Saving user information in app settings
Access textboxes dynamically created at runtime
Is there any org.w3c.dom wrapper for JDom?
Is there any org.w3c.dom wrapper for JDom?
POST method failing - 404
WFP Usercontrol, trigger on Enter-key hit
Overwrite value while from For Each
PHP PDO with Special Characters
Why doesn't this ToolStripControlHost work?
Is there any way to tell a browser that this is a bad URL to remember?
Can't load a URL form a popover in a webview
ANSI vs SHIFT JIS vs UTF-8 in c#
addClass() removeClass() issues in jquery
c++: vectorof structs
Google couldn't follow your URL because it redirected too many times
how to include css in view file
What's the difference between Raphael and gRaphael?
Automatic Login with Facebook PHP SDK doesn't works
MVC: How to add extra data to my Ajax ActionResult
Parse string into another data type in Haskell
Elegant way to create a circular permutation with MySQL
Set Google Maps Container DIV width and height 100%
Remove default growl messages
Java I/O errors on Android with Jetty
NoMethodError in Shop#new
Maven: dynamic specification of dependencies
enterText() in Robotium
How to select objects from a list that has a property that matches an item in another list?
What are best practices for handling ids in web services?
appengine datastore - relationship between property and composite indexes
Statically linked OpenGL library on Windows
edittext inside scrollview, how to scroll to edittext when it gets the focus
using Notepad++ for git inside cygwin
Loading SQL Server SSIS assembly in Powershell background jobs
Store console logging in Chrome in a persistent way
Displaying Full DateTime when sorting by hour
Strange error message in Node.js
Generating a SQL script of my database's data (SQL SERVER)
Adding arrows to a div jQuery plugin issue
WCF service contract to receive file upload from ExtJs front end
Search a single column for a particular value in a CSV file and return an entire row
why should i join() after start() in multithreading in python?
Java - Clean file path
MVC3 EF Code First 鈥淔oreign Key鈥�Data
Using MPI to map a vector in Fortran
FileStream Exception
Stacked line charts or streamgraphs in Raphael?
Remove client-side validation
Slideshow-like application
how to call asynctask manytimes for many services in android
Is there any way to get artworks for artists/albums/songs using spotify web api? [duplicate]
Skip in SQL Server subquery
Loading Big HTML
Two CheckListBoxes, user can select an item on any one and get selected item in another?
PrimeFaces dataTable - how to scroll to its bottom on change
Creating text pdf with multiple pages of the UITableView data [duplicate]
Apache CXF not handling cookies with 鈥淓xpires鈥�directive?
How to sort the entire gridview rows by the datetime column?
Adding a class on the buttons of my jquery dialog
Android align image in top and center in RelativeLayout
PhoneGap / Cordova 1.6 and dojo 1.7.2 AMD works from web, not from local?
Cannot delete Maps.apk from Android emulator even after read write permissions
Web font that supports some basic music symbols
JSTL not generating JSON data
How should I handle multiple file uploads in ASP.NET MVC 3?
Java : Method return
Can glow on the touch point when touch the view in IOS?
I'm getting 503 connection failed errors from DISQUS
How to populate and select data in comboboxcell in datagridview
Getting values textbox and send it to php
MultiThreading Example - Do I need to Lock Dictionary
Python- best way to pass variable arguments to
Magento: Remove Place (Review) Order Page in Standard Checkout (NOT OnePage Checkout)
mysql query using array outputting in select element
Is publishProgress method of AsyncTask asynchronous?
Remove empty item from RadGrid
JSF external link
Three.js does not show texture on sphere
VHDL function does not compile
How to receive Contact changes : Android
Latest JQuery mobile causes white page on oracle apex applications within iphone/safari browser
How do I represent a set of 鈥渉as and belongs to many鈥�self-relation items in HTML?
adding author information for classes in .net
Magento cronjobs
How to write a method to get a JSON data and parse it and then save into database
Javadocs and multiline description?
Error handling for functions in a catch statement
Track down out-of-bounds access on iPhone
RavenDB: Base an index upon another index
Import arbitrary XML to SQL Server
SharePoint 2010: How do I use the 'onmouseover' attribute in the ItemStyle.XSL file for the Content Query Webpart?
how to save parameters in session in nodejs. nowjs example
Image Rollover jQuery method behaving strangely
SQLite: End transaction is taking too long
NFC Chip is not activated in lockscreen after Nexus S update to ICS
symfony 1.4 forms - how to set value of one field while submiting the form?
Avoid moving two views at the same time
implement callbacks in android MVP designed project
label with tags highest values in a column
Subtract 7 days from current date
Oracle ADF Secured App Gives HTTP 401 Error
How to create java desktop application with offline and online database, syncing periodically?
