How to find the text value between special characters in a string in Ruby?
How to match double quote or single quote or unquoted with regular expression?
Crystal reports export crashes C#
Knockout cyclic error - need advice on finding the cause
Why is it not good practice to synchronize on Boolean?
Pass arguments following make to variables in makefile
Detect Android version in .htaccess
How to avoid problems on Renaming Properties and Automapper
Using saveLocation: 鈥渇ile鈥�always causes the photo orientation to be landscape (instead of portrait)
Cannot execute binary file error
Silverlight C# WP - Listing attributes names of a class
Backbone (Marionette as well) trying to display a new record at the start of a collection, without re - rendering the whole collection
Objects comunication with parent in java
java graphics2d animated gif update
java reflective equals - is this implementation correct? [closed]
Writing to file with unwanted empty lines
Mysterious SIGKILL in iPad application running in the simulator
Knockout binding handler teardown function?
Inserting well over 100,000 records into SQLite
How to prevent Code First from enabling foreign key constraint on a relationship?
MVC3 HandleError
Regex to validate a filename
how to handle empty itemsource in datagrid
Confirming Taxonomy Caching is enabled with SDL Tridion 2009 Content Delivery
Linux capture window of a large stream of data
Updating iOS apps automatically with an MDM + Enterprise license
Spring Data, Hibernate 4.1.1 and Spring JTA Transaction Manager
Twig variable error
Auto Update Downloading Latest .exe file - how to verify it's not been tampered with?
Safe Vertex deletion that won't cause graph disconnection
Turn on / Wake screen for a period of time
Groovy, embedded in Java, calling back to Java
Is there a way to select Parent IDs in SQL without recursion or looping?
join update of multiple rows on child table
Twitter Bootstrap css - keep layout fixed
Error message in trying to run java
MySql equivalent of a for-each loop
What is an alternative to @Transactional(readOnly=true) for read only queries in Spring?
radio is only passing the first value [duplicate]
MySql equivalent of a for-each loop
What is an alternative to @Transactional(readOnly=true) for read only queries in Spring?
radio is only passing the first value [duplicate]
writing a query for updating a table using another table's attributes by using a clause
Select all columns by a unique column value in Rails 3
Printing to printer error handling
Is there any point in using the seamless and or sandbox attribute for YouTube iframes?
How to get a decimal number when dividing in bc?
PHP Preg_replace youtube link into embed link
JQuery mobile: Close Collapsible div (or any div) when clicking outside database bound comments
SSIS - How do I load data from text files where the path of files is inside another text file?
Basic NGINX url rewriting
How to read wtmp file?
C# - How to hash a password with SHA512
Getting the date that a registry key was created/modified in C++
Rake clean 鈥�exclude sub directory
window.print not working for firefox
Installing Android SDKr18, SDK will not detect the JDK
Explicitly Typed variables in XSL
Exceptions in method declarations. JAXB
map function on mutli-dimension array
How can I match a word containing every vowel at least once?
QuickGraph - convert a graph into JSON
Show all duplicated rows
Django url patterns - how to get absolute url to the page?
R : how to Detect Pattern in Matrix By Row
Invalid argument in IE9.js (code 0) in Line: 6 Char: 28214
Google maps route not getting displayed properly
jQuery / datatables: update rank column after sort & page
DropDownlistFor Creating New Entity with MVC3
Dereferencing string pointers in C
jquery tools overlay mask in IE8
Mockito ClassCastException
Making of Referral System
How does a SPA work?
Lucene's algorithm
Error while specifying keyref in xml
nodejs save all images
Date calculation ranking - Assign a value for event age
Wordpress File edit in dreamhost [closed]
Can't connect to local SQL Server
Why am I getting errors thrown on PHP code wrapped in a try-catch?
Sending push notifications to many devices
Fitness proportionate selection (roulette wheel selection) in Python
Jquery, event when reverting?
Accurate and free geocoding service for ip geolocation?
MVVM: Modified model, how to correctly update ViewModel and View?
is multiprocessing.Connection thread safe?
Generate Simple Beep on Altera DE2 Board
join XML Elements and handle if not exits - using Linq-to-XML ASP.Net C#
Need advice regarding VB.Net multithreading options
How to bind source to plugin
Is there any interactive console for some strong language for everyday work of processing strings?
Is -scrollViewDidScroll: called on a background thread?
Specifying allowed values for a method parameter
Set Spark TextInput Background when fail validation
Templates compilation: gcc vs VS2010
fileReference browse from js, simulate keypress in flash workaround
Min query Hibernate
jquery getting data when click on specfic div,i want that when we click on Ajax 1 then
Vim with ctags and omnicomplete not completing C struct fields
Ideas to make a transparent image smaller?
Posting JSON to REST API
How can include a reference in a standalone ascx control?
Delegate JS events to different objects
I am trying to write a program to a file [closed]
RoR in_time_zone issue with daylight savings time
Working on simple platform game issue with multiple side collisions
Downsized png larger than origonal
Using Facebook iOS SDK to retrieve birthdays
Need ideas: Selecting rows in table
Google Analytics + EasyTracker for Android sends wrong URL sometimes
File layout and link to assets?
Writing to PGM file
Is there a way to get PHP to render HTML semantically? [duplicate]
Integrate other filesystems into google drive?
wxpython demo code error
Updated VPS. Increase RAM? [closed]
SimplePie Caching Functionality (Possibly Extending It)
REST controller in Symfony 2: how to deal with field names?
Recording user action to an array with Jquery
javascript module pattern variable scope
How can I determine if a user can runas admin?
How to remove a child from inside it if it doesn't know it is child
django mod_wsgi and apache funky rewrite rule for 404
Parsing HTML table data with xpath and selenium in java
fstream error in compiler C++
DateTime.Now is throwing an exception
Unable to render html control with runat=鈥渟erver鈥�dynamically
Going from one webpage to the next trough hyperlinks with VBS
jQuery Table Columns / Rows Hide or Change color
Java - How to assign a variable from an inner class to a variable in the outer class/ or any other class?
