append and prepend text to a string
ImageMagick multiline text and background image
Why is .parent of .getElementByTagName undefined
How can I use a pointer (reference) in java?
Is there a way to stop Symfony2 sending session cookies for certain paths?
Generate barcode image in Android application
Is it safe to link a gcc excutable with a Visual C++ library?
Highcharts data off by one day
Index by version instead of node with Apache Solr in Drupal
Cron job multi-tasks
Leader election algorithm in a directed graph
textarea attribute wrap=hard does not work on pasted text, any workarounds?
Excel: Selecting all rows until empty cell
How do facebook requests work?
Cufon console error, not replacing font. (ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Cufon)
Using Oracle 10g CLOB with Grails 2.0.1
PHP post without curl wait for response
How do you get the SwingWorker that code is currently running in?
PHPUnit testing code that uses globals. (Was: Supplied argument is not a valid sdl resource)
How can you change effect in Nivo Slider based off of previous or next slide keypress?
In a loop How to set a value if even one record passes check
Certificates across servers and WCF
Java - read file line by line - with pagination
Cross Domain AJAX/Javascript - Artificially using a sessionid
Is it possible to play Flash animations in a QWebView in a 64 bit build of Qt on Mac OS X?
Select some images in android
iphone sdk - poker odds calculation
Oracle AQ with ODP.Net. Automatically Dequeue on connect
Formatting a date/time in SQL Server 2005
Magento - does it support the cart.create method in the api?
Structure of models in Django
ASP.NET - Deleting Computer Accounts Within AD
Why are there some blue folders in my Xcode project?
Communicate to serial over IP rejecting commands MODBUS?
Paypal Recurring Payments - How to prevent duplicates?
Is there something equivalent to putting an order by clause in a derived table?
I get a NSMakeRange error when pulling a specific record but every other record works
Android Maps KML Handler
Is there a way to start a branch (based on a label) in the root of a team project?
How to get row count 3 table join and lambda expressions?
how to make browsers download hidden divs content in advance
linux programming: value of file descriptor is always 3
Array of zero size?
jquery datepicker is not displaying yearRange
Write a path to call a particular servlet.
how to output debugging messages from install.ps1 in NuGet
Entity Framework 4.3 to Oracle: Web project works, NUnit doesn't
ASP.NET - with multiple sites sharing the same database, how can I manage the username a password?
How do I get bind to use the DHCP dns for lookup?
Which is best in Java; Mocking interfaces or mocking classes?
Writing in a file in python executed on next run
Weirdness with gsub
How to run a method at the time set by user?
JSONObject getString if statements
PayPal Change Default Currency
GenericADOException: could not insert
Subclipse and Eclipse - RA layer request failed
Import comments from Facebook plugin to Disqus
Show logo/ad while content loads at the back end
External hosts wildcard phonegap IOS
Converting unicode object to list after retrieval from database
MBProgressHUD change label.text in connectionDidFinishLoading
Javascript selector engines and built in functions
How can I make ThreadPoolExecutor command wait if there's too much data it needs to work on?
Phonegap textarea scrolling
Java - If I add a method to a Class, will each instance of it take up more space? Does making the method(s) static change anything? [duplicate]
Template interference in XSL - Work separately but not together
Is there a way to create tabs on category page in magento
Strange systems permissions warnings when running processes in bash
Can you spot anything wrong with this boost::heap::binomial_heap declaration?
Algorithm to find isomorphic nature in binary trees
Incorrect encoding in Facebook's OpenGraph
Need google analytics for each search result
#1054 - Unknown column 'tidbitz' in 'field list'
better alternative to jquery .change?
How to load a plugin image with a plugin javascript script in CakePHP?
How to display pass values to struts 2 checkboxlist tag
Jquery event when user makes selection in dropdown
Cant access nested wpf item command by mvvm
Get $post object of next post
Manipulating ANT Tasks (set properties) during runtime
CSS query not working on my iPhone 4
Add a clickable image to a GridView in ASP.Net
WCF: async CTP: is it possible to use?
Receive an error from my VBA code in Access 2010: 鈥渄atabase鈥�cannot find the object',1'
Changing an element in a different Frame in wxPython
Skeleton Animation with FBX
ASP.NET configuration, security part error
Prevent open downloads window in chrome with barcode reader
Search tags in string
search for folder wildcard and open folder
Stop job that work under launchd temporarily in Mac OS
SQL Server: Checking the datatype of a column
Flickr API - Include photo in website
Is there a way to embed a simple IDE into an html form?
Applying custom styles to Android SpinnerItems
Set step for a DateEditor in a JSpinner
jQuery Star Rating plugin addClass does not work
Slow SQL connection over sea
how long it takes you to learn backbone.js
XML feed 503 error
JQuery Mobile: modifying <a> button data-inline=鈥渢rue鈥�using CSS @media query
Property not showing in report designer from partial entity class
Trying to install Passenger on OS X 10.7 with Xcode (4.3.2) installed giving error: 鈥淵ou have to install development tools first.鈥�
How is User Identity , Principal set during the application lifecycle
Is it possible to set timeout to disconnect established http connection?
Calculating hour difference in Javascript, but only certain hours
embedded ApacheDS in my application, it fails on service.startup() -> DefaultSchemaService.getSchemaManager() returns null
retrieve distinct field value
Ambiguity in multiple inheritance of interfaces in C++
AS3 How would I make a figure do different animations based on keyboard input?
Drop selected packets at the link layer
How can I get 2 `Panel` Objects to scroll simultaneously?
Mysql query to establish group dates on daily records
Parsing XML Feed with CDATA in PHP
Redirecting User After Iframe Source Change?
how to I can see users that have hidden news of my fan page?
