set globally absolute position to a div
package oracle.jdbc does not exist import oracle.jdbc
Which is the most pythonic way of replacing characters which are escaped by duplication?
Rails Paperclip: Do not store uploaded file
options menu way off when right click on swf
Formatting nested lists/tuples
Define intervals in an array
Issue with XMPPUserMemoryStorageObject class while receiving subscription presence
htaccess redirect only specific folder to another domain with same specific folder for Magento not working checkbox list randomly rendering span
best option for console i/o in dll
insert new child group or change the order in to a list of parent-child
Template for loop replacement
鈥淭ypeError: string indices must be integers鈥�when using cleaned_data
How to properly mock in .NET 3.5
How can I see the log of the changeset where it is in the tree?
Does Content Type text/json have security implications?
Convert array of JSON object strings to array of JS objects
Jquery remove class from many, add class to one
jQuery select from list
Filtering requests involving security-constraints
Avoiding reflection in passing an array of non-primitive objects
Push a View by converting a string to a class?
QMetaObject::invokeMethod doesn鈥檛 work when鈥�
Start session in a defined computer in PHP
Difference in time using Java - going from before midnight to after midnight
Xcode-like navigation panes/drawers
Using JavaScript to open 2 websites
mailto link multiple body lines
How can I tell if an int[] has not had anything assigned to it yet?
Using setTag twice on one object?
Netbeans can build and run the java executable; but when executing application outside of Netbeans it doesn't run
Tablet and phone text link
Retrieve XML metadata from a repository with Spring MVC
Nodejs Express implicit middleware applied to all routes?
div column height
Javascript button OnClick can't find the method I want
Scrollview inside tablelayout?
Is it possible to pass cout or fout to a function?
Float after dynamic height
Casting double to int like java
Bookmarklet requiring jQuery doesn't work
Count different status in my sql table
javascript animation halted in ios safari webkit browser when finger is on the screen without lifting
Correct Windows API to find CurrentControlSet Control MediaProperties?
Adding System.Web.Mvc to bin makes MVC 3 app throw a 403.14 Forbidden
Get Extras in Single Instance Mode
Trying to Create a View Model Design Pattern to Populate DropdownList
how to enable onclick when fancybox is closed
Adding System.Web.Mvc to bin makes MVC 3 app throw a 403.14 Forbidden
Get Extras in Single Instance Mode
Trying to Create a View Model Design Pattern to Populate DropdownList
how to enable onclick when fancybox is closed
Delivering to main branch in base clear case
grab username with regexp
Aligning uneven rows in div based table
How do I convert a org.w3c.dom.Document object to a String?
Can a Domino file upload control put its attachment in a specific field?
Backbone initialize: function( options ) not working in V9
System.Web.Optimization vs Microsoft.Web.Optimization
Changing the value of an NSString passed to a function
Error in [NSFetchedResultsController performFetch]
Detecting intersecting lines after a hough transform
How to keep external database connection object correctly for xpages application (external db servers = MongoDB, OrientDB, Apache SOLR)
Forcing a Set Resolution in wx.Python in Full Screen
Windows desktop ScreenMarker
How can I make emacs load nXhtml only when php/html files are open and prevent it from loading at startup
How to check if blobstore file is readable
Does gimp allow you to set guidelines? [closed]
How to retrieve user's new received comments in Facebook API?
mysql query result for a string words one by one with LIKE and LIMIT
Dynamic target queries in OSGi with DS
Rendering ejs template
about c# webrequest and website blocking me
Custom highlighter with lucene
What's the text encoding used for header values on HTTP requests?
Build DateTime from string value based on the current system culture
Opening a new WebBrowser session for Every instance,VB
simple python regex [closed]
Error when compiling Qt: nmake fatal error U1077
C# formclosing event and loops
access variable from inner function
Android Custom Preference changing Override
How to send View Object to ViewModel in WPF MVVM?
manaully create associations in LINQ to SQL designer
How to know if a Date is within the same day of other date [duplicate]
Avoid recompilation with git and make
Zip compression
URL routing - Missing slash in the end of the URL gave a 404 error
Need assistance creating 鈥淪ave As鈥�method for SQL Server CE database
How to Access GrailsApplication in a Mixin?
What is the difference in creating objects in these two ways
bootstrap-sass tables - how to generate a single row that spans whole table width to display message when table empty (along with column headings)
How can I use Google GSON to deserialize a JSON array into a a Collection of a generic type?
IOS push Notification sound doesn't work
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cipher not initialized
Jquery conditional statements for css?
ember-data DS.RESTAdapter causes TypeError
how can I copy all cells in a datarow to session?
Are there existing well-maintained vagrant chef recipes for Magento?
Run document.ready only if jquery is loaded
extract values from td tags in Powershell
Event bubbling or failed bubbling on click event in javascript
Designing multiple input software
How to compile Boost 1.39 in VS2010?
Crystal Reports Parameter display 鈥淎ll鈥�when no value is passed in parameter?
Registration form with wordpress
C++ Constructors have no return type. Just exactly why?
Creating regular expressions for input validation
I can't disable echo option using apache-commons-net TelnetClient
Where do I put bundles my bundle depends upon so Eclipse/equinox sees them?
how to prevent bundler from adding platform info to Gemfile.lock
Optimizing this SELECT query with Julian date column
mod_rewrite to include a question mark in rewritten URL
How to close/terminate all threads of a process using C++
PHP - auto detect when/if files have been updated
Count the no. of non empty nodeset in XSLT 1.0
How to add html entites to RSS feeds
Read files with Build Action = Content
MySql - Retrieve correct values using COALESCE?
jQuery value to name
Infinite loop when attempting to search an object
linux mput command options
Do I need to use the model for data access in DisplayFor/EditorFor?
How to set Sensitivity to 鈥渢rue鈥�in LpSolve
how to force link from iframe to be opened in the parent window when iframe is not from same domain?
How to deal with accented characters in iOS SQLite?
