Rebuilding the Sphinx index fails
How can I truncate a solr string field to 10 characters?
mySQL - How can i find the maximum size of content in a field
Some basic question in R writing a R-script for a regression example
Closures javascript invoking
Bash environment breaks after calling matlab from command line
GWT Facebook Integration
How to get progress information of sendSynchronousRequest?
Wordpress + MAMP: always redirected to live site
How to replace company names at beginning, end or (as one word) in the middle of a string?
How to collect multiple checkbox values using FormCollection?
Convert a string into a variable in UNIX
Editting duplicate row in tableMode, edits original row also
Why do I get 鈥渘on-static variable this cannot be referenced from a static context鈥�
Android FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK is ignored
Using semicolons inside timeit
Calling CXF webservice through Apache Camel
jqGrid has issues loading subgrid in IE7
MySql update a date using a correlated subquery
How to create a DateTimeOffset set to Midnight in Pacific Standard Time
How do computers differentiate 2 pieces of data? [closed]
Inline confluence user macro
Need help regarding generics, interfaces, and base classes
Create instances of classes to listen to events
How to clip Bitmap with a Path
Segmentation error when trying to copy data from one struct to another
Converting time to ISO 8601 format
Can I use Mongo DB with Windows client side applications?
Is a single hadoop Mapper object used for more than one call to map()?
in codeigniter, is Passing URI Segments to your Functions secure? return -1 on one PC but success on the other PC [closed]
How to show a custom force close dialog?
Using Alarm Manager to start a service but only if main application isn't running
Upload php script in Aptana
Upload files to SQL from a csv
Floating point data unexpectedly succeeds on istream input into an integer
RJSONIO failed loading an array
Lighttpd or thin for rails
In-app Billing : confirm refund notification
web view freezes where native browser does not
Can you configure eclipse to code assist some imports rather than others
Use a function both directly and as a lambda expression
ExtJS 4 using Ext.form.field.File instead Ext.Form.Panel how to submit
KnockoutJS and computed property not working
Can GWT explicitly detect browser back/forward buttons (not just infer from history)
Difference between rake db:migrate db:reset and db:schema:load
Pagination within result view
Positioning OK/Cancel buttons so that they mimic the layout in dialogs
Could not find class 'twitter4j.http.AccessToken'
Developing a web app with Mono (opensource .NET) any examples?
change superclass' property value
How to avoid retrieve entire stored field from solr
First-child selector within table
Nodelist to arraylist<String> conversion
How to derive from C++ std::basic_ostream and make the << operator virtual?
How do I take the value of textfield along with the href value to the next page using Ajax in java web app?
how to compile classes in the same project to different DLL
Wcf 3.5 - Different endpoints with different bindings and SOAP
running a perl script at specific times [closed]
How can i add six controller in an uiscrollview?
Where does mysqldbexport put files on windows?
Passing parameter in Restful webservices
Weird 404 error in ASP.NET MVC when including 鈥渃on鈥�
In what type of fie can I stored json data on client machine?
hashchange in jquery?
How the @Html.EditorForModel(model) really works ? ( ASP.NET )
Mimic C++ in java structure and writing to byte[]
Marshalling C++ pointer interface back though C# function call in a non default AppDomain
About associations with multiple tables (Database)
Calculating overlap in Mx2 and Nx2 matrices
Searching a string for a match on a quoted phrase and other keywords
Exception using Amazon s3 Java SDK [closed]
How to return an object after removing it from an ArrayList?
Post to a Facebook Page without an user account
Is it possible to generate or receive a local notification when the device gets unlocked?
What's the fastest way to find unique lines from huge file A as compared to huge file B using python?
jQuery Modal Confirmation
how to check for extended ascii characters in matlab
LoaderCallbacks.onLoadFinished() never called with FragmentPager?
Creating shared objects with mpicc - does not seem to find pthread routines
QMultilineElement not calling QEntryDidEndEditingElement: on delegate
SSAS & OLAP cube: twice same measure
Calling function of an extended class
Save file in Android with spaces in file name
Application request limit reached
Sending EditText.getText() to server. Works only on single words. How?
Online/cloud special function calculations?
What is an Objective-C 鈥渃lass continuation鈥�
SQLyog (webyog) change table access for root
Xcode error on using class method by method of the same class
In which order SELECT query return the results? [closed]
Is killing a 鈥淐LUSTER ON index鈥�dangerous for database?
How can I get the bookmark icon in chrome?
What is the purpose of this approach to access modifiers?
Extending the TreeNode functionality in winforms
jQuery tableSorter not sorting first two rows
How do i create a referral system for my website?
MYSQL Insert syntax Error
Geodesic distance between two points
how to access the id of div which is loaded through ajax
Entity Framework - Reflection
How to use generics to develop code that works for doubles and decimals
How to send pdfs to a remote server using Java?
Stand-alone test project for a library project on Android
How do you add multiple tuples(lists, whatever) to a single dictionary key without merging them?
Using Cache manifest in a phonegap 'wrapped' app
sql truncate/pad strings
Is there an easy way to add a last modified timestamp while using ORMLite and Android?
Writing the main program of a D flip-flop
Logging application or library for RHEL 5 [closed]
Linearlayout >> empty eventlistener method neccessarry to get focus?
OOP design - creation strategies/patterns
is my nginx config correct?
Is there a log4net appender for generating an administrator view-the-guts page?
XML If's and Whens?
QuickStart RESTful/data driven iOS app
How to update multiple rows with multiple values?
How do I return a portion of a string with ack (or an equivalent)?
Getting process base address in Mac OSX
How do you display a background image to full screen from a file java?
pthread_create - error when compiling in c
problems installing packages on server after update to 2.15
How to serialize delete data with jqGrid, multiselection, and Spring?
Slickgrid basic example - In node/express, only first row of data loads but is not visible
Problems when using validator inside a p:dataTable
Indexing text files in java
Get Ajax function to return true or false
How to store Profile Views to show each user who's viewed their profile?
