ActiveRecord to_json: conditionally include associations
Jersey and JSON
qplaintextedit line spacing
breaking out to multiple loops
How to use unordered lists (UL), ordered lists (OL), and list items (LI)鈥�when building an epub for iBooks?
C++ backtrace with this=0x0 in various frames
Unit testing Hibernate with multiple database catalogs
Response.Flush with MVC Result is not working
jQuery quantity (input val) + / - buttons not working on IE7
@DbRef is not saving child object automatically in spring data mongodb
Multiple classes using EF code first
Inserting new row very slow in Excel 2003 vba
Select table rows between 2 rows
php serialize function parsing error
Append inputs according to select value jQuery
jquery ajax call to jsp page input undefined
What is the pythonic way to implement sequential try-excepts?
Creating a varying default for a drop box option
Java Client-Server communication to register a product
How can i sum two polynomials? in python
Which profiling technique is best suited for analyzing program behaviour [closed]
documenting php and defining possible values of a function parameter
Conditional unique constraint in oracle db
Export everything into swf?
Using Twitter API on shared server - Rate limit exceeded even though I am caching the response
Is a c++ windows service more stable than a .Net windows service -?
netbeans collapse comment block
Back button in programitically created Views
WCF IsOneWay = true report Exception
javascript, issue with number rounding
windows phone 7 twitter [closed]
Programmatically change to a tty from an embedded qt application running on QWS framebuffer?
Why Use Redis instead of MongoDb for Caching? [closed]
How do I check for null values in a Wicket Textfield?
Fixing a div to a certain position (stays fixed with window resize)
Magento How to link to category by id from static block/page
Android Remove Soft Keyboard when touching the listview
How to detect if a database structure changed? (not content!)
Change storage of globals in python [closed]
Is visual source safe come along with VS2010 or should we buy separately
Using jQuery to Hover over one element and apply the effect in another
How do I prevent a blank last page?
Java/ Using Junit 4 gives compilation error
Running remotely Linux script from Windows and get execution result code
Collaborative environments using git and xml data
Google Chrome font optimization
Read-only access to brush in Backgroundworker
Combining 'AND' and 'OR' Condition in NSPredicate
Making Fortran dll and calling it from C#
Informix ODBC Query Appends Time on a date field
git: change origin of cloned submodule
lock a database or a set of tables from C# Linq 4.0?
Internet Explorer displaying XML attributes in random order
Passing an expression tree as a parameter to another expression tree in EntityDataModel
Calculate the number of holidays between two dates in C#?
c# textbox characters that can cause my SQL query to stop working
How to protect a program from losing data if it is interrupted?
Find the `{}` part which doesn't have outer `{}` by regex
SQL select & count from two tables
mongodb compare two different fields using java driver
ASP.NET System.Data.EntityClient connection string help (Entities)
Android to call from a virtual number
Android NullPointerException at android.view.ViewConfiguration
How to make gwt's RichTextArea detect content pasting and cutting events?
Two jQuery DataTables - attempting to reload, show/hide columns, etc - fails for one of the the DataTables but not the other
Jenkins build error
Inserting File to Google Drive through API
ASP.NET MVC - is it better to use custom JQuery validation as opposed to using Model annotations?
Save a grid as bytes
migrating business logic to services: alternatives to Thrift
Java templated wrapper class that lets you modify object once
Getting Camera to work well in Portrait mode
How to update text with canvas.drawText in OnDraw? Android
How to setup PostGIS with an existing database?
DNS Server not propagating sub-domain
CyclicBarrier and CountDownLatch?
C++: can't pass an object instance to another class because of the #include loop
How to add video to nivo slider?
Use variables in pattern matcher
Facebook registration plugin redirect
C++ Alternative to System() for starting multiple command prompts. WINAPI ( No MFC )
Inconsistent behavior using IDataReader.Read()
Googletest - DeathTest does not catch assertion from Qt application such as Q_ASSERT etc.
Quickfix duplicate code with different fix versions
add custom widget to QTableWidget cell
c# sql insert with a lot of parameters
Create an Android Magazine Application using Phonegap
Magento require a user to accept t&c's before they can access the site
Negate unary operator in Hibernate QL
Stepping Into / Debugging Interface Implementer
Is GeoTrust one of the trusted root certificates in Android => 2.3?
What are some common ways to cause memory leaks using JQuery/JavaScript?
Internet Explorer open outlook appointment javascript
Copy HTML and preserve events
How to find a node by name in a Json Tree?
Change SimpleCursorAdapter to listview in XML
how to use Backbone.js with the Symfony framework and or Apache Thrift
PQexecParams failure using single quotes
Facebook iOS SDK not returning user email
ORA-01017 Invalid username/password - Password/Username is correct
How to optimally serve static files with REST API back-end on Heroku
.bat to .sh converting for SQL*Loader Start on UNIX PC
PHP: COM object not created in schedule task (instead hangs)
Fill a HTML5 List with data from Android/Java Code
How to change icon of a empty folder in JTree? (FTP File)
Incrementing points along a line
WPF Inner Glow Effect
Weird value for counter variable in javascript [duplicate]
Accessing Ms CryptoAPI with java ( sunmscapi alternative)
What is Java runtime multilanguage for?
Why property is set while entity persist?
Multi country validation rules
How to check if bit is set in Hex-String?
How to preserve text transform formatting applied to input box?
simple analog for plotting a line from a table object in ggplot2
JDBC runs in pure Java, but not in Android
is session cookie secure enough to store userid?
Does jenkins support clusterring?
Create Alert Dialog inside of Handler
How to improve the page load time of a web site? [closed]
Where do you set up dependencies on or related to a php file for a heroku facebook application in php?
How to read MPP file into ASP.NET (C#) without any software installed
PHP Server Side Google Map API v3 Integration
How to get content out of a google map info window?
Override a standard button in Salesforce page
Extend HTML templates?