AVCaptureSession Record Video With Audio
Most efficient way to split a 2D array?
C# while loop on formclosing
Could not load file or assembly 'System.EnterpriseServices.Wrapper.dll'
NSTextView highlight
How do you add an extra logger on play 2.0?
Catch a restore event when Sharepoint 2010 webpart is in minimize mode
How to write query in Entity Framework
Interpreter semantics: clarifying the steps an interpreter makes
Using SVCUTIL.EXE to generate DataContracts for NOAA Forcast
How to make crx xpi generate a Firefox 12.0 compatible .xpi
Insert JavaScript code from JavaScript
How do I combine these two regular expressions into one?
Is it good practice to work directly with core data whenever I need to manipulate my business objects?
Clustering and replication among nodes in Glassfish
Some MySQL queries don't take effect
How to force http- NOT https using htaccess
Android disable proximity sensor during phone call
Python: How to chain boolean tests to get False as soon as it gets the first False
jquery lavaLamp not working for Wordpress single post
Is BDD really applicable at the UI layer?
How to pivot and calculate percentages in t-sql?
How to get Mybatis Maven plugin to use a different java.library.path
Gps tracking application data send methods
Reuse a filestream in C++?
Hiding LinkButton
sed regex to Python re
How to Filter ListView through EditText
J2ME - can't shutdown output stream on client side, server hangs on waiting for data [nokia J2ME implementation]
Is it possible to retrieve Facebook Page's created time/date?
What is more resource intensive, fopen+fwrite OR mysql_query()
mysql Query Timezone conversion
how to send back to the command line, when command line vi mode opens an external editor?
Mongoose and commander
How can I communicate between a Siemens S7-1200 and python?
Create button鈥ove to second screen containing image and use zoom funcationality
When printing, Firefox cuts off/crops images if they're larger then a single print page, how do I disable this behavior?
Java native library invokes another DLL and doesn't search in java.library.path
How can I copy files bigger than 5 GB in Amazon S3?
tornado maps GET and POST arguments to lists. How can I disable this 鈥渇eature鈥�
nginx, jquery - getting Access-Control-Allow-Origin error while doing a POST
How to compute frequency via list comprehension?
Passing an int as the object for performSelectorOnMainThread:
'NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey' undeclared
Request Read Receipt on Email when useing smtpserver
Restart an Application on Crash
Cocos2d not dealloc-ing the scene (again)
CGShadingGetBounds() signature?
Socket server memory keeps on increasing
LWJGL & Slick Coloring Quads Incorrectly
C# Database issue
Is a POST controller suitable in a php mvc?
UDP Datagram packet receive loop delay
Taking A Selected Item In A Listbox and Populate Into A Textbox
Use emacsclient -t when committing in Git
css last-child matches all children
Extracting Sub Sequence from a file - Java - Fast Way
is there any possible oway to calculate number bigger than the capacity of integer in php? [closed]
calculate timestamp interval average
Make onKeyDown trigger an HTML button's onClick event
How to reset HTTPHEADERs in pycurl object?
Query not collecting all of data
Python 2.7 not loading in Cygwin
Compression stream appears empty
Alternative to NetPeerTcpBinding in WCF
Creating Jar file with an Inherited Class
Change UiTemplate based on browser user-agent in GWT
Why isn't a String an Enum?
How to append binary data to a buffer in node.js
cancan accessible_by w/ mongoid criteria syntax
Google Maps Infowindow Auto Updating
Android drop-down 'command' menu
Why isn't a String an Enum?
How to append binary data to a buffer in node.js
cancan accessible_by w/ mongoid criteria syntax
Google Maps Infowindow Auto Updating
Android drop-down 'command' menu
Why does java.text.DateFormat return the same date format for en_US and en_GB on Android?
Mixing form and layout tags in HAML
How can I center text inside TLFTextField when using custom fonts?
Unable to Receive Wall Posts after OAuth
Where can I find the source for Ubuntu ARM init?
Coldfusion ORM Macromedia][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-02289: sequence does not exist
Does thomas-mcdonald / bootstrap-sass support the use of generators? Getting an error saying cannot find
Tag autocomplete with PHP (like SO)
Caliburn Micro Conductor + TransitioningContentControl
create a concave polygon from image using N points
python UTF-8 encoding error
Ext-JS 4: Modify data store of grid 鈥渃ell-editing鈥�example to use JSON instead of XML
C# AddFontResource does not work - returns 2 fonts installed when called on only 1 font
Next and Previous Navigation by showing corresponding DIV
How to render a .phtml file through apache
Missing Parameter Values
Get focus distance on iPhone
Force a Click on a javascript page
Mysql stored procedures export
Password should not contain the user's account name or parts of the user's full name that exceed two consecutive characters [closed]
How to catch gtk scroll-event on menu item
JBoss SAR vs EAR/WAR packaging
WinXPe NDIS 5.1 Device Driver IPv6
What is a ppmreader and how to open a ppm file in matlab
ActionMailer doesn't use default from, or any 鈥渇rom鈥�for that matter
How should I handle decimal in SQLalchemy & SQLite
Javascript - Correct use of 'this' in a function member of a class
Returning a Stateful Java Bean from a Stateless Bean?
SQL Creating an Alias Column For a Nested Select?
Cache implementation
Datatable + jquery UI button
When authenticating user in adLDAP the result is 鈥淯ser authentication unsuccessful鈥�
Text mining MS Word documents?
insert from radio button to MS access database by coldfusion
onclick event - why javascript runs it onload
Why does this code work for this TopCoder prob?
ExtJS Form: Linked Comboxes
Loading Google maps in a dynamic map container?
Node.js connection to MySQL db isnt working
Why does Convert.ToString(null) return a different value if you cast null?
Changing window parent url from child not changing complete url
using ajaxComplete on a non-ajax page?
What to consider when using a Ruby extension with Rails?
slides.js slides_control has 0 height and slide show not working
How to perform a WHERE similar to 鈥淣OT IN鈥�with a list of value coming from a HTTP FORM?
