Ideas needed for manual obfuscation
Android: Why is my column heading being pushed off the edge of the screen?
Extending the user profile in Django. Admin creation of users
Districts/Sublocalities: List of, or how to get using Google API
Finding the index/location of an object inside an array without looping through all its contents
AS3 ViewStack content clipping
How to capture onClick event in Android for a spinner
Solr vs. ElasticSearch [closed] in a function replaces current tab as well as opens new tab
Lucene 鈥渃ontains鈥�search on subset of index
Using submodules with local repositories
Skybox with OpenGL ES on iOS - NO GLKit + iOS 5.0
Displaying powers (to the power of 2, 3, 4 etc)? [duplicate]
How-To Enable Partial Rendering On RADGrid?
Capture webBrowser control response
IE9 jQuery template inline href javascript not executed
Any one know how to overcome 鈥淐ompiler internal error. Process terminated with exit code 138鈥�in IntelliJ?
Uploading Image to tumblr using OAuthConsumer for iOS
How can I reinitialise Jquery booklet plugin after adding pages on the go?
鈥渃at鈥�command killed when reading from a Linux device driver
RelativeLayout and ScrollView
How to hide an element on hover out that is not the parent?
Subset SpatialPolygonsDataFrame
How to display a subobject property when Databinding from object List in C#
edit display of php recordSet output
Disallow dynamic pages in robots.txt
Java: Exception in thread 鈥渕ain鈥�java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError (2)
Import error on django
Automatic TCO in Clojure
appending strings to NSMutableArray in NSMutableDictionary
How to increment or decrement height of a div using jquery
_IO_wide_data_2: what's this?
Entity framework returns null for a row if the first column in that row is null
Turn on Ack in MacVIm
Compare strings that can come in a different internal order
iOS design, quick solution for rotation
How to avoid FPU when given float numbers?
Entity framework custom property databinding error
Flash AS3 Radio Player to play BBC Radio
Is there a ResolvedFuture class in Java?
How do I get to these RouteData?
multimap iterator not working
sql query group
How to use CSS to replace or change text? [duplicate]
Javascript - document.createTextNode()
Chrome Extension - sendRequest slow
Calling inner file to build prebuilt libraries not working
Store cookie even if the session is closed
Displaying the child items of the current node in a static ASP:Menu
Is there a Javascript library for enforcing method signatures?
Databinding to Command in Silverlight Templated Button control
Regex to extract column definitions from a SQL Query
AVR Butterfly UART - can't receive data
Can I reference C++ objects in Java Code using JNI?
PHP file creation inside a PHP made folder
Category Matching - regex vs full text search
What destructors are run when the constructor throws an exception?
No such table exists
VB 6 Memory Limitation
Simultaneously get multiple resources by ID
Nunit Base Text Fixtures and the order in which they run
Split multi-page PDF into JPG (or PNG鈥� files using ImageMagick
Magento Product Quantity Error: Quantity increasing after product update
Are my properties leaking memory?
mysql update 2 blobs at once not working
Proguard: keeping dynamically declared methods
Executing an Oracle procedure using PHP - possible?
Running as process or thread [closed]
What are the advantages to storing commands in a CQRS/ES system?
debugging with logcat
node-postgres: Setting max connection pool size
Python code exits with error while reading input
What programming practices cause Tridion to report that a session is used on another thread?
Change the Column Name in Datatable in C#
django-social-auth profile builder
return multiple records as one string in query
Struct and Thread DWORD WINAPI
display browser window width using PHP
facing issue while parsing xml containing xi:includes with jaxb
Silverlight - use combobox to select datagrid item
.htaccess DirectoryIndex does not work
How to combine a list of unequal lm object length into a data frame?
UIViewController, UITableView subclassing - my solution feels dirty
Full Screen Mode of Android Gallery [closed]
PHP: get_called_class() returns unexpected value
Lost session with Rails / Cucumber / Capybara
unit tests and logging
How do i retrieve data from a JVM renderized into a web page using C# code?
Cannot figure out git submodule behaviour
Glassfish server.log filled with WS-TX service is not available
How can I use PHP's various XML libraries to get DOM-like functionality and avoid DoS vulnerabilities, like Billion Laughs or Quadratic Blowup?
Datalist display items based on file names
Propagating events from ScrollView to its container in Android
Code sign error in iOS app
ColdFusion and Streaming APIs鈥�(i.e. Twitter)
Youtube pages are not shown correctly inside the iphone
How do I change a CCSprite's Dimensions after changing texture?
How do I supply a private passphrase when using a certificate in an HTTP request?
How do I get an unauthorized M4P file onto an iOS device?
Unicode font is displayed as junk even with UTF-8
translate3d working properly in chrome but not in other browsers
MiniProfiler cannot find jquery
Calculate correlations based on tf-idf values?
How to write a full time in strtotime?
Reference two different tables depending on data?
PHP int to string
OAuthProblem, missing parameter access_token
How can I execute ALTER DATABASE $current_database in PostgreSQL
How do I disable the autocorrect bar on Android keyboards?
Android avoid the Save contact to when calling the create new contact activity
textbox inside updatepanel losing data
Is there a way to dynamically build Ant elements from within an Ant script?
MySQL Date calculation
Drupal 7: Programmatically get the list of tags (taxonomy)
Java best approach (Threads, DBus and HttpRequest)
Social Icons not working with Infinite Scrolling on Wordpress
How to check certain bytes at an offset and set checkboxes accordingly
jQuery Drag/Resize with CSS Transform Scale
In iOS 5.1 app; Why can't I see the Exception?
Getting data from database at runtime with LINQ
Extra line on beginning of output
Soap Request Fails every X times
Show username in a label
One XSLT / Two XML as source
TextRange GetPositionAtOffset not behaving as expected
Need help for apache poi reading xls with XSSF
Curry-Howard isomorphism
C : send different structures for one function argument
How to append values of NSMutableDictionary
Objective-C How to put Arrays within Arrays [closed]
How to get object with new that has @Autowired?