Overloading << operator with mapped value in a map container
Writing File object to another location
Is there a developers api for
C++ Win async sockets. Is it possible to interrupt select()
Hiding and showing span in HTML
Error Code 429: Active X Component Cannot Create Object
How to access Json key inside a json key
Don't multiply a field if another field equals 5 or 10
Doublebuffer winforms panel issues
calling google places api
disable an active itimer
XAudio2 delay with small buffer size
jquery load in same page
Why would I receive a blank email if a plus is in the email address
JFree Chart legend with line break
Cocos2d Main Menu using Picker views
How to execute codeigniter controller from batch file
Is it possible to speed this recurisve directory method up?
Build swf using mxmlc (Ant) - Code compiles when code not changed
Handling mouse over on NSCell (NSTextAttachmentCell)
How can I sniff local traffic
php buffer doesn't stop after ob_end_clean
CSS stylesheet value is not modifying
Image Submit Button Not Working Properly
C using malloc and duplicating array
HTML5 Video tag always downloads full video in Safari
Send and receive data to and from another domain
How heavy I should test on a simple get property?
SVN - Checksum mismatch while updating
Xcode SDK & Trackpad gestures: animations setup
Symfony 1.4: how to NOT display any filter through generator.yml
mutable and immutable classes
How to ignore derived DbContext during EF4.3.1 Code First migration
How to turn screen on during partial wake lock
How do I change the color of the div targeted as anchor?
Vertical scrollbar in jTable swing does not appear
LINQ Left Join with use of Where Or syntax
Mongoose: how to set a schema-field to be the ID?
Cant sent mail() with if statement
which PHP Framework use for jquery +HTML5 mobile website? [closed]
barplot using ggplot2
Trying to hook up a detail disclosure indicator on a map annotation view to a segue method
Visual Studio template export for ASP.NET MVC
The SMTP host was not specified. InvalidOperationException
How to draw smooth lines in 2D scene with OpenGL without using GL_LINE_SMOOTH?
Reimplimenting insertRows in a table's DataModel
Making CakePHP 2.0 work on a subdirectory
Center Form using Twitter Bootstrap
Devise with restful user
python minidom mixing element attributes
Glassfish embedded with ScatteredArchive and web content
jQuery unbind click event function and re-attach depending on situation
How read json local file with jquery with ajax?
Loop through Json object
Adding a new field to Rails model
MvvmCross sample projects run
Why aren't coldfusion variables/parameters valid for content I dynamically add to the DOM?
Using charset ISO-8859-1
Some help posting to ASP.NET Web API with C#
producer - consume; how does the consumer stop?
Collapse animation on android layout
Combine several base structures to a custom type
Fast Pixels Access opencv
True getDate() while updating?
Java Swing: Showing tool tip in JTable based on text under mouse pointer
Convention based binding in Ninject 3.0
FreeMarker+Tiles to generate email content
Magento category_save_after hangs when saving
Sum a field for each month cummulatively and dynamically
How do I take the log of a whole matrix in stata?
Dynamically loading a python module from a DLL with Boost.Python
Receivng intent broadcasts when application is shutdown
Accessing a file from my dll [closed]
How to use no fill for background color of a excel cell using c#?
Recommended books for wpf custom control design-time features
Show PHP errors as a string for display
JQuery Datepicker hide dates from one calendar on a page
Reading ELF header in C
Stop opening viewparts windows on eclipse restart
Gamekit continue session when enter background
Stop opening viewparts windows on eclipse restart
Gamekit continue session when enter background
How do I access the Request object from RazorViewEngine?
Hibernate Validation i18n (Japanese) are not displayed well (Garbled)
Need help for my SQL query
Custom Control into an Window application in WPF
Accessing a SOAP Header from JibX WS
Defining words using Java
LINQ to XML, is there a better way to determine if an element exists in a list?
Best way to show DB error message when a 鈥淒elete鈥�hits a DB constraint
Loading the Select Box again on clearing the text box field
adding implementation and header files
Passing Variables through functions C
Client ID is 0 when updating entity model
Android - event listener
Javamail and Gmail Pop3 SSL
How do I run Eclipse using Oracle's new 1.7 JDK for the Mac?
Compiling qtCreator
HID input on linux for games
MySQL select from multiple table with conditions
SQL Server 2008 Event-Driven Architecture
Java type cannot be resolved MIME type class
Grant all on a specific schema in the db to a group role in PostgreSQL
SharePoint javascript: find all <a> in a div
Is it possible to write a mercurial hook which would replace a certain macro pattern with the respective revision?
Quick way to determine which projects in a VS solution target a specific version?
How to prevent Bluetooth Connection Lost when the user backs out of the application?
Styling GridViewColumns
Locating a input of type email with SafariWatir
Datepicker not showing calendar
How to make sure that it is possible to update a database table column only in one way?
How can I bulk add in missing svn:author to a repository or dump?
Find non-ssl items on an https page
write NSString to file
3D Spline Interpolation Matlab
Invoke word and excel edition from my application
could not get the full image in wia scanner in c# windows application
Which is the difference between the tick symbol U+2713 and U+2714
How to use HTML field name in javascript if the field name contains a 鈥�鈥�(dot)?
Handling view parameters in JSF after post
Facing null pointer Exception in at RpcMap?
Rails gem uses the development db instead of the testing one when executing 鈥渞ake test鈥�
Flash Builder + JSON + ac3corelib = error
Pull and use JSON data from a URL with Javascript
Gnuplot, Multiplot: Mix normal and parametric plot with a single legend box?
how to set develop environment for zend framework 1.11.11 in netbeans 7.1.1 using wamp?
Is there a way to keep meta-data in the Android manifest private to the package?
