How to upload file using ajax
Issue using DataContext method
Performance of List.permute
Set cell font on DataGridView before/as form is shown
Cross platform mobile frameworks with native code support
Simple Validate for Months with Jquery
How to give column name dynamically from string variable in sql alchemy filter?
How to do a sharing field for mutiple people? [closed]
Calling and iterating over ActiveRecord::Relation objects
How to get the confirm() value with C# code
jQuery .select works, but Javascript .select doesnt
Programatically create and position an NSButton in an OS X app? [closed]
Sorting the divs in jquery
mixing Ajax with Javascript
layout issues with IE and FIrefox, CHrome works fine
Missing Attributes Inspector from XCode Utilities area
animation in iphone
Flash binary socket communication with netty
How do I Convert Python Dict to JSON in a Multi-Threaded Fashion
Debugging Knockout Select Value
Using the Json.NET serializer in an MVC4 project
URI tutorial/documentation
jQuery clear the value from the datepicker field, tied to the checkbox being unchecked
Button Control event handler
objAccess.Application.Quit not fully working when trying to close Access database using python
Qt containers - which should I choose?
Resteasy in-built exceptions not caught in the exception mapper
Can anonymous types be used in text templates?
How to remove a character from at string at certain position from the end?
npm install formidable error in installation [closed]
How can I use CGContextPathContainsPoint() to detect a point?
CollectionAssert.AreEqual Failing
SQL Query Help - Subqueries/Embed Queries
Does jQuery have a collect method
Referencing non-static fields from static functions and vice versa impossible?
Email temporary file with Outlook
build and use hash table using containers.Map
Continuous Updating in Java Panel or Dialog Box
Permission denied for <file://> to get property XPCComponents.utils in Firefox
How to access the individual R/G/B components of a loaded in image (newer C++ API)
Flare 3D Scene Environment panning
Make DWR pass a null value, rather than converting to false
Java: Arrays.sort quicksort and mergesort [duplicate]
Loading a hidden div into an AJAX jQuery UI tab (future DOM element)
is it possible to get all source from tag to working copy and then commit to trunk?
Using same message for some elements in facelets page
Managing Heroku Multiple environments with existing app
including a php file in an email
How can I create a DIV that expands UP TO a height and then shows a scrollbar?
event on pressing enter javascript
scripting full-screen, curses-style, updating tabular output (a la top) on unixen
Compiling CoffeeScript
Opening eclipse project from subversion (Subversive, local repository)
Snapping to the edge
Change Page for jQuery Mobile between two html files
Rewrite specific URL to different directory
Paste image from clipboard to web form
How can I get the current contents of an element in webdriver
Jetty: HTTP ERROR: 503/ Service Unavailable
Android: Toggling background on and off
Converting a string to float in php
How to build secured api using ServiceStack as resource server with OAuth2.0?
Is there any way to stop Apple OS' native styling on form fields, scrollbars, etc?
ORMLite - foreign key persistance
Generate Installation key codes based on an algarithm
How to host a TcpClient/listener online (I want to host my chat server online)
sql datetime to compare with string
How to connect to NAO robot using sockets?
Add characters to a character array c++
Can I access objects (button or hyperlink) within a templatefield in a Gridview?
INSERT when NOT duplicate row?
capture output in python call tree
Concatenate passed variable to name of form element
Is it possible to sort files on Amazon S3? [closed]
Return the user to my application after making a phone call
jQuery toggle one class when another is clicked
SQL error on iOS5 but not iOS4
PHP converting PCRE unicode sequence to normal utf-8 string
AS3 XML node traversal
php json to load jquery datagrid
Correct way to store and retrieve +2000 List items Sharepojnt 2007
analyzing patterns in multiple crash dumps
Declare the variable closer to where it is defined? C# IL code is not the same
findViewById causing crash. Why?
HAML - not sure why a compile error happens
SQL Insert Statement not Working in Javascript
google music/gallery picking up videos made by my app
URL Rewrite for Internal (SEO) that Eliminates Original Link
Dynamic HtmlSelect options not posting back
Want Procedural Approach In Android
Reflection on the Right Side of Image in Android ImageView
mysql_query not insert row correctly
Accessing External jQuery and CSS files
HTML code search using regular expression android
delete child rows of a table
MSChart X-Axis Dates
How would I have a larger center bottom navbar button in jQuery Mobile default navbar?
Mod_rewrite - rewrite conditions aren't working
Can you copy/import a node from one XML document to another?
Suppressing output in python subprocess call
C: can a function return a global variable?
How to tell Boost.Test to stop on first failing test case?
HTTPWebRequest Wakes Up WIFI?
CSS max-height and overflow auto always displays vertical scroll
UITextField inside UIPopover
Splitting an jpeg image in blocks in C++
C Files in iOS App
What does each sample in kAudioFormatLinearPCM represent?
Unicode glyphs for keywords and operators in Coq/Proof General under Emacs
Google Chrome Ul horizontal menu ghost item
How do I get column information about a table in an attached db?
Do I have to use CoreData if I want to make a typical Intelligence Test app that depends on the answer has a different result? [closed]
Pixmap only appears on QGraphicsScene if I don't capture return value of addPixmap
How do you Stream an image into a database using Hibernate?
Sencha Touch + Google Maps with an Online/Offline-App: Possible to load map when app is online?
How does pool size actually work with Spring's scheduled tasks?
jQuery plugin: plugin methods calling other plugin methods?
In the XCode IDE how can you scroll the window with the keyboard?
mod-rewrite htaccess folder rewrite
how to create a help button in windows form [duplicate]
click on markers google maps api and change page using gmaps4rails
How to instantiting System.IO.StreamWriter using ANSI encoding on PowerShell?
Paperclip + S3: Migrating existing files from one :path format to another
torrent_info() and magnet links in libtorrent python bindings
Ruby Array#include? giving NoMethodError
MVC routes with special characters
Gradle fails build during clover analysis due to a caught exception in a unit test
Android Facebook SSO does not work when fb is already installed on device
appending div to a div in jquery
.NET C# Array Instantiation/Passing Theory
Ruby Programming: Predicate Methods
How can I display a list in an x by y fashion?
