Limiting a draggable element within a container
Name of classmap
PHP Incrementing a Multi-Dimensional Array
SWT Scale with dual thumbs
Excute '.hover' Javascript in Selenium WebDriver
how to make EMACS evil-mode display line numbers
Spongy Castle has any Android SDK requirements?
matplotlib inherit from datetime class plot
cannot embed ruby string in controller render update
Using sed to replace all stdout from within .bashrc
Calculate file size manually (ASCII values) [closed]
Resources to get started developing a dedicated mobile site
Using htaccess to display domain name during maintenance mode
Custom UITableViewCell + resignFirstResponder
Android: How to visually indicate barcode scanning capability in an EditText
Grails, change domain class property from gsp
Which event available on page zooming
BeautifulSoup: How to replace value in an element with an element tag?
Windows Authentication ASP.NET 3.5 with Smart Cards not allowing user name/password
Mobile app (html5/javascript) communicate with Google App Engine example
Self is not defined
Can class methods be added to some instances of Ruby objects but not others?
How to edit apache config by php file
Cant's save image with awssum and nodejs to amazon S3
Textbox does not refreshed text, however messagebox does
AcceptsReturn=鈥淔alse鈥�for AvalonEdit
python without wing
having trouble using bundle exec rspec spec
WCF Service with Worker Thread - how to design?
CSS loading is slow on heroku hosted site
iOS. Empty image sets in before the image completely downloaded while starting app
jQuery Mobile specify page animation from submit button
How can this SQL code to eliminate permutations be improved?
How can I disable jQueryMobile page changes in certain cases?
How to display all tables in PostgreSql while having two schemes in db?
Buffered versus unbuffered output for Python in Windows
load page using jQuery and html dropdown
How I can draw a border in a region using delphi?
fitBounds function does not show all markers
Create labels from an array of values?
How to make a reusable EditText with clear button?
possible to use anchor tag but not on a link in UIWebView
is there any image effect to add white background in the image in drupal 7
'n' boost::thread instances doing 'm' jobs
Hiding/Unhiding Inner Layouts in Android
USA Today-like iPad Multipage Column Layout
HTML Attach Scrollbar to Modal Content
Why does the DataContractSerializer not work?
how to get a variable out of an inline function
Adding graphics to TreeView
Android- How do i get the URI of the latest file saved by the system?
Creating Flex button skin with BitmapImage icons
GWT Editor Framework ListEditor
Element moving when on mobile device
Always visible when scrolled anchored Node in Java FX 2.0?
Netty - buffering response on write
CSS class and descendant selectors practices
Wordpress Custom Dashboard Fields
CSS Menus and JQuery
Allowing Underscore in Username Routes in Rails app
Amazon s3/Cloudfront Ruby on rails video streaming
The UDPSocket in ruby
The UDPSocket in ruby
How to bind the selected item in a KendoUI ListView to a selectedItem property of my observable viewModel?
Jenkins job to release all Maven projects
XSLT date conversion - data format change
How to write a dynamic route in Rails 3?
homebrew brew doctor fail message
Apache James unable to connect to gmail
PHP Regex to match following string example
How can you update location data in Windows Phone in the background?
IndentationError expected an indented block
How can I make the Android emulator show the soft keyboard?
Two process communicate in two computers by Erlang
A fluid grid, without rounding errors, and multiple column widths
Contours opencv : How to eliminate small contours in a binary image
How do I get Group ID as context in Views Drupal 7 without Panels
Use Google AppEngine SDK to run my application on a private server
Hibernate MappingException while using annotation @Inheritance with MySql
Is it possible/advisable to have user NOT own home folder? [closed]
WIN32OLE.attach is an undefined method when trying to attach HTTPWatch with Watir to work in IE9
Android - add Google account programaticaly to non-Google device such as Nook
ember-routemanager not responding to set('location', '鈥�)
How to install Ruby script on server?
IntegerSet in C++
jquery buttons interaction slows down after multiple interactions
Superfish Menu Wraps in IE9 and Mac Safari
when allowsEditing is turned on, is there a way to detect the push of the shutter/capture button?
CSS centered title to the side in a li
Problems with Search on graph
SQL to select half of a two-part composite key based on multiple rows of keys?
What are the pros to using 鈥渙ption explict鈥�
Sort an array of hashes when some objects have nil attributes
how i can select some attribute value from in line css
Find out what exception is being thrown in PHP [closed]
staticmethod parameters in python 2.7 retain value across calls? [duplicate]
Which of the following is true about the second statement? (unboxing & autoboxing)
Design suggestions for Teachers,subjects and grades database
dynamically allocating 3d array
What is the proper name for what [ordered] is in PowerShell 3.0?
Adding and removing twitter bootstrap tabs/pills
Why won't MySQL get the correct data?
Example using Hyperlink in WPF
Uploading an image to friends' wall using Graph API
Script Task - Add existing file as link
Valid to use assignment operator in C expression?
Regex inside braces (curly brackets) 鈥�gnu parallel / xargs / find
Java compilation failure when using generics parameter in inner class
Is it possible to know when a node has been added to a treeview?
Like Button with Send Inside IFrame Page Tab, is it possible?
jquery uncaught typeerror object has no method
C/C++ program that prints its own source code as its output
UnregisterHotKey() does not work on Windows Mobile
PIC32 SPI ISR not being called when RXIF flag set?
How to Start/Stop/Wait for a Thread
Pass data with (Intent putextra) in listactivity not working
Profiler QT application for windows
Sound bytes for iPhone apps
smallestScreenWidthDp for pre-3.2 devices?
Javascripts not working after postback
java mismatch or never ending program
jQuery only works on second click on Ajax loaded page
Google Maps API: Blank page (No map)
How to make a scrolling row of Divs using CSS & Javascript?
Appengine migrate application stalled
How to add social sharing links (FB Like, Google+) for a specific URL and not the current page
How do I run some code after every single controller hit to a server in grails
How does this linq code that splits a sequence work?
