<itemBody xmlns=鈥渉ttp://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml鈥�gt;</itemBody > how avoid xmlns=鈥渉ttp://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml鈥�in output XML
Using sk_buff to add an Ethernet frame header
Wrapping HTML table rows in <a> tags
How do I create an if or while loop without 鈥渢est鈥�and use a 鈥渘ot鈥�operator?
App_GlobalResources resources are not compiled into the bin/App_GlobalResources.dll
The selected JRE does not support compiler compliance level of 1.5
When is .class file created?
Service action does not work when defined in string.xml
editing a text file packed in android apk
Passing a Value from Objective C to Phonegap
load matlab data file
Get the Google ID used to download the application
Additional/temp/extra folder is created while exporting Crystal Reports to HTML format
Tablecell click short delay
Returning date as long in entity
Android: How to call a parent Activity method from a child custom view?
finding path using prolog
Rspec - mock an activerecord table
Custom Roles for ASP.NET MVC3 Application using Active Directory
how to manage large arrays
The browser shouldn't allow me to go worked page after click the back button when logged out (always shows login.jsp) page
Entity Framework and SQL Server 2012 Paging
Java image resize, maintain aspect ratio
Mathematical calculations using jQuery/Ajax
Reset InputText in primefaces
iPhone dismissing mulitple controllers?
maven - choose plugin phase from command line
Using a object specific variable in another class
Drools guvnor add asset through Rest API
Given an executable file, display its complete path [closed]
Uploading app on google app engine
WordPress doesn't recognize meta-data
Multiple plots with matplotlib in a nested while loop
Load UIViewController twice in navigation stack
Distance Based Metric For Locally Scaled Difference of Distance Between Moving Points
Jquery slidedown one element in div
Windows Server - Can't visit a local website
CakePHP Prototype Ajax Checkbox disable onCreate onComplete events
Searching for filenames containing ! (an exclamation mark ) on Windows
i am not able to see 'hbase(main):001:0>' prompt and while trying 'create' command throws error
Getting a 200 OK instead of a 302 Found on cURL
htaccess remove file ext for folder
Jquery tabs navigation dots to be positioned based on the height of the tabs
Error in sending decimal in HTTP GET parameter from a JSP
PDOException: SQLSTATE[IMSSP]: error occurred translating string to UCS-2, using drupal 7 at azure and sql azure backend
Splitting an NSString into seperate strings based on different delimiters
PHP foreach and while loop to order timeslots
Can we have two aggregate count() functions in an only query?
Javascript - JQuery - clearInterval/setInterval - iframe cycle won't stop on click
How to capture signature image without any background in android?
Reveal modal positioned wrong when using jQuery Isotope
Copy from Adressbook in to textfield without clicking on any value
An error has occurred when create servlet finished?
Blackberry twitter api me showing unwanted characters
Why does Eclipse always give me an error after return;
A custom system class loader is not used by all classes
Unable to write MySQL temp file when running Rails migration
How to use one module with distinct configurations?
Isolated Storage(IsolatedStorageSettings) limitations on windows phone
Reflecting a body with same speed in Box2d after collision AndEngine
Changing value of instance variable declared as property in model class, via app delegate class
Reading a series of numbers from a file in C#
iserror formulae in excel
Choose local video and play it in HTML5 videoplayer (all local, same folder)
Nibbling bytes in C
Delphi 6 - Create Excel chart from delphi application - data and chart on the same page
Changing corner radius of the cells insie a grouped UITableView
MenuItem Trigger not working
/var/log/system.log file not keep write on mac
Actionscript 3 embeded fonts UTF8
the Facebook comment popup on like gets hidden behind m website menu and other elements. how can I have it visible on top
Show Tag panel in custom post type
How to setOnClickListener() to OK button of an EditTextPreference Dialog? [duplicate]
Clicking on cancel button in UISearchBar causes no selection in tableView?
Could be there a reason to buy an iPad 2 for iPad 2 development instead of buying the new iPad3?
Post large string to Web API controller
Title in more than 1 line for FancyBox 2.0.6
bash expanding value of a variable to use in another variable
use subclass of CCLayer for CCScrollLayer
Is it possible to test ready ipa file by instruments
Garbage collection and references C#
android GoogleMaps memory leaks (?)
Unable to specify separate link in the google plus icon
URL rewrite, remove .html
Globaltest Pathway analysis with a matrix
Rails 3 dealing with special characters
Mongo return result only matched array row
Saving an email change within the default Membership Provider in ASP.NET MVC
How to do Concurrent Session Control without authentication and authorization in Spring Secuirty 3.1
javascript variable manipulation [duplicate]
How can I assign views in parent controller in Kohana-3.2.0 framework
Mysql takes more time in sending data
igraph_neighborhood 鈥淰algrind output: blocks are indirectly lost in loss record 鈥�
scripts stop working for loaded form - jquery load ajax
How to draw a graph into DataGrid in WPF?
Two dimensional unordered_map
jQuery doesn't count the elements in its parent correctly
Single Signing Portal
Parse forwarded email body in PHP
C++0x lambda + boost::function trouble
Can a set of classes be stored in memory, so I can do things to them before I display them on a page? (JQuery)
ellipsis not working in select menu options
How can I group by a list of elements?
EF 4.3 Database Migrations - Is there a way to ignore errors?
rawurlencode for storing data
Esc key acts like reset button in html
PhoneGap: Opening external URL's in Safari
Is it mandatory to map PHP SoapFault to WSDL fault element?
How to receive data from a database using AJAX
can i publish Common Public licensed software?
How to hide controls when it gets outside a canvas in WP7?
Handling http_request in IE 8, using AJAX
prepareForSegue not working
Why simulation of Left Arrow + Shift keys doesnt work in Firefox?
