field so that I can continue typing
Data Table Not Binding to Grid View
What does this Firefox symbol mean?
Node.js + Express - How to get Mustache partials working?
Can you update an h:outputLabel from a p:ajax listener?
Support for turn.js in older browsers
Remove default behaviour of Enter Key from Struts2 Grid Submit Button on inline edit
Excel 2010 Conditional Formatting Issue using VALUE
webView.loadUrl is not working
How to keep encoded characters as is
how to insert duplicate record with different custom generated primary key SQL Server
Cleaner way to get new instance of an autowired field that is prototype in nature
Database Lessons [closed]
text_field_tag in simple_form gem
Path element include on condition
How to properly split a website into different regions?
Find the better intersection of two moving objects
MySQL Join Two Queries Horizontally
structKeyExists with XML Data Does Not Work
How to insert base64 file into a specif tag using Python
What handles ajax/json in a MVC application?
add something to nametuple
How to generate audio from a numpy array?
Problems installing Ruby on rails with apache2 on ubuntu
Passing a C# string to batch
Where place password in Wake on LAN (WOL) protocole?
can you use one time password to encrypt communication between mobile and server?
Drawing Explosions Android OpenGL ES 2.0
How to make my web page look the same on IE8, IE9, Chrome and FF
Disabling cache for website development [duplicate]
edit file using vi editor in java
How to close ajax loaded page and bring back old content?
How to set DefaultComplexItemRenderer background alpha to 0
Broken Publish in
error with Javascript onclick
go to logout page after specified time - issue because of header command called with ajax
Custom tabbar items in MonoTouch
Analysis Services Dimension - Key column usage where two attributes are at the same level
adding table values in javascript is giving me a result in the table cell of NaN
Circle recognition [duplicate]
When view is removed from superview all animations are removed or not?
Looking for advice to access NWS Severe Alerts in iOS
How to detect changes in Amazon S3? [duplicate]
Attach sql query to a ListView control
gcc: Permission Denied on Debian linux using normal user account
Assigning whole table to some other table
Reading an XML Element using LINQ
check which request is which from NSURLConnection delegate
Program compile, but it is not performing like i want it too [closed]
Where is it best to edit CSS using twitter-bootstrap
CSS: Get 鈥渄isabled鈥�input background color?
Add table to dbml in .net
Polygon with rounded corners using UIBezierPath
how to get full screen image?
jquery - tablesorterpager and custom parser not working together
CSS: anchor will NOT accept height
How do you create a tone generator whose tones can be manipulated 鈥渓ive鈥�or on the fly in java?
Detecting whether to show or to process a form based on GET or POST
Change Process Priority of a browser created by Watir Webdriver in ruby
preUpdate and postUpdate events not triggered on Doctrine 2
Form Runner Persistence, Session Cookie
What Data Type is $('#checkbox').attr('checked')
What state is my SQL server database in when msdeploy fails on user creation?
How to add a resource type via application.ini
How to disable rubber band in iOS web apps?
Getting countdown to count correctly
Rails 3. Query for not true
Trouble with remove_if (it stops removing after a few removals)
What possible web technology Google might have used for this 'Gideon Sundback doodle'
Javascript JSON comparison/diff?
Volatile HashMap vs ConcurrentHashMap
sending one attachment
Python inheritance weirdness depending on how the subclass is called
cakephp v2 layout not loading
cakephp v2 layout not loading
Exception Details: System.Exception: An item with the same key has already been added
need select from two fields, unique in first based on highest of second
Porting an application from little-endian to big-endian architecture
鈥淭he data type is not valid for the boolean operation.鈥�
Rest vs Wcf pros and cons [closed]
configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
Is it possible to change the appearance of top level menus in Qt?
Can I use oauth 2.0 with flex?
PHP doesn't see MySQL
get data from user then insert it in javadb
Need assistance with GridView Android
Efficient algorithm for filtering
Uploading App to App Store iOS
Session array being treated differently/overwritten on server but not on local XAMPP
Data modeling in Datomic
NSMutableArray not adding object correctly?
Tab icon filling tab when it shouldn't be?
SQL Efficiency - 3 nested Selects as a column lags terribly
Setting up profile for invalid SSL Certificates using Cucumber and Capybara
Plotting lines and the group aesthetic in ggplot2
Using jQuery to set values inside attributes of an Object element?
Interop with existing Windows Media Player
Suppress slideshow caption if alt text is blank
how can I detect a mouse leaving a page by moving up to the address bar?
