xcode UIScrollview not scrolling smoothly
Get item index (rownum)
TFS Folder Difference -> View Target bug?
graph dataset on canvas
C# Outlook AddIn Appointment event 'ItemSend' does not cancel properly
How to create continuously repeating scrolling background image in Open GL?
Mysql: How to configure mysql proxy for fail over handling [closed]
Can variadic expansions be used as a chain of comma-operator calls?
xcode UIScrollview not scrolling smoothly
Get item index (rownum)
TFS Folder Difference -> View Target bug?
graph dataset on canvas
C# Outlook AddIn Appointment event 'ItemSend' does not cancel properly
How to create continuously repeating scrolling background image in Open GL?
Mysql: How to configure mysql proxy for fail over handling [closed]
Can variadic expansions be used as a chain of comma-operator calls?
RestSharp simple complete example
Creating objects in a main thread and working with them in another thread. How to do that?
Surefire JUnit Testing using Native Libraries
Windows Forms: Is it possible to insert .cs files in runtime?
Difference between Quartz Core and OpenGLES in iPhone?
How to convert mysql to SQLite using PHP
JQuery retrieving text instead of value of select list
JavaScript Equivalent Of PHP __call
Tumblr jQuery Like (grabbing from rel)
GWT Google Maps API V3 - Detect click on place
Java - Convert image to Base64
Unity editor script - can't change public variables on a script attached to a gameobject. Values are restored upon play
How to make two AIR IOS application communicate?
Fetching TableView with NSDictionary
Change event owner of an event
Rails 2.3.11 -> 3.2.3 simple gsub with regex does not work
override method from another project
How to add body tags dynamically ih php
JBoss Encoding utf 8
Rename files while copying
how to view the spinning wheel in mobile properly
鈥淐omplete action using鈥�when trying to load in a WebView
Is getting the time of an AS3 MovieClip in JavaScript, possible?
How to validate( format 000.0) the textbox in WP7
How to get the difference between 2 times in android
Loop over an insert Query in PHP
How to get all input fields which aren't selects
adding button in a row in kendo grid
3NF Database normalization (Erwin)
Disable submit button on a separate php file when timer runs down on javascript file
Linux Kernel Crypto Guide
Apache HttpClient multiple GET requests
Echo doesn't show first row made
android sampling profiler
How can Get the currrent Route and adjust one value in asp.net MVC?
changing images asynchronously in WPF
remove <p> &nbsp;</p> with jquery if no value
Gridview update fails without error message. Accessdatasource in Visual Web Developer
Python combined key entry detection - ESC and Enter
xml data parsing using dom in android
Strange, annoying and very random session timeout
how to hide multiple items but only call the handler once?
Can't we use JSONP instead of XDR for cross domain request in IE?
Solr Query Wildcardquery in exact Searchstring
/usr/include/gnu/stubs.h:7:27: error: gnu/stubs-32.h: No such file or directory
How to see man page of a function of a user installed R library/package?
iOS UITableView: usingCAGradientLayer causes the initial objects to not appear in table view
Automatically translate .po files? [closed]
Validating multiselect with jquery validation plugin
Which Collection should I convert in JSON and parse again?
Java regex to remove SQL comments from a string
Cant access sqlite database (dbfile) in pad device while the same works fine in flash builder Simulator
Openerp act_window popsup a new window, but the main client disappear
csv to xml not adding xElement if XAttribute = 鈥溾�
How to make this JavaScript code work in Opera
SQLCommandBuilder Efficiency
Contact form unable to send emails
Android to detect possibilities of no data connection
sending 2 requests via socket
Java(ME) SQLlite vicious circle on Datatype Mismatch
Highchart - tooltip for legends
NSXMLParser determine if a tag is an empty-element-tag
ExtJS TextField Enter Key After Click External Button
Upload Image using WCF service from Android: Cannot process because of content type
HTTP post contentlength error
Jquery data retrieving not work [closed]
Aggregate bitfield values with binary OR
Problems invoking custom attribute from AOP advice
XSL: Creating two dropdowns based upon user interaction
NewLine escape character not working
What is the best method for creating content in Javascript ready for insertion into the DOM?
What's faster: passing an array to a class and doing a for each loop, or doing a for each loop on a class
SWT How to put a Color Dialog in composite [closed]
Extracting Data From DataGridView and Populating in XML
unchecked any one checkbox of CellTemplate from the list, I want to uncheck the Header Checkbox
Parsing XML document using .Descendents(value)
how do i define max and min zooming lvl, when scaling imageview by matrix
Using Cain and Abel to capture traffic of machine in the same network
How to edit a row in a text file with C++?
Getting custom data from Paypal
What use can I give to Ruby threads, if they are not really parallel?
Using instance of StreamWriter in multiple methods for logging
C# Webmail.Send method how to change person name
Javascript function fails with global vars
Separating LocationManager method from a MapActivity into a new Class
Cannot interpret token '.' at position 6
How to create a font selection bar in html
Synchronizing handler creation, and accessing
bug in aspnet_compiler?
Where to find cuda.rule files for cuda 4.1
{$IMAGEBASE $13140000} directive in a unit from an advanced hooking / injection library: explanation needed
What is the base_reachable_time (ARP related) proc entry
DropDownlist getting value by id [closed]
Date Field Range Fixing in Flex
XCode 4.x do not include Perl MakeMaker. brew failed - Asks for Perl file.
un-exploitable php functions (whitelist)
Make Aptana / Eclipse formatter ignore arrays
Django admin - detect changed fields in inlines?