WCF Metro interop message not encrypted
Cake PHP - Meioupload - Transparent PNG image
Get TFS buildNumber
What could cause this randomly appearing error inside jQuery itself?
C# WPF Plugin Architecture
Converting videos to flv using FFMPEG and losing the duration
Get an option value from a URL to present a specific menu item from a drop down list
Fast way to get number of files matching a pattern
sqlite on mono: calling SELECT causes ResetIndexes and index rebuilding
Basic string manipulation in Objective-C
SqlDependency and Geography SQL Server
inserting foreign key via doctrine entity?
Images and text in a JFace SWT TableViewer
Create captive runtime of AIR application for MacOS, but on Windows
Hibernate tool gives 鈥淐aused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.persistence.SequenceGenerator.catalog()Ljava/lang/String;鈥�
Is there any shortcut for this logical operator?
php's imagefilter outputting garbage/not displaying
iPhone / iPad Console? [duplicate]
Remove duplicate beans from a list
gcc -mpreferred-stack-boundary option
ClientEvents tag not working in Infragistics WebImageViewer
Implementation of Interbase password hashing algorithm in Objective-C/C
iOS - Performance testing?
RegEx To Find One or More Instances of 5 Consecutive Digits Within A Given Range
Is there a way to know when a program has just been closed?
Web Programming Frameworks Generating 鈥�/鈥�for Links
16 x 16 color block groups CSS + HTML
why won't this mysql line run with my php?
Generate percentile from histogram type data in SQL
how to add labels to files in producing multiple plots code
Unity Interception - Custom Interception Behaviour
SQL date string split
Retroactively passing token information, after receiving it from the Imgur API using requests-oauth
Unity Interception - Custom Interception Behaviour
SQL date string split
Retroactively passing token information, after receiving it from the Imgur API using requests-oauth
Related Post w/ Thumbs error in WP
How to get a datepicker for Html.Editorfor
warning C4189 in concurrent_vector.h
Using Javascript to detect Google Chrome to switch CSS
Java JList setting color of items
Keeping Action Bar Hidden on ViewNavigator - Flex
.NET string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace implementation
MySQL Group By Lowest Common Parent ID
How to wait for sub process results before returning from Meteor.method
uncompress ArchiveInputStream in memory
git: using object shas in a pre-commit hook
Mouse cursor changes from pointer to normal when clicking images and links on Google Chrome
Moving Android View and preventing onDraw to be called over and over again
How do you configure a WinRT component to run in MTA?
Python like sed using regexes
Resetting style values to previous declaration using javascript
php parsing strings and see if they are similiars
JQuery Animate with Effect 'Bounce' after animation is complete?
Scala Plugin missing in IntelliJ IDEA 11.1.1
Troubling navigation bar, tool bar inside tabbar
convert instance of C++ class to NSObject and then add to NSMutableArray
Change ListView choiceMode from singleChoice to multipleChoiceModal
Remove 鈥渨ww鈥� 鈥渉ttp://鈥�from string
How to read text transitions in a Powerpoint file via C#
鈥淪ize鈥�of unit test in ASP.NET MVC
Aligning Text with a RadioGroup/RadioButton
How can I resolve a this failed deployment on a Windows phone Azure Application?
posting stream data to WCF with Apache HTTP client
Way to automate GetProto on all types with ProtoContract attribute
Implementation of internal api/websockets
What is the purpose of String.concat() in Javascript?
Parsing XML data into a dynamic HTML Select Satement
Using JSON to populate ComboBox. Dojo 1.7 breaks it. :-(
Design guide line: Where to define the variables
SQL CLR in which scenario will give better better performance?? we observed for string and mathematical operation.
make a query string from a list
EXC_BAD_ACCESS crash glDrawArrays while opening WEPopover
ASP.NET Web API Message Handlers
How to specify File Version when building EXE using MSBuild?
iPad and iPhone not allowing testing
How can I use Visual Studio 2010 for C#?
Populate Inputs in Play Framework
Asp.Net Website Deployment with Single Page Assemblies
Can doxygen set custom permissions on the files it creates?
if( current screen == R.layout.main )
How do I update textbox2 to a value, after textbox1 has been updated or changed?
Rails 3 - Compare Dates Upon Record Creation
Modifying script to apply former processes on former input to any possible number of inputs
How to get imageView inside onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event) in android
ASP Issue: Is it possible to pass session variables as parameters to functions in the Global.asa file?
Parsing with Ruby Mechanize
Detect if JQuery Mobile came from a select dialog
Designing manual test cases for Business Logic layer (Smoke, Regression, etc.)?
spring security error in console and restricted folder is not working
Full-Width Google Map And CSS
Connecting to neo4j using ColdFusion
Menu elements jumping when zooming
Button control not firing
Set the hidden radio button value through autocomplete
Dynamically adding form elements via jQuery
Setting Closed Nodes for AdvancedDataGrid from a Separate File
Set Membership Provider to use a specific Provider
Ninject and WCF - Correct method to initialize the Inversion of Control Container
why isn't this NSMutableSet leaking memory
Why tag lib test throws GrailsTagException?
Pop Array Ruby on Rails
Mongoid and collections
Trying to bind to enum inside of DataTrigger, why isn't it working?
Difficulty with making a header file for C++
Are constructors thread safe in C++ and/or C++11?
It is all right to compile code inside a virtual machine?
unable to install elasticsearch plugin
How to force firefox to open page with java web start?
Android HoneyComb Registering Home Activity
Codesign error while installing an app on the iPhone from a different Mac
how to access button/view of an activity from another activity
How to use ConfigBuilder in Jesque to configure a Heroku redis connection?