SSL (https://) breaks internet explorer exclusively (all other browsers work)
iPhone how to use NSPredicate to filter Core Data by the parent entity?
Facing issue while searhing on string type field
only allow scp no shell
Can't remove quotes from string
Is concurrent programming more grided or clustered?
How do I create dynamically loaded pages URL?
Allowing further overriding of save_formset on a ModelAdmin
connecting to apache web server that is running on a VMWare from any device in the lan
How do mobile HTML5 apps use the OAuth 2 protocol?
SQL query, store result of SELECT in local variable
Lists in text file
Script to HUP parent and child process
Toggle using pure JavaScript
Doctrine2 Migration Using DBAL instead of $this->addSql
Plotting 3xN matrix(N number of 3D points) on same graph using matlab
WebView Download Image
Google Maps API v3 street address vs city, zip
How does Google Analytics know the source of HTTPS inbound organic search traffic?
Using System.Data.SqlConnection in mono, Second invalid login attempt results in 鈥渙bject reference not set to instance of an object鈥�
WebApplicationException weirdness
How can I execute a program from my VS2008/C++ application in windows that replaces the caller and runs on xp/vista/7?
c - error: ecpected ')' before numeric constant
Sqlite select query - returning default rows?
Changing system time doesn't accept Time Zone
Magento Bulk update attributes
Continuation in Scheme
Merge changes between two revisions of another branche
Oracle OWB Cube load SQL tuning
MYSQL count related rows in 2 tables
Add a class with Jquery or Javascript to <a> tag
C++ Binary Search Tree status access violation error with adding nodes
Adding a button and navigating between views
Issues with js conditional based on page width
InvalidOperationException: Internal connection fatal error at SqlDataReader.Close()
Generic collections type test
Consolidate elements from array of objects that contain the same name
GLSL 1.2: What are the default attributes for the different indexes used in glBindAttribLocation
UDP Packet size and packet losses
Matlab Switch-case
Getting a label associated with a maximum value over a partition (SQL)
is it possible to start activemq with a configuration file that's not in one of the default locations?
Set gravity of a View Programmatically
JPA persist fails for GenerationType.IDENTITY
Google Maps Marker Icon Auto Changing
Echo statement makes new line every echo
Working with a checkbox in a jquery dialog
Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list
can't open image with NSOpenPanel
AppDomain.CreateInstanceAndUnwrap not working in a website
while loop adds a char instead of addition
Injecting Google guava cache builder into bean via Spring
Android : instumentation testing for app widgets
Unable to Access Element in a Perl Hash
Backface visibility broken in Chrome (certain platforms/versions)
Variable $u does not work when put into mysql_select_db
Dojo Garbage Collection/Resource Freeing Techniques?
Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.ConsoleKey' to 'char'
How do I insert an array into database table?
Need some assistance with my logic in cloning an object
How to CSS style a table such that its width is within [min, max] percent of page width and as wide as necessary?
UIView animation doesn't work
Does Qt's LGPL license allow me to provide a statically linked binary if I offer a dynamically linked version from the same distribution point?
Why two different mysql function returns different rows when executed upon the data retrived from single mysql_query()?
Scala/Java ORMs that fit the given criteria
jquery validate phone number and extension mvc 3 a condition always return false
JPA Controller class method edit does not check if entity already exist instead adds new entity
JQuery animating border
WordPress URL Rewrite - Optional Value
SQL Query not returning results
鈥渃onnect EMFILE鈥�error in Node.js
JSP: The method sendStatus(int, String) is undefined for the type HttpServletResponse
Rewrite one domain to another with query string
Does .NET MVC accept single digit day / month strings for DateTime object?
MySQL on EBS AMI and persistancy
jQuery Equivalent for isset($_GET['var'])
How can my gem respond to certain paths without them being specified in the application's routes.rb?
Is there an opposite of include? for Ruby Arrays?
How can I get a list of a Page's events?
Get all DLLImports from an Assembly?
Large listboxes not populating well when scrolling
htaccess to redirect domain, except one subdomain
Dbpedia does not return full results
j_spring_security_check 404
read midi IO device with java
Rails destroy nested entries.
Zend Framework: This row has been marked read-only
GXT Grid ListStore - get unmodified Records
Is returning a reference from static method thread-safe?
Disabled textbox and ViewState woes
How can I cut what I want out of a huge data dump?
Django isn't consistently logging鈥�view caching?
custom json encoders in python/tornado
no data in the table
.net Code Issue with binding chart
IE10 - CSS animation not working
How to add Hg clone options to Mercurial Jenkins plug-in
How to get the number of records of a filtered rich:datatable
Issues with custom layout for spinner for Android
Issues with custom layout for spinner for Android
How to pass user name & password in the URL
Wordpress creating special sub page with an index of posts
rspec ./spec/controllers/pages_controller_spec.rb:13 # PagesController GET 'home' should have the right title
When would it be advised to use a ThreadLocal singleton instead of a request attribute?
Recursion - Can't Understand This Simple Arithmetic in Java
What's the simplest security method of a WCF service
How to avoid 鈥�identifier' uses undefined class/struct/union 'name'鈥�error when forward declaration is not enough?
Grid Background Image Opacity Animation
Ajax iFrame: PHP will not add my different strings from SQL in my loop (to rebuild HTML code).
PHP - DENIC whois query with cURL doesn't work well
The return types are incompatible for the inherited methods
How to overcome 鈥淐onversion from 'Byte' to 'String' cannot occur in a constant expression.鈥�in VB?
Zend fetchAll foreach 2 times run dont loop 2nd time;
curl example of file download doesn't work
Using Ant to build project and run JUnit Test Android app but Ant Junit Test fails
Increment column using update OR create a on update trigger - mysql
going from svg to Raphael
CSS Radial Clip
Return all results of substring with in string
Displaying Directory Structure in CheckedListBox C#
how to share a variable and its value between many source file in c language?
