Break out a WHILE and then come back the last position in Stored Procedure - SQL Server
Elastic Mapreduce Map output lost
Delete data in Mysql data base table
Open another pop-up when one popup ok button is clicked [closed]
Get all combinations of a PHP array?
Why using ptrace to read memory data always returns -1?
AutoCompleteField text filtering in Blackberry
Pthread C syncronization
Objective-C: How to Make Float from Long Int Value?
I cannot see browse button in input file type
Can the source code from Lua or Ruby be used within a BASH script?
Python NumPy - FFT and Inverse FFT?
issue in regular expression in jmeter
How to resolve 鈥淢etadata Rejected鈥�from itunes connect?
Segue Fires but screen doesn't transition
How to hide or show div on click in HTML
How to fetch columns from joined table in Kohana 2.x
Custom Linq Query
Line buffered serial input
fmdb locks application when running UPDATE-query
PHPMyAdmin unable to execute queries, no response
Get property name and type by pass it directly
ZedGraph smoothly move Y2Axis with chart line
Improving the performance of non clustered Index Seek
disable google maps for selection
Bitmap not Aligning Properly in Panel
How to add the text to UILabel back ground image
QTP identifies the webtable during reording. However when the similar properties are defined in Object repository,table is not identified
MPMoviePlayerController dontn't work in ios5 devices
how to do batch insert through MVC 3 And EF code-first
How have an xslt javascript extension function return a node-set?
How do jQuery plugins maintain global state?
one-to-many GQL query and putting results into a dictionary
LINQ version of a SQL query
Two simple [probably] coding questions
How To Create a Rotating Wheel Control?
Need suggestions on optimizing this code
Facebook like and share button on ajax
Android SQLite query with integer parameter
Save Static Map into image in Metro App using c#
How Can I show keyboard appears on label touch in tableview( iphone)
Mapview not showing map when run from Eclipse. How to sign the app?
How to make many ajax requests for blobs to google app engine
2 divs in a larger div must equal the same height鈥�but how?
C# What happens to memory after reallocating a class
HttpContext.Current always equal to null
Passing & in query string
mongodb document grouping
WiX v3.6 PermissionEx - Sddl attribute required?
PHP created watermark looks strange
How to use Moq to satisfy a MEF import dependency for unit testing?
Access denied when get IIS DirectoryEntry in .net
Android architecture
Not able to build
Read JavaScript variables from a file with Python
Django message framework - mesage particular user
Drawing on NetBeans GUI-builder designed panels?
Drawing on NetBeans GUI-builder designed panels?
modifying webkitdragdrop.js use classes instead of ID
Rails 3 validations are not working
Can I access the files used for external binary storage in Core Data?
UIPageView UIWebView Prefetch
Query multivalued field in solr
Is sending HTTP POSTs to Django Web API via node.js efficient?
Strange result using CGAffineTransform
Building a variable's template type from a different variables template type
Calculating a min y axis value in highcharts
how to save an image that has label on it in iphone? [closed]
How to determine host's CPU?
srReader.GetValue(1) using
Two divs side by side, but force the right div to stay above the left div if the screen is too small
Is the principal object in Java EE security made for each request?
How to edit the notification email that admin receive when anyone register in the Wordpress MULTISITE
C# Wii Mote Gesture Recognition
Model validation on Popup Login form
WebGL doesn't work under Chrome in Windows 8 Developer Preview
Recursive function references in OCaml?
How to ask javascript to wait an end of executing external application?
windows-7: could not run android apps on device
Rails Authentication - Query on Customizing Devise Views
Using the iPhone accelerometer in a car
What is dllspec(dllimport) and dllspec(dllexport) means
Xdocument with Xpath
Making scrollable view when changed to landscape
What's wrong with my copy constructor?
How to build several modules using RequireJS using one physical configuration file with overrides
cocoa:Each interval of 10 minutes to perform once the event
Returning data to activity, intent.putExtra or contentprovider?
Html Popup With Links On Form Submit
NHibernate vs petapoco loading mechanism
How to change width of div?
Django mod_wsgi MemoryError
can we post on multiple user's Facebook wall at same time
Why this tbb program cannot compile?
Replacing numbers within a range with a factor
RSA implementations in Objective C
perl redirection linux
Why is url() needed in CSS when specifiying background-image property?
Why not True == True:
load jQuery library after page has initially loaded
Extjs 3.3.1 FieldSet with layout fit and grid in it does not resize the grid on window resize
MongoDB findAndModify() adds query to update clause
Annotations Namespace not loaded DoctrineMongoODMModule for Zend Framework 2
How to avoid page expires on button or link click. Page expires when i retrun null for any button click or link on form
To call a page on click of an ActionLink in the same View
Efficient non-repeating password generator in Java
onetomany relation field in Openerp
Javascript's Callback Function
USB Audio Class device on Android
using coldfusion 8 to add images to rows in an excel document
SSIS error 鈥渃annot detach from one or more processes鈥�
Downloading video file from Mysql DB in java
Escape special characters in XML documents
Is there mongodb C# driver support System.Dynamic.DynamicObject in .NET 4?
centering UILabel in UINavigationBar
How to convert a dynamically added property(using metaClass) to JSON
BeautifulSoup + xlwt : Put the content of a HTML table in excel
What is xsession-errors?
PagedList didn't render properly
RewriteRule in my .htaccess file
Rank of Local authenticated player in All Time best in game center leaderboard
1 line text view next to two line text view
Cakephp Form Radio Button Label Class
Error while changing the orientation in my android phone.
Reading the content of file other than 鈥�txt鈥�file
nested tryCatch not catching error?
Seeing what files are in a folder in my application
fetch result from the query
Flood Fill Alogorithm in Iphone Apps
using partials with express in node.js
How to run the unregister application on ios 5 device
Setup.exe is rolling back (Built for Application In Install Shield12)
Calling Synchronous Web Service in Java from JavaScript
how to deal with 503 response code
How django's url regex work
Rails : Adding an admin role using devise who can see all the users
Remove Hardcoded Folder Path in WPF
Animation in Uiscrollview with a button
Sending commands to adb from android activity
getting list of broken constraints for final best solution in drools-planner
use foreign key to a definition table or use constants in code?