Attached Behavior in Trigger Causes Build Error
Tracking the number of times Ajax.ActionLink was called
HTML 5 audio element not looping in Rails
Using HighCharts and DotNet.HighCharts to 鈥淧lay鈥�Multiple Series
htaccess, one line does not work
Project import error when using Eclipse
The smallest absolute di铿�rence in value between two di铿�rent array elements using brute force
Eclipse: Apache Tomcat doesn't update my project until I restarted Eclipse
perform function after x number of calls with setInterval
Apache Hive how to identify which column is the partition
adding string at the end of the file python
Map two string arrays without a switch
Executing binary files with a shebang
WCF Web Service Not Working
How to display 2nd ajax response in jquery dialog? Conflict between responses, first one displayed in div works, 2nd one only alerts
Python writing results out to a file [closed]
Is there a way to make a script that automatically corrects scanned documents?
Converting numbers to visual rating (stars)? [closed]
Possible to customize the look-and-feel of child browser of PhoneGap?
Wordpress : Page that can be viewed only by members and if not a member than show them a registration page
Compling PHP from source on Windows 7, fatal error C1900
IIS7.X remove directory from being compressed with gzip
How do you make a working clock with JavaScript? [closed]
C++ What's the usage difference between get and typecasting? Which one should I use?
Is there a way to add 2 or more zip code boundaries together to form territories?
Chrome gradient changes color when items appear over top of it
Recommended way to add/remove items from a Ext.Container in Sencha Touch 2?
Regarding singleton design pattern
Loading millions of DB row in wicket table through a list causing outofmemory error
Do I need to prevent duplicates in Google Places API?
cURL request timing out over HTTPS - due to firewall?
When to use CSS classes and when to not?
Append text for printing before and after a JTable
Large array declaration with gcc and its problems
How to search a string within another string in Visual C++?
Python OOP init Argument Error
Are int32s signed or unsigned in OSC (or is it unspecified?)
Is there a higher performance method for removing rare unwanted chars from a string?
Draw an image on drawing area
Verify app close ANDROID
Proper way to stop IntentService
jquery load to hide content
Redirection from index to front page (.htaccess)
Android Applicaton Download data
Access 2003/VBA: Open Argument/WHERE in form sequence
Strongly-Typed Route Testing
iPhone - MBProgressHUD, Data Controller and Sudzc
Cocoa Drag and Drop delegates not working the way I would expect
Jersey Logging filter eats UserPrincipal for POST
A way to sit 2 Divs next to each other when 1st Div width is unknown?
Webpage updates detection algorithms
How do i sort by users with profile pictures at the top?
PHP XML add elements
Combine jQuery Mosaic with CSS3 box-shadow page curl effect
How generate a MD5 in delphi for azure blob storage?
How to programmatically add UITabBarItem's Identifier type in iOS?
Workaround for settings apps URL schemes for devices using ios 5.1
What does this cronjob do?
Packet creation using java
How to write an Ubuntu Upstart job for Celery (django-celery) in a virtualenv
Path based animation in html5 canvas [closed]
Real time graphical browser mmo game, language options?
Property value within object of a ViewModel property is null
Using .htacces to run a .ics file as a .php file
Can't load Java applet from another directory in HTML
jquery.validate .valid() only flagging first two rules
Socket programming issue with recv() receiving partial messages
Can I use AIR to create Sony LiveView鈩�plugins?
How do I adjust where the calendar appears for the datePicker in the Grails UI plugin without the position changing when the page is resized?
Why do I need to '@import compass' in all my sass files for precompilation?
Rspec link_to - including confirm/data-confirm attribute causes test to fail
Accessing Google Spreadsheet feed during downtime
Flex Application on IIS7
Need assistance regex matching a single quote, but do not include the quote in the result
Spring MVC @RequestMapping not working
How can i access Ruby/Rails core date class within module?
installing java in linux issues
Not able to load library from Distributed Cache Hadoop
Java: Apache POI: Can I get clean text from MS Word (.doc) files?
Change Data Sources on
pyqt QTreeWidget setColumnWidth not working [closed]
Base64 Encoding Images in CSS
Generation of PDF from HTML with non-Latin characters using ITextRenderer does not work
SSO using Windows Login in C#
Django default model properties based on existing property values?
jQuery two 鈥減aged鈥�nav bar
code to solve the 鈥淭heater Row鈥�brain teaser
How can I delay the textview output?
Magento: Filtering reports/product_collection by category seems not to be working
hello world prog in C with Xcode got a build failed
Why does this textblock only display 鈥淭extBlock鈥�as its text?
Error Using a Makefile For a Linux Shell Written in C
Android: Using an old app as a library project
Failed to Connect with Websphere MQ SSL Channel through JNDI
Google Maps API: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '__e3_' of undefined
calculations in Objective-C
Suitable tree data structure
Do jQuery functions that affect certain elements have to exist after the elements in the code?
Writing Oracle Stored Procedure
DB2 database in Oracle SQL developer
How can I take only entries from even positions in List
Oauth for Connect-auth for
exclude nodes from xpath query
Open all links within a div in a lightbox
display all dates given start and end date
Set line spacing in QTextEdit
Fast reading contacts android
Save OpenSSL VeriSign Certificate into Java Keystore
Applying DIP(Dependency Inversion) to Android Activities classes
Invoke std::function in an std::for_each
TFS2010 build queue sometimes has multiple InProgress builds and sometimes not - what is the logic?
Casting or Parsing of Text in
How to convert it to JADE template engine?
glutMainLoop in mac osx Lion freezes application
How can I make rails rails_xss stop escaping my in template Javascript?
How can I call a class with variables from array php? [duplicate]
Ruby on Rails to Visual studio
Extract specific PHP strings in array based on keywords
Azure - Debug web application without Azure Emulator
Django admin customization with non-related models
How can I call a class with variables from array php? [duplicate]
Ruby on Rails to Visual studio
Extract specific PHP strings in array based on keywords
Azure - Debug web application without Azure Emulator
Django admin customization with non-related models
SQL Query with optional aggregate and group possible?
Extjs MVC folder structure can't load files
Looping through array and setting visible property of instances - ActionScript3
Robotium - setDatePicker() doesn't work with Android 4.0.4
Excel AddIn Click Once deployment issue
Database log view - SQLITE
How to disable iframe border on mobile safari?
