Equivalent in git for `darcs whatsnew --summarize`? it summarizes current changes per file
Bad Framerate/Performance for Video Playback in Adobe Air Application for iOS
Disabling button from another class
鈥淣o such module鈥�error when trying to get Mocha to watch my project
Java: Using Class.forName to dynamically get a new instance of itself
Format a decimal without comma
Displaying history - potential ways to do it
Confused about intellisense and js files that are needed
Adding DatagridviewComboboxCell to new row
JSON.parse: unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON data
Is there any direct function to perform 1D data interpolation (table lookup)
SSRS combine multiple datasets into one graph
Change background color editable JComboBox
Android: Is it impossible to have a mixed screen with listview element?
FreeBSD, Boost, compiling fails
VS2010 100 errors - metadata operation failed
gtk entry text set transparency
How to use a style several times in a resourcedictionary from an external resourcedictionary?
Print a page using Watin
keeping a division visible in the screen
Looping through data over multiple pages in Django
How to remove Marker and redraw it again when changing location on Android map
open browser from java with kyrillic charaters ( utf16 ? )
How to pass a variable to the next view?
Xcode has encountered an unexpected error (0xC00D) Permission denied
how to validate/check the inserted date to current date
sql queries to show the most popular record
use checkbox Display Tag in Struts
JScrollPane is not displaying when hide and shown
Javascript function not picked up in rails 3.2
How to Push AJAX array response into an js array
Can LINQ be asked to Skip/Leave particular indexes?
Array Sort method
Database design for storing facebook friends list + Device Addressbook
Surround two words with quotes in Vim
where does the url routes get resolved when you call render in rails controller actions
How to import data from one column of Excel to listbox using C#
Sandboxing thread
How to get field names of mysql table in codeigniter?
ostream << overloading crush in class
IndexOutOfBoundException on filtering SimpleAdapter
MatLab Debugging
Is there a non-Flash way to set/get the clipboard data in WebKit
SSLHandshakeException: No subject alternative names present
correct usage of scipy.optimize.fmin_bfgs
How to get the current user geo location in Java?
Point Of Sale by JCM
Asp.net mvc entity framework code first associate foreign key with different name
How do I swap two items in an observableArray?
iOS Prototype Cells with UIControls inside
not match expected type
IE bug with global variables. How to bypass this bug?
Getting error while adding data to Silverlight charts?
what are peer to peer routing algorithm
WordPress Thesis theme - hook below post
Jquery No Conflict - Onclick Functions - Multiple Frameworks
Class Object vs Hashmap
doctrine2 mapping required
Separating previously conjoined code into multiple git repositories
Partial access to class attributes
drag text between textfield like mail app of ios 5
facebook post link (via <application name>)
COM object that has been separated from its RCW cannot be used
Android GPS based app satellite icon does not show
Using Java collection in this scenario
Using mysqldump
Custom layout for ALL errors in CakePHP 2.1
Issue with lazy loading in Entity Framework
Can Groovy copy a class signature but modify implementations
Does Javascript setTimeout stop other script execution
Array inside a mysql_fetch_array. Can't make it work
Exception in running word count example in Hadoop on multi node cluster
Get all hospitals on my location using GPS [closed]
Highlight current line in Xcode 4 editor?
ButtonDown and ButtonUp using boolean?
Capture only the error message from validation rule and display in VF page?
Apply CSS to element when there is only one occurrence?
Structure alignment in Visual C++
How do I use VBA to keep the value of a cell in Excel with a limit and loop when needed?
What is the best way to analyze the code to create UML?
How to make sequence number from attribut class Div which have random number with jQuery?
Can POSIX real time signals result in soft real time?
Exclude rows in a SQL Server 2008 query
java: about read txt file into array
CSS Sprite 鈥淢oves鈥�on mouseover at certain zoom magnifications
Why more than one JQuery functions are not Calling from Codebehind
Is it possible that one domain name has multiple corresponding IP addresses?
Integrate Jsf application into Liferay
How to get name of song instead od title in xml file using getItemInfo() in c#
xcode - Re call xml from server with 鈥渁ctivityIndicator鈥�
Clear textbox when focused
discussion on sharedpreferences
Populate DataGridView with CSV file excluding the Header Record
Server cleanup after a client disconnects
Alternative to express 鈥淐ommutativity鈥�in Prolog?
mysql syntax version error
How do I search for a GridView located in a user control from a parent page?
Represent a table as a matrix
HTML Canvas Zoom-in
How to set user agent in w3m
How to create Text Overlays in CSS?
how to Bind the Values through XAML
What鈥檚 the impact of too many ORM POJO Domain Model Classes on Java PermGen Space? Are there any metrics available?
how to parse the json result using jquery
Visual Studio console - how to disable closing on error during debug (F5)
What is r in r($me->id)
static keyword error in complex number's class
Mail Function - Fatal error: Function name must be a string
EF Code First 4.3 conditionally load navigation property
What is the best update mechanism for a software cataloguing application?
ListFragment addFooterView
How to solve- call to a member function save() on a non-object in cake php?
How can I parse an XML with multiple root elements using PHP?
Clojure Editor written in Clojure
`pthread_mutex_trylock` blocks when called by two threads at the same time
Azure tables vs SQL Azure
Send data to an android device through a text input form php
ARM function not returning properly
Loadable bundle on iOS, is there any way to achieve this?
Monodroid: Unable to find library 'com.google.android.maps'
Dynamically loading js file in ajax
Update MongoDB from Mongose
Moving multiple images in different directions at the same time using Jquery
Image inside a floated container: Odd whitespace at the bottom [duplicate]
Sencha-touch 2 - Form inside a tab panel
How to trigger popup confirmation from controller
How can I using code in C# for color extraction?
Converting RTF file to PDF in c#
How to tell about vertex attributes to shaders?
