Store pdfs or generate them using php
What is the difference between a map and a record in avro?
Line Endpoint Detection
git-pull: could not detach HEAD for Unicode filenames
Error while trying to execute pl/sql that loops through a cursor containing only ROWID's
Complicated NHibernate Criteria With Left Outer Joins?
SSRS: Calculating percent change within a Group in Report Builder
file_get_contents in PHP not working
Remove/Uninstall old version of ruby gem
Restricting the number of task requests per App Engine instance
Decoding windows phone memory performance analysis report
Why lists' remove() methods take Object and not T? [duplicate]
Count number of times value appears in particular column in MySQL
websocket library with easy upgrade path to .net4.5 websockets [closed]
When are temporary NSStrings released?
Stop parent function or method in JQuery
Is there a compiler as service for c++?
File upload and data validation as a service
Add autoincrement to an already populated DT--Updating the values
Retry Logic for LINQ-TO-SQL on SQL Azure - Efficient implementations?
MVC3 Show description from DataAnnotations attribute on .blur
How to programatically refresh the Properties Window? [closed]
Find chars in any order in Sql Server
Get just the text nodes constructed into a string in javascript
AChartEngine not displaying Y and X axis values and label count
Isosurface Texturing Issue
What's wrong with this ZPT template?
How to change all specified words in a file from upper to lower case at once in Vim?
RoR audio_tag helper multiple source files
Is there a Winforms .Net Equivalent for Delphi's TDBNavigator?
How can I set specific compiler flags for for a specific target in a specific build configuration using CMake?
How do I count the number of appearances of any string that is NOT 鈥渟tring1鈥� 鈥渟tring2鈥� 鈥渟tring3鈥�etc.?
How do I slow down a b2Body heading toward the edge of the screen incrementally to where the velocity is 0 when it reaches the edge?
cin.getline() is skipping an input in C++
How do I change returnKeyType while editing?
Text displaying on wrong line in IE
picking up <script> within jQuery
Ruby on Rails: Mock session variable in helper class
custom validation error messages with html
How to generate the password in PHP as it did by Devise Gem in Ruby on Rails
jQuery Mobile checkbox unchecks itself
How to execute the dex file in android with command?
Have the split ActionBar display twice as many icons
strange return with simple php script
Where it better to save the temp data getting from web-service and using in activities?
PostgreSQL - how to fetch rows higher then year since the date
Mapping a custom relationship in Entity Framework 4 Code First
DShow source filter: which instance of filter am I?
Bind to Parent Property throught a RelativeSource
How do I break a 'using' based GC lifetime open into a 'create-dispose' based lifetime?
Ruby: string brancher
conflict between floating navigation bar and floating div object on one page?
Can a plist file be too big?
How can I scroll to a particular item dojo 1.7.2?
Convert host name to IP address then ping
Large Amount of Data Transfering via WCF
How SSIS Dataflow really works?
Mapping Int to a List - Python [duplicate]
jQuery plugins / functions not loading after rails 3.1 upgrade
What is the cost of ContainsAll in Java?
Sending output to websocket in play 2.0
Is there any existing software can achieve my Java data transmission encryption?
Objective-C macro to return a string with the function and the line number while accepting a string with a variable number of arguments?
Android HTTP Client freezes
NSDateFormatter 鈥渨鈥�
2 dimensional step array in c++
MATLAB How to pass an Array from my base workspace to a function
Adding a path to AC_CHECK_LIB
Linking Qt Libraries to a Cmake project (in eclipse)
ICS CalendarContract RDATE format?
Problems with Jquery and Tumblr
iOS Screen Rotation Degraded When Shadows Are Visible
Generate Hash Key of (void *) data
How to set up eclipse with GWT and (regular servlet) Jetty backend
Persist data in MVC Razor without using TempData between requests
how to trace or log from a CFC file
Children in messagebox dont automatically appear
ggplot2 dollar_format on large numbers yields scientific notation
PHP contact form handler not working?
jQuery/css fade issue with nested elements in ie8 (only) [duplicate]
set visible of a label from code behind
RESTful Web service or API for a Python program in WebFaction
SEO - META Tags and Google
Remove files added in lots of commits in the past
Using bam in edi inbound and outbound process
Why does a SQL Parameter get NULLed when calling from .NET app?
LINQ Operator '==' cannot be applied to operands of type 'method group' and 'int'
Use objectAtIndex with multiple views
php cURL timeout and fail
Android App Publishing Keystore Password
Css Hover Tooltip doesn't work in JqGrid
Why triggers try to insert NULL value when using a field from 'inserted' table?
