Symfony2 Monolog Settings for email and file logging
mysql_real_escape_string with singleton database in php?
How to make an iOS calculator, by just using a UITextField
Showing a .gif animation in QLabel
QToolbar not visible before 2nd call of show / setVisible(true)
WebView and ListView in ScrollView
Xcode: How do I pass the value of my Int from the UIview to the next UIViewcontroller easily?
Inference engine for a recommender platform
matplotlib x axis formatting
JPQL: Select objects where attribute can be null
Sql Case Sensitivity
cocos2d-iphone popScene: Incomplete Events
Using OgProtectExe from tponguard
WCF Authenticate Client with database
Android Manifest - how to specify the 4 diff image files and where to put them in the app?
what does 鈥渆xplicitly locking鈥�filesystem in Windows mean and how do I do that in my program?
RadioButton output in Android
auto-loading the doctrine 2 with codeigniter 2.1.0
Hibernate annotation inheritance OneToMany Placemant
auto-loading the doctrine 2 with codeigniter 2.1.0
Hibernate annotation inheritance OneToMany Placemant
Design Issue: Two roles for a class. First for instances creating and the other for types
Grails GORM many-to-many relationship and deleting of jointable-entries
Access NSMutableArray from other existing class
Android SOAP NTLM example?
How to animate a div only if it's at a specific position?
Retrieving javascript output from a form via php
HTML5 getCurrentPosition with Meteor
Android - assign and retrieve ID's dynamically
ROC Curves Turorial
Detecting if a refresh button has been selected while AsyncTasks are still running
mixed-type, variable length argument list (varargin, *args, 鈥� for C++
How to change array index to start from 1?
Python internals
How to create a gui in java?
How to get key of second argument in in_array?
ASP.NET MVC form with validation WITHOUT using Html.BeginForm
Tab in MVC application using ASP.NET
gtk grid add two widgets
Styling Dynamically added table headers and columns
weird behavior when initializing static member of a static class
Translate Queryable<T> back to IMongoQuery
JQuery/Javascript and the use of && operators
direction routes - only the main streets
Google Plus Circle Counter based on {userId} on PHP
Converting .java back to classes.dex
page layout destroyed due to IE9 fonts too large for <h2>
determine 鈥渢ype of value鈥�from a string in python
Java : String.matches()
HXT: How to stop processing after the first successful transformation?
Values Disappearing in Form
GNU screen: how to highlight status bar when the command character is pressed
How to lock two variables written by threadA and read by threadB (Android)
Automatically add images to media library
now.js : 鈥淥bject has no method鈥�error message when trying to start server.js
袨pen JQuery/Bootstrap dialog from context-menu
Problems with UIImagePickerController cancel button not working
Error in Concatenating N- number of arraylist each of dimension d in java
Video uploading API
Is it better to use deactive status column instead of deleting rows for mysql performance?
I want to override the default value of a style inherited from an ancestor component [flex4]
How to write query in JPQL?
How to specialize a template member funcion depending on the class' template arguments?
Fragment Layout List <--> Details
How do different apps written in different languages interact?
Avoid Page_Load to effect my array, using AJAX
Custom SQL in Groovy DSL for Liquibase?
How implementing factory design pattern in Ocaml
How do I make it so that my website users can write in a box? [closed]
strategy to free memory from std container in case of bad_alloc exception
Android: NFC foreground dispatch priority
Textarea return .val() only if more than 15 chars
image not visible in controltemplate
Struts2 Validatation
How can I send hierarchical data over odata v2?
EF Code First, Where is the database specified?
sql server: select either conditions using an OR clause?
Android appwidget turns other widget into the widget added & second widget wont work?
Embedding playn games in an HTML/JS app
Perforce command line
launch Watir-Webdriver in rails action
Is it a good idea to maintain a 鈥渢runk鈥�VS project folder in addition to folder(s) for branches?
Simple gui that display a repeated set of images when a button is pushed
Rails: Action error in production but not in development
Where Jboss7.1 take war application to deploy
redirect using htaccess from subdomain to domain (individual files)
Django on Aptana Studio 3.0
Batch, How to filter this HTML text to set a bit of vars
3d view fold animation iOs 5
Dotnetnuke Website - File location of pages
How to redirect on JSF using PrimeFaces?
How do I format this time/date in PHP?
Sending an array of objects as ajax post data?
Trouble with jquery loading json
broadcastRecevier onreceive handling content of the message
Naming Sheets Name on ExportingExcel Feature of RDLC in VS2010
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/transaction/interceptor/TransactionInterceptor [duplicate]
User relations in database issue with design
Using a symlink as base directory of a Tomcat webapp
cocoa 鈥�determine directory from which a tool was launched?
Sending Picture Android Application
Optional Parameter Python?
psycopg2 out of shared memory and hints of increase max_pred_locks_per_transaction
Can't get Windows ProductId key but can get ProductName key
Javascript files don't show up in Firebug
What are the use pointer variables?
Android Radio Output
Control an application from another application
how to display entity on autocad drawing area without add to database?
Not able to start towerjs server after creating a new application 鈥淐annot find module mongodb鈥�[closed]
jQuery - appendTo previous / preceding element
mapping a function to a list in Haskell 2 elements a time
The ODP.NET is the native oracle provider for .net?
Erasing value in textarea if special text is typed in
how can I show a form with the old values 鈥嬧�so that you can edit?
SQLite JOIN two tables with duplicated keys
C++/CLI multiple buttons maintaining variable value
Is there a LINQ method to join/concat an unknown number of lists?
Python Key Error
Web SQL Storage Limitations in Chrome and Android?
bad_alloc when allocating array
Reading and Writing text doc in java
Displaying images using Php / JQuery
How to create and load a GTK module?