Jquery No Conflict Inline
convert a line of python code list comprehension / cross product (create a poker deck as a list of two characters strings: rank, suite) to C#
How to get all item names in getview method in side base adapter before scorlling in Android
Javascript check browser [duplicate]
Show alert in present activity by other device using a Bluetooth chat example
JavaScript: Ways to open a new page in the same window
how to show changes of an edited file in Coldfusion in localhost?
What is the purpose of charset attribute of script element in HTML?
Converting a div with li elements containing image tags to a slideshow
how to don't display some positions in the internal pages in Joomla
DHT in P2P systems
Can I get image from canvas element and use it in img src tag?
Application is not restarting on device In Qt
How to test a TokenInput in rspec / capybara?
Variant for LUA does not accept std::string or char* (throws sigsev)
How to deploy a WebSocket server?
How can I save an Icollection in an object?
select a parent with jQuery
Single Database Call With Many Parameters vs Many Database Calls With Few Parameters
OutOfMemoryException in MDIChild
PHP Azure Storage - on Table update I get: Server failed to authenticate the request
How to call nsobject class on a button in view controller
Implementing a fixed size, immutable, and specialized vector
Creating a database using Access? [closed]
Why Images are not appended to the div
Handheld device detection based on supporting js event
Is it possible to read from console in Dart?
Two drop down lists ( Options ) canceling eachother out in a form using javascript
Evaluate performance in Scheme
inside div element find out mouse position?
Curldown only fades in - why?
Microsoft's <regex> level of Unicode support?
Creating foreign keys from entites that are located in separate tables
how to share an object between multiple jsp pages in liferay?
WPF DataGrid - how to set the column headers to have vertical text?
Executing 鈥渏ava -version鈥�programmatically places the output in StandardError instead of StandardOutput
How to Add Segue When Clicking a Button go to Another Controller: Validation Logic
FreeBSD Echoprint codegen
Find Index of the First Uppercase character
how to share an object between multiple jsp pages in liferay?
WPF DataGrid - how to set the column headers to have vertical text?
Executing 鈥渏ava -version鈥�programmatically places the output in StandardError instead of StandardOutput
How to Add Segue When Clicking a Button go to Another Controller: Validation Logic
FreeBSD Echoprint codegen
Find Index of the First Uppercase character
How to save preferences like firefox? [closed]
Godday IIS7 windows unlimted hosting root folder issue
Allow specific characters in the middle, but not in the end or beginning
Syntax error in JavaScript using Dreamweaver
How to tell the JList cellrenderer for sudden JList changes?
jquery regex replace href
SQL Server vs MySQL -Query execution time difference [closed]
How to remove header attribute from Axis2 SOAP response
Cocos2D autoration shifted by 90 Degrees
add new button and replaces existing button and disappear with sleek animation
Android - Fitting bitmap to screen
how to define in which programming developped the application [duplicate]
Callback when Cocos2d CCParticleSystem has finished?
Why is this </p> out of place in this HTML5 document (rendered by Django)?
Android, How to intantiate Universal Image Loader?
monomac - How to close a child windown when click a button in main window
how to stop an in-process upload in plupload
Bind <rich:listShuttle> or put two list in render attribute
Android activity timeout
Nested view/controller does not receive events
Photoshop Script - resize images in folder (dialog box)
Recommended approach & tools to provision a VM instance(s) from node.js?
Glow Effect on rectangle in iPad
How to loop through this array and print one result in each line using php
html5 required is not allowing button click action to fireup
JavaScript function returns before JSON result arrives
Button onClick event and Href-Location
Android BitmapShader change color
add checkboxes in twitter bootstrap dropdown
How to store record using ViewState
Excel file reading in Java(Simple JSP and Servlet) [closed]
array split using jquery?
PostgreSQL checking a previous record's element
Android: Application flow
Experiencing difficulty with a bubblesort exercise
What data structure to use to emulate an array in which one can add data in any position?
How control screen orientation of Android device
how to build a video chat program in java without jmf?
When is the 鈥淔ast Integer Multiplication Using Modular Arithmetic鈥�(2008) algorithm faster than Sch枚nhage-Strassen algorithm?
web.py db.insert() doesn't work
XML feeds from more than once source [closed]
How to ignore inline DTD when parsing XML file in Java
Everything crashes when I use 鈥渂undle exec鈥�
Listview Custom Adapter
XML feeds from more than once source [closed]
How to ignore inline DTD when parsing XML file in Java
Everything crashes when I use 鈥渂undle exec鈥�
Listview Custom Adapter
Action bar menu shows off screen
gtk 3.4 resize widget and label attached to entry widget
Fancybox navigation does not work with html grouped items
Methods for new user registration xmpp framework iOS
Encrypt File As Posted to FTP Site
Custom input views: how to prevent them from fading during orientation change?
How to call <div> on submit button click
Custom sorting on varchar field in mysql is possible?
Running my application when another app is loaded
Finding Duplicate or Similar Images on a specific directory on a database
Progress Bar with countdown timer in android
Richfaces: NoSuchFieldElementException AjaxChildrenRenderer for HTML Tag
select data from two or mre tables using php mysql
EF CodeFirst - Create index after database create
Hibernate's second level cache? [duplicate]
Thread OnTerminate
Obtain data from CoreData to make calculations
jQuery transfer event bindings
Adding images and text from database to list in Android
Filtering text files in C#
OpenCV project on iPhone - opencv.hpp building issue
How to fetch the rows from SQL Server based on GROUP BY
Store Map<Enum, Enum> as String
CCLayerColor not working as expected
Updating apps with admin.setAppProperties
When I click facebook like button only the current link of a page shows
How to remove or overwrite bezierpath at touched point in iphone?
Get and set value of TextField
How to use clojure's compile function with a script containing :gen-class?
couldn't save which view has focus because the focused view has no id
Print into file
Can a function template be made to do default actions upon an inappropriate type instead of an error?