Shopping Cart Price Rule that excludes products on special
Change Textbox value when an item is selected in drop down box
WCF CPU usage increase by 25% for each client
OCS sql query to retrieve IM messages for particular users
How to store Profile Views to show each user who's viewed their profile?
Shopping Cart Price Rule that excludes products on special
Change Textbox value when an item is selected in drop down box
WCF CPU usage increase by 25% for each client
OCS sql query to retrieve IM messages for particular users
jquery pass unique id without form
why isn't chrome accepting bottom: 0; as a value for an absolutely positioned footer?
Obtaining attribute data from an array controller
MySQL UPDATE statement is not updating the associated table
JavaFx 2.0 Menu
Drag and drop within a view?
Exclude Columns from Selection in Excel/VBA
Modify dynamically added content
How to draw a line with animation in PyQt4
Can't get Facebook comments from my post to the website
Which characters are permitted in django (1.4) passwords?
whats the use of 鈥渙rg xxxx鈥�in assembly
Having problems with importing dropbox and getting it to run?
how to convert a string in array respect the spaces
Editing old commits non-interactively with git
How can I retrieve my derived object added to a collection composed of its superclass objects?
Zero iteration count in PL SQL Oracle
nodejs open nfs files by inode (or a the fastest way to reopen a file)
perl + perl script location under /etc/rc3.d with diff results
PHP - Calculate repeating date based on day of week?
Number of async/futures in C++11
Android timer - 1 hour incorrect
Animating arc to horizontal line with d3.js
Intent-Filter for Whatsapp -> share image
JavaScript function not found in JSP
Updating error message of required validator clientside using jQuery
GWT DisclosurePanel()
How can I deploy an iPhone application from Xcode to a iPhone?
Reject certain query in mysql
DateTime arithmetic in an ActiveRecord query (PostgreSQL)
Why does posting image on a Facebook graph event is not working anymore?
Flex-Bison: how to create Keywords?
header('Location:') not redirecting
Wix 3.6 Burn: unmanaged custom UI
How to exclude sever bound data in Master from the Output Cache in MVC 3?
GetKeyboardState not working in remote desktop full screen mode
Providing animation when the content of scroll view is changed
Lucene to bring cheeseburger when searching for burger
Can't paint on directly on JFrame
Unclear how to implement operator overloading in a class derived from an abstract base class
Rails combine two objects into one result hash
Loop unrolling optimization, how does this work
Is this possible to update the database in a schedule using php?
Android BaseAdapter Dealing with an Empty ArrayList
JPA Entity as JSF Bean?
serialport timeoutexception thread switch
Swing GUI does not show or show with errors when launched on Mac
python<-> excel : ScreenUpdating makes sheet flicker
How to change foreign Key restraint on Dataset with Table Adapter
Created clock on Android is not updating
Unable to understand results of Python code
Link to a different page in
Extract .tbz file using .net
Unable to Push to GitHub via GitHub for Mac app
Sending Files Through Stream
Can a multitasking app receive a notification when the device unlocks the screen even if the app is in the background?
Rewriting of Formulas
LocaleResolver in filter null yet shows it has been autowired! Spring MVC 3.1.1/Spring Security 3.1.0
Is my fstream bad or not good()?
cygwin bash find with prune option not behaving as expected
How to center div?
Why inheritance need to be 鈥渟ubclass鈥�NSObject?
Javascript Event firing with page load
PHP setlocale on WAMP fail for pt_BR
Android query cursor
Control Applications Settings access
How to check the photo is selected when try to upload a photo
How the scanf function works?
Trying to use a UUID for a primary key. Getting stale data on SQLalchemy commit()
Where can I post bugs in the Foursquare API?
IIS Streaming/Pushing JSON to iOS
My application don't work with GPS turned on
UIPopoverController And UIImagePickerController problems with Monotouch
鈥淚nsufficient content duration available鈥�when playing a stream through the SmoothStreamingMediaElement
Discover WCF Rest Service from iOS5
How is multi-catch implemented in Java 7?
Javascript onclick event to write new div
Excel: Ctrl + DownArrow action
Using too much include() in php
Convert Datetime to String in
How to marry PostgreSql wit PHP?
Is it possible to create a WCF service endpoint to process dead letters from Azure Service Bus?
Most efficient way to store only the date?
Parsed XML NSString to NSDate outputting (null)
Select menu to link to jquery tab
In MongoDb is collection creation during an insert/update an atomic operation?
Javascript text box insert
validating file upload server side - allow only images with php
Detect redirect in iFrame
PHP Array removing the duplicate key value and displaying only one
UITableView reloadSection causes cellForRowAtIndexPath to be called for ALL rows
Building and deploying on a remote windows server using Bamboo
Theme preview fails in Eclipse
displaying google shopping api price using json
how would I perform two events when a dialog is closed?
how would I perform two events when a dialog is closed?
URL rewrite redirect issue
Android Emulator not launching activity to foreground
android list checkbox
mysql merge two queries
Get HTML from another domain
Jquery get the key/value - key from asp drop down
SQL SERVER 2008 Error while creating a table
qt 4.8: how to implement a smooth QGraphicsView::centerOn(qgraphicsitem)?
Extjs4 set Auth in a cross-domain ajax (jsonp) ajax request
Linking error in C++ Template
Rails 3.2 Asset Pipeline adds ?body=1 but serve empty resource
java- how to tell LDAP鈥�.hasMore() to return false instead of throwing a PartialResultException
Adding/updating navigation properties in EF CF
Equivalent to Regex.Replace in C++
mkl random number generator and FLT_MAX
gettimeofday returns a negative value
4 bit binary number multiplier by 3 (mod 16)
Hibernate insert foreign key
Grails @Mock annotation
mysql/php Auto update database on certain dates [closed]
Drawing graphs with weight edges C# [closed]
Couchbase or Riak as a data storage for search engine
Is there a horizontal scroll bar in python's idle?
jquery - load XML file from local file system without cross domain errors
Copying data from sheet to single row, delete then pasting row to last row on another sheet
how/where to store keystore password when using client side ssl authentication?
