How to get first and last items number with Zend Paginator?
Zend Query Select
Hudson stopped working on my jboss
Solution for Thread.sleep inside EJB
Cannot Start Activity After EXTRA_STATE_OFFHOOK(Outgoing call) on 4.0.3
SSRS 2008 How to automate sending of reports depending on parameter in a DB table
SharePoint: Open modal dialog in different sitecollections
Intercept and pre-process jQuery-ui autocomplete data
How to get a profile picture from facebook
Auto-generated key in ER/Studio
php check if string contains some letters/numbers
When saving endpoint in Remote site settings the Remote Site URL changed
how to sort row in grid view based on a record from the database
Cannot Start Activity After EXTRA_STATE_OFFHOOK(Outgoing call) on 4.0.3
SSRS 2008 How to automate sending of reports depending on parameter in a DB table
SharePoint: Open modal dialog in different sitecollections
Intercept and pre-process jQuery-ui autocomplete data
How to get a profile picture from facebook
Auto-generated key in ER/Studio
php check if string contains some letters/numbers
When saving endpoint in Remote site settings the Remote Site URL changed
how to sort row in grid view based on a record from the database
jqgrid currency formatter
how to Put add in our android application
MKStorekit consumable items configuring MKStoreKitConfigs.plist iphone
Json string list is coming with empty
sorting with mongodb and python
Adjusting size of custom dialog box in android
Submit button in form - apply JavaScript check on click?
Take Media items by id in foreach - umbraco
AndEngine: update handler on sprite
How can I get the zone administrive of a city from postgis (nominatim import)? [closed]
HttpWebRequest throws an exception when sending a request via HTTPS in Compact Framework?
Why is the Container's add function faster with an Array with objects then with an Array with Sencha Touch objects
how to change the label Fill pattern in c#
C++ Linking error within projects having different character set
Gettext on php/iis/win7, wrong charset
jQuery - How to position, resize and move one image over another
How to order test classes sharing the same code not state or data in JUnit?
OS X: strange -psn command line parameter when launched from Finder
How to exit from script using if else
To show alphabetical letters in right side of screen
how to make a list of lists in to dictionary of tuples
How do I create a list of parameters in Powershell?
Inject Javascript into every HTML page using a servlet Filter
Log Batch File Output to a File
Android ProgressDialog style
How to get the Top 10 from a huge amount data divided in 10 files like the formal of key->value_count?
Trying to recursively add the square of numbers
Java compiler breaks escape logic in while loop
Update gridview that is inside jquery dialog ( c#)
Native client - access downloaded file in sandbox
symfony setting value of specific checkbox from db?
Head section link tag rendering issue
Windows Security Custom login validation
Select Result grouped by all fields
Remove Console from waf build Qt Program in Windows
how to install and configure gitweb in opensuse?
c# Best Method to create a log file
Chrome Extension for altering 鈥渟earch on page鈥�behavior. Is this possible to make?
Best way to use rake jasmine:ci in continuous integration?
How to stop an audio file from looping in Apple's MixerHost Core Audio Example
How to find handle of unknown window in c++?
Get the position of first capital letter in a string using php
Getting SSLhandshake exception even after the security certificate is installed
Use of interface with no methods
how to select with DropDownList.text
Trigger notice/error during SISS Package (T-SQL Task) to 鈥淓xecution Results鈥�without stopping execution, like php trigger_error(鈥渪yz鈥�E_USER_NOTICE)?
A strange issue with NSMutableArray vs NSMutableDictionary
Constructor injection using Spring annotation @Autowired does not work
Java uses which network card ip to connect to database
Add a Top Single Row to the Ordered result Set of a Query
Immuable Object creation
How to bring scroll bar/view in top position?
MS Access - Selecting an ID by selecting the linked name in a form
javascript - Twitter bootstrap jquery plugins not compiled for production
How to pass Queryparameter to webservice using JMeter
Saving lat longs from database to GPX file.Android
CGAL: Inheritance and the kernel
Implausible date in RSS how to fix it in PHP?
Ruby double slash gsub issue
Whats the correct way to do this variable overwriting?
How to set cursor at desired position in a row/col of the tableLayout in android
Difference between 鈥渇uzz testing鈥�and 鈥渕onkey test鈥�
How to Disable HTML submit Button Background
Filter UIPasteboard when copying web content from safari to contenteditable UIWebView
Store file for duration of time on webpage
list view Selected item Changes when scrolled out of view
RelativeLayout does not fit everything in the view
NVL Functionality
Rails Translation variables in javascript
Ios multi activity project [closed]
OSX: Hide chars when typing the password
XmlBeans source locator during reading/writing
AutoMapper Mapping Exception
Is Two phase commit possible using RMI and Spring
How to detect double click event on google chart (pie chart)
Handle GTK callback in C++ in a elegant and polite way
What does the `Stack=1, Locals=1, Args_size=1` Mean in Java Bytecode?
Correct scrolling with ScrollViewer in landscape and portrait modes
css ie7 relative element appearing left and outside of containing element
Parsing JSON data in iOS (Objective-c) and displaying in TableView. Getting empty values
StreamCorruptedException on Zygote init [closed]
C#: Select certain rows from datagridview
how to use facebook sdk jar on jde4.6 blackberry
How to read Import Directory Table by ImageDirectoryEntryToData in Delphi 7?
Internet explorer alignment issues
ios add array to array in front
getting an array in <td> one after another
Android ScrollView not scrolling in a tab
How do I use a function to manipulate an instance of an object's data in ruby?
block input when length exceeds his limit
Popular data exchange format that preserves input order even to represent unordered/unused elements?
How do I use a function to manipulate an instance of an object's data in ruby?
block input when length exceeds his limit
Popular data exchange format that preserves input order even to represent unordered/unused elements?
Script deleting itself
I get a PersistenceException and I cannot understand why
Click on Overlay . Simulating Click using Jquery
dump/convert a comma-separated excel data into an array in ruby [SOLVED] [duplicate]
Creating a dictionary of words and their context in a sentence
How to make a OS?
