pro tinkering for html select box look-alike but with extra features
Adding rows to a dataGridView dynamically
SQL Server : set user to only SEE 1 database, and only some views. (not just deny access, so they can't see at all)
Safecracker and if:else issue
Javamail sending mail with attachments works on Windows but not on Linux
Import non-standard python module in Jython
Test for unification in Oz
Tool functions for chars
How to find the location of msbuild without hardcoding it in my script?
print the appengine model entity id in the html template
When the value in a cell changes change the filter on a pivot table
Barplot beside issue
Passing object reference to method, must it be static?
How to bypass the System.Data.Entity.Internal.InternalPropertyEntry.ValidateNotDetachedAndInModel(String method) validation of Entity framework?
Getting Host-Guid from Exchange-ID/Name in Exchange Server 2010
IIS 7 dynamic compression truncates downloaded files
Unable to read fixed width (6E12) numbers in matlab.
C++/CLI lib with 1 function to be statically linked with native C++
Reading file from php module fails with errno 13
Do I really have to nullify all the members in move constructor/move asigment or just pointers?
MediaRecorder crashes on start
Display data in text field on Android
Why is it not possible to declare a constant of type System.Drawing.Color? [duplicate]
django checkbox form for ModelMultipleChoiceField label for each input
JavaScript with Spring MVC doesn't work
General - How are functions represented in memory?
Easiest/best back end layer to tie MS SQL database and ExtJS front end
Clear NSXMLParser cache
Does protobuf-net support [DataMember(Order=0)]?
Gantt Chart in Windows Form C#
pymongo with flask
Placeholder cell in a UITableView
Is this the correct way to avoid the ServiceLocator pattern, by using Constructor Injection?
How to send cookies with selenium webdriver?
Getting error when using onClick() events on Android
How to make Uploadify queue scrollable
$.ajax not working for GET
Flex UrlLoader requests that require SSL user certificates
jQuery FullCalendar not rendering
Zend gdata Framework Google Docs - Outdated filetypes Need a fix
Running A Phonegap Application as A Service On Android
Using a Javascript namespace/singleton won't accept arguments passed to member method
loading different user control based on radio button selection using xaml
Center Viewgroup in GridView horizontally and vertically
Consuming XML in restful post
How can I hide a date value if it is less than current date?
ComboBox NO sql query return result
JavaScript code is slow (JQuery). Is there a way to optimize it?
Alternating Images on MouseClick
How to create Chrome-style program self-updating in Windows?
Read and writer data via USB port on Android 3.1
Parallelization in CUDA, assigning threads to each column
Python BeautifulSoup - Looping through multiple pages
how do i go about debugging this?
Where is Ubuntu storing installed programs?
Function to return a multidimensional array of 0s
How to add section numbers (1.2, 3.4.1) automatically using CSS?
Google Maps API -> When embedding a map in a page, do we have the option to use, 鈥淲hat's here鈥�
How do I import a CSV to MySQL where there is a space in a column name?
How does a pipelined processor guarantee atomicity?
Buddypress - Groups navigation / redirect to forum (this again)
How do I catch an exception being thrown in a setter bound to a VisualForce input?
Difference in serialization of .NET ScriptService when using POST vs GET?
Fetch content of next td on checkbox click
Google Maps: Overlay point not showing up
check if a key is found in a map c++ and obtains it
how to make a page fullscreen without flash
Read Tree Menu Xml C#
.htaccess Redict URLs without File Extensions
How to handle null pointer exceptions in elasticsearch
Actionscript3: Countdown number of ducks
error in Converting byte array to int array in c#
Pingdom Credential Missing Even If Provided
Rails remote form submit through javascript
How to order these lines for a highscore table in Python
appending an array in to jquery template
how to deploy MVC3 WebApp to windows Azure
Open a file when it downloads with HttpContext
Apache rewrite rule - prevent rewritten URL appearing in browser URL bar
Rails as_json issue - How to include nested objects efficiently?
Windows Close button in WPF
Hibernate: get persisted state of dirty entity
How to create empty directory as part of distribution.xml?
symfony: permalinks (hide id in urls)
Non www. version of site not displaying
AJAX return data fade into existing elements
Get textbox HTML and value with Jquery
Assigning values to ImageView
Repository / services pattern and data consistency
Parent-child relationship in many to many
RPC function returns stuct; values junk in client
DBVisualizer not showing SP source code
How to 'host' a Work Item inside a WinForms application?
Android. Exception handling
Generate vectors using R
Checking List Item Id
Is there a cleaner way to use the C write function reliably?
jquery ajax form submit plugin not posting file input
Get event for NIC/ethernet card link status on linux
Where can I find the source for 鈥減ython mode鈥�when editing emacs configuration for mac os x?
Strip newrelic rum.js scripts for certain routes in rails
JavaScript returns 鈥渋s not a function鈥�error yet the method is listed in response in Firebug
Passing loop count into ajax success anon function
understanding coffeescript syntax
Select all elements that does not exist in another node with XSLT
Android - why is GC suddenly removing my object?
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Document is invalid: no grammar found.
declare set from the same table in sql 2005 [closed]
RabbitMQ: Callback Functions For When Something is Popped off Queue
QToolBar Extend Button
Enabling drag move in Spark List while not allowing copying elements using ctrl+click
Selenium is not running with Firefox 12.0
How to hide html div
Django: OR queries with dynamic field names
Publish on page using page Access Token and fb_exchange_token
Using fsolve command in MATLAB
Setting a Drawable Resource of an ImageView from another class - ANDROID
How to validate and convert forward slash to start of url
CSS position:fixed - position only correct when run locally
Can the hover interval be changed?
unable to click on input box in iphone
Final property to bind JAXB
abstracting data from huge file and exporting this data in excel
Select many items from dropbox & let them appear in a text box
Generics Wildcards Proper Use
changing how Nimbus LaF handles JTree node highlighting
Jquery Bind Keyup issue
How can I construct a datetime object with 6 integers? selected radio button
How to model sockets with RAII
Java Replace unicode chars in string
How to nest HtmlHelpers
How to get a Ray from 'gluUnProject'
How to get the content of a remote file in a variable by using jquery and avoiding cross-site limitations?
