How to load multiple fixture sets for the same model in rails
Delphi DLL not unloading, probably due to still-allocated GDI
Multiple onload conflict
Need some advice about migrating from Motif to Gtk
set default value checkbox android
IE8, FF3 <img> Align Center Issue
Scheme, passing lambda as a function argument - Need help understanding args
How can I obtain the component if I know the ID of the DOM element?
error with mongodb
Does the QNetworkAccessManager destructor abort the current requests?
How can I set a User field to a default value of a user currently logged in through XML in Sharepoint 2010?
Why isn't my chrome extension auto-updating itself?
Do regex search on int column efficiently?
Stopping a looped CAAnimation after current cycle has finished
Java - Most efficient way to store a bunch of objects and later iterate through them, where the amount is unknown and order doesn't matter?
How to test a user message in a custom action
C++ won't let me make friends
What's the difference between void, eval, and the Function constructor in JavaScript?
CSS Absolute Positioning of one div being affected by margin in unrelated div
how to create object with return type of both 1) true/false and 2) dynamic data
jqGrid 4.3.2 Failures
MYSQL converting slow update with subquery to (faster?) join
Action Script 3 - Capture current playing sound and continuously write to server (for streaming)
Winsock - Why isn't ZNC (and IRC bouncer) accepting my winsock connection?
Creating tables in SQL
Saving a block in instance variable
Android Check Date format in the device
Why is this code not working? It won't overwrite the file for some reason
Code compiles with scalac but not in REPL
cuda should a unique block index and its calculation be moved to shared memory?
Prevent Client from connecting twice in a basic webserver
Poker game: creating a deck with java
VB.NET Settings (Import)
Link a search interface in android to a php search page
JavaScript libraries for rectangle manipulation using Canvas [closed]
Newer version / replacement of BackgroundWorker class?
Is there a way to create a select list with a default value, but no drop down
Java threading error [closed]
facebook user cannot find my facebook app
Have any method make HP-UX 11.31(IA64) support 64-bit time_t
RSpec referencing child record in request spec
Cannot install Ruby 1.9.3 on a clean Lion Install
Is there a way to free up a thread blocked on a socket without closing the socket?
.attr('class') returns multiple class names, how to select the one I want to use?
Get a character from alt code (without keyboard events)?
YouTube_it Gem Bad Authentication
How do I return last four paths in url?
JavaScript atan2() function not giving expected results
What is the best way to print (save) a web form to the server in a Ruby on Rails application?
Attach data or array index to anchor tag
Wordpress + Custom Taxonomy + Permalinks
Validating input of empty lines ( n n)
How to use keyboard input declared in main() in other methods of the class containing it?
Dropbox API, OAuth and Apple
disabled mainController rotate in ipad
CakePhP, Jquery Mobile, Ipad - Adding Record Twice
how to get data from a IIS style url
Add Shortcut for android application To home screen On button click
Efficiently determine if two of three items in a list are the same
jQuery Function to parse a section of HTML
Function takes a void pointer of a structure and passes on a pointer to its member to another function
How to create a concatenated string from a List of Objects in VB.Net 3.5
pycuda; nvcc fatal : Visual Studio configuration file '(null)' could not be found
Handle multiple spring security context files based on property file's value
With Hadoop, can I create a tasktracker on a machine that isn't running a datanode?
CSS Menu Not Opening in IE7 [closed]
can I change my image src back on mouseout in a thumbnail gallery jquery script?
Very long computations makes program not respond
mysql not in rewrite query issue
How to make JqueryUi Slider vertical-align middle?
Can't set DateTime field to a default value through XML in Sharepoint 2010
Rails Migrations: tried to change the type of column from string to integer
Associated entities not attaching to parent object when saving
How to Get the inner text of a span in PHP
How to write from linux device driver to hard drive using DMA
Unable to parse jsp indexOf statement correctly
adding elements in nested lists
Three20 & MonoTouch: TTTabStrip change color doesn't work
Why following code doesn't give 鈥淚ndexError鈥�
Creating a subview in PHP MVC
Cannot Instantiate InitialContext
Grails 2.0: Disable All Logging for Resources
Is there a known O(nm)-time/O(1)-space algorithm for POSIX filename matching (fnmatch)?
Does net.tcp switch to net.pipe (aka Named Pipes) if it's on the same machine?
JQuery UI Model Dialog is clearing my radio buttons before the data can be submitted?
SQL Merge Cells from many rows into a single cell
DDD, PHP and the Repository [closed]
Getting url helpers to have correct domain for staging app on Heroku
Javascript breaking on null value of property in Internet Explorer - How can I get IE to ignore this?
Why does Azure ACS require authentication every time I debug my project?
Can I get all the performance metrics of an MVC 3 app from within the app itself?
Framework for data binding - PHP
Conflicting Generic Types between interdependant classes
Android background service that detects a text copy
RestKit & iOS, JSON, Rails - How to map instances of class into a Dictionary/hash to be easily selected by unique identifier
Why does Azure ACS require authentication every time I debug my project?
Can I get all the performance metrics of an MVC 3 app from within the app itself?
Framework for data binding - PHP
Conflicting Generic Types between interdependant classes
Android background service that detects a text copy
RestKit & iOS, JSON, Rails - How to map instances of class into a Dictionary/hash to be easily selected by unique identifier
How can I redirect to a view in another application and still pass arguments (Django)
getting failed to create java virtual machine error everytime I try to open eclipse [duplicate]
Difficulty converting date in format yyyy-mm-dd to textual date format like Monday 21 Jan 2012 PHP
Php bin2hex Parse Error [closed]
Wordpress / PHP - Set div width to fit all images
Parsing Expressions as a parameter
How to implement the same story text to different page objects in Jbehave
How can I access my user object from loginLocals using everyauth?
Traversing a NSMutableArray?
Handling data references/pointers in a file?
Icon badge overlay for notifications in silverlight/xaml
ASP.NET WebApi + Autofac not finding ApiControllers
How can I find a user's google profile image (within an organization)?
