will the apache mod mem_cache effect logging?
How to properly format text retrieved from a website?
Why would a call to LoadLibrary fail with 'The specified module could not be found' after working the first time
which opensource loadbalancer support SPDY?
SSH Authentication(no PAM): how to know if user logged in by key or password?
Xcode4 Create Static Library from Existing Project
I need a web service to open audio from the server and provide a uri that I can access from anywhere
jQuery slider 鈥渃hange鈥�event: How do I determine who called it?
Why my function isn't executing i++?
TryParse doesn't resolve properly
g++ variadic templates. Simple Sample code won't compile, complains 'Not a template'
setting AVAudioPlayerDelegate to self gives me a warning
Good solution for adding tags into a mixed-content textarea field?
JavaScript/HTML5 Canvas - Load array of images
ASP.NET MVC edit operation?
MySQL & Hibernate: performance of left outer join vs multiple selects
PHP Editing and displaying text from a .txt file
css blueprint, create a div floating next to container div ? image attached
wpf create image button
Regex to remove decimal values
WCF server/client callbacks, reply from client to server
Best way to insert an array element inside an array of arrays
Quick tumblr boo-lean + Getting text function
How to specify server name when xmlhttprequesting from a remote server?
Tkinter image display (with [converted] NumPy array)
Edit page using php/mysql
Activating Administrator via C++ when users are already administrator[Run as administrator]
Maven: How do I install mvnsh?
Rails 3.1+ and GeoIP database file location/access
Comparing directory names with a literal returns an unexpected error
mono/linux socket denied?
Can I set a specific return value in Mongoose
UITableView cells not nil at initialization
Background with three.js
Finder like coloured labels
Javascript: Detect load in ascx page. Internet Explorer
Fade In CSS class
UIScrollView paging requires manual Edge Inset modifications to work correctly
Restify, Node.js urlencoding for routes processing
change element value with lmxl python
Inherit XAML layout / Masterpage
Joomla! 2.5 - Implement custom table as plugin or module?
jQuery: breaking out of nested $.each loop
ASP.NET MVC3 sample project removing home folder
jQuery Mobile 1.1.0.min Triggers Errors in Eclipse
How to Create the Relation in Board and Pin on the Pinterest Site
Relocation Error when Inserting External Cross-Compiled SPARC Linux Module
Find callers of a method
Php script stops after long time and no error could be found on the error_log
Bluetooth in C++
What does 鈥淰isualforce Remoting: Context incomplete鈥�mean?
Call to a member function find() on a non-object error in unix only
Android : AlarmManager not start
Slide in/slide out header div / reveal partially hidden div
When writing json with File.open do I need to set the headers?
How to detect a url/image/youtube link and concat a tag around it
How to update GeoTiff tag using gdal python binding?
magento blank first name and last name in billing page
store calculated data or pre-calculated data on table (calculated user age or timestamp)
Why does SQL return week 1 for 1/1/2011?
Ext JS 4 - not focus combo box when you select the fieldLabel
Download SQLite database from Internet and load into Android application
choosing unique subsets of length 3 using vba
jQuery date picker - highlight mutiple selected dates?
OpenJPA Webspere 7 Log4j configuration
Why this Mysql query not working
jQuery Array is not finding objects in my array?
Mobile version of website: adjust to screen size
Data Structure Decision on Efficient Frequency Calculation
Can I 鈥渇ix鈥�wrong Resharper annotations?
Mixing javasvript and jquery within namespace
system.serviceModel has invalid child element domainServices
HTML5 cache manifest
insert int into list
How to find out the list of files being change between 2 SHA? [duplicate]
MSVC environment variables not showing up in different terminals
How to get URL string into PHP variable
Scrolling content right to left Javascript
find the visible height of my iframed page - (fb page)
How to configure Nutch and solr in ubuntu 10.10?
UIScrollView not working
In jsTree, what's the best way to make the node text clickable (for checking the checkbox)
Match multiple instances of mysteriously ordered complex regular expression non-capturing groups
Calling a method to update TextViews in an activity from a service
How to impose correct ordering in nested query
run order of JavaScript in HTML file
AJAX Multiple Drop Downs
Eclipse Android Project Classes Not Visible from Included Project. Nothing works
Explain how MEF doesn't have hard dependency on assemblies
Java RegEx that matches anything BUT literal string 'NIL' or 'nil'
Duplicating records to fill gap between dates
Racket Emacs mode for mimicking Scribble or HTDP sample code examples?
MySQL is always populated with NULL Values, what am I missing (Play 1.2 framework)?
Android - Gridview with Icon and text
Update From with Case Statement
Fastest way to send packets between two connected computers?
is there any way to clear the content of a text file dynamically in c++?
How to extend an Android button and use an xml layout file
Intercepting Save in Core Data Document
Deploying .bak file from SQL Server in Mac
UITableView - Only show full cell after scroll stops
Input box that expands to display content to the left
QGraphicsScene : get the QGraphicsItemGroup under the cursor
How do I set a default run configuration in Aptana?
SPA without backbone.js
Maven Build on Bamboo
Distribution Certificate
Trying to Understand Javascript Closures + Memory Leaks
Is there something better than Navicat in OSX?
Monitor WCF Service via WPF app
Why does my specialized template function 'OverloadedFunk' give 鈥渃ould not be resolved鈥�error in C++?
How to create count query on MongoRepository
MemoryCache always returns 鈥渘ull鈥�after first expiration
Move image with Swing
App crashes when I hit 鈥淩un鈥� but when I hit 鈥淪top鈥�then 鈥淩un鈥�[closed]
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near
Parse Image and Extension From URL Objective C NSScanner
Monitor WCF Service via WPF app
Why does my specialized template function 'OverloadedFunk' give 鈥渃ould not be resolved鈥�error in C++?
How to create count query on MongoRepository
MemoryCache always returns 鈥渘ull鈥�after first expiration
Move image with Swing
App crashes when I hit 鈥淩un鈥� but when I hit 鈥淪top鈥�then 鈥淩un鈥�[closed]
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near
Parse Image and Extension From URL Objective C NSScanner
Multiple Inheritance in Ruby?
