Looking to create a Client-Side Application (WPF) to perform CRUD operations on remote data
Knockoutjs observable boolean returning strange results
cannot connect to database using jdbc [closed]
Why am I getting different behaviour when replacing a subview created in the Interface Builder vs one created in code?
Corrupted heap error when declaring a double* array
PHP - date() vs. date.timezone / date_default_timezone_set()
Handle microsoft.sharepoint.dll version issue in SharePoint
Do final variables need to be given a value immediately after declaring them
Firefox scroll bars but not on Chrome
Sparrow/Twitter like UIt tab bar
Fake the default instance with a named instance?
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError with all R classess when using android library
Does TeamCity Visual Studio Addin support VS 11?
Using jQuery Page Transitions on iPhone with HD Background Images
how to check or retrieved backed up local storage in phonegap
What's the easiest way to re-populate a form when the page is reloaded?
WebSocket server in PHP without daemons?
How to convert the type of pointer
Sort class instance alphabetically
How to create a Singleton WCF proxy using Structuremap
Calculating a location coordinate a certain distance from another coordinate
jQuery not focusing the correct DOM element
migrating to HRD 鈥淭his application does not have access to that blob鈥�
How extjs is browser independent
How to write a Query so that based on a Date, it takes data for the next 7 days
How to copy file inside jar to outside the jar?
Losing style when sending div element to email (C#asp.net)
REQUEST_URI on a numeric value
Are there any ActionScript 3 components/UI optimised for use in Adobe AIR touch/mobile applications?
viewport value in accordance to screen size
MySqli not rolling back appropriately
Java Bluetooth Socket Wont Accept Connection after Restart
remove duplicate STL vector in STL vector
How make set images slices left,center,right next to each other and grow based on content?
Apache Solr: HTML inside CDATA
How to make a ajax call from local html files inside assets dir of android?
Trying to make Thinkglink work with Impress.js
If an exception is thrown in the catch clause, does finally still run
Ajax.BeginForm is rendering with differently in HTML
jQuery Doesn't Work as Expected, Why?
Do i place .Includes( ) method before or after .find( )?
Trying to get the width of an h1 tag with Javascript
When enabling C++11 with stdlibc++ 4.7, clang error out, while gcc compiles fine
Hive with Regex SerDe Split up line with each word becoming a column
Android FragmentActivity inside Tabhost?
Strange behavior when reading the contents of a register into a C variable
GWT: RemoteServiceServlet & HttpServletRequest: problems in unit testing
How to correctly start a process in VC++?
How to check if UITextField text is empty when done editing
How can I use a variable with System.Windows.Forms.Keys?
Can Asana API upload an attachment to a task
Photos in sql database or filesystem (2012)
Encoding a DBMS stored value with a trailing sentinel to detect truncation/corruption; pros? cons? alternatives?
Getting location updates for longitude and latitude values obtained from Geocoder
Using Android-emulator to test AT commands by COM from external application
Using libwireshark to get Wireshark functionality programatically
Reading User Input in Emacs Inferior Lisp
Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be resource [duplicate]
Smallest number 鈥�Algorithm [closed]
Java Syntax- What does ,= mean [duplicate]
Android Dialog title color and title button?
Simplest way to download and unzip files in Node.js cross-platform?
how to Loop through mulltiple fieldsets?
updating mid-flight animations in core animation
Using plyr with Barnard's test
ItemsSource data change invokes recreation of DataTemplate
Looking for website with different graphic algorithms implementation in ActionScript
php mysql comparing data
Invalid entitlements only when profiling, archiving and building works fine
How to use the pdfLibNet.dll in silverlight 4?
Listview using LazyAdapter and Thread using ProgressDialog
Instantiation of Inner Class
Is it necessary to close connections in urllib2? [duplicate]
Difference between extjs object and document object
Mono and Excel Automation
Coldfusion CFIF statement [closed]
Watermark Textbox cleared on partial postback
How to create these type of vectors in R and how to do operations such as calculating mean and covariance?
Creating a child record using with a form pre filled with parent, without changing route?
Toggle and change dynamically the id with jQuery
Can Somebody tell me what's wrong with this codes?
myActivity extends GridView implements OnClickListener
Visual Basic . NET 8: How to add General Expressions?
Efficient incremental hash computation during program interpretation
myActivity extends GridView implements OnClickListener
Visual Basic . NET 8: How to add General Expressions?
Efficient incremental hash computation during program interpretation
Cygwin reports 鈥�bash: /usr/bin/svn: Bad address鈥�
HTTP 303: http:// instead of http://www results in Loop / 303
c++ function code generalization using template
awk syntax error
What is the 鈥淎uthTokenType鈥�value for Google Drive on an Android app?
Install project in Visual Studio how to set version from main exe
Jython: remove a jar file from the classpath
Is Google Drive suitable for use as a corporate file share? [closed]
global keyword outside the function in php
UIButton is not clickable when it's on top of a MapView
How do you include a UX class in the MVC pattern?
How to switch tomcat user on vFabric in STS
Uploading image to WCF Api with RestSharp - Image not valid
string insertions at index position in an array in javascript
how to print table in CLI
Combine two arrays in a 鈥渮ipping鈥�fashion - JavaScript
NSTableView and drag and drop from Finder
matplotlib legend showing double errorbars
Facebook Graph: Is it possible to publish a comment to a news feed post with publish_stream and read_stream permissions?
Python - How to print the message inside ValidationError
How to write a recursion function for this? [duplicate]
Where can I find complete documentation concerning node-mongodb-native?
Is there support for creating a new file viewer for Google Drive?
Windows Phone - PC communication in same network
Shorten a regex for HH:MM:SS
rotate div based on browser window size
Passing Objects or Structs to .asmx Web Service
Meteor how to invoke client js function for only item added to Collection
How to make running total in SQL [duplicate]
Having trouble getting the value when converting a void pointer to a struct
Downloading a file in chunks 鈥�is there an optimal sized chunk?
