API struct utilities - functions or macros?
post clickable link on Facebook 鈥�with Send button or Send dialog?
jquery check variable values
Is returning an IEnumerable<> thread-safe?
鈥淐oreData could not fulfill a fault鈥�error on deleting core data
Rails development: how to respond to several requests at once?
Ruby language using WSDL file get response and request
Batch file: check for multiple registry keys, create/change as needed then continue?
Carousel with dynamic content
Powershell - Exception raised via 鈥淰alidation鈥�Attributes on functions
Powershell - Exception raised via 鈥淰alidation鈥�Attributes on functions
Background Image fixed issues while using jquery mobile & phonegap on mobile
how can I change the date of window scheduler task via a admin webpage?
How to show Google Maps API Web Services data on IPhone
Modify data From json (php webservice) to mysql by iOS app
How to build ServiceStack to use it with MonoDroid?
How to reduce size of backgroundView of UITableView?
Visual Studio 2010 Find Menu Steals Focus - Can't Wheel Scroll
Creating a HTML element with attributes in jQuery, failing in ie7 and ie8
Find a process by name and kill it
use smtp.mydomain.com to forward to smtp.gmail.com?
On Android how to count 3G, WiFi internet traffic for daily, weekly, monthly?
How to submit a form inside a jQuery Mobile page?
JSF Multiple components in grid
Android updating tree of views
Handlebars.js parse object instead of [Object object]
Make doxygen document enums like Qt
Umbraco Contour Multi step forms - deciding next step based on user input
Separate View not updating from background worker Mvvm
Ways to reduce loading time of wxPython GUI
Make a variable with a combination of multiple variable [closed]
How to approach -hd files
How do I show the soft keyboard while dismissing DatePickerDialog?
Removing/Adding characters from the end of a Text file using PHP
facebook like button stopped working: where to put og fix?
Web Service in Java with apache axis2 [closed]
geom_tile heatmap with different high fill colours based on factor
How to put GridView into edit mode while nested in two Repeaters?
Simple C++ - about strings and concatenation and converting int to string [duplicate]
Using another field value as default in a solr function query
Delete a Primary Key Without Affecting Foreign Key Constrain to Other Table
WP7 - Prevent RestSharp from caching
Can I generate a service reference automatically for a REST WCF service?
Get Float Value from String
using WHERE clause in Rails 3 active record query
xtable for arrays
javascript regExp works with testers but not in my site
SQL 2012 VS 2010 - SQL syntax highlighting for custom file extensions
My facebook pplication works fine in CHROME but not in Mozilla
How do I call .showDialog() from a dynamically loaded class
CSS and jQuery issues with height of drop down menus
Prepend return type with slash for constructor
Making WCF web service look like a ASMX web service when asked?
Altering an Apache CustomURL / Rewrite
What is your Testing Stack on your Web Application? [closed]
Comment System - On a Concatenation
jQuery : How to remove class for all element on click?
Filemaker Value Lists - Dwindling and Conditional
Insertion and retrieval of date values in sqlite blackberry
Flex 4.5: Setting textAlign GridColumn's itemRenderer through AS3
Project Euler #2 - Python v3.2.3
How can I do Memcached HA?
iOS 5.1 CoreLocation, location service icon not disappearing
How to use Linkedin-iphone current_user in an other view
Richfaces4.2 conditional rendering issue
python logs both on console and file
Where can I find RegisterStartupScript content?
ERB file indentation is overridden by .rb settings
Forced To Close when adding a LinearLayout
store the state of HTML5 canvas with Javascript
String Merge Sort Implementation
SQL User Defined Function With CASE- Please refine It
Are private constants possible in PHP?
xcode get UITabBar height
How do I define the article title in MediaWiki?
How to manage workflow service from ASP.NET using net.pipe binding
Python - 鈥淿鈥�Argument to functions
Is March 27th, 2012 of significance to SQL Server in a Varchar to Datetime conversion?
Is it possible to send special characters through SendKeys without hitting the SHIFT key?
SMS notification when selected friends are online
Is there an API service cheaper than Google Maps?
Declaratively configure WCF behavior extension on programmatically constructed endpoint
Why doesn't setPos() move the QGraphicsItems in the scene?
jQuery UI autocomplete source event doesn't work on Symfony
jQueryMobile, Ajax Navigation, and MVC
Ingres error trying to query timestamp without timezone column
Except Operator
Strategy to change system time via WPF client application
Circle Radius is not coming for gmaps4rails
iOS - table view - static cells (grouped) - change section header text color
javascript check if null or white space or no space
GeoCodeRequest() contructor returns null
Can't select a child node within the Javascript code
Is query correct if connection was lost during it?
Rehosted workflows in sharepoint
Change Content.Load<Texture2D> format
get html from a div dont get the image tag
Calculating the line perpendicular to the midpoint of another line
Sample k random permutations without replacement in O(N)
Error with Xcode framework
Passing JSON from jQuery .getJSON to Python
(CSS) Change element's style upon window resize
How to output html_safe within <%=%> block while concatenating strings?
Apache and or PHP Timeouts - Stumped.
using try-catch in .net structure constructor
Haskell on MAC LION
ruby on rails model association functionality for basic tennis league
How can I encode a Hex String in base64 in iOS?
How does one code a many-to-many relationship?
Using Floyd-Warshall algorithm to count number of paths between 2 vertices
Ruby on Rails - weird behaviour logic by delayed job
EWS Managed API: Searching an Inbox other than the main mailbox associated with Windows login
AS3 dispatchEvent in forEach
Validating WPF Bitmap Image Loaded from URI at Runtime
hibernate optionally not auto increment an ID field
Java JFileChooser Returns the Selected Directory Instead Of Browsing It
Modeling Region or Country with single reference
Filters of GlobalFilterCollection run before Filters of ControllerInstanceFilterProvider
Efficiently break html tag
Sharepoint 2010 does not invoke ProcessRequest of my custom HttpHandler
Master Page Android
First argument when doing onload=fn
Using maps within maps in C++
Creating and attaching a db not using a SQL management tool
Looking for a REST-based remote filesystem
ASP.NET and ajax response
Making Postgres Query Faster. More Indexes?
jsFiddle code doesn't run on Aptana
php xPath code optimization
How can I ensure that my Submenu does not disappear when I hover out or add a delay before it disappears
I want to return meaningful numbers with Math.random() [duplicate]
How to cache view files into file.html on codeigniter
Facebook Image Upload error: 鈥淚nvalid OAuth access token signature鈥�
Create Window without Registering a WNDCLASS?