Android: Options Menu exception in Android 3+ / Resources$NotFoundException: Resource ID #0x1090044
How to limit logging frequency?
Ideas for simplifying design/removing a level of indirection in method calls
Show modification dates in portlets
Ruby If Statement Refactoring
Android: how to get icon for any file in android?
Wordpress-Displaying children template in a parent page
Symfony2/Doctrine2: Generate entities that are outside a bundle
JBoss AS 7 disable hot deployment
javascript oo programming syntax help for a noob
Persist data between controller methods with non-table model?
Changing elements in frame from parent javascript
Trying to Design Star Schema involving 鈥渢ypes of rentals鈥�
Extract the string between Quotes of particular occurrence in unix
MySQL Delete Query
DOMPDF installation options
entity_load() not working
LAMP / jquery Advanced searching
freeglut - a smooth camera rotation using mouse
What is the correct way to request this element from the DOM?
How to change submit button text on codition in mvc3?
MFC class to C#
What is the correct way to request this element from the DOM?
How to change submit button text on codition in mvc3?
MFC class to C#
C++ std::string to Ruby VALUE
Submit from gerrit to Git
Print all pairs in a map
What is this Error? + LibGDX + super jumper
Naming convention for descriptors
scroll viewer stuck to the right side of dockpanel?
Application Instance on MC
Parsekit or parse on my own?
Jenkins with Github and OAuth Stuck in Redirect Loop on Login
Why this code has memory leakage?
Making simultaneous function calls in Java
How i can create context menu for extjs panel
When running selenium script through jenkins on linux machine firefox is not getting launch
How to rewrite and redirect this url?
Excel still running in Task Manager after I've created and closed and Excel file in C#4.0
Using PHP to figure out if an external file exists on other servers
PyCrypto: Encrypt an string twice using RSA and PKCS#1
Preorder traversal, storing just leaf data - Java
How do make a manually arrangeable listview in WinForms?
load behavior of azure configuration files - serviceconfiguration.csdef,
.NET Application Errors when running application on Remote Desktop Connection
What site can i compile and test C code online like codepad. Requirement:must be able to use 'scanf' properly [closed]
Javascript to detect an old Internet Explorer and offer to download newer browser(s)
Facebook Connect with django-facebook Test error?
Grid swap rows and save new order to mysql - Using php and jquery
Android: Issue with JSON in AsyncTask
TMemo with Auto Show/Hide Scrollbars
Reading JSON in JQuery Mobile returning 鈥渦ndefined鈥�
SSAS using hierarchy without putting it in the select
Natural Sorting a CheckedListbox
2 versions of jQuery UI's on the same page?
c# do you need to check if something has a value and if something is greater than 0?
Basic indentation - Python
neo4j: find similar users based on questionnaire alike answers
TRIGGER TO DISCONNECT USER from database connected with mysql .net connector
open .ics file with outlook from browser
How wipe out p:message from p:dialog on close?
SQL Programming Paradigm - Client vs. Server
Configuring a Cisco 877 to use a RFC1483 DSL line [closed]
Why does jquery create several duplicates?
Python map list item to function with arguments
Removing duplicate code in python
Where is a proper place to add a .h file in an iOS project for common macros and debug function?
Sandbox restricting freopen Mac OS X
Prevent ruby on rails 3 from parsing JSON post
MySQL double sort
One mySQL database is very slow while others are fine
jquery mobile 1.1.0 renders garbage characters on page
boost::asio::deadline_timer renew still calls the handler function
Getting an access token without a browser
Custom Gesture Recognizer not working with UIImageView
Loading images with webview from specific floder
How to access StartActivityForResult() from SQLiteOpenHelper?
How to erase a part of an image with background color?
How can two doubles be conflicting types?
Method to capture text in a third party application's window
Condition checking in two complex multi-dimensional arrays of same shape
JavaFX 2.0: Closing a stage (window)
phpquery getJson and Zend Json issue
Json - checking child node null value
JVM type representation on method area
Not able to encode image with ffmpeg
How to Create iOS Table View like this?
How do i save a current date/time for a DATETIME column in rails 3
Motivation for mutable in C++ [duplicate]
Ruby on Rails - syntax issues causing me to eventually have nullPointerExceptions
aggregating by multiple partitions and compensating for duplicates
python django: How can I determine if a div should show or hide based on the parameter passed to template
Textbox that only allows numbers to be typed in rather than NumericUpDown in C#
Oracle 10g login failure
Google appengine, ndb, and Json
Conditional ScriptIgnore for JSON Serialization
Serialize Object using System.Xml.Serialization?
Select every other element of class using css3
How to determine status code of request
Is this a bug relating to sub2ind / ind2sub?
Textarea loses focus on mouse click?
How to Debug seemingly empty DOM objects?
can one include an XML file in an ant XML build file?
Optimising a complex data.table aggregation in R
Two-phase commit (2PC) configuration with Atomikos
Python asks for older paths on mac after deleting duplicate python installation
How to do a read on a details table from a selected master record?
How to access req/res outside of route handler in express/node
how to include footer in php on codeiginter framework
MVC in Vanilla JavaScript
How do I make use of the NetTcpRelaySecurity element in an app.config file?
Using JSON results as data in JavaScript
Google Chrome for Android Remote Debugging - 鈥渓ocalhost:9222鈥�Not Available
Buttonbar selected issues, when toggling is disabled?
Using Saved Video from Camera Roll with AVRURLAsset - initWithURL - iPhone
Vector implementation using allocator class [closed]
MVC3 Model Binding Issue with EditorTemplates
conversion from 鈥榓rma::umat鈥�to 鈥榓rma::mat鈥�
Convert PHP generated HTML into text file
Change default arguments of an R function at runtime
WPF-MVVM Binding ViewModel-Property to nested UserControl
PHP - How to DRY repetitive database queries and html blocks?