Extra space in Webkit Browsers? (Chrome and Safari)
Default initializer of C and C++ languages of boolean types on GCC compiler is 64 instead of 0. It's compiler bug?
output clipboard to multiple textboxes
PHP & MySql: How to Populate PHP dropdown list from a MySql table?
Problems with htaccess redirect
seemingly simple join i cant figure out
PHP XML - Editing, Deleting and Reordering
Autocomplete API for google custom search
For an iPhone map application, how do I create the graphs?
i can't make a contact group on iPhone, how can i solve that?
binutils: hex2asm
Get into new directory that was just created
jQuery create element and use it
iOS: Send http request/ read http response
How do I format this java.sql.date?
Convert Arabic and Chinese characters to their ASCII values
Is there an elegant/built-in method in C# to add a string connector IFF two strings have length > 0?
Rails update_attribute isn't saving
retrieve a List of objects from a web service c#
Mining/Crawling/ the web console with phantomjs or something else?
jquery not serving partial correctly
Overwriting saved eip to point to stdin?
Javascript replace characters with charcodes under 32 with x(charcode)
Guid to Binary 16 back and forth PHP
Can't implement my thread correctly in Android
how to create multiple table with javascript
RelativeLayout in ScrollView Programmatically
Winsock returns 10061 on connect only to localhost
What is difference between QImage and QPixmap?
How to verify if my scanner driver is TWAIN compatible?
Enum Changed Event
Button Opening a New Xml Page
Passing parameters to Facebook Open Graph API
Facebook 鈥渓ike鈥�button stopped working, if user is concurrently logged into Facebook
How do you set maxSockets in Node.js when using Express?
How can I create an HTML button that copies selected text to the clients clipboard?
How to use classes to control windows in Objective-C
Android jar dependency
How to get good read performance from tape?
How to use a dependency of a module within a Play app
How do you show HTML5 video's poster on iPad?
Is there a TryInt() conversion for String values?
How to not match against text that contains specific text in the middle of a multiline pattern using regular expressions?
Validation Summary vertical alignment
How to know when previous or next button is clicked in Javascript?
Accessing WP7 Contacts
Object.attribute_changed? not working in Rails controller
PHP not getting SQL date field 1970
How to individually delete a dynamically created paragraph?
ffmpeg on iOS 5.1 Undefined Symbols Error
Creating a route to accept two parameters for specific controller
Java House Applet
Why this google translate code isnt working?
Memoization, Classes, and Multiprocessing in Python
How do I remove DIV tags with style attributes from XML file?
Do I need this field to be volatile?
How do I create a favicon.ico file for every directory I want? [duplicate]
ZipArchive extractTo throwing exception
What is the view volume of the projection without glFrustum and glOrtho setting?
ASP.NET: Storing Repeater Value in Session
Javascript Kill function?
Quaternion rotation in XNA
Error: 鈥渆xpected '(' before string constant鈥�
Function Scoped Static Non Pod Object Intialization
In xpath how you compare text() with r n (line break)?
creating html with perl
using opencv features2d on iPhone
Get the map overlay marker icon during onTap
wp7 Bing map displays in design view but is just black on emulator and phone-used to work perfectly
Status of machine code generation in LLVM?
Avoid EVAL and pass THIS to function?
How to login in with Curl and SSL and cookies
xPages creating Authors and Readers Fields
Catching Segmentation Violations and Getting on with Life
Best archiver library for iOS
Are there good tools or techniques to debug InstanceCountViolation in Android's StrictMode?
Displaying two arrays in tester class
Is there a good CAS client I could use without a web platform?
TcpListener isn't disposing cleanly when inside a background thread
Custom for-loop helper for EmberJS/HandlebarsJS
Java has-a relationship
PHP Error when using variable variable to insert data into static variable
How do I perform a count from a table and then display the count value using PHP?
A little baffled on DBMigrations with Code First and EF
use jQuery form validation equalTo rule for dynamically generated forms
Not able to understand the auto generated cucumber step
How to put a variable into Python docstring
Last Occurrence of Character Field Separator AWK
Does Quick Reports Support Mixing Portrait and Lanscape Within a Composite Report?
How do you access variable declared in a class extension?
Launch storyboard app from landscape
NSDateFormatter setDateFormat non-zero-padded month number
PHP if Month Equals then Echo CSS Style
Eclipse doesn't generates R.java even without errors
google chrome history sqlite
CSS 3 hide element when :target is set to something else - show when it is blank?
Attaching a SQL server express database with WCF service application
chrome鈥nBeforeRequest鈥�) URLs list not functioning as expected
Vim: case-insensitive ex-mode autocompletion
How do I open new windows from menubars?
Regex in Objective-c
How to include test classes in Jar created by maven-shade-plugin?
RestKit: What delegate method is called for postObject?
Searching String Fields Using Sunspot and Rails
Create Simple User Messaging Setup in Entity Framework Code First
User types on library management system
Rails 3.* Devise Facebook OmniAuth intermittently fails with NoMethodError
Error passing User to ForeignKey in Django
Negative NSTimeInterval in NSDate's dateWithTimeIntervalSinceNow:
Select Query To Get Last 9 Months Data in SQLite3
how to enable only authenticated users to create new users
Communication between Android devices
Jquery google map plugin with geolocation
how can I use fadeTo inside $(element).each(鈥�
Foundation class message is a forward declaration error
PHPExcel -do i need necesary declare the conditional formating rules by code?
Select Query To Get Last 9 Months Data in SQLite3
how to enable only authenticated users to create new users
Communication between Android devices
Jquery google map plugin with geolocation
how can I use fadeTo inside $(element).each(鈥�
Foundation class message is a forward declaration error
PHPExcel -do i need necesary declare the conditional formating rules by code?
How do I write a plugin.xml file for Phonegap Build Websocket?
rollover a text hyperlink to become an image
Performance degradation using Azure CDN?