How do I convert line breaks to n
File.getUsableSpace() does not return the same value as the 鈥渄f鈥�command in Linux
How do I remove all class divs except the last 2 using jquery?
Obfuscated code
Adding Strings to a Text File in C
Hazelcast : shutting down a particular member from hazelcast cluster
Edit include/, add my own SMTP setting there
Intent.EXTRA_SUBJECT multiple values in Android
How does Zend Registry work [closed]
MySQL Select and LIMIT
Migrate custom route to ASP.NET MVC custom route to support List<string>
Check for Ajax Request
File access exception when using IE
Find all namespace declarations in an XML document - xPath 1.0 vs xPath 2.0
ASP.Net MVC 3 Retrieve CheckBoxList Values
Not able to access $_POST variable in PHP if statement
MySQL workbench - self referring table and custom script
$_POST superglobal in foreach loop not working
Setting up SMTP mail server. Done with installing SMTP. Now what?
Mysql deadlock detection
Twig and autoescaping
Using iphone-exif for EXIF data
Oracle 11g - Create X Instances, for testing
How can we use addCallback function in flex
context.Response.Redirect from a handler does not works
Find sublist using pattern match
If i click on Unlike button for facebook app it is not redirecting
How to do multi row selection in a GridView in C#
How to search a file in subdirectories?
How to customize Twitter bootstrap while using Rails 3.x?
Optional Fields in Hibernate Embeddable Class
Linking methods/Small corrections - Java
PGP Encrypt and Decrypt
OpenGL textures taking up too much memory
Query with three conditions
Android: making buttons off the view
WebService Parser Error
How to serve ASP.Net & PHP pages under Ubuntu Server 11.10
iOS: Facebook Comments Plugin mobile keeps reloading
REST based data storage/retrieval server side component out of the box?
how to create a button which leads to data.prevPage in Jquery Mobile?
Web.Config not able to render special character
Array object gets released in iPad app due to memory warnings in iPad app
Accessing multiple keyboards input by C++ (or python) in linux
Know the lenght of a jquery scroll when I don't load all data in browser at once?
How to manage sessions through UDP for an intermediate bridge server between multiple clients and a duty server?
RVM and Jenkins setup
Cancel checkbox checking, when input not corret
notifyAll() method is not working in my code
Resource instead of external file C++
Bind a keyboard shortcut to a command in the view model in WPF
Web crawler Using Twisted
Open local image in canvas
Nokogiri : Not able to access 鈥減鈥�tag text with 鈥渁鈥�tag link
iframe doesn't display the source link
Apache SOLR sort order
Clojure, merging two array of maps
Facebook API Post Message On Friends Wall
device doesn't support the MFMail composer sheet
When do you need a WebService or an Android Service? [closed]
Multicasting Via Java, wrong address
Sencha: Google document crashes in IFRAME in iPhone/iPad
How to solve this error caused due to the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access.ApplicationClass?
Illegal Expression error in exception handling code
How to identify an row object in a NSTableView with a specific index?
How to open new window with backing bean?
Access class being referenced to?
Javascript issue in IE9 with Windows 7 Professional and not in Windows 7 Enterprise
Extract album cover from mp3 file in android
Learning Rails, workshop, course, resources
read excelsheet in azure uploaded as a blob
Install multiple facebook applications simultaneously
Why aren't my NSViews in my NSWindow resizing when the window is resized?
Where clause in sqlite in android
delphi screen capture in global exception
Specifying JSON data in In-App Purchase product's description
Integrate non-standard tests into TeamCity
Selenium: Erase cookies from different domains
Set div id dyanmically in each item in the loop to be referred in Ajax.ActionLink method?
How to set icons to tree nodes using a pattern
TCP receive windows size always full
installing application in /system/app directory in android
Caused by EditControl or Clipboard?
ADFS 2.0 - request token for service in different AD
Jquery and colorbox - No exit button?
C# LINQ - Union() the Group()-results
How to have an application bar in a panorama view in windows phone 7 app?
Google search API wrapper for Node.js
How to know if iPhone user SIM Card has changed?
Automator/Applescript rename files if
Check to see if file exists is failing
roo start up issue
How to get the current field name in Tridion?
Find where is a border coming from
Change style of Indeterminate Progress Bar
SerialPort class occasionally hangs on Dispose
Get multidimensional array from function
MFC: How to connect headersw of CExplorer to project and what libs are required for it to be editable from my programm?
Issues/Errors consuming Coldfusion generated SOAP service in .Net 4 WCF
Get iterator from pointer
Linux and real-time signals
Best practice to encourage error / bug reporting of JavaScript app?