Change number of posts to display
left join in yii
Java Class loading phase
Uploading an audio file and receiving unexpected response in ios
Printing response in rspec
Checkerboard pattern after FFT
Object under mouse beyond near clipping plane
struct bytes padding
Boost interprocess fails on gcc 4.1.2
Ping one computer from multiple source IPs. read Source IPs from text. write results to text or web page
How to catch Unhandled Exception ? [duplicate]
custom ArrayAdapter is not being called
How to restrict user from entering duplicate text in multiple text inputs
ClasscastException in servlet
willselectAnnotationView missing
check for a date in a particular format
TextArea htmlText does not update text property when set (Flex)
Specific PHP Mysql query not working in root folder
Should ConditionalWeakTable<TKey, TValue> be used for non-compiler purposes?
PHP variable from external php file
Passing information in a string from one view to another
making boost work with cmake ( fatal error: boost/smart_ptr.hpp: No such file or directory )
How shall I implement operator overloading in base class for base class part of derive class object?
securing PHP code [closed]
Software design: where to put database open and close
Recursive variable
Getting error when updating ADT pugin鈥�java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.ksoap2.serialization.SoapObject鈥�
removing data with tags from a vector
Toggling files in :Gstatus window by pressing - displays 鈥淧ress ENTER or type command to continue鈥�message
how to set custom icons on google map in android
RSpec integration test example being run twice
Get Total in a single line in SQL Server
Storing Information without login
How to to set width automatically?
Google Maps Javascript API v3 returning different JSON?
Re-show my main Cocoa application Window
setting textbox so user cannot type in non numeric characters or spaces
Java method table
Colorbox iframe not opening up on the same page
solr case insensitivity
Groovy methods that resemble LINQ's DefaultIfEmpty and FirstOrDefault
`Between` query to mongodb using python
Seekbar and Seek functionality in J2ME
Linq to sql query for check the usernames exists in table?
Groovy methods that resemble LINQ's DefaultIfEmpty and FirstOrDefault
`Between` query to mongodb using python
Seekbar and Seek functionality in J2ME
Linq to sql query for check the usernames exists in table?
android path and two line border
Rails - override <head> page element when using a partial or a specific controller view
Override a List<T> property
Can't create new projects nor items: Visual Studio 2010 dialog initialization exception
Missing XMLReader in my PHP version?
How to capture screenshot of UIWebview with all the content?
how to add class to a listitem from code behind
Can not fire checkbox change event in Telerik MVC
When returning a reference gcc adds 0x30 to %eax
XNA Texture Stretch Fuzzy
print igraph_vector_ptr_t(List of vectors igraph_vector_t )
Autocomplete using JSON value in variable for source?
Implementing oauth in a Rails app: one user model or two (user + authentication)?
MVC .NET [Required] DataAnnotations on a parent model causing invalid ModelState in a child model
Can't install XCode 4.0 - 4.1 on MacOSX Lion
Rail3 , How to create standard route/action for ALL controllers?
Java Convert Facebook created_time to UTC
How can I put items in an XAML combobox/listbox using Ironpython code?
JavaScript parentheses converts primitive type to object
Draw a png on another png in a canvas
jquery not included in bundling
Jmeter compatiblity for java based ERP application
EOF and BOF error when querying SQL database
CSS: behaviour not being included
Handle large amount of server data
Speeded up a slow jQuery Mobile page transition - why?
Where the implementation of interface methods in Java's Collection Framework take place?
Unable to run Bitmap sample code for Android
complex Json Parsing in Android
Put an image inside a webview and fit it width
Print steps of sort
C++ ( Without MFC ) checking if an ini read value is empty
How to disable collapsing in a grouped grid in ExtJS?
Creating Thumbnail from Video - Improving Speed Performance - AVAsset - iPhone
JSF page doesnot work when i add selectOneMenu (prime faces)
Android - Payment Methods
Load iframe if user scrolled to bottom
Apache Camel : Cannot locate xsd file exception
Sum of different column in SQL
How to flip month and day in a datetime?
regex search fails to terminate
Android communication between multi apk
How to connect Sql Server Database from android app?
How to access a computer from a USB-cable-android-connected device?
Uploading to youtube
When a non-vectored interrupt occurs,does the processor ever look up the vector table ?
WCF data services proxy class template
Prolog: temporary list storage
Is there any way to stop flow of activity when alert dialog is shown? (android)
How to externalize the configuration of bundles?
How to transliterate english characters into malayalamletters?
MIPS - Revision What does this program actually do?
Open External Page in Popup in jQuery Mobile
C++11 feature checking
Python GUI Drag/Drop Problems
How do I transfer large binary files from server to client in java
ARC works for all objects?
Using Nant's msbuild task, is there a way to get msbuild's colors to work?
Delphi XE2 Datasnap TObject with TMemoryStream
Line Finder OpenCV
Regular Expression issue matching string pattern 鈥淎-Za-z-A-Za-z_鈥�
How to determine the type of a MEF plugin class?
Unable to Fetch Date from Array of Dates Using NSPredicate
Twitter bootstrap: How to hide an element when certain tabs is shown
RDLC - Report : Repeat table multiple times
Running another JRE aside from the default version
How can I extract a good quality JPEG image from an H264 video file with ffmpeg?
how to change rootviewcontroller of NavigationController?
Multiple step onClick Javascript form
Check if a file is binary or ASCII with Node.js?
PODConverter as a Service (vb.net) .odt to .pdf
Can HTTP multipart and chunking coexist?
Why does normal markup inside an @Using Html.BeginForm need an @?
How do I count records inside a query in CakePHP?
cuda visual profiler details->throughput
Playing FLV/HTTP in Android application
Members property of Outlook.AddressEntry throws exception
CodeIgniter 1.7.0 - Error Number 1054: Database Error
Want to show value of slider in textblock?