How can I get an ActiveRecord query to ignore nil conditions?
Conditionally setting visibility-toggling in SSRS
What is the fundamental difference between Activities and simple forms in Android?
Android 4 ICS Ice Cream Sandwich - iframe that contains a form
Styling ASP.Net forms with CSS
Xcode 4.3 Breakpoint Logging object descriptions
bashscript mulitiple condition
Using a vector of characters that correspond to an expression as an argument to a function
.less: not to compile variable file
Exec : display stdout 鈥渓ive鈥�
which method of placing things in the graphics pipeline for d3d11 is more efficient?
How to JOIN [using Doctrine2 and CodeIgniter2]
Query to retrieve data of specific date in MSAccess
Android Facebook authorize not working (leaked window)
Odd behaviour when extending an object with a module in ruby
How to install php_ffmpeg.dll on wamp server 2.2 windows7 64bit?
Can a python descriptor be used to instantiate an attribute in the __init__ of another class?
Switching measure units in WPF
How Do I Read a Multi-line File of JSON and Count Words in Specific Field in Python
htaccess redirect not working with URLs with parameters
`find_or_create_by` method are skipping model validation. Why?
How to detect errors when running a process with Ruby and open3
Run Excel Macro from Outside Excel Using VBScript From Command Line
Why forums database are not in 3rd NF?
Bison warning 鈥溾� has no declared type鈥�
Bison warning 鈥溾� has no declared type鈥�
Microsoft Dynamics 2011 N:N LINQ query with where clause containing Guid
Using UIGradientLayer as layer.mask to fade out bottom / top of a scrollview --> repositioning of mask is lagging behind
Embedding / exporting PowerPoint presentations to Plone web site
BST in Java 鈥�search Nodes by String
Fill a List with zeros in Java
simple way to delimit whitespace (once) in C when already using another delimiter
Issue with Service Timeout
Is it possible to restrict editing of certain file types [like css] in visual studio or specifically TFS?
set environment variable SSH_ASKPASS or askpass in sudoers, resp
Sending Array List Between Forms [closed]
How to track return path in Eclipse?
Manipulating SQLite Data in C# or String Manipulation for Image Tag
How to make sure a set of points are not chosen again by rand()
NullPointerException trying to add 2 Displayables in one mobile App
When i read the xml file it reads duplicates of the node
Get culture based on language
POST JSON to controller with jquery and also use built in validation
How to specify generic class within where clause of a generic?
in Asp.net vb how do you iterate though a set of panels withing another containing panel
Integrating Lync 2010 using PHP
Unable to add PageIndex to the GridViewTemplate : ITemplate javascript function
Attunity SSIS not available in SSIS Data Flow Tasks
Need to generate a cluster of points in k-dimensional space in MATLAB
Which way is better and more type safe?
Can't have AVAssetImageGenerator give me all the frames of a movie
Rails 3 ignores PUT method when form partial displayed via jquery causing routing error
Get notified when a client connect to a WifiP2p group
How to add another password into iOS Keychain?
Peak Detection Library?
Reusing a Gem's rspec helpers
Corrupted EditText backgrounds when using custom background drawables
Sumif in excel rows
Processing loops,millis and random
How do you create an accurate progress bar for a task with an unknown length?
How do jenkins, Github and Puppet interact
How do I correctly parse a URI query string into a name-value collection in C#?
Writing my own test-runner for boost test
IE9 jQuery AJAX with CORS returns 鈥淎ccess is denied鈥�
How to inject cxf bus a custom JAXB context?
Bootstrap LESS takes 25s to be loaded in localhost
Automatically update layers in GeoServer
Can't create a file if a folder exists with the same name
How do I grab the value of a cell after entering a value?
.htaccess rewriting ALL urls
Including wx.lib.platebtn in an XRC file?
Alt+charkey combination in TextInput flex 4.6
VLC module, Cwiid, Linux, Wiimote, compilation issue
Splitting a massive matrix into blocks
$id = $_GET['id'] : variable is not working
sending json data from rails form
Trying to get a variable into an addListener function which is run inside a loop
CVS support in Domino Designer
PHP: foreach in multidimensional arrays
use self in class method
Get ios app store price in correct currency for price tier and location
Allowing spanish special characters in input
How to perform streamwriter in ASP.Net
Scroll the page with the div using jQuery
Resteasy FrameWork POST not working
github not showing last 9 commits
ActiveRecord count method returning a strange hash
What does 鈥淪emantic Constraints鈥�mean regarding Software Testing?
MATLAB randomization/counterbalancing issue
make a div appear next to it on hover of a certain section of the image
How to Generate 404 error forcefully in Yii
userAccountControl in Active Directory
Iterate a list for first half no of items
how can I get a regex that allows only 0000 or spaces
Android: Alert dialogs for API 15 compatible for API grater than 8
JQuery UI Autcomplete replaces Label with Value on select
What is __USE_MISC macro used for?
Looking for a specific jquery carousel
Android loop ListView
Selecting a specific number of items above and below a certain row in a table with a single query
TFS Build based on path
testing closures
Pointers in JavaScript?
Inline-block elements stacking vertically in FF/IE, horizontal in Chrome?
How to print jquery object/array
Using PrintDocument to print multiple pages
Macro to get values of last column to new sheet
Multiple Jersey Applications with same path for root resource
Trying to replace underscore _ with a dash - within an href tag
Core Data migration - adding new entity and rearranging old relationships
Obtaining data asynchronously using $.ajax() in rails 3.2.2
How do I append a variable to a string in an ActionLink?