Computing play number for baseball stats in SQL
For a Rails View *.html.erb : where can I place the style sheet?
How to use QAbstractItemModel?
Passing additional arguments using scipy.optimize.curve_fit?
Can you re-use child layouts?
css issue floating boxes within their father
Using std::vector with Igraph
Creating interface with the software without API-Possibilities [closed]
Who closed that socket, anyway?
Facebook 'Feed' dialog 'name' link not working
Gmaps4Rails and Custom/Nested Points Model
WCF REST Streaming for video playback
Why does GCC generate such radically different assembly for nearly the same C code?
How to get IP or Hostname of connected Windows RDP users?
How do I define an event as occuring whenever a particular set of circumstances are true?
How can I export CSV with special characters?
Optimizing my model/view that displays a simple list of items
Follow path algorithm
scala cake pattern - can I have multiple layers of cake?
jQuery Chosen Plugin - hiding already selected values
Facebook like button not displaying in FancyBox?
error in calling hosted wcf service method (The service is offline or inaccessible)
Add textbox values to a session
jquery toggle div up and down using button
Is it possible to access the bluetooth in android [enable() or disable()] without the user interaction?
jQuery submenu like an accordion
How to update password encrypted using MD5 and stored into sql server 2005 database
Couchdb in Nodejs
Extractingfrom XML using Regex
How to silence certain deprecation warnings from a Rails plugin?
Get Errs when Using Thread In Android
telnet to a device from server, over an existing ssh connection between client / server
Vim and matlab GUI - Emulate matlab Run (<F5>) with Vim
How to pass a reference to a callback function for use in array_filter with extra arguments?
Protobuf-net: serializing a custom class containing a Dictionary<object, object>
Positioning of android list items
QPrinter Is there a function to write the source of the print on the sheet
Python: possible to send text to a java app's stdin that is already running?
HAML - how to create links so that they go to the right controllers?
Wise to switch Media Library storage from File to Database?
Qt: How to open a link in a default user browser?
How to create custom vector icons to use in Xcode application
CUDA shared memory not faster than global?
getProcAddress - NULL is returned
How to dynamically retrieve data from database
Is a hostname guaranteed to be a valid Windows directory name?
Adding OAuth2 to iOS Project
sql query help - trying to get rid of temp tables
NSURLRequest Cache Policy
Scala Lift - Mongodb save data as json object
c# shopping cart
WiX - Elevating (or reducing) privileges at install time
Obfuscating CakePHP code
SELECT de-normalized columns into separate records?
Web2py Query Legacy Database
How to update a single column of all rows with the values of two columns on the same row?
Where are package interfaces defined?
Resize pie chart when content resize
how to check if the form exists and print all the attributes of the form, HTMLUNIT JAVA
Understanding when user pressed Up/Down Arrow
Heroku is bundle installing Sqlite, despite Gemfile specifying for development only
type or namespace could be found - even though i declared the variable
How to be aple to POST, PUT and DELETE from Backbone app to Rails app on different subdomains?
What is the easiest way to handle associative array in c#?
using the objects which are created by other thread
Loading a .csv file into a MySQL database using a script
Build templates in views
count values inside an array of an object in mongodb
Adding two __m128 types via Accelerate framework
How do I print to the file?
Android query where clause on ListView
Version difference for strtotime('first day of last month')?
Find the median of N^2 elements( large scale )
CEDET: storing tags manually
How to find out whether another thread is wait()ing?
Boost heap Setting user defined compare function
capybara - Find with xPath is leaving the within scope
SimpleMappingExceptionResolver vs ExceptionFilter
How can I find out who renders a certain file extension in Rails?
MVC4 - One form 2 submit buttons
Custom scope in Windsor for shared REST resource in MVC3 framework?
Matrix class in c++?
Why will my Javascript not run in IE
Regex selecting text between two known words
AJAX Session Cookie in OS X Dashboard Widget
Databinding Property not found, why?
Extending imagestore models
How does browser read the JavaScripts, which should come first (set on the top)锛歟vent? function? or sub function
Regex selecting text between two known words
AJAX Session Cookie in OS X Dashboard Widget
Databinding Property not found, why?
Extending imagestore models
How does browser read the JavaScripts, which should come first (set on the top)锛歟vent? function? or sub function
TCP Client in VB.NET error while reading data from socket server
Build fingerprint: 'samsung/GT-P7500/GT-P7500:3.2/HTJ85B/XWKL1:user/release-keys' android error in android
Calling identically named methods in base classes
Is it possible to pass a Socket.Handle from a C# Application to a ASP.NET Web Application running on the same server?
Performance & Memory Impact In Relation to Assembly Count
Carousel issue in Sencha Touch
Am I going it right?
Posts paging [next] value eventually returns a empty array that should be populated
Need assistance in creating an xsd
Entity framework - select by multiple conditions in same column - referenced table
Using State Pattern for String parsing
Disable JSON Support in ASP.NET MVC Web API
Android - NullPointer exception in Dialog with RadioButtons
saving Model in foreach - One id saved twice
property change notification in generic property
Understanding this T Flip-Flop example?
How to achieve CSS Position Absolute - Position Relative combination in WPF?
Crash when using (animation) blocks in switch statements
How do I get the correct schemaLocation into my WCF service's WSDL?
Generic method - cannot be applied to given types
Difference in JVM heap size allocation between Netbeans 7.0.1 and 7.1?
Vertical align img in div with 100% height
.appendTo and HTML literals
Gaussian blur that handles alpha transparency
gdcl multiplexer create file with raw video not h264
When to subclass UITableView?
Better method of finding every possible combination of the partitioned sets
android listview with multiple listitems per row
SDURLCache with AFNetworking and offline mode not working
Span Child Object on Click
Git workflow for fixed layout projects and relative remotes for submodules
Codeigniter query create federated table
Double-checked locking around value going to null?
Does MvcMailer SendAsync block a ASP.NET MVC Request?
