Can perf-stat results be generated from a file?
In zend framework, what are the limits of using the table data gateway?
run a batch file for every alive machine in a /24 network
vaadin form cannot hide null fields
Using SSI in HTMLs imported using c:import in jsps
Service is not getting injected into Grails domain class , Grails 2.0.0 and 2.0.3
Implement Windows Phone 7 Pager (Tab switching, pivots, panorama etc) UI in Android App?
posts within a certain post tag_ID
Is there a CPAN module listing U.S. ZIP codes and states?
Should I create an activity for each screen?
JTable Clickable Column Sorting: Sorting sorts content of cells, but doesn't update cell formatting?
python numpy recarray join
Hibernate loading an object with composite key always returns
Can't access a web service outside my domain in ajax with php
Spring Data MongoDB: set repository collection?
Telerik RadCombobox with multicolumn loading data very slow
How to sort all but first column in WPF DataGrid
ApplicationListener cannot be parameterized with arguments?
Why does Uri partially decode the query part?
鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object.鈥�Gist API wrapper project exception?
Clarifications over java applet warnings
Is it possible to reset the ServicePointManager?
How to get ListItem position when pressed on ImageButton element in ListView
AutoLock an App after a Certain Number of Minutes
UIImageView memory usage
A template matching issue
Delete whole linked list in C - Why not use reference pointer?
Updating the subtitle in annotationView
Dynamically changing HTML form using javascript
Using Quartz as a Queue Processor
adding wordpress into site that was built in rails
Error Connecting To MongoDb from C# .NET Console Application
How to store string data in a collection and then list all in collection?
Leaflet Map elements sit in DOM but don't render?
How to process Asterisk's queue_log file
Localization: have to click my flag twice to change languages. Is something wrong with my code behind?
Javascript and jquery for a grey button to turn red
No data is set when wpf window is loaded?
Localization: have to click my flag twice to change languages. Is something wrong with my code behind?
Javascript and jquery for a grey button to turn red
No data is set when wpf window is loaded?
Multiple MSIs installation using embedded EmbeddedChainer
Performance of .get() vs multiple .load()s
AWK epoch diff with current and previous line
cross domain google analytics tracking when using fancybox iframes
accessing a json object property that contains forward slashes
鈥淣otice: Undefined variable鈥�error and foreach loop
location of 鈥渁ndroid_atomic_release_cas鈥�in android source code
How to change a Table's Connection in Power Pivot
Jquery No Conflict jquery-1.7.1.min.js
DB2 Date format
Updating ant style path capture from spring mvc 3.0 to 3.1
Linux server runs out of java memory
not embedding some youtube video in Xcode
CSV import phpmyadmin
Why do I get a NullReferenceException when loading an ASPX page with
Design considerations for monitoring SQL database table changes
PagerAdapter onclick method
Recording and asserting an empty mock list in python unittest
Parsing string as json python
Java: processing text lines
xslt format-number difference between #,###.00 and ###,###.00
Why do I have to keep using `source ~/.profile` to get settings in place?
How to print a WebView?
How do I loop through many files in one folder?
JQuery Mobile UI Editor - Codiqa Alternative
ASP.Net MVC 3 JsonResult redirect error
A replacement for ImageMagick - Rmagick library?
Why in GWT an interface is instantiated?
iTunes Connect, Sales and Trends, Units
Xslt 1.0 XML to excel transformation issue
Open Microsoft Word docx file with Java
Cascading DropDownList in a DetailsView and Oracle Coherence integration
Chaining in hash tables
jquery, slideToggle and page height?
When working with multiple TFS projects, do I need a parent Team Project to rule over them?
Jquery draggable - mouseup not firing when cursor leaves object
Assign value to a varialbe in a for loop via KornShell
find email and userID in cookie with javascript
Cannot doubleclick binary file to make it run in terminal
Xcode is adding 2 instead of 1 all the time [duplicate]
Why create splunk dashboards vs views?
how to get max depth of a xsd using xsom dom jaxb?
Java - make custom runtime error not dump trace
c# getting items of my checkedboxlist in form1 from my form2
FPS Drop after upgrading to XCode 4.3
Android SDK installation failed - Connection reset. Nothing is installed
compare string got with $_POST with a string got from file.txt in php
ERROR 1451: Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails
Is the a way to search in a country specific Google site using the search API?
Center Div inside Div
Shortcut to open gmail label directly from another android program
json_encode() throwing invalid json
jQuery Set wait time before a function executes
Facebook App QueryString
Doing validations in ASP.NET MVC without models
Numpy Array: Efficiently find matching indices
How can an IOS app access Google Drive files
100% height for DIV using jquery - how to make it relate to parent
How to get the value of the element selected in ListView JQUERYMOBILE
File fully populating
Script file to retrieve MQ messages from the queue manager with C# Drawing a line/Series of lines/Chart
Concept of bit field
Why does the MsbuildExtension Detokenise class reload the project?
creating table using sqlalchemy [closed]
PHP return object variables inside of an array
SQL PHP search asking for at least one word
Converting SQLite to PDF
Getting an error with my query
Passing enum/ compiled value as a parameter to constructor
User registration server-side wizard with Devise authentication
SQL to retrieve names and services from linked tables and to order by the number of services matched
Create array of variables in Matlab
Adding buttons to a dataview row?
setting size of message queue 鈥渘ot permitted鈥�
Checking for bold in file I/O
Is it possible to send a variable to a page via a header redirect?
Anyone have experience of using Groovy/Grails with Eclipse Virgo Snaps?
What does this lock icon mean in dreamweaver file explorer
When was the GHC Haskell2010 first included in the Haskell Platform, and when were the Haskell98 style modules hidden?
How do I upload a WCF service to a website?