Sencha vs Wavemaker [closed]
JPA/Glassfish: persistence.xml ignored?
How to fix broken Visual Studio project dependencies?
jQuery one button loop to show/hide sibling elements
knockoutjs unable to parse bindings
Loading Gist raw file from Jquery
Getting 鈥淭he format method was not found鈥�when trying to use java.lang.string format method from ColdFusion
global variables in requireJS [duplicate]
Loading Gist raw file from Jquery
Getting 鈥淭he format method was not found鈥�when trying to use java.lang.string format method from ColdFusion
global variables in requireJS [duplicate]
Human relations between users
Replacing Django admin templates with apps in subdirectories
QTableWidget Tag on Items
RestSharp/Json.NET Serialize Array as JSON Object
In OS X (lion) how can I find whether a key combination is in use as a keyboard shortcut?
How to detect and exclude leading single quote in a String using regex in Java
Send string to Form3 from Form2
How to convert convex hull points to real coordinates in image
SQL to end users: pros and cons [closed]
Including Google Play Downloader Library , APK File Expansion Library
jQuery Mobile : Dynamic form creation shows native controls v/s jQuery Mobile plugin controls
Juice UI Child Controls
Java Disruptor pattern and low latency
Correct use of using with Timer (or any object where using is relevant)
Execute Package Task by Package Name for Sql Server Stored Packages
MySQL JOIN 鈥�Complicated Select Statement
Why SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error?
How can I reflectively get a field on a Scala object from Java?
why CCAnimation does not use CCSpriteBatchNode to print its images?
Deserialize XML with HTML Tags
create filters for buddypress content
Exception Handling with JPA + Hibernate
QT creating push buttons that add text to a text edit box
copy and paste code from safari (chrome) web inspector
Plotting curves given by equations in R
SQL query get record table A based on parentid Table B
Twitter OAUTh and PHP
How to mock a ReadOnlyCollection<T> property using moq
Mapping applications using a NoSQL datasource?
Using django to run python scripts with password arguments
How can I improve the WMI performance using delphi?
Parsing/Unmarshaling query strings which passing arrays as parameters in Java
setting up a database for tracking which users have clicked which links?
Entity Framework Won't Allow Nulls In Row Insert
validation of input data in php - javascript
Python plot dates using matplotlib
Struts 2 action result and Jquery POST
Set floated div's text to float and wrap properly without hardcoding div width?
Excel. Creating charts in different sheets
regexp replace until comment
Make a clickable picture in a Facebook tab take to another application on Facebook
How to reread perl database query result
Unable to register new IConnectionIdFactory
how to set viewport so it is 380x800 or 800x380 depending on orientation?
select data from mysql using php when id is empty
Problems implementing observable collection
Remote Desktop PowerShell Scripting
upgraded to dango 1.4 but admin is still looking in media dir for static files
What is one with my SQL. Counting how many times each month a client comes in the past year
Emulate promiscuous mode with iptables
DelayedJob: Deserializing ActiveRecord objects throws SerializationTypeMistmatch error on serializeable fields
Line in, while still going?
C# TripleDesCrypto gives different results than VB TripleDesCrypto
How to check if a given string is a part of any given Enum in Java?
what UIApplication Delegate should I use
C# Timer to populate the database
Using KendoUI Line Chart, How to make the data markers (Dots) a solid color?
Optimization of FFTW to top Matlab FFT
Convert Emgu CV Image to jpeg 2000 then store to an byte array
adding cpp files to a cscope database
Passing parameter to php page with append the value in the URL
Verilog bidirectional bus for SRAM interface
Simple program (2 for loops) crashes in PyPy while working with CPython
Package class scope in Meteor
Exempt code from Code Coverage in Visual Studio 2010
Android: class not found exception:
Map a Network Printer from a web page
How to optimize routine with large file I/O (read, writes) and computation?
Tokenizing words of a sentence in c
Jade template layouts not working in combination with Node.js
php preg_split and UTF-8 symbols
How to only obtain list of names from facebook - using RoR, fb_graph gem
JPA2 EntityManager is null
Yii - Catch all incoming requests
Express+jade: local variable not available in view
Making cwac-merge adapters disabled
wordpress how to force redirection from all pages to home
How to prevent gmaps4rails from geocoding during migrations
How to refresh an HTML page using JS, PHP or HTML
C# trivia game: What to do in case of a tie?
