Add a custom button to CKEditor
Can I run both PHP and Java on GWT [closed]
TextBox is not getting focus
Mysql: How can i know whether my mysql binary has ssl support or not
GPS Location returns zero speed always
Why is my radial grid map zoomed in so much?
jquery order of elements
android- menu settings customization
How can I make a UIImageView follow a certain path?
Overload double equal operator in struct?
jquery content slider similar to
Apk external data, Android Expansion
Can i use eclipse to connect MS sql database and select data out?
Add 0 and 1 is alternate array cells in java
AS3 urlloader vs AIR filestream.readUTFBytes
sum with binary tree with MPI C++
WCF call a function without waiting for it to finish its job?
how to set view port of HTML web page for Desktop version
Android + Arduino Bluetooth Data Transfer
Can't install psycopg2 in virtualenv 鈥渆rror: stdarg.h: No such file or directory鈥�
How to solve a WWW/NonWWW Header Check: FAILED
Manipulating TCP Header Flags in Android
unable to generate the PDF from the XML string using xsl-fo in Fop
Start or End of week in Actionscript
Sorting a string array according to position of capital letter
Calling function in JavaScript like in JQuery
Creating a hyperlink to a physical path on the local PC, to files not part of the web site
SVN Commit failed for folder/directory
Magento Invoice Grid new column issue
gmap4rails box showing up under map won't go away
JQgrid on refresh button click
html5 ecommerce product listing grid semantics
Excel VBA 鈥淥ut of Memory鈥�debugging techniques
iPhone UI small button?
How to communicate with a running python process from an Objective-C app?
Error in using common session for codeigniter driven subdomains
SQL - Sum two rows of data while still showing the rest of the rows
how to call MdiChild from MDIParent form
Wamp server to android physical device connection?
How to Connect MYSQL store procedure into Linq?
Random RSS Data
Jquery for click function
Connecting and updating php server from Android application
Travesring through an object in java
Java Library for Steady State Solution for DTMCs
ksh and AT&T sed, break lines matching pattern
Intro to programming project. Stuck on creating a data file from a table
how to dismiss a Form sheet model view in iPhone
PHP: json_encode and json_decode with UTF-8
How to make the long text message within the div
Sync ObservableCollection with EF4 Context
how should I get root folder path in jsp page
Creating SQL Trigger (insert or update) which will take data from one table and will put to another database table
How to split XML ? Some example?
jQuery delete confirmation
make all threads wait for a function
Is there a way to get Expressions Web style css code hints in the phpStorm IDE?
Parameterize import resource in spring bean file
Setting divs next to each other
Redirect to new page without displaying parent page
Php Validation inside if statement
How to access HashMap values in java script method?
How to send html emails to gmail with php? yahoo works not gmail
List of possible regions for X-AppEngine-Region
How to be more specific in XML Parsing?
Integration tests with Embedded Mongo or the installed instance
Error in building Sencha Touch 2 application
MVC Custom Authorize Attribute to validate the Request
How to Pass # in url in drupal
How to call cplex solver?
Displaying Data after reading from text file - C#,Visual Studio
How to prevent user input data in calendar textbox of Primefaces
Session state can only be used when enableSessionState is set to true, When i use Server.Transfer
Windows authentication in SilverLight Application (not Silverlight Business Application)
Inserting array of values in a document
Passing an extjs object variable to javascript function
How to apply rolling quantiles to an xts timeseries in R?
How to search text in the source files(include all javascript files) of a web page by using Google Chrome [closed]
Python os and gob: Different results when executing a script on a single file vs. multiple files
Building Array of elements sorted by priorities of each(defined inside objects in an arraylist)
link to a specific tab by jquery
Using android Intent in adobe air
Append a header to the page (they are going too) when a user leaves my website
Django + MongoDB on Heroku
Possible to Prototype ALL Objects
Accessing the local files programmatically on ipad
C# Visual studio 2010 publish files
Calling handler from jQuery doesn't work
perform operation on SQL results with same reference [closed]
Windows Phone - Call default web browser
perform operation on SQL results with same reference [closed]
Windows Phone - Call default web browser
scala - constrain generic type to specific types
removing input values when element is hidden using jquery
Wix: How to use FileInUse dialog
Can I check to see if an Apache module exists in PHP?
Annotation above bars:
Playing a .mov file without UIWebView or MPMoviePlayer
Multi Step Prediction Neural Networks
Querying multiple database servers?
Passing a record from a list, to a combo box, then parsing part of it to return a value to a method
C programming - analyzing a line
Partitioning Related Rows into Groups
Can you tell me if this is broken ? Jquery UI .soretable() 鈥渟ortout' not firing until 鈥漵ortreceive fires
c2dm returns Application Id as null
Show a preloader image while append a huge image in the html body
Regex noob needing a pattern to match specific string patterns
append values to a single list or array from a loop in python
How to show uploaded file on the webpage with download option?
Position div entire width of viewport in Twitter Bootstrap
How to display specific categories name in wp_tag_cloud
Python Multivariate Analysis? - to Produce a unique ID from record pairs of 3-10 in a 3.6M Recordset?
Rails 3x deployment error Could not find sprockets
How to deal with error 鈥淐ouldn't find Model with id=0鈥�
PHP - Authentifaction
DIfference between IE and FF. Colors
Equivalent of iOS NSNotificationCenter in Android?
ios - AVAudioPlayer - audioPlayerDidFinishPlaying is sometimes called at random times in a clip
PL/SQL Reg Exp found last number and split
Define the static with Object in java
Infinite scrolling grid and MVC
Find sum of 5 highest numbers in an array of 100 numbers
D3 fisheye on a force graph with markers
Naive Bayesian Inference in Java?