Can't Open Excel file using Excel Services in VB.net
Caching payoff: mobile versus server development
Picture placeholder in email
generate map markers
Xml datasource from Infopath
Set CssClass for CustomValidator in ValidationSummary
Eclipse - EJB Project - Extracting Jar which contains interfaces
OpenGL pixel precise rasterizing on different archs
Python: how the get the consecutive n-size pieces in a string?
Recursion in Prolog - Finding Path Between Cities
Setting a cell to a value of another cell IF another cell was value X
Smoothly / visually iterate words in Microsoft Word documents
PHP Namespace Global
Is there a way to store function/procedure calls in Oz?
rout registration breaks when I change the url in global.asax
Tomcat 6 and updating context.xml on deployment
URL Rewrite isn't working
Force download iOS 5.0.1 symbols
How can i get light green ansi code and get bigger font for ruby?
Use INSERT-OUTPUT to provide values for another INSERT
exclude folder paths from a recursive tfs suck
generic ? abstract class ? what's the best to design my code?
iTextSharp Table Cell Spacing Possible?
i5, 6GB RAM and Android 3.0-3.2 emulator still unsuable (cannot start any app)?
Make graphs based on Excel data
uisegmented control manually setting selected index not working
UNIX : Meridian indicator (AM/AP) blank with specific LANG
PolySearcher in solr
Binding to Complex Objects in the ViewModel from the View?
How can I find out if a specific character in a QString is a letter or punctuation?
Java interfaces reduction in visibilty, only NOT [duplicate]
active admin called nil id
xPage-Pager Control with html-FORM element does not work
Is there a way to toggle wifi on and off programatically in iOS?
Should the length of a URL string be limited to increase security?
ViewState won't work
iPhone is faster than Instrument tool's memory leaking check tool speed?
CSS selector/inheritance in GWT UiBinder when using external stylesheet
How can I execute javascript in IE when the address bar is hidden?
Data binding in XtraGrid control
Int Variable inside Nvarchar Statement
Glassfish: The expected DDL file is not available
Multiple upload of images fails
How can I simulate a web page form submit with a Python code-behind?
ie9-js - has something else rendered it obsolete?
PHP - Trouble sending e-mail with attachment from form
Canceling a ASIHTTPRequest - Beginner
How can I validates_uniqueness_of :attachment_file_name using client_side_validations/formtastic/paperclip?
node.js: socket.io vs express.static
Plotting points on a psp object based on distance
How do I relate multiple rows in two tables?
JOIN works on two tables individually, but not when used together
How can I execute a powershell command as admin from VBS?
how to Join MediaStore.Audio.Media
Updating a mysql text field with new values
Reading a table in PDF Itextsharp
POST request for file upload in Javascript InDesign, extendables
Instead of Session variable where i can save my temp data in mvc?
Error when I try to create an .accdb file in C#
CakePHP $this->Form->end('button text'); on same line with something
ASP.NET Localize
Customised batch processing of PSD files (Adobe Photoshop / Adobe InDesign)
Symfony2 - how do I find template from Symfony debug toolbar?
Symfony2 - how do I find template from Symfony debug toolbar?
Convert Pixels to CM in WPF
CakePHP method to remove all relationships in a join table
Read an asp page, error 401 unaothorized
How to export a DataTable to Xml with ALL columns as attributes?
How to identify a Core Foundation object if Apple recommend to not hardcode the type IDs?
Can I use Fabric to workon a virtualenv and run a Python application?
Drawing multiple bitmaps on one Device Context in MFC - winapi
Facebook OAuth login with Java (desktop only)
How to exclude one table from drop-and-create-tables with Ecliselink?
Why are images not fully shown with my streaming app?
Heap Consistency error in C/Pro*C
object reference passed through constructor
Get Apache to Serve Files from Another Server (Both virtualized using vSphere)
ASP.NET using VB6 code
How to remove the animation when pressing the back button in a navigation controller?
Sort in a multi dimentional array
Large HTML, line breaks and .html() method using jQuery
Wordpress resets plugin settings when migrating
UITableViewCell setSelected:animated having no effect when animated
Excel Datarange of 1 column across seperate sheets for column chart
RMI chat program in java. how to send mesage from client to client (not thruogh the server)
command for expanding data in r
postfix evaluation using stack
Java speed access array index versus temp variable
limiting results that serachableService.moreLikeThis returns in grails?
How to solve infinite recursion in java (stack overflow)?
Why is jQuery Cycle not working? Is there a conflict?
Adding gestures to a shape - c4framework
Is there a GDAL driver for the OpenSceneGraph osg ive format(s)?
Wait to untill page is ready to load all social media buttons
JBoss AS7 Automatically Loading JPA
F2PY returns ValueError: invalid version number '4.'
Why am I getting a nullpointer error.?
How to save to file a dictionary with utf-8 strings correctly
How to create a fake activity in android
Timing out while updating MySQL with PHP from a CSV
eclipse sh edit and run
GDI handle leak using TGIFImage in a second thread
How To Know Selected Radio Button in Codebehind
Initialize Automapper from a (GAC) Class library
Runnable JAR not working with referenced libraries
Finding maximum value for column among a subset of a data frame
Confused by type registration and implementation of DI, IoC, Unity and Moq
XSL tranformation from FMPXMLRESULT to FMRESULTSET (2 popular FileMaker grammars)
Use of undeclared identifiers in Destination file
search product with their specifications filter
Forwarding instead of redirecting while still scrolling the page with a fragment
VB.NET calling COM DLL with call to another COM DLL restults in error
retain program data in iOS app while updating and sync to iCloud
Forwarding instead of redirecting while still scrolling the page with a fragment
VB.NET calling COM DLL with call to another COM DLL restults in error
retain program data in iOS app while updating and sync to iCloud
replicate data from multiple databases to a single database
Use image map as the handle for jQuery UI Draggable
Listing items in right
Creating a Eclipse Java Project from another project, programatically
Windows Mobile 6.5 鈥�Call a function when a dialog box is idle? a la WM_KICKIDLE
How to open a new window after user login (login controls)?