Store Map Bounds in DB for Google Maps API v3
C# System.Transaction.RollBack
Pygooglevoice login error
PHP include causes white space at the top of the page
Android won't show special character from PHP page
EF 4.0 change n_varchar to varchar in ouput sql
Can sufficient increase of available RAM eliminate usage of tempdb when querying read-only database in SQL Server?
The view 'Error' or its master was not found
Jquery match an attribute including the value
Possible to somehow override a container's padding?
Launching external programs in C# without knowing the exact path
cache-control, expires, last-modified and Etag for .htaccess
Lazy Loaded NHibernate entities in MVC3 views
Mockito.verify selective methods call
Appropriate representation of a 2D game board in Clojure
Java Null Pointer Exception when inserting into a local database
iOS Popover UI Element
how to find out the directory of the installerplugin while installation in mac
display the content of a combobox recover from Zend_form
rails 3.1 multiple currencies
How do I reset array content
Highlight table row if cell duplicate
cocos3d line glow effect
Hadoop / AWS elastic map reduce performance
DateTime won't change temporary
Duplicanting XCode project gives me the old
Android How to create database on Startup if it doesn't exist and then retrieve it on next Startups
what is this, and what vimscript functions are associated with it?
How does JRE installation work?
error when running encoding json after fetch
Hack to maintain horizontal element position when scroll bar apears
AS3 Combobox inside a dataGrid - scrolling vertical
Android shared preferences cached?
How do you pass authentication information from one .net Web Api method to another
Why does android emulator works so shameful slow? [closed]
Match words but could possibly contain spaces within word
Overriding subclass methods with subclassed arguments?
how to use html5 with django forms?
Getting 鈥淎ccess from host not allowed, or unknown host鈥�from Torque PBS Server using qstat command
How to remount /system as read-write?
Hibernate with java ArrayList
Can sphinx link to documents that are not located in directories below the root document?
Android freeze in OpenGL,ES (CPU may be pegged. trying again.)
Constant declaration with block
new keyword vs creating instances
Rails 3 CMS that doesn't mess with your application's code
python: using io.BufferedReader on a stream obtained with open()?
Does sometime fputs() or fwrite() encode html special characters?
Go template function
MySQL: How can I combine multiple queries into one that use same table with different conditionals?
How should I handle ASIHTTPRequest asynchronous call in iOS?
Windows Authentication prompt username field autopopulates and cannot be changed
xslt wrapping duplicate lines case insensitive inside a for-each
apache on mod_wsgi Daemon Mode not yielding small string
scrollview causes black background to appear
Downloading complete historical stock data including delisted companies? [closed]
Calculator results weird
Subdomain is taking over requests to domain
iOS Robby Hanson XMPP framework resources
Bootstrap CSS How To: Create a ContentBox with a Title Bar
Read from a file into an array and save back into file as Array
tsql UNION between 2 select statements
FB Open graph: Possible to search object fields?
Using jQuery Cycle on Hover Only
MatchError when match receives an IndexedSeq but not a LinearSeq
Does FastMM only report memory leaked and/or memory allocated?
Getting error when modifying MyType constructed using typedef in C
EF code-first many-to-many with additional data
three column layout, column spacing
Geo Coding Address - get district of a certain address (Google API)
Mobile Offline GPS lat, lng, storage using Phonegap and Sencha?
How can two Safari extensions communicate with each other?
Overriding CSS properties that don't have default values
Form Won't Center in CSS
Able to get JSON data in console, but can't bind it to AJAX call on form
How can I compare two CLLocationCoordinate2D's? (iPhone/iPad)
encrypting a password value in gsp
How to print the userspace stack trace in linux kernelspace escaped characters not found, but un-escaped characters are found - when should I escape?
Facebook application tab instead of page [duplicate]
Text Home on Joomla website
Execute a stored procedure in another database with params
Find first zero in array in matlab
Geo-Tiff to ECW Conversion? [closed]
Safe+efficient way to modify Mongo objects while iterating over a cursor?
MATLAB How to find the size of an array inside an array
jQuery values set in $(document).ready() function
MonoTouch.Dialog - DateElement that accepts a null value as input
CQRS, Event Sourcing and NoSQL database
Bitmap text compared to native caching
Return an error message whne the user selects an invalid file path
RGB image from osg::viewer
mysql error: can't destroy an object that is created using factoryGirl
Replace text in bash
MYSQL two tables joining and getting result based on ONLY and ONLY by same field value
Overloaded Template Function Help - C++
CSS Position not working when specifying Top / Bottom / Left / Right
How do I launch a console program from a gui?
