'SalesTaxPct' was not declared in this scope
how can i delete all the records in a mysql database with php?
Google Analytics Mulitple Profiles
How to make drag and drop action in JavaFX 2.2 with Swing?
jquery remote validation: pass remote data to funcion
download telerik binaries only
If Not With Named Scopes Then How?
CFCHART Title dynamically populated
How to roll up a JavaScript error?
How to get copied text from memory without pasting?
Is it possible to read HttpRequest parameters without consuming stream?
jQuery content loading script - Help finding the code [closed]
TransX WCF and Multithreading
How to write this Join Constraint with ActiveRecord
How to recompile libc to use soft float?
Data Clustering using Machine Learning [closed]
jstree open_all event fires twice
Finished Running on iPhone
Reverse mysql_fetch_assoc (mysql_set_assoc/mysql_encode_assoc)
PostgreSQL: dump and restore
鈥淕et up and running鈥�problems (Phonegap April 2012)
Not able to invoke jquey Ajax method for fileupload input value
how to replace part of a string in string?
INSERT IGNORE when key is auto_incremented?
Exclude images from caching with Memcached / Dalli
Can Android DatePicker date format be modified?
Possible to declare a method in super class that returns an object of type subclass?
How to get the character at the current position using C program?
ZF using placeholders inside plugins
PowerShell version 1.0 - Write to the event log
How to use 鈥淣OT鈥�operator on .htaccess redirection?
ruby(1.9.3) on rails(3.2.3) Activerecord-odbc-adapter
how to show how many users are online currently [closed]
Building a Reuseable Wicket Component
How to align multiple images in 鈥渓i鈥�on center
How to send emails the same day but at differents times in Google App Engine for Python?
Can I convert from C# to asp.Net to host application online? [closed]
What is postUrl in: AlbumEntry insertedEntry = myPicasa.insert(postUrl, myAlbum);
Xcode/ ios5 - Long Touch gesture called twice
Using hg (Mercurial) for commiting to private development server without muddying history of shared repository?
Packages as seen through yolk or pip
MySQL proper join method for one-to-many relationship including and excluding right table
Change property of all instances of element on hover (CSS)
onDomReady in YUI fires before DOM is seemingly ready?
Should PARTIAL_STATE_SAVING be set to false?
How to fix 鈥淐onstructor Calls Overridable Method鈥�
Sending email from SSRS 2005 report
Create decile data for multiple years in R?
Simple word diff algorithm
Create dynamic html table with Struts html taglib
Change content of <p:layoutUnit> dynamically on click of link from menu through Ajax
Delete a member of a structure, and remake it as a copy of something else without using new
How to modify KendoUI DropDownList items
Android aapt high processor utilization (and slow!)
MVC 3 Generic Repositories Injection with Autofac
ant command works from within Eclipse but not from linux command line
Integration MoPub encounted un error and the pub not show: webcore can't get the viewwidth after the first layout
Customise ReShaper generated Properties code
SQL: Combine four 鈥渨here鈥�clauses on the same table
How to build and get building errors in eclipse for specific package
Images displaying incorrectly in iPhone Simulator
Jquery .val() == ** adding multiple possible answers **
Sending Values to web-service - BEGINNER
using JQuery to sort a listbox
Authenticity_token in Rails + Android
How do you use a Rails session store outside of a Rails app?
Graph API / FQL Does not return all events for a page
How do I print out only log messages for a given logger?
Having a MYSQL query within a PHP fwrite function
Can VBA macros from Powerpoint 2003 be used in Powerpoint 2010?
Accessing element inside iFrame returning null
How to construct a Python package relying on large system libraries
What is a Question Mark 鈥�鈥�and Colon 鈥�鈥�Operator Within the Parentheses of a Print Function Used for?
button in gridview triggers all validators when it should not
Cookie expiry time being set to 鈥淪ession鈥�when I set it to epoch with GWT
Zend Framework Multilingual route
jquery button click and hover away
How to use bugzilla API in existing bugzilla code?
jquery update div with new content
Inheritance and navigation properties
HTML: Image wont go to top :(
Exclude Code from Running in Mobile Browser
Filling a TSQL query with NULL coming from an html form
How to use NodaTime to calculate an inclusive days period
Tutorial series for RESTful api with MVC Web API
Whats the proper way to fix Magento Wishlist Link Points to Root?
why mysql returns some rows when it should return null?
apache - RewriteEngine doesn't work outside <VirtualHost> Directive
How can I configure IPython 0.12 to log all input to log-files split out by timestamp? I have this working in IPython 0.10.1
Java Generics (simple case, clear enigma for infering)
Auto start speech to text in HTML5
Why does this JSP snippet break my html code?
The project type is not supported by this installation
The project type is not supported by this installation
How do I call .NET from c++ in as a platform-independent way as possible
How to create a nested polymorphic form and control the child records rendered for the parent and children
Creating an SQLite database with NHibernate, but just once
android: use unicode charecters in option menu
Jython, subprocess and msvcrt鈥�is it possible?
Forced Image download - file extension missing
Can I treat Quartz groups like queues?
VB Excel PasteSpecial requiring clipboard content?
Strange behaviour of GestureEvent.rotation on iOS webkit
converting hash map to array
FLEX/BISON - How to convert user input to lowercase?
Creating custom event in windows phone
Android CTS tests timing out
How to write Validation code based on fieldsets that are currently visible using Jquery
display CameraPreview and Custom Views inside a SurfaceView
Matplotlib - grids and plotting color coded y values/data ranges
Decrypting MySQL password on generating email to inform user of password
How do I join a wireless network programmatically under OS X?
PHP Echo URL - add target?
Action not triggered in seam
menu opens wrong activity
Sending an UIImage to a web service that only accepts JSON (via RestKit)
Error Creating Android Widget(Spinner) Dynamically and Flipping it into Horizontal or Vertical
Access custom Model in Refinery PagesController
Trying to create a PHP search script
Query entity framework using LINQ, how should I do the joins?