How can I enumerate all distinct expressions with 3 operators
Choose Randomly From a list [closed]
Copy the output of a TFS Build to a TFS Location
Clear fragment back stack programmatic
Select specific element before other element
Sending a keypress over a client / server
OutOfMemoryError while rendering in libgdx
Finish runnable and start new activity
Custom PostgreSQL aggregate for circular average
Efficient element positioning in older browsers
MVC return both json and html response
Is it possible to execute many stored procedures in a single operation?
Email doesn't send based on variable name
Android app subscription
DeviceNetworkInformation.CellularMobileOperator returns a phone number
Convert from NSMutableArray to JSON in Objective C
Is it possible to combine the 'on' and 'click' jquery functions?
Make variable out of text past a certain point in jQuery
fetch data in dropdownlsit using linq
how to find Ec2 instance is running?
Moving picture ontouch
Remove tools.php page from WordPress admin
jQuery string parsing logs a 404
Sortable/draggable items like Drupal 7
Merge several dynamics AX reports in one
Reload html page without refreshing page
Imagick errors with pdf generated by tcpdf Imagick with pdf: 鈥淧ostscript delegate failed `/tmp/magick-KKLAvA鈥�
Contextual / Conditional dependency injection with depth greater than 1 with Ninject?
Is there a way to quickly find if all positions in an array are 鈥渇ull鈥�
How to Dynamically populate values in a UIPicker
Using x and y coordinates with glTranslate
placing ads on lists
Does an XML parser exists in Objective C without knowing the tags' names?
How do i find the difference between two dates using jquery
How to access CouchDB using JavaScript? SOP errors
Replace ViewModel for View with another ViewModel
Prawn Rails wrap_to cell
URL redirect using vhost from 2nd level subdomain to 1st level subdomain
How to check out a document to a different user via Java code in Alfresco
It is possible to declare a constant in SQL Server which provides the column name?
nvidia drivers make socket fail on accept
how to product image and description overlap
JSF Session. Invalidate Not working
Delphi XE2 RibbonComboBox can be scrollable?
What the outputs exactly are when integrating Nutch1.4 and Solr?
Add Record/Class Data to Extjs Grid Column and Not in Rows
TSQL 2 optional parameters
Getting Streaming in IIS Hosted WCF service to work
Creating a Java Car class
Java Filter to redirect users who are not logged in to login page
Xcode int returning random numbers
How to relaunch finder application
UITextview If condiion and adding `+` sign
DateWise data display in gridview
c++ networking and locking issue
Styling HTML page using SASS and COMPASS
Wordpress coinslider image gallery overlap
C# - find a line (regex) in a file and get the complete block of text according to another regex
AS2 FP8: HTTPS SWF loading data from HTTP
Bind events on body element from inside a view
Sharepoint 2010 how to update schema.xml after adding new column to list
Grails : start the application without connecting to database
Edit a specific row in a file
Using DataContractSerializer and DataProtectionProvider to serialize and encrypt an object
Why do i get an error while creating a jar file out of my code?
When using inner properties it show the error message in design view
Equivalence between ifs and forms of case statements in Ruby
Using DataContractSerializer and DataProtectionProvider to serialize and encrypt an object
Why do i get an error while creating a jar file out of my code?
When using inner properties it show the error message in design view
Equivalence between ifs and forms of case statements in Ruby
IE7 + css classes inheritance
More than one value for database field
Requests taking longer time in Netty server under high load
Get encoding, read & write with this encoding in android?
iOS UITableView: assign background color as gradient using CAGradientLayer
Concatenate two column values in LinQ Lambda Expression
How to make an imposition(or combine two pictures) to some T-shirt
Set scale to always show at least 1 point on map as well as users location
Error on migration to non-deprecated ldap functions
How to start and stop jboss from apache ant build.xml file
Send a MongoDB doc to clients anytime it changes?
Optimized way to develop this Database?
Guice - Injection of Listeners
How to avoid null result of 鈥淪ELECT max(rank) FROM test鈥�for an empty table?
JsonReader and android 2.3.3
app engine Application Identifier Alias
Objective-C - NSXML reading new line where I won't
Automatic url shortening with a custom Twitter tweet button
Disable google api cache
Understanding exactly when a data.table is a reference to (vs a copy of) another data.table
How can I check if too many / poorly written mod_rewrite rules are using up a lot of CPU? [closed]
midlet.platformRequest in j2me
Changing forecolor and backcolor of text using GDI+ Graphics methods - Convert colors
Compile Groovy file with ant task
EasyMock logging calls
Show all rows from database
Searching for java usort library
JQUERY - modify var in a function and other function find this modification
Editing ASPX files in Visual Studio 2010 have no effect while debugging
2d Terrain generation using Perlin Noise (Tile Based)
django-ajax-selects example usage
Android google maps custom layout
jquery traverse through row getting span class and title
localization and registration ios app
Listbox - add two identical items - WPF
POST request succeeds in cURL but fails in Java
Sql hint to use PK clustered index without knowing it name
Where can I find the Default settings of <sessionState> element?
How to get thread Id in C#
Alert Dialog dismiss not happing
Why are function argument names unimportant in c++ declarations?
Integrate jQuery function into html page
Override test settings for a custom filesystem - How?