Heap error in DLL
link extracting script is casing issue in PHP
Input text auto width filling 100% with other elements floating
I want to render controller/action inside a div in Rails
jquery cycle plugin bad display
Stop WCF Deserializing Empty ICollection into Zero Capacity Array
Bootstrap like jQuery UI theme
Use WCF channel in X++
CRT linkage with shared library and application
VSIX: Open standard 鈥渁dd reference鈥�dialog
ExecuteQueryin linq :Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding
How display images properly with jquery jcarousel
proxy server configuration [closed]
Scala Lift - Mongodb int field value becomes negative
JPA 1 relationship table, 2 independant classes using a common class with @OneToMany
HTML Table Header using rowspan
Managing multiple accounts in one session with multiple tabs open
Fetch data from other site (php & GET)
Symfony 2.0 validator, Blank() doesn't work
Accessing Twitter historic data in near-past
Changing the default number of items per page with jQuery pagination?
irregular stackoverflows with hibernate and sqlite in java
Visual Basic 6 reference missing for IDocHostUIHandler
read file lines with spaces into NetLogo as lists
What HashMap-like collection should I use for this case?
Ruby: What game library is best/simplest for 2D arcades/platformers?
Minimizing colors: a variation of the knapsack algorithm?
Draw a circle using 2 mouse clicks [closed]
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException at <rich:fileUpload>
asp.net mvc 3 client side required validation works randomly
History.js and manual refresh of the page
Splitting a persistant set
recursive tree evaluation of excel formula
Returning associated objects from Rails controller with Datamapper
Timing issue with mysql query in NodeJS
How to crop an image in Octave?
how to show different Numbers of columns in a single listview in portrait and landscape mode android?
MVC 4 admin area within separate project
IOS 5 TWTweetComposeViewController duplicate tweet
When NOT to call super() method when overriding?
Working with data in iOS Apps (What to choose? NSData, CoreData, sqlite, PList, NSUserDefaults)
Function argument as a part of the output name
How to escape single and double quotes together in sql lite in android?
How can I remove the arrow from drop down list in Bootstrap CSS?
Crash in program when trying to access base class vector member from a drived class instance loaded from a DLL
How convert to linq request?
Due to & in string , can't pass using JSON
To add image to an excelsheet in iphone
Can anyone here explain Ext.ComponentQuery.query('what here comes?')[0] briefly?
Boost build fatal error LNK1105
Get url status using jquery
CSS Solution needed for full width slider
Android 1.6 Google API missing from SDK manager
nearby venue to iphone into simple array
Client waits for a message from server on Android
Facebook app about sharing the activity on github [closed]
How to make Qt subwidget height equal?
combo box not opening in wpf after deployment
Simplest way to write cross-platform application with Python plugin extensibility?
Which oracle jdbc driver is my coldfusion 8 install using
Android: Prevent text field pop-up when entering text in a SearchView
how to send auth from ios to remote server php
Android Listen to Installation Notification
Child can't have min-height if parent does also? Trying to make a sticky footer
Strtok recursive call pointer loss
How can I maintain state in browser JavaScript across different page loads from the same site?
What is wrong in comparing a null with an object rather than an object with a null
How to make jQuery Up & Down arrow buttons to scroll body vertically step by step?
Tabindex Focus Styles
facebook graph api checkin not working
.htaccess 鈥�鈥�Sign in file names trouble
How to set the ListView with Horizontal Scroll? [duplicate]
model validations error messages are not getting displayed
write c type matrix to disk
MYSQL Insert on Duplicate
Why do I have to modify the web.config to enable debugging?
NV12 to RGB24 conversion code in C++
VBA - Delete a row from another workbook?
Embedding OCaml in C: linking error
Prevent caching linked resources within XHR calls
Is there any API or sample code available for Pinterest Integration in iPhone Application?
Issue with POST JSON to a Jersey REST service
Can anybody find the TFS 鈥淯nshelve鈥�option in Visual Studio 2012?
WebBrowser with limited tags support in C#
How to receive a string properly from UART
how to do splash page or index.html first page animation in HTML5
Run Python integration tests inside pBuilder environment
Server specific Web.config replacement
Perfomance issues when loading remote images in a map callout bubble
Magento show 鈥渘ot visible individually鈥�products in search
precaution to be taken to support Xcode 4 framework/library on 10.3.9
How to make App server to start even if database is down?
MFC-SDI application with Visual Studio 2010: New keyboard shortcut not working
graph is not generating in php and mysql with fusion charts
php wont update UPDATE QUERY
MonthCalendar in C#
PHP best practice keep track of logged in users
How to remove a virtual package libhdf51.8 from ubuntu? [closed]
XmlSerialization of Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.smo.Column
php wont update UPDATE QUERY
MonthCalendar in C#
PHP best practice keep track of logged in users
How to remove a virtual package libhdf51.8 from ubuntu? [closed]
XmlSerialization of Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.smo.Column
Search by name in rdf/n3 file
How to add sequence number for each element in a group using a SQL query without temp tables
Self inflating ListView
List of queries executed on mysql server
Google Custom Search Pagination Issue
Send Http 鈥淧ost鈥�Request To Php Code in C or C++
Which Java ORM framework support polymorphism of document in MongoDB?
I want to show page when select dropdownlist value
Display 2 divs next to each other and together bigger then the screen
Will using class.forname multiple times cause memory leak? (running inside tomcat)
Digital signature with x509 certificate and encryption
Merge multiple Collection<String> into one JSON String using GSON
SQL query - need suggestion
installing matplotlib in a different default location
I need guidance to learn spring and hibernate
Can i access a Javascript array in my asp.net code?
Authorize.net SIM integration Relay URL not Working
Setting custom HTTP response headers in LiteSpeed with PHP
SOLVED - How do I create a proxy class in .NET using a WSDL File?
Java EE 6 - JSF Controllers
Error in ServiceStack JSON processing under MonoDroid
contextmenu is not opening on right clicking div
Cycling through pages without a full page refresh using AJAX, pushState, jQuery?
