Passing XSL String to Javascript
Rails ActiveRecord joins with selecting item with last id only
ClearCase Inter project delivery
How to embed a LDAP server to provide custom data
Logging request and response values for a WCF request on the server
Convert JSON Object to URL Params / MVC3 / JQuery
Forcing Redirections for mobile devices?
How to set up pygame with Eclipse?
Creating new variable in R conditional on other columns within a data frame
Can't compile with Makefile from different source files in different directories
Cheap or free hosting for single file to access from iOS app [closed]
Don't want to wait for method to return
HMAC MD5 Validation with Node.js, Express and Trialpay
Matching regular expressions (python)
Parse PDF from Amazon S3 storage using phonegap and javascript
Click of arrows navigates multiple videos using YOUTUBE iframe
Class is a module?
Android FileObserver passing undocumented event 32768
Darken JButton(s) on hover/click
Django Haystack/Solr: Filter results based on a field containing a LIST of states
Leaking memory with ActionBarSherlock
Update XCEED Property Grid to Database
Using atan2 with a class template fails with ambigous call to overloaded function
Setting Cookie Domain in CometD
removing vertex and all his neighbours from an graph with c++ boost library
jQuery dialog Enter to submit (without form focus)
Sencha touch 2, multiple items carousel
Integration of JBoss Drools with Apache Hadoop
Python modules, referencing other modules within the same package?
Moving Focus out of DataGrid on Enter key press on Last row in WPF MVVM?
Junit output using the-missing-android-xml-junit-test-runner
download torrent with php
Open Windows Explorer and select a file
Connecting to Oracle on a Vagrant box from OS X
Google IMAP XOAuth only working for Authentication
Silverlight fire an event then fire another even a second later
Bash - why the 鈥�鈥�is not recognized as a number?
C# parse string to int32 - value too big
My background image with repeat-x property gets chopped off
DataGrid Cell in Edit Mode not accepting .(Dot) for deimal value in WPF MVVM
How does one append something like 鈥�x=123鈥�to an NSURL?
Implementing deadlock detection with Apache ZooKeeper
Error Installing PythonMagick Under OSX Lion
Can I (how do I) use Jade shorthand when passing parameters into a Jade file?
What is the fastest/easiest way to tell if 2 records in the same SQL table are different?
Reading json with key:value in in sencha touch 2
Can I share a HTML file that is in my computer?
Why Java is not launching when I use version 7 instead of 6?
Predicting values using Arima model for periods that are not ahead the end of the series
JSON object is NULL when data from URL is small?
parameters for hosting a jsp/servlet database web application
Speech Synthesizer 鈥淚nput string was not in a correct format鈥�
Meaningful looking links instead of 鈥渋ndex.php?page=pageName鈥�
Symfony 2 app.php vs app_dev.php
FileSecurity vs DirectorySecurity in the .NET Framework
Writing a Driver for an Extech HD300 Anemometer
Value of atomizing class field?
Combine Arrays in Order JavaScript
Expression Engine Join Channels
Am I using $(this) or .click incorrectly?
Squeak String array and iteration
Rails ActiveRecord::Base remap column names programmatically
Server errors when trying to migrate JSP/JSF website from Windows to Linux
Ehcache getting out of sync with database
Store relational data in single proprietary file
JXTA Application on android
Change border color using JavaScript and save Cookie from Javascript
reading from text file
Getting new extended 60 day Facebook token
GridView not returning databound rows when OnClick event fires
How to use System.Net.HttpClient to post a complex type?
Is there an HTML5 alert box?
How long is a single spin in ManualResetEventSlim
PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted
SSRS 2008 R2 chained parameters
How to correctly define function on Delphi?
Use SQL variable for comparison in the same SELECT statement that sets it
Java Concurrency: How can I tell which Future belongs to which Callable during processing?
Making a web server for use in my iOS app [closed]
How to insert Javascript in the pages my browser is loading?
Issue with Entity Framework 4.2 Code First taking a long time to add rows to a database
Simpleinjector: Is this the right way to RegisterDecorator when some types have no implementation?
Compiling boost as i386 on AMD64 (Ubuntu 11.10)
jQuery : extracting the Personal name and email address from a 鈥渇ull鈥�email address on a form
saving the state of UITableviewcell accessoryView
cakephp passing array to Xml::build()
CSS Dropdown Twitching
Doctrine 2.1.5 setFirstResult() produce error in MySQL 5.5
TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, type found
LINQ to EF4 Query Where clause not filtering as expected
anchor tag inside a div. When div click it page should redirect to one page and if anchor click the page should redirect to another page
Determining Base URL using JSP
Structuring async networking code in controllers
How many encryption keys on a SQL Server database?
Finish up existing iOS animation
How to configure IIS remotely using powershell?
applicationDidBecomeActive getting called twice
MAMP - Not working for my iPhone on the same Network
Hbase Quality Of Service: inconsistent time for inserting same type of rows in Hbase
Linker error using CIFilter
is there a way to ignore spaces at the beginning of filtering for datatables?
Can a KeyBinding be a Resource?
ruby 1.9 - what is easiest inverse of `string.codepoints.to_a`?
Difference between <iostream> and 鈥渋ostream鈥�(quotes) in #include? [duplicate]
With Node.js, does it make sense to stick all of the error handling into the mechanism intended for all uncaught exceptions?
contents from fopen in typo3 and special characters
Can't get sockets working - what silly thing am I missing?
Scala: Is there a type that all case classes inherit from?
how would one merge two strings that are ordered alphabetically in lisp using recursion
in my php page, I need the visitor facebook information.. possible?
How to call overriden methods in all derived classes [duplicate]
How to use multiple triggers for multiple calls using 鈥渏query-mentions-input鈥�
MySQL database engine: MyISAM for information_schema but InnoDB for other databases
Can Metro style native app have same name for different CPU in Windows 8 Store?
Application level auth token for Facebook?
Python: Create Login System [closed]
loadlibrary fails in some android phones
Unknown validator: 'BeforeValidator' when validating date in Rails
Proper MVVM way to pass info from parent to child view models
When are numbers NOT Magic?