xPath query not working as expected. Nodelist is empty
The format of the input string is incorrect
AS3 Dynamically change / swap bitmapdata from a bitmap
Move text element along with arc RaphaelJS
How to use this script to email multiple people without showing all emails in the to field?
dojox mobile trouble in TextBox Widget and android theme
creating a equals function in C# with many variables to compare
Parse human-format date ranges in Python
Creating a keyboard hook for a Java program that sits in the System Tray
RESTFUL GlassFish XML XSLT stylesheet Java transformation produces EMPTY output
RESTFUL GlassFish XML XSLT stylesheet Java transformation produces EMPTY output
Using AJAX to POST to Node server
JS Auto-complete. AJAX vs JS Object/array
jquery fade out content
Javascript Arrays & Loops
How to get the string literal of a variable
Exporting powershell output to text file
C2DM with PHP using OAuth2.0 (ClientLogin is deprecated!)
Linux change working directory of java program
Get friendlist from Facebook with FBRequest
Is there a way to get individual items in a sortable connected list with jquery ui after item was removed from list?
Validate html.editorfor
C# Set Registry Value throws UnauthorizedAccessException
My animations crash on device but not in simulator
Symfony - Multiple sfWidgetFormPropelChoice filter- How to select all by default?
Delphi 5 and floating point multiplication and and math
autowiring sessionbean with hibernate3 and spring3
Web Service as an intermediate between an Android client and a MySQL server database
KVO on UIViewController childViewControllers array
getdefaultlocale returning None when running sync.db on Django project in PyCharm
Why am I not hitting some breakpoints in my managed C++ DLL (even though they are solid red at debug-time)?
JavaScript iteration
Is NOT providng an ID for a JSF 2.0 form the typical practice?
Program Logic Error
Using Ruby to automate a large directory system
Is it possible when developing a facebook app to remove permissions and start again? I need to change my scope and keep getting errors
CakePHP: saving file with new record with FileUpload plugin
JPA2 + Hibernate + Guice-persist: Version Behavior
Error on adding a web service to project library as a service reference
Magento Transactional Email config: best practice
Issues in running two jquery slideshow on same page
final array in Java
copyItemAtPath, moveItemAtPath, and createFileAtPath all seem to create a file that's unreadable
When embedding jar in OSGi bundle, ignore or optional resulution?
Twitter Streaming API - filtering by urls
Detecting change in focus of webpage using Flash
How to uninstall the files the python3 DMG installer installed?
JSF EL condition
XmlDiscriminatorNode, XmlSchema namespace, and elementFormDefault=QUALIFIED
Explicit overriding
Invoke java.lang.reflect.Method in Scala with Object array
Django EmailMessage not sending/timeout
Maximum number of points between two parallel lines [closed]
Toggle CSS style on click
The opposite of this function
How to 鈥淔orward鈥�a Request and get the Cookies/Form Data Submitted?
how to send smtp mails with java over microsoft exchange cloud
After Installing Java JDK 7 For Mac OS X - mvn -version still shows java version 1.6.0_31
how to make unchecked check box return a value with jQuery serialize?
ASP.NET WebApi: how to perform a multipart post with file upload using WebApi HttpClient
ASP.NET WebApi: how to perform a multipart post with file upload using WebApi HttpClient
What does nest_level mean in Pry's prompt configuration?
Facebook Like + Send (send not showing)
how to automatically copy an entire directory as thumbnails using phpthumb (or some other library) FindByValue
imagejpeg(); not generating image on host server , working fine on localhost
Notepad++: Find & replace with regular expressions
parsing pdb file with format change
Avoiding partially uploaded files (via FTP) when getting newest file with ajax and PHP
Is there a way to perform a branch of jQuery chaining only if a condition is true
Is it possible to create an object that is @RooSolrSearchable without being a JPA entity?
Issue with iOS low memory crash but using very low memory - checked with instruments
Can I compute fileSize for a MongoDB database without using dbstats?
Haskell illegal pattern match [closed]
Python: concatented string, allow this to call a tuple
Upper_LOWER hex in 64 bits
zeromq 3.1 C++ API 'device' is not a member of 'zmq'
OnComplete of DialogListener is called when error occurred
Telerik RadGrid how to change position of Column when Columns and AutoGeneratedColumns is populated
updating command line parameters in batch file
django psycopg2 and postgresql insertion error
How do determine LIVE vs UAT environment
jquery validator: when to clear custom error icon
Make Cassini (VS Development Web Server) Stop Overriding My 404 Responses
xCode - How best to clean up a project before completion
Adding an item to a databound combobox
pymongo - Efficient story count
Git rebase --interactive blocks on index.lock
PlayN Fullscreen
How can I extract date from CalendarView and display selected date?
add data to my data member
What is the ? parameter for in these script and stylesheet references?
Any easy way to export data to multiple formats?
OpenKinect - FreenectDevice abstract?
How to convert ISAPI related methods and structures to C#
Windows 7: What is the difference between turning testsigning on and disabling integrity check
extensive symbol/method/variable confusion
Child Layout is repeating many times in ExpandableListView
Extended Huffman coding in Matlab
HUD radar issue
Javascript function not able to grab height css attribute
WCF Web Service Request Error when calling with json data including danish characters
using sitemap path with treeview
error: Error parsing XML: unbound prefix
Android EditText Select Text
Rewriting URL with PHP and htaccess
Wanting to know how to place a pinpoint marker to my lat, long using this code
matlab gui- use a button as a switch
Database normization 2nd form: does field should depend on FK also?
Import multiple (100+) Excel files into MySQL Table
Entity Framework - stored procedure return value
CURL http authentication fails when setting CURL_OPTPOST to true
nginx, django and x_requested_with: request.is_ajax() returns False
Django forms with odd model relationship
Remote control Flash presentation
gnuplot draw two plots on the same graph with single column data
How can I do Mini-Template System in JSF?