In JDK7, is there a way to use ternary operator when moving a file to conditionally use REPLACE_EXISTING?
Getting another controllers instance class
How can I start the MusicPlaybackService from an external app?
FOR XML *, ELEMENTS is generating empty elements for nulls even though I'm not using XSINIL
InvalidOperationException is thrown when a ribbon is clicked
Replacing div content using jQuery .remove and .replaceWith
SyncRoot property in Powershell
How to design nested template classes where nested classes are of the same type
MongoDB design and caching theory
How do I get six buttons to resize based on the screen size?
selenium web driver - support for storeText
MongoDB design and caching theory
How do I get six buttons to resize based on the screen size?
selenium web driver - support for storeText
Should i use the same name for a member variable and a function parameter in C++
Regex help to find all instances鈥�
How to load STDIN for a backtick in perl (without writing to a temp file)
Bind existing select options to a Knockout view model
only getting partial async behavior asp.NET (thread or request limit issue maybe?)
random lines when drawing gles20 circle in Android
Is there any difference between <span> and <b> with a well-specified CSS class?
How to avoid netcat from blocking, when using it as a client to send a file or pipelining output?
Java custom serialization best practices
Having trouble understanding how to maintain state using classes
Powershell v2.0 , unable to read the correct data from a tcpclient
Jquery addClass fadeIn fadeOut not working in IE8
Ruby Sequel Equivalent to LINQ to SQL select anonymous objects
Removing jquery click event handler from child elements of a table row
Can PHP static class variables be defined using functions?
NSURLConnection Sticky Cache
cakephp accessing foreach() at correct level
AsyncTask Error on doInBackground
Changing URL for JSON calls to ASMX web service
How to make TWebBrowser Zoom when using ctrl+mousewheel like Internet Explorer does?
How to cut MP3 without re-encoding? Should i just copy the frames?
Validate WSDL schema
Javascript push method not working
ObjectDataSource methods can't refernce master page methods
Machine learning how to use the Facebook interest of a users to give a decision
Is it possible to see different forms of a word through the Word API?
Tool(s) to + column & rows on HTML5 tables
Flex Repeater component
Parsing using the xml
removing characters from field in MS Access database table
fopen() failing
Using both oracle db and access for one gridview
How to bind backbone.js events to JQuery UI dialogue windows?
Ruby 1.9 If I have a shebang pointing to ruby, why doesn't the system see it?
python beginner - faster way to find and replace in large file?
Collect all parameters from all reports in reportserver folder and populate a sql table
logging in to facebook from my app works on emulator but not on device
Is the CLR or metro buggy?
Why does flash work in Chrome even though flash is uninstalled flash on my machine?
Springframework .NET 4.0 console application from a intranet share
data access control in entity framework
Fancy box pop up issue with thumbnails
Center text inside relative div with no size
Regular expression for name [closed]
How to set property injection with structure map?
cannot convert from std::basic_string to int Visual studio C++
Wordpress response '0' from server
How to run eclipse with a specific jdk (instead of JDK_HOME)
how to make github pages server assets from a cdn like s3
Ruby net/ftp code failing to PUT a file because of error
spawnining more threads
Can anyone explain how this scrambling function works?
weird error message associated with linked list with structured nodes in C
Flashvars for a specific page
compressed CGImage with CGImageDestination truncated after getting bytes
How to use the branch and trunk in SVN with the dev server?
Implementation of graph in Java from Database
how to deal with large 2D arrays
Mobile web app deployment
java : Sort Files based on Creation Date
Openmp thread divergence?
How to use Spring to connect to MongoDB which requires authentication
Active Directory Multisite Planning
Link to Specific Tabbed Panel Not Working in ModalBox
Galaxy Ace with 'Ace of Spades' not compatible with your device app
Using Web Service Method for Insert data to Database with Auto Increment for the Primary Key
objective c - UINavigationBar with rounded corners
Syntax error (missing operator) in MS-Access Query
Adding Custom Business Logic Validation to a Model
Problems with https on iPad from Air app
Oracle SOA Suite - where to find it?
Rails mailer url_for absolute url
Facebook token expiration and renewal, with Koala and omniauth-facebook
Built-in MAX function only returns an integer
Drawing lines in WPF on DrawingContext with outer lines
Javascript onKeyUp
Kivy / Python-for-android : fails to build an android package apk
Mysql regex to find fixed lenght words
WCF REST 4 template POST request works on localhost, but error code 400 on server
How to mark up multiple <br />?
Const char鈥�changed?
Uninstall with Product Code Fails 鈥淚nstallation Source Not Available鈥�
Get TFS server details associated with a file
OAuth Javascript: twitter, security through obscurity? Have a better approach?
Java Swing dynamic grid
writing unit tests against a treeview
Cinema 4d How to move an Axis Point when something is already keyframed
Export java source as HTML
CSS3 transform: compensation for children if parent has rotateY
DefaultTableModel Empty?
Should this SQL code be letting us log in with 鈥渦sername鈥�and 鈥減assword鈥�
How can I get the latest change-set number via TFS API
HAML - how to put regular text between links
JS error on balanced.init()
Looking for a method to set up a complete register/login system ,each user to have his own information
Implementing implication logical operator in scala
SDK lost track of where I defined my AVDs
Converting Javascript function into a PHP function
Bug in the dynamic language runtime in combination with IIS 7.5
ruby: websocket server and websocket client can't work
Display nav bar on multiple pages
Why would TCP packets consistently fail to arrive at the server when the client happily sent them?
python read lines of website source code 100 lines at a time
Access name of custom style used for Android TextView
Configure Apache to redirect everything from port 80 to another domain
check value of drop-down list at load and on click
HTML5 Input Type Number 16 Digits or More Chrome Replaces with Zeroes
Is there a way to make the keyboard trigger a button press?
Equivalent of Ruby Enumerable#each_slice in Javascript?