Escape TabStop within a WebBrowser control
.Net (or other) dev links for streaming video to an Apple TV?
Cake 1.2 Currency Method into GBP 拢
mysql querying a utf charset table for c returns 莽
Observation with BufferedWriteHandler.flush
SQL Server lock issue (distributed transactions with WCF)
NoClassDefFoundError when dynamically adding jar files at runtime
Merging two paged resultsets
DataReader, retrieve data by column
Drupal 6 programmatically adding r n showing
Change folder names in Joomla site
What does 鈥渢his鈥�refer to in a C# method signature and is there a VB.NET equivalent?
Jcrop crop image
Matlab: Can I refer to array indices via unique names?
How to set default app for the fan page
more problems with UDP
Primary Key Violation, I verify the record and if not exist, insert. But the error keep happening
Is it a good idea to have a single stored procedure to return multiple result sets?
Frame by frame animation in splash screen - Android 2.1
Issues with retrieving objects from a HashMap of HashMaps
Oracle SQL query slight alteration in query makes large result return time difference
Gamestate not functioning properly
map a method over list of different objects
why is my loop variable not alive after 1 iteration?
鈥渙bject scala not found鈥�trying to run vanilla Play 2 app
Creating an IL instruction with an inline argument using Mono.Cecil
Stop embedded swf file
jQuery - Populating drop down form option values
Is there a way to list all files recursively from a folder? [duplicate]
Difference between tables where 1 to 3 relationship on key field
Recommended Git tools for windows [closed]
jquery event preventDefault() not working
Graphic Recognition of People
How to initialize child elements in ContainerView Tag?
LocationListener Network provider not called
Using Rails 3.2, Should inclusion of conditional JavaScript in the views be avoided?
Dealing with Instagram APIs (JSON + PHP)
.Net WebRequest.Create Decoding encoded URI
Get a specific TestSuite by Id using the TFS API
vmware workstation 8 does not show up an installation window after double clicking setup
APEX 3.2: How to send email from Outlook
Unordered list indent css, php, xhtml
Are the days of passing const std::string & as a parameter over?
Knockout afterRender, but just once
Fat Models Skinny Controller in Zend Framework
Is there a way of changing the service status through the Nagios Web Interface?
How can I get a difference of two columns in two different tables in a SELECT query
Conditional constraint unique
How can I pass a variable name as part of a parameter to a batch file and then use it?
how to get a stream from a simple soundcloud URL?
Facebook iOS read only?
How to get a method's address in a class?
Apache mod_rewrite: force www only if not in localhost
onCreate method is called after calling onConfigurationChanged method in an Activity class
Unable to start activity ComponentInfo?
Word document - hide radio button control on File Save/Print
Rails allow access to one page without restricting the whole controller
Canvas.toDataURL() Workaround?
Android Button Onclick
Options for HTML 5 local database storage
Is a method thread-safe if the return value is declared/returned outside of a synchronized block?
memory grow on a pointer?
Skip the cell and the content of a DataTemplateColumn in a DataGrid
jQuery No longer accepting attr(鈥淐hecked鈥� === true Logic
What's an efficient way to store a grid with frame origins into core data?
Pass by reference(pointer) conflict with iOS object?
Initialize arbitrarily shaped nested list
Android AsyncTask publishProgress does not call onProgressUpdate
Loading a sparse matrix in r from list
HTML select onchange update query
Free drawing to straight lines
iOS: Sorting NSArray of NSValue wrapping CGPoint
Google Chrome - Auto Detect Location
Can't delete a file in PHP
text_widget.insert(1.0, 鈥� 鈥� will only display one slash
Is is possible a integer reset to zero due to Java / Android GC?
XHTML namespacing benefits
SQL query most recent scan date
updating footer in radgrid thourgh checkbox selection
Automatically update client side data
Unity config for WCF service
Visual Studio 2010 - (OutOfMemoryException) & (Memory increase in Ideal State)
Replacing a specific hex offset in C#
Core Text setting default color and color of specific words
Check input format of a QLineEdit (PyQt) [closed]
How does this regular expression with capturing group and backreference match in Java?
JSON parsing in Cocoa only displaying first 20 entries
How to skip the request dialog for inviting users from an app if user does not have any friend in their list?
Compile Vim 7.3 with +clientserver feature on Mac OS X
Automatically deleting archive on server in Django when client side download completes
Magento site doesn't get displayed in some computers/browsers
Compile Vim 7.3 with +clientserver feature on Mac OS X
Automatically deleting archive on server in Django when client side download completes
Magento site doesn't get displayed in some computers/browsers
Binding objects to apache mq jndi provider
What is Amazon Route 53? [closed]
Where can I find the documentation for the NuGet feed api?
Can scipy.stats identify and mask obvious outliers?
MySQL - Insert changes from one table to another
Zooming and swiping with OpenGL ES
How to implement a click event on mutually exclusive checkboxes in jQuery?
How to insert data into a form with PHP?
Encoding issue while generating pdf file from HTML using ITextRenderer
open source code to remove Non Text regions in image?
Crawling web pages with Python
Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation - InvalidCastException in App_Code.dll
Is tracing allowed within a asp .net web role?
Parse HTML and replace content in DIV
Does GroupView work in the TListView in OwnerData mode?
Stages in genetic programming
tortoisehg one step commit push - how to and where is the log file
NSButton not always responding to mouse click
NSNotificationCenter - Way to wait for a notification to be posted without blocking main thread?
Web cam in Adobe Flash saving
Does anyone know how to access CoreData from a WebView within an Adobe DPS app?