How to get Json data from a remote app
Timeout because of temp table
MySql - Update the values of a column for certain rows based on the values of another column
How do I call Ant Builts using Maven
Reference disappearing mysteriously when I compile
Lucene Highlighter with stemming analyzer
MySQL: 鈥淯nknown column in where clause鈥�during Update Statement
PHP split for each statement and float half of the data right
MonoTouch.Dialog place two columns side by side
In VS-2010, how to prevent Toolbox from covering up the current window?
Django views that are inaccessible publicly but accessibly internally?
Failed to assign to property when adding new ApplicationBarMenuItem icon
Delete excel row xlwt, python
symfony: forms with some fields related each other
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getMonth' of null with dijit.form.DateTextBox
pass associative array as data to jquery ajax function
Android installation issues
Call inherited method from its base class
Facebook open graph error
When sending a file with a post request to dotcloud I get error: 413 Request Entity Too Large
How to force select of a specific jquery-ui tab index or force 'tabsselect' event on specific tab?
Calling UIPopoverController from UITableView - objective-c
Deserialize GeoJSON with Jackson Parser
Filling a path with a particular color
slow SLAB/SLUB memory allocation
Strange text under my WordPress Blog
java import 鈥渃annot find symbol鈥�
NSString to parameter of type UIImage
easy_install 'develop' command fails to work in virtualenv
PDO execute in PHP
Why does transform-origin-z distort on Safari, iOS?
struts2-jquery tabbedpanel using tabs with jqgrid
What is the appropriate timezone argument syntax for scale_datetime() in ggplot 0.9.0
Linq Query to Lambda Expression
Polymorphism misunderstanding / redefined virtual function not working
Maven: Updated struts version in pom and now i'm getting a weird error
changing the height of the div where google maps is drawn in
Function is changing array from numeric to associative
VMware vFabric Server timeout
Computing total_seconds in Python for datetime module with true division enabled
jQuery Mobile Fixed Toolbar Fade Out on Scroll
How to retrieve String on Servlet send as a part of Multipart Post
Calling jQuery $.Deferred .state() method is launching back done() method
delete minium weight edges to disconnect a set of nodes
How do you add event notifications for my application
Fortran thrust library wrapper, min_element works only with <1024 elements
running dll method Javafx
Javascript: Clear cache on redirect
MIME Type Warning Causing Broken Image on Website
Getting json datas - jquery
Trouble calling urlbuilder.Buildurl in my application
How do I ensure an animation is complete before initializing another function or animation?
Select random elements from an array without repeats?
can't free() value allocated by malloc() in another function
issues with mysql GROUP_CONCAT and INSERT into another table
QML: how to get a direction of Mouse movement on top of MouseAeria without actually moving any visiable component?
How do I fix error saying 鈥淭he type or namespace name X does not exist in the namespace Y鈥�
multiple updates in a table
How to perform less than/greater than comparisons on custom objects in javascript
Create a OneToMany mapping of an interface
Accessing SMS messages on SIM
How do I depth-test for a certain range?
Update .HTML with jQuery on button click
How to disable Android assert (with Eclipse on Windows)
How to receive single tap and hold Remote-Control Event with iOS?
Ruby on Rails - Is there a way to generate a scaffold script from database tables?
Where to start with running a command line in PHP with CPanel hosting
jQuery unable to render html to be used by Underscores's template
How to get model objects in the form with rails check_box?
Looping through objects
Using MapViewOfFile, pointer eventually walks out of memory space
Transfer pictures from external camera circuit within my iOS app programmatically
How do I write a ToJSON/FromJSON instance for a datatype with multiple constructors?
jquery remove not removing
Sencha Touch 2.0 and navigation.View - MVC
Textview not not going back to orginal color after being unpressed
More problems installing Android SDK and Eclipse
.clone doesn't not appear to be incrementing
Configuring Jersey + Jetty + JSP
Django - If country field equals United States send ajax request to set state selector to a tuple of US states
NameNotFoundException Scheduler TaskHandler EJB lookup in WAS 6
VB.NET For Each
how to check a previous value on a django model
How to get an element by name and set its value
Php Curl Upload
Sorting algorithm lisp-scheme
Stripslashes doesn't work for my magic-quotes in PHP
Visual Studio 2010 C++ Release Mode Issue
What is difference between inheritance and category
Pass 2 dimensional array double[][] to a c# windows application
symfony: actAs: { Timestampable: ~ }
why is it appending numbers 0 and 1 everytime
Simple PHP Form Redirect
Doctrine ODM MongoDB - Replicate a simple One to Many Reference with Constraint
PHP mysql_real_escape_string returns empty string
Htmlcharacters in Textlabel
Googlemaps API 3 fitBounds padding
Checking if JSON has unparseable curft - jQuery .ajax dataFilter
how can I animate a CAlayer's bounds to progressively reveal an image?
Parsing JSON Directions Google Maps [closed]
How can I geolocate a bunch of IP addresses with Python?
GWT multiple Activities/Places with one Token
How to animate a UIImageView background
<T extends Object & E> vs <T extends E> [duplicate]
Is there any practical use of redefining Math.constructor in JavaScript/ActionScript?
duplicates in mapreduce program output?
jquery .show() .hide() puzzle
Show/Hide Labels - Adding and Removing vs Setting Visible in GWT
How to validate uitextfields when user exits from modal views? (iOS)
check for ghostscript support in php imagick?
Cannot open output stream
Search last actions done in facebook app
Releasing View Controllers associated with Navigation Controllers
Install MSI files at single Installation
How do you jump into Application Preference Setting Page with UIButton?
iPad blurs page when loading div with audio tag
dust.js losing 'this' context in handlers?
Is there a way to overlay an application over a full-screened program?
select a datagrid cell that contains a given value in wpf
Dynamic Memory Allocation for Dictionary
Converting day of month to how it is spoken without lookup table?
What does the number refer to in link
Run WCF Service from Metro App Client
Turn on hardware acceleration if available (such Android 3+) with Android APK 2.2
XMLEncoder - set value during writing an object
Is there a way to detect whether a user's browser is supporting @font-face?