PostgreSQL error: converted to the required encoding
Android, content provider in library project
C# - Recommendations for extracting files from .tgz file
com.sun.jdi.VMDisconnectedException: connection is closed
split view controller in a custom container controller?
Jquery calculation not working properly
Can I get a unique TIMESTAMP for every record in MySQL
JPA / Spring Roo: is there a destructor event called when an entity is removed from the persistent store?
Adding custom header in custom membership provider
how to use git to both protect my works and get updates?
Two plugins linking to identically named DLLs or shared library object (so) with different implementation (code)
How to do 'If data is all tabs ( t ) don't print row'?
Fastest way to move a directory in Android?
iCal backend - recurring dates
Create custom UIGestureRecognizer
mongo - how to query a nested json
sort and number within levels of a factor in r
Preserving whitespace in PDF after XSL transform
ajax 'GET' call returns jsonp okay but callback produces 'undefined' data
jQuery Mobile: Fixed side-bar to go with fixed header
Restoring chrome new-tab w/o uninstalling my extension
retrieve multiple files from a java GUI
Problems identifying 鈥渃lick-point鈥�and subplot clicked in JfreeChart Plot
Xcode 4 Memory Leak Instrument how to get line of code where leak occurred
Start Android app with files on sdcard or somewhere in the filesystem
Bootstrap: How to enable scroll bars?
Unix time stamp and timezones
Hibernate MappingException with Grails. How to map this correctly?
Sonar: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure
mssql_execute running a stored procedure redirects the browser to site homepage rather than fulfilling request
Need help on reading emails with 鈥渕ail鈥�gem in ruby
digest authentication with secret / public key
sum of array column
pagemethods is undefined - i believe that everything should be ok
JPA entity with a ManyToOne annotation that references itself
How to iterate through an array then replace data of a matching id
Resizing image without losing quality
Communicate between views
weird NullPointerException in Android 3.0
iOS Putting White Bar on Website
Why is it not permitted to define the members of a C struct more than once?
a disastrous slowdown of cudaMalloc in nvidia drivers from version 285
How to handle session timeout during json calls in mvc3 web application?
SenchaTouch 2 Send values to WebService - BEGINNER
SQL Single Byte Double Byte Chinese characters
How to validate password with jquery and php?
Search, Create and Move in Perl
How to design a program for many connections?
Scala with JPA and GAE
How to create a Facebook Like with a post/comment box
The right post variable
Multi-platform game development
How to add custom buttons to JqGrid add/edit forms?
When importing classes from two conflicting jars, which one is used?
how to achieve secure communication between 2 websites
javascript and dragging in firefox
C# calling C function that returns struct with fixed size char array
Bouncing Particles in a CCParticleSystemQuad
Get redirected url name using curl?
Why doesn't 鈥済鈥�return anything?
Trying to get Win32_BIOS version by using a path string
using visio to automate drawing diagram with c# - can't set custom properties
Min/Max method for tableview data
MySQL difficult query
using visio to automate drawing diagram with c# - can't set custom properties
Min/Max method for tableview data
MySQL difficult query
sql statement to alphabetize and count
Validate that connection string is for Sql Server 2008 [closed]
Determine if a 2d polygon can be drawn with a single triangle fan
how to make php Outlook.Application work and send mail?
If, then, else regex - How to write the Condition
Can Triclops Stereo API be used to process offline images ?
best practice / structure PHP AJAX calls
How to regex-replace all occurrences of ${鈥 by <c:out value=鈥�{鈥鈥�/>
image analysis and detecting unanalyzed areas
How do I debug a segmentation fault in Mono on Ubuntu without any debugger?
Download dynamically created Flash
Database modeling Playlists with Songs
Default where clause, record viewing restriction
C# containskey on tuple
Partition By Clause is giving different results due to ORDER BY clause
Powershell: Remove Module does not unload global [constant] variables defined in a nested module
Previous and next buttons - expand hidden panel
Android how to recognize a GS1 DataBar barcode?
Django ORM database failed
Audio not playing on all iOS devices
C++ Program size in Memory
Same z-index acting differently in different sites
Selecting the Highest Seq Number by nested Joining
how to use find -exec without lots of escaping
How to generate an ordered list of parent-child elements from multiple lists?
awk make it less system dependant
Google speech/voice recognition API on AppEngine?
Google Docs API Adding a ressource to a collection (Zend/gdata)
How to customize register and contact forms in PrestaShop?
Trying to use DialogFragments via v4 compatability causes NoClassDefFoundErrors
App stops inconsistently at a call to dispatch_sync() [duplicate]
How to open a new jsp page with JavaScript
add a full page image as the last page of reportlab
Android listview how to implement onscrollchanged and onscroll
Preventing F5 inside an iFrame using jQuery
Opacity doesn't get applied correct in C#
Problems with a:visited
Don't make functions within a loop
鈥済etLoginStatusUrl()鈥�from the Facebook PHP sdk not working properly?
How to render perfect wireframed rectangle in 2D mode with OpenGL?
Duplicates when eager fetching a reference (many-to-one)
JList to list toString() of an ArrayList of Objects
Facebook Javascript SDK and OmniAuth
How to destroy object of PhoneStateListener class?
select all html elements based on rel value
Is it possible to show xaml view inside windows form
Get date object from difference between 2 dates, timezone dependant
Get date object from difference between 2 dates, timezone dependant
Is this how to implement ascending sort when the comparator sorts descending?
SDL error in Xcode
'Request' object has no attribute 'get' Python error
Apache+SVN Setup - Receiving Forbidden on some SVN requests but not all
Plot points and rectangles in Ruby
delete a Record from an Array
Amazon EC2 cluster setup
PlayN Camera and Input support
php - How to enable php://input stream wrapper for curl
are casts overridable operations? if so, how?
Rails 3. Why is Rails removing the decimal points in my edit form?