I would like to start a Thread that need a context since the Thread accessed database, but I don't have the context for database instantiation
splint: parse error in for loop
EF does not lazy load Views
DB2 UPDATE stored proc looping through INPUT XML
Need help on the physics of angry-birds [closed]
Deadlock between a dispatch_sync on the main queue and executeFetchRequest:error:
How to retrieve datas from dynamically created table in html
Query on custom metadata field?
i want to change password of a user using WinNT string connection, and authenticate the current password
Is it possible to load and parse file on remote server?
Application icon does not appearing on the search result page
Multiline WPF textblock: different alignment for lines
Variable Scope in C#, Java
context:property-placeholder is a good thing, but I do not want some bean configuration to use placeholder
Mysql inner joins advanced, howto
Google test framework parametrize fixtures
MY SQL help please [closed]
Render html table with underscore template engine using a backbone complex model
Reproduce Asset pipeline bugs that occur in production env, NOT development?
C++ - char array and the null character
How to solve 鈥淣ative methods are not allowed in loaded code鈥�error
Servlet Filter as Security Proxy for Web Services
Popover controllers vs. the menu popover for SplitViewController
EKRecurrenceRule not working
Delphi: how to show trayicon balloon without showing taskbar when set to autohide
How to detach persistent attributes of a Hibernate object
How can I convert NSMutableArray into NSString?
Android - Toggle visible/invisible on multiple imageviews via their ID or TAG
Best pratices for Filtering CoreData records via UiControls
How to combine JS function date format?
Cloned Select Options With Javascript and Store them In A Hidden Field
Convert HEX value to (chars, string, letters and numbers)
How to update not every fields of an object using Entity Framework and EntityState.Modified
Persist url parameters across requests
Access Application Localization resources (resx) from Library
Delphi XE2 VCL styles, changing window Icon doesn't update on the caption bar until RecreateWnd
Right ALT key not working as meta key in emacs
Parsing Greek decimal numbers
Why do 螜 get this error when trying to scrape a reddit Json file?
On iOS, can something be drawn without having it done in drawRect?
Unexpected whitespace in python generated strings
Sorting varchar fields for mysql database
Is it safe to log the value of this in constructor
How to edit a value in existing JSON file without parsing it all?
NSTimer Decrease the time by seconds/milliseconds
How is co-recursion handled?
Can I keep connect with http sever?
FetchList() in zend Framework not working
Scroll/Panning or drag in custom layout
how can remove decimal place after value in C#?
Getting attribute names and doing some manipulations in xslt
How to limit number of HttpWebRequest per second towards a webserver?
Where to read console messages from background.js in a Chrome extension?
populate the value inside the FCK editor YII extension
Scala instance value scoping
Other monitors go black when switch one monitor to fullscreen with DXGI
To prevent threat of SQL injection I have blocked the strings 鈥�-鈥�and 鈥�鈥�but still I am not sure whether is it safe or not..?
Streaming an array over TCP in Java
Implement Delete In jQgrid
How to change datagrid cell fore colors as dynamically using c#
Java code for using google custom search API
Get a queryset with distinct entries as close as possible to a date using Django
How to change location of tooltip box?
How to add LIKE parameter in mongodb geoNear command
asp.net disable/enable validator using Javascript
Returning an event from a function
Rails documentation [closed]
entity and repository pattern with ninject, Dispose Issue
Linq2Sql strange behaviour
PHP preg_match_all, read content and exclude unwanted
error in running Google apps in python in windows OS
Why does activity manager shows starting intent message?
Having T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING error in PHP/MySQL connectivity [closed]
text editors not working in fancybox in asp.net mvc3 site
syntax error in sql update statement in vb
Is there a way to access (read/write from) a specific application's sqlite database from the OS?
Abend ASRA. How to deal with this
what's wrong with MATLAB? [closed]
UnsupportedClassVersionError despite same version of Java
Go from ISODate to a nice formated string
Eclipse - building a feature project
How to access Group Collection as key value pair in Flex
How to switch views with animation - objective c
How to Load Pages Quickly by delaying controls in asp.net using ajax
PHP regular expression match a paired tag but not unpaired tag
using __call() to pass parameters to a method that takes more than one but not as an array
Nesting Android ViewPager, Swiping ListItems inside a ListView horizontally
Android Color Conversion issue
How to print all names before scrolling in custom listview in Android
Checking if record exists using DLookup (With Multiple Criteria)
pass matrix of values 鈥嬧�between two activities
JavaScript/HTML: Unable to access radio-group elements using array notations
How do you serialise Ember objects?
HTML5 controls from Html5Asp - trouble with video
Mail Account For C2DM Registration
Update column value of one row from other rows
limiting the rate of change of an attribute in rails
Is jQuery execute by search engine like Google,Yahoo,bing?
Android: How do I return a selected dataset from SimpleAdapter via onclick?
what is image size(resolution) for iPad 3 application development?
How Apple Push Notifications Deliver to the User in iPhone app?
Extract substring out of a user input phone number using Javascript
How to find a cycle/repeats in a string?
Flex keyboard Event
Linq Query to update XML file if element exists not working
logical issue in sql query
WordPress or Drupal for an online shop?
change element's background by clicking on element
Should I use Func<T> in place of a private method?
MySQL with Predicate Builder not working?
Why is ==faster than eql?
Is it okay to embed external movie clips in Flash [closed]
How to Connect two databases on two different servers using php
Recommended way for access webservices on domain A from domain B if A is SSO'ing into B?
WordPress or Drupal for an online shop?
change element's background by clicking on element
Should I use Func<T> in place of a private method?
MySQL with Predicate Builder not working?
Why is ==faster than eql?
Is it okay to embed external movie clips in Flash [closed]
How to Connect two databases on two different servers using php
Recommended way for access webservices on domain A from domain B if A is SSO'ing into B?
How to navigate back through Android preferences programmaticaly?
Replace content in XML
Multiple updates at once via ajax
how to substitute values to img tag through JQuery
How to know what table there are in a sqlite file?