Removing HTML tags in Applescript using delimiters
ASP.Net MVC 3 EF 鈥淚ntroducing FOREIGN KEY constraint on table may cause cycles or multiple cascade paths鈥�
MSMQ WCF examples (non System.Messaging)
rails + HTML: how to show image in my webpage
Trigger jquery based on model events
Transition / Fingerprint existing Paperclip files to use MD5 Checksum
Killing Infinite Loops in Java/Clojure
java how can I get average RGB values from a image sizing about 800x600
ExtJS 4: assigning different stores to different instance of the same view?
Get pixel length of String in Svg
Hibernate mapping persisted enumerated strings
Using Xuggler to detect Webcam with Java
C++ can I expect all compilers to not destroy the copy being returned?
Android: How to change hue of an Image?
is dvmStartup called every time an app is launched
Soundcloud - searching for more than term?
Sum of row elements between colMin and colMax, with different colMin and colMax for each row - Octave / Matlab
Does App Engine strip EXIF data when using the Images.get_serving_url method?
Linq 'contains' query taking too long
MVC3 and Code First Migrations
Hiding div until jquery datepicker shows
Glassfish 3.1.2 configuration Client Certificate for Mutual Authentication
Test for stats on User Profile Page, Chapter 11 Exercise 4 (Rails Tutorial 2nd Ed, Michael Hartl)
Running from Eclipse on devices lower than project's target API version
Binding a control to a nested property
What makes a user-defined class unhashable?
Subclipse on a Mac in a Windows network. Can't Commit - Can't get exclusive lock
Why they used ; to end statements in Java/C++
How can a 'switch' statement cause a set of code to crash? [duplicate]
Base64 timeout for large file in Ruby on Rails
Nginx rewrite unencodes url
Can I cache partially-executed LINQ queries?
How to get Zend Db Adapter instance from within a Model? (ZF2)
Importing a RTF file in a UIWebView (content editable)
Change default ASP MVC Request Header to add your own values
functional bind operation in C preprocessor
C# Excel Connection
Conditionally adjust visible columns in Rally Cardboard UI
PHP PDO Prepared Statements and Value Binding Gives Invalid Parameter Number Error
sending the elements of a select form to another one
Background image in Custom Title
aptana development environment setup with laptop/desktop
Certificate expiration
How to pass Images path from AJAX call to div Tag
Dijkstra's Algorithm Does not generate Shortest Path?
Update Query in Visual Basic
How to scale a Drawable like an ImageView (android:scaleType=鈥渃enterCrop鈥�
Text files in jars not being updated
No autocomplete and f3 not working
Can YUI3 Test asserts display the line number of failure?
complex sums divided by month
iOS Get Subview's Rotation
jquery contact form php issue
When to use short instead of int?
iPhone simulator shows blank white screen after application launch
ViewResult fails to return values once a new parameter (not id) is used
Uninstalling a particular feature using msiexec
Java NullPointException on Tomcat
Trying to trigger jQuery Mobile ajax call
graph api post action on facebook from facebook c# sdk
Static Binding works compiled but not under designer
Table Layout inside Listview - Android 2.2
How to tell when a sql table was last accessed
Hiding divs in a given section based on empty child form input values
Catching Failed HTTP Request in PHP
Increase Alphanumeric VARCHAR Entry by Value 1?
Using GPL v2 library in a non-free web application
Make IIS7.5 use custom error page
Django template check for empty when I have an if inside a for
Page reload doesn't reset jQuery / CSS styles
Removing duplicate entries in an array (C++)
So the user agent can be faked.. Ok鈥�is there a valid reason why I shouldn't use php to detect the browser?
Java String appending a double quote
Effectively Immutable Object
Removing control from a dynamic interface [closed]
Bourbon/Sass: #{$all-text-inputs} with hover or focus?
How to maintain the distance between two nodes in a graph? C++
Injecting String property returned from some method in Java/Spring
Android - function not working when outside main class
Running IIS server with Coypu and SpecFlow
Getting Div's to align side by side in narrow browser
How to create a 鈥渉ighlighting鈥�effect in CSS3/Javascript?
find Device Token Xcode? For Push Notifications
Easiest way to eliminate NULLs in SELECT DISTINCT?
Bitwise operation in C
Why is Resque incrementing a column count by 4-5 and not by 10?
Ruby (Savon) persistent SSL session?
Initialising a CoffeeScript class instance from a hash
PendingIntent not launching app
Unbind an Anonymous Function
Why does select only show file descriptors as ready if data is already being sent?
PendingIntent not launching app
Unbind an Anonymous Function
Why does select only show file descriptors as ready if data is already being sent?
debugging Silverlight WCF RIA app; 鈥淟oad operation failed for query 'GetTblProjects'. The remote server returned an error: NotFound.鈥�
php default header
How do you define dictionary-like value assignment for a user defined object?
.htaccess rewrite specifics
Linq Group (multiple) on XML Data
Generate SHA1 Hash in Portable Class LIbrary
Python: find types of keys in locals()
Refactoring - Chapter 11, Exercise 3 Rails Tutorial 2nd Edition
mysql/php: show posts and for each post all comments
How to prepare a list of values based on a form's text inputs?
Error while installing Jython for PyDev
template function parameter inheritance
Interpreting Assembly Code Comparison [duplicate]
Why only the first link is fetched?
Tools to create an Icon Font
How can an object be initialized within its own class?
How do I turn an api link into something useful?
Server.CreateObject Failed with chiliupload component
htaccess - Forbidden page to work only via ajax or only as an include
Symfony SonataAdmin Templates
Facebook age range in Graph API (JS SDK)?
Find HTML tag string in text using applescript and return value true or false
CSS Layout - 3 column with stretchy background
Where should I place the 10.4.u.sdk folder To make it recognized by xCode?
