Can a Trac 0.12.3 textarea field span columns?
When I call the thread after using a stop variable, it doesn't run . Can somebody please point out the error in the code?
@Font-Face not working in Opera
What does the 鈥淢鈥�stand for in decimal value assignment?
Rails: added a new method in Rails but cant get the output on the browser window- Why?
Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled in order for this application to display correctly
The type junit.framework.TestCase cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files
Can I inject an object that created dynamically
How to convert IQueryable to EntityCollection
Failure to parse string into a document
Generate Dynamic Pages With ASP.Net
updating google maps marker from a broadcast sms receiver
Elisp: Copy buffer to clipboard
Proximity Alerts using points stored in a KML file
iScroll4 and flowplayer working issue in android devices
How to make plain html form match ExtJS look and feel
Address insecure random number generation in PHP
Is it possible to ORDER BY similar strings in MySQL?
What's wrong with this code?
need working example of fb:like in UIWebView with edge.create/remove event firing
Client struct vs. implementation struct in .h file
Accessing WCF service dynamically through c# application
element <xs:choice> is not allowed at this location
Take href of an anchor in a container and apply it to image
Did Facebook change something in javascript sdk authetication today?
Looping logic on JSON
How to insert long text(ex:Html) from a variable into MySQL using linux bash?
Programmatically added button wont work
Using XML with jquery to populate a slider with text
Overlapping fields in PagedView
Logical operations on multiple modulus operations optimised?
How does RavenDB achieves consistency, availability, and partition tolerance?
php mysql query for top 5 average of columns
Vectorizing subscript to matrix conversion
Facebook plugins are shifting to the right outside of their boundaries
Queuing form submission requests until server has returned
addObjectsFromArray returns error
How is the @altfontfamily variable used in Bootstrap? expand button
Ember CollectionView with views that have different templates
Notification status bar pressed to continue from last activity from a closed program
Search for strings with multiple {tokens} in database
google avd and 3g turn on
Merging Documents with OpenXML 2.0
Only first of several linkedin follow up buttons showing up in Firefox
Programmatically show command prompt/terminal output
SQL SUM based on first two characters of one column, one table
Querying a database from Silverlight/C# program
Windows 7 Phone Navigate to URL (Type or Namespace 鈥淲ebBrowserTask鈥�could not be found
c++ erase the std::vector.end() while looping over all iterators
how to check duplicate element values using xslt
parsed date format hard to convert
Dynamically create variables in while loop based on sql query
htaccess RewriteCond to let requests for鈥�stay untouched
Django syncdb exception after updating to 1.4
Magento - Convert a module using <rewrite> to use Events for the Sales > Order Grid
How to make a simple program to call R from java using eclipse and Rserve
How to make Node.js Multi-tenant for websites on port 80?
Handing multiple scenes in andengine is cause 鈥淐onsumer closed input channel鈥�exception
Cannot find production.css during the build process in JavaScript MVC
Interpreting the output of StringToWordVector() - Weka
Why isn't the method from a templated base class visible?
Categories with sub PHP / MYSQL
script stays in Oracle db Web Form Routing
Tomcat having issues with JAVA files from a WAR File
How to insert on runtime on odt document using jodreports and java
Accessing value from array of objects
Finding font-weight value in selenium IDE
Java server socket communication is VERY slow
Accessing Variables Specified for Jenkins Groovy Plugin Script
MySQL function that returns the non null
Display a table with just the second duplicate rows removed yet keep the first row
Trouble accessing value in a vector of pairs
jquery ajax navigation within ajax navigation
emptyView for CollectionView is never hidden
WHERE IN with a local variable [duplicate]
Why doesnt my simple javascript rollover work?
Qt: Cannot execute '': The requested operation requires elevation
Got stuck at trying to implement ArrayList [duplicate]
jQuery onload and resize with cookie set
iOS: Is it possible to send audio out both headphones and speakers at the same time?
How to use broadcast DATE_CHANGED? (android)
Play framework - guarantee a thread local gets cleared at end of request or beginning of next request
libgdx android style swipe
Accessing a UK API from EC2
How to get the correct window width on orientation change for android devices both tablets and mobiles
php mail to outlook
SQL + Ion Auth + CodeIgniter?
Detect if link opens in a new window/tab or the current window
Site menu using django
mysql SELECT 鈥淔ROM t1, t2鈥�-or- 鈥淔ROM t1 JOIN t2 ON鈥�
XCode 4 : Why does it fill all the view?
Proper way to disconnect from Mongo in Node w/ MongoJS
Limiting the time a command can run in Python
Getting absolute position of CCSprite in cocos2d
Fixed footer of a UItableview. always at the footer position
Javascript new window for video not resizing in IE
Why is Google Oauth returning `invalid redirect_urI` in my Rails app?
How to link a Cocoa Touch Static Library to a MonoTouch project?
PlayN java desktop version slower than web version?
Need explanation of java Class collaboration/aggregation
How do I kill a CAS session using a script?
How to display system message outside of template in Joomla 1.5?
Javascript src changing works in firefox, not in IE/Chrome
Detect if link opens in a new window/tab or the current window
Site menu using django
mysql SELECT 鈥淔ROM t1, t2鈥�-or- 鈥淔ROM t1 JOIN t2 ON鈥�
XCode 4 : Why does it fill all the view?
Proper way to disconnect from Mongo in Node w/ MongoJS
Limiting the time a command can run in Python
Getting absolute position of CCSprite in cocos2d
Fixed footer of a UItableview. always at the footer position
Javascript new window for video not resizing in IE
Why is Google Oauth returning `invalid redirect_urI` in my Rails app?
How to link a Cocoa Touch Static Library to a MonoTouch project?
PlayN java desktop version slower than web version?
Need explanation of java Class collaboration/aggregation
How do I kill a CAS session using a script?
How to display system message outside of template in Joomla 1.5?
Javascript src changing works in firefox, not in IE/Chrome
For how long does the AVPlayer continues to buffer from an URL after a pause?
Rails authentication across apps/servers
Extract public key from private key in C#
How can I have a controller allow http and https traffic in MVC
Java : How to pick Latest 10 files from a Folder based on file creation Date?