Time-constraint query
Dynamically changing TextViews with a for loop
Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 permissions filter on Google Play
Weird output with pelles c
Display DevExpress list view as chart
UNION SELECT MySQL query, do math and display in PHP
Manage friendly enum with XAML MarkupExtension
Why is Eclipse's Javadoc malfunctioning when using an http Javadoc location?
Difference betweenJDK, J2EE and J2SE codename
Calling a custom dialog from a database?
git log 鈥�how to see *merge dates* for changesets?
How To Accept a File POST - ASP.Net MVC 4 WebAPI
Is there a way to have an <xsl:element> tag render *only* if its content template has either children or raw data i.e. complex or simple types?
Access Excel Programmatically
get the room by id
EF WillCascadeOnUpdate
How to send a FB request with Javascript sdk entering a page?
Debugging a programmatically called function with GDB
How to compare similar XMLs with PHPUnit?
How to call javascript function in VB.NET mvc controller?
Turn a User Input String to Upper Case Java
Add string before a keyword - javascript
Extracting two names from same sentence in nltk python
Providing SSO support for 3rd party systems in our application without another sign in page
Open Babel C++ API Why cannot be their custom iterators used directly as an argument to a function?
Checking if an NSString contains base64 data
Android Actionbar Up button versus system Back button
sending data in dictionary in database using python
Moving animation off screen with scroll view
Speed up return of linq/entity result
How can I configure Eclipse with Guice's Javadoc?
CSS HTML How to align image within div to bottom right
CFLoop Error For Missing Entries
Grouping patients and showing repeat visits
iOS5.0 MFMailComposerViewController in UIPopoverController animates off screen when keyboard pops up
Label (or span) not fading out? [closed]
Why do I need to type c-u 0 first when I call byte-recompile-directory function in emacs?
Zipping a complete visual studio project
Config for serving website on nginx server via sub url
Phonegap IOS Android how to protect info www in APP and APK
efficient one-sided communication
Gmail & Google Drive integration [closed]
Google Document List API and Google Drive SDK
Which is preferable for comparison with each other - List<int> or int[]?
Rails 3 - Image Attachments and Performance
Printing permutations from raw_input without brackets and commas?
DataGridView hidden column doesn't stay hidden
Dynamically updating page if user connects/disconnects from Facebook?
Posting an arbitrary amount of text areas
Best practice when using a Rails app to overwrite a file that the app relies on
C# - Parse Year/Month from multiple files, run program and create new file in subfolders (year/month)
Check if Multiple WebViews have finished Load
.net MVC 3 displaying values in a many-to-one virtual object
Mysql Event scheduler on Linux
MySql: the rules that define the values? [closed]
Maven copy src/main/resources/services folder to /META-INF
RollingFileAppender custom setting not working [duplicate]
Why does knockout.js have a reputation for being better for small projects, backbone.js for big?
Is there a relation between RTTI and exceptions?
How to keep position and names of nodes in Igraph + C
How to store a pdf file in postgresql database using servlets?
ASPxUploadControl - preview image before uploading?
Using Task with .Net 4.0 vs .Net 4.5?
I have 2 databases that have the same structure, how to use them / interface them with Linq O/R?
Communication between 2 ListBoxes in WPF
鈮�Reasoning and 'with' patterns
check URL for text and then add class to li using jquery or js
MatLab Plotting Function Matrix Dimension Error
polymophism of pointers
Why can't i RemoveAllObjects of NSMutableArray in iOS?
How to use :inverse_to in ActiveRecord
Is there any free owl reasoner that can reason without load all data into memory?
Mod_rewrite isn't working as intended
Django ManyToManyField doesn't highlight selected items
C Private Variables Get and Set methods
Android: RatingBar's value, which is in a ListView, isn't correctly saved in the database
Can we implement method overloading in web service class?
Remove ajax call from regular links with jQuery Mobile
JQuery not applying on JSF Dynamic UI Component
How to strip file extensions with cmake (or any other portable build tool)?
Open UINavigationController with UITableViewController
CSS positioning issue. Element not Displayed where Called
Convert project Qt to file .exe for window
CodeIgniter - Select data from db, common to all views
How to declare optparse.Values type as global
Android: How to show menu only in specific activities?
JQuery: Select is populated but displayed text is old
rijndael 256 key
rijndael 256 key
Setting current directory for Interactive Console in pydev (Eclipse) at console startup
php mysql select box
Database Design Advice - Annual Data
Composite C1 - nopCommerce integration
UIWebView not filling a UITableView cell
Any delegate method for contentOffset change notification after deleteRowsAtIndexPaths
Facebook Like HTML5 Canvas
Fast Zero result filtering with Core Data
This RelativeLayout layout or its LinearLayout parent is useless
Toggling div kind control
umbracoNaviHide not working in Where statement
no text field, text area or password field with id, name, or label ' ' found (Capybara::ElementNotFound)
Symfony2: Secure deleting object
Xcode shortcut to open the document items list
Cannot use android BluetoothAdapter on HTC Desire HD
Timestamp conversion in Oracle for YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format
Eclipse multiple contexts plugin
Mysterious Segmentation fault in string reversal
Android SecurityException on PDF Send Intent
The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.
Load Assembly of a Project
Python alternative for GNU R [closed]
CodeBlocks and OpenCV on Mac (Snow leopard)
How to make textbox onBlur event fire dynamically on Button click
Fetching owner-uploaded or user-uploaded photos from Google Maps
Team and layers programing java+spring+hibernate+flex+jstl
connect to website using eclipse/ develop-debug locally or not?
SSAS -> Age of a person -> Attribute or Measure or both?
passing option to ant in cruisecontrol
how to wrap an absolute div around 3 floating divs
How to user Core Data to construct my model object
activeadmin admin account cant access
Clone an existing database to a new database
Query using three terms in SQL/PHP
Usercontrol runtime width and height
Want to make a boolean field to behave like a radio button with its associated objects
Is there a universal way of iterating over a set or values of a dict in Python 2.7?