Access to constant from inside grails filter DSL
hibernate3-maven-plugin 3.0 run fine in Eclipse with m2eclipse but failed with standalone maven
iPhone App name (springboard and target) list of allowed special characters
Not able to register Plugin in Zend Framework application.ini
Why Ajax renders 2 views in rails 3.1 app
Single XML configuration for Doctrine
Translation from Complex-FFT to Finite-Field-FFT
How to set up celery workers on separate machines?
Sending a tweet with oauth-php?
UseWPP_CopyWebApplication with web.config transformations
XCode Line Wrapping setting doesn't work
PHP, Database: Preserving and searching strings with whitespace
Canceling noise given a LPCM array of 44 samples per second
Is a simple texture cheaper than an FBO with a texture attachment?
Passing a bound object method in JavaScript
OpenGL rendering (only real-time)?
Block ping in Windows Server 2008 R2
Define missing symbols in Clojure
Change to OnRequestEnd behavior in CF9 (was ColdFusion 9 Bug - Can't Reference a Request Variable in OnRequestEnd)
Last floating image makes <h2> area clickable
How to tell SBT to resolve managed artifacts
Ruby rails - list active sessions
Add a web reference programmatically in .NET compact framework
uploading files with jquery $.ajax and php
Multithreading, blocking and memory mapped files
why this mysql query is not working?
Find the difference between two similar Objects
Why does Firefox have an empty heap on Linux? Where does malloc go in memory?
UITableView section not reloading when called
jQuery code works in jsFiddle but not on my site
UITextField artifact after shifting
Twisted server crashes unexpectedly while running django
Jboss Eclipse Debugging
Wrongly executing both 鈥渋f鈥�and 鈥渆lse鈥�in While loop in Java
Repeat elements for unequal size objects in an R list
Large datasets: mysql_unbuffered_query with innodb?
Google Analytics - Record Outbound Links - open new window
Access localhost site using a valid url
facebook ios sdk - uploading video return success but with no upload
How do you investigate python's implementation of built-in methods?
xcode 4 setting a lot of UIImageView's
Spring Data Mongo Repository:: Common shared method across all Repo issue
Can you store a reference to a mongo collection?
Choose YouTube videos on Android?
How to add a mathematical operation to a List<>?
ActionBarSherlock gives tons of 鈥淐all requires API level 11 (current min is 7)鈥�errors
Which Character encoding need I to set on my .NET web application?
Removing an object from a mutable dictionary throws an exception
how to configure htaccess in zend framework
C++ Floating-Point van Emde Boas (vEB) Priority Queue
MapQuest POIs from database in flex
Indexing mongoid
Replicate Photoshop 鈥淢ultiply effects鈥�
Logical Error in finding subsets
Django admin - Allow manual editing of auto DateTime fields
Android layout_gravity
Joomla 2.5 - Phocagallery and component.php
C++: Calling a base class constructor with a computed argument
Wp7 to WinRT: StreamSocket and network adapter preference
Machine Authorization For .NET Application
Never getting iCloud change notifications
Different Hash Values from Javascript and PHP
Can I tell jQuery not to wait for extern scripts, and images to trigger all-loaded function?
Fatal Error: Main. Application Forced closed
How to detect if a event/action occurred from a text?
Possible iOS Bug with VoiceOver and Onscreen keyboard use
Trouble using Google's SafeBrowsing Module
Edit Object Item with Javascript
Beachballing during 鈥淣SOpenPanel *panel = [NSOpenPanel openPanel];鈥�
What is the first value in a decoded view state?
pass array between two php files
GenericJDBCException: Cannot open connection
Parameter passing in GSP
Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/a5751969/public_html/func/album.func.php on line 22 [duplicate]
Examples of Thread Use in Open Source Applications
To rewrite a javascript to jQuery [closed]
OpenGL 鈥渕otion dragging鈥�effect - Not clearing screen every frame
iPhone how do i make two connected line to follow to the position?
How do I create a strong rope with a modified distance/prismatic joint in box2d 2.1a?
PHP not worked in IIS express when wordpress run with no issue
boost::property_tree::json_parser and two-byte wide characters
Second time method is get in chrome
writing/reading structure/class data in android
Give cloned elements a unique numerical id name each time it is cloned
File upload field with custom validation in yesod
Programmatically finding the target of a Windows Hard link
Prolog: First duplicate value
Does an IF NOT EXISTS mySQL query exist?
jQuery: get parent, parent id?
animate scrolling with CSS3
MVC 4, EF 4.3 Managing context during the lifecycle of an Application Request
can't use HttpServerUtility.HtmlEncode inside a class?
User login with php/javascript
Better initial guess can be worse for optimization convergence
How to add values to a column in sqlite3 development database in a rails app after the table is created
How to change submit button text on condition inside Homecontroller in mvc?
Adding results to a new Excel sheet using poweshell 1.0
UIButtons won't workafter UITapGestureRecognizer is added
LINK2019 keeps going
I am trying to write command output to a file. It's not in a readable format
how to make Global class?
Merging 2 key Arrays into 1 Associative Array
Dojo: Mixing Calendar Views in 1.7
OpenCV: Faster rate when copying video with video writer
jquery image carousel doesn't work after two clicks
getting an error on my if statement and i cannot figure out why [closed]
Check if socket is listening in C
Append Data to PJAX Request
Invoking PowerShell Script with Arguments from C#
the opposite of __add__?
Constructor calling in c++
setting the spacing within table
Apple iOS Enterprise Developer Program Device Check
Infinite loop in C
Deploying a Sinatra App to Heroku With Bundler 鈥�Gems not found
How to remove drop shadow when drawing onto HTML5 Canvas
How does animate() in jquery affect the page flow and the overflow property?
HTML, JS: positioning an element is inaccurate
Compile error because of type check or ternary operator?
Is there a public dataset with the complete i18n list of Countries, states, languages, area codes, cities, postal codes and Timezones?