How do I print out the count of unique matches with grep?
Is this a safe publication of object?
PhoneGap and Nexus S?
stripped down drools guvnor
about {packet, PacketType} in erlang sockets
Lambda, How to use Contains?
PHP ColdFusion9 AES Encryption - Different results
ExtJS: datetime fields and form with timefield not sent properly
Access javascript vars within a inline function
WSO2 Local Transport
Selecting a specific value in a combobox or a table using CodedUI
Shaping XML output of a SELECT statement on the inserted and deleted tables
Real Fullscreen with Android 4 Tablets
Highlight (not delete) repeat sentences or phrases in a word document
Publish Actions and Aggregation Management
Is there a shortcut to automatically include a class in visual studio 2010?
Treeview population dynamically
Implementing SPI slave ISR on PIC32?
Perpendicular on a line segment from a given point
Python connected components
jQuery Tab: Able to change the tab but content does not load
Easiest way to make http requests in java
Installation to specific user folder is changed to installation to the current user folder
Fancy Button with animation
Iterating children of a TVertScrollBox
Working with objectives and calling methods?
Should I create resized images for all drawable folders (ldpi-mdpi-hdpi) if the image is the same?
jquery ui draggable - drag not triggered
Cookie Storage on Google App Engine
Log large xml files with log4j
Gridview showing up deleted datas
Telling a pivot page which page to open on via xaml.cs
How do I connect an AudioFilePlayer AudioUnit to a 3DMixer?
Error during Closing the MS Access application
Run junit test cases from multiple class files (Robotium)
c implementation of filter with matlab generated coeficients
Would this Cron job be possible?
Submit Data from partial view to a controller MVC
New user held with searching array
Add a new fragment to ViewPager within a FragmentActivity
How the size of an xmpp packet/message can be calculated/measured?
MonoTouch - Failed to compile interface file
Echo selective data (rows) from multidimensional array in PHP
Regex to validate brazilian money using Javascript
null pointer exception in android camera application
Shell Script to load multiple FTP files
Cocoa application not able to find the the dylib Header Files
Which would be faster for pixel format convertion? Pixel shader or compute shader, or maybe OpenCL?
Android File Read
Parsing the results from Cursor in a faster way?
Implementing ITemplate and accesing control properties
How to use YUI Compressor PHP port
Change the width of standard subscribe button to something lesser than 225
Detect browser window in javascript
Is there any benefit to returning a value from function as opposed to returning void?
Tomcat stopped without any log or any stack
Form Hidden Field Substitution
jQuery Check for tablet? [duplicate]
safely get array element value for defined and undefined indexes
How to find a way to detect the memory leak in this code?
Comments cache: how to delete with wordpress preview post?
Problems giving a url in a utf16 String to jsoup
Convert Object to Short
Meaning of Spring @ManagerResource: persistPolicy, persistPeriod, persistLocation and currencyTimeLimit
LINQ dynamic queries [duplicate]
How to post an attribute value?
How do I create this Table/View in Asp.Net C#
Is it possible to nudge a div that is in the masterpage on load?
How to send a selected table view value back to a different view?
Android many alternatives for relative position / stack
Doctrine 1.2 build-all-reload destroy and build only one database
uitextfield text length after deleting the string
Too many inotify events while editing in vim
Generate full URL in MVC? [duplicate]
Socket Suggestions
How to round currency in gridview to significant figures?
What is the equivalent of the R command 鈥渟ource鈥�in Stata?
The facebook comment box, how to make it work correctly with URL Rewriting?
Alias class is not available in OpenXML Sdk
Extending Loader
Error with Quicktime when loading movie with c# 2005
iOS App with Static Lib ALWAYS crashes on Launch of Ad Hoc Archive Build. Cant reproduce in Xcode Debugger
Cookie is null with IE using C#, but not for firefox
PDF table extraction
keeping clickonce updates from destroying existing user connection strings
selecting identically named columns from different tables using wildcard
at what level do modern remote desktop software get screen image info from Windows?
Removing rows from a matrix A if they are contained in matrix B
Calling 鈥渘ew鈥�call within a static function comapred to Calling 鈥渘ew鈥�call in an instance method [closed]
How to load packages in R automatically?
ios5 facebook app - do I really need git hub?
jquery html() callback function
Return Select Statement as formatted HTML (SQL 2005)
accessing list of images in orchard cmsOR including mediapicker field in razor view of module
Is it possible to stream data from client to server via http?
PostgreSQL server does not start
whois wildcard search on Ubuntu
in codeigniter where is ci_sessions updated
Filemaker in iOS 5.1
Find number of available processors in maven (platform-independent)
Want to create custom tab bar in android
Javascript control of iFrame page transitions
show LOADING until page is completely loaded
Spring AOP Exception Polymorphism
Adding two FBO (opengl) - and lightning questions
Jquery list traversal and append: Need to be able to find the anchor in a span then wrap the anchor around the spans inside the parent element
NSURL Connection sendAsynchronousRequest How to save the response?
Precedent for compiling C++ to C# via C++/CLI
abstract method foo(E) in cannot be accessed directly compiling with ANT
Android Bluetooth Chat App
prevent animation from occurring when initially binding
Scale divs to equal height, max-height needed
How can I add a time stamp to a file name uploaded with $_File before the file extension
How to get ModelChoiceField instances in the template
I have a very deep array full of data, what may be a good data structure to use for counting?
Naming convention for 鈥淧age proxy鈥�Component?
generate and encode PKCS7 message in Java
Set Table Name Dynamically
Richfaces inputNumberSpinner value not set
Error running Android emulator from Titanium Studio
Cython and distutils
How to make this object more maintainable?
capture incoming traffic in tcpdump
What is the allowed size of a youtube channel name?
TextBox Validation ToolTip Not Appearing
How to convert a DateTime string to a DateTime in SQL Server
What is the default behavior for items added to System.Web.Caching.Cache?
can we name a default constraint in oracle
How to SELECT two columns, where one column must be DISTINCT?