Cannot Resolve @style/Theme.Sherlock
Wait for end of sql loader work before execute sql script in unix bash file
Fastest way of summarizing sales based on today, this week, this month, this quarter this year?
How could I query these 3 associated models?
Find product which installed some file
Having trouble compiling code-first EF4 class in runtime :)
High power and double precision
Memcached, 1 server down but not using other one
Is there a hidden possible deadlock in ppmap/parallel python?
Need to find a way to loop this macro through every other column
Comparing MatchCharAt to StringBuilder?
how to run an ARM application on device?
Implementing nested generic Interfaces
Excel Addin Error #NAME?
Stream that has separate write and read positions
Maven provided scope and eclipse runtime classpath
Accessing resources from a service launched at boot
RegExp: match known number
How can I find UIElements in a rectangle in WPF?
What is this lighttpd and Typo3 warning?
stop old session list object to add up
WCF service with TransportCredentialOnly security mode causing HTTP status Code 401 error on IIS7 [closed]
How to install glibc with debugging info on CentOS 5.5
convert string to JSON with jQuery
Why does my PHP do nothing, show a blank page?
How do I search an XML tree with two different criteria using python?
How to use a Twitter Bootstrap icon inside an ASP.NET Button?
How include a filefield in a django admin model form that is not in the model
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol referenced in function main
Determine which pin has been selected on a map for segue
Creating a folder in my personal Locker using Desire2Learn's REST APIs
Javascript dynamic loading of mobile website works on Chrome, but not on Safari
Calculating DateTime display for different time zones, for a world clock
Using javascript with UIWebView
JQuery. Click on DIV, display menu. How?
PHP SoapClient - Multiple attributes with the same key
mysql 5.5 dump import VERY slow [closed]
Onclick change div style + onclick outside div remove style change
How to use __del__ in a reliable way?
Windows+CloudFormation :User doesn't have permission to call IAM:CreateUser
How to reset values on each page view
Chrome/Firefox unique proxy per tab? [closed]
Appcelerator Titanium V8 Runtime Disposed while C2DM Receives
Strange (for me) behavior of YII framework
Azure - Alternative method to slow Windows Azure Caching for multi instances
Porting my hibernate Dao layer in a stand-alone java app?
How to get date & time in 13 digit(epoch time) from day,month,year,hours and minutes?
ReadOnlyList as a combination of two lists
Get photo file with metadata from album photo
APC: apc_fetch returns false often, but sometimes success
Character encoding works locally not live
CString construction from std::string - copy chars or pointer
jQuery UI drag and drop functionality issue in IE
jQuery UI drag and drop functionality issue in IE
python minidom create xml element with end tag
ElementTree python Namesapce prefix
What's the practical difference between std::nth_element and std::sort?
Open/Close Div Overlay
When Radio Button is selected, check and disabled checkbox
how to access jQuery.ajax() get parameters in Django views
Android NumberPicker limits on Gingerbread
Delphi 7 + Indy + Multithread clients
alert with src attribute of any element i click with jQuery or Javascript
Scheduling cron Linux [closed]
Lucene .net Boost not working when using * wildcard
ProgressBar not showing in some devices
Why not trust all http certificates
鈥渟mart鈥�JUnit test ordering
Is there a way to get a `git diff`, but only include commits from a specified committer?
How do I code my Add-on so that Firefox knows where to check for updates?
Impossible to generate an Open Document from scratch?
caching support in Restler?
Unicode-compliant one character uppercase convesion in Cocoa (a la towupper)
sax xml display one item at a time randomly
Android: Scheme 'http' not registered on ICS 4.0.4 w/ proxy
how can I use e.pageY in jQuery to perform an event when mouse is moving up and not down?
timetable with jQuery
iPhone Best way to handle modal view orientation change in main view?
Twitter OAUTH returns an empty array
Performance bulk-loading data from an XML file to MySQL
Set a YouTube video's privacy using GData Obj-C
WCF service in Azure worker role slow on first request after being idle
Passing char pointer into a function error
Automating NSIS script build using maven2
No Route error from Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl chapter 8 [closed]
group by in sas
ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor View Restrictions
OleDB and a dollar sign
multiple copies of a file in .cab file
How to 鈥渁nswer鈥�a console input prompt in PowerShell (in the code)
boost iterator facade and dereference() function
How to String-Integer signed value to 2 byte array on the Davik VM?
Disable output buffering in tomcat 6 for comet servlet
Use gv$session to tell if a query is hanging
Strange error during XSL/XML load in Javascript
Writing a persistent perl script
How do you monitor http traffic from Google App Engine dev_appserver on OSX?
How to filter items in Outlook View Control
Ubuntu server wine install interrupted [closed]
Using Dynamic LINQ to build reports
Android: missing data from AssetStream? (read MIDI data is inaccurate)
JRule is showing all sorts of error in rule team server , but works good in Rule Studio
Using toast inside timertask
Insert operations and ValidatesOnDataErrors: controls reported to be invalid as soon as they are displayed
Linux Bash to Windows Batch Script Questions
JSF 2.0 application runs, but HTML pages not displayed
Reload a page after res.redirect('back') in route
full-screen browser window on load document
Building a search results page via php
mysterious warning in php
.net sqlclient connection local binding to other IP (non default)
jQuery validation plugin multiple email addresses
Browser conditional css comment and IE 9
How do I get rid of 'Failed to get task for pid error?
VBA, ADO.Connection and query parameters
Saving a a file (or data) to an iOS device so that it can be read on the app startup
Doctrine2 subquery in template - equivalent of symfony1 lazy query getter
PHP object or an array
How to find twitter trends based on location?