Zend View Helper - Dependent Files, Images, CSS, JS
Best Practice for Connecting ASP.NET to SQL Server
鈥淐annot refer to a non-final variable buttonflag inside an inner class defined in a different method鈥�
Print a soap request and response of a C# webservice
Video thumbnail xuggle
Name Capture, need a list of numbers
Having a JSP in embedded Jetty 8.1.2 call a POST method
How to page with Custom method/ActionLink?
Defining the correct struct based on existing code
load collection using annotations @Loader and @NamedQuery Hibernate
What is the best way to save login details for a custom CMS admin panel?
503 Server Error On Google App Engine Backend
JSF page ends in a redirect loop
How do I get *the* PyObject* associated with the C++ object in SWIG?
Documentum - Can child record be deleted without deleting the record in the relation
Cloud9 throws error when spawning child process, is there a workaround?
Calling proper derived class' method using templates without using virtual?
Calling proper derived class' method using templates without using virtual?
Pinning or starring a post on timeline through the Facebook PHP API
What is the best to check a form input just for a name and not an extension
How to get App ID for an existing facebook page?
Increment conditionally using excel functions (Condition: if cell is not equal to hex value 0000)
Spring mvc Ajax to update jstl variables --jstl not shown
Realtime chat box inside a 3d game
Ms Access Rank and match two querys
How do you share Spring beans between different Spring contexts?
EF Code First with SQL Server Express 2012 ConnectionString
How to retrieve multiple records from Jquery to my RazorView page
Fire a click event in raw javascript
鈥淧lay Game鈥�tab on Facebook fanpage
javascript capture all listbox values for php
In C, what happen if define a variable with undefined thing?
Is there a shorthand if (without else) statementin Ruby on Rails?
img title attribute displaying blocks instead of foreign characters
Include css file in mvc does not work
Timeline instances not on first frame
Create a dynamic column sourced from another table in MySQL
Output Values in the Ultrasonic Sensor for the Lego NXT
htaccess redirect root to directory if directory doesn't exist
Nothing happens on form submission
jQuery - How to select child elements of parent?
Java Insert a string after 2nd paragraph
Hadoop job failure : Error Reading IndexFile?
In Eclipse, how do I contribute a context/pop-up menu to a control in a dialog?
how to search and remove lower values from arraylist of boxofwidgets in c# [closed]
parse error in php not showing in localhost (xampp) but showin in nginx server
How do I build a list from all selected cells of UITableView
MySQL: in list of rows find a proper row using given value
Find a ZIG-ZAG sequence with a greedy algorithm
Trying to time jQuery each()
Building iOS apps without mac [duplicate]
Difference between C: and C:/
Ajax, Java and Hibernate
NSUrlConnection occassionally getting -1003 (DNS issue)
How to do smooth UI that involves moving/animating objects?
Filtering with XPath removes selected Value in ComboBox that is bind
Wordpress: Object instance defined in functions.php shows NULL in footer.php
NSXMLParser ignore nodes
how to package hibernate-memcached to use it in JBoss 7
Email send failed using commons email library
jQM: getting index of active page
Using C flag enums in C++
Merging two C++ packages
Radio button validation in javascript
Preventing div Highlighting in Chrome
Auto/Machine Learning tool to extract Category/Context from a text
can't run xcodeproj Slider to get text from specified div
Does 鈥渓ibrary/template鈥�iphone xcode feature exist in android?
Strange case-sensitive directory name behaviour in Mercurial / TortoiseHG on Windows7
WiX: pulling in a CustomTable from a Fragment WITHOUT a CustomAction
boost::object_pool constructor number of arguments
WordPress + Multisite: How to add custom blog options to Add New Site form in Network Admin?
鈥淟iteral does not match format string鈥�when comparing two date fields
Close Safari popover using button click within popover
moving a model forward relative to its rotation in xna
Operators allowed in SliceQuery
Automatically gather all quickChecks
id=0 Error in assigning new user to a model upon signup
Is it possible to start with on shared hosting and how
Template functors which must provide themself as a template arguments
Least number of leaves in B Tree?
VB.NET closing modal window programatically
Errors building mysqldb on Mac OS 10.7, Python 2.7.1
Handling AppEngine Memcache Timeouts
C# Foreach to change certain object properties?
Dynamically creating Android controls in C#
CachedRowSet, ResultSetDynaClass or Another Collection?
increment the value of one td in a table
Can we prevent assignment to innerHTML from requesting resources?
Look and Feel in List in java
Make voice calls from D-ink hspa datacard proprietary modem
Update statement with nested joins not working
C++ Constructor issue
Can somebody post some code example of how to http authenticate from iphone objective c using xcode?
Is there a simple way to print out the 1's and 0's from an mpg file?
The use of __int8_t on some small values on 32bit machine is useless optimization effort?
mouse click 2d array registration
Load 鈥淟oading鈥�image before laoding Image from server?
ListView Button with link from XML File
Having difficulty installing ruby-filemagic gem on new RHEL6 server
Can you export Ada generic functions to C++?
nextTick error with NodeJS
Writing a Simple Logger with Timestamp and Counter in Jython
LINQ Entity Framework Select A Record
Html Entity Name vs entity Number?
Android Application communicating with GWT Application
AdapterView OnItemClickListener showing error if we access string from view argument
Creating and saving a text file for a Battleship Game in Python
SCP with paramiko, using different remote and local directories
Rails won't find CSV fixtures
Java ArrayList search
Installing manually PHPDocumentor on Mac
Jquery counter - counting between two variable values increasing at regular intervals
Fast Median Filter in c++
Finite Domain Solver fd_minimize/2
Installing manually PHPDocumentor on Mac
Jquery counter - counting between two variable values increasing at regular intervals
Fast Median Filter in c++
Finite Domain Solver fd_minimize/2
How do I rewrite this RSS Reader using CURL instead of file_get_contents?
Java Date and Time Formatting
With jquery Watermark, how do I assign it do a yet-to-be-created div?