Eclipse/Ant md5 do not match any other md5
Resize UIImage for UIPrintInteractionController
detect OWN installation
Displaying duplicate records
PHP remove empty items from sides of an array
Knockout.js and Twitterfeed updating page with intervals
Local RDLC Report showing '#Error' where report parameters should be displayed
How-to: Remove text from Word document footer using C#
PHP 5 oci_execute(): ORA-01008: not all variables bound
EditorFor an int chooses a string template
Why is the 鈥渞ef鈥�keyword used with System.ServiceModel.Channels.Message?
How do I refresh the CSS for a DIV loaded with external content in JQuery Mobile
Change JProgressBar value, while Thread is running
With Solr, Do I Need A SQL db as well?
JQuery page loading dynamically
Drag&Drop Grouping Animation Not Working
Does an actionscript for loop run backwards?
Sorting ListBox Items
How to redirec to to HTML if exception occured
Adding a ticketing system to an existing PHP/MySQL application?
Eclipse RCP translation tool
Get visible li:last and not hidden li:last
JQGrid editoptions dataurl not using ajax get?
how do I get the index at which an Object has been added to an NSMutableArray?
Problems with UPnP Java Libraries
Formatting SQL Server time(7) using PHP date()
Turn off ListView border mouseover animations
Regarding JPA persistence.xml
Enterprise OTA app update
Is there a good charting API that lazy-loads large data sets with Ajax on scroll/zoom?
WCF + SSL/HTTPS in IIS(6). How to disable HTTP access in web.config?
R textConnection slow speed
How can I remove the right border for a UL/LI element in Internet Explorer?
custom loging framework
Tests are not executed in Play Framework 2.0
Forgot my SQL Delete I had made
Rails, Mongoid, and Devise nested Models
how to catch the power button and home button on iPhone?
How to assert that a class will respond_to a class method with RSpec?
.htaccess check for specfic query string attribute
sql server 2008 - access multiple result sets returned by called stored proc from the calling stored proc
Android TableRow children issue
Striping a String of html tags in Blackberry Java
regarding a code of creating a file object
PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol 鈥淲HERE鈥�when expecting one of the following
IE9 random CSS problems
How to get a list of all directories but one?
Define the FontFamily as a resource in Windows Phone
Unhandled Exception using glGenBuffer on Release mode only - QT
JSF Converter implementation
Joining two relations with default values
How to check whether a variable contains spaces in a Makefile ?
Interpreter of a small imperative language
Sum value only if below cell is not empty
Get the item a user unselects in a ASP CheckBoxList
Jquery .ajax loading scripts in wrong order
FaceBook Auth and signed request
MySql performance problems
How can I convert String[] to ArrayList<String> [duplicate]
Valid iframe-like technique
nested PLSQL in a tabular form
How to resize form in scale? C#
Do I need `git checkout` after `git pull`?
Unsubscribe Collection in Google Docs Api
Is it possible to override the database settings in django for the admin
jQuery mobile list dividers - span to group li's that arn't a divider
Maven 鈥渧ersions鈥�plugin - how to exclude alpha/beta versions from reponse?
Adding Value to TextArea from Two Lists. The Two Lists should not be able to add values amongst themselfs
Slide up menu on every image
Search files recursively and get the value matching the pattern
ColdFusion JVM: strange memory behaviour
How can I apply the LIMIT statement in a SQLite query to a specific side of a join?
ViewFlipper's onTouch event is NOT fired while its child Button's onClick event is
mysql join, grouped data, and a compare?
Patience Diff - what exactly is done in the last phase for non-unique lines?
What is the purpose of Imposteriser?
serializing session state in asp.net
Save functions for re-using without re-execution
Nested sortables, with dropzones and connected draggables
wordpress image attachment metadata without generating thumbnails
Setting wxTE_PASSWORD later
Web service client/consumer - Browser or Webstart/JNLP or Swing [closed]
Android : Widget and Service
how to disable resize on html page in javascript [closed]
Designing Exception, usage and definition
java.lang.NullPointerException not showing where the error is
MVC 3 child actions not cached with OutputCache attribute
How to pass application/user data to the ChannelHandler Netty
Less CSS working locally but not when uploaded to site
How do I use simple_form with a plain Ruby class?
Does Fancybox 2 work with earlier versions of jquery?
Paste Multiline Snipptes into IPython
Javascript error for ie9 - flickrshow gallery
what's the correct way to store an NSURL in Core Data?
How to extract values and store in arrays from a hash map in ruby?
how to change server time to client time on rails?
Gesture on gridview does not always work
Routing Error with Edit (Rails 3.2)
R: Fitting Gaussian peaks to density plot data using nls
Is iphone simulator's brightness adjustable?
When using awk to parse a CSV file, why does it ignore empty cells?
How can I execute a JS script file from Pymongo?
Can static data for Datagrid rows be defined purely in XAML i.e. no code behind?
Jquery selector on dropdown value case insensitive
play framework downloading file
Number pad while using screen
Check box refresh not working when Activity not reloaded - Android
Using JS instigated dialogs in an android webview
php curl sending vars using GET wierd results
is strings in .net get changed?? is there some bug?
Running jQuery if on mobile
How to sort a list compared to an existing list in C#?
Using JNDI for for my datasource and location of properties files
accessing data from a different class unity
Appending Additional HREF Link to jQuery fullcalendar
R.id cannot be resolved. Android.
Brain boiling from MySQL - How to do a complicated select from multiple tables?
Why is not Style applied for ListBoxItem?
C++ append string pointer
How to render empty attributes in SSRS when exporting as XML with Report Data
Save user created variables in database with user session ID
Static Util methods vs Instance Util methods - Which one is good? [closed]
How convert base 64 encoded image data into image
Transferring radio button value into a session variable
Slide up multiple divs when menu closed
why getBoundingClientRect gives different values in IE and Firefox
How to render empty attributes in SSRS when exporting as XML with Report Data
Save user created variables in database with user session ID
Static Util methods vs Instance Util methods - Which one is good? [closed]
How convert base 64 encoded image data into image
Transferring radio button value into a session variable
Slide up multiple divs when menu closed
why getBoundingClientRect gives different values in IE and Firefox
Android. KeyFactory RSA implementation not found
@BeforeClass annotations invoking methods twice when using Arquillian on remote server
Two Queries that should return similar results, SQL
Add the Plugins panel to my NetBeans Platform application
How to correctly use QGraphicsLinearLayout together with QGraphicsScene in order to position QGraphicsItems?