Make file not working for boost
How to set up itunesartwork for ad-hoc distribution?
Empty rows in a GridView binded to a table on a sql server won't update / delete
Visual Studio 2010 SP1 to 11 Beta - Unit Test Project Cannot be Loaded
Using portrait drawable with xml in drawable-land folder
instruments + UIAutomation from shell script [duplicate]
Rails does not work on Lion
Virtuemart 2 product details PDF
Create project automatically in lwuit1.5
Downloading HTTPS resources of a webpage for Google Chrome extension
Is backbone JS hard dependency on jQuery
Native to managed marshaling has random values
kannada font support in lower version of android device
Powershell send-mailmessage - email to multiple recipients
Constant expression not representable in type 'UInteger'
pretty url setting in codeigniter
How to use a Qt GUI with Vala?
Error Scaffolding with MvcMailer in MVC 4
jquerymobile Add select menus dynamically
django template error using sct
Jquery not loading on JSP page
How to instantiate and reuse services in PHP
CSS3 visual formatting model
Cast ExpandoObject to anonymous type
Two submit buttons, one form (Yii)
SQL timeout exception
UIGestureRecognizer giving me error on ipod but not in iphone simulator?
list view java.lang.IllegalStateException even after calling notifyDataSetCanged();
put autocomplete result into textfield on click on it! javascript
get multiple values from dropdownlist in javascript
VSTO Word AddIn 2007/2010 Disable Editing, like document management systems do
Show an Image from web service to ImageView (Pass post parameters with URL)
How to create Drop down menu in a button click
Quickaction in ios
Converting from C++, C#, Perl, or Java to PHP
Sublime text filter out files with given extension
Update text on image in html
Google Maps API V3, Is this a good solution for snapping marker to road?
I have path Manipulation issue. The following code is placed in Page_load method of ASPx page + VB
Trying to access Lotus DB via Java application - getting error msg 鈥�XXX.nsf has not been opened yet鈥�
How to install android 4.0 ice cream sandwich version in eclipse?
Trying to access Lotus DB via Java application - getting error msg 鈥�XXX.nsf has not been opened yet鈥�
How to install android 4.0 ice cream sandwich version in eclipse?
Remote Camera Communication
Method to programmatically switch between Landscape<->Portrait for a single View on Android?
Adding cocos2d files to xcode project?
mocking Logger.getLogger() using jmock
create a class for db managment [closed]
android Install another apk from within my app when my application runs first time
Use console output of command-line tool in Powershell pipeline
How can create right menu sidebar on google map
How do I load a json file into Sencha Touch?
Publishing Proguarded Android Application using ANT
gwt-log and gwt-test-utils not playing nice together
Set facebook app_id for each of my different apps in same Symfony2 project
Chilkat IPhone Libraries Configuration
500 internal server error while trying to use the registration form
How to get only one drop down enabled out of two if out of two choices one is met at a time in MS Access 2007 form
onclick in a checkbox doesn't work in IE
On iOS, can two Timers be set at the same time, or have a timer fire off an event 0.0083 second later to achieve 120 fps?
what is efficient way to structure multiple data in mongodb
Setting Username and Password For Cassandra database
Radius test only success in the local machine, but can't through remote machine
escaping double quotes in JavaScript
How to register a new List<IChecker> to Actofac ContainerBuilder
Save Email Attachments to a Network location
How to define the file storage location in PHP FILE UPLOAD
How to write JPA Query to the equivalent mysql query
getting an error param tags must be an array while tagging facebook users
鈥淐annot read property 'zindex' of undefined鈥�Google maps
How to add contact without using SaveContactTask in WP7 using C#
uploading multiple file formats to a server using jsp and store the path in database
What is the right way to manage MongoDB connections in ASP.Net MVC?
Using RabbitMQ with workers that run multithreaded jobs - Parallel Gem
wrong title when posting action with opengraph in recent activity
Make an own 'widget/layout' where you can put variable strings on
Android ProgressBar countdown
Why a select query is running slower in Oracle than sql server
pop up window opeing in rails?
advice needed with database [closed]
change back button of UINavigationBar
ExtJS DateField - initialising date
Regarding Focus in Customised Button added to vfm
Regress each column in a data frame on a vector in R
error in building an application - Connection to refused
Selenium RC is not working with latest google chrome
change struts form validation to show error icons with tooltips in the UI widget area
Rails setup: Local in Dropbox, Server in Dropbox - sqlite3/sqlite3_native (LoadError)
Error 258 while creating Titanium android module
Silverlight/XNA animation lagging
How to access globals from a different point in code
how to pass parameters to stored procedure in mvc 3 using EF?
Codeline branching best practice
How expensive are MySQL events?
Cost of network connection check in Android?
In shared preferences how to store string array in android application
How do I change the datatype of a newly created column in a view? SQL
Serialization version uid in Java
Android: How to perform zoom on two imageviews in android?
Implications of using non-unicode library with a unicode-built application
Access to Tomcat server has not been authorized
How do I use Annotation Processing API in runtime?
StackTrace returns nothing
MySQL user full permission to own databases
how to customize devise error messages with classes
Can a URI variable ever be malicious
thinking sphinx issue on ec2 production server
Jquery Ajax Post is not calling action method
How to open a Aptana/SVN project in 鈥淪ublime 2 Text鈥�
Ef code first one to many relationship
how to find a NodeDatain tree of Nodes?
jdbc over tcp/ip much slower than on local machine
Creating HTML Templates with jQuery
What are the advantages/disadvantages of Cocoa frameworks, libraries, and bundles?
IE Login Issue (Login page redirecting to itself)
how to select one TableViewCell and set all the other Cells to the Bool Value NO in CoreData?
Best Way to ETL Multiple Different Excel Sheets Into SQL Server 2008 Using SSIS
Mysql connector/C++ for windows 2010 express not compiling
how to find the difference between two datetimes (weekend days are excluded) in Unix?