Open an xaml file inside a popup window in silverlight
Loading ActiveRecord models in the proper order outside of a rails app
Guide for 鈥淏randing鈥�Tests in ASP.NET MVC Application
Installing shoutpy / Boost.python on windows
How should this instanceof condition look like?
How to tell if a store is open based on repeating, weekly hours?
Two inputs on self loop, deterministic or non-deterministic state machine?
Setting up WebSphere MQ integration in a WebLogic clustered environment
stringByEvaluatingJavascriptFromString (iOS method, what is Android equivalent?)
MVC3 - Getting the actual page path rather than Route
Object transfer between Node.js and Django using AMQP
Reading the copied decimal value from excel
Audio Framework for Mac and Windows
How to unversion a file just for you and not the other developers
Saving setting to a exe
unexpected token in json request with jquery / ajax
How do you make animations not fire unless previous is done (withtout using callback)
WPF DataGridColumnHeader MouseOver - Apply Triggers to the DataGridCell Element
Why do I need a web.config in all view folders in MVC?
better way to write wrapper class to get loose coupling
Getting ~ to expand in .hgrc on Windows
iOS Twitter+OAuth check if user is logged in
Android game framework concept
Twitter Share extra text
Compute the Salt
Using Node.js, is there some semantic to tell me when code is going to leave the current stack?
Application for Point-To-Point Voip Call over Wifi
Read a file into array, but only until a certain point
Is this ArrayAdapter suitable for use with CommonsWare MergeAdapter? If so, why is it not working?
Waiting for other processors to finish their tasks in MPI
adding a static UITableView to a regular custom view
possible combinations and loops
TypeError: inputNames() takes no arguments (2 given)
Granularity for creating VCS-Repositories
UPDATE with multiple SET-WHERE pairs
Why is rails not finding my table relation?
Best solutions for merging two controllers/views in CakePhp
Friending cin and overloading operator >>
Running MiniProfiler with runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests set to false
Twitter 2.0 bootstrap navbar center
proc_open: Extending file descriptor numbers to enable 鈥渟tatus鈥�feedback from a Perl script
TitlePageIndicator below ViewPager
Suppress output to StdOut when piping echo
Content Provider error: bind or column index out of range: handle 0x234590
Adding a 鈥渄elay鈥�section to LED clock on PIC16F684?
Is NLB a good way to keep a website available while deploying new code?
Navigation with jQuery Ajax
Simple calculation not displaying correct value
SQL: Guaranteeing exactly N rows matched for a many-to-many query?
F# profiling tools in Visual Studio 11
Reservation system dates
SSIS: Execute Ironpython or Ironruby scripts through SSIS
VCL Styles possible bug with drawing scrollbars
Script to append an icon to a username based on an array of users in a group, how do I create?
Cant stop playing sound in other Activity with MediaPlayer in Android
Why does FFT produce complex numbers instead of real numbers?
C++ calling static function pointer
For each language another permalink (Wordpress+qTranslate)
OpenGL mouse listener return
What attribute do I need to save to RoamingSettings?
apache camel aggregator2 - how do I aggregate one of each of two message types?
Changing database connection string in a Java web application
Is there a way to reliably retrieve the dimensions of the largest version of a facebook album photo?
apache camel aggregator2 - how do I aggregate one of each of two message types?
Changing database connection string in a Java web application
Is there a way to reliably retrieve the dimensions of the largest version of a facebook album photo?
Python - Getting the amplitudes of a sound file
naming of transitions (events) in state machines
In MySQL is there a variable for the current database?
How to filter the options of a drop down list using another drop down list
Adding ImagePart to docx in ASP.Net C# Open Office XML
Execute HTML5 data- string as JavaScript (without eval)?
Include photos in a JAR file
<?php $_SESSION[]; ?> keeps getting added to index.php ? causes fatal error
I'm having an issue including a file in my worker on IronWorker
nested messages in html
Injecting Twig as a service in Symfony2
Picker does not select patch object in matplotlib in embedded pyside dialog
specifying classpath for standalone jython
C++ merge sort not working
Generate xsl documentation
How to override devise registrations controller
Maven provided scope and Java classloader
How to combine each line of two files together using sed or awk?
LINQ to Custom Query Language?
Mocking method calls OF properties in a mock object
PUT from Java into Asana
How can i detect the current link of page through php or java script
setConnectTimeout has no effect on android
Select all comments from friends - Mysql Query
Circular argument requirement for wrapper
Run Instruments 4.3 from the cmd line?
PHP will only write part of data to .txt file
cant access my homepage using codeigniter framework
Interface to gDrive appears not to be supported yet using Google's Go language
Selection Formula with Date Pickers
How do I use lynx -dump with URLs that contain apostrophes?
ExtJS 3.4 - setLoading
Trying to echo html, and getting this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in
java app connecting to mysql db - Unknown packet type 0x4a
pow says: Bundler::GemNotFound: Could not find rake- in any of the sources
Passing two parameters to a function
Updating database from gridview
Early Google Drive access to test applications?
Cannot insert new entity with class table inheritance (Doctrine 2.2)
Auto-Running a program from USB flash drive [closed]
Android Animations are delayed, first animation not running for full length
Java library to maintain a process pool
How to convert String of data to Int variable on Matlab?
How convert string to date T-SQL?
Unit/Performance Testing GWT Application with Server
How to upload image to SQL in Xcode?
Unable to syncdb in GeoDjango App
Having problems with Array
Trying to detect a call to my web app made by facebook
Creating database tables programmatically in evolutions kingdom
Dynamic slideshow plugin [closed]
鈥淏ounce鈥�parts of an image in Cocos2D
PHP: How to pop the last item off the array without actually removing it from the array? [duplicate]
Adding code to all <img> tags on wordpress
Which nosql database for heterogeneous records?