Hibernate: Too many queries for a One to One relationship
Unable to connect to server
Any good sources for Tridion Taxonomy query examples
background scroll and zoom
How to manipulate two arrays using void function
remove an image from html5 canvas that has been placed there using javascript
Resize canvas inside a jquery-ui dialog
Decimal fields truncated with NHibernate 3.2 and FluentNHibernate 1.3
Programmatically determining what type of html element to output on a page鈥�where should this logic live?
Object property comparison
JavaScript ternary operator example with functions
How can I force an ANYCPU .net app to run as 32 or 64 bit?
Why does MouseHover event only get called if a or breakpoint occurs before it?
jQuery Sortable with a twist
Advice, resources for developing first Android app [closed]
R: unexpected results from p.adjust (FDR)
What is the fastest (transactions per second) Java FIX engine out there?
rvm with svn bindings
Android Gallery Auto Load
What database should i use for cross domain json calls with authentication?
iOS5 advanced programming book / tutorials
WSE 3.0 creates the UsernameToken but Username and Password values are empty
Starting hsqldb database programmatically
Mocking a method to throw an exception (moq), but otherwise act like the mocked object?
Using percent for font size?
ASP MVC 3 mobile strategy
How do you prevent JAXB from creating an intermediate object
How to draw, write or simply use Canvas on achartengine?
How to create a tool for removing comments in files?
Google Analytics not tracking directories correctly
Redirect after register depending on role
Proper usage of Data Tables
MYSQL inserting wrong info
can some help me work this out
Binary Search multidimensional array in string
grep is unable to find all pattern matching 鈥� [ [ [ [鈥�
Youtube dismissal event (iOS)
C# .NET - method to store some very small scale persistent information?
Pre-fetching 3rd party pages via iframes (for browser caching)
When we should not use Initialization list in constructor
rollingfileappender datepattern setting not creating file every minute
git, how get old version of a file without changing current directory
styling a textfield in Sencha
Idiomatic way to add error bars to plot in Incanter
call JFrame from active running or background JFrame without calling new JFrame
Go - recursive struct with array and losing values
Scala short and type safe cast operator
checking when youtube video is dismissed from full screen
Why doesn't this string format as currency?
How to dynamically check logged-in state from View in web2py
JQuery UI modal dialog used for status messages wont update till the end
Reducing HTML semantics of logo graphic
Netbeans code folding for HTML files?
Does logging on Google App Engine use up any quotas?
Stop SQL Server Management studio from breaking my view
'cannot filter palette images' error when doing a ImageEnhance.Sharpness()
Stop SQL Server Management studio from breaking my view
'cannot filter palette images' error when doing a ImageEnhance.Sharpness()
Scroll div before body
What is event-driven programming?
Jquery: Multiple Content with a single Selector?
Java Abacus, Having trouble with the for loop to draw my counters
Using Interupts in assembly
Replace matrix values with mean values extracted from smaller matrix in MATLAB
How do you customize mongodb (mongoid) field names in Ruby on Rails?
Django through apache
JSP Error Pages
Web page auto fill
how to pass a params into a controller action in ruby on rails
Can't find GPS Location
Resize image in C# with aspect ratio and crop central image so there are no gaps
Giving Windows Service rights to move files to a remote directory that req. user/pass
C#: How to deselect and defocus textbox?
What are the exact differences between ERD and RDF
How to support JSONP with Spring MVC and multiple response types
C# - Calculate Total Statistics from Multiple Files
Java API Design - Internal Design
SharePoint 2010 Change Require Field
Updated SQL Conditional INSERT
Javascript setting variable names by variables [duplicate]
How do I initialize a UITableView in the middle of the table
simplifying the Code
Presenting a modal view from another class (MFMailComposeViewController)
Problems when saving object in LINQ/ C#
Using layouts with html [closed]
Apache Benchmarks really bad, any advice?
Hibernate SequenceGenerator returning incorrect nextval
C++ Default Argument Error
Problems with creating dynamically <select/>
Creating a slightly borg-like class
PHP issues I have it outputting data from DB into a table, but then I need user input for an insert
What are all these hidden ('._' prefixed) files that are in my git repo?
Google Drive SDK - Java sample not working
call action of another controller
Risks of running code after action returned ASP.Net MVC
Changing selected element in WPF
ReportViewer 2010 control either prints part of a table on a separate page or prints an extra empty page
Generating WMAppManifest.xml with T4
Models for common entities, ideally for JPA
Sorting XML with a namespace
Adding variable whitespace between two strings
How can I unit test Entity Framework Code First Mappings?
Long Number Removing First Bit - Fast Way JAVA
Twitter Bootstrap - On collapse, the navbar options do not turn into a button that shows the options
TranslateAnimation with nested layouts
Unable to install YAML for Python2.7 on my mac
Unable to install YAML for Python2.7 on my mac
C++ Function Template Instantiaion with Implicit Paramters
Comparing MD5 hash on UIImage on iPhone and file on server
How do to connect a model & controller to button in view
How to use placeholders in jQuery?
Display different content on page if number from database is met
Knockout: writing and reading a computed property
update a mySQL table using C#
modelling a relationship customer, conference, guest
Thread 1: Stopped at breakpoint 1
@font-face with Flying Saucer
Deduping a complex list using a simplified copy of itself
website still logged in after logging out
Dropdown Spinner outside of actionbar? (IceCream Sandwich style, w/ActionBarSherlock)
Substring go to End of String
C# Web Service XmlSerializer issue
Transform any program into a semantically equivalent one
Convert certificate in PKCS12 format for tomcat / JKS Keystore
Parsing custom XAML-like document to C# equivalent? (Or binaries)
how do you mark/highlight text/letters, just like in word or a PDF-file but now in PHP and jquery?