JAXB Map String to Enum Values in Generated XSD
Error JSONP Store
db2 v10 z/os native sql stored procedure called via mq v6
Are android fragments reusable?
Calendar toggles for FullCalendar not acting as expected
Do not start the activity inside the if-case
iPad Camera Connection Kit to Talk to Non-Storage USB Devices?
Getting Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'left' of null in js
c++11: constness in perfect forwarding
Is it possible to modify the output of the razor viewengine just before sending it to the client?
A 鈥渕ovie credits鈥�like text area in Android
node.js soap sample client fails to run
SQL Server 2000 TOP and OUTPUT keywords
Why my youtube in webview play only sound?
How to get debug printouts from PHP?
Getting a custom build tool to create C# files
Upsert (update+insert) in PostgreSQL via JDBC / JPA returning strange row-count
What's the easiest way to use stack, queue and linked list in C++ in Xcode on the Mac?
OpenFileDialog Filter not working on Windows 7
Add lots of points from kml load to Google My Maps, and then Save them
C windows _popen on command that request input: avoid freeze
Android: SMS-app available in 鈥淐hoose which app to open this with鈥�dialog
Large Couch DB with slow views
ListView appearing with RadioButton
Google Spreadsheet COUNTIF formula equivalent with two criteria
How to make a JS menu open on hover OR on click
HowTo deal with cryptic hidden values for ASP Net (__VIEWSTATE)
htaccess wildcard redirect not redirecting with the trailing slash on the domain name
Using a try/catch block to catch exceptions with input from a file
Error sending email with php script Pear Centos
Javascript keyword THIS and ELEMENT
UIImageView resize in orientation change to landscape mode programmatically
Custom security scenario in ASP.NET MVC
Update of Windows Form - C#
postgresql compute min value of columns conditiong on a value of other columns
Is this a good website architecture choice? [closed]
Slow webservice in Domino (lotusscript)?
WCF InstanceContextMode.PerSession
Inner class and local variables
Javascript to detect if user changes tab
How can I find a devise user by it's session id?
Android expandable pull down bar - SlidingDrawer like [duplicate]
Paths from a directory tree array
Regular expression to find a mention
bash: treat quotes in quotes
EnvDTE80.Window2' does not contain a definition for 'CreateToolWindow2
JPPF ( Could someone please share their experience using JPPF?
VB.NET For Each New Line
wordpress showing comments from a post retrieved with ajax
Component configuration file in xcode?
Prolog powerset predicate [closed]
SQL query on wp_postmeta
Are quotes around tables and columns in a MySQL query really necessary?
Clicking all links and open all clicked links in new tabs using Selenium Ruby
invalid activator
In WPF, how can a Command's CanExecute method gain visibility of other UI elements?
FaceletContext is Null
Is it possible to declare Ext.Component as global variables?
C# Serial Port + CCS C Serial Port + PIC 16F877A
Building on another machine - Workflow
Is the pimpl idiom used in c#?
TortoiseSVN cannot commit, says 鈥渇orbidden by server鈥�
Fatal error: Cannot call constructor in HtmlHelper.php (CakePHP)
Snow Leopard Server MySQL Service and MacPorts MySQL Install Troubles
Sending HTTP DELETE request in Android
DNA extraction python
Copy address of an object in a Class to an argument, so I can make changes to the object later
jQuery: how to get the dimensions of a external image?
SQL Server Invalid Column name after adding new column
Multiple shared_ptr storing same pointer
Encoding name strings into an unique number
JqGrid Edit form doesn't display proper item in dropdown
Is it possible to have a scope with optional arguments?
Why is DateTime.Now off by 12 hours when using EF 4.3.1?
Can anybody tell me how can I convert wav to a float array buffer
Create non-selectable text watermark in PDF
Using downloaded sample projects with a missing .xcodeproj
O(n) takes more time than O(nlogn)
Why is date so slow?
CSS Text wrap on element (not really related to wordwrap or whitespace)
Java Split Text to 2 Arrays
can not pushViewController
Strange behaviour with openssl subject-alternative-name extension
Refreshing a page with JavaScript in Firefox
Colorbox doesn't close immediately if calling print() prior to close 鈥�why?
breaking into SESSION variable controls not able to grab the value or text
Groovy clash between automatic property getter, local variables, and closures?
jquery fadeIn/Out el then fadeIn/Out new el
Is there a need to encode encrypted data if exchanged between websites
How to use querystring parameters in the databind section of ASP textbox in SPD 2007?
Checkboxes with Perl CGI
twisted python garbage collection
Making a vector of instances of different subclasses
jQuery Mobile with ZendFramework
What causes keytool error 鈥淔ailed to decrypt safe contents entry鈥�
Create Matrix from pixel array in opencv
Unable to serialize the session state
Deadlock error in the application while load-testing using JMeter
Ellipsis(鈥� is not working for single word
*** Exception: no parse in Haskell - Parsing, Expressions and Recursion
how do i replace some tags and their content with custom text in php?
Jquery: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'quicksand'
htaccess rewrite w/ godaddy
Pylons routing through folders
Why is _CxxUnhandledExceptionFilter being called instead of being caught by catch(鈥�
Tabular data calculation - summing in middle of table
Jquery Plugin not available inside a function?
Does boost::math::pdf(distribution, value) use a lookup table or calculate an exp() each time it is called?
Fusion Table and Google Service Accounts
Append values to div as array - jquery
how to add counter to GUI
Permissions Issue: Get info such as albums and photos of a FRIEND of a user whom installed my FB app
Using Logger.exe in windbg to print method calls
Where/how can I obtain a version of mysqldb that works with python 2.7, on OS X? [closed]
Debugging Spring MVC collection binding
Calculate position regardless of containing block
Dealing with no default constructor in custom allocators
What does a m*n*3 matric signify? [duplicate]
Problems with automatic merging of Visual Studio Projects (unresolved conflicts) in Git/GitHub
Change order status in Magento via SQL
CSS footer doesn't stick to the bottom of the page
Override default Jackson provider in jboss server
Facebook like button offset beneath div even though there's no margin or padding
how to give dynamic nature to my jsp pages?