Different return types for ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API
JSF Login Session and redirect
Which Locale should I specify when I call String toLowerCase
Appending namespace prefixed tags with Altova XMLSpy 2012 generated code (Version 2007r3)
C++ undefined reference in ns2
android button with image
Trouble interpreting 鈥渋f (result1) *result1 = t2鈥�statement in C
A Scheme procedure that returns the largest index used in a program L
How to capture request in JavaScript?
xcode 4.2 soundboard? [closed]
Reverse reference RelationList in Dexterity type
Change <head></head> in DotNetNuke without Host Access
Access html table stored in session
Devise + CanCan, Logged user signing out automatically after update method
JSF p:calendar in p:dataTable: Not updating correctly after AJAX
SQL Searching for specific value within a string
Is api.example.com better than example.com/api?
sql merge wouldn't except update statement?
Column size checks in EDM?
Prolog predicate to generate integers above X on backtrack [closed]
How to send get request in ITMS url in PHP?
neural networks can't figure out Fourier transforms? [closed]
Priority of razor views over the aspx in mixed MVC3 project
In Perl, how can I generate random strings consisting of eight hex digits?
Proper use of exceptions in C++
How can I use high resolution custom markers with the scale parameter in Google's Static Maps API?
Play Audio clip x amount into the clip
User Access Levels on PHP
How do I socket an Android program to a localhost server?
C# - How to shrink SHA512 down to size
Can InAppSettingsKit be used just for Settings.app
Service not receiving messages after Message Queuing service restarted
Collapse MS Access Table
resigning in a turn-based game (game centre)
Android passing bluetooth connection to another activities
jersey json webservice client implementation
scatter plot in matplotlib
Is it possible to use find and replace on a wildcard string in VIM?
How to instantiate a class multiple times that implements runnable and opens socket?
Efficient approach for mass update of a hierarchical table
clear Carriage Return from CSV file Java
Best approach for in memory manipulation of text file in memory: read as byte[] first? read as File.ReadAllText() then save as binary?
Whats the easiest way to programmatically establish VPN connection? (pptp) Is it using .aidl files?
Django Application Assign Stylesheet 鈥�don't want to add it to app's index file? Can it be dynamic?
Windows Shell Extension dll and Winform process
How to get the size of all local variables, when not using a naked function
Paypal sandbox doesn't recognize freshly returned ProfileID (error 11546)
HTML, Javascript and CSS as an App
How to use opencv flann::Index?
Combination of 'one' and 'live' for submit?
Parser: The syntax for the ImpersonationInfo object is incorrect, If the ImpersonateAccount value is used for ImpersonationInfo
Elasticsearch versioning through Tire gem
Find Immediate Ancestor/Parent of a control
How to compile/use intellisense on miscellaneous files in MSVC
Google results only showing links of my main page
HQL Count Query
System.DirectoryServices.Protocols Paged get all users code suddenly stopped getting more than the first page of users
Recursively determine minimum moves to all fields on gameboard
javascript char code to WIN32聽Virtual-Key Code
CFCATCH throwing error in CFC
About integer promotions
when show popup menu for text field, how to forbid focusLost of the text field?
VbScript - get oldest message age in MSMQ using msmq object
How to hash a single file multiple ways at same time?
Default URL not loading with Carrierwave in Rails
Query Local IP Address
Jquery multiple slide checkbox in a page
JBoss: How to configure applications packaged in EARS?
How to control XML element names in Play framework
Enforcing Order of Excution in CloudSim
Driving paths on google maps
Xcode linker error, cannot find lib in /usr/lib
python lxml unavailable in dev_appserver(gae,windows)
JBoss: How to configure applications packaged in EARS?
How to control XML element names in Play framework
Enforcing Order of Excution in CloudSim
Driving paths on google maps
Xcode linker error, cannot find lib in /usr/lib
python lxml unavailable in dev_appserver(gae,windows)
DataBinding to global ObservableCollection
Is it normal that sqlite.fetchall() is so slow?
MySql And variables to exclude resultset
Properties added to .jar not found
Running ibm websphere like setup on Apache Tomcat or some open server
How to increase PHPStorm clipboard history size?
Does the Scanner class load the entire file into memory at once?
Replace method call to another
Check to see if a site is running on wordpress.com or .org [on hold]
Does WebSphere Class Loader Viewer show libraries loaded as the application is running or only libraries loaded at startup?
Using converted NSNumber to NSString returns EXC_BAD_ACCESS
Google Docs API - Zend gData - How to find the URI of a collection
scapy: Correct method to modify TTL of sniffed traffic
Google Chrome & Visualization google.setOnLoadCallback fails in ajax
Concurrency issue with std::map insert/erase
Is there a way to bind a command to fadeIn event without having to .trigger('fadeIn')?
CustomeProfile class, list of key-value pair is not saving
Is it bad to expose database internals?
Split a value in an array and make a new array
Find missing elements using XMLUnit
Programmatically add decompression in WCF Requests
Extremely slow operation when loading 1,440,000 size ArrayList with Android
how to secure websockets with netty
C++ Move constructor and constant member pointer or constant member, how to nulify them to avoid memory leak?
httplib equivalent for C
Thin Server Architecture, OAuth2.0 Protected Pages
UIPageViewController: how to add a non-paging toolbar or other 鈥渙verlay鈥�elements?
Finding where a process was run from
Symfony2 global functions
Finite comprehension of an infinite list
IsEqual Method Sent to Deallocated Instance When Trying to Add Object To MutableOrderedSet
Magento Send forgot password as texts not reset link
dynamic sql error: 'CREATE TRIGGER' must be the first statement in a query batch
Eager loading in Rails 3?
Is it possible to perform a Sphinx search on one string attribute?
how can i check if a php associative array's key is equal to a defined variable from phptal condition?
Escaping special XML characters in strings
How do I get PrettyPhoto to work with a MVC3 Content Handler?
Is the order of keys returned from array_keys the same as the order in the input array?