Styling a Facebook Like Box (HTML5 version)
Unable to read back from an existing Core Data database
Running multiple query() method in succession
STL Object size() error in FOR routine
When to apply jQuery code in a Backbone view
Filemaker Pro: Create multiple entries of a table with Tab Control
Empty protocol declarations
Devise before_logout hook called with record=nil when signing out user with remember me option
How to change the launch screen from App delegate when using a navigation controller? (Master-Detail Template)
How to add Metro web services support to Eclipse Indigo
serialize datatable to JSON issue vb.net
C# Forms - Label text changing with click events
Custom Lock Screen Sometimes overwrite by stock lock screen
Create Managed Array with long/size_t length
How to install/setup TortoiseGit to work with GitHub
Import yml config in symfony2 config.yml file
SSE optimized emulation of 64-bit integers
Gingerbread compatability for an app developed in ICS environment
JQuery Mobile + Phonegap: page is shown before device ready
Add link in Magento menu
Colorschemes when entering a buffer
Disable ARP while data transfer
tab.create was changed? how avoid chrome popup extension to close
android : application / service that handle incoming calls
MongoDB querying with Python
Window with dynamic size to keep its current size after loaded
how to avoid attribute's redundancy coming from a inheritance
Bash: run a process for limited time period [duplicate]
Unique browser session with webdriver
How to create a temporary file with portable shell in a secure way?
apply method on Map object?
why does my code hang?
NoMemoryError ( failed to allocate memory ) with ruby 1.8.7 and rails 2.0.2
Check if account is local using SID or LUID
libobjc.A.dylib at objc_msgSend:15 crash
Avoiding multiple logins to an account from different locations
PhoneGap error when trying to record audio
monomac - how to call a new form when click a button
Identifying Frame boundaries in RTP stream
Java: are 1-d arrays always contiguous in memory?
Single sign on solution
Conditional operator in object creation
override java class loader
Advice on communication between rails front-end and scala backend
How to transplant eclipse 2 maven
Tiny Modification to Near Perfect Jquery Slider
prepared statement while loop error php
Using jQuery to display advertising
jQuery UI Slider Labels Under Slider
(Jquery)Why .find or .filter return 0 size() object for an ajax html doc response?
JavaScript Alert in Android WebView working only at first time
MVC3 DDL Autopostback selection like
How to handle common table between two Symony2 bundles?
Using jQuery to display advertising
jQuery UI Slider Labels Under Slider
(Jquery)Why .find or .filter return 0 size() object for an ajax html doc response?
JavaScript Alert in Android WebView working only at first time
MVC3 DDL Autopostback selection like
How to handle common table between two Symony2 bundles?
IUnable to use CKeditor search browser option in send frame
how to apply binarySearch collection for two String ararylist
Persist mouseenter/mouseleave on parent element
Sorting the nodes of a jQuery TreeTable
Jquery selected change doesnt work on IE9?
Obtaining an app ID on behalf of my employer
Show top subdomains from google analytics
Wordnet edit tree structure
How to restrict Application only for 10.1 tablet only?
How to set DNS server to dns_get_record function?
How to select a part of formula in formula in R?
plone.outputfilters and collective.easytemplate
Delphi TWebBrowser Memory Leak
Online service to download a SVN repository / folder?
Viewing compiled PHP files
Toggle Keyboard Viewer on Mac OS X programmingly
Android game Highscore implementation
mySQL - winning streak
parallelism in ruby
junit append file to report
selenium firefox profile exception
Sync local SQL Express Database over WCF
how to get timezone information
How to initialize an empty mutable array in Objective C
Forking a process in Java redirecting input/output/error stream efficiently
How to asynchronously send all the uploaded files at once in MVC Telerik Upload Control?
NUnit test fixture hierarchies
memory leaks in WPF MVVM Prism app
Import using FasterCSV / Rails 3.1 / Ruby 1.8.7
MySQL Queries with a range on the Join (speed issue)
How to encrypt data at client side using eToken
Spring URL mapping conflicts
Pure and update Timer
I'm adapting CMU Sphinx for my native language, and want to write a demo that uses just a couple of words. is there any way to do so?
C# - Windows CE: form translation independent of OS culture settings
Block Access on Android and Apple Tablets
Using Managed Java Beans in XPages - how to switch to read mode?
Non-container based java remoting?
Optional include in PHP
xsl substring after few chars but not cut the word
Free memory in C with continuous declarations
How to make android app start when phone is switched on and nothing else is allowed to run in background?
NSMutableArray: is it faster to remove all objects or to init a new NSMutableArray?
NHibernate - mapping composite key to two foreign keys
Is netty's udp running in single-threaded mode?
blob vs text in forum
publishing .rds file in reporting server using rss script
How is it possible that I can use LastPass from more than one computer? [closed]
Multiply row with above row and obtain an average
Output multi-dimensional arrays
zed shaw's exercise 15 open function
Eclipse like Java development environment in Android tablets
Remove JS from Print CSS
Mixing Java 1.4 and 1.6 bytecode in a class hierarchy
call route -n in cgi
Adding zeros between every 2 elements of a matrix in matlab/octave
Backbone.js and mod rewrite
Cannot do MKAnnotationView animate drop with custom image
bind dropdownlist using XML
Virtuemart product details page same as homepage
Mysql timestamp default value
Open Port during installation using Inno Setup
Changing the position of items
Configuring a build file for a .NET solution to be used by Jenkins
jQuery - ajax call and animation
How can I pass extra parameters to a custom segue?
How do I do this in C#?
How do you create a standalone application with dependencies intact using Maven?
Cannot instantiate class on supportInvalidateOptionsMenu();
SQL query to view EAV data as 3NF? (Drupal 6 profile values)
calling js on certain pages
ExtJS 4 working with itemclick function in grid.Panel
INSTEAD OF Triggers and CASCADE paths
Get link href and apply it to another link jQuery
Is it possible to disable named argument calling ?
integrate a .net application with alfresco using cmis
Ajax Security (Flood Requests)
WM_IME_KEYDOWN not capturing arrow keys
java threads : producer - consumer
How I can get information from a tag in HTML WebView?