Alfresco - HTTP Sessions
Informix CSDK install failing
plot bar and fill according to % correct
WP E Commerce Safe Mode restriction error
Label must be a simple identifier?? Flash/Flex Builder
Simple query about plotting the hyperbolic paraboloid in MatLab
rotating a circular object
How to use 鈥�if(!empty($_POST[' 鈥�'])){$鈥�= '-';} 鈥�
Behaviour of virtual inheritance in this case
How to permutate words for an input
how to find the exact sources of a JDK1.6 binary (including com.sun.jndi.*)
how do I have the navigationItem.titleView to be behind left and right bar button item
JS variable starting with 鈥淍鈥�
FASM SHR strange behaviour
Exclude results with join conditions
python, scikits-learn: which learning methods support sparse feature vectors?
How do I redirect to referring page/url after successful login?
UIAlertView with a user supplied context and [self autorelease]
Change WPF DataGrid Cell Font based on comparison of cell values
How to save elements of sub-collection with repeated ids?
Import Data into MS SQL database
Can't Set Default in Twitter Bootstrap Toggleable Tab
Get an arbitrary file from a directory tree
Parse JSON in Google Refine
Struct Declaration: Valid initializer in declaration?
Removing Logging from Production Code in Android?
Animated move of UIPopoverController?
Enumerating Strings as bytes?
strpos: finding a value in .ini file
Load html with ajax, but hide content until loaded
Accessing base class functions in child class
ActiveRecord as_json return different column names
oracle long to number coversion
Is JUnit black-box or white-box testing?
How to handle exception without using try catch?
Two Java Dates have Different Formats
Matrix operations in MatLab
CRUD & JsonP / Sencha Touch 2
Toggle having the same class name
How can I display results from database using for each loop to cycle through IDs
Apple Payment Gateway
will_paginate and inherited_resources don't work together
Interesting bitmask puzzle in C++
Order a list of characters, given a dictionary
Header Manager and Recording Controller
EntityManagerFactory not found in JNDI Jboss Seam
Fastest way to concatenate two numbers in Python [closed]
Scroll a webview in Robotium?
SharedPreferences not reading Data
Mapping entities to ASPNETDB.MDF MVC3
How to get this image to display in the body of my email?
Max number of connections (Debian, phpmyadmin, apache)
Live SDK - Try to Sign In without SignInButton
Select values from a table that are not in a list SQL
Camera is not working on Android virtual device
Adding list items to the DOM?
Linq dropping rows from stored procedure and inline query
Cannot get background image to take on full height
How to prevent dupes in tsql?
multiple occurence in a string
Change text of button inside grid and disable other buttons in column using Javascript or JQuery inspectdb and enums
Creating a restful API using PHP as server and jQuery as client
Classic ASP sessions getting lost in Internet Explorer
How to use undoManager with a core data entity
DB content not coming into tinyMCE textarea
iPad App behavior: a navigationcontroller with a tabbarcontroller with more tabs
Why does the inverse of a sound wave sound exactly like the original? [closed]
Library in python for neural networks to plot ROC, AUC, DET [closed]
MKMapPoint (iOS) equivalent on Android?
Recursive Power Function
How to design API with no SSL support?
Is it ok to handle a class metadata through reflection to ensure a DRY approach?
ServiceLoader to find implementations of an interface
Drag images on Google Maps wrong position displayed on the map
Player multi urls
Using *(pointer+i) versus pointer[i]
Parsing an XML file with JDOM, error StackOverflowError
how do you override setFrame for a UILabel
How to execute a block (identified by pointer) from lldb
Capistrano Rails deployment 鈥�鈥渃ould not find gem鈥olling back鈥�
How to correctly split strings in JSTL?
Devise 2.0.4, Rails 3.2.3 - After creating user account I am redirected to root and can't access other routes
Using .net to dynamically create jQuery Mobile controls
Monotouch WCF call is failing when service has multiple OperationContracts
Member Property missing in AD Group object
Ruby EventMachine & functions
Sorting NSDictionary based UITableView by key
What kind of Java design model is this example?
Running Webservice on Ubuntu with mono/xps
scripting with sed and wget in Windows
Can I package an NPAPI plugin in a Chrome Web Store 鈥渉osted app?鈥�
Google Docs Spreadsheet: how to go from indivual date/time log to 鈥渢imeline鈥�graph?
Jive plugin implementation of Freemarker #list
Deserializing xml to class, trouble with list<>
Adding attributes to collection requests in Magento
How to avoid short-circuit operation without using bitwise operators
Adding wamp server to aptana
Simpleinjector: Is this the right way to RegisterManyForOpenGeneric when I have 2 implementations and want to pick one?
iPad session error?
How to pass a [switch] parameter to a PowerShell script from C#?
how to use next() to find the closest ul in jquery?
How to get absolute URL in form action attr using MSHTML getAttribute method?
fast algorithm of finding sums in array
Unity3D and the iPhonekeyboard?
height not adjusting for UL and DIV container
How i can set setZoomButtonsVisible with aChartEngine?
Overlaying image within larger image using QGraphicsView or QGraphicsScene
MVC3 Razor provide link to file in memory (not on disk)
Cannot create a backup sql file with mysqldump
Different sized Thumbnails for first two Posts in a Loop
How do I stop/break execution when selection has been found in this jquery code?
How to remove a website from Google Analytics
HostingEnvironment.MapPath issue mvc 3.0
Running .ksh Scripts from Solaris KornShell
How to organize objects to render
Printing strings and arguments of functions in R
how to use javascript to get jsf table data?
Xcode update to 4.3.2 messes up my certificates
Advantages of Hibernate Callbacks
Update 鈥淟og.i鈥�in TextView with ScrollBar
Conditional ChangePropertyAction Trigger for Combo Box
Custom Attribute - get value of underlying enum
PHP and Java encoding issues
How to add a subclass as a subview so that background of subview is set in front of superview
regex for parsing url from html code
How is the JS library called that enables crossbrowser layouted forms
Adding a LeadBolt App Ad - how to add a Runnable
How to get the window style path using getExistingDirectory
mips type R, I and J, RS, RT and RD fields length
Insert data from another table and also from form in MYSQL and PHP
Excel Range.Find and maintaining user selected find options
Yet another uresolved external case
Need to delete files in Program files using c#, files wont delete
Why is there a parse error?