Show local XML data in listview (Item and subitem)
Send email with attchement using System.Net.Mail
can we group by day of the week using hibernate?
tooltip background color change and font styles of tooltip text in primefaces
jquery isotope - centered & corner-stamp
Does HTML 5 offline functionality work for browsers?
[iOS][objC] unable to convert value in NSDictionary to NSString
Is it possible to read source code of a program compiled with microsoft visual c++?
RSS feed found on page is considered invalid, but displays in embedded segment
JTable to PDF converter
ImportError while running Google App Engine test project
how to add remotingappender programmaticly in log4net
use async write log in mvc
Counting the number of first place scores with mysql
spring security - how to configure ExpressionBasedPreInvocationAdvice to use a custom expression handler? [duplicate]
jQuery countdown and redirect
Cursor image not working in IE
After parsing from xml display data randomly using j query and html5
Getting Error 鈥渦nrecognized option -Xa 鈥�in gcc version 4.1.2
Replacing RAILS_ROOT with Rails.root
Unspecified error: On opening OleDbConnection example?
Zoom mapview to a region where pins are dropped
How is named action of set a variable to an object? [closed]
jQuery plugin html and options practices
make django-tinyMCE right to left
Trigger mouseover event using dojo?
G++ 鈥渄oes not name a type鈥�
How to deploy hudson into jboss6? [duplicate]
Encrypting and decrypting a zip file in Android?
Source of the manpages on the current OS
Visual C#, process keeps growing until I get memory errors relating to a UserControl using a loop to draw graphics
Insert script into head part of the website using Greasyspoon
Http Post with Partial URL in C#.NET
paypal validate_ipn() returning false [closed]
EXTJS Grid dataIndex customisation and my misunderstanding
REST style URLs where data contains /
Client Validation error does not prevent submit & ajax request
Segmented Control on each cell of a TableView
Entity Framework 4 - What is the syntax for joining 2 tables then paging them?
Show the upload button 1 by 1 ,paperclip
php 5.3 causing flush() to fail?
AlertDialog custom title has black border
setInverval cannot find function?
Detecting mysql table lock from java
Implementing a simple proxy server using node.js
ExtJS 4 adding CSS property to an action column
How to re-update a date to a different format?
android sorry application has stopped unexpectedly
Add class name for generated Html using jquery
KnockoutJS template doesn't work in IE8, gives binding error
Profiling Pig Query
Is there an open source framework to draw complement of a PNG? Should be worked with Xcode
Marking Points on Raphael
zend user auth by submitting user credentials from remote android device
Difficulty installing MySQLdb on Lion - import cannot find module [solved]
GETting information and POSTing a form in Flask
Detect if website is being served thru a proxy server like Opera Mini?
How does Dropbox's landing page download process work so well?
iPhone:Tutorial of json in ios 5 [closed]
how to uncheck the radio button in android
JUnit 4 @Test annotation reports test name as 鈥渦nknown鈥�
Final variables [duplicate]
Remove Elements From The DOM And Add Them Back In Where They Were
wordpress get_posts fails with -1 numberposts
Copying event handlers from one set of elements to another one using jQuery
studying for prolog/haskell programming exam
Ignore certain WCF services from WCF trace logs
Split Keyboard movement detection
Nagios NDOUtils installation - can't load error
memcache in google app engine
Extract images from mp4 using java
Human Height Dropdown for Rails
lwuit Resource limit exceeded for TCP client sockets
Unable to disable F5 key in IE8
How to perform checkbox checkevent?
Get index of NSMenuItem (sender) in parent menu
Real time thread priority in user space
Install Ruby On Rails on Ubuntu 11.04
How to color a div on hover with color1 and onclick with color2 without conflicts with jquery?
Inheritance and the 'Curiously Recurring Template Pattern'
Zend Framework on Mac: -bash: ./ /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Operation not permitted
Dismiss select/paste menu in UITextView?
Subclasses in Python 2.7
How to fire a SPGridView RowDataBound Event?
Display every day in a month in each rows of the gridview
Grails projections group by and count
Index was outside the bounds of the array vb2008
Is there any tool for combining front-end JS files in NodeJS?
Remove index.php from URL in code Igniter
Cheap Ruby hosting [closed]
Python: __cmp__ and __str__?
PHP not loading any mysql code
How can I make Video.js work on iOS devices?
Data synchronization using SQL Server 2008 R2 Express edition
SimpleCv findkeypointmatch
How to assign app delegate reference to a view controller property in viewDidLoad?
div overlay on textarea to catch mouse clicks
set number in button using vb 2008
how to start jboss ; how to exclude appxml ; how to make .har file using ant build.xml
Open image saved in database with Internet explorer
Compare time only in sql database (
Configure flex sandbox for server local files
WiX - Trying to set the permissions of a service using util:PermissionEx and getting an Error 1
typedef template class error
Is there a CSS selector to locate the 2nd/3rd child or descendant (of a given class/id) under an element (with a given class/id)?
Connecting Eclipse to Weblogic server hosted on UNIX machine
Ruby URL Validation
Jquery : Need to check a list of values in a combo box
how to modify my custom properties file in android
Aggregate messages from an <all> flow in Mule
how to change the directory location in command prompt using C#?
error: 鈥楲ist鈥�is not a template type
MySQL Character Encodings
how to add diffrent sizes of arrays using same gallery into one activity in android
Wordpress plugin setting data
Wordpress plugin setting data
How do I repeat a method every 10 minutes after a button press and end it on another button press
Converting WLAN card into wifi hotspot in winxp and later in C#
Light Box not working in one page in HTML file
Error in downloading the file from local server
How do I save and retrieve form values including dropdowns using cookies?
How to get top most parent Id when I click on any one of its child element?