Entity Framework, Generic Repositories, and Unit Testing
.NET Event handler on a database object
XSLT: nested for-each and dynamic variable
Live syntax highlighting in a text field?
'easy_install' is not recognized as an in internal or external command, operable program or batch file
Post 'multipart/form-data' out of APEX
Django: Accessing Many to Many object through another Many to Many relationship
jQuery validation - How to not accept a file extension
Getting pixel color at location with pygame
Convert Tabs-as-spaces width
accessing a structure member in a shared memory 鈥渋n C鈥�
javascript change value of button
JSP class undefined type after project conversion to maven
PHP Variable being cut off in <option>
Silverlight toolkit transition stopping half way when the application is reactivated
Determining If A Blank Key Exists
Incorrectly drawn themed checkbox in TVirtualStringTree
Destructor, doesn't delete my object
limit parsefloat to 2 decimals or less
Copy complex object hierarchy in Java
datepicker selected value not getting submitted
jQuery: Cloned dropdown does not react to change
Wordpress Images seem to upload, but don't actually upload
jQuery toggle doesn't change child of visible elements when parent and child both toggled?
See amount of memory a pbs job is currently using
Selecting a hash algorithm for identifying individual lines of source code
How do you create Users in a non default database?
Convert GL modelview matrix to world coordinates
SSRS Count Rows of Previous Group (Table in Matrix)
SSRS Count Rows of Previous Group (Table in Matrix)
Regular Expression usage in python
Highgui and ruby
Java: enum toString()
Can't run android application via emulator
Allocate Type in Polymoprhic Variable Fortran
How do I check if all items in a 2D list are all the same?
JUNG: placing tree nodes in order
jwPlayer sendEvent not initiating in IE
Rails: Me or them, files not being required in files from config/initializers/*.rb
Fallback if is blocked by popup blockers?
You have attempted to set a value of type class entity
Can I convert data from string to data in a column that also contain Nulls without errors?
Included files & database connections
MVC3 image upload path
Error When Using CheckBoxFor in MVC with VB
RadGridView in a ScrollViewer stretches off the screen
How to change order of Jars loaded from WEB-INF/lib?
Performance issues when formatting text in RichTextBox
Detect if request comes from 鈥渨eb site project鈥�or 鈥渃onsole project鈥�
Need to Modify a MySQL Query to Not to Allow Duplicates Entries into a Table
What's the best way to specify a key_name for App Engine NDB Model?
Are all modules listed in a .vbp file visible to all the other .frm modules listed in the same file?
Design of a simple user preference object in java?
Alignment of numeric values in UILabel
I've noticed I tend to create DOM objects in JavaScript/jQuery and append them. Is this ok or should I be creating them in HTML?
regex to add attribute to element which has an attribute with a particular value
playframework polymorphic associations workflow
Counting Values in Multidimensional Array
How can I change the text size of directlabels on a ggplot graph?
yacc (bison) parse tree unordered print
Returning back to activity after the asynctask?
Remove links where href is disallowed
PHP PDO Access Issue
Creating Text Input Rows for each Day of a given Month/Year
How to execute a windows command from firefox addon?
Send form to a url of its contents
How can i convert to a sub type of IList<T> from List<T>
Web page to Uri?
LINQ to filter included entity
Weird issue with a php if statement
How do I make Rails 3.1 concatenate assets in development mode?
Difference between 2 adjacent fields - Date - PHP MYSQL
jrat - java profiling fails
exporting and uploading mysql database from dev to production
Core Data Financial Application Data Model
How to asign a value to a pointer that points to NULL
How do I stop my Visual Studio build from clearing out aws.xml from my bin directory?
Emulate backspace key function to up arrow key event?
Is there a way to test WCF Data Services (OData) using SoapUI?
how to specify current directory as path in VBA
concatenation two fields in xsl
Setting CPPFLAGS through command line
jQuery error in Geo-Tag : a.getAttribute is not a function
Image Uploading Using a Form
Python libraries needed to interact withPyKML. Need some guidance with libxml2 and libxslt
Wrapping blake hash function C implementation into Python using ctypes module, simple python ctypes testvector script also included
variable check (extension of discussion 5113374)
Check if string contains any substring in an array in Ruby
Bash script: Check if shared file is open on another server
How to restrict display of array to only 8?
Position dom element without using style properties?
SQL Server CE 4 Entity Framework 4.3.1 Code First accent-insensitive and case-insensitive search
Automating C++ unit test runs for WinRT
Compare a dict to itself and remove similar keys efficiently
Using Android Voice Control launch my Activity
Django admin 鈥渧iew on site鈥�gets a wrong redirection
Grails controllers redirect and SEO
Terminate Program On -1 -1 input not working
Doctrine 2 leftJoin, with, manytomany relationship, wrong number of rows returned
Not able to add fields to my content type in Drupal 6
NSMutableArray empty after created in init (with code)
How can I use Client ID within a server control?
Need to display a Confirmation Box on 鈥淪ubmit鈥�Click of JQGrid Edit Dialog Box
How to get controls ID's on Pageload
Square/cubic root lookup table
Should a repository delete/remove an entity by passing in an id or or the entity itself
Ruby ODT file open Zip/Zip
Octave's start:step:end loop
No identities were available - administrator request
Immediate Window in Design Mode
Xcode 4: how do I use an int in two different classes?
HTML canvas doesn't work
Using Visual Studio 2010 to remote debug a C# .dll 鈥�getting .PDB file does not match - any yet it is absolutely the from the build
Error trying to use C# ftpwebrequest to ftp xml file to Zebra printer
Create model in rails console with association?
ASP.Net Web API - Authorization header blank
Horizontal wise add PdfPTable with MultiColumnText in iText
JSONP error in JQuery 1.7
best method of writing/reading simple values in a file in android?
method not found Apache2::RequesUtil->request
How to keep Python's unittest module from finding files it shouldn't?
message driven bean avec jboss 6
Using javascript to create a keylistener hotkey for facebook page 鈥渓ike鈥�
Sqlite not in list of Visual Studio data source options
Insert default value if custom post type field is empty
Why isn't my mobile site able to send AJAX requests?