How to ignore header on Signup Page
pickle python Class instance
Using SQL Server Native Client to access SQL Server LocalDB
Unable to create content to send
ASP.NET 4 URL Routing Web Forms brakes my relative paths to Styles, Scripts, Images, etc
rails, getting bootstrap's typeahead to work with rails and jquery (which work normally)
Is dependent => :destroy required with embeds_many?
How to call a controller's method from a view?
Rails - jquery plugin loaded in development but fails to load in production
How can I make my android tablet app to look the same when it runs on phone in landscape mdoe
passing runtime arguments to erlang when running rebar eunit
NetworkOnMainThreadException is not showing on the emulator?
ice:outputMedia not rerendering in Firefox and IExplorer
Context Free pumping lemma
Smooth Sroll Not Working on iphone
UIkeyboardtypenumberpad IPAD
control the order of execution of tasks in a certain name space
UITableView custom header (like FoodSpotting app)
Handling multiple exception types in OCaml
Mocking a return type from another Mocked type using Moq
Why this is so slow? (loop in a DF row vs. a standalone vector)
Change From SQL to mongoid
Multiple jQuery :contains() args not working
File and folder compare tool for Mac (like Synchronize It!)
EXC_BAD_ACCESS on getting value from NSValue
undefined method `root' for main:Object
Relative path for <img> agnostic to <base> tag
Realize a HTTPS-Connection with a foreign certificate
Adding '0' to binary
Properly designing Java class hierarchies for code sharing and encapsulation
iOS PNG Image rotated 90 degrees
Pause game and score counter without timescale = 0
select statements with SQL
changing dependentObservable() function, to enable chained writes
Submit Values via POST to multiple PHP files
SplitViewController crashing in Portrait view (ipad)
jquery animate but then come back to normal
Xcode generating release statements in project converted to ARC
Is there a way or tutorial for converting Arduino code to C code?
iphone - dynamically loading a large mount of text and images
Inserting a foreign key when creating an object with a foreign key field
Developing on Arnova 9 G3 - not visible via 'adb devices'
Simulating my location within the emulator for Intellij IDEA 11
Keep enum-to-object mapping with enum class?
Fill an array in C
Add variable to SQL query to get day by day results
Best aproach to develop a networking application that works either with the emulator or a phone
RavenDB deployment issue
SetInterval for falling movieclips
when including() or require() do I always have to use ../../ relative to my file? Is there a simple way?
facebook application needs dimensions of profile picture
Should I use quotes or colons for session keys in Ruby on Rails?
Pause after loop in TweenJS
System.IndexOutOfRangeException - Index was outside the bounds of the array
insmod fails because off unknown symbol in the module
Screen Not Updating Until Home Button Pressed
Null Reference in file
NSButton subclass inside trigger also other class
memory leak in std::vector representing 2D data
Button to XIB link, bringing me to blank white screen (Xcode)
how to have UITableView sitting on top of UIImageView
Android offline voice recognition with simple commands/vocabulary [closed]
jQuery hoverIntent - What am I doing wrong when I split the function?
OnClick method kills android application
WP7: How to create a database on install
Logic of Regex to split string in Javascript to multiple strings
Modify Menu based on Session MVC3
Averaging dates in oracle sql
Fixing Gmail's layout with a custom style
any code example of how access viewcontroller from uitabbarcontroller?
catch exception in JSP
Shorten title to a certain length
Convert SAX ContentHandler characters(..) to InputStream
How to override default maven-install-plugin behavior?
How to calculate if a value is outside one standard deviation in PHP
If I am developing a hosted payments page, what should the infrastructure look like? [closed]
Validation of XML against a DTD in Javascript?
ASP.NET Web API ActionFilter example
Trying to alternate background color for odd and even <li>, but javascript is making all even
Twitter trends through simple html dom parser
How to print a Bitmap Image?
R: combining output from apply for each value of an array dimension
Automatic rollback if program exits
What's the differences between Xen, QEMU and KVM?
SQL Keywords Formal Definitions Material
Is there a guide to Ch, CINT or Pike for C/C++ programmers?
Best practice for font-size inheritance
What does it mean when JSLint returns 45 errors, but code still works, kind of? [closed]
Objective c - Is there a way to populate a table view with some animation?
How to change the numpy array elements passed to python C-extension?
Set bool property using attribute
What data structure can I use to store and retrieve ranges of discrete values?
Reading from text file using buffer and multithreading in C
Ticker having trouble [closed]
XSL Templates for XML Documentation in MonoDevelop
Batch Script Copying Files
Call ASP.NET Web API from code-behind
BOOL not saving in User Defaults
!! c operator, is a two NOT?
How to define a shell script with variable number of arguments?
Change theme settings from a module
Silverlight Business Application Template
PHP query, get rows from last 24 hours
Dynamic DIV height
Swig Lua member generation
Clearing TextFields in SharedPreferences
Can I compare with the current date for a JMS message selector?
How to display the frames of a video via Qt gui application ?
Cross Thread Error on comboBox1 in winforms C#/NET
What's the right way to exchange variables between classes?
Set elements of an anonymous struct
Delete entity in App Engine Datastore, but it gets restored all the time?
Onclick handlers with jquery
Create a Login page in asp.net mvc3 [closed]
Are there Google App Engine source and JavaDoc JAR bundles available?
How to make a permission system like the following with Symfony 2?
Reading BIG5 encoded data using XmlReader on Windows Phone
Editing Child Entities on a View In Isolated Form Posts While Retaining Unique HTML Ids
Applying CIFilter to video in iOS
HTTP Post cutting off string
Objective c - fetching core data objects in viewDidLoad
Search and replace c-style strings in c++
Please help newbie with IE7 layout float glitch
What learning algorithm(s) should I consider to train a log-linear regression model?
How to Call an Object Based on a Variable in Visual Studio?
Returning the size of an object to alter it within a function
Null Pointer Exception while trying to Bubble Sort
php mysql one table two field separate search result
What are the dangers of using an SSL iframe within SSL pages
Most efficient language to implement tensor factorization for Web Application
Forcing Cursor To Move To One Side Of The Page
How to AES Encrypt in .NET without an IV
Tapestry - Composite components?