Are the two forms of default class constructor equivalent?
Which is a better practice in java
recursive method max depth- static variable
In Safari/Chrome, how can I trigger a function A on both ready() and focus() and a function B on blur()?
With Nokogiri how can one insert Node object content into XML::Builder structures?
With Nokogiri how can one insert Node object content into XML::Builder structures?
Regular expression optimisation tool?
Member reference base type 'int' is not a structure or union
How to get IE to ignore history.pushState?
Disable Button placed inside an ASP.NET template upon click using Javascript
Jquery: Trying to use .before or .after on an HTML string before appending to DOM
Resize Listviewcolumns(Details
Using a navigationcontoller with a tabbar controller
AS#3, 3D Modelling Formats AWD, Collada, A3DS
Linq to Entities SqlFunctions.DateDiff not supported
ASP.net c# Avoid open the same window twice
Social Engine and Zend framework default.tpl customization
Using Pagelime CMS with Version Control set up (git)
How to cache downloaded PIP packages [duplicate]
Restarting apache without being superuser
Ubuntu 10.04 server crash: How to install nano in recovery mode?
Why is page refresh triggering .keyup()?
Add new column to table in linqtosql dbml - The selected class cannot be deleted
In R, how to plot bars only in a certain interval of data?
MVC Alternative to iframe
Symfony2 error when trying to create entity field in form
Find the value inside of boudary using array [closed]
Splitting filenames using system file separator symbol
Delete files from specifile low level subdirectories and script should ignore checking upper level dir
Give route and time of Api Google Maps [closed]
How to get data into textfields for editing?
can't get the http post parametes in rest service
How to check if client script Resource is registered in Page?
Unicode normalization in GWT [duplicate]
How to display GNUPLOT keys in multiple lines
Serialize specification pattern to database
WAL sequence number infinite?
more capabilities in App Hub than in WMAppManifest.xml
RMI with class files works but not with jars
How to fix source is empty error in XML source while using Foreach loop container in SSIS 2012?
Making personal data in MySQL Database hacker safe? [closed]
iPhone RestKit how to enable RKLogDebug?
how to replace the parameters of an anchor link with jquery?
Use a scanner to read integer values from user input
Monotouch Ipad3 retina cannot run in full resolution
Separate web links from paragraph into a JS array
Kerberos replay attack error within Chrome
Changing the text when toggle
Windows Server 2008 DNS Transfer fail
Int32.Parse vs int.Parse
iOS in-app purchases skproductrequest randomly getting no products returned
Can someone please explain this weird Pygame importing convention?
Jquery open a popup and nest it into the clicked div
OpenCL and multiple video cards
how to get access to the siblings when using each in jquery
C++ Gtk threading. Am I doing it right?
Why ThreadAbortException when trying to close a SqlConnection in .NET?
emacs macro to convert a vector to a matrix in .csv notation
How to ajax submit this form which doesn't have a submit button?
PyroCMS - Add WYSIWYG editor in frontend
df output in tabular form using perl
call this instance in an inner class
Calling a function in another class doens't work
Crop image and then stretch to fill available space
How to add the media attribute in jQuery
android: google map loading issue
Castle Class Proxy for unit tests
Getting ID of button element with name or class
Catch specific submitted form
mxml modules and variables visibility
jquery mobile, pageinit, pagecreate, and redundancy
iOS: 鈥淎dded to home screen鈥�website won't refresh
htaccess - conditional rewrite and expire
Redmine plugin don't work in hudson
Two nearly identical RewriteRules, one works, one doesn't?
compiling with neato issue
Strategies for developing 'cross platform' native mobile apps
date culture of dateTime.FromOaDate()
Add notes to a Powerpoint slide using Apache POI
Javascript and html code with Text Box
Why I can't put a breakpoint on a local variable that is not initialized?
cs0002 Unable to load message string from resources .net 4.0
uploading a cronjob
C Struct inside union inside struct
LESS client side not working for me
Rails 3. sort by associated model
Save data I've gotten or ask for it again
EditorFor passing null values to my controller
ActionBar fragment menu items. Putting them in front
Is it possible to upload from Google Drive into another web service?
Select row id where SUM(field) reaches a specific point - MySQL
Internet Explorer Mobile 7.0 with Cookies from Java
EXECUTE_QUERY on MASTER-DETAIL form queries wrong block
reading a text file in ms access
Add variable to CGAL's Point class
Why is apt-get install libsqlite3-dev giving me a 404 error?
Function to imitate Java's ArrayList.remove(o)
How can i emulate mouse input ? e.g. set MouseButtons State?
Yet another marshalling exception with JAXB and List<Something>
Creating JIRA search request excel view plugin and velocimacro to format output
Calling a function from activity inside a BaseAdapter
Find and merge string with above row
Exporting canvas to xps vb
Error with referencing to an array in ViewController from View
Error when truncating the sheet names
Problems installing Android SDK updates
Magento Import Customer Error鈥ow Applicatiion itself not running?
Dirent.h - get the strings for files with a certain extension exclusively
How do I phrase a 2 stage looped T-SQL SELECT query?
how do i transform json values into keys
using volatile keyword in java4 and java5
Stop Recursive Animation in jQuery
How can I test multiple Web Role instances in Windows Azure?
ARC doesn't release instance variable
Why isn't webflow updating my model object?
Batch or VBS , How to check the bitrate of a music file?
How to copy text from RichTextBox?
Storing C++ binary output in xml
@profile.assume_untrusted_certificate_issuer not working for me
Php and mySql Join or loop or what?
Reading a CSV with Highchart
jQuery this to show one element
How do I check a value prior to setting it in Ember?
Android Google Maps drawPath toPixels error
Replace String in Text C language
wsdl in iphone and '-id' in value name
Applications object browsing and manipulation at runtime
C++ program with map is not giving same resutls as it stored last time
How to use PreviousPage?
How can I compare two dates in format dd mmm yyyy?
Initialisation of a CGPoint with { } notation
Is CouchDB on Android needed for Users of App?
