Error in uploading Video to Youtube in Iphone
UITableViewCell not showing background color
JQuery: How to find out how many children an element has?
Searching string with specific conditions
Custom Vector Template - Strings
Parallel programming for all R packages
Openshift use for Commercial web sites
How to make a new line with text from SQLite DB in javascript?
How to record the screen in iphone
Java MIDI sound getting clipped
File not found exception while reading a property file
creating JSON String
AS3 3D Tween not working
Apache Thrift: How to check on server side if the client is alive?
Can the blackscreen in background during scale animation applied to activity be colored
Niblack algorithm for Document binarization
Security checklist
SQL required for selecting records based on priority [closed]
How to create a internet link on my desktop? [duplicate]
Scenario to be implemented, think awk is the best for such situation
PHP Mongo cursor over a subset of data in a document?
Detecting the destination URL when a visitor click to another domain
How to use awk to search for a complete match of text within one column of a CSV file and to only output the first matching line?
Sencha Touch 2.0.0 a view containing image a form and a comment list
Allow to send mail from domain with SPF record
How to access windows form controls from WPF control?
Active X component cannot create Object
RelativeLayout width needs same width as biggest image inside it
Changing display (UI) / order of items Observable Collection
dynamic button click android
How to update recordset in VB6 using DAO connections with sql server
Html.ActionLink causes a reload of my layout
add a non-comparable object to a set
Flex: Comparing two identical dictionaries with ObjectUtil fails?
Alter ResourceManager to split values by semicolon, not comma
Windows phone 7 and HTML5
Multiple definition error in .o file
how to call a jquery function from a c# application?
Passing objects between classes in Windows Phone/C#
getopt command partially parsing
Call function when 鈥渙n scroll鈥�event is triggered
Capistrano deployment, asset pipeline, ruby-debug not found
How to get value of dynamic id in an html loop with javascript?
How do I remove all lines matching a pattern from a set of files?
How to convert Coorinates of VectorFeatures or Layer in OpenLayers from one projection to another?
Why does changing for loop iteration order increase the runtime? [duplicate]
weird behavior parsing large text file using a foreach loop (C# .NET 4)
HTML formatting error on Umbraco workflow notification emails
Query with variables
How do I stop VS2010 / ReSharper reformatting HTML on paste?
show stock level in zen cart for particular attributes
Keeping a tree/hashtable in RAM
Perl DateTime subtract_datetime_absolute funny behaviour
Getting data from PostgreSQL database using hibernate
Regex for the URL
jQuery multiple selectors order
Enable email keyboard on android for input type email
How to setup simple User Roles for Wordpress Custom Post Type
An item with the same key has already been added - Just in Release mode
Reading a field from the code, working with the data, saving the values to new fileds in the row
jQuery perform action if user not hovered div for 5 seconds
'bool' does not contain a definition for 'id' error on Facebook c# SDK
SWT Text field setting and RCP command binding to key
How to adjust the screen for many types of screens in Android using Unity 3.5x?
Creating a dependent and multiple dropdownlist in excel
Grails form submit without changing the view
How to exit c# program
Disabling certain commands/programs in certain folders?
i have 10 div(trigger) arrange horizontally,when hover on trigger element popup comes up but want to stay on popup content how do i do that?
set attribute with polyline points
Nginx Config File in every server block
Html emails <hr/> styling issue
Best practice for avoiding namespace collision and initialization functions testing Ember.js
Units from non root user (for commands start/stop/enable/disable)
Updata NSManagedObject class definition from datamodel
Show just first and last marker on path
Set label on PickerView outside frame in iPhone
Ajax can't work in Rails 3.1
Transactions in Datamapper & Rails (dm-rails)
How to find differences between two dates in textbox?
Form not loading in Rails 3 project
Can't launch aptana 3 after update
Plupload get file name after upload serverside
Handler to popup window after refresh parent window
ImageView from a URL
Is it possible to group namespaces in one file in ASP.NET MVC?
how to connect to database linq
do yield in for loop within sequence computation expression
Ruby - define_method and closures
Restart program in C
code to prove that hashMap is fail-Safe
Strange issue of Date from String
python: how to log package name
How do tsql query in linq
Simple, compiler-independent SCM for Windows? [closed]
How to overcome error while compiling gtk programs in windows?
Cant get 'apps' to show in AVD
WPF UIElement refresh bug?
Android How to log correctly
Foreign-key properties error
how enable input onclick multi select
objective-c using or not using 鈥渟trong鈥�
Broadcom BLE SDK
Get ony by one the results from find/locate
Migrating the specification level of Java EE projects
OrderSubquery combined with second table
Silverlight TreeviewItem IsSelected seems not working
Adding language file in joomla 1.5
Is there a drawback to having many objective-c categories?
Can Server.MapPath used in c# files?
Domain, subdomain requests error
Adding in prepare statement variables when they will be part of a larger string
Sort List with Numbers
Can someone tell me from this log file if openejb is starting before or after my webapp
Rails 3.2.3 sqlite gem not install
changing width and height to percentage in jquery
What is @ViewDebug.ExportedProperty exactly?
What's the use case for __new__ method to return an object of a different type than its first arg?
Can I use RegNotifyChangeKeyValue to track changes to a value of a Registry key?
Removing MouseListener produces ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Query varchar date with between
Why OpenFileDialog RestoreDirectory not implemented?
How to get seo friendly urls
Select * and make an alias over one column
Getting TFS to put the changeset in the assembly version
Auto process POST and GET in PHP
How to COMPLETELY hide console in a Win32 program?
Iphone dev: Basic static page navigation?
NetStream.send not working with NetGroup in RTMFP
java: reverse word using StringBuffer without using String.split
Java: Java5 enum custom serialization
QuickBooks export feature in web application
how to install an older version of package via NuGet?