Merging multiple csv files in R
Glassfish Full Feature List
Are there any general purpose CRUD client applications?
Trigger warning or compile time error for elif typo in Ruby
Error handling & workarounds allow_url_fopen and allow_url_include is disabled on the server [duplicate]
How to make CGContextShowTextAtPoint() automatically shrink text in some rectangle
JavaScript Split & jQuery .val() can I chain them?
Need to reload bash every time i open terminal?
What exceptions may a generated service reference throw?
How to reliably sequence commands in Objective-C/iOS
Grabbing First Frame of a Video - Thumbnail Resolution - iPhone
Codeigniter htaccess not working
Drop table in access using oledb in c#
Can I check at compile time if a member function is an operator?
Replace the default checkmark for UITableView with a custom image
How can I use a space in a Qt application name?
Authentication on iPad for HTML5 web app
Rails 3.1: How to query based on result of method? webforms. Redirect issue when I login with email
how to get the name entered by the user and search that respective location in edittext
JQuery add Image to Div
C# string.Format 1000,00 to 1.000,00
jQuery: adding css depending on if statement
C# .NET interoperabillity with managed Python (CPython) -> any problems?
Binding MediaElement to slider position in WPF
PHP SOAP how to create nested requests
How to remove element if self closing tag is found
Div onclick event not called in Mozilla
Rendering a WPF Visual to a WMF/EMF file
Copying embedded file from 鈥渁ssets鈥�to File.applicationStorageDirectory
Finding the actual origins of subviews iOS Sdk
Is passing the same entity to arguments with different intent undefined behavior?
Php variables in javascript code
Compiling error of pcre-8.30 on Ubuntu
Called id for nil, which would mistakenly be 4 鈥�if you really wanted the id of nil, use object_id
How can i improve inserts times in a big table?
Redis PhpRedis Stack Trace
Editing Javascript in Chrome real time, like Edit and Continue in Visual Studio
Performance of stored procedures & Entity Framework
Safe casting VARCHAR to DECIMAL in Teradata
how to use .dll files in java code?
How can i scroll a Listview within a scrollview?
Salesforce Opportunity Validation from Custom button
How to setup a login with google in rails applicaiton?
Test static library or share it between projects
How can we dynamically change a few dropdown lists using a database?
UIkit Animations and Core Animation
Change value of span tag onchange event jquery
Node.js crashes! SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL
Calculated fields and OData / WCF Data Service
Groupby value and return index
Date Range Parameter - including bounds in record selection
Extract password from SQL Login
xcode - filter xml data for UITableView
UIBarButtonItem not showing up in UINavigationController
How to copy the value of a dynamic array in C++
WPF: Data bound TabControl doesn't commit changes when new tab is selected
Is mutable ID safe with Hibernate and Ehcache?
Margin 0 auto not working for me in IE 9
TSQL select rows by one from 2 conditions
Alternatives to partial template specialization for functions with recursive variadic template
TextBox in mvc 3 shows zero value at application start
Why does the code hang when calling cancelInquiry in Java to cancel, a Bluetooth inquiry, on some Nokia phones?
restrict access to mvc controller using ip address
How to retrieve files from Gmail using python script?
Basic JQuery: perform plugin action after loading?
jquery send file to as3 fileReference
textbox onblur event not fired when i click the exit button in
Colormap for errorbars in x-y scatter plot using matplotlib
What is advantage to call session bean method by creating local object
Add class active to the <li> tag
Unknown receiver 'jsonParser' error in iOS project
wpf, c#, renderTargetBitmap of viewport3D without assigning it to a window
jquery datatable row position (height)
Is it possible to use SQLite Databases with PHP without the sqlite functions?
add view to the parent view from a subview
Can't instantaite RemoteControlConfiguration in Selenium RC
Is there a way to *really* force pydev to use a forced builtin?
get Time Zone using latitude and longitude?
How can I use PHP codes in a javascript tag? [duplicate]
Automating the testing Android Applications? [closed]
How to install JavaEE capabilities in Eclipse Indigo 3.7.1
how to display Hindi content in windows phone7?
cmake: install executables and create links to them
Cannot dismiss ABPersonViewController in iPhone
Displaying a Facebook newsfeed/timeline on a website
Get the Foreign Keys with PHP
PhoneGap 1.6 - Building a project based on an old PhoneGap version
Copy 1D Array to CUDA Memory - pointer to memory
how to use log4Net adonetappender to store the data in to azure table stroage
Add two numbers in ajax function
JRules Studio - Display values of IN_OUT parameters while testing
Restore initial-scale through javascript
Undefined offset error when running SQL query
Using more than one queries on perl DBI
Confusion over execution order
$.getJSON trigger select change event
How to escape value keyword in mysql while using Select statement
CSS style link color in nested selector
How to escape value keyword in mysql while using Select statement
CSS style link color in nested selector
Kaazing vs jWebsocket
checking memory_limit in PHP
Facebook api for facebook integration of a GWT application?
invalid cross-thread access in release
regex to parse string with escaped characters
Do I need a php mysql connection in each function that uses database?