Initially set a HTML Column to be sorted
unset 鈥減assword_again鈥�from sfGuardUserAdminForm
How to get the real referer?
Static/shared property and method in JavaScript
Reading command line arguments into a new array in c?
Magento customer registration 'Honey Pot' captcha
Text color of extra label in view-based NSTableView
How do I share a SQL Server CE database file (.sdf) for multiple processes?
In IOS programming, is a 鈥淰iew Controller鈥�actually a controller?
MVC2 Ajax Form Submission causes 'Cannot create an instance of an interface' error
round number to 2 decimal places
Using django template tags with JavaScript
Tomcat authentication configured inside the war
Is the string type a scalar, and if so why?
Best Practice - Where to place a managed assembly when real purpose is to expose TLB file
mysql count one value display multiple columns
converting number to bitfield string in bash
How can I find out if my GNU C library is thread-safe?
How to 鈥済rep鈥�for a filename instead of the contents of a file?
C# - get BaseType.Name and Namespace of the Page from base class
How to map all .json URLs to a specific controller
鈥淪ave could not be completed鈥�errors with Eclipse and MySQL Workbench
Rule to ensure developer runs private build & it compiles prior to delivering - RTC source control
Using Java to find simple Active Directory Information
Reading text file with style (bold, italics鈥�
Unable to add a new field to a content type, widget drop down not working
Make asset pipeline act like production on development
Return from subroutine not working on PIC18
How can I keep a Sencha Touch 2 dataview scrollable but turn off scrolling behaviour?
IE7/IE8 takes some time to return the correct scroll position
Javascript and PHP - Check and Uncheck All Checkboxes
make a background image clickable without making contents clickable
Class cast exception when invoking a web service in Jboss 4.2.3 GA
Empty space with 100% webpage
JavaFX 2 XYChart.Series and setOnMouseEntered
What does body.GetPosition,body.GetWorldCenter stand for in Box2D?
.NET Method Not Found Error
Rails routing, redirects to wrong url when creating a new session
MVC3 validation problems
How to open android browser with multiple tabs?
Assign JavaScript values to C# Variable
How to check number of live visitors for my website?
URL ReWrite - Whats wrong?
Determining when audio is ready to play
How to use api attribute on proxy
objc_getProtocol() returns NULL for `NSApplicationDelegate ?
List of AdMob attributes used in xml and in extras
RadGridView Delete event WPF
Creating grouped bar-plot of multi-column data in R
objc_getProtocol() returns NULL for `NSApplicationDelegate ?
List of AdMob attributes used in xml and in extras
RadGridView Delete event WPF
Creating grouped bar-plot of multi-column data in R
Segmentation fault assembly i386:x86_64
jQuery Conditional based on inner HTML content of an element
Why I am getting duplicate records in the table #preweighting_data_dma?
Starting multiple instances of Thin Server on Windows with a batch script
unifying const T& and T&& overloads
PostgreSQL in Rails query is not working
listview scrolldown to load more views
Understanding obscure JavaScript code
Form validation and form helper
EJB creation with @Singletone annotation ejb3.1
Creating a javascript class that extends default options
jQuery Ajax POST to Rails 3.2.2 not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin
Handle escape sequences with ncurses? Does printf handle escape sequences?
How to validate two fields in JSF 2.0 without Bean Validaiton
After migration from PB7 to PB11.2, columns with type text appear clear in DataWindow
OS X LION: Unable to launch my application UI
update column based on 2 keys sql server
Draw content on existing PDF Document in specific Page
Telerik mvc grid validation
WPF application starts maximized, but screen resolution does not match display
How do I specify what mData in AudioBuffer in the CoreAudio framework should represent?
Android: Working, simple example of using jcifs to access a windows share
Options for replacing SOAP toolkit in Excel 2003 for upgrade to Excel 2010 to access Web Services
iOS Client/Server - should I use GameCenter?
In SQLite, how to prevent REPLACE from updating the id of an existing record?
WCF client returns empty object - XML response seems OK
Can I use instance variables in stateless session bean?
behaviour and busy indicator
Tumblr creates paragraph that i don't want
Accessing a category's child keywords when using XSLT component template
how to customize the build of a visual c 2010 project to use different compiler and linker?
Differece between [viewController.view removeFromSuperView]; and [viewController removeFromParentViewController];?
MongoDB InsertBatch exceptions
How do I load a list from inside a file in bash?
C# Xml Serialization: Serialize Class properties as attributes to the parent class
Perl to Java Active MQ messaging using Net::Stomp
reports and chart generation using birt,jsf and jsf4birt
solr: Exact search returns correct match but Fuzzy returns no matches
drools maven dependancy conflicts with GWT
Java to JavaScript with NodeJS convertion
Generating sudoku 'boxes' from rows - prolog
Pinterest dialog redirect goes wrong
richfaces push (4.2)
Looking for documentation describing the automatic import of public key certificate from a smart card (Windows 7)
ExtJs LoadMask inside modal dialog
GIThub GUI that works over SSH
Local print from browser without the print dialog
Custom component Required Attribute
Rails 2.3.8 routing equivalent of Rails 3 match
Why is chirpy not creating a debug mashed javascript file?
How can I prevent row animations from scrolling down my TableHeaderView?
How do you view the full Location path in the References dialog in Visual Basic 6?
jQuery scope confusion
How to arrange multiple NSViews side-by-side?
Does ASP.NET MVC3 offer an automatically generated help page similar to the WCF Help Pages?
error using deployment on my phone
Retreive imageview resource in other class
Class definition in header file and including string
C# Attribute or Attribute
JavaScript - Regular Expressions versus Custom Checks
SQL: 4 classes must reference one central class which provides database access
Sqlite update and autoincrement value Mvc - Add to a List And Save at once
android: EULA and user data collection
Select radio buttons based on json response
Adding resources to forms in XNA
Google Maps waypoints not working
Unable to load default aspx web page
Is it possible, that INSERTS are delayed when executed from PHP (using ZEND)?