How to open VRML(*.wrl ) file in iOS application
JSP c:out instruction is not processed
How to set report page size?
iOS : Localizing MKMapView wordings
How can an iOS app reduce its memory footprint while it's already in background?
matlab: read subsection of an image
add Website Shortcut for website: in user program?
Game Testing with Monkeyrunner
Facing some problems while running the Java Program through Shell Script
How to hide a button in .net 2010?
鈥渙peration is not allowed when the object is open鈥�
Is it possible to bind different interfaces to the same instance of a class implementing all of them?
Struts2 portlet is executing a default action on refresh of Liferay (instead of its current action)
How to use Custom SiteMapProvider in ASP NET MVC?
How to add empty rows to the JQGrid
Calling another form difference in VB.NET
Search in Fusion Tables and Zoom to results
Inline element appended with jQuery goes on new line
how can jquery plugin options become undefined?
how can jquery plugin options become undefined?
Maven Spring fileUpload using uploadTempDir property
Installing a WIF Runtime for hosting a .NET application in Windows Azure
AlarmManager not working in sleep mode
jsf 1.2 composite component support
Building a game on Mobile. Native or Engine?
css sprites changing after the website is completed
Twitter/Facebook-like User Tagging In A Rich Textbox/TinyMCE
How to open files stored as bytes in database with http handler?
csv files broken
wordpress not sending mails
Why doesn't 鈥渋 := i + 1鈥�give a range-check error for Integers and larger types?
Errors with Maven and Eclipse integration
Where Grails set defaults errors in server side
how to have a function run inside a service every 10 minutes?
Multiple aggregate functions in Hibernate Query
Eclipse + JSF + Facelets + composite component = CANNOT_FIND_FACELET_TAGLIB
JRDesignExpression setText() syntax
Customizing csv output in htsql
Opening a winform from an IronPython shell without blocking the shell or the form
How do you format rendered yaml arrays in a Rails app?
How to capture CMake command line arguments?
Eclipse created app won't run in Android emulator
How can i get my JS to return true or false?
package-info.class content in jaxb context
How to make a file opened in C++ thread safe?
why 'in' operator with tuple as a key in python so slow?
Listing the resolved properties in Spring
Is there any way to save an ALAsset in a way that would work despite any changes to ALAssetLibrary?
outlook 2010 addin c#::: custom form does not work on client computer
Let User Crop Photo in iOS App
How to auto-detect snmp devices using C/C++?
SQL - Get 鈥渆xact鈥�Father Match by Children
Finding NSAttributedString's attribute below the tap position of the view
OAuthException: Unsafe?
Resources utilization summary for interval of time using UNIX command [closed]
Does Amazon SNS use GET or POST to an http subscription?
How to highlight a specific tree node in xpage programmatically?
Best component in awt/swings to display the webpage and access it
Consuming SOAP web service for a cocoa application
Want to set storyboard target property as horizontal offset of a scrollviewer
Magento get function trough php
Magento access denied error while creating an order from admin
Div with slanted border using CSS3?
How to implement exit button behaviour?
How I can add td to css style for inputs and its label?
Android: How to protect read/copy/delete video files?
Android SQLite Database Connection not succesfull
SQL - Convert Datetime format
How to determine if a webserver is running Linux or Windows?
SQL Server: How to avoid or detect database restore while application is running
About Linux C - UUID
How can an external glow/aura can be drawn to an Android button or list item
Execute an AsyncTask after Activity is shown
Error :The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized
How to use css file for image source in flex?
Code reuse in PHP framework between multiple projects
How can I create indexes in marklogic after loading documents programatically
How to implement Google Auth in phonegap?
What is the workflow for application startup and configuration when using Apache TomEE
Weird behavior of PHP
JQuery dynamic Script-Tag and the Execution
If statement can't change local variable
Custom tab in file properties dialog
SQL obtaining the last two digits of integer
Handling large classes
HTML page with background HD video and dynamic playback
Azure ACS, WIF 3.5, Asp.Net 3.5 Custom Membership Provider and IsAuthenticated
How to iterate over GraphML file with lxml
Entity Framework and deferred execution on lazy loaded ICollection
Using init_seg to call an initialization function
android Flash black box on video on ICS
How can i cancel/abort an installation from msi which was started with MsiInstallProduct
Given a Haskell type signature, is it possible to generate the code automatically?
Controling the size of a Portlet in Liferay
MapView / MapActivity crash on some devices
How to solve 鈥淐oreAnimation: rendering error 506鈥�error?
Problems with spring-test-mvc on Jenkins with Sonar
can I pass a list in sql query to search
Looping trought a list of objects in C# in a better way?
Calling delegate in loop works only the first time
More than one line, in single loop (System.Windows.Shapes) C#
How to efficiently define End-of-Transmission for XML-based text protocol?
OpenFire/XMPP 503 service-unavailable error (XEP-0065 using iOS XMPPFramework)
how to get certain sql results
WPF implicit datatemplate with observablecollection
Secure communication between server and application using AES (CBC) in Delphi7
Opening sqlite3 database from python in read-only mode
Why it does not order
Android 4.0.3. USB Host - communication with a camera
Timeout expired Exception while fetching data using linq to sql
multible database connect error in codeigniter
Change the order of a column
Jenkins LDAP Authentication
Placing of pillars
json_encode(): Invalid UTF-8 sequence in argument
Jquery ajax error handler function exists, but still an exception thrown
Handling global variables when writing OpenGL with glut(or freeglut)
mysql select from one table with concat results from another table
Force user to enter login credentials on facebook for auth login even if he has facebook session on browser
The UI brokes up after knockoutjs re-binds the viewmodel
How to using again string when has explode
WATIR and Cucumber appears not to call the onclick event of the OBJECT tag
what would be a good widget in qt4 for 鈥減oints鈥�
Android Speech Recognition NullPointer Exception
How to Create a joint (b2RevoluteJoint, b2MouseJoint, b2WeldJoint etc) using GBox2D (cocos2d)
Is there a way to format erb files?