How can I detect (and correct?) various scroll bar visibilities cross-browser?
mapview stopped downloading tiles
OpenDJ - Intercepting LDAP Events
More efficient way to pre-load images
Check multiple chunks of string against a range in excel in one go
Apply function from std::tuple [duplicate]
How to remove anchor from active navigation page using PHP?
jQuery onclick function clean up
IE7 and IE8 will not display my simple horizontal CSS menu correctly
Update ListView item's drawable state when child clicked
Central Admin Panel - Managing few sites on external servers - Saving files on external server
Using std::vector as a key for std::map does not return end() when not found and using reserve()
Execute stored procedure in Entity Framework, return List<DataTable> or DataSet
How can I properly configure rails 3 nested attributes
(NaN, NaN) when getting latitude and longitude through GET
Multiple class constructor Matlab
Fiddler not working in any version of Internet explorer
Bind/unbind scroll event after fancybox closes
How to truncate a string in PHP to the sentence closest to a certain number of characters?
Asp.net MVC Increment Button
How to pass values from VBA to a table variable in SQL Server 2008?
PHP Session Variables - passing through pages
How can I prefetch_related across a reverse one-to-one relationship where the one-to-one relationship may be different?
How to use a form with GET to utilize querystring, but not have VIEWSTATE in querystring?
Color and Line writing using MatPlotLib
How to create Eclipse project based on web-source
Allow admin to create a new column?
Rounding behavior when NSNumberFormatter reads string?
TListItem Objects
Using HTML Helpers in Node.js?
Difference between assertEquals and assertSame in phpunit?
How to map this database structure into NHibernate?
How do I cast a dynamically loaded class to its interface?
KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER event not captured inside onClick
Searching for data that can be in two different column (query/design)
android sql - how do you order your sql query by multiple columns
how to append a view to the top of the android keyboard?
Class property assignment does not exist in current context?
How to Generate a Flowchart from a Database or Spreadsheet on a Mac?
A variable is breaking my code
Writing data to disk in parallel?
How can I set a transparent background in a GTK# TextView using Mono?
how to convert from cvMat to UIImage in objective-c?
SQL to select parent that contains child specific value
MBP.hideUrlBar(); Boilerplate Mobile
Why isn't my PHP password hashing comparison working?
how to put JavaScript value in html
Connect to Microsoft Access Database from XCode
CakePHP: variables are cleared when next/privous is clicked
Add tests for dependent :destroy in the Relationship model (Chapter 11, Exercise 1 Rails Tutorial, 2nd Ed)
How to read result from web service in Java?
Getting -1 value from database
how to consume twitter/datasift stream with rails on heroku
Core Data undoManager crashes
Can I call a method with a field value in Java?
Best development method for sharing access to objects across classes
MVC3 WebGrid disappears after sorting or paging with a filter
Generate percent change between annual observations in Stata?
check if tel URI linked
How to verify if 鈥減hp://input鈥�is set and not empty
Easiest way to implement visual-feedback/busy-indicator in android
Can't get localstorage to work with handlebars and getJSON
Passing UIImage's to Another View Controller
NTLM authentication in Android app
Regex: match word breaks that are not 鈥�鈥�
s:Rotate3D with constant rotation speed
Android low quality Bitmap from RelativeLayout View containing MapView
How to call $_SESSION in javascript
R help: determine interval, binning a number
iPhone 4S - BLE data transfer speed
PHP Not Getting Information from Javascript Jquery
Instantiating datatype with multi-parameter members
check if tel URI linked
How to verify if 鈥減hp://input鈥�is set and not empty
Easiest way to implement visual-feedback/busy-indicator in android
Can't get localstorage to work with handlebars and getJSON
Passing UIImage's to Another View Controller
NTLM authentication in Android app
Regex: match word breaks that are not 鈥�鈥�
s:Rotate3D with constant rotation speed
Android low quality Bitmap from RelativeLayout View containing MapView
How to call $_SESSION in javascript
R help: determine interval, binning a number
iPhone 4S - BLE data transfer speed
PHP Not Getting Information from Javascript Jquery
Instantiating datatype with multi-parameter members
What relational database management system RDBMS for small read-only DB on a linux web server with unixODBC? [closed]
Erlang API for a NoSql DB running on Windows
Implementing Kubelka-Munk like Krita to mix colours (color) like paint
Xen configure host-only adapter
jquery html doesn't add the entire string
GWT FileUpload - Set the response Content-Type through Client code
How to add asp.net authorization cookie to header request?
Lost RIA Services debugging
for each in for each logic
.Net 4 causes DLLImport function to return failure code, .Net 2, 3 or 3.5 does not
Getting undeclared identifiers when creating subclassed C4Shapes (C4 Framework)
finish getting hover-on-text-link-to-change-image
Monotouch memory view controller problems
What does (Resolving Host) means?
Memory Leak while using NSDateFormatter
Oracle Forms Builder - change to window in another form
PHP - getimagesize
SQL Foreign key issue with 2 parent tables
inserting data into two separate tables using php
How are permissions enforced in IPC between apps?
Using JQuery with a string (instead of DOM)
If i have a mongo document id as a string how do I query for it as an _id?
Java Enterprise Application for Android
Horizontal scroll is added incorrectly
Hayes AT Commands: Detect Remote Hangup?
JavaScript.. Image() object as Array?
jQuery AJAX request internet explorer php file -> NO / html file -> YES
How can i filter Windows Events retrieve with an XPATH where a certain value is a substring of the value?
Use T4 DBContext Script to Write Display Name Attribute
Should I be using static classes or something other than structs?
How to create jQuery if statements from php array?
Javascript Forms Calculator with No answers
jqGrid has no addJSONData method
message console Java
jQuery datepicker without input
How to add a custom subclass of uiview as a subview to another custom subclass of uiview in code?
Any way to tell when any button in a layout is UN-pressed
Netbeans fails to build signed Jar
Is there an IE 7 workaround for floating elements not clearing properly?