Matrix multiplication with CUDA using multiple columns
Why do backslashes disappear when run through echo?
Using an array of jFrames?
Convert string to datetime in python and compare to current time
How to shutdown my Jenkins safely?
how to resolve missing maven-junction-plugin dependency: junction.exe?
Java, JCheckbox - consume / prevent all events, but still enable
what best way to write scripts on server and transfer data to client environment?
Python: Creating a Unicode string
Submit data from an iOS4 app to an ASP.NET website
Float/Position newly created pages top left
TreeViewItem Drag and Drop doesn't raise DragOver event
Simple java code for Weather Reporting
Sencha Touch JSON loading to localstorage not working?
Difference between camcorderProfile.videoFrameWidth/videoFrameHeight and Camera.Parameters.getSupportedPreviewSizes()
Creating a SecCertificateRef for NSURLConnection Authentication Challenge
How to read from a file in asp? [closed]
SQL Server : replace email with sample text but maintain structure
Generating an .pdf file using data from text fields on form
Keeing database blob in sync with frequently changing domain model structure
Dynamic Select list using sql data
Bug in jquery toggle causes horrible artifacts
How to validate multiField in MVC 3?
R scatter plot with hexadecimal colors
Creating a ListView from JSON with Sencha
I want to display the online user when they have logged on
Can't use 'rails' command after installing using gem install
uwsgi postfork not working
How to change WSO2 ESB URL
Run resource method before each request
MAMP Pro 2.0.2 - Mysql db's synced on dropbox have somehow become out of sync?
Entity Framework GroupBy an object or ComplexType
Ignoring directory and all content underneath, clarification needed
UL list with php while statement, how to do it right?
Ignoring directory and all content underneath, clarification needed
UL list with php while statement, how to do it right?
Using line breaks from VB.Net to XML
Threading issue with Dispatcher.invoke in WinRT
Wireless Ad-Hoc mesh network implementation for Windows 7
Responsive Web Design Flaw
Where does Django-celery/RabbitMQ store task results?
Pylint disable all warnings for a file
Searching a DataGrid when it is sorted
How to uninstall rails with dependencies and documentation from gemset?
understanding double buffers
Can't install Orange: 鈥渆rror: command 'clang' failed with exit status 1鈥�
couchDB views inaccessible while updating
javascript de-anonymizing a click function
How many vars should there be in a cookie?
NullPointerException when trying to detect shakes
Use regular expression to handle nested parenthesis in math equation?
What is the equivalent in CSS: add content to an element is `content: 鈥渢ext to add鈥�` as remove content from an element is `?????`
TSQL Parameterized CONTAINS
Oracle Database: possible to send email from PL/SQL through proxy server?
Tree traversal and serialization
Save ManyToMany with through intermediary class
Cannot create unordered_map of tuple<int, int, int>
Crystal Report for Visual Studio 2010
Jetty: HelloWorld example cannot change content
Java - Convert Serial Port Byte Array Into Int?
Examining Page Using ASP
How to Validate a strong type view in MVC3 without a model
Making a search script loop through an array instead of a text entry value
How to cancel an alarm() signal via a child process?
How to use win32::WriteFile when there is possible fail option?
CSS layout with fixed and liquid columns
iOS Capture Video from Camera and Mixing with audio file in real time
How to push to Heroku without putting the app down
Sqlite: Query same table twice with two different 鈥渨here鈥�
NSOutlineTableView Crash after last element
Jtable issue when adding columns
Clojure jdbc create-table statement does not run unless using Leiningen REPL
How to send data from a WPF app, to an MVC3 controller action method?
OSX Lion Homebrew 鈥渂rew install mysql -v鈥�problems
CakePHP 2.1 Ajax validation errors
Django form validation with values_list in ModelChoiceField
Why does the Android emulator browser just exit to the home screen when I enter a url and press enter?
What Difference Does UseShellExecute Have?
java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to [Ljava.lang.Object;
database query error [closed]
populating listbox from textbox
mediawiki custom menu
Moving a project to Maven Central
Closing jQuery Modal box
Querying GPS Coordinates
Finding the outlier points from matplotlib : boxplot
What's the most efficient way of deleting multiple records from a MySQL server?
TTPhotoViewController ignores image orientation (mirror)
Strict mode causes right-floating image to work differently on IE8 than left-floating
What's the best way to load large JSON lists in Python?
page scaling on Zend Pdf generator
Is there a way to catch the stderr and stdout in Visual Studio?
Creating a runnable jar. Various problems
Upload image not showing on IE9 - error SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method
Windows Phone 7 - Is it possible to add additional key/values to push notifications messages MVC 3 Caching
How do I make Internet Explorer include the required line feeds when transferring innerHTML to a <textarea>?
Form without model, add to namespace
Is there any out of process, in-memory cache framework for .NET application
What do directory names '.' and '..' mean and what does faDirectory mean?
Bison grammar warnings
Excel 2007 VBA Workbook closing then reopening
Ruby on Linux PTY goes away without EOF, raises Errno::EIO
MySQL Union on Dissimilar Fields without Dummy Columns
Using JSON with Google Maps API
ElasticSearch querying a different database than my app's?
View using same type as Table
how to add multiple files from different locations to one zip file using zip archive
HTTP Deployer throws 鈥淎ttempt to load JVM failed on native side鈥�
How to disable this Netbeans highlighting?
overlapping divs on the right edge of the page
log4net - Saving logs to a remote network location - Is it possible?
Text box with default text
How to Pull Wordpress Blog Titles and Dates into a .NET Page
loading SVG on android program
Backbone.js and underscore.js are creating messy html
How can I unit test jquery dialog get displayed?
INSERT statement works only once
jQuery Datatable Sorting bug/error Chrome Specific need work around
jQuery Mobile trigger create needs delay
HTML How to check which browser is the html currently being viewed in?