Save several ints to array and show total value in a label
Counting duplicates with XSL and outputting to table
Testing a client-server based app in Java
How to programmatically open 鈥淎ccess Point Names鈥�screen in Android?
DIVS not validating when used in a custom ASP:Menu
How do I make my TextBox pass a Date value in MVC 3?
Camera following object
need some advices when making a streaming application
JPA - Criteria Query - Search for Integer using 鈥渓ike鈥�
Is there a way to dynamically generate tables in SQLite based on class definitions?
Silverlight: Business Application Needs Access To Files To Print and Move
ODBC on Mac Lion with Ruby Sequel
Convert a UTC Timestamp to a datetime object, taking daylight savings time into account
SwingWorker ends, PropertyChangeListener listens, but how do I get back to EDT?
Converter --> Convert DateTime to HH:mm:ss format
How can I make a Asynchronous task synchronus
Django - DateTime Widget format
Ogre: material to desaturate image below [closed]
Eclipse CDT global settings (for multiple projects)
How to port a Wireshark Lua dissector Script to Mac OSX?
How to read content of a blob and write to GAE datastore (Java)
starting an autocomplete small project
Could iOS Kill an App in the Background?
RTMP sink for Microsoft Media Foundation
EF Code First, Dropping tables seems very drastic
Django Virtualenv production tradeoffs
non-deterministic behavior of int subclass [closed]
How do I get a div that only pops up once?
Propercase function with hypens
Problems with install mysql 5.5.20 with homebrew
How to display specific json values rather than print or dump function
OpenGL ES: Combine two Frame Buffer Objects
How to store image preview of PDF page to disk on non-UI thread?
Get the calling package/procedure in Oracle
Using glew in Borland 5.02
Mysql result to set session variable
Unsafe JavaScript error writing to C# variable
Easiest way to have a program minimize itself to the system tray using .NET 4
Rename a generated file in Maven before building WAR
Get Drive name of the SmartCard
Confusion over the State Monad code on 鈥淟earn you a Haskell鈥�
How do I read image files directly from a zip without extracting to disk?
MYSQL : How to set to same position if row value is the same?
Porting a GTK+ App to Mac OSX
Runtime error when integrating Struts2-Jquery Plugin Datepicker with Netbeans 7.1
IE adding textbox around my editable p tags
Why are JavaScript runtimes omitted from Rails Gemfiles by default?
Can I add a track to an iPhone's music player from another application?
Why there must be a delegate to bridge a Thread and its Method?
Why write() doesn't fail when I delete the file on write?
Can we create temporary pass-in `std::vector<int>` parameter?
MySQL Return join of same table with same name
Reducing a large stream without stack overflowing
javascript sanbox a module to prevent reference to Window
Http GET method Error while calling REST wcf service
Ajax can not work with Rails3.2.1
Is JVM capable of reusing the split results for the same String objects?
SOAP Windows phone 7 paypal
Alternative(To Google Maps) Open Source Map API that provides a database of nodes and Arcs on roads
Rails nested_form link_to_add not working when pre-building nested model instance
Random String Generator (PHP)
Adding values to textarea. TextArea not Editable
Automatically downloading all files to a user preferred location on the machine
How should I encode content for Google TV using HLS?
showDialog() shows result without call
Populate a Partial View on page load
Temporarily switch working copy to a specific Git commit
Is there a limit to the amount of data that can be passed on to the special output stream php://output?
Architecture of Android application with simple database
Using templates for c++ [closed]
Get latest identity, such as ID, from an empty table SQL
Uncaught TypeError Object has not method 'disable'
iOS: filesharing without iTunes?
MySQL - Join 2 tables
How to validate against a variable set of value ranges?
Ideal language to use to code a multi step order form
Javascript: getElementsByTag DOM, dynamic src reference
Syntax for SharePoint 2010 BCS URL Action to populate New form
Video capture in Direct show samples (AMCap)
Code First navigation properties being persisted but not loaded
Trouble detecting deadlocks using SOSEX and the dlk command
WPF with MVVM and View Model. How to bind a ComboBox to a Dictionary and set the SelectedValue in the same event, like tabbing off of a TextBox
How to make the iframe shrank and row according to the content size?
Is it possible using current browsers to use pseudo-classes to detect first and last of a certain class?
SEO: Allowing crawler to index all pages when only few are visible at a time
Recreate index after delete-load
JPA query for given task
Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): [closed]
Dynamically change text flow spark flex
Rails_admin custom partials are not used in Integration tests
SQL Server 2008 Reporting: Sum of Max of group
Javascript OOP, getters, setters, run - D3.js - make graph resuable by option settings
Javascript, .NET : show and consume an OK/Cancel alert
Check if arguments stored in a Dictionary are valid [closed]
Ramos W16 Android Usb driver
Display two views at once and change url on change
Android ListView check all checkboxes (custom ResourceCursorAdapter)
Making a Facebook Page Not Searchable?
selenium web driver - substitute for getEval
How can I read a file to a string starting at a given word without knowing the line number?
Finding the difference between 2 dates and iterating an image based on the difference
PHP Error String
get SINGLE text node from DOM object
鈥渏ava.sql.SQLException The column .. in table .. does not allow null values鈥�although column value is not null
Interesting algorithm to compare two matrices?
Asynchronous Client Socket Example from MSDN
jqPlot adding 0 value
fault or error in this method
Issue with Quit application menu in cocoa application
HTTP Cookies and Ajax requests over HTTPS
Eclipse: Compiling A Plugin For Java 1.5: 鈥淐olumns For Eclipse鈥�
HOW to print to a Dot Matrix Printer from a PHP Web Application?