Member field gets ignored when parsing using gson
sequential access file in vb
Using external editor in MATLAB
.net Event Confusion
Mersenne Twister on Multiple GPUs
How come Xcode doesn't automatically link with QuartzCore when the project uses it?
Does repeating (not reloading page) youtube videos consume bandwidth?
sqlite - how do I get a one row result back? (luaSQLite3)
PHP HTML Javascript design issue
When can the rounding mode of the CPU change?
Referring to class variables as default parameters in PHP function
Why doesn't type inference work here?
java - for loop iterations populate arraylist incorrectly
document is not under source control and nib shows as xml text
Access Checked RadioButton from Button's onClickListener [duplicate]
Why won't this code recognise that these two variables are the same?
Connect Facebook on iPad (adobe air)
Allowing cancan Ability.rb manage access only specific fields of a model
Is moving over to a Portable Class Library a breaking change?
Access to operands and operations from IA32 in Linux
Looking for an example of using async for calling a web service in Silverlight?
How to find length of an integer in JSP?
How do you cut a quadratic curve in half?
jQuery slider pause on video play and resume on video over
Android setPixel doesn't seem to do anything. Am I missing a step?
Objective-C Properties Rule
VB.NET Settings
to show checked radio button in edit view in mvc3
How can I unit test an Intent launched/sent from an Activity?
Why do I get an 鈥渋llegal token鈥�compile-time error with this piece of C++ code?
Remove Characters and Everything After from String
Is there any way to access the current label set in JavaScript/ActionScript
Launch powershell from 3rd party application
鈥淢ore than one operator + matches these operands鈥�error
Is it possible to build a Portable Class Library with Monodevelop?
X86 assembly - Handling the IDIV instruction
any shortcut to get to design view of the form in visual studio 2010 winforms project/
The jQuery :eq(index) selector
how to use dialogClass option in jquery dialog with an external CSS file
jsf expression language (el) classes function life scope
How to name a SQL query?
Guidance trying to make skinny controllers & fat models in CakePHP
What are the first steps to take to properly create a Facebook APP for a specific Facebook Page?
How to use Linux hugetlbfs for shared memory maps of files?
in c# to Read certain values from XMLfile
Routing does not find my ActionResult method
Fully remove all folders and files on uninstall of Winform app?
Calculating timespan in C
Wordpress site won't load, but dashboard side works fine?
linux mail < file.log has Content-Type: application/octet-stream (a noname attachment in Gmail)
Windows (.lnk) shortcuts API?
Closing Notepad++ when the last document is closed
Problems using the EWS API on mixed Exchange versions
how to know whether checkbox is checked or not django
Integration my own simple application with already existing program
Can the JEDI Code Library, Delphi IDE menu item (JCL Options鈥�, be moved?
Replicating google earth plugin navigation functionality with external buttons
How do I make links that have been published to Facebook via the Feed Dialog stop asking users to authorize my application?
A memory view with GUI
jquery: Attach function to elements not yet loaded
Combining data elements in a Matlab binary vector
iOS Admob Network Mediation: Duplicate Symbols Error With all_load and ObjC
Ruby dup method for ActiveRecord object
using :nth-child to select lines and append
page container hasn't height
MongoDB Error with C#
how to reset to plus symbol in accordion menu
Is there an XSLT floating around anywhere that converts Apple Pages documents to decent HTML?
Dynamically set Colorbox options with FB.CanvasgetPageInfo()
Bash sort by file name like GNOME does
Ignore Orientation change in Android
How would I go about making a camera like movement in pygame
How to return from a function called by the thread
JQuery AJAX fails before making the request
Why does Aptana/Eclipse have to 鈥渂uild鈥�PHP projects?
socket.readBytes not moving pointer
CakePHP ajax form update duplicating page
Multiple web.config redirect rules
Handle TextView Links in App
I don't know what the error means?
C++: Using any iterator type in a faux-STL class?
writing arrays values into mysql database
Datamapper validation errors show with brackets around them
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/rixo/public_html/login/process.php on line 41 [closed]
Google maps-api v3 InfoWindow automatically open on page load
JQuery toggle of a bottom fixed div moves all divs upwards
finfo_* functions
Using Eclipse with AVRDude
Instantiate a class object and initialize a list
403 forbidden after nginx install on AWS (no welcome to nginx message)
TFS: Is it possible to remove item permissions objects from version control?
How to initialize SortedMap?
How to prevent a double-click from highlighting web-page text using JavaScript?
CodeIgniter htaccess mod_rewrite not working properly
PHP LZW Binary Decompression Function
I can't figure out how to read from an old table with my stored procedure and save the new results to another table [duplicate]
HTML 5 audio volume control with JavaScript
JQuery: A div content that scrolls endlessly?
Issue with Ajax scriptmanager giving a 404 error
How capture the default.phtml in a variable inside a controller
Dropdownlist and highlight effect
SQL Server 2008 slow vs. 2005 in getting Access 2003 data [closed]
<meta> tag in <asp:ContentPlaceholder> generates parser exception
Java: inaccurate result when calculating memory usage
Power set and Cartesian Product of a set python
Positioning a div at the bottom of the page
Indexing in Neo4j
ALAsset valueForProperty:ALAssetPropertyLocation undeclared?
Use basicHttpBinding with Windows Authentication
Master detail using EF 4 in Windows Forms
Deleting data from multiple tables in a database
Trouble converting a JPEG encoded BITMAP into a Gdiplus::Bitmap object
Using Fields in Multiple Datasets in SSRS
Java Apache Commons CLI on Unix; > is being treated as an argument to the executable instead of a redirect
Merge Sort Time and Space Complexity
Presenting a UIViewController from inside another UIViewController?
How to show your own facebook data on a website
Sharing VBOs across multiple mesh objects
Sending Emails With smtplib In Python
Can i deploy to multi platform using phoneGap?
regex best practice?
Differences between functors and endofunctors
How to properly use the try catch in perl that provides?
javascript, html5 simulate video game HUD effect
Unable to create schema using hbm2ddl
insertNewObject into coreData
Deploying jars to remote servers using dropbox
Conditional .addClass()
Why are immutable objects in hashmaps so effective?