Syntax error in MySQL statement
Issues while printing float values
Cakephp error:Call to a member function find() on a non-object
ASP.NET Comet Approach vs WCF Callback
branches on same line as master in network view
Prefetching data to cache for x86-64
Is there a distcc-like tool for GHC?
JPA and SQL Server column encryption
Why does this hostent cause a segfault?
Tennis tournament algorithm
Middle Click JS Function
NullPointerException in my aboutButton I think
MVC - Conditionally using action based on object type
is the actor model limited to specific languages?
In Javascript/jQuery what does (e) mean?
Correct way to add and remove user controls on a panel on WPF
Insert progressDialog in a thread
Passing lng/lat with extra bundle doesnt work
Socket connection - Blocked ports on network carrier
Get/split text inside brackets/parentheses
Does Application.Exit() kill background threads?
Starting and Stopping a Thread-JButton Alignment
What does it indicate when a table spool has more than one
How can i get up to 7 significant figures of my result in FORTRAN90? with C# List increment on postback
GLPK MathProg sets and groups
Reading an XML Configuration Data File from C#
How do I do this in jQuery? (Match a particular word and make it a color)
Compiling ARM on Mac for iOS
jquery-ui tabs - adding tabs
Dynamic link not directed properly
multiple line regex group match
Connect to a WCF Webservice though reporting services, Windows Authentication only?
How to parse an XML DOM inside a CDATA element in XSLT?
Remove unnecessary HTTP headers in my rails answers
Auto sharding postgresql?
Adding text values to dynamically create text inputs
Converting/concatenating individual bytes from a VARCHAR into a BIGINT using T-SQL
PHP handling fatal errors, and storing them in a file
ifstream read and fread not returning same data, C++
Get return value of ruby function in python
Unable to connect to the database engine using SQL Server management studio
Concatenate in classic asp/vbscript SQL string
batch processing pandoc conversions
glAlphaFunc performance on newer GPUs
Clojure agents: rate limiting?
cakephp: filtering fields from child table in find('all')
why does python's win32gui.SendMessageTimeout fail and delete most of my Environment Variables?
Customize 鈥淧ost to Facebook鈥�copy below Add a comment
App page not showing - is there a conflict with the javascript?
How can i write Hibernate Criteria
Launch Eclipse Program Exported From File
Why doesn't strcmp work on TI MSP430?
Are Javascript string arrays automatically separated by commas?
aware datetime field in def __unicode__ statement in model, and its representation in a template?
Html5 postMessage using jQuery, but not jQuery-postMessage script
after_sign_in_path_for action not loading Geokit in Rails
Frames mouse event is working but key events are not
MVC3 Action link on layout navigation
VB.NET NHibernate Configuration radio button selection
How to read attribute in an XML rootnode using classic ASP?
Considerations when calling mysql database in parallel
The Java search: 鈥渂lock鈥�
filling mongodb with data from service in meteorJS
Grails database-migration - dbm-gorm-diff confusion
Type inference for collections of objects implementing classes with (self) type paramenters
django-storages with Amazon S3 - prevent overwriting
Why does selectionBinding on Ember.Select not respect contentBinding when Ember.Select is not subclassed?
jQuery, getting 鈥�00 Internal Server Error鈥�when running a jQuery statement
Facebook Graph missing 鈥渓ink鈥�field [closed]
Import git repo with multiple initial commits into svn
Chart X-Axis Label Display
Audio HTML5 Tag not working in Wordpress
How can I get DataMapper to return a sepcific number of elements?
MDBG debugging - how to check value of static variable
Deselect ToolStripItem on ContextMenuStrip
how to make relation between two variables linked by one using perl,similar to metabolic networks
Show db row with a specific not null column in foreach loop before others are displayed
What does 鈥�lt;>鈥�mean?
What does 鈥�lt;>鈥�mean?
How can I use Opencv SparseMatrix
OpenSSL: error occuring in EVP_DecryptFinal_ex
What programming practices affect the number of window handles?
Change body tag on page load for bootstrap 2.0
ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound Error in Lynda Rails Training (Ch 9 - Delete/Destroy)
PHP call a url returning XML/JSON
Problems creating a Parent Child reference in SSAS
read an input file using vectors
How can i use the camera to add the picture to a form? [closed]
Drupal Preview/Edit Broken? Any Autosave for CCK?
Wordpress - Tubepress Javascript Error
How Can I Create Dynamic Rows to Columns in sql server 2005?
Windows Authentication with IIS 7 [closed]
Limit and order by a mysql_query
Android - Scheduling an Events to Occur Every 10ms?
Using Zend_Search_Lucene fopen fails .fnm files
Specifying decimal places on a variable in a string
GSL solving ODE for a pendulum movement
cellForRowAtIndexPath not being called?
How to read/change directories for file browsing?
Extending Long-lived access tokens
With Google Maps API V3, determine if a marker is inside a KML Layer boundary
Find n occurrences within a date range that is within a larger date range
Superobject JSON parser examples of usage
Is there a generic way to replace referential constraints with triggers?
Ruby syntax for calling methods in classes
How to reinitialize session in Hibernate with thread context?
@ sign in MySQL query in ASP.NET
How to convert from text to PDF using conversion API in GAE?
How to center text and image on one line inside a %width div?
Swap Contents of WebViews
cannot load such file 鈥�script/rails : Getting this error while remote debugging through RubyMine
Type Library HELPDIR wrong
Rails 3.2 Mountable App locale getting duplicated
Age calculation - Fastest age calculation formula from timestamp field
Can I avoid or optimize this dynamic invocation?