Team Foundation Server: granting Check-out Rights on a whole Collection
Coffeescript multiline regex replace confusion
Using the 'Done' button as the return key
Check if a String is in an ArrayList of Strings
Use variable to trigger function with the same name in javascript (or jQuery)
jquery REGEX for longstring with azAZ-09-specialchars and ,
list item clicked get related data from xml where one list item click
Simulate samples from a joint cumulative distribution function?
ExpandableListView does not react and receive any click
Selecting SMS from given sender
Mixing pages and categories in menu - permalink problems
MVC Partial view hides main view
change hyperlink depend result column in gridview
Advice on a Distributable client for message publication
AutoFixture and interfaces
Setting the vanishing point of a CATransform3D perspective transform
.NET MVC3 - Url and Controller relation?
GWT html files Internationalization [closed]
mysql sum payments
button tap not reacting when view gets added a 2nd time
.htaccess rewrite issue on iPhone
data storage in jquery
Group By Retrieve 4 Values
how to resolve unhanded exception when i press back key of device?
wget giving error when downloading certain files
Cognos report studio
How to position these elements on the same row?
I am new to perl-cgi . i am trying to connect db with cgi script i getting this error
Sandbox issue in Flash Builder
Problems with SharePoint EventReceiver ItemUpdating on Custom List Definition
jsf 1.2 UI Component tag backing bean
Looping and TemplateRepeatIndex in Dreamweaver template
mongodb - abuse of system.users collection?
UITableView check animation
App Engine switch to High Replication
Block Website in android using wifi SSID
MVC3 razor get Browser Screen Width and Height in View
Fire event when iphone app is in background?
Using and creation of Dynatree
How to associate application with existing file types using WiX installer in a per-user installer?
How to insert <th> tag in the table in in code behind file?
HQL find objects with intersecting sublist including size
jquery valum plugin button change
Create view with extra column indicating type in SQL Server
Solr slow while Indexing
Adding a new document in Couchdb ( iriscouch ) POST request fails with Status 500
autoconf-generated Makefile does not pass flags for library headers when using PKG_CHECK_MODULES
Framework for caching files using NSCoding
How to invoke onbeforeunload behavior for static page in JS?
Eclipse with EGit, git-blame info is hard to see
Error in http connection android.os.networkonmainthreadexception
Alternative to include() in a loop for DB row templating?
Using the Crashlog to Debug iOS (the basics)
In Apache 2.x, how to limit access to files by MIME type?
Using XAMPP in a network of three PCs
how to compress and minify assets using jekyll plugins
Substr based on bytes rather than character count
How to crawl a website to get all the cookies which are set and the pages set them?
C# threading help needed
how to set the height of div tag using css [duplicate]
Replace Rails Confirm Alert with A Double State Button
Looping through Array in multiple <td> cells
VarType to GetType()
Selecting only models with related models or descendants that have related models
Count orders by days of the week, adding Saturday & Sunday counts to Friday
How can I use PHP to automatically change the page if [closed]
HTML5 video doesnt play with android
Changing domain name
How to position this element fixed?
Save opened Fragments on screen orientation change
Sorting a nested list in python
Aptana 3 - Hangs with 鈥淗ooking file watcher to new project鈥�
Win32 game loop that doesn't spike the CPU
Why the member function can still be accessed even if it is declared as 鈥減rivate鈥� [duplicate]
Iphone Rejected Apps
Please configure a GWT SDK?
How can I create users in SugarCRM using SOAP?
Convert Windows file to Linux file
Interpret Assembly Code
Jquery Date & Time on html/php page
Can't build iOS/iPhone app as anything other than i386
how to read & write xml file in C# not rely on the tag name?
Jquery randomly hide 2 number without repeating the previous one
C# Generics and Interface Inherits Interface
Ruby Rails, global function available to all controllers
How does webkit find
Auto login using username and password
Can ASP.NET MVC SiteMap provider use arbitrary resources?
phpMyAdmin not logging in locally
Generate a vector for scale_colour_manual using two input vectors
How to pass a php code in a javascript function?
Is it possible to record the things happening on an iPhone/iPad screen without Jailbreaking?
How does Arquillian compare to Pax Exam for OSGi (integration) testing?