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable given when using 'sum()' on a list
Comments in JSF pages and configuration files after compilation
divide one value by another
Get Assembly name from view
Magic Casting to collection of results
Download an image from url and opening it in an image control in wp7
UCS-4 to multi-byte conversion on Solaris
Python: wget does not work in Eclipse
C - unsigned int to unsigned char array conversion
formtastic select, one entry selected as default
UIImageView in ModalViewController is Ignoring ContentMode - iPhone
Is there a way to sometimes require data from stdin and sometimes not in Java?
Custom picture for button in Android?
How to do a SQL self join with nulls
Order results from one MySQL table by another, which is saving multiple values into the order field
What is Causing Such a High Load on CPU (From MySQL)?
How to use RewriteRule to handle both HTTP and HTTPS access
Joomla 1.5 with JCE editor 154 - IE9 issues
Location within a building using the wifi hotspot
x3dom artefact rendering
Batch file for running programs (they don't wait for me)
How to select a specific item from a collection of items?
Wordpress yearly archives for current category
Entity Framework - 鈥淭he relationship between the two objects cannot be defined鈥�error, but I think I'm using the same context
Redirecting command output to a variable in bash fails
How can I drag and drop a picture from Explorer onto a WPF control?
powershell 2.0 unable to get Internet Explorer logs
Unable to cast object of type
Loading jQuery in a blogger post causes it to freeze
Is batching queries to FQL with per-request access_tokens not allowed? It isn't working
GridView Search based on the Key Value pair in the URL
Objective C - Incompatible pointer types assigning to 'int*'
Visual Studio - Web Development and Debugging
GAE Memcache Read Write Issue
Deploying an application for any cpu. Reading HKLM registry
Using Twisted AMP with Database insertion
Match exactly N repetitions of the same character
How to AutoFixture.CreateAnonymous<>() on class with internal ctor
Find and remove items from object
New MinGW gcc doesn't do anything
In Google Analytics, is there any way to exclude traffic from a source, but only when the traffic uses a certain Service Provider?
Adding/Removing/Selecting Values of ComboBox in DatagridView
Combine two maps into a third
Cocos2d: Can't seem to create child sprites correctly using class or instance method
C# webservices. Convertable to 鈥渟tring鈥�is required
Count the number of subsequent groups in an array
Is there a name for this function or pattern?
jquery each + $.get doesn't work
Unexpected Program Stoppage on Arduino
check if a file is executable
Lock objects in Qt like C#
What is the _references.js used for?
How to correct a foreach loop and get the wanted number of arrays deep?
objective c - Proper use of beginBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler
ClassNotFoundException / RuntimeException
Format rails data
Color coding certain regex match in a textarea?
How to add a MonadThrow instance to ResourceT Monad Transformer in a Warp Server
Can you reverse geocode multiple coordinates using a single request URL with Google Maps?
how to move view with my finger in iphone Objective-c
How to deal with custom configuration on versioned files? - git [duplicate]
BinaryReader and BinaryWriter file handle in Delphi Prism
how to set conditional bin program creation using autotools
create folder in python
WIF and Subdomains
NHibernate constraints associations of a parent class are dropped on the subclass
Ambiguous column name not detected or warned for some columns [duplicate]
Programmatically activating a custom TinyMCE button
SQL Server 2008 High CPU usage
Is it possible to send a Facebook request without a dialog?
Could a package have more than one launch intent?
modify java3d SceneGraph dynamically
How to open TimeSpanPicker on a Button (Coding4Fun toolkit)
Changes to imported makefile don't trigger rebuild in android-ndk
how to display current user's name in [closed]
SQL Pivot with String
Match overflowing box height to its parent box
SOAP HttpRequest and the Nagle Algorithm
Trigger onMouseOver when mouse pointer already is over after page load
Is it a good practice to call Struts action through constructor in another action?
(SAS) - Creating a dummy variable for ``switching''
Facing odd error in lex/yacc program
Issue getting image width after dynamic load. Why?
Ruby rails - drop down size properties
Saving Files From Folder Into SQL Database In Windows Forms VB EF
what is the symbol that looks like space, but not a space? (not a &nbsp;)
Using URL Rewrite 2.0 in IIS7 and cleaning POSTs
I'm stuck on my Android program
Is there an equivalent of echo in c#
T-SQL GROUP BY over a dynamic list
Advantage of PHP's explicit variable when used in closure
Understanding a self-deleting program in C++
What does $_files array contain? How to reference it?
How to create a Meeting Request using C# TimeZoneInfo class with the 4.6.5 Time Zone Component VTIMEZONE
How to insert synthetic mouse events into X11 input queue
Create Div with Absolute
Error in SQL statement
How would I move code to a different class?
Struts 2 property not being read from properties file
鈥淐onstructor FileReader in class filereader.FileReader cannot be applied to given types鈥�
H1 tag and P tag on the same line?
Sharedpreferences in Android returns null when called from another activity
Python- ArcMap - Calculate Fields
Android - Is the groupId of sdcard_rw always 1015?
Transfer Data From App to App?
How to see what header fields (cookies) are being set for HTTP requests using NSURLConnection?
Android LocationLister implemented in IntentService never execute the OnLocationChanged() method
JQuery Image Slider Inline, Different Size Images
Reliable way to loop a downloaded video in HTML5?
Large on disk array for numpy
Release handle on file. ImageSource from BitmapImage
Process Scheduling mechanism in Linux
Simple SignalR Chat
Set up Arduino to connect remotely [closed]
Is it possible in theory to prove using a static analysis tool that Java code has no race conditions? [closed]
JQuery Pull <a href
Using pattern matching in an abstract class to call a method that depends on a type
jQuery Click function triggers SWFObject On Different DIV 鈥�But Only In Firefox
unicode to binary?