Performance difference between list of byte array and hashmap having byte array as value [closed]
Using boost memory pool with a class with vectors as member variables
Powershell - SaveAs function when file already exists
Where can I see TFLog output on
Scope of viewmodels in MVC 3
In Matlab axis, how to update only the data while keeping all the axis properties?
Get filtered data from dataset to datatable
How to save email attachment using OpenPop
404 error in gwt project- servlet is correctly defined in web.xml but still getting 404 error
Self-composed gnupg mime-mail displays as attachment rather than inline
Javascript: Acceptable way to referencing `this` from given two snippets
In Matlab axis, how to update only the data while keeping all the axis properties?
Get filtered data from dataset to datatable
How to save email attachment using OpenPop
404 error in gwt project- servlet is correctly defined in web.xml but still getting 404 error
Self-composed gnupg mime-mail displays as attachment rather than inline
Javascript: Acceptable way to referencing `this` from given two snippets
How to assign default value for a static default property of a class in C#? [duplicate]
Rails 3 and CSS
Entity framework update shows dbconcurrency while updating a record?
Pop up window - once on load and every 3 months after using Javascript Cookies
how to get color scheme in Liferay
Remove one directory component from path (string manipulation)
Create Floating Image Popup Window in Delphi XE (Windows 7)
Any limitations with svn and c# / visual studio?
Creating unique id and counter for the instances of the same class
Safe image upload in PHP
Rails 3 using MongoDB via mongoid adapter - is there any way to share attribute specifications without using Single-Table Inheritance?
Java RSA decryption and encryption with c#
Style the last DIV in a row of DIVs
How to get ajax commenting system to work from different directory?
Debugging email connection
How to add Different Strings in A stringList in a single statement in delphi 7?
Outlook addin custom button adding in drop down
Listing records owned by the same model?
Why would XNA not consistantly get TUIO Data from CCV?
Multipage Tiff compression
Paging in php displaying data over multiple pages
Handle many tasks, many times with Task Parallel
Display sdcard subfolder's images in gridview, and update it when changes
get MongoDB ObjectId in JSON via Javascript
Difference between 鈥渃omplexity鈥�metric and 鈥渃omplexity / method鈥�metric
Java ant jar task & class path issues
How to convert integer to text for usage in textfield java-blackberry
mysqli multi_query and insert_id gets me Commands out of sync;
powershell getting just the lowest level directory name for a file from split-path
Exclude File <input type='file'> on form submission
Stored Procedure stops if 鈥淪ELECT fieldname INTO var鈥�returns 0 rows
WPF Memory Usage with UserControls & Printing
Call functions of the program from another program
Can't Update with sqlcommand and Parameters
ASP.NET MVC: Facebook C# SDK 5.4.1 Logout
how to put textview on top of a datepicker
Bluetooth notifications for devices in range (Windows Mobile 6.5)
Find what range a number belongs to
ModelBinding a List of Editable Integers
How do I delete a branch from GitHub?
How safe can a random code generator (Php) be? Will mine get 鈥渉acked鈥�
Unable to get responsive right-align for mobile
Display an image in a Image container in WPF
Is is possible to retrieve the maximum declared size of a varchar(n) column?
Silverlight, bug with Dataform when adding and then removing entity with PagedCollectionView?
C# 鈥淚nitializers runs from derived to base鈥�is obvious with Unity but not otherwise
Cannot start mysqld_safe to reset root password
Changing the text color of Facebook like button
Pagination - checking for existence of next/previous record
silverlight autocomplete against async wcf service
InvalidCastException for COM object in Windows Server 2008
Killing TCP Client Threads of TCP Server in C#
codeigniter pagination after union
Is there a good methods to find user's all tags with acts-as-taggable-on?
recognize variables in assembly code [closed]
MVC3: How to change the generic [Required] validation message text?
How to get the result of the camera callback on html div, img,
advanced filter excel with c#
How to get a wordpress page appeared in google search [closed]
Video - sound - sensor capture in Java
Check if a file matches a wildcarded spec, in a given directory, with PHP
Detecting characters pressed in different languages using jQuery
connect mysql to postgresql
SWI-Prolog Finding Value Of X
ServiceStack default format
java load balancer and Queue management (like PBS)
Access SQL Subtract Dates excluding weekends
how to get result using joins from two tables? [closed]
Something strange with my sqlite method
How to Get Column index for Google data chart selection handler
Web2Py - Create table from user input
iOS: Synching changes in iPad .ipa file using iTunes
PHP - Syncing MySQL Contacts with Exchange
Checking valid combination of items in list
BULK INSERT from CSV does not read last row
dojox.Standby not showing until .hide() is called
How to call the RefreshTableView function in objective C?
Limit rows rendered by DataList
Code Snippet Application for Windows 7
Magento Style Error?
DirectX 9, 10, 11 Code Diffrences
Getting Google Analytics to see a test server
settimeout to blink of button
createAbsoluteUrl generates a path-like URL, how to avoid it?
wrong number of arguments (0 for 4) where have I gone wrong?
OpenAM: RESTFUL API - Encrypt/Encode Password
How do I connect to the Asana Rest API using c#?
setContentMode: for HJManagedImageV is not working for iOS
Rights that is needed to access the Active Directory?
Escape a url within a regular expression in a preg_replace
Android does not support database driver for Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL Server
Controller not being loaded?
Is script src=// valid?
Controlling the Camera's Auto-Exposure
C# Winform close opened window when call other window
tableView doesn't update it's datasource when App back from background state
Post form data to Controller's action with Ajax
Is there a way to make the checkbox html control display larger, maybe with CSS? [duplicate]
function dispose mootools.floor not work
Serializing an image as android
How to create custom MAPI dll to capture extended MAPI api calls
WaitForSingleObject times out too fast
PHP Image editing (am I doing it wrong ?)
Joomla - how to catch system events
How to make a div contenteditable and draggable
Is it possible to add observer or notification when statusBarOrientation changed?
Xcode's 4.3.2 Organizer freezes whenever I click the 鈥淎rchives鈥�tab
Does WCF Service work if User closes browser
A logcat error on Android EditText
linq to sql join on multiple columns using lambda
Postgresql DROP TABLE doesn't work
Yii set Virtual Attributes
jQuery validation plugin doesnt load
PHP search multiple fields issue
Customized Bootstrap into Less format [closed]
Why there are 5 Versions of Timer Classes in .NET? [duplicate]
How can I return my MVC4 partial view as json and is it a good thing to do?
Permutation and combination required
java/primefaces remoteCommand and commandButton into compositeComponent
best solution to show/hide a form which is running a thread
View not translating across to LINQ properly
Could I play recorded audio file of type .caf using MPMusicPlayerController?
How to build 64bit applications in MSVC++ 2008 Express?
Click Add to List button the item is added to the list text box
Identifying cryptography cipher [closed]
Regular Expression to clear attributes from a html tag
Exception Handling in case of Thread.sleep and wait() method in case of Threads
Codeigniter Multi Select insert values into database
richfaces 4.2.1.Final not working with jetty 8
jQuery datepicker - how to detect the trigger element
Generic class from type parameter
Suggestions for Detailed Application Permissions Architecture
Java RTF import, edit and export possible?
Find available wi-fi networks
SQL Table highest sequence number [duplicate]
MonoDroid LocationManager.RequestLocationUpdates gives Java.Lang.IllegalArgumentException exception
Proper return values in Java API?
How would I appropriately design a ViewModel to edit attendance for different Courses with varying amounts of days of attendance?
javascript - get domain ONLY from document.referrer
Testing a web method (with browser/Fiddler)
More than 15 KML-layers wont be visible on Google Maps API-based page
XPath - Select First Child element regardless of parent
Nested if statement. Following same condition every time
How can i read json with comment with Json.NET
Nitpicky ReSharper behavior, null reference with Request.Cookies
Watir : recognizing image button
Cuda returns no result when called from different threads
Validate an XML-file with only a part of an XSD-file in C#
ASP.NET MVC 3 storing additional user information in tables using Entity Framework Code First approach
C# & WPF - Cropping an image by using rectangle object
Looping through Text Boxes in .NET
How to add images to ScrollView dynamically?
Modal Loop in a GTK+ application
Knockout causing 鈥渟low running script鈥�warning in IE
Redis Queue Incorrect Ordering
Accurate market search via intent
Refactor C# code (help improve) [closed]
Crop image in c#
calling the function of child window from parent window on click event not working on safari and chrome
Selection of Collection API
Sort a Map in Java is not working
How to formulate IP forwarding rule using iptables
Object reference not set to an instance of an object - OracleDataReader
Tortoise SVN unable to authenticate password
a simple dos batch script鈥�! working as intended
What is the meaning of the using 0x1 in #define?
Rounded Corners only on Top of a UIView
What if object gets released before the completion of its method execution
Need to escape Special Characters in Java Web Application
JPopUpMenu does not hides/close when clicking outside my GUI
Position z-index issue in css child container front on parent div?
Bash ${!variable}
em-http-request - Where do I put my EventMachine.stop?
Can't run EMMA code coverage
passing parameters to jqueryui dialog box
OneToMany returns 1 result when no result should be returned?
Neural Network training using PSO in R
Regex to remove consecutive sets of 1-2 characters separated by spaces
Using Knockoutjs to dynamically adapt page content to language selection by user?
Loading a dll dynamically from another solution
Create custom form and custom action using Active Admin [RoR]
How do you reliably control sub process lifetime without having nested job objects?
WebBrowser.Document.Cookie does not take my CookieContainer cookies
Guide to writing OpenGL and OpenGL ES compatible code?
How to extend Castle Windsor LoggingFacility/ILogger
when looping through the DOM how do I check if I reached the body element?
Accessing the PC audio input stream
Connect function from winsock in a QObject inherited class
Populating a hidden form value based on user form entry without leaving the page
Convert Date time in 鈥淎pril 6th, 2012 鈥�format
How to edit a contact from Address book in iphone? [closed]
How can i download locally the samples of the Google Drive SDK?
Is is possible to send an e-mail using an Outlook form template but without the form scripts?
iOS GLSL Spherical Harmonic Shader. How Do I Raycast Using the iOS GPU
Capture Username in server side log file
How to call a javascript function with parameters on C#
Compare two instances of an object
How to test endianness in node.js
How to extend css class
Using imageCFC how can I create a image object?
Emacs: how to select all text in double-quotes automatically from current focused position?
How can i implement this?(listfragment, likes Setting Screenshot in Honeycomb)
Loading maptiles into a BingMap silverlight control
How to get list element to cover the entire height - CSS IE8 list element height
Why ItemCheck Event Of CheckList Box Always One Behind?
How to use standard field type file in joomla 2.5
Mac OS : runing app with old base SDK on recent version of OS
Active WCF STS from scratch to end
Why some permissions of Android are not listed in the original Android Developers page?
jQuery YouTube Popup Player Plugin shows scrollbars even if they not needed
sed first occurance text replacement
Android Composite View Initialization
monitor windows services with cygwin
Need help regarding very basic issue about .Net program execution flow and basic oops related [closed]
resize any image size image into 400Wx264H using c# for web application
Feature rich CMS/Blog to use with codeigniter app
Adding Access database to C# dataGridView (using only code)
CSS HTML How to make a larger image than div display in full in div
Now that Sync Services are becoming obsolete, what's a reliable alternative to syncing the contacts on OSX?
How define overlapping on wpf
jQuery datepicker - how to change the month using the API?
Detect end of ScrollView
NSStatusItem with Popover
ModelChoiceField: get only objects used as a Foreign Key in another object
Is it a good practise to store accessToken client-side?
div overflow on one side only?
Display image for a Yes or No value in mysql table display
RavenDb : Force indexes to wait until not stale whilst unit testing
retrieve the result of an ajax request as a variable
Events lists with one or more days length in next 14 days
Html form in email
RDLC how can I make text justify?
iOS GLSL. Is There A Way To Create An Image Histogram Using a GLSL Shader?
Strange SQL Error: The conversion of a varchar to a datetime resulted in an out-of-range value
Apache POI + Jython, Excel AutoSize Columns
Indexing multiple files in one file
how to highlight selected tab of master page in mvc3
How to get a datetime value from an Indonesian string
Sonar fxcop plugin with maven fails
opencv calls in shared library segfaults when used through python ctypes
how to authenticate sap web service with ksoap2
ColorConverter fails with parsing ScRGB
Force Interface orientation Landscape on a viewController when the rest of the application is in portrait mode
Redirecting a exception from SQL TASK SSIS
Android SQLite database not retaining it's values every time I open the Android Virtual Device
Exception notifier - how to display own error pages?
How to include plist file in the php page?
Face Detection in Android
Draw Views with Round Corners in Eclipse Indigo
Find the nearest sRGB-representable color to a given CIEL*a*b* color
Delicious - Getting links in a stack via API
Echo Drop down selection
How to create an async/background process within a WCF operation?
JS/CSS slideshow not working as intended
TitlePageIndicator selected line footer to header
Doing Join query using CDBCriteria
How do you add an existing form to a new project?
Entity Framework - GROUP and SUM
Flex 4 image object returning as MovieClip object
Alternatives to list indicators in Android API Level 10 and below
Android SDK r18 appears to have broken ORMLite
How to solve 503 error accessing CollabNet Subversion Console?
luabind: cannot retrieve values from table indexed by non-built-in classes鈥�
How do I create a dynamic image gallery popup in MVC3?
Mercurial requiring manual merges unexpectedly
Contains(), how to reverse using lambda
Is it possible to extend UIAElementArray with my own methods?
How to check a checkBox has been clicked
Unable to find property in JNDI context using PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
build C++ DLL with specific MFC version
Render image from servlet in flyingsaucer generated pdf
What is the proper sequence of method calls when using a multi layered architecture?
File System access in Windows Phone using PhoneGap
XIB doesn't load鈥�just shows a black screen
how to open a word document selection and print protected programmatically
How to remove a dependancy from my android project in eclipse.
How to write a WCF service conforming to specific SOAP schema?
D Lua doesn't get metatable
Select count of specific values
Ajax Cross Domain Variables
Possible to enumerate or access module-level function declarations in NodeJs?
Overloaded functions returning pointers to a base type alongside an abstract interface in fortran 2003?
How to remove TimePicker (calendar) buttons (now and done) in jsf Primefaces
Exporting specific data from Excel to Word [closed]
How do I create a Tab Control with no Tab Header in Windows form?
How to display data into table view cell
Duplicated error messages in grails
ConnectionWaitTimeoutException in IBM Websphere
Translating from C to MIPS [closed]
Converting a string with html entities to an array in the same order
Get all records that don't completely match on all fields from a table JOIN
Copying a file remotely from Ubuntu to Windows 7 [closed]
javascript - set speed / pace
Embedding image at runtime in action script
How do I send a message in a group chat in Skype with Skype4COM?
DailogFragment - getArguments/setArguments - why passing arguments in a bundle?
Sharepoint Timer Job debuggging unable to set the Breakpoint
What kind of password hash/encryption is this?
Scala Streams: Self-Reference, Function Calls and Lazy Evaluation
How can i restrict the WIFI access for a specific IP
Social media sharing
Counting clicks on a button with ajax
What IDE (Eclipse or Aptana) and What tools i need to develop a JSP Project
Windows Phone Navigation - Passing back to the page before
CVPixelBuffer leak
Return 鈥淰iew鈥�inside 鈥淛son鈥�with Spring MVC
Call ruby function from command-line
Why is ListBox flickering when DrawItem event executes?
Load a page through ajax with Wordpress using different template
How close Winword.exe in my application
Robotium Button gone, but still returns true from searchtext?
How to localize sql server data?
Redirect with two parameter?
scalable file upload/download permissions
How to show the input id or label in validation messages?
python Tk interface : NameError: global name 'box1' is not defined [closed]
Django authentication with custom model User
Best sparse matrix representation for column and row swaping
Can't Access Net TCP service From WCF Test Client
Is there any way to create RAD Grid control having the same UI as that of Query Filter Grid control in Microsoft CRM dynamics?
3 classes A open C and B open C which one trigged C android
Block and ' from being entered in an input field
How to apply Client-side validation by calling a server-side function in ASP.NET
Total sum for an object property value in a list using a lambda function
qooxdoo destruct , dispose
Remove and detect Tinyscrollbar
Routing private subnet traffic trough VPN on AWS
Unrecognized selector sent to instance while calling the dylib method
Tridion 2009 embedded metadata storage format in the broker
What is the difference between {0} and 鈥溾�?
Unwanted FileUpload textbox clearing after submit in IE
Workaround for enoent error from Erlang's Common Test on Windows?
jquery blockui on same object with multiple ajax calls?
Should 鈥淒ispose鈥�only be used for types containing unmanaged resources?
Hibernate pagination : ScrollableResult vs. setMaxResult() + setFirstResult()
YouTube Video GData API
EF database first role names with foreign keys?
Mockito NotAMockException when it clearly is
How to name radio for a list of radio group in html?
Bottle + WebSocket
Facing the error Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'BBDN' is undefined in
Get acces to a login system, Android
store and use arbitrary method arguments in php
The project was not built due to Could not delete '/tesseract-android-tools/bin/classes/com' in Linux
EF database first role names with foreign keys?
Mockito NotAMockException when it clearly is
How to name radio for a list of radio group in html?
Bottle + WebSocket
Facing the error Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'BBDN' is undefined in
Get acces to a login system, Android
store and use arbitrary method arguments in php
The project was not built due to Could not delete '/tesseract-android-tools/bin/classes/com' in Linux
How does getting a SSL certificate relates to my Node.js application?
Triple DES encryption and decryption in Java [duplicate]
Handling frequent changes in csproj files with Visual Studio and Ankhsvn
How to make Text View shape circle and set different background color based on condition
CSS: Place footer always at the bottom
Removing Url in the webpage print in
getting null pointer exception when executing query in google app engine
What library to use to achieve this aync operation in flask?
dynamic object - runtime reports field not present but can see it in debugger?
How to change google map from sateliteView to TrafficView
uilabel text in round
Is there a way to query against multiple tables with the same table design dynamically with Entity Framework?
DevExpress XtraGrid - ImageButton in each row
How access parent class view from callback function in AsyncTask?
JQuery Tablesorter Not Sorting Column
SphinxQL using aliased attribute in filter i.e.where condition
Scala sentences parsing using parser-combinators
c# regex replace problems with dynamic matches?
Batch, Convert wget downloaded unindented html document To html with indented lines
Bugzilla throwing error DBD:Pg fail in DynaLoader?
Invalid escape sequence for regex to match URL in Java
how to fullscreen a Sencha Touch 2 page on a WebKit browser?
Responding to and sending asynchronous GET requests
How to Include a flash object into a xhtml page
how to understand C99 standard syntax
PayPal Permissions API
Interweaving vectors
DataBase Design for large traffic Website above million rows [closed]
Moving text box animation
select & copy to clipboard in TextView in Android
Is Doctrine really that slow than PDO?
WYSIWYG web form editor / designer through web page ASP.NET [closed]
how to connect two PC's one with ubuntu OS other one with Windows 7 Os using USB-USB Bridged Cable [closed]
PayPal API Reccuring payments - payments every 15 months
Single-threaded and multi-threaded code taking the same time
How to add rel nofollow in these links in magento? for example 鈥淎dd to Compare鈥�
CSS-Selector :child(> n)?
Executing SQL Server dynamic SQL in java jdbc
Sunspot with Solr 3.5. Manually updating indexes for real time search
Media queries fail inside IE9 iframe
XmlJavaTypeAdapter throw user defined exception
mysql insert - select syntax error
Table Sorting Trouble
Regular Expression to Match any Number of Characters in the Middle of a Defined String
in leiningen eclipse Could not locate clojure/contrib/duck_streams__init.class or clojure/contrib/duck_streams.clj
How to calculate the coordinates of a arrowhead based on the arrow?
CSS Propertie change OnClick [closed]
calculate variance using SQL
FoxPro reserved word issue?
Why isn't eclipse throwing an error when imports for 鈥減rovided鈥�dependencies are omitted?
Php: does 鈥渟tatic鈥�behaves like C?
Node.JS oauth2 module for paypal authentication [closed]
Custom edit of cells
Display 'No records' in Wp7 Listbox when ItemSource does not have data
i have an error when i install gsl (with netbeans)
Joomla Session Automatically Logs Out, No Content
Java Gson encode with Object is not working
Version Control for lots of static websites
Configuring django-compressor with remote storage (django-storage - amazon s3)
Can't call activity
MATLAB: duplicating vector 'n' times [duplicate]
How to add fingerprint to keystore
how to set focus for label when click the any button using javascript
Cannot update TableView nor even use [self.tableView reloadData]
is it possible to execute javascript code in the .net framework?
Xtext cross reference using custom terminal rule
jQuery $.ajax failing silently, no error messages, and server responded with 200 OK
Modifying Rules in Sonar
TransformXml Web.config while publishing
Changing a line in linked list reversal causes error
How do I rebind ctrl ret in Emacs?
How to optimization this MYSQL query?
Paypal Sandbox integration in website by using Website Payments Standard
Blackberry - Cant see always db in sd card emulator
How to get value from dataTable of a column that has a dropdownlist control in the gridview?in row updating event
Magento - Implementing a custom product import function
Horizontal scrollbar is not appearing in jquery datatable
Query to get Data by Date of different Fields
Cannot select multiple files with dojox.form.Uploader in IE8, 9
vb login session
Hiding an dynamic e-mailadress in an dynamic hyperlink
Htmlunit selecting input running Dojo javascript package
silverlight tooltip BusyIndicator shadow effect on Silverlight 5
Making a generic Query, how?
Visual Studio Service Reference generator and DataContracts
Filling holes inside a binary object
Saving and Loading Files on Emulator
How do I checkout artifact sources given its coordinates in Maven?
Post file to ashx page on different server
Retrieving comments number (facebook) in WordPress
cPickle.load( ) error
how to make running activity disable while progress bar running in java android
How do I checkout artifact sources given its coordinates in Maven?
Post file to ashx page on different server
Retrieving comments number (facebook) in WordPress
cPickle.load( ) error
how to make running activity disable while progress bar running in java android
Use Google Drive (or any cloud storage) as development workspace? [closed]
Entity Framework - Getting the length of data in a text column
Any good online deployment automation and management tool?
How to make war file of gwt project in eclipse?
Using JQuery, how do I stop click events propagating up the DOM?
How to un-extract and re-extract Capistrano to the right place
Does ContentResolver.query escape the arguments, or does it just replace the questionmarks?
How can I customize an html menu in Wordpress using wp_nav_menu()?
sql query date filtering the result
Match up database record with image from upload folder
What does wicket:scope attribute do?
Save away ostringreader.str().c_str()
The type initializer for 'NHibernate.Cfg.Configuration' threw an exception
Ajax json post is not working
Svn pre-commit hook for checkstyle
Accessing Master page control in ascx file
Foreach empty from json
How do I style forms using CSS
How to group numbers in an array in php
Visual C# - Getting rid of 鈥淪cript Error鈥�when using WebBrowser
Android, Is it possible to add text into each image of photo gallery?
how to configure XML::Twig with bugzilla?
How to submit Two binary(iPhone and iPad) files for same project in App Store?
I have 3 IDs in one table which is related to one ID in another table, how do I link them in my classes?
python re prevent stripping whitespaces [closed]
java.util.Scanner: keeps waiting for additional input
How create full inheritance for objects (not only for prototypes)?
Where is VB.NET's MsgBox function defined?
How to read output from ostream?
How to set tab delimiter using psql -F
Multiple horizontal seekbars in vertical scrollview, attempt to scroll modifies seekbar value
Inefficient MySQL database/statements slowing PHP/JS system down
Event Handlers in a JavaScript 鈥渃lass鈥�
C++/CLI optional arguments
Qooxdoo 1.6 Gzip option error
Selenium webdriver page object
GOP Reassembly/Display Order
List view with header
How to send a string to the terminal without having it to be a standard command?
How to get the minimum cost of disconnecting some node from each other in a graph
Merge Camera preview with a image?
I got this such type of error in my log-cat: ERROR/MapActivity(350): Couldn't get connection factory client
IIS7 rewrite rule is not working
Get list of threads
Selenium Grid with safari browser
How to make a distinction between two equals objets in a Sorted collection?
What objects can be used as a datasource in Visual studio?
How do I access the user calls to mobile?
MySql REGEXP operator
How to listen to change in time in Android
Loading youtube video in my phonegap iphone app
Drawables from InputStream changing with ViewFlipper
A search python script faster than the C equivalent
NDESK Command line parsing in VB.NET
XSD code generation (C#) with xsd:includes
Suspend/Resume all user processes - Is that possible?
Fluid Design of Video Player for video.js(mobile)v
Email Verification URL in ASP.NET WEB API
MySQL Multiple Select Ambiguous Results
Generating custom table view, table view cell can not fit into table view row
Load Assembly into AppDomain
Execution time overflow, when executing wihout limit
current date in app.config
Why is this delegate - protocol not responding?
how do i get section target page number in pdf file using iTextSharp?
ids in one app using in-app purchase
Does C have classes? [closed]
get selected item id in listbox
socket send() repeatable
Using MVC in Javascript without any server-side language?
hide and show in jquery
JavaFX 2.0 Activating a Menu like a MenuItem
Specifying that a constrained generic class is a subclass?
jQuery validation fails to work
How to execute different query based on the result got from executing query in mysql?
How to save any website by depth in JavaFX 2.0?
Data section size in 鈥渟ize鈥�command on Mac
What is the real purpose of Base64 encoding? mvcpaging - @Ajax.Pager missing
sort multi-dimensional array by 2 column
Infragistics, Net Advantage 10.3 Windows Forms, Help documentation?
Ruby on Rails button click to populate text_field using jQuery
NHibernate filter not applied on eagerly fetched child entities
Display loading dialog android while uploading file
Dynamic updation on listview is lost when i exit the activity
Accurately measuring execution time in seconds
How do I provide two services in an osgi.bnd file?
Biased behavior of bash script
Screen doesn't resize properly at incoming call
Send mail through client-side without launching an e-mail client (Silent email)
Overriding createToolTip() in a custom CellRenderer
CSS3 background-image transition
Persistent copy&paste for jstree nodes
jQuery UI Dialog not showing correctly
Spring 3.1.1 with hibernate 4.1 annotations configuration
Biased behavior of bash script
Screen doesn't resize properly at incoming call
Send mail through client-side without launching an e-mail client (Silent email)
Overriding createToolTip() in a custom CellRenderer
CSS3 background-image transition
Persistent copy&paste for jstree nodes
jQuery UI Dialog not showing correctly
Spring 3.1.1 with hibernate 4.1 annotations configuration
Integrating MYSQL with eclipse IDE [closed]
getLocationUpdates() giving illegal argument exception on 4.0 emulator
Rails naming conventions when having two relations to the same model
Establish connection to Dynamics CRM Online web service from Windows 8 metro style app
How to set classpath using batch file in a remote pc where u actually dont know where the jdk is located?
Notepad shows Unicode character as file is ANSI?
PHPUnit runs selenium tests on command line but not via jenkins builds
Static class remaining in memory鈥ow best to acheive this
How to obtain pre-built *debug* version of Python library (e.g. Python27_d.dll) for Windows
Black screen on iPad retina display
How to run a hook action when header load in wordpress blog?
App blocks while dipatching a queue
Get the first level of child nodes using QDOMDocument
GetCustomAttributes does not return value
ExtJS 3 export textarea content to a text file
Using ASP.Net C#, DropDownList and Redirecting? Button.Click event not firing
Getting all the combinations of a number in C++
how to make my own home screen for android?
NoSuchFieldException on getClass().getField()
Upgrade from restful_authentication to devise :confirmable not confirming old users
asp .net mvc custom model binding fails
Oracle : break down multiple entries monthwise
does JRockit mission control 4.1 support SUN hotspot (hot spot) JVM?
How can i fetch county id from google map in flex application
How to change architecture mac os x
add other projects as library in netbeans
How to watch new processes that are running or terminated in Visual C++
StateException: Annotation-specified bean name
run ruby script in background without screen
Do class member reference variables have in-built 鈥渃onst-correctness鈥�
unable to display custom Annotations on the map in iPhone
errors with the name of the table in Datamapper ( city )
Can't compile RIES with MinGW on Win7
How to access data in another spring bean using current spring bean
Send SMS to Server for update
how do i remove style from other than img tag in javascript
Regex to delete words with numbers
chrome extension background page error: 鈥淯ncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <鈥�
OpenCv 2.3 C - How to isolate object inside image
removing duplicates from an array in php
Execute a aspx page from windows application and get data returned
StringToBytes Issue in Expect Script
mouse wheel listener not working in jscrollbar
Iptables filtering performance: TCP and UDP
Joomla Modal shows in IE (all versions) with almost empty Template
Returning from Aparapi Thread
Successful heroku run rake db:migrate but columns don't seem to work
How can I authenticate a user in RavenDB
EXC_BAD_ACCESS automatic handling
NetBeans - Packing jars in ear and include them in manifests in web and ejb modules
strip timestamp/syntax-sequence from python string
Video recording using flash player and the record button is not working
Inability to retrieve unicode resultset
Need to msbuild C# project of lower version on commandline, without Visual Studio
equal? and record-type
Not able to implement Notification service compatible for all browsers?
Could not find class ''
Is bit shifting by X faster than bit shifting by one X times?
Adding related Ruby on Rails activeRecord objects to an array in a Controller
Remote Process Execution using Wmi win32_Proecss - Getting Stdout of Process
Designing with CSS
Django - Javascript dynamic inline FormSet with autocomplete
How to add / insert / update text inside contenteditable div at a particular position?
Linux Bioinformatics Tool
How to navigate back from UISplitViewController IOS 5?
Deleting registry keys - error in MSDN sample
Destroyed my LifeRay+CAS installation
Plotting d-dimensional data
How to apply 3-valued-logic to SQL queries?
How to develop a p2p server based on JXTA2.X integrated with Tomcat(or other serlvet containers) using java锛�
Mixing PreparedStatement batch with Statement batch, is it possible?
Not allowed to start service Intent X without permission Y
Can't installing PIL with pip in a virtualenv in Windows Vista [duplicate]
Update text in the label of main form while application is processing an another thread
Stacking Images CSS
connecting moving elements with jsPlumb [closed]
On working with ranges of real numbers in Microsoft Solver Foundation
Null value is eliminated by an aggregate or other SET operation
Objective-C NSString for loop with characterAtIndex
Resetting X position of image
How to use pseq in F# 3.0?
GDB prints wrong values
How do I use NHibernate to Retrieve Particular Fields from a Database?
Output of openssl_public_encrypt() and openssl_private_encrypt()
An array gets appended with undefined after `array.push`ing some strings to it. Is that normal?
add() function in adapter inside ListActivity shows operation not supported
how to pass a parameter to a event's handler
Storing XML Data in Thousands of Small Files
PHP boolean search
Rails 3 - Disable cache for filename in file_column plugin
Valid name for control
Does dx conversion to dex include verification of original class files?
MVC: Edit and create in same [HTTPOST] action method
How do i create a php provider server for apns iphone app?
CDI: Getting null instead of new instance
html jquery.load, dynamic file names
How to display menu items from database using jquery and javascript
Grails isDirty() not working with associations
Using ajax inside the Web Content Display Portlet
php str_replace only replacing the 1st value in the needle array application integration with quickbooks using odbc driver [duplicate]
WPF : Select/Deselect ListView's Data items on click of Select All checkbox control
Asynchronous BinaryReader and BinaryWriter in .Net?
WPF:Unity: Reuse window after it has been closed
Google Contacts API settings and authorization token
How to check whether the port 80 is available using a batch file in windows xp
Repackaging the .jar file
How to encapsulate a thread?
how to select custom string with entity in nhibernate?
Execute function based upon select box result
Twig: url encoded twice while passing it to Twitter share button
Deploy struts project in embeded jetty
Membership create user providerError
Why check the return of mysql_real_escape_string()
session persistence between sub domains
Directly open ABPersonViewController in EDIT MODE DIRECTLY in iphone
Sencha Touch 2 form [closed]
jquery rightclick contextmenu on applet
EF detect changes in detached object graph by ObjectContext
Apache2 using a lot of CPU. How to best tune?
Internet Explorer showing e.which as undefined
PHP: Count the appearance of particular value in array
How to add image to excel file programmatically in iphone application?
openerp echo the return result of a function [closed]
Export to CSV file using PHP
Issues while consuming webservice
How to create Geometric shapes in JavaFX 2.0?
Arrayindex out of bound android
TSQL: execute procedure with a parameter that can have two values
php HSL color scheme : Making a legend
Background Process (Daemon) in C not execvp() -ing
Eclipse / PyDev overrides @sys, cannot find Python 64bits interpreter
JPA Merge including children
how to send packet to subdomain
Drupal - How to change the default view/edit operation Name of a content type
Mysql query check 2 column
$.getJSON not workin in IE search query with no spaces
how can I add company logo in email in cakephp?
Adapter for RS485 62500 baud 9 data bits
JPA Merge including children
how to send packet to subdomain
Drupal - How to change the default view/edit operation Name of a content type
Mysql query check 2 column
$.getJSON not workin in IE search query with no spaces
how can I add company logo in email in cakephp?
Adapter for RS485 62500 baud 9 data bits
How to fetch/optimize huge volume for PAGINATION of data through Hibernet Java Struts
Use your own msvcrt.dll instead of the system32 one
Is there a drawback using loadHelpers I18N in Symfony 1.4 ProjectConfiguration class?
SurfaceView onTouchEvent not called after app in background
Gallery View not filling complete screen when get created
Removing nodes with invalid tag names from a xml document
Delaunay triangulation of monotone Polygon
My build fails when I use Ant to build and Android project with multiple libraries
Bulk loading HTTP requests into JMeter
Open file dialog and select a file using WPF controls and C#
Android HTC Flyer - Capturing stylus with MotionEvents
Issues with class factory for component with CLSID {00024500-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
How can I install the Vim-CSS-Color Plugin on Mac OS X?
ArrayOfObjects cannot be cast to Java.util.Collection
How to change the scope of a popup in a C# WebBrowser event
Execute Immediate Alter User Bind Variable
How to get values of user defined variables from a database?
Android: How to expand and shrink a view diagonally?
How to rename xml serialization on web service?
Why is sbt missing dependency on Vaadin project
Cyclometic complexity huge - clone object better approach?
jQuery input updates all IDs, rather than just the one required
Why is 7-bit ASCII string literal encoded as UTF-8 in Ruby
QGLWidget::renderText() creates some downwards shifted letters
SOLR 1.4 - sort by flag
Unsupported Configuration: Using the font Calibri-Bold in versions of Xcode prior to 4.2 may have unexpected results
PHP Profiler with method execution count, times etc. without extensions
Maven 3 on Windows7 64Bit
How can I decrypt passwords hashed using the MD5 algorithm from a Drupal database? [closed]
Visual Basic Excel - Macro to delete row
Pdf file open new tab in my Drupal site
Using htaccess to control session inactivity
Callback to parent thread from child thread
iOS: UIViewController doesn't display another UIViewController using storyboards
PHP mobile device detection auto-forward script - Need to add an 'or else' statement?
Looping through subview of a custom cell in didSelectRowAtIndexPath to get UITextField text
What is the youtube Zend gdata api rate limit?
How to start selenium server with log4j
JQuery Mobile causing Firebug and Chrome debuggers to fail to stop at breakpoints
how can we integrate sms gateway in sencha touch 2.0?
NSUserDefaults registerDefaults with NSInteger
C# Excel UDF range write back get an error, Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC
How to start selenium server with log4j
JQuery Mobile causing Firebug and Chrome debuggers to fail to stop at breakpoints
how can we integrate sms gateway in sencha touch 2.0?
NSUserDefaults registerDefaults with NSInteger
C# Excel UDF range write back get an error, Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC
MonoTouch - equivalents of Docking and Anchoring in iOS UI
How to get property name and its value? [duplicate]
GAE - Deployment Error: 鈥淎ttributeError: can't set attribute鈥�
jquerymobile pages and Phonegap deviceready event onLoad
How to work on a single project via adhoc wireless in Visual Studio
Tridion 2009 SP1: Opening Component via Page metadata opens Shared Item without showing dialog?
Override ASP.NET tilde (~) resolution just for images
Meaning of acronym SSO in the context of std::string
Need flash application gui architecture advice
What must I do with C++ libraries on cross compilation?
Displaying NSString in a label every n minutes
Why does this code cause an 鈥渁mbiguous variable occurrence鈥�error?
ViewForZoomingInScrollView in MonoTouch
Django. Log rotation with multiple instances running
Facebook API access token - when I know uid and password
IDs for localization In-App Purchase
initializing error in while loop
How to turn off jboss signature?
ntddk.h no such file or directory
Installing opencv for python3
Convert Cobol to Sql query
error during making GTest
Submit datatable values with JSF and access it through javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest
Query string value is lost after page postback
Where to store data in WCF request
Opening a namespace in for a specific block of code
Changing values in dataGridView depending on existing values
Chrome sometimes calls incorrect constructor
internal format related to texture2D() in GLSL and glTexImage2D() in OpenGL
Automatic work flow design
Detect end of Speak in freeTTS for java
How to give permission in web.config file for users,admin,others?
CoreData: findAll returns objects, but simple fetchRequest does return 0 objects
Return value from anonymous function postgresql
Can the SharePoint 2007 site's MasterPage opened?
Diff value last two record by datetime
Creating Android App builds
ofstream::write fails in the middle when writing large binary files
Magento Installation Issue (Install Not Being Found)
The ':' character, hexadecimal value 0x3A, cannot be included in a name
How to pass abstract-typed array as function parameter?
ListBox iteration WPF
Connecting to the database via the internet
FOSUserBundle login with email (Symfony2)
Is it possible to preload an assembly in Windows Phone 7?
sending a command to heroku console
Getting a list of files in sass/compass
field validation for string along with number in javascript
No in JDK7
Handling events cross-project with Inheritance
Rails 3 template: strange beahaviour of inject_into_file
how to use (function(global) { 鈥�})(this);
Is there a ruby library that supports parallel payments with paypal express checkout? [closed]
Rijndael-256 Encryption Decryption in PHP
How do Dojo ValidationTextArea widgets get highlighted when invalid?
need Date Picker Set or cancel listener in Android
QueryOver - How to select only one object from a join of three tables
Applying map for partial argument
how to can I read from ELM327?
how to display 4-1 as month and date in php
Modify URL request in shouldStartLoadWithRequest method and displaying in Webview
Android custom listview with checkbox?
Implement different clickable Area on an image-page through image map
How to show time written out?
Get Remote Web Server Information (Fingerprint) Using PHP
How to create ajax update time?
PHPStorm 4 cursor
trying to compile and execute C# code programmatically
How do I find whether a filtered BindingSource contains an item from the underlying DataSet?
Disable right click in Galleria Fullscreen theme
MySQL Triggers, deleting a row after inactivity?
WP7 Facebook integration using C# SDK
Is it possible to achieve array multiplication using this approach
nokogiri parsing error
Flask url_for URLs in Javascript
View or Fragment library to compose UI for common data types
Assign dynamic ids to hidden fields when iterating over a collection
What are reasons for query failures in databases?
From a SAX java XML parser, how can I know the case of the 鈥淒OCTYPE鈥�keyword?
Unable to see the whole content of displayedlog as a result of tail option
sends information from the input field along with uploadify
Crash in Android Native while changing to new Activity
How do wildcards in Java import work?
Want to create Layout [closed]
IE-8 Iframe page redirection issue after form submission
HttpModule or HttpHandler for WCF Redirecting
Call back event after Primefaces datagrid loading
is this sql table definition and relations is right? [closed]
Is it possible to create a single page application using MongoDB as a backend?
Xcode iPhone SDK (5.x) - CocoaLibSpotify iOS, Loading and Viewing playlists
How to change the number of rows in an iOS UITextField
Is it possible to create several independent persistent VPN connections from one point?
Delphi Converting Array Variant to String
Import Existing Maven in Eclipse as WTP
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'DateTime::__construct() [<a href='datetime.--construct'>datetime.--c
How to change the number of rows in an iOS UITextField
Is it possible to create several independent persistent VPN connections from one point?
Delphi Converting Array Variant to String
Import Existing Maven in Eclipse as WTP
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'DateTime::__construct() [<a href='datetime.--construct'>datetime.--c
In TFS is the direction of a branch's parent-child relationship important
How to add a flash game to my facebook APP
If the screen was not touched or has remained inactive for a particular time interval, then do something
Magento - set discount on a product before the cart
Hosting a WCF webservice and WCF Net.Tcp service in the same IIS container?
On an Android device, how do I prevent taps on an address from launching the Maps application?
Fetching nearby locations from google places and adding markers on google map from results
Hadoop file size Clarification