Using JavaScript/jQuery to move input field position in a form
navbars shifted when compatibility view toggled
Post to facebook-wall
J2SSH - Add Key Exchange Algorithm
ios notifications to 鈥渄ead鈥�objects
How do I find usages of a method with a params argument such that the argument is not empty?
how to animate transition from right to left on Sencha Touch 2?
mySql Select last entry for each user
How to add fade effect while changing CSS with JQuery
Failed to load resource - server responded with a 404 status error in Rails 3 project
Intersection of two string array (ignore case)
Could not find class oauth.signpost.commonshttp.CommonsHttpOAuthConsumer
Linq to SQL multiple conditional where clauses
Printing file permissions like 'ls -l' using stat(2) in C
ThreadAbortException in ASP.Net 4 leaking file handle?
How much should interfaces of elements in Page Objects be abstracted?
Moving TFS working folder to network share
How do I set 鈥淎lbum Artist鈥�of a song programmatically or through command line (linux)
How to get rid of a textbox by pressing a button vc++?
Creating instance names from a list (Python)
Ajax pulls cached page i IE 8/9, but work fine in FF
horizontal touchpad scolling in flex/flash/actionscript
linear-gradient equivalent to moz-linear-gradient
Verify Twitter login from iPhone on the server side
Why is the top of a black translucent UIToolbar different from a black translucent UISearchBar, and how can I make them look the same?
How to define a slot of another template type in jess
Custom JScrollPane. Add a Component on a ScrollBar line
Unit testing writing to HttpWebRequest's request stream
How to get the 鈥渂ase鈥�class of a template parameter?
Writing to a label from a static function
Is it still possible to use django-mediagenerator on Google App Engine
How to add to 'data-role=鈥渃ontent鈥� in jquery mobile
JavaScript: formname.submit(); not working
Specifying/Changing the port for a backbone collection to point to couchdb server
How to automatically update 'Periods' columns with the data results running Stored Procedure
Pass Parameter to jQuery function
JavaScript file naming conventions when there is a space in the project name
yakov thin fonts incorrect display
How to create a nice looking keyboard for a Windows Phone app [closed]
How to find out if a (windows) memory-mapped-file already exists, using python
Django fastcgi command
regex for passphrase
Working on a PHP framework with an MVC pattern ( New to OOP programming ) Having issues
crash. QObject::connect in a constructor of a static object instance
Play Framework 2.0: Errorjava.lang.RuntimeException: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 1; columnNumber: 1; Premature end of file
Is there an equivalent of Ruby's Yard in Python?
Show values from array in jquery
how to invoke a console app as logged in user?
PHP to filter/create feed
Cell height is something that ignored in webkit browsers
memory game random color
Removing selected characters from text file
Error installing and using numpy
Browse for file window without uploading the file
Is this the right way to raw query? - Android
Is OutputPath a required field in every PropertyGroup?
How to convert characters beyond ASCII range to HTML entities
PHP Regex Help (converting from preg_match_all to preg_replace)
Insert record with AJAX not inserting and refreshing page
twitter carousel not working
using symfony bundles
html css for the value of an input field
Loop through all text boxes in a form using jQuery
Loop through all text boxes in a form using jQuery
Put substring as key and the following substring as value into a TreeMap
How can I use dapper to return a type that contains a list of some other type?
SQL Multiple IN statements on one column
Visual Studio error while debugging : FileNotFoundException: arimon__.ttf and arimonbd.ttf, ArgumentException Culture name 'UG' not supported
Z-Index and Relative/Absolute Positioning
Safari Extension : retrieve full HTML code from a page
String manupulation in java
IE: 'Open in new tab' doesn't affect state of link (i.e. a:visited)
How do I open a jQuery popupWindow with a URL from an html tag attribute?
How can i add an Action Bar Item during run time
Connect to SSH forwarded port from a different host
How to call object methods for an object in an array using a foreach loop
Git - Cannot delete remote branch
Multiple UDP messages sent to single reveiver
Batch File Delete multiple file in multiple folders keeping last X files in each folder
select 2 prefererences using checkbox and put in a single table
puzzling regex matching weirdness
Created objects do not save in database
class for link not working with CSS
Generate Sequence's information in hibernate.reveng.xml
Google suddenly started to return validation as false using LightOpenId
Android, grid, three equal width columns (33%) filled with images
Why the text becomes inaccessible when the screen orientation change?
How to sync javascript countdown timer with server
sql query - get all records based on a flag
Generate single XML file based on data from two tables or more
C# WM_VScroll & VScroll Control
Broadcasting in C
Calculating the maximal time to access consecutive values in a DRAM in page mode
Divide by zero error in SSRS Report
Private methods in objective-c not private
SQL Server: Checking role membership
Add Stored Procedure Parameter into sqlDataSource, msSQL
Facebook FQL query for events gives always different eid for same event
Excute method after WCF method
Jquery UI_datepicker in Rails
Javascript caching on iPad HTML5 fullscreen web application
Change the way the Visual Studio debugger displays char variables
In R, what command do I use to generate a dataset consisting of the means of all column vectors in a dataset?
Can not get the div margin-top to work
Save scaled image to sdcard android
C# shorthand for Equals() when both args can be null
Unexpected result with gnu-screen and call()
Defining a range from values in another range
Best practices to deal with redundant static media (js, CSS) like jQuery in a Django reusable app
Can Meteor be used with PhoneGap?
Android ListView - divider that covers items
Zillow Neighborhood data and STDistance
jQuery: $.cookie different value than PHP $_COOKIE? (only webkit-browser)
Putting mySQL Database Information into a JavaScript Array
Can I only retrieve an element of an objectset if i call save changes?
living web page elements
Selectively displaying Installerpane of an installerplugin at runtime
can't dump anonymous class Class
Access form fields inside controller's method
How to efficiently import the contents of an html5 canvas into flash?
jquery changing the actual css style
Returning a string from an NSURLRequest
I get the warning 鈥淐an't mass-assign protected attributes鈥�
NSData too many and wrong order when sending bytes for wifi device
From one string to two, with filter between string
Show a MYSQL variable in the result table
#include virtual in .html file
RegEx validation of html form in external .js
WPF - Not working IsReadOnly in DataGrid with custom CheckBox style
sphinx-quickstart fails
CUDA parallelization
Using the MySQL select statement
How does one POST a binary file stored locally using php-curl?