Can I redefine the way PHP displays uncaught exceptions?
Getting the real time as the 鈥淎utomatic鈥�time setting does
c++: how to insert data to a struct member (struct located in vector)
jQuery and IE7 id issues
Flash app within <iframe> does not send cookie in IE
Smarty / PHP: Why is it not possible to use two foreach loops in one table with Smarty?
How can I view the outline in eclipse when using the revealing module pattern?
Removing from ArrayList<Form> throws an UnsupportedOperationException
How to get strings with specific length from NSArray?
Querying Entities with maps in OpenJPA
How would i store the contents of a file without storing them on the db or server
ORACLE db performance tuning
Reuse postback data in HttpModule
Nodejs,mongodb - using $nin or $in for object ids or _id
Iperf with tcl expect command
Why does iterating over GetConsumingEnumerable() not fully empty the underlying blocking collection
Using cast() to transform a data.frame
Reinitialising jQuery function after ajax call
Should a commercial Web Application that uses a number of Open Source Licences have an about/notices page?
Access violation at adress 50043a45 in module 'rtl160.bpl'. Read of adress 00000000
鈥淕o To Definition鈥�equivilent shortcut for interface implementations? [duplicate]
Eclipse auto-build output interacts with Maven command-line build output
Flickering/rendering issue with -webkit-transform
toString returning all of an objects getter methods
Android kernel .config file for Netfilter and iptables
How to distribute IOC/DI components over several machines?
how get Virtual memory for windows phone 'mango'
How can I grab all records except for the last 2 in ruby on rails?
Replace a character only in one special part of a string
How to send emails to my user's friends?
How to get a generic interface without knowing its specific type?
Is it bad practise to inject IEnumerable<T> into a class?
how to load a popup with data and return selected option to the original form
How to get a layout's dimension or more like the height and witdth in pixels?
how to change the background of the current line in eclipse
How to change button text colour in a Toolbar?
Why COM doesn't work in a new thread?
How to increase/decrease brightness of image using JSlider in java?
Both DataSource and DataSourceID are defined on 'GridView1'. Remove one definition
Javascript, escape is not a function - from firefox?
How to repack zip files without using tmp dir?
node.js redis async query
Floating form with static image in east side of form
What is optical transfer function in Image restoration?
What comes first - template instanziation Vs. macro expansion?
EXT JS: is it possible to add url to reader and writer in proxy
Get context in which a view is rendered?
Unable to select the whole item when clicking on a checkbox contained in a listview
Shared Storage & Oracle Clusterware
Shared Storage & Oracle Clusterware
remove item from list, knockout.js
ALAssetsLibraryChangedNotification is not work in ios5.0
How to delete all lines from a CSV file containing an exact match of a search term?
Delaying A Label Updated From Within connection:didReceiveData:data
Control segue destination Back button Navigation bar
Disable/Customize comment (re-)formatting in Resharper when using code cleanup
Jquery selector multiple href - dynamically get href value
Android Hash not working
鈥淚nheritance security rules violated鈥�when using HttpSelfHostServer and IDependencyResolver
nodemon - restart on changes to json files
Characters being replaced while calling java class
Type list with boost
How to open the default text editor from a webpage
AQGridView with grid outline
Fluent NHibernate Polymorphism and TransformUsing
I don't fully undestand sqlite3_finalize. Please check my code
Apple push notification on multiple devices
how to set a bounce back email address on PHP Pear Mail Queue?
How to pass jQuery variable using Ajax get request?
jqPlot - Label Data, Pointvalue Data
Strongly type resource files in C#
Java - Dynamic Comparison with Primitive Data Types
Upload a file on filesystem with Primefaces
OpenERP: insert Data code
Is there a possiblity to declare a member variable that takes up no memory?
Annotation @XmlElement write only?
Is there something wrong with the usage of Sqlite in Monotouch in this piece of code? Getting malloc() errors
Refreshing Gallery object when content bitmap is updated
Django Haystack reporting `Errno 111: Connection Refused` connecting to Solr
How do i go about disabling my submit button once my javascript timer ends?
Page not load while trying to read a file
Porting iOS app on Mac using Chameleon project
Can't extract user facebook email address from OAuth iOS
Is it possible to select a specific ORDER BY in SQL Server 2008?
how to go from using app.config of WCF binding and convert it to bind programmatically in correct manner
How to copy a paragraph of .docx to another .docx withJava and retain the style
Fading slideshow not cycling through
PrimeFaces DataTable selection goes null on
Get type of T in IEnumerable<T>
Javascript, validation, for-loops
Does apache camel support exposing Spring MVC implemented REST services as SOAP
JSON parse error in javascript
How to 鈥減ack鈥�JPanel inside JFrame?