Ajax call will not work
Hibernate Queries in GWT
How to display private properties of a class (PHP OOP)
Selectively Style Fallback Fonts Without JavaScript?
XMLHttprequest sends an empty post
JTabbedPane spacing
How to store image path and retrieve image from that using PHP?
How can I tell an if statement to skip a file but continue onto the next file if a certain condition is met?
Android >4.x.x: App with Media Player doesn't play an stream
writing java Cache Manager with Search functionality
how can i get songs from my iphone's ipod to my application in array in iphone sdk?
Draw GDI+ graphics objects using multi-threading
is MXML file in flex an example of MVC design pattern ?
Single-layer Perceptron
Automatic checking JSF (xhtml) files for correct syntax
Android debugger and JSOUP: Source not found
While writting file using fwrite, the output file attach file size in the last line of file
Rest Service Not Working
Declare Code as JQuery
Get sublayers from group layer with Python in Gimp
Wordpress theme options text area not displaying text at front end
Eclipse Order and Export
How to access only Servlet2 if path is /Servlet1/Servlet2
garbage collection and memory management in Erlang
vim path auto completion, how do i enter a directory?
Why does an object not yet in the DOM lack the on method in jQuery?
To sort across multiple columns in Excel using C#
Problems serving a binary image passed through stdout with Node
Continuing test execution in junit4 even when one of the asserts fails
Is it possible to get the SessionContext from JBoss without going through an EJB?
Percent-encoding in an URI
ScriptManager Error in my code?
JSP equivalent of <cfimage action=鈥渨ritetobrowser鈥�gt;
How to reduce the number of TCP ACK's during a highly reliable bulk transfer
WebBrowser Control in Silverlight 5 xaml view issues using some javascript
The message box
twitter bootstrap modal not really modal
Codec.Crypto.RSA: (decrypt . encrypt) /= id when PKCS#1 v1.5 padding is used?
Why is malloc allocating an address that is already being used?
Publishing a Restful Service returning Json in IIS 7
Select element in WPF Combobox from Nhibernate
Error in release build only, copying structure from std::vector
Does c++ dereference assignment do a bitwise or 鈥渟mart鈥�assignment?
Can't use fabric put - Is there any server configuration needed?
鈥淓vent not found鈥�error for shell command in unix
iOS - Should we just save image as local file or as binary data (in Core Data object)? Which way is faster?
Rails : Issue with cancan
Why i am not getting error?
ps command output on AIX, HPUX and Solaris
how to connection between two webview on a same sceen
Extending Refinery Engine into Home View
How to split vector<char> into strings using delimeter
Using CouchDb on a android phone and mongodb on the server side
dynamic_cast doesn't guarantee a valid, complete object?
passing vector<char> to a pointer char*
Is this good practice for a Custom Exception?
Tweek the regex
Facebook social reading plugin for Wordpress?
using 2 web-cams simultaniuously in openCv
How can I do a double delimiter in Hive?
kendo DataViz Mobile HTML5
Relative paths in PHP not working on server
setting select list to appear by default as the saved selection
PHPMailer, Fatal error: Call to a member function Send() on a non-object
how to improve performance for server on nodejs [closed]
How to edit or add video metadata of 鈥渞otation鈥�in mp4?
Sending gps co-ordinates to a server
If input box contains certain number of characters
Javascript/Jquery to make Anchor links down to the first instance of a specific class鈥�
Drupal 6- 404 is not showing for menu item URL pattern implemented using hook_menu
std::map's behavior on referring to a key
How do you generate an expired Facebook Access Token for testing?
QObject.moveToThread(thread) if thread is a child of that object
track the count of incomming sms
Raven db: creating a new database
How to load 1 week data into SQL table from Flat file in SSIS
Forcing Holo UI in apps on Samsung devices
Need help for algorithm to calculate position from current position like this (geometry 2D)
How do you use SQL to see whether a table exists or not? [duplicate]
Running codes from local machine on a remote linux server without loading them to the server
How can I get the linear layout to fill the parent page in Android
Order of instantiation of global variables
onsubmit=鈥渞eturn checkform(this);鈥�seems to be empty for my form
Submit image in a form won't center after a textarea in Safari/IE
System.Linq to String issue with GET request
CheckBox checked automatically in ListView when scrolling the list
.net Capture real time GPS data
Split string with commas also splits ampersands
Quaternion to rotation matrix - am I blind or just doing it wrong?
Why is this not creating a multi-select box in a Rails form?
How to identify the expected exception at runtime while unit testing?
hide parameters passing to controller in address bar (URL rewrite or something else)
Convert number into xx.xx million format? [closed]
Change UITableView color automatically?
C# Windows CE 3.0 P/Invoke
Cshtml Unable to Resolve Reference
samsung galaxy note emulator
Using friction with XNA and C#
header changes location when vertical scrolling an iframe on iOS
Insert objects into other objects before the innerHTML with jQuery
SMS from tablet [closed]
Implementing ActionListener in a JButton child
Why does NetBeans always want to run a 鈥減riming build鈥�on my Maven project?
Jar file Editor Software
Rails & Pre-existing MySQL Database: Is there an easy way to integrate database structure into Active Record?
How to add data to jtable from different class?
How do I use WebGL drawElements offset?
Rails 3 Nested Partials, Collections, Locals (Rails Tutorial 2nd Ed : Chapter 10, Exercise 5)
Please help me fix Broken pipe error
how to display .pgm image on a JFrame
The current type is an interface and cannot be constructed. Are you missing a type mapping?
Web application inside a windows service
Basic parameter questions
what is object in javascript [closed]
Can We Convert NSString or NSObject to NSData just by TypeCasting
OpenNLP Extract Grammar
Receive memory warning + crash while testing through Xcode, but not on device alone?
How to pop self view controller when I click the cancel button at the search bar?
iPhone - webViewDidFinishLoad is not called
Getting Limited number of results from gridview/datasource?
Regarding comparing MD5 hash
log4j hibernate jpa print login debug messages
Get HTML content from XML tree with Dom in Android
Switch to another App when call is coming
What am I doing wrong?
