How Can I Change the Icon for an Existing Shortcut in shell script
Facebook Cant get /me/likes data for part of users
Java/Android: How do you properly import a library in Eclipse?
getvalue of check box on server side in GWT
Transparency/Alpha and MKOverlayView issue
Why is json_encode adding backslashes?
recommended way for 鈥渞eminder鈥�on Android similar to iPhone's icon badge
Selenium webdriver actions on element will be executed in wrong location
How to build a nested query with the dynamic LINQ library
IE9 tabbable div inside form not submit?
How do I migrate source code from one TFS server to another?
Find files created/accessed/modified between dates, batch script
Dynamically adding jQuery's slider [closed]
after site update page shows old content
imagick convert png to jpg in java with im4java
User input(cin) - Default value
Can I use GPU as GPGPU on any system
how to hide the url when passing the data through href link in jsp page
div align doesn't work on android textview
Cannot open svc file with wcfTestClient.exe
Flash Builder debugger error : Flash builder failed to connect to running application
make request to webservice through soap and get the response classic asp
How to find the difference between two timestamp column
Order data in three columns instead of one
User save (update) PDO
Autofac 2.6.1 AOP Interception
JNI - multi threads
WF 4: Define a SendReply activity programmaticaly
How to change the infowindow size in geocoding + senchatouch2 mobile?
Rails Nested Attribute Retrieval in Controller
will selenium record firebug and tamper data manipulations?
D3.js update bar chart from json
How to use GROUP BY to retrieve a result set with priority on alphabeticization for CASE field?
JdbcTemplate and SimpleJdbcTemplate
Presence of .htaccess File in Root Directory When Using Wordpress blog in Subdirectory
How to save save data with NSS string with more than one box
I want select box according to the length of test or finding which is greater in length so how can i do this?
Initialise components with custom names
XQuery returning an error..?
Problems comparing objects using IComparable
Post form includes captcha by httpPost
apply top property to a div depending of number of items in a mysql database
Does the memory of a string pointed to by an IntPtr returned by a DllImport need to be manually freed?
how to update the multiple rows at a time using linq to sql?
Access Values from HashMap without index values?
image unlink in php [closed]
How do i get my app on the location services list?
How can I prevent a webpage from detecting I am running a script?
trying to test custom membership provider
why is inserting a single row x times faster than inserting x rows at once [duplicate]
Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget
ASPxGridView: how to handle Close event on client side?
Covert $.post to $.ajax
How to save downloaded data to device's filesystem
how to record audio as mp3 file by using AvAudiorecorder
ld.exe: final link failed: Memory exhausted while building qt
Calling by reference on F#
Strange lambda expression behaviour C#
HTML5 SHIV and display: block -but styles still break in IE<9- Why?
ANTLR not generated
Selecting from two columns?
will fb:name stop working completely?
Creating Projects for Data Access, Business Rules and Business Objects in Visual Studio
How to retrieve column default value from MS SQL data table
iPhone UINavigationBar - Set width and margin of rightBarButtonItem
How to speed up word automation from Delphi XE2
Checking Keyboard or Mouse events are done in a Div
CSS floated div, not shrinking to content
what Windows api would I need to build remote desktop tool like TeamViewer?
Delay Between 'tochesBegan' and 'touchesMoved'
php script File not uploading
Git proxy that pushes to multiple remotes
What do you do with the extra tables after you have normalised a database?
How to solve problems that have many distinct levels (they are recursive) in c
Multiple android libraries in a Single android application
How to track tweets with links with the streaming api?
MySQL: Perform type conversion in BEFORE INSERT trigger
SQL Nested Query Homework SQL Fiddle
getting this error **Enumeration yielded no results**
Rails Method_missing to throw back values from a hash
Review Board Authentication
How to save captured image to gallery
Flash Player 9 or 10+
Grails 2.0 PermGem space with run-war
SQL Sorting within Groupings
Wordpress redirect to a remote url
getting this error **Enumeration yielded no results**
Rails Method_missing to throw back values from a hash
Review Board Authentication
How to save captured image to gallery
Flash Player 9 or 10+
Grails 2.0 PermGem space with run-war
SQL Sorting within Groupings
Wordpress redirect to a remote url
Shortest way to evaluate an array with booleans (PHP)?
How to move javascript functions within object and DRY?
join query with select distinct in rails 3
web api json deserialization failure
how to push the notification to web-frontend, that thread finished his work
Need help to get out of the exception jungle
Ruby require and self.require
jqgrid resize with parent control
Unsuccessful bulkTransfer - Android 4.0.3 chat box for website application
How to show edges of a cube in OpenGL on Android
Binding Path hirachy
How to play a recorded audio file?
Making a Custom Drawing Method available throughout entire application
Reverse engineer a Cube to build a Relational database using SSAS 2008
Schedule Fortnightly jobs on jenkins
ruby optional parameter, if changed, effects in caller?
Get name of object or class in javascript
Unable to refer to infragistics ultra web grid control populated after an Ajax call in Selenium
How do I get Junit 4.10 to run from the command line on Windows without typing the path to every file?
Android continous tcp polling
image registration(non-rigid nonlinear)
codeigniter, using global variable
Automatically opening a file in emacs by specifying the file name
jQuery datetimepicker doesnt work.How do i use it?
Get JavaScript Variable Value in a PHP Variable?
How to access a JavaScript variable which is included in a html file and this file is loaded dynamically
.ascx user control button_click is not firing Sitefinity C#
QML: how to fire an event on item param chenge (and pass to it its value)?