Table Layout Issue
Dynamically set Access-Allow-Control-Origin
Return an array of objects from a REST enabled WCF service
How to get an ocra application to be accepted by antiviruses
DataContract class for Facebook 'Like' Graph API
Regex to capture a pattern when not preceded by a specific case
Sliding drawer Android does not open
Call .NET method asynchronously and bind to grid upon completion
network problems in release mode
How to Use @Html.EditorFor() without the view model
Attach w3wp process to Visual Studio 2010 debugger for IETester
How do i prevent Xcode from overwriting iTunes binary?
$_GET with Switch Statement
How do i prevent Xcode from overwriting iTunes binary?
$_GET with Switch Statement
Will adding another embedded document into my MongoDB user model affect the older data without those embedded documents?
Printable, dynamically generated forms created from data stored as XML?
MKMap pin colors doesn't shows up
What's the right mindset in using jQuery's event.stopPropagation()
How to specify a content character set in web request on c#?
How to copy a JSON file in another JSON file, with Python
Silverlight File Not Found System.Runtime.Serialization on Deserialization from Newtonsoft
Cannot open a word doc and reference it without locking it
Google Calendar API using Zend Library
uiactionsheet height
Calculation function in android app causes force close, what's wrong here?
What's the best RPC package to write a C++ client/server for a peer-to-peer system?
PHP is_scalar function [closed]
Gnuplot: Black and White contour plot
NonRecursive PostOrder Binary Tree Traversal using parallel stacks
Continue parsing of records if exception occurs on some record in BeanIO
Let a user copy the source code鈥�of an element with jquery
Why does this python logic statement behave opposite to my expected behavior? imagebutton new window
multiprocess program running in Erlang currency programming
Zurb Orbig Slider Content Overlapping an Image
Sorting by date with underscore.js or just plain JS
c# System.Xml.Serialization does not goes throught set method of Public List<T>
Predicting Imagick::thumbnailImage() dimensions
Given two points on a circle relative to their degrees, what is the degrees between them?
How can you ensure twitter bootstrap popover windows are visible?
App won't run on emulator or device with eclipse
How to include a newline in the python raw_input() function?
iOS Safari 鈥�How to disable overscroll but allow scrollable divs to scroll normally?
Excel Vba - Copy row if value in cell is greater than
ExtJS GridPanel add another parameter to querystring
Closing stream after using BitmapEncoder with WinJS Metro app
Retrieving Values from Form Using ASP and Javascript
Is there a way to match recursively/nested with regex? (PHP, preg_match_all)
does pusher store persistent historical data in its channels?
Alias Git push command with custom script
Registering and posting Facebook achievements from an iOS app
Sending a variable in a C# EventHandler?
Perl - Win32::AD::User - can't seem to figure out how to retrieve a DN
Python 2.x sorted puzzlement
How to use KeyListener to capture ONLY when the key has been pressed
jQuery (or something) is not working properly on IE8
Global variable in C#
Installing and running browserquest on ubuntu
Converting XML to HTML - Using PHP and XLS template
vim autocommand event for write all buffers :wa
Could JDO talk to a SOAP service?
Ant build trace call to class
How could I can get this encrypt result in java with 3DES(DESede) encrypt method?
Automatic bluetooth pairing on button click
UserType / Hibernate / JodaMoney error : PersistentMoneyAmount requires currencyCode to be defined as a parameter
InnoDB error with create table
Accessing the Global object in play! 2.0 with Java
Why isn't my KML feed working with Google Maps anymore?
is there a way to manually apply the diffs in hg unshelve -i output?
Is it possible to configure xorg to ignore mouse events on certain windows
IF Condition in an SQL query
Upload to PHP server from c sharp client application
Simulating a phone call interruption in the iPhone simulator
Hide all controllers from url
How to adjust width and position of events in jQuery Full Calendar in week-view and day view
rvalue refs and std::move
How do you set a DataContext to a Static property in XAML?
Android Robotium does not find testcases
How to check a string against a symbols whitelist a functional way in Scala?
Cloning by javascript an image base64 fails
Android: Synchronize Methods on calling Remote Messenger Service
middle function
Cannot decrease width of flexigrid if desired width is less than initial size
Looking for a reliable mapping of Forms.Screen.DeviceName to Monitor EDID info
How to format table cells
Sharing a Read-only Reference Between Threads
removing things from a pointer vector
Convert string to list of bits and viceversa
MongoDB - Import CSV into nested document
TextView un-removed ChangeWatchers cause memory leak
How to create a runnable jar file from source code programmatically?
Python: What do double parenthesis do?
ClassNotFoundException android.view.scrollview when Inflating view
count of null with aggregate
jquery find selects selected option within div
Memory leak resize an image numpy array on linux with OpenCV in Python
Problems with BackButtonItem
How I can sort Magento Category top Menu
Regex: Split X length words
Strategy for deserializing a class that has changed in .NET
Update grouped records in Oracle with an incremental value
django tsstypie. order_by queryset
How is it possible that loop-recur throws a StackOverflowError?
Access Pipeline Variable Attributes That Have invalid variable names
How to change fusion table maps markers' size?
Expect redirect stdin
Multiple instances of image rotate plugin, jQuery
Reference model in template beyond request / page scope, in Play! 1.2.4
Pointer to overloaded method of template class
Asking for suggestion on a custom iterator my self-defined container in c++
xslt transform that selects element based upon negative value in multiple descendants
SetVisibility doesn't work?
How to communicate between Android web browser and my custom app
WymEditor static content loads multiple times
How are function pointers type unsafe
Why doesn't stringByReplacingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding: convert L%C3%A9on back to L茅on?
Adding a URL parameter (?p=234) to a file on Amazon Cloudfront doesn't force a refresh of the file [closed]
To use Active object or not?
NSURLConnection does not call delegate connection:willSendRequest:redirectResponse:
Java Issue Commands to Bukkit Server
Cordova Sencha Touch Blackberry App java.lang.illegalArgumentException
<script> tags getting stripped from output
open wpf window in Revit as add ins
I would retrieve friendMemberList by using friend operation but i had always a last member of list?