More of paths and such
connecting to MongoDB using mongoose (node.js) while schema was already defined (in Java)
How do I implement Multiple Submit Buttons for a multi-row form?
Add images to drawable-* folder in run-time
Scrolling the array of images using the CABasicAnimation
how to store sub-query result in session variable using mysql
using ftpWebRequest with an error: the remote server returned error 530 not loged in
php multiple if statements?
Why does this $.getJSON request error?
I get unexpected T_VARIABLE error when i open facebook application with this code.Please make this code correct
Regex string retrieval in python
Ruby on Rails - error that the system can not locate the partial
Matrix (dis)allocation
Thread Scheduling - Run threads in set order
Leave iFrame On Mobile Detection?
SQLite and .NET UserControl
how to work with a ToggleButton android
Simple java program gets RC=2009 connecting to remote Queue Manager
how can i get the membership,roles and access rules in an web application after deployment
Pointer stored in int
Can I share data between 2 aspects
Wicket - DropDownChoice with object Selected
How do I pass a customer keyup handler with params?
Dealing with asynchronous callbacks in Java
Oracle vs. MySql database. Which is faster and more efficient? [closed]
Loading Images in Interface Builder (Cocoa)
Find a percentage relation between two string according to their context
Prevent Lua infinite loop
How do I build an Eclipse RCP app so that its features can be updated automatically?
python: print xml document
Hiding TcxEditButton for some rows in a TcxGrid
How to get HQL output in a common class
How to work out if the mouse is over a ToolStripButton when overriding OnRenderButtonBackground
How to work out if the mouse is over a ToolStripButton when overriding OnRenderButtonBackground
How to load multiple assembies
UITableView InsertRows (insertRowsAtIndexPaths) only animates one of two sections
Verifying Data in MySQL
Jquery Dialog - Fields On Form Won't Accept Input [closed]
How to define variables when jQuery is inserted in the footer
Irregular behavior of c++ code
Cleaner way to check if variable exists and compare its value in PHP?
What does Scheduler::instance().clock() return?
VB6 Application being blocked by firewall after several hours
Accessing method from another class
How can I distinguish 鈥渕y鈥�spoofed traffic from normal traffic?
subclassing a proxy in ExtJS
Install module on web server(node)
Building mvc3 application with msbuild and nuget restore packages
An optional element in C# RegEx matching expression
Thread dont flush data, error displaying the data in the screen
setting the textbox of an HTML in jquery?
How to set title color in ActionBarSherlock?
How to Print Different Text on Every page
How to get errors from Android device?
Sharepoint 2010 long path,file name Error during package
Format numeric input in TextBox with bound StringFormat
Using jquery's on in place of live - how can I get the filtered elements
Android ImageMap WebKit Highlightcolor
Dynamic converter parameter on DataGrid
How to Sort Array by its double Attribute?
How do I copy data between tables PostgreSQL
Opening xcode keeps adding back old certificates
MySQL: Operations with the TIME datatype
Scala on android (retrieving data from multiple custom dialogs)
Auto Scroll CSS3
PHP - hours difference (HH:MM format)
IIS7 301 URL rewrite gives 200 status rather than 301 status
Colorbox (jQuery) resize() not working in IE9
OnClick event calling a js function and a callback function
How to change the control task flow based on the task status?
How to implement recursive callback pattern?
Changing the WHERE clause in the Master Detail Template in NetBeans
XCode warnings when 3rd parties forgot to remove debugging symbols
Fetching the data from multiple excel to the Main Excel
How to inject URL query string parameters in Python?
URL rotator in specifique order [closed]
PDF date of print
Need help implementing DKIM-Signature with html body
Using Spring Integration with RabbitMQ
Is there a way to measure the weight of Javascript in a page?
How to reduce PDF filesize
elif statment always executing even with wrong input
facebook connects to both http and https on http site
How to catch exception thrown by another thread in Java?
OpenSubKey behaves different in C++ than in C#
How does ReentrantLock synchronize?
WatiN - Selecting a drop down menu from pop up
SQL Sever 2012 Data-Tier Application Template for Visual Studio?
How to use output from a splited sms [closed]
Facebook like wall post system
Seek in string and inserting text
Java if statement not being fulfilled
jquery on external frame
SQLite IN operator doesn't work when using with sqlite3_bind_ on iOS
GWT Date equivalent to java.util.Calendar
jquery mobile button text auto line break
PHP preg_replace usage versus a brute force approach
UIScrollView change scroll position every visit of the view
How to handle multiple activities interacting with each other?
Compile-time check a value to implement several interfaces
WordPress + Facebook comments addition (php knowledge needed)
Ember-data, hasMany relationship, loading sub-collection, nested route
Entity Framework: ChildCollection item removal
Java application design advice : storing image
Compare 2 tables data in sql using Simmetric dll
AS3 Resize bitmap object to fit in a movieclip
FALSE if statements
Disable Uninstall button in android manageapplication
Preserving environment variables in Java
Inserting a Telerik ComboBox into an Telerik ASP.Net MVC3 Grid
phpBB3 How can I get the member Names and Avatar pictures outside of the forums
Check if a radio selection is made
Absolute position for an IMG in a LI
Wp7: Wait for user interaction
css3 linear gradient color stop works differently on webkit
1305 - PROCEDURE db.delete_catelog_item does not exist
Link_to a page - Ruby on Rails
JSTL and JSP list issue
C struct pointer Seg.fault when malloc()
Using text files in Visual Studio Project
String Ids are not quoted in dependent batch-request to api. Workaround?