ContentTemplateSelector does not re-evaluate on Binding changed
Hibernate List warning;
Symfony2 Doctrine2 Proper Entity Design for a filter and rules
Can 0.999鈥�be rounded to 1 when multiplying?
null error on removing a record from a store that is bound to a list
Very odd iOS orientation issue with Three20
Show only one error in Zend form validation
How do I embed JavaScript code into a Google Sites page?
customize Google Maps API
What is this user agent? (鈥�Applex*0TV鈥�
How can I create lists with Parent items of child attributes using E4X?
SVN overwrites local copy of XML file rather than displaying a conflict
Displaying a JS var across different pages
Does Objective-C have closure while C does not?
Any solution for locating a iPhone or android inside buildings like shopping malls? [closed]
How to run KindleGen as a dll, not an exe?
assign value to textarea in jsp using ajax
Best approach to store images in mvc app
Proper Workflow for video upload utilizing ASP.NET MVC and
Rails output a hash to html of x * y rows
how to configure nginx to serve specific django url path with another domain
creating multiple php arrays
IE 8 problems: unrecognized expression: first-of-type
How to understand the 鈥淐urrying鈥�in Haskell?
Retrieving day or month int from an NSString formatted like 鈥�/26/1980鈥�
Python faster than compiled Haskell?
SQL Query Yield Distinct by one column
KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR BSOD constantly when testing code
String parsing for spanish language detection in Ruby
How can I expose .Net web service service running under https: to javascript?
How to specify the package when looking up a help reference page for a function?
HTML5 button not hiding
Powerpoint VBA App_SlideShowBegin
Decrypting Rijndael in Android
Split ul to more ul's with jQuery
Jquery on selecting id issue
Where should server environment variables be stored in Ruby on Rails?
What's the ASCII character code for '鈥�?
Bugzilla rest api activation
HTTP request in Ubuntu
Using Boost Spirit's stream parser with custom grammar
What is tomcat memory heap committed?
How do I CloseHandle a handle that was converted to a FILE*?
PHP Minus 2 variables for value
Counting thread post count on forums
PHP - Executing ffmpeg using exec() and shell_exec() does nothing
jquery plugin: how to ignore specific rows when sorting
Xcode how to make the background position (center or stretch)
Clickonce installation folder url relative
Calculating minimum, maximum, and average of inputted numbers
Best Approach for a MDI Application in WPF? [closed]
LINQ Query returning IQueryable, need it to be a single result
How to test send_data in RSpec? Or鈥hat should I be testing for in this case?
Operator '&&' cannot be applied to operands of type 'int' and 'bool'
Best-practice approach to reset CSS styles on a specific element?
CompileAssemblyFromFile: Can I give the source in a rich text box to it?
twitter-style follower/following/friend sql query
Install Xcode app Without certificate
Project Euler Design Pattern
TypeError in my __unicode__ method on a Django Model
C# Web Application Download File dialog
Can't get ASP.NET 4 Web API to return Status Code 鈥�01 - Created鈥�for successful POST
Can I format powershell output into collapsible Tree View in TeamCity logs?
Cannot execute Node.js app on Heroku successfully (crashes each time)
Sorting IEnumerable<int> in IEnumerable<IEnumerable<int>>
What layout on Java I need?
VSTO Excel Add-In with Visual Studio Express
Backbone.js and Django (Without Tastypie)
Selenium Ruby Webdriver unable to run Chrome browser
Precompiling rails-3 assets pipeline, makes javascript failing, preventing heroku deploy
strange results with Linq-to-sql
How can I determine that an object is 鈥渃ustom鈥�in Javascript?
Centering InfoWindow Google Map IFrame
put two ids in one a href
Variadic templates and 鈥渆xpected a type鈥�error
put two ids in one a href
Variadic templates and 鈥渆xpected a type鈥�error
Why is this knockoutjs observableArray not causing UI update?
Making multiple balls move in pygame
NodeJS and on Mobile, can I poll every second?
Sortable BindingList bound to DataGridView with programmatic sort
IE take 302 response, but ignore it
queryString bug
%5Bobject%20Object%5D (404 not found) when attempting to submit via AJAX
How to configure jsoup whitelist to allow internal anchor
Selecting all the descendants of a tree node
AVCaptureSession adding 2 inputs freezes preview layer
AnimatedGIFField from blackberry knowledge base, don't know how to manipulate the gif
how to make git not change line endings for one particular file?
PrimeFaces file upload stopped working
jQuery Datatables aoColumns Sorting error
Oracle: Unique constraint violated exception but my data does not actually violate it
How to maintain the clicked item highlighted in Listview?