Why is my jquery if/else code not hiding/showing?
python - 'int' object is not subscriptable
jQuery Checkbox Click Sync (Regex needed)
Ways to parse image loaded with Javascript
LispWorks on Windows 7 won't load Quicklisp
Excel merging and combining like cells
Fail to run Blackberry Advanced UI example
Followup: Check if two integers have the same sign
When Application_End isn't called in WebService
Android - GLSurface, errror while closing
Exception: An expression tree may not contain a dynamic operation
How to resume a saved game when I design Tic Tac Toe using C++? [closed]
SignalR connection stops automatically after some time when running from Visual Studio
Error in JSF/CDI conversation scope when begin is called two times
Facebook Single-Sign On: when user logs out of Facebook app, how do I log out of my app?
Memory limit exceeded with PHP foreach
EJB giving wrong output
FileStream for sharing the file between different processes
Trying to center a FieldSet
W3C Validation error XHTML markup- end tag for 鈥渄iv鈥�omitted
Find content of href link and URL in Java
checking if a cookie is set then display logoff link using jquery cookie library
ubuntu /dev folder restore
How to display table data in a cics map
Why aren't these strings displayed in separate lines?
Pass parameters to a $.doTimeout function in a for
How to make brightness change permanent in iOS 5?
Programatic iPhone landscape orientation lock
Opera OL bad text align with justify
Generating multivariate normal random numbers with zero covariances in matlab
uiautomation iOS uilabel value
setting up google analytics for an all-ajax site
java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01747
Detect window Installer version in bat file or inno setup
Pass by value/reference, what?
How to actually configure debugging in CFBuilder
creating menu structure from mysql database
Simple application to populate an Gridview
Upload large files 100mb+ to Sharepoint 2010 via c# Web Service
Legal : What about developpement for a customer and submission themselves Appstore/Playstore [closed]
Trying to customize a report name when I save it as a PDF in Access 2010
How to control modems inside a GoIP gateway with AT commands
Change OK/Cancel on window.prompt?
Javascript/Jquery how to get Key from Key/Value
Trying to customize a report name when I save it as a PDF in Access 2010
How to control modems inside a GoIP gateway with AT commands
Change OK/Cancel on window.prompt?
Javascript/Jquery how to get Key from Key/Value
Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) with pointer that is assigned on retval
SecurityException when trying to add an account
Re-purposing an existing GUI, while keeping most of the same functionality [closed]
Why doesn't my Rails app pick up translations for error messages on the server
HTACCESS if url then adjust timouts
Tomcat Multiple Localhost Instances [closed]
Notification when file download completes in Play framework
How to find memory allocations and leaks in iphone applications without using instruments?
How to stop Silverlight xap files including 鈥淐opy Local=False鈥�dlls?
Adjusting font size of axis labels in levelplot function in R
How to implement row numbering into h:dataTable
Eclipse and Android: cannot debug on Samsung Galaxy S2 because not detected
Using IPython interchangeably with code module if IPython exists
One piece of Javascript stopping another from loading
iOS: Best way to Store Contact Info and GPS Coordinates
How to use HttpServletRequest#login() programmatic login with SHA-256 configured security realm
Load two windows on two separate screens
fontWithName:size: How to import own font to project?
WCF security problems with named pipes
pass parameter from servlet to function javascript , it didn't work when view database?
Sql Server BI Development Studio
Javascript wrong URL in IE
Android WebView - background PNG image causes a thin white line to appear
Android File Explorer using ListView with thumbnails with multiple_selection (switched form single_selection by long_press on a row)
HTML e-mail sent from outlook 2007 exchange server appears as plain text IPHONE
include_once gives an error when variable isn't passed in the url
Do Nuget packages need to be added by every developer who works on same VS project?
How can I get a data value from a jstree node using real_checkboxes plugin?
CSS only scrollbar removal for iframes
Changing AD User Account Property by using the UserPrincipal
server sometimes returns chunked transfer encoding
Java - Implementing boolean contains(Rectangle2D r) method of Shape interface
ActiveX 鈥渘o button鈥�with JS
Silverlight Richtextbox obtain cursor position
How do you cross-reference Google Places results with other 3rd party data providers? (Yelp, Foursquare, etc.)
Connecting USB device to Host of Android Tablet
append child node to XML node jquery/js
Polling over thousands of TCP sockets
How to submit a Callable to an ExecutorService from a thread
How to save all DeviceTokens in php server for APNS iPhone app?
SQL Server FOR EACH Loop
Is there anyway to clear absolute positioning?
Additional Line Spacing Issue on Custom Font
@Scheduled Tasks keep JVM hanging when standalone program wants to exit, JVM needs to be killed
Is there any java markdown wysiwyg editor?
Is there a simple way to share session data stored in Redis between Rails and Node.js application?
Admin section logs out automatically in Magento
Regex for this particular pattern
Something crazy happens with StringBuilder.append(String str);
Planning to get started code coverage tool
Which is reasonable to use for a field that appears in three tables: an enum or a table?
Entity Framework on SQL Server CE without driver install
Replacing the default filter at position SESSION_MANAGEMENT_FILTER
Losing EditText style after adding Views programmatically in Android
Aspose.Words鈥alculating widt of text in pixels
Jquery Delegate not binding to dynamically created element
algorithmic complexity of operation with f(n) cost
Selection Sort program produces incorrect output
Getting Error 鈥淎dditional information: Reference to undeclared entity 'acirc'. Line 3325, position 145.鈥�
NSURLRequest : Post data and read the posted page
How to zoom in on map tiles instead of drawing next zoom level
facebook like button (box_count) like count differs from Graph API
Array of instances of a library in CodeIgniter
Getting location from meta data on iOS
Java Implementation of SpeedyFX Hashing Alogrithm
How to correctly override the SaveChanges function in EF 4.1
Bind value at index 1 is null in query?