WSO2 how to change response from string to xml
Return value of Controller should be ignored
Are licensing terms invoked if my application uses libraries installed separately by the user? [closed]
cannot get image info using https://graph.facebook.com/<photo_id>
How to schedule task in Django?
No projects found to import
Html/CSS Upload File
Chrome extension say that this can use at offline mode
What is the difference between reponseXML and loadXML in javascript?
JSP Page Redirection and Control
execute functions with millisecond accuracy based on timer
Click a specific button on another form
Is it possible to create a columnfamily which contains normal column as well as super column?
How do I simulate mouse clicks with Xlib on Python
popup postion while screen resize horizontaly
Are there performance issues of being a client of your own API?
Spell Checker In TINYMCE Editor
Unable to find uploaded file inside Update panel
Delete a Push Subscription from Subscriber using T-SQL in Merge Replication
Fonts and Lines on Retina display
Pass an array value to object class
Is this possible to run a python code from C# through command prompt?
How to tell if forms launched as child window
ScrollView sv is bigger than its rootView, calling sv.getDrawingCache() causes crash?
Ajax Control Toolkit AsyncFileUploader Control and viewstate/session Issue
Valgrind reports uninitialized bytes when using empty class
PHP doctrine convers enum to varchar while generating the db from schema?
./manage.py test of Django 1.4 gives a Thing2Literal import not found on google appengine
Regarding volatile variable [closed]
how to get textfield along with keypad in iphone sdk
Under the hood, are Javascript objects hash tables?
No errors when setting an incorrect http proxy host via Java system property
Why my Generic Extension Method says cannot convert from T to 鈥�or 鈥�to T
Adding multiple strings of text to a marquee separated by a paragraph
how to access a models data from a view in backbone.js
How to avoid coupling the View and the Controller in Swing
mvc3 unobtrusive validation - yield return new ModelClientValidationRule with ValidationType value
How to avoid coupling the View and the Controller in Swing
mvc3 unobtrusive validation - yield return new ModelClientValidationRule with ValidationType value
Uploading Image in Classic ASP and Image not found in the directory
Play 2.0 form - field 鈥渧erifying鈥�method is not a member
Spring Web Services and Spring Security Exception handling
Can not compile Nutch1.4 with ant
Multitargetting to metro and non metro target platform in Windows 8
What does this script do?
Shorter Syntax For Cases In Haskell?
Facebook iOS SDK Pass parameter with app requests
Unable to use Google SVN with Eclipse Indigo
How I can use Facebook login for login my app in iPhone?
What would be the right steps for horizontal partitioning in Postgresql?
Is it possible to rewrite url (with extra parameters) with a Chrome extension
Need to make this expression shorter in ruby on rails 3
How to make jquery background slideshow affect only parent div?
Rabin-Karp Algorithm
Reading multiple files using MPI-IO
Is there a difference (and is there a preferred approach) to launching an activity in an external app?
Pick random list out of dictionary and random item out of list and display it in a textBlock?
ASP.NET Membership.FindUsersByName not working. Can't search for users. 404's
How can I have different header banner for pages in joomla?
how to make next/previous buttons to toggle between gql query results
MVC3 Meta tag Dynamically change
How to start a background thread that doesn't block the main thread in Java?
Why this regexp via preg_replace function of PHP not working [closed]
Datagrid row with multiple items
SSH connections failing under heavy load
Detecting HTTP 302 during image load with JS
Integrating Spellchecker into Tinymce Not working
How to avoid writing repeated code in catch blocks?
Get application components without @Autowired
how to send my application's database to a server in android
Populating a dropdownlist on change of other dropdownlist by calling code behind method using jquery
as3 FLV component posistion / align issue - FLVPlayback();
Get the AES key from an encrypted file using an already decrypted version of the same file
Facebook event sync externally?
Can I use CASE statement in a JOIN condition?
Dojo store concept
WSO2 ESB4.0.3 can not use XQUery
ant replaceregex replace multiline
Android Common XML Parser
how do I get linecache19 0.5.12 to install under ruby-193-p125?
Is it possible to Post Data from a Java application to a .php page? [closed]
How to add resources file on windows service app?
What are the differences between the type inference of Scala and C++11?
I-Button jQuery Check Box
MD5sum is not calculated correctly
Prism MVVM, Should I put IRegionManager in ViewModel or some where else?
How to merge two images in opencv?
Strategies for large amount of db queries for single page request [closed]
How to import CSV data to sqlite dynamically in iphone application
Draw a string on a picture on WP
In jQuery QUnit how to get the assertion result from 鈥渆qual()鈥�assertion?
Retrieving values of a linked component in Dreamweaver TBB - and making it SiteEditable
Any alternatives to Qt on certified aviation platforms?
rails, incrementing counter not working
How to use Python list?
Flex Datagrid event
How to invoke Selenium from Xstudio for implementing Continuous Integration
Using JQuery and CSS to make an image gallery
Readystate is always 0
yii framework select the values in dropdownlist
SQL Server timestamp error 800a01f4
persistence.xml not included in war folder in a gwt project
How to inherit from the DbContext Class
html/css: 3 column liquid/fluid floating; floating columns beside cendered column, dropping sides to next 鈥渓ine鈥�upon float?
Smooth scrolling with UIScrollView based on a timer, threads (based on iOS Metronome)
System commands vs Perl subroutines
Avoiding 鈥淪etting Locale Failed鈥�Message While Calling Perl
Manipulating A Programs Memory. (Memory Hack)
jQuery droppable not working
ListActivity onItemClickListener
How to redirect to users/:id after successful devise sign in - rails 3
How to identify a hidden form field in Symfony2 / Twig
How to override zoom buttons of camera in an android app?
Allocating a large amount of space for vector
JQUERY + update only empty <input
How do you make use of a counter with recursion in Python?
Select categories from table 1 and products from table2?
combine multiple columns into one
Android:Styling ListView
what is the difference between release and auto release and is there any way to create a user defined autorelease pool? [duplicate]
How can I select the top 10 from a dictionary in .NET?