Error with self-defined function [closed]
Algorithm to determine how much and in what direction two rectangles are overlapping?
change the defaults from outside of plugin
How to `read byte` to read an object between Objective-C and Java?
array_slice - how come this doesn't work in foreach
Why can var_dump ascertain values of private variables, yet it can't when trying to access a single the property
JFreeChart: several time series shown incorrectly on TimeSeries chart
How to ftp a file over to a server from PhoneGap/webapp?
How to align asp:Labels in column?
Django ranking solution
Running a .class file from java code
Chrome serving resource from cache when it is not present in cache-manifest
How to avoid temp objects when returning NSString under ARC
App on Facebook mobile gives me 4oh4 / 404
Open hidden view
Form Text Input with an image as submit button (input type=鈥渋mage鈥�, and the button is misaligned
When processing a CSV file for import in PHP only half of the rows are imported
Testing controllers with local variables using Rspec
Dojo pie chart - want to display the data array values as it is
Validation on a JS function
Changing the location of a folder without affecting the path(s) stored in the database
PHPUnit & Selenium code coverage - coverage metrics stop halfway through test
How to call this instance method
Why the model has no values when I delete?
How do I create menu in html with 4 tab which will display content on one single page?
coding with vectors using the Accelerate framework
mySQL not getting all records
SQL Server 2008 in C#: Connections and Command Objects
Canceling an ajax request: can the handler still be executed
Edit AJAX response before made into json object
PHP Run function on PHP Timeout
SwingWorker for Both Output & Work, or 1 Each?
How HTML Form Tag Effect on search result
Error when committing property changes to the trunk of my SVN repository
Zookeeper CLI failing - IOException Packet <len12343123123> is out of range
Google map widget custom data
issues with adding childnode to subnode in tree extjs4
Can anybody explain the following JavaScript code from jCarousel?
Deserialize remote object to the narrowest accessible class
Create YT.Player object from iframe in HTML by passing DOM object
SQL Insert with multiple where clause
Javascript and PHP (
WebSocket: onMessage() only triggered at the end when server is closing connection
Selecting from a column of nested tables SQL
how to reference a flow variable in an expression filter?
How can I check if a string in sql server contains at least one of the strings in a local list using linq-to-sql?
Disposing of custom objects
Forward declaring a typedef of an unnamed struct [duplicate]
rails 3 unit test - define a general setup method that will run before every test
advice on structuring templates for a nested collection
Coverity Set Up (Cygwin Warning)?
How Do I Access Thread Local Storage From ml64.exe (MSVC 64-bit X64 Assembler)?
How to extract an image from embedded resources to temp folder then execute it?
How to Django鈥榮 InlineModelAdmin TabularInline or StackedInline show Thumbnail
Clickable UISlider
Debian Squeeze - PHP5 mysqlnd [closed]
PHP SQL Query to compare values of the search category and the values in the recordsets?
jQuery Navigation Menu issue with trying to animate/change text color
Is there a viable handwriting recognition library / program? [closed]
Use variable from inside another function jQuery
Update a row in mysql and drop the row if it creates a duplicate as defined by the unique key
Converting GMT time to local time using timezone offset, not timezone identifier
How can I make a perfectly square plot with a colorbar in MATLAB?
Android - StackOverflow API
Alarm in the AlarmManager get erased when process is killed
How to limit in netty length of websocket frame received by server
PHP regular expression extraction
Why doesn't my .csv preserve embedded carriage returns/line feeds?
what is the most efficient way of moving multiple objects (stored in VBO) in space? should I use glTranslatef or a shader?
iPhone: UITableView, didSelectRowAtIndexPath called several times
Optimal Count() operation from a DB using LINQ to SQL
Generically Flatten XDocument using Linq?
HAML - why does my haml's text all show up on top line, despite being rendered on diff parts of the code
How well does IE7/8 mode in IE9 compare to actually running IE7/8
Copying files using Terminal, Mac
Android - Cursor is deprecated
Regex Decoder Tool?
Dynamic layout in Yii
Move folder between drives on NTFS and preserve timestamps [closed]
HTML Table Hover Zoom (like jqZoom, but for Tables)
Creating an App displaying Friends is Spiral Hiearchy chart
How do we enable antialiasing on XNA-Silverlight hybrid projects?
Magento layout cms.xml file with block cms_index_index does not show cms page content. Why?
Creating a GWT SuggestOracle with custom object suggestions
PHP's default tidy VS developer custom made tidy
Regex findall on a function definition. Want to match args but not function
working with osmdroid offline zip files (tiles)
JavaScript drag and drop issue
Google Maps NoClassDefFoundError
Segmented Sieve of Eratosthenes?
NSURLConnection delegate methods on background thread
Liquibase Auto Rollback
C# COM Interop returning object of null causes 0x800A01A8 Object required
spring mvs vs jax-rs rest [closed]
How to remove another gem with my gemspec
Netbeans Theme: adjusting colour of HTML parameter values
Android Keycodes for Symbols
Make clicking MATLAB plot markers plot subgraph
How to View source page using Wireshark?
ASP button control firing
Compiling a c application that links to a static library on AIX
Playing midi files with MusicPlayer & Music Sequence
Problems with java excel extractor
Using @2x files for a NonRetina iPad when @2x~ipad images exist
why does JS for each in function give too many?
I need to get some device values in Android [closed]
Ruby on Rails - store plain text password using authlogic
how to view the source code implemetation of the function/method(Formal Power Series) in maple?
Member in multiple hierarchies (forest?) into a single table
backbone.sync get all response error status codes
X-Cart Pro Module to display seller information in product detail page
Use javascript to check if logged in with devise
Using multiple joins and group_concat() in MySQL?
How to get TeamCity working with ASP.NET MVC 3 web project
set operation ontwo lists of list
App crashing on updating it from app store
How to learn the exact version of the .NET platform?
Adding Button Click=鈥溾�鈥�causes 鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object鈥�on startup
In Javascript, why I can't draw multiple instance of my object?
Given a state and a city with the same name how to look just for the city with google maps API?