In Alfresco Share, how to sort Workflow I've Started alphabetically?
How to optimize UIScrollView with large numbers of images
I want two ballons in mapview to open different activities. Is this possible?
Facebook graph api - why using async ajax file upload i cannot get the photo id response?
Adjust the height of UINavigationBar according to Wrapped title height?
Not a git repository when i config my gitweb in opensusu
Bootstrap `make` error: cannot remove `docs/assets/`
How to compile js, css at the public dir not the app/assets in Rails
When an app crashes does either the 'applicationWillTerminate' or 'applicationDidEnterBackground' get called?
Mouse position over iframe
SPF Record failing test
How to get Android phone orientation matching human orientation?
Android : How to remove white spaces in Chinese characters?
IOS NSString Property always nil in referencing class
Trying to figure out PHP PDO prepared statements and placeholders. Placeholder in 鈥淚N鈥�clause of MySQL statement
How to use 鈥渧alue鈥�as a column name in MySql?
Difference in logic caused by layout segregation
PHP comparison of multiple strings failing
Assigning anonymous method to delegate using parentheses gives compiler error?
Using .hasClass() in if condition is not works
having trouble with perl infinite looping in my code
how to quickly check if an object is in a list in python
Segmentation Fault when trying to use scanf on a struct
Shiro immediate user locking
Extract date from LastLogonTimestamp
Singleton mixin C++
Conversion to local time zone yields different value in different machine
WP7: Bringing Back App from a Tombstone State Causes App to Crash. Using a Writeablebitmap
Is it better to create seprate tables for Current employees and employees which are going to join in future?
Using a QUdpSocket for Custom FFMPEG I/O (raw H.264)
How to GET '/something' or '/something.html' (Sinatra)
using awk to remove duplicates
How can I open Uipageview controller view from my table view cell
Java Generics: Inferring types over two parameters
drawbacks of using explicitly sized types in C family languages
Example tag in Specflow
storing multiple thumbnails vs using css
How to apply custom bundle order?
Queries work in debug mode but not in deployment mode?
Binary file format for storing variable sized messages
MySQL Workbench unable to startup/shutdown from remote
What is a use for a pointer object? [duplicate]
Split and save in SQL Server
How to switch between two wallpapers (LiveWallpapaer for device & single image as wallpaper for myApp)
How to sum json array
Loading an Iframe With JQuery (Correct Method)
Emacs 24 and GDB 6.3 on Mac OS (Lion)
Return multiple variables from a JavaScript function?
source code of python inbuilt functions
What decides what datatype that will be used to store the temporary value in?
How to include a variable in regular expression as part of pattern matching using perl
Magento column layout issue
How to remotely debug the webapplication running on tomcat service?
Regex - negative lookahead with lazy limit?
Eclipse: cannot run a servlet like on Netbean: HTTP Status 404
Django aggregate queries with expressions
Get MVC2 model attribute value from Controller
Problems with redirect() calls in django-registration
$facebook->getUser() return 0
Error occurs on Debug, but not on Start New Instance, and only with a Content Reference in another project
Adding a line break to box
need Help in RSA ENCRYPTION(doFinal)
ASP.NET MVC 3: Redirect from one controller to another controller and URL rewrite
How to play audio with MediaPlayer and use the MediaController
Building .NET WCF service for iPhone with authentication
Limiting decimal points to what is needed [duplicate]
PowerShell Best Practices: Is it bad to treat a PowerShell script like an advanced batch file?
error with shell script looping over sub-directories in directory
Replacing value in string depending on inner value
Moving Ruby installation causes it to not function. How to get around this?
Show Multiple Rows in one row in Crystal Report
Create common ActionResult
Invalid rackup file with Foreman gem
Is a linked list in a struct possible?
How to change a serialized object?
how to check tab load failed
Java - Comparing Lists
unable to open log device(Nexus s miui2.3.7c)
Create a repeat from a multi-value field and assign a URL link to each row
Scope of static variable of member function
Is it possible to make the navigationcontroller title a button?
How to create bookmarklet like pinterest/snatchly that can scrap images
PostgreSQL - What's the absolute fastest way to exclude a certain set of rows in all table searches
Adding search to our Rails 3 App
Given the file name, how to get it from a directory in shell
Multithreaded C code breaks under compiler optimization, works perfect without it, is this expected to happen, or is it definitely a bug? [closed]
ios-coredata: what's the difference between in-memory tracking and full persistent tracking?
Java Point, difference between getX() and point.x
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException Thrown Due To Foreign Key Relationship Apparently Not In Query
Is viewDidUnload & didReceiveMemoryWarning optional?
Cannot convert from Type* to Type&&
adding map feature on directory app [ANDROID]
Issue with FunctionalTestComponent (Mule 3.2.1)
Looking for Reactor Pattern example source code in C++
Use process.on('uncaughtException to show a 500 error page
run stack plugin on mouse hover on the div
Deferred calls for multiple ajax calls
Copy image to Clipboard not working in Firefox & Chrome [duplicate]
JavaScript Sanitization Libraries
cPanel Fixwebalizer Issue
C# app crashes when using C++/CLR dll
How to delete iCloud documents?
apply a mask on an image then save it with transparent background
Change Avatar Next to GitHub Username (For Commits)
DangerousAttributeError in OmniAuth Railscast Tutorial: create is defined by ActiveRecord
Overridding default sender ActionMailer Rails 3
Nginx, URL rewrite: Location or $request?
Error when load image - 鈥淏itmap size exceeds VM budget鈥�
Is there an AES library for clojure?
How do I reloadData in a tableView when a UIAlertView button has been pressed?
Why my ListFragment's onListItemClick can't be triggered?
Newbie:invalid literal in python
First frame of a video using AVFoundation
How to use CMake to construct an OpenSceneGraph project?