How to increase performance of bitmap drawing on Android
Need to make parameter as Read-Only,
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corres [closed]
T4 template for add service reference
very weird running result of Qt
Textblock wrapping incorrectly in a grid with star width
Android - Menu Bar below an element of a List
java sending hashmap to Freemarker template not working correct, undefined parameter
Container div moves to the left once content is added
Rails 3.0 : form_tag How to convert this form_for to form_tag.
Two-line itemeditor for whole row in single-line s:Datagrid?
How to specify a default primary key with no auto increment
Scale UIImageView after orientation changed
Strange Ribbon error in Visual Studio when building
Celery and Django, Logging Celery
Internal server error when uploading large files in php
jQueryMobile's data-title not displayed in search results
Why does strcpy take it's arguments in reverse order [closed]
eBook reading error
Dereferencing pointer to incomplete type inside own library
Send UTF-16 encoded data with PHP curl
Differentiate a function by a function
Differentiate a function by a function
Regular Expression to replace integers with floats
c# Photoshop CS5 Scripting
How to activate Request Scope outside of a real request in a spring MVC application?
How to make a scrollviewer gain focus when selected
how to put a JLabel inside a JLabel or divide a JLabel into squares
how is 2 pass-assembler different from one pass assembler in resolving the future symbol?
Enforcing a business rule involving multiple items
How hide and prevent showing web page content during page load and show an animated gif image instead
How to unit test GWT+SmartGWT?
WPF DataGrid custom sort: reorder items in ItemsSource
handling the child tags in XSLT when the order of occurance is not specified
MySQL Trigger Update other Table
ASP.Net creating multiple sheets in excel with Response.Write
Objective-C blocks and data execution
Prevent IE8's agreesive caching
SqlCommand.ExecuteScalar Cancel
Properties with just a getter not serializing to XML
data in text field disapearing
linux dlopen can i get notification in my library when dlopen() is called in a process?
Autoprocess in PHP
OS X: shell script within .app bundle should accept dropped files or directories
Hiding a Button until last filled image view
How to add images in latest news joomla
UIScrollView: How to scroll one page at a time
2nd TinyMCE not clickable
Selecteditem on combobox null reference exception
Struggling with geo data/polygons in MySQL database
taking picture from camera gives e a null pointer exception
UITextField: set text from a label
TinyMCE editor height in webkit ( autoresize plugin )
Which classes to expose (or create for exposing data) in complex model
FusionChart Display in Primefaces datatable column
visiting each node
rails 3.2 link a subdomain to a controller?
i have to download profile images according to there id and show in uitableview cell
How do I detect my software is running in my Wix MSI?
Open a web link with in the app itself in jquery mobile
no line breaks in firebug when dynamically loading script with jQuery
Django - Authentication - redirect
gcc strange error
problems connecting sqlite database built using php5
how to hide/show button on view condition inside mvc view?
Decoding the scanned barcode value to int value
Migrating to Google Cloud SQL using flyway, what jar files should be copied?
Execute select with two tables on SQLiteDatabase
Axis labels are not visible of an chart in ExtJS 4
Is it possible to run maven plugin from java class?
Accessing files from S3 (mounted to EC2) using apache
How to set PathModifier's coordinates randomly in start of LoopEntityModifier?
Execute select with two tables on SQLiteDatabase
Axis labels are not visible of an chart in ExtJS 4
Is it possible to run maven plugin from java class?
Accessing files from S3 (mounted to EC2) using apache
How to set PathModifier's coordinates randomly in start of LoopEntityModifier?
Remove selected words from a text file?
Get the list of Groups for the given UserPrincipal
Recursive update trigger
Scope management in codeigniter's template system
Selenium tests crash randomly while executing javascript
405 Method Not Allowed when using javascript to call JSON from WCF service
iFrame PHP page checking source (referrer) of the call
How do I get close event to work in wxPython using AUIManager?
jquery dynamic id and rails 3
How can I count all the DOM changes and dynamic function calls in a page using userscript?
Integrating Apache Camel with CXF based RESTful webservices : Need Advice
Different images when Zoom In and Zoom Out
MSMQ, WCF and robustness
What's the right way to create a Clojure function that returns a new sequence based on another sequence?
MVC3 - Preserve 'returnUrl' after a postback?
Hibernate : Update elements with unique constraint in cascade
How to install a patch for dig
MVC 3 - Passing model to controller from different controller
How to change button background when you click on the listview item
What factors should be considered to move to Amazon Storage?
Expert system for android platform
SQL Order of precendence of query expressions
android.database.CursorIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 0 requested, with a size of 0
WCF Routing backup list in client
MVC Razor into javascript issue
NSXMLElement with solo tag . ie. <tagname attributename=attributevalue />
Return type from valueForKeyPath:?
what is the best way to store bulk of images and MP3 song iOS Sdk
Eclipse CDT: From Windows to Linux
How to update a label from a postback in MVC3/Razor
Aborting a linq query after finding x items?
show column value in 'previous row' and in a new column
light weight maven dependency management gui tool
List with unique elements
Moved my Zend Framework app from Windows to Linux and recieve a Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Loader_PluginLoader_Exception'
CSV Import to MySQL with PHP skip duplicates
'findstr' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
python: Generating integer compositions
How to check if variable contains a string
C++ : Class & callbacks issue
Setting 鈥淩estore system settings and previous versions of files鈥�option
Tycho: 'Unable to satisfy dependency 鈥� when building via multi-module parent
Searching multiple sites using Google Search API, siteSearch doesnt work
Grid Column Width - mix *(star), Auto and fill left space
Primefaces Calendar component & date conversions
How can the cyclomatic complexity be 27 in a method with 13 event handler subscriptions?
Populate input field using jQuery
PHP share protected property among instances of the same class
How can I find the IP address of a host using mdns?
Is storing XAML in a database bad design?
Java buttons: adding an ActionListener
composer require silex.phar
How to code a light Jquery text loop
Displaying variables with special characters 鈥�鈥�or 鈥�鈥�in the name
unable to retrieve data from cache in ASP.NET
image alignment issue
How to change font dynamically in xcode
How to apply a simple fade transition to jQuery Validate?