Backbone.js model fetch via router navigation fails
Why does IE9 give the option to render in compatibility mode
onCreateOptionsMenu() calling super
Logging Jersey using SLF4J in OSGi
Could someone point me how adbd dump view hierarchy?
Python Arrays of Tuples
Why is this object suddenly undefined?
Why does IE9 give the option to render in compatibility mode
onCreateOptionsMenu() calling super
Logging Jersey using SLF4J in OSGi
Could someone point me how adbd dump view hierarchy?
Python Arrays of Tuples
Why is this object suddenly undefined?
Windows Mobile 6.5 - CreateProcess runs exe differently than directly executing?
Relative div is passing over fixed div while scrolling
const_cast c++ did not work for me
Change Value of ParamInfo after adding to DynamicParameters?
Is there such thing as embedding an HTML editor in visual basic?
Preprocessor doesn't allow 鈥�鈥�in token in macro to define property
Grouping Minus Oracle Problems
Ideas on HTML 5 App with animation
WCF + EF(POCO): Should I use SOA or are there alternative arhitectural styles?
Create a tag for generating @link in Play2.0
Changing Array size inside a loop causing Error in matlab
pygame sprite problems .. beginner
Save error: Initial term of field expression must be a concrete SObject: MAP<String,AcctId__c>
JBoss 5.1: Entity classes not found (vfszip)
ed text editor screencast?
How to have ASP.Net Webpage read bytes from Java Android client?
Prevent element from animating based on previous class
Adding Common Hook to js-mode
Bindparam and Like condition when querying
Make li item bold
create date formatted custom_meta field in wordpress admin
How to call or activate a class?
How to add something complicated as a Resource or a Setting to a program?
Minimum number of days required to solve a list of questions
Print floating point values without leading zero
Create Database in SQL Server 2012, Script and Use in 2008?
How do you pass a CommandArgument to a popup in DotNetNuke
How can I create a histogram of appearances of values in a dictionary?
Are any archive file formats natively supported in IOS?
Why Magento js/varien/form.js error in IE - js fiddle
Generate HTML from a plain text
Encrypt and Decrypt in Java
0 + 0 + 0鈥�+ 0 != 0
CustomViewController throughout Application
Avoid having JPA to automatically persist objects
Converting Table to PDF in Java [duplicate]
How to query custom fields of a Parent Page in a Child page for WordPress?
Is there a better way to find the ID of something in a table, even if it doesn't exist [mysql]
Arial Black Italic font causing WinForms application to crash
implement java deserialization in pure python with python-javaobj?
CLISP : Check if two elements are in order one after another in a list
Can checkouts in ClearCase effect the build
remove object from an array
pass in the class object itself in constructor
Need javascript code to run multiple times in one page. For each div
How to get extra keys to show up on an iPhone keyboard for web input?
Php check first second third char in array
Azure web application how to show error message
Trying to define selectedItem within IndexChangeEvent Flash Builder
what's wrong with this javascript regexp?
Array Objects with queries
.htaccess adding new file
PHP array + Mail several parts attached
MATLAB : How to assign a default input if it is empty?
PostBuildEvent error copying config file
KeyCode ofbacktick key
SQL: determine that an activity occurs with a given frequency
Android: Drawing on Canvas in Scrollview
Why does this stop after the first 3 numbers with a mips tree traversal?
Function SegFault with Arrays of Structs
does android-wheel work on Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS update
How to clone a specific version of a git repository?
what is the url for viewing all comment from a facebook comment box pls? console application crashes
Google Maps Geo giving JSONP error Unexpected token : or invalid label
ASP.NET MVC 3 Custom MembershipProvider and MembershipUser
Highlight Parent Link in Navigation Menu With Jquery
adb command not found
SQL SELECT foreign key rows that have no rows in child table
Site Network Bar - Show Current Site Stats, CSS?
check for non ascii characters in matlab
Displaying pixel data with GDI+
AS3 getting audio levels, tones, and other data?
Eclipse formatter for getter/setter to single line?
Best practice for custom subscribe action in Facebook app?
Can the Osmorc plugin for IntelliJ create a Bundle Version number with a timestamp?
Image Review not shown after camera.takePicture
Code in onActivityResult() not executed
Unable to show a listview in sencha touch 2
Unable to install google plugin for eclipse indigo
HTML import error
how to launch resident vid player from mobile site
Composition vs. Inheritance dependency injection
Returned URL as String is not valid in JSF
how to concatinate lines into one string
How to convert this Xceed XAML to C#
Python: How to manage other programs?
Facebook IOS SDK: Detect when user reject the publish_stream permission
Deallocation for static class instance variable
Showing both selected Dimensions in the MDX query result?
How to reenter a pre-existing django app
jQuery datepicker does not work as advertised
Using ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem in WCF method
How to offset bitmap, drawn on a canvas?
Showing both selected Dimensions in the MDX query result?
How to reenter a pre-existing django app
jQuery datepicker does not work as advertised
Using ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem in WCF method
How to offset bitmap, drawn on a canvas?
Use google drive to backup and synchronize appdata?
is it possible to make a DB act like a clone?
Some rounding algorithms support in .NET
What is the QueryParser's syntax for proximity search?
Map F2 to NEERDTreeToggle
Thread change variable value and see changes outside it
OpenStreeMaps with ASP MVC .NET
JQuery trigger not working as expected
Inno Setup: Extra character added using {#emit SetupSetting(鈥淎ppId鈥�}
How to compare feed content to cached one?