Compiling PySide resources through python
Filtering in Pig
Sorting one table result by highest count of items from another table
simulating Stackoverflow smooth vote operation
CouchDB vs MongoDB (memory utilization)
Rgraphviz library loading error
Backbone.js - What is the best way to check a checkbox
how to serve pre-flight request from web service
Pre-generating a JSF based web app for better performance and offline mode
Drupal Views adding 1 at the beginning of a field
Allowing a Windows Service to be configured
what do I need to add to my DLL to be able to export pointer to i_d?
a random number from an array
instanceof check in jsf
closing browser error - change behavior
Webkit not respecting overflow:hidden with border radius
Get items for list
What is the correct way to implement a set that checks type in the add method in python 2.7?
WooCommerce - Display Price Without Tax on Product Page
How to open/create UIManagedDocument synchronously?
Upgrade the JQuery mobile 1.7.1 framework to the new 1.1
Calling JQuery datepicker hide() from custom button, calendar reopens in IE
what is the context for a custom adapter in onScrollListener
java.util.logging, ResourceBundles, SAAJ: exception on loading Glassfish OSGi webapp bundle
Hide application link from Facebook share (on page tabs)
difference between Pragma and Cache-control headers?
Scrolling content hidden by keyboard. xcode 4.3.2
Would this sanitize function save from most of attacks?
Spring scheduler (quartz) how to pauseAll schedulers and reschedule them before resumeAll
simple news recommendation system with hadoop [closed]
Spring - autowire a class that have a constructor [duplicate]
Sort ListView Alphabetically
how to set QtableWidget background transparent in Qt
How to find the nearest and the larger from a list of dates?
forwarding packets to service in same host without using loopback network
Filling space in RelativeLayout
Can not call Public List from App_Code folder in Web Form
Getting a range of items from a large sorted list of tuples
Virtuemart $variables. Where can I learn / output them?
Gridview rows unaccessible at server side
Cannot restart thin via remote machine
Creating a settings form
Decode a special chanracter [closed]
Multicast OnExceptionAspect is logging bubbling exceptions
Check if css property has !important attribute applied
HTTP Android Response Practices
Android SQLite Database Sample [closed]
Google+ Share Plugin - getting 鈥淓xception thrown and not caught鈥�in IE, works fine in Firefox
thin starts two ruby processes per server, kills wrong one
drupal , migrating changes to production
Not able to hide Soft Keyboard for EditTextPreference
LINQ to Entities: All method not yielding the expected result
npregiv in R: dimension error
Replace token's text in ANTLR
python error: method takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)
Network Request with CFNetwork
Can NHibernate QueryOver have a SQL-where statement?
Create new Changelist Perforce Java API
Reversible computing platform
Not able to put Debug Point
Will updating a uniform value stall the whole rendering pipeline?
Search library for node.js or other platform
code for showing comments from multiple comment boxes to a single iframe facebook page?
drupal , migrating changes to production
Not able to hide Soft Keyboard for EditTextPreference
LINQ to Entities: All method not yielding the expected result
npregiv in R: dimension error
Replace token's text in ANTLR
python error: method takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)
Network Request with CFNetwork
Can NHibernate QueryOver have a SQL-where statement?
Create new Changelist Perforce Java API
Reversible computing platform
Not able to put Debug Point
Will updating a uniform value stall the whole rendering pipeline?
Search library for node.js or other platform
code for showing comments from multiple comment boxes to a single iframe facebook page?
segmentation fault
how to prevent data losing when selectedNodeChanged event triggered in Treeview?
How to remove background marking in dicom images
Java: How to convert a String into an subclass data type?
IBM websphere application server not started in MyEclipse8.0
Facebook not giving page link any more
Add <a> elemnt in <li> element with append
How do I gradually migrate Netbeans wrappers of OSGi modules to direct dependencies on the OSGi modules for a Maven built, Netbeans 7.1 RCP?
Usage of Observable pattern in JavaScript
Nextgen wordpress plugin: url to gallery tag
Stop jquery from adding links鈥�
Updating an android application
Django 1.4 Development Environment with zc.buildout
PHP MySQL - Charset not taken into consideration
Why do protocol_* methods do not work with Clang + modern GCC-Runtime on Linux?
Entity Framework 5 stored procedure with multiple result sets
Clustering similar values in a matrix
How to get files http address from ftp server in Java?
Cannot find how to add scroll event to DialogControllerView in MonoTouch.DIalog
dns to directadmin ip-address:port
Getting output from another user command
PHPUnit + CodeIgniter multiple objects with same name
capturing right-click+left-click with autohotkey; unexpected behaviour
Matlab colormap reproducing gnuplot pm3d 30,31,32 RGB colour space
Double integral algorithm
Upload HTML5 canvas as a blob
String object to Boolean
Turn on 鈥淔orce Gpu Rendering 鈥�programmatically
perl parse command line options
Programatically set wake on time
SqlCommand with parameters as a string
MethodInfo.Invoke performance issue
Equivalent of Microsoft Application Verifier for managed applications
How to run a mvn command from a java program?
A few questions about RESTful APIs and why some of the best-practices are rarely implemented
Why executing the powershell script first time in a session takes much time?
mysql wrong column increment
Android: How to Set onClickListener method for component declared inside Start and Stop Drag
Not able to bring in front the frames in Word 2010
Recording Radio Streaming in IOS
Custom error reporting (XP and above)
Entity Framework Class Naming Conventions v Old School Database Naming Conventions
Las Vegas algorithm runtime analysis
How can I use a second Java class in my Android project?
How to emit a 鈥渂eep鈥�on my computer while running a script on a remote machine?
Non-square NSButton
Magento - Set product attribute to use default values
How can i define a variable in Json?