How to make a list view associate with other view?
Changing background-position of image having shadow in it with easing effect as if some body has touched it
Error messages while starting Cassandra node
How can I highlight subset of values in ggplot2 plots?
Facebook Recommendations Box data thorugh php sdk
slow ffmpeg's images per second when creating video from images
Reading the document being printed using C#
How quickly will Android go to sleep if I stop background service
How to make AJAX call from jquery mobile to ASP.NET Webservice
Sqlite decimal value not working
backbone.js models analogue in python
How to convert to vb to code and How to convert to ado to
Is this Javascript function efficient?
how to assig array with the values of the entered in textfiled in ipad
How to query a table and display NULL on the joined table if it does not meet the filter?
OCaml unbound variable
custom camera in landscape mode only in iphone
is Phonegap for Mobile development like Java for Computer development. Can it give me real portability?
Distinguish between null and missing parameters in ASP.NET MVC4
How to unload activity in android
Multiple Cell selection in Tableview for iPhone 4.3
unable to import libraries in eclipse for google places api project
C++ - Proper way to cleanup class on heap with vectors
TImeBased Trigger in Android
Disable application unistall in android?
Chrome cannot load sencha touch well
IE8 crashes because of jquery calls
How to add controls dynamically on button click in mvc3?
Type command not working in selenium IDE
How to extract NSString from an userdefined object?
Operating with several items selected with JQuery
Any percentage function in .Net [duplicate]
Azure service bus queue subcription filter change
how to sort string in jquery
Replace an object with Null value Using Form Builder in Symfony2
Making/Allowing single execution of method, in Java
Android: How to launch WiFi through code
Strange behaviour of expander
How to guarantee a monitor never leaves fullscreen mode?
org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Connection refused: connect
How to rotate an object back and forth around a specific point?
Annotate hg commit messages (from CLI) with JIRA issue IDs to reference/close issues
AsyncSocket setDelegate not working?
.NET build output verification
Unordered array in Ruby
Gtk and gstreamer linker error
fisher.test many files (already with table data) input
EXTJS. one of my combo boxes doesn't display default value
How to get the 鈥渦pload image鈥�field using Nicedit editor
how to display MailComposer in landscape mode
Can I adjust the sorting by the score of one of the fields
Using Joomla, how do I serve a different page to visitors from different countries?
Image panning javascript not working on chrome
Thread Blocking at Groovy ExpandoMetaclass method in a Grails App
How to get right attribute which contain 鈥�amp;鈥�through libxml2
When to go for native android app and when to go for hybrid model using HTML5
How to stop the css attribute font-size to get override from external style sheet universal selector
How do I run a python interpreter in Emacs?
How to create this UI ( android xml ) in Java code
Barchart 3d in iphone
how to recompile include files in eclipse
Connecting two Android phones to transfer data between them over WIFI
Splitting PLSQL result
Want to get the Special Character Parsed in the Response
Facebook Login with Codeigniter
Run PHP code when user clicks link and pass variables
Two pages are 鈥渕erged鈥�together if include jQuery Mobile in 1st page
360掳 panorama librarys for ios panoramaGL.a
TopNavigation Bar is shown Null for Report Centre site in Sharepoint 2007
how to get the server response.responseText after store load extjs 4
Manipulating large images on a Canvas to maintain aspect ratios results in outofmemory issues
on tap player ,player should jump in android game development?
PHP stream post on news working but picture not uploading
On SWT button, how to position text in front of image
What JS library can be selected for RIA REST based application
parse string to date and time but not getting appropriate parsing
how to send emails to all domains( yahoo ,gmail , rediff ,hotmail, ect 鈥� from play 2.0 application?
character replacement via command line
Android Thumbnail creation, Who does it?
How to Clear Console in Java?
firefox not playing sound
How to create a system to access a page after payment has been made in
Assigning Indexes to column/s?
Authenticate user against forms Authentication in Chrome Extesnion
installed windows service but not working
How to switch over to particular page in pdf by it's page no in iphone
J2me List with filter
How to disable complete list view
iOS UITableView: UIView/custom cell at the bottom like in twitter iPad app
Do Heroku Dynos enjoy free data transfer inside the AWS network?
vector, move semantics, nothrow and g++ 4.7
XIB doesn't open when app launches in mac application
save video from story board to media library WP7
ClassNotFoundException on Tomcat Server
how to show alphabetical letters in right side of screen
Image.FromStream throws ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid
Bug in TWTweetComposeViewController?
Requirements to consume a SOAP web service [closed]
c# reports an object as null when it isn't
DJANGO, MTTP Comments, IntegrityError
How to select all <pre> which contain only one line?
UIImageOrientation issue while upload on server
Resize JTable columns to suit table contents
Element With A Display of 'Table-Cell' Won't Fill Available Space Like A Table Cell
How to use preprocessor checks in header file?
SmtpClient is not returning any exception but the mail is not sent, why?
Rails to always save a changed state what method would you override
is it possible to have a virtual class declaration in a class?
Can BDD be done 鈥渁fter鈥�
Mix strings with numbers on Eval Expression of Breakpoints on Delphi
Updating UITextView inside UIScrollView while scrolling makes the scrollView stop scrolling
Not able to add unique rows using sqlite in android
Need conversion technique from Times ten dateTime to Saxon Timestamp
Android camera display is getting stretched
Can I create an index in a mongo collection with Meteor? [duplicate]
How to create XML in Android for several images?
Word Unexpected (expecting 鈥�鈥� with Makefile
how to run application on real device in blackberry?
ValidationMessage does not render in my view (asp.mvc3)
Kill empty process id
MySQL groupby in stages
ffmpeg segments only the first part of my audio file
how to hide or remove extjs line chart axes (xaxis or yaxis) ticks
How to draw scout/reference lines in dicom
Create a window in qt with shape from an image
Class variables VS constants in Rails models
Creating Python package alias TypeError: expected string or buffer error
Sum up the index number of arrays and send the sum to the master (C++ or Java)?