MYSQL JOINS with 3 tables
Yet another, reason: '+entityForName: could not locate an NSManagedObjectModel for entity name
Android: Vertical ListView with overlaped rows
unsure about how to store data
How to find the netbeans RSVP Tutorial files
A Java program that runs an external 鈥渏ava myprog < input.txt > output.txt鈥�
Prestashop category-product association table allowing duplicates?
Regex - only allow a space or nothing after a match
Values from IF statement regex match (Perl)
Jquery removeClass method
BASH - Reading Multiple Lines from Text File
Debugging potentially orphaned sockets in a C# Tcp Server
Reset Password Drupal 7
Java Calendar: Why are UTC offsets being reversed?
Which would be faster鈥any insert single value statements or an insert statament with many values? server control checkbox misunderstanding
Using a toolbar with buttons as an imagepicker camera overlay?
PROJECTION in vertica database
Browser support for Selectors API
Exception in thread 鈥淎WT-EventQueue-0鈥�
Class _NSZombie__GEOTileKeyWrapper is implemented in both ?? and ??. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined
Java String I/O
Pass an ArrayList from jsp to an Action with Struts2
PrettyPhoto Last Image in Gallery Loading First
reading the database in android
How to install a Chrome extension programmatically?
Strange htaccess redirect
PrettyPhoto Last Image in Gallery Loading First
reading the database in android
How to install a Chrome extension programmatically?
Strange htaccess redirect
Ankhsvn integration with Visual Studio 2010 - Adding Solution - Working Folders Issue
How to set value to TextView from class which is out of activity?
Are vector subscripts standard C/C++?
Allowed memory size exhausted in Doctrine
Insert yasnippet by name
Trouble with Java GUI
How do I determine the name of the invoked JAR in Scala?
Pass Session Variable From One Form to Another With Link
Perl system() command doesnt return failure when BCP fails
Scala private access modifier scope
Are there any recent opinions on using PLINQO vs Entity Framework?
Equivalent of postinit{} block in JavaFX 2.0
passing value to the null value column in Sql
String.Format - what is wrong in my string?
Kohana 3.2 ORM with columns based on DB::expr()
Parsing XML data into Android ListFragment
Wrong parameter count for mysql_fetch_assoc()
HTML Comments Throwing Off Sizing
How to split one class' code into a few files?
Retrieve current SQL Server version
TDBLookupCombobox FireMonkey
Apache Camel : Need advice for Routing
Is it possible to force a type to a class in Haskell?
MYSQL addition of rows that match dates
Fluent NHibernate Mapping for Table in multiple Many-to-Many Relationships
PHP script hanging without any error
Multiple jQuery toggle functions on one page?
How can I dragging an Object from a Ext.Toolbar to a Ext.Panel?
How can I play a sound file 鈥淥nTouch鈥�
Facebook like button disappears when clicked when adding it dynamically in web-site?
Passing 鈥渇ilename鈥�in the headers of noir.response
Only extract a few properties from form
The page Y.ascx cannot use the user control X.ascx
SQL CASE statment to select which table to UPDATE
Show Android DialogFragment as dialog in portrait mode and as part of activity in landscape mode
jquery ajax post redirect issue
json.stringify output is 1023 character鈥hy ?
Setting attached properties value with ChangePropertyAction
Files used for storage in ssas cube
cache sprites to save the memory
Create a temporary version of file in use for my log viewer?
Getting the xs:choice maxOccurs and minOccurs attributes with XSOM
What is allocator<T>
How to determine n locations inside a circle efficiently?
code to make a ripple effect for imageview
Save file to GridFS with given path
How can you create a MySQL database?
HTML5/jQuery metronome - performance problems
Compiling Linux Kernel with Intel driver
Ambiguous reference between generic methods
postgresql finding the unique tuples
Center map at infowindow, not at route in google maps
Android GPRS C2DM
Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm modification
MAVEN Archetype choosing
Acceptable mysql select speed as per documentation?
api to connect to conmanclient2/cmaccept
Persistently setting the default name on an Android project in Eclipse
Mock only a subset of all calls to a method
Zend Framework 鈥淚nvalid parameter number: no parameters were bound鈥�get offending sql
How do i change IPv4 to Domain Name in intranet application
mod_rewrite different languages part of url
Parsing php manual docbook xml-files
Ruby on Rails - error when trying to render a devise login form
Method POST Error (405) using WSAPI in Orbit (Kepler project/Lua)
noICE and GNU ARM assembler
How do I echo an image multiple times?
Any New TTS libraries for IOS?
Retrieve primary key from table with HQL
Jsoup - passing raw body for POST
django did not use his localization file
DNS api for Windows Server 2008 R2 DNS server higher-level than WMI?
Include custom js file in with php function
Django - Update certain fields of a ModelForm
Tooltips for a Google Visualization API stacked chart?
Excel references from fixed cell to column end?
How to use this code to display all entries and compare?
configuring MSMQ to route messages from one queue to another queue (target)
Ruby On Rails - :layout => false does not work on Apache2
nhibernate 鈥淓xception occurred getter of XYZ鈥�
How can I order a List<string>?
sound in canvas or webgl
symfony2 - Get execution time
Is it possible that emulator runs out of memory?
KCFinder with CKEditor - setting up dynamic folders for upload files
Append codes to a select element on the fly
Rails validation of dynamically created forms
Netty 3.3.x breaks compatibility with Java5
Creating a symbolic link in Sites directory to a file in another directory
How to replace char inside double quotes in android
Installing Android app on Droid phone
Native Mobile App for a Rails Web App
Importing mp3 files metadata in Microsoft Access
How to include header and footer of error document found in apache's custom error response package?