Android Server Client program
Moq VerifySet(Action) strange behaviour
Selection Sort algorithm not working鈥arning鈥'm a newbie
Python and MatPlotlib: ValueError and skip_header
Just-in-time debugger throwing errors during compile
how to remove textbox outline in Opera
Self Tacking Entities - How to update navigation properties?
data is stored on localhost but not on gae datastore?
cocoa: menu bar item with backspace as key equivalent
PHP code not understand to me. Please explain [closed]
Android: xml or json?
Using ruby gem net-ssh to configure a Juniper router
Cannot zoom UIWebView
How to serve a .dmg file via PHP/readfile?
How do I init a spring integration:gateway at startup?
Using jQuery to send a POST; server thinks GET
cocoa: menu bar item with backspace as key equivalent
PHP code not understand to me. Please explain [closed]
Android: xml or json?
Using ruby gem net-ssh to configure a Juniper router
Cannot zoom UIWebView
How to serve a .dmg file via PHP/readfile?
How do I init a spring integration:gateway at startup?
Using jQuery to send a POST; server thinks GET
Decryption function not called in php
Dynamic length string array
Why does unboxing cast to the concrete class rather than Number
gcc 3.4 internal compiler error with std::map.find
Drawing texture on a terrain OPENGL
The probability of a grouping occurring in a 2d array
How to let a property change bubble up?
java.lang.ClassFormatError: Incompatible magic value 218774561
What differences between certificate private key that retrieved from .pfx file and personal My Store?
Track dead WebDriver instances during parallel task
How to Dynamically Create Save and Load XAML file in WPF
how to handle multiple return types in groovy Mehods?
How do I draw a line Overlay on Google Maps Android
custom logging method MyLog not working for high-page characters in Objective-C
PPM file data cannot be recognized
What Jars Included With jasperreports-4.5.1.jar
Regular expression for specific pattern
strcat overwrites my string
WP7/Silverlight: Inactive Buttons inside a ScrollViewer with IsHitTestVisible=False鈥�inside a Pivot
Conversion from string 鈥溾� to type 'Double' is not valid
youtube full screen video not calling viewWillAppear or viewWillRotate
How to apply javascript on SelectedIndexChanging of grid view
Dispalying image in android
Fast operations on IEnumerable?
How to surround image tag with div using jquery
Loading Base64 Encoded Image String into JLabel
Convert Date String to Full Date
Parsing check-in XML from google places api
Do all chars of a string belong to a set?
How to get Hello World to work with Spawn-fcgi and php
Telnet into host and execute commands
Internal links being changed by mod_pagespeed
Function to move 2d-array elements in python to their 鈥渙pposite鈥�side
how to identify what all shared folders from other PCs to my PC
Simulating Map-reduce using Cloudera
Cannot Login after configure oracle-xe
Is it possible to call a jquery function on a variable?
Javascrit eval() for Json strings injects global scope functions
Session variables doesn't work with background process in php
Find all manually installed Ruby Gems?
Form - How to submit and go to url?
C# delegates with flexible signatures
Init and playing MPMoviePlayerController returns black screen
How to find and click :javascript links using Selenium Ruby?
Using xsl to create localized content
UIView animated swap views (slide down)
jQuery Rotate Function Img Selecting
Using FormData object, the server receives an empty POST
How to use PreparedStatement and Case INsensitive search
HTTP setReadTimeOut can work if Network Not Available after posting data to server and waiting for responce from server
Render a variable as HTML in EJS
Algorithm to center a word in a UILabel
How to integrate Matlab producing dll with .net?
OR Operator in PHP Case
IOS锛歎nable to get the iphone 4s and ipad 3 imei [closed]
Add object level permission to generic view
Sort cProfile output by percall when profiling a Python script
Case Sensitive Sort Unix Bash
How to use int3( VEH or SEH )
C/C++ How can I get unique value from 2 arrays?
How to change cursor to wait when using jQuery .load()
MYSQL Results; no records found statement [duplicate]
How to customize stream protocol to flash client
Does jQuery support constants?
How does UIBarButtonItem know which UIBarStyle the UIToolBar uses?
How to give a div or IMG a 'minimum size'
Python translator, how to replace just one word
how to scrape real-time data and load it into cubism.js
Filtering an MDX Set Based on Another Set's Name
How to convert an octet string to readable string [duplicate]
Javascript - Replace lots of if statements
how to know if an object is an Html document using javascript
Single provider, single consumer. Which is suitable for conditional variable: pthread_cond_t, sem_t or pthread_mutex_t?
Regex to escape the parentheses
Opa match pattern OR
Converting uppercase html tags to lowercase
How to control web-form buttons availability
Exception 鈥渏ava.lang.AbstractMethodError: org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilationUnit$;)V
android: No Launcher activity found
Moved file location in Xcode 4, can't push to Github
I need to create a 鈥渧ote鈥�button that does not refresh the page
Simple Expand/collapse divs
Salesforce API: Error on ->update(), 鈥淚NVALID_TYPE: Must send a concrete entity type.鈥�
Why does lm run out of memory while matrix multiplication works fine for coefficients?
unwanted Bouncing images with Jquery image carousel
Prime failed ('nope'); will stop (1/5925 frames)
:not selector not working, removing classes aren't leaving鈥�
Compress PDFs using Python
Does the reference consider as pointer in c++
Show and Hide a panel on button click
Random Indy ResponseCode = -1 / EIdSocketError Socket Error # 0 exceptions
c# string confusion [closed]
Play an online audio file in Java
Integer from .plist
document.selection.createRange() does not work in IE
What could cause the logging module to log a record multiple times?
CSS Truncate Text on top of Fluid Image
Apache 2.2 error - child died with signal 25
Objective-C Simplest way to create comma separated string from an array of objects
Visual Basic .NET - Find / Replace within a String for Winforms
javascript detecting hash location / substring
Visual C++ MFC Application- Event not receiving in child dialog
Why does my opengl freeglut application compile as C but not as C++?