Ctrl-V on Jtable
#100 Sorry, this post contains a blocked URL
Radio Boxes Clickable Images
Need a case insensitive collation where ss != 脽
Keep gif animation
UIsplitview Not Respond Rotation
ScrollPane making 鈥淎JAX ERROR鈥�alert
Ruby: Include a dynamic module name
CakePHP hasAndBelongsToMany vs hasMany through
NullPointerException when adding a row in a TableLayout
Managing thousands of annotation's in iOS
button_to not working
What is the jar file for - 鈥渙rg.jvnet.jax_ws_commons.dime.binding.DimeBindingID鈥�
converting list of string to list of integer
$ document ready not working in ie8
Setup callback for every method call use MOQ
Template typedef for std container (without specialization)?
Floating Bars in Matplotlib Pyplot Bar Graph
How can I delete the Extjs4 Drag&Drop Proxy?
WCF ConcurrencyMode.Multiple
Java Not Writing to Console
File.list() returns null for directory
Backbone fetch is adding new rows to view rather than updating the existing
Entity Framework 4.1 Code First, LINQ, sine and cosine
SQL Server BI: SIngle cube, multiple fact tables
Embed Youtube Video into Rails App
Get attribute of all items in container python
RSSI Calculation in ns2
WCF web service not working after deployed
PHP - Simple XML - Nested Hierarchy
Foreign key constraint check using JPA/Hibernate on a MySQL cluster
WPF to silverlight conversion
Django FileField, ImageField on Google App Engine
Why doesn't Protobuf-net typemodel serialize private readonly members?
Vimeo videos not playing on iPad UIWebView
two column primary key in mysql returning error and general funnyness
Windows Embedded HTTP Server with Bonjour(Zeroconf) Support
Android: access the Activity stack programmatically
Unchecked unsafe operations
Converting a UserControl to a Custom Control
Use proxy or not for getting the fastest speed for our users in the US
does appengine have a pointer to the latest deployed application
Path to picture on iphone
using mssql_connect to connect to a DB in another server
Missing on Linux Eclipse Android project
Javascript get custom button's text value
What does XCode 'Clean' actually do?
simple django: what is wrong with this code?
HttpResponseRedirect not effect in a method
Regular expression to check whitespace in the beginning and end of a string
Omitting generic parameters after the new keyword
Working with Firefox add-on builder without Python
How to plot a categorized histogram from an R data.frame column with raw values
JRuby Rails3 application session timeout running in Tomcat
Td height on two separate tables
Go back to webapp saved to homescreen from Safari
Metro application - Top bar menu
How i can work with AvCaptureSession and OpenAL or an other service to play the sound
In Eclipse, how to bind Control-N to 鈥渄own鈥� like arrow key, any window?
Not able to symbolicate crash log using 'symbolicatecrash' command however atos works
Error while uploading app through application loader
Word wrapping in phpstorm
Styling UserControls
MVC 3 Web Grid Image
Any way to autopopulate HTML form textbox with data in URL string?
best way to create an asp databse in c# visual studio for website [closed]
How to get the first element of a std::set
Clear a text box value in silverlight
SSMA AccesToSQLAzure - exception in C# Access Application
SharePoint 2010 Restore-SPSite problems
Page not showing the same in IE 8
Polymorphism inheritance not overriding base class method
Excel - Use the result from VLOOKUP in another VLOOKUP
How do I fit long title?
jquery smooth-div scroll doesn't work
jQuery - how to post a HTML list (ul, ol) to another page as if it were a form?
Javascript functional library with persistent data structures
How can I handle the exception thrown by mongoskin if mongodb is not running?
Logic for searching documents
Not Between with linq to sql
Windows Forms TextBox Bug?
Get URL to current background-image and hand over to <a href>
How to keep the download progress using ASIHTTPRequest even if I navigate to another viewcontroller
Determine if a class implements a very specific interface
Strange behavior when converting a double to String in Java
Insert/update query
how to use a specific python API in Django?
JQuery - Get attribute of higher-level item
Template code wont compile with GCC
Check if Object is Interface via Activator.CreateInstance
What data type should I use to store a GUID in Core Data?
Android load SharedPreferences for widget into Preference Activity
Microsoft.Moles.NUnit.dll with nunit 2.6
Searching requireddata in couchdb
How to read n characters from a binary file created under win32 with .NET?
ANDROID: How to ensure the user inputs a specific string into edit text? [closed]
php, ajax error reporting is not working
Casting a control to another page
how would I make a jQuery dialog popup a specific number of times?
Performance issue designing threaded consumer of queue
How to keep SSH connections alive using SSHJ?
Android MP3 file Filtering form sdcard
Java REGEX XML parse/cut-down while maintaining structure HowTo
structure marshalling, marshal both ansi and unicode
mapping class attributes to other (same attributes) class
extjs store fail
how to put some value in to combobox dropdown list without adding it in to the store?
How to build native compiler from GCC source code?
get a only string from soap Response in classic asp
Generics in Protobuf-net v2 Model
Can't serialize nested nHibernate entity for WCF web service
best way to extend python / numpy performancewise
Can't serialize nested nHibernate entity for WCF web service
best way to extend python / numpy performancewise
Accessing a frame in a video
relative absolute path perl
When I open web page which includes callbacks are not supported how can I solve it?
ComboBox send variable with onchange or buttom not working, mysql data access
Grow from center animation with JQuery
Symfony 2 - Form Entity Type: How to format the generated drop-down?
Can't define OpenCms version
Using a computed column with JSON
Is Visual Studio express less resource intensive than Visual Studio Pro?