How does golang create a buffer to pass to a C dll function?
How to link from a jQuery tab to another tab? (specific jQuery Tabbed Interface)
From SQL to .Net monthCalendar.BoldDates?
Viewcontrollers loses interactivity after adding it to tabbarcontroller
Append agility.js object to custom element?
Prevent load images from the site if the visitor has a mobile device鈥�Opinions?
Having trouble using an STL map's iterator while removing elements
NSOutlineView Source List Section Headers
Change 鈥渄ude.fbx鈥�model in Skinned Model Sample
Which gets the measurements right, JMeter or Apache ab?
Combining observables
Best file format for scalable vector graphics on the web?
Hough transformation vs Contour detection for Rectangle recognition with perspective projection
Why isn't the java compiler complaining at this:
What is the benefit of using a JavaScript templating engine? [closed]
jQuery Not Working with a JS Search function
PHP's date functions: converting from weeknumber back to month
Setting Image width and height by WPF styles
Counting from another table [mysql]
Getting Hex Value from Editbox and using it to read memory
Transactions not starting on JSF @ViewScoped @Stateless bean
on click, check if div is open, if false - open using .show, if true do nothing
OpenGL ES sometimes corrupt textures when rendering. Why it can happen?
How to generate a unique id like TeamViewer C#? [duplicate]
Unit Testing the IoC container itself
multilevel grep
how to add a login screen before existing ViewController in Xcode3
How to use GPL'd data set in an app? [closed]
Need some help moving from SAX to DOM. Parsing XML (java)
Mocking an entire library
WSSecurityEngine says password was not supplied during callback even though it is provided
Where is fast and simple Views for Android?
How to send key and mouse events to a Java applet?
POST login into a website. java-android
How to specify a git tag when in the configuration of the SCM Maven plugin?
HashMap different hashcodes return different values? Java
Entity Framework - could not be set to a 'String' value. You must set this property to a non-null value of type 'Boolean'
Css multicolumn, unbreakable content
copy constructor鈥hat is wrong?
std::less: error C2661: 'std::less<_Ty>::less' : no overloaded function takes 2 arguments
CURL on localhost with MOD_REWRITE -> 404 (but fine in browser)
Javascript FaceBook API returning Posts of type status
Combine two string records in WHERE cause
Custom Font Embedding DOES NOT WORK Cross-Browser
How can I get info about the computers devices?
Should I use delete or delete[] when receiving either a dynamic array or heap object?
DSR is on. Don't send DTR on Android
Set a constant value from a string
most efficient way to check correct input and/or produce error and re-enter
simple php class that counts twitter followers?
Perform serial work in AppEngine
How to fix this invalid regular expression below?
validating CRC calculation
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException while uploading pic to server
Android: how to use cookies with API level 8 and https?
WP7 Facebook SDK - Connecting the user automatically
Calling an image from CSS
Loading a jdbc driver in a java class
merge two lists in equal amounts
user data database structure
android: How to manage memory between application starts (application failure on second run)?
Fadetoggle to show and hide two divs
Java web security solutions
working with StreamReader and text files
Requiring flags based upon other flags argparse
Does JOptionPane block Event thread
parent process and child process share a IPC share memory
Using jquery-localize for bilingual Shopify store
Why are there many php.ini files in a system?
Data scraping from the web using dart
Events and XSLT
iOS download each file separately or in one archive
Skip every odd line using BufferedReader? [duplicate]
Upload photos from iphone to webserver
Upload photos from iphone to webserver
send simple data from wp7 to winforms application
Create an animated .gif from .jpeg/png
git how to disable push
iOS iPhone is it possible to convert an HTML report into a full featured PDF report? [closed]
iCloud & NSFileWrapper: Showing as 2 different files in Settings
PHP null and copy-on-write
Installing Core-Plot in Xcode 4.2 for iOS project
python regex: how to split string into distinct groups based on alphabets, digits and punctuation
How to make an emulator for Windows CE operating system targeting specific hardware
VC++ fatal error LNK1104 w/ d3d9x.lib
HTML Input Type?
Postpone execution of <script> in HTML - on user's request
How to split Java String but preserve part of its' content?
How to Learn IL on the CLR
Android can not copy db from Assets
Stop a TCP stream when listening to all ports
Is it a good idea to include .cpp files instead of .h files to make vanilla gcc able to optimize my code more?
When hovering over image how to show description overlaying adjacent image?
GetElementsByTagName in Htmlagilitypack
Reversing the layout of a QToolButton
Android App Background: using multiple images
Data annotations, unobtrusive validation. Min age, max age
How to compare strings using (<,>)
how to compres a Folder uses lzma sdk?
Querying Solr via Solrj: Basics
ASP Server reduce session timeout
Scala/Hadoop: Compiler error when using classOf[CustomInputFormat] unless instance of CustomInputFormat exists
Android - Custom progress bar to show the currently playing second
why I can't set mapView.showsUserLocation to YES in iOS?
ASP.NET Wizard not moving to WizardStep index 3 in browser
Windows COM port for IPC
how to pass variable through a href tag
Inserting 2 values to MySql from a single selection tag of drop down menu
Android mp3 cross class
Java Custom ArrayList All Entries the Same
Ruby rails - jQuery JS being executed but not making ajax call
Should java comparator classes be in a seperate file?
Infinite animation not being interrupted by home button
how to close console window after form is closed
Inline Assembler for wrapper function doesn't work for some reason
prism:ClearChildViewsRegionBehavior.ClearChildViews=鈥淭rue鈥�not clearing ChildViews
filling a canvas shape with text
Add Progress Bar to Jquery and PHP iFrame Uploader
How do I change Twitter Bootstrap grid widths?
Customizing gdb -tui
get the primary key after a DUPLICATE KEY error?