Android layout XML files in a subdirectory not being found
JQuery Supersized Plugin - Creating Content DIVs Specific to Each Slide
Display Data From MYSQL; SQL statement error
How to store photo upload in a PHP session?
Retrieve password for Fedora 14 [closed]
Database/Server Design (Cookies and Indexes) - Ints or Text?
Using grep and gawk in Perl
The program executable file marked as read-only
what's wrong with my sql query
Don't drop zero count: dodged barplot
Error using Update Join statement from a Table Variable
how to set ringtones for the second sim card
Trouble eliminating separate query for each child item
Stopping QPushButton From Indenting
SkyDrive as patcher storage server
CSS Grid Items Resized Depending on Container Width
sql/coldfusion display duplicated row
oracle sql - join with having with and group by?
Sass Color Functions List Gradient
Django admin shows wrong translation
hide password from reading from .o file or .hex file
How to go to any buffer directly by searching the contents of all buffers in Vim, like pressing Ctrl+P in Sublime Text?
In AS3, how can I dynamically load and unload sequential SWF animations to the stage seamlessly?
backbone.js: trouble persisting simple Model to localStorage
how to combine or join file with Content-Type: application/octet-stream
Tumblr Themes : ul, il spacing issues?
Are there any good examples of Exception Handling Block of Enterprise Library 5.0
ln with dotfiles?
auto numbering with nl2br function
Is there a TweenMax equivalent based on opengl/opencv
Provide callback function to OAuth when using python-oauth2
How to plot a point on a function in gnuplot
java string vs mysql string
Search through sentences
Changing pg_config
JVM Arbitrary Precision Libraries
.click() not working to change background image w/jQuery
What's the mean of filed version in Spring Roo?
String index in js array
What's the mean of filed version in Spring Roo?
String index in js array
android bundle wont carry over
How to get the URL of clicked link?
Draw progress bar and textview in content area of nine patch
Sign up and login-rails
Constant for everyone but the class, is there such a thing?
Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given in [duplicate]
Cursor Index out of bound error with ListView
Count words with the Map/Reduce algorithm
Dynamic array of pointers to struct throws SIGSEGV on member variable assignment
How to keep focus on a ToolStripControlHost's Owner in a ToolStrip
segmentation fault with strcpy
Endianness: le32_to_cpu in User Space
How run AWK command in Shell Script?
Porting Wordpress widget plugin to Blogger gadget: admin interface, global settings?
How to find row number in database using primary key (Android SQLite Eclipse Java)
Python import from a different directory using 鈥渵鈥�symbol
HTTPUrlConnection and application/octet-stream content-type response handling
How does Android Controller implement Observer containing a Runnable Observable
Objective C: Adding Images on different pages
Styling a list in very deeply nested DIV
Connecting PHP code to Microsoft Outlook to send email?
CodeIgniter + HTML5 Boilerplate + Twitter Bootstrap
RTOS - pending on different data in a queue
OCaml - Wrong function type
How do i include Rails join table field in the form?
Is there a PHP validation site or testing site on the web?
How do I check for pangrams in a line in ruby? Error
Using django-endless-pagination with a custom c-based view that extends ListView
View or Hide a dropdownlist in my razor view using helper method
How can I filter rows of a model by a certain value?
has no attribute '_meta' error when creating a ModelAdmin object
Opening one child form from two parents
How to add check box in slickgrid?
android null pointer error: can't get context
Why is JPCT-AE AGL font class only working on Android emulator?
Is there a beautifier/code formatter for VHDL?
Validating ActiveRecord attribute length deppending on other Object attribute
url issues, need to redirect 3 urls but the codes i've tried arent working
Picking random link with PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser
django integrityerror appending _id to the end of my attribute name
set value spinner from database android
CCTouchDispatcher Priority issue?
PHP Server-local Variable?
Cant get javascript to create links correctly from XML list
SQL and PHP: Find all 鈥渁ssets鈥�connected to 鈥減resentation鈥�
Upload a large file using Jersey client
Is it possible to make a WinRT service
django integrityerror appending _id to the end of my attribute name
set value spinner from database android
CCTouchDispatcher Priority issue?
PHP Server-local Variable?
Cant get javascript to create links correctly from XML list
SQL and PHP: Find all 鈥渁ssets鈥�connected to 鈥減resentation鈥�
Upload a large file using Jersey client
Is it possible to make a WinRT service
actionscript 3 error 1136: incorrect number of arguments. Expected 1
jqgrid set the width of the edit dialog
Stretch to fill row horizontally android xml
How does watin compare to selenium for testing IE?
Objective C arc 鈥�keeping a reference to a Class
MySQL - Count logged-in team members [closed]
PostgreSQL service stops working
Display percentage value as a fill in a custom shape
Spring/JSTL iterative over list<map<string,object>>
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError - for Activity Class
Rails 3.2.x Undefined Method 'join'
omniauth behind proxy
Arbitrary type transformations of functor arguments and results
Is there a font size ratio between iPad and iPhone
Getting index value on razor foreach
Auto scroll down on textviews
Center Positioning DIV with Background Image using 100% width
concurrency in PHP
Regular expression for a grammar
Connecting to API with SOAP
Writing to PS/2 Port
Windows Phone ISETool.exe shortcut for currently running application's GUID
UIView background image resize in proportion
Setting aspect ratio of 3D plot
Can't get focus on editText when children are added in layout
what is the use of custom event arg?
Data comparison issue
using javascript and php together to validate
How to center an image within a div
Are Marquees Safe to Use?
Flex 4 Event Listener In Skin for Main Application Event
How can I duplicate an array ? (with same size)
Can I execute javascript based on window size?
Using a jsp form to send a string to a servlet - using setAttribute in the jsp and getAttribute in the servlet
How do you store data server side that is specific to a client in Meteor?