SQL Query to display % Change
Check to see if string is subset of another string plus a minor digit in the begining in perl
List all keys and values of JSON
How to draw the Gaussian graphical model in R
Build error under Mono when moving AssemblyVersion attribute to a separate file
Inserting/loading a javascript file after a div using Jquery
Select a edge in mxgraph
WCF 4.0 Cookie Only First is Recorded by Browser
Is there a more efficient way to convert LINQ result to string[] or List<string>?
Query multiple language content in two tables
Retrieving image from database - image not displayed
Mongo::OperationFailure repeatedly happening in EC2, what to do?
MDM:How to use APNS certificate
menu is blocked while updating when server is closed down
Executing code after specific time intervals, C# .NET
trouble putting one function to another
How to sort items in folder in Plone4?
CSS Issue Between Browsers
jQuery form plugin: uploadProgress not called in IE8/IE9
HTTP Error 500 when attempting to access localhost
SSL based virtual host with django and mod_wsgi
What causes jQuery 鈥�(鈥� is null鈥�on some pages?
How do I construct a 16 bit sample from NAudio WaveIn?
Can't close Excel completely using win32com on Python
Sending and receiving information (from a PHP file) with
Button image change error in code
Using ITaskbarlist3 in an MDI application, (VC++ - MFC/Win32)
How to check if the Resource ID of a document in Google Docs is for KIX or Writely
Handling or prevent errors from crashing my whole node.js app on Heroku
Chrome Extension - Create tab with callback function crashes
Php encoding with Greek
Why is my XML file on Android being cut off at 1000 Bytes
Is it possible to have each combobox in a grid have a different itemsource?
PHP replace spaces, comma's, dashs and ! with forward slashes
Facebook:How can I always post a photo to the wall
print JSON array - steam web api
How to avoid modifying the project file ( .xcodeproj ) of Xcode frequently worked on by team?
Adding an item to a listview in an activity via external AsyncTask
FDT 5 fresh install Could not connect to the player
Website copyright notice
iPhone music app tab bar icons
Difference between 鈥渕ysql鈥�and 鈥渕ysql-server鈥�packages/binaries?
IF Statement isn't working. Batch Files
GET Request Origin
Image Upload & Data Collection in Single Form
How do I link to cppunit?
OData class not found when trying to access SQL Azure database
Is this a correct JPA Criteria Query
Image Display in PHP
Logging in ServiceStack
code twig in javascript
ASMX Web Service using wrong encoding on incoming request
Autodesk Maya: Attaching a 'suit of fur' to a polygonal body
How To Do DataBinding Before ModalPopUp Control Extender Code Execution
How Viola Jones With AdaBoost Algorithm Work in Face Detection?
Grab first occurrence of a bbcode
How to retrieve a complex $_GET variables as a multi-dimensional array using codeigniter (not using querystring)
How to escape 鈥�lt;鈥�character in regex in Solr schema.xml?
C# - Every 6-digit combination of a list of numbers (Permutations)
Using the Java Class object in boilerplate code
JavaScript: why does changing an argument variable change the `arguments` 鈥渁rray鈥�
Submit to URL on change
Is there a way to create a generic private key for a deployment profile for team deployment in an enterprise?
Convert String IP to IPADDRESS Control
Hexidecimal Matlab ouput in wrong format
using HTML select tag name in javascript
Grails Groovy - Cannot access a static Map (collection) from another class
How to implement dragging in LWUIT?
Batch-file to import a dll file to execute NUnit
Django Haystack Solr: HTTP ERROR 500 accessing /solr/admin/
NHibernate configuration, foreign keys
How to change elements of an Adapter from outside?
How to reload schema.rb in rails app?
Incremental uploading of file using signals and slots
Cant create CNAME Record in AWS
how to mock datasource in grails for Unit testing
MVC3 WebGrid Row Select Checkbox
AVCaptureDevice Camera Zoom
How can I add a dynamic field to a Dojo store?
mysql get state on particular date
PKG_CHECK_MODULES considered harmful?
Present blank screen, wait for key press 鈥�how?
How can I define a column as 64bit integer using SQL
Get variable from Ajax to Php
CLISP - Reversing a simple list
nHibernate Expression.In throwing an Exception
PHP File upload (Images)
NSTask with multiple pipe input
Using Ruby to execute Powershell command in Git Hooks
Is there anything more efficient than an array of objects in javascript to store large amounts of data?
Perl: How to delete files, folders and subdirectories using 鈥渞m鈥�
How to send a text file and append it using Arduino
Quickest way to initialize asio::ip::address_v6()?
How to select clear table contents without destroying the table?
Application Force Closes On Startup
c/c++ preprocessor: how to ensure that correct file is included
Simple Node.js Application With Can't Load Client JavaScript
Xcode, only retrieving addressbook last names with the letter A(and so on)
Replacing a xib with a storyboard
x86 assembly- Simple arithmetic program not working, MASM32 on xp
sh.exe : emacs: command not found (Git bash Windows)
I need to make a Service that will make toasts after certain events and will not stop until a user stops it
IMAPLib fetch function fails every third try
sh.exe : emacs: command not found (Git bash Windows)
I need to make a Service that will make toasts after certain events and will not stop until a user stops it
IMAPLib fetch function fails every third try
EntityFramework 4.1 CodeFirst Monitor.Enter
how to avoid header file duplication?
C++ How do you change an integer to a string? [duplicate]
Can't create input when data null with javascript
ERROR 500 Require_once
Typesetting problems in Matlab figures with large fonts
where to store 10kb pieces of text in amazon aws?
Visual Basic OpenLinks Excel
Under what circumstances would this happen in rails (db)?
Bootstrap typeahead not Working inside the Bootstrap Modal
appMobi with multiple canvas
Parsing large (20GB) text file with python - reading in 2 lines as 1
Issue while dropping an element on the center pane from the west pane using jquery layout
Mysql query returning null records after upgrading version
How to inherit a constructor, or how to invoke a constructor with unknown number of parameters?
horizontalAccuracy and desiredAccuracy in location,iphone
For iOS, what does changing ViewController.xib custom class to another class mean?