CIFilter works when built for 32-bit, but doesn't appear when built for 64-bit?
Rename multiple file names with bash shell
Determine which thread fires an event
how do i read values returned by SP [closed]
Sending string as JSON object
Core Data Object fetching with Predicates
Difficulty in getting count of a simple query
Playing a .wav/.mp3 file at the start of a VB2010 windows form?
My image is not showing
How would rsync behave if the files it is backing up are updated during the process?
debug script loaded with getScript
Is there a way to know if a sql server column is full text indexed via EF?
Database and SQL C#
Query Help Get Exact Date Time Difference
How to remove Drush installation
Is there any way to know what kind of function is in the template in C++?
Working out floating point numbers in base 2, 10 and 16
Ignore 鈥渄efaultlib鈥�directives in specific .lib-file
How to paste a Shape after existing Shapes in Excel Sheet using VBA?
Need help to set up a query from array
Delete string without background color from richtextbox
Separating optimization algorithm from application
How to I code for placeholders in email messages?
Android Pop up with arrow head
Symfony 2.0 KnpMenu custom template
how to program a TRIGGER on SQLite Manager(firefox)
Complete, small web/applications server with embedded database and scripting
Using ClientBootstrap to connect to LocalChannel with an explicit local address
JQuery, How to modify the params of an Flex object?
Unmanaged language or library to write shell extension?
Why doesn't my simple jquery UI date script setDate properly?
Unable to animate expand collapse due to !important in CSS
What to do about custom UIViewController delegates (ARC)?
JavaScript problems with IE
Copy certain positions from a double array to another double array
position: absolute without setting top/left/bottom/right?
Creating Self Expiring Alphanumeric Id In php
What to do about custom UIViewController delegates (ARC)?
JavaScript problems with IE
Copy certain positions from a double array to another double array
position: absolute without setting top/left/bottom/right?
Creating Self Expiring Alphanumeric Id In php
SKPaymentTransaction transactionState does not become SKPaymentTransactionStatePurchased after purchasing
Default view (as UIScrollView) of UIViewController - Can't set its content offset
iPhone: Memory Managment when cast between Objective-C objects and Core Foundation types
Path not found by DPInst
Is referencing JS values by variable different from referencing by literal value for JSON parsing purposes?
How to make delay Live Streaming (Using FMS + FMLE)?
ActionBar Tabs - Fixed and Scrollable?
SELECTing rows where no other rows match
Type annotation in a typeclass' default value causes a 鈥渃ould not deduce鈥�type error
Java Email: How to add Voting buttons in email, like 鈥淵es鈥�or 鈥淣o鈥�
Webservices to image hosting on S3?
update hidden field value on the fly
How to display count of documents beside webpart title of a document library ?
OpenCV2.4 Error: No GPU support in unknown function file
How to resolve XAML parser Exception in WPF?
How to implement equivalent of setUserInteractionEnabled: for UIBarButtonItem
mysql functions concept
How to check if a folder exists using PHP
is there any way to convert uicolor to int value?
Error on IntentService Class
Passing a Fragment in the constructor of an Adapter
how can i get the section number of a selected custom TableViewCell?
Difference between XML Schema and XMI
Pointcut to Spring @RequestMapping
Contextual Lazy-loading in Datamapper - how?
android save image from camera preview
Multiplication using FFT in integer rings
Reshape using a shape which is not a divisible factor of length of the list
Understanding file mapping
UDP or HTTP over TCP/IP for a simple multiplayer game
Using ORBEON.xforms.Document.setValue to update underlying xml
Drop Down Filter in Devexpress Grid
yii framework populate the values in textarea
C#: Temporarily capture OnClick event in parent control
Download XML file when application starts and switch to use it seamlessly
gcc 4.7 STL library deficit on pair implementation?
Google Maps: Render marker above markerclusterer
Use protobuf on android to send data to WCF Service (using protobuf.net)
determine if column value string starts with a number
Correct use of fields that are encapsulated in properties inside a class
Bash script to bring up and down an interface on loop
xsl conditon check in apply template
How to get user agent in PHP
load any static site in liferay portal
what is the exact purpose of the cross compile option 鈥�-prefix鈥�
How do I open the inspector group in Netbeans?
How to get complete URL of browser in UrlRewriting using C#
Can I store some variable into the hover function?
A call to system() doesn't create a parent-child relation between my processes in Windows
Apple IOS App icon title: maximum length?
Regex not working in C#
opacity css issue in IE 8 used in jquery animate
JS/PHP cross urlencoding and urldecoding
Hosted PowerShell running .NET 4 Snap-In
What range of Bluetooth UUIDs can be used for vendor defined profiles?
Rendering performance in case of embedded containers
Removing Border From HBITMAP
Insert primary key column value to Non Primary key column
jQuery function to replace bloated code
scrollbar for dynamic div using jquery or javascript(for android phonegap)
How do I return firstchild value in LINQ
Asp.net Web API returns non-descriptive error 500
How do I load my websites EXTREMELY fast, like say, Apple's?
Infinite loop during reading a file in python
calling init() method from service method in servlet
Waiting till this animation is finished before repeating on another link
Saving and loading times via php and displaying time on stage
Mahout for recommendation NOT based on similarity but on 鈥済ood match鈥�
SSRS BIDS expression language Month Part from Current date
My sprite doesn't detect touch during its movement with CCAction
Deep Containable associations not working in cakephp 1.3.0
Custom disassemble pipeline does not work
copy existing database on SD card
I hit upon stackalloc in .net, I was wondering as MS gave us but in unsafe context when to use it? [duplicate]
onClick on ViewPager not triggered
fetching with a predicate that checks a new instance dont work
issue with sending Multiple images to the server - iphone app
push_back std::pair into std::vector error
How can i integrate country_select gem with best_in_place editing
Prevent links from auto hyperlinking in Outlook etc using PHP
hard refresh/ reload when pages are loaded using ajax #
Entities to many similar objects can I in anyway make them share interface?
when does JAXB unmarshaller.unmarshal returns a JAXBElement<MySchemaObject> or a MySchemaObject?