鈥淪pecified initialization vector (IV) does not match the block size for this algorithm鈥�using an CryptoStream
on AJAX request fade in with jQuery?
How do you call other internal methods from inside a javascript closure with backbone.js?
Issue with Enterprise build and UUID usage
Start up screen for mobile website on iPad
Using sphinx-api-doc when both sphinx and django are in multiple virtualenv
Java and Windows Regional Settings
Merging two rows into one
The call to LoadLibrary(鈥� failed, Win32 error 0n126 using windows debugger tool, windbg; w3wp.exe IIS Worker Process faulting
LPX-00230: invalid character 0 (U+0000) found in a Name or Nmtoken
many small sized functions
Get coords of Real Estate
Is there a way to do a linear best fit from one point to another in a matrix multiple times in order to detrend a series, MatLab?
How to get longitude and latitude of mobile device?
CodeIgniter + Command Line + Cron + Cpanel
How to assign the mainController and a custom view to an app with a single window?
How do you pass a function as a parameter? [duplicate]
Inconsistent accessibility: property type
upsert operation in netsuite using java code
PowerPoint Application as a Child
CI - forgot password form validation to check if email address exists in DB
Can SimpleDateFormat format the date based on a string?
EWS - How to know contact fields extended property id?
Dynamic change of select values in a form, how to save them
Is there a design pattern for light & heavy versions of an object?
Why cant php work with WCF 4.0 asp website with a WCF service work?
Unable to find a link while running Selenium Test case
Installing MagickWand for PHP on Ubuntu
Perl LibXML raw data from textContent?
edit a text file lines by using script in linux
networkActivityIndicatorVisible not showing till its too late
Where do I find the
Automatic Add Contact Function
Dynamic register of C2DM receiver using registerReceiver
TouchListView inside Dialog
Dealing with duplicate primary keys on insert in SQLAlchemy (declarative style)
Copying ModelMetaData to Child Property's ModelMetaData
how to execute command via vbs
How to get external IP succesfully
How do I interact with Windows programs
Convert to CSV?
what is the meaning of the following syntax in iOS?. typedef void (^something)(NSInteger *a);
OS X lion rvm, ruby install successfully, but doesn't execute. What am I missing?
Android Lint erroneously thinks min SDK version is 1
CSS background black behind high position footer
I have a List of lists containing 4170 elements and I want to divide them to 139 lists each containing 30 different elements?
Print plot(lm(y~x) in R using png() and
How to find the largest image using Java?
In Perl, how can I skip an empty key when traversing a hash?
Parsing Zimbra SOAP response with SimpleXML and xpath
Javascript 鈥�鈥�meaning before a variable or namespace
RTSP server java implementation problems :(
Aligning an img left in a div tag?
Change tempdir() in session (update R_TempDir)
Android app: java.lang.NullPointerException [closed]
show rest of a form if a checkbox is ckecked in ruby on rails
How do I authenticate a console application with a WCF web service using NTLM?
Retrieve Access Information Google gdata-api C#
Direct link to Facebook mobile site using pageID
hooks to update views in ruby/rails compared to php
Fade out parent li on click
try{} catch{} doesn't function
Quartz paths not drawing like I expect
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u' xe7' in position 17710: ordinal not in range(128)
Determine if CCLayer is currently rotating
Java Swing - JFrame, change and show different content
How to select Python version in PyCharm?
Gracefull shutdown, close db connections, opened files, stop work on SIGTERM, in multiprocessing
save file without using save file dialog
Incomplete type C++
How do you force an unordered list and a div with a table side by side?
Store data of people who clicked on a button on Facebook
how i can upload a paid app to android market from egypt [closed]
Lost connection to emulator error
Reording columns after column autogeneration in C#/Silverlight Program
Powershell: How to simply output date to DataGridView
Plot not updaing correctly using draw() (duplicated axes) in wxPython
Not able to download file from internet url in java
Javascript - Regex coordinates
Getting a bus error in Assembly in-line programming x86
Javascript - Regex coordinates
Getting a bus error in Assembly in-line programming x86
Cannot import wsdl:portType in VS 2010 - not common answer
How to deal with localStorage for multiple users?
Using a enum with flag in an Entity Framework query
Exec() QDialog after MainWindow appears
Algorithms for placing images on a screen 鈥渘icely鈥�
iPhone app breaks in Release version not in Debug
Default Placement of components in NetBeans Application
How Do I Update UIWebView After viewDidLoad?
Javascript user ID code
Quart.Net-How to update existing job firing time?
I would like to simplify SSH Tunneling to do a MySQL Dump and SCP the file to local machine
CSS Dropdown Menu issue
Using CMake with ifort compiler
What retain policy should be used for a block as an object property?
IllegalBLockSizeException when decrypting
Use PolicyKit to give my application access to restricted files
Simple algorithm for drawing filled ellipse in C/C++
Jquery datatables unable to highlight row?
Rails: How to declare an optional one-to-one association between two models
Opening a new window from a parent window in IE clears parent window's cache
Django - creating custom .save() for modelformset_factory
escaping hashtags in regular expressions in sql
CakePHP blank entry on saveField
Invalid QSqlRecord after performing another query to DB
is there a verilog tutorial where you build a very simple microprocessor? [closed]
Android, HttpPost working with ip, not with url
Resize UITableView height, and keep scrolled at bottom
Unable to use gmail SMTP
WPF Datagrid ColumHeader MouseOver Close button
Form-wide error_bubbling in Symfony 2?