Convert a range into a sequence without using a function
Data Type validation in SoapUI
strange error message about GCC inline assembly
how to make field search not case-sensitive in solr using solrnet
How can I get the individual RAM usage of running apps?
Aptana Ruble - How to switch to another locale?
I am streaming a file of 714kB but receiving only 635kB
Change Single Color of Downloaded Images
Ambiguous column names in android
verbs in REST url
How to disable/not choose SWYPE keyboard for an EditText if an alternate soft keyboard is available?
calling method from parent class
Images/Grids not being displayed in IE9
Django - ModelForm Create or Update?
How does building for iOS device and simulator actually differ?
drawable-540x960 directory name invalid
Vertical scroll of ImageView and GridView
project with source files of Zbar
Redis filter by range, sort and return 10 first
Need a C structure parser
Create ZIP file in php , windows
Why do I get the error 鈥�0' was not found in the haystack鈥�
UITableViewController in UIView
Programming a low-pass filter
Why is UNION ALL with and without parenthesis behaving different?
Unable to pass 'this' value from one javascript function to another?
Java - Iterate over many files and folders
No shared Datasets in solution explorer of business intelligence development studio
Is it good idea to transfer huge data (probably in MB's) from Server to Client with JSON?
Why doesn't the seq computation builder allow 鈥渓et!鈥�
Exclude jar from ant classpath
Message middleware in Django not displaying in template
MFMessageComposeViewController slow to load
Send prompt input to Diagnostics.Process
How to save max value of a reporter during simulation in NetLogo?
Defining layout.xml files based on screen density (v.2.3.3+)
Remove selected attribute and add a new one on select element
Linux Ubuntu mono
Optional Filters in Telerik Reporting
Sentence Classification (Categorization)
Viewing GIT Repository via plugin/widget/iframe
Redirect to a custom phtml file from a controller in Magento?
Is there a Path.Combine for registry key paths in .net?
Viewing GIT Repository via plugin/widget/iframe
Redirect to a custom phtml file from a controller in Magento?
Is there a Path.Combine for registry key paths in .net?
Dojo : FilteringSelect : problems with coming back to valid state
tt_news: List of categors with link
Using variable in different file
Saving gmon.out before killing a process
Change div image on mousedown and revert on mouseup
How can I pass a tag`s value to a javascript function after an event?
Change display name of unit tests in JUnit Eclipse plugin
How to restrict SharePoint 2007 from resolving the disabled AD users?
How to tell the parser where to look for a local copy of xml.xsd?
difficulty creating jax-rpc stub with wscompile
Effect like auto-cast spell icon in war3 for cocos2d
designing nested class structure for rest api using rest sharp
Why isn't my sorting algorithm working?
Memory leak in UITableView when scrolled on iOS 5.1
gdb uses wrong library, but sysroot declared
Customized soundcloud player with 'view by tag'
Fancy Box center within Facebook iframe fanpage
How to add logic to dependency property?
Bitwise or cause overflow when num > 2147483647
android C2DM notifications not working prior to android 4?
How can I intercept a call from Java to Groovy--or simulate this easily
EMF: How to create model instance programmaticly without using eclipse instance
Which function adds data from a form to a db in Kohana
How to put image from drawable folder at HTML file
Can't get users list of 鈥淟ike鈥�
PieChart as roulette wheel
python celery max-tasks-per-child-setting default
How to copy a database row from one table to other table in cakephp
hbase refusing connection for remote user
Referencing and setting variables in Python dicts
Link to Facebook Fanpage Iframe
What is the difference between background and background-color
How to open Maps application from a Metro style app? [closed]
How do I get rid of empty namespaces 鈥渪mlns=鈥濃�鈥�in subelements?
xcode 4.3.2 process hangs
Running total Balance column in C# DataGridView
PostBackTrigger for FileUpload functionality inside a GridView
vim alignment plugin [duplicate]
Oracle 8i says PLS-00382: expression is of wrong type, but I don't see it
Can I have a nested git repo inside a git-ignored folder?
Compare one String with multiple values in one expression
Get the instance name of the object no the object type name in C# 4.0
Is my authentication approach secure / need for improvement?
Is there a way to set specific compression scheme when saving tiff file in opencv?
Stateless Session Bean vs Stateless Singleton
TortoiseSVN revert vs update
Adding extra search text to a MediaWiki search query using InputBox
List Group & User permissions for all files within a directory
Is there a free Warren Abstract Machine implementation for Delphi?
PHP mail form failed to send
Where generate HTML dynamically on browser or on server? [Mobile Web Development]
git Merging same directory of two different repositories
C++ passing function pointers as arguments
Validation Through a View Model Graph/Tree
How to match regular expression for lines without text?
HTML emails sends as plain text with PHP
Please help me with this simple script
How to connect via vb .net to ios APN
Generic forms and VS designer
When to use time_nanosleep?
Facebook connect/login without any user interaction or authorization
Get Path to images folder
TinyMCE shift enter in UL
CSS - li element not displayed properly in IE
Twitter Bootstrap with Primefaces (JSF)
How to access <item> from <string-array> resource in an android XML?
Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {BDEADF26-C265-11D0-BCED-00A0C90AB50F} failed due to the following error: 80040154
How to detect whether email is send or not through Application in android?
python amazon product advertising api
NullPointerException in onRestoreInstanceState
Why I can't initialize object in the same manner (without using ref)?
Indices and using primary keys as indices in MySQL
Site Navigation / Breadcrumb using ASP.Net Web form and C#
Database storage: Why is Pipeline better than Feed Export?