How can i associate the Image in a Folder with that User?
PIL Module / Could not initialize images API
How to reload (refresh) data on grid in Windows Phone 7
asp.ControlParamter control id confict
Rails 2.3: Session not available for first request after server restart
Embed PDF in HTML
Google App Engine configure in a mac
Sort a list of 20 variables, and pick the top five
installed shortcut causing install to rerun visual studio 2010
need help/tools to compare sql queries
Invoking Func passed as a parameter to a mock using Moq and C#
Swap class on click
Send request and response get from server - Need working code for this WSDL file in RUBY
PHP syntax checking incorrect after update
Jquery mobile list of methods [closed]
Unable to call a method from another class
How do I position one type of content relative to another, but intelligently enough that it won't overlap itself?
Binary Search Tree Insertion C++
Updating arraylist after removing objects
Dynamica string count in NSMutableArray in NSMutableDictionary
HAML link not working
Why are ToLookup and GroupBy different? [duplicate]
Upload photo with Facebook Graph API and JavaScript: convert canvas image to multipart/form-data as POST body?
how to set title to openlayers markers?
Closing connections in convenience class
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.ajax4jsf.component.html.HtmlAjaxSupport
How many Databases can be Attached to Sqlite Connection?
Javascript features work on localhost but not when deployed to Heroku
forcing synchronous javascript using closures
toggle image in canvas
Android SDK ICS flash fullscreen -> crash
MySQL Connector/Net error when not in full trust
Secondary text in Checkboxes and other components?
Java - How to connect to wireless network if it already exists?
mysql retrieving newest entry between set integers
How can user make iOS 5.1 UIKit UIDatePicker component return time differing in AM/PM from the time selected
validateRequest and requestValidationMode dont work with .net 2.0
UISegmentControl wont let me click on it after animation
Creating a scrollview
Java/Android - Writing to Outputstream after reading from Inputstream
Kinda circular dependency in RelativeLayout with embedded ScrollView
Executing triggers in Oracle for copying the old values to a Mirror table
How to prevent from causing all HTTP GET in history from doing another roundtrip to the server?
iPad Multicolumn Layout Questions
Take href of an anchor in a div and apply it to an image?
How do i add a close button to this alert dialouge? (Andriod)
CommunicationException during a load test
Order (sort) <li> list with numeric content using JQuery
Is it correct to use manual ID binding in backbone.js for children to parents
how to read and change the xml file in C#
ASP rating system wont rate? - why?
Using quotes in Xpath
CSS menu icon hover repitition
How to convert byte[] to String correctly?
Split array into key => array()
converting existing 2d grid based game to 3d using JLWGL [closed]
An issue with an ARM assembly function?
JavaScript Prompt() method
How to design a distributed system for 鈥渇inding something within X miles鈥�
What is the difference between rake assets:precompile and assets:precompile:all?
How to implement a Certificate-based JAAS LoginModule
Expected expression for IBAction in storyboard
Url changes when posting
Can I add a custom widget to Salesforce Service Cloud Console?
Quickly append value to a list [closed]
Switching urls used in an iOS application between local and remote
Are CoffeeScript servers not as reliable as Node.js servers?
Is there a way to make an ICS Tab Bar to become backwards compatible with Gingerbread and Froyo?
How can I programmatically modify an aspx file content before the handler handle it?
Is there any way to clean space/memory from emulator?
Backbone JS Routers Not Working on Page Refresh
pandas aggregated data to a numpy array : data structure conversion
Global Resources in Text propery
Hiding symbols in a dynamic library without modifying source code
how to dynamically select an option in listbox using jquery and jstl in jsp page
how can i find the instanceid/correlation ID of the scheduled Task that started my process
How to run a service from a class?
WP7 populate listbox from WCF
what would make ios::fail() evaluate to 1?
Hello world in Java: Understanding the concept versus in python
How do I set the rel attribute of a HyperLink widget?
NSXMLParser can't parse special characters (accents)
Append Records From Passthrough Query to Local Table
android google map questions
DIV Style and DIV Position not getting along
Is UDP losing part of my packet here?
Git search for string in a single files history
submit button generates if else statement
Pressing an mvc Ajax.ActionLink with Insert into RenderBody() causes an endless loop
EF4 Code First database generation
In-memory query: DBSet vs ObjectSet
How to make an options menu for a PopupWindow?
AFHTTPRequestOperation blocks UI
Android FileObserver not calling onEvent in USB mass storage mode
JSF 2. Strange behavior navigating between pages using IE7
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'N' to data type int
how do i change the post body before it reaches the server?
In Play! 2.0 with Security trait how do I redirect to the original URL after login?
Merge sliced lists
How do I get each distinct 'year' value out of a Django model with a datetime field?
Is there some simple developer tools / IDE for mac ? [closed]
Detecting client disconnects within gevent
Why don't I get any output from my relation table?
Fetching an NSManagedObject with Unique Identifier?
Rails respond_with & Rspec controllers: Testing unsuccessful update
Automatic properties: DBSet vs ObjectSet
libFLAC++ with c++Builder error
MS-Access library for performing many kinds of DDL operations on a database (to facilitate application version upgrades)?
Hide Area in URL using AttributeRouting
gsub to return all matches of an expression instead of just the last match
JS Is there a way to check if an event exists?
Get web service response data
Prolog: Ignoring spaces using dcg rules
ITextSharp: Remove character Limit from a form field
Django-Celery 2.5.3 BROKER_URL Error 'No such transport: mysql'
Optimal way of writing to a file after DB Query and then using this file as the data file for BCP in
How to get SQL-like HAVING and GROUP BY for PHP arrays?
Can I figure out a list of databases and the space used by SQL Server instances without writing SQL queries?
jQueryUI dialog, is it possible to use your own buttons instead the one generated by dialog?
Integrate drools with Rails? [closed]
paging over SELECT UNION super slow and killing my server
Why am I getting 鈥渦ndefined鈥�when trying to print id values from form elements in JQuery?