Java & Spring JDBC: How to simulate table in database doesn't exist for testing (without actually dropping or renaming it)
Play video file with VLC, then quit VLC
Twitpic uplodAndPost
Tapestry 5.3: PlasticClass.getMethods doesn't include introduced methods
jQuery: Close a button, remember that action in cache
How to use django model outside of django framework? [duplicate]
What should I do when sys.stdout.encoding is None?
C++/CLI noob: System.AccessViolationException
how to convert sql query with inner join to linq lambda expression?
Note down pages modified from page fault traps
Memory to memory MOV - Correct Syntax
Partial Background on iOS Mobile Safari
Counting the number of comparisons in Java project
Why this function composition is illegal
Reporting Services ExecutionLog: what takes place between timestart and timeend
Naming a Rails has_many :through :polymorphic relationship
PHP: Returning multidimensional array from recursive function
JQuery Plugin - Sort nested lists between two lists
Combine two tables together so that all rows from one table are matched with every row from the other
passing variable in jquery
How do I have a domain redirect to a subfolder of a different domain's hosting to read an .htaccess?
Can't build google protocol buffers tutorial on mac
jQuery date function returns NaN in IE
Minimum number of comparisons needed to use merge sort algorithm?
why can't I read the logcat output in my program?
Error while parsing a Xml file with RapidXML
Search a user login id by first name and last name
ImageView selector with images of different size
How to push new code to a *nix web server?
Detecting if a DOM object can be placed in a SPAN
How segment an Image [closed]
Opengl ES scaling (zoom out) shows rare square tiles on my textures. How to avoid it?
Need some method that determines poker combination (java) [duplicate]
integrating svnant with ant 1.6 and svnclient1.7
WCF Service that needs to push messages to clients
Does anyone know where to find the model specification in SPSS
iOS < 5 can't load twitter framework
libcurl prefered build method
what is the format for saving a qml QVariantList<QVariant> in qml file so it can be bindable in qml when loading the file?
boolean logic in ruby 'true and false == true'
php Memcached Connection timeout
Adding WPF Custom Controls in batch to a ListBox without freezing the UI
Binding IsEnabled property to items.count
Inmobi orientation iphone,
To have conditional ANDing inside WHERE clause
iPhone device attitude changes constantly
iPhone/Android app with video content - what is the best way to manage the material?
Scala Swing package not found
Wcf service inheritance (Extend a service)
Accessing Parent Instance from Child Thread
NullPointer RenderResponse.execute JSF2.1.7
Javascript record keystroke timings
how to implement 'daisychaining' of pluggable function in python?
Creating FTP client for asp with C#
Symfony templates corrupting data
Changing colour on text selection in IE<9
socket programming
To what extent are macros 鈥渇unctions in reverse?鈥�
How to Detect Network Loss in Javascript?
date conversion in SQL parameter field in Crystal reports
Radio button checked value on revisiting the page
how to generate random numbers of random colors for canvas.drawColor
Override a background style programatically
Change link-color, when slideshow image is last image, Jquery
Fire an automated email when database updated?
Rails 3 caching: Calling Sweeper independent from HTTP request (eg from background process)
Why does a CustomFieldSerializer need static methods?
Twitter Widget doesn't work in IE8 when inside an iFrame
Radio button checked value on revisiting the page
how to generate random numbers of random colors for canvas.drawColor
Override a background style programatically
Change link-color, when slideshow image is last image, Jquery
Fire an automated email when database updated?
Rails 3 caching: Calling Sweeper independent from HTTP request (eg from background process)
Why does a CustomFieldSerializer need static methods?
Twitter Widget doesn't work in IE8 when inside an iFrame
What methods, technologies, or services simplify making donations on mobile devices?
When developing enterprise web applications, what is the best way to include an element or set of elements that appears in a number of pages?
Is it possible to deploy WSO2 ESB onto a Glassfish Application server
When do we need to mention/specify the type of integer for number literals?
How to get 0 rows updated query/data from Oracle in PHP?
Is it possible to catch the exception generated by trying to connect to a bad url?
SmartCard security, how do you authenticate the certificate as not fake?
What language to build a secure (from IP theft) form [closed]
How to know if all NULL for a column in all rows of result recordset in PHP?
Manually upgraded a MVC web app from 3 to 4, can't add API Controllers
Crystal Report Calculating Variable Context
jQuery detecting if php $_POST isset
Magento: show products of all subcategories when clicking a category, no is_anchor
How to fill color exactly like this image color?
Perl Find Web Link By DOM
Mono: Problems with Parallel.For
Wordpress Menu UL height
How do I permanently remove files in git from tags?
Mongo/PHP - Connect failure prints plaintext password
C - why should someone copy argv string to a buffer?
Django add text via button click
Does hive run hadoop when a query is executed?
Escape password when using DirectorySearcher?
Best practices while developing an Android app [closed]
Setting up Google weather extended forecast with classic ASP
Concatenate file paths to variable in batch script
URL connection failed with android
Updating status of a page remotely with PHP
How to write a grep regular expression such that a certain string does not appear anywhere before the matching pattern on the current line?
Handle Exception in Jsp
MySql query sending data to slow
uiwebview XMLHttpRequest exception 101
Website Choppy in IE when scrolling but not in Firefox/Chrome/Safari
Pass a parameter to a web service
Response from .ajax method is replacing previous contents always when btton is clicked
Regular expression pattern for content within HTML tags
PHP class function naming
InsertHelper clarification needed
Issue with convering UTC time to particluar Time Zone
Convert an UploadedFile into a File
Error 0xc00470fe: Data Flow Task: The product level is insufficient for component 鈥淪ource - Sheet1$鈥�(1)
Cause browser to revalidate (but not necessarily refetch) an image
Cast to a type inside a LINQ To Entity Query
How can I detect if a browser supports the blink tag?
Git filter-branch: possible to update commit messages to reference old commit IDs?
How can I force a webview on Android to scroll to the top of the page?