Javascript indexOf for an array of arrays not finding array
Rails saving 0 instead of string from model collection_select
Mysqli insert statement
Undo a Mistake made while squashing the commits in GIT
Java - Regex - Months requiring 1-12
How to read/write Character Device within a Linux kernel module
Detect USB pendrive plugging in with applescript
Using Ruby with RVM 1.12
Submit post and get and receive the response page in ruby (external website)
Ormlite database helper - onCreate() not called
Segmentation Fault Example not giving Segmentation Fault
How come files cannot be committed on Xcode 4.3.2 with Git?
Mass Assignment Security Error when testing new action with Agile Web tutorial using Rails 3.2
鈥淔indName鈥�doesn't work if an element added in code
output to connection request is not atomic
ActionBar Sherlock Progressbar not showing on 3.1 but on 4.0+
How do I bind event to sessionStorage?
how to convert Microsoft Map LocationRect to Edges
Undefined index in registration form PHP
Weird syntaxerror at insert-function using npgsql
KVM - advanced network parameters (like network interface bandwidth, setting max transfer rate for emulated network card)
What does explicitly shared mean?
DELAYED_JOB Update_attribute in delayed job is not working, table not updated
Javascript to access usb HID (usb game controller)
Gem stalker on production
Best domain hosting for Google App Engine / Google Apps?
saving text box data to .txt file and displaying the data on another form text boxes
WebRequest class to post data to login form
nodejs: run long command several times
netfilter hook function memory reference crashed my system
Why can't my .php extension files work in as CGI in cgi-bin folder(linux server)?
OpenCV, pthread - show image within a new thread
Building Boost 1.49 on Windows 7
Error with rhc-create-domain on command line (Openshitft)
Updating listview in Android
Elegant chained 'or's for tests on same variable in Ruby
Android I need this kind of suggestion list for my own database
Handle orientations in Windows 8
Data dictionaries and functionality behind Code Road Map
Facebook check in android tutorial
saving and retrieve core data from server
Is there any alternatives for designing UI other than hard coding values in android
jquery slideUp/Down functions only work in firefox with firebug; also, hover function doesn't seem to work
C++ (Intel) vs Java (Hotspot) vs C# benchmark questions (code and results included)
Dapper fails when converting int to bool (Sqlite)
How does Meteor's reactivity work behind the scenes?
Add new xml-elements in a xslt-processor - a novice thing
Mysqli column shortening
How do I install JavaFx 2.0 on my mac?
Check in view what page the user is on
Java - Access to MongoDB server running on Windows Azure
What is wrong with this HQL query?
Too fuzzy text WPF on XP [closed]
xslt transformation links
Android - trying to make a scrolling view and it is crashing
On iOS, how can smooth animation be achieved?
How hard would it be to create a customisable GUI for mac?
How do I import mm/dd/yyyy values in a file to a database field of format yyyy-mm-dd?
Databinding methods such as Eval(), XPath(), and Bind() can only be used in the context of a databound control.?
Get actual line number (or filename) for database error in Codeigniter
Python Nested List - Changing and replacing individual items
Javascript, CSS, HTML5 IDE that starts with a W
how to represent data graphically
Shorthand Addition Operator together with Shorthand If/Else - Javascript
I want to load a page content in a variable with .load and then alert it
Netbeans: how to upload file into different folder?
how to use prototype to avoid copying of functions in javascript?
Why do I see redefinition error in C?
Fast Modulo 511 and 127
RewriteRule - mod-rewrite
Java - under which circumstances may a JVM abruptly crash?
long running agents in f#
App crash every time i run it on my phone
Read Value from ArrayList
How do I make multiple buttons that have links?
Window frozen on drawing shape
in maven how to log the command that was run?
Port directed SMS with qt
JTable cellEditor stays after table data model change
Time in C# and Windows
Lucene: exception - Query parser encountered <EOF> after 鈥渟ome word鈥�
Reading certain lines only from input?
Call Wordpress Archive page with multiple category IDs
Shell script to test delimiter characters in file names
Set orientation - native camera/maps some other apps too
How to make the first row of the dataTable as my datagrid header? -ASP.NET
data not being added to arrayList
How can I remove the space between a character in HTML? Padding doesn't work
Google chrome doesn't take into account
How can I listen to when a template is rendered in Meteor?
Insert locallang values into TypoScript [stdWrap]
Update XML file in j2me
datetime string not being recognised by .net MVC3 method [closed]
What is the field of view for iPad 2 camera vs iPad 3 camera?
Android 3.x emulators only support the WXGA skin
How to enable HTML5 on iPad with safri or opera mini browser?
Implementing yahoo stock quote in j2me - white @ fault 鈥渞edirect 鈥�response(301)
WYSIWYG Text Procesor, configure margins for print
PHP empty() strange behaviour
Sorting an array with own template compare function in C++
dataWithBytesNoCopy:length: memory management
Would it make sense to run JavaScript on the Lua VM?
Calling custom Theme() function for form in Drupal 7
Google calendar java api: how to search events by attendee details (email, name etc.)
Run shell script for every file in directory
Sorting by part of a string
System.Security.SecurityException: Request for the permission of type 'System.Security.Permissions.ReflectionPermission' failed
node.js error when trying to start server.js
incompatible types in assignment of 鈥榑_jmp_buf_tag鈥�to 鈥榮igjmp_buf
android - how to keep watch on one value
Simple cycled slideshow with next/prev link
android google map collecting markers together
Reverse bytes order of long
Subclassing NSWindow hover resize
How to Trigger an event when usb is plugged
CocoaSoundCloudAPI crashes when I connect to company FaceBook account. Fix required
protected members are not accessible in derived classes
Div is not showing when call a javascript function to show it
Apache htaccess help to RewriteRule
Meaning of annotations in native code from JIT compiler
How would you unit test data annotations?