GLSL - Attenuation not working
Displaying the UK on a Google map
My cron job restarting itself
How to prevent editing of hidden field with PayPal's Website Payment Standard?
Which is the best way to design a database for searching a particular column efficiently?
android numpad on button click
Share Sqlite with iTune file sharing within iOS App.
How to restart app when it's recover from Tombstoned?
Bob Jenkins perfect hash function in VB.Net
how to create custom authorize filter in mvc3
Regarding SSL setSessionTimeout
How to use IN Operator in SQL Server
Simple Database Implementation for Educational Purpose [closed]
taking data sample in R
Spring security authentication management vulnerability
On creating new database in sql server 2008, some tables created automatically?
Unable to call Struts2 Action using Jquery Ajax in Liferay
NullPointerException VideoView and MediaController on Fragment in android
Mobile Development and Cloud Database, Where Should I Start?
Array as method argument
ExrJs 3. How do I add a new element after the field?
Create thumbnail image from video in server in php
I'm getting error 'install_driver(Oracle) failed: Attempt to reload DBD/ aborted. Compilation failed in require at (eval 85) line 3
Shell script musn't generate 鈥渆xtra鈥�error messages, but is for one odd test case
Why doesn't IDS provide C library functions for RSAM? [closed]
How to print time in 鈥渄d mm yyyy hh mm sec鈥�format in LINUX / C
Different behaviour of netbeans and console
Exporting gridview to .xls
how to copy a file from any directory to c drive using cmd in c#
Building up Association matrix from SQL data
How to know the end of a background thread?
How to wrap only content fields that use RTE in TYPO3?
SQL error in Ruby on Rails: 鈥�full) year must be between -4713 and +9999, and not be 0鈥�
Canceled WCF REST downloads
Crashed while removing the pin from mapview
SqlConnection with Parallel programming
Proper usage of Interface and Abstract classes
Mac app costs so much CPU after sleep
Display a 鈥淏ack鈥�button, only if there is a back (MVC)
The following usage of the path operator in batch-parameter substitution is invalid
Input matrix to opencv kmeans clustering
Is there a way to undelete a deleted row in INFORMIX-SQL?
using atomicAdd with float parametrs
Click an anchor in a UIWebView with a UIButton
Disable aspect ratio or image crop on wordpress custom header images
How best to retrieve result of SELECT COUNT(*) from SQL query in Java/JDBC - Long? BigInteger?
sql open connection in read only mode
Showing mapview on click in addressfield [closed]
Searching for set cookies in wireshark does not show all the cookies that are set in the browser
RequireJS in node failing for plugin-using dependencies (eg with use.js)
Rendering Problems in WPF when using Effects
Deploying Sinatra app on Heroku
Multiple SVN repos from same source folder
ScaleAnimation Android Api level 8
How convert IQueryable<IQueryable<Page>> to IQueryable<Page> with Linq
Graph API batching with paging?
Error occur when using Membership.GetUser()
How to implement subcription in Android SDK
curl response cannot be handled after saved in a variable PHP
How to handle linked components in XSLT in tridion SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 using XSLT mediator
ZeroMQ/0MQ Push/Pull memory and routing issues
struct or class and what about public data?
Pass name of global var to function that alters var?
Flex Image Editor issue
Cakephp 2.1 Image Upload Plugin
add special symbols in diff locales in CKEditor
Xcode : How to display json image array in UITableView using multithreading?
jQuery - contains / filter and insertBefore to rearrange a list (div > ul > li) issues
Sharing a JavaVM* across threads in Android NDK
exit fullscreen embeded youtube in webview
Internal Server Error trying to update server database in Meteor.js
SQL Select based on certain Data
Is application name's font customizable in iOS
What is causing this in android webView?
How to implement global VB6 error handler?
Optimal usage of battery
Implode 3 select values into one field error
What is the name of the CLI Vim process as seen by Mac OS X?
Android: How to Remove Selected Tab Highlight Color & On Press Highlight on TabWidget
Ruby on Rails: Is there anything similar to C++ virtual methods for subclasses?
How to tell if iPad is black or white via code? [duplicate]
View opened locked files in my system [duplicate]
Java System.out.format with double array
URL regex beginning and ending with
Is 'this' reference stored on call stack in Java?
How to make custom title bar for my android application? [duplicate]
why javascript mouseover event doesn't work in chrome?
How to Get the Range of Field Values in Post Method?
Deploy a webproject as a webservice
Common view in all tab views in windows phone 7
Check both valid URL and valid Domain Name
How to redirect to 鈥淧ay with a credit card鈥�in Paypal
Dynatree image inside tooltip
Cross-Browser Event Handler (Add, Remove, Trigger)
htaccess rewrite to already rewritten url
Devise sign_in_and_redirect causes rspec test to fail
JSPX drop down list
I can not request fileSystem,After I open a ***.doc by broswer whatever childBroswer or default webview
UIDatepicker date show monday's date only
How can convert ArrayList<Long> to String in Java (Android)? [duplicate]
Where is Android execution jar file?(Just out of curiosity)
I want to combine XNA to Silverlight for windows phone 'mango'
How do I use JavaScript write to a different web page?
Set Focus on Controls in C#
How to mount /data from different storage in Android x86?
Setting the backButton frame in a subclass of UINavigationBar
Conditionally sorting elements by multiple properties in multiple tables with LINQ
CakePHP Validation Regex
jqgrid data client server synchronize
finding the best match between set of images using SIFT algorithm
squarespace opensource clone / features in ruby on rails?
Multiple Database values in an php array
How to fire akka scheduler daily for a particular time?