NotMapped attirbute with Required attribute in mvc 3 codefirst
implementing similar classes (data entity objects)
Is it worth upgrading to JBoss 7.1 from JBoss 5.1
Objective C: Using '%' Operator With Doubles
Download .EXE file via JQuery
Will search engines read API calls made in $(document).ready() or body load()
Using a list view in a custom dialouge
Autoupdating a Hosted Google Chrome Extension - No additiontal Headers sent with request
(jQuery + Mobile) Target data in a div to write to variable
rake db:structure:dump fails under PostgreSQL / Rails 3.2
CAsyncSocketEx + console application ?
Wordpress Most recent Comments at top with Per page resctriction
Arrays with 0 elements
Determine which version of OpenCV
Procedure giving error in mysql
What is the difference between couchbase and couchdb? Are the clients fully interoperable?
Graphedit generates MP4 file with very large size
Python script that uses Zeromq stops receiving messages
Post to Twitter from my website with PHP
styling overrides native focus rectangle android
try to set view camera viewport
Running validation on one form for multiple non-nested models
c - dereferencing pointer to incomplete type - error with a pointer to a char*
Create EDMX from a custom Multiproject solution template
jQuery: Capturing a click, but still allowing selection of text
Modifying a STYLE block in IE7 w/ jQuery
face detection issue on UIImage?
Max-height will not scale site
php - delete single record on single page form submit
Unexpected error in date?
l18n framework with compiletime checking
I can't recover a Calendar using getSerializableExtra of an Intent
Parsing Excel file without Apache POI
Web Service Completed Events not show On Metro Windows 8 App Development
How would you handle this with read.transactions in R arules package?
How to ignore database tablename case-sensitivity using Spring's JdbcTemplate?
json - self referenced data into tree
Example of pysmb
Eclipse Conditional Breakpoints Broken?
bar button not showing
Using do loops in R to create new variables
Retrieivng mysql data using PERL and jquery-ajax
Why order matters in this RegEx with alternation?
Entity Framework 3 - Navigation Property Null with Varying Include()
How check if a specific sensor exists on a device?
Managing multiple Java Applications
How to ignore database tablename case-sensitivity using Spring's JdbcTemplate?
json - self referenced data into tree
Example of pysmb
Eclipse Conditional Breakpoints Broken?
bar button not showing
Using do loops in R to create new variables
Retrieivng mysql data using PERL and jquery-ajax
Why order matters in this RegEx with alternation?
Entity Framework 3 - Navigation Property Null with Varying Include()
How check if a specific sensor exists on a device?
Managing multiple Java Applications
Model Property set in controller not showing up in view
Accessing Virtual Disk Service on remote machine - UnauthorizedAccessException
How to detect the library file by header file or name of function? And vise versa?
AOP Pointcut after jsp rendering
How to change collapsible position in panel extjs4?
How to Query from 2 tables in a (Simple)CursorAdapter
In Progress-4GL how do I set an object to accept different numbers of inputs?
How to find Longest Common Substring using C++
Why am I getting gibberish characters?
understanding simple collection operators
How to encode a URL in JQuery/Javascript & Decode in ASP.NET
Make line in center of container, not screen?
Shuffle column pairs
svn update/checkout/commit fail
Is there a way to use foreign language characters in my application?
Using JQuery For Expand/Collapse in an ASP .NET Page with a Repeater Control
Loading Subsequent Videos into QTMovieView with setMovie: not working
Segmentation fault while matrix multiplication, c
Adding root certificate with CF 3.5
[Android]Determine the transmit power of a wifi tethered device without rooting the phone
Custom Errors works for HttpCode 403 but not 500?
Remove Local Notification created from previous app version
jQuery Media Player Controls
Do i need to remove all memory management methods in ARC-enabled project?
Creating HTML Refresh Button that only refreshes info in a HTML Table on webpage
How to auto clear temp directory for zedgraph images?
How to properly handle WCF faults with Silverlight?
xpath xml files within matlab
Reason for MPI 'rc' variable and MPI_Get_Count()
init.rc not starting my service on first boot after flash
FB.ui apprequests dialog - popup goes blank and invitations are not sent
JQuery 鈥淥R鈥�in selectors?
Webtop2sd on Driod Bionic
how to view line comments in github
Error: The process cannot access the file '鈥� because it is being used by another process
Image button with an accelerator key
Python - Removing space in a string
Django Forms - Fields containing arrays
Kendo Grid plumbing
Entity Framework map same table that exists in two databases
Corrupted MySQL DB - Data not stored or erased on inserts on one table but when changing that table name the code works
Clearing Locks between JUnit tests in Hibernate Search 4.1
Error 鈥渁 valid provisioning file for this executable was not found鈥�
Contact form in html5 using ajax, javascript and a phpmailer file
Class methods in VBA / VB
Struts2 capture user input before the setter sees it
access PHP Methods with jQuery
Django form validation model choices
Using apex:relatedList in a Visualforce page when the user profile denies access to child objects
Mercurial does not startup upon system launch [FreeBSD 9.0 Apache22]
Best order to place the Fetch or FetchMany in nHibernate Linq statements
HTC Desire stops recording
Access violation reading location 0xcccccccc
Sublime Text 2 and R
Is the data from an accelerometer more accurate when retrieved from a native API?
Rails 3 + Tumblr API: How can I edit multiple posts at the same time with one form?
How to print a Binary Search Tree?
iPhone presenting and dismissing navigation view controller in storyboards?
Jquery first click addClass selected second click removeClass selected
TFS API DownloadFile( ) functions cause exception when debugging
possible to get the square coordinates using imgAreaSelect and Google Maps?
function to replace permalink
Command pattern and AS3
Intent to upload pictures to Picasa
Can (javascript) widgets created for iBooks Author use SQLite (HTML5 web) databases?
Rails 3.1 - Options_for_select values
extend a jQuery Object to my own Object
Factory Girl create objects but objects not found in database
changing the screen resolution on ipad programmatically
How to protect streaming using Wowza application?
Netbeans 7.1.1 very long deploy times to Glassfish 3.1.2?
android edittext and multiple checkboxes
Why is Linq-To-Sql complaining that a record already exists when I m using context.table.attach()?