C# Crm 2011 caller was not authenticated by the service
Accessing a SFTP Server - are keys necessary, if yes which public or private [closed]
Generifying javascript code for jQuery and knockout.js to be a reusable module
How do I test a helper method in my application_helper file in Rails 3?
itemclick event in spark tabbar?
jsf h:inputText component appear based on javascript?
multiple markers fall into one region(polygon), I want to list data for all markers in a particular region in a div panel
How can I use the Java Trident library to animate panels in CardLayout?
c++11: why is static_assert in std::forward necessary?
PHP foreach loop x times and add placeholder
writing a jar file utility
how to read data from database on Ruby
Where is the Type class?
How to pass a DataTable to Mysql
Vector of Pointers to Same Class Type Design Feasibility
SQL Server error cannot open database
In R, how to make dots transparent while using scale_size in ggplot2?
Good IDE for Cg that compatible with Ogre 3d [closed]
ajax onkeyup event 501 from rapid input
Turn javascript input into php-string
MVVM-Light templates don't appear in VS2010-Express
My Jenkins confluence publishing plugin does not work
Python 2.7.3 installation on xUbuntu
Good IDE for Cg that compatible with Ogre 3d [closed]
ajax onkeyup event 501 from rapid input
Turn javascript input into php-string
MVVM-Light templates don't appear in VS2010-Express
My Jenkins confluence publishing plugin does not work
Python 2.7.3 installation on xUbuntu
Ksoap for android not able to create the good soapEnvelop
VS2010 doesnt generates app pool name parameter for msdeploy package
Android: how to integrate with another application?
Castle Windsor - should I reference the container from other classes?
Python/perl print server; writing print job to file
Load a view controller at the end of a countdown
Per project documentroot
Transparently converting nullable values into non-nullable values in Entity Framework
Why does int exp1 = 14/20*100; equals '0' in java?
Download PDF without saving in ASP.net Handler
XMLHttpRequest calls not finishing before return statement so undefined
How to find single digit from a set of number by doing product of each numbers in java
Asp.net Entity Framework Insert Duplicate PK Exeption
XML class generator for serialization
Create SSRS subscriptions from web page
Add subview through initWithFrame. UINavigationBar size
Cache registery issue in zend framework
How to make maven build platform independent?
iPhone Core Data 鈥淔ailed to call designated initializer on NSManagedObject class鈥�error while deserializing JSON into a nested core data entity
ASP LinkButton command Sort causes the page to ignore Javascript?
Xml deserialization, perserving order across different tags
SIGABRT - App trying to find a deleted item
Removing the related videos from an embedded youtube video
Routing Error after scaffolding and migration
jquery not selector with nested elements
autofac 鈥淗ello World鈥�app in C# - initialization
restart timer in java
Fermi architecture possible solution to my comparative study?
How to get pictures from QWebView
Transition Animation Between Activities with AnimationSet
Calculate difference between 2 datetimes (Timespan + double)
Combine one-arg functions into a multi-arg one in Clojure
better way of writing code [closed]
Handling Remote Notifications
MySQL Subquery error: SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name 'id'
Searching for a string in Objects held in a Vector
Splitcontainer flowlayoutpanel or autosized panel (VB.NET)
Is there any way to visually divide the items in a comboBox?
Warning: Activity not started , its current task has been brought to the front
How to download Xcode 4 / Xcode 5 and get the DMG file?
mod_rewrite now broken?
Java How to: Creation of Generic List?
Web font @font-face rendering/anti-aliasing in Chrome and Firefox
xpath query with regex
Setting up relation to base model which has many classes that inheritate in Code First Entity Framework
Passing Keyboard event not working iOS simulator/device from WebDriver
How to change the location of a picture box in VB 2010 using the arrow or wasd keys?
Set the marker center to the GeoPoint
What is the most general / common South American Spanish culture [closed]
using AsyncTask to display data in ListView
C++ iostream binary read and write issues
Java - How many combination of numbers
How much knowledge of spread sheets i need to know for data warehousing [closed]
DocumentList API FullTextQuery ServiceException - An unknown error has occured
When duplicating a target in Xcode, is there any way to set the name that the target will have before or as it is created?
WCF net.p2p:// - Can I connect using a different port than listening?
.NET TimeZoneInfo object for Indiana shows they observe DST?
No Coverage Data for Tests in Current Context
Inno-Setup: how to let the user choose whether to autostart or not?
two-dimensional array not displaying proper output
URL encode in Erlang and Cyrillic
Is the Parasitic Combination Inheritance copied the Prototype of the SuperClass?
InvalidCastException was unhandled in C#
鈥渢he command is not available because no document is open鈥�- MS Word 2010 VBA Error from Lotus Notes
I can't get this to work, php sanitize filters
Duplicate codeignitor installation to a different subdirectory on same server
URL Regular Expression matching exact 3 characters after decimal
Google Books API data as PHP array?
backbone view instantiating incorrectly in jasmine
Creating a loop that toggles a value and stores the new value for further computations
Convert Java Array to Iterable
VTK file format, polygons and vector field
How do I resolve compilation errors that show up on classes but not projects in Eclipse when using Maven?
ODP.Net - Oracle NUMBER(11,6) column is a System.Double in the data table
How to avoid redeployment everytime?
Connect menu item to table view
Implications of writing C# compiler in C#? [closed]
How to remove duplicated value from a column?
Registration form with salt and SHA1 encryption
SignalR not sending web requests on start
ASP.NET RDLC Report Sum over a Group incorrect
JavaFX 2.0 Toolbar FXML
What method or command that run before loading the view from nib file?
Windows Phone7 Share data among applications
Memory leak in SimplePie with a really large feed. How to fight this?
Backbone.js: compare model attributes in a collection
Change direction of messages in ESB
Placeholder attribute on input tags for IE?
Best practices for resolving statically javascript dependencies
C# Graphics Invalidate
Node.js Rest Framework
Nested Select in C# Linq
jquery close div onclick except if specific buttons clicked
Method overloading in a model of Yii framework
Telerik Chart display Issue
Can YQL be used in Firefox Add-on Builder?