Add a backBarButtonItem to navigationItem without UINavigationController?
how do I set up my gcc again
In IE, script doesn't change innerhtml of div
Drawing and deleting old drawings
how can i get linkedin Contact Details including Email
how to display lightbox after Video Play Finishes?
how to set session time out in php?
References in fluent hibernate mapping seems dosnt work correctly
create a new and unique file each time one function is compiled in java
No idea why this code will not work[closed]
How to update or append an XML node during loop?
Cocos2D help: How to setup and use SQLite database in cocos2D?
How do use the variable value in one method of class to another class in python [closed]
Volume is not comming when setting the Phone to ringer programmatically
Running Memory Size
JavaScript making getContext() public?
how to set session time out in php?
References in fluent hibernate mapping seems dosnt work correctly
create a new and unique file each time one function is compiled in java
No idea why this code will not work[closed]
How to update or append an XML node during loop?
Cocos2D help: How to setup and use SQLite database in cocos2D?
How do use the variable value in one method of class to another class in python [closed]
Volume is not comming when setting the Phone to ringer programmatically
Running Memory Size
JavaScript making getContext() public?
Nutch/Solr Indexing Sentences - Parser plugin or Indexing plugin?
My design view no longer shows but the site runs fine.
Hello world on ruby and rails (ror)
XPath/XQuery - Selecting a node while excluding some elements
jquery slide show class changing is not working correctly
WP Alchemy: Attempting to echo index
passing values between parent and child windows
How to call asp.net webservice from Jquery Mobile(Android Platform)
Extract text from HTML with Javascript regex
Openlayers - coordinates from pixel incorrect
appengine dashboard is not showing any stat for a couple of hours
Preset numeric keypad in iPhone for textbox in c#
Generate rest api code?
I am getting the error Program received signal: 鈥淪IGABRT鈥�while trying to capture the part of screen
Change parent's background color when its child is clicked
Resolved -[NSCFString substringWithRange:]: Range or index out of bounds in ziminji / objective-c-sql-query-builder
MacOS dev box setup - which tools to install? [closed]
How to create an ICMP traceroute in Python
Collecting tweets [duplicate]
is static const string member variable always initialized before used?
take Pic using UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypeCamera it gives different size resulation
Table layout alignment within a horizontalscrollview & scroll view in android
Using Eclipse with PyWin32
Set max size as native image size on responsive image jquery resizer
Pycrypto importkey
CakePHP Auth Session variable completely missing in Chrome (on some machines)
Dereferencing 64 bit register after using lower half in add
Why isn't the line-height property of <input> what I set in CSS?
Simple jQuery droppable not working
Ruby on Rails - Heroku problems & User sign-in
Compilin error/query [closed]
Function for median similar to 鈥渨hich.max鈥�and 鈥渨hich.min鈥�/ Extracting median rows from a data.frame
Postgresql function for checking date ranges
Mac OS: How to draw graph in Mac OS application?
Android listview with multiple controls
Slickgrid add new row on demand
Javascript/jQuery: Unable to get proper keyCode when capsLock is ON
Avoid showing duplicate Poptart Flavors when they're warm
Using ejabbered for in browser chat
getch and putchar not working without return
need some help in compiling a jsoncpp sample code
jQuery disable all button of a css class and input type button
How to get a new Connection from Hibernate SessionFactory after the DB restart without restarting the tomcat?
Eclipse plugin that can check which part of code is taking too much time?
unresolved external symbol compile error
R error: `contrasts<-`(`*tmp*`, value = contr.funs[1 + isOF[nn]]) [closed]
Bypassing Grails proxy settings for local repositories
Javascript Trigger onChange without performing mouse or keyboard
separating strings by - [duplicate]
What is the best strategy for using Windows Azure as a file storage system - with http download capabilities
Default location of GPS coordinates
Grouped product getFinalPrice behavior in Magento
How to add a 鈥渘on-mavenized鈥�jar dependency to a grails project
Wordpress Mobify mobile theme, CSS
Switching between iPhone ViewControllers programmatically
Intersection of a 3D Grid's Vertices
Ways to persist partially updated object with hibernate
https using BasicHttpBinding and ignoring certificate errors
Concatenate strings in LESS
XML / XSD validation how to ignore xml element
Android twitter tweet sharing
working with files with .txt and .doc extensions [closed]
Why is the constant memory size limited in CUDA?
How to replace an object in a MongoDB record?
Json String contain integer value , while deserialize to HashMap, Integer convert into double values
Running a Jar twice [closed]
Valid use cases for `std::timed_mutex`?
hidequery string parameters from the url using url rewriting
Ruby rails - select only few columns from the data base
Calling a javascript function from a link
How to pass multiple param from telerik in asp.net mvc 2
eclipse doxygen excluding part of the path name
Amazon ec2 -ebs-mySql-CouchDB-ldap
How to convert drupal php code into Core PHP code?
Is it possible to use DataAnnotations with Interfaces inheritance?
Filtering the Database results in rails 3.2 with AJAx and Datatables
Sum a list of BigIntegers
Can't open any files in Code::Blocks application during runtime
Match the same character an exact number of times with regular expressions
Which browser specific CSS3 necessary for mobile website
Getting Error when accessing SSRS through browser
whenever + delayed_job with cron job in starting worker
How do I change this Raphael drawn pie chart, so that the colors dont change
Inverted Index possible from couchdb view?
Best Practice for Environment Variable Management
How do you pass a pointer to an object to a function? C++ [closed]
On iOS, why doesn't the drawing occur in the following code?
Building Android SDK: Only one Android target being created
Python C Extensions - Why must callable C functions take arguments and return PyObject *
What OpenCourseWare courses use Lua?
bus error: 10. C code, malloc example
Quick C++ class confusion: What does this line mean?