Comments plugin fails to update via ajax
Theming and layout in yii framework
How to make expect command in Expect module of perl search for multiple occurences of same string
generate SER certificate files
Drag and drop objects like in explorer with files
JQuery - grab parent of event-object
Adding a UIButton to view after video gets completed playing
HTML, CSS settings for showing the entire fb pop-up dialog
Downgrading from dotnet 4.0 to 3.5 鈥渂reaks鈥�the navigationmenu css on a Visual Studio app
iPhone view rotation/swinging animation
Remote acces to Sharepoint 2010 [closed]
Is there a way to sort on any column other than the primary key of a table in Entity Framework 4.0?
Correct REST response for 鈥淵ou must POST here before doing anything else鈥�
How to get around RPM size limit?
In which cases is the copy constructor called, if a container is copied
jquery initializing cycle plugin dynamically
Why the program will throw error? If I orientated the screen at emulator or lock/unlock the phone?
Can I make a whole site in node.js? [closed]
emacs evil-mode key map
How to pass comma separated parameters in a url for the get method of rest service
Approaches to print a document in C#
Threading and observer pattern in Java
Need help in array output
Can we add more than five tab bar in ios sdk?
Removing # in window hash for use in function
java : append data in existing file
Return error message when duplicate unique fields
how to set order asc or desc for datatable using code behind in C#?
Django mod_wsgi and haystack = error 500
C# WCT ReleaseServiceInstanceOnTransactionComplete
.Net String Format Display Currency Value In Millions
how to use order by clause with union clause in oracle when we need to sort using upper(column name)?
WPF Idle Control on Page with Storyboard 鈥淩epeatBehavior=鈥滷orever鈥溾�
select particular key by name from HttpFileCollection
Limiting download speed in PHP web frameworks
compare two arrays in php and out put result [duplicate]
UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext crop to content and not to bounding box
web scraping get content from xml
How to check if a rails session is already loaded?
How to check a day is in the current week in Java?
sending the 'close' command of a window through my own command?
How to layout list items in groups
My Eclipse environment doesn't browse my project
how to display dateTime to GMT format in xslt?
Image file from Silverlight to WCF
ExtJS 4 password validation
Couldn't register 鈥淎pplication鈥�with the bootstrap server [duplicate]
AS3 TextField Fonts
Simple swig python example in VS2008 - import error - internal (py)readline error
Pymongo Query with Dictionary inside Dictionary?
LinkedList adding Element
HTTP ERROR: 500 - Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details
Sharepoint 2010 Subsite/Document Library/Lists Storage Data
What is the difference between Runtime.exit(0) and System.exit(0) in Java?
apps like talking tom and using external library for manipulating recorded sound [closed]
.htaccess deny all subfolder in given folder
inconsistent amount of data when I use pagination in CodeIgniter
鈥淪yntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing鈥�on simple python print() method
URL for each box in stacked bar graph
php shell_exec command doesn't act like bash / returns an error
find the position of string in pdf file
How to pass a parameter indirectly in Autofac
Why does git add&remove the Storyboard <classes> section repeatedly?
Hide the comments panel in WP custom post types mvc large file upload
Weird JavaScript type casting
Cancel NSOperation From NSOperationQueue
How to read specific rows using Apache POI Event API?
How to use an object to instantiate JUnit class with Runwith annotation?
How to change the mouse cursor in a C# application using Zedgraph library?
Recursive function says it's doing one thing, actually does another?
password protection on and off
formatting in server tag for datalist binding
What part of the GWT application is compiled into JavaScript?
page view is not as desired, html not appearing, page is blank
Java text based application
When should I free the native (Android NDK) handles?
How to find position or get rect of any word in textview and place buttons over that?
Try to have rounded corners on a table
HTML 5 based file upload plugin for multiple file
Telerik control,How to load skins from external assemblies?
Horizontal UITableView not displaying content after changing frame
How to hide textfield when output is null?
Position of annotations on a pdf document
How to get the time of Computer and not server Java vaadin
Getting inserted row ID
What is the use of callback function in C++ ?
Configure tomcat for SSO using cas
Youtube API - 403 Forbiden : invalid developer key for a simple Get request
my css not working correctly not changing back ground?
Is it possible to overload Clojure multi-methods on arity?
Google Visualization > Line Chart > Make grid-lines to appears in steps (rather by count)
Android SMS Received Receiver not working
Passing Object and Integer with JSON
Wrong url pattern? Pages wont open in tomcat
MySQL .NET connector doesnt support complex queries?
Combining Bar and Line chart in Primefaces
JMock : Unexpected invocation of the method
What is the name of this interface element? Indicates position of slide / page [closed]
Paginating an ArrayList
How to convert an image from any format to JPG format in ASP.Net?
Recording real-time sensor data in to RDBMS with user defined events
How to prevent SSIS from importing data from a file that already exist in database?
jquery timepicker value always invalid [closed]
find(), each() and replacewith() in passed HTML in jQuery
PHP-script server side not returning anything back to Android app
Reshaping noisy coin into a circle form
How to fast the contacts loading in listview on android
NSPredicate filter based on one to many values
OutOfMemoryError: When to 鈥淒ump HPROF file鈥�
CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE PKG_UTILITY AS ./pkg_utility.sql: CREATE: not found ./pkg_utility.sql: syntax error at line 6: `(' unexpected
MediaPlayerLauncher doesn't work
iterating through table in Ruby using hash runs slow
Can't get Cordova (1.6.1) to work
Rails - allow people to add association between records, but only allow admins to remove it
What else should I take care of after I make the user logout?
Sort on custom field
concurrent HashMap: checking size
Hover Intent plugin with different mouse enter and mouse leave
How to show JBox2D object in android activity?