Any way to identify which rows were generated by which conditions in where clause
Powershell script run against share on server
How to open custom album on Windows Phone Mango
XSL keeps stipping my Curly Braces for jsRender
Using Rx Repeat() and Replay() to cache and restart a DNS query
Manipulate check_box values before saving the form
Web analytics and IE standards modes
devexpress mvc PageControl and PerformCallback
How do you interpret the frequencies produced by the output of a FFT
Changing the base class of a class with __new__
Should this (Generic Range Class) Conditional logic be replaced with Polymorphism? If yes, then why?
How to test windows service scheduler for my ASP.Net Web Application?
mvc+jqm actionlink html text issue
Is it possible to access vim's command-line arguments in vimscript?
Custom JSON Service
C# Events between children
AdMob Android doesn't work properly
How to use both 'insert into' and 'values' in one statement
text GHC only, aeson Portable?
using Multiple using statements to dispose DataSet and DataTables
Facebook like button being clipped
Which data structure should be chosen? [Android Dictionary]
Oracle: DISTINCT vs. GROUP BY vs. ROW_NUMBER [closed]
Echo an Array Key.. how?
Ext JS 4: Change width and height of Ext-JS grid cell-editing widget example
JS: Passing a scope as argument, binding it to a function that will be returned
Equivalent java cast in C#
JavaScript buttons not working; code is identical to other working buttons?
Checking for existing HttpSession in Spring Security
Launching multiple ec2 windows servers with auto logon from a custom AMI
Linker error: undefined symbols, symbols not found
mvc razor Html.Raw(鈥�lt;/div><div class= 鈥漬ewDiv 鈥�gt;鈥� is not outputting it as raw
Ruby string substitution
Trying to fill a two dimensional ArrayList from txt file
how to read Arabic letter in java Servlet from sql sever 2005?
postfix pipe mail to script does not work
Why does the neural network stop training because of the gradient?
how do i handle special characters scraped from a web page (xml and strings)
Using ThreadLocal vs Atomic
How to make stroke width immune to the current transformation matrix
passing an array of jquery get requests into $.when() [duplicate]
implementing google oauth2 for chrome extension interecting with our servers
SAX callback not updating global stringbuffer
Type provider calling another dll in F#
Windows service installation assigning to the created user
Android request a url with out opening browser
How to bind a nullable bool to a checkbox?
Problems with PHP DOMDocument LoadHTML when parsing CDATA Sections in Script tags
xslt to excel in
FlexSlider - reset slideshowSpeed when jumping to slide
<task:annotation-driven mode=鈥渁spectj鈥�/> no longer possible in Spring 3.1
jQuery no longer works on AJAX return
plotting more than one plot with different axes types
googletest and VS2010: cannot use EXPECT_EQ
Perl print $(^b)
Smooth Rotation using Bullet and Ogre3D
PHP file_get_contents() Timeout?
VBA Excel - Function Stuck
Can an inline assembly (__asm) block prevent function optimisation?
update then replace dies
Selecting few columns of a result set as XML
REST with PHP, how to choose query string
How to get data from a website in xml format and parse that data to do stuff using objective-c
Passing Variables Into URL
WCF: async methods, in service or in client?
python: interact with shell command using Popen
printf rounding behavior for doubles
Crash when assign values to the double dimensional array
Javascript <script> inside PHP echo : won't execute
MediaRecorder.AudioSource.VOICE_CALL does not work on SGS2 (call recording)
Batch for loop through variables, can't cd to each?
The scala-tools Maven Repo Change: sbt Broken
Should I use @2x or -hd?
Why does P4Python not recognize P4CONFIG setting?
Set Window Icon from a dll in WPF
Exception while converting String to integer in C#
What is the difference between C#.Net and VB.Net (Except Syntax)? [closed]
mysql select data when one field may or may not contain values
Fetching files from remote server - Perl/Unix
Apache 2.4.1 and old mods
XML Schema Choice - choose at lease one, but no repeat
I need to change the attributes in an XML document with VBS
XML Schema Choice - choose at lease one, but no repeat
I need to change the attributes in an XML document with VBS
Function that returns SETOF record in java = error
Socket EndReceive Order / Data Issues
Getting Codeigniter to work on localhost with xampp
SSRS ReportViewer Control linked report does not start at top
How to get around using eval in python
C header issue: #include and 鈥渦ndefined reference鈥�
How to do database queries with Drupal 7 without coding?