MySQL group by query complexity analysis
questions about mysql_real_escape_string
Display image in Java Webstart App
The limit of inviting participatants in the event method
GWT and getClass().getPackage()
Does BouncyCastle have a SecureRandom service?
'Error in deserializing body of reply message for operation 鈥� - for every method that i call
how to save state with onSaveInstanceState and onRestoreInstanceState while orientation change
== vs. === in a remote JavaScript file. Which one is faster? [duplicate]
Is there a general build process in aptana studio 3?
How to save pinpoints and load them back on the map when user reopens app
PayPal Adaptive Payments - Error 520009 - Account is restricted
Matlab Weka Interface AdaBoost Issues: Out of Bounds Exception
Understanding lists of lists [duplicate]
How Can I Add multipe buttons on c# dynamically using point class?
Change the path / class name of a serialized Java object after refactoring
Tic Tac Toe with PHP [closed]
How does the compiler decide which function to call?
flock(), then fgets(): low-level locks, then stdio read/write library functions. Is it possible?
Can I put two divs next to each other and when one is remove the other expands to fill the space?
Selecting part of a single entity without retrieving the entire entity
cgo - How to convert go string to LPCWSTR
PowerShell: How do I sort a text file by column?
How to restart tomcat 6 in ubuntu [closed]
XAMPP Apache and MySQL services not starting or stopping after first installation
Ambiguity Error
How do I create a web service with HTTPS endpoint in Apache CXF
Google Places API Search By Keyword 鈥淲akeboards鈥�Returning Law Firm Results?
Why do I need to use two services in my app?
Recursive Sort method issues
how to i set a store a variable that is inside a structure
jQuery ajax error on success
Reading comment lines correctly in an input file using Fortran 90
how to stream video in direct connection between 2 clients
createprocess parent child, no information from child
Translating iOS app to unsupported/non-standard languages
New to C# socket programming
App Sandbox: document-scoped bookmark not resolving; not returning any error
Error while trying to rename files in script and cmd line
Split a text into two columns with PHP
android deplayed notification, working immediately
Is it possible to change namespaces's names of an object returned through a Remoting?
Making the Android gallery view look nicer
Finding border pixels of a image with transparent surrounding (for colision detection)
How to refresh the chart very quickly if I have a very large number of data to be shown in Microsoft Chart
convert a structured string into array
C# Forms - Using a new folder in resources
itextshart Font size too small: 0 error
how to arrange data in cassandra to get data in last in first out format
errors in java - finding maximum values in an ArrayList
Can GCC optimize things better when I compile everything in one step?
Assigning D3DXHANDLE causes memory leak?
MS Access SQL statement count usage
Fill JqueryMobile listView using Knockoutjs
Use NPTL while keeping glibc with linuxthreads
Do we have to make new on Static class
Use google translate on only the body content, and not the navigation
Finding the maximum occurring string within a text file
Serializing / Deserializing System.Uri
changing tabbar image color when it selected ios
Resizing of AppWidgetProvider in Android
Using SqlParameter for security with C# ASP.NET and SQL Server 2008 R2
how much does HTML5 outline algorithm boost SEO in general? [closed]
Possible implications of of adding *.sdf files to .gitignore
Implementing a functional/persistent dictionary data structure
Weka: ADTree and LADTree Illegal Options Error
Pause CS-Script
How to use ArrayList's get() method
Loading large firebird datafile table into a DataSet
Images in dropdown don't work on Google Chrome [duplicate]
Is there a way out if i want to build a java application which does not require the use of a gsm modem?
Tomcat can't start - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.hibernate.Query
Magento Occasional 'Call to a member function getId() on a non-object'
Catch and Log all unhandled exceptions with Log4J
HTML Page Parts
Nesting error when trying to parse JSONfile
Vertical to horizontal menu on parent div resizing
Try to port intall gcc47, Error: Dependency 'ld64' not found
Android first TableRow is not showing
What's the RESTful way to check whether the client can access a resource?
How to have many-to-many relationship in rails
Element disappears again immediately after fadeIn ()
How do you get the file on disk, and not just the file size in Java?
Java - final variables
WPF Losing caret position when moving mouse over adorner in richtextbox
IOS View controller communicate
ATK Radio Buttons with a model field
eXosip2 function missed?
First run of script process time
Is x==x ever False in Python?
Fluent Nhibernate mysql date problems
XNA - how to draw an object farther
Compare time in MiliSecond
Generate HTML Reports using TAP::Formatter::HTML and prove
Transparency key messing up on transparent images
Delimiters in MySQL
Thickbox somehow modifies href of links - why?
Get textfield.text from tableview
Code works for FirefoxDriver but NOT in HtmlUnitDriver
java characters encoding
looking for a shell for Javascript coding/experimenting using command line
Passing jquery variable to ajax data
Content view refresh but flashed screen first when uiscrollview zoomed
Counting number of events per week in PHP
Displaying categories without repeating each that has posts
clang_complete in VIM
Smarty + CodeIgniter - proper way to use a model
Using inotify to track in_open & in_close events for a specific PID
View all http requests when accessing a website [In Code]
How to remove a local Git repo from TortoiseGit?
TortoiseSVN upload with SFTP the changed file?
How large is the Meteor session
How to add boolean string to plist with theos tweak?
Google Places API Instantiating Transport
Add Value to RoutValues and keep Current Values in ASP.NET MVC 3
How to update a PowerPoint slide with an Excel Chart
Unable to locate CodeIgniter model
An escrow account in my web marketpalce
Entity Framework With Database
Linking static Table View Cell to detailed UINavigationController
Draw a vertical line in Core Plot?
NullPointerException at openFileOutput in Activity
Using input dialog boxes in Matlab
JVM Crash, what's wrong?
Index for character in NSString
Macvim - how to prevent tab names being abbreviated?