How to draw multiple polylines by clicking?
NHibertante 3.3: composite-id with a key-property generated?
Traverse simplexml_load_file object recieved from Google Maps REST API with non-unique element names
Is it possible to have multiple 鈥渧alues鈥�posted from a HTML form (checkboxes)?
how to reference a specific line from previous output?
Reduce how much xcodebuild writes to command-line
Django-easy_thumbnails images are being resized to different sizes when only one size has been specified?
Check if embeded Tomcat was started
ssh scp command not working [closed]
Could not find the main class: Main. Program will exit
Scala Duck Typing Newbie
how can i connect my css to my JSP files stored in the WEB-INF folder? Websphere/JSP
Error: must be str, not generator in Python
all pooled connections were in use and max pool size was reached
programmatically mouse click in another window
Cisco UCCE Password Change via SQL
What is a UIGobblerGestureRecognizer?
Horizontal drop menu (child menu) positioning differently in chrome, ie9, firefox, and safari
Positioning divs left and right within anohter div
Android Layout left and right align in horizontal layout
Does using binary numbers in code improves performance?
Checkbox in MVC3 does not refresh from Model
Eclipse/adb frequently disconnects from my device
Spring mvc rest, json and xml output contain the package name
Remove elements from array of objects that contain the same name
jquery cycle sync not fading in content on fadeout
鈥渙n鈥�not binding to dynamically added elements
nber of rows within a group in oracle
jHtmlArea 鈥渆nter鈥�key generated HTML not cross browser
Make login form in wordpress
Using compiled resources in iPhone projects instead of source files
Build multiple architecture SWT application with Maven
CSS3 transition (hooked onto JS class change) not working in FF
What would be the best way to program a board game controlled by one person?
OAuth API call parameters not specific
WCF Data Service and Silverlight: DataServiceQuery<T> will not re-perform query
Getting rid of eval
Synchronously, how to make sure that google analytics tracking request was executed
Placing/Overlapping(z-index) in android [closed]
GWT Column turn off word wrap
Force Download of Files with PHP
Finding a word in a set of characters PHP
Error using calcCovarMatrix in openCv
Windows 8 blog reader example
How to make custom shaped panel in WPF?
connected list controls
How to make a php dynamic table showing only the last 20 values from MySQL?
A sample neocomplcache setting in .vimrc is work for MacVim , but not work for Linux console vim
Stock real time (tick-by-tick) data [closed]
How to serve static files for local development in Django 1.4
phpbb3 How do I get Custom Profile Fields to showup on posts made by users?
Displaying directory/file list without server-side scripting
Visual Studio Debugger Issue
PHP/Javascript post js variable to php page
How to place a button over the center of another button in Android
In C, what does it mean when a variable is declared in between a function header and body? [duplicate]
Is it reasonable to modify the $post variable in Wordpress during the loop?
Socket exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
Are there libraries for working with a petrinet in Visual C++ [closed]
Cookie add on button hit
Multi step form with image uploader
SIP Invite content-length
Chameleon macros without Pyramid
Custom Adapter in Listview, getting an objects variables
JQuery - 鈥�鈥�cursor misaligned when focusing on Textbox
Config files for GAC assemblies using Wix
How to provide bean methods without EL expression
Can't mass-assign protected attributes even if I use attr_accessible
Create a function javascript/jquery that detects clicks on canvas
SQLITE journal mode= OFF with fluent nhibernate in WPF
find the first occurence of the character ~ in the middle of a url using regex [closed]
Finding neigborhood in MATLAB
simply changing csv header in apache Mahout classifier input produces different model?
JDialog input advice
Why is Lisp so often connected to 鈥淪ymbolic computation鈥�
Does any built in function in VC++ to sort number?
jquery ui autocomplete: navigating json objects
PyQt - questions about QSlider and QGraphicsTextItem
Finding the longest repeated substring
How could I simulate request browser C#?
JavaScript: Getting fully-qualified function name from within it?
How to do post-processing of video saved by Red5 media server
running a php page via crontab and having issues with if file_exists
How do I pick an specific version from previous commits in git?
NSTimer only counting down seconds?
Illegal attempt to establish a relationship between objects in different contexts.. why do i get this error?
cake php element cache
PJAX not working
sequel one_to_one relation between two tables fails
How can I separate two separated words in a variable?
how to get array and session variable to go back to being blank after browser is refreshed?
CBCentralManager how to send passkey?
Mvc 3 model auto binding
Using jarbundler ant task to add dependencies to the app
how to configure the table at runtime in mysql query
Evaluating recommenders - unable to recommend in x cases
How to create a time-space diagram showing how data is transferred in TCP? [closed]
Insert Table Rows After an Existing Row
How to compare two contours of a binary pattern image?
Dynamic Controls in WPF - Adding a variable number of controls
Href to another div id on submit in HTML
How do I publish FB posts on my website with the same display of the facebook page?
Function (..) throws 'eval is evil' message
Globalize variables in php
mod rewrite troubles
rails scope to check if association does NOT exist
Concatenate the history of two Git repositories?
Split parentheses using regex [closed]
No suitable driver found for jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test
Difference between cloning and deepcopy?
Can I make a tastypie modelresource field read-only?
Search all tables in database and return a value?
How to send email from localhost to (gmail,yahoo etc.)
Regex pattern for matching C++ method declaration which are not virtual
C# Vlc.DotNet Libraries - Null reference exception
keeping highlighted tab in navigation bars
c# overload resolution rules
Remove objects from IEnumerable
WebView NullPointerException from progressBar on change
Update UI while working on background
Custom Dojo Accordion Container widget with option to not expand ContentPane
MySql GROUP_CONCAT failing when exporting from phpmyadmin
Putting stuff in my view controller's viewDidUnload doesn't have any effect
vbscript not retrieving all server variables
File not found error in attempt to play audio (Obj-C)
T-SQL search results OR/AND condition
How to implement a secret menu
Does a composable Application necessarily imply a Plugin based architecture
Select Data From Two Tables SQL
Comparing dates [duplicate]
How to implement 鈥渃ascading鈥�ViewEngineResults?