Running a custom MediaWiki php script from command line: php script does nothing and produces no error messages
Position of form changes
copy vs deepcopy: semantics
In Java, what is the advantage of declaring and initializing a java.util.(ex. list) in the body of the class as opposed to just importing is first?
PushbackReader Equivalents
c++: Can I put the same object into a collection twice?
C# Unit testing, using XML from a zip file
How do I get php to open a pdf file in a new tab?
Core Data Delete Rules for many-to-many relationships
Cannot get past this error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
CoffeeScript Compile On Windows With NodeJS
PATH issue with pytest 'ImportError: No module named YadaYadaYada'
is this a good use of virtual inheritance?
How to pass a file into controller using jquery
NSSortdescriptor ineffective on fetch result from NSManagedContext
What does '**/*.coffee' mean?
Add or Subtract
Please clarify the functionality of this parent-child relationship
background-position technique for 'single-sprite-background-images'
UIScrollView appear not at the top, but random: at bottom, at the middle
Seperating CodeIgniter config file Git for publishing publically
Is my jquery selector wrong?
How to remove parameters from URL when using T4MVC
XCode 4.3.1 Installation
Ruby sending packet to a known MAC address
Making a list subclass hashable [closed]
Site displays diff in IE9 than IE8 today
Compiling Linux kernel - hello world
Weblogic could not find resource adapter with 鈥渃orrect鈥�JNDI name for binding
Using ChildActionOnly in MVC
Using Rake, that loads my db from a YAML file, can i set environments?
unable to find C_kmns object when passed to .Fortran()
Deleting a row in a UITableViewController with an alert confirmation
Fetch an image from another domain
ideal database field for calling data to
Include library path in the makefile
Rotate a sprite in cocos2d using accelerometer
How to handle expected error in AJAX (including disclosing them to user)
jquery issue with jquery ui accordion
Calling super.equals and super.hashCode in child class?
Java null pointer error
Android ending activities
Multiplying values from a textbox in Yii Framework
gSOAP segmentation fault
How do I send a direct message with the iOS 5 Twitter Framework?
Mouse control not responding[closed]
Adding Requirements to Globbed Routes in Rails
Fetch an image from another domain
ideal database field for calling data to
Include library path in the makefile
Rotate a sprite in cocos2d using accelerometer
How to handle expected error in AJAX (including disclosing them to user)
jquery issue with jquery ui accordion
Calling super.equals and super.hashCode in child class?
Java null pointer error
Android ending activities
Multiplying values from a textbox in Yii Framework
gSOAP segmentation fault
How do I send a direct message with the iOS 5 Twitter Framework?
Mouse control not responding[closed]
Adding Requirements to Globbed Routes in Rails
Python: why print statements and subprocess.call() output are out of sync?
Rails 3.1+ Simple Nested Form validation and Twitter Bootstrap control states
How does this regular expression work?
svn publisher jenkins plugin usage
Change password in couchdb 1.2 via the api?
Search multidimensional arrays for specific keys and output their data
How to close PhotoSwipe with phone's back button [duplicate]
Making CSS3 Gradient Background Spin
Why content of EAX differs?
How to get the number of pages of a .PDF uploaded by user?
Invalid keyword argument on new model entry
How to detect the dragleave event in Firefox when dragging outside the window
Could use of an UISlider for discrete values be a misuse and reason for rejection from app-store?
How to connect an Apache Camel synchronous request/reply endpoint with asynchronous sub-routes
Checking form input for text and changing it's color
Emailing photo taken with ImagePickerController?
assignfile contents via #include to char array
TCP client fails for a particular image(.bmp)
Yii importcsv module headaches
Application Error event in Global asax not firing on extension-less 404 errors
Extract String Regular Expression
LNK 2001 Error: Unresolved External Symbol in VS2008
any way to access the matched groups in action? [duplicate]
Image not loading in jar file
Import CSV to Update only one column in table
What are the correct options for an ARM cross compiler with crosstool-NG
Converting large integer to 8 byte array in JavaScript
divide bags of candies among three children evenly
wglMakeCurrent FAILS using DetourCreateProcessWithDll
How to clear left-floated element when it collides with a right-floated element?
Trying to use Launcher.LaunchUriAsync in a Share Target app win Win 8
URL Rewrite is not working properly
Ruby on Rails get key by value from two dimensional array
How can I change the width/height of all QDockWidgets in a QDockWidgetArea?
How do I load this javascript function after document load?
drools.net Reading DRL file
power curve fitting with 2 terms [closed]
Example of using Buildr with Ivy?
How can I instantiate a member class through reflection on Android
Node.js server GET to separate API failing after a few hours of use
Good proprietary license for an addon to GPL'd software? [closed]
:last-of-type Pseudo-Class Not Acting as Expected
Ruby regex: replace non-word chars that are not space chars
Check if a check box is checked or not (js/jquery)
How will android pass the MotionEvent ev)
symfony2 on shared hosting
ExpandableListView -UnsupportedOperationException: addView(View, LayoutParams) is not supported in AdapterView
Who increases retain counter alloc or init? Objective-C
Cookie is not available to the server after redirect
How to pop up a text file in C#
Join on a subquery with grouped by in Arel?
How to say this is me in github
Unable to include css and JS files in Liferay Portlet JSP Page
coffeescript fat arrow access not parent 'this'
How would I return a session Id to a mobile user authenticating via JSON?
php zend gdata - Get list of google docs using oauth
AjaxOptions.confirm does not pop up in ActionLink or BeginForm Submit
Can't access site on EC2 instance via public ip
鈥淭he total number of locks exceeds the lock table size鈥�Deleting 267 Records
TextView under ImageView with reduced text
BattleShip Game IOS conceptual design
RESTful api with /products and /myproducts
Inject a function into a Java .class file using Haskell
Batch file: run a program that matches a substring
How to uncheck ToggleButton from programmatically
What Haskell type system magic allows for the definition of join?