In-App Purchases 鈥渨aiting for review鈥�for a lot of time [closed]
subtracting times in vb
package java.servlet does not exist
Why isn't my navigation list not floating left?
Curl request with digest auth in PHP for download Bitbucket private repository
OpenCV: 3D Matrix on GPU
Function populates first listbox but not the second from a database table
Detecting of popover dismiss
EclipseLink error: Entity class has no primary key specified. It should define either an @Id, @EmbeddedId or an @IdClass
Formatting data extracted by entities
C# enumerate datatables in chunks of 1000
HTML, CSS - Sticky footer displays over content on screen resize
HTML5 canvas linear gradient doesn't work for me
SQL Server Open File From Image Field
Subset data /extracting data based on first 7 letters
ASP.NET MVC, EF: Make action methods return List instead of IEnumerable
How to append a table with cells that contain clickable SPANs
How to override a Play 2.0 dependency at runtime?
Can I add multiple translate animation to one AnimationSet
Regular expression(javascript) to extract a string preceded by some constant string
How to increase speed of accessing large amount of data in google cloud SQL
Controller repeating in URL in CodeIgniter
Why is the whole ArrayList list removed when calling the remove method?
Is there any language can get the name of a local variable or passing parameter?
perform forcasting based on daily time series data [duplicate]
Codeigniter Validation Error While Using 0 value in an input
onDestroy() while 鈥渨aiting鈥�for onActivityResult()
Prevent MacPorts from installing pre-built package?
Organizing and optimizing large tables
Total available memory for memory management logic
Equation visualization for WPF project
Multiprocessor Boost::Thread? All threads running on one processor
CSS HTML how to ignore some css for non ie7 or ie8
Dynamics CRM DDL? - Easiest way to convey set of changes to another instance
Facebook decoding Json
Why is ScrollView sometimes (!) not scrolling when scrollTo is called (in an onClick event)
How to execute code after html form reset with jquery?
sYSMALLOc: Assertion failed - How can I solve?
how url_for can check constraints from my routes.rb
Mitigate xss attacks when building links
Rails 3.2.1 login with two possible answers: js or html
Attempting to retrieve value from a dynamic custom control
How can I add to an image an HTML link using Google Chrome extension?
Facebook decoding Json
Why is ScrollView sometimes (!) not scrolling when scrollTo is called (in an onClick event)
How to execute code after html form reset with jquery?
sYSMALLOc: Assertion failed - How can I solve?
how url_for can check constraints from my routes.rb
Mitigate xss attacks when building links
Rails 3.2.1 login with two possible answers: js or html
Attempting to retrieve value from a dynamic custom control
How can I add to an image an HTML link using Google Chrome extension?
What is a long-term method I can use to uniquely identify an iOS device?
In which library should an abstract factory interface and an actual factory be defined?
Core Location not updating after accept prompt
KeyProperty object has no attribute get
Connection pooling on a Tomcat 7
ZIndex on different visual trees
What would be the expected time to find all users passwords in UNIX using dicitionary attack?
Can I programmatically override client app.config WCF endpoint addresses?
SSO authentication against active directory using sourceforge spnego
Fourier Transform and Fourier Descriptors to extract shapes features on Java
UIPopoverViewController resized automatically
Android Spinner is not fully visible in custom ListView
Delete pointer error
Sockets.Connected is always true?
breaking out of _.filter()
php javascript partial page reload
tail recursive/efficient function to count list items (without using List.count/Seq.count)
Spring Security CAS implementation in web service
Difference between hashmap 1.4 and 1.6
SSRS no data in report
Does exist something like cvShowImage for iOS?
how to set and jboss.bind.address.unsecure to the same value as jboss.bind.address?
How can I create an if/elseif/else statement based on an object literal in javascript
Importing an external Application to run in Visual Studio
Hibernate Performance Best Practice?
openid validate return false
Thread safe UIImage resizing?
Swapping list elements with jQuery
MultipleActiveResultSets enabled but not working
Prevent an Android application from getting closed/stopped
Form update() not returning id in 4.2
VB real-time chart, collecton was modified; enumeration error
setFetchBatchSize doesn't seem to work properly
Inheritance confused for association in Entity Framework
Program to display the first 100 prime numbers is not displaying
Google Maps: Building a Custom University Map, Where to Begin? [closed]
WCF Client / Java Web Service - SOAP
Class to count variables design issue
Bringing back an 鈥渙verridden鈥�window method
Exclude directory during jenkins checkout
Inserting a single value into a column with a where clause
Solr Index Strategy for Q&A Websites
jQuery when all elements have a class do something
Is there a way of using MultiMapping and QueryMultiple together in Dapper?
regex restrict to one semicolon
Interesting Property Behavior
button click event not firing in
How to add source file (.cs) to resources (.resx) in a pre-build event?
Spring MVC - no DAO service layer, how to get current session for criteria query
PYTHON - Comparing two different files; if a line containing an ID already exists then update else append the line
How to add event handler to local variable in VB.NET
Why only one delegate?
Error with BigDecimal
How to detect a forced update
Android Listview with sections
Interfaces, properties and reflection
Zeus rewrite.script - multiple directories
Adobe Flex : how to have data shared between 3 tabs on a TabNavigator
memory game java [duplicate]
How to decompress bitmap in VB.Net Server that was compressed by Java Client
How to optimize Cartesian product
Error when I use SpecialCells of AutoFilter to get visible cells in VBA
adding Overlay to a MapView in osmdroid
Migration attribute not being recognized yielding ActiveRecord::UnknownAttributeError
Sorting a list of objects with the order of an List of object-Ids [closed]
what is the best algorithm to traverse a graph with negative nodes and looping nodes
Rails dosn't reload class under ajax request
C struct to void* pointer
Can the HTML5 <nav> element be used to group links that filter or reorder main content?
jQuery Draggable overflow:auto issue
array_shift function is not working properly in php
How do you run an R program from Java?