SQL create xml of Parameters dynamically
How to convert 3 digit html hex color to 6 digit flex hex color
Google-api and tokens or how do i get a token for google affiliate advertiser list (ruby)
How to add a 鈥渓oad more鈥�RSS feeds function with Simplepie
Facebook javascript api and iPad, Android
Query for bit based values
Uppercase letter using C++ preprocessor (x -> getX/setX)
MySQL Restoring data from .dat file
Using UISegmentedControl to save mapKit preferences with NSUserDefaults - not working correctly
correct way to free up memory for an array of Objects containing an array of Objects in C++
Change text (or other element) color in time with Audio
Array of doubles objective c
VPS v.s Dedicated Server, Which one should I choose? [closed]
How should I find the index of several possible characters?
Java commands runs on bash, fails on zsh
How can I fork two programs to the background using one line of bash and possibly an ampersand?
Jquery UI Dialog - PLUPLOAD: Plupload doesn't work ith jquery ui dialog
How not to let to choose older months in jquery datebox
android - Drag and drop in Listview
Funny characters in my javascript file
Push Notification using PHP in Blackberry
Java verbose class loading
How do I access a variable of one class in the function of another class?
VB.NET Textbox KeyDown Event Not Firing
How to avoid this case of evil eval?
Liferay LDAP Auth not working as expected
How to configure internal url's content on Symfony
How can I convey this to CorpIT?
Windows 8 Metro record audio (filter noise, change pitch)
Checking for null XML node using class's to represent the node
sql2008 - Better than multiple replace statements?
UI plugin for image upload
iPhone CHDropboxSync crash to home screen after linking account
How to manage changed items and their previous names in database
mysql syntax error 1064 at line 194 add foreign key for many-to-many relationship
Difference between WS Security Mechanisms
Find values in common between two arrays
Proxy Routing Mechanism
Why is the application secret required for extending a token lifetime?
Android Detect if app is downloading
Why do integers have to be converted to strings before they can be used to access items in a collection?
how to group a query in linq to Entity
How to hide the constants I defined in static library?
watir, element not currently visible
SplitString or SubString or?
How to put some information and export a table into same .txt file in Mathematica
Apache POI localized Date into Excel cell
Difference between two JavaScript object types
Printing a jtable with specific text before and after of it
Cant insert a string in android resource file without getting an error
Make the assignment optional for assignment_tag
How can I show datas on gridview when selecting a dropdownlist in ASP.NET?
Symfony not matching /finding any routes
SSIS Convert english BlobColumn to String ending up with Chinese characters
Channel Block API?
Problems with Alfresco CMIS queries with dates and Alfresco 4.0.d
C - Trouble passing structure pointers to function
How to copy content from one file to many files using threads
GWT Listbox dropdown not working
parse file with space delimitter
Mercurial: how to change between branches without updating?
Difference between 'Page tab' and 'Application on Facebook'
SQLite Syntax error
Android (ICS) NFC Request and reponse possible
Working with saveAssociated method in CakePHP
setInterval of a private function
Why the focus changed after I setImageBitmap for imageview
ReSharper slowing down VS 2010
Get list of filenames from a remote directory FTP SSH
explode not working properly
Mark current Line, and navigate through marked lines
Is there some empirical mode decomposition library in java?
How could I make this R snippet faster and more R-ish?
storing value in session variable, and checking it
Thousand separator in format string with floats
Google protocol buffers - user defined java objects as messages fields
storing value in session variable, and checking it
Thousand separator in format string with floats
Google protocol buffers - user defined java objects as messages fields
How to update Target object from markup extension in SL5?
i am trying to build a registration form by Django using forms.py
Move a Web Site project with a web service to AWS windows server
unique_ptr has no member function
How to Check an UIImageView Present in position of a view in iphone
Raphael JS resizeable rectangles
dojo checkbox checked but not showing till mouse over
iPad canvas rotation
Hibernate flush method
Return highest number from distinct date
3d transform in html 5 canvas
Center placeholder text in iPhone
JQuery-UI Draggable locked to the window
Is it possible to use ZXing with codename one?
Convert JSON to array of objects with custom keys and values
Accessing integer resources in xml
VBA - How to copy row in Excel from one workbook to another?
AJAX / Java persistence
Catch error on Msg ID #
Strange layout behaviour - layout_weight and buttons
How do I do the reverse of gitk's 鈥淲rite commit to file鈥�
Focus problems with JDK7 and native components
insert and updata mysql data base using php webservices in android
The requested URL was not found on this server
Injecting content into a div
When paused on a statement within the browser's dev tools, how to terminate execution immediately after that statement?
How to determine which button caused postback
How to change device volume from seek bar in android
How do I keep the time, but change the time zone?
backgroundworker c# [duplicate]
cam3 doesn't load in LabVIEW
3D search using A* JPS
Move along polyline based on time
How can I develop an app which will not appear in launching menu of android [closed]
Check if none of the multiple chars appears in string A?
What's the difference between trigger('click') and click() on jQuery
Service starts on emulator but on device not
Generic list of lists, converting List<List<T>> to IList<IList<T>>
Cannot install Joomla or Wordpress components and plugins
Streaming ? Or what is it?
Full screen mode on dual desktop
Explain some tips of bash
Is it possible for a batch file to delete a file if not found in list from text file?
Showing zero byte pdf file in email attachment in Android
Saving a variable data to disk
Preventing queuing during multiple .animation events
Grails - URL mapping/default action and flow
convert delimited string to hierarchical JSON in python
jQuery target every nth sibling of an element
Theory on creating custom UI framework [closed]
Fortran GCC interface compiler bug?
Should this be considered as a class in UML class diagram or as a type?
How can I mock a KerberosTicket instance?
Unit Testing Object/Model Converters
Remap yank (y), Change (c) and Delete (d)
At edit in webgrid in mvc3 why ModelState.IsValid is false as condition is true?