Get Elastic IP from running instance
Javascript regex replace using $ with WebKit
MapTypeStyle in MapKit
Android app keeps crashing on launch with no good reason
ETag changes when Rack::Deflater is enabled
Play! Framework run throws UnsupportedClassVersionError
Format date for SQL query aggregating date
Maven: Can't Launch Plugins on JAR project in pre-integration-test and post-integration-test phases
Is struts2-jquery-tree.plugin.jar compatable with struts1.3
Lightbox plugin stops working when loading external content using javascript function
How to sending data to a specific activity that is already started?
this code is producing an error..鈥淪ystem.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.鈥�
Calculate how long a key is pressed in a keyboard
How to test a VS C# program on another computer
How do you specify authentication information for Mercurial as part of Jenkins? (mercurial_keyring)
Django's DecimalField represenation in admin as 0,00 values
simple c++: How to overload the multiplication operator so that float*myClass and myClass*float works
How can I use WebStorm to debug my node application across multiple processes?
ASDoc transcodde
Why isn't this a memory leak? Or is it? Deleting base class pointer without virtual destructors
Obtaining process that launched (for instance) iexplore with VBScript/JScript
CSS class not working as expected [closed]
Objective-C coding style (rather semantics)
QR code generation into scalable EPS with Java
SublimeText encloses lines in white rectangles
Streaminsight user defined functions limitation
Issues with Jquery ajax call
Passing State info between AJAX request response
error overiding save method while extending Django-registration app
Advantages of [HandleError] over Application_Error
IClientMessageInspector detect one-way operation
Accessing Lucene Index From Android
MongoDB: how do you perform this update query
Under LINUX where should application initialization and support files be placed?
PHP Initialize class with a var is ok but with a constant it fail. Why?
Endless page update in the browser (javascript)
Creating a file inside a directory in my working directory
php file_get_contents returns null when allow_url_fopen is on
Workaround to Auto Commit Of DDL Statements Before Execution
Reduce .git folder size: Jenkins edition
Website authentication
virtuemart file upload no option
How can I checkout another changeset while keeping HEAD on the current changeset?
solr indexes documents but does not search in them
How do I go about fixing cross-browser issues with my MailChimp HTML newsletter?
Object creation in boost::singleton_pool
Object creation in boost::singleton_pool
NoSuchMethodError with slfj4
Error calculating percentage of download completed
Specializing C++ template based on presence/absense of a class member?
Custom MKAnnotationView stopped working after enabling ARC
how to filter out notification sounds from ringtone sounds in android ringtone preference?
DataTables putting tables inside of a datatable
CriteriaBuilder and using alias for select cause
RMI Server to Client call fails when Client machine has more than one IP Address
Postgres Database Error: relation does not exist
401 Unauthorized when custom IHttpHandler tries to read from virtual directory
php json messaging inbox system for iphone questions
Often memory warning after setting 鈥淪trip Debug Symbols During Copy鈥�to NO
CSS3 transition of background-image for Firefox not working
Libcurl supports multicast file transfer?
PHP getcwd() function to be used with include or require in different directories
Android Internal Storage when updating application
How would you compare 1 row to all other rows in a database efficiently
AVAudioPlayer working fine in 5.0, issues in 4.0-4.3.5
cURL getting a response
ASP.NET Entity Framework Update SQL set int value to 0
Big Oh Logarithmic(ish) complexity calculation
Is the compiler allowed to turn an lvalue into an rvalue reference if the lvalue is no longer used in its defining scope?
How to use software webgl engine in Chrome 18
How to remove from JavaDoc
Why can't I pass a TObjectList<S: T> to a function expecting a TObjectList<T>?
Google Drive SDK DrEdit Java version returns 401 error
do I need to call mysql_thread_init if I link against libmysqld?
Exception not caught by rescue block
How can I optimise this child retrieving linq-to-sql statement?
how to refresh listview dynamically
ValuechangeListener with autoSubmit
How to select the smallest value from a bunch of variables?
How to print to the java stack trace console in an Eclipse plugin?
How to set maximum execution time for ajax post with jQuery?
Using scanner to read input statement
jquery ui dialog appears bottom of page
Programming Usb Connection with Android
Processing a message exactly once
Add data on the client side to Jqgrid
How do I delay delivery of a JMS message using HornetQ?
Should 鈥渇ilters鈥�be included into sitemaps.xml? [closed]
Other Ivy Tokens Available?
Web Service nHibernate SessionFactory issue
How can i get the search result page source after searching in google and parse the url? [closed]
How create ajax request manually? [closed]
Customize the following app.config in C#?
Pygame: Draw single pixel
How do you find what version of libstdc++ library is installed on your linux machine?
Overloading structs in C++
Delete+Insert (Move) DB2 OLD TABLE
XNA - Resolution independent tile-based game
Speeding up while loop nested in a for loop in R
Virtual function calling wrong function, completely different name in C++ and Cocos2dX
Detecting when something has left view in UIWebView delegate methods
Bluetooth Low Energy - updating a characteristic value repeatedly
CopyFileEx 鈥淭he parameter is invalid鈥�error
how to get depth values and then convert to millimetres in OpenCV with Kinect?
Can't figure out Has_many in select form
How to get java output with ruby
Oracle generate list of IW week dates
Where do you run openid selector generate-sprite.js
Android Plot Barchart with Multiple Series
Script executes twice but with the same timestamp
Alternative to SQL Nested Cursor
How to make SQL-injection proof calls to custom table I have created in my Wordpress Database?
new sencha touch sdk tools
Use WordPress with folder permissions <= 750
how to assign value to django form's field before saving?