Equivalent of [Bind(Prefix = 鈥減rincipalId鈥�] in MVC4 Web Api?
will jvm allocate 5G RAm if Xms5120m
Conditional .addClass()
Why are immutable objects in hashmaps so effective?
Equivalent of [Bind(Prefix = 鈥減rincipalId鈥�] in MVC4 Web Api?
will jvm allocate 5G RAm if Xms5120m
Android GPS location update
Relative SourceURI not working
Custom filtering of HBase table in Java
Merge Sorting in Java
the game UNO java code design
Add a column of zeros to table sql server [duplicate]
need help to figure out what is the error, it's jQuery code
Randomly generate text, based on a Linkedhashmap of key=String and Value=following Char
Google App Engine (Java) Text in Datastore/Dynamic Text File
Need some guide on simple undo/redo
How to position images using Semantic Grid System/Less?
Function fails when called by other function
Are there naming conventions in yaml format?
Can't download MinGW from Sourceforge
I cannot access my IIS7 site on the network
ordering of NSArray
how to keep check box selection in ListView
How to design class dependency trying to avoid Law of Demeter
SQL query multiplying SUM result by amount of inner elements
File backup from Android [closed]
How to synchronize update CSV file time with StopWatch object ?
MSCRM for outlook 2011 full offline installation, SQL Exp and all pre-reqs
Worker and daemon thread in java
Implementing a Min Heap with an Array: Insert and Remove Min (with duplicates)
com4j on Windows 64 bit
Send variable to PHP and reload using jquery?
Simple parallelization with shared non-threadsafe resource in Scala
Manipulating android activity window using renderscript?
FileNotFoundException when running class in a jar from servlet
CakePHP 2.1.1 foreach
Redirect after java applet is run?
JPA Conflict with Hibernate and Weblogic
How to lookup the value of a variable based on the value of other variable via the EL Expression language
Has anyone worked with NFC with Java, javax.microedition.contactless?
Output in multi threading program
Call to undefined method after upgrading to PHP 5.4.0
Join Array from startIndex to endIndex
Access tokens?
Restrict direct access to pdf, but allow view through <object>
Change AutoScaleMode, or from a FlowLayoutPanel to a TableLayoutPanel?
Interactive shell stop pipe
how to show tipboxes for dynamically added content?
ValidationRule with ValidationStep=鈥淯pdatedValue鈥�is called with BindingExpression instead of updated value
listview scrolls to top after editing entry
Eagerly Load Navigation Property that is List<OfSomeBaseClass>
switching view black page
SVN Branching - Visual Studio Development Environment working with images and PDFs
WPF Rendered Polygon Shape
Tool for generating SQLAlchemy queries from JSON-esque values?
Speed up jQuery manipulation of a list
filling a list with X [] (empty lists)
Sending requests to webpages using Python's urllib2
Chunking a text into 5-line chunks then working over each
Mysql select match 4, 5 or 6 columns
Building EmguCV on OSX Snow Leopard
Whats the difference between io.sockets.emit and broadcast?
Facebook Request Dialog - For a Mobile App
Binding Control when inside DataTemplate
Page curl on iOS: Keep showing toolbar like in standard Maps app
C# P/Invoke embedded VB6 DLL resource: ActiveXObject 鈥淯nable to find an entry point named 'FunctionName' in DLL 'DLLName'.鈥�
In PHP, what is the significance of setting a parameter in a function equal to true?
How can I add a section to a web.config using PowerShell?
SimpleModal error: Unsupported data type with iframe
Why is htaccess not adding the 鈥� 鈥�after the domain name and before the variable?
evaluate if array has any items in ruby
$_POST array is empty when POSTing with C# WebRequest
How do I get around these incompatible types?
Screen capture video using AForge.Video.FFMPEG / AForge.Video.VFW. Frame Rate issue
.XmlSerializers.dll not loaded
Eagerly Load Object Graph with EF Code First
Wrong redirect path for open graph object
Treat string as binary and do binary manipulation in perl
How To Prevent Rebind For The DetailsView When Hide Or Show Fields
How to use default DateTime values with SQL Server CE and Entity Framework
Find out the title and artist of a song in Ruby
Large Ajax Application Design Patterns
How to programmatically check JMX MBean operations and attributes?
Can c# send an email to an address that contains french characters?
iPhone: ABPeoplePickerNavigationController won't show up properly in UITabBarController
Which programming pattern / framework for intranet [closed]
Change slider values with slider movement
Google Maps Listener Context
C++ overload operator= for different rhs types, at construction time
SQL Server locks on concurrent table
How to paint on a Canvas with Transparency and Opacity?
NativeControls or ActionSheet Cordova plugin documentation?
Can a SHOW FIELDS query use ORDER BY?
Url Helper Action Being Executed on Controller
Having a handset and tablet layout
Using jQuery replace and regex to replace string
How to Put set delay on android Progress bar
Implicit construction with default constructor in C++
IntelliJ: Spring MVC beans in JSP pages are not resolved
browsing #! for non-javascript users
Handlebars - replace {{x}} syntax by <%x%> or similar
jsf post redirect get pattern good practice
jsf post redirect get pattern good practice
animate div flash light
Flash Builder:How to sort spark datagrid column when user clicks header?
NERDCommenter: Giving me js comments in an html file
How to get crisp css rotated text?
What is the correct way to manage dependency injection for Entity Framework ObjectContext in ASP.NET MVC controllers?
chrome's `update extensions now` not working
Any acts_as_commentable_with_threading examples?
OpenGL: Calling glutPostRedisplay() from a while loop that reads a file
Enabling/Desabling Custom Execution Filters in Symfony 1.4.11?
Rails UTF-8 response
javascript get element by id vs object id
Relational Databases in Yii disconnect event isn't fired
Controller unable to extend class
issue 鈥渇ile is encrypted or is not a database鈥�opening a SQLite file in some Android devices?
CocoaAsyncTask can't connect real device
Design pattern for repetitive switch in getters?
Mapping click location across browsers and screen sizes
C# TCP socket performance degrading as application runs
associating Google Maps Business API key with geocoder searching?
trouble Linq to SQL query
Best way to access session from method_missing in model
bash process data from two files
Best hash algorithm for a data index (ie, crc)
JSF Link not working (with Primefaces)
Algorithm analysis and structure identification
How do I get the un-decoded request URL under ASP.NET?