How to use multiple arrays in 鈥�single 鈥�foreach() loop
Android Custom ListView Adapter to change certain items
Exception 鈥渏ava.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.objectweb.asm.ClassWriter鈥�on Viewing Jasper Report
How to include Emacs '.#' crash-recovery files/symlinks in 鈥渞edirect鈥�of default autosave-dir?
using case with aggregate function with select & group by clauses
Detecting exe 32/64bit
tkinter LabelFrame not attatching widgets
tkinter LabelFrame not attatching widgets
Getting a singular projection from a select query with multiple attributes
Regex Base URL Grabbing
Finding the BindingSource index of a particular Item
Rails migration collation for MySQL
How to do a OR statement for stripos?
jQuery Mobile + PhoneGap a href and javascript source
Delegate method in the set delegate object not responding
parsing hex literals in javascript
A simpler CORBA protocol? does it exist? [closed]
Variable Width String Padding
jQuery, $.post() not accessing target url
Django 1.4 RegexUrlResolver Object not callable
Logging SEH errors in C++
GeoPoint not working when passed a variable
How to make jQuery validation rule - enter value that is not in array, basically to make values unique?
Alienvault Issue
Problems while installing devise
Update a <div> when the user clicks on a <p> element?
get data from XML using PHP function
Deterministic Random Password Generation
django automate syncdb
Show if greater than 3 related articles within same category in wordpress
How do Padrino sub apps work?
Neat way to apply a function to every nth element of a sequence?
How to save a large (60mb+) image to photo library?
Exclude sitemesh
Using Devise, how can I have different configuration options for admins and users?
Emacs Ruby Electric Does Not Insert End
Bash: substitute some bytes in a binary file
What to be done to prevent the router URL being used directly on the address bar by user?
Custom PCB Blink light in c [closed]
Replicate iPad's native calendar in app
Distribution of Projects
鈥渦ndefined method `process_route'鈥�when going to resque web ui
Automatically set SelectedIndex on ComboBox when populated
How draw variable background in day cell?
Why is `this` equal to 0x0, causing my program to crash?
Does Core Data impose limits on the length of strings?
Is there a way i can disable the information bar for ActiveX controls using JavaScript or XHTML?
VB Sending keystrokes to a minimized window/app
.net Lock - Two Questions
Error upgrading SQLite database from version 0 to 1
How to make PHP code to check if title contains certain word? (Wordpress Shopp)
Amazon SQS queue and CodeIgniter
Using Image based map in Map Tiler for game
How can I do syntax highlighting in JRuby?
Drupal 7: Node fields in webform
Looking for a good aspx compression tool that works on folders
Remove the 1st line of a file in Java regardless of newline type without calling exec or iterating over it line by line
Swap two arrays without completely allocating a third (C++)
Android, How to use animation in order to show blinking?
SaaS LDAP/directory service?
django for loop in a .html template page (newbie)
WP7 passing multiple pieces of data between pages
Oracle SQL 鈥�Grabbing values from multiple rows
Checking if Date is between a range of dates - Logic Issue - BEGINNER
Process when reading files from directory with php then showing them in my html file
How to add one window into another window?
DigitalPersona Serialization
Rails: Nokogiri issue, where to place code.
Using inheritance, why is goPee() not defined in my test class?
Issues with ttimageview setframe doesnt work
Encoding a numeric string into a shortened alphanumeric string, and back again
How to add dynamic links to Google and his bots
Why PHP foreach display query post two times?
Moving Wordpress site to new server/domain , getting asked to reinstall WP
Draw Over Image
Deploying website using msi versus precompiled deployment
iPhone UIView touchesMoved: withEvent: does not get called on UIView with gesture recognizers
Why is stopping (or restarting) squid3 on GNU/Linux is so slow?
Stop Location Updates after first time
Routes and Path in CakePHP
the _subprocess module
how can I display an Applet in my JTextPane
Missing libraries with oracle-java7-jdk in eclipse on ubuntu 12.04
Display MYSQL Data From a Menu
liftweb sbt continuous integration tutorial
How can i store an Integer Array in SharedPreferences in Android?
Weird mySQL behavior in Ubuntu 10.10
Using KnockoutJS with multiple pages
Hadoop Connection Refused Error
Django forms: ModelMultipleChoiceField displaying error 鈥渘ull鈥�is not a valid value for a primary key
Draw bullet arrow in Core Graphics
Getting a raw string back for use in Javascript in Play Framework 2.0
Post back view values to controller MV3
Accessing 鈥渂ody鈥�of an iframe document in IE9
How to do validation for unique values in a column in WPF datagrid
Live Wallpaper Water Ripple Effect
How to execute this step from Matlab in Python?
Force php to look at Document Root
SQL Server: Average counts by hour and day of week
ObjectInputStream giving strange results
Moodle - Quotes and Backslashes when submitting
MySQL stored procedure: IF in WHERE
SSH compatibility issue with Git
Stopping firefox from submitting form
What is the difference between a variable declared with 鈥渧ar鈥�and without 鈥渧ar鈥�keyword. [duplicate]
Separate User from App Database
How to stop or pause Pandora and Spotify
Updating view using jQuery and CodeIgniter
Javascript new keyword usage
Evaluating functions at several points
Google spreadsheets: How to average the previous 5 cells that have values
Updating cedet 1.0 to 1.1
'Converting varchar to data type numeric' error after successful conversion to decimal(18,2)
How to pass form values to the controller and return values to the jQuery datatables
Getting user friends, Subquery, Performance
a:active selector not applied on image links in ie
Maths using javascript and multiple html fields
How can I give priority to one helper in Zend Framework?
how to solve jenkins 'Disk space is too low' issue?
Numerical Comparison in MATLAB
How to print to the screen from MIPS assembly
Why must the base class object be a reference to call the derived virtual function?
youtube url modifiers
How do I make a string a string array?