WindowsAzure ACS toolkitfor iOS (iPhone) - Facebook identity provider
Detect Browsers older than two years
AspxClientPopupControl: CloseButtonClick and ValueChanged
webGL - zooming camera in threeJS without trackball controls or other camera control library
script in public folder invokes index.php
Return result of postgres function to SQL stored proc as a parameter
android hibernation kill the app - onDestroy
PHP Fatal Error with PDOStatement fetchColumn()
Changing a column's datatype before disabling foreign key constraint and index
Return value from OleDbCommand
Theoretical aspect of JVM programs : class files and internalization, and execution state
Getting a control's non-dependency property's value in VM using MVVM
Control jQuery asynchronous ajax calls number?
Android 鈥渃ould not find class鈥�error
Applying radius corners to the end of the menu not every item
jQuery autocomplete add selection to div
Looping through elements and changing classes with switchClass
Finding rows with consecutive increase in the values of a column
CakePHP 1.3 exists($id) function examples/how to
JSON/XML parsing & jQuery callback for processing output json
My first reverse ajax application
What does this error mean: 鈥渕averick is not supported.鈥�
k means clustering input?
Phase angle greater than 2pi and and less than -2pi is there meaning
Highcharts - Turning on and off gridlines on show, hide, or legendItemClick
Typos: Automatically insert first spellcheck sugestions and highlight them
How to move a plist from the bundle to the documents folder on iOS
How can I make compatible SQL query between Oracle and SQL Server?
Generated doctrine entities for specific tables [duplicate]
C++ std::thread synchronization inside loop
PetaPoco Paged query generation improvement
C++ std::thread synchronization inside loop
PetaPoco Paged query generation improvement
Programs compiled in 鈥渟imple c++鈥�mode don't work when launching them from QtCreator
When changing tracking area, the event mouseEntered is not detected
Effecient Key/Value table
jquery mobile url parameter not updating in browser, but getting correct one with 鈥渄ata-url鈥�
Add component to title bar of TitleWindow
File uploaded, but thumbnail not created in modified Uploadify script
How to access css selector properties after getting access to selector
Setting up for collision detection and then dealing with a collision in a 2D game
Jquery flex slider
Edit authentication page with django
on duplicate key update with a condition?
Looking for an example on quadtree based LOD terrain
What is producing 鈥�05 Method Not Allowed鈥�in this python code (google app engine)?
My $_SESSION['vars'] don't seem to work
Rails Asset Pipeline JS Compression Inserting 鈥淚llegal Characters鈥�
Unexplained crash during AVPlayer playback
Cannot perform INSERT INTO using DateTime to save timestamp in MS Access
Javascript , query backbone- Textbox will not allow input
Umbraco Base not working in shared hosting environment
Uploading to a folder in my personal Locker using Desire2Learn's REST APIs
Turn based multiplayer game on iOS
OnPause(), OnResume() and OnDestroy
Using Wicket Repeater with backing Map
Python Matplotlib Y-Axis Labels on Right Side of Plot
Software Engineering Support Services to Purchase? (ticketing, code review, customer support)
can I open chart wizard in runtime c# application like excel chart wizard?
MVC3 binding for a json nested array
java (autocomplete) multiple selection/values in textfield
Firefox addon builder--can't get the content script to work
I am trying to insert data from a form using a servlet and bean file but when i try to insert the data i get - Driver does not support this function
Best MySQL query for performance
DreamPie doesn't work with Python 3.2
What application protocol are mobile apps like Draw Something using?
std::tr1 has not been declared
Data Warehouse design
ruby on rails - after establishing many to many connection - how do I display data
embed youtube video parameters ignored
javax.servlet.HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect not redirecting
What is the best way to remotely check if a machine is windows or linux?
Populate {% csrf_token %} when using render_to_string?
bash: injecting variable into string adds extra r
hello world app - learning developing for iphone
Compare MySql Tables
Does an ASP.NET HttpHandler ever timeout
Jquery having pound sign in the selector
How to install protobuf-net for MonoDevelop
how to start/stop windows services that have spaces in their names using c/c++
Redirecting inside iframe using Javascript?
Titanium Appcelerator Plugin
Checkboxes with JQuery-UI alert
Why is GNU make's vpath command so weak?
IE9 fakes 304 after receiving ETag
How can I integrate with lock screen player controls from Adobe Air?
cmd script: delete old, increment, copy
cakephp model class extends base class then appmodel
returning a value from a function in jquery
How do I remove selected elements/text in a dialog on close?
Drupal 7: recognize returning users using email
What is an efficient and elegant way to add a single element to an immutable set?
Salesforce - Executing Javascript through Apex Controller
linq2sql, use different databases with one .dbml
Center a movie clip on a child mc's position for map locations
functions in same class
Fast factorization
How to make a string invisible?
C# How to stop a method if it takes longer than 2 seconds?
comparing NSStrings with 脛,脰,脺
blocking CSS hover
Accessing different elements in an array returned from a WebMethod
Display non-ASCII character in ImageJ
Create xhrCallbacks Ajax call + JQuery
JavaScript form into PHP table
How do I prevent the Enter button from running its default behavior in Firefox 12?
Is there a tester tool to check Ant-like wildcards?
NSApplicationSupportDirectory invalid CFStringRef
Optimizing MySQL LIKE '%string%' queries in innoDB
Using Symfony with Backbone.js
Flatiron Union 鈥渁fter鈥�functions execute before 鈥渂efore鈥�functions?
jni - app crashing
Mail current page as an template - HTML
Firefox add-on builder and Jquery Mobile
Graphics.CopyFromScreen sometimes captures transparent window, sometimes not
Outputted data shows each related record instead of one with no data in the last field
How do I make a gif disappear after it's done on blackberry java?
how to integrate with facebook timeline to share activities?
iPhone - Trying to Display 2 different object types in a table-view
Connecting to Oracle database from a Servlet takes a long time
Error producing XML from JAXB (WebService)
Implement a heap unsing any arraylist
Git: How to commit local changes after a reverse merge
Perspecitve divide in vertex shader?