IronWorker can't connect to my local mysql database
mmap and memory usage
Conditional Association In Doctrine2
can't ping myself after I changed hostname
WP + Superfish: Child menu item has hover/active applied when on parent page
Linker Confusion for Declared Functions in Header Files (C)
UIScrollview storyboard
Assigning to 'readonly' return result not allowed, but property is declared 鈥渞eadwrite鈥�
Converting an infix expression (with parentheses) into a binary tree
select a chunk with maximum score in a string python
Changing HTML image source
Is there any way to obtain an XAConnection or XAResource object from WSJdbcDataSource object?
java 鈥渂ean:write 鈥�+ javascript = unterminated string literal
Files not being listed in order
Only get base class properties, not inheriting class, using reflection
Is it good coding practice to do a BEGIN/COMMIT TRAN on an Single INSERT/SET? (SQL Server 2008)
Zend_Session and charset compatibility issue after browser restarting
android open link in external browser
Working with Lightbox Jquery plugin
Shiro doesn't redirect to unauthorizedUrl w/invalid login - Shiro with Spring and Tiles
How to make this script dynamic
How to use SQL Server stored procedure numeric parameter in c#
good tool to slice PSD to CSS+HTML output [closed]
carousel demo example in android?
IIS Express 7.5 refuses to launch from VS 2K10 Ultimate
Image sizing in application [closed]
Change view without transition
No spaces in synced folder path?
Rails / Ruby - What gem can create a image with text?
Use Zend_Db Component without MVC
Can't submit a form with Symfony2 and TinyMCE
special characters turn into question marks php html
Storing and Displaying DateTime from Multiple Servers in Different Time Zones
Can't get input field value using javascript?
How can I deprecate a line of development in Mercurial?
special characters turn into question marks php html
Storing and Displaying DateTime from Multiple Servers in Different Time Zones
Can't get input field value using javascript?
How can I deprecate a line of development in Mercurial?
What is the difference between a Spring application context and a Spring container?
How to create a circle pivot item in pivot control
Code formatting utility for Clojure in Eclipse
R how to selectively sort a data frame?
Is it possible to check sqlite values without a cursor? - Android
A minimal Erlang script for load testing [closed]
Confusion on CUDA/openCL and C++ AMP
Azure Worker role error handling
How to redirect to a particular controller?
What does Class<something> mean in Java? [duplicate]
How can I do join on selected text only?
How can I tell if an incoming call is from OpenVBX but still see the caller's Caller ID information?
Loop through 鈥渟elected鈥�Enum values?
How do I escape a special character in fontconfig?
Keep the radio button selected after refreshing the page or submitting the request
Visual Studio Commandline Extension
How to force eager load at runtime?
code is running twice
Losing control, How could I reach this effect?
Is there a way in j2me, or at least on nokia phones, to light up the screen after screen saver kicks in?
playframework 2.0 - exceeded max_user_connections on database evolutions (with local postgres server)
Set NavigationBar background to a solid color
Load an applet in subfolder
How to edit a JPEG data on iOS without re-compressing?
How to call a method from base class with variable from base class?
Aligning text output by the console?
Convert StringWriter to string[]
Android SoundPool Class acts weird in my application
Bean Validation: custom validation against the database
IRC blowfish encryption mode?
Can my app be notified of file updates on my Google Drive folder?
Loquacious Nhibernate and composedID foreign key
Why Does Default user defined destructors in C++ increases execution time?
jQuery change visibility browser performance issue
Discrepancy between ant release and Eclipse export of Android jar?
Shutdown Hsqldb server when no more clients are connected
UML XMI to Ecore
How to get just the system.debug output when executing code?
Links request. What tools that can completely develop web applications with visual (gui-interface) approach? Not CMS [closed]
'Failed to find style mapViewStyle' error persists
django modelformset_factory - management form data is missing
vector replication in c
Silverlight C# - Simulate a Click event on a button
ASP.Net static method always return same result
PhotoCell circuit with identity
How to take a screenshot with FireMonkey (multi-platforms)
Adding animation to Ruby on Rails site.
Can I use pagination with the $wpdb class?
Wordpress: Individual Styling/Coding for Custom Post Types on Index
MySQL - Return Multiple Rows based on IN ()
Trying to use Web Deploy's setAcl provider on a sub-directory?
Some absolutely positioned elements causes Firefox to extend beyond the screen
trouble validating the user to only be on the side
Error with ReaderWriterLockSlim
jquery get function with link
Multiple assignment in Scala without using Array?
SmartGWT listgrid very slow while scrolling
window.showModalDialog and whatever permutation of WebBrowser
error running Hadoop wordcount example
Preload in html
Android EditText + set some words in colour
If a server has a trusted certificate, What steps are needed to hit that link on IOS using NSURLConnection?
How to include a .h file correctly in VC++?
Checking whether a number is prime when encoded in unary/binary
jquery iframe content is not drag using jquery ui draggable
Making the image keep looping and showing again with JavaScript
How to upload to image hosting site in java?
How to make my own custom dialer in an Android phone
I need a wait command in VB
How to determine in Mercurial, if changeset, specified by revision, has already been grafted?
How does Google Drive API support Content-Range for download requests? [closed]
how to run php-scripts in coldfusion 8 - both inline and from htdocs folder?
How to catch first time displaying of the WizardPage
jQuery Chosen Plugin not styling correctly. Very Small
Is it possible to make a quiz app without writing any code in Xcode at all? [closed]
I'm making an in-browser monochrome LED display. Should I use <canvas> or <div>s to display the LEDs?
Reusing a Dynamic JList with actionlisteners in CardLayout etc
Tridion 2009 SP1: Dreamweaver Template Error: ConvertURLToPath() can't decode URL: invalid escape
FasterCSV importing Decimals and Integers with commas?
I don't quite know how to word this, sorry [closed]
Need help fixing my project's various errors [closed]
Titanium - Change imageview using picker
Interface with running applications in PHP?
What is the difference beween adding a Module to World vs adding a Class in Cucumber?
How can I animate a DOM element using transitions with dynamic values?
Tablesorter Adding Deleted Row Back In After Sorting
IF statement to start query
Does GWK Google Web Toolkit require Java on Client Browsers?
Zend Framework query db and getParam
Is HTTPS protocol relevant for REST API Webservices?
Can I use CSS to specify classes to set by using selectors?