How to use a MonoDroid TabActivity using MvvmCross framework
Calculating the angle between three points in android
SQL tricks: finding a value within a range across rows
How delete content of file after the last EOL?
How to record the response time in seconds between two button presses using javascript
is it possible to play via Flash .pls radio file from another web-server based on nullsoft SHOUTCAST?
How to convert Java-objects for jqplot usage with Play! 2.0?
Variable of AppDelegate used as global variable doesn't work
How to bind Generic-type interfaces in Ninject
Whys is Graphics.Clear(); Not working in C#
How to save a form state from a jquery that disables my submit button when timer ends?
How to print 鈥�lt;鈥�and 鈥�gt;鈥�using XQuery?
Floor function to float and double values
Java Scanner skip a row of dashes
How to run clustered JBoss on two diffrent servers
imagemap onMouseOver solution
Postback and Subid implementation in Php?
Authenticate over LDAP / Oracle table
Java hash of 2 hashes
Have trouble with making div stay at bottom of div
Find whether a given IP exists in CIDR or not
In FTP Is it possible to move files from one location to other location
How can I get the count of user likes on a fan page
Resetting A webform on the ClientSide
What is the most efficient way to query on columns in belongs_to association in Rails 3?
HTML parsing: how to get link tag from remote site
Controlling the number of instances of an application running through a Service
Annotation and Notes in PDF using iPhone
Lamda Expression for OrderBy
Use the device's internal memory
jquery how to check if url contains word?
Jquery Mobile - Detect Page Refresh - Return to Homepage
increase value in an array by index variable with mongoose mongodb nodejs
Record sound and save using AS
Accessing SQLServer from within Windows Azure
how to automatically zoom map when animated marker is 1 km from destination
Complex View Animation in Android
What method to catch context menu item selected in custom view (layout)?
When running a Excel add-in, I always get a error, if my previous run ended in a breakpoint
How to slide animation between two activity in Android?
Go to beginning of line without opening new line in VI
Python - list concatenation
Cached thumbs does not show up first time
How to return SafeArray from C++ (ATL) to VB.NET
linker error: undefined reference to `vtable of QGLViewer鈥�
Escaping special character in Ruby
CakePHP multiple select 鈥渟elected鈥�is not working
How to cancel UIView animation and skip to the end?
Asp.net and Azure - Can't no longer show my web application
Regexp in Perl/TCL
Avoid ClassNotFoundException in JMX call via JVisualVM due to custom exception class
Flags enum with too many items; last value is too large. How can I resolve this? [duplicate]
Playing sound on kindle fire
iPad - How to detect that multitasking gestures are enabled? [duplicate]
jQuery get the last element after editing the DOM
How to set column-order in wmic output?
Avoid UserControl to catch mouse wheel scrolling
Google Maps Javascript v3: Polyline as Image?
IE incorrect usage of :active selector
php UPDATE QUERY fail my_fetch_array
Facebook Javascript SDK - Score post requires application secret key
How can I convert string (YYMMDD) to datetime using derived column transformation?
Flags enum with too many items; last value is too large. How can I resolve this? [duplicate]
Playing sound on kindle fire
iPad - How to detect that multitasking gestures are enabled? [duplicate]
jQuery get the last element after editing the DOM
How to set column-order in wmic output?
Avoid UserControl to catch mouse wheel scrolling
Google Maps Javascript v3: Polyline as Image?
IE incorrect usage of :active selector
php UPDATE QUERY fail my_fetch_array
Facebook Javascript SDK - Score post requires application secret key
How can I convert string (YYMMDD) to datetime using derived column transformation?
PMD xpath tutorials [closed]
get validation errors through jquery ajax and codeigniter
Wrong result in multiplying in javascript [duplicate]
Grails 2.0.1 and binary plugin dependeces
Facebook: Test users for an unpublished page
Non-linear programming library in C++
Java Multithreading: Does the thread on which an objects method is executed depend on the thread on the thread in which it is created?
How to get dtd and xml file from keyboard?
tableview cell unable to load two tableviews
How to make a Silverlight Out Of Browser application start maximised
Which layout can do this?
POST returns Http 400 Bad request
how to display columns as rows in ListGrid in Smart gwt?
rails mongo project which features forking behavior
java mixing active and passive rendering
Nivo Slider occasionally jumping
how can I get Server Mac Address in PHP on Shared hosts? (exec and system functions disabled)
Delegate in a where clause
JSR250: CommonAnnotations for Java, 2.3: @Resource methods must be setters that follow the standard JavaBeans convention
Mongo query must match 2 fields in 1 subset
How to split a stackpanel like a grid
How do I convert a string with comma seperated items to an array [duplicate]
Lotus Notes - Compressed File Database
How to use TwoWay binding from within a UserControl?
How to creat a box when mouse over text in pure css?
adding licencing to an app which has already been available and sold in the Android market
Mysql How to select all orders and the items within the orders
C/C++ - Understanding Audio interpolation code
Is there a way to fake file on file sistem or Write a file that visible only to my EXE file
How to interrupt a task in progress with a timeout mechanism?
Searching for a word pattern in a Python dataset
Internal page refresh with JavaScript
Error: Projects containing version <unknown> deployment descriptors require XMI-format bindings or extensions files. ibm-web-bnd.xml
Time picker giving unusual time format on android
Select a column that potentially doesn't exist in Oracle dictionary views
OpenPop.Pop3 error
Dll not match with assembly
Facebook Graph API - access token for offline access (deprecation)
Have trouble with comparing two objects of an array
Regular expression - Ruby vs Perl
textview cutting off a letter in android
Calling a web service using WS via an HTTP proxy
Full File Paths with XDebug Stack Trace
Struts 2 subaction
Calling a function in wordpress widget
.Post in jquery
mpg123 link error 鈥淿read鈥�and 鈥淿lseek鈥�
Prototype UTF-8, HTML &pound returning 脗拢10.00
Connection failing with pop3 using java mail api to Exchange server
Yet another 鈥渓ocal file access in actionscript-3鈥�q-u-e-stion
Display cursor on dragging amchart
CodeIgiter beginer here. Where are some of the basic classes located?