I'm writing an image to SD Card in blackberry simulator, how can I clear it for testing?
Accessing Rally SOAP service from Silverlight
How to convert a DATEPART hour that's military time for midnight (00) to a value I can use when I need it for a calculation?
how to select preceding nodes within a specific parent
Which is the best JPA L2 Cache provider?
Cannot understand how add operation works on decimal numbers in javascript
Where can I find the source code to Move Type To New File refactoring?
Can you stop jquery cycle from overwriting inline absolute position?
Iterating over the lines of a file
Ruby regex that removes everything except name; example gem_name (abcd-123)
Heroku - SQL query return difference results on localhost and heroku
Website throws exceptions when database mirror is broken but principal is still alive
connect to a sybase database using visual studio 2003 and the .NET Framework 1.1
ImportError - Name conflict, parent folder has the same name as another filename
Any way to define iteration order for trove's TIntHashSet or TIntIntHashMap?
Rabin Karp string matching algorithm
conflicts with existing, non-compatible bean definition of same name and class
What is the best method to check if files contain certain Javascript code?
Utilify Problems
Making a jQuery UI droppable only accept one draggable at a time
String manipulation with Javascript (NodeJS)
How to used modifiy() funcationin in Sql Server?
PHP imagecopyresampled() without height
html5 setting onmessage handler for iframe in parent script
Button links on Wordpress front page are not clickable
Why does my class only return the first value?
Inserting a new record into mysql tables and adding new records with same id for multiple tables
Cron job is not giving required result, but accessing same file through browser does
Check if a user Is fan of a Facebook page
struts2 - How do request parameters get populated to corresponding fields in the action class?
NamespaceHandler in spring
Issues in OpenCv cvMatchShape() with contours
Hide the date part on a DateTime field
Clean 2 Dimentional Array in VB.NET
C#, Reflection and primitive types [duplicate]
Contextual Actionbar styles
How do I retrieve the name of a Semaphore
Displaying rows from mysql not older than a day..?
Django: Calculating Delta on Tables
ActionBarSherlock EditText layout issue on 3.1
Unable To Show fancyBox Title
Jquery tablesorter not rendering on whole table when using pagination
Using getScript in a main.js file to reduce load size
Toggle click function of a anchor after click
Getting unique values using Linq to Entities
Deploying Rails with subdomains using capistrano to an nginx/unicorn setup 鈥�how?
Getting Offline_Access using Facebook Graph API
Show/Hide divs with checkboxes using if/else
Twitter Bootstrap - nav bar not rendering on Firefox and Safari
Why isn't the scrollable working?
Checkbox selected Issue
Datatables: sorting in real time
javascript - reading local text file - charset issue
PHP 5.4 after-install: preg_match(): Compilation failed: unknown option bit(s) set at offset 0
how to add items to result of a linq select new command in C#?
Weird java thread dump output
How do I override / extend a prototype.js class in a completely seperate .js file
Remove value from array based on value?
Convert from codepage 1252 (ANSI) to codepage gb2312 (chinese simplified) SQL
Can the Entity Framework be used from with a Windows 8 Windows Store app?
iPhone iOS how to compare Class object to another class object?
MFC Progress Bar Issue And Filing Menu Generation
Overflow hidden issue in jQuery vertical slider with popup
RequireJs can not work together with Jquery document ready [closed]
Basic approach to pupil constriction/dilation of eye model in OpenGL
htaccess to redirect main domain
Call a jquery function from .js based on a condition in .vb
How to share same static data objects in Java Web Application?
Basic approach to pupil constriction/dilation of eye model in OpenGL
htaccess to redirect main domain
Call a jquery function from .js based on a condition in .vb
How to share same static data objects in Java Web Application?
Removing an application kills my Django admin interface
Screen scape altered info from another website
Append a parameter to the URL using string.format
Adding html class to tinymce td element
c# / webbrowser get htmlelement position
paintComponent does not work if its called by the recursive function?
Is a view communicating with another view via a delegate a violation of MVC?
With SQLAlchemy, how do I make a dynamic relation?
Ordering List of Members Closest To Their Next Award
Do more formats in @font-face determine more http requests?
Using TFS TF History to determine the latest changeset
Modifying a globally defined static variable from a static method's mouse listener
How to adjust the size of the columns of SQLITE select statements results displayed in terminal?
Lenses for MVC framework in Haskell
Doctrine MongoDB Bundle: Cursor toArray() Error When 鈥淿id鈥�is an Array
Ways to print user-defined objects
JPA TIMESTAMP self updating
Why does Antlr find this grammar ambiguous?
Removing link tags and inner html from generated content
JDBC- Implementation of interfaces
critique of my Unicode / PHP parsing please [closed]
Acessing a map in another viewController
Saving result of COUNT() sql query into variable in powershell
R - Assign observation into the classes (sturges rule)
PHP: how to achieve asynchronous effect for server script
How to Make UIImagePicker full screen with popover controller for ipad
Multithreading vs creating a child process
C++ pointer to array and for loop;
Optimal control, inventory management
How can I modify my my RestKit managed object before it is saved via Core Data?
Iterate a list based on starting alphabet
Zookeeper PERSISTENT_SEQUENTIAL incrementing by two
What does the 鈥�;鈥�mean at the end of a bash statement?
Meteor Leaderboard app
Clover PHPUnit coverage report is including coverage for unwanted file
How to export images from IBM Rational Rhapsody diagrams
If form option value select equals then redirect PHP/jQuery
how to form a path to XML subnodes with a multidimensional array
Letters becoming 鈥�amp;#235;鈥�
SWT Use Gridlayout in Scrolled Composite
Generating a tower defense maze (longest maze with limited walls) - near-optimal heuristic?
Create a stored procedure in HSQLDB with Spring embedded databases API
Buttons in a simple popover
Convert text columns to numbers for large files
Isolating a class in a jquery function
How do I see warning and error messages in node.js?
Java generic going from Type to Class
What is a worker in ruby/rails?