Android db.update not work if use db.delete first
SMS Payment system [duplicate]
How do i add -pkg:dotnet to a web.config in Mono
python MySQLdb hosting
How to do styling of data grid?
Where are the ACL permissions being checked when a file is about to be opened in EXT2?
Validating with SQLdatasource - C#
Android Linkify Email Is Not Supported
How might one turn off precompilation in IIS?
How to retrieve TIMESTAMP value from MySQL database
How to make a good container to drag and drop objects in (corona SDK)?
What feature of the Facebook API are Branchout using?
bash process data
How to properly save data across Activities. savedInstanceState always appears to be null
NSDistributedNotificationCenter and iTunes
child QMainWindow title bar disappeared on Mac OS X (add more description)
Visual FoxPro OleDB
flex buttonbar initially anything selected flex 4
How can you parse a document stored in the MARC21 format with Python
packet retransmission
CakePHP: hasMany with join table
Why is System.out.print() not working?
Where do I place the configuration for Act-as-taggable-on?
Synchronize Two HorizontalScrollViews Android
Talking to remote CouchDB server from Android
How to allow a user to enter a password when deleting an authorization in devise/omniauth
Why are the fields in `struct stat` named st_something?
how to count the depth of an XML file - DOM
Cakephp - search by field of different table
I obtain different results from dynamic_cast when using different compilers
Include <string> not found compile error in Xcode 4.2
a last touch event does not come if the view goes out of the screen programmatically
Generate a 3d mesh from a very sparse set of wifi data
a last touch event does not come if the view goes out of the screen programmatically
Generate a 3d mesh from a very sparse set of wifi data
How to match one ID from Multiple ID's?
what is the code for window startup?
What is the proper signature for operator=?
Using Forms Authentication with Web API
Solidifying a melted data frame?
iTunes Connect sends email about a issue with icon file, how to fix?
C Shell - io redirection in simply diy shell
Estimate browser JS engine speed to conditionally disable animations
DateTime.Parse DD/MM/YYYY 24 Hour Clock
Android Programming Google Map J2MEMapRouteAndroidEx Code 鈥�negative latitude/longitude error
UIButton: Image stretched when clicking
php not reading the right number of spaces, condenses 1+ into 1
adding numeric strings with commas
what is the difference between {binding} and {binding Account}?
Animating ExpandableListView childs on 2.2
Passing objects with callback arguments in Nowjs
touchescancelled is called instead of touchesended
WCF CFClientBase Serialization Stackoverflow Exception?
iterator with vector pointer
Is it possible to provide a service similar to Yousendit from within my SAAS site using google drive API [closed]
Do I need to escape match substitutions in my .NET Regex pattern?
GCC error: expected 鈥�鈥�before <function protoyprmeter> parameter
Does html5 link prefetch affect Google Analytics?
C# - reverse image bytes quickly?
UIScrollView type access to UIWebView
JQuery, draggable and droppable, what am I missing?
TypeError: 'pygame.Surface' object is not callable
Location of Sqlite databases in OSX
JQuery: Dynamic image replace on hover?
Java: ExceptionInInitializerError caused by NullPointerException when constructing a Locale object
Namespace issue when calling function in one .js file from another .js file
Text.getBytes() returns unexpected results
Monitor App Utilisation
Validation in Redbean PHP
Move list item to folder right after creating it
Why does this memory address have a random value?
Node.js vs Javascript Closure
Why shouldn't I use weird Characters in code/HTML documents?
MinGW 64 Bit Install trouble
How do you to detect the end of a thread via ThreadId?
Roles and Permissions Issue
Read and Write Sqlite database data concurrently from multiple connections
Android selecting layout-large?
Jquery location.reload is not executed inside my mvc web application
CSS3 label tag facing right and using position or :after
Uncheck checkcolumn in Extjs4 Grid
Intermittent Maps API errors
Displaying a scroll bar only when necessary
Linking Boost Program Options in Eclipse (or Xcode)
How do I show a number of form fields corresponding to a number selected?
Calling PowerShell Script from Server Side Actionscript Or Something Else
Resize multiple images in a uniform size and maintains the ratio
How do you use reddit api voting feature?
Convert CSS style rules to HTML elements (and vice versa)
Will 鈥渪 == (x/10)*10;鈥�be optimised away
Reload Table View Data and Deselect Cell
Hibernate - How to order result based on the property of another object
How to use AutoFitTextView
How to embed a C application into a Java applet
Analytics on test site + live site
networking message formating a lot of char,int, converting in c c++
Trouble Running a File in PyWin
Delete all branches that are more then X days/weeks old
Retrieve information for a specific Object in a to-many relationship Coredata
Colon Separated Value Regular Expression Validation
How to nest git repositories; fetch and merge
Is it preferable to define classes and functions at the beginning or at the end of code?
Binary Search output error
addClass removeClass w/jQuery for Animations
Updating a previously opened LibreOffice spreasdsheet via Python script without closing LibreOffice
iAD memory leak
Changing color of some text in a JLabel
Android OpenGL Simple Sprite Flicker Issue
Tokenize a source code
mootools and sprite menu
NSMutableArray initWithCapacity failing
specifying MaxHttpCollectionKeys for a specific page?
jQuery Script not working in IE7 (HTML5 Doctype)
IOS Transition between child viewControllers on same screen
How to Toggle Tabs with jQuery, without closing adjacent tabs.
Jersey + Spring 3 + Maven 3 + Tomcat 7 @Resource in @Component Class are always null
When using UIAutomation Instruments for iOS is there a way to keep my app open between tests?
SAXParser Error while trying to parse Xml from a remote server in Android
Returning an NSManagedObject
How to replace the NULL values in a pivot output with zeroes?
Substitute Scheduling Program/Algorithm
Which is the cause for dyld`dyld_fatal_error, a incompatible api on iOS?