Entering Ctrl+Z for ending reading words will cause a loop error
JavaDB error 'Schema 'ROOT' does not exist'
What is the simplest git workflow to replace copy-paste
how to auto populate form_form tag fields in rails in edit page
UITextChecker without proper nouns
java.lang.StackOverflowError while processing a xml using xsl
How foursquare check-in work
openSSL: decryption not resulting in correct plain text
rightbarbutton not animating properly
Self destructing singleton design pattern iOS
How to dynamically load all of the image from a folder for an image slideshow - jquery
Single Text from two different UITableView
Declaring hex constant in
Returning a json object without square brackets
Limit to number of 鈥渘amed ranges鈥�in Range method
Error in using RoleEnvironment to get Configuration
Referencing Columns on the Inserted Table T-SQL
typedef and struct namespaces in C vs C++
Installing google app data on localhost
Pyramid: modifying site content based on settings
AJAX .Beginform for each panel bar item in telerik mvc panelbar
Android: Listview NullPointerException
Sending SOAP Request to WebService error 500
Send and Receive SMS using Twilio on iphone sdk?
How to convert NSString to ASCII value from String Value
How does bison 鈥渨ork鈥� how is it used?
How to pass extra parameters to the VCS command line in Teamcity
Checking client and model validations
Can I subtitude functor with variable in a predicate
add object values to a database
iPhone App Picture Taking Issue
How to pass extra parameters to the VCS command line in Teamcity
Checking client and model validations
Can I subtitude functor with variable in a predicate
add object values to a database
iPhone App Picture Taking Issue
Use string in switch case in java
AsyncTask and callbacks Android
JQuery fixed sidebar not working on long content
How to get results from WEKA
In jQuery, trying to get next-item-not-having-a-specific-class
Solr indexing fails on server.request(up)
Instantiating multiple instances of a class that creates a thread鈥�
C++ streams not working
sYSMALLOc: Assertion Failed error in opencv
JSON JAXB Object type serialization
jqgrid nested subgrid 4th level subgrid always returns first rowid of the subgrid
rpm U options to be used?
How does an individual save a spot for dynamic fragments
Build MSI in Wine
Find the one non-repeating element in array?
3D model format for OpenGL ES Android
Missing data and Attributes selection
Switch buttons using Jquery
how to load data fast from webservice in android?
How to visualize GML with C#
How can I access a Controller class in JavaFx 2.0?
PHP array presentation
How to override compiler options for referenced c++ project in visual studio
Lower triangular matrix and upper triangular matrix give me wrong answer
Perl: Searching for item in an Array
Jsp Connection Error
Backward pagination with cursor is working but missing an item
Does webkit crawler need to use squid proxy?
C# call function from outside current class
Accessing Sub class member from base class in objective c
Rails Model class relations in ternary many-many case
Which serialization library should I use?
Java Multi-Dimentional Arrays. Null Pointer
How can I accept JSON requests from a Kendo UI data source in my MVC4 application?
No of sections with no of rows in Tableview
Calling Servlet From GWT FormPanel
XBOX LIVE integration to window phone
Check whether a window is Popup or not?
鈥淟azy initialization鈥�of jdbc connections from jndi datasource/connection pool: feasibility
What is ELF : ELF error?
wpf data valiation control template - Not getting reflected when used on multiple pages
Session not working in FaceBook in the deployment environment
How would use span to create different styles between selected characters and the rest?
Working around segmentation faults that occur in parallel due to a non-thread-safe API function
The type or namespace name 'T' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
How to create secondary index in Cassandra Hector API programmatically
Inserting null values into date fields?
unsigned and int gotcha [duplicate]
How to I review an application to choose the right indexes - php & mysql
VisualVM and Coldfusion 8: why no memory sampling available?
Jackson field based serialization
How can I convert existing procedural code to use classes?
Running Classic ASP via Visual Studio 2010 - Scripts Fail to Render
shared preference concept login page from server validation in android
In C, will a literal string address always be greater than any allocated string address?
User Edit and Delete routes are providing errors, namespace routing
How To Retrieve Actions From Sprite In cocos2d
how to fix plugin of cloud carousel?
How to resuse threads - pthreads c
What do you need to learn OpenGL? [closed]
directing based on GET request parameters in django
Solutions for reprocessing text before break to terms in Lucene Solr
Selenium - what is the difference between click and clickAndWait?
Windows CE 6.0 R3 - Start Menu Banner
Windows CE 6.0 - Installing SQL Server CE 3.5 into the run-time image
UIView reports its center differently in two different methods
how to fix issue in Button text display?
Reading and Displaying lists value trough VBA code
cryptic mongodb error LEFT_SUBFIELD only supports Object: stats not: 6
Use Lucene field to boost document score without using field value for selecting
How to fetch a file from a URL
Stop <div> moving on jQuery ui droppable drop event
Not getting an output from my inputs
append display:none to subsequent li on loop
catching JS log on xcode console using web view
How to configure eclipse for C?
How to Set the size & position of jquery Date picker calendar icon trigger image
Downloading Xcode from somewhere other than the App Store
strange error with Facebook Feed dialog
jQuery check if form data are equal [duplicate]
Operator as function pointer
how to drop and add multi constraints by 1 sql statement for H2 database
Wrapper function for read() doesn't compile
Game Center Invitation Handler for when someone accepts and invite in cocos2D
What are some of the uses of maxDepth for a binary search tree?
Shared Preference Android Storing data
DotNetOpenAuth ResourceServer Get User ID from Principal
Python - Getting Started
Reading lines from a binary file C++
How to style the microphone of the Google Chrome speech input control
can not update when using xcode with subversion
jquery howto: validate a div rather than a form
How to get CCScrollLayer to scroll?
Communication between ZigBee and Bluetooth
touchesEnded not called
Team Foundation Server switch between branches
Android need to share Image and text together all social medias
jquery hover event doesn't work with select option tag in google chrome?
how do you copy a mysql query minus the primary key into another table
Emacs / Slime / Hard Code Vertical Split Ratio
Javascript library for displaying Python console app output
Windows CE 6.0 - USB Drivers at boot up time
Functor compilation issue: Signature mismatch: Modules do not match
Why does onLongPress() not return a boolean like all other SimpleOnGestureListener?