Nested loops to find all possible combinations in Python
Sampling with replacement in Matlab
HybridAuth / PHP Facebook SDK authentication failed (getUser returns 0)
extracting a substring with regex in perl
How do I re-grab a forked Git repo without deleting and re-forking?
Nested loops to find all possible combinations in Python
Sampling with replacement in Matlab
HybridAuth / PHP Facebook SDK authentication failed (getUser returns 0)
extracting a substring with regex in perl
How do I re-grab a forked Git repo without deleting and re-forking?
in Java how to get all possible distinct sums in an array
Embedding Partials as data in Mustache
Content Porter 2009 SP1 with 5.3 SP1 鈥�Errors on Export when multiple parent publications
JNI library in Android Sometime Created in libs/armeabi sometims obj/armeabi?
Merge svn repo with git repo
How to pass an argument to the listener function passed in addEventListener?
How to get image URL from drag &drop if the image is a link?
AndroId MediaPlayer prepareAsync method
Custom Validation in Add form of datatables with jeditable plugin
Display Passcode / Pincode upon launching the app - Storyboard
iOS auto logout of application
How can Itroubleshoot this 鈥渙bject reference not set to an instance of an object, use new鈥�error
VisualTreeHelper.GetChildrenCount returns 0 when run from MainPage_Loaded
Reformat spaces around a particular character using tr / sed / awk
print commas after each print statement except the last one
Adding event-changed item to a list
Rails. Pass an array to javascript where the first element is a string and the rest are integers
adding buttons to relativelayout with listview
java method returning an instance of Class<T extends Somethng>
Python MySQLdb insert issue
log4j file not trace nothing in JBOSS 7.1.1
Javascript Reverting
it is only displaying one file name
How to send lots of (x,y) coordinates over the network?
Sort list of real numbers mixed with letters
Refer 鈥渢his鈥�to custom variable
How to force download a .csv file in Symfony 2, using Response object?
What is the most consistent/best way to create/update related record in Rails 3.1+?
Rails 3 and PDFKit. How to specify page size?
Sequence Point warning in initializer list
Retrieving imgur upload link after uploading an image through java
XSLT Merge challenge Pt. II
what Camera save() and restore() method really do?
JQuery Ajax call to MVC 4.0 authentication
Service to Activity communication
htaccess to redirect url's that contain something
Redirect From a Js File
How do you read a text file and print it to the console window? Java
NUnit unable to load dll with String Key Name
CGContextStrokeRectWithWidth with inner rounding?
What's a short way to prepend 3 bytes to the beginning of a binary file in C?
Rounded corners on dynamicly set ImageView in widget?
How to read in list from file in R?
Tips for building a site statistics backend?
Disable opencv warnings in python
PHP convert date format dd/mm/yyyy => yyyy-mm-dd [duplicate]
Delete local tag fails
Update imageview on activitResult() method?
How can I load SQL data source from a TextBox in C#?
More than one JS button on page with rollover state on page
How can I force the keyboard to stay displayed?
Using Custom NotifyDescriptor in Netbeans Platform
How to create .git file
Data format on Android Bluetooth
How can I get the next letter alphabetically without incrementing? (php)
textbox enter causes postback or redirection?
Why does my browser sometimes not recognize my server's header?
How to do dependency injection on demand with a facade?
not inserting into database [closed]
How do I unimport a function in perl?
Controlling ListBox scrolling behaviour
Cannot get value from sharedpreferences
Is an Object the same as an instance of a Class?
Assets loading slowly in development
Concatenating text cells and copy/pasting between workbooks with VBA in Excel
How to change highlighting color in Java Swing TextArea? And also, change the beginning of text corresponding to the highlighting location
asp mvc post not sending form data
Pig Latin Translator - JavaScript
How do I REGEXP search based on hex codes in MYSQL?
Can I block on a Google AppEngine Pull Task Queue until a Task is available?
iOS slide up an image over an image, revealing the underneath one. (A-la jQuery.slide())
Prevent a double click on a button with knockout.js
Android FileNotFoundException res/drawable-hdpi/scrollbar_handle_vertical.9.png
UnsupportedOperationException GlassFish error
Use Google Analytics API to show information in C#
HeapAlloc causes excpetion - Windows 7 x64
Android: DrawText with background contrast
Android sdk. inflate menu(xml file) on button press
How can i find k-best solutions?
Rotation Matrices of Coordinate Systems ( Euler Angles, Handed-ness)
htaccess rewrite directory and index with anchors
Switching to ByteStrings
css child (>) selector not working in IE8?
C++ panel DrawToBitmap not working right
scrapy newbie: tutorial. error when running scrapy crawl dmoz
Implementing a Depth First Traversal based on a strategy in Python
Spring JSP Select List for Range of Numbers
What is the relationship between Sesame & Alibaba?
action=鈥�i18n/setlang/鈥�does not redirect to any page
How can I plot shapefile loaded through fastshp in ggplot2?
Postgres: define a default value for CAST failures?
php foreach loop redundancy
How to only return an array from this class?
When is a file created when using output redirection?
PayPal Payments Advanced + PayFlow Link
How do I permute each stack in a 3D matrix according to indices in another 3D matrix?
Noise and Blur in Cuda
Grails: GSP variable substitution in g:each tag
Drop down list width fit selected item text
LINQ join from 3 differents tables
display no results message with checkbox filtering
Android : Do something when battery is at a defined level
add input from html text box into highcharts graph
Appropriate way of asking the user for feet and inches on Android?
Python twisted reactor undefined variable
Allowing C# plugins register on application hooks
How does ASP.NET identify that the request is a postback?
Error compiling fragment example using android sherlock
Scrubbing code to enable -ffinite-math
How to send RSA open key over tcp?