Error creating a Document with openUntitledDocumentOfType
Why is the logged in user not detected with 'user.is_authenticated' in my template?
ASP.NET mvc3 webpage wont upload files to server
Windows Phone - XmlDocument could not be found
Managed code library gets unloaded
Minor Upgrades and patches using WIX
WordPress won't render links in a post using absolute URI
make text box writeable for out side object
xCode 4.3.3 - provisioning profiles management
Get current scroll position from rich text box control?
System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement
Why does scipy expose Lapack pbsv (b for banded, e.g. linalg.solveh_banded) but not ptsv (t for tridiagonal)?
SoundCloud: Hottest tracks - API vs web page
Convert HTML special characters in a string
RSpec: Why doesn't let work but before(:each) does?
Table cell with background color turning white when fadeTo called in FireFox 11
Confused about saving to file
Single binary with two different iPhone apps (non-jailbreak)
Can I initialize an STL vector with 10 of the same integer in an initializer list?
Prevent default construction of array elements
how to configure nginx for long poll (and php)
鈥淕o to Definition鈥�鈥淕o to Declaration鈥�not working reliably in VS2010?
Locking static members of a class
(Not so) Ambiguous Call in MVC 4 Beta
CSS3 transitions inside jQuery .css()
Updating text node using jquery
Influencing the order of page load handlers in Firefox extensions
Python - passing objects of different classes into functions
How can one use Eclipse for Java7 and Java6 interchangeably?
Formula of TEXT in Sharepoint
Integrating Twitter Bootstrap navbar with XenForo
T-SQL: Insert data from one table to another without curosrs
How do I mute the audio coming from a UIWebView
Access to Environment.getExternalStorageAppFilesDirectory
Android - Improve Datagram Socket Garbage Collection
Logging to a file in Node.js : Is it safe with clusters?
Tried deactivating passivation of stateful session bean with @CacheConfig
GDB: manipulate string convenient variables
Tried deactivating passivation of stateful session bean with @CacheConfig
GDB: manipulate string convenient variables
Objective-c custom indicator lock shared instance
Conditional Where clause if Left Join returns rows?
AES128 encoding in iOS4+
Lookup table in JAI
Cannot compile simple programme that uses libxml++ because glibmmconfig.h not found
Exception occurs in ie8 when dynamically updating Knockoutjs template
How Can I Reproduce the Chevron in Windows 7 as a CheckBox Control?
Is 鈥淥R鈥�in SQL Server short-circuiting?
PHP: why the URL is missing one section?
transforming rules into lists
Random 408 http code with CURL in PHP
copy function in class definition in python
EAGLView.h not appearing in ios 5.0
Regex: parsing the link that doesn't contain img in anchor
Get size of dimensions in array
Screen scraping with jQuery on PhoneGap
:sort u 鈥�but only on one column in a csv?
Python MYSQLDB Insert Syntax Error
Unable to find activity declared in other package
Opening the Google Plus snippet in a new tab or new window
Possible to generate entity class based on YML file?
Google Maps Polyline and Marker together
What's the opposite of stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding:? What function takes out the % escapes?
How to determine where the mouse is hovering relative to a parent element
css crop an image then scale by percentage
Android SQLITE Memo Table
Best way to do Error Handling
MySql: Finding the MAX value of the SUM grouped by column
Custom PHP error handler
Is there a way to make JavaScript mandatory in Struts 2?
What does this mean? 鈥淐annot convert the value in attribute 'XXX' to object of type '(no type)'鈥�
How to call an action when a button is clicked in Tkinter
Deploy SQLite db file in war file and access with proper url
Set SSH connection timeout
Is there a way to force an approval on code changes before allowing the commit to actually occur in subversion
android icon error - not seeing folder?
Strange SWFAddress Behavior on Amazon S3
C++ Trying to create an 'Intermediate' functor
Resolve concrete type depending on parameter in structuremap
Centering a List from the Left
Handing data from Backbone to CodeIgniter
How to make an element position fixed within a wrapper with jQuery?
Rewriting EBP stack return value
Having trouble with uploading files
Issues in binary files
WPF/XAML - Validation errors showing up twice
SSL connection fails with IOS5.1 on 3G connection
JDBC to SQL Server connection
Am I right that WiX Library Project not suitable to share Component(s) Definitions (and there are no way to parametrize Guid)?
Adding Methods on the Fly to Object
XSLT List Transformation
How to prevent a user from leaving comment toanother user
Offering a free App that requires an activation code purchased from somewhere else
Flume continue from the same place using tail
create different color strike through
Can you use HipHop PHP to build a php extension? [duplicate]
Using the EXTJS4 example under form/form-grid.js - how to reload grid after submit form
CodeDomSerializer output ordering
Append value of one table into column key of another
No keyReleaseEvent when QT context menu is displayed
Disposing array of objects in Free Pascal
Ruby: How to incorporate multithreading into this web-scraping scenario?
Regular Expressions with lookahead in Ruby
How to reverse a json file?
please explain this requestAnimationFrame idiom
inserting data into MYSQL database using python
Backup Exec configuration
Customize position/indent of default TableCell Delete buttons
How to delete member of Knockout mapped array generated from JSON returned from ajax call?
Really strange memory issue using ARC, object/value from first object in NSArray is suddenly nil?
MVC 3 deserialization of jquery $.ajax request json into object populates nulls instead of blank strings
Can local variable cause memory leak with ARC?
Is Magento's Cron fundamentally flawed?
Adding sub query - SQL Server 2008
MPI vs GPU vs Hadoop, what are the major difference between these three parallelism?
How to refer to a base instance python gtk widget from a function in a module
Why won't my SWF embed?
Objective-C: Using a block as a completion handler
Android - sqlite delete all
OpenGraph: how can i specify a filter in FB.api?