How to synchronization in Rhomobile - with any code is there
accessing a website hosted in a virtualbox from host
jquery datatables table breaks when refreshing data
connecting to sequel pro database remote server via RMySQL
WPF + Binding DataGrid ItemSource to List
Get contact photo in Android (API 8) using LOOKUP_URI
Git push to heroku
Multiple jQuery Sortable Lists updating MySQL database with AJAX
grab entire Facebook Social Graph API? [closed]
iOS: Install iPad App wirelessly doesn't work
Wrong X and Y location in C#
What is the best way for multiple solutions/projects to reference a common assembly?
Is there a polynomial time algorithm to test whether a number exponent of some number?
Application to retrieve Castleville neighbors from Facebook list of friends
CakePHP 2.1 and Ajax form submits with Js Helper
Base Class or Derived Class is Runtime Type?
Dependency Injection Pattern seems extreme in Control Class
Ajax to ASP server behaving differently in XP versus Win 7
Cannot set the background colour of image view when it don't have an image resource
Memory addressing with GNU Assember Intel Syntax
c++ friend inheritance
What's the difference between ChannelBuffer.copy() and ChannelBuffer.duplicate() in netty
each() and prev() can be used together?
PHP:How to save checkbox values temporary before submission
Trying to get InetAddress.getLocalHost.getHostAddress (Java/Scala) to return external IP
Can't read StandardOutput when calling wkhtmltopdf with a ProcessInfo UserName and Password
Refinerycms-pages-images engine custom fields
how to convert NSData to char array containing hexa values
Fancybox does not scroll in Google Chrome
detecting usb devices android
how to rotate an imageview (not using animation)
Return Json Using PetaPoco Dynamic & WebAPI
returning two values
read (get) fontsize of textLabel
How to format values before saving to database in rails 3
In JS, how can I use a string to define a JS object parameter?
Upload files using input type=鈥渇ile鈥�field with .change() event not always firing in IE and Chrome
Configuration not being reloaded
Download a large XML file from an external source in the background, with the ability to resume download if incomplete
Old PHP session files on HDD
Should a custom NSURLProtocol follow redirects itself, or let its client worry about that?
Images not displaying, asp:repeater
vbs: Show all Folder subfolders with an iterative script?
Zend Framework comments box
C++ How to get Windows icon from GUID?
Getting stdout+stderr in a log file
How Can I make a Nivo Slider transition with text below-NOT CAPTION?
Dial USSD code?
Is using String considered evil in java programming? [closed]
Show user files in a navigator to drag and drop
Is wp_enqueue_script the best way to include a js library if it is only needed for one template file?
Linq: Difference between 2 DateTimes in TimeSpan
Create VPN in android 4.0 using VpnService
iOS: Drawing just portions of a UImage
set default value other than options value using jquery
Copy and paste a new tab page into MSForms.Page
Unable migrate using Flyway 1.6 in Spring application
Why the name 鈥渞ealm鈥�and 鈥減rincipal鈥�in Java EE security?
shell variable usage in awk
Is there a way to get the class names in a given classes.dex file?
Call EJB object in Struts Action
Getting message 鈥淭he type org.aopalliance.aop.Advice cannot be resolved.鈥�in spring java program
make canvas as wide and as high as parent
Replace character in a string conditional on appearance of another character in the string Python
How to Speed Up A Game made in VB.NET
Trying to commit from XCode on a GIT local repository after renaming the project
Netty - Share an Attachment Between Channels
Showing markers on Google Maps v3 in a Rails app - using Javascript and JSON
What is the most correct way to add a UIViewController to a subview and remove it?
How do I convert this double foreach loop to just lambdas?
Reverse JQuery slideshow
jquery cycle image slider plugin(image load time)
Store a value in database generated from views
Cleanup old database full of html tags
jQuery prettyPhoto not working with Flip! Plugin
Finding a bounded rectangle inside a concave/convex polygon
javascript check if text anchor text inside a link overflows
Find which version of package is installed with pip
Java Scanner to split records by an empty line
Drupal and Email notifications
html5 video keep users volume level
html5 video keep users volume level
php combine arrays ignoring empty values
default.ctp get information from controller cakephp
Rails 3.0.12 translation file won't parse with 鈥渃ouldn't parse YAML at line 1 column 0鈥�
Selenium: Multi browser parallel testing
Meaning of parens around number
Getting 鈥渏 Adress already in use鈥�while connecting over TCP socket in Android
Does the PhoneApplicationPage_Unloaded event get called when the start button is pressed?
CodeIgniter 2.1 + Sparks + hmvc(latest) cannot load libraries/sparks
Destroying jQuery Sortable/Droppable
Using the TEdit context menu for TRichEdit
Reading multiple variables/commands from a single line of user input
Deleting Items from a Listview through the Use of checkboxes
Compare the String values of a class of constants
How to show source code for dynamically created (鈥渃ustom鈥� function in IPython?
How to close Error MessageBox generated at the start up of the device from other application using c++?
Check if the output returned by a query contains a string/number or not
WCF client's Open() method no longer throw exceptions after security is disabled. What to do?
cocos2d :my rotation with the accelerometer is not smooth
String returned from PHP script into java program not working correctly
How to prevent changes being overwritten when merging branches?
Clicking on a button in a file download popup Window using watir-webdriver
How to read this CDATA using NSXMLParser
Parse Tables in HTML docs and extract TRs and TDs. with HTML Agility Pack
wcf service with transport security
Which non-empty string does /^$/ match?
Get a random string from a table, but not more than once
JQuery $.ajax() post - data
Should I explicitly declare my variables in VB6
Can you specify other descriptor attributes using object literal notation in javascript (ECMAScript5)?
How to get javascript pagination data via jquery?
Tkinter Loop with Python
pip install numpy pandas fails?
Why can't I connect to a SQL Server 2012 LocalDB shared instance?