C++ linker missing library when running (SONAME behavior)
process array data with WebGL shader
Regular Expression 鈥淥r鈥�Return one group Java
R: weighted least squares with errors in x and y
NSPredicate: 鈥淯nable to parse the format string '%@'鈥�
SUM of column between current record and next record
Protecting a sensitive value (password) when using XML serialization?
iOS: Capture image from front facing camera
form not submitting selected value when updated via ajax (rails & jquery)
How to solve JSON_ERROR_UTF8 error in php json_decode?
Serve alternate external Javascript file depending on if elements are defined or not in the page
Json request parseerror - unexpected token < MVC3
On the bounding sets in RFC 5104
Calculating the distance between 2 latitudes and longitudes that are saved in a text file?
Can't Explain C++ Performance
How can I create a LLDB alias that evaluates its argument using `expression`
NServiceBus, Could not find a saga for the message type
Mongoose - Query nested document by string
Understanding a prolog predicate
NServiceBus, Could not find a saga for the message type
Mongoose - Query nested document by string
Understanding a prolog predicate
jQuery $.getJSON : Passing arrays to PHP
Android get Facebook friends who have app downloaded
How to set default source in CKEDITOR?
Sending text to the browser
C++ 鈥渋nvalid initialization of non-const reference鈥�error
How to init a new AVAudioRecorder?
Why does my Android Listview turn from transparent to opaque when I click it?
Translatable Entity and fonctional form for multiple translations
Adding the Empty Option and Make it Default Selection
MailChimp Form is loading page on Submit
Can't load a URL in a WebView from a popover
WindowListener does not work as expected
Launch an msi from a button using forms
Implementation and Improvability of Depth First Search
Rails: How to mock gems, such as fb_graph
return from JS function
Android change Camera sound
Defalut app update
Enumerate NSString characters via pointer
Hartl Rails Tutorial (3.2) 8.2.5 Rspec failure
programmatically create WinSSHD virtual accounts
Setting up DLLs so we can update production ASP.NET app w/o full publish or app restart
How to display an error dialog and quit in the middle of a loading dialog
Unexpected behavior of NSFetchRequest
AsyncFileUpload OnUploadedComplete not firing within DIV
Why do I need this CString type cast?
Global variable does not have global scope
How to display results on same page as requesting page in jsp-servlets
Class constructor not sending data DATA to VBO
Apache redirect all https (443) request to external server
How to set the gdb debugger connection in eclipse-indigo?
Where does the 鈥渟pring-context.xml鈥�file go in a WebApp context?
Enterprise Library 5.0 Exception Handler: How to remove sections from error message
Observing files loaded with F12, the IE debugger?
How difficult is it to port an existing webapp to Google TV?
Where are eclipse preference files stored during debug?
Receive XML - PHP [duplicate]
How do I insert data by selecting some values from another table
Testing for NullReferenceException (Not Testing for Nothing)
linux 鈥�getting from /proc/partitions contents to something I can 'ls'
Why are urls usually lowercase with words separated by a dash and no special characters?
waiting for all pids to exit in php
Rails POST links with bootstrap tooltip
Why is red 5 consuming lot of RAM?
Bash python wrapper script that logs all the calls and the output to a file [closed]
Obj-C, adjusting the height of my UITableview when iAds are shown
how to keep referance to an instance created on child thread
Why is red 5 consuming lot of RAM?
Bash python wrapper script that logs all the calls and the output to a file [closed]
Obj-C, adjusting the height of my UITableview when iAds are shown
how to keep referance to an instance created on child thread
HTML5 Game, user movement concept [closed]
Why not printing it on the screen?
How can I upload a file to amazon S3 with Codeigniter/PHP?
php exec() and tesseract goes ''Cannot open input file'
How to set permissions on a Windows Service
Python Multiprocessing: Fastest way to signal an event to all processes?
Does nginx have a soft quit?
What is a good way to deploy a Java program and give JVM arguments?
ARFF output in weka is different depending on if it incrementaly saved
JqueryMobile, AJAX and JSON
Sending Email in DNN
Monotouch: Create spinning image?
jQuery pass $this to function parameter
Use html and css to format email with Code Igniter
Deleting files matching a placeholders in another directory tree
How to get current seed from C++ rand()?
Migrate your App Profile Page
zero division error in python uncertainties package
Adding legend to a margin of a multiple for loop plot
Python - Numpy: How can I simultaneously select all odd rows and all even columns of an array
Not working Android SmatFox Server examples
adding store data on Extjs grid(3)
windows forms maximize/minimize/close buttons in title bar flicker
Programmatically Linking UIPageControl to UIScrollView
For loop in R is printing twice
Rails Reverse Polymorphic Association
Uploading Sawtooth Software ACA Survey to web using personal website hosting
Cmake - Packaging a mac OS bundle app and install it. But Can i disable the relocation?