Core Data Edit/Save Attributes in an Entity
How to find number of ephemeral ports in use?
welcome-file in web.xml with spring not working?
testdroid recorder Vs acra
Class constructor error with declarations
C struct and pointer program does nothing when compiled. Displays no errors or warnings
Migrate rows for import into existing Database, taking care of changing ids etc
webview.loadData() won't load local images
unable to connect to XMPP
Rails scope overriding select
MongoDB Index and Natural Sort Optimization
Glassfish & JMS: Why do published messages not arrive at subscribers?
Word Semantic-Similiarity (distance measures) webservices?
python threads synchronization
SWT Use Composite from File
html horizontal two-element lists
What does SUM(a*b) do?
How do you pass data from a controller to a model with Ruby on Rails?
How can I include jQueryUI in my modular backbone.js app using RequireJS?
Does anyone have a working class for stageVideo that works on mobile application?
Jquery Clone object with all nested elements
Similar UTF-8 strings for autocomplete field
how to get a last value from Page.Request.Url?
Linq query Left Join condition
Debug and Trace Write/WriteLine not outputing to output in Visual Studio 2010 C# Express
CakePHP: Error Saving Data
Is it possible to use iframe without linking another page
What are my options for iOS app development on windows? [closed]
Change happens after 2 mouse clicks when it should happen after a single click
Way to group resources
CUDA transfer memory during kernel execution
issue with a selector
loading jQuery UI removes my Google map?
how to get process handle and id of kernel process in c# code?
I don't get thread synchronization much at all
How do I allow others to embed my custom Google Map?
I haven't understood weak and strong references
New Relic alternative for MONO?
How do I turn a text line of integers into an array of integers?
python subprocess - How to check if there is not any new data in the PIPE?
Moving localization folders in Xcode 4
Salesforce APEX based sharing. Am I in the right direction?
SmartGWT dynamic columns in ListGrid (client side)
Writing and printing strings from an array in a file in C
autoloaded classes not being found when instantiated via __get()
Manage Image Submissions in WordPress
Getting PK value from data grid view
Implementing ListeningExecutorService in Java 5
Why no Service.onStop method?
Applying payments to invoices in rails billing system
How to use a specific analyser in ElasticSearch when using Java API
IIS 7 GZIP compression and Content Encoding Error
Trying to merge rows into one row with certain conditions
How to keep the Chinese or other foreign language as they are instead of converting them into codes?
Is it possible to change what a thread is doing in Ruby?
Can I use Dependency Injection for All Dependencies? [duplicate]
Checking a date between two dates bug, clueless
Using Powershell 'If' statement to compare function (Windows version)
Getting the total number of identical items in a table in mysql
bottom margin or padding doesn't work in relative layout in xml on android
clear canvas of multiuser HTML5 canvas
Retrieving text from an element with children
Heroku rails Procfile
Objective-C multiple inheritance issue, I need to inherit my AppDelegate with WTAppDelegate and UIResponder
Modify custom field after save_post
intersection issues with rectangles
GridView Column filtering
automatic convert matlab code (with image processing toolbox inside) to c for integration the c code in c# dot net
c++ bejeweld linked list vs arraylist
Setting a color span on a ActionBar MenuItem text
Database table structure for user profile with 20 attributes
jQuery UI Dialog on user control with ASP.NET button postback
Sockets UDP: Using Sender Info from Recvfrom() in Sendto() Fails
Lua: %UserProfile% access
SWT CTabFolder Check If CTAB Exists
select first x records per group
How do I associate one piece of content with another in Alfresco?
How to render individual radio button choices in Django?
jQuery fade effect on replacing divs
MySQL limiting by foreign key
Load balancing: Is there a way to tell from the client side, which server is currently being targeted by the load balancer?
Content length? Length required but set?
mysql, utf-8 column: how to select only case-sensitive?
calling scalapck fromc++
Mockito - mocking RestOperations
Test Q on Dictionarys (python)
How can I get my ASP table control to show/hide? (not as simple as it sounds)
Using sqldf and RPostgreSQL together
NSAssert in Singleton : why this code is valid?
Convert C++ pointers code to delphi
How can I add Where expressions to a LINQ query if I'm not sure which properties I'll want to match?
Catching 302 error and then redirecting in backbone.js sync method override
Error on compile or run the application on VS2010 & SQL Server 2012 Express
Play Sound on Tab Click
getting images from internet and store them in internal memory dynamicly in Android
Looking for way to conditionally include 鈥渋mg src=鈥�in HTML on iPad but not iPhone
Facebook like button not listing my friends
How to programmatically/remotely execute a program in EC2 Windows instance
MATLAB How did I make this loop, infinite + also how to shorten i = i + 1?
State Monads in Haskell
git commit --amend --use-existing-message? (no editor interaction)
How to prove that images were stolen? [closed]
Downloading files via PHP
Home screen shortcut not working. application not found
Taking in any parameterized object as an argument to a class constructor
using jsonp with ashx handler
Infinite loop linked list
Local and production versions of php and mysql using git
tree structure visualization
MVC3 with MVCcontrib not rendering/producing html
`WindowListener` acting up, perpetual firing
cassandra creating and using index [pycassa]
WPF DataGridTextColumn header binding
How to encapsulate a property in a base class?
Entire drop-down menu quickly flashes upon page load
How to open a native iOS app from a web app
Code / Library Design - Dependency Injection vs. Making Maps - Is Dependency Injection w/ Factory Pattern O.K for All?
Writing data to a buffer and reading data from a buffer
Entire drop-down menu quickly flashes upon page load
How to open a native iOS app from a web app
Code / Library Design - Dependency Injection vs. Making Maps - Is Dependency Injection w/ Factory Pattern O.K for All?
Writing data to a buffer and reading data from a buffer
Convert Time to UTC Using GMT Offset
Downside to extjs 鈥渋frame architecture鈥�(should I refactor to MVC pattern?)
Poor memcpy performance in user space for mmap'ed physical memory in Linux
Conditional construction with shared_ptr?