How to avoid the crash when I scroll the tableview [closed]
show more than one item in each row in jquery datatable
Adding jar files available in absolute path into classpath
Generating parameterized constructor for Type/Class from XSD
Accessing a controller action through out the application - Zend
Initializing a transient attribute of a JPA entity during CriteriaQuery
Mismatch between Jquery and Sharepoint
Making an in-browser LED display with <canvas>: how do I go about creating characters?
Weird Java fraction behavior
How to use the cache functions of KbmMW?
Run query based on POST values with PHP
How can i made soap Request and Response in Java?
Cocoa - Writing NSXMLElement In NSXMLDocument
Print variable above
Allow a div to scroll for x amount but then stop?
nul terminating a pointer
Posting form data to PHP script and then Posting results back again
Dependency Injection and development productivity
Map Tiles are not loaded after doing anything with the MapView in Android Google Maps
Tap event bubbling after hide target div
Dexterity image on Summary View
Enhance app performance with more than 80 views on a layout
Hibernate - Spring project deploy update
Read DWORD registry value in 64 bit
Writing to files on Mac when running on iOS device attached to Xcode
Allow multiple file selection in dialog box, but send as individual POSTs to server using jQuery
Moving django apps into subfolder and error
Python: access class variables via instance
Need information on FilterFw in android ICS code base
Java : add integers using StringTokenizer
Website, API and iPhone App let users login via Facebook
Correct way of implementation of: DAO Design Pattern php+pdo
How to modify a UIPickerView's selected Cell?
Disappearing Input submit button using css
MySQL search in field (or other solutions)
using statement forSQL command [closed]
jQuery deferred objects and running functions in order
using html list elements with switch stament and binding the list with database
Multiple wildcard certificate on IIS 7, how to chose
Howto use Spring Resttemplate with JSON only
Android EditText with multiple Lines automatic line break
python cannot convert lines read from file into list or tuple
How to generate reports using Report Viewer in MVC 3?
Background images rendering problems on wp7
Linq/Entity Framework, performing xpath query on column
Most efficient way to count the number of duplicate elements in PHP
Mobile website, portrait to landscape
how to copy datagrid itemsource into observable collection object in silverlight5?
Where does the SSE instructions outperform normal instructions
Getting the RSpec example group name from within the before(:all) block
Android SDK won't run-Windows 7 ultimate x64[FIXED]
LINQ to SQL CompiledQuery Slowing Down
Testing a project that uses ActionBarSherlock
How to get elements(findViewById) for a layout which is dynamically loaded(setView) in a dialog?
TCP socket on Android 4.0.3
typedef error under gcc
taking screenshot of an iFrame on button click
.net windows service
Why doesnt use C programming language for web development [closed]
Inspect WCF Messages in the Callback direction?
Converting MySQL BIT field to BOOLEAN with Doctrine
Less debugging - similar to sass
i have installed gperftools-2.0, but i can't get cpu profile statistics
NLTM auth using HttpUrlConnection failing
Corrupted ObjectOutputStream for a socket
Haskell way to go about enums
advantages of using camel components with hibernate?
CreateFile Create_Always dwCreationDisposition
Tumblr quick like button not working
PHP mail issues using javascript validation
Not able to get JSON data from Plupload
Facebook client crashes facebook SSO login dialog after changing facebook password
400 bad request when using Linkedin api
Jquery validate (styling the errors inside table)
Most efficient method to use position to open a .java
How to get all HTML attributes which start with something (the attribute names, *not* their values!)
pass variable to xquery xpath attribute query
How can I perform hardware-accelerated H.264 encoding and decoding for streaming? [closed]
comparing 2 squences in xslt
How to prevent Chrome from resizing background images?
Null reference error in javascript function - Developing web application with features enabled based on configuration
Why do I get an AccessViolationException when breaking just before calling a DllImport?
EJB3 Enterprise Application As Portal & Client Web Apps - Architecture/Design
three columns always the same size with dynamic content
Struts 2 - How to redirect exceptions of type Exception to a particular page, but not handle a particular exception?
Receiving data from UDP server on iOS app is not working from Linux server, but works from macbook pro [closed]
Compiler related - are these two C codes really identical?
How safe is it to use webapp2 auth user model in your apps?
sqlite bit columns return 'false' value in every case
XAMPP: Apache binds to all IP addresses of host
Why the event.pageY in mousemove event could not be updated when mouse moves?
How to perform multiple page hyperlink clicks with ctrl key
LinkedIn API, Reading groups posts issue
DropDownList SelectedValue is Invalid Because it does not Exist in the List of Items
Twitterizer api search function throws exception
how to create android applications application on windows 7 [closed]
Setting up Xcode 4 'Save for Enterprise or Ad-Hoc Deployment' as a post-build action
jQuery addClass() on li tab after load()
Need to highlight distribution area using google maps
how to change the slide speed of a viewpager [duplicate]
Runtime error 鈥渨rong name: applicationarbre / Main鈥�
wkhtmltopdf stylesheets
Nested properties across property place holder configurers
Get variable from url without going there:
Encoding issue when storing a cookie with quotes
Facebook like box problems using IFrame
display average of two rows
What are the components of a Web app?
Prefix in XML namespace
Simple URL Picker
C# ASP.Net MVC3, Membeship
metabuilder checked listbox selected index changed not working on server
Dynamically create thread
Pass ruby script file to rails console
Deploy a website with database that is created using VS 2010
matplotlib globaly set spacing/ number of ticks/ tickslabels
How to do 'mvn compile' and 'mvn package' with m2e in Eclipse?
Dynamically create thread
Pass ruby script file to rails console
Deploy a website with database that is created using VS 2010
matplotlib globaly set spacing/ number of ticks/ tickslabels
How to do 'mvn compile' and 'mvn package' with m2e in Eclipse?