Add to model in form, then redisplay form to add more
How to remove an element from a list in Haskell?
I wanted to import Excel sheet as it is(i.e with column name as that of excelsheet)?
How to autoload Zend Framework module models?
HTML input array elements with numeric keys
There is a strange issue with session on the production servers [closed]
Configuring zurb foundation-sass with compass - how do you get it working and use it in a project?
How to edit MySQL queries the way SQL Server is edited? [closed]
Configure Zend Framework to ignore other directories and work in a subdirectory?
OpenGL not displaying anything?
How to convert a string array element to string?
Random split list, keeping the original order in new lists
C# program Time synchronization between Windows and linux [closed]
How to make a JS object available across multiple files
How to establish associations using FactoryGirl to test a Rails app
Python Sorting by date internally based on 1st attribute
Onchange function in Openerp
How to check whether a page has been updated without downloading the entire webpage?
Do we create a relation for supporting entity in database design?
How to set the JText field with the JLabel clicked?
Criteria and Projections with element-based lists
Combobox MouseWheel and ICommand CanExecute
Avoid ASP.NET special behavior of Ajax controls
Java Sorted Set of Maps converted to an array
how to configure Rails tag to not generate HTML id
Syntax alternatives to casting of dynamic objects
t4 template error occurs from powershell not visual studio
Can valgrind be used along with Cygwin?
query to show items that are NOT in the list
Design of a News system
Java buffer strategy loses hardware acceleration
PHP only allow server to access a PHP file
Correct way to multithread in objective-c?
Reading large files using SQLalchemy
Automatically call Twitter bootstrap-modal.js for <img> tag
CKEditor: how to change editor behaviour without changing it's source code?
How to perform Bilinear Intepolation using Matlab
create new object template at runtime iPhone
UITableViewCell imageView repeating
How do I use asp.net MVC Scaffolder with a context that is two subclasses down from dbcontext
How to control audio channel in Silverlight
How does a model relate to another model via Foreignkey?
Postgresql Query with joins
Django: creating form which has relationship
Asterisk GUI Using php or any other framework
Digit/Number Recognition Hand-written [closed]
How to prevent HREF (which calls JS function) from being triggered when 鈥淓nter鈥�key is pressed?
Asterisk GUI Using php or any other framework
Digit/Number Recognition Hand-written [closed]
How to prevent HREF (which calls JS function) from being triggered when 鈥淓nter鈥�key is pressed?
Forcing drawingContext lines to snap to pixel boundaries
Using Random To Assign Chance
Jmock - how to automate & mock out console user input?
C: use fwrite to write char to different line
java: about counting in txt file
implement 鈥渟elect all鈥�check box in Rails
Link one page to another by user <a> tag in PHP
need help from excel 2010 visual basic codes for adding two numbers
鈥渟tring is not a type鈥�in namespace
Can write to, but can't read from serial port ttyS0 in linux C program
Symfony 2 - Accessing Hierarchical Roles in a twig template
Break down a picture in xcode for an iphone app
Send Universal Push Notifications - Xcode
How to get two chrome userscripts to use just one jQuery instance?
How to convert `ctime` to `datetime` in Python?
Facebook Comment Box not working but worked before
Convert normal URL to SEO URL
Block elements to wrap on text content
Parameter Passing Etiquette (C++) const& vs. value
why static ofstream doesn't work
Is there a limit on the number of lines of code you can put in an Eclipse java doument
Stucture in C++
Converting 3D coordinate to screen coordinate in OpenGL
regular expression for finding decimal/float numbers?
Enabling file_get_contents on a shared server
how to integrate GoogleMap APIV3 into SmartGWT?
On iOS, why the init in ViewController didn't work?
Can i run objective c application on windows?
How do you set the cache to expire after modification?
Generate save as dialog box with AJAX request in Ext Js
changing how Setup.hs is built
Android - OpenGL FloatBuffer vs IntBuffer
how do i insert large amounts of data to google datastore?
How to union two different Mongoid Criteria
Java advantage of Enum
sharing domain and service classes between grails and griffon projects
Performance implications of long double. Why does C choose 64-bits instead of the hardware's 80-bit for its default?
MVC3 why use html.editorfor
how to divide a horizontal manager
CSS class management with jQuery slideToggle calls
Match horizontal size of dropdown with the textbox size
On hover, DIV expands and overlaps others
Opening a specific text file
table based declarative reactive programming
In Andorid, is it possible to get the Embed Html code of a YouTube video link?
C++ code breaks when trying to assign a value
How can I set the mouse position?
This may be a newb thing鈥�but, global variables
Ruby rails - submit_tag / button_tag switch/toggle between names
Rails: Creating default records for has_many relationship
Know what device in flash builder for mobile
ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit in Worker Role
How to show/hide divs when select options are clicked
Should I store transformation matrices separately?
Parsing text in BS4
Multiple calls on QTcpSocket::write?
Why there is no SIGSEGV signal on copy on write?
How to split a Window dynamically in MFC without using CSplitterWnd::Create
Application bar icons name
How to link between MongoDB C Driver to my own programs
PHP insert nested arrays into mongoDB
How do I get all the friends who have liked an object for a list of objects?
RMI tutorial errors with ComputeEngine
how do I change the timezone in mysql?
Nested Objects (mixed results from DQL select)
In jQuery how do I write a dynamic function to show and hide multiple divs that have distinct IDs?
C# Instant Messenging
C++ noob getting seg faults
Go Reflection with Embedding
Adding Google Navigation to my Android application
How to add Auto completion features on Search Bar in Grails? [closed]
An iOS game using MVC, should the model has objRect while keeping its UIViewImage object in the ViewController?
jquery global variables not being recognized by functions
Bitmap memory leaks
Javascript RegEx Exactly one Digit Pattern
ob_start(); callback function
Finding out which metas are unsolved in an Agda program
Downloading images through socket or http
REGEX for Matching img tag within arbitrary number of nested custom tags
Access current running script error log
apache domain redirect not working as expected
Adding new row to SlickGrid
Ice Cream Sandwich init.rc documentation
XSL Process attributes in an order
SearchViewCompat in support package vs. SearchDialog
Select Map marker with reticle in android MapView?