Difference between contentResolver and ContentObserver
a gui with java for an access database
Run a SQL query (count) every 30 sec, and then save the output to some file
SampleSyncAdapter storing password plain text?
Parsing JSONP using JQuery for each
Load code for a MATLAB function block at Simulink runtime
Capturing and storing a picture taken with the Camera into a local database / PhoneGap / Cordova / iOS
鈥渦se database_name鈥�command in PostgreSQL
Linq expression not supported
How do I create a CF compatible image from a java Buffered Image
Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-archetype-plugin:2.2:generate
How to display a powerpoint in a wpf application?
Allowing new line characters in javascript regex
Run a function in the background while starting another function
Setting message error with summary control in asp.net webform
jquery dialog zindex increases each time it opens
Split a list of lists
std::unordered_map::begin(int n) behavior
RegularExpression for checking string length?
how redirect output of a *.cmd file that contains start command to a file?
Schedule a c# program in windows task scheduler
ServiceLoader or another to dynamically load plugins
Objective-C: Playing video by frame
Unable to set EventIDs using Common.Logging and NLog
UIImagePickerController returns different image sizes for iPhone 3Gs and 4s
Allow single and double quotes in PHP
VBA: Loop through criteria in an inactive excel filter?
Using Case When Statement For Updating from Two Tables
git commands not working in git bash (windows 7 x64)
Button Hiding in Tabpage in Winform
Creating Multiple Excel worksheets in a workbook from an SQLserver 2008 table
Is it possible to stop a query after the first time the where condition is true? (linq to sql)
How do you multiply blank spaces in javascript for use in ActiveX FSO Write() method
White flash when creating an OpenGL render context on Windows
Call a ps1 script with parameters from a VBS script
How do I POST a Pojo with Jersey Client without manually convert to JSON?
stop thread on exiting app
integer by integer file reading
How to eliminate race condition during db transaction - read row count from db, calculate input, then insert value to db?
Remove all tags not matching p tag in php
Populating a map in a loop [Scala]
how to setup syntax highlighter on blogger [closed]
Persisting mongoid parent document and embedded documents from Haml on Sinatra
FIXML with QuickFix/J
How to create an executable (preferably a .exe and not command line) out of a Coded UI Test?
Iterate generic collection top down (TDictionary)
how to resolve error while redirecting from one page to another in zen-cart
close() x86_64 system call weird return value
Comparison Operators with Date/Time value in Access [closed]
Site on remote server: 鈥淣o input file specified.鈥�
Bubble sort not working properly [closed]
How to add a post build event to llvm using cmake
Alternative for 鈥�amp;鈥�in XML [closed]
wpf style cascade
How to serialize Json VB.NET
How to set maximum life of the session to be 5 sec in PHP
Mutable String Collection in .plist, alternatives?
jquery using (this) in custom function
I am trying to create an app that takes a photo and superimposes gps details onto captured image
pip does not install dependency declared in setup() requires parameter
Which Jasper-Reports version to use to allow both Dynamic-Jasper and ireport (which uses jasper 4.1.1) to work together?
XML & MQ best solution
Crash with Core data
About log4net config
How do I include the id of a Jquery UI Tab in the url?
Bind DataGridView to Entities in a 鈥渕aster-detail鈥�manner
javascript attaching events
Dynamically choose DataContext
iterate through class, creating a serializeable object
in codeigniter how can we give special id property to a table using CI's functions
Difference between 鈥渰single_word鈥潁 and {single_word} searches on google docs
Redirect http to https by configuring .conf file of apache
Add tracking profile to workflow
DB associative entities and indexing
What's the best way to find out the user name in a bash script/command?
Style properties for TDateTimePicker
Is it possible to get Facebook user's Twitter username via Graph API? Needed for Klout score
how to return an argument using sscanf
Accessing object members in PHP
mvc entity framework model: a primary key and 2 more keys issue
Shared Listener and Passing in Activity Instance
C Language: what does the .mm extension stand for?
Adding NaCl in an Chrome Extension
Magento - Programmatically saved product not visible in backend
Prepared mysqli select statement on longtext field is coming back empty
about 鈥減lay鈥�action, is there anyway to simulate it without actually entering the canvas?
What's the big O for determining users' 鈥渦niqueness鈥�based on poll responses?
valgrind strange conditional jump messages before program starts
Android plug-in
Altering PostgreSQL table in Rails app disables trigger
Why two smtpd.py are installed?
Global or local id for views inside a layout?
how to implement a help function with javascript and php?
objective-c Tabbed App, Thread 1 signal: SIGABRT
jquery validate plugin Using dependency and set arguments
PHP - foreach loop
DotNetZip FileIOPermission - can't add files to zip, though I have rights
Rasterize TrueType Character Glyph Data
Global or local id for views inside a layout?
how to implement a help function with javascript and php?
objective-c Tabbed App, Thread 1 signal: SIGABRT
jquery validate plugin Using dependency and set arguments
PHP - foreach loop
DotNetZip FileIOPermission - can't add files to zip, though I have rights
Rasterize TrueType Character Glyph Data
Permission Denial: receiving Intent { act=com.google.android.c2dm.intent.REGISTRATION
How to read a file into unsigned char array from std::ifstream?
Query to get 5 million records from Adventure works
Javascript equivalent of $('input[name$=鈥渧alue鈥漖') in jQuery?
accessing element (x,y) in cv::Mat with c++ api
monotouch push notification
How to build a histogram for a list of int in C# [duplicate]
Is it possible redefine #warning?
Using SOQL to move file from Private to Public library
Passing Foursquare token in HTTP Authentication header. Is it possible?
Heroku Cedar Stack and command heroku run console
Is there any very rapid checksum generation algorithm?
Deleting a Collection - affect on documents within the collection
Old Versions Of Opera Mobile Emulator
Turning weather layer on/off combined with other selections
How to access the data in Core Data
How to compress GET Parameters in Javascript to avoid hitting the browser size limit?