How to create a paypal recurring payment with an initial amount to pay?
loadFromRemoteSources enabled=鈥渢rue鈥�// XAML designer // VS 11 beta and 2012 RC
Jquery to append a div and to remove a div
jenkins/hudson cant connect to github repo
Convert long filename to short filename (8.3)
Documentation to the Google Calendar API php client library
Set focus on winform after start
One layout over another at run time?
What does alignment to 16-byte boundary mean in x86
Combining active and passive federation
How to create totals row for grouped columns
Calling some testActions make tests crash
android - sending intents between two different services in two different applications
Powershell: 'The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters'
@font-face and chinese characters 鈥�how to?
Correct JMS ConnectionFactory to use for transactional read
How to get DAY of the WEEK from the datetime format in JAVA?
Is it possible to write some data to the Internal Memory of Android 2.2 Tablet Device?
Need a regular expression (q1 - q170)
How to to refresh the chart in ChartPanel class after loading the file?
Client/server templating systems that allow wrapping content without {{#open_tag}} and {{#close_tag}}?
tinymce-rails set content_css
Assign code to a button created dynamically using VBA on excel
Having an ORDERBY link to sort results using AJAX jQuery from database
Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) SpVoice A Way for a Stop function
How can I detect whether user accessed a website using ipad or machine?
NUnit adding info to tests
What happens if I have JPA and CMP in the same project?
Android Image Processiing
python script to record online live streaming videos
how to get common elements from string arraylist
Striping symbols from a binary (windows)
Running a command from Ruby displaying and capturing the output
showing facebook page news feed on a website
Merging arrays without losing original order, ruby
What if Size of String Pool Exceeds?
STS or InteliJ IDEA for Grails? [closed]
ReSharper To-Do Explorer regex pattern for pragmas
Show Opportunity Stage Name Picklist read only based on user role
How to create .rdlc files?
Parsing CoDeSys .pro file
my nextAll() wont function
NHibernate References NotFound.Ignore() is running too many queries
Scalatra Session without cookies
R and corrections of models with AR(q) errors
QML: How to make nice transition effect between image sources (one fades into the other)?
Understand NSZombie message
Interfaces, what if not all implementations use all methods?
Regex for detecting hyperlink (PHP) [duplicate]
Android Activity choose
PHP Yii MongoDB in string query
Populate existing array with json data
a file-base FoxPro Database in asp.net issues
Why SessionFixationProtectionStrategy does not migrate session attributes?
Need suggestions with a simple android app design
Open a new window and pass parameters to it vb.net asp
The version of SQL Server in use does not support datatype datetime2?
How to set up remote development in Eclipse for Python? (the 鈥渞emote鈥�part)
How to Create and Remove HTML elements with Javascript dynamically [closed]
getFromLocationName, Not able to display the point
grails load() method does not return a proxy instance
JSF commandLink with image
grails load() method does not return a proxy instance
JSF commandLink with image
jquery has two contents in $.(one,two).html();
Deducing type, when using member function pointer as template argument
Insert event to Google Calendar using php
Combining two projects and get a single .sln file
python import as equivalent in Java?
Uploading xml with Monotouch fails on the device
Insert and select in diffrent queries SQL
Changing the default button (IsDefault) based on viewmodel state
XSL Transformation and XPath
Handling errors while inside a button
Calculate distance in Java Using MongoDB
Django1.4: Generic way to set language links in template to work with i18n_patterns?
Bug in android? #000 shows up as white on ICS devices
CGSize sizeWithFont not returning correct height
Drawing using drawRect: heavy for the performance?
iphone badges management through push notifications
hide Split view only in one particular View Controller
Create duplicates with sql
Binding Javascript to DOM elements when PartialView returns
Preventing Users to view my JavaScript source file
How to always get the correct sub-domain in an mvc application?
Detecting the plugins attached to an element
jquery .change event on select tag working weird on chrome
Reference a variable within a variable in JMeter
Getting Out of memory on a 3001616-byte allocation error for bitmap decoding
Backwards Compatibility of Google APIS in Android
how can I change the UISegmented Control title color
XML RunTime Error / Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (Using C#)
Add asset path in rails mountable engine?
Change constants defined in interface
affected row -1 in executereader - like query
Parse the content of a HTML table - But iframe is the source of problems
How to compare lazy loading objects of same entity on Hibernate?
iOS Developer Program
How can I create a custom DataGrid filter in SonataAdmin
ubuntu htaccess not working
Virtuemart Accordion only on certain pages
200 instead of 304 in Response
Android Froyo Phone app source
Get Generated Query From SQLiteDatabase.execSQL
Integrate UIView and GLKView inside of UIViewController
MQTT client for j2ME
simple bash script, how can I make it shorter and better?
My html is not injected as supposed in my jquery dialog
Networking using a separate thread on iOS
entity onetomany ..annotation exception
Error while reindexing solr with rails and mongodb
Best approach to secure duplex comms with WCF (or other solution)
Unexpected padding/margin in image links
Word count program in Haskell
Installed python 2.7.3 and all my libraries are on python 2.6.
Openlayers how to show polygon only on mouseover, and hide on mouseout?
System call with inline comment from Ruby
Java applet in XUL
Find if request was forwarded from firewall to IIS
what is EEAP build?
Relative image source path returns null using jQuery
Does NSUserDefaults always do IO when executed?
Is it possible to transfer a sitecore site to umbraco
Sendind POST notifications from ipad
LD_PRELOAD variable in JNI code
Performance Optimisation Techniques for getSystemService() in Android 2.3
How to handle Cocoa application termination properly?