Set Webkit Keyframes Values Using Javascript Variable
Create new user or update if they already exist [closed]
encrypt on server decrypt on client
Using Powershell to stop a service remotely without WMI or remoting
Errors when installing AjaXplorer
WordPress Plugin Database per User
Proper format of nested 鈥渦sing鈥�statements?
Process niceness (priority) setting has no effect on Linux
List the contents of a vector in Gtk+
Error: JAXB 2.1 API is being loaded from the bootstrap classloader, but this RI needs 2.2 API
Android books on the operating system [closed]
XMLHttpRequest from Firefox Extension
Spring: Creating an arbitrary number of beans using a factory bean
Mockito acts strangely when I assign multiple custom matchers to a single method
MVC3 return value to modal dialog
Jquery defining a $(this) variable for reuse in many functions
Why does Setting EntityState to Detached Empty a Property of type List<T>?
Detect and mark maximum peak on power spectral analysis plot using Matlab?
JAX-RS standard solution for serialize arrays of one element
removing duplicate characters next to each other
How do I break out of a series of string replace( )?
How to Delete folder older than 7 days C# / NET
Text Field Equality
Nodejs Coffescript executing without translation and coffee command
JQuery plugin architecture, where to define objects and variables life cycle?
Oracle SQL 鈥�Searching multiple rows, and returning one column value with the row that has the max of another column value
A* Algorithm and use of F and G heuristics
REST HttpWebRequest GetResponseStream() Error 500
How to bind ESC to Quit (C-g) in emacs for Mac
AES-CCM additional authenticated data length l(a)
Intercept ESC without removing other key presses from buffer
How to re-draw(refresh) listview in android
How can I observe when an NSURLConnection is cancelled?
Failed to create Cassandra cluster
C++11 friendly graphics library
Adding text fields using Javascript but values keep erasing
jQuery is it possible to equal js var to php var
Comparing two NSDates from Core Data
Null value SQL Server and PHP
How do I output the user's input in Assembly?
JSON & Rails: How to remove array brackets inside keypath of JSON results
Configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 IIS Settings, Registry Settings & E-mail Router Deployment URL
Android - Widget RemoteView setImageViewBitmap from downloaded resource
How to redirect a fixed folder name to another fixed folder, regardless of where it is requested
Need suggestion in GIT workflow when direction of the project has changed [closed]
Is there a way using JS to check if IE SmartScreen is on?
setting ivar to custom sublassed object not working
Google Maps V3 - Drawing rectangles with infowindows
ActionScript 3 Sounds
Facebook Like Box showing one face only
Does 'Samsung Apps' support a URI scheme to redirect to specific apps?
pulling data from a windows DOS prompt
How to tell when I lose my EventHandler for Application.ThreadException
What should I use to convert to unicode, po2prop o native2ascii?
Use CSS Animations to keep elements upright while rotating in a circle
How to set the width of a layout in android that extends to a point relative to the right border?
mysql query: LIKE %$var% but not when $var empty
Is there a way to reassign an argument within a function, and have it also affect the calling scope?
Windows service not connecting to database
JProgressBar painting issue
Running aspnet_regsql.exe error
Non-recursive Depth-First Search (DFS) Using a Stack
It is not appending correct file names?
Google App Engine Local datastore console
MVC ASP.NET Return response.GetResponseStream() as FileResultStream
There seems to be a mismatch between the location of my controls and the location of my MouseDown and -Up events
htaccess rewrite replace .php with /
Git - Independent Branches or Different repos for instances of the same program with slightly different use
Picking database for an Android app
Confusion with pointer to structure in c/c++
Call super.onSaveInstanceState(bundle) first or last?
Can I make Visual Studio break on a user-defined C++ exception?
Can the code within a <script runat=server> read form values which are posted by a form which doesn't have runat=server attribute?
Using the container inside a simple bundle class in Symfony 2
C# / WCF TransactionScopeOption.Required
Is there a Java library that converts copied web content to its underlying HTML?
JuiceUI Change Theme / Style
Is there any .NET API to get all the firewall rules
jQuery Form Validation ( Not Working for specific need
jslint :test for overrideMimeType() property in (new XMLHttpRequest())
CSS Font displaying different in IE7 and IE8?
Custom data contract serializer for faults
XElement.SetText encoding issue with single and double quotes
PostgreSQL does not allow me to group a column with order
What is execution time growth rate Big O of this code? [closed]
Is it safe to access OleDBDataReader after Command is closed
Change Template of ContentControl with Trigger
How to add buttons dynamically
Primeface Growl is not working with google map on JSF Page
excel or c# or SQL solution to get count of periods
Close iPhone webapp
udev rule execute 2 times
Make a prolog BST from a list and return it in the parameter
ComboBox for ASP.NET MVC
IDE with library-referenced autocompletion, debugging, and running for Nodejs on mac
Get timings in GHCi
change selected value in dropdown based on url using jquery
How to handle UnauthenticatedException with Shiro
Defeating caching for css and js files
Casting after using linq to DataSet
errors keep cropping up implementing a basic phpthumb script鈥ermission denied on line 1070 of
Migrate am2cmake
for loop with multiple conditions in Bash scripting
Form validation inside iFrame Colorbox, how to OPEN href URL in parents page and close Colorbox.
Jboss seam custom servlet 鈥淣o active event context鈥�
Compendium of explanations for the various eclipse package explorer icon decorators
DBContext Linq to entity read uncommitted
How to get a spinner row by knowing the name of the row?
jquery check href for string on click?
Difficulties with application of 鈥渘th-of-child鈥�to table cells
#include-ing certain header files in old C source (page.h et al) on Ubuntu
C# Arrays as Class Properties
Restful client without using maven
In SCADA systems, is there any way of making a modbus master speak to another master?
Hide control on word document save
Firefox: Click event not calling on SPAN tag
How to specify complex form validations in Play 2?