Android SQLite INSERT causes application crash
Looping through json subobjects and doing somethign with each 鈥渆lement鈥�
How to the id of visible jqGrids?
How to get user permissions of user currently in Django admin site
uploading files into rails app - approaches to designing classes to avoid code repetition
Facebook like box in Persian - wrong margin on the like button
Extending Groovy String class
Loop and Array in SQL
DataGrid Row Headers Don't Align with Content
How do I use these two select query in one query
Position image overlay based on the dimensions of parent div
Jquery calendar of events [closed]
Running Tkinter alongside a Textual Game?
SQL insert with one row duplicate rows
Libgdx: phone's back button continues between screen
Jersey POST Method is receiving null values as parameters
Should I make table-valued functions for common large joins SQL
Javascript object inheritance
How do I force MediaWiki to evaluate a function with high priority?
DropDownList Values Skewed Vertically
Java inheritance and recursion
asynctask httpost?
Socket.IO sample compatible with .Net
Jquery DIV Popup
Difference between 鈥渓ink鈥�and 鈥渨ebsite鈥�fields for Likes
What to return in a collection when using map
Create 3D Plot Colored According to the Z-axis
don't display datetime min value in gridview
How can i develope a website with huge database such as and [closed]
Composite components & ID
Image caching at server side
reverse printing of linked list in c
Does Nuget create an error log file when a package is installed?
default argument promotions in the case of inplicit function declarations
Dataset in ASP.NET 4 and ASP.NET 4.5
sql query .. confused
JS regex syntax
MySQL trigger 'update on column' syntax
Issue with if statement with templates in Underscore.js
pop up message from service provider(telecom network) causing activity to pause
Is this the way to create a custom UIView?
No browser postback on dropdownlist after upgrading from .NET framework 3.5 to 4.0
openlayers vectors and stringline
PHP project with MySQL data on CD/DVD
How to get a single value back from query vs resultset
Grails FindBy* with an inteface property
PHP not working correctly in WordPress
Setting an <li class=鈥渁ctive鈥�gt; using MasterPage
CocoaLibSpotify resets offline available tracks to SP_TRACK_OFFLINE_WAITING during log in
JQuery animating div after loading new image
VC++ migrating issue
Application_Start in a web garden environment
Showing element when movement/motion/activity is detected i.e. with javascript
How to load 鈥淔acebook like button鈥�from a server that banned [closed]
Eclipse breaks on processWorkerExit
Add AdWhirl view to a tabBarController
Accessibility Element for a point
Scene seems to display four times larger when running simulator with retina dispay
Boo Interpreter Speed - Web application
Bash environment variable inherited by child without 鈥渆xport鈥�
How to use System.Linq.Expressions.Expression to filter based on children?
Button clicklistener inside listview
xcodebuild, missing iOS simulator sdk
Conflict between Fancybox and other JQuery
Include a button on toolstrip under a tab control
How should I store API keys in a Python app?
In CSS, how to make the colored background be at least 50% of pagewidth and at most 90%, and as wide as necessary?
WPF Edit Templated Column by Code
Unable to build Eclipse library projects after ADT update
LINQ OrderBy anonymous object with projection comparer
How to handle large quantities of inter-related data
Eclipse can't find / load main class
Deserialize javascript associative array into C# Dictionary with Json.Net
Jquery for each closest, calculate and replace values
Java open file on shared location
CustomLineCap FillPath instead of StrokePath?
Facebook post a message on a wall without open a dialog
Aliasing a property at definition time
Data Gathering Portion of CUDA Code is Unexpectedly Outputting 鈥�鈥漵
What JRE home to set in Eclipse for JDK7u4 on Mac OS X?
How to improve this vim mapping to format/align similar lines
How to integrate Meteor and Ext.js? [closed]
Jquery Selecting all checkboxes when one checkbox is selected
Remove non-matching parent elements in XSL
CakePHP: Modularizing a Controller action that uses a Component for use in a Shell
Use SimpleXml in php to add additional data into element and save
HtmlPage.Window.Navigate works in IE but not in Chrome
Setting variables in a different class in Cocoa
Node.js - `process.getuid()` not working on Windows
How to remove lines containing any one of an array of strings from a file?