How to find out if a substring of a Java string matches a regular expression?
HTML and CSS My text input box keeps changing height
retrieve multiple row xml data to dictionary
Backbone Node - fetch - server sending only response object but not model ,how can i get model?
Read file permissions in Cocoa
Chaining additional .order method on long active record query
Using KendoUI Line Chart, How can keep bar dots connected? (See Image)
Trying to resize and crop image for thumbnail
Google OAuth / OpenID - use branded login page
How to generate MD5 using VB in classic ASP?
Debugging on Android Disgo 8100 tablet
Compiler specific memory initialization
My getPrime() method does not work properly. any advice on how to fix it?
R data.frame transformation?
Implicit types for numbers in C
I need to write an SQL statement that joins multiple tables, including one table twice, and sorts by counting a group .. I think
Ampersand in query string messing up simple mailto of a link in the body
Can't access @Property from other class
Backbone: using 鈥渕odel.models鈥�
Dynamic Column In SSRS
iPhone: Best way to handle 400 UILabels in UIScrollview
Save Image from drawable to sdcard in camera activity
Replace characters in PHP but no more than once
How to POST with parameters using curl to a WCF service
AsyncTask GeoCoder sometimes crashes?
Javascript POST hook
How to programmatically get public dns of an instance?
How to retrieve the data from the event that triggered current event?
Large scale data processing, foreign API's, and loading bars
Pythonic Way To Call A Class Function If I have A List of Instances
Left Navigation won't expand to 100% Magento
Call a method in JSP every couple of hours
nodejs cannot connect to server?
Embedding SoundCloud player in iOS app
Ambiguity on overload resolution between Action and unit -> unit types in F#
Wrap ASP.Net Repeater around an image only ONCE
Alarm manager's alarm is not canceled sometimes
How to replace dash with a space from an Array
HTML Comments Generator
uninitialized constant ActionView::CompiledTemplates::
Android view doesn't draw when applied a layout_below parameter
How can I resize a javascript-generated iframe with inline styles?
SAS running batch mode issue
Discover the origin of a page view: clicks from Menu, Banner, etc
WCF returning error after 30min-1hr of idle
Trying to capture a line of data with Regex
How to search rangeOfString for uppercase and lowercase occurrences?
Is it possible to plot rational functions in R?
How to set a model with a class that inherits partialviewresult
H2 database users
R, get key from key value (hash)
Parent/child process close file descriptor
Validating my PHP form and submitting to database
trying to replicate table to multiple databases on slave server
Break out of loop immediately after array is changed
IIS Application 鈥淧hysical Path鈥�is empty after creating via C#
?: Conditional Operator in LINQ not working as expected
PHP xlsx header
Show/Hide multiple DIVs with same class name
Best practice for defining a Java variable that acts (something) like a C's local static variable
Add custom header in WCF? [duplicate]
different number of lines each time. python
Can c# auto correct syntax casing like VB.NET?
base_url not loading in codeigniter
Can't get data from Google Places
Is Not Null Scope Causing Errors in PSQL Rails App
Wordpress Back End Slow with 27,000 Categories
Disable Text Selection in TextBox Style
Find positions of ALL occurrences of a pattern in a string
JqueryMobile Ajax Loop
How can i convert this exit popup from an iframe to a redirect?
Images in array, HOW TO?
Dealing With Binary / Bitshifts in JavaScript
merge different views in one django template
Android AES 256-bit Encrypt data
Mongodb equivalent for Mysql DATE_ADD?
Get selectedvalues of multi-select list box
Is it possible to define a Web Api Route which accepts a literal?
Can I implement ScrollToHorizontalOffset() functionality in XAML? (for a dynamic list)
SC.EXE - Calling from C# - Access Denied
Username:Password vs
Getting Uploadify working with Codeigniter - 302 HTTP error
Error selecting column recently inserted with ALTER TABLE in ODP.NET
Using IQueryable Filtering on a custom collection
Make multiple NSURLConnections and using sendAsynchronousRequest:queue:completionHandler: iOS 5 method
XML Validation vs Java validation
Is this Robots.txt file correct?
python width syntax error
NuGet: Where to place dlls for unmanaged libraries?
Convert MySQL number into currency via php?
lightbox effect on wordpress post attached images
Open Directory Using CreateFile
Unable to link Google