How to create an array while potentially using placement new
how to get only 2nd level category to side bar in wordpress?
RDLC Report Parameter Error, even when it is defined
How to check if my CPU is banned from interrutps in the /proc/interrupts file? [closed]
malloc with huge multidimensional arrays, failing for a neuroscience sim
Ruby: ElasticSearch + Tire error Tire::Search::SearchRequestFailed - IndexMissingException?
Can anyone tell me why my code is failing to create a database and table, and then store data in them.
Cannot stop running task when call Ext.TaskManager.stop() method
AudioFocusChangeListener cannot listen
Rewrite and redirect this url using htaccess
Object in the Options of a Class in Mootools?
Nesting PHP functions within PHP functions within PHP functions. Bad Practice?
Storyboard - Switch between 2 levels
Regex replace substring from string
Parse a specific variable from a url stored as a string with CFML
AI - String/Text Classification/Categorization (e.g. a string/text is classified as a company name)
VB.NET Dealing with large integers
Ruby will open file but not write to it? Pulling my hair out
Standardizing jpeg size in
Take picture in blackberry
Cannot use jQuery .get() to get html content
JSONArray list another array from result?
Dependency unavailable (ClassNotFound) in OSGi Bundle under Apache Felix
Squid kerberos authentication
Need help checking an array for duplicate entries while filling it up
Ui imageview picker image disappears when navigating from page
Reflection in PLSQL?
How to write code below as jquery?
Stack Level Too Deep, but unsure what is exactly causing the infinite recursion
Simplest maven module, that just archives the source directory
picker view cocos2d
jQuery UI Widget Factory - IE8 loses context on public methods
Storyboard -JPEG
MYSQL terminal Mac command not working 'mysql'
Sum in Decode statement?
issue with passing data to onActivityResult
BIOS Data Area: Meaning of values for Cursor Start (61h) and Cursor End (60h)
Database shenanigans: How do I make my website 鈥渞emember鈥�that a user has voted?
Only allowing PHP files to run with 'authorization' from previous web page [duplicate]
Testing for IE8 and IE7 using IE9?
What is the different between NSCFString and NSConstantString?
Javascript Global Variables Not Working
How to Force User to Click Links in a Particular Sequence
Convert absolute path to relative path in batch file
Wpf MVVM UI do not update implementing modularity,eventaggregator
Java array analog for python list.index()?
jquery gallery failing to work
How would you approach this puzzle? (Finding unique factors of a number only.)
did phone verification but facebook did not give our AppId
find out specifi file name in a folder using windows batch script
Pass PHP array into Javascript array [duplicate]
Calculating Euclidean Distance for Large DataSets
knockoutjs - observableArray of objects with viewable observable values
Autocorrect on API
how pcap handles multiple protocols simultaneously (VB code behind) JSON parsing facebook Graph API response
How can I get a list of models from the collection that have changes since constuction
Haskell: Concurrent data structure guidelines
GXT: LayoutContainer does not respond to ESC Key or 鈥淴鈥�button to close
Encountered error in BCP. Client unable to establish connection due to prelogin failure
Setting up the Webrick to serve to internet my rails app
python string to function: globals() vs sys.module vs dictionary
Fancybox's prev and next buttons do not appear
How to query data from 2 mysql tables and join the results together. My attempts keep giving me too many results
Determine the url (or controller and action names) of a request which is unauthorized with Shiro Grails plugin
Subclassing QDoubleSpinBox with NaN value
Good Practice, in including source files
Repetition-based, pattern-based data compression algorithm
How to hash *args **kwargs for function cache?
getting default values of variables during run time in java
Escaping quotes in a PHP script using ssh2_exec
What is the default stream format for mData in AudioBuffer in the CoreAudio framework?
Aligning sequences with missing values
Google Blogger News Feed for Website
Django and ajax instead of jquery popupdivs
Blowfish code should be equivalent but is not
what is the main purpose of post() method of View
Python: check is named service is running
Expanding UITableViewCell
MySQL count complex query results?
Blowfish code should be equivalent but is not
what is the main purpose of post() method of View
Python: check is named service is running
Expanding UITableViewCell
MySQL count complex query results?
Manually assign Browser to test in visual studio load test
Where in chromium's source code is ctrl+f handled?
iOS Simulator no longer connects to networked midi after upgrade to xcode 4.3.2
videobrush orientation does not match phone orientation
Gwt 2.1 with Smartgwt 3.0
Flash[:notice] Virtual Attribute Undefined Method Error
Using Nant build project and run the NUnit
Pythonic way to walk a self-referential dictionary
android show rectangle on camera
UISlider preventing touches on subviews within main view
Convert string to datetime with EdmFunction c#
Change the cursor when the mouse's over the intersection area of 2 panels
How to modify this sed regular expression to replace extension of only a 鈥�鈥�
Converting visual basic application to web application?
GET ToString then POST?
How to set system wide umask?
What are the limits to pushing JavaScript performance?
Forcing the execution of a method
Display the running time of part of a program in a label
Crystal Report: How to evaluate multiple IF statements in one formula?
Not Counting the number of input's and textarea's with data
Encrypting or scrubbing Rails log files
Why is my Android project looking for the 鈥渕ain鈥�function?
MySQL: How to use IF condition for ORDER [duplicate]
Summary statistics by two or more factor variables?
Stop DIV from overlapping other DIVs (CSS)
How to change the background color of a dynamically created paragraph in jQuery?
Android - how do i know which checkbox is checked?
Extract Javascript from Malicious PDF
Can I develop iOS app on windows by running a virtual machine?
Sharing functions between templates in Meteor
How to connect to MongoDB using PhantomJS
jetty jndi datasource issue
Pass a pointer as array in function in C?
Actions with User-Generated Photos not showing up big
Getting Excel VBA to wait for external workbook links to refresh before continuing
Rails Forms for Private Messaging
AJAX JSON locking browser
Is there any way that is more concise than mine, to send a mail with PHPMailer?