How to include style sheets and js files inthe view of Orchard cms
I can't include attribute in my XML Schema. (http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance used)
PHP / Python script that base64encodes images in css
jqPlot to Image
How to trigger action when scrolling in UIScrollView?
How RaisePropertyChanged<T> finds out the property name?
refresh a xhtml page
Replacing column selection with 鈥�gt;鈥�removes code lines
How to login a Django account from an iOS App?
PHP together with django in heroku instance
Action type record to launch browser on an android nfc application
How to search for regex and replace the characters from string in ruby?
How to pass our own runner instead of BlockJUnit4ClassRunner
Determining matching parenthesis in Haskell
Expression syntax for parent_table.field_name
How do I get a python script to continue executing after beginning a command?
Json modelbinder not working on nested List<T> Asp.Net MVC 3
IOS Http post when app run background
How to access a mutable array that is a property of an instance of an Object and fill that array up with values
android check boxes [closed]
Office Communicator 2007 Rc2 - PC hosting desktop sharing facility slows down considerably
how to calculate the page of a newly added record of jqgrid using php
I get this error (InputDispacher) but why?
Does Apache's active and idle connections contribute to MaxClients?
Java - Scroll image by mouse dragging
How to create a sql view (CREATE VIEW) in sqlite(android) and query?
RTP diagram does not work
passing parameters to jquery function
How to make a flipp effect?
How do statement modifiers work in Template Toolkit?
Get http response as a String using spring
NSMutableDictionary reordering elements after insert [duplicate]
how to make countdown timer for bidding website
In-editor spell checking for PHP, HTML files
How can Access SAP SOAP Web services from Android? [closed]
Java: Marking/Flagging a file
VBA Inputbox Filter enhancements
NSMutableDictionary reordering elements after insert [duplicate]
how to make countdown timer for bidding website
In-editor spell checking for PHP, HTML files
How can Access SAP SOAP Web services from Android? [closed]
Java: Marking/Flagging a file
VBA Inputbox Filter enhancements
print line before page changed in vfp reports
eclipse not starting
Image upload popup in ckeditor is not woking in Google chrome
Using Entitymanager inside Enumeration in entity class
Custom Dialog not displaying - Android
Treeview with checkboxes and a list box
how to save a pie graph in pdf file in iphone app
iAd not working on iPad
Action is cached in Controller in CakePHP
Android Service takes ~5mins to start
SQL Advice - selecting multiple rows from a table as an innerJoin
Using mySQL to compare 2 tables
Suppress upload messages of maven deploy
draw a circle and with animation transform it to a rectangle
How to do a real-time dashboard with charting
Android portscan not working
Pass variable to click function jquery easy confirm [duplicate]
Press Enter Key in Selenium RC with C#
recurrence interval for minutes reminder in windows phone
Why is 鈥渢ypedef struct foo foo;鈥�considered harmful?
PGRFileManager Minimizes in Google Chrome
CakePHP 2.1 Measuring Page Execution Time
update div in ajax in asp.net mvc
Python None and if conditions
ASP.NET Razor: Form (in a dialog) not submitting
Can't debug windows Service VS2010 Win7
How can I decompile a batch of .NET DLLs into a Visual Studio project
Update table lookup
Get Time Slot Column (SQL Query)
Deploying a list instance to SharePoint 2010 error 鈥淯nable to find the default new form for list鈥�
CSS 960 grid system layout issue
getting the name of the element that is checked in checkbox
Ruby routes and custom action
Why is contenteditable not a style?
Android subnet scan
jQuery does not trigger live event if the element was removed from DOM
Binding an user control to WPF ComboBox?
eclipse IDE Android Development Issue
How I can check availability check for webservices for applications running in J2EE platforms?
Android, How to show array of address of images with intent?
synchronous jquery $.ajax without locking IE?
Eclipse. Restore project 鈥�settings鈥�directory
Reading int values from array - Order incorrect when loading
How to make an iPhone TimeTable App
Eclipse. Restore project 鈥�settings鈥�directory
Reading int values from array - Order incorrect when loading
How to make an iPhone TimeTable App
scoping in many_to_many associations?
Char Parsing newline (C#)
Should HTTPS be used for all calls involving authorization
org.openqa.selenium.internal.SocketLock exception
How does proxy bypass firewall filter?
automatically resolve numpy recarray
Canvas drawImage with large images
Changing style based on height of element
WCF customBinding with client certificate
How to create a user model with node.js?
How to do 3DTransition on a MapView?
How to make a textfile from multiple txt files?
Ninject get target type from IBinding
jQuery slide div
ActionBarSherlock onClick listener
Getting the error 鈥淒ebug assertion failed error鈥�all of a sudden without any code change been done. (In C++ code)
Test case for Android SQLite Connection checking
Apple OTA App Distribution: App Download Issue
Why does PlaybackState remain at Playing after PlaybackStopped fires?
How to use ASP.Net membership with my own tables?
Exporting to CSV encoding problems
Change Background colour of ListView in android at run time
Livekd documentation and tutorials
Inline function 鈥渦ndefined symbols鈥�error
Android ContentProvider URI scheme to notify CursorAdapters listening on OUTER JOIN queries
How to create a popup div that when popped up doesn't scroll all the way to the top?
.XLSX files not generated with Worksheets having more than 8K records
Convert Uint8 to unsigned char RGB values [closed]
Eclipse RCP MessageBox.open don't work on Ubuntu 11.10
Random color border (Javascript) around database entries (thumbnails)
Can wifi and 3G work at the same time on Android?