PHP not converting JSON using 'json_decode()'
Select statement to show next 'event' in the future
Advice on having videos on the device vs an alternative
MySQL Append results from query to current record?
Deploying Several Instances of an App with Presto
XML DOMDocument php - query
Is there a difference between the `if else` and the `if-else if-else`?
Select Statement Not Working
RequireJS - pass parameters into module for initialization [duplicate]
Is it possible to extend an existing TypeConverter?
Python (lists) strings are anagrams or not? [closed]
Call RangeValidator on RowCommand
PHP Email TABLE format not working in code
How to disable pointers usage in JS?
How to use OAUTH to login user using 500PX API
unique_ptr<T> lambda custom deleter for array specialization
How do I put this into a variable?
INSERT IGNORE increases auto increment counter even no record is added?
RequireJS - pass parameters into module for initialization [duplicate]
Is it possible to extend an existing TypeConverter?
Python (lists) strings are anagrams or not? [closed]
Call RangeValidator on RowCommand
PHP Email TABLE format not working in code
How to disable pointers usage in JS?
How to use OAUTH to login user using 500PX API
unique_ptr<T> lambda custom deleter for array specialization
How do I put this into a variable?
INSERT IGNORE increases auto increment counter even no record is added?
how to update specific row in mysql database without using INDEX
Error in Dashboard in adding image during runtime
PHP-cURL --> follow a ruby redirection
GWT CellTable getVisibleRange() is not what i except
Passing data between different views
jQuery Previous and Forward issue
Is this sql query valid (many-to-many relation)
android Window Soft Input Mode : when the job is done, do it again SelectToken with embedded 鈥�鈥�
Link to another page using Twitter Bootstrap jquery modal in rails
How to bind an object to a ComboBox, but update a different object when it changes?
Index Vectors with Factors in R
ASP.Net MVC4 Web API via ExtJs 4 - sometimes returns XML sometimes JSON
Application has stopped unexpectedly please try again Android [duplicate]
Sort over ManyToOne Relationship with KnpPaginatorBundle in Symfony2
NetlinkListener and NetlinkEvent error messages
How to match all words that does not contain two digits in a row?
Using SDL with Xcode 4.3
dvblast and gstreamer
Zend_Translate and translation issues
Why does (g)awk reverse these lines of output?
How to access current values from a Chef data bag?
Rails loses nested attribute children on form error
heterogeneous task & homogeneous task
How to exclude a class constructor using a dotCover filter?
NSIS on solaris
(Java) Java cannot find my Image File
How does naming an anonymous function in JavaScript make a difference?
SSIS: OnPostExecute OnError issue
Find out error rate using sklearn
using simplexml objects inside an array
place label on top on textfield
store CCLabelTTF color in GameConfig.h
Read/Write plist on iPhone iOS 5
ShareKit won't display all my Sharers
I can't update a specific slide and I get a 鈥淧owerpoint content error鈥�
How to overlay level plots in R?
passing variable to mongodb query in perl
AJAX status 12030
Do I have to use a disconnected approach when only inserting in a database?
鈥淪titch鈥�Together WAV Files [closed]
Android List + Adapter shows only first entry
Moving XCode location Breaks Monotouch compiling via MonoDevelop
How to send parameters via the URL to PHP from Flex HttpService
How can I tell how many worker dynos I'm using on Heroku?
How to force implementation of a nested abstract class in an abstract class in Java?
Listview with dynamic columns
Using WordPress WP_Query for Custom Queries using C#
converting regular expression from BBdit to php
How to factorize the model in controllers?
Can I optionally retrieve fields which are objects in either protobuf-net or NHibernate?
How should sonar be configured to work with StyleCop 4.7
Android Application To Store Image And Text And Show Via ListView
problems taking photo 鈥渙nActivityResult鈥�
Android: Webview - Starting a service through a JS interface. Wrong context?
OnStudentIDChanged no definition [closed]
Insert two consecutive single quotes using psycopg
JSON object sort
Bada, Static pointer crash
Xcode: Why is my timer counting 2 seconds on every tick?
Binary Upload WCF corrupt .mov File
How to access individual facebook feed through feedID after creation
HTML CSS: Aligning 3 divs & the elements within to the bottom
Tomcat process blocks other process from rebinding to porton restart
JavaScript - Turning a switch on, then off
Getting Directions from Google Static Map for a Mobile Site
Google Apps Engine Dev Server Error
obj c uiwebview facebook comments make app slow
ant -f </path/to/build> build-service causes many differences with git repo
Error using DLL from other project - ConfigurationManager
Python PIL jpeg quality
Android SDK. Access old variable in new Thread
Using custom Caret in JTextField for accessibility
htaccess removing extensions
Issue autoloading multiple language files in Codeigniter
massive DB storing common calculated values vs/ calculating it on the fly
Unable to cast object of type 'System.Data.DataView' to type 'System.Data.IDataReader'
how to create class that that has a list in it, and the list should contain two different kind of objects
Problems with Eclipse and Google Drive
DELPHI: Master-Detail using ClientDataSet and CalcFields
PHP with MSSQL Insert NULL error
IPV6 notation of $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']
GUI in C with GTK+, first steps
Tiny mce template content non-editable
C# - getting value of SelectedItem in Windows Forms application
How to copy ALL photos from a drive to a flash drive
Delete Image Via Radio Button
Contraints Satisfaction Prob (CSP) R
PHP user authentication and security methods: LDAP-AD, and SQL Server
Run functions in different files
JavaScript .split function does not work in all browsers
regex - unrecognized escape sequence
Difficulty using JQUERY AJAX to retrieve data from MYSQL
How to show help files during installation of an application?