Date equal to or smaller than x in VB
Convert date format in last column with awk or other
rating system for blog posts - add vote with jquery
InflateException for admob's adview after using proguard
Node.js: Require locals
Can't send/emit from client to NodeJS server using
鈥渞ails generate plugin鈥�gives 鈥淐ould not find generator plugin.鈥�
Does 'keyint infinite' improve overall compression with crf and mb-tree?
Recursively and iteratively calculating integrals in Scheme
Using pjax with page-specific javascript and css
jqGrid multiple row selection advanced
__add__ method in Python 3
Average sleep interval in PHP
Imagemagick conditional resizing
get sql.exception error when using session in liferay portlet
gvim auto copy selected text to system clipboard (to share it with apps )
Prevent Click-thru on transparent form
How to decrypt password
adjust size of frame components in swings when it is maximized
Ical VALARM not registrering
Pinterest style grid of pictures
HttpWebRequest AddRange Method Query
What are good use-cases for tuples in C++11?
How to install Tegra Android Development Pack on Ubuntu 11.10 (32 bit)
Backbone.js Large mutli page app, manage page transitions cleanly destruction, creation etc
What magic Global Settings does with an SWF file?
how fread works in C?
Python functional evaluation efficiency
From a build done in nmake, how can I download a file from a URL (wget)?
How to change GLPaint to landscape?
stackpanel visibility editing in silverlight
Flask. Python. Show rendered templates
Is there an API available for using the Samsung TV network remote control feature?
How to enable 鈥淭est drive now鈥�in Amazon Appstore for Android?
JSON to filtered Array in JavaScript
Google Simple API Access - Authorization required, but how?
horizontal Text on a circle
Best way to write a check for new version for mobile apps?
Zend mysql fetchAll and count
how to move anew button at run time?
Share instance of base class for indirect base classes possible?
Signal broadcasting using TCP
Force a camera to always open in portrait mode in android
stripping down info from imdb using HttpWebRequest ,but when a 脜枚脴 comes along i get ugly output, how to fix?
web2py multiple form
How to write into a notepad programmatically in c#
how to clear cache and cached template pages in Coldfusion8 (Apache 2.2)
What is difference between XmlSchemaType/XmlQualifiedName classes
MonoMac events - Changing Color of NSTable row
stars in checkboxlist using jquey
Perl Can not open the source page on slackware [duplicate]
What does 鈥減roto kernel鈥�means in Unix Routing Table?
Saving the instance of an Activity to reuse it
storing to a map inside a function
Scrabble word generator
drawing within Controls in C++
C# Sending Data over serial port between 2 PC using own Protocol
how to update rows list of a datagridview after adding new row to a table
Best Approach Architecture of C# Web Application using Interfaces, base classes and custom classes and user interface
Floating menu on top of all apps
How to assign image url programmatically in code behind?
Dictionary-like search using SQL Server FULL-TEXT
Css not working in the second <div> tag in html
Can my libspotify operate offline?
Why Vim file path autocompletion (CTRL-X CTRL-F) stops as soon as the path contains square brackets?
CakePHP application cannot start in localhost
Notepad++ type FTP plugin for sublime text, netbeans or eclipse
Detecting collisions of enemies
Page not found in zend framework
How to maintain global session in PHP?
pass NSMutableArray to UITableViewController
Start my app from an event in Android calendar?
YouTube API CSS & Control with more than one player
jQuery select class with a number. e.g. foo1, foo2, foo3, foo4
Autocomplete functioanlity for contacts module
ResultReceiver vs Messenger
Faulty texturing in 2D HUD
Creating Canvas dynamically
debug.keystore opening with asking Open with promp
Math.ceil returning 0.0?
bootstrap typeahead selector for dynamic page loading
Java Eclipse - Can multiple people work on one project
Complex NHibernate query鈥�beyond my understanding
How to Extract Domain Name from URL using PHP
vbscript recursion programming-techniques
PHP PayPal IPN Invalid URL Error But URL Exists and File Working
How can I retrieve a file object from the blobstore within a handler?
Flex with Java VS Coldfusion VS PHP [closed]
SQL Server - Querying for Closest Date Range
Is android SQ LITE file will be accessible to another user
Changing window size of Geany's execute (F5) option
Facebook Image linking
Facebook Client-side authentication and offline_access deprecation
How can take value of length of pdu from label
diaplay data in tabular manner in php form
Dead Letter Queue and Poison Queues
Vertically center element and switch to align top if height is too small
how to play youtube video uploaded from website?
Finding the first div inside a td
android SearchableDictionary sample - suggesting words
jQuery Scroll function after 100px
Blank output with mustache template, connect & node.js
CSS issue: Javascript password validation message placing error
displaywithout repetitions by LINQ-query
xPages xAgent Security
jQuery Scroll function after 100px
Blank output with mustache template, connect & node.js
CSS issue: Javascript password validation message placing error
displaywithout repetitions by LINQ-query
xPages xAgent Security
What is the exact coding for blackberry camera shutter sound off [closed]
Controllers in Play framework
Saving a picture in a MySQL database using Java [closed]
GORM Criteria Sort by Absolute Value
How can I add a Gesture Recognizer to a series of subviews?
Cakephp After Validation, All form field went empty with form error
NStimer in not working properly in iOS
Three activity/view layout with gesture
What is the maximum size for an HTML canvas?
Input Format Validation
using QTimer for wake up application
Using mediaplayer in a regular class
Preg-replace - Replace title if contain a word if not do nothing
how to make own android app looks fine?
hadoop os x mrjob $HADOOP_HOME not set
Response.redirect doesn't change address bar url in Node.js
Returning a static List<>
Compiling mruby
Mail only the checked check boxes
Components with multiple roles in spring
Drawing Text In MonoMac
How to make this python script faster?
Retrieve files from a bundle with a specific version
OpenGL triangle rotation using glut - need a simple correction
Is JSF using JSP?