Computing Convergent series, C#
Specify Additional Directory to Loop Through Excel/VBA
Redis-rb pushing an array via redis.lpush is flattening the list
Reading Big File in Java
gridview delete happens but gridview doesnt refresh?
Can I use CSS to specify classes to set by using selectors?
Computing Convergent series, C#
Specify Additional Directory to Loop Through Excel/VBA
Redis-rb pushing an array via redis.lpush is flattening the list
Reading Big File in Java
gridview delete happens but gridview doesnt refresh?
Simplesamlphp check if user has session on IdP
Get Unique array
Concat columns in postgresql select
Login with servlets, NOT validate->redirect way
How to replace when there's a multimatch in a regular expression?
design pattern for parsing object to specific model and vice versa
Difference between these dates in Javascript? And why do not all browsers give same result?
PHP xpath result as array of strings
Show all matching grep results in new tab in Vim
Codeigniter Extending CI_controller works on localhost but not server
Mandrill giving invalid app key error
Kobold / Cocos2D - Application becomes unresponsive after re-opening it after minimizing
Amazon S3 and RRS number of data center replication?
How to implement an add() to sorted list based on multiple comparators; parametrized comparator?
Loading an HTML file with URL parameters into a Cocoa (not iPhone) WebView
Confusing behavior of java.beans.PropertyDescriptor(String, Class)
iPhone subView animation: slide down
In a homebrew formula, is there a way to specify a github version of a source repository (e.g., using a sha)?
MFMailComposeViewController's Send and Cancel Buttons are not appearing
Callback from delay in Celery
How to display Login and dismiss Settings - Storyboard
Stack of 2D plot
Memory Leak in WebObjects
iPhone multiplayer game architecture
Can't register an app with Google Drive in the APIs Console
Processing numbers from a string and adding to find average score
Adding pure class as External JAR
JQuery UI icon-only buttons that POST
Is it possible to source a *.sh file using PHP CLI and access exported Env vars in the PHP script?
Alignment of Floating logo with Top Menu
Rapunzel number. Need more information [closed]
C# Unable to read XML file in
jquery toggle show div
Insert Command Not Working [closed]
Sharepoint 2010 project - disable caching
C pre-processor directives faq [closed]
Why define a subclass as a friend of its own parent class?
display a particular size within an icns file in webkit
Issue Using jDDE to connect Java to Excel
Smarty / PHP I want to keep one item in dropdown selected, but with smarty it doesnt work
How to create a diagonal sparse matrix in SciPy
If (Author) statement in Joomla 1.5
Android TableLayout dynamic or fixed size
Unable to evaluate expression
Symfony2, How to register an extension by using the `addExtension()` method on your main `Environment` object
Why is MyGeneration stored procedure generator template not working?
How to declare an Int64 constant?
android parcelable exception
window.location.href property vs. window.location.assign() method
Why does getTimer return an int, as opposed to uint, or even Number?
Can you tell JSON.Net to serialize DateTime as Utc even if unspecified?
Upload a file in a jQuery dialog with a partial view
Batch - The following usage of the path operator in batch-parameter substitution is invalid - Archiving Google Chrome Downloads Folder
ICS Android enable gps programmatically?
Django with ajax if I am not using forms
Latest Apache HttpClient in Android SDK
Wordpress SQL query with multiple taxonomies
How to find origin of a variable or function in a large visual basic project
Python pyglet AVBin - How to install AVBin
menu control resizing
Can Local And Session Storage Be used in html 4?
Restful web service IDE and server
Android theme name from theme ID
Terminate a Thread running code I can't control
Extract coefficients from ggplot2-created nls fit
getGsmSignalStrength() always returns '99'
getImageData causes 鈥淯ncaught Error: NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR: DOM Exception 9鈥�
Using LINQ to Assert Values in a Database
Factory_girl simple association between two models
Modify a HTML element with jQuery and access the updates on the server (ASP.NET)
Http Response Code programatically
Android: synchronization issue caused by drawing to Canvas in a non-ui thread?
Client-side regex validation based on Regular Expression attribute fails
how would I close a jQuery dialog when I click on something inside of it?
Prevent UIWebView to scroll when keyboard appears
Escaping formula for Grails derived properties
GET subdomain html page with jquery
Paging with page numbers in JSP file not url
Is there a way to use PyInstaller inside another .py file?
Need Help in Selection of Ajax Framework
Android - which method gets called the moment the activity is fully layed out and ready for user interaction?
Changing a control's property based on an 鈥淥R鈥�of several other controls
Conditional fetching with NHibernate
communication between groovy and java programs through sockets
Map not displaying on url
Pyapns Fault 500: 'Connection to the APNS server could not be made
sql query between two values desc
Cloning a Jquery Flot chart
Is there a method that checks if an libgdx Scene2d Image or Actor is touched?
JSON returning NULL in Perl
Div positioning to low in an HTML table
Symfony2: Scope Widening Exception
Java: Getting a checkbox name from a new JFrame
How to persist from build programmatically?
Symfony2: Scope Widening Exception
Java: Getting a checkbox name from a new JFrame
How to persist from build programmatically?
How to add multiple icons in jquery mobile collapsible list
speed up parsing in html agility pack
Joystick support in Java
Evaluating a formula defined in another cell
Keeping complex eclipse installations in source control
How to set a custom font inside an iBook widget?
Proxy exposing multiple interfaces with Ninject.Extensions.Interception.Linfu
How do I indent text on the next line within a list element
RestSharp OAuth1Authenticator GET params omitted from signature base string
How does git fit into your web workflow?
php pdo insert statement not working
Magento: Automatic Customer Login and redirect to home page not working
Form is not defined VB.NET
Accessing multiple <select>-ed parameters with Perl CGI
Calling methods in RequireJs modules from HTML elements such as onclick handlers
PHP - Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12864 bytes)
setText make apk crash
How to combine tokens around comments in ANTLR
Where default php.ini values comes from?