Bulk collect into specific columns of collection
twitter bootstrap's carousel fade transition
Array list algorithm - Interview
Download large file through java client in HTTP
Insert requests
Custom ExceptionMappingInterceptor is not listening
Where is the poblem in this asynchronous socket?
Searching in multiple sorted array and its complexity
Knockout.js If statement issue
Expressive python library for parsing HTML tables
Telerik MVC DatePicker + OnChange event issue in IE 9 after deployment
How to start an application using QT and C++
To POST value of GET by using jQuery
Game Center doesn't respond to authenticateWithCompletionHandler request (iOS)
loading jQuery from Googles CDN first, then local server second
Issue with stateful EJB - keeps one session for all users
Cookie Corruption on Mobile Network
Apache HttpAsyncClient - NoSuchMethodError - URIUtils.extractHost
How to print an entity - CoreData
how do you get the background colour from a style sheet using jquery
java version issue :( [closed]
Marshalling c# arrays to pointers for static c library
why is hashchange firing twice in Jquery Mobile backwards transitions?
Symfony2 : accessing entity fields in Twig with an entity field type
Jquery height incorrect when set previously
$.get() not working in IE8 or IE7
How to get back focus on my Swing Java GUI running on a Solaris machine?
Highcharts: Stop the circle marker from shrinking in size on mouseover
Is my code falls into any design pattern ?
numpy replace negative values in array
Checking each item in IEnumerable<List<int>>
What assembly is erxkab1r2c2ibqtnnxtpzrumqv3gqlpl?
Color change event handling in jpicker
xslt multilevel grouping - convert from one xml format to other
Properly escaping fields and query settings when using PDO [duplicate]
Add Eventlistener to control HTML5-Audio
Socket.IO send() not working
HTML5, Javascript: Audio ended not working
JQuery Validator- Rule specific errorPlacement
Host Multi-Versioned Services in Windows Azure
How to set the target framework to v2.0 or v3.5 instead of 4.0 when compiling a program from a source file?
Play notification default sound only (Android)
Maven: build ear: skip compile phase?
Limitless nesting of content in database
Getting corrupted cookie value from HttpServletRequest
UINavigationBar titleView for different orientation
Stackoverflow on Fragments showing a TabView hosting a ListView
Keeping Mongoid objects in memory after iterating over them with cursor
Should my nav tag be in my section tag?
How to view logs from iPhone?
Javascript - Counting number of characters someone has used in their password for validation
鈥淭he calling thread must be STA鈥�workaround
I store the score by hole of a round of golf in a database. I want to write a function that sums that column in the table and displays in a toast
TPerlRegEx : How to match any character across multiple lines
Accessing individual records from dataset received from Silverlight RIA service
Ruby on Rails with Backbone - authentication
Automation Object Error adding a bookmark in MS Word 2007 with VBA in Lotus Notes, works in MS Word 2003
Junit Test case for void method which creates a file
jquery how to take out a jquery function outside the onready function?
Playing DISAPPEARING and APPEARING layout animation
Why does the silverlight Datagrid not display the data?
java.lang.ClassCastException: android.widget.ZoomControls
Content DIV location
VS2010 Code Coverage Not Accurate
MVC change ModelBinder unit test
How can I disable javascript compile warnings in VS 2010?
WCF Service to store data dynamically from XML to Database
Jquery how can i count the index number from parent?
SQL left self-join with WHERE clause dependencies between the two copies of the table
Struts 2 validation of parameters
Regex For All Strings That Pass .NET DateTime.Parse Culture en-US
Method not found using Web Pages 2
Sched Task to delete contents from folders
Take image of div in ASP.net
how many time zones are there?
Forcing page to refresh after its content has changed
redirect output to rolling file
mvc 3 partials and usage
Loading listbox dynamically with JQuery Mobile
How to add a datepicker by id dynamically using jQuery
fancyBox Gallery
doctrine2 date/datetime as ID
Facebook Credits - Test Users
Windows Form Save to XML
Spring Integration with Struts .. Why? [closed]
How to pass TCHAR* returned by one function to another function in(Managed) C++
Prevent certain folder from attaching cookies in request headers
How to make ios app use only 960 x 640 resolution on iPad?
Call Web Service With Base64Binary Data
indexedDB XML Schema?
Change onclick event in highchart ,pie chart
Backbone model validation standards (Is it wrong to do it this way?)
Heroku buildpacks - installing executables that are used by Python packages
Search in spreadsheets not working for new files created
interface vs composition
LDAP Add User (Authentication)
Spotify Local Server API
Using CollectionAssert
Backbone - How to prevent models from being added to and removed from collections on server side validation failures
Associate a custom user agent to a specific Google Chrome page/tab
How to get results from an IntentService back into an Activity?
IProgressCallBack between VB6 EXE and VB.NET DLL
JUnit test statistics and specifing order of test execution
What is the proper way to load an external javascript in Sencha Touch 2
Change text color inside a ListView
Entity Framework Code-First: Migrate a database known only at runtime
Resize and rotate image - Codeigniter
Accessing different data members belonging to the same object from 2 different thread in C++
Graceful failure in Labview (after failed opening of device - in this case camera)
Select a-element without img inside
Moving concavities on a directx terrain
Read only textfield editable via inserted javascript?
Java Compilation Output in Eclipse
how to restrict and redirect from certain pages in php
Git log - How to list all commits that don't start with a specific word
Creating an array from variable names
C++ pointers passing values into a function and ignoring cin operations [closed]
Create and Insert into nested table
Dojo 1.7.2 as OSGI bundle
Parse XML from URL
ASP.NET MVC reuseable controls
Oracle PreparedStatement throws Value Too Large because of single quote escaping
Wait until HTML elements gets a class then do something
Editable canvas in android [closed]
Is that possible to allow my page be framed, but only by the specified origin?