Delete duplicates and update the one unique left all in one statement?
鈥渘et鈥�package import error in Go
Carrierwave - Polymorphic with default_url issue
How to use a series of drop down list to display data from mysql database
Unexpected output from NSDate
Add a jquery form in webform which need to redirect to site using php
python 2.7 not installing matplotlib
Chrome Extension/Javascript Problems
objective-c union 鈥�>鈥�vs 鈥�鈥�
Creating an array with date information based on two dates
Tokens and Erlang-like references in Clojure
How to use a series of drop down list to display data from mysql database
Unexpected output from NSDate
Add a jquery form in webform which need to redirect to site using php
python 2.7 not installing matplotlib
Chrome Extension/Javascript Problems
objective-c union 鈥�>鈥�vs 鈥�鈥�
Creating an array with date information based on two dates
Tokens and Erlang-like references in Clojure
bootstrap.css does not render section tags correctly
How do I read the value of all registers with gdb?
Is there an elegant way to cycle through a list N times via iteration (like itertools.cycle but limit the cycles)?
OSX: How to force multiple-file-copy operation to plough through errors
What is the OpenXML SDK alternative to InsertFile?
Append JSON data into custom JQuery function
Loop items into differrent divs
What is the formula to convert a color in CMYK to hex?
libSpotify not for sale? [closed]
<ul> horizontal nav bar鈥�vertically-align element
Store Column Values in Array
Track form input in Google Analytics goal
Are there any 鈥済otchas鈥�I should know about with regards to using multithreading in JGAP?
鈥�'}' expected near '=' 鈥�error appearing in a line that otherwise appears perfect
Parsing HTML with xpath or cssSelector?
Jump Through Polygon/Floor Collision Detection
Setting a global variable to do a function
Binding instances being re-used in DataTemplates when ValidationRules can't be shared
filling an array in a struct c#
Storing invoices in a database
Passing URI segments into Codeigniter functions
Morphia and object graphs
Crash on method call 鈥淐ould not execute method of the activity鈥�
Rails 3.2.3 wants sqlite3 gem on mysql production env
SQL Statement to create a table as a result of a count operation?
Input fieldset with border-radius and shadow not showing all text in IE9
Trouble using time_t to check time of last modification in C
fastest way to export blobs from table into individual files
Importing ios4 content into an ios5 xcode project
How can I implement ChannelFactory and WCF assembly sharing with Silverlight?
Accounting for Nulls/Convert into Spaces of 'x' length
XCODE play video from TableViewCell
C++ Project with well designed exception mechanism
hebrew text inside NavigateUrl
Haskell HDBC memory leak
Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL scaling and load balancing (hardware and setup recommendations)? [closed]
Passing Arrays by Value and by Reference
animate offset().left
FInding out referring page (php)
WinForms UserControl version of Form.Closing
Why isn't data being returned to the getJSON success handler?
Want to add Autoplay setting to Responsive Image Gallery.
How to loop through all values in the array
Rank System in Skype Application
issue loading mobile widgets with dojo mobile and phonegap
How to factorize an operator?
Paperclip change images path after upgrade to rails 3.2
GORM: Save transient object before flushing
Get constant deceleration required to stop object at position
will php/apache garbage collection delete session files?
Why can't my program find the text file I want to open?
undefined method `my_teas_path' for #<#<Class:0xa8930c8>:0xa578cf8>
How to use Email and .NET to conduct RESTful interactions
using cin.get() function
Map UnsupportedMediaTypeException using ExceptionMapper
PhusionPassenger Rails3 I18n doesn't seem to be working/loading?
Hibernate Mapping returns multiple identical objects when running paged queries with extra Criteria
How to assign the same value to all elements of an array
SELECT command denied to user
django - str of datetime with user's timezone
How to only get the audio of YouTube videos running?
Captions on an image with CSS
How to differentiate between Google Bot visit and Bing Bot visit
CUDA coalesced access to global memory
Design pattern for simple apps with business logic?
Ignore directory in SVN without affecting svn:ignore on server?
Notice: register_uninstall_hook was called incorrectly
Andengine Sprites in array and touched which one?
DT with multiple DD on the right?
When writing my own R package, I can't seem to get other packages to import correctly
javascript if else statement error
How do I jump to XML resources in Eclipse instead of
Infinite recursion in ANTLR grammar
How to edit a cursor attribute for a return statement on plsql?
Cross-browser woes. Why is this happening? [closed]
Latent Semantic Analysis in Python discrepancy
Check if CoreData attribute is empty
What spec/version of Websockets does iOS 5.1+ use?
Steps of Database Backup and Restore to Other Server
Weird glibc error with writing out a file
SQL Server CPU vs. Storage Bottlenecking
O(n) of solution to solve boggle
How to use a std::string for a char* output parameter
Combine two columns in SQL for WHERE clause
JavaScript naming conventions when working with nodejs
Android - Camera activity gets opened instead of picture gallery
dropdown menus javascript
asana api listing unassigned tasks in a workspace
Add gcc error text parsing to Kate?
How to sort date array in VC++?
Rails submitting a form through knockout.js
How to limit certain behavior to a subset of instances of a particular class?
Coffeescript not converting properly
OpenGL not mapping coordinates correctly to android screen
apprise implementation, referencing $(this) from outside current scope
How to get the properties of a Security Group in AD?
What is the indexBuffer, and what might cause me to run out of them?
why is $(document).blur() and $(document).focus() not working with Safari or Chrome?
adding permissions to an object which is not an instance of Django User in Django
Paginate Nestoria Results using PHP
MVC3 best practices to save view with multiple entities
Adding text values to dynamically create text inputs
(Java / Android) Calculate days between 2 dates and present the result in a specific format
Don't Serialize, or Remove, TimeZone from Serialized DateTime objectes
Find element within parent container with jQuery
Increase security by creating un-eval-uatable (鈥渦nparsable cruft鈥� JSON?