File creation through fopen works fine on Linux but not on Windows (MS VS 2010)
HttpCompileException with System.Observable
How to get a window title and scan it every 100ms use python?
Is it possible to write a Visual Studio add-In using Java?
Using Flot with Bootstrap: IE8 incompatibility?
Programmatically wire event handler of a control in a datatemplate
String.equals() with multiple conditions (and one action on result)
c#.NET - Extracting raw pixel data with lockbits
How does IOC/DI affect dependency maintenance?
MongoDB shell history doesn't remember 'authentications'
Logout url in Facebook PHP SDK not working correct
Chrome keeps asking for Windows media player permission.(even after clicking 鈥渁lways allow鈥�
Issue in showing already created folder
How to disable ruby UDPSocket from resolving IP address on recvfrom?
Printing UL LI nested in Foreach Loop
Executing command line process as administrator using java
if using jquery to append multiple fields they are not posted to array
Datagrid Column header should check / uncheck CheckBox鈥檚 state depending upon whether all CheckBoxes of a DataGridView column are checked or unchecked
SQL check a set of elements containing a specific value
How can I copy my production-database to my test-database in Ruby on Rails?
UIMA + CFE Tutorial
WPF binding ObservableCollection to ListBox
Placing string in a specific location in a Dos scripts
The gap between two inline-block <span> element [duplicate]
CTE query generates error in dataset using c# for webform in
rfc 3339 timestamp decoding using r
Ruby Command line application to update Facebook Status
Reading from socket to basic_filebuf
HTML refuses to include Javascript [UIWebView]
Fancybox 2 horizontal animation
C# generic constrain : type cannot be inferred from usage [duplicate]
Deploy war files in Apache Felix?
How to add group access to SVN+LDAP access?
Regular expression to match words with word boundary in a sentence using Perl?
Trying to make this port from Objective-C to MonoMac work
matlab: about eps range error
Is displaying the directory allowed in PHP
TFS Project path
SQL Server nested reporting structure / hierarchical
error while backing up oracle database using rman
Highcharts / highstock how to change title of chart in IE?
Resigning ipa with xcrun PackageApplication prevents IPA installation
ASP.Net MVC 3 EditorFor CheckBoxList
netbeans email server related to drupal
estimating the frame rate
Make Child DIv remain Fixed while Horizontal Scrolling Parent Div
GridView getting the data through the id
How to assign the javascript variable value to php variable [duplicate]
How can I check if there the sign - appears with regex in php?
issue in gitolite
Save/Commit user changes to Database - Android
android change background image programmatically from string [duplicate]
Check if EKEvent already exists iPhone
Unix parsing pipe delimited format string in ksh
Why is row count 0 in my PostgreSQL plan?
If stament showing a error with closing bracket [closed]
rewrite all the pages to page name only in my web site
Convert nvarchar ISO-8601 date to datetime in SQL Server
Active records complex relationship query
Weird behaviour: Apache PHP Windows with FSockopen
How to handle two functions together in KeyEventArgs鈥C++2010?
VBA - check if some time period is contained entirely in some month
Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 1 Incorrect syntax near '('
WPF ListView - detect when selected item is clicked
Finding less files when running a DirectoryInfo.getfiles inside a windows service than in a console app
GWT widget library and MVP pattern
Recommended way to hit the database within the DAO's in Spring3.1.1 (hibernate4)?
The rdbms API is not available because the MySQLdb library could not be loaded
Ruby rails - ajax form_tag isn't making ajax call
SimpleImage.php (Again) no errors but not working
Error when using three20 framework
GDI+ gradient effect
Qt4.8 : QWebView and HTTPS
NSPredicate filter array, for NSDate
Using send() twice for sending different types of data
need assistance with recursive method in Java
Is the following acceptable foreign key usage
Objective-c - Stop centralizing the user location when the map updates its self
How to refer id from include
Content duplicated with jQuery fadeIn / fadeOut
log4j appender with a file url
Backbone history start not working
inform when a job is done at remote machine
Drupal services Module 3.x is not compatible with PHP version 5.3.2 [closed]
How to use UIScrollView to show different images on scroll
Xcode 4.1 iOS consulting Joomla generated Database via PHP
Changing a big number to a small normalized number
Debugging into .net sources not working for me
$_GET shows empty value
Default configuration in Play 2.0 causes IOException?
Adding data to datatable using object[] not working?
Stored Procedure or Code
How to delete object on the heap when another heap object is deleted
Django: hint for isolating data among set of users
Java DOM getElementByID
hibernate criteria: havin count(.), in
How to generate a PDF form that can be used in both Mac Preview and Adobe Reader?