RAILS_ENV=production script/delayed_job start (dir undefined)
Adjust factors in dataset with dynamic preceding zero's
Heterogeneous queries require the ANSI_NULLS and ANSI_WARNINGS options to be set for the connection. This ensures consistent query semantics
ignore keypress when alert shown on Javascript
IBOutlets and memory management
ListView color out of boundaries
Display special characters in Zend_Form_Select element
ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem in Web Service for 鈥淔ire and Forget鈥�task
Inconsistent decoding of encoded URL query parameters using Python and GAE
MySQL Timestamp trigger
Python - Twisted : POST in a form
How to integrate Authorize.Net in Android application ?
Web app and Tomcat 7 Memory Leak
pheatmap cluster annotation
Jetty does not remove timed-out session, if the session was replaced in runtime
How can an IRepository be unit tested?
Programmatically Open Link in WebView
Filepath and textboxes
How to build object hierarchy from SQL query? (for WPF TreeView)
B茅zier curves, Loop and Blinn style
File output on a target computer
FuelPHP form field value converts some character into HTML entities
Replace part of a string in JavaScript
WebApp ajax not loading with jQueryMobile
Will an empty for loop used as a sleep be optimized away?
Converting string date to date
What does the concept of 鈥渨orker鈥�mean in programing?
AJAX and onbeforeunload event
should I unbind events/plugins when leaving a page in Jquery Mobile/Jquery?
Trying to sort a list by values closest to zero, using absolute value in python
Access violation with printing double link list
Json split print_r to foreach
Not able to remove drawable, crashes on VM budget
Google analytics blocking open in a new window
How to configure Microsoft Encoder 4 Pro to stream http Live?
set ItemContainerStyle from code
Android Toasts get touch events on some phone, and not on others
Is there a way to determine the loading order of apache modules
XSD small help required
I have a date object, need to format it for cache lookups, simpledateformat isn't thread-safe?
multi-languages website (the most accurate way) [closed]
Windows phone Microsoft.Phone.Media.Extended.dll file
Read from UDP Multicast RTSP Video Stream
Line break doesn't work in MailMessage's body
IE 7 jquery bind and $(this)
How to refresh GEF editor view
HAML - how to make a logout link?
Decrypt ( with PHP ) a Java encryption ( PBEWithMD5AndDES )
Recommendations for constructing RESTful resources for avatar selection scenario in rails
PHP: How to return original file name when downloading?
AutoMapper - collection to array returns array with null items
Downloading & saving graphic
Efficient algorithm for finding a set of non adjacent subarrays maximizing their total sum
Replace with the regular expression
Google Maps JavaScript API v3 GPS coordinates as center
lost password of stand alone system, domain controller crashed, cannot reset password [closed]
How to merge two elements of two lists in python at random and ensure resulting entries are all unique?
How do I remove related objects in linq to entity framework
IValidatableObject is useless for EF navigation properties?
how to set focus on diffrent element while click on an image button in the aspx page
How to download multiple formats of a web font from the (official) Google Web Fonts repo?
Objective C, RestFull Library which supports ARC and Compress Data Automatically
WPF Expander won't expand left when inside Canvas
scriptaculous sortable tree - prevent nodes from entering child/parent lists
Multiple LIKE statements in TSQL
How to collect multiple callbacks to call once a task is done
UPDATE sql Foreign Key Constraint
jQuery to wrap certain word in <strong> tag
Fetching object realted objects in domain model
To do list for UDP based Asteroids game
How to embed a Java applet?
Should I use 鈥�ansi鈥�or explicit 鈥�std=鈥︹� as compiler flags?
How to ensure the accuracy of aggregated data in PostgreSQL table?
node.js server port not working
How can I style the legend of jquery-mobile radio buttons like a list divider
Oracle RDF table throws ORA-22835 error when saving triple
Can I optimize this kind of query?
Why the Javascript files imported by a Twig template in a Symfony2 application are renamed?
How to add child nodes in NodeSet using Nokogiri
RequestMapping annotation leads to empty RequestMethod array when looking up annotation for the controller method
Loading different style sheets per OS
Release one iOS app with multiple (foreign lang.) names?
Why is IIS redirecting as if the default document isn't set?
How to prevent python pylint complaining about socket class sendall method
tradeoff routes and views rails 3
method missing from reactive extentions
Passing Properties Between Winforms When Using Singleton
Pass 鈥渄ot slash鈥�sequence in a URL querstrying
Why font quality differ from the PSD in HTML
JavaScript working in IE but not in Firefox
How to load and Mathml formula into Libreoffice
Sencha Touch Packaging for Apple Devices
How to develop Programming language like Coffee script?
twitter bootstrap modal with ruby on rails
Can I create .config file and include it to web.config?
How to save .NET DateTime in OpenDocument
Unmanaged C++ to call C# dll with automatic registration when buildning or without COM?
Iframe align with parent <p>
Strange UnsatisfiedLinkError in Hadoop
Project builds with no errors yet does not run [closed]
How do I most efficiently narrow my selection of entities from a database?
How to pass a complex structure between C and Java with JNI on Android NDK
Apache MINA, Managing multiple client connections
How do I isolate an HTML5 audio player control function?
how to design a real time CUDA financial application
Parsing / reading C-Header files using Java
XCode 4 Snapshots file set management
How to make this submenu 100% width?
Print out webview
convert c++ to
Display fields based on Checkbox actions
Android onPictureTaken not being called
Configuring Polling Duplex in app.config Console App
increase size of form widgets
Facebook Graph API Post Image
how to extract RichMediaContent from PDF using iTextSharp
my extjs grid is not showing json data in grid from local host
QString::toDouble() giving me double with wrong precision
VS2010 reports false memory leaks for static classes in a DLL
change [touches anyObject] to touches with any objects in array
App login page not shown - Android Facebook
Preallocating memory for objects on the stack rather then on the heap JAVA
How do I diff one branch with my default branch
Calling a web service method using httpwebrequest - Unable to connect to the remote server error
Excluding rows in update SQL Server 2008
jQuery bind popstate event not passed
.NET unit testing projects organisation
Union in c# with StructLayout
Using a bootstrapper for .net 3.5 with WiX and Visual Studio 2010
git: update the 2 branch after a merge
With a git hook, how do I force or check user identity?