SQL: how to select the row with most known values?
Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password? But I am using the right username and password
mongo query in python
Remove the 鈥渙pen鈥�button in save file dialog (IE only)
Visual Studio Setup Project: Install Service Executable Marked as Hidden, System
Google search results change links colors
Custom Component Property to have unique value
How to convert CMYK eps to CMYK jpeg with ghostscript?
How to clone an object with internal delegates
How do I to expose all properties of a public function in a jQuery plugin
How to create folder(if not exist) in dropbox accout using php-api?
ClassNotFoundException when the class is there?
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when running JUnit plug-in test
Adding ID and Class on template dynamically using backbone views
jquery not working in IE after ajax call
Vi Editor A complete Block Deletion
Git-flow and client-specific functionality
Validating AndroidManifest.xml file
Rasberry Pi / Linux Thermometer reading [closed]
Refresh a zoomed image while keep it zoomed in android
How to close a branch WITHOUT removing it from history in git?
App Engine Shard Counters and High Replication Datastore
How do I use the --header option to send cookies with Siege?
Introducing freeze column in Django
PHP detect and store returning emails
how to open in new window
My table get duplicated rows with Jquery Table Sorter
PySNMP can not recognize response
How to split a bitmap by a line
SQL-DMO: You must use SQL Server 2005 management tools to connect to this server
Java: How to programmatically select and expand multiple nodes in a JTree?
How to build a conditional cells merging in excel 2010?
Can't upgrade Azure deployment using Management REST API (SSL certificate issue)
Orchard CMS - query lists from views
Are there problems with implementing a listener in a View subclass?
jquery ui datepicker day/month only, not year selection
Read excel xlsx file using simplexlsx in php
DDD Entity class
Querying the time using Google Search Results
Phonegap - Double Tap Zoom in Google maps
java 1.6 upgrade
Drupal 7 change theme for module
how to disable JIT mode while building firefox?
oops private variable values does not return error
Yii mocking model
How to connect windows phone app to use database stored in sql azure
using signal handler for ctrl-c - need help on infinite loops
Is there any hard-wired limit on recursion depth in C
Simple but tricky Show/Hide Toggle On/Off Combinations driving me bonkers
responsive WP site not working in ie8
Javascript, for-loop, not carrying the value
Orchard implementation No persister for 鈥渢able Name鈥�
Login from a site to another site in https
fluid content layout issue with css
Creating django management commands
Is there any capacity on creating View
NSWorkspaceRecycleOperation don't delete file
Wait integrity test to finish (Do Silent^Integrity(鈥�tmp/logfile鈥�)
Read Win32 Application Status through Java
How can I add a method to a singleton in ExtJS4?
open url using javascript
Xcode: is there a way to get the bundle identifier of a parent project?
Dynamic number of test cases in genetic programming?
Android: Difference between getCount() and getChildCount() in ListView
How to get JQuery JScrollpane to work on a locally-saved webpage
Two machines on diff subnets connected through a L2 switch - Connection possible? [closed]
Cannot send mail in SharePoint using Event Receiver
Implicit declaration of function when using set_usart_base((void *)) EVK1105 dev. board. Atmel
Is it possible to set different font in One UIlabel?
Smart Card Authentication with ASP.NET
CSS3 rounded corner without using htc
What's wrong with this RegExp?
atos and dwarfdump won't symbolicate my address
Cut a center of a image
Set size of video widget in Qt
How to get/pass dynamic controls in $.post method in asp.net?
Cannot load ODBC DLLs in Delphi2007 on Win7 64bit when running inside IDE
Suggestions how to re-write the following Java code snippet
OAuth - Invalid token: Request token used when not allowed
Result returns wrong calculated value over XPath construct
Place an object at another objects current position
Measuring parallel computation time for interdependent threads
CSS3 Animation issue in Chrome/Webkit
web user control can create a default event?
jQuery - Check if element is visible after dragging
Why is there a value constructor in addition to the type constructor in Haskell?
Japanese language detection using java langdetect library
How to setup virtual environment for Google App Engine in Pycharm 2.5 on Windows 7?
Numeric Filter and missing values (Weka)
Accessing SQLite from Activity, Async and Service
How to integrated networklocation.apk and com.google.android.maps.jar into my applicatio?
Pass logged in user in CRM as a parameter to IFRAME
javascript window.print(), passing number of copies as param
Strange behavior of $.each in jQuery
TestNG configuration fails
Rackspace Clouds: Modify image of the container and clear cache
Datagram Socket 鈥渕ust be caught or declared to be thrown鈥�
How to obtain the 鈥渋d鈥�of the Page which is shown in jquery mobile
How to show location in spinner instead of the chosen option in Android?
IOS: AVAudioPlayer management memory
RIA Creates same instance twice in Silverlight
Efficient NSString parsing with NSScanner
How to make sure validation in adorner layer is shown behind other controls
Howto upload multiple files using springmvc3 with annotation?
Most stable way to handle resizing of UIView?
Posting form elements that aren't visible in DataTables
Emacs / Slime Key Binding / Sending command to Swank Server
MARS MIPS and struct nodes
Check if net share is mapped correctly in cmd file
Programming Linux serial port, ttyS0
XSLT transformation: Add fixed text to existing node value
removing duplicate options in collection_select
Android: Delete cookies in-app // How to get the browser context
Need concept to develop p2p file sharing apps using c# 4.0
How to create Blackberry Custom TAb bar
Android: Delete cookies in-app // How to get the browser context
Need concept to develop p2p file sharing apps using c# 4.0
How to create Blackberry Custom TAb bar
jQuery: how to make an array with a loop
How to execute a c# exe from a c++ program
FFmpeg: Read profile level information from mp4
switching to parent view controller on changing the tab from one tab to another
How do you list the most complex methods of a project in Sonar?
How to customize paging in UIScrollView?
Using freemarker to generate html to send within an e-mail, is their anyway to use a rendered jsp page instead?