How do I use newStdGen or getStdGen instead of mkStdGen in haskell
PHP Script using 1.3mb of memory, it's normal? [closed]
how do I create records using mvc ef with json?
convert address to latitude and longtitude, and display the result on the map, getNameFrom gives nothing
Basic issue with variables
Clojure, Lein, project.clj, lein
Basic issue with variables
Clojure, Lein, project.clj, lein
Exception filling buffer with data from underlying input stream
How to add an Acces Database to my published C# program?
Need group_by in a scope for Mongoid Document
Why would you use two pages in a row for a website address?
Persist viewmodel between postbacks using Knockoutjs
Modify the recipient(s) context menu in Outlook 2010's MailItem?
Convert tab-delimited txt file into a csv file using Python
C++ string literals escape character
Placing JS withing PHP var
Add query result to the list of Model in mvc
ListView adapter getView() not called if populated after onCreate()
Nested Percentage Height Divs
Error (StackOverflowException) while creating WCF proxy for .NET Micro Framework DPWS using MFSvcUtil.exe
Can I git svn rebase to a certain svn revision? (Similar to svn up -r 鈥�
PHP session variables and jQuery
鈥淐ombiner Class in a mapreduce job
Creating a Custom Converter for Dynamic Data with Silverlight
How do I deploy an IIS ASP .NET application with full trust?
C# Inherit a Class within a Form
Webpage charcode extraction on App Engine with Async UrlFetch
Clear all set cookies using JSP
Putting Two Consecutive Lines into One Line with Perl / AWK
Loading a flex swf application from jsf page
Stringbuilder append newline in spring mvc
JTable Dynamic Update
pdo transaction on one update
What does setting NSStreamNetworkServiceTypeBackground 鈥渄o under the hood鈥�
Trying to mix a strings characters in random letters
Giving colour to primitives in OpenGL using Vertex Buffer Objects
Using Arabic characters with google TTS API
My walk animation in pygame isnt working
2-Dimensional array deallocation
I uploaded an image with web2py, now it opens for download instead view in browser. Why?
Unexpected results when using std::is_assignable, boost::function, and nullptr
Pass userId to from set default to current user
Windows Azure caching cshtml files?
What are the functions of the Transport layer?
Does work in Ruby on Rails 3+?
Is there a quicker method rather than this to insert all pictures at once
How to toggle required field class with jQuery Validation plugin?
Ocaml parsing string to make tree
JavaScript Create function
Lua Scripting and C#
Want to have my textarea format it's readonly text like html
How to query price with different date
xml parsing using cURL to connect gives me this:Trying to get property of non-object
AppWidgetProvider and ContentProvider
undefined local variable or method `blog'?
Universal Membership Provider create user performance issues
How do you get true .png alpha transparancy picture boxes in C#
PHP - Class declarations may not be nested
How to write variables to a file with file_put_contents (PHP)
How to make an NSWindowController run in full screen mode in OSX Lion?
C overflows need some direction
Alternate Background Color on a TableRow
updating boolean value in spring data jpa using @Query, with hibernate
Shell script/sed expression to add/echo extension with space in name
Is it possible to make IEnumerable<char> implement IComparable?
Why is MFCreateMediaSession not supported for Metro apps?
How to copy a embeded music file to a path using Windows Forms and C#
Creating a List based on single XML elements in Flash Builder from XMLListCollection filterFunction results
UIWebView strange behavior when zooming. Xcode 4.3
ruby on rails limit user only to specific data
How do I modify the palette of an indexed PNG at runtime on iOS?
Make 3D perlin noise function from 2D function
How would you implement a navigation like this? [closed]
Forcing the cache of an imported CSS file?
ios objective C Bool not setting
Iteration, find
MySQL: How to check if a provided value is a number/ integer or letters?
Java .jar file will run in the command line, but not when being clicked
IE9 crash on jquery file change event
node.js http.connections
VS 2010 WCAG 13.1 error if link text contains the word 鈥済oogle鈥�
Translations and Symfony2 in database
An elegant way to throw global errors from a Symfony custom validator?
Clear Sitecore cache for an item from cache programmatically
jquery: how to loop a div
Custom Installer with Wix
Load when the browser is open
Saving and loading jpg files in Microsoft Access database using Visual Basic [closed]
Compare two lists of numbers in elisp?
How do I use boolean operators with Hibernate Search
How to convert String taken from a TextField view to an int
Maven archetype creation : prototype pom
Ticker generated forms not displaying correctly
How to use language_in or jscomp_off with Google Closure Compiler Service API
ID Column not updating while other columns are? mvc 3 - sending an email and getting the return for validation a task (registration, form validation鈥�
How do you use compositeData inside a REST control
sql insert id of row into a string in update statement
Trouble with POST/PUT using RestSharp
Linker error when using gSOAP with 2 different wsdl files
I added a WebView to my Cocoa app and it's generating an error
How do I include scripts required for my plugin within the head tags of the site? [closed]
List will not create from database info
How do I get a list of senders with the corresponding sum of the karma they sent using Django?
Is it possible for inline-block element to auto fill the available width?
git rm -r --cached not removing submodule folder and contents
Syntax for math equation is not correct
What is the threshold used by the Windows memory manager to determine when to begin swapping pages to disk?
Timer in java, decreasing speed
Why does guard start spork both for rspec and cucumber even if I wanted to start it only for rspec using groups?
How to know the end of int* array?
Can I find the foreign key relations for a view in SQL Server?
Why am I getting very very rough accelerometer measurements in PhoneGap?
How to tell rvm where to install gem packages
Add expire header to improve the performance of page using .htaccess
UIPageViewController throws SIGABRT on orientation change
Python: pydns check
How to configure node-mysql?
Pygame error 鈥淰ideo system not initialized鈥�on ubuntu server with only terminal
A General approach to cURL with ASPX pages - help needed
How can I clean up this Padrino AJAX call?
Classpath for ant plugins when using ANTBuilder from Gradle
PHP PDO error successful no matter what
Homework help yet again please. Recursively multiply Evens?