Sending html mails with PHP
Sending html mails with PHP
SQL error when deleting from MySQL
Remove Click Handler-GWT
os-commerce how to add a transaction/handling fee?
Git - Forgot to switch branch
Why can't WP7 webbrowser display video?
Generic Handler not firing
Generate 鈥渟catter plot鈥�result of members against sets from SQL query
MailAddress: An invalid character was found in the mail header
sass --watch not updating after initial launch (sass 3.1.16)
Excel VBA array length exceed a line and throwing error
Blank GridView on scrolling
Including layout with minor changes
Processing time between strings and integers in C
Can precision of floating point numbers in Javascript be a source of non determinism?
request.getUserPrincipal() is still not null after session is invalidated
UIView does not display subviews
How to Fill a Spinner with Database Info
How to load data into Ext.tree.TreePanel (not through ajax)
preg_match() grabs next line when subpattern subject is missing
How to send an email with a CSV attachment from a string
Binding ListView not Binding
pushing content to social sites like facebook, twitter linkedin, youtube and vimeo
Eclipse can't resolve a maven-bundle-plugin produced dependency
How to send paperclip file compressed to client browser?
indexing couchdb using elastic search
How to convert String in java to Json
Cancan Create/New has suddenly stopped working
File Uploads - best practise for directory structure?
Execution of single JUnit test case in IntelliJ IDEA fails
On User Registration with devise gem, run another action in same model
Entity Framework ObjectDisposedException
How dangerous is it to compare floating point values?
How to create custom UITabBar
How much math i need to know for data mining projects [closed]
C# 4.0 : production and development log4net configs?
auto login from app in iframe
SQLite If Not Exist (Select鈥� Equivalent
Optimizing mysql slow query
Argument passing in Restful webservices
install Visual Studio WEB Express not install SQL server
How read millions of records from flat file?
Align search box & social icons to bottom of a header tag
Input field/ text box won't stay selected when clicked
TTPostController won't rotate
Redirecting from javascript inside iframe canvas application but URL in browser doesnot change
Regex: Match later occurrence followed by characters or return earlier?
Move Exchange mailbox 2007 to another Exchange server
Is it possible to release memory to system with Sun JVM after GC run?
Problems with COM dll and ActiveX
Standard method for automatic binding of C++ variable to boost's property tree value
Prevent page scroll when hash is changed
Routing Error with Devise
鈥渢hreadsafe鈥�modifier in JAVA?
Hibernate Mapping not working in offline mode
JIT TreeMap child node zoom level
Nested INNER JOIN vs INNER JOIN vs WHERE: correctness, performance, clarity for a particular case (not a typical JOIN vs WHERE issue)
What does an asterisk mean at the beginning of an AHK script's line?
MyFaces is acusing duplicate id that isn't duplicated
Getting memory map of every device in linux
Android - scrolling down listView at the bottom
EU cookie law and CMS [closed]
How to evaluate a function passed by a string in c#
Where is this file stored? [closed]
how to select multiple symfony checkboxes when editing object
Wix: Apply property publishing
passing null parameters
Resizing Images Objective-C [duplicate]
Barcode EAN-13 to binary
How to create UIBarButtonItem with UIImageView and UILabel
How to ignore mouse event triggered by sibling inside of the trigger (image area)
Php OOps file upload working script
LocalSetting.php not found - mediawiki installation [closed]
AjaxManager not found鈥ull
Is video not allowed in a Spotify App?
How to pass generics using wildcard to a function without casting?
CakePHP 2.1 hasAndBleongsToMany or hasMany through?
Git submodule modified after a git pull, should I push?
Prevent loop unwinding in fragment shader
composite pattern computer game
ProcessMessages and use of application
individual load with jquery ajax setInterval
Boost Threaded sockets
Ignoring url prefix using wordpress permalinks
Extract Attributes from c# source code without Reflection
Send JSON to PHP as part of form
how to get TFS collection from caught WorkItemChangedEvent
is it possible to define a pointer to a row in linq to sql?
Update DynamoDB Atomic Counter with Python / Boto
What is a PHP code generator?
Java File.renameTo fails
how to serialize a form without jQuery?
While Edit Text is focused relative layout went on top in android
when use DLL in c++? [closed]
Why do C++ libraries and frameworks never use smart pointers?
Is there an 'indirect' Cocoa function like in Excel?
objective-c: Animate button before timer ends
Menubar like Wordpress admin menu
VBA - Search and remove duplicates
Dispatcher: abort dispatcher operation
Image src not displaying external image served by handler
UIView's drawRect Calls When Backgrounded
Efficient way to replicate data
How to render images in JSF + Primefaces 3.2
mysql: RIGHT JOIN query speed issues involving calendar table
How Can I know my Listbox is completely populated and displayed on page in WP7
Enable mask in a textfiend with sencha touch 2 forms?
Native Menu on MAcOS : how to implement 鈥淗ide鈥�and Hide Other
Trapping ctrl-c using signal handler but could not exit application due to an infinite loop in callback thread
Read conf.properties file from web app under Tomcat
PHP my class loader that autoloads dependencies errors when there's more than one dependency
How to remove the empty rows from TableView Of JAVA FX 2.0
Select recently inserted record then rollback
JQuery 'Object' is undefined when reference Jquery twice
How to write a regular expression that recognises each expression individually?
Icefaces / JSF page does not update <TITLE>
OS X Apache Error Log Entries - crls (Macports to Homebrew?)
Regular expressions converting into a diagram
Changing Windows CE 6.0 LOCALE using native code
modifiy HOST_NAME() in sql server
javascript storing global variables in DOM
Error when calling WCF webservice with java (Eclipse Axis Client)
Updating MiniProfiler.MVC3 NuGet package after editing MiniProfiler.cs in App_Start
Issues regarding JSON Array
Undefined method 'session' using Sinatra for Facebook Canvas Application
Multicolumn autosearch user control in wpf
Ruby array group_by nested hash sum fields
Scroll with pictures
IS there some oprating system named SQLOS??? I have recntly encountered this jargon
Multithreading, generic locks
XWiki - Database (How XWO_ID is created ?)