Fix/Replace DNN search-engine with FTP
Best practice for create web project in Eclipse/STS that supports maven and spring 3+
Combining SQL Server Queries
Batch for loop, maybe I'm missing something
Interpretation of var inside JavaScript if statement
Rails / Doorkeeper: Can't verify CSRF token authenticity
Create default instance of type [duplicate]
Upgrading from Groovy 1.7.2 to 1.8.x
IOS: UIImage sent to deallocated instance
cakephp offline tasks
C# SQL & Database tutorial [closed]
Tailing Logfile in Ruby On Rails 3.1
Two-way binding combobox to enum
Using Facebook check-in feature in Windows Phone 7
html parsing using htmlcleaner
Exception occurs when i try to create instance of type through assembly.CreateInstance method
Can EnumDisplayDevices detect a device if it's drivers are not installed?
How to handle a `datetime` value so to change it from `2012-04-27 00:00:00` to `27 april 2012`?
android button and spinner are not working
Capture Website Thumbnail without Security Concerns
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Screen Capture ala Draw Something
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Placeholder Font size
How to apply XACML to presentation tier access control
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Mysql Query Optimization and Sorting
imagejpeg corrupted output
Unable to understand this python code
Best Approach Suggestion: C# based Windows service implementation
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UIPinchGestureRecognizer not working in xcode 4.3.2
Prolog do predicate for all pairs in List?
Mod operator in ios
Unable to set and css properties via JavaScript
Clojure: How does filter interact with logic?
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SWT List cell renderer
Android app force close
iphone : How to get Address from json request?
Animate to User Location (Android)
which are python best practices to concatenate different types of data?
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Splitting Large Files With VB.NET
Vertical Centering in a scrolled window
How to increase the size of UITabBarItem in iphone?
Resources and info on Windows 8 programing with C++ XAML for Metro [closed]
Show default form
Using wordpress as external content management system
Can't run new application
is it possible to have the same form in the DOM multiple times if I omit form and input IDs?
Integrating with Facebook Ad Providers in Facebook App
Flash Builder 4.6/Flex String unserialize
Working with unsigned char. How to replace elements without using loop?
C++ two libraries depend on same lib but different versions?
select classes with jQuery
Using Windsor 3.0+ xml configuration, how can I register multiple types for a service?
GlassFish regional settings - JPQL query ORDER BY
Sound does only work on Device but not in Simulator
Adding JPanels to JPanel array
ruby on rails - create and populate combobox / dropdown from another scaffold
Moving multiple app.config's to something more global
Generic type checking at compile time
How to write this mysql where clause?
Flex 4 with PHP and BulkLoader - Assets getting deleted
Loading a configuration for Unity from an external assembly
How to install renamed Tycho product into maven repository
Apache: client denied by server configuration
Is it possible and advisable to construct a generator returning unique values from a collection
Add JavaScript to NewForm for SPList in SharePoint
Spring injection not working for constructor-arg
ruby on rails - M:N many to many relation
jQuery / CSS - Target li a instead of li?
How can you convert a std::bitset<64> to a double?
Change Devexpress export row value
Checking if Array exist?
A Join using MySQLi shows error
part.isMimeType == 鈥淢ultipart/*鈥�Does it mean it has an attachment?
How can I hide a control when the user taps outside it
Restart Flash application, not always working
Combobox Telerik - change color
finding the index of an element in relation to a specific parent
Commercial Media Foundation Filters
Android Widget Popup
How to create a SQL Merge Publication without creating BCP files
STRUTS2 and AJAX - Select the country, populate the States
Connecting with external systems , How to design the system
How to run PHP script with Windows Task Scheduler
closing a tiny box pop up
create a sub website of the parent website for each user(sub domain or subfolder)
Simplest possible sample to connect selfhosted signalR-server and client?
JqueryUi - Tabs / Ajax Content /
Passing data between classes is not working
hibernate + mysql + load data in file
Changing values in a specific cell based on other cell/row inputs
Allow anonymous authentication for a single folder in web.config?
Android DatePickerDialog title background color
JavaScript Form onkeyup Validation Errors
Please help me to Marshal this array of structs to C++
Do file and folder paths and group names matter to Xcode?
How to get depth in mysql store procedure recursion?
No output for recursive method
Wordpress thumbnail and meta data being ignored when posting to facebook wall
How does Button Click fire httphandler
Google+ share plugin - I cannot get the desired image to be displayed in my +1 update
PHP 'is_dir' in combination with 'urldecode' is false, same with string value is true?
How to limit AJAX requests per custom time
How to print blank character in the Lisp format function?
SharePoint 2010 item level Auditing
How to add dll reference in visual basic 6 using vb6 coding?
Submit a form and display text box value in another tab in AJAX & PHP
Test User Pages - can we create them via API?
How is it done that global sides with millions of users are so fast?
Load different div at home template in wordpress
Java EE Provided dependencies in Hudson / Jenkins
p:selectonemenu not working (JSF)
Receiver for device media buttons NOT 鈥渕edia button鈥�
How to synchronize the statements in AsyncTask doInBackground() method in Android
Why 鈥淔ile does not exist.鈥�exception in Application_Error does not have access to Session Data?
calculate overlap of two parallel lines
jquery datepicker not working ,date box not appearing?
get index of parent, select same index from another div
Memory allocation for ruby
how to format number the using jquery
how to setup a login with a login-form on each page in Jquery Mobile and Coldfusion8?
javascript url undefined redirect
Javascript and Canvas - Animating a Sine wave
iPhone posting to facebook app wall
RadTreeView exits edit mode autometically on context menu click
authentication with synergizeit server in android
How do you resize images in Groovy?
Deserialize JSON string to c# object
What's the next year of 2011-02-28? [closed]
NoSQL databases: what about read consistency?