What's better? Scoped searches in models or in helpers?
Chrome extension - open multiple tabs after filling in the form
Compress Json Objects by Field JQuery/JS
Automatically add tag to uploaded document in sharepoint
motion blur equivalent for glAccum and vertex buffer object (VBO)?
Record Video on LAMP Server
How do I make my SwingWorker example work properly?
vncviewer on windows connecting to linux box
Writing a custom control in Windows 8 Metro
javascript outside of scope
Microsoft Surface vs Windows Touch?
Unable to set height as a percentage
Proper usage for form_dropdown() in CI
Python telnetlib determining different login prompts
C# Winforms Keys.Right shows equal to Single Quote?
Error checking if statements
.mo file in utf-8 encoding dont work with accentuated words in a linux server
Android file I/O
validate textbox but postback resets hidden field?
The Pause monad
How to use display:none to remove element?
android development, trouble grabbing data from and using spinners
Does Python have a similar control mechanism to Java's CountDownLatch?
How to get all intersections between two simple polygons in O(n+k)
Get last_login for all users?
Invalid CfStringRef plist (Array of dictionaries) iOS
How do I select a certain field from an array of objects of a certain class in Ruby on Rails 2.3.14
Hbase fail to create table
Fancybox: Array variable not being passed
Insert INTO MySQL FROM another table
mobile site - reset the viewport on orientation change
FloatBuffer and 3D graphics
Is it possible to get default Facebook Group profile pictures?
CKFinder - Limit storage size
CodeIgniter + mod_rewrite URI shortening
mootools ie8 array.append error
How to kill a stubborn Process in Android? radio button, how to change the rendered label server side?
Summing intervals
Add a vertical line with ggplot when x-axis is a factor
SimpleDateFormat get only the time
Python Tkinter Error, 鈥淭oo Early to Create Image鈥�
LinkButton is not calling JavaScript function in OnClick?
NullReferenceException no matter what i do in my view
Message passing: Background script to closing tab
VBScript determine which function is running
Is angle in between two angles
Async urlfetch Http post on App engine using Future
Batch renaming in windows
Not able to install SQL Server [closed]
Invoke Selenium within SoapUI?
WebBrowser component not showing CSS 3
PHP objects that stay in memory
Creating Primary Key field on MVC class user login - 404 error
What happens to an object reference after it is set to null
INSERT IGNORE INTO - but what column is the cause? mvc entity framework 4.1 saving on sub model codefirst
Visual Studio 2010 Winforms keeps forgetting resources
What VCS to use? [closed]
Determine which element is max, through ddply
Rails 3.2.3 GeoLocation Using MaxMind
How to write regular expression that will catch up following
How to expose all module classes through index.js in Node
Java: How do i create objects in a static method and also call for methods from another class?
Rally / Bugzilla: syncing 鈥淪chedule State鈥�/ Status field
Deploying scientific python algorithm on Amazon ec2
How to make a div animate in on page load?
Using text in OpenGL 鈥�GLUT?
gnu make. recompile unchanged files only
Android stop CountDown
How to find sum of a column between a given date range, where the table has only start date and end date
Allow users to combine tables without using eval
Using a div inplace of a check box
Combining multiple documents with Word.Application (COM interop) causes incorrect formatting?
2 LEFT OUTER JOIN on the same table freezes server
.NET CLR Memory 鈥淏ytes in all heaps鈥�is much lower than 鈥淕en 0 heap size鈥�
Semaphore scope and behavior
Program flow when handling exception PLSQL
Intercept PDF Form Submission with JavaScript?
tm-l90 print logo
LinkedIn RSS Feed within a Magento Enterprise 1.11 Store
SSO and Rails Sessions
How do I prevent Entity Framework from loading a FileStream column into a byte array?
(htaccess) How to prevent a file from DIRECT URL ACCESS?
How do I convert a Visual Studio 2010 database project to an SSDT Project
SO style answer creation
OS X editor (or IDE) that is really good for 鈥渘ode.js鈥�development?
Know when app gains focus after lockscreen is passed
asp fileExists always returning false
How to parse this json with php? [closed]
do you test required after merging a branch to trunk. ?
Hadoop handling compression transparently, but not splitting LZO
C# - Storing user password for comparison
How To Make An ArcGIS 10 Toolbox [closed]
C networking middleware like Raknet
Populating textbox from combobox selection
Associate a file type to be opened in iPad/iPhone email attachment
Facebook C# SDK trouble getting me/accounts
Java How do I read and write an internal properties file?
Completely uninstall and reinstall Android app on update?
Getting methods that work in controller/views to function in a model, Ruby on Rails
Poor Performance in a multi tasking runner algorithm
API throws
Does <cffile> 鈥渨rite鈥�allow a file to execute before renaming/writing the file?
mysql_close() necessary for a REAL optimization?
Permission denied (publickey) on github
access database changes didn't reflect on IIS
why would jsmin quit early when run in a python subprocess?
How do I run everything in my Guardfile in a rake task?
Payment Processing, cost of sales?
undefined error when getting inventory quantity in NetSuite
Setup passwordless SSH using a script
How can I combine numbers into strings in R?
update query php postgres failing for no reason
xslt - How to filter a XML document using xslt, keep given elements, discard all others
Calling button click from codebehind
Postgresql vs Oracle for maintaing GIS data
How to avoid robot detection?
iOS Image View does not render image until touched
comparing of two 2d-string arrays with different sizes
Give list of numbers to determine which combination gives you a given value
Getting quaternion to rotate between two vectors
Eclipse CDT and PGI (Portland) C++ compiler
Selecting children
Internationalising WPF Input in Convertor
You have no eligible Bundle IDs for Mac OS X apps. Register one here
Testing VoiceOver: how can I verify that my UIAccessibilityLayoutChangedNotification notifications are working?
Logging __FILE__ with Flurry
When using Report.DataSourceConnections: 鈥淥bject reference not set to an instance of an object鈥�
Calling Block multiple times in Cucumber Around Hook (Ruby)
Why doesn't DerelictGL3 draw anything?