Java SMPP implementation to receive SMS
JQuery drag and drop - droppable contains draggable
Python - getting text from html
Draw string with BitmapFont
Display Uploaded Image smaller in size php
JavaScriptSerializer error: 'ResponseBody' is not supported for deserialization of an array
Performance Memory Management in JavaScript
How to OR a local bool with a viewmodel bool and bind to visibility property
How do I make a button in a Java Applet that opens a JFrame?
In UML what kind of association exists between two classes if one uses a static method of the other?
Multiple TableViews in one View - Array of data sources?
Any good dalvik related books
ios google api issue
Qt - plot results dynamically in time
How to read line by line from a text area
Backbone with TastyPie: DELETE does a Redirect [closed]
Python 鈥� x00鈥�filled / utf-32 string from cStringIO
How to Return the ID Value When Inserting a Record Using ElevateDB
UITableView custom section header disappear
How to pass query parameters through force_ssl
How To display notification in iphone that an incoming call is being forwarded from an outside line
Pull not working - TortoiseGIT / Windows 7 / GIT on Debian + gitolite
Android ADB shell commands: Mount host PC folder?
inheritance and polymorphism conflict
Dataencryption via VB.NET with TCPIP
MySql create or update row with ip?
How to let search engines show results from our site? [closed]
Please help me understand how to convert my code to work like this thread
Need to return JSON-formatted 404 error in Rails
jQuery changing the size of Video players
301 Redirect, One Rewrite Works And The Other Does Not
Gearman: Restrict workers from picking jobs based on some input params
Multiplying values from a textbox in Yii
Read Sections of the File in PHP for Creating Labels
Why is one an Object and one an Array?
ExtJS4 combobox loading/store issue
How to bind to the ItemsSource of a DataDrid from inside DataRow?
Relations for Product, FrequenceOfUse and User tables
Unit Testing a Windows Phone 7.1 library
Implementing handlers in an Eclipse Plugin
Reading x86 MSR from kernel module
rtf to textblock
Trouble Saving ID to Resource File
Strange rendering using SlimDX (holes in faces)
percent graphical representation as circle
jQuery .removeClass/.toggleClass not working when unchecking a checkbox
How avoid returning to login layout pressing the back button/key?
Setting a depth in an object literal by a string of dot notation?
Retrieve all elements that have data-foo Javascript
Javascript function arguments has to be a string?
Dictionary looping and Application-defined or object-defined errors
Django development server broken pipe error
jmp in assembly
How to define x++ (where x: int ref) in F#?
GLFW Toggling Windowed-Fullscreen Mode
Can twistd do an automatic server reset the same way as django?
T4MVC - different controllers conflict
Is There A Way To Make Batch / Global Changes To IIS Zone Properties?
C4Shape, setFrame doesn't change the size of the shape (C4Framework)
Get google.maps.Map instance from a HTMLElement
hadoop t-file and datablock relationship?
Google Fusion Table Query: Color Change By Population Density
4-d Interpolation
JavaScript Horizontal Slider
Explain syntax of delegate invocation c#
MVC Php resources [closed]
Fragments and Rotation
How to Determine if PHPUnit Tests are Running?
How to count amount of rows referring to a foreign key in MySql?
Algorithm for determining if one string could be changed into another by insertion of characters?
Javascript - permutations/combinations for an undetermined number of options with undetermined numbers of values
Batch processing fails in Oracle. Find out which statement in the batch is causing it
AlertDialog populated from cursor. Get ID from the selected Item
c++ virtual functions in inheriting class
c++ partial specialization: How can I specialize this template<class T1, class T2> to this template<class T1>?
JSON request with JQuery/Ajax with Spring
Getting started styling JSON search results from DocumentCloud
Hyphens in SlugField
Warning: mysql_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/a5751969/public_html/func/user.func.php on line 9
Understanding Deferred.pipe()
cannot get phing to run at all
jQuery Autocomplete, how to allow a user to submit input that does not match values in the source
Close Connection and Keep Executing
FB.api post to wall : access token?
checking shared libraries for non default loaders
Dependency Injection Optional Parameters
Efficient graph traversal with LINQ - eliminating recursion
Implementation of monitors with semaphores
Is there a way to detect when loading tiles has failed?
Presenter with swappable sub-presenters
Get a signal on each page fault
Execute the last thread of ThreadPool only
stop youtube videos opening youtube app in xcode/cordova 1.6.1
Embed YouTube videos in HD with new embed code (small video player)
Storing the order of videos that are in a playlist
How to implement data execution (as if it were script source code) [closed]
Convert plain text to array
Parameter count mismatch thrown when reflecting string
ASP User Control Event Fires After Containing Page's OnLoadComplete
using iphone to trigger events on a Mac
How to stop the first character in a text box from being '.'?
Dynamically creating a multi-dimensional hash in Ruby
Is the <jnlp codebase=鈥溾�鈥�> parameter required?
Display time in GUI
Why doesn't 'cap deploy:migrations' call my callbacks like 'before :deploy'?
Local time for specific time zone in SQL Server
Prevent site from 鈥渇olding鈥�when browser window shrunk
JTA CMT transaction management
Activity back to surfaceview 鈥渨orks鈥�with a error
CodeIgniter email does not work when inside config file
C# ASP.NET (VS 2008) DB ignores INSERT if it contains Hebrew characters
SQL Query Not Fetching Everything
Text of Android button isn't displayed in the specified colour
Is there an Object1.CopyTo(Object2) method in .NET? [duplicate]
Long SQL file runs SQL Server out of memory (22,000 lines)
Type-checking collections with elements with different traits
php array still getting white space and nulls
Type declaration in Java
android activity won't show up
Paypal recurring payment on event basis not on period basis
Type declaration in Java
android activity won't show up
Paypal recurring payment on event basis not on period basis
line breaks in an input tag, data from mysql
it { should respond_to(:reverse_relationships) } fails while testing but ok in the sandbox
Windows Phone 7 Looped Navigation
generic collection not working
PHP: How to access a namespace class with :: instead of ?