Entity Framework 3.0 and Helper-classes
Loading only specified links in Safari from a Cocoa (OSX, not iPhone) WebView?
How do I force 鈥渄efault鈥�visibility of _al_mangled_main on OS X?
Integrating tomcat and eclipse but fails to test servlet?
Drawing on a Canvas - How to check if the left Mouse button is down?
How to set PYTHONPATH on web server
Cache Youtube API XML response with Nokogiri error - Marshalling error?
How to open the default handler for a magnet link on java
Ambiguous Reference in namespace
WebWorks app not opening on Verizon Bold 9650
C# image processing on Kinect video using AForge
Use iterator protocol to access sorted dictionary
Which encoding use mysql to store data in .MYD files?
Why is erlang io:format output being lost and what do I need to do to restore it?
Javascript code in a string in javascript
Xcode debugging not following line progression, optimizations off
can't import a scala class to my java code
Adding a toolbar to a MPL figure in PyQt4
Do I need to have an HttpRequest object if I'm using render_to_response?
Check if File Exists on different Server
Use NSXMLParser and NSOperation without block UI
Check svn status of repository in local path
rounding numbers with custom threshold
Grails project on Jboss 7 Blocks logging
c# Threadpool - limit number of threads
ASP.Net MVC3 Azure - Do I Need Membership Provider Stored Procedures?
how to access the request object in the scala template
adding facebook login to spree 1.0.x
In Xcode, how do I link a dynamic library (libcurl) so that the app also works on older versions of the Mac OS?
How do I stop my Facebook login popup from appearing if user is already logged into FB?
Why videos selected via UIImagePickerController high and medium settings can result in same quality attributes on the results?
clustered MSMQ and WCF
iPad vertical input-slider
Changing a macro's default icon
How do I delete just the offline-mode cache within an android WebView programmatically?
NHibernate Criteria restriction with database-executed SHA1?
Declaring an Array of Objects: instantiates them
basic shell programming
Wordpress putting %E2%80%8E at the end of my url, howcome?
Sorting multidimensional array by key alphabetically
how to html decode in a details view?
IIS request limit
Markup language of output from python's help function?
Return Javascript Variables from jQuery AJAX call overwriting previous Javascript/JSON object
Color behind rounded edges in a ListView
selenium verifyxpathcount failing with Object xx has no method 'indexof'
Converting PIL GdkPixbuf
RESTful Web Services rule of thumbs
Creating a PHP Calendar [closed]
Running ordered tests in Visual Studio 11
Game of dice with dictionary
Threaded ~breadth-first processing
GKSession - Switching between apps and maintaining the session
How to load a Class using only the class name
3d scatterplot in R using rgl plot3d - different size for each data point?
Wrap-around detection in Python
JQuery Cycle fading all the way to white between images for a couple seconds. But on 3rd back to first it works correctly. Why?
How to close the calling windows form from a class library/ file? Need to access the calling form and do a .close()
lxml and <wbr> tags
Caret hidden in UITextField (ios)
How can I set a proxy in Tomcat that is different per webapp?
Jasper Report with List or Collection of Pojos
GHC: segmentation fault under strange conditions
How can I get my segues to transition more smoothly?
Can't build against functions in system library
How to handle entity framework schema upgrades
Excel: alternatives for very long IF($Cell=key, value) list?
Calling a function inside an iframe, from outside the iframe in IE8
Symfony 2, overwriting bundle view (TWIG) SonataAdmin
How do I get Python to see librt?
Unexpected results using ASIHTTPRequest and NSOperationQueue
Interpreting Dates using MySql/PHP
Android root access prevent App launch
php help for a flash card program
Difficulty changing SQL query in PHP document based on user input from form
Adding namespace removes friend access to class private members
Java console calculator using StringTokenizer
jQuery Dropdown Menu Reloading
Emacs: How to open ftp://鈥�in Chrome? (http://鈥�works)
Get Date Time Hours and Minutes with leading Zero
Object oriented design for a vehicle configuration kiosk from an interview
Generate warning when using global variables in Perl
Magento import products with images
Link posted through open graph does not work on facebook mobile
jQuery sortable with droppable
Award different amounts by place (PHP)
how to use Swing Timer from a function [closed]
Is there a Firefox equivalent for WebKit's css zoom property?
Custom select parameters from linq to sql
Why is there extra white space to the right of my site?
MPI IO Reading and Writing Block Cyclic Matrix
SCSS changes #FFFFFF into 'white'
How to receive URL with 鈥�鈥�encoded
Writing to a text file with Java, overriding output of test cases
Dynamic configuration in Django
How to highlight a part part of an Input text field in HTML using Javascript or JQuery
Pretty urls with php and .htaccess
Method call in LINQ column
SET @var := SELECT * FROM table_name: is it possible
Validation to check if username already exists in database without loading new page
serializable string in hibernate save(Object entity, Serializable id)
How can you take a manually inputted array and sort it?
Use Cases criteria
How to combine Day and Hour into one Date
Why does this onclick event not work?
Multiple Choice Knapsack Auction
iOS App with UIScrollView & TabBar creates whitespace after leaving fullscreen iAd or YouTube
Is it possible to see/access the frames of an animated gif
wap dialogs deprecated on july 2012
Django importing with no fields
How to show certain values in a dependent field to only certain profiles?
Bada linker does not complain on missing symbols, runtime crashes possible
CachedRowSet: can it still be used to hold ResultSet data?
How does the sharing feature on Dropbox allow you to send private messages to Facebook friends?
How do I remove a repository from git gui?
How to get the stream from StreamSocket
How to connect my Windows Azure application to SQL Server Compact Edition version 3.5.8080
Quickly reconnect to RFCOMM bluetooth device with Linux socket API
What is the best practice to duplicate a single table for reporting on sql server 2005?
Synchronising Session/Cookie with FormsAuthentication cookie
getting position in a list and then display a web view
rails scaffold customization path
Using googlemock EXPECT_CALL with shared_ptr?
CouchDB Reduce- Error only in descending order
Extract string that is between string X and string Y
where can i find the source code for /dev/random driver?
Scroll with page after element is passed by
Linq to Entities and reversing a column
Serial Port unauthorized access exception
How would I structure this SpecFlow Feature/Scenario set correctly?