ASP & IIS: Can you have compile errors for only individual URLS?
ThreeJS camera.lookAt() has no effect, is there something I'm doing wrong? button does not run the related function
Dragging URLs into my app
Where is the heaps.P library in XSB Prolog?
XSLT tokenize - capturing the separators
Two warnings in code meant to implement a stack using linked list
Combining element-wise and matrix multiplication with multi-dimensional arrays in NumPy
Can I use python with giraph?
SVG translate with em as unit?
Compiling error when generating moles for System.dll, System.Xml.dll in .NET4
CSS causing odd spacing at top of web page
Parsing a Continuity of Care Document (CCD) with T-SQL [closed]
Seach.php is not working and not showing any results
What does it mean in andengine about sprites? [duplicate]
Android SharedPreferences' embroiled casting
Sharing a class between multiple forms
Interesting issue with JavaScript object literals
How do you check if a JavaScript object is directly an `{}` instance, not a subclass?
Compile C program with visual studio
MySQL query where item in column a selects item in b, and vice versa
Construct a graph using given random paths
JavaScript array slice versus delete
Yii - What is the benefit to a filter if it is only for a single action?
How can i pass the timestamp with my Ajax.actionlink
Matching face from different images [closed]
How do I run an AsyncTask over and over?
jquery scroll div only if parent is taller
A shorter UUID, ASCII85 with PHP
XAMPP mysql.sock is missing
Does Java's ProxySelector not work with automatic proxy configuration scripts?
How to load $_POST array with jQuery variables with/without using html form
Explaining Boolean Logic to a 13 years old kid
Positioning Pre-made CGPath Inside CGContext
CRUD in DDD Application Services?
Best Free Windows IDE that supports HTML and CSS with code validation? [closed]
CRUD in DDD Application Services?
Best Free Windows IDE that supports HTML and CSS with code validation? [closed]
iTunes Connect: 鈥淩elease this version鈥�delay? [closed]
Loading a plugin with Firebreath and Curl
Downloading file with carrierwave from Rackspace cloudfiles not working
are assembly bindings ignored for PublicKeyToken=null?
APNS Custom Sound
Boosting fields in SOLR using Solrj
addition consecutive number interval of different groups r
Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 MAC GCC
QLR test for coefficient stability in VAR model with R
Abort trap in C without any understandable reason (for me ;))
How do I import shared object libraries at runtime in Android?
Allocating or passing a buffer?
Drupal Commerce Add input widget
Can the 鈥淗ardware Version鈥�of an Android phone be changed?
鈥淒raw鈥�on top of an image in HTML & Javascript
Get the result of a PrintDialog
Twitter bootstrap blocks submitting from modal dialog
List losing an element somewhere between 2 points, when nothing is being done to that list in that area
How to write my own request body parsing method to override the default one in Apache2::Request
Attach multiple addresses to one employee
how to pass parameters when writing own jquery plugin
How to make Yard `@macro`s apply to multiple files
Can I limit the size of the Title and Content fields in Alfresco?
getting image with $.ajax() - Access Control Request Headers
always block event list if variable is used similar to generate statement
python remove C function body
Google Custom Search Engine taking a long time to load on webpage?
How to center align text inside a WPF button at runtime?
How can i prevent some values from being updated if i am passing an object to the model binder
Can the HTML5 Filesystem API help me edit .html files on my own harddrive without a server?
Android SDK. Self-sign app for release
Formula or Macro to divide long list (multiple columns) into separate lists based on criteria in one column
Running .NET apps on Atom mobile device
Is there problems with nesting many while loops?
elementTree cannot parse unicode xml
fsockopen fails sometimes
Illegal characters in path. Error when using Skip and Take with IEnumerable
jQuery Data Tables plugin not removing table row
shared folder in play 2.0 Chat on Dreamhost: Hiding the URL
How to secure a client/ server socket communication
How do you use the .off() event method in leaflet.js?
Get instance of currently running activity?
Tridion and PDF (high-volume) content management
How do I check if a a value exists in an array and if it does increase it
How to use a Linux Amazon Kernel (amzn) repository for Debian
How to determine which rows were selected while in editing mode
Getting attribute from overriden property via a linq Expression
Slider : How to set the position of the 鈥�input box鈥�on the right?
Mysql - Insert string with white space
What does actual machine code look like at various points? [closed]
Resource not found: res/drawable/list_selector_background.xml?
jQuery ui chat plugin - how to guide (needed)
How to get O(nlogn) from T(n) = 2T(n/2) + O(n)
What is the null item in this XML pipeline?
SQL interpolation bug in Ruby on Rails 3.2 tutorial chapter 11?
Segfault 11 in code using vectors and fstream? C++
Initialisation list with this pointer
Jquery UI, using linear rather than swing, when reverting draggable?
How to decide the Ligature for 鈥淔I鈥�in Java (and others)
Spring 3 PropertyEditorSupport setAsText not invoked for objectify customer editor
Mysql_query won't send to a database
how to access the solution values for all variables which are in a matrix form?
Context Menu Defaults
Validating entities without form in Symfony 2
Postgres transaction to use UPDATE instead of INSERT if a row already exists
Why does VS keep insisting that another right paren is expected?
can I disable rollback in Mercurial?
rails app defaults to sqlite3. I would like to have postgresql as default _ how to change
How to match unique ID from the different table in database and retrieve data according to that unique ID in Java?
How to be notified of internet connection down, but WiFi still connected
mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given [duplicate]
Marker don't orient properly at the end of SVG path with D3
jQuery function to get the curren viewport?
Which is faster between splitting / joing collection to array or iterating over the collection itself
DLNA FLAC audio client which will work headless on Linux?