VB6 code upgrade [duplicate]
Why Doesn't This Regex Lookahead Work?
read one java.util.arrayqueue from more than one thread
Symfony2 ACL check always returns FALSE
Run as > Android application runs previous application and not current one
Outlook iCalendar Task Import/Export
Markers disappear after animating
javascript file is returning an error log that Im not sure about
Reset or Reload a JPanel contents in Card Layout depending on the selections in other panels
Write XML directly to disk and append elements
Can a $_GET and a $_POST be used on the same page one under the other
Eliminate directory hiearchy while tarring.
Objective-C/Xcode - password checking as user types
Adding Sounds to Xcode 4.3 [closed]
How to send propert from jsp file to a action method in liferay?
How to go to EndOfFile of a data file while reading it in Mathematica?
Zend Framework: How to call an Action from a View?
WCF using proxy objects on the server during deserialization
Partial match on JQuery selector
How do I install the latest gcc 4.7.0 on centos 6.2? [closed]
Unable to include Arial font in FOPTransformer
How to create a protected excel document from coldfusion
jQuery: triggers do not fire on elements loaded with .load()
C++ free all memory used by struct
How to set read file permission for 鈥渕ac鈥�similiar to right click for PC
Why do valid objects show up as Nil using lldb? (Apple LLVM Compiler 3.1, Xcode 4.3.1)
How to implement projects with project admins in Rails
Referencing embedded resources from an embedded resource
Server permissions issue, I can't upload files anymore in wordpress
Proper approach to get words like 鈥渄entistry鈥� 鈥渄entist鈥�from query like 鈥渄ental鈥�(and vice versa)
Jquery How to trigger buttons upon radio select
MVC3 - Razor, Ajax.BeginForm - client side - OnBegin
Java Paint Component Refresh Rate?
Best way to scale layout styles in Android?
Setting values in <input> tags after retreiving them from Database.
Custom Asset Compilation in Play 2.0
iOS: CFTypeRef disallowed with ARC
ValidateUserName is undefined
F# on .NET micro
Sorting ASP.NET ListView that was DataBound with Custom Projection
Fill datatable based on user input
HAML - how to create form validation and display error messages?
Updating the prototype of ServerRequest in an express/node configuration
How can I check if my wrapper function system call - read()is correct? [duplicate]
How to display difficult-model view in rails app?
Missing InnoDB In WHM MySQL 5.5 Upgrade?
Maven submodules in eclipse: Resources from one module not found in another
pointer to array c++
How to style Overlay on MapView
indexing all documents in doc folder in to solr FileListEntityProcessor
State Machine example
Compare date with jodatime
Perl - fetch all records using perl dbi
Entity Framework 4, how to make implements entity class? [duplicate]
onclick window.location.href won't work in Chrome or Safari
Is there a way to know what a program does? [closed]
Cannot close jquery dialog after radiobuttonlist click?
in SpringSource Tool Suite, where can I edit the themes?
Excel formula, adding title to each row below it
jQuery Combine two functions to be used on change
鈥淢issing鈥�arithmetic instructions in Tilera and SSE. How are the operations done?
Serializing a GoogleMapsLatLng and storing in a cookie
Making lex to read UTF-8 doesn't work
Getting view in a preference
BBQ history plugin - get previous hash
Divide and conquer algorithm for finding the smallest value in the array
To embed OSGi in servlet container or servlet container in OSGi?
Python/numpy: Get array locations of a list of values
Cloned a table using javascript; however some values no longer work after the cloning
Adding PrimeFaces notificationBar makes my code stop working
Can麓t access https sites through squid3
android format edittext to display spaces after every 4 characters
how to continue after calling objc_msgSend
Setting the root for relative file paths in JUnit, AppEngine
KnockoutJS remove item from observable array. Item is listitem within ul, which was generated by foreach
$.ajax and $.getJSON for json and jsonp fail to properly get response from 3rd party server
Zend Layout Double Div
Having trouble with C# quadratic equation solver
How do I debug Visual Studio 2010 error?
Best way to order category names joined with children [closed]
In eclipse, shortcut for 鈥渃trl+shift+g鈥�for multiproject?
How to route sign_up with Devise while specifying controller
have trouble with PIL to create PhotoImage object
DataBinding: 'System.Web.Mvc.SelectListItem' does not contain a property with the name 'CategoryTypeID'
XQuery - Retrieve only a part of information
How can I add an accurate difference column to a DataTable?
Place a php function into an XML request
Passing field data to use as polygon style setting + Google Fusion Table Maps
Google Fusion Table Query Data Manipulation
grep html file from wget
ASP.NET MVC What is the proper way to update database objects during post methods
How to handed over bluetooth via NFC [duplicate]
php code returns error log issue
Website Dev: Rendering's Views on Server-side vs Client-side?
Mondrian: Help picking the right aggregator for Measures?
Statically analyse whether an Option is never null in Java
Eggdrop TCL Uptime Script
Error in converting Object to String Javascript
how to: program a virtual machine?
Order of operations in Solr Suggester
Create Json dynamically in c#
ember.js statemanager use for tabs
Check project for use of code introduced in Java 7
Android AlarmManager Triggering
cookies keep coming back even if i set it to delete
Why does Nokogiri's to_xhtml create new `id` attributes from `name`?
Background image change when clicking a image
What's wrong with this SQL syntax?
PCA FactoMineR plot data
Applying Class to First 5 and Last 5 Rows
Task killer kills my widget timer
How do I stop Jawr processing some parts of CSS files?
Matrix multiplication using 1d arrays
Consuming MSMQ with WCF
Oracle: Possible to return nothing from PL/SQL function?
MySQL Error 1329 in Some Versions - How Do I Fix?
CakePHP PDOException - Cardinality 1242
How come I am getting the same total values of 2 different columns
parent and child table foreign key
History API breaking when leaving page with History.JS script
String manipulation using Java regexp
C# Attachment field update on existing Access DB
Can content be loaded into different tabs off one activity? Android tabs
PHP form passing vars
Entity Framework 4 and Empty classes
Impact of adding a Nullable Column to an existing table
C# No overload method 'ToString' takes 1 arguments - simple
Parse and translate classic ASP & ASP.NET website
why rails force me to use bundle exec?