Passing php variable as parameter to javascript [duplicate]
Set the button at the very bottom of the layout - Android 2.2
Can you access the IEnumerable as you are yield returning it?
How Do I continue music?
Using qTip tooltip to load data using AJAX. $(this) isn't what I expect it to be
Regex for all non-current sites
How to create and use my own url(svc) for push notification in windows phone7?
How can I use a List inside a method?
page can't show img after changePage in my jqm
Error when compiling code?
Fatal utf8_strpos error
How do Session variables set before a redirect in OAuth flow remain to compare after the user returns?
How to determine that packet receive is a part of first packet using tcp in C#
copy/deepcopy and variable scope
multi function symbols in ELF library file
Matrix from File
Drupal 6: add webform to node or embed into a node?
how to add underline in string-array?
wicd network manager can'f find my wifi network
ios opengl es 2.0 2D + 3D combination
Access to the path 'c: inetpub wwwroot myapp App_Data' is denied
How to use HttpClient to query the AzureTable rest API
Should sensitive data be encrypted through both script and database means?
How to traverse this tree in reverse order
If i return out of a try/finally in C# does the code in the finally always run?
compile error in template member conversion operator
Strip all html tags with jquery?
how to select mutiple files in IE explorer?
can't install iis logging tools using the web platform installer 3.0
XNA Resizing Model Inside a Model
TypeError: expected a character buffer object when doing open()
How to use DumpMem to display Stack in Assembly
Traversing DOM from span in / out of divs
ZXingWidget: Counted.h file not found
Performance/efficiency of 2 SELECT statements vs UNION vs anything else in MySQL-PHP
Custom logic for back button press in UINavigationController
How Judgment webview page is loaded?
Drupal 6, giving user ability to create microsites
Contact Form Not Sending Emails
How to read the model of monitor from the EDID?
In-app billingservice onServiceConnected() not called on 4.0/ICS
Is there a fail-fast way of synchronization in Java?
What is -ms-touch-action called in other browsers?
Incorrect Integer (2147483647) is inserted into MySQL?
Using simplexml, how can I retrieve a sibling?
Advantages of declaring Reference Libraries in C#?
expired session on server's side and client's side
Rails 3.1 + Heroku: Can someone help me decipher this Heroku log?
Making an immutable class: What am I doing wrong?
how to rotate lists in prolog?
How can I simulate my site?
Returning json encode from PHP and adding to variable
SQL: distinct result columns for where clauses
Java server Socket, reading content from DataInputStream
Cannot pass SHA1WithRSA certificates to browser using SslStream
App Engine - BlobStore- how to reference a blob by key?
How to filter a gallery using Colorbox?
ASP.MVC3: are there 3 MvcApplication instances when debugging?
How to make a textview slide out of the screen?
Javascript While loop integers
Adding 鈥渟ection dividers鈥�to my layout?
Xcode showing 鈥淕host鈥�header
How do I make Perl鈥檚 system() format arguments using scientific notation?
In Windows, how do I programmatically make my whole screen blink black & white?
鈥淚llegal seek鈥�error when working with socket streams with non-empty read buffers
How i can force the entity framework to raise a unique exception if the Unique key constraint has been violated on thr sql server database
ncurses library compile error
iOS5 : Why does setDelegate:self cause EXC_BAD_ACCESS in main.m?
CSS - Difference between display:(inline,block) and display:box?
Membership testing in a large list that has some wildcards
Router Simulation
What determines what is returned/shown by irb?
How to retrieve timeline properties of a Facebook status or photo
Create mysql database with iOS app
Android: fastScrollEnabled not working at first
Ajax - How to alert part of json string?
Import Multiple Events to Android Calendar
Nested Quotes in PHP
Drop into an Interpreter anytime in Python
JavaScript returning a 2D array in a function
Type argument error using System.Collections Queue class in F#
Will using the Code first approach and Entity framework be able to make my asp.net mvc web application works on any database vendors
Store different data to each tab
How do I draw a circle and rectangle with specified radius?
UIImagePickerController avoiding the use/retry view after picture taken without disabling other controls
Reading an app setting value from the config file
Is there any way to center certain columns in table?
Trouble on solving the 鈥淣ameError uninitialized constant鈥�when using namespaced classes?
Making elements always contain only CDATA (embedding XML examples in XML document)
Fancy jQuery Tags Selector
Java receiving mails and listing on JTable javamail
Simple Arithmatic in prolog
Python 2.5 change list and tuple
Ruby: Shift, Push, and Pop in Memory [closed]
How do I play a video using Red5?
How to pass 'this' to an event using backbone?
Multiple GET requests using JQuery and AJAX
rails, how to pass a variable from a link_to helper
Javascript objection creation with function contructor
How to XHR a remote server?
Git repository not found
What does static refer to being 鈥渟tuck鈥�to?
Communication between Python and WCF
Problems loading assemblies into a new AppDomain for static class/method invocation
Why does Spring's source code use linked list so much
How To Pass PHP Variables back to a Javascript Page that Called It
Explain XMLHttpRequest creation
Macro define about cxxtest
PHP - Group Array by Key Value
Combine jQuery-ui datepicker's localization and initialization parameters
How to delay code kind of like 鈥減ing localhost鈥︹� except in C#
Combine jQuery-ui datepicker's localization and initialization parameters
How to delay code kind of like 鈥減ing localhost鈥︹� except in C#
Running Python (Django Script)? [closed]
IOS DEV Tweet song that is currently playing
UITableViewCell Selection Area - How to fill entire cell for top/bottom cells of a Grouped UITableView section?