CSS 3 background gradient disappearing in Firefox in HTML 5 document
IHttpHandler send cookie back to calling website
JRuby keeps saying 鈥減lease install `gem install activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter鈥�
Ajax URL generated by paginator/jquery helper encodes & as &amp;
Minor Version on on Linux
mysql insert query is not working [closed]
I am attempting to return a model from a form that shows the details of said model but am returning a null value
Proper way to use a transaction around multiple inserts or updates
How to track element movement and trigger function at specific spot?
handling event in qtruby
Determine image type from base 64 content [duplicate]
Media Query, doesn't work on Mobile browsers and Chrome
Using PHP variables inside MYSQL stored queries
Custom UI segmented control
algebraic reals: does z3 do rounding when pretty printing?
Unable to debug on Eclipse in Ubuntu
Why does my left join in Access have fewer rows than the left table?
Kivy Play Audio Not Working
Why is my full view model not being serialized by ApiController?
php/MySQL Query Loop only using first value
Android: App installation failes
WordPress Theme On Chanel Blog
Finding out the original author of a shared post (the 鈥渧ia X鈥�while reading the newsfeed)
MySQL - very complicated random row
OVP: Javascript callback for current point in video
Using File.Open for a WPF Resource
Git and Mercurial: what would be equivalent of Git workflow in Mercurial?
Stacktrace begins with 0x0
MySql views performance
Layout with 2 columns
Cas not working on tomcat
In Dungeons-based billing service, bindService returns NullPointerException
initialize struct in c
ifstream error with g++ but compiles with Visual Studio
How to relate entities in Symfony 2 and Doctrine?
how to implement single sign-on for multiple Web applications based on JAAS(Authorization)
XPath query to get javascript arguments
preg_match is matching two characters when it should only match one
How do I make an AnnotationProcessor test *subtypes* of the annotated type?
PHP Array of a stdClass, How to get data?
can bundler install gems from a bare git repo?
Displaying a ListView using SQLite
How to convert datatable to corresponding 鈥渘amed鈥�and 鈥渢yped鈥�IEnumerable for Intellisense
鈥淚OException:invalid stream header: 00010000鈥�While getting data from C# Host to Java Client on TCP
PDF and CDF without SciPy
Something wrong when Executing 2 shell command once with php_exec
Can not cast IMAPInputStream to Multipart
reconfiguring NLog programmatically
Why does dojo use a span instead of an anchor tag for its close dialog icon, 'X'?
create an array with data from setId
How do I get text/html between consecutive <input>s?
How to hide content on certain pages and not others via a Master Page?
Select from any of multiple values from a Postgres field
Snapshot all resource values for a given resource Key at runtime
java.sql.SQLException: Invalid operation: wasNull() called with no data retrieved . But I 'am' checking if it was null
new line in SQL insert query
String reverse using pointers
HTML/PHP one line dropdown list multiple selection
鈥淿OBJC_CLASS_$_鈥� referenced from: error in xcode 4.3.2
SocketException when calling WCF service from MVC on same server
markdown - can I have underscores w/o escaping them and not have markdown italics?
clipboard accessing data in format
Image Thumbnails from Google Drive API
can't assign iterator to constant input vector in a binary function
RabbitMQ/Celery/Django Memory Leak?
complex query function - how to make it prepared?
Passing whole form simply, with jQuery
how to filter objects of interest from a histogram of an image?
Ant script: Have <exec> tag dump out entire command line
Authentication between communicating apps on Android
Asp.Net MVC 3 formcollection losing data after submit
Where can I find an Objective C code wich parse any XML file without knowing before any tag or attribute?
GCC vs MSVC class packing and alignment
Compilation issue with IBM XlC/C++
Getting context from getContext() or from constructor as a field
Connecting android to mysql database using php : Multiple user support?
Different colors with Photoshop or Web browser over the same image
AJAX call on pageload for listitems
AS3 - If symbol's coordinates arrive here?
Perl substr based on bytes
How to kill a thread running in a new activity
shade border of 2D polygon differently
n to n relationship how to obtain a result in one row
Getting the ran processes with windows 7 APIs in C++
Excluding a ScalaTest test when calling my tests from within sbt
How to forward ssh-agent credentials from an auxiliary ssh-agent? [closed]
android - startActivityForResult from ArrayAdapter
browser detection only display on mobile and another code on desktop
Calling DB2 stored procedure from Entity Framework
Linq - SQL passing parameters into GroupBy()
Delete Everything After a Special Character
How can I execute all the possible unix(shell) commands in android programmatically?
Changing SQL connection information for DSN-less Access frontend
Zip code query for website
UML diagram to Java code
Alternatives to Msgboxin VBScript
How do I install a package from Bitbucket using pip?
How to use define_method in a mixin?
Is there an optimal way to refer to attributes of java objects?
Positioning in IE and FF - box fix solution for inconsistent layout between browsers
Unable to instantiate service com.bump.api.BumpAPI: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.bump.api.BumpAPI
Django inlineformset_factory and ManyToMany fields
Why document.getElementById(鈥渋d鈥� it does not work?
Azure Role Enviroment not initialising
SocketPermission - Client Port?
Error activating IAuditRepository No matching bindings are available, and the type is not self-bindable
jquery ui modal dialog does not submit
Integrating PayPal IPN into website
Texture Won't Appear - GLUT OpenGL
iAds throw an error quickly (XCode 4.3.1, iOS5, Storyboard)
Is using a SqlCacheDependency per user a good idea?