How to properly use virtual member functions in c++
how to pass ruby variable to jquery
How to use NUnit Addins under PNUnit
SharePoint how to run javascript file only in edit mode
View Rendering very slow
Added Database Source Bean to Spring.xml and getting error
Windows Server version & WCF behaviour
Executing the same SSIS Task via different Route
IN mvvm how notify store data in datagrid?
footer disappearing in Opera (11.63)
ASP.NET MVC3 Razor Querying inside a model (foreach within foreach)
Why is SQL function changing decimal places to all zeros?
How to force the Paint method of Richtextbox not to erase background color
C++ Get a specified part from a char
Ruby on Rails SQL Query Returns #<ActiveRecord::Relation:
NSIndexPath to UITableView from other class
Using file mapping and parallel to deal with large file in Linux with C
Android NFCDemo: Open URL on browser
After doing a fresh install of Lion my app doesn't seem to be storing anything in the session
Add Entries in XML via PHP
Is it possible to use XDT inside C# projects?
Ruby Mechanize Form field help request
Read kmz file and show images on map
Signing a private key with android sdk tool
I want to Use Both Tab Bar And Navigation Bar in Same View Controller
asp MVC3 deployment, app is really slow
Heap data structure in .Net [duplicate]
Use CFBundleCopyExecutableURL to see if an application is executable in Mac OS X
cant seem to style <td>?
Add html table input values to a mysql database table
Converting a string to two ints? [closed]
How to filter data into new column? sql
How to read from a child_process line by line in Node.js?
Sql query is showing result in different way after migrating site to new server
How can I resolve this Dynamics AX 2009 Error?
isPortrait in LWUIT 1.4 is not working?
Can an app resident on Google TV determine what other apps are resident on the platform
Django list of ids as a form field
Use sqlite database in iphone using xcode 4.3.2
Regex help pls for extracting values with quotes
Regex help pls for extracting values with quotes
Where I can find saved file in web application
Pop view when tapping a button in Iphone?
Binding a Panel to a Form
Total number of similar items which meet uniqueness criteria
erroneous return value of logarithmic function stored in a static const int (c++)
Is there any Ruby Application Server equivalent to JEE's Glassfish or JBoss?
Is it OK to set start and end text nodes for Range object in Java?
why does my cmd.exe process doesn't have the 鈥渢itle鈥�property set when launched as a service through perl?
iOS Backgrounding & XMPPFramework
DecimalFormat variable group size
Bug at my vector implementation
AssemblyInfo version information asterisks
'Set' in Components of Cake PHP
ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when adding new item to Array?
How to include user's email in SalesForce email response?
Is it possible to reinstall Delphi XE2 completely (e.g for update #4) while keeping existing component library registrations?
Form validation for rich:togglePanel
Creating an email 鈥淭o:鈥�user control?
Using the Google directions for an animated drive (Google Maps API V3)
How to use this jQuery codes with .live?
iSorting a multi-dimensional array based off an array value
c# open outlook with email and friendly names added
Java DB Connection Pooling in Shell Script
flowchart diagram in HTML/CSS positioning?
Jquery DateTimePicker not displaying with CSS
Counting the number of filled fields with javascript, ajax, or php on client side?
Why is my implementation of alpha-beta pruning not working?
Core Animation VS. Cocos2d performance for simple games
Validating data coming from a server
Getting error while compiling using rapc
how to perform Bump Distortion in ios 5.0?
How do I create a stopwatch Bash script to constantly display elapsed time?
Peek into protocol buffer message files
switching images in application
Coverting a FLOAT column to VARCHAR
Sonar Eclipse not using 'same quality profile as the one used on the server '
RegEx for 00:00 Time Format > 24
Is there a JAVA FX 2.0+ runtime for windows mobile
How to get class type information from generics?
OnLoad client event for Image control
Detect a memory growth
regex remove column 鈥�鈥�character
ctime() and date/time conversion
How come when debugging javascript in CRM 2011 for a form opened up from the ribbon, script blocks are created?
Unable to download the file from local server to android emulator
ARM Linux: bus error on one particular page of valid virtual memory
Adding UIButton to UItableview cells
Good way to abstract 3rd party javascript API?
ItemFileReadStore fetch doesn't works if response data has nested objects
VBScript error with JET Database Engine request
Knowledge Transfer To Services and Support Team
Implementing an IsEnabled property on a WPF User Control
SQLite compare given string with two collumns
Fastest way of rendering a Sencha Touch 2 application
How to reset the font-size on clicking android phone back button?
inline elements direction
Boostrap - Dropdown menu in pulled-right navbar section displays panel arrow on the left
Native, hybrid, and web app definitions
AppKit: Duration Picker View
How to configure nutch in eclipse?
Overriding the disco file
Solr How can i get the attribute values from XML using dataimportHandler
relational algebra for Limit Operator
Using JET OLEDB Provider, How to query headerless text file using a WHERE clause?
Which one is better, declaring global variable in class or declaring local variable in class of Java?
Delete digits after two decimal point not round number in javascript?
Link to a non mobile page from a jquery mobile page -> css not loaded
Using logman to collect data
VBA pass windows authentication to SharePoint
re-adding www folder to xcode phonegap project
Consume WCF library in Silverlight 4 application
How to combine two arrays randomly without repeating the values in C++
Passing a variable between 2 actionscript3 files (.as)
How to Serialize an Image Control whose source is set at runtime?
SDL_mixer 2 compilation broken in windows using visual studio express with SDL2
Wordpress format issues - archives and spacing
What are some concrete business cases for a CVS to Git migration? [closed]
Dynamic Checkboxes getting reset?
Refresh table from SQL query after a checkbox was clicked
XPATH - select/find next element in table after identifying text
How to convert artbitrary number to rgb color?
Is it possible to get Emma coverage tool in eclipse to ignore certain lines?
resizing tableview when keyboard is shown and hidden
Why ModelState.IsValid is false as condition is true?
How 'delete' works when I delete a pointer of base class
Toast positioning not working
Java fixed field file format
I would like to write an application on USB? [closed]