Visual Studio Regular Expressions Find/Replace not working as I expect
Permission-based authorization in ASP.NET MVC3
How can I load a Fusion Tables csv from a client application?
Very Simple Jquery Animation Optimise
Generic entity save method not working?
convert NSNumber to BOOL objective C
jquery attr('disabled', 'disabled') isn't fully working in IE (doesn't disable click but looks disabled)
find -name with multiple filenames using shell variable
Using Google Analytics for combined Native Mobile and Website analysis
android - possible to use in-app purchase for downloading content?
.Net Jquery Radio Button Toggle Text Area
CSS: Why this code can't float to the right?
How to migrate a python site to another machine?
How can I bind a variable to an unused AVR I/O register using avr-gcc?
getting an integer from a file c++
Convert CSV to ARFF using weka
UITableView: Why is the 鈥渘umber of rows鈥�not being updated after a delete? [closed]
Flex 4.5 mobile deploy php/sql
鈥渦nindent does not match any outer indentation level鈥�while using FileField
RTOS - passing allocating a struct and passing it through a queue
Regex Comma or Comma Space or Space
Why is base64 encoded PHP not being decoded?
HTML/Javascript Acces EXIF data before file upload
Sending Dynamic Image/Google-Map to Server side from Client
Opengl : pixel overlapping (collision detection)
New App ID needs a new Provisioning Profile?
Grails command binding - Domain classes with relations - it's possible?
How to make Data.List.Vector a member of Arbitrary easily?
C# Console Output
A column can change it's content in every two years starting from an another (type datetime) column
Ruby IRC in parallel with Rubygame
Why I can't scroll my ListBox
Passing a method as an argument so that the method can be called later?
Can I set a property by the property name?
Delete a DIRECTORY if Disc space is under X-GIG AND more than X Days since Created! C# /NET
Memory Leak for byte[] in grails 2.0.3
Can't authenticate to GitHub from Git Extensions?
Operator overloading in OpenCL kernel
TIEHTTP component doesnt work with IE9
Domain as fallback to subdomains in apache
Resize a flash object based on CSS dimensions? Coldfusion CFCHART CFDIV
Css3 Radial Gradient alternative for IE older versions
Pybrain implementation throwing error
binary tree functions
How to regex datatables filterfn?
SQL: How to optimize many SELECTs on single table
From my REST service, what is the best way to determine the host information of the caller?
Using jQuery UI draggable, moving element out of one div into another that scrolls can't get it to scroll
How to create a multithreaded application that has to call a DLL that blocks everytime is called
How Do I Set A Variable In My AppDelegate That References The Initialized Storyboard ViewController
Why do I need to click the button twice for submitting when using Ajax Panel?
Controlling Android ListView up and down motion
SockJS or Socket.IO? Worth to recode ajax-based page? [closed]
fast way partially sort objects
Kitchen sink app for iOS? [duplicate]
javascript / threejs - equation to move an object in a circle around a central y axis (in 3D space)
UIPopoverController dismisses without delegate call
Webpage is not rendering the same in IE9 live as it does locally
Downloading and Using jquery.jOrgChart.js
jscrollpane continuous scroll for custom arrow buttons doesn't work in Safari
How can I easily combine two XML documents with the same parent node into one document?
What is the meaning of using attr_reader in rails a helper module?
Incompatible character encoding in simple Sinatra app
How to disable mouse scroll over markers in Bing Maps v7
How do I resolve dependency issues in bundler?
Get the Type of T of the generic List<T> object [duplicate]
Coaxing loop-invariant code motion out of GHC
Echoing Array in an A-Z List
Php Read SQL Query - Select 2 Values - Run Some Maths On Specific Row Value Add Value To New Column?
Excel decimal Rounding?
Is there an explanation behind the error 鈥淭he type or namespace name 'Script' does not exist in the namespace 'System.Web'鈥�
distinguish between keyboard's Real and Virtual key presses
How long should the Repository Creation Utility take for Oracle Portal
JBoss AS7 app deployed on a Mac can't find
What SAAJ package is used by WebLogic
Twitter Bootstrap site not scrolling down in Android browser
Get properties of NSManagedObject as NSDictionary
How to Make Top Value of DropDownList Item Bold C#
How to use GWT UI Binders in 鈥渆xternal鈥�Package
Jquery function calling sequence
Getting thumbnails from android gallery - sdcard
PHP XML Remove Parent
c++:Is it possible to define overloaded operators ind drived class that will work objs base class type
Is there a reason why when importing python files, you still need to name the file.function_name?
Filter function usage Matlab
Losing web controls data when navigating from one page to other in webgrid which is in aspx page
strange indexing behavior upon initializing a list of dictionaries in python
The buttons in a repeat don't hide/show after refreshing the panel the repeat is in?
Endianness swap without ntohs
Fire local notification every day on different times
Getting URL after a redirect using HttpClient.Execute(HttpGet)
Snowflake key algorithm in PHP using PHPCassa [duplicate]
Programmatically set poster frame of .MOV in ios
Java Upload Applet Request
Einstein's Riddle solution using F# [closed]
Mysql Event Update and search
jQuery ready functions not loading after appending
Generated inputs get values and add them into a url params
Wait function for andengine?
Rails - Join query difficulties
Rails : Datatypes for ActiveModel- with PostgreSQL
preg match or preg replace to format links in a paragraph
JQuery Validation issue in Cake php
Activating a page in user account by an another user
Enumerate list of MVC Model validation errors in code-behind
How to insert records in external database with objective-C
Get variable from PHP file using JQuery/AJAX
Do objects gets destroyed properly with kill?
Endpoint could not be found exception - WCF Web Service
Fastest way to get to a parent in jquery
Comparing hash causing issues
Trouble filtering a GridView using a DropDown Control
Extract all matching patterns from a line/file
Server Side HTML to PDF
How can I pull iPhone contacts into UIWebView?
鈥淢issing context for method declaration鈥�for overridden description method
Using Perl to Extract script type html/text
multiple search condition sql
avoid inheriting method in scala
Where to declare object with shared partial form in Rails?