Error in a minimal tkSimpleDialog example
TR1 not working with gcc and Cmake
link with an iframe target not working in IE9
Div doesnt load with jquery
Measuring kernel memory usage of a FUSE-based application
Scrolling all frames at once in UIViewController
Using in instance or class method?
using textbox or checkbox depending on the type of an attribue
sending emails from localhost and online
Update datatable from gridview
How to create custom annotation with code behind
multiple clients updating the same server model?
Why the 30 topics identified by Stanford Topic Modeling Toolkit so similar to each other?
Slick Grid - too many clicks on List Box
Ivy resolving POM dependency where version comes from POM parent
Member function & const member function pointer deduction
CUDA __syncthreads() usage within a warp
How do I prevent spaces from being URL encoded for a `javascript:` URL?
NuGet DependentUpon files
store_accessor method not found on validation
Customise the list of views on a document library
How to execute a package SSIS 2008
How can I retrieve the coordinate from excel and plot the points according to the map? - MATLAB
Why can't I access my array subscript in global scope
Wxpython: TreeCtrl: Iteration over a tree
cx-freeze fails to include modules even when included specifically
Is it necessary to make a rollback on a transaction in the catch-block?
How do I interpret this visitors user environment data
User.admin with Devise ( Rails 3)
New JQuery Mobile Version Affecting Page Transition?
Error while compiling an embedded SpiderMonkey program
Grouping SQL Server requests
how to set field on method save
X-Frame-Options Allow-From multiple domains
graph - How to find maximum induced subgraph H of G such that each vertex in H has degree 鈮�k
Adding code to a Java class w/ Instrumentation: ASM or BCEL?
How to add and compile windows forms in Visual Studio project using a GUI, and not directly from Visual Studio?
JMS/AMQP brokers comparison
Azure project templates not visible in visual studio
'div_element' is null or not an object in IE7
how is auto implemented in C++11
How to avoid buffer overflow on drupal hidden fields?
Add where clause, LINQ
phonegap web service is not working in ios?
trouble adding values to a new List from a list stored in a hashmap - Java
Is there an easy/human way to write build script for a comlex project?
Spark List sorting issue
How do I access both binary and text data for email processing with Python 3?
a good user agent for python webcrawler
Black background on creating a image from imagegrabscreen() with php
How to use a model class from a module in the application bootstrap in a Zend Framework based application?
while making live wall paper for getting weather report facing the following log cat error
session management and mysql
Image 鈥渓ook like press down鈥�when single tap
JBoss AS 7 deployments - use deployment scanner or console repo?
Monitoring file access in Linux
Styling a <select multiple />
Acitivity Lifecycle (moving back and forth between Activities)
Change outlook mailitem selection c#
ElasticSearch query with Nested filter is not working
Jquery background color is not working?
How to set layout from controller
Why server changes single value on inserting?
Not able to understand fork() description
enabling '&' and special characters in url
NSTextField Vertical alignment
IBM wsad v5.1.2 setup files
Erase ellipse from figure?
Strange 鈥渕utating method sent to immutable object鈥�error when adding an object to a mutable array
Popup can't show
Can't change the cursor (from inside OnSetCursor)
WPF Prism Region inside a tab control isn't in the Region List
pymongo: updating a field using another field
WPF Prism Region inside a tab control isn't in the Region List
pymongo: updating a field using another field
create a class method outside of class
Not understanding heap overflow article
Read Dates as Strings with Spreadsheet Ruby Gem
Validate field in javascript popup
get browser IP (using proxy)
How to edit setup.exe resources
Google Maps zoomControl hide and show
Facebook Javascript SDK - Chrome issue of access token
htaccess, mod_rewrite, how to check for empty get var?
Pass Property to the Method in C#
SQL replacing a field with specific text
Validate textfield with special character
Nexus to Cache Artifacts using Ivy
Oracle SQL / Java : Get the size of returned dataset from a query
AS3 for loop with instance names + i
Easiest wasy to find full calendar years, months, days and hours between two time stamps in .net
Cannot determine terminal size with ncurses
IXMLDocument.SaveToFile() uses tab character for indentation instead of spaces
Rich Text Field File size limit
Does the standard and retina versions of the app icon have to be looking alike
Major upgrade rollback
python if condition 鈥渁nd鈥�keyword issue
Where would an authentication model fit in the MVC framework?
Matlab: getting GUI handle value from a callback function when calling by another function
cvs rtag: [07:34:59] waiting for cvsuser's lock in
following exception in android simulator 2.0
Python's Django could not connect to Oracle 11g
Design-time support on composite control
How to force facebookexternalhit to reaccess?
Extracting data between </br> tags using beautifulsoup
Artificial Neural Networks, initial neurons
UIImage not showing up on iPad Device, but it shows up on the iPad Simulator
.NET scales image when drawing to graphics
A good strategy for writing a database abstraction layer in C
Is it possible to set width and height in % in jquery slideshow
FinalBuilder 7 - Where are log files?
set two children elements with equal width, each with 50% in wpf
Send print from windows 7 to printer at windows XP changes the format of the spool file
Error onSaveInstanceState in android
phpMyAdmin: 鈥淐hoose Field to display鈥�doesn't show off
Database design for user settings
How to highlight characters in String for Textview?
How to delete files prior to publish using msdeploy or msbuild?
Patch PHP 5.3.10 to support sybase_next_result()
鈥�lt;-鈥�and associated values
Refreshing Form fields in jquery tab
PHP: Control or something that can highlight differences in 2 strings?
How to return unmatched string in expect
Open google play details page for an app via javascript redirect from android browser
With Spring how can I execute code after HIbernate is initialized but before the application starts?