When moving records from staging, what options are there to merge?
How to prevent a SWF from running on a site other than ours?
Meaning of elements in Rebar deps configuration
How cancel files from queue programmatically in JQuey File Upload Plugin?
Symfony Sonata AJAX image multi-upload
Decyphering some cryptic legacy JavaScript
Loading MySQL content dynamically to table through dropdown menu
Searching a linked list, Different data types
Android app, open connection to to mobile devices
Returning a SqlDataReader
Tool for discovering library dependencies based on missing symbols
Removing line breaks doesn't work
What's the correct sql command to find exact matches?
How to edit google chrome inner CSS or JS files (source code)?
Why i am getting connection error when i change the parameter in mysql query
Infinite loop in python thread
Ruby on Rails, Running Guard, dies right away with 鈥淜illed鈥�
Need to concat these two results
How to put all DDLs and scripts for stored procedures into TFS for SQL Server 2008?
Apache Won't Request My SSL Client Certificate
program for measuring time taken to send varying amount of data between two systems over a LAN
jquery / knockout.js and returning a filtered array of new objects
is AES key random?
How to check whether a sentence is correct (simple grammar check in Python)?
Going back to a JSP page after a prticular action is being done.
Changing the Detail Container in a NestedList?
Why is my camera app crashing?
Python and ClearCase setview
Using SWI-Prolog Interactively - Output Taken off
Painting app with huge canvas
Can I create a memory-mapped FILE * in C/Objective-C on iOS?
How to pass variables from one php page to another without form?
'not small' table in mysql with innodb compact stoage is slow to add a column
matplotlib: varying color of line to capture natural time parameterization in data
ListView doesn't show anything
On my second call to form.Show the System.Windows.Forms.Form does not appear
are the members of a static inner class by default static in java
Using Qt Creator in QML Design mode, how to reference an image using qrc path?
to retrieve data from database and show it with tha radio buttons with radio botton containing the data value
Java 6 File Input Output Stream (same file)
Remove some files/dir from a repository? TortoiseSVN
Validating a textbox with AJAX Toolkit in ASP.NET
Is there any way I can display Google/Yahoo/Bing search results in a UITableView?
Is there a way to tell browsers not to auto-include the domain in relative paths?
RestKit - I want to map to NSManagedObjects but handle persistence myself
How do I add an 鈥渁dd Image鈥�button to the right side of my Gallery view?
Regular Expression Validator in ASP.NET for *, ,, ^, ~
Pass response body from IDispatchMessageInspector to Application_EndRequest
Titanium can't create valid IPA
JQuery, using Sortable in a calendar
Counting empty values in an array
FB Graph API: Posting as a page, to a different page
grouping of xml data using xsl
Syntax error in complex macro expansion for some, but not all compilers
How to replace a string menu item in ncurses & C
Only load a module if Flash is detected
FFTW in Visual Studio 2010
interface design: choose between two images
GDB gets lost when stack pointer is manually changed
how to add Permissions in Django to Models and Test it using the shell
How to get the 鈥渇lat鈥�domain name for a user in .NET 3.5+
UIWebview doesn't open a few URL's
How do i stop code from working in another frame
Merge second column in a table based on row ID SQL
Difficulty in unary operator overloading in C++?
How to center block level links within a div
Problems re-positioning Flex buttons
Getting foreach to not split apart the file
Getting invaders to shoot
accessing variables using loop counter in java, android
AJAX/PHP based upload with progress bar for large files
php mysql displaying results as drop down list
nginx uwsgi and cgi python script
Compiling PyPy on cygwin
How to load page html and content (such as images) in jQuery?
JRuby Performance
Web Interface for specifiedPickupDirectory
Vim in-line navigation
Capturing cellular network packets on iOS?
Swing's GroupLayout and setContentPane - losing Components?
postgreSQL primary / foreign key not complying
Solution: How to disable title tooltips! (was: How to get element behind event target in javascript?)
OracleTimestamp to sysdate conversion error
Ext JS 4's File Upload and Internal Server Error
Hierarchical Taxonomy in Faceted Search using RavenDb/Lucene?
Sqlcipher, Windows: encryption succeeds but produces strange results
How do I get a list of column names from a psycopg2 cursor?
Rails 3: Looping through parameters for dynamic based MySQL query
Android: Loading a listview from a database after populating it asynchronously
How to control the amplify.request cache:persistent option
EF4.3 Model mapping to 2 db tables
@csrf_exempt stopped working in Django 1.4
Is there a way to get a MessageBox to automatically dismiss after a set interval of time?
Paste Google Maps API v3 link into Email
Any way to intercept typed function calls in AS3?
Reading your own application file in android?
check if an item has been selected in ListBox
Place View at bottom of a screen/layout using a TableLayout
Java scanner doesn't read complete file but stops in between one of the entries
How do I avoid overlapping buttons on a LinearLayout?
I've decided not to support IE7; what JS/CSS/HTML features can I now use? [closed]
XMLHttpRequest not loading the page properly
Square with largest sum in the matrix
Need DIV to disappear when a separate DIV is clicked
How to serialize interface typed member
Valgrind reports a SQLite error, why?
If (Rvalue == LValue)
Restful web service required but need to redirect into SharePoint
Defining a Report to run against a Restful service
What is wrong with below code
Open excel file and export data
xsd choice override
groupby/merge to the latest record?
How can I install Website Administration Tool (WSAT) to webServer
string split into array not working
How to monitor changes to a collection from the server with Meteor?
How to use SyncAdapter for an app that doesn't require authentication
Killing multiple processes that were started from nested threads鈥�C#
Why does my regular expression work in RegexPal, but not when I run my Javascript?
PHP Runtime Notice with fresh TYPO3 installation
how to solve HTTP/1.1 302 Found error when trying to get contents of a form in php?
jQuery show extra field conditional on current input's value
Nested relationships in Kohana 3 ORM
Scoping a Transform in Cucumber
Telerik RadListBox, transfer item through code
Type alias or full namespace
Json-rpc service on java for jquery terminal emulator
Are there any stable native threading APIs for Android?