Unable to build wxMSW-2.8.12 using MinGW [closed]
ORDER BY MySQL and timestamp
Sharing or Sending complex Data to Coldfusion From Java
Stack Smashing Detected. C programming
javascript incorporating cookies
handle saving of transient gen_servers states when using a key-to-pid mechanism
Cant call flickr api with jQuery
Is it an overkill to use scoped_ptr in simple cases?
ear war and location of properties
Group views in Interface Builder
Why this mouseover script doesn't work properly?
page break a specific portion of the page
Batching push to Windows notification server
Border Radius not working in IE7 or 8
get next upcoming game, display on mondays
Javascript array of bytes to binary string?
How to draw Color Bands in Flex Chart?
How to set the maximum height of CSS tables?
SQLite on iOS - SQL to copy from one file to another
are color and dimension resources necessar?
MotionEvent coordinates to Scene coordinates
Runtime Error while running the VS2008 solution; Solution is building fine
git rebase from git-svn bridge
ios backup using http
ADO.NET Funny Connection Pool Behaviour when bury SQL Exception
get_categories order by meta key issue?
How do I install JDK7 (Java 7) on Mac OS X 10.7.3? [closed]
How to enforce coupling polymorphic type and enum value?
Convert List<images> into a video file?
Grails file upload Kendoui
Bind mvn jetty:run to a different phase?
Can't launch JBoss7 from Eclipse Indigo
How to save bulk documents in couchdb using lightcouch api in java
Java get half month number
Casting exceptions when rethrowing in Java
Is it safe to assign nullptr to a function pointer variable?
Is 'redefining' variables in statement expressions safe?
How to mix genetic algorithm with some heuristic
Javascript reserved words
C# Regex.Replace first group
How to add descriptions under uploaded images
What is the reason for ORA-00054 error?
Nested AVMutableComposition
Partial view with @HTML.Action(鈥�
javascript try catch with json parse
Best way to start JBoss AS
How to add conditional redirect to each view in Pyramid?
Deserializing JavaScript object instance
How to convert a dnn site to mobile version?
How can I make this template method more elegant? (or: less explicit template parameters required)
Using hibernate 2nd level cache or query cache for lazy fetch queries
Hierarchical classes causing an invalid column with EF Code first
Apple push notification services in java, linux development machine
How to Implement Transactions in a Non-Transactional Database
autocomplete plugin not passing values in php jquery
Overloading Python math functions using Cython
Default buffer size of basic_filebuf within libstdc++
Maven Github repository + Artifactory
Detecting mobile browsers
MVVM pattern and dependent children
Handle C2DM registration when multiple gmail is active
heading tags not displaying in IE [closed]
SELECT all matching two fields and grouping by those two fields with mysql
GAE WSGI Application URL Mapping
Linked list storing prime numbers from 1 to 1000
Authenticate a user using OAuth in RavenDB
Dynamically adding attributes to <head> tag ASP.NET
PHP Get the Raw HTTP Request (php://input not working)
XQuery- will a single file or multiple files would be good in any XML DB
PIE does just not apply at all
Replace the first occurrence in a string
Issues with cufon canvas size
Firefox printing cuts canvas on end of first page, how do I make it not do that?
Symfony2: Best practise for large forms
WinSock Error 10061
Position of top bar and browser window size
How to produce a short unique id in php?
How to capture an image(url) inside iframe?
PayPal Direct Payments Recurring disabled for this merchant
Retrieving action's title using graph API
Use volume key while screen locked
What is the primary key of an audit table managed by Hibernate Envers?
Using runtime to open file in its native application. (Windows 7)
Documents List API file uploads failing when file size greater than resumable upload chunk size
Backout unwanted changes and make a patch out of them
How to create C# class from Multiple XML files
Invalidating session with CDI+JSF not working
weird 'str' object is not callable python
Crystal report dynamic formula name
Another way,list view click event using setOnClikListener Not an ItemclickListener
EF Code First Object Context Cant find Stored Procedure at ExecuteFunction
Oblique stripes resulting from bilinear interpolation
How to disable touch detection on a UIImage?
Conversion from to VB.Net [closed]
Android - Set two Gravity parameters programatically
Facebook ui dialog - 鈥淪hare to wall鈥�missing
Update background image through Javascript and HTML5 Canvas
How do I get pages from another folder than views?
鈥渄o not backup鈥�extended attribute in iOS 5.0.1
Hebrew field in text file issue
Error while making object persistent
waiting 2 thread are finished before to continue the program
Trying to write a function that deletes a node
How to remove character entitiy numbers from text
How to perform validations on the select items using Javascript or Struts1.3.8?
how safe is $_SERVER[鈥淗TTP_HOST鈥漖?
.append not working when calling a php file
Get only part of a file in PHP?
Replace an escaped escape sequence with its unescaped value
Insert &#039; into a JS object
fancyBox Button Helper
how can i fix my local host addres(port number ) in c# or get my local address in c#?
(python) Parsing certain HTML output tags using beautiful soup
Given a list of integers, some of which may be negative, extract the pair that sums to the 2 maximum numbers
django fixtures (from dumpdata) failing when testing
jqPlot - How to make vertical bars to widen as I zoom in
Timeout is not able to sent via pika.Blocking connection
How to show a webpage modally
JAXB Marshal exception: .Impl class nor any of its super class is not known to any of this context
Comparingtwo rows within two separate tables
Retrieving current network-based location in Windows Phone 7
Is Interface comes in inheritance chain or not?
Understanding intents in Android authentication
android google map navigation
Hashmap with different color as image
Cookies in AJAX call from subdomain to domain above not sent
Powershell: Odd output when using foreach and listbox
using timer for delay
WCF + CQRS + Push Notifications
How to automatically choose which css to use depending on the URL/website and/or server I'm on?