What is an efficient way of waiting for a dynamically loaded Javascript file to finish loading?
entity groups and namespaces
PHP: preg_replace to match some numbers but not others
Socket communication with android devices
all error path in php
c++ navigate through array by moving pointer
OCaml constructor unpacking
push array into multidementional array
If Else Statement with logo in WordPress theme
Accessing JSP variables from JSF EL
Struts2 session concurrency issue
Perform Hit Test on anonymous object
apk file that cannot be decompiled
Build google map marker using encoding 64 image
Getting a realtime clock in ios
Spring: Value is null when an object is injected to both base and child class beans
Domain name validation with RegEx
JavaScript function failing to handle events
Compact way to build a String starting at null using +=
return array range
jQuery validate date in IE not working
Avoiding adding Same UserControl in Canvas in WPF?
How to remove Latin characters like accents?
Null Pointer Exception when creating new model or reimport a model
getting sigabrt error with core data
Securing a password in a properties file
How do you iterate over two dictionaries and grab the values at the same path?
titleview on navigation bar not visible in views after segues
CSS specificity, Media Queries and min-width
OpenCL: kernel hangs forever unless I remove parameters
Long running Plone operation with AJAX progress bar
Easiest way to bulk copy similar Jenkins jobs
Liferay: Change URL Format for document links inside of web content (journal article)
Encoding file with AES
OpenCL: kernel hangs forever unless I remove parameters
Long running Plone operation with AJAX progress bar
Easiest way to bulk copy similar Jenkins jobs
Liferay: Change URL Format for document links inside of web content (journal article)
Encoding file with AES
How to bitwise shift a binary string in java?
Creating a raster receipt on Star TSP100 printer in android
Passing array from external js.file to route
C2DM - Message sent successful from server, but not showing up on device
Tag pair indicator
<a> tag inside Tree View not working
How to use WebAPI without ASP.NET MVC?
Samsung Charge RECORD_SOUND_ACTION Intent not returning when started for result
Using API key with Freebase
Possible loss of precision when multiplying by powers?
How to get this layout with 2 column?
Dispose of objects in reverse order of creation?
expression engine: do I use snippets or embedded templates for the sidebar in my blog
Using javascript:history.go(-1) works but I lose css properties and scripts
Serializing an NSDictionary to XML File
extracting string with Indexof in c#
How Do Make a Jquery Collapsible Panel Collapsed instead of Expanded when the Document is Ready?
Oracle - Why does it think it's missing a right parenthesis?
Not working 鈥渙nclick()鈥�with a DIV
manipulate two fragment
OutOfMemory in MuPdf
add second view [duplicate]
Android/JVM difference in RSA decryption
Performance facts between Fluent Validation and Data Annotation
Xcode code sense and cmd+click to symbol doesn't work for 1 of my projects
Append to ul element within div
C enumeration not recognized in c++
Python: ImportError: No module named _md5
Ignore related entity's property
Getting information from a cookie to hide rows from a gridview in MVC3
load first, next item and previous item in an ienumerable
How do I check if the mouse is NOT over an element in javascript?
SQL/PHP - connection to database with php
RegEx - need to remove all but sequences of words, allowing one space to continue words
Make Chart TextAnnotation Appear Behind DataPoints
google app engine python get_by_id does not function
Magento - Form with 2 Submit Buttons (one without Validation)
Devise, subdomains, and super users
Fetching page of url using luasocket and proxy
Why are the buttons inside the panel not working?
Saving Exchange attachments to a domain obj then deleting the emails
Improve performance of obtaining MethodInfo from MethodCallExpression
why does referencing detached entity work ?jpa hibernate
posting to facebook with multi-line message as opposed to short 1-liners
How do I disable a input type button when a input type text in less than 0 or bigger than 24?
Formatting problems with csv file
how to send mail using outlook and php?
Android API for Google Drive?
Multiple JQuery plugins on same page
method query() from simpleJdbcTemplate is not returning values
Adding uilabels [closed]
Clarification of bash trap
When Using .empty() To Empty Divs Can No Longer Parse In To Collapsible List
What could be causing this Access Denied error?
Options for passing method names to a state change object
Linq-to-SQL concatenate two columns in where clause
Using PHP to display RSS feed attributes
How to send a file by http get request by c# code?
How does a complex number capture phase, amplitude AND frequency in the result of an FFT?
How create custom autorotation?
PHPExcel: showing header & footer not only in printing preview
Python - telnet - automation APC PDU
referring page and javascript login issue
Eclipse: How to change attr from public to private by using refactoring tools
Is Google Drive a good data storage solution for a web app? [closed]
Displaying same font size in any Android screen
SQL: Many to Many to a Many to Many鈥�is this efficient?
Python pass tzinfo to naive datetime without pytz
packet data intercept and modification
gtkBuilder's get_object in a thread
Random Forest: high accuracy by one class and very low accuracy by the other
Using the cut command in UNIX to get the last period
How do I redirect/handle requests from search engines via nginx using location regex
Convert c++ project from 4.0 to 3.5 framework
Go tutorial for Google App Engine: ImportError: No module named _md5
Placing divs next to each other rather than below
Is there a way to read Google Trends with an HTTP request?
Getting an exception when trying to run lein
How to count how many entry's of each type are in array?
Printing JSON-formatted data in Tcl
How to allow Apache to write files in 755 directories?
mansory + infinitescroll preloder animation to load images from the begin
Firefox Addon Builder preferences-services not working for me--Why?
Resizing image to fit frame
too many wrapper classes
Segmentation fault on push_back [closed]
Can we view our app's statistics (sales, etc.) on iTunes Connect in windows?
CakePHP pagination throwing error when passing custom params
HUD Showing while performing segue
Webkit Browser CSS issue with Safari 5.1.5 using <video> tag
The ForEach Replace on this small code doesn't do what I expected it to do. What am I doing wrong here?
Two appointments a week php
Regex to remove single characters from string
When using this .js 2 times on a single page it only works in the one instance
Django DateTimePicker only shows up for superusers inside my app
DirectoryInfo.GetFileSystemInfos and File Renaming
Sorting UITableView results
Second JS button triggers first JS button
Different template for adding data and editing data on a Telerik grid
APACHE Crashing: Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477 鈥�Restarting
GCC compiler flags: -lg2c -lgfortran
java, 鈥渆nter program argument鈥�error?