Call command-line function in Perl and get output as String
Problems installing JBoss tool 3.3 on Eclipse indigo
ExtJS 4 add buttons dynamicly
Getting 鈥淭he project already contains a form or module named Unit1鈥�error when creating new project
Only some projects in a solution targeting Client Profile of .NET framework 4
Augment data frame missed values by another data frame
Facebook Android sdk throwing missing redirect uri on Authentification
Using HttpWebRequest in ASP.NET
Draw custom shapes in OpenGLES with an array of coordinates
Extracting first PDF page as graphic on Windows without Ghostscript
JPA CDI Injecting DAO into an Entity
get duration of song before the player loads
How to estimate the memory size of data structures/variables in Java?
Only the last Cell gets added to the Row
Split tuple to the demanded format in Python
maven and Atmosphere 0.8.4
View inside ScrollView doesn't take all place
Java Spring cron expression how to write for each 5 minutes except hours between 01:00 and 02:00?
ADF problems with af:validateRegExp (binding Long field)
OCamlbuild and camlp4 options
How is abstract class different from concrete class?
Most efficient way to have a page that has a vast amount of results depending on request
Why does FtpWebRequest throw a WebException exactly at the end of a long transfer?
remove dollar symbol using regsub
Checking the support for a css property attribute
Convert integer number to time format
How to bind calender selected value to a txt bx
C#, Using Interface
Input show the number of form fields with data (jQuery)
What is the equivalent of Python's itertools.product in Ruby?
How to see request generated by wsdl2java code?
When to use country code as well as language code
Change the label and icon placement for a Flex Spark ButtonBar control
Nhibernate QueryOver's SelectList with HasMany property
Jfreechart: how to make a histogram that has Strings in the x axis and Integers in the y axis?
Template definitions outside class body
Label.Text doesn't change in a loop
Tomcat can provide full implementation for Java EE?
How to fill a list collection from a database, by WPF combobox selection
Remove layout programmatically
Excel VBA - Email Does not Send When Computer is Locked
Inheritance and Polymorphism in NHibernate how do I get the actual instance
errno value is not updated
How can I access Doctrine from within a ChoiceListInterface class?
Streaming private videos from Amazon S3
Creating a list of tuples from a list
UIScrollView the subviews added but can not slide to them
XML validation against XSD: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'xxx'
Changing the sizemode of a background image in picturebox
Git pull with mutliple branches - merge with wrong branch
Visual studio designer view cannot get correct form
When using a date, what can I do with a nil value?
Find control in devexpress gridview Templates DetailRow
Don't want to make application.xml file while making EAR file using ANT
Force bins with zero-height in matplotlib bar plot
Perl Parsing Log/Storing Results/Reading Results
Jquery Mobile geolocation. Issues with IP address
what to use for this requirement, Array, List, Map,?
Scrolling child div scrolls the window, how do I stop that?
Convert html into string
iOS: Changing subclass from UIView to UIScrollView in a storyboard
Python error: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0x92 in position 85: invalid start byte
Distance between two locations - Google Maps
Select data column wise from csv file using php
Javascript json eval() injection
Java Collection compare generic class that extends interface that extends comparable
Changing setText from multiple classes in java
recieving error The file you are attempting to save or retrieve has been blocked from this Web site by the server administrators.<nativehr>0x800401e6
Quartz.NET vs JAMS vs?
Check if JToggleButton is Pressed and Disable It
ItemsControl Bar Chart Scaling of the bars
How can I have an anchor tag which targets its entire parent header tag?
About sql create database query
cakeRequest resulting in 鈥淯ndefined property鈥�error
ZendFramework comments box and relational databases
jQuery Regular Expression (regex)
Getting current date and time in JavaScript
Java valid character for method name
ios UITextView not displaying correctly (bug?)
How to correct OCR segmentation errors using bounding rectangles?
What is the most efficient way to replace the last occurrence of a string in AS3
Error while running weblogic wsdlc task from Java
Rearrange toolbar items in eclipse. 鈥淣ew Android Project鈥�
Thread runs slow when Invoke UI-Element
I need a value from javascript before the main page load and then want to use that value in code
Can a WCF Service access other ServiceHosts running in the same process?
Sessions & User Authentication in Padrino
Pax Exam Karaf: mavenBundle configuration option works, bundle with file: URL doesn't
Simple regex without a regex library?
How to make unit test for method with NetworkStream param?
How to set the proxy configuration in objective c
How can I save a stored javascript into mongodb from node.js
Windows RPC tuning
create setup project include Sql Server express 2008 R2
How to implement generic polymorphism in c#?
Android lazy list loading from another activity
Why does a 鈥渘ew鈥�method saves my relation instead of just initializing it
iPhone What should I do to keep the angle as I set and change the size?
Regular Expression Issue: custom phone number formatting
Regular Expression Issue: custom phone number formatting
Scikit LDA use in RFECV
How does one tell CXF wsdl2Java to generate java code for specific version of XMLBeans
How do I use Stored Procedure to view the entire contents of a table
User required to pay for app- upgrade.. why? [closed]
yii cdbexpression expression with alias error
ExecuteScalar() returns null altough data was added to DB
Hibernate jdbc no suitable driver found
Handle a Char value from database
get last primary key-not identity- inserted using a trigger
Highlight exact string with jquery using contains selector
I want to print float value and % sign after value
Does this javascript regex replace whitespace?
erasing a pointer to an element in a static vector, in the element's own destructor
Eclipse Web Project is not building with ANT?
Difference between declaring an attribute and a @property in objective-c
Ruby rails - jquery ajax submit form
Optimising MySQL queries across hierarchical data
Javascript script to find gibberish words in form inputs
date highstock highchart
python compare words
Using threadpool to query a remote database
Do you know a shortest path algorithm for weighted graphs with hard time windows on the edges and waiting allowed?