Information about checkout directories in svn
Understanding composite in java or GWT
Suggestions on extracting text from uploaded documents
How to historize each version of my object with Doctrine ?
Maven + javadoc: add offline links
socket.io keeps 404ing?
How do i convert UIWebView to bitmap
What are the differences between EventHandler and ElapsedEventHandler ?
Using the themeroller theme in qtip2
how can i use subclasses in hibernate for attributes within a table?
Android loading animation
Executing (jar file ) Batch script from c#
Drawing on the frame
How to encode file of any type into base64 string and then decode it into file again using Lazarus/Delphi?
volatile overloading?
How can I pass array of objects as arguments to a RESTful service
onclick=鈥渏avascript:func()鈥�vs. onclick=鈥渇unc()鈥�[duplicate]
Can i Scale ValueAxis according to scale?
how to query using LIKE in php
Error (Code 1034) : Load data error
resize title in uitableviewcellstyledefault
Restrict variable in Matlab
Getting SAX Parser attributes value
Search by character code in mongoDB
Added default options to some controls when a value from dropdown is selected
android eclipse java logcat runtime errors
Session data working local but not on remote server
How to store the nodes of an XML into an NSArray using NSXMLParser
making urls non case sensitive using htaccess [duplicate]
using hash (#) symbol to indicate input newline of command to a database linkedlist C program?
Mysql query based on a list of specific random numbers?
How to use Reject file in infobright with version 4.0.6 GA
Jquery counting
how to create a tirangle and square with ccs only?
getting error with couchdb desktop when starting an app using ubuntu quickly [closed]
Real time settings changes
Proper handling of UIControlEventValueChanged events
When to and when not to use map() with multiprocessing.Pool, in Python? case of big input values
Java Client + SSL Socket Error when using two timers to connect to a server
EasyTableView with multiple rows for iOS
how implement an html form inside an asp.net web page - two forms issue in asp.net
bcrypt integration in Grails using spring-security-bcrypt plugin
Android TextUtils
Button OnclickEvent in Custom Row View ListView in android
How to convert CString to UCHAR array?
Facebook Connect - Login bug - An error ocurred. Please try again later
How to find a substring in a field in Mongodb
Tastypie - Nested Resource field not found
Decrypting Java 3DES ECB NoPadding encrypted value in PHP
PowerShell filtering for strings
Unable to start component info DatePicker
ember.js - what is the correct controller/view pattern for creating a new model
Qt creator can not create windows app
jQuery mobile subpage (data-role='page') not as a direct child of body
How to install Perl offline
Select td which contains a (Anchor)tag using jquery
Mysql query for matching month and year
Why is 鈥淒ivide by Zero鈥�or any other exception not raised?
How do I get an ID after saving an ExtBase Model?
How pass variable in jquery easy confirm [closed]
Is there a way to export string and images from core data into cvs, which can be extracted from itunes?
set references in the XML file to XSLT and XSD files which are packed into archive
Extending user model form with custom fields
change certificate in Android
Convert JSON key value using RegExp
How to add multiple functions to be run on the same event from different locations
How to include a prebuilt library on Android?
Add values from datagridview cells
Trello API get card comments
send sms through tomcat server using java
Accessing file system on jailbroken iOS
How can i send some value from detailView to a masterView in a splitView controller?
Magento Static Block Image WYSIWYG Upload
Short and sweet sequence of integers in Java
PHP created form open new time on submit (only at first submit)
How to read MIME format emails pop3
ImportingConstructors & Subclasses
segfault on write() with ~8MB buffer (OSX, Linux)
Update Jquery progress bar, while reading txt file (from php)
Eclipse RCP 鈥淎bout Window鈥�
Why can't I define plain C functions in header file?
Hibernate/Pg: duplicate key value violates unique constraint
VB.NET code returning different result than C# code
sets many IE filters from Javascript/jquery
How to get event on finish drawing bar chart in jFreeChart?
Display an alert when internet connection not available in android application
Assigning a javascript array with PHP/Postgresql query values in a loop
Request a popular name for this or its solution algorithm
How to get controller from area with ninject
MVC3 AJAX ActionLink 鈥淗ello World鈥�I can't get it to work
JUnit - doesn't wait for completion of method under test
JavaScript exit popup function doesn't work properly in Chrome and IE
PDO bindValue with PDO::PARAM_BOOL causes statement execute to fail silently
Query to Re-index Primary Key of MySQL Database
Evernote and Producteev GUI Toolkit
Android how to open a .doc extention file?
Regular Expression help needed to convert lst file to csv
Getting Bounding Box of Caret in an editable WebView
How to select Listbox value in asp.net
Change all users attribute in a domain in Active Directory recursively
Binding To Singleton Class Observable Collection Member
Seemingly strange WPF behaviour: textbox lostfocus event and button click event
Firefox- Extension - How to make a sidebar
Spring testing: which is the common way of creating and maintaining test data? [duplicate]
Assigning text color to text in edittext
Understanding that scanf is doing in this code
What is CSRF Protection really for?
How do I use require_once()?
How can I make my device vibrate?
.net static object lifecycle
setTimeout() - in for loop with random delay [duplicate]
HTML - Store checkbox value locally and retrieve
NSMutable Array from One Class to Another Class in iPhone
ASP.NET VB adding HyperLink to GridView
lxml etree.iterparse error 鈥淭ypeError: reading file objects must return plain strings鈥�
VB How to generically implement exception logging if I have already got many try-catch block
How do I retrieve the sha of git commit being generated in a commit-msg hook?
insert data into a table from another table, while sorting according to a field
checkbox - checked will change textbox value
DB Connection Slow when using SQJDBC4 Driver on VMWare
How to improve MySql query that trying to find distinct values from two tables?
Why I am getting Could not find multi_json-1.3.1 in any of the sources?
Socket object life cycle
Time in specific format Android Java
how to get custom post based on custom category in wordpress?
removeAttr() not removing 鈥渄isabled鈥�attribute in IE