In Perl, how can I generate all possible combinations of a list?
My Facebook iframe app is cut off on the bottom
How to get all results with cts:search?
How to get the thumbnail from a youtube shortened link
Activity not launching
Can I make an SQL query do two matches on every row?
Php cake post request
JQuery Autocomplete GET & JSON array data security concerns
Clickable link in edit control
Are computed observables on prototypes feasible in KnockoutJS?
How to re-write 2D OpenGL app for OpenGL ES?
Edge iterators are returning the wrong result
Copy data to another field at insert execution
Issues with pChart outputting image. Whats wrong?
How do I route to an API controller inside an area in MVC4? [duplicate]
How to use fonts for part of an expression in SSRS 2008
How do sites like or jsfiddle generate their URL codes?
Which event data format should use?
Safari Mobile iframe with inner iframe size problems
conflicts with existing, non-compatible bean definition of same name and class after proguard obfuscation
Writing many files at once with Cordova / Phonegap 1.6.1 on iOS
Vim common history file across multiple instances of gvim
How to set up/view PHP server pages in Eclipse with the PDT plugin (for php)
How to turn on the network indicator in the iOS status bar?
Android Browser Freezes in HTC-Flyer
jquery click handler language set
Add environment variable to install4j
Access member by string in Ruby?
Unable to retreive value from PouchDB
Changes to an SDF database file are never saved
add element in certain place
What is the proper use of threads in Android?
Event nofication on QUEUE_ACTIVATION stops working after queue is disabled and enabled again
rename controllers mvc
Convert text to numerical something
Java Jackcess Library Documentation?
Match Sections of SQL Connection String with Regex
C# - Writing a header to a log file using string builder
WPF intercept clicks outside a modal window
Is it possible to not generate service part of wsdl contract in WCF?
Obtain a reference to <script> parent element [duplicate]
How to read pdf in my android application? [closed]
how to use a ViewPager in a fragment
Mysql query that look for most repetitive entry based on two fields
Hibernate 4 - Commit issue with Oracle 10g and WebSphere 7
SelectList ingoring selectedvalue
What does 鈥渄ata-umgid鈥�mean?
aurigma conditional resize
How to integrate Play Framework 2.0 into Gradle build management using Maven dependencies?
Pushing image titles into an array, then displaying them
Creating new database from a backup of another Database on the same server?
MeCab path parameters doesnot accept whitespace
Gap appearing in Android Layout
can we capture fingerprint presented on iphone screen? [duplicate]
decltype for map value type?
Show SQL table other way
Is automatic overloading possible?
trying to expose my Service layer as WCF
php zend gdata put a document/file into a category/folder Google Docs
Rails unit test works via 鈥渞uby -Itest鈥�but fails via 鈥渞ake test:units鈥�
Overriding the method and subscribing to the event is the same?
How to abtain all the properties (including inherit one) of object in javascript
Entity Framework (Loading Nested Entities)
GridView Control Colors per Row
c++ array initialization, good practice
Open a facebook page from android app?
Downloading a file from Javascript onclick function in python
How to create a time limited hash/key?
Picture appear blurred after the select statement
How to upload image files to ipython notebook for further image processing
iframe load function kicks off on .append
Fastest way to sort list of dates when adding to the list
Assembly Language Coprocessor
How to improve Search performance on e-commerce site?
Gallery on image change textview update
Copying list of files from one folder to other in R
Echo Autor name or author id in Joomla 1.5
GNU make dependency issue
Problems configuring https for Active Mq broker created in spring
Custom navigation controller and navigation bar?
Load HighCharts though .NET Ajax Call
web scraping using Regex in java
How to unpack tuple of length n to m<n variables
Find following x occurrences after a string with PHP regex?
PayPal PDT Return Link Missing Transaction ID
toggle select lists using jQuery closest or next?
Format error with DateTime parser
Is it possible to detect Keyboard focus events globally?
鈥淧assword type input with autocomplete enabled鈥�an Acunext Audit warning, How to resolve it
Force the Browser Mode and Document Mode of IE 9 to IE 9
HTMLCLEANER handle Spanish characters
How to set different simulator in BlackBerry - Java Plug-in for Eclipse?
Android Application:Error 鈥淔ound text鈥�
Ant complains about 鈥淐annot run program 鈥漜vs
migrate my project to use Core data [closed]
鈥淟oading鈥�icon during Flex Mobile HTTPService
QTextDocument::drawContents only renders at 96 dpi
Proper Syntax for PHP foreach function with associative arrays
How to use setup of a mocked anonymous type?
Serializing mutable objects in java
using jQuery UI buttons outside the framework
top -10 unique dictionary keys to be found on the basis of value
ASP.Net Cart - Duplicate Session IDs
Getting the monitor's name with EnumDisplayDevices
htmlentities on hidden form elements
Opening files from Filezilla to console Vim?
Method for managing app settings with Node.js / Heroku env variables
passing command line arguments in coded ui tests
Change z-index infinitely in jQuery
Clean code, stateless session beans and private state
Mesh Library for JAVA
Jquery: disable the 'click' event on a checkbox
How to open ports in Cisco ASA 5505 using ASDM? [closed]
Javascript tolower/ignoreCase in filter
Logging mysql update queries for a specific table
JAVA HashMap 2D, cant get the right approach to make a 2D HashMap, i mean a HashMap into another HashMap
jQuery and active menu items - what is the best?
BackgroundWorker exception handling
Asynchronous DataProvider, CellTable, Pager 鈥淟ast page Button鈥�
I don't know how to register my website with facebook
Creating custom nested forms in RailsAdmin
jquery hover and setTimeout / clearTimeOut
django cron error on webfaction
Get a user's photo in the size of the profile photo
SQL Server MDF Files - How to back up
jQuery Ajax-load replaces page instead of div in IE9 (without developer tool mode-switching)
IReport + Hibernate Datasource set specific NamingStrategy in cfg.xml
Connecting to Oracle 10g (with the parenthesis bug) DB from VS Dev Server on a 64 bit machine
Initializing a vector with part of an array?