WCF Polling from another service
To many For statements causing memory issues
jQuery e.preventDefault() not Working
VBA Multiple Objects with 'With' Statement
rails model association using has_many: through
How do I import xyz and roll/pitch/yaw from csv file to Blender?
Working wiith DAO and singleton, problems with code
repeated css background with a top padding
MVC 4 providing JSON string (with date) to jQuery $.ajax() cross-domain (bugs?)
VBA Multiple Objects with 'With' Statement
rails model association using has_many: through
How do I import xyz and roll/pitch/yaw from csv file to Blender?
Working wiith DAO and singleton, problems with code
repeated css background with a top padding
MVC 4 providing JSON string (with date) to jQuery $.ajax() cross-domain (bugs?)
MVC 3 Regularly re-ocurring elemets鈥est pratices
Update and test assets on iPhone without rebuilding the application
How to block local release of the eclipse made for artifactory repository
Get data from two models in one page - Magento
Accessing the outer instance of a nested class using JNI
Can I use iOS GLKit without using a full screen view?
Why isn't type inference working in this code?
PUT + DELETE Http Verbs returning 401/405 from API on shared hosting webserver
Returned object is undefined, using dynamicHelpers
System.BadImageFormatException with Sqlite
Fragment Shader Calculating If a Coordinate Is Within a Given Set of Points
PHP casting array to object [duplicate]
ember js subviews and didinsertelement event
Using redis with SQL server
searching multiple items with Python re
Grouping and Offset [closed]
How do I automatically generate static HTML from HAML with Sinatra or Padrino?
GMaps API: Search Map via Lat/LonCoordinates and Addresses
PHP GD transparency doesn't work with iPhone
Javascript multiple regex pattern
final variable issue in an inner class
If/Case statement in JPA Criteria Builder
Spotify Hello World App not loading
QSet in QMap or QHash
Accessing tabhost's JSONObject or JSONArray
How to know whether two objects are derived from same base class?
sort a hash by using the values of keys
How to access models beyond the page scope in a template of Play! Framework?
Core data and large files downloads
use the __set and __get magic methods to instantiate classes
Why doesn't package documented in Java SE 6 apidoc?
MySQL, Gracefully Abort if Subqury is Null?
Partition a matrix into several matrices
JNLP: Loading unsigned code within signed code
Office Ribbon UI XML - How do you create an In-Ribbon gallery rather than a dropdown button?
Does a 鈥渓eading-slash鈥�root) URL within a subdomain resolve to the TLD, or the subdomain?
Java Declare now, define Later
R data mining syntax
how to write query only for selected checkboxes in hibernate
SQL Logic to extract information
ASPX file in disguise of an HTM ? - (cURL related)
How do I get a control's location relative to its Form's location?
VS Web Developer 2008 Error: This server supports version 655 and earlier
Changing a link to :active state when a keyboard button is pressed
how to write query only for selected checkboxes in hibernate
SQL Logic to extract information
ASPX file in disguise of an HTM ? - (cURL related)
How do I get a control's location relative to its Form's location?
VS Web Developer 2008 Error: This server supports version 655 and earlier
Changing a link to :active state when a keyboard button is pressed
Storing Filtered images on the blobstore in GAE
.htaccess Redirect weird blog address to new directory
Lazy Loading images within jQuery Mobile
Creating CSV file w/ PHP, file exists w/ data but won't open correctly
Where can I use jqgrid remapColumns function?
Omniauth to login through Twitter
Custom Control equivalent in XCode/MonoMac
Certain urls dont load in webview
Google Maps API: How to replace the source, from Google Spreadsheet API, to MySQL/PHP?
How do I, line by line, turn a csv into an array using Ruby?
Creating a web based point of sale system [closed]
Celery: auto discovery does not find tasks module in app
Cross-compile library (poker-eval) for iOS
How do I avoid a circular reference in this knockoutjs date picker code?
Restricting Java Compiler API
Checking clients and the methods they are allowed to access outside of the method?
how do I clear the values in my text input fields?
Facebook API: Uploading photo in a group
Visual basic error 鈥淰ariable is used before鈥︹�
File isn't uploading while trying to retrieve file name
Create an array without the newlines, RUBY
Creating socket inside a SQL-CLR trigger or stored procedure
IE Invalid argument with jquery
Loading property after object has been attached
How to configure Eclipse to use Aptana Studio 3's JavaScript Formatter instead of built-in formatter
Clip UIView to UIIimage(UIImageView) using .png
Modern AAC Database Error
Sort multidimensional array by a particular value (using asort and rasort)
$.getScript(): Loading js scripts conditionally
php/mysql join syntax
Implementing the arrow keys in solar systems openGL program
subprocess: PyDev console vs. cmd.exe
Is there any existing Java library that allows you to do fast, in-memory lookups of zipcodes (bonus, state and city) from latitude/longitude?
Prevent PetaPoco from recognizing variables as input parameters
If I Want To Build An Addon to GMail, Do I Need To Store Plaintext Passwords?
Getting computer names from my network places
Using ActionBarSherlock & ViewPagerIndicator Syncronously Will Not Compile
Unhandled Exception: MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException: Duplicate entry 'CC2-2012-04-10-201205' for key 'PRIMARY'
C++ operator overloading: no known conversion from object to reference?
How to Change the Text of a button using EditText on Android
Can one get the expires time for a Facebook access token through the Omniauth Rubygem
Works in jsFiddle but not on live site
How do I limit the number of rows returned by this LEFT JOIN to one?
Graphically trace path of touch input; what ios framework to use?
Get full name of Complex Type from ModelClientValidationRequiredIfRule method in custom ValidationAttribute
Shrinking a ScrollView on resize for IME - what am I doing wrong?
Wrapping C struct to Ruby
Why does validation not work when exclusion :in points to a variable?