Efficient way to search a string in an array of string in C. (Case insensitive)
Adding value of EditorFor to Ajax call within Jquery Function
Setting HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR server variable in classic ASP
Google Translate, translate some headlines on my website wrong. Can I 鈥渇orce鈥�a new translation?
Is there a limit on the length of _id in mongodb
鈥渁n introduction to openssl programming.鈥�article. expired certificates
same name of a variable and a function ( ls ) in R
Java - getManifest() issue: Not first entry
How do I get all sessions data in symfony?
Is it possible to get Ajax response in next code line after request?
Get property type by MemberExpression
Android focus with getChildAt
Running transformation failed due to unknown namespace with keyword 鈥渦sing鈥�
How to translate language in Qt on the fly
Handling unix signals in Android
What cloud platform supports playframework 2.x deployments?
Is there an option to get per-sentence processing time from the Stanford Parser?
Rewriting a hashbang in .htaccess
Setting source and data path in java
Insert text at the cursor position to a CKEditor using jQuery
Convert and compare two date formats in JAVA
Access a member variable in Singleton object from EXE and DLL
How to refresh EXT JS window at certain interval?
java coding to get multiple comment in jsp
Need help to implement multithreading in C#
Forcing Facebook Like Button to use mobile login page
write my tree object to a file in java?
How To get Value when zooming in Telerik chart?
Difference between crash dump and hang dump?
What is the hexa color of background in Java Swing?
Copy Tycho artifact P2 dependencies
looking for a way to customize an iterator on std::map
Google Maps Viewport Marker Manager - Too Many Markers - JS API v3
SQLITE3 Constraint Failed
vCard Parser for objC
What is the hexa color of background in Java Swing?
Copy Tycho artifact P2 dependencies
looking for a way to customize an iterator on std::map
Google Maps Viewport Marker Manager - Too Many Markers - JS API v3
SQLITE3 Constraint Failed
vCard Parser for objC
PHP Basic email form all messages are from ( Unknown ) despite reply working
ios 5 twitter integration character length keeps varying
how to clear/refresh DataBind in VB.net using visual studio
CoreData with multiple stores: configuration woes
How to get any element from an ajax responsetext (or any html text string) with jquery?
WCF custom authentication - Token
how to make the postion close X in css file in top instead of bottom
Android Emulator Arabic Support
Why can't 鈥渢his.$el鈥�be recognized in my Backbone.js app?
Scrolling chart in Excel or Powerpoint 2007/2010
Same public key with new assembly
PHP Regexp on filename
How to insert an element as a first child inside other element in jquery
Doing python manage.py syncdb resets my admin changes in Pinax
Can I use IN operator to query data in case sensitive manner in MySQL?
Sound Synthesis in Clojure, Overtone, Supercollider
Slab-based Ray-box intersection, what's the meaning of Tnear and Tfar in the algorithm????
password protection - bcrypt vs. forced delay on login?
Getting the number of static attributes in a class
Header File For u_short?
MATLAB - minmax() function
Sybase Triggers on Insert & Update - Handling failures
Converting a JDO query to Objectify query
How do I create a click-and-hold button on a webpage for mobile?
Using a scala combinator to parse propositional logic
Android Proguard Interface within an Interface (interface-ception)
Prevent IntelliJ from compiling src-Classes when Unit-Testing
Hibernate Formula Annotation - MySql functions: INTERVAL, DAY
Is it possible to append/prepend a text string to JSESSIONID?
jack audio and multiple audio devices with alsa_out
is it possible to get a dict of Lists in python? [closed]
How to escape @ sign inside JSDoc comments in NetBeans
Redmine 1.4 Repository Creation Issue
advice for comparing 3 variables and plotting
Calculate response time when ping a website(Ruby)
regex for searching in visual studio: does not end with true, true);
jQuery specify criteria for searching value in array
execv call in C
Draw line in direction given distance - google Maps
What is the most efficient way to index email addresses in MySQL?
Django - ModelForm Dynamic field update
Using soundcloud HTML5 player on https page
How can I use GDAL library as optional in my c++ program?
Intent and StartActivity to go to Market from a Dialog button
Is this PHP script safe?
Replacing end of string using regular expression
onCreateDrawableState never call
AJAX / Jquery XML parse
How force Android MediaPlayer to use only one connection to download music?
How to install flash player 11.2 and Air 3.2 on FLash CS5.5
Calculate value to Percentage, and base other values based on this value
What is the difference between rest,restful and soap based webservice?
QML: how to handle mouse over?
How to get around overloading an operator for a pointer to a struct? C++
Output redirect creates file 鈥�鈥�
+= Operator in reflector?
how to choose what view will be on top in android
Is there a compile on demand option for an ASP.NET Web Project (C#)?
Show progress bar while downloading an Image in ASP.Net webform
Using the stream insertion operator to read files
In mobile devices' safari, <a href=鈥�鈥�onclick=鈥渞eturn false鈥�gt; doesn't work, why?
Load forms without reloading forms services each time
Css rounded images with border and some padding
How can my code find if it's running inside IIS?
Android align top bitmap in imageview
Javaee mbean vs singleton
Export into excel file without headers c# using Oledb
Program to optimize cost
stdout from QProcess is nowhere near realtime
Unable to write INI file in Windows 7 64-bit
Facebook share link and AIR StageWebView
How to find data transfer rates for different connections in iPhone?
String literals vs String Object in Java
'hierarchical' => true not bringing up the parent selector
why the Tier Price doesn't show?
Convert general regex to bash proof regex
Loading ASCX control created dynamically (via code)
Set a property from type 'type' with global style in XAML
How to access external memory while device is connected with data cable in blackberry
MediaPlayer play audio in background and play next one
Garbage collecting objects in Django
Can cout change the contents of a char array?