Error 'variable is undefined' when calling a function
Using hitTest instead of mouseOver / mouseOut
Dynamic User Control saving ViewState
Preload list into Backbone JS
local time and GMT
Is function in script tag included in an ajax requested page gets applied on whole site
Client to WCF Service with ancestor interface
how to stat file with non ascii characters
Java SQL Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement
implementing scoreloop on android
OpenGL ES: Multiple Meshes in one VBO
Python Curses: Controlling Two Terminals with One Script (Linux)
For JSF 2.0, How to Enable EL 2.2 on Tomcat 6
Implementing Dynamic HorizontalScrollView with custom View child
Java httpURLConnection threaded
Is it legal to use a YouTube video in a custom player? [closed]
Use C Library in .NET
Creating dynamic dropdown options based off dropdown selection - stuck
Is using a dictionary an efficient way to handle errors?
Facebook Comments Box mobile version not resizing
Using a query in an Adapter for listview
index out of bounds in matlab [closed]
gsub return an empty string when no match is found
Windows API call to change console video mode?
android google maps crash on Nexus S
How to assign time in such format 00:00:00.000 to X axis in JFreeChart
How to convert a string into a DOM element for use with the canvas element?
Using UNC path with credentials
IE7: hasLayout + position: relative + filter = overflow: hidden
ul li limit results and show more on hover
Google maps api v3, defining user current location
addTextChangedListener() on EditText in android ActionBar
How do I build an efficient email filter against large ruleset (5000+ and growing)
Change web service URL's in App.Config
Insert record through email on rails
Change <canvas> color using CSS?
If field is null, pull certain fields; otherwise, pull other fields
Detect a redirect in RestKit not working?
Do browser key events fire (bubble) only to elements in focus?
Restore Backup Access Denied [duplicate]
Join two binary strings
Jquery get div's current label and populate
surfaceview, activity, startactivityforresult, dialog in activity
User Defined class typedef in unmanaged code in IIS causing hangup but not in VS
How to handle config for Rails Gem
How to remove empty values from multidimensional array in PHP?
MGSplitViewController with Multiple View Controllers - Apple example
Re-throw an InvocationTargetException target exception
Infinite CCLayer Background
How can i exhibit coercion (a type of ad hoc polymorphism behaviour) in java?
Any Apache Commons-Configuration replacements / competitors?
My compiled C++ program is too small. How can I make it larger? [closed]
Image resize - value cannot be null
RenderScript Text Size
Canvas shows unexpected colors and won't show an inverted image
MODx Gallery image size
Eclipse SDK Upgrade To 3.7 Conflict Dependency
purposes of transactions
Mercurial and Bitbucked: how to update fork?
Can you add an object to an arraycollection inside an arraycollection?
How can I get odd numbered characters in a string using SQL
Haml link not rendering as a link
Appwidgetmanager.updateAppwidget() not doing anything
How can I get sensible variable displays when using libc++ in Xcode 4.3.1?
Checking filesize after download completed IOS4.3+
jQuery UI Menubar not working
How to make Google Preview Button display in a CSS pop-up?
Echo alternative $_GET request method
How safe and secure is RSA? [closed]
Database Navigation in VB and SQL
How to get url parameters in grails spring security custom UserDetailsServices class?
Thread causing error message on leaving and comes back to game app
Error: defineAlreadyDefined
export my drag-n-drop code from toolbox
Problems refactoring package on eclipse
C++ design pattern for operations on subclasses in an inherted class
Display methods of a object
About Page curling iOS
Returning an error to an AJAX call from a Controller in MVC3
Read XSD file in Java
how to compile sample code from Z3 under linux
Setting a global error message for the entire application
Inserting character into string using recursion? (MIPS)
Having trouble positioning div layer on top of html slider
How to pass boolean parameter to HQL new constructor
jQuery mobile layout on Android using checkbox
C++ compile error: syntax error : '<cv-qualifer>'
Custom charting solution for Metro Style Apps - Which path would you recommend? [closed]
mysql query to join
Parsing a config file in php to variables
Setting Width and Height of Fancybox using a form and ajax
plpgsql iterating over integer[]
Is it ever appropriate to parse XML with Regular expressions?
Headless driver on Windows/JRuby?
IIS Rewrite Regex
Android Filtered Accelerometer+Gyroscope display information
How to add jquery selections together without sorting in DOM order
How does meteor work?
jquery post and get methods not working on remote server
Tab bar in Xcode 4.3 visible on all screens / Storryboard
Which algorithm is using in standard ZIP?
orbeon form builder breaking when adding a new from
Increase stack size in OS X Lion
Android Facebook SDK valid redirect url
Maven plugin for updating Eclipse annotation processor settings?
Getting NullPointerException with AlphabetIndexer
phpquery ajax and normal jquery ajax which differences ?
ot_discount module on osCommerce redeclares itself on confirmation page
Netbeans: How to build .jar file attached with external .jar library?
DB2 Conditional WHERE clause
thinking-sphinx + REXML error in rails 2.3.8
using multiple mips arguments >4
COM Interop - Member not found
Visual editor in wordpress shows only basic buttons on Pages, but all on Posts
$(鈥�id鈥�.ajaxStart(鈥� Is called twice during an ajax request
twitter and code for android app
How to convert BBM binto DeviceId
HTMLAudioElement wont mute properly in Safari on iPod Touch (5.0.1)
Mockito using argument matchers for when call on method with variable number of arguments
join 2 tables with extra maths
Android Admob - How to declare AdActivity in Manifest
jQuery Datatables: how to delete the row
Can't print the value in MyType constructed using typedef probably in C
PhoneGap sample application for android does not work
Altering the appearance of a selected tab in a tabbed content section
How to specify a specific value for an auto increment column in SQL Server?
Patching a RavenDB document - multiple conditions used in LINQ query
Salesforce - one WSDL for Sandbox and Production?
How do I slide down a whole div but have it's contents stick as it's sliding?
if callable throws timeoutexception java with streams open [closed]
Getting Not Authorized error from twitcurl timelineUserGet method
pulling computer names from a network by IP address using a CSV file
Connecting Coda to local Wordpress install hosted with Mamp Pro
custom checkbox difficulty in android
nginx rewrite rule with try_files
send and parse json to http web-service
Handling a python package name with hyphen in the setup() requires list
Is there a way to reset or refresh the yaw only for an iphone gyroscope application?