Hibernate does not evict query cache (non repeatable read issue)
Should I use if-then-else or and or operator to check for empty values in Javascript
Consuming .ashx files in C#
WCF Authentication not working
WP7 Bing map control is not movable when it is dragged slowly
how to hide 鈥渘ext鈥�barbutton when no cell is checked?
multiple registration of transport in xmpp protocol
SqlNotificationEvent notify multiple times for even single insert in database
How to generate unique id for each instance of C# project template?
How to Call a function when click a tab of tabActivity insted of call an Activity
getJSON JavaScript function returns undefined object
Change background color of ListView row from ListActivity
Business Validation side by side with DataAnnotations in layers
how to do connection pooling in java?
MySQL selection of number quoted or not
Declare local variables as late as possible or at the nearest curly brace they belong? [closed]
Custom Look & Feel of UIPickerView;
Repeating a formula in a column in Google Docs
Adding event handlers on object creation doesn't work? JavaScript
Strange For-In-Do Results From My Bat File
force makefile to build sources twice
Error handling in MVC4 - IIS7.5
How to keep HTML Element on Browser Location Change
animationDidStop:finished: not called
Mysql query for comparing two comma seperated values
codeigniter htaccess
How to change checkimages for single button?
Code performance: SQL Server Query vs C#.Net web application
Special API to launch an app from my application
How to stop Iphone from caching an online XML file
Security mp_init and init memory leaks
DTS package not copying all files from folder
Confusing Positioning Issues [closed]
Object at URL has og:type of 'website'. The property 'recipe' requires an object of og:type
Convert SecKeyRef (public key) to NSString
Make content attribute text selectable
Basic JSON parsing in jQuery
DateTime value is not getting updated using javascript in mvc3
How to combine two multidimentinal arrays side by side in php
facebook like button dont appear in the position i define
using set variable in copy command
general setup for searchify in rails, how to access variable from initializer file
jquery UI resizable with multiple alsoResize
Displaying clickable pie charts in android app
Create delaunay triangulation in N-Dimensions from points forming non-convex surface (DelaunayTri for 5-D case)
OpenCV: Eigenfaces with CSV file
Garbage Collection - is it required?
Change the decorators of an html according to the device (mobile or a pc)
Filling drop down lists with ajax from the same data table
Robolectric print Log or Console messages
IE cannot work with C# Selenium script, while Firefox works well
Java - Exec console
XOR Decryption with multiple encrypted strings
How about WCF for large number of clients and large amounts of data?
Can Microsoft OCS be embedded into an web page. How long should it take?
Multiplication of floating point numbers in MIPS
how to read .OSM file & plot on map OFFLINE
Doctrine query distinct related entity
Endless scrolling for listview
Filter List in Html.EditorFor()
Error launching remote program: No such file or directory
localized country names in missing countries
Which compiler do I Use for iPhone App
adding elements of a vector
Create path from path value?
How can I install zipruby under windows [closed]
Display WP Gallery by default
How to change Tab Bar Background color and Tab Bar Item color on Storyboard
Proper way to implement services in android
powershell or net sending emails with authentication
Reg Ex for even number of 0s and 1s
Errors in setting up HBase on Distributed Hadoop, ZooKeeperServer not running
Java abstract type Class compile time check
Each other updating of JSF composite components
recording a conversation on tokbox for iphone/ipad
Why doesn't die in alarm signal handler kill the process?
Comet hints using .Net
Architecture for iphone app with facebook connect
How to use jqplot charts in a jquery mobile web app
Playing AAC, MP3 on Samsung SmartTV or LG Netcast
TFS2010 - Logging inside custom build activity
Open google maps from hyperlink
How to know which instance of Visual Studio to kill?
Multiple entries in log4j properties file
Is there any specific reason behind using $ with variable in jQuery
Encrypt xml file
Best db design for elements associated to a default or dynamic category?
Log Files in Sharepoint 2010?
How can I know how the exit() function work?
In s:iterator tag im having set of hyperlinks which leads to respective datas. I need to know which link is clicked
Tag Library supports namespace:, but no tag was defined for name: subTable
UIImagePickerController to set a background image, not working
How to pass value from one action to another action having different views in mvc3
How to run sql query to return data from different joomla components
Difference between if -e and if -f
drupal modules not listing
Best way to 鈥渕ark鈥�code commits to SVN?
Convert BindingList<MyObject> to List<MyObject> c#
How can I avoid for an undeclared variable breaking Intellisense?
How to done file manipulations in WP7
How to Add/Show Leading 鈥�0鈥�instead of 鈥�鈥�in NumericUpdown in C#?
About Crystal Reports in SQL Server?
How to read data from csv file
How do I transfer the frame *and* transform from one UIView to another without distortion?
Where i can look Microsoft.ReportingServices.QueryDesigners.dll?
Changing memory settings in eclipse.ini causes Could not create JVM
after updating to 2.10.1 webApp does not work
Mapping umbraco node to strongtyped object
Archos 7 home Tablet path for the sdCard?
How to get a count in the foreign key item?
diference between property with empty accesor or without accesor [duplicate]
How do I include elements in xsl for optional tags in xml
ASP.NET MVC3 - displaying 鈥渦pdated鈥�model values for summary display before form submission
Android App Class Not Found Error
Google app engine database access on localhost
Build xCode project for xCode 3.2.5 and xCode 4.3.2 with NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore class
Implementing insertion sort, passing list to other class?
How to assign NSArray data to NSMutableArray in iphone?
Images not displaying on hosting in IIS
Very simple questions about google-nacl
Apache restarting itself and website is extremely slow
Optimizing SQL Query with a linked server
How do I add form errors for a model that belongs to another model, rails 3.1
Makefile for Gtk+ and cuda
How to save contacts information into phone book?
How can I detect what functions the linker omits in a release build using VC10?
Submit Button Not Calling Function
I want to run a R code at a specific time
What QJson use to parse syntax of JSON?