Make a cd run a php website NOT on windows
OpenCV VideoCapture fail to open many video files
Metaprogramming errors in Ruby
ADT18 update but some style have mistake
My whole delete method() is executing successfully and there is no error,but the records are not being deleted
Android TabActivity and dynamic Tabs screen orientation issue
Routing Error - Rails 3
Crystal Reports Grouping by Values
Assigning nil to a variable of an initalized object is releasing it?
GWT: add CellList members to Flow Panel one by one
FaceBook Messager always showing Error in Navigation Bar [closed]
How to dynamically remove a LinearLayout by clicking unclicking a radio button?
FaceBook Messager always showing Error in Navigation Bar [closed]
How to dynamically remove a LinearLayout by clicking unclicking a radio button?
XMLHttpRequest predefined values for LOADING, DONE, etc. become undefined under Ripple
bash script getting the value from a variable of the form var$[id]
Mockito - mocking classes with native methods
Codeigniter same admin and public interface
fleet combat strategy game AI
Cost of a page fault trap
Ensure if it is Mutual Exclusion or not
set uniform filepaths
How to set Vertical Scrollbar that display current position in blackberry?
When a program terminates what happens to the memory allocated using malloc that are not free'ed
Loading html file from local folder into webview
Displaying a local PDF file in WPF with WebBrowser-Control
Where to download this version of adventureworks database
Double Colon is working on non static function also
Nothing is loaded into my jQuery dialog
NullPointerException when using Cursor through a returned Android camera intent
Java: compare HashMap<String, Object> if value might be an Object[]
c++ code folding with emacs/cedet
Check database for similar value , MySQL
ASP.Net Dynamic Data - Can you intercept the save?
Is There a Way to Declare Constant in Objective C without Using Extern
looping through multiple label arrays
How can I get sharejs running with nodejs?
Dapper intermediate mapping
Publish from an Application to a Page (to a User Wall)
Vba -excel .Formula method is slow
How to make a Twig date translatable
launching other programs or applications on a windows phone7
Typo3: Editor account with access to flexforms
How to post HTML form from server side?
SQL Server + Conditional join
Overwrite CartController and OnepageController
Silverlight - Show BusyIndicator on busy UI Thread
Unsure where to delete object
Choose payment method for mini app
How to change order of source folders in Eclipse / SpringSource Tool Suite
jquery on() not working on ajax loaded element
Getting blank response when making json post request using wininet Api in vc++ code
Action Pack Design and Development - am I missing something
UDK Remote : what kind of data sent while dragging an image in iphone?
Ruby Inserting Image to Rtf
Exception while calling WPF-GUI-Changes with BackgroundWorker
How to get model value using coffeescript Backbone.js Coffeescript
Accelerometer & gyro accuracy in different mobile device
Android animation memory error (OutOfMemeory)
Google app engine datastore on localhost
JAVA: Comparison not working when Integer larger than 128
Insert javascript file in aspx file, Literal?
Twitter integration which supports older versions of iOs
Drawing lines in a view getting cleared iphone sdk
The collection of questions increases with 10 questions, every time I resolve the quiz
sprintf to a list of char pointers in c? Segmentations errors
Storing Special Character in Oracle and with .net Application
Osmdroid checkout errors
Toggle class using js and the back button
get bytes from mp3 file in blackberry
Reading a large amount of bytes in C# throwing an exception?
EXTJS How to upload image to hsql database from extjs client side in json object
How to insert data into custom list after paginition
Android In app purchase , credit card issue
Explorer context menu and.lnk files
XCode: Copy Headers: Public vs. Private vs. Project and symbolcation
Zend Tool cannot find php.exe
QSpinBox ValueChanged is fired many times
Removing Array Values From One Array By Comparing Keys Of Another Array
Handler function in Controller
android : speech recognition what are the technologies available
SQL syntax issue (Same piece of code, giving me an error! I do not understand.)
html table value swapping
Change default icon
PHP code Output
Grab Text-Node after find()-usage
Need some help on Bump Api sending Images
Play! 2.0 DB isn't recognized
When and why do I need to release objects?
Caching using PLSQL table not working
HTML string in UIWebview [duplicate]
Can anyone suggest a good Data Modelling Tool/ Data modeler that natively supports multiple databases? [closed]
Using Powershell GUI + Refresh
How to configure db2 in jasper report server?
How to transfer login credential using ssl in glassfish 3
Should we continue use asp.net ViewState and Session in HTML5 now?
launching an iPhone/iPad standalone app from another iPhone/iPad standalone app possible?
Download multiple PDFs using cURL and PHP
python function that returns a variable number of outputs
can't copy war,ear file to jboss/default/deploy folder. using ANT
How to redrop the letters on the letters rack?
Chinese characters in URL can not be get
parse_str not working as it should?
Is the viewport meta tag supported by the Amazon Silk browser on Kindle Fire?
Curve Fitting - Suggestions please
Remove the Read More link if post is very short
Cache selector in object (jquery)
how to check if a variable is null or not? [closed]
Nested Classes Adapter Pattern?
window.open() works different on AJAX success [duplicate]
Accessing Button properties from another form
Android device screen capture DDMS red tint in eclipse
Interpret javascript in vim using SingleCompile
Android: How to set time gap in methods, when sleep or wait is not working
Mysql: Disk is full error
how to redirect all the not found pages in to a common page using htaccess
Windows Phone Test Framework by Expensify & CI
client_side_validations does not work with simple_nested_form
simpleDialog plugin won't work
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
TortoiseSVN how do you Disable/Enable TSVNCache.exe via Command Line?
output the data to text file from select query in wqell formatted way
screen shot of a particuler html store in database and render in email
GIT GUI can't access welcome screen
Python filename/path parsing wrong hebrew encoding (using optparse library)
Using Sentiwordnet 3.0
POST isn't working until the 2nd time around
TestNG- `is-config` attribute in XML Report
cocoa:How Integer type converted to a string type?