How do I convert a string to an enum value to an integer? [duplicate]
Why are there strange version numbers in some of the WSO2 Carbon POM files?
php: the best practice to pass two global arrays to the function to modify them
Horizontal Scroll View with Custom View child
Linked List Array
FB.XFBML.parse() doesn't refresh Facebook comments
Access osgi bundle's lib jars
Adding document via post.jar
In Visual Studio, how can I reference COM objects from previous version of software
Mongoose - Retrieving object from ref query
Reading Strings from text files in java
Starting to learn Enum , property PTx
Why can't overridden virtual method see overloaded base classes version without explicit scoping?
Upload file not working
MissingReferenceException: The object of type 'GameObject' has been destroyed but you are still trying to access it (ERROR)
My database don't wanna display all I want
Check who has logged in using SQL Server 2000 trc files
onkeypress textbox issue
Get dll directory from ProgID
In Jquery selector,what if I want to provide a variable that contains the elementId generating at run time
Trying to raise event c#
How to change AMI on same instance
how to delete multiple rows of data with linq to EF using DbContext
Class variable inside other class
Having trouble with a 'for' loop [duplicate]
After authentication of facebook login/pwd, I get a dialog box says 鈥渋nstall/cancel鈥�instead of 鈥渁llow/don't allow鈥�App permission.?
Codeigniter CSS img class
Single method which can return the value of a column in a datarow and automatically handle the possibility of the column value to be null
Codeigniter CSS img class
Single method which can return the value of a column in a datarow and automatically handle the possibility of the column value to be null
to ensure a java method is thread safe
How come a buttons background starts flashing after you click it?
Jquery cycle plugin, slideshow speed
Debugging a C executable with a C++-CLI Library compiled with /clr
Sorting MySQL query results by the IN clause
Is there a NavigationTiming interface available on XMLHttpRequests?
Debug which Javascript is causing a redirect
Relationships not replicated in a model created using entity framework in visual studio 2010
A lot of error messages in logcat about proximity sensor
Msysgit GPG error
Why is @FacesConverter(forClass=String.class) not working
SQL Server Select * Column name ordering
IOS - How can I update the interface of an element while scrolling the element?
py2exe/py2app and docx don't work together
Sort the Object's value inside the Hashmap<String, Object>
SMS scheduling with Timer in Android
How to parse messages received through pipe
Using containers with non-EF types in OData service?
Creating an Array From a CSV File Using Objective C
How to bind 鈥渕obileinit鈥�event in jQuery Mobile?
Spaced paths, msbuild, and psake
Using header('Location: ') to redirect to UNC path
Netbeans new window totally black in java?
How can I unlock a FileStream lock?
.htaccess not acting as suspected
How to retrieve file name from php and putting it in JS
How can I detect if an image object is being displayed?
Using JQuery .bind() with $.ajax in IE7 : Not working?
How can I iterate over specific elements in HTML file and replace them?
How do I multiply a string without getting TypeError: can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'function'?
pdf upload functionality in telerik rich text editor
Can SQLAlchemy be configured to be non-blocking?
Drawing a Circle with a forward vector and Moving both along with Rotation
Design need of checksum fields at multiple 鈥淭CP/IP鈥�model layers ? are they really redundant ?
Visual Studio 2010 - 鈥淎dd As Link鈥�option not visibile
Django paginator and raw SQL
Varnish & ESIs : Fetching in parallel and possible workarounds
JQuery: Better way than queue:false or div wrapper
Type Castle.Facilities.FactorySupport.FactorySupportFacility does not implement the interface Castle.MicroKernel.IFacility
Custom TableCellRenderer ignored by Look&Feel
Issue using open() in Python 3.2.3
Can Python win32com use Visio (or any program) without popping up a GUI?
ASP.NET MVC - Repository pattern with Entity Framework
HTM5 LocalStorage : Save a game process for every logged in player
sorting a list of tuples in Python
dyld API on iPhone - strange output
Keep form on top of another form in modal fashion, but continue execution
Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message '0' in Stack trace: #0. PHP Insert based off API response
different states in synchronization
List of other apps which can be terminated
Is it possible to create a radial gradient under a google map (v3) marker?
Rails URLs Not working
Zend Form Elemenet addValidators list value [closed]
ASP.NET MVC 3 custom attribute with Ninject not executing
Generating custom manifests with Maven and multiple specially-named classpaths
Want to know the concept of Facebook update
Check for nil gives error
Linear 3SAT : a version of 3SAT in linear time
Upload .war file to Google app engine (GAE) using appcfg
Git to mark a branch-specific commit and prevent from merging
Uploading an image with rackspace
extract digits from bash variable
How to deliver images effectively using
WebService behind reverse proxy
Tabs organizing in Visual Studio 2010
Is this a JS infinite loop?
Eunit error with multiple apps
Difference between Nested loop join and hash join in SQL Server 2008
Launch BlackBerry WebWorks PhoneGap app via URL with parameters?
Nested JPanel in a JScrollPane goes into infinite flickering/repaint loop
Vector subscript out of range error occurs when I run an official OpenCV sample
Facebook Open Graph Object Post to Timeline
Set priorities between mysql processes
Deserialize an object graph with private members in C#
Error when running Google Places Autocomplete API
Adding a header file for all files in a directory
Assigning ID to a widget using GQuery
Fabric not working when using ~/.ssh/config
How do I pass a reference from a calling view controller to one presented with a segue?
Get current buffer depth in fragment shader in agal
Selected index for multiple listboxes
How do you convert a byte array to a Bitmap instance (.NET)?
Android memory needed to install apk on external storage?
Getting Opera and Safari to play sounds
Bugzilla: Large value bug ID numbers
Responsive web design
C#: need a blocking FIFO queue similar to Java's LinkedBlockingQueue
Endeless list demo
How to setup routes when the controller only has edit and update?
How to force an archive to store true_type even if it is this_type?
Detecting what part of screen/application window is using OpenGL?