UITableView within a UIViewController
Post to Facebook page as Admin
Does 301 redirect refresh the url in the browser
Non-ascii characters stops mysql statement
LessCSS - IE gradient filter with variables and lighten
OpenCV - How to convert a cpp code in C [closed]
.gemrc comments?
AJAX return data fadeIn()
Close a dialog by pressing Enter
Clojure ref - any reason to retry this transaction?
PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer and environment variables in .properties files
Memory Game - Feeding an image array to a grid button matrix
How to detect when jQuery mobile opens or close a select menu?
checkbox submittion to mysql database
No trusted certificate found while sending a mail, but the certificate seems to be in the keystore
Storing addresses in a register for MIPS
Extracting data from a XML feed with simplexml_load_file
CSS Search box won't float left
fast way to find find min/max/avg value in file
HTML5 - drawImage not drawing over other layer
VB.NET: SelectedIndexChanged firing multiple times
AWS lib3s C/C++ Library Sample Code / Tutorials
Parsing a .pdb file in Python
Is it safe to send username/password in the clear?
how to return a table td tags in array?
Correct configuration of SVN with Xcode 4.3.1
Passing parameters through hyperlink
grails 鈥渢est-app鈥�fails for functional geb+spock test but 鈥渢est-app -functional鈥�is successfull
Mercurial - Merge with non-head revision
How do I determine the next state in ember-routemanager?
Java, painted drawRect doesn't display until applet is resized with window borders
global gitignore being, um, ignored
win32 v8 app throws Unhandled exception
Why is the AbstractRoutingDataSource.determineCurrentLookupKey() not called inside a @Transactional block?
Passing Regex Pattern From Sub to Function in Excel VBA
Android - Setting an ImageView content from another class label text changed at the client is not available at the web server end
URL redirection from ADFS server
Rails partial for different controllers
advice on how to best to reveal additional content based on the contents height
What does the global in (function(global){ some code .. })(this) do?
Can generic list utilities use Vectors (AS3)?
partial update with web api
Cancan allow updating specific attribute of a model
How to calculate the MD5 hash of a large file in C?
Making requests in iOS SDK, loops flys through too fast
XSD that allows attributes on elements in a sequence
make mysql answer how many names are in table
Detect when home button is pressed iOS
jQuery - Illegal invocation
Bluetooth Inputstream unwanted splitting
Ruby / Rails 鈥�from where was a method was included? [duplicate]
using oak-online-alter-table on table with foreign keys
Regular Expression in indexOf on javascript
Creating Array Map from String in JQuery
C++ ifstream::read slow due to memcpy
can i add a jquery animation to an updateprogress template?
How to get the displayed data of KendoGrid in json format?
Java - .class not found issue
Get line of exception in my own exception class
How to know how many elements user has viewd/scrolled in my listView
fusion tables map isn't showing
How do I access programmatically created buttons?
Connecting data in MVC
ASP MVC standard views
Operator>> Overloading
handling push notifications to different views
Inefficiency with backbone models?
Creating new SoapObject Blows up android app
Margin top in inline element
RestSharp not deserializing JSON Object List, always Null
Model variables in Frama-C
Google App Engine User Registration System
Query about SOAP and HTTP fundamentals
In jQuery, how can I get my counter to stop when window is not on focus?
Excel like column operations in R dataframe
HttpURLConnection works on emulator but not on the device
Get contents of enum to a dropdownlist
Application doesn't play music when transferred to phone
Attach function to DOMWindow Object
How to use bool in google maps listener?
Truncate a string
Invoke doesn't update GUI appropriately
blocks to regions(like drupal) templating system for nodejs express framework
How to make the target view a subview of window using storyboard segue?
How to direct to mobile site/template?
Book's author in opengraph data not used?
How to implement a backend with AJAX, PHP, and MySQL for dynamic video sources when using Google TV Templates?
Java Reading csv file and listing the repeated occurence separately
Jquery mobile is blocking downloading from my django based site
How to call ad hoc SSJS from a Java Bean
Java applet blinking on Mac
Result from a sub-property of wcf service is null
In Java, how do I add a JLabel to a rectangle?
Cannot set color for visited links in Email
How to disable the positivebutton of an AlertDialog during runtime?
Location using QR code in Android
Data URI To Blob Corrupts Image
How do I access actual method argument names in Spring AOP?
Custom lookup field on rails 3 form
How to do margin: 0 auto 0 auto minus a few pixels with CSS?
IE 7 display bug and jQuery Datepicker
symfony2 form error vs field error theme (twig)
Testing file formats in a shell script
compilation error when including directory containing headers
CakePHP i18n not working
sphinx-build fail - autodoc can't import/find module
Issue adding an Image to a GUI in JAVA [closed]
Htaccess Redirect - www to subdomain with added folder structure
Association id = nil when using find_or_create_by
Send reports from Windows Service application
Cant receive mails with Pop in Android
How can I set a delegate without using segue.destinationViewController as the receiver to the setDelegate Method?
How to draw the vertices on a CGContext CGMutablePathRef?
Hide html form after submission?
What's wrong with this jQuery form post?
How to convert 16-bit PCM audio byte-array to double or float array?
JavaScript onload and DOM
Let constructor change object type
Foreign key table field not displaying within a standalone dynamic data enabled list view
Does this === not work b/c of floating point rounding inaccuracies?
Navigation Bar Layout Issue on Tab Bar Controller + Navigation Controller
Why rails can't find my sweepers?
Fastest possible OpenCV 2 OpenGL context
Does printf require additional stack space on the x86-64?
proguard Note: duplicate definition of program class how do I fix this?
Memory Leak in multiple apps
MySQL - Combining two select statements into one result with LIMIT efficiently
CFWheels - Issue with filters 'except'. Conflicting action names
re-draw fullCalendar on the fly
Need a simple overlay or tooltip