How to attach c console application to running process
Change body background color in an iframe using one css file
restrictions for key in Couchbase
Eclipse RCP view tabs text underlined
How do I send html emails with ActionMailer?
iOS webapp viewport that fits iphone but automatically scales on iPad
Getting Key from a For loop with a List (not a Map)
chrome gets fixed element replicated when scrolling
How to get the id of the duplicated entry?
heroku sqlite 1.3.6 issue?
The default value for the date field will be 鈥�1/01/0001 00:00:00鈥�on my create view
Correct Hebrew character sequence in C# and searchable PDFs
Requesting long lived access_token on serverside flow
Sending a BIRT file via HttpServletResponse through a Wicket Link, causes IllegalStateException
Why is Array.Sort() so slow compared to LINQ?
C#, Web App on Server A writing files to server B
Getting Extra String value from a previous Activity inside an onClick method
Project of Zend Framework :: Connecting in Firefox but working fine in IE
Is the List<T>.ForEach() method gone?
NSNumberFormatter failing with nil value
How to find out if img-tag is left of the caret node in a html editor?
paypal iOS integration
Center text vertically in a div?
Slideshow and Transition on Iphone?
Passing by value doesn't invoke move constructor
WPF/C# - 麓binding list<string> to combobox
Adding spaces between set of numbers with PHP regex
Hibernate without spring with annotations
How to implement onItemClickListener in List Activity
Getting array of images in UIImageView (in UIPageViewController)
NSMutableArray returns null when set in previous viewController
UDP client not forming packets correctly
How to handle when REST resources are linked to and extending already existing resources?
Why is the_post_thumbnail always getting called?
How do I extract a certain number from an Expect buffer string?
C# communication with browser using JavaScript
What is the correct way for saving a cryptographic key?
gray line on top of UITableView iOS 5
cakephp can't connect to database when on server
About socket connection timeout in C++ (UNIX)
Admin section in ZendFramework application
Data Transfer Objects - do mapping in DTO, or in business object?
SSO between two websites in different platforms
Track/Verify/Update a MySQL result by user
Overwrite a javascript variable from webdriver
PHP function to calculate number of parameters passed to a function
Flex container grows too much, overlapping other elements
Method with just one line will hit performance?
Heroku case sensitivity
Code for fetching a picture (bitmap) from gallery not working
adding, removing, then re-adding a custom method with Jquery Validate plugin
Randomising use of Boomerang.js
Finding most recent record in MySQL temporal DB with composite primary key
Play and pause an .wav or .mp3 file on windows
Text to Speech in Mandarin for iOS
Spawning and executing a Worker process in Azure
How to change Jquery Animation course while animating?
Why doesn't boost::enable_if cause an duplicate overloaded method compile error
Cant' call a function (FileLoadException)
set-up startup class in glassfish server
How to make Widgets background transparent in Qt
Extern in C++: For the extern VarX variable:: error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol 鈥渦nsigned int VarX鈥�(?VarX@@3IA)
Which NoSql solution should I choose?
TSQL: How to use variable that could be null or int in a single select
How to tell whether a URL is a Facebook Page or Profile?
TrueCrypt mounting drive on network
SQL server determine which row was inserted?
get non-translated label in Zend decorator
User credentials are sent in clear text in website
Trying to convert time stored in a string, when it contains a colon, to an int value.
Setting the value of objects in XAML from the .xaml.cs file
C# DECRYPT a file using the RSA DER format Public key
jQuery Drag and Drop not working
how to position a div on top section of its parent div
Changes made in the Html files are not reflected in MVC3
Is there CSS support for 鈥渋nherit鈥�in IE7?
Unable to debug when a custom 401 error page is set
Javascript text box
Is there any deployment advice for ASP.NET MVC4?
persist bidirectional relationship ormlite
How to create regular expression to get all functions from code
Is there a module for Drupal 7 to reset passwords for all users
How to remove or exclude a schema that WCF adds that isn't used?
How to coalesce an array in JavaScript/CoffeeScript?
Are there ways to get android app view hierarchy from another android app?
Using T4 Templates in Visual Studio 11 Beta
Search pattern not terminated in Perl
how to lock an action in rails so that only one user can access it without use of a db
Twig for loop and array with key
what is the difference between strong (in LLVM) and retain( in GCC)?
S3 Signed URL and multipart upload
Jquery unable to change form value on form that is loaded
Update sqlite table by accepting new string in textfield blackberry
Implementation of Stack by linked list
How to force divs into the same row when using Blueprint CSS
Why does my array not save or reload after quitting killing app. iOS Xcode 4.3
Delegates in Linq
Can I slow down Django
Databinding action cancels selectedindexchanging event
Checking item Id with selected Id
MVC WAB API object as HttpResponseMessage's HttpContent
How to make executable metro style apps?
Is this possible in Google Maps? Drawing a box manually on Google Maps
grid height and the empty space after the last column
HTML forms hide text value when in focus - Without any JavaScript
MySQL ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'bill'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
What does this Haskell definition mean?
Login to ASP website and then use PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser to grab data
Android ICS Compatibility
Alternative approach to help user if he forgets his password and security answer in Asp.Net
Java Servlet POST JSON string to other Java Servlet
What is the alternative to an enterprise portal strategy in the Java space? [closed]
Reading and writing an xml in java
How to stop ICS users from downloading my app form submitting data to a mysql on Apache server
Lexical or Preprocessor issue / xmlversion.h not found when using Sudzc/VTK in an iOS app
CakePHP 2.x: Alaxos ACL Plugin- configure the admin route
How do I code this javascript function to display two+ fieldsets when a particular type is selected
How to have a different value in a variable per each different instance of a form?
jquery .live( ) passing argument
Not able to call a .js file dynamically from some HTML page in some browsers
How to set focus to FieldManager in BlackBerry?