Rebuild a jQuery Mobile ListView is not so responsive, how can I improve that?
Sencha Touch 2 android performance
How to get a property value using reflection
Resetting MySQL root password
Whats does % mean in Python? Have trouble understanding
Why can't I implement an Interface this way? [duplicate]
How do you fix 鈥�03 Forbidden Error鈥�that results from placing local images on a website?
how to do content based authorization?
Calculating distance between coordinates - hardcoded values give different results
Can this SQL statement be Optimized?
Using the cURL output
Loading one tile from tileset in SFML
Server admin but can't get into Team Foundation Server
How to test relative performance of MongoDB when utilising various snapshot techniques
How do I ouput a large item count (256 items) in a single custom Log.Info field using Log4Net?
MySQL IF..ELSE with subqueries
jersey client in C#
How I can efficiently check existence of a document in RavenDB
c++ Build Error - no match for 'operator!=' in 'this != rhs',
How applying a function to a variant?
Linq to sql query multiple inheritance
Switch to another tab in tabhost with intent
Convert a SQL Server Query to C# LINQ having ROW_NUMBER() and OVER
Can't instantiate class from installed extension when run via OSGI
What's the difference between Dynamic Compilation used in Cg and Interpreter used in some scripts?
Amazon Ec2 FTP Write Permission [closed]
Yahoo YUI Compressor UTF-8 and Culture support
Website not showing in Google search results?
SQL Unique constraint across multiple tables
Setting up a detail view controller using a segue
Akka 2.0 Remoting: How do I start/allocate remote actors at runtime
Getting a using webstart
How to Better Iterate over State in Clojure (monad?)
Where are WP7 views instantiated?
ofstream exception handling
Retrieve list of documents from Google Drive
how to properly escape OR and AND in lucene query?
VB.NET Text To Speech and Multiple Languages
Web page with several images zoomed in the same way - how to implement?
GORM custom listener
Namespace alias in web.config not recognised by Resharper
SmartClient : Insert controls between radio items
Sticky items, that follow divs
Add and remove entries from database
python urllib2 multi downloading
Parallel GNU Make runs command multiple times for Antlr parser generation files
Matlab invalid expression error
Is there a way to programatically build a CSS selector chain in stylus?
Is there a way to programatically build a CSS selector chain in stylus?
Is it safe to split csv files using n?
PHP if, elseif misuse?
Select where not null or empty in mongoid
jquery selectors: applying function only to current element
JavaScript - Date.UTC result from Date instance
MongoDB in Virtuozzo (OpenVZ)
Are consecutive relationships necessary when doing multiple Joins
how to Access combo box of a IContributionItem
jQuery unbind/die live event
How do I terminate a multithreaded program due to a fatal error in one of the threads without getting 鈥淧ure virtual called鈥�errors?
Translations with glMultMatrixf, and when to normalize
load command in matlab loading blank file
WP7 webclient in Application_Launching
Objectify4 query a list attribute with a list condition
In NoSQL, are you suppose to create a new document all the time?
How do you create a type-safe array or collection with varying types of individual elements?
UIWebView interface builder connecting issues
How can I link directly to a specific JavaScript tab?
Return html table from PHP using JQuery/AJAX
start AVQueuePlayer in background
CASE statement using DateTime column
image display lookup table and window width/level
Resize with crop using ImageMagickNET and c#
Android - efficient way to extract specific row's data from 1,440,000 row text file
Server.TransferRequest on Visual Studio Test Server
Advice on CSS positioning whilst removing and adding elements
Cannot get image descriptors when creating a ViewPart
How to create variables and assign them values within a for each loop in PHP?
font-face cannot figure out use of variable at the end of .svg font file
How to convert below SQL Expression into derived column in SSIS [duplicate]
how to pass a parameter from JQUERY to PHP in order to update a session variable?
WPF Loading so that i can move the form
Skip tweets with links, replies or hashtags when getting them with JSON and jQuery
FSTENV? Can barely find any info about this instruction
XML and XSL not getting desired result
jquery/javascript placement in rails 3.1
How to setup your Linux server to execute a php script every minute
Why aren't my setTimeouts between functions working?
Google TV VideoView 'Failed to Play'
Converting an HTTP request to a SOAP request
Retreive value from dataTable with sql query (gridview)
Explode a cell's value and multiply together values found on either side of a separator
Where can I find a jQuery Mobile extern file for Closure Compiler?
How to replace the browser button with an image for the FileUpload control?
Recommended approach to monkey patching a class in ruby
Solr 1.4: No commit with custom UpdateRequestProcessorFactory
Update masterpage literal in masterpage updatepanel with masterpage method from contentpage event handler
Facebook app in a Page Tab not appearing to non page admin users?
meteor package d3
Google Document List API - Get Collection or Item by its path?
Removing and restoring Window borders
Qt Reading Xml File QXmlStreamReader - stuck in a loop
How to edit Table B when Insert/Edit table A
How to call an unmanged C++ DLL With CString Refrence
update existing record or creating new
Google Analytics + EasyTracker (Android) track same activity when switching fast
Driving a D3 chart with and without d3.json()
LMAX Disruptor vs JMS Provider
Form_for inputs and submit button in different partials
How to JOIN two tables based on certain conditions being met?
Google Address API URL street address example
How to access the DOM element that correlates to a D3 SVG object?
CakePHP model associations table w/data and new table
Facebook XMPP chat C#
Adding machineKey to machine.config
How do I detect if the browser is desktop or mobile? I want to use Java but not WURFL
Why is my code not echoing anything out?
Cache use, spatial locality, and latency
jQuery grow image in place on mouseover
JQuery Append Tag Without Id or Class
Save List created in WCF service so as to view it when the service restarts
Stop while loop from by using a thread C++
override record value in extjs
How to use Reflection to inspect the Generic Type of an object?
Best practices to build an alert system using ravendb
How can I select a Distinct value and then order by amount returned using mysql and PHP?