SELECT DISTINCT only first four numbers
Ruby on Rails: Using Unless for Validation, JQuery Validate
ShareKit missing file
Insert IF Condition, ELSE Do Nothing , MySQLi
Deploy Ruby on Rails in Glassfish
How to find location that visual studio is looking for an assembly reference
Acquisition accumulator (software design)
鈥淭ypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable鈥�sometimes appears, sometimes - not
Updating UIAlertView Message dynamically and newline character issue
Does file_get_contents() have a timeout setting?
Entity Framework Code First - Restoring collections of the same type
How to add a more generic event handler to an event at runtime
Not able to get response from a third party web service
highlighting text according to output of a text to speech. in c#
Order of excecution, static blocks, fields
Chrome back button terminates upload stream unexpectedly
Check if a Point is inside a line2D
How do I embed a custom graphic into a border of a panel using Synth?
Refresh and Select Parent Form's Databound Combobox after Edits of Child Form
How to notify the views when the database changes? (MVC, C#)
Seemingly Innocent .NET Regular Expression Blows Up Page Response Time 10X
Unique Database Isn't Unique? 鈥�An issue with setting up an site with IIS7
How to display only one data at a time in an online quiz
XNA C# content.load<spritefont> Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Setting the options from the list selected using JQuery
What is a practical workflow for keeping local changes uncommited in git?
how to have phonegap notification plugin notify periodically
Questions about JPanel repaint
Perl FTP zero size file
Inheritance of method access modifiers in Java
After push a button it's title disappears
php exec() command permission denied
How to save user input and JComboBox selection?
Is it possible to detect completion of a parent modalview dismiss animation?
Git Log in ZSH Terminal
KnockoutJS mapping update of nested arrays 鈥渙ut of stack space鈥�
Google Reader API mark as read
Custom component comparison in flex
What is the scope of a variable defined in the source file, but outside of any function definition?
How to set attributes on dynamically created elements in JavaScript
out of memory when programming on Android platform
What is the standard way to use RPC in Android?
Issue with JPA not loading lazy fetched collection
Clientside data manipulation in jqgrid
BackboneJS root level views
ember.js binding propagation order
Search Facebook Pages by Name and Location
How to access Topaz Signature Pad ActiveX object through javascript?
What is HttpClient? And how do I get it?
Create an instance of a class per constructor parameter value with application lifetime
Should I include public/build folder in Git for Heroku deployment
How to add an empty option to a dropdown list
Add canonical link tag to head using PHP
Updating a label as a user is typing
How do you secure your Entropy value
scraping prices using javascript
XML Serialization of Class Which Has a Member Extended From an Abstract Type
Scrapy not scraping entire site
Creating a list with checkbox's on android (Using list view)
PHP preg_replace occurrence of any text after the very last underscore
adding image to svg file using javascript and jquery
Rails link_to working wierd
Allow all remote connections, MySQL
Implementing a Map in Java
Undefined symbols for architecture armv7, ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture armv7 - what to do?
jQuery: setting checkbox values from array
Is it possible to change virtual memory page size?
Algorithm to slide vector across a vector
Django get_or_create with Master/Slave Write/Read configuration
Already caught exception, still gives error
Adding elements to arrays via indexes, increments?
Coupon code appearing but not included in calculations for Magento site
Modifying global variable with same name as local variable
How to save multiple data from dynamically added text-boxes (JavaScript) into MySQL database?
How to get total time of differences in user interactions in MySQL
Merging all button, text, check buttons change events into a single slot
HMAC signature for Amazon REST call incorrect on WinRT
django 1.4 how to automatically get user's timezone from client
How do i build html inside .js.haml file?
How do I display all categories on a page with a corresponding image?
Spacing gap on right side of site
How do I use part of a text form input to add and make it go to an url?
Don't animate a property in transitionWithView
RavenDB Index is not working when using SelectMany in Map Function
Windows: Meta-Information in DLL
C++ Boost Graph Library: outputting custom vertex properties
Double font size on mobile Device
The canplay/canplaythrough events for an HTML5 video are not called on Firefox. Why? doesn't set CORS header(s)
Applying Proguard to an existing app on Google Play
Why is bundler not able to install rake even though rake appears to be present?
Create a class within main activity
JPA ignores a field when persisting an entity
How to calculate scrollWidth of HTML page for fixed height without using UIWebView
Replace custom validator in server side with client side
Redirect to
Spacing gap on right side of site
How do I use part of a text form input to add and make it go to an url?
Don't animate a property in transitionWithView
RavenDB Index is not working when using SelectMany in Map Function
Windows: Meta-Information in DLL
C++ Boost Graph Library: outputting custom vertex properties
Double font size on mobile Device
The canplay/canplaythrough events for an HTML5 video are not called on Firefox. Why? doesn't set CORS header(s)
Applying Proguard to an existing app on Google Play
Why is bundler not able to install rake even though rake appears to be present?
Create a class within main activity
JPA ignores a field when persisting an entity
How to calculate scrollWidth of HTML page for fixed height without using UIWebView
Replace custom validator in server side with client side
Redirect to
How to store textboxes into an array during runtime
Bad path trying to open file in Android
Google Calendar Events API throwing error
Cannot find build.xml (Android)
Simulate AJAXy click with jQuery for select menu
onPrepared causing one user an error
Android email trouble
iPhone : How do I display the user location on a map view without updating location / having GPS running in the background?
MongoDB date object returns EDT when converted to string
jni calls on android
Android 4.0 calendar api
Grid Column Ordering
port listening on wrong network interface
How to serialize .Net Exceptions using Protobuf-Net?
Read numbers to vector
New MVC 4 web app - javascript error when you update the packages
Updating variable in nodejs
saving the features of an object in an excel file to be trained with svm using Accord.Net
server side Haskell and jQuery [duplicate]
Regex for phone numbers, allowing mandatory 10 digits and `+`, `()`, space characters
Request timeout with Facebook API on iOS
Reading character by character to see if it is a digit