How to use request or http module to read gzip page into a string
Unit testing for EditTextView. How do I do it?
conditional parameters in ruby, how to check for nil?
Tapestry5 : Non select the radio button
How to convert pcap to avi file with video and audio by gstreamer?
How to minimize the memory used by my application?
Passing link value to ajax function onclick event
What does the -b argument do in csh?
Android Development Tools Query [closed]
vbscript how to sort files in subfolders by modified date (and print it with the absolute path of file)
Select next image in jQuery
PHP unserialize array
Counting how many lines in a file, excluding certain lines
PayPal payment for InApp contents on Android using WebView or External browser
Crystal Report Service Packs Release Notes
why I got this exception in xaml viewer of wpf?
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Display a popover view from dynamic prototype cells
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Join table complicate
return array from javascript function to objective-c xcode
when run projects in vs they just show up and disappear instantly
Selecting in HTML & Javascript
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How to directly make a phone call with private API CTCallDial()?
Set default value of RadDatePicker to NULL when date is not set
Optimize painting of TWebBrowser to reduce total CPU usage
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HTTP Status 404 description The requested resource () is not available. Apache Tomcat/7.0.27
ZendX Jquery Form Autocomplete
using static classes in servlets
Nullable object must have a value - why?
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Adding items to a listview in a specific order
VB.Net - Reminder - Startup
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popupwindow : window get leaked on back button
sizeof member computation error
Active state on parent element when clicking element
Adding elements to ExpandableListView only using XMLs
Pax Exam runs test twice
AVPlayer Dynamic Volume control
reading a text file line by line using javascript
How to add jars available in a particular folder to classpath at runtime only for specific wars:
Cast exception when marshalling
Can i get all my posts(profile feed) using Facebook Graph API explorer?
toast message android
listen to kernel.request event on Silex?
Connect in website in network
Fake 3D, animation. What is faster: img or css sprites?
Is it possible to override form helpers?
xmlhttprequest open failure
How to send command to the hyperterminal(TCP/IP Communication) from c#.
saving an xlam file
html div vertical alignment
Why is this ListView not scrolling? [closed]
Create list IEnumerable<CustomClass> using a property of type CustomClass?
jQuery tab pane
Can not display button when click on edit text
a sql query from oracle
postgresql multi join syntax
Group By Retrieve 3 Values
save Iframe's source as an image on desktop
Zend default route not working
How does SOA achieve high availability, service upgrade and ACID transactions?
When to invoke [UIWebView stopLoading] in iphone project?
jQuery rule for removing all elements, if any of its child element at any depth has a specific class
compiling compiling/bundling an external framework to my static library/framework for iOS SDK
encodeURI equivalent needed not URLEncoder.encode that is equivalent to encodeURIComponent()
How to delete all text on a line appearing after a particular symbol?
How to creat UITableView separator look good?
How to convert json string to dictionary and save order in keys? [duplicate]
Read .epub file in Android [closed]
SharePoint - what type is Number field
Immitate two lists from single list
How to download large file quickly in Qt
Android: Access files in Android from Moodle 2.0
Encoding Error in PHP script to generate XML
Use rails helper methods in database text
Displaying results of many sql queries without writing PHP code?
user friendly keyboard based on input type
how to convert hexadecimal value to blob in iphone
Looking for uses of the Forward Algorithm
VHDL: component port to entity port, how does it know what is what?
Consequences of changing the domain name with Janrain
How to read and understand a monster exception (for example this one)
Available Times From The Date Selected
OpenCV 2.3.1 highgui crash on exit when using cvVideoWriter
Embedding python and running for multiple times
Cloning a JButton[][] Matrix
Ninject Interception - breaking changes when porting to Ninject 3.0
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Illegal characters in URLs
jquery timeout-function never called on mouseenter mouseleave
Add a new listener inside an AddListener
Shifted Java Date is in the past
jQuery blockUI Auto Redirect
More Pixel Bender Filters at Once (FLEX)
How to optimize 10 queries into one
Remove error from EditText
How to use Programmer's Notepad schemes/themes in Notepad++?
Android Phonegap Database Issue
How can I call Objective-C methods from JavaScript?
Empty Session object remembers the sessionID?
SQL Server search millions of rows in a table
How to apply baseline only to a particular component?
How to apply baseline only to a particular component?
Removing elements on ArrayList throw an IndexOutOfBoundsException on ArrayAdapter
Zend Framework - Same title for every controller
VHDL: signals and ports on which side of the 鈥渁rrow鈥�=>
upload application content on social networking sites
How to sum data of two different columns of two different tables?