Locating the external scripts
Is there any way to get gcc or clang to warn on explicit casts?
Leaking this constructor [duplicate]
Highlight for selected item in expandable list
Get a a process window handle by click in C#
Print combination of characters given a sequence
catch all application exceptions and PHP errors in production environment
plot a log natural and get gamma of image
SQL time stamp to millisecond
Windows 8 bottom app bar
Eager loading with OData
On open src what licenses allow me to sell my app [closed]
Detect cubic curve with Hough transform
How to build change sets from a stream - RTC source control
jQuery search as you type with ajax
Exporting Several XtraGrid Controls to a Single Excel File
Django-registration: how to include a custom backend?
reinterpret_cast and use with CV_MAT_ELEM
Low memory disc space + startVideoCapture method returns true
C# / JQuery webservice call gives 500 error
Android adb won't let me enter commands
Constructing the formula for randomForest classification and then using predict
Certain size from collection, including second filter with HQL?
gdata Zend PHP Google Docs Supported Filetypes
RavenDB and IDocumentStoreListener
Need to reduce Query Time
Objective-c syntax for 2d array instance variable
Get rid of Gutter in TwitterBootstrap
Can AsyncResult be thought of as serializable FutureTask?
WCF & DataContract consumed by .net 2 client
Javascript auto select multiple if value is array
SoapClient LibXMLError: failed to load external entity, SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load
Preventing swipe scrolling on an iPad HTML5 ad
Calling excute() more than once on named cursor in Python
What is the best practice to send unlimited email using PHP [closed]
M2_REPO and m2eclipse
How dangerous is it to use runModalForWindow from multiple threads?
sql double multiple column key
Accessing Metadata from currently playing audio. (Builtin or External App)
Rendering Image into label
QT and C++: can't call function outside main() function
Simple JMeter Test does not work
finding a child object in list declared as the parent object
Django sites framework and Heroku
Using DbLinq in IronPython
How dangerous is it to use runModalForWindow from multiple threads?
sql double multiple column key
Accessing Metadata from currently playing audio. (Builtin or External App)
Rendering Image into label
QT and C++: can't call function outside main() function
Simple JMeter Test does not work
finding a child object in list declared as the parent object
Django sites framework and Heroku
Using DbLinq in IronPython
Jquery Mobile and Phonegap : can't choose a value in the select
Hibernate - Removing an object reference without removing the object
Multi-Selection in Rails/Formtastic
Auto select <option> added to <select>
Spring interface loading
start a new activity button pressing a button
MySQL update not performing action
How to bind stage resizing with resizing of components?
Trying to replace height and width values in PHP
unixodbc driver manager cannot open specified library on install
In playframework 2.0, how do I use the session object in templates?
Hate reCAPTCHA - CakePHP Captcha Alternative? [closed]
VCS: push only source code directory
SQL query works sometimes
RequireJS loads scripts before the view is initialized
django with ssl redirect and ajax post gives a 301 error
Reducing 'apparent' page load times-how to load assets 'in the background'?
object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property
PhoneGap AlertDialog List
jQuery Selector Bug with <object> element in IE 6 & 7? Or did I miss something
about the figure with java applet
Excel macro to concatenate one row at a time to end of file
SSRS with SSAS as datasource and parameters
ASP.NET MVC3 generic controler
cakephp pagination link with #hash
Bind column header visibility without losing global style
XNA 4 2D Tiled Sprite - Weird Line
ECC RSA Key Exchange Source Code
if else and awk 鈥�correction needed in my command
Uploading new files to a git repository directly through the github web application
Redgate SQL Data Generator -> Reviewing sqlgen project -> What does 鈥淪ame as mapped data鈥�mean?
jQuery tabs not working in IE6-7
mysql query to show count of distinct result
iOS 5.1 UIWebView crash the iOS simulator after loading a PDF file
ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity Error - concerning time_select in formtastic?
Optimizing JaxRS/Jackson
how to pad comma separated string with php?
Jquery .removeClass not working inside setTimeout
Running time of an application in Visual Studio
Select all objects with a specified value
IDropTarget with x64
Cannot change type to nullable in generic method
Checkboxes filter using jQuery
How do you ad stylesheets to JSDOM
Move images with mouse click instead of mouse over JQuery Smooth Div Scroll
How to hide or display a Google Maps Layer?
How to add a NSColorPicker to the application's main window?
Perl module error regarding 鈥渦ndefined subroutine鈥�
Avoiding redundancy in updating an object's properties
first_value' is not a recognized built-in function name
Unknown characters after formatting date on ipad(ios)
Jquery plugin menu - bind or live
Sphinx search is not working in my wamp environment?
JS DOM equivalent for JQuery append
Django user activated apps on site
How to display sequence numbers in Matlab in a better way?
problems when receiving form array with only one element in javascript
Hadoop DistributedCache
JSF 2 - Dynamic Menu Items not always triggering
Assigning individual View Models to Nested Views?
C# How to Create a Custom (dynamic) class with Dynamic Linq using XElement in runtime
Difficulty Reading XML File
How to SELECT from object type column in Oracle 11g?
Check if component existed or not VC++ 2008
Android Activity Autorefresh/
Using a list inside a map (Java)
OAuth Header WSDL Web service
CVPixelBufferRef to NSImage
C++ templates,errors where used std iterators
how to display uwsgi erros with nginx as the reverse proxy
How Does PKaeding Do It?
How Can we implement HeaderCheckBox to Checked && UnChecked based on the Items selected in Telerik Gridview?
Unbalanced parenthesis python
Debranding wp-admin with htaccess
JasperServer: using user locale in query for input control
How do I handle a button tap according to Clean Code principles?
jquery drag image into text and show url of that image
Error when activating javascript-enabled browser button
Wordpress to show visitor's IP in the title
httpd server not loading sending web page
How to retrieve playerGroup attribute from GKTurnBasedMatch?