Displaying a page of all post categories with thumbnails in Wordpress
programmatically determine if *.ts video file is encrypted with aes 128
EDE generated makefile set variable using ?=
How to implement a method to extract multiple features from a binary image
Lightweight Mongodb ODM/ORM for Python
How to debug a project in eclipse, which will result in a plugin for another programm?
date_joined and last_login required error in Django every time i tried to add a User to the database
Set-Cookie Header is in the response but browser doesn't set Cookie in next request
Python For/If Syntax Error
Database design: multi-path integrity constraints
showing inactive selected item in active item list
How to make REST requests more user friendly like RPC?
Creating C# Treeview from Database values
Is this a good way to generate a random string on iPhone?
Is there a way to accept UAC prompts with QTP?
Android: How to get the handle of WebViews that are created programmatically to reload them (while they have no ids)
Removing rows in R based on values in a single column
MAMP changes to Apache 'document root' are ineffective
simple usb driver
Sharing R functionality with multiple users without exposing code [closed]
How to install a development version of R package from google code and/or launchpad.net?
How do I run a jquery function after the a div have been added to the dom?
Long running work in GAE
jquery mobile loads actual content over injected content
Can I access VHDL record outputs from a Verilog module?
How to use arry as a loop [closed]
Adding silence to the end of a recorded audio file
PackageMaker integrated into XCode without a temporary directory
c# .NET 4 stringify member name similar to #define str(s) #s in C
Filtering by __range not working?
Serializing python object instance to JSON
Blur event include submit button too /jquery
Error creating ADO.Net Entity Data Model
Write file to Windows OS from JavaScript to persist browser configuration
Can someone look at this php file and see if they can spot an issue. I'm stumped
Filtering by __range not working?
Serializing python object instance to JSON
Blur event include submit button too /jquery
Error creating ADO.Net Entity Data Model
Write file to Windows OS from JavaScript to persist browser configuration
Can someone look at this php file and see if they can spot an issue. I'm stumped
How to split a string into array, randomly in jquery
System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager does not work in Visual Studio designer
PHP errors appearing but code still executing correctly [duplicate]
Check if successive Elements are different (less than)
onPause, onResume, onStop, onStart, etc, not firing - life cycle?
Writing b-tree in file using python
Google place api is not supporting multiple types
C++ typedef and return types: how to get the compiler to recognize the return type created with typedef?
ASP.NET membership and role provider config issue
Munq property injection of optional dependencies
Half-Brick Image Layout with HTML&CSS
How do I use ASP.NET MVC 3 in an ASP.NET Website project?
How to write a function that checks if an item is in a tree? [closed]
How do I setup a static html page in rails without having to configure routes, controller, etc
how to display all values from a sql table but add the values of duplicate entries in other colums
Roundcube Address Book: Can it be bridged with another web application?
java.lang.Exception: WEB0113
What's the best way to deliver a group of objects from one action to another?
Setting a virtual attribute in a scope
Android onClick does not change the text color of buttons
Can anyone explain the $pty argument in ssh2_exec() function call
Log4j on Apache/Tomcat not working
Renaming the Hosting URL for a Facebook App
Controlling User Privileges in Codeigniter
How would i go about saving drag and drop items to a form variable and sending it through email?
PDO Use value null when insert instead of empty
reconnecting app to debug after unplugging USB cable
Is there a more efficient method than while loops for something that requires conditional checking?
Why does the SetScrollInfo() function sends a WM_SIZE message to WndProc()?
How to include SQL statements in a C/C++ program? [closed]
UIImagePickerController return image nil when allowEditing = NO; and run on iPad as 2x
php email headers with MIME-Version: 1.0
Scala Cake Pattern: Splitting large components into separate files
No Persistence provider for EntityManager named xx
Using Xceed PropertyGrid
String Manipulation using php
Capybara failure on set_user, failure to define User in user.rb
Viewing original ObjC code instead of assembly in the debugger
How does Visual Studio display a System.Double during debugging?
Asp.Net Button control renders <span> but with update panel after update the <span> disappear
Page can't connect ODBC server, when XAMPP run as service (on Windows Server 2008)
RSpec Running on Development DB in Rails
jquery get HTML of an element stripping the style attribute
Does using SuppressKeyPress in a KeyDown event corrupt MaskedTextBoxes?
How to get textarea to take focus in an jQuery Tools overlay form?
How to maintain a websocket open until proper closure?
DateTime.Ticks, DateTime.Equals and timezones
Joomla Error on local system while same package works fine on Hosting service
Access string property in multiple methods of C#.Net Console Application
Passing all parameters to a git alias
Is it possible to detect when an item in the contextmenu is not selected?
MATLAB printing out time as a string
Mac GUI application without Xcode [closed]
Trouble using 'generate' in verilog always block
can't check the type of the file being uploaded
Best way to store application navigation for Android app?
Basic SQL query
search in shell
How is the underlying type of an object determined at runtime?
Making a label inside a user control click through-able for all mouse events?
upgrade from boost 1.48 to 1.49 has filesystem path Access violation reading location 0x0000000
Get My Web App Base URL in JavaScript
SPARQL query to retrieve all objects and properties
How do I find out what's using all the CPU in my application
EF5 many-many relationship entities
Changing namespace names in MVC 3 applications causes compilation errors in generated files at runtime
https, Jquery, PHP, Curl and document.cookie
Static NSMutableDictionary is 鈥渏ust leaking鈥�
MySQL - Getting Days of the Week
Parsing mbox files in Python
Scripting SFTP connection with expect not working
Where can I find custom cocoa/xcode class files? [closed]
programatically retrieving path info for TFS 鈥渋nstrumented binaries鈥�via the data warehouse
Loop JSON response after ajax success
What are the advantages of using Spring Data neo4j over just using neo4j directly?
sequence of images of my sprite hurt performance
How to convert Date and Time Combination into Days in Java