Reserving a portion of SDRAM to pass data between U-Boot and the Linux Kernel
Trying to provide an image for apps calling GET_CONTET intent
Is it possible for a button to change its onClick information in different events
PHP json_encode to JS
Why does Canvas.drawVertices thrown a null pointer exception when not passing a Paint object?
Scala collections: Is there a safe map operation?
Can you explain the context dependent variable assignment in perl
Finding the description of the device connected to /dev/input/eventX
jQuery alter button value
Serializing to XML using XStream but not getting all fields
Recursive Sine function
Code breaks in OpenCV
Tomcat and web services
Is there a way to specify a default subdomain in Rail's named routes?
GroupText Changed when we open particular Group in expandable list view of android
Xcode 4 : Can I get a path to the currently active file via AppleScript?
paypal pay now and returned variables
Need help in working with git & github [closed]
Why doesn't IE parse the XML returned from a WCF Data Service?
What's the recommended way to prefix Console.Write?
Unable to find EncryptOrDecryptData
Images not staying within frame
Linepen, linebrush and stairs in Teechart
Submit button with image background - CSS
find django models referenced more than once (and another complex lookup)
Get remote port of a connected TcpClient
Ext JS - Loading multiple sets of data into one table / Creating Sub-fields in the data model
How to deserialize hidden behind ServiceProvider class object in Java?
How to remove an item from a linked list within 30 seconds after the addition of? [closed]
map max efficient insert
3rd party COM object cannot be serialized. Even if wrapped as a DataMember
Why isn't Powershell clearing?
Making capital hex letters in vim when using ctrl-a to increment
MKPolygon not being drawn
Switching from zsh to bash on OSX, and back again?
Valums file uploader: how to start with ID other than 0?
cakephp echo count
How to access a QLabel created in QtCreator Designer?
replace a word (its appears twice) i need replace the last. sql
PHP and MongoDate query
Calculating a time zone based on location [Rails]
How to find UIImageView Path
Render Three.js into a div element
Rails: update multiple attributes without validation, 1 sql transaction
Jmeter remote/distributed test throughput error
MySQL table with indexes: do many inserts/updates influence performance? If yes, how to speed it up again?
How to Soft Delete with Entity Data Model
CAGradientLayer crashes with 鈥渆xc_bad_access鈥�in simplest possible use case
How to get rid of the horizontal scroll line in website
Optimal way to synchronize saving information to file
OpenCV and Qt VideoCapture does not open the correct camera on windows
Apply html formatting to i18n messages
Synchronize appears to hang thread
String Concatenation using '+' operator
How does std::vector allocate objects?
MySQL Select Last 10 Rows Using WHERE AVG()
routes file error in playframework 2.0
How to correctly use onVisibilityChanged(), onWindowVisibilityChanged(), onAttached/Detached()?
Custom Combobox Dropdown trouble
Dropdown Results for Website Search
sending email from c# outside the network
Rake - Copy only changed files
Slow HttpResponse content retrieving with nginx on android
objects.all().annotate results not exactly what I want
MongoDB Update Deep Array
Using CipherOutputStream + AES to write a string to a file
Select statement for xdoc query
Backbone: Multiple views subscribing to a single collection's event? Is this a bad practice?
Extjs 4 handling external events
c# smart way to delete multiple occurance of a character in a string
Example of using github API from javascript
Does it make a sense to write a unit test to check does it implement an interface?
Visual Studio: Is there XAML snippets support?
Can JavaScript constructor return function and keep inheritance?
Websphere JMS: Unable to deserialize object
CakePHP 2.1 Contact Form in Element Won't Send
Alternative function to paste
Whats more random, hashlib or urandom?
Symfony function available in all models
new Thread(Runnable runnableObj) Vs. extends Thread [duplicate]
Is there a way to show these hidden element with mouseover?
Is there a Visual C++ plugin that works like or similar services?
CCScrollView for cocos2d-x that works?
How can I stop a page from loading if an external script can't be loaded?
Twiggy 400 Bad Request while serving static file handle
Need to update rows from a stored procedure via IDs in a temp table
Windows Performance Counters disappearing from PerfMon
GRANT a user to view single database? (deny viewing the rest)
Dynamically generated textfield not showing the value set by javascript
How to access event machine websockets through Thin/nginx?
How do I parameterize a DB2 ODBC query using C#?
achartengine switch chart type within view
Rails has many through relationships
iOS 5.x - Detect when a view appears on screen
ldd can't find library in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Occasional Failure of Pointer State on Anchors in Chrome
Possible to access the NERDTree buffer in vimscript?
Sybase Multiple Updates
jquery tokenInput plugin (and focus)
Expected identifier or '(' before NSInteger
scp with port number specified
Convert PHP json encoded UTF8 string into regular characters
Counting error when using application in jsp
Expected identifier or '(' before NSInteger
scp with port number specified
Convert PHP json encoded UTF8 string into regular characters
Counting error when using application in jsp
Why is PasswordFor inside FancyBox showing my password in plain text?
Mouse click command does not work on certain GUIs
mod_rewrite - Does Apache caches .htaccess rules? (still follow rules even after deleting the .htaccess file)
Overloading the assignment operator C++
Upgraded Drupal - now there is serialized data in the database
Connection refused to [RequestHttps] action on MVC3
Looping over multi-upload form fields
DocInteraction with iOS5
Why would a script differ in evaluating 'element.checked' in the same script, acting on different table-rows with the same structure?
How can I use Android with Java and a core made with Scala?
better performance for algorithm
Populating a Django formset using a left join
css and jquery issue
Maintainability of a communications protocol - overlapping or individual requests?
How to install ndk in linux?
Core Data: Editing many attributes laggy performance
Load speed on an image-intensive webpage
count elements in xml using objective c
Objective C coding error [closed]
Linq Join Multiple Criteria (Number not known beforehand)
Interesting and strange behaviour of objects and closure in Javascript
Random white box on my website in internet explorer ?