JSF page in subfolder can't see template
Is it possible to block cookies from being set using Javascript or PHP?
Symbol not found Error in jsp beans
Google Drive with FUSE
Sonar 3.0 does no analysis but displays no errors/warnings
why My Existing Conditional Formatting Rules set by Excel are Lost after using objWriter->PHPEXCEL-save?
Why are UIButton actions not being called when UIButton is inside a UIScrollView
codeigniter 2.1.0 Routing difficulties
LINQ to Entities: Workaround needed for query on primary key
Linking from owner to child records in Rails 3?
Xcode, how can I change an image file for one target?
Is there a standard session layer protocol for configuration of applications?
CakePHP, what url do I use for my app?
Creating fault tolerant system - Use data file to reload save data?
Remove whitespace in SQL
Rails: Best practice for many inter-field custom validators?
What could be causing memory_limit errors in wp-admin/admin.php of my WordPress install?
Can't modify property of a structure stored in a another property
Nodejs. Best way to pass common variables into separate modules
(J2ME) get the reference of the MIDlet from some other class?
jquery animate div left/right if conditions
Removing i:type field in SOAP request generated by kSoap2 on Android
How can i write HQL for SYSDATE?
How to make a JTable column to contain not JTextFields, but JTextAreas?
Python TypeError with *args
Error when converting string to JSON array
ADK AndroidAccessory Read Function on Arduino should be getting something, per DemoKit sketch?
c malloc prevent buffer overflow
Android - In-app billing almost working?
UISegmented control being reloaded on UITableView
How do conditionally add or remove members from Rails 3.2 Arel method chain?
Fragment onResume doesn't get called after Fragment is being detached and then re-attached
cakephp REST api response is not json, its the full html page
Java Socket: Read/receive the same instance multiple times after change values: ObjectInputStream.readObject()
Android Notification issues
Using a #define-d list as input to a C preprocessor macro
How do I get the name of my application when Impersonating in .NET
Move FlowLayoutPanel Controls via DragDrop
jqueryUI modal dialog breaks knockoutjs bindings
javascript get element by name
Embedding Java applets in a Google Sites website
Getting an objects property with slashes in it
Is it okay to modify the GitHub Gist embed code?
jqueryUI modal dialog breaks knockoutjs bindings
javascript get element by name
Embedding Java applets in a Google Sites website
Getting an objects property with slashes in it
Is it okay to modify the GitHub Gist embed code?
offline_access deprecation and scenarios 3 and 4
HAML partials - partial does not recognized object which I queried for in the controller
how to change border into bubble cartoon
Prevent fluid columns from breaking to new line on iPhone screen
jQuery Live Search: Specifying searchable element
Generating 3D representation of scanned 2D picture of text
Windows Search C++(MFC) CFindFiles Path Separator
Reference forwarding in Visual Studio 2010 (from library to executable)
python multiple threaded processes for running executables
IE9 Fails to load Flash (using AS 2.0) on 鈥淪OME鈥�refreshes
Android app- Requires continous updates of current location is not working properly
MonoTouch.Dialog Search Bar loses search query when coming back into view
Nested HandlebarsJS #each helpers with EmberJS not working
pin_ptr Alternative to (void**) using reinterpret_cast or static_cast?
鈥淧arameters dictionary contains null for parameter of non-nullable type鈥�
Do I still need $(document).ready(function(){ })?
Connectin to MongoDB using Javascript
short if-clause syntax and seperating input
Running python script from console
Interesting memory values
CSS CDN: Is there some public css files I can use (link to)
Java: ClassNotFoundException - Something to do with input file?
jQuery focus event duplicates on tab change
Tag an object N times with same tag using acts_as_taggable_on
NetBeans - highlighthtml syntax with twig files
How do you uninstall RVM gem?
Cassandra - Removing a node from the cluster
Centering floated elements in full-width div
Command line prompted errors
Multiple instances Tomcat as a Windows Service
Do SQLite queries that return large result sets take more time?
HttpContext.Current.Session is null while calling async webservices
Get the last part of an url in Javascript
How to rearrange programmatically created view on rotation?
TSQL Geometry:Get records which either havea given point(lat,long)(Point is in the shape) or is near the shape
jQuery/JavaScript: convert pixels to em in a easy way
iOS 5.1 app: exception occurs, does not trap, no explanation
The Method UserBean is undefiend for the JSP file
how you retreive data from a database
XCode 4.3 import a nested header error: no such file or directory
Parsing phone numbers from website
Unable To Accept TcpClient a Second Time C#
Trying to remove email form PHP redirect function and turn it into a pop-up message
scale animation android
Perl: Matching an array element then copying a PREVIOUS (5 indices back) array element to a new array
Trying to remove email form PHP redirect function and turn it into a pop-up message
scale animation android
Perl: Matching an array element then copying a PREVIOUS (5 indices back) array element to a new array
How to get extra data in OnItemClickListener in Android?
How to check empty EditText before calculate
selenium web driver - passing variable value from one test case to another
Quantile/Median/2D binning in Python
How to reference the current active sublist in a recursive function on a list containing lists in Python?
Return all non leaf nodes using Recursive CTE in MS SQL
counting -99.9 in r
how to fill an <li> in jquery mobile
Vim: enclose word in tag
Track Unexpected session timeout programatically
Java library to maintain process pool [duplicate]
How to use Paypal adaptive payments with IPN?
Spring Security Using X.509 Authentication and Periodically Updating Authorization UserDetails
jquery validation: prevent form submit
Why should I set the month number to the actual month when passing to mktime?
SSLHandshakeException when running simple SSL Java example
jQuery Datatable, saving state of the table like pagination, search etc
Manifest for Value Type in a Map gives type Nothing
Difficulty displayling custom error message using PEAR PHP
Web Service Response returns a 500 Internal Server Error
Best practice for creating 2d graphics assets
How to use a separate .cpp file for my event function definitions in windows forms?