Finding a colSpan Header for one of the cells or td's is Spans
Android Activity end of life
hide tab when no content & load content after onclick tab
Unable to extend access token duration: unknown path component error
What is 鈥渢imeout鈥�and 鈥渙pen timeout鈥�in Faraday?
using JDBC Connection Pool with SQL Azure Database gives 鈥淓rror in allocating a connection鈥�
Exporting SQL Server MDF and LDF database files
Chrome tutorials - options page
how to get the latest files added to android phone
how to validate a form that has only checkboxes/buttons/selects?
Why am I getting 鈥淣o route matches [GET]鈥�on a 鈥渄elete鈥�request? Ruby on Rails
Managing style sheets for partial views
KannelRoute message through 2 smsc
Magento Commerce - Use new image type on front page
Fastest key value nosql database
set width and height to a div witour position:absolute
How can i verify that QML elements are loaded or not?
How do I output a superscript 2 from a helper in Rails 3.2?
On ServerSocket, clarification needed
PHP FPDF ForEach loop
How Meteor works, Client vs Server?
Lavalamp for jQuery: Can't get first level menu clickable
UINavigationBar with Search icon - push modal search view when clicked
Android - Is there a way to put a ListView along with other controls within the same activity?
Is this multiply-divide function correct?
VB.NET textbox maxlength for positive/negative integers
How to write or place session variable below correctly
Firefox crash with MediaElement.js and jQuery Tools
processing row combinations from a array and output in multiple arrays
Implementing mutexes?
prompting twice in BO
Add values of only matching array elements PHP
Can I monitor Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7 using JMX?
Google app engine item / transation data model
Python sendmail with Cc
HTML+JavaScript GUI Advice
Creating files based on the line number for printing
Is possible to post messages or praise on Yammer using their api from my web application
Configuring Firebug per tab and not per domain
Pop-up Window opens larger in Firefox
PhoneGap FileTransfer with HTTP basic authentication
How can I add a div around wordpress ul container
Python error 鈥淥rdinal not in range鈥�with accents
How to build android.resource URIs for Platform resources
How to find first non-uppercase letter in the string using python
Spring and Hibernate Runtime error
cuda reach device function from global
pass data to request method of HttpSocket in CakePHP
Multiple execution of same thread subroutine on commenting pthread_join for that thread
Can't read and write (memory mapped) hardware register
Rails 3 Joins 鈥�Select only certain columns
progress bar not showing
Reading values into a chart using Excel VBA
No manifest file from maven build
How to use a custom strategy with the jOOQ code-generator and Maven?
html5 drag and drop wit multiple types
Automating iPhone simulator and taking screen shots?
Multithread Directory and File Search
Gradle - change Begin/End Token when using ReplaceTokens
New tab open when clicking the Send button
Using HTML 5 into Html Web Resource in Crm 2011
is there a match function to bold text in ruby or rails?
Solr + Spring Roo separate index for each customer
Would you use Twitter Bootstrap for an intranet/business app? [closed]
Android post method in one class
Passing AJAX GET results to location
Trying to clone an uncloneable object of class mysqli_result
Separate ID numbers in a column separated by a ,
Child Activity gets killed after parent activity is finished
sql query - get all records based on flag
NHibernate Session per thread with ThreadLocal
Git Cloning a Sub-Directory in a Repository
Generate a query that changes a single element on multiple rows PHP MySQL
Joomla 2.5 PHP error: Fatal error: Call to a member function getUserStateFromRequest() on a non-object in com_upman/models/upman.php on line 338
GWT: RichTextArea getHTML loses 鈥渙uter鈥�tags
Using google translate with my own
IllegalStateException on RPC Call after Filter
How do I add to an array in PHP?
Linux sbrk() as a syscall in assembly
Add Method to Class Using Swig
Registration with Devise with only email field on page with other form
jQuery Mobile height issue
Why can't I set the Id for a new vertex using Gremlin in Java?
How to Play a sound using AVAudioPlayer when in Silent Mode in iPhone
Is there a stable sorting algorithm for .Net Doubles faster than O(n log n)?
R adding days to a date
Display Rails check box to be either checked or unchecked based on the value in the database
how do I add a path to a file in this .bashrc file
Set property of FilterSecurityInterceptor without creating custom filter
selenium web driver - css selector having variable and # gives error
How to select many to one to many without hundreds of queries using Django ORM?
Backbone/Underscore Template 鈥�when rendering why call toJSON?
Network Communication - Some Information does not reach the Server
Passing variables between methods
How to add new job or update the trigger for existing job in the Quartz.Net
Access web page from web site in web application using jQuery
Mysql query - trying to create twitter type timeline with comments
Warning in Xcode that won't go away! (Entitlements with FileProtection)
Vim jump back over spaces inside of curled braces
JavaScript page jump when updating element using ajax
MVC 4 - Razor - 鈥渁 potentially dangerous request.form value was detected from the client鈥�
Integer to bitfield as a list
Why is my CSS3 box shadow not working properly? [closed]
making the code more robust (jquery)
Run python source file from PowerShell
Value is shown in UITableView after it is scrolled
if a key is pressed do something, cpp
Pythonic, custom warnings
validating user input when user finished typing
ASP.NET Interchangeable Function
configuring RoyalSlider JQuery script to work on Shopify
Subdirectory URL Automatic Rewrite Rule?
TinyXML2 Parsing going very bad
linker error with a standard deviation function
Converting to Binary using bitwise and bitshift
Axis breaks at noon each day of ggplot2 chart
Jenkins and ClearCase plugin not copying files to workspace
Axis breaks at noon each day of ggplot2 chart
Jenkins and ClearCase plugin not copying files to workspace
.gitignore Advice for Android Project
JMdns ServiceListner doesn't find all services,
How would you enter special characters into MySQL from PHP?
Best approach for dynamic class and package loading in Java
How should I separate functions, class definitions and main code within a project?
Android onResume Blank Screen
ASP.NET MVC: use of @ in C# code block
What is the best way to know if the user has changed data in the DataGrid?