Omit links, ads, etc. from jsoup parse
How can I fix my ajax calls crashing my mobile application?
Bind property of collection element
Difference between were here / checkin numbers
How to use sbtosgi to generate osgi bundle as part of sbt publish task
Objects have no references in client when serializing them from my WebService
Unsuccessfully using sscanf to read in hexadecimal value
Optimizing Levenshtein distance algorithm in Salesforce
Render/Update Thread synchronization
createReadStream error: 鈥淥K, Open鈥�
@font-face Font Weight changes as page loads (weight set to normal)
Populating a triple drop down menu from mysql database
How to stop animation in jQuery, but when animation is finished first
Setting ANOTHER app's theme?
Query to read if row exists
text on a colored window
IIS 7.5 - Change path of administration.config file
Ruby on Rails - Missing template error when I am pretty sure I have the template
What is a GPX file and what is its use?
using next within an iframe [fancybox]
border-radius + gradient + box-shadow causing ragged edge
RESTful Web Service is auto flushing static Hashtable var and Httpruntime.cache object automatically after 20 mins
URL Rewrite - Remove .html extension
Send Backspace or Delete using Telnet in PHP
Draw quad elements using GL_Trianglestrip OpenGL ES 2.0
How could I import a google maps android application into another android project?
How to return link to an external URL in Wicket?
Custom ListView doesn't uncheck all checkboxes after notifyDataSetChanged
How to create its own Marker for OverlayItem in OsmDroid
Lock free atomic state class - is it correct?
Can Google Flights data be queried from Google API?
What is the proper way to manually sequence a column in Postgres?
Google Secure Data Connector on Windows?
Error when add ZXing Library in app for QR Code Reader in android
Generating all subsets of a list giving a certain product without iterating over the whole powerset? (Python) [duplicate]
Simulate `property` in Java: how to use public field as property?
Run a task repeatedly after some interval in Windows Azure
UITableView has more Elements than the DataSource
Finding ambiguous statements, given the context free grammar
Rollback synchronization using RestKit
detecting uiMode or Keyboard change android
java - tf*idf implementation?
File download hanging
Need suggestion which one is better from two simple CSS
Binding to Datagrid's ItemsSource collection properties instead of single items
Cannot add Youtube iframe tag
Google maps Ya, Za and $a
Is it possible to connect two ios devices using sockets by getting their IP addressess?
UILabel moving into the view
How to keep Free/Paid version of the app separate in subversion [closed]
python: instance attribute error
Form1.Designer.cs hard to keep under version control
list of capability codes for Informix 4GL termcap
Sort objects in Rails index
User control fails to start due to null fields
Stem plot in r question
Postgresql query COUNT and MAX together?
how to test a static library project with codeblocks and target definition
Open source tool for UI testing of Java Windows application [closed]
HTTP Status 404 description The requested resource () is not available
How to set a objectId property in mongoose?
Make the page wait for the submit to finish before redirecting
wpf combobox item template for the selected value and search functionality
Creating a SQL insert statement with both parameters and select statement
Storing Coldfusion CFC instance in REQUEST scope, is it safe?
Can I delete particular file from firefox cache?
Web Performance Test that requires login: How do you make it work in isolation and in load test?
Action and pass variable to all actions in symfony 1.4
Matrix power function in Fortran
positioning content of an iframe within a containing div
Is there support to compression or decompress .xz files in LZMA?
How do I execute the mongodump command programmatically from node.js?
How do I get a Play Game button on my page that is not created through the game?
gfortran warn on floating point exception
How to make a window appear on top of everything (even full screen games!) c++/Qt
How to revert a 'git filter-branch -f --env-filter'
SQL tracing not working for JPA persistence.xml
Run elisp program without Emacs?
Making https get with libcurl
Move the Run Text property to the content of the element
Maximum number of words plugin issue onckeditor
Android: how to run video from resource folder
Google App Engine Global Variables(ServletContext)
SQL Query on join
Why do I (sometimes) have to reference assemblies referenced by the assembly I reference?
Several classes sharing an instance of another class [closed]
Work Item Timer Job not firing
error 鈥渁 valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found鈥�[closed]
Inform Google of video sitemap update
Memory leak message on initialization
Hadoop MapReduce provide nested directories as job input
Facebook API and cron
How to write a function inside a declaration
How to disable browser back button in Oracle ADF
Is there a way to remove quotes in a C macro?
RenderTargetBitmap renders empty control if not set in a Window (Visiblox chart)
How to avoid Codeigniter from performing autosave on page refresh?
What is the meaning of A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the clienterror message
Could not load file or assembly or one of its dependencies. Access is denied [duplicate]
OutOfMemoryException with RestSharp file upload
Implementing push kind of technique with a Java Client and JBoss Webervices
Why is Internet Explorer not returning HTTP 200 with a multipart/form and AJAX post?
Why valign in table bad working with TEXTAREA?
MySQL large table with text column behind ORM
Http Servlet request lose params from POST body after read it once
What might I be doing wrong to get 鈥淓rror: s > 0 is not TRUE鈥�for a nlmer model?
Should I test my controllers (MVC)?
why we need to go for Named scope or scope in rails?
Publishing PDFs when using Tridion Razor templates
Column (field) name in Sybase::CTLib (Perl) after nsql query
substring in html
How to rebuild and restart the gae server for a project?
How to convert a string taken out from a Ruby array into a C/C++ String
Alternate location for Eclipse updates
silverlight xml serialization
How do I render JSON or JavaScript object literals as part of my view?
Image navigation overlay arrows (next & previous)
How to display some more information when moving the mouse pointer over a button?
Catch all Custom HttpHandler resulting in Page Not Found - IIS 6
Is it possible to have multiple opacities in a window?