Hibernate 4.1Final alternative for Hibernate.STRING
How to compile SecureUDID with CodeRunner
Xcode won't run on device after deleting app
(Java) Not sure of the term, but basically how do I get the 鈥渙pposite鈥�of a number in a range? [closed]
Understanding this code to generate a watermark logo for an image
Graphs implementation in java
Allow the user to add only one event per day over FullCalendar
Parent/Grandparent Page Title for Widget Title
Storing the configuration data - which way?
Connect MySQL with Google App Engine with Eclipse
Difference between Dictionary and Hashtable in terms of thread-safety
UIAlertView button action?
mod_deflate vs mod_gzip
Filter Items from JSON Objects in PHP
Remove Keys.Control Control.ModifierKeys when Ctrl key is not down
uninitialized constant UserJob::Delayed::Job
Asp.net mvc 3 - view displaying required properties from viewModel which shouldn' t be
How to request an html page using an ajax request in Rails 3?
How to send email from menu?
CSS Error with a span
Web2py jQuery clone
How to display results of an online quiz (no java/sql, pure php)?
How to increase an array's length
PostgreSQL connection in Java Servlet to Retrieve Information from the DB. Getting Error
Vertical Align Wrapper
Suggestions on optimizing the EGit on Eclipse
Web user mesaurement process [closed]
Google Maps and Internet Explorer 8 Error onunload= GUnload()
1 pixel vertical discrepancy between text on OSX and Windows
Please Help on some basics on prolog [closed]
Php And Jquery or Python( Django) and Jquery [closed]
Can we add menu option in OS folder right click menu Using Adobe AIR
as3 get width of resized movieclip
Why does Kademlia use UDP?
Is there a way to get the absolute path of a google chrome extension
C++ WTL8.1 How to create a window in a new thread with message loop?
java servlet only receiving first get parameter [closed]
The best way to execute copy constructor using .Copy?
visual studio set all my controls to the same location
Using mysql joins across 3 tables
How to select List<> by its index and return the content?
Perform nonnegative matrix factorization in R
Phusion Passenger Error: Permission Denied for Gemfile.lock
How to save to a ImageField from an ftp download in Django
Confirmation Dialog with radio buttons using JQuery
JQuery how to find and remove li element
Behavior of Spoof MAC Address communication
TypeError: 'list' object is not callable /// In ex26 learning Python the hard Way
How to compute the difference between binary fields?
Changing VIewControllers stops animations
Erosion and Dilation in Windows phone???
Unable to run automated tests in VS 2010 on Chrome/Firefox/IE using Selenium Web driver - Shows blank page ??
How to restore original sort order of NSMutableArray?
Passing pointer to array of struct
Winforms Event for Textbox Focus?
algorithm for app shaking in iphone's delete mode
Password protecting internally through URL and AJAX?
Iterating on a file using Python
Select users from one table only if not in another
.net Regex.Split
Google Maps REST API - request limit with AJAX request
intersectioncalculation not working
AS3: Function and variables
This 鈥渞eally simple鈥�simplexml scrip't isn't working
Would like to learn how can i translate this type php code to Razor C#
Two different header files one implementation file
How to read line gracefully in python under linux
php send email with image
Resume JSON Streaming after break in Jackson
Why is this very simple return std::move(thread handle) failing?
How can I select one of two objects depending if one is null or not with a LinQ to Entities query.
Undefined references when trying to use Borland headers on Linux
PHPSESSID not being saved to cookie
does django tag '{% url %}' support a context variable for url arguments?
Can Email Links open in new window?
Implementing realtime search results in Android
Automatically toggle between two divs
Is there a way to submit ajax/json requests with simple_form for Rails
System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format
How to compile C/C++ in Netbeans7.1.1 with GNU on remote host
Using segues for programmatically constructed tableview cells
I need a way to mock a printer or spoof it or create a virtual printer where I can see the print
is this a correct way of handling lots of routes in rails?
How to scrape in python into excel
Ruby on Rails: Records not being added
Requesting JSON from a google fusion table SQL API query
Generate public accessor class for java friendly/internal package classes and internal/friendly methods
Manually Aligning Images in MATLAB?
QT 4.8 crash at ordinary comparison [closed]
Reorganizing XML using LINQ
SoundCloud Javascript API SC.Connect Bug
NoSuchElementException in for each loop with ArrayList<Integer>
How to solve the `Object doesn't support #inspect` error?
How can I combine two type constraints with a logical or in Haskell?
How to convert typedef enum to NSNumber?
Requesting JSON from a google fusion table SQL API query
Generate public accessor class for java friendly/internal package classes and internal/friendly methods
Manually Aligning Images in MATLAB?
QT 4.8 crash at ordinary comparison [closed]
Reorganizing XML using LINQ
SoundCloud Javascript API SC.Connect Bug
NoSuchElementException in for each loop with ArrayList<Integer>
How to solve the `Object doesn't support #inspect` error?
How can I combine two type constraints with a logical or in Haskell?
How to convert typedef enum to NSNumber?
Xprof output to file
UIFont fontWithName returns nil
Parsing XML documents in PHP [closed]
How to find opposite of nil in Rails queries
Margin not displaying in Google Chrome
Google TTS API for Arabic, Chinese and Greek
can't initialize backbone.js view
Hotmail don't show correctly e-mail send by lotus notes application with agent Java
Get list of distinct values in List<Foo>
Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, array given in J: xampp htdocs Website rpg.php on line 157
Google App Engine with Python: Unable to update the data entity
Why base class constructor isnt called first
read text file in C++
Perl: Dereferencing Array
Tab Sound stops on multiple clicks
gcc -g conflicts with -fPIC?
How to implements a ListFragment into your project from a Sample?
Finding the minimum value in a binary tree, Python
Installing R from CRAN Ubuntu repository: No Public Key Error
How to make android:layout_gravity=鈥渂ottom,center_horizontal鈥�stays at bottom
Eclipse Can't Remove Android Dependencies Grayed Out
DataBinding Image.Source to a PhotoChooserTask result not working