WCF URL Redirection using HttpModule
Using Lapack with 128 bit precision
Tree Grid with search
Zend Db Table and setting fetch mode
google authenticator implementation java android
Can't update an entity with Poco Code Generation Item
XPath predicate combinations for multiple elements
Adding a new node to xml-file depending on content of file
print raw http headers in ruby
P/Invoke in ASP.NET (Reading/writing text file from dll)
Creating FlowDocument on BackgroundWorker thread
Javascript: Capture mouse wheel event and do not scroll the page?
Querying a collection in .NET 3.0
What is the best way to display a list of images of varying widths with Rails and a jQuery fading animation?
Java Generics: compatible service subclass
Which variable controls the color of 'transient-mark-mode'?
Displaying NSMutableAttributedString
Load texture with only alpha values
Convert html to pdf file with php
Taking long time to display epub files in device
How to return multiple values from java method to java script?
Mono.CSharp (Compiler as a Service) changes in version 2.10
PHP Session Variable from URL
How do I get the listview id using page id in another page in jquery mobile? [closed]
[JQUERY][PHP] AJAX request returns OK but it goes to error
// Formatting java source comments --------------------------------
show date instead of DateTime in telerik Grid
remove multiple 鈥渃lasses鈥�from a list in python
Kernel Source 鈥�In which file is brk() defined
performance stringbuf vs string
Passing a String by Reference in Metro/C++?
Not enough prevented scrolling in WP7 ListBox
Can I reprint a spool file?
Check PHP array for consecutive indexes
Compare a part of 2 strings (PHP)? [duplicate]
SQL: Union of polygons
sencha hbox panel not displayed
OpenCV: rotation/translation vector to OpenGL modelview matrix
How to use GROUP BY to retrieve a result set with priority on alphabeticization
Maven: inheritance of artifacts built by assembly plugin
Stop Enter/Return key submitting a form
Designer is not loading when i am trying to create a metro style in visual studio 2011 in windows 8
Android: how to align two text views based on length of text
converting RDF to OWL
C-h f issue , content not displaying until a second type
How to write regular expression to validate character in special places?
Points of SQL failure and moving ahead to NOSQL [closed]
Is it possible to make POST request in Flask?
unable to send Broadcast from activity :android
Error while inserting using JDBC prepared statement
How do I check source-code-homework for plagiarism?
how to get array of array in javascript
Make a link Hide after one click in RoR
Xcode and Qt4iOS error while doing build
MySQL like statement error
How to restrict a function so that it can't throw any kind of exception
Avoiding circular class dependencies when definitions are required
In RKManagedObjectMapping, can I use a core data entity's 鈥渞elationship鈥�as primaryKeyAttribute?
java Inverse BigInteger?
Add writable dummy field to updatable TClientDataset
How to view paragraph symbol in JTextPane using Java Code?
Where can I store my plist online for free and my app can download it?
why does alert-box show up again and again?
Why does twitter bootstrap.js use the $.Event object in jQuery plugins?
WP7 3 tier architecture unit testing
datasource vs. persistence.xml for database config parameter
Retrieving value from Python SimpleCookie and using it in SELECT query
Tomcat subdomain association
MySQL query: select records with highest value in group
How to show X.509 certificate details in Silverlight?
UITableView grouped displaying new info in every section
Rails 3.2 using content_tag to generate a 'Delete' button with twitter-bootstrap icons
rootViewController addSubview, the keyboard doesn't work IOS 4 (working on iOS5), Why?
Enable/disable datepicker with checkbox
鈥淓xception has been thrown by the target of an invocation鈥�
how to make an autoit script to wait for next execution when a WMP is in play mode?
Oracle - Excel view
ASP SQL query throws an error
Get maximum Count Lists Nested inside a list
Virtual Memory and sbrk
Jquery Button in jsp
How to get Date object in 鈥淵YYY-MM-DD鈥�format in android
mysql update datetime column - add 10 year 3 month 22 days and 10 hours, 30 minutes to existing data
Remove XML attribute from string
gdb vs lldb which is better for a new in object-c
Download only binary differences to the client with Google Drive SDK
Can this javascript function be put into ajax? and how?
Objective-C: how to group a series of string constants?
Hosting WCF as Windows service 鈥�Service was started and Stopped鈥�
Apache2 Forward proxy with DNS lookup failure for port 443 (SSL) only
Reading Unicode Files - Python3.2
Can I know what applications are opened without using activityManager in android?
Android:About Crash Handler By using Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler
Device lock programatically in android
Can this javascript function be put into ajax? and how?
Objective-C: how to group a series of string constants?
Hosting WCF as Windows service 鈥�Service was started and Stopped鈥�
Apache2 Forward proxy with DNS lookup failure for port 443 (SSL) only
Reading Unicode Files - Python3.2
Can I know what applications are opened without using activityManager in android?
Android:About Crash Handler By using Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler
Device lock programatically in android
Blue and Purple Default links, how to remove?
How to pass incremented variables to an intent via an OnClickListener in android
How to parse get url in Symfony2?
Adding custom values in addition to contents from database in symfony2
Fix uiview position in iphone sdk
Jquery onclick prevent defaut behaviour
How do chat iOS applications communicate?
Graph API returning blank 1x1 pixel image
Scan the Application during the installation process in android
Set jQuery UI dialog button id?
How to test user network speed from iPhone? [duplicate]
how to change folder to subdomain in window hosting?
how to check 2 conditions using while on linux
WPF controls with 鈥渋nvalid鈥�values
Application with plugins is possible in iOS or not?