Protype $$ in IE9
Open client side program using Javascript
TeamCity Build & Deploy: How do you pass dependent artifact paths to a script?
PHP Mail function not working (jQuery/php)
Finding related images in the Amazon Product Advertising API
CFRunLoop non-blocking wait for a buffer to be filled
JavaFX 2.x in desktop development?
Assigning a function to a variable
Java Array to List Issue
Visual studio 11 .xaml design view error
Accurate floating point arithmetic in JavaScript
Merge 2 multi-dimension arrays and sum value
Declare a resource-ref in EJB
Illegal Instruction
Adding UserControl to a Canvas by a Command in ViewModel in WPF
SQL Insert Query not executing without throwing any exception in c#
Is it possible to convert this JQuery code to JavaScript?
Will the full release of ASP.NET Web API be usable with VS2010? [closed]
TextBox bound to Decimal with UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged
How do I access certain keys in a Perl nested hash?
Check whether datagridview had been edited
Book class: How to print continually with no page separation
Does anybody know a hooking/detours library that can hook Dotnet Methods?
should i add filters to a zend form used for input?
How to stop MSBuild copy tasks from automatically retrying
Create DirectShow Filter to Select HWND
Error using Reachability.h on Xcode 4.0
Create nested json with c#
Java - Extending HashMap - Object vs. generics behaviour
Backbone.js bind this to $.each
Issue in Reading/Writing files through P/Invoke in ASP.NET bin folder
Avoiding duplication between main and testing persistence units
Custom Validator, should I use FacesContext#addMessage() or throw ValidatorException?
bios and real mode
Run C++ program from terminal. Get output in same terminal window
Double slash in Cmake add_custom_command causes 鈥淣o rule to make鈥�error
What are the common practices in the front-end development for a Ruby-on-Rails web application? [closed]
Entity Framework Update Statement
Retrieve records from Sqlserver db with VB .net
jquery tipsy triggering manual to toggle
How to use a logical address in gdb?
Create ListBoxItem property
How to avoid camera flipping on quaternion rotation?
jquery make selection
Handlebars.js: Is it possible to pass multiple hashes as arguments to a Handlebars helper?
PHP retrieving all links on a site using loadXML and loadHTML
Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption toolkit 鈥渕ake鈥�error with libgmp
UDPEcho or C Code?
JQuery basic form post
Detect Change in EntityFrameWork
ASP.NET windows authentication box when webservice called
MemoryStream and decrypting text file
Post to a forum or blog via PHP
Passing arguments to a console application
Transition does not work in Opera
Listening to incoming texts, in the background
CUDA Error on cudaBindTexture2D
File redirection in Windows and %errorlevel%
search query for many dropdown list
Register button does not respond
mib2c - show all variable attributes
Is it possible to define a suggestion list in webview applications?
Opening video with openCV +python
Filling Sidebar Implementation with Rails and Bootstrap
streaming on iOS through rtmp
Android multiple APKs using same codebase causing inconvenience to users
Reversed message CRC calculation
Re-initialize NSMutableArray as NSMutableArray
Select and transform child element attribute string value in XSL
Any good suggestion to animations with SWT/JFace
Execute unobtrusive Javascript after Ajax call
Error with use of new build tools version: 3.3.0
Spring, XML beans call Annotation beans when app start
vbscript, using counting variable to identify other variables
How can I select from list of values in Oracle
Oracle Scheduler with Credentials fails with closed socket
What rapid UI prototyping tools do you use (for mobile apps)
I've started using Stage3D. Which of these classes are usable in Stage3D?
jquery toggle with on
Fake mouse scroll using XTest lib
how to restructure Xmls with Linq XDocument?
how to crop string in a div
Accessing data from a tab-delimited file
how to redirect to another action in same contoller?
Authentication with ADAM. How to connect ApacheDS Studio with ADAM
Creating a connection between to tables in many-to-many relationship
How to relate UIKit, Core Image, Quartz 2D, and the various frameworks in iOS?
Creating multiple branches/streams in RTC source control
StreamReader vs BinaryReader?
How to tail the last line of multiple files using 鈥渢ail -1 */filename鈥�
AS3 Custom HitTest
Access denied error while using People picker on custom page
How to make sure URL bar is not hidden when scrolling to top in mobile safari
Any way to get the c preproccessor to ignore all #include's?
How to use JQuery to POST, retrieve result, and use result to set an object property
Composite group join
Rotate 'something that can be drawn on Canvas'
flex modular application resources
jQuery load function hang issue
Web2Py X GAE - issue [closed]
Developing windows forms applications?
Handling both EntityRepository and QueryBuilder for PagerBundle in Symfony2 and Doctrine
Exclude specific characters from a string using regex
Overriding Liferay Startup Events
Selenium: Extract Text of a div with cssSelector in Java
Compiling Codeigniter's User Guide
Async web calls bottlenecking and running sequencially
Oracle database connectivity issue
Array of objects, extract highest values
Packaging F# program for Mono
Security of Rails authentication with session[:user_id]
Is it possible to programmatically install plugins from wordpress theme
How do I pass a view object to be rendered in a child view?
Visual Studio Add Installer For Service Missing
Calling a web service gives 鈥淯nable to connect to remote server error鈥�
dragging wpf devexpress grid inside of visual studio
Alternative to overridePendingTransition() - Android
Magento rewrite over a community codePool rewrite
Redirect logging of a third party dll to own log-file
PhantomJS unexpected load behavior with multiple pages
Buffer file names in a given directory
QTP to Generate QC Reports
HAML - how to style a few elements side by side?
Regexp to parse HTML imgs
code contracts usage with exceptions
jQuery: when using the on .scroll event and alert firefox seems to infinite loop
Nunit, MVC 4, Sql Server CE 4, error provider
Android SoftKeyBoard - rename the Enter Key
Cover the Backside of the UIButton view
MySQL - Retrieve row value from different table depending on value of row in a table
embed first only youtube video
how do i loop through fields of an object?