Adding OpenID to my AppEngine site? how users create an account?
Create users, roles, comunities, right of access architecture
Find columns with same data in one data.frame
Creating package for Mac in Windows / Linux
Why is my java app spending 30% of its time in young generation gc?
rand() is not returning random values
How to implement worker/keepalive thread combo in Python?
Running GWT with SCA components
Launch virtualbox vm from url?
htaccess redirect not going to new page
when setting button title giving warning uibutton may not respond to -setitle
How to convert C++ macros to typedefs?
Converting VB6 Collections to VB.Net generics
PHP replace exact string (with # characters)
return array of windows registry key subkeys c++
How to replace '(' , ')' using sub in R?
Extend Application in Android Why does not work?
Using two different layouts for a GUI
Qt: how to prevent a QKeyEvent to occur in QTextEdit
Hexadecimal bitwise operations
Mongodb ensureIndex
How can I get absolute path of providing url in java
How does kernel know about physical pages are shared by two different processes?
default variables for a googleVis MotionChart
Iterate through Data tables and remove the columns in the List
Boost Metafunction class higher order function
ActionBarSherlock actionbar disappears when focus changes from EditText to Button
Creating a JSON object from loops and strings
Django - Annotate on ManyToMany fields using an intermediate table
How to show correct current time in Status Bar Notification in Android?
How to disable sorting in NSTableView
How to add a string to a variable;
Proper way to use getTile() function in google maps
Posting multiple values through from a form, to execute PHP/MySQL queries on input
curl return value for error
how to set increase the rate of sound and repeat this sound in Touch down event in iphone sdk
Go from a frame to another frame located in another class
JSON and iOS and string data
What happens when a rep-prefix is attached to a non string instruction?
How to disappear keyboard from UITextView when touch in iOS?
Ruby and writing to CSV - how to avoid a blank line at the end?
How did this SQL duplicate row happen?
Identifying a malloc'd object from Instruments
where to store the file used in FileInputStream
Netbeans custom run shell
Sybase to SQL Server 2008 Migration
How to give Android 3.2 same look as Android 2.2 application?
Small message box at cursor
JDBC SQL error while connecting to Access database
onclick= change all input text field background color of the same class in a form
stop ruby http request modifying header name
getting data from xml into html using jquery
handling errors in youtube data api in javascript
How to sort array by custom column name
Loss length,precision,scale in hibernate mapping files
iOS MKMapView setCenterCoordinate does not honor the exact coordinate
string of ints to list of ints with a TryParse
How to enable action on UIImageview present on Scroll view
Retrieving blob images from mysql database and displaying in android listview
zeromq socket recv hanging
vector of user defined 鈥渜ueue鈥�class
jquery mobile select with data-native-menu=鈥渇alse鈥�and php array does not work
Rss feed for a category in wordpress
atlbase.h and different versions of VC CRT
Create routeValues (anonymous type) programmatically in ASP.NET MVC 3
jQuery - loading jqGrid - TreeGrid with array data
Eclipse Syntax Highlighting for HTML Files with <script type=鈥渢mpl_handlebars鈥�gt;
javascript string replacement
Repeating Button - If you keep it depressed, it keeps firing a function
how to convert binary string to decimal?
How to create really small buttons in android from code?
Thinking-Sphinx get value of joined field in search results
are there any good references for J2ME accelerometer, I don't seem to find any
Querying for 2 values in an array using
Getting the address of a member function, using CPP
LEFT JOIN breaks WHERE Clause
What is the proper way to query a Wordpress custom field
鈥渕odal form鈥�with bootstrap on rails works partially
What does this mean in regular expression?
How do I set default value in Entity Framework code first
how to increase the photoshop sprite canvas width and height
Android webView saveState
how to fix this issue with advanced search codeignitor
Rails: Why does adding translation to a page cause the javascript script tags to be garbled?
Absolute Time Measurement
XSLT change page
How to open an article of the RSS feed in a new form?
Set gravity of a layout
Split a string into list of words' characters in Ocaml
CSS: How to produce rounded boxed list
Image Hash for very similar images [closed]
How to deal with very long text items in comboboxes
Django: Deploying application using Apache and FastCGI
Cmd commands from within python script?
my app crash but not show error xcode on iphone sdk
Best way to go from tuple pairs of numbers to one tuple of all the individual numbers
Java: Format double to String with K, M, B
Possible to capture URL (being loaded) on Child Browser?
Facebook FQL Bug -FQL query on 鈥渟tream鈥�table using 鈥渦pdated_time鈥�column does no longer returns correct results
I want something like the switch statement (but different of course)
Reading 2d array from a file into python list
Issue in creating a tabbed navigation app in ios 5 with xcode 4
wpf usercontrol with exposed commands in more than one place within application
Running a Python app on real Android phone
Bring a view back to other iphone
How can I lower the MediaPlayer volume when headphones are plugged in?
Bash associative array error
Checking if date is more than 3 years old in PostgreSQL
How to export ExtJS GridPanel to Excel?
How to know whether a window is minimised or not?
find indexof single charater in string c#
fuse-python - Not able to create a file
how to deactivate past dates in jquery
initialize an array of events, win32,ada
Unique CPU ID on Windows via C++
Linux can not detect Altera FPGA
OpenGL Translate weird behavior [closed]
鈥�Existing configuration file (./ is not readable. 鈥�
Best PHP template?
Event onSeek - Abbort the seeking process
Linux can not detect Altera FPGA
OpenGL Translate weird behavior [closed]
鈥�Existing configuration file (./ is not readable. 鈥�
Best PHP template?