C# .NET AS2 communication
Wordpress theme / plugin option page
how to show UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypePhotoLibrary in landscape mode
python try-except
How to stub current_user method in Rspec
How to scroll my layout when setting android:windowSoftInputMode=鈥渁djustPan鈥�
Reason to Pass a Pointer by Reference in C++?
How can I pass variables in PHP from the same page?鈥ogical thinking puzzle
Adding data from php/mysql query into an XML file
C# console app using Interop.domino.dll - failing when running as Scheduled Task
Inflate a layout with ImageButton inside Fragment programmatically
On iOS, is there a way to refresh more than 60 frames per second?
ios webview crash
Jquery for click content slideshow picture change
How to create an executable to update a DLL in an installed application
Looping through a list of tables in python
Is there any kind of a 'default' AMI ID across all EC2 regions?
How to install QMYSQL plugin
Conditional Formatting in Excel with C#
Working with on
Oracle hard parse
Referring to Python console variable in function
It fails to define a const_iterator from it's counterpart iterator
How do you cache an image in Javascript
CannyEdgeDetector giving a stack overflow with Bitmaps
json_encode gives unexpected result
Using semaphores to prevent race conditions (in C)
Clojure / Lein / Package into Jar
Save UIImage to Photo Library Instead of Camera Roll
strip HTML from a textarea submitted by user
Text is not clearning onClick (creating dynamic textarea)
Have delayed_job log 鈥減uts鈥� sql queries and jobs status
How to implement audio ring for SIP outbound calls
Web Page in res/raw/
iPhone/IOS NsKeyedArchiver / NSUserDefaults loop
Azure Web Role stuck initializing
Understanding branch use with Visual Studio 2010, AnkhSVN, and SVN 1.7.4
How to do an Apache sub-request with PHP?
Converting a (regular) pointer to the member variable of a struct to pointer to the whole struct
Redirecting to Other Pages after Logging In
Should i connect two Android phones directly using Sockets
Locally using git between users on the same server
How to use Microsoft Application Verifier
htaccess redirect only if domain matches
Updating a dict value in Python
Django ModalChoiceField return Integer as Default Value
cant install rhc openshift client on ubuntu 11.10 64 bit
php_memcache.dll for zf2
Social Login. Social Authentication? Searching for a framework
Facebook photo tagging sample code? [closed]
IOException - Cannot load file
How can I start Android's email application (
Excluding elements contained within another element with CSS or XPath
For MySQL, is there tool to dump a set of rows from one tables and all related (by foreign key) rows from all related tables?
SQL and Counting
url() stylus error
Pinterest 'Pin it' short code for text only link in wordpress blog
How to install a Nuget Package .nupkg file locally?
How to remove transparent clickable area with canvas
Android:Creating UI Components and reusing it programmatically
Read data from JSON file using JQUERY or javascript [closed]
In iOS, why objRect can be used but NSLog(@鈥�@鈥� objRect) will cause bad memory access?
HOW TO use Pycharm to debug python script?
predict.lm with newdata
Django-storages and boto and REST
vBulletin manual php code to insert new user
Changing variable inside block
menuitem actionListener is not invoked when form is enclosed in a template
Xcode, Navigation View Controller
how to print the vertices of the shortest path returned by the following object of JUNG
Get sum of two columns in one LINQ query without grouping
jQuery FullCalendar: Disable scrolling in Agenda View?
CCNet multiple git repository timeout exception
Java: How can I import Trident into my project?
ADO.Net best practice - Single vs multiple Connections when making asynchronous db calls
How to split a column in Mysql?
How to execute more than one query in JDBC
What is the delimiter for WWW-Authenticate for multiple schemes?
Using GSON giving error expected BEGIN_ARRAY but was STRING
python tkinter embedded window
How to get the tweet location of a person when a tweet is send from android?
Nginx or LVS for Node.js load balance?
How do I make a Java app self-update?
Redirect root (and only root) URL to another domain?
How to pass parameters to dot layout engine using c++ graphviz library?
Using Perl XML::SAX to modify XML documents
how to instanciate a generic collection array?
Advise on coding telephone number generating app phone number starts with 0
jQuery Syntax Confusing
link list node in C, struct prototype
Opera issue with dragging imaging how to disable preview
Understanding SQL Azure connections
is it possible to fill in a windows credential prompt programmatically?
Does the save method only updates passed field when saving an existing object?
Using Greasemonkey to edit a URL with a specific id value
Open an image in gallery using file path
What are the difference of using code sign during building and submitting to app store?
Why are parameters to 鈥渟ort block鈥�named this way?
How to zoom a textview in android?
mkdir not working after rmdir in IE
use a foreign key or keep data for transactional historical information?
Calculate sum of the cells in excel using lotusscript
IE9 Waiting 7-10 seconds before starting to stream a video from Amazon S3
Starting Screen with a Command
Combining two queries into one without using UNION ALL
Move AfterBuild target to a .targets file what tools to use for programming multi-track recording software and vst plugins?
How does mouse position translate to a scrolled control?
Radio group/button enquires
Multiple Alarms In Android Using Android Services
WPF Binding Expression and Dependency property
Features of PHP SOAP
How to Check a Table with column 鈥渘id鈥�for multiple values and delete them if they are present
cout<<鈥� n n any key to continue or Ctrl+Z to exit.鈥� how to hide the pressed key?
Android - Switching between 5 activities and retaining state of first activity
Set a label in a delegate method
How many USB cameras can be accessed by one PC
ExpressJS - contact external API
RowDataBound, buttonfield and boundfield
Determine current code distribution by author
zend navigation single level menu using xml file
Remote service checking batch file not quite working
How to show the infowindow on mouseOver event
How can I connect my Android device to a VM running on OSX?
session_start() is generating the same session id everytime
Gnuplot Plotting - Missing line
How to add a 鈥減lay button鈥�like overlay image when sharing to Facebook?
requesting updates from LocationManager in my service. Is that good idea?
Insert date/time into Access database
Launching Delayed HTTP Response with Play
How secure are RequestFactory-generated ids?