3 divs next to each other, each of size 100%
trying to install mercurial via easy_install
Transfer object from one application to another
How do I prevent scrolling in an HTML5 web page?
How to draw a box around a set of nodes in pydot or networkx
Coding an interface where user selects date reoccurnace
JAVA JSch connecting with CISCO device 65XX router
Compile error in Hidden Module
Submitting a background job and updating stage with result
java : string index out of range
Setting the LD_PRELOAD environment variable for commands run without typing the full path
How to ignore calling function in constructor?
Rest API Basic Authentication
CodeIgniter 500 Internal Server Error and Blank Page
Django custom User model authentication
how to get actual height of Grid Row before rendering
Chat application in Rhomobile with server
Debug Javascript within Eclipse using Rhino
Abstract way to create an illegal parameter class for unit testing
Fancy background movement with Jquery
MySql Stored Procedure conversion issue
How to register a Custom JavaScriptSerializer in MVC Asp.Net
User registration and authentication service for iOS app
how to pass reference new and old object into stored proc?
String.Replace() doesn't work
'article' ,'Id' module in joomla 2.5
foreign key data deletion should display error for primary key
'article' ,'Id' module in joomla 2.5
foreign key data deletion should display error for primary key
Consuming C# WCF service from Delphi 2010 client: Databinding and Entity Framework
jquery hide show using index
Call PHP function from android?
Time change betwen requests from my winform
Unable to read nodeValue using XPath when namespace is present
#temporary table Microsoft SQL seems to get lost
Google Analytics download link tracking
Autocomplete (jQuery UI) and localstorage
Checking if there is a URL for the Back button
calendar day render not working in server side
Is using CURL for SOAP a bad practice?
How to call a function in jQuery on window resize?
Changing default value for null string to datetime conversion in sql server
Check JNI calls correctness in Compile time
How to set DATE in object, JSP SERVLET
Strange User Crash Report: Null Pointer exception for something that is definitely there
java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: Unknown property ' activePackage'
How to store unique index for each and every Treenode in
cvLoadimage stops working during run time
Django: wrong language preference
Customize Telerik chart
Function returns correct value and 'undefined'
Selecting from DB2 gives [SQL0501] Cursor CRSR0001 not open
cakePHP build a select box from custom array
Writing to serial port in Perl
Mysql: How to see the compile time configs of a mysql binary
How to check if a user is idle on a website using php
Microsoft Access automatically rounds numbers
jQuery nested ul drop down menu
Plot coordinates near a given set of coordinates on Google maps on Java Servlet environment(GAE/J) without JSP
How can I supress XSI using JAXB
鈥淚mage save as鈥�not allow by jQuery
FindBugs is not able to start
how to trigger an event (custom or not) when a generated jQuery element is attached to the DOM
ie9 html5 audio play with volume setted
where can i Put Soap Action?
LINQ join in VB.NET return concrete type rather than anonymous
Should an object save to the database on setting property (e.g. a Blog Post object)
OpenGL ES 2.0 Object Picking on iOS (Using Color Coding)
Creating and Downloading CSV from Struts2
Cake PHP Form Flexibilty
jQuery Mobile Tabbar - Hide on Tab
Android - check return to activity
how to save image in my sql in blob type columns with Struts2?
Removing a specific item from LinkedList in java without using any API
MonoMac: Error in file jit.h: 'mono/metadata/appdomain.h' file not found
Find text in regular expression
Trying to import a class found in a JAR
Jquery Libraries In Rails 3 App
Reading external plain text content into string
SSAS Cube Calculation to summarise another measure at a coarser level
Updating Values in An Array
Play video using Html5 in Android
How to declare a global variable that holds the element in xslt?
Calculating with pivot table in Excel
Drag and drop multiple instances of user controls in WPF
sqlite - how to check if table exists before completing inserts?
How to unblock recv() or recvfrm() function in linux C
jquery passing in direction to animate()
Adding loading image while PHP script runs
How to fetch all git branches
How can I download this file?
Local part cannot be 鈥渘ull鈥�when creating a QName
iCloud and Core Data pre-filled database
Programatically create Excel instance and load all add-ins
Visual Studio 11, Code snippet - key shortcut to specific snippet
OData Get Header Value From Response
PHP Extract only the Filename from UNC Path
Jquery mobile php site and phonegap
Android custom keyboard shift key
Rmagick installed: `require': no such file to load 鈥�RMagick (LoadError)
analyzing the crash dump with __except
Java process on Mac OSX does not release socket
global indication of activity in android
Better way to develop a remote database driven android app?
Using RestSharp with Anonymous Data Types in JSON (may be the wrong term here - please feel free to edit)
Calling a overloaded constructor with null argument
is there a way to change the background color when an user select text in browser ( for IE9 below versions)
Using the Google Drive SDK from Android
iPhone Core Data Migration leads to binary data loss when allow external storage selected
Making TFS include the Published WCF Services in release build
How to minimize my jQuery script
drupal 6: creating a drop down list of last 10 nodes
How to read a pdf file using other App from internal memory?
Bamboo Wallboard order of plans
What is undefined symbol: X509_EXTENSION_free?
how to shuffle two list in the same fashion in java?
Solr query if value matches one of several intervals
Finding maximum and minimum with CUBLAS
GDATA and youtube, Get all videos on a playlist
What version of tSQLt (Database Test Framework) have I installed?
how to build a self referencing model for hierachical data
A dynamic SQL query [closed]
close previous layout and inflate another
Object literals and event listeners, best practice?
Need Help Bubblesort multiD in Java
Exe built by Inno Setup and SPAWNWND, NOTIFYWND parameters on UAC window
Why do I get a 鈥淧ossible null pointer dereference鈥�warning?