C# wpf listbox dispaly more than one memberpath
Connection state MySql Connector/NET
How to split the array values and store in a string in android?
Where's the code-behind for sharepoint aspx pages?
How can I get multiple data, from a php file, with ajax?
SQL/Triggers: output shown after a delay
How to add remote Glassfish OpenSource 3.1.2 in Eclipse Indigo?
Unable to cast object of type 'Microsoft.Expression.Platform.WPF.InstanceBuilders.WindowInstance' to type 'System.Windows.Window'
In git, what is the difference between a dangling commit and a dangling blob?
Jquery Tools Overlay - Reducing of events on a page
How do I find this RuntimeException in Android (stack trace)?
using either checkbox or textbox for an enum type
StackOverflowError when deserializing binary data into objects
@PostLoad on an @Embeddable in JPA 2?
Get the Html in the debug console of internet explorer (or other browser)
insert tag after content-children
How to write comments in JSTL properties files
Creating and updating appointments in Exchange
F# 'modular' scripting
Align bars with bar labels in jqPlot
Regular expression to accept 4 chars with different pattern
Find out last executed query in oracle
Java - Encoding String
why do I get the 鈥淓rror Code 1005 Cant create Table鈥�in MYSQL with no typos in FK
is it possible to use consecutive POSTS with cURL on ASPX pages?
FastMM dumps, leaks pools and plumbing - how can I register pools for RegisterExpectedMemoryLeak? [closed]
Mongodb upsert embedded document
Original Route parameters in partial view
Alternative to Thread.Suspend() method
Django 1.4 without the csrf_token
How do I filter ManyToManyField choices in a Django ModelForm?
What does Play Framework 1 use for ORM Implementation?
Create UIImage from CMSampleBufferRef using video format kCVPixelFormatType_420YpCbCr8BiPlanarFullRange
Convert .aspx page to Microsoft Excel Page
Properly override a admin template file in Magento
Is my grouping by correct, got the feeling im missing data
Image Upload with Preview and Delete
How to add 1 year to date stored as varchar?
Setting DevExpress ASPxCheckBox CheckState via Eval
Simple Math based captcha
how to execute 50 parallel methods 500 times per second effectively?
Error in template function
Update an Android app GridView when new item added to the JSON
getting the height/width of an image that does not have height/width set
ServiceNow XML Web Service - node naming
Changing of Event not Happening [closed]
Linq syntax c# to select two field from table
How to implement this logic ? Please suggest an idea [closed]
Customize aplication for different customers
UIPopoverController modal issue
Understanding Simple XML Parser - New File Output - Java
AJAX: Reload <script> to output a flash obj
How can I set the directionality of different TinyMCE editors based on the direction attribute of the input they replace?
How to compile Obj-C graphical Hello World inside iPod Touch (iOS 5.1)
Invoking REST API for making new component in JIRA
how to send POST without waiting response C#
Embeded Flash content do not play on Timeline
OFX4J parse exception after it was working just fine - aggregate SONRS
Confused about Positioning in CSS
How do I add an interface to a package?
jQuery.ajax not reading success: function()
How to create 802.11 Frames?
Export link is not working in Display tag
function return type as pointer why not as int ,while returning adress of a variable
C# cast Dictionary<string, AnyType> to Dictionary<string, Object> (Involving Reflection)
VB.Net - Automatic Update to the User
Single device suddenly stopped getting C2DM pushes from my server
Pixel Matching against Multiple Photos
How to add image into scroll view and scroll view add into table cell?
How can I add external files to webapp classpath running with Jboss within eclipse?
Keyboard shortcut to highlight text in a web page
Custom status bar suppressed by SAP's default status bar
Use panda3D in 2.7.3 OSX Lion
How to detect Text Areafrom image?
How to solve requirement of 鈥淥n/Off publishing鈥�for 'read article' action
jQuery vsdocs not working with revealing module
How to keep 2 Database Schemas consistent without effecting the data at all?
Is CSS validation no longer relevant?
How do I setup filehelpers with a required, not empty column
Can you use googlemock to set expectations on function that does not belong to a class?
C# How to access setter method on main form, from my user control?
Error installing Social Engine
Open source code coverage tool for .net that can be integrated with cc net [closed]
Semop: When decreasing a set of semaphores are all decremented at once or does it block on first failure?
Dragging an image to a specific location at the screen and alert if its the right location -Android-
Extending WCF proxy with partial classes and OnDeserializing: OnDeserializing does not get fired
ReportViewer,, and PARAMETERS on Remote Server Report
iOS Data Storage Guidelines Rejection
Retrieving Facebook profile feed wall information
Unit Test Coverage; Graphical Display
Spacing JTable header