Replace first character inside the label
joomla force raw output
SSIS fuzzy lookup with MySQL reference table
Create error pages from search php script
Pros and Cons of wcf config file vs in code config
How to upload file by using java web services
Could dot-less be used safely in .NET web applications?
constant expression in c++ template argument
Building and Installing Lua 5.2.0 on Mac os x Lion
ASP.NET AJAX Slider skips steps
Ocasionally my application would crash, why?
Building on top of a custom stream
Passing an event from a custom component to a parent
MySQL select distinct doesn't work
IronPython error, 鈥�TextBox' object has no attribute 'text'鈥�when using a ShowDialog() method created in SharpDevelop
A fast way to find the largest N elements in an numpy array
Head tags displays inside body on CakePhp
cannot be indexed because it has no default property error
How to bind by name in Oracle PRO*C
How to exclude a variable from being required in a function?
Beginner trouble with PHP & MySQL
CGRect Grid on screen?
How to select text in GtkEntry
Removing HTML code from a javaScript array?
Which type I should use to save many objects with same key? (iOS)
TYPO3: added new language and get 404 page not found
Upload Image from Iphone to WCF Service : stream or REST?
How to develop new Qt GUI controls?
how to find multiple occurring tags in a text with php?
How do I bind an `DependenyProperty` to another attachable `DependencyProperty`?
Javascript Module pattern. How to access globals inside the module
Calling an overloaded friend ostream insert operator with object from pointer array returns memory address
Thread-safe DataSet
PHP script piping email parse
Inspecting the contents of an array in the Xcode debugger
simplexml select node containing certain tag [closed]
My information in a plist isn't saved
Read restriction values using Jena
Python invoking shell command with params loop
Does editing the axis2.xml file to include timeout parameters affect client stubs?
removeFromSuperview doesn't work properly
disable pop up blocker in android webview
Add class to link
How to make custom properties in Properties Window to refresh upon change via code?
Accessing Bind Variable in PL/SQL
Can't disable jqueryui button with knockoutjs in chrome
How to show a downloadable link
How can I simulate a button click from a page controller?
Google Maps geocoder does not find places that are not exact addresses, unlike the Google Maps website
Saving data to a file in C#
Inno Setup: Always run task through interface, never run through command line
Arraycollection filterfunction with cumulative criteria
Overcoming the race condition in lock-free reference-counted dereferences
Using foreign key
Semaphore/Mutex lock/unlock frequency
Prolog replace 鈥�鈥�with 鈥�鈥�
how to display database data in joomla
Trying to merge two zip files into 1 using c# and Ionic.dll
How to make Tomcat read allow IPs from a different place than server.xml
How do you append a svg image to a rect element of another svg image?
Return the count of an NSMutableArray from an XML id number in Objective-C?
GUI Extensions - Resources failing to load
What does 'this' represent in the javascript below?
How to submit data to CouchDB without AJAX (with a normal form PUT)
Using a custom PHP.INI for a single site. Windows 2003, 64bit, IIS7.5, PHP 5.3.6
I can't find mysql prompt
Hibernate: How do I join a table with itself?
iPhone cocos2d 鈥淓xpected specifier-qualifier-list before 鈥︹� and more
Writing to file using VBA Print statement - without space delimiters
Google Earth adds random black rectangles to my transparent png overlay - how to avoid this in either png creation or kml?
How to align Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn buttons on the right?
Switching between views not working for iPhone 5.1 (XCode 4.3.2)
I keep crashing with Inserting a record using OleDbConnection and OleDbCommand
Is there a guide to changing emacs colorscheme?
Lazy loading of related entities not working with Entity Framework 4.1
JQuery selector not working properly on my multilevel navigation bar
How Reliable is Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.MediaItem?
CheckBoxes in ListView disappear when the screen rotates
eval addition with -1 doesn't work
Unable to update table view cells with new data using reloadData
Access 2003, need code to import files, run spec to convert to text, then rename file
jmeter give an error No buffer space available (maximum connections reached?): connect
User Skips Permission in Facebook Auth Dialogue Javascript SDK
Extending generic view classes for common get_context_data
Can't login using Devise on Heroku
Scanning a Database and sending an e-mail of changes of a certain tag
Printing a very large whole number in C
System.Security.VerificationException when running ANTS profiler in .net 4.0
Evaluate logical expressions in string column SQL
Non-ASCII characters in URLs, good or bad for SEO?
Curl POST to Rails application when controller looks like this
Setting authorization on a specific ASP .NET MVC 3 field?
How to create an arrow from one circle to another with KineticJS?
Communication process with two other processes
Including .class and .jar file in Eclipse for Android development
bad interpreter: No such file or directory1.7.1/bin/ant: /bin/sh
HTML5 Websocket Script working in Ubuntu, not working in Win7 or WinXP
daemonizing a php script
How to merge one animation with another?
issue with DateTime.ToOADate()
SOQL query not returning rows that do exist on visualforce page
What does the g++ -D flag do?
Adding Graphics to a JButton
Can I hide non-seas/oceans on Google Maps Styling API
Filter Access filled dataGridView by datetimepicker value C#
Using Ruby ask for value, store value in variable (x), read input file line by line, replace y with x, output file
The fastest way to check if some records in a database table using hibernate [closed]
Getting supersized.js and jquery cycle to animate at the same time
methods from inherited class passed to base class
Current or most supported NodeJS framework / lib options?
how does the OS know the real size of the physical memory?
Exception is not caught in C#
outputting r n after text is decoded - PHP
Selenium WebDriver with Perl
Android Eclipse errors on launch
XBAP - FullTrust deployment
problems with handling unicode characters in python
Can't get unread email from K-9 email app
Creating session variable automatically creates a cookie
How to open an email automatically on the page load
Synopsys USB OTG Controller (2.65a) occasionally truncates isochronous IN in USB device mode
How to force drop an operator in Postgresql?
Can't get unread email from K-9 email app
Creating session variable automatically creates a cookie
How to open an email automatically on the page load
Synopsys USB OTG Controller (2.65a) occasionally truncates isochronous IN in USB device mode
How to force drop an operator in Postgresql?
Limiting both the fractional and total number of digits when formatting a float for display