MySQL: normalization, is this a valid exception?
JSON exception: org.json.JSONException: Unterminated array
Convert this to run as a cron?
Arrow keys navigation on Google Maps without clicking the Map
How to use the .on() in jquery with multiple event handlers?
Null is not null?
How to add a message to the 鈥淧review鈥�in Drupal?
How can I prevent HttpClient.PostAsync exhausting all the ephemoral ports when heavily used?
Can this code be simplified?
Creating new gui components with win32 API [closed]
Mandatory setter for primary key in Hibernate with hbm.xml
How to get and parse json answer from google translate
Can not pip install PIL in a virtualenv in Windows because of Warning and ValueError
jQuery get contents to closest H3 tag
What is the best practice to save the one to many domain associated objects in grails?
Putting two pieces of code together to make it function
IEEE-754 standard on NVIDIA GPU (sm_13)
TeamCity Custom Notifier Not Running
Receiving jQuery JSON data as JSON in PHP
not able to commit using tortoise SVN
How do I write statusbar in JTextPane?
Python packages and imports - clarification needed
how to draw a surface using lispbuilder
Whats the error in following code (php)
SOA suite comparison -Jboss, Apache, WSO2 or鈥�something else? [closed]
Some images are being repeated in easy js slider
How to continue processing after returning a value in a WCF service
Copying text from one file to another using Javascript
Matlab's sparse(i,j,s,m,n) equivalent in R
onclick handler does not execute assigned function
asp.net gridview changing DropDownList Enabled
Facebook Auth in Canvas App: Internet Explorer redirects to index when clicking on links
what is deny in web.config and how it works? [closed]
Android: comparing a comma separated string with an arraylist of string
Erlang coding standards and good practices
split for each statement into two divs ordered alphabetically
touch.js simulate jQuery drag on iphone
Javascript get object key name
How do I show only the horizontal gridlines in jqGrid?
cakePHP store pagination parameters and recall on next visit
Load vertices from file
EF Code First : Best way to identify dynamic proxy
How to properly allocate memory for a pthread stack
Error with form submitting
Calling SVN commands from a java program
Commercial .NET libraries for Public-key cryptography
How to change css of element using jquery
One way hash with variable length alphanumeric output
MVC: How can I make sure that my field have the value selected inside my view on the edit form?
Resizing a modal view
SQL help on Date and Time Range
Better writing of a static Dictionary
My Rails rake test is getting killed ( timing out ) because of what I think ( ! ) is because of a lazy build method I wrote
Facebook Bundle and Symfony Component Security Core Authentication Token UsernamePasswordToken::serialize() must return a string or NULL
Android quickaction for 1.6
LZW Compression - A modified version
Doctrine 2.1.6 Reverse Engineering 1-n (one to many) association misunderstood as 1-1 (one to one)
Xcode: How to add new tab screen in IOS5 storyboard?
Placing an image in the bottom of an UITextfield as background
retrieving main paragraphs from python wikipedia page output
Iterator Map Issue
button layout issue in IE8
Override how a BsonRecord fills in its fields
os.walk raises 鈥渦nknown exception鈥�in Eclipse/PyDev when path is a windows mapped network drive
No horizontal scroll bar in Firefox 12 with window minimized [closed]
Checking if a Ruby program was executed or imported via require
foreign key entity framework issue
Jquery: Swinging logo
Android Market: for hours no sales / downloads [closed]
Checking if a Ruby program was executed or imported via require
foreign key entity framework issue
Jquery: Swinging logo
Android Market: for hours no sales / downloads [closed]
How do I incorporate the 鈥渙r鈥�operator into my javascript array code?
Upgrade ImageMagick from a bin folder in FTP
passing object as an argument of function
PHP session being cleared on one page
i am getting some curl error
Limiting Textbox Using regex
what is the best logging framework for EJB 3.0
navigating JSON with jQuery
Best method for tagging conditional content in XML [closed]
Start Word Process, but file name is changed
Teradata: How to design table to be normalized with many foreign key columns?
Calculate difference between rows with counter values in SQL
How to find 5 closest number from matrix having attributes?
Sending particular input value among input array into javascript
Add class to images in JQuery click function
Regarding alignment of text in RichTextField
jqPlot - How to change background colour when selecting range on graph
On mvn assembly
Backbone View Inheritance to GrandChild Level
My muting app doesn't mute ALL the sounds
why do my android application crash when 2 objects collide in Box2D?
How to convert WriteableBitmap in RGB24 pixel format into a EmguCV image<Bgr, Byte> format?
Uploading photo to own website
Mysqldump is not working
Get table name from ActiveRecord
How to start manual tests in Play Framework 2.0 as in PLay! v1?
Sending string variable from PHP back to ajax with array variable鈥�
How to remove prev . prev object? Javascript .prev().remove();
Can I write entire application using NOSQL ONLY? [closed]
.NET Remoting giving a KRB_AP_ERR_MODIFIED Error
Using python static class C#/Java style, scope difference errors
Scaling smaller images with Fancybox
Capybara + Selenium + RSpec 鈥斅燣oadError when setting JS to true
preg replace to generate a link
CSS conditional Comment not working
Get the WebView navigation event
Passing parameters using Server.Transfer but not using query string
Specific Bubble Sort Process
adding dialog - Visual c++ Express 2010
How to install Google Map API for android API level 8
MediaPlayer error android
getting unknown transaction error in codeigniter using MAMP
How and where to call externally defined struct
@throws in Scala does not allow calling Java to catch correct exception type
How to use min() and max() in an efficient way?
Speeding up the porting of an iPad application to Android
Base address of an array ambiguity
Proper Class Modeling With UML
PHP: dynamic default value for functions' parameters
Handle JAXB @XMLIDRef in .NET
assets pipeline control coffee script's closures
My PHP condition statement display two results for if and else, what's wrong my my code?
CSS3 target previous element?