Image Hosting CDN with Custom Domain and Unlimited Traffic [closed]
Using a CI Server to Unit Test a Web Application plugin
SVN pre-commit hook script to block users changing certain repository files
How do I remove a package installed via Chocolatey?
how to sort a collection with simple form
Rails routing: override the action name in a resource/member block
Directory.GetFiles ordered by Creation Date [duplicate]
MySQL Query Runs forever
Parsing text between quotes not followed by two quotes
No Ionic.Zlib.DeflateStream.BaseStream
Why won't the javascript alerts pop up in an ASP classic Select Case branch?
When setting CSS font-size in pixels, does the value refer to the width or height of a letter?
AVAudioPlayer delaying setImage from happening
Is viewbag the best option?
translation (recoding) error in r
jQuery code difference
Why when writing html file with PHP stalled at '&'?
SQL Server : check if all rows exists in other table
Fixed text in TextBox
jqPlot - Is there a way to label only specific bar graphs?
Java gui frame overlapping
Is there a quiz gem for Ruby on Rails?
Is there a better method to structure this if statement
Hibernate OneToOne adding prefix to column
How i can control whether a char[] is null?
How to make this code tail-recursive?
While in a transaction, how can reads to an affected row be prevented until the transaction is done?
Why does this jquery not slide toggle my php generated list?
wp-load.php not found - 404 - Buddypress & Ajax
Python scons building
Eliminate Multiple Records In Query
FTPClient constructor fails with latest SDK tools and ADT
Cannot set thumbnail image for UIWebView
File upload using jquery works in Firefox but not in Internet Explorer
visual studio gives me an error about an old DLL
mvcPaging documentation - Mvc pagination advice
Different windows with the same code?
Div displays in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. but not in Internet Explorer
Sharepoint workflow table
Facebook Oauth is failing in Iframe in IE and Firefox
How to know when the timeStamp changes?
retrieving stream story impressions for an application
Magento: Dash in Store Code
Tracking Cookie To Decide Which Images Load
Eclipse and Proxy Auto-Config
c# generics how to cast return type?
What is the benefit of wrapping a PHP cron job inside a Bourne Shell Script (.sh)?
Google Maps API disabled with minimal usage
Facebook wall post description does not appear on IOS Mobile
Is it possible to make this menu with only UL/LI and CSS?
CodeIgniter CLI giving system_path error 鈥減ath does not appear to be set correctly.鈥�
Javascript methods out of scope
How to scroll a div to the bottom after appending something to that div?
simple sms payment system [duplicate]
Can't open a xdebug session with a vmware guest os?
Link_to Ruby on rails - undefined method `post_path'
Deploying EF Code First CREATE DATABASE permission denied
How to handle EF 4.3.1 setting Modified a Rowversion Row
How to export all methods in an unmanaged dll to managed c#?
Fade In/Out an array elements
Hiding @mentions from 'Latest Tweet'
How to create an RSS feed of my site that can be shared and customized by others
Colorbox Not Loading Variable URL only in IE8
How to consume an webservice and WCF webservice using a common Reference
WPF Windows Docking that affects other windows in Maximized mode
Video Conferencing in .NET
How to tell when modifier keys are pressed/released
Sencha Touch 2 + PhoneGap + iPad: Video with base64 encoded data: 鈥淭he Operation could not be completed鈥�
portable __attribute__ ((__packed__))
How to optimize the php process memory usage?
How do you detect words that start with 鈥淍鈥�or 鈥�鈥�within an NSString?
Select syntax inside WHERE
Creating and populating <style> elements
find textnodes that arent nested in a child node
Iwebkit - Insert Form into Iphone mail app
find textnodes that arent nested in a child node
Iwebkit - Insert Form into Iphone mail app
Solution Architecture for portal [closed]
How to remove skype detecting number?
Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement while using DateTime
Listing all files matching a full-path pattern in R
Create EventHanlder inside Object Javascript
Get notified when DTE.ActiveDocument changes
How to force DataGrid group order in WPF?
Imagick 3 writeImages() function not working
Is there a way to deploy into a vagrant VM using capistrano?
Why does my entity's BOOL-typed attribute return YES even when it's set to NO?
SQL Server Instance ID
can't find detailed, specific documentation for using markdown on github project and user pages
HTML Page + JS/FLASH Videoplayer? How does he do it?
Static destruction of local-static object
Phonegap FileTransfer and JQuery Mobile JSON Response
Is it possible to use on Google App Engine
accessing element property from variable
Cannot convert from generic type to interface
What does CSS font feature 鈥淪S05鈥�mean?
How to show google map when user hovers over static image in html document
PHP Change image color to transparent then use as a mask
how to get tag from CustomURLConnection?
DateTime Converting
Adding a code snippet automatically while adding a webform in VS2010
Why returning a pointer pointed to the local memory doesn't collapse? [duplicate]
MQ client connet to remote MQ server have insufficient authority
wcf error with metadata
Eclipse-like editing templates for small pieces of code in Xcode 4
How to get jsonarry value from json response
change xaxis range in plot
How to save article ID's a user LIKES in Cookies?
How do I prevent data from displaying in scientific format?
C while loop logic ( y != ( 1 ,, 0) )
SyntaxError: Invalid character ' u0008' message from the DOCTYPE tag
How to insert binary data into sqlite3 database in bash?
Using Graph API to create a 鈥淪ocial Button鈥�for a website
Detect when a click downloads a file in winforms WebBrowser component
Manually validate textbox with jQuery unobtrusive validation MVC3
Facebook registration plugin without redirect
GWT table widget to display a large number of similar widgets
Rendering inline SVG in firefox
Separate tables for name and email addresses?
double to char matlab
MySQL: Limiting number of results received based on a column value , Combining queries
sendto() : Bad file descriptor in UDP - IPv6
Getting value of all the fields from grdiview control in using jquery?
Temporarily disable change-events NSFetchedResultsController
How can i tell if i'm being called during DLL_PROCESS_DETACH after ExitProcess has been called?