Erlang code to reverse string
Android- Is it possible to make an app change another app? If so how?
Efficiently sum a small numpy array, broadcast across a ginormous numpy array?
apn_sender gem daemon not running
Delphi 2007 - Systemwide Hot key is NOT 鈥渟ystem-wide鈥�if setting 鈥淢ainFormOnTaskBar := True鈥�
Does proguard work to obfuscate static string constants?
javax.xml.transform Source with credentials
Git: How to prevent committing files that were modified just for debugging purposes?
AS3 WSDL Schema namespace?
footer overlap on content
jqGrid and Coldfusion parsing a json response
JQuery and IE7-none of my selectors seem to be working
Java - Interfaces and methods
CGContextDrawRadialGradient is slower on ipad 3 vs ipad 2
Java socket transfer, buffered input and output
iPhone Application Permission
Delphi TreeView DestroyWnd/CreateWnd slow
Procedure expects a parameter which was not supplied
How to write a shell script that runs some commands as superuser and some commands not as superuser, without having to babysit it?
Whitespace on the right side of webpage
IIF-Else statement Never Reachs Else Condition
Is there a native .NET component that is analogous to the StringGrid?
Custom UITableViewCell backgrounds, when to reload, etc
Select statement on non-existing columns not being caught by exception block
set vibration length of wp7 click event
try to get current and next schedule by php
SQL Function Error: 1064
Creating a git Branch after changes have been made to master
UIImageView displays MUCH faster than either CG or CALayer. Anyone know why?
Read Multiple Files Into List View VB.Net
is It faster to insert rows in primary key order?
If loop while trying to hide every div except for one
Windows Phone Navigation code error
Putting a port in a remote server SSH tunneling
Cropping image with RMagick removes anti-aliasing
I need to edit the bash script to select a letter to do separate commands
How to get actual line from javascript error line number
Obj-C complaining about fields being 鈥淓xpression result unused鈥�
2d array of pointers c++
Mixed-mode C++/CLI app not shutting down CLR correctly
Hudson - Testing plugins of a framework
What is the equivalent of PHP's InfiniteIterator in .NET?
AutoMapper's AssertConfigurationIsValid fails on first load only?
djutils autodiscover importing command without top level parent, queue_consumer doesn't like it
can fonts have a forced background color specified in the TTF?
Making an web application which allows user to edit html templates and save those templets on server
Strange XML formatting with XSLT stylesheet
Java BindException when trying to open/listen at port 4450 on CentOS
Why doesn't my Spring @autowired DAO get autowired?
AJAX - Keeping linkable content within a DIV
SWT ToolBar : how to remove blue highlight on first ToolItem?
Do while loop in C or C++ for multiple inputs
geom_map all subregions the same color ScriptManager and UpdatePanel controls missing
Where is log output written to when using Robolectric + Roboguice?
How to compare two continuations in Javaflow?
MVC3 LINQ database user definition
Why my cmd disapears? I use cin.ignore() but it has no effect! C++
ctypes_opencv TypeError on simple cvLoadImage
jQuery UI Position of parent functions jQuery-object
Django Forms - Building a form showing fields from several different models but sorted by a foreign key
OPENCL add matrix
Rack refresh page / clear cache (all in
re: fbml phase out
Unable to Instantiate Activity: ClassNotFound Exception
How to fix this invalid regular expression flag w below?
animate only the appended text with show(鈥渟low鈥�
eclipse android project: R disappears while adding menu options
Use regular expression in autoblogged to change date format
Untrusted Groovy Script Security in Java
positioning menu for flexible page
XMLHttpRequest cannot connect to Google App Enging
HTML5 Video Tag - Best Video Formats to Use
EF Code First: How do I see 'EntityValidationErrors' property from the nuget package console?
Real iOS browser simulation
Java 鈥渆鈥�cannot be resolved as a variable in a keyPressed function
Extending Octopress to use automatic partials
Does Phantom build system work under Mono?
Point-in-mesh testing: dealing with problematic cases?
Android Timers Crashing On Cancel
Is there another way to pass values through a URL with PHP?
Android Timers Crashing On Cancel
Is there another way to pass values through a URL with PHP?
Rails 3 - NoMethodError for method 'new' in Controller
Seeding and Branching projects using entity framework migrations
symfony2 fatal error in form declaration
CSS DropDown Menu Not Aligned Correctly
Mamp 1045 Error [closed]
Rewrite .htacces first directory
iOS: Zoom in to part of screen when using camera
Problems With Else If Statments
Signature invalid error while calling Google API for RequestToken
C++ cout keeps repeating
Gist / Github API - get private and public Gists
jQuery.ajax get beginning of data flushed by the server before the end of the response
鈥淟ock down鈥�app on BlackBerry PlayBook to prevent navigation away?
Does audio (mp3) play while downloading with html5's audo tag
Javascript adding linebreak in mailto body
Java Game, Bouncing & Movements
Custom HTTP Handler for REST Requests
Checking data 鈥渆xists鈥�in array?
Identifying a class which 鈥渨orks on an instance of an object鈥�[closed]
jQuery Mobile 鈥�how to scroll list with items bound to vmouseup
Selecting an alternate EditorFor template for a List
LCD Programming with Arduino
Thread title in post
How to read binary data from Gstreamer child process on Windows?
error converting from plist/dictionary to NSNumber
Is there anything out there to help handle 鈥渇ield level鈥�authorization for ASP.NET MVC3?
getJSON silent error?
Find a random string in NSMutableString
Why doesn't my tastypie cache get called?
graphviz, how stick nodes position on the image
PHP: function argument reference for request data
Set color to a QTableView row
Is it possible to call the destructor without knowing the type?
For variables in document (Javascript)
Infinite loop in java.util.HasMap
mongodb - index on date is not used
Programmatically find Android system info
How to updating JLayeredPane while the JFrame is running ? java
Can someone help explain this code? It is a shell script for creating a checksum list
Deploying an ASP.NET web site to a remote VPS with Jenkins
Typecasting void pointer to unsigned short