C Beginner: How to search for particular words in a file (line by line) in C
Jquery, activate a script when a hash is in url
How to create a perfect Singleton class in c#?
Verify Files in Local Machine is Up to Date with Dropbox server
Interrupt (pause) running Python program in pdb?
Add parameter to URL with Javascript
PlayN: GroupLayer.add( layer) seems to ignore layer's depth attribute
Setting playbackRate on audio element connected to web audio api
Why is 鈥�03fm鈥�script appearing on Drupal website? [duplicate]
How do I split a really long, memory intensive loop into smaller chunks
Complicated Binding converting INT to Multiple WPF Visibility
deleting file if not just created (or being used)
How to custom Toast's display time in Android? [duplicate]
How to hide all my logs when users use my android app?
Do doubles suffer from overflow?
'RVM-like' tool for Java
CATransform3D rotation with Label as subview
GWT: Calling external JavaScript library (sjcl) method
How to set a particular style to the first element in a CollectionView in XAML?
How to add suctom column based on some condition in query
How to Launch an Android AppWidget's configuration Activity from another activity?
(MYSQL) SQL select query - maybe OUTER JOIN?
PHP SCRIPT Should Upload images too along with its description
Preloading pictures for refresh, cache
Why does this output occur?
Django user authentication and rendering content created by that specific user?
Android+I need to show only facebook??@share intent dialog list
How to make this code more useful (preventing special characters in textarea)
Neo4j node property type
Autosys job stays in Running status
what does javascript:void mean? [duplicate]
PowerShell: Set-Content having issues with 鈥渇ile already in use鈥�
What technique should I do that fancybox width and height should depend on iframe width and height?
knowing functions and dataset available in a package without any manual and information (blackbox) R
php mail function on godaddy server not working
Moving Marker in a Google Map on Android
Existence Exception in Prolog Program
fail to connect to mysql using mysql++
IndentationError: unexpected unindent WHY?
widgets in jquery mobile not loading
CSS Two buttons next to each other, one in a form and one not
Combinatios in List of LIsts Prolog
Can a Web Reference Be Exposed from another Class?
Is there a way to `new` a .NET object aligned to 64 bytes?
XSLT for XML containing multiple namespaces
Android Java.util.Arrays class
How can I check what is stored in my Core Data Database?
can't find logging message in gae admin console
inactive ? @鈥渋nactive鈥� @鈥渁ctive鈥�syntax?
Where to find programming exercises for applicative functors?
Scanning whole words with Pattern
magento - Invoice : how do I change the dark grey header to white and the font to black
onCreate() versus a database insert
FabricJS support for SVG viewBox element?
Use same paypal account for different websites
Linq: Explicit construction of entity type in query is not allowed
How to change a Button's background for a certain amount of time and then it change back on an Android app
Mongo filed name change not updating indexes
Batch - How can I redirect stderr and stdout from within the batch script itself?
jQueryMobile running on Android / PhoneGap refuses .load / .ajax
鈥淿OBJC_CLASS_$_鈥� referenced from: error in xcode 4.3.2
hibernate and Sybase error
Add icons to jQuery button [closed]
MonoTouch: Xcode 4.3.2 - Compatible version
Plugins architecture for an Android app?
How do I compare SQL Server databases and update another?
Subqueries yielding more results then expected on join of two subsets
Error: Can't take log of -9.4351e+0.007
Already an open data reader associated with this command. How is this possible?
GetPrivateProfileInt- reading only the default values
JavaFX - Getting coordinates of objects of a webpage
How can I find the real bug in my files?
How to parse HTML/XML with PHP
iOS Debugger Crashes When Inputting 0.0 In Textfield
When is the const version called?
Synchronize the order of multiple observables
Django URLs working, but not clickable in a site template
Select distinct set of values from related table in NHibernate
How to add getters and setters grouped by field? [closed]
how to generate a rtf file with qt?
How to have multiple columns that consume 100% height using twitter bootstrap?
Remove from Array if Contains Lowercase Letter
Android-Need publish/Share my game score with an image+some text
How to format the output
Smoothly rotate and change size of UIView with shadow
How do I split a phrase into words using Regex in C#
XAML can't find the converter class
In Entity framework 4.0 how can we fetch multiple record set from database in one call & pass all data to View
Huge dictionary with random selections: iPhone Dev
How to cast a variable in Key Value Coding
ggplot2:scatterplots for all possible combinations of variables
How does one get the font color for a run/txbody/paragraph from a presentation theme?
django haystack solr: index file not being created
Animate addtosubview for multiple subviews
.NET Replacement Shell not retrieving file contents during startup
Punction is starting to be put at the start of my line
鈥渇unction is not defined鈥�after document.write called in setTimeout?
looking for any codes(javascript/jquery/ajax) like able to pause the javascript and only activate it when onclick else dont do anything
how define a image in listview android?
Including doxygen's LaTeX output as an appendix to a larger document
Javascript - passing a variable to session.getAttribute
I'm unable to configure JavaFx SDK path in Eclipse
How to isolate a word that corresponds with a letter from a different column of a CSV file?
Hadoop web Page,鈥�SlaveNodeName:50060/tasktracker.jsp鈥�is unreachable
Visio Database Design - Unsure of additional Foreign Keys added by Visio
Send two list side by side through email?
How to create a JSON object in javascript
Hitting a specific jboss instance behind a load balancer
Do I actually call the paintComponent method I make when creating a rectangle in Java?
IE 9 compat view causes script to not load
Accessing another SQL Server from SQL Job Agent
How does Mobile Apps get certified? [closed]
JAVA JSONObject parsing issue
Printing an values from a session array in PHP
Android: Enter number to display the number of radio buttons (or button)
Reading encoded url in code behind
How to create a folder programmatically on Android 1.x to 4.x
Meteor with QUnit
Can you use Stylus, Jade, and Coffeescript for development with a native mobile wrapper like
PHP 'beating' javascript function call?