Memory leak in c3p0 - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/mchange/v2/resourcepool/BasicResourcePool
Get Children in jqGrid Treeview Adjacency Model
No data in my popover
C# : Displaying field metadata using System.Reflection.GetFields() [duplicate]
ClassCastException org.jdesktop.DataSet.DataRow to TypedDataRow
C# Eventdoesn't fire when I change text in the textbox
web api http request naming convention
get value inside textbox dojo widget at run time
Jersey loses id field
Android - center title before anything else
System.IO.WriteAllBytes - Access to path denied error
How to send a simple message from WinRT Client( .NET 4.5) to Desktop Server(.NET 4.0) using Sockets?
C++ asterisk and bracket operators used together
MDM:Certificate invalidated after installing profile
php if to include html
web.config, web.debug.config, web.release.config & Publish vs Debug?
Passing locale parameter over site URL on ActiveResource
How to check the Internet Connection periodically in whole application?
Java calculate the transition between two points over a period of time
Heroku app not loading pictures properly
Using AJAX along with servlets
How to make always skype detect number on my site?
鈥渃hrome.tabs.create鈥�works, but 鈥渃hrome.tabs.update鈥�doesn't
PHP time to Mysql database
鈥渃hrome.tabs.create鈥�works, but 鈥渃hrome.tabs.update鈥�doesn't
PHP time to Mysql database
Grails File Upload + tagLib
Why does this code call keyup() at the end of the block?
could not change the JRE version
PHP singelton class for PDO connection
eclipse state saving
ASP.NET - Publishing a web site to IIS
jQuery calculation on form txt fields
How To capitalize the letters in AutoCompleteTextView dynamically?
trigger the Onclick event on a tabpage in sugarcmr with javascript
How to change menu background color to black in android 2.2 and higher
Session management issue [closed]
luasoket http request got 鈥渃onnection refused鈥�
uploaded images from sdcard ,those should display in the form of list view [closed]
App Incompatiable with samsung GT-S5570
No rspec output in console for guard watched file
Error while compiling Linux kernel
OneToMany relationship without new entity
Need for String.Format in C# to throw compile time error for mismatch in arguments
Android post high res image running out of memory
Variable name in function call in Javascript
Identify COM port using VID and PID for USB device attached to x64
How to use jquery prepend() function for adding rupee symbol before all numbers
Using dynamic programming with Scala to solve the Mixture from CodeChef
inner join query in joomla
multiple functions in one onClick
How to redirect from one page to another page in PHP?
ORACLE SQL , Modifying data in ORDER BY
Rails is responding with wrong format
jquery tabs on enter key works only once
How does Task->setLink work? (php api library)
Customizing AddThis Share Menu for iphone sdk?
JQuery / JQuery Mobile: Update select menus
How long does it take for Android market count of installations to update?
Running Opa server on port 80
Make a temporary table, and fill one field with data from another table, and separate that data with commas
Do all methods have to be public for Caliburn.Micro to match them
Using an associative array as a variable name? - javascript
Erlang and PostgreSQL
Connection Restrictions on Input and Output Connectors
Structure of subqueries in mySQL for optimal performance
how to click on image make it zoom in popup windows in HTML
Doctrine2: Syncing Collections / Adding multiple Elements of which some might already exist
Flash effect still over a pop-up div although i used wmode = transparent
Change text size in different lines of textlabel cell uitableview
Find all tiles intersected by line segment
Rows manipulation on an array
embed youtube on mobile website thumb display
Android Widevine HLS/DRM support
Android Widevine HLS/DRM support
PHP Login using Facebook
redirect to action which send request
struggling with PHP extensions
HTML/CSS: IE8 background overflowing border
RCytoscape couldn't connect to host
net share and CD/DVD drives [closed]
500 OOPS: vsftpd: not configured for standalone, must be started from inetd
how to validate session in Spring?
How do I add an image icon for custom button in outlook
issue in iterating multidimensional array
Order in rails form dropdown including priority
can I set default parameter value in construture?
IOS Device Orientation Stuck at Portrait mode, no Landscape
How to get value of a control in a Masterpage using JQuery?
serialize object date/time
jquery display loading text on keypress
Fastest way to count elements matching predicate
Delphi 2006 - routine parameter untyped
Wordpress show posts by ID
Qt creator SSL enable
Purchase in app android not success with google sample code
search with in Data dislayed as a result of tail Operation?
Change nginx autoindex output format
jQuery validation trigger error message
Partial data missing from an image file retrieved from MSSQL DB
UISlider not smooth
ASP.NET linkbutton avoid click twice in iOS
Why is `document.all` falsy?
Can't I use JQuery inside my FancyZoom popup?
How can i find out names of uploaded files using 'CGIHTTPServer.CGIHTTPRequestHandler' do_POST?
file not found eclipse
Does any functional programming language have significant libraries for natural language processing?
JQPlot chart library program execution
Unable to connect with WPA2 android
Swap two integers without using a third variable
what is difference between Array and ArrayList to get Prime numbers?
jquery.form.js file upload with progress bar, what goes in server side php script?
How can i find Facebook Open Graph Activity Plugin
Dictionary values by reference
Symfony2: Delete entity through post request (improvements required)
Is it possible to reverse each line of a file using a BufferedReader?
How to play music from sdcard on click event of coverflow images
How to read .Net web service in PHP?
how to run an if-else statement on jquery?
Remove all occurances of escape sequence characters available in C#
Windows service not getting installed on major upgrade-WIX
MYSQL - search field for unordered text
getting 鈥渟yntax error, unexpected ','鈥�for a function declaration
iOS/Android to server transfer : Best way to keep transfer secure?
ASP.NET Class Library
Negative lookahead assertion with the * modifier in Perl