The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing
Convert char array to a int number in C
How can i terminate my application in iPhone depends on time
HTTP 400 Error when accessing Friends list in Facebook Graph API
basic_filebuf. Many strange text in output file
How to make an application fixes oriented in android?
java_home environment variable in linux not found
Can a users Outlook calendar be displayed on an ASP.NET web page in an Intranet?
Rewrite a procedural script in clean OOP Python style
Canvas shape animation
Google Icons not linking鈥�is it just HTML or CSS issue?
When do you have permission to use unlink()?
What is a better way to display data from multiple view models
How to set more language in TTS android?
Change css value depending on the selector?
Getting a NoClassDefFoundError when trying to launch a mapactivity via intent
How Ebean check if a model has been enhanced or not?
Tasklist.exe equivalent in linux
Trying to set the class path in linux
define function within another function in javascript
Id generation for stored entities (App engine)
Loading two webviews in android
Android : Phonegap SQLite issue
How to use Mobile Phone as USB especially Nokia S-60 series
BAT :~ syntax for strings
creating log file while launching the android application
How can we test iOS apps in iOS 4.0 simulator as well as iOS 5.1
Regex character combinations
What's the expected result for an IN query with a sort order on another property?
Reverting back JQuery from noConflict mode to its original state
Android Error : Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views
How to create a dynamic array of linked list nodes in c?
Regular Expression to validate UK National Insurance Number
Streaming Results and res.render nodejs
Spring Aspect not executed when defined in other JAR
Can I specify the output path for the MSBuild <Content> tag?
Why ArrayAdapter.getView() is called?
Rendering JavaScript charts FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript') function displaying 鈥渇usion chart will load here鈥�error
Java EE 6 Login module
SQL Server 2005 - comparing char column with int
How to config devise to make user login after register even without confirm email via email link?
asterisk outbound calls and inbound calls fom different domains
How can I autoplay media in Safari on an iPhone?
Load head of a page in pagehead
Last build label version number for Continuous and Nightly build is not same
Windows CE 6.0 SQL Server Compact 3.5
Mac OS X wants to use system keychain when compiling the project
which function of shared pref Editor is best to call?
android c2dm third party application server configuration(windows or linux)
How to make private property accessible in MVC3
Eclipse Perl Remote Execution
How to detect if user touch device widget on Home screen?
exception while executing a program a c# program
How can i make sure that pjl-comp-filter works properly with icefaces 1.8?
Convert time to millisecond and find out time period in java or android
How can i properly parse a RAW(Raw Ip) packet with C#?
Velocity parameter betwetween [ and ] is didn't work
how should I chain function call in coffeescript
Circular class references bad practice?
Where does flash cookie store on Mac?
Need a python authentication / authorization framework
Reject a git commit with a message that is the same as that of the previous commit?
NullPointerException in custom adapter getView
apply camera effects with videobrush in wp7
OS X LION: Support URL links in About text page
Error 503: Service Unavaiable but localhost works perfectly
Time limit exceeded , in Markligic Cts:Search
rendering values based on other column's values in primefaces datatable
Given XElement - Find node text by node name
Grant authority to a module to load other modules
How to convert Longitude and Latitude to points and using the points in drawing a polygon
How to schedule task for start of every hour
Play a random sound on a box2d collison
How do I modify/overwrite a javascript function that is called by an infinite setInterval?
How to retrieve the name of the file's name from the server using javascript?
Run macros when specific cells are changes
Do anyone have a working example of gevent-socketio?
Document mode IE7 standards for IE8
Symfony2: how to get config parameters in Form classes
Want to expand and collapse UITableview Section
apostrophe is not correctly rendered in IE
how to replace object at particular index in nsmutablearray which contains multiple value at each index
How to detect new line from the parsed XML with simpleload_xml_string? [duplicate]
Query Change from MySQL to MS Access
Difference between IE and IE.DomContainer
Does SendNotifyMessage API work across user sessions?
Webriver : Not able to open Multiple IE one after another in one single test case
function loadHTMLString from UIWebView costs too much memory
Getting not proper error code form R using Rserve with c++ client
How to import Sikuli scripts to Selenium?
Access 2007 Timestamp
C# TCP Chat Application Threading
pass data to a site from android
Plotting dendrogram in Scipy error for large dataset
Configure Log4Net in web application
select result set row to columns transformation
Late evaluation in c#?
Capistrano + RVM rvm_install_ruby with Rubinius
Wordpress of the post url redirect?
Hadoop Distributed Cache throws IOException
Convert WCHAR[260] to std::string
How to access hardware keys programmatically in windows phone 'mango'
Stripping whitespace and joining multiple values stored in a single key in a dictionary
How to ensure that wi-fi is enabled or disabled using powershell?
can't access form made in admin module
PHP Login Sessions - 鈥淟ogged in鈥�pages using header(
TCP Connect error 115 Operation in Progress What is the Cause?
Eclipse RCP application using Java web start not starting up
How to call custom java methods from PHP?
navigate images in Fancybox using jquery
Adding own javascript function in ASP.NET AJAX function?
partial specialization of function in template class
Validation formula for rich text field
Objective-C properties using ARC
How to get Directory while running unit test
Which is best approach for fast rendering in MVC3 razor engine? foreach loop or giving by Index number?
how to specify ldap server address when binding to the ldap server?
Codeigniter query profiler with multiple database connection
How to implement two level sidebar navigation with Jquery Mobile
How do I create a zip file of a given compressed size in rails
ArrayAdapter: getView argument variable changed to final
UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext() retain cause crash
How do I change temp path of imagemagick?
linq to sql query with multiple where parameters
nodejs express 3.0
non static method 鈥�cannot be referenced from a static context
Weird jquery plugin issues
$_SESSION empty after roughly 10 min's in PHP
Django + PostGresSQL group by date on datetimefield
How to allow file upload for Anonymous user in SharePoint
How to display HTML content in an action form
What open source license do I need to accept contributions and also release a commercial version?