Diagrams in SVG versus HTML5 Canvas
pyGTK subclassing issue. Double self passing to the method
Subclassing Objective C Class methods
How to cancel PendingIntent at specific time?
Is synchronisation needed in onSensorChanged(鈥�?
CVS Branching + Binary Files
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'DateTimeZone
Inserting many rows in treelike structure in SQL SERVER 2005
Centering a div overlay
Does C++11 support types recursion in templates?
aws cloudfront streaming distribution 502s [closed]
Android Twitter Intent to my companies timeline
Eclipse, JavaScript, UTF-8, and tabs (on a mac)
Xcode crashes with assertion error in DVTNSArrayAdditions
Entity split in two databases
Is there an easy way to look at key-value pairs in a Dictionary using sos?
Inverse association in Rails ActiveRecord
WCF: calling self-hosted service from client callback handler
How to connect a remote jms client to an embedded activemq broker in tomcat?
XCode Sending Image to Server
Only cached assets are loading when online
Java Runtime.exec() with ssh on Linux Issues
Using tiles in SFML and collision detection
Using fabric to manipulate database connection
Mysql: unknown variable, can't run any mysql applications, doesn't seems to be to do with my.cnf
Instructions called before the activity is closed
iOS Keychain 鈥�how can I assure persistence on device/simulator?
Problems creating an HTML bulleted list from JSON data
How can I redirect all pages of a subdomain to the add-on pages?
package bundler 1.0.13 gem file
Dynamic documentation, using the return of method in the description of another YARD?
HTML5 Canvas drawImage only draws after second refresh
Integration testing new records with rspec
openCV Storagefile Error :
PHP svn updating
Changing the data type of a column in Oracle
Using IEqualityComparer to check specific values
I want to remove ' ' from a string in python [duplicate]
User Control accessing wrong directory when connecting to database
Python link downloader slow
Grails SQL Error on run
List of dictionaries using zip, passing incremental list names into a function
One large class compared to several small classes for a Cocoa Mac application
How add Linux capability for CAP_IPC_OWNER in limits.conf?
How to remove comments from Maven POM file
group_by display belongs_to 'name' followed by has_many 'items'
Disassembling self-modifying code
SQL Statement with a condition
How to use high-quality rendering for an Android resource bitmap loaded into an OpenGL texture?
recvfrom() returns sender port as 0 (zero)
Loader doesn't start after calling initLoader()?
Hide textbox in one div with click of button in another div
hard coded text with user input in include statement - vulnerable to a LFI attack?
Double Automatic Conversion Function definition, gcc error: error: expected type-specifier
Hover html form input over an image
Main thread keeps waiting on new threads
Android - Concurrency problems on multiple activity restarts
imageView in UITableView cell violates setClipsToBounds on touchdown event
Performance of Solr Shared is worse than Solr Unsharded
CSS is not formatting my message properly
Molling static method with generic return type <T>
Removing row that button is clicked on using jquery
How to receive messages from Glassfish (v3) JMS queue
Rails Contacts App contact delete
MVC3 Extension method <TModel, TValue>
trouble with boost error lock
CakePHP: Reusable content blocks and MVC
Stop a function from writing to stdout
Updating a database on DataGrid when query is made up of inner join
How to tell which MDB is listening on which port
Maven hangs after running Spring JUnit test
How to change default parameter value of a Wordpress core function?
Converting MVC2 to MVC3 and pages to Razor
Styling iframe content
How to set ScriptingContext Response cookie after upgrade to .Net
Start an activity with an intent from another activity's ContextMenu
Add XML node to WSO2 DSS and ESB response
Access object properties from prototype
What does the keyword `no` actually do in Perl?
HAML - how do I create this line of HTML
Android - iterating through Zipentry
Sending XHTML messages with Strophe in a muc room
How do I make Jasper Reports ignore newline characters in a text field?
Exclude input from post array
Regular Expression special characters
std::array with unspecialized template class
Python: Emit some Utf-8 string to windows console [duplicate]
how to use sonata media bundle with my entities
How can I make my Google Map V3 retain rounded corners?
Python: Emit some Utf-8 string to windows console [duplicate]
how to use sonata media bundle with my entities
How can I make my Google Map V3 retain rounded corners?
EditText to String name to different class
Share a text that is in your computer to facebook [closed]
Activity after splash screen
How to create managers for the worker threads?
Why is EntLib looking in my source code App_Data directory for my database instead of in SQL Server's normal location?
How to pull information from multiple text files in c#
Entity Framework, Repository Pattern, Unit of Work and Testing
Oracle - select a specific column from a ref cursor
Django with psycopg2 plugin
Good way to tokenize a string to store values? Or alternative for user input
Shopping Cart API for any payment gateway? (PayPal at least required)
NSFetchedResultsController, grouped NSTableView, HeaderInSection and NSSortDescriptor
checkbox in jquery Tabs different on click behavior in Chrome & Firefox
Trouble implementing jQuery Masonry in my Rails 3 app
Can strcpy affect strcmp results in c language?
How come dynamically assigning a name using javascript fails?
How to set width and height of text field in cakephp?
Using an array in an SQL query
JQuery .attr(鈥渢itle鈥� undefined
Mercurial / TortoiseHg Issues with Jenkins Slave - A specified logon session does not exist
Show/hide different fullscreen div with scrollbar
Why declare an object by its inherited abstract class instead of its own class
How can PHP access the 'style' properties of a div?
Using JSON instead of JSONP with a YUI3 DataSource
Editing Build Settings in xcode 4
COM Interop hang freezes entire COM system. How to cancel COM call
Text indents on h1 and h3 tags and I can't remove it
How might I add a global function to jQuery .load -> .complete?
How can I use jQuery tabs for navigation in my ASP.NET MVC app?