Can I assign the sample rate or bit rate of m4a which was exported by AVAssetExportSession
Concat KeyDown event (Keys) to one C# (wpf) string
how to prompt a user from a script run with xargs
running infinite loop in linux kernel module
difference between r nand n n in php email
How to run copy command in hidden mode through console?
parse syslog message through sscanf
Using json with WCF? Is it easy?
How to send int via socket C++ server /Java client
How to resolve the error of uploading the image on server?
Use Linq to statistics data with average
invoice in openerp
Java check if an image has transparency
How to get inbox all SMS on iphonse sdk? [duplicate]
how to do to make sure phonegap js load just once time in an app with many separate pages?
Guava : how to add other states to the Service interface?
How do I start a discussion about a page on TWiki?
Dual jsTree Implementation
鈥淪ervice unavailable鈥�with http handler
Unable to Install Client Side QC 10.0
How can i get mac id of a machine using PHP(the machines are not in LAN)? [duplicate]
Is it possible to load fixtures after setup?
Uipagecontrol animation
Forgot a name of django app [closed]
Compose monadic and pure function
App not installing on iphone 3
Integrating Facebook to post stuff from iPhone app
Tracking functions on stack in C
Pass data from one report to other report using SAP ABAP Submit
Java webapp media directory
qt-faststart command never finish
C++/CLI wrapper for native C++ to use as reference in C#
Write JavaScript variable on HTML Body
Write JavaScript variable on HTML Body
Installtion like InstallWizard
How to compare character ignoring case in primitive types
Storyboard modal segue presenting inside popover
NHibernate delete cascade without mapping the collection
Aggregate most relevant results with MySQL's fulltext search across many tables
Why does DirectX use a flipped Y axis?
Difference between isElementPresent and isVisible in Selenium RC
How to get a response page after submit on csharp?
I'm not sure how to embed Javascript into a Wordpress Page
closest method in phpQuery?
Update causes Object reference not set to an instance of an object
What is the difference direct descendent (>) vs. descendant in jQuery selectors?
Access to the private key in Android ICS certificate storage
Python Colon operator
In VHDL when is the right time to use a Process statement?
How to find Chrome warning message box using javascript
Javascript wont run correctly
InsertAllOnSubmit only inserts one item
whats the most common mistake for having a CSS 100% height div?
send sms for a missed calls
Tomcat maxThreads change doesn't 鈥渃atch鈥�
Check whether audio is available on iPhone
Comparison between pointer and integer in C
SecurityException: Permission Denial: starting Intent
Insertion into Hash Map data structure JAVA
How to restrict user from accessing some actions, and show login popup
What is adb in Android?
Moving xml element to a new position within xml file
How to map parameters with database in crystal report to show only required data
Javascript not working in Android 4.0 WebView
UIActivityIndicator not appearing in iOS 5
How to check introduction of a feature at compile time in iOS?
Date Validation in javascript?
using primefaces tree to load database tables
NHibernate Oracle XMLType issue
How to Connect & get Data from GLONASS(Global Navigation Satellite System) to Android device
Can I use interaction with QAbstractTableModel's data in QThread?
PHP: Load webpage, which loads some content with dynamically ajax
Redefining values to FilenameFilter in Java
header in HTML5 [duplicate]
EventListener mechanism in twisted
Offline storage management for android
Remove comma inside quoted string in a comma separated list
Using links to point ~ipad resources to @2x resources [duplicate]
php foreach goes into infinite loop, array stored in session
Node.js redirect to another node.js file
Are there simple way to receive Map instead of List when using Spring JdbcTemplate.query?
How to create report in asp.net using Report Viewer
Creating a new GD image stream and outputting an image
How to Connect a Webservice to an Android Application
Know if resource image is used
The need to resolve query issues
Various timeouts for python httplib
Finding the users location
Is iOS NSNotification equivalent to Events?
How to scale image in cms Magento
when should i initialize objects
Python - Call an object from a list of objects
How to cancel and return to app from twitter integration in iPhone?
Android: Building kexec Externally for ARMv7 - Errors Including 'expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before '*' token'
How to find out what profile was used for building *.ipa file?
how can concatenate the set variable in a for loop to be use as name in an input to get the value?
Class not displaying correctly
鈥淔rictionless payments鈥�using the Facebook API?
any page maybe get the error include admin page
How to get a press event on a parent layout?
grep unique occurrences
Cocoa : getting previous view's title
PyQt - Closing QMessageBox from a QThread
Efficient JSON search in Java
Constrains are not allowed at non-generic declaration
Java swing GUI components not showing up after Observer update() notified from a separate thread
Multiple Full Screen Backgrounds on the same page with hashes - CSS or maybe Jquery
Regex to match date with a space
Python ValueError at /admin/ too many values to unpack
Form upload queries
Is Jquery Mobile widget based on jQuery UI?
Populate datatable based on checkbox selection of a record from another datatable
comparison of hibernate-search and hibernate-core
How to print 64-bit integer in GCC 4.4.1?
Querying backslash
How buffer is helpful in Async Appender while using in log4J
How to use resource bundle files in Java code?
Is task_info app store safe?
regular expression validtor
In determinate progress bar stopping in between the progress in windows phone 7 app?
How to change a drop down name, based on previous drop down
Loop unrolling for multiplying two matrices NxN?
Programmatically Draw View in iPhone: What to do for iPad Version
Android RMI with UI Thread
C# Forms - Changing the label font size [closed]