UIPageViewController from scratch
Keeping a vba-excel addin in sync and with proper path
Converting between WikidPad, reStructuredText and HTML
Perform spherical projection of image in python
Queuing timed jquery events not working properly
Change element in View after AJAX success
free 2d array in c
How do I read the output of an AT command in Arduino?
Instant insanity(4 cubes puzzle) algorithm
Difference between delegate.BeginInvoke and using ThreadPool threads in C#
Can I sum an EntityFramework Navigation column in my DataGridView
Initialize variable as class or constructor?
Undefined reference to class::function in c++
Do extension methods benefit in any practical way from being a part of a static class vs. [theoretically] a part of a namespace?
PHP thank you only on successful submission
Suppress default dropdown functionality with jQuery
MySQL inner join two columns on one column
Deleting a line from a text file in VB08
using Backbone.Collection.get(id) restfully
Why is issuing a trap not a priviledged task?
ODBC Command does not provide the count of inserted records
Passing Model id on Ajax.Actionlink OnSuccess to another Javascript function
Is it possible to download an appstore app from within a UIWebView page?
Not getting all the data I need for an association in CakePHP app
MOD_REWRITE but not in sub directories
Web service nHibernate configuration issue
Perl SQL file write delayed
Getting Caliburn.Micro to bind my View and VM in a separate assembly with Windsor
Runtime error: program has stopped responding
How do i include jsp code in tags? See example
Does anyone know how I can directly use classes under sun.awt namespace in a JBOSS 7.1 servelet?
How to add a listener to the default code editor in Eclipse?
Uploading and converting an image/file into a mssql databse
I want a rich:modalPanel that doesnt block the windows behide it
How to edit file on console from Java?
How to detect which user clicked the link MVC3 membership
Setting Toolbar Items
MySQL - Best way to get only CVCV values?
Using a SeekBar within a ListView
How can I show which cshtml files are building my page?
After serializing/deserializing two Lists, List.Remove won't remove any items
Setting NSString variables with NSXMLParser
How do you flatten a Linq query after using double grouping?
Modify controller context while rendering a razor view to a string
SQLite WHERE clause comparison fails to return expected result set
SQL Server - Using Join to show only entries from second table
`No such file or directory` error when building Qt project without QMake, despite appropriate include path constructed
Representing a 3-dimensional Grid of Spheres
Perl: Is there a way to use a hashref as a for-loop iteration variable?
Facebook Like + Send button broken?
Why won't my NSMutableArray change its value when changed in an if statement in Objective - C?
How to fire PropertyChange event from thread?
Resetting / Reordering KEYS for array in actionscript
Size of Token IDs used in Desire2Learn's REST API authentication?
How to raise Google App Engine's hidden 鈥渇ile.Open鈥�quota
Color/Opacity of a UIBarButtonItem image
How to handle with uploading files from modal window Selenium WebDriver Java [duplicate]
How to 'pop' to a view contoller not on the stack
RoR scope issue
SQL Server Agent Job running stored proc VERY slowly
Perl open() and grep
Get City Name from Zip Code google geocoding
GROUP_CONCAT equivalent in Django
FreeBSD - Running Python code in different processors
Eclipse not compiling additional jar files
Android Emulators can't access internet
Fetching only X/HTML links (not images) based on mime type
My simulator crashes when I try to terminate my app from the recent-apps bar
Mixing ASCII and Binary for record delimiters
check if a String is already in a LinkedHashMap (as a value)
Task and TAP async pattern: differences bwteewn factory.StartNew and TaskEx.Run
capistrano: sudo error after after it had been working fine before
Make GridView look like a textbox/savebutton
Quickly creating 32 bit hash code uniquely identifying a struct composed of (mostly) primitive values
Texticle and ActsAsTaggableOn
mute sound through phone speaker Android api
Downloading an mp3 from link inside app
Can nservicebus support multiple transport mechanisms?
perl - loop through directory to find file.mdb and execute code if file.ldb not found
Getting all cities related to a zipcode
Matching multiple kinds of dates/timestamps using regex
ASP.NET User Control instance is null when referenced on Page_Load on page code behind
expression engine: Content in channel fields don't show up on the webpage when called in a template
How to handle RESTful delete in Spring MVC
jQuery - Transfer characters from one list to another
Margin problems
How to narrow down to the actual issue when you receive a generic SoapException: Server was unable to process request. from MS-CRM 4.0
Calling user def R function in Python
using json for large amounts of text
Trouble setting up Tower with my GitHub Account - error: could not lock config file
Gallery Optimization (Android)
Netty setRadable() under the hood
vim repeat find next character 'x'
how to save a variable and use it from two different classes Objective C
Zend Framework - Zend Navigation and Breadcrumbs not shown on third level
Make button visible from SurfaceView?
How to pass a wrapped C++ object to a Javascript callback?
Pygame simple score system
How is git merge better than svn merge if you still have to go through the same steps?
Array of objects - Removing an object from the array
Using the nltk to recognise dates as named entities?
Edit Array Outside its Bounds
Image inpainting / cvRectangle()
Javascript getElementsByTagName not pulling correctly in IE8
SlickGrid JQuery plugin - Copy data from one spreadsheet to a second spreadsheet on the same web page
SFINAE - Trying to determine if template type has member function with 'variable' return type
cast error and invalid conversion error
Format a string to a currency with negative currency like $(10.00)
Scipy boundary conditions on a sparse matrix pattern
JSON description in WADL using Jersey
-Wunused-variable warning
Dynamic TSQL to PSQL Conversion SDK? with jsf2.0, primefaces 3.2 and tomcat 7.0.26
Ways to Optimize Ghostscript?
Is it legal to embed a public webpage like youtube/ in UIWebView in iOS app?
Document ready after window.location change in jQuery
SQL, Android SQLITE Join
Dojo and Prototype conflicts?
popup window in Chrome extension
Windows Phone 7.5 - Push Notifications when app is tombstoned
1.3M queries/Hour. How would you construct the queries?
mapping the shift key in vim
robots.txt file is probably invalid [closed]
popup window in Chrome extension
Windows Phone 7.5 - Push Notifications when app is tombstoned
1.3M queries/Hour. How would you construct the queries?
mapping the shift key in vim
robots.txt file is probably invalid [closed]