SlowCheetah XML transformation Preview not working with custom transformation
SQL update multiple records with different paramaters or values
Load string to LINQ classes and query it
CakePHP route with regex
Multiple EditText values in Button
How do i ignore line breaks in csv file with ruby but keep a pretty source file?
Running PHP on iOS?
Running PHP on iOS?
Stop Visual Studio telling me 'nowrap' attribute is not valid
Basic steps for memory management in objective-c [closed]
switch case statement with enum or not with enum
Top-Left box alignment on a multi-line CheckBox with a large font
Hadoop to reduce from multiple input formats
How to make two collapsible div mutually exclusive
Android - custom listView, each row different colours
glassfish 3.1.1 'unique' JNI error
Categories instance methods do not invoke
Calling Obj-C Code from JavaScript via Console: Arguments get dropped?
inject ejb bean with mappedname in another bean without using name
How can i trigger a jquery event on an input based on the class of the surrounding p tag?
Identifying PID source of DNS request (Windows XP)
How to run a function only after directionsDisplay ends?
How does the following statement is interpreted by emacs
Real Time Morse code converter in Javascript
How to load a usercontrol on initialization
Jquery + Knockoutjs GUI animation
VIM html autoindent not working
XSD: how can I accept data that matches any of a set of types?
Showing ProgressBar over Desktop (Transparent Window) - Cocoa
CSS Float causing content to be pushed down an HTML page
JAXB binding simple types
XML Parsing and replacing in Perl
Javascript: Adding form fields/array items to use with PHP
How do i in jQuery get td span value when clicking to increase RadNumericTextBox using spin buttons
Collision worries
FIFO based Queue implementations?
How do I view events fired on an element in Chrome Web Developer?
Accessing IFRAME content in subdomain
Script to simulate Guest Mode
Visual Studio 2010 SDK installation can't find Visual Studio
Arial in Chrome
Microsoft chart grid lines not drawn at 'whole' numbers
Java create PDF from template: Apache FOP vs? [closed]
Triggering multiple events based on change event of one element - jQuery
friendship: many classes from same parent
jQuery UI Slider - ajax result
SQLite X'鈥� notation with column data
How to create random honeypot credit card data
Query a table by one or multiple array values
Is a SQL Server index B-tree a flat structure or a depth structure
Plots are empty using Sweave and Latex
Pass Array from MVC Controller to Javascript
how to get the state for outgoing calls
gitignore ignore files within a folder that has whitespace in the middle
Write a CSV file
erlIDE compiler options
Colspan & rowspan of header for slickgrid
Differentiate IE7 browser and browser in IE7 compatibility mode
MVC 3 image upload path
How do I Blend Colours like This?
Linker errors in compiling a simple pthread code under MingW
Uploading an image from iPhone to .net ashx handler
Content Cuts Out Over the Fold using CSS3
C# Connect to database in separate thread
Parameter attribute not showing up
Automatically pass a cookie with each web-service call
How to check if an option is selected?
Including Rails time helpers in a non-Rails Ruby application
Performance wise: Is it better to have many tiny ajax php controller scripts or one large one? [closed]
Tab button becomes disabled
gmake fails immediately in PASE
Mono on Raspberry Pi
What model object type do I use to store a value of time in Django Admin?
Creating master-detail grids using Agile Toolkit
How to store a PHP variable until another request
Access Ubuntu PC behind NAT router by software service
Click event dispatches to wrong control
stubbing private method in Java
parent child relationship query mistake in MongoDB in Action book
Log in as a user given alternate security identity credentials
Output wrong Project Euler 50
Python: How do you make a title screen on pygame?
listview checked
Can Java's CountDownLatch be used from a passive class rather than a thread?
how to program BACK button in a file explorer?
php indicate the real type
Hexadecimal convertion error in python
How to resolve 400 bad request error in WCF
How to create a stored procedure that uses a transaction?
Get Time zones in SQL Server 2008 R2
ActionScript 3 Best place to bind events
How I play my rtsp videos on android webview?
javascript - showModalDialog not returning value in Chrome
javascript calculation not calculating
What is the fastest way of selecting an photoshop object (layer)?
SQL Syntax Issue in Sequencing Generation
plone dexterity inject behavior field after description field
Python, PIL and JPEG on Heroku
Node.js 鈥�Communicating between two different processes
merge in mercurial with automatic comment listing changeset ids/guids for the two heads
Can I sort two lists in relation to each other?
ORA-00947 Not enough values while declaring type globally
How can I get the JSON response of a POST request in a WebView?
Converting Oracle Timestamp datatype string to Java Date
How to delete a relationship in this case?
IIS 6.1 Server 2003 Web Apps Don't Startup on Reboot Sometimes
How do you maintain the original value of an iterated variable in a for loop that sets event calls where the iterated value is part of the function?
IIS 6.1 Server 2003 Web Apps Don't Startup on Reboot Sometimes
How do you maintain the original value of an iterated variable in a for loop that sets event calls where the iterated value is part of the function?
Loading Ajax for each node in Drupal view with nid argument
First insert into a static STL set causes Unhandled exception 0xC0000005: Access violation to be thrown
How can I get code coverage of an external java library with jacoco?
facebook-ios-sdk request name and profile picture with type doesn't work
In Browser Javascript Editor and Execution
Perform find over list of values
Powershell: filtering event logs
Rails update_all in one query with index
Qt: change color part of text
reference error
GeoExt PDF printing: 鈥淓rror message: Origin http://localhost:55608 is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin鈥�
How to analyse a AIX Java thread dump?
Usage limit on Bing geocoding vs Google geocoding?
Manipulating a complicated hashmap
Passing a functor as C++ template parameter
Flash Builder: Put a drop down list back to its prompt value on a button click
disposing of old dataset and refilling it with new entries with C#
Avoiding 鈥減age loading鈥�flicker on a web application, while still offering the message when needed
VB6: Run-time error 424 When Calling CreateObject
Why does callvirt IL instruction cause recursive invocation in virtual methods?
How to recieve & store an image file from another server, being passed programatically with paramaters?
How to export linq result to excel just like Linqpad
Performance of MySQL UNION LIMITs
Is it possible to publish action from a Facebook Page?