Event onSeek - Abbort the seeking process
How can I develop iOS applications on a Windows Platform? [duplicate]
How to read text from a flash movie (.swf)
Using MediaPlayer in a non Activity class
Emptying A Select Form Element With JavaScript
How to restore cursor position after paste to contenteditable and sanitization?
ivars in XCode templates prefixed with one or two underscores
Android start application from QR Code with params
how we can get email sender IP Address or Country name from pop3client
How to handle apostrophe when binding to hidden field in Repeater
How to extract all http links from the following code snippet using java?
Select HTML element with javascript based on attribute
Android Attachments are not sent by email
how to set default value in a output parameter
CIDR entries and routing tables
DOM Level 3 and HTMLElement
Java: Where to write config without requiring administrative rights
ia32lib installing Ubuntu studio
How to wait for a queue to contain elements?
summing entries in a variable based on another variable(make unique) in python lists
issue with JRuby + OpenURI + HTTPS
Import Excel data matrix into MySQL database
Linux 2.6.23 . Error In Receiving . Read function Returns -1
Get List of Restaurants from New York city using Facebook Graph API
How to get text for a root element using lxml?
CakePHP admin prefix with dash?
Hibernate: OR in ORDER BY clause
Hexadecimal over 7F into String in Java
What is a form based application?
Django app in Eclipse won't run after upgrade to django 1.4
Java - Unusual GridLayout behaviour
Android ADT Eclipse Layout Editor giving StackOverflowErrors
Is it possible to have an app titled 鈥淴鈥�with a title 鈥淵鈥�below its icon in the launcher?
Broken connection reason
Facebook App redirection
Is there any modified Minimum Edit Distance (Levenshteina Distance ) for incomplete strings?
Add custom attributes like serial number to order_item and quote_item
CUDA: How do I store persistent data?
Is protobuf in java thread-safe?
Clojure vs Node.js RAM consumption
Music not stopping when moving an app to the background
Linux NASM - rewriting character stored in .data segment - segfault [closed]
Getting ERROR 1701, ERROR 1452 and ERROR 1305 errors in MySQL - Need some expertise
What is the right way to deploy a project to the web
Google application-specific password for shell script
PostgreSQL full text search, space symbols, and lexemes
Is it safe to save the app context to a static variable in Android?
Looping with setLayoutParams - ClassCastException
jQuery append image to div animate
Joining three tables in oracle 10g
XCode heapshots non-objects increases causing memory crash
swing output doesn't turn up at first run
Codigniter Pagination - first page stays bold
how to use a UITableView without a UITableViewController
Determine whether a value is a function in Haskell
How to load php file through jQuery without advertising your technology
XML transformation using PHP5 DOM
EF Code first 4.3 naming convention foreign key
Convert XML in a column to a table
How to send XML data to be stored in XML file on server? (Flex)
How to display value in a td with a particular class name, by clicking in another td using jquery?
androidplot: multiple y axes on the same graph
Java threads, green or native?
How to use the Singleton pattern via inheritance?
ASP.NET MVC get userId when creating user?
Get values from Ext.util.MixedCollection?
image processing bitwise instruction conceptual interpretation
Previous / Next page link using wp_query loop
MD5 Hash mismatch after Object Compression
Matrix creation Octave / Matlab, loopless solution request
how can I make google +1 button hover message be transparent
Prototype JavaScript working locally in all browsers, but not in IE9 on server
MySQL: view or create a new table?
How to import the Disqus XML Exported Comments to Wordpress WXR
Showing hidden fields dependant on radio button
How to call function of JavaScript from servlet
How to find which player will win
functors + member pointers to create signal object
Parse KOI8-r encoding objective c
Alternative to c# User-Defined Conversions in Java
Update $_SESSION[balance] automatically?
How can I improve this equation so items with more negative votes than positive return a more useful Wilson Score
Regular expression for allowing a user to enter alphanumeric characters and only one non-alphanumeric character
Upload files by JSP Servlet in secure
Mongodb group joining two collection
How to get status of downloading?
if statement in trigger mysql
ExtJS 4 rendering new grid based on a combobox selection
How to get the REAL height of UITextView (content + paddings + whatever is needed)
Android: Execute javascript to Jsoup
Cut , Sort , Uniq -d -c , but?
Passing Google Maps position data to Rails form?
YII: How to update ajax data on page load?
What is wrong in java code?
Prevent multiple span in a line from overlapping (Clojure hiccup code but purely css related)
VS 2010 + ReSharper 6.1 - Shortcut for inserting a new line?
Android getbearing only returns 0.0. Trying to use to rotate current location icon
Should the Kalman Gain and error covariance matrices be diagonal?
FragmentTransaction: ReplaceFragment
Cucumber + Capybara: Nothing happens when 鈥淲hen I press X鈥�
How to get links using curl, but excluding span, style etc
Keyword not supported: 'metadata'
NSButtonCell hover image, transparent background on click?
Performing action a button click event, button being placed inside dojox.grid.DataGrid.
PHP simple foreach loop with HTML [closed]
show in treeview style
ASP.NET CodeBehind C#: How to get cell values of HTML Table from codebehind?
Shutting down when using Intent on tabs
how to find ffmpeg-php dll for xampp 1.7.7 and php 5.3.8
Check if two trees are equivalent
Sharing a dynamic object between loosley coupled Modules Prism?
Yate Jabber Server troubleshooting - login failed not authorized error
How to implement a breadth first search to a certain depth?
.NET triple des to Windows API
simple dcg lexer
Where is this proxy entry being read from in Eclipse?
Rotate an image around an axis
How do i reset my game?
Getting GLSL 1.5 to work on Mac OS X
$(鈥�ELEMENT_ID鈥� vs $('div[id=鈥淓LEMENT_ID鈥漖')
Java Multicast Socket not working on Windows (SocketPermission Exception)
Styling of EMAIL in PHP
Layout computation duration is too long
Erlang Tip&Tricks reducing memory footprint for gen_server ssl socket
Rails deployment with custom directory on heroku
Capture scroll event on div
alter all images in a string