Valid use of reinterpret_cast?
What technology to learn additional to PHP, MySQL, JS, HTML, CSS [closed]
How to preload HTML5 Video before it is called in jQuery
Jquery validation in hidden 'div'
null pointer exception occuring in java servlet
How do I test 'normal' (non-Node specific) JavaScript functions with Mocha?
How to use c Sonar plug in for C projects
How to get workgroup name in Samba?
How to serialize dynamic field names using JSON parser
Displaying custom value formats in HTML input field
wp7 webbrowser navigating event not triggered
How to prevent Xcode from rebuilding project every time
encryting video essence using ffmpeg files
Language switcher implementation in JSF
Gradle: list of changed files as an input for task
when i use CFRelease?
Open new window when click on ASP.NET Chart Image in MVC 3 application
Check to see if something is a model or collection in backbone js
Sql Query Optimization - Remove Not In Operator
Make array hold 10 latest entries
Why does DataPager.GetVisualDescendants() return no result?
why Coldfusion-MySQL-Apache isn't running on localhost if everything is setup and connected?
How To Change a TextBox Value Based On Another TextBox Change Event
Do I have two instances of the same store?
HTML5 Boilerplate build scripts doesn't replace script tags in index.html
Android: Does internet (mobile data connection) switch off when mobile goes to sleep?
Is it possible to generate separate .exe files for ARM and THUMB?
Paragraphs, lists, blockquotes with floating image
How to get values from the ArrayList for DetailView?
How make a column of table to show jsp dynamically according to request?
Grant the root privilege to the application
How to implement screenshots gallery like Google Play?
Displaying date in a double digit format
in windbg how to save byte array to the file
Hibernate org.hibernate.hql.ast.QuerySyntaxException error
TSQL Comma Delimited fields on same row
Approaches to storing geospatial data in Redis
Difference between 鈥淐anvas Visitors鈥�and 鈥淚nstalled Canvas Visitors鈥�in Insights
Anti-hack solution for a secret key in Android app?
How to check if variable is undefined
How to do Internet Explorer 7 testing and javascript debugging on windows 7?
Why openmp program only runs in one thread
Get colored texts within HTML code
Android WifiManager.enableNetwork taking 10sec
Preventing service from force stop
How to modify a php string variable in javascript
Once a solution has been found in lambda calculus, how easy is it to convert this to code?
Understanding Entitlements.plist for iPhone projects
How to download & install .apk file in Android application?
Is object global null or not?
What's the equivalent of Entity.all(keys_only=True).fetch(20) in NDB?
How to find call log(history) information in windows phone 'mango'?
Can't get jSon dataStore into ExtJS (Sencha Touch) chart: displays error 鈥渃annot read property 'length' of undefined鈥�
Derby: CONCAT equivalent
Android app launch icon size
Grails : How I do mock other methods of a class under test which might be called internally during testing
nhibernate fluent mapping lazy load derived classes
Should I choose to create new website, or create new project in Visual Studio? [duplicate]
Type initializer for IBM.WMQ.MQQueueManager throws an exception
using django based mod_wsgi and raw python based mod_python together on same apache
how to improve this php array data retrieval?
xhr cancelled error in onclick of xp:link with a xe:tooltipDialog & xe:djContentPane with a partial refresh
perl script for SQL to Mysql stored procedure migration can't run
Alternate to use of repeater in cognos report studio
Why is Google Analytics not tracking any events?
Changing the ID of a model object
Group By XSLT 1.0, group of groups
How can I put a Sum() in this linq query?
set the request paramaeter in jsf2.0 managed bean
iphone sdk: How to animate set of images in UIImageView using CoreAnimation?
xml file node value not getting in iE?
Can I pass a condition to a method as parameter in C#
Can I localize the dynamically changing string/text in cocoa
iphone application client - server user authentication practices
IOS Testing: KIF vs Instruments/Automation
iPhone mail app like search on android
What happens if a program is compiled while another instance is already running?
Use Case. Google Maps is an external actor?
Div opacity based on scrollbar position
HTML text effect animation for iPad Web
How to setup CodeIgniter on Ubuntu
What are some solutions to show that an iPhone app is currently working on getting data?
how to support rotate in the textbox created by code?
array to string conversion notice
need security for server after user upload their file [closed]
Why does the data type long support a maximum number equal to long long's?
Getting logs out of wireshark pcap files
Error 鈥淭his command is not available because no document is open鈥�on Server
Downloading from by Vikas' script
Image in a div tag
flexible or centered page HTML CSS
Multiple database help? (django)
How can I find the locations of all special symbols in a varchar?
How to show uploading process-bar in php?
How do I send push notifications to Android devices? [closed]
Is there a way to enforce an unlock pin only if it has been locked remotely via device admin?
Not sure how to handle getting data from server PHP to Android with MySQL DB
How I can get all the text of a tweet that's been retweeted and extends 140 chars?
Need antialiasing for Qml Image fillMode
rescaling images in php automaticallly
How do I center multiple 鈥渞elative鈥�divs with stacked images?
Why centos6.0 removes the support of xen
Very New to C++ Programming - C++ Function does not take 0 arguments
Rewrite Search Results
Symfony 1.4 - Unable to load cacheHelper.php
hide and show divs on click with animation of absolute position & remove them on hide
Android Activity in Background display alertdialog leds to crash
Slice a substring from a cyclic bitset
how to get full memory dump of RAM using c#
Parse the text from Special characters in Android
Execute code when Android notification is canceled
vhost setup to redirect multiple domains names and www version to single non-www domain
How can we Re-Generated sequencial user id in autogenerated column in sql
Are triggers fired during DDL statements?