EasyMock and File in Java
document.getElementById to include href
DI with big messy code base
How do I get databound text blocks in a custom control to update?
Change mod-rewrite rules to route specific file requests to index.php
java initialization order with static members
Cake pattern with overriding abstract type don't work with Upper Type Bounds
Database Access from PL/Perl Code
Transferring a contents of a table cell into document loaded by jQuery
How to fix PHP curl error CURLE_SSH (79) when using sftp to upload file
BlackBerry - 鈥淢edia unloaded while initializing鈥�error
How can I apply a style to all TextBlock and TextBox elements that exist in all ItemsControl elements?
Loquacious Nhibernate not able to access non-public properties for mapping
C - Graphics, Unable to rotate a polygon
Is there a way to use base zero numbering in vi?
Screen Orientation and Fragments
Best way to serialize bidir circular references into JSON
Android NDK native code true native?
How to change the backgroundColor for all UITableViewCells
How do I set the background of a dynamically created BufferedImage instance to transparent?
How can I render an 'atmosphere' over a rendering of the Earth in Three.js?
Table design for temporary table accessed by multiple processes and stores 1,000,000,000+ 4-column rows
Using Dapper to populate objects from a T-SQL View
Tk Get the window path currently in focus
Hosting spring 3.0 REST application?
ASP.NET MVC 1 to Azure migration
Creating custom link in a Custom Email Template
CUDA 2.1 鈥渆rror: unknown type name 'size_t'鈥�
How do I get call parents for libc6 symbols (e.g. _int_malloc) with linux perf?
Android with websocket communication (Node Websocket server and Android Java Client). Dosen't work on Android 4
when save record it'cause java.util.prefs.BackingStoreException: Raw Records don't save themselves
Looking for ZLIB library in JS or Pure Java that can work with GWT
IOS: dismiss two viewController
Make a pixel transparent in Matlab
Incremental updates table in MySQL
how to package backing bean controller manager facade business logic
Does django support separating your templates into parts?
a scenario to be implemented using awk utility
rename persistentstore coordinator URL
Retrieve the auto-increment value after inserting
Commit modified files only using subversion
How to save data into DataTable in MVC3?
How to clone project from on windows
Efficient datastructure for pooling integers
Combining results from two separate functions?
Share a file without saving it on the external storage
Sql Default Country, City, Town lists
ExtJS 4: Add children tree nodes to a non-Root node dynamically?
Make ajax call, if not desired result, extract a value, then keep repeating until desired result is reached
Explaination pertaining to duplicate .dll files
jqgrid pagination not working
How to open a file/protocol with a specific (not default) class
Foursquare venues/search doesn't return full categories list
Rails 3 - rake tasks to work with multiple database connections
Compile types and pure functions between them (in ML-like or Haskell-like language) to SQL
Ember.View Contenteditable events
ImageMagick/IM4J FileNotFoundException
Hartl Ruby-on-Rails Tutorial (3.2), Section 7.2 - Sign up form missing template
How to create a web site using Flash like 鈥渋ntel museum of me鈥� [closed]
PhoneGap/Cordova iOS: capture video with a duration limit (ie. 30 seconds)
WCF Exception on Certificate with Signature Algorithm sha1DSA
Bold a single word within a sentence with iTextSharp
M Project vs Sproutcore
How I register an event to when the user hits done afte entering date on a mobile device?
Group MySQL search by REGEX for IP Addresses
JSTL Remote Datasource Connection Failure
How to open a particular page in chm file using c# WPF
Argument Exception Unhandled when using Image.FromStream()
jquery element sometimes doesn't stop on hover out
Segment fault on memcpy tcp socket
knockoutjs containerless if around <tr> and </tr>
Use RCurl to bypass 鈥渄isclaimer page鈥�then do the web scrapping
CustomValidator fires on the client but the validation control does not render when validation fails
Discard millisecond part from timestamp
In GIT, how can I prevent people from changing or removing commits that have already been pushed?
Adding text to UITextView using interface builder
java web localization support
FormatException unhandled error
Can we make Google Maps Javascript Geocoding API v3 return a custom identifier in the response?
How to change/disable onClick highlight color
how do I set table ownership in rails with postgresql?
Ruby 1.8.7 ordering of a hash with JSON.parse
What are the audio-format encoders that Android and iOS have in common?
Unclosed SVG path appears to be closed
How to access database and create table in Rhomobile framework
Loading Assemblies from Resource C#
Inserting an Image into a Web Form in UIWebView
Using Google API - GClientGeocoder()
read text from PDF opened within Browser
Internet Exporer Input Button - on click it seems to add a shadow and makes the text grey
WP7 - RestSharp - Cannot get returned data in XML format
ArrayList Java BlueJ
Can iOS receive broadcasts like Android?
Combine PasswordRecovery and ChangePassword control
Android - sending intent similar to event MEDIA_NEXT
C# Exception Debugging - How to go back and resume exception line
Start tracking a file in Git without adding to to the index
Extracting rows from a matrix conditional on another variable
How to implement generic polymorphism in c# - Part 2?
Looping through asp:CheckBox controls
Performing partial updates with KnockoutJS mapping plugin
How do I create custom generated reports of various length?
Making menu items invisible from on the master page
JScrollPane words wrap
How to use a where clause in MVC ef
How to animate divs when they move to fill empty space left by other divs that fade out
What happened to this git commit? Issue with 鈥渦ntracked files鈥�
Acoustic Echo Cancellation(AEC) on mobile with Adobe Flash Builder [closed]
XHTML 5 standard check (HTML + CSS)
Render issue with JSF 2, Facelets and content called via proxy
In C++, how to use only long options with a required argument?
Typo3 extbase - fluid variable to jquery
Hosted Source Control Recommendations
Reducing Memory Usage When Storing Data In A Program - VB.NET / C#
Get dimension of element on another site using JQuery?
Runtime Workflow in ASP.NET
Filtering a n3/turtle file with rdflib and sparql queries
Dynamically validate checkbox and pass specific query data to an action page?
How can I run a taglib outside of a JSP page?