Adview not found when building with Ant
VB ASP.Net Export to Excel: Name worksheet tab
Json On Complete Run Function
How To Change Image Sizes in Racket
Does the 鈥淪et next statement鈥�feature exist in Chrome's Dev Tools or in Firebug?
Reading socket: EAGAIN: Resource temporarily unavailable
sed with newlines and
JPA , many-to-many relation, deleting all previous relations and entering the new relations
Perl: Sorting 2D array with multiple columns based on a particular column
Why does Tinymce fails to initiate once jquery dialog box is closed and reopened?
jrebel exclude file ( )
how to get role from id in sql membership provider?
python tkinter: unresolved functions of text widget
Page Templates and User Groups - Liferay
Why am I getting an OleDbException when updating an Excel cell multiple times?
C# Form Application: How to avoid deleting the unwanted events 鈥渕anually鈥�from InitializeComponent()?
subnav bar collapsed with twitter bootstrap
How to create a list of 1000 random number in erlang?
Not redrawing the page when the user presses the Back Button (Using $_GET variables in PHP)
jQuery UI: pass id of element dragged and dropped to a function mvc - how do I validate a checkbox?
Domain isn't loading with www
Modified scientific notation in colorbar ticks
EF 4.3 Reverse Code First: Eager loaded related entities are null
gdb not setting breakpoint on correct line
jQuery Modal Confirmation Onload Open
JavaScript redirect it isn't working on server, but on localhost?
How to access the notifyIcon from another class
WCF service and push notification service
UltraChart DataBinding Problems
Android paid app, free download for publisher?
Join by date and time ranges
notification doesn't start activity
How to flush a socket in my code
Sencha Touch, How to change the tabpanel active item from a view
Is it necessary to use JSNI to implement a custom tooltip in an GWT app (or a popup is enought)?
how can I access my public method from aspx code behind to a public class?
How to do the equivalent of eval-last-sexp on Clojure code
Mapping use Automapper
Is there a jQuery function to 鈥渟hortcut鈥�a if/else switch?
using oledb inside class
JSF+Primefaces p:ajax on p:selectOneMenu not firing
buddypress: how do i make the group description excerpt shorter?
Symfony2: Strange form behaviour
How to allow an animation to complete without being interupted?
Maven-Jetty-Plugin. Hot redeploy .war
Should maxLength restriction for string datatype in XSD be based on pre- or post-encoded data?
How do I trigger a Jenkins build of a single module in a multi-module Maven build from Subversion?
loading page inside a div using jquery
Excluding admin.php from working rewrite rule [closed]
signed:ness optimization 鈥渂ug鈥�in gcc
Pause jQuery Cycle with Video.js
SDL_ttf doesn't run correctly
Grep Regex for Mac Address
What is causing this NoClassDefFoundError error?
change listview's select threshold distance
Xcode 4.3.2 will not show full caller stack in debugger, only current function?
Accessing GroupStyle's DataTemplate controls from code-behind
Javascript encodeURI like function in postgresql?
Need little explanation about GC [closed]
C#.Net Fails to read some EXIF data from JPG Image
Rewrite .htaccess to subdirectory
ajax fade in or fade out effect, without jQuery
20 km/miles around a lat, long
running axis2 as a part of my project
Android Fragment table display
Rails 3 - Best way to avoid asset isn't precompile error on production? [duplicate]
Web page at data:text/html not available with certain WebView text/html content strings
MySQL/PHP Error:[2002] Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted
manage_pages permission
Percentile plot with ggplot2 / Bars with y and yend?
toDataURL does not work for html5 canvas with an SVG image
File (to delete) not Found, but file was deleted in batch script
Good profiling methods for spring applications on Java EE server
Copying and pasting command prompt causes frozen console application to progress
Deserialize protected constructor with Jackson
looking for tutorials or books explain in details AndroidCamera and SurfaceView? [closed]
check if a string contains a numeric value
Drag Down UIView in iOS 5
Trying to play music in Java program
WCF service file access through stream
Why doesn't a Rails 3.2.2 new application include lib/assets in the asset paths?
500 internal error for Ajax and jQuery .Load() functions, visiting url directly works fine. 1and1 Server
remove iOS simulator plugins
What's the best way to map a record in one format to another?
Why does maven not see the release as the latest snapshot?
x64 performance compared to x86
Jquery CSS How To Use Margin: 0 auto
Java client-server / one thread multiple clients
javascript regex - whats wrong with my very simple regex?
Can we manage multiple screens with one Activity
What is the theory behind the Android Bluetooth Oscilloscope
Right align currency text using jQuery
Ajax component updates before actionListener called?
Adobe air multiple apps in one installer
update record without refreshing/leaving page
Sum an IIF in MDX
jndi + spring tutorial
Regaining focus to main activity after making a call from phonegap
Changing Wordpress Gallery Structure
Decision tree vs. Naive Bayes classifier
Autofac OnRelease() not being called
Copy a column from one table to another in mysql (two different databases)
Cannot click hidden button by JavaScript
iOS UIAutomation Simulator 5.0: The target application appears to have died
Database not displaying in Management Studio but data file present in DATA directory
How to make when user to vote only one time per post?
How to use where > date in django orm?
ActiveRecord to_json: conditionally include associations
update record without refreshing/leaving page
Sum an IIF in MDX
jndi + spring tutorial
Regaining focus to main activity after making a call from phonegap
Changing Wordpress Gallery Structure
Decision tree vs. Naive Bayes classifier
Autofac OnRelease() not being called
Copy a column from one table to another in mysql (two different databases)
Cannot click hidden button by JavaScript
iOS UIAutomation Simulator 5.0: The target application appears to have died
Database not displaying in Management Studio but data file present in DATA directory
How to make when user to vote only one time per post?