Database Search Query to show as Links
Resolve the view path for a controller in Rails 3.2
Correct way to update entities on Hibernate + Spring
Is there a way to define custom tags in XML resources
ios detect a change in wireless
Rails 3.2 flotilla
Formatting line breaks in python strings
Formatting line breaks in python strings
malloc memory to a pointer to pointer
jqGrid frozen columns when there are hidden rows
Javascript: Trying to set function as a member of an object in an array
How to make flv-players work with iphone/ipad?
How to intercept & replace SQL in jdbc driver?
Gettin all rows of table a that match table b
how to test msaccess form based application
cmd is somehow writing chinese text as output
Executing Long Query Statement in Hive
Is there any way to create an indexed data collection in Prolog?
Open mail client serverside with Javascript?
DataGridTextColumn Binding to IDictionary
Javascript-function build url
Linq-to-SQL - multiple tables
how to read and write the file under the system32 directory in .net
Preferred width of layout in 2012
Publish website not available in Visual Studio 2010 project
Slow touch events in Android WebView
Is it possible to pass multiple resources into a DataTemplate?
Postgresql: Calculate rank by number of true OR clauses
Suspicious Code output for Bully Algorithm
Map virtual address back to physical address
JSON library problems using both Facebook API and Google Places API in the same app
Transpose a table using query in Access
Casting a short from a char array
Qt, get data inside a child widget from another child widget
WheelView in Robotium
Creating an Iphone App without having an iphone? (with iphone simulators?)
Channel-wise Google adsense information
Rails: Sum in 3rd level of nested resource
database disk image is malformed or file is encrypted or is not a database
How to change File and Folder permissions on Windows 7 using Command Line (CLI)? [closed]
Rails: ensure capitalization in model?
Switch Camera in Android
Mapping product data for Windows Error Reporting
String safe functions vs security enhanced CRT
Odd document.location.href issue in IE with URL Fragment Issue
Android Intents in Appcelerator
Add imageview to layout on specific coordinates
Use the same instance of model view across views in ASP MVC 3
Integrating an image gallery plugin with an image zoom in function plugin
Where will the content begin in a post request?
ggplot2: Set alpha=0 for certain points depending on fill value
C++ method declaration including a macro
How do I temporarily skip running the compile task in an custom sbt command?
Wordpress, Alternating float on featured image
How do I manually build form data?
How to count the Framerate with which a SurfaceView refreshes?
dijit.form.FilteringSelect force direction down
Draw the line on the Jpanel when dragging the mouse
Error while posting Purchase Packing Slip Through X++
Mysql: why should I use appropriate data sizes and choose the optimal data length while defining tables
Why does Closure Compiler insist on adding more bytes?
singleton for returning next number in a sequence for rails webservice controller
VBA Excel - Modify data on cells through VBA code
How do I load an array from values?
Find out which local branches are out of sync with remote
MySpace Integration, Api key generate
How to create / destroy tab dynamically in sencha touch 2
Python BCD splitting nibbles and concatenation 2 ints
Is there a maximum size to NSDocumentsDirectory? Are the contents accessible outside the app?
404 with VirtualHost and Subdirectories with Apache (httpd)
Multiple Light Sources with GL
GCC ignores second Wno-error option in buildscript, what is wrong?
How stable is Netty 4?
IIS7 Rewrite Rule to redirect to
how to detect form submit when it is done via a javascript
Listview onItemClick() checkable
How do I read a file with regexp and write the value in another file?
What is the difference between prependClientTransformer and appendClientTransformer in Symfony2 form?
Using Direction service in combination with Autocomplete service in Google Maps
msi not removing assemblies from GAC?
json_encode() escaping forward slashes
How can I fake my own in App Tiles in Windows Phone
Create 2 arrays - 1st has random integers, 2nd has unique random integers
software with multiple executables management in Netbeans
How to create a hyperlink from the data I get from a website with php
Android: ArrayAdapter; Copied data; Sorted it; Wrote back to ArrayAdapter; View not updating properly
what does Haarclassifier different cascades and stages signify?
Combobox dropdown list is going below the window screen.
How to prepare Django for a possible slashdotting?
Not a single-group group function
Using nested interfaces and mapper with MyBatis
Ajax jsp responsetext
How do I pass a New line character to JavaScript from my Servlet?
How to implement spotlight like search in Windows?
Get selected value from HTML.DropDownList back to controller (.Net MVC)
Android game development with Cocos2d lib
How to write response to file using php
Spotify Apps Api - 鈥淪hare鈥�button for created playlist
Resize marker Image google maps API v3
Issues on getting event from Calendar
How to disable children, grandchildren鈥�of control in SWT?
How to retrieve the current value of an oracle sequence without increment it?
Pattern matching and constructors
Jasmine testing Backbone, Scoping trouble
jqGrid events after saving does not fire
C# Updating TextBox From Another Class
Writing text to file from multiple instances of program
what is the replacement for filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient
Sqlite3 data convert to python for real time
extract last number in every row of CSV file
VS 2010 (fresh install (twice) SP1Rel too) start debugging gives 0x800703e9 vs. start runs normally
Why does this not match?
Looking for clojure-csv library example that uses write-csv
i want to block touch input in other cell of table view controller
Creating an m-banking program
format of ByteArray returned from C is invalid
Making a cookie expire
Check for existing file
Is a class inherited from another class larger in memory than a class which uses no inheritence?
using ASIHTTPRequest
php & wordpress - show full image instead of thumbnail?
Python List Class __contains__ Method Functionality
Haskell - Selectively Adding Lists
XML, XSL, how to fetch child nodes from xml file to xsl file
Can I get multiple rows in JPanel with FlowLayout
Can't we use spring for distributed java applications?
Create horizontal ScrollableView with
wcf rest design about Quiz System
Click event for a list of buttons with same class name
How to retrieve BLOB data from Oracle Client using Oledb driver in Vb.Net?
Know if a part of an image is full of one color with canvas
Instance new Type (golang)
symfony2 not equal values in fields
Why CCLabelAtlas[1] refuses to update?