How to Detect User logged as Page, FB.getLoginStatus doesn't work?
How to set Django form vals via AJAX
Powershell Arrays and Refreshing
Why does does JRE download size vary so much?
nosetests relaunch test if error happend
how to use the default android contacts ui to show private contact information
infoWindow when map is click
XML parsing using Perl [duplicate]
PHP Search/Filter function
Granting limited permissions to a user on SQL Server 2008
C# Winform The process still on Windows Task list manager after close programme
Improper checkout of a project - CVS
Adding Schema prefix to Nhibernate Table naming convention
Checking across multiple tables in mySQL
simple login system in php
Sending Cart items to Paypal using the SOAP API in ASP.Net
i cant browse my site
Why traceroute sends UDP packets and not ICMP ones?
What kind of graphics is this? [closed]
Spinner with custom cursor adapter and 鈥渆mpty鈥�selection
Two UIScrollview
Save data in List between calls from client to businesslayer
get current unix timestamp in XSLT
Google Closure dividing code into compilation units
Floating div in Firefox goes to next line due to large content
Getting youtube video ID when contain &
get hosts in my LAN listening on a specific port
Gdk-WARNING **: /build/鈥�gdkdrawable-x11.c:952 drawable is not a pixmap or window
Perl's file test operator -f returns true for symbolic links
automatically stop scipy.optimize.fmin_bfgs after n function calls (not BFGS iterations!)
Same css code but different output
Populate a Custom drop down box in Data Table
How to read arrays from command line and display them using generic method in JAVA?
Why isn't the try/catch catching the access violation?
Understanding the logic
Python How put relation data into mongodb+gridfs
Grouping drawables by screen size instead of density
Get the last row in MYSQL
LINQ vs sql - bringing back too many rows
Change the thread count of test plan in JMeter, at run time
How to render a 3D model/graphic of a building in a ASP.Net MVC webapplication
Cursor is closed
How to sets the target of another project
protect ajax jquery
layout_weight is not work in scrollview
Store GMT dates on a US server
Why String.ToString()? [duplicate]
Recommended way to stop a build with Gradle
Converting to DateTime in
Compare two IEnumurable Collections using Lambda Expression
Convert a MS SQL 2008 .mdf file to .bak file
Extracting JQuery POST parameters in PHP
IIS failing to start: Error BC2000
How to stream video from blackberry to Browser
server can't find
Android service called data from list multiple times
Change folder icon ussing regedit not desktop.ini [closed]
Fill JTable in Java using Web Service recieving a List<Project>
Resize gui elements by dragging the corners
Java call PL/SQL procedure with table of records
Computing the degeneracy of a graph?
Web service API for validating parameters, REST or else?
iAds sometime appearing as white boxes in app?
Is it possible to use scalap from a scala script?
How to generate two gridviews on SINGLE DATE CLICK
PHP - Display output without cutting off words
Is node.js ready for medium/big business web application?
How to implement @RequestMapping custom properties
Best way to display image in grid view is scrolling smooth
Generate Java classes with JAXB from a DTD file - how can I modify the DTD?
Scope of typedefs
Facebook inline music player
How to add undo/redo feature into android drawing app?
Heroku - clean up the database, run the migrations with new items
Jquery delete dynamically created draggable divs
How an I call a jquery function when an image changes
How to print all functions of JavaScript non-objects?
subclassing an open-source library
In PhpStorm how to change the colors of Embedded Javascript
WPF Stackpanel inside DataGrid Cell
A regex to detect things like 鈥淸blablablabla]鈥�
Rails app with no databse and continually updated models
JNI Callback Threads
onScroll not working properly
Pax Exam: provisioning bundle with all dependencies
multiple subdomains pointing to same folder, but keeping the url
Efficient alternative to cvSet2D?
Get parameter from another application in ASP MVC 3
ios logins using NSUserDefaults, handle crash or device shutdown
Using autowired beans in an object created at runtime
WebView InvokeScript HRESULT 0x80020101
MATLAB plot with sorted order
Undefined index notice in php regexp
create a webservice using rest to communicate with a jSON - tutorial
realloc(): invalid next size: 0x0000000002119010 [duplicate]
java grouping issue
PL/SQL package call via JDBC performance issue
SQL Nested Query Homework
Binding to models in an ArrayProxy
java grouping issue
PL/SQL package call via JDBC performance issue
SQL Nested Query Homework
Binding to models in an ArrayProxy
Updating an ID in the database
How to stop slider images linking to posts - using anythingSlider on Wordpress
Display separate tabs for public, private & hidden groups in Buddypress
How to make this module compatible with requireJS
ASP.Net MVC 3 Data Annotation
How to change first simple singleview viewController to navigation viewController?
Checking IDs with Selenium & Python
phonegap - deviceready event works but resume/online/offline event don't work
How to make files and folders more secure?
why I can't get JSON from server in ExtJs4?
Set android system wide proxy settings
Print HTML table using crystal reports in Asp.Net
How can display two horizontal buttons, and below a map
Jenkins osx 鈥渃annot run program鈥�
python plot points
Maximum Testers in TestFlight
wpf unhandled exception
refactor constructors into setters in java
UISlider custom images and thumb height?
Why base function cannot be accessed by derived class when involving template classes
Where in server is file stored?
Can't cast a collection property from a VB library in a C# application
What is the limit on google-drive api usage?
How can a Javascript module defined with AMD be extended?
Arguments list syntax
How to remove / destroy a flowplayer instance?
How to use iOS Keychain to stored an OAuth token on iPhone?
java non-static variable in static context
What can be the error in this float calculation?
Play video from an Url without webview
html form submit button
Retaining modified values inside and outside of if-else statements?