HTML5 mobile app - when to simply use UIWebView and when to use PhoneGap?
python: search stdout for text as variable/string
Merge array without loss key index
Is there an overall advantage to using a global secret key in addition to random item-level salts with bcrypt password hashing?
How can I get JHC to cooperate with the android ndk?
Library that auto-updates/reloads the current page when the server changes
form serialization issue
Getting outside of an overflow:hidden box in IE
How do I separate my JavaScript objects into multiple files
Rails 3 - Pagination with Kaminari - Show action of one controller, to browse records of another
awk print column for a given range
patching using purely WIX
Sending a username/password to URL and returning an ID number
qtextstream windows x64 debug fails
Order multidimensional array
WCF client consumes JAVA web service - should I use WCF or just create a custom parser/message factory?
How to require for the second time
Show EditItemTemplate in gridview when handling event
Difference between Tags and Taxonomy in a CMS?
Changing <select> Options with jQuery
Okay to distribute GPL program with commercial product in the same installer?
When user click on url/link then credentials pass over and login automatically.Is there any way to do that
Tool which can create wadl from existing wsdl?
FSCopyObjectAsync callback method not being called while on background thread
Jquery ui dialog causing problems with embedded script tag
How to make Crystal Report Viewer display report after postback
performSegueWithIdentifier is NOT Working at all
improve speed of parsing fastq
Multiple Select - Chosen jQuery
grails 1.3.7 - GORM misinterpretation of nullable reflective many-to-one relationship (possible bug?)
determining the type of control in Request.Form
How to find what properties exposed to configuration files?
Eclipse Indigo no longer able to copy-paste files
Bouncy Castle OpenPGP with VB.Net
How do I get Eclipse to default to the right font size in SQL Windows on the Mac
Implementing Many to Many, Subforms, Checkboxes in Access 2007
Loading Search template filter from the database in jqGrid
Converting an iOS5 app to be able to support iOS4.2
Can't find class in a namespace / header file
Button press animation in WPF without the ButtonChrome?
EF 4.3 relationships not right
Using Complex Types vs. Individual Properties in C# Model
How to convert PDF to bitmap with google docs viewer or other application, in PHP
Gem Rmagick install error: extconf.rb:171:in ``': No such file or directory - convert -version (Errno::ENOE NT)
HAML partial - error rendering the partial
Alternative SilkTest IDE
IIS 7.5 Crashes when sending big XML
Best method for changing a list while iterating over it
Importing portion of a text file into SAS
jQuery Datatables Header Alignment error Chrome/Safari
how do i make .load work when i append a variable to the url?
SQL Server - Sorting by datepart week
SenchaTouch 2 textfield with custom Model class
How do I set a ToolStripProgressBar's Value from a Thread?
Push to refresh on android as in gmail (and not pull to refresh like on iphone)
Violation of Primary Key Constraint on Composite Key
Avoid back button on JSF web application
PHP strange behavior in function: displays/does not display text depending on English/Cyrillic text. Why?
Strange error while using cudaMemcpy: cudaErrorLaunchFailure
Is there a function to check if the session is not blank and equal to a certain variable in Ruby on Rails?
Error sending NSURL * to parameter of type NSString * using initWithContentsOfFile:
Return an Error if not true (python)
ActiveX Control won't automatically update
Detecting circular loop in concurrent queue
sockets programming gfortran
Rails assets - Add specific plugin in a single view
How do you change a .NET bitmap resource?
Google jQuery / Wordpress jQuery Conflict
Vbs - List all visible windows script
I need to force IE 6, 7, and 8 wait until CSS is loaded before rendering the page [closed]
Android: making a service non stoppable
Initialise a Java program and listen for queries
What is the format of TSQL STATS_STREAM (undocumented feature)? Does it contain all the Statistics Data?
JFreeChart How to get data points displayed on a Time series chart
Looking for high performance Java xy line plotter/grapher
Telerik Controls are not loading . what am i missing?
stop people stealing files from site [closed]
Library with multiple template definitions
Not sure how to handle 鈥淭erminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException'鈥�
Prevent <button> from shifting during click in IE
My js cookie is expires at session, not in 30 days
Include all javascript files in an asp.net mvc project with ONE include
How do I revert a file to 'last checkin' state in Mercurial?
PrintWindow causes window to flicker
Ctrl+Backspace in Delphi Controls
Looking for tutorials on drawing shapes with OpenGL ES 1.0 in Android
IE9 Float with Overflow:Hidden and Table Width 100% Not Displaying Properly
Ruby: How to load a Hash from a File?
Copy certain cells to a new workbook/sheet
Calendar Control in iOS
Changing a boolean on a child object changes it on all instances of that child object
Any concern to share private key for distribution certificate among different group under a team account in itune provisioning portal
geom_map borders in ggplot2
How can I get Tortoise SVN to ignore the global ignore pattern?
svndumpfilter successful but I see empty contents in the new repo
Custom Content Type in Drupal 7 - Where's my Title?
Dialog with data from SQLite database
SlowCheetah not producing transformed config file on CI server
Make some gradient move endlessly in a progress bar like in Windows 7
xerces-c++; XercesDOMParser; parse; unexpected exception
Error: 鈥淐lass names are only accepted if annotation processing is explicitly requested鈥�[duplicate]
Saving hashed passwords - Safe?
How to run multiple Maven goals before launching Tomcat in IntelliJ
500 -Internal error on web service
jquery.jmslideshow.js how to stop then it reaches the end
Skelethonization and Thinning in java
How to output with abstract class
UITabBar Transparent Background / Overlapping UITableView
Android Get current GPS location in WIDGET
Access class name from mixin
How do I set the width of a table cell (<td>) up to X% but no more than Ypx
How to make work DataTables with Natural sort plugin?