Data binding in passive view approach
Attaching a database in Sqlite using .NET not working
ASP.NET Notification
NSOpenGLContext + YUV to RGB Shader + Incorrect Render
How to find how many POSTS (not page) has a user liked on my facebook profile
C# windows application on xml schema viewer
custom UITableViewCells are ALWAYS null when they are not shown
Multiple values in single cell of .csv in Jmeter
How to give a view specific stylesheets in mvc3
Aggregate values for Doctrine_RawSql queries for use as doctrine objects
cant use mongo command, shows command not found on mac
Creating a 3 column html table from arraylist?
JQUERY Looping an Array
Android: Rotate animation get back to its real state after finishing the animation?
Simplified way to get assembly description in C#?
How to shift control from one uiview to another in touchesMoved method on iPhone
Is it necessary to write title,html,head tag in ajax requested page
how to implement paypal code in robust way
Javascript Module Pattern and the new keyword
Get information in a current appointment item to an addin
why is dpkg configuration running out of space on ubuntu 10.04 when there is space available?
How do I use LSSerializer while preserving well-formed CData sections?
Python - First go at using classes - is this a suitable approach?
<c:foreach> is not recogized! . ArrayList iteration in JSP
SQL query regarding MIN() and returning another value from row
Ctrl + W shortcut of IntelliJ idea equivalent in MyEclipse
is it possible in blackberry to capture image automatic
How I can execute a javascript function by placing it inside head tag with runat=鈥渟erver鈥�attribute in page having Master pagewith head tag
sql query speed issue is this normal
Access Session Variable from HTTPModule
Reliable writes in linux
how can I remove all non-markup in html document with jsoup?
Resolve this error in Android Eclipse
Alphabetize queried Music Files in ListView
Data in the database show up well on the emulator, but not on a device
Can server snapshots potentially damage MySQL transactions?
How to highlight part of an image in IOS using ImageView and ViewController?
how to build an undo stack in iOS/core graphics
Java - Get server absolute path
php bool echo output
What will happen to mDPM.lockNow(); if there is no security pin on android device?
String to byte and viceversa in java
fql multi query
String to double array
Can I make the request faster? (facebook graph api)
How to convert Speech to Text in ios SDK
JAXB - Dynamic Object Creation from XML Document
When I compile PlayN core code to HTML in Eclipse, where do I find the JS/HTML files?
backbone - fetched model, set an attribute(modify),then save model, it should update but sending POST request
Need to Add Upload file field in add customer in magento backend
Haskell: Attempt at parallel `atomicModifyIORef` implementation
HTML5 video in IE9 is showing a black border on its both sides
MongoDB 鈥�large number of documents
about MPMoviePlayer Control Style
error in Showing multiple locations in google map in android framework
Very laggy HTML5 Video in Safari
htaccess re-write rule fails
Biggest of 3 numbers got me crazy
Strange top-margin in JPanel with added Image in JLabel
a simple php logic
Disable gridview controls using jquery in aspx form
Can't update with yum, seeing error PYCURL ERROR 7 - 鈥渃ouldn't connect to host鈥�Alternatives?
IE 8 Not Rendering SoundCloud Flash Player
How to add default Widgets to a custom dynamic sidebar
Renaming a Telerik reporting legend item
foreach array error
How to get the path relative to the App_Data folder in without form
Error During Reading XML file [closed]
Drag and Drop - Is it possible to get the URL?
Generate Test Load for server from client
Android GridView----not able to get correct item by touch event
Dynamic options for my prameters SSRS 2008
Get object's class and its constructor, Reflection in Android
How to INSERT multiple HTML form fields into a single MySQL column as date
How to export Sikuli scripts to java?
how to manipulate image at pixel level and extract information from image?
How to customize borders for Expandable List
Custom button in android
Data Table-Lazy Loading Not Displaying anything
Good game programming books
NoMethodError in Rails method using has_one association
Error 1054: Column doesn't exist鈥�it does?
Can Not Find Header File in Xcode
Getting Absolute Website URL Without Using HttpContext Request
POST json data and custom headers
Use VBA to Clear Immediate Window?
iOS - core data - table view scroll to newly added record
How can I pass server session variables and attributes to the GWT engine?
How will i render ms chart in a pop-up window
How can i search in a formula and make some changes in string parts with perl [closed]
What is 鈥淪canning for working copies鈥�
Trying to delete sendmail messages
maven pom validation failing on dependency
Listview goes on top on adding new item to adapter and setting it
Magento Cron jobs: Log cleaning and reindexing
the best way to update viewmodel with the udpated properties of entity framework entity after updating from the database
force android to resize text like iphone when phone rotated
Erros in implementing inlinenav in jqgrid
Spring 3.X Java 7 Thread Safe Date/Number Format injection
get all emails of a Facebook user via API
window not rotating?
xcode 4.3.2 becomes unresponsive on editing/saving a file
Resolving ip public address to
What do you use for endless pagination within Rails?
Moving the window on holding Qml MouseArea
override methods with same name in python programming [duplicate]
XSLT sort using derived/calculated values without EXSLT functions
Loops and Invariants?
Unable to retrieve data from cross domain JSON service URL using jQuery [duplicate]
Save standard way to declare a singleton
creating hook for document.location in javascript
HTML5 Video not appearing on iPod/iPhone Device within FancyBox iFrame
Modular C# Winform Application
Having issues with mixing dynamic & static images
Regex to Remove HTML Tags
Java traverse a large HashMap like a graph
Setting different Fonts for the different states of UIButton
JQuery UI Tabs: Ajax loading of content automatically halts in firebug
Design of archiver program
How do I properly handle a memory warning in the UIPickerViewController for my UIImageView with an image in it?
Send bash environment variable back to python fabric