Spring Security 3.1: How To Get Security To Kick In At An Alternative Entry Point
underscore.js - combining templates
SVN - Commit then upload new file to testing server - NETBEANS
SSL authentication with android and an external certificate
iOS development - uitableview with infinite levels
Symfony2 : displaying form entity field type as radio buttons
Jquery - Detect div from #hash tag and display selected menu li
How to use an alias in an AVG function
Cannot load mbstring module
Forcing print page break after X records using CGridView
Web Service Serializing complex objects
xPath, DOM & NodeList
How to avoid or detect implicit delegate inference in C#?
Can't get php mail() to work
YUM Package Depends on uname -m or uname -i
What should be the file (folder) structure of images in a web site? [closed]
jquery validate remote function
Is char *envp[] as a third argument to main() portable
Unable to read TLD 鈥淢ETA-INF/c.tld鈥�from JAR file
Getting PHP Fatal error
Difference between http and https technique
Loader not being called when screen orientation change
Passing input data from one form to a label in another form
Is it possible for a friend function to create new object? C++
How to extract data from a pdf file using JPedal?
Convert vertical to horizontal layout sql
Excel VBA or not to VBA, replace text if different between two cells
Yii: gif animation lost after uploading *.gif file
jquery function on toggleClass complete?
ResourceType Skipping Entry
Limiting scroll elasticity in Cocoa (NSScrollView)
C# three bools one true at a time [closed]
Actionscript 2 Image slider timing
Running a commandline application from GUI silently
Visual Basic Script to download CSV file (CSV is empty - 0 bytes)
Unpack variadic parameters for a template template function?
Making functions wait until AJAX call is complete with jQuery
Why do I need an underscore for partial views in mvc
PHP Application Not Working Cant Write PDF File
Echoing post value
Getting poll results from Facebook Graph
Handling large inputs in python
Python list of lists to list [duplicate]
DataRow.AcceptChanges won't keep the new RowState
windows phone localization for English countries
RequestParam get array from select option html form
How can I make a background with a left and right image border that repeats?
Form submitted twice using submit() on keyup
Passing Value From Form to Textbox
PHP/Apache call to 鈥渉eader: location鈥�overriding scheme?
Load grammar at runtime
PHP multifile upload
appending a float to a stringstream in cpp
C : display every x milliseconds (OpenGL)
Static 2d array
mysql foreign key reference from a composite key
HTML embedded in HTML
Selenium IDE Fancy Select not working
Route Webservice response to a POJO without implementing any camel specific interface
best practices for using Sencha Touch 2.0 build commands with Rails 3.0?
Using the Java StarTeam API, how can I find which revisions of a StarTeam Item have a certain label?
Is there a google drive SDK mail list or RSS feed?
Android 4 SDK text.getText() error in Eclipse
Hover state is sticky after element is moved out from under the mouse (in all browsers)
libxml2 all xml to char
Error with CFLoop When Entries Are Missing [duplicate]
Database taking up way more space than tables combined
jquery post on document ready
How can I create a template in MediaWiki that will autopopulate a portion of itself?
Blindly calling a public method (C#)
videoMaximumDuration doesn't limit the duration
MergeSort in scala
I am getting this error when compiling my program. Operator 鈥�+ 鈥�cannot be applied to operands of 鈥淪ystem.Random鈥�and 鈥淪ystem.Random鈥�
Read a .txt file with both numerical data and words Matlab
Can't use NDB get_by_id to get entity in namespace
Adding a column from One DataSet to other
Receive and send XML PHP
Show the image from server on Android Screen
Deleting echo line in bash
VB.NET/Visual Studio 2010, incrementing control names at runtime
Interactivity.EventTrigger not subscribing to Custom Routed Event
Pass Cancel or Update button click from popup back to parent page
How to assign HTMLDocument into a JEditorPane to modify as source code?
Getting the right regex 鈥�Java
Java Keytool error after importing certificate , 鈥渒eytool error: & Access Denied鈥�
Extract attribute from simple XML element in PHP
windows batch: dropping the last 鈥渄鈥�in file names
NSArray Sorting
Deleting from sqlite database - Android
EWS: Changing owner of existing appointment
How do I set an optional xcodatamodel attribute?
Understanding an uncommon argument to main
Web site to smartphone application [closed]
Using Activex Dll in Flex Web application
Populating A Kendo UI Grid With A JSON String
teaching myself rails deploying first app to heroku -failure to upload - sqlite3 and postgre glitch
adding existing zend framework directory to eclipse
CSS3 wildcard selection for hover and active
C++/CLI wrapper trying to use MFC CObject inheritance
internet explorer 9 & javascript variable scoping issue
Django Login / Post Login
Run RSpec tasks in a specific order
Good way to store HTML in a Javascript Variable That's Fully Readable
Dumping array using Windbg
Jmeter server and Jmeter GUI client remote setup issues
Can't get value from array
Using pymongo tailable cursors dies on empty collections
Create an XML file to save app data
PHP on local files?
MySQL date diff iteration query - streamline query or optimize data structure
Write text to image with indexed pixel format
Need help sorting two dimensional arrays by second element and then by first element (Java)
C++: Variable Not Affected By The Void Function
How to find UserControl width in WPF?
Android:how to iterate an ArrayList<String> in different thread
R Is there a package to calculate daily dividend yield?
C#: Handling combination of errors in return value
LinQ ExecuteStoreQuery calling stored procedure returning null values
Primary Keys, Unique Id, and Records (MySQL, PHP, Info Systems)
implementing zoom on an image wp7
Animated Resize of UIToolbar Causes Background to be Clipped on iOS <5.1
How To Make Drop Down Menu Hover Less 'Twitchy'
Stack overflow with Fibonacci's recursive call
Google Charts API with ASP.NET WebForms - writing the DataTables
Where to get a large list of safe-for-work domain names? [closed]
Android: ListView not working properly
why does the value of the function's 鈥渁ddress鈥�is 1 in C++?
Alternatives to the Big-O notation?
Website developmet with JBOSS