SelectedItem of Listbox in WP7, doesnt scroll
C# control the alignment of data
iPhone RestKit how to load a local JSON file and map it to a core data entity?
Replace a trailing minus with leading minus
fetch multiple query results and display into table using php with oracle
hashmap and probing - AVAILABLE and null?
Redirect VxWorks Serial Input
RegEx in HTML split with preg-match
.NET and reading xml file
PHP Preprocessor script/library for Stylus?
SQL IF NOT EXISTS - how to return/interpret when it does exist
facebook api send private message to 鈥渓ikers鈥�from fanpage
Web game developing with socketIO
Update Django model object once Celery task is complete
phpmyadmin not showing tables that are utf8
Ad hoc packageing flex application for iOS on Intellij IDEA
Why is the jquery empty function so complicated?
Rails 3 - rails-dbd-mysql gem depend on mysql rather than mysql2
Simulate click at x/y coordinates using javascript
Xcode iPhone SDK (5.x) - Accessing a NSString inside AppDelegate
SQL Group by with aggregation and Distinct
Folder permission configuration for online uploads and forbidden direct access - 403 error
How to load a part of a webpage with Ajax + Jquery
Using compound conditions in my Crystal Reports SQL query
Serving images with PHP very slow
Syncing with App Engine tutorial
Jquery mobile navbar with split buttons and drop down
h:selectOneMenu Value not read from model after redisplaying page
crm 2011 solutions developed against different rollups
hadoop inverted-index without recurrence of file names
Using curl and php to keep an active connection to a pipe
php/js post data from js form
How to get name of dynamically loaded library in linux from within the library that has been opened using ::dlopen?
Simple Facebook app, no permissions but add abuse protection/user tracking?
Use of undeclared identifier in xcode 4.3.2
What is a non-delegating constructor in c++
Symfony2: Twig detect noscript
Whoosh for Non-Boolean Search Queries
Compiler returns 鈥渟ynthesized method 鈥榦perator=鈥�first required here鈥�
Powershell - trapping cancel on input
ORMLite - CallBatchTasks() individually or once for all updates?
How to pass data from a plugin to partial in Zend Framework?
How do I get all the activity/history of an jira issue via the SOAP api?
How to generate test data for a 鈥済roup by data from other rows鈥�algorithm
Simplest way to set cursor to wait, then have all elements revert back
Rails 3.2 Limit to length of URL
Javascript two equals
.animate() acting weird (repeating animation) (jQuery)
How to include CoffeeScript in Rails
Xpages sessionAsSigner and domino datasource
Javascript / Chrome - How to copy an object from the webkit inspector as code
Struts2 Validation Messages do not show
php preg_replace frustration
Set volume in NAudio
Plotting points in Maple
Website is not responding when a handler is processing
Windows forms button.Enabled not working visually
WPF custom font not rendering properly
Error 鈥淚nvalid column name鈥�in CTE
how to make <a> href to have an 鈥渁lready clicked鈥�style [closed]
sem_unlink permission denied
clear:left too greedy in 2 column layout
PyList_SetItem vs. PyList_SETITEM
how to make <a> href to have an 鈥渁lready clicked鈥�style [closed]
sem_unlink permission denied
clear:left too greedy in 2 column layout
PyList_SetItem vs. PyList_SETITEM
How to get an article description or excerpt within Expression Engine
Matlab GUI: refererencing an existing object handle using a variable
Two WCF services cannot interact when on same server
Change enum values at runtime?
How do I get this look on my app?
UserControl Plugins using System.Add
Not able to update elements in arrayList
Manually Populating select_tag in Rails
Recommendations Bar stopped expanding, no code was changed. Any fixes?
Divide the number into random number of random elements?
Remove specific parameters from a URL using PHP
Clearing fields after
Should I use a Winforms combobox's SelectedItem, SelectedText, or SelectedValue?
Getting the 鈥淟arge Text鈥�font size from Settings/Accessibility?
How do I remove a series of matrices from an array based upon a condition?
Java.lang.nullpointer Exception (font)
BroadcastReceiver: can't instantiate class; no empty constructor
Download big zip file with python
How do I get full syntax in sql dump?
perform function on pairs of columns
Is it possible to debug multiple threads in eclipse in different windows?
Test suites for the implementation of Python?
No data records returned from Oracle 10g DB using JSP
Import Excel Sheet to SQL Server, skip primary key violations
jQuery Check for Hidden DIVs then display message
Entity Framework - Conditionally pull data from a primary table and a history table in one query
Assign function/method to variable in Dart
What is the effect of casting a function pointer void?
Move an image in a div html5 css3
cellForRowAtIndexPath doesn't trigger
Mimic File.Move if the destination already exists
Android Phonegap: $.ajax does not fire callback for unauthorized (401)
Rails: How can I show a block with or without a link based on a condition (link_to_if)
Android - ListView with 2 different Colors
Statically linking multiple libraries with WinDDK
Issues with T-SQL function to round time to earliest hour
Change Default Buttons in Java to Make Them Look 鈥淏etter鈥�
Rails many-to-many relations and nested forms: associate with object if it already exists
containsKey doesn't match the urls
Android Sensor Rotation To Degrees
Proper Way To Use .Net DateTime in Parameterized SQL String
Core Animation: raster not animating
jquery attr combine commands
Generating all possible permutations of a list recursively
Software engineering best practice with database population
WebChromeClient.onGeolocationPermissionsShowPrompt() never called if locations are turned off
JQuery Tabs - Keep on Same Tab when Refreshed
More concise way to cast division of integers to decimal
Running Play Framework 2.0 in Windows, got a NoClassDefFoundError
Python issue with multiple loops and thread
Incorporating form data into URL
Complicated jQuery post
Touches Ended Will Not Call A Method
Threaded Scoring System
TinyMCE text editor and default HTML
WordPress - Add extra column to wp_posts, and post to it
NHibernate Configuration - move to web.config file
Pruning dendrogram in scipy (hierarchical clustering)
delete button layout
Trim spaces after string
How can I define the data type used for a dynamic column?