Sharepeference Nullpointerexception?
Query to find row till which sum less than an amount
iPhone UITabBar based app + UITableView with details view
git server synchronises with svn server
How to skip corrupt XML files and process only valid ones using SSIS package?
unique, non-repeating alphanumeric code based on time ticks
Modifier Keyword order in Java
Axapta: How to populate a grid?
JQuery, Canvas, Range, Html5
subqueries and user variables
VBA, Shell - The Ulitimate Workstation System
Connect to MySQL database using Perl CGI and XAMPP
Fill the difference C++ == [closed]
mysqldump - Access denied for user
Connect SQL Azure Database to SQL Server Management Studio 2008
How to detect a 'flick' after drag?
How to pass kwargs from save to post_save signal
Get current open app from command-line
How to catch an exception for a static object defined in a WndProc() function?
iPhone - get the Content Size of UIWebView
How to play keyboard click sound in custom keyboard?
Prevent Android Dialog from Indenting Each Paragraph of Text
Changing background-color of an element in CSS using Javascript
how do I insert text at cursor position in a nstextview using cocoa programming?
Change Xml Declaration, or select xml without declaration section
Avoiding mix of certain arguments to script
Chat messaging application for ios
AdMob 6.0 + Android 2.3, it麓s possible?
RowDataBound : Getting value from dataTable ! Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'System.String'
Can't use TextMate git bundle since I installed rbenv
When to test security in a rails application
jQuery ajaxComplete Event: Detect whether response has been taken from cache
Saving data with sharedpreferences
How can i enforce the scaffolding automatically generated code to display the Label and the EditorFor text field at the same line in my mvc 3
SQLite get date between two Longs in Android
Syntax error in Google Charts javascript?
Maven practice - shared source: install artifact locally, or create shared source sibling project?
richtextbox with dotted border
.Net 4.0 Caching Data in SqlServer Database Rather In memory Caching
Rails unit test functional and underscored module
Perl DBD::ODBC to Informix DBMS
Could not initialize class caused by java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError GWT
Preventing event of link fails
Div alignment to center on zoom in & out
Check a Checkbox using Javascript Function
How do I call existing sequentially named variables to apply an operation in a for loop
System.IO.FileInfo is not showing in Drop down completion list in MonoDevelop
how to use a variable created in local scope 鈥渨ithout assigning鈥�in global
How to upload an image to another server via HTTP post using carrierwave(Ruby On Rails)?
How do you amend a row value before displaying it using ListView and SimpleCursorAdaptor?
MVC3 WebGrid CheckBox
Remove dot character from a String C#
MySQL slow queries and memcached
Json encoding and decoding
Load balancing server
鈥淯nchecked type pattern鈥�warning in Scala?
Get the region name in maxmind database
Hover over div's nested items
How will I save data from javascript's canvas.toDataURL to an image file in ruby?
escape string containing named subpattern with preg_quote
Background App to scan into active textbox? [closed]
Use SQL Server recursive common table expression to get full path of all files in a folder(with subfolders)
PAC (proxy auto-config) navigator.appName not available
Custom property animation with actionForKey: how do I get the new value for the property?
MASM user encryption homework
After Use jQuery a href link not working
How to send data in request body with a GET when using jQuery $.ajax()
How to determine if the frame is IDR frame in IPP?
JSP Error: Expecting 鈥渏sp:param鈥�standard action with 鈥渘ame鈥�and 鈥渧alue鈥�attributes
volume control with in application in android?
Redmine plugin development
status of the 鈥渁rguments[n] cannot be set if n is greater than the number of formal or actual parameters鈥�bug?
Get event error in Jquery autocomplete remote datasource
add & removeClass jQuery
SQL Check constraint on substrings
Nested loop in mysql stored procedure
Zend Framework 2 Unable to render template ; resolver could not resolve to a file' in PhpRenderer.php on line 461
unexpected 鈥渦i-li-static鈥�and 鈥渦i-body-c鈥�in jQuery-Mobile
if 鈥�AND 鈥�AND (鈥� OR (..) [closed]
UITableView not displaying data after altering frame and transform properties
Webdriver, CSharp, C# - Cannot switch between windows
Joomla redirect to login page with correct redirection parameter after unsuccessful login
How to connect Glassfish 3 to an external ActiveMQ 5 broker
How to get clients Time zone in JavaScript?
Listening for an Ethernet Cable Unplugging Event for a TCP Server Application
@Html.ActionLink one works and one does not
How does printf display a string from a char*?
entity manager doesn't have method getCriteriaBuilder()
Mimic group_concat() combined with GROUP BY
Byte Array -> String -> Byte Array: not the same size
ResultSe.getString(1) throws java.sql.SQLException: Invalid operation at current cursor position
How to get the current system cursor and save it to file xxx.cur?
PHP Multi Dimensional Array Deduplication by Key
WPF window gets minimized instantly
NHibernate Mapping Exception: invalid child element
Regular Expression for validating username
npm to install packages from local position rather than from web?
Byte Array -> String -> Byte Array: not the same size
ResultSe.getString(1) throws java.sql.SQLException: Invalid operation at current cursor position
How to get the current system cursor and save it to file xxx.cur?
PHP Multi Dimensional Array Deduplication by Key
WPF window gets minimized instantly
NHibernate Mapping Exception: invalid child element
Regular Expression for validating username
npm to install packages from local position rather than from web?
maps not open in emulator and not through program
Should I be using Malloc? Errors with large array of objects
ITextSharp: Remove 鈥渟croll long text鈥�from a form field
Guava cache return an empty result on the second hit
Symfony 1.4 Different CRUDs for different roles
Announce game played on facebook for ios
Twitter Bootstrap responsive .hidden-desktop class not working in IE7 with respond.js
is there a way that the synchronized keyword doesn't block the main thread
Nokia E71 Jquery not redirecting to facebook login using facebook API
JQUERY AJAX - change class of $(this) in case of success