Configuring Application Endpoints in AppFabric
Getting success message from a form that posts data to google spreadsheet
And statement using grep/regular expressions
Mysql Connect to external/remote server outside the VLAN
Installing an open inviter
Can length() lock the file and prevent File.delete() from working?
.htaccess rule for setting directory rewrite if extension match
How to optimize two threads running heavy loops
ASP.NET Intranet and Internet website
Symfony 1.4: How to manipulate the attributeHolder?
RxExp to matching the first tag
Changing the URL/ IP address of the AJAX function to be static
Using CMAKE how can I use CHECK_LIBRARY_EXISTS to check a C++ library?
Using a matrix to rotate rectangles individually
arrow clicks in jquery
Loading private pictures from flickr into imageView
SSIS version checkout
how to loop an xml writer to write nodes
C++ - Advanced polymorphism: Is this function legal for removing pointers from a list?
Can I trigger PiP (picture-in-picture) in Google TV from a command?
Trying to create/bind onClick event to <option> generated through a dojo.xhrGet request
Size of tab in sencha
What value for length field for Freescale PowerPC Security Engine 2.0, when using Link Tables?
I have set index then, when i take back up does not display index details
CSS horizontal bar that collapses to height of its children (Getting unwanted vertical space)
Why do we have NSNumber and NSTemporaryNumber as two different classes?
How to create a custom Google Maps on a site?
Is this garbage-collected or not?
java virtual machine: type information
How to make a database consult using a date and time variable?
How to obtain different combinations in Java
Use Django's RedirectView with a named url
How to disable SQLAlchemy caching?
Mylyn doesn't filter the resources in the Navigator- or Package Explorer views
Does javascript/jquery 鈥渉ate鈥�negative number as part of id name?
jCrop API is null or not an object in IE, but works in FF, Chrome, etc
Compare 2 files and remove any lines in file2 when they match values found in file1
MongoDB : How do the stored objects are affected by model changes?
Can I keep my service on the device over power-off?
Get the parent document.domain
Mongoose update of embedded document
Show preview of taken picture but without editing UIImagePickerController UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypeSavedPhotosAlbum
Context of class loader inside method
How to let webkit know the path of the and then use it?
list operations using list comprehension
UIPickerView NSUnknownKeyException
iOS - Storyboards - Link the same UITableViewController to 2 different UITabBarControllers
change() fires only when losing focus
Interface with implementation without abstract class?
How to create array of 100 new objects?
Using CustomValidator control
Cannot enable timeline module in drupal site
Roku - not parsing malformed xml
iPhone:How open two safari browser tab with two link on button action in iphone?
Best way to parse XML in C# with regard to performance [closed]
How do I get a `callFrameID` to pass to `Debugger.evaluateOnCallFrame`?
Virtual Fields as aliases to other Model field - SQL: Unknown Column Error
Why is the input stream locked while Tomcat is working?
Flex command issue
Delayed job with custom attributes
How to select audio channel in AVPlayer or MPMoviePlayerController on iOS?
Upgrading Eclipse for Android - Having Problems
using awk to eliminate records that have a match specified by field 1 and within a defined value of field 2
Mixing text and functions inside an if/else with MVC Razor
Process.Start not working on live site
Got '206 Partial Content' Status on requesting webm videos from my server
Using ONE of microsoft word11 word12,word14 object library inside VB6
Delphi - ADODataSet Subset
Source code compiled from a Repository() is not put in the variant dir for a Hierarchical SCons project
gson.toJson() throws StackOverflowError
dynamically change images in an animation IOS
Regular Expression to allow an empty string or a string with specific length
dynamically change images in an animation IOS
Regular Expression to allow an empty string or a string with specific length
java constant pool
Is there a possible way to create screenshots of the whole screen out of a firefox extension?
Custom AuthenticationType and Elmah (C#)
Object of class DateTime could not be converted to string
Handling LTPA token timeout (websphere 7.x) in JSF richfaces 3.3
Multiple threads update global variables periodically while third thread waiting to read
Deploy MVC 鈥渙nly Files needed to run this application鈥�error 鈥淎 public action method 'xxx' was not found on controller鈥�
drawing sine wave using opencv
alternate CSV row deletion
Codeigniter uri->segment doesn't work in query
How to display Arabic characters using unicodes in android?
Input as float number
internal storage in different threads
C# Forms - Clearing the form from Buttons, PictureBoxes,
Having installed wxWidgets-devel with MacPorts, what should I add to PATH?
How to find the join path from one table to another in a large database
jquery getting child element values
Android KSOAP2 request to PHP SOAP server
Is there a posibility to raise an event when a certain tag is created?
Visual studio crash loses all newly set breakpoints
PHP SDK + Code Igniter
Application behaves two differnt ways when user chose open and done at the time of instalation in what is the resion?
Access Denied - CreateDirectory C#
c++11 std::async doesn't work in mingw
Properly handle lists of files with whitespace in filename
Sporadic chrome aw snap screens
Insert query in SQL Server 2005
replace a JSON date in a string to a more readable date
C# Anonymous Array of Anonymous Objects from loop
Build mongoDB queries based on JSON from a user using Python
Facebook: removing users from a database who have unauthorized the application
SQL Server Import and Export Wizard Error when exporting to PostgreSQL
How can I include RDL Reports in SharePoint Package and be able to deploy it to different servers
Zend Framework Controller to Module routing
ODBC Common Language Reference?
How to call scrollViewDidScroll: the same way UIScrollView does, but during custom animation?
How to use XSLT templates on different types (鈥渕odule based鈥�?
Send page content to email
Design Approach : Procedure or Java with Huge data?
iPhone unit test with iPhone setting parameters
Detect if text-overflow:ellipsis is active on input field
mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource- pulling out individual id [duplicate]
Ruby On rails In iPhone
Change View from other thread