HornetQ Consumer Stops Receiving Messages After N hours
Can't reduce size of resizable textarea in Chrome
DBX Truncates SQL Error to 256 Characters
Difficulty Troubleshooting a Misbehaving App
Issue with maven + surefire-plugin and Spring @Autowired
Opengl: Viewport, clipping, matrixtmode confusion
How to access SQL Server 2008 from Ruby
Regular expression to extract date format e.g Wednesday, April 25 2012
Dividing line in horizontal menu
Filtering if a custom selector is greater than a number in jQuery
Google Maps Geocode Lookup Suddenly Stopped Working
Tracing the root cause of low memory warnings
Get text from UITextField on a TableViewCell
Filtering junit test classes from Emma Code Coverage Report
Does Google bot crawl entire site if there is a redirect
CSS not showing on php page but shows in dreamweaver
Android App/source code Selling and pricing? [closed]
sqlite not reading data or some other issue
In Watir, how to get the full text, from a portion of text?
getCheckedRadioButtonId() returning useless int?
which Wavelet is used for Jpeg2000 Image Compression?
android.widget.TableRow cannot be cast to android.widget.TextView
Python: Very simple strptime() call throws error
JDesktopPane has a toolbar at bottom of window on linux
XSD unique constraint on attribute of sibling elements of a specific type
Grails Log4J File appender not writing to file
Word Template - Sections - Bringing those sections in a WinForms app
MediaMetadataRetriever mostly stopped working since update to Ice Cream Sandwich
mkdir Windows vs Linux
SQL Report Builder takes forever with empty report
KineticJS strokeWidth of 1 causes a blurred, semi-opaque line instead of a sharp 1 pixel line
Installing Lua socket library
How to implement logic based on a relationship matrix
SpringSource Tool Suite can't import spring library classes
Only every 5th shape valid reading shapefile
Git remote not working after sysprepping server
Jquery Mobile ListView design
Lazy load images from URL in UIScrollView and UITableViewController
Proper use of destructor c#
Read CSV file that contains data about pdf documents and store the information in MYSQL database
xslt text disable-output-escaping
Logical Search Field Database Select issue
How to refresh ListView after filling it asynchronously
Java Closing Another Window with JDialog [duplicate]
Alternatives to typedef or subclassing string in c#
increase db performance for 'foreign_key=x' queries
Displaying data in a grid
鈥淭he connection is already Open (state = Open)鈥�
Two binary attributes to be output in one column
Importing Styles with Microsoft Word
Displaying data in a grid
鈥淭he connection is already Open (state = Open)鈥�
Two binary attributes to be output in one column
Importing Styles with Microsoft Word
DateTime conversion - server
C type naming conventions, _t or ALLCAPS
Rails select over integer field
Many to Many Relationship EF
php multiple choice quiz creator [closed]
Cross Table JOIN error
How do I make a jqgrid display inline adjacent to another jqgrid or just a div?
How to set org.apache.xalan.xsltc.trax.SmartTransformerFactoryImpl as transformer in JBoss AS 7.0.2 Managed server
servlet with tomcat v5.5.30
Google Drive API for C or C++
DataGrid Selection Missing Items
Updating values in SQL Server database with MVC
How to insert an array in UILabel
Calling RAND() From a function in mysql returns the same value:
OnActivityResults to another intent
How to fix 鈥淯ndefined offset鈥�error
Getting db_type() error while using django-facebook connect for DjangoApp
Prolog 鈥渄on't-care鈥�variable
How to best integrate SlickGrid and Meteor.js? [closed]
Quartz iPhone drawRect not called
Update form on AJAX return
Javafx 2 chart resize with freehand draw
Is there a MessageCodeGenerator for the C++ quickfix?
SVG Bar charts in an XSL doc rendered by Apache FOP
Dropdown size setting not taking
how divided big dataset in two first with defined column number and second that are not in first dataset in R
Is it possible to obtain a pointer to the definition of a pure virtual function? [duplicate]
How to re-factor a jquery function to pass selector and element id into function as parameters
testing in Iphone
Does Mathematica use first-order or second-order unification [closed]
Full-text search for local/offline web 鈥渟ite鈥�[duplicate]
passing index value to use as a selector in jquery
How to stop firebug from breaking on error in scripts?
How to fix hacked OpenX server?
Merge Audio with Video
using Node.js, what is the best way to write to a file several times a second
Insert else update
Is is an anti-pattern to inject DI container to (almost) each class?
Hide certain fields in Django admin site for different user
Binary Search Tree displaying nodes recursively
How to add 鈥渙n delete cascade鈥�constraints?
how can I copy arrays with their keys and values with a foreach loop in c#?
Jpgraph: move vertical line forward according to clock ticks
C Command-line interface - History function like in BASH
Datasnap: Session destroy event
Entity Framework and Cast<>