Amazon and eBay PHP API [closed]
Java - binary file I/O with array-list
Datatype evaluation in Excel to ASP.NET copy/paste operation
R: How to control font size in png output of ggplot2
SQL Server 2012 - Analysis Services is not included on the 鈥淔eature Selection鈥�screen of the installer
Random vs SecureRandom in a game
How to install (and run) postgresql on a machine that has mysql?
jquery ui menu custom popup
Difference in FFT between IDL and Python
starting threads under Tomcat
Extract Contents of Anchor Tag
abstract class with abstract fields and subclassing without casting
Google TV audio tag support
jQuery addClass doesnt work in IE 7 or IE 8
Speed of standard Python data persistence methods [closed]
Detect the two highest Peaks from Histogram
Viewing records in a Row in a column from the same Table
jQuery addClass doesnt work in IE 7 or IE 8
Speed of standard Python data persistence methods [closed]
Detect the two highest Peaks from Histogram
Viewing records in a Row in a column from the same Table
SSRS 2005 grouping issue: Duplicates appear beneath a lower group level when exported to Excel
How to create EditText numeric (signed and unsigned decimal) from java code
Google Geocoding API giving different results to my server and my web browser [duplicate]
AS3: How to save every object on stage
What is BDB for in Python?
Git version of checkout? Clone not doing what I want
How to bind data on a Handlebars.js template for automatic value update?
C# - How can I validate a string to be in the format hh:mm:ss:fff?
Can A* Pathing in AndEngine allow a sprite to determine 鈥渋ncorrect鈥�paths and make 鈥渞andom鈥�choices?
Dart Isolates As Workers
CSS bubbling while using jQuery Quicksand
How to create in-house app store for iPad
Rectangle collision detection algorithm half working
non-webfonts in email
DataGridView binding to two tables
Print from Windows Service, no dialog, no user interaction
Adding dependency injection to Nlog using Ninject
Replace empty string in double quotes in php [duplicate]
Forecasting time series data
In java, I want to have two rectangles, one behind the other to simulate a health bar, they are not working
Optimizing local storage and search
Reading the GPS data from the image returned by the camera in iOS iphone
How to organize my project?
Understanding Python Pickle Insecurity
Accessing elements of ajax html response with jquery
鈥渟elf鈥�in normal method vs. 鈥渟elf鈥�in singleton method?
SSRS 2005 - No one has Content Manager rights in the Report Manager
Javascript override Request.Form(鈥渇oo鈥� for security (XSS)
Windows 7 Map CTRL + j to the Down Arrow Key
cocoa:webView which have hyperlinks to add the ` target = 鈥�_blank 鈥漙 can not be opened
Is it possible to use UILocalNotification without displaying a message?
Sort a list that was imported from a file鈥�Python
Multiple transactions, concurrency and performance
IOS UILocalNotifications live after my app has been deleted鈥ow to deal with these notifications?
I am having trouble with if/else statement using JOptionPane?
Open colorbox iframe on page load automatically [closed]
Regex to extract phone number
Maven: How can I setup maven to run unit test and integration test separately
Plotting google map with ggplot in R
java : Make it the best 鈥淪earching method鈥�
Securing web.config and app.config in a web farm scenario programmatically
NSJSONSerialization and SBJson work oddly
Need advice optimizing SQL query (update on MySQL)
How to solve Stack Overflow for Android
Objective-C: dealloc not getting called
Hyphen, underscore, or camelCase as word delimiter in URIs?
How do I get vertice data from google/bing maps?
Single click edit on WPF datagrid , combobox template column
Assign calculated variable to shared preferences
about android Drawable getBounds return Rect(0, 0 - 0, 0)
How do you mock a function which has decorator apply to it in a unit test?
c# audio library - wmp or other
BPS Deployment to Tomcat or Other Application Servers
LINQ to XML - Get given XElement's text content without child elements' text content
cutting a video with ffmpeg with an absolute endposition
Mongoimport csv files with string _id and upsert
Android + Sencha Touch text input duplicated and difficult to un-focus
Works when run from Visual C++ but sometimes not standalone
class_eval vs instance_eval
Can't open Market App from my Application
automated osgi bundle development with netbeans 7.1
Why does sys.getrefcount() return 2?
jaxws noSuchMethodError in javax/wsdl/Operation.getExtensibilityElements
How to fix a sudden CDbException on Yii Framework after reboot (Active Record queries not working)
Visualizing a social network on a (geographical) map
List user defined variables, python
Ruby on rails script to add new columns in mongo collection with some random data for existed records
SQL using a WHERE statement with an aggregate function
Get specific elements from string file
Javascript function call is not working [closed]
Create iframe with javascript appending to a div
Swiping between activities with swipe sticking to finger
How to create reusable AsyncTasks in android?
Forcing timeit to automatically choose number of times statement is executed
How to reset a Mock Object with PHPUnit
hover out function
Accessing image files on Windows server from php on Linux server
How to load user generated png images as textures (not xnb's)?
How to extract all footnotes from a MS Word file?
ajax refreshing a div under multiple levels of included files : doesn't work
Is there an .m4a service provider interface for java sound?
vector manipulation in R
Tabular data import wizard control
How to call a method from a module of an other ruby file
What language/ software does Rosetta stone use?
Getting result of FOR XML into a variable
what does `鈥 do in matlab?
Workign with floating <li> elements in footer
Treeview -files & directories - Unauthorized Access Excpetion -
cppunit: setUp() and tearDown()
Three way class toggle
Providing unique directives to proxy block by virtual host
Issues installing PHP 5.3 with apache on centos [closed]
Android listview with ArrayList
jQuery ajax call not working with IE7 and IE8
Losing of 'const' modifier [duplicate]
Real time data display using Ajax and PHP
Any utility method to sort java.util.List containing POJOs of the kind of apache-* libraries
Windows.h or StdAfx.h, the first window example in Petzold's book 鈥淧rogramming Windows鈥�
Firebug won't break on breakpoint in startup JavaScript except in first script element
EF Query with multiple contexts
AS3 When symbol is in a certain position
AVAudioFoundation upgrade to iOS 5.0
Resize parent div to fit child div
Salary PHP Script [closed]
Objective-C Constant variable not work, occurs 鈥淧roperty not found on object of type鈥�
PeopleSoft login in issue
How to call PHP function from Android?
UINavigationControllerDelegate methods not called (demo code on github)
How to pass value of Html.Dropdownlist to Controller
how would I open a page when facebook like button is clicked?
Unable to install Android 2.3.3 SDK Platform [duplicate]
Place parallel table columns that are inside separate div's aligned