C# combobox options dependent on another combobox
Issue with position:absolute;
Select count(id) from one table where that id is present in another table MYSQL
CSS media queries height
Visual Basic - Getting value from an array with an integer
Visual studio sp1 error: RiaServices.msi is unavailable
500 internal server error .htaccess codeigniter
Clicking link with JavaScript in Mechanize
Can I move a decimal in javascript without math?
How do I create a local service for my desktop application?
Can heap allocated object be move on the stack?
Oracle client can't connect to remote server
Blackberry table aligned
jqm 1.1.0 closing dialogs when hashListeningEnabled=false
鈥渘ew Random(x)鈥�always generates the same numbers? [duplicate]
Creating command line/bash script and saving information in files [closed]
Does Solr / Sunspot include new record in search query even if it's not indexed?
how to know this image is jpg or png iphone
Delete rows from mysql server from a list of ID's C#
Magento SSL Friendly getImageUrl();
how to measure and improve battery use in iPhone/iPad game (Android also) Gridview Itemtemplate Dropdownlist
Loading files from JAR in Scala
Primefaces tags not being recognized in Eclipse Facelets project
How to package ruby shoes apps on OSX 10.7
How to check if a char array contains every element in another char array? [duplicate]
Need help making a function to find a substring within a string c++
spring aop proxy object
How to convert XML attributes to text nodes
C++ class depends on function, but function depends on class
Changing text color when hovering over text with Tkinter?
MySQL: SELECT conditional statement with grouping based off of per record parameters possible?
Regular Express to replace instances of character, but NOT inside brackets
Python strings and integers to write to file?
How to set a subdomain as '' on google app engine?
.NET Localization Failures
Rails 3.1+ Nested Forms Issue: Can't mass-assign protected attributes
add to values separated by a comma [closed]
Deactivate Huge Strings in Delphi 2010
match the 1st field then join the line
How to skip tests in PHPunit?
adding a console to a Jframe
Speed of Videos in iPhone App
Qt Designer - Qt 4.8.1
vbscript delete folder containing multiple files with progress bar
Using CSS rotation and displaying information one after another from left to right
single line telnet commands using terminal
OOP Fortran: saving pointers to intent(IN) variables
Possible ways to speed up reading from ALAssetsLibrary and populating a UITableView
鈥淲ait-free鈥�data in Haskell
Can ocamldoc reference type constructors?
How to get a saved object / newly created object
preg_match / php style regex to find repeating alphanumeric characters, comma delimited?
Are there any languages that compile to Bash?
Problems after upgrading Android SDK - RESOLVED
Error:beyond application level. This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS
Validation on key-press
Record data to a database using AJAX
escaping special characters in sql for generating xml file
whats the difference between using amqp backend and database backend for Celery results?
working with package without Namespace in R
Newly installed gem not loading in RVM
Fastest Reading Binary File Reading and Writing
are HashMaps with predefined capacity faster
How to use alias a method based on input from user
Protect Iframe From Openining In New Window Or Tab
C# multiple comboboxes
How do I switch my input default dictionary to lower case for NLTK comparison in Python
integers and uiimage in uipicker view
open source Ruby projects for beginners [closed]
I want to Auto populate a textfield with 2 different information's once the page is load
Distinct value in two column
Redirect a new domain name to existing website in .htaccess?
Splitting arrays - discarding keys that are below a certain value?
How to set -file option for java hadoop?
customize the look of UIPopoverControllers for popover views
XUL textbox setSelectionRange
VBA - need to identify between range of postal codes
Trying to understand Python memoization code snippet
PHP - How many times the page has been viewed
Restricting characters in a TextBox
ListPopupWindow: setWidth, setHeight have no effect
Is Locking needed necessary during read operation by mutiple threads?
Using Jquery fullscreen background plugin with multiple backgrounds on one page
C++: fmodf() & fmod() - Strange Results?
How to pass an object's properties as the locals to an include in Jade?
clang: error: cannot specify both '-fobjc-arc' and '-fobjc-gc'
Projecting the makefile for debug/release configurations
Alfresco Share: renaming label on workflow forms
MVC3 razor 2 tables with a needed relationship
google-maps-api-3 - how to parse JSON output from Google Maps API distance matrix to PHP
Unable to load abstract profile model?
In-App Purchases register new product programmatically
Add/Remove Class onClick Jquery
Java Game - Collision Detection for walls using rectangles
How to shutdown appengine local dev server from command line? In gridview, if datafield is an array, how can show it?
Example of Selector grouping and Contextual Selector on CSS
Setting an alias within an alias
jQuery if z-index < (less than) 0 then do hover else do something else
Sql error on insert statement
Creating class dynamically
Detect alarm 鈥淒ismiss鈥�event in running application?
Django models: when should I use the @property decorator for attributes?
How to fetch the first post when the last in reached in will_paginate and Rails 3?
Can I kill console-kit-dae process on ubuntu?
Query with grouped results by column (SQL Server)
How does one properly 鈥渇orward鈥�function arguments in bash?
Ruby 1.9.3 hash syntax not working with rspec-rails 2.9?
iReport 4.5.1 No Data Band display Sub Report
How to update for each records without looping in SQL Server
Tcl Tk treeview with checkbuttons
Java Quick Way to Create an Array with Set of Possibilities
Final Local Variable may not have been initialized in anonymous inner class
What can cause Oracle to ignore an APPEND hint requesting it to perform a direct path load?
Dynamic UILabel Heights/Widths in UITableViewCell in all Orientations
java image data inputstream
Emacs hl-line: change color locally
Switch Between Two Scenes iOS
where does the assembler store constant .data? and how are they used?
Matching numbers
How to get jQuery dialog to wait before displaying?
ASP .Net MVC Routing: Url only with string ID
jquery simple ajax load without loading its wrapper DIV
extracting all fields from createCriteria using HibernateCriteriaBuilder in grails
Is there a better way to iterate over this multi-dimensional array in PHP?
View Controller memory allocation and release - what is the correct way to do it