How request works in Play Framework 2?
managed-to-unmanaged Marshaling of 'object[]' as IUnknown
iReport Mistakenly Displaying Summary between Detail Band and Column Footer
make DIV take all lower space
Twitter share button: share hash part of URL?
Can not looping JSON result in the view of mvc
Python/Windows/ctypes: How to get process return status after calling WaitForMultipleObjects?
PHP script throwing internal server error 500, fixed when turning on display_errors
How do you use an unbound property as the argument of an if helper in a template with Ember.js?
Web Application Architecture Approach CodeIgniter
Is it possible to have custom attributes in AndroidManifest.xml tags?
Netty 3.4.1.Final does not work on Android
Programmatically adding new line in mx:TextArea
Programmatically adding new line in mx:TextArea
const char [22]' to 'LPCWSTR'
How to detach a forked process from parent in C
Best practice for reading / writing to a java server socket
Jquery Mobile + MVC 2 - how to stop transition on form submit
Multiple apk based on density
AChartEngine current position
wordpress calendar with pages for each month
JGit : connect to distant repository
Drupal, Wordpress or other cms OR own cms?
MS Office PIA Com Interop Error
mage.exe fails to update manifest
Android 2D game development without an engine
Full file code screenshots in komodo notepad or any free editor
How to interface a function that returns a C++ custom class with Cython?
How to check if Location Services are enabled?
Ordering with ActiveRecord, pagination with Kaminari
updating tiles in Win 8 Metro app
Escaping whitespace in regular expression with ply?
When to use json and when jsonp with jquery $.ajax?
Text normalization in JS
How to distribute a lot of data with APK?
display rectangle on a win32 child window if cursor is on it and erase if cursor leaves child window
Using javascript regex to translate a html
Keep MooTools Accordion closed on initial Page Laod
Writing a Python tool to convert XML to Python?
Binding to a property
how to select not in relation data using left join
CA0001 : Member FirstOrDefault could not be found, code analysis error
str_replace: Replace string with a function
Remote Desktop view over the internet [closed]
Windows Forms C#
Draw Mountain Chart android
og:image tag not working in facebook
Free SSL that I can use for comunicatng from mobile to my server [closed]
Browser goes blank when using this session variable
how to direct python logger to Tkinker's Listbox?
Date time library for gwt
How to use WITH table AS result within cursor loop to run stored procedure
C# Service Application to start endless Thread
For Eclipse, CCLog doesn't work. CCMessageBox works well
IE 8 clipping google marker icons
Why is Convert.ToDouble(char) not supported?
Foursquare Android app not correctly 鈥渃atching鈥�the checkin url/event
How to trace function call in Erlang ?
Wrapping text in text-area using a checkbox
Redirect www. to bare domain when using SSL
Make it so the user has to scroll in a UIWebView
lack of xml header definition
Get Facebook iframe params
C# read data from excel file results in ###
libsvm for plotting ROC curves
How to render combobox dropdownlist
WPF/XAML Layout of two Labels containing different length text whilst maintaining equal size Font Scaling
How to pass data to CActiveForm
Html Radio button disable process with Javascript or
Update UI from a background worker
nhibernate join two entity and return another entity
efficient way of php array compare
accessing file of another drive
Share code between projects in Xcode
UITableView header is not visible
Find out if html form has changed
Preventing access same record by multiple user in MS SQL 2005 .
android: kSOAP how to get list of country from an string returned by kSOAP response
Controlling window movement by mouse
How to embed an PDF as INLINE using java mail. For all the attempts I made, It is going as an attachment
get the lowest value of a double[]
selected changed used to find data in another datagridview store previous value
how to fit a function using PyBrain networks?
Twitter bootstrap: Nest input-prepend within pull-right and search form
Permission error for pig script on hadoop
Does it counts as a REST?
Can this SQL Query be optimized
heap corruption error in c++
Sorting floats with exponents with 'sort -g' bash command
Javascript - Wait a function to finish
Determine amount of memory allocated by specific .NET assembly
Secondary Tile 鈥渟napping鈥�back to the image it was created with
How to check if there is only defined symbols in string?
.profile file linking
Compatibility assistance issue in window 7
WP7 PhoneApplicationPage EventHandler Problems [updated]
How I can put two webview (one above another webview)
Android google Play store Screenshots deformation
Display value with space from database
Pass hash value to Jquery .load() function
WPF/C# - ListBox example whats the ItemsSource
Generete page with checked and unchecked checkboxes without java script
httpWebRequest - get error content
Nested joins in MS SQL, not working
Determining screen dimensions on device rotation
jquery - who is my parent listener?
How to store a webview response in local sqlite database in android?
Dependency injection with interfaces or classes
How to limit a line to 80 characters per line in groovy
Comparing two xml files using JAVA
Perl: Saving edited fields into the same XML file
Call a javascript function from one frame's page to another frame's page, gives 鈥淧ermission Denied鈥�error
jquery-ui datepicker inside dialog not loading
How to limit a line to 80 characters per line in groovy
Comparing two xml files using JAVA
Perl: Saving edited fields into the same XML file
Call a javascript function from one frame's page to another frame's page, gives 鈥淧ermission Denied鈥�error
jquery-ui datepicker inside dialog not loading
jquery - image marquee/slider - no <img> tag
CLPlacemark.subThoroughfare strange characters?
Python Django Session
Android to Unable to instantiate Application java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
More than one collection not working anymore in Google Drive?
Error when Building an Android Project that references Facebook
I Want Show Custom Dialog like iphone HUD Progress Bar
Inner class object into Outer class constructor into c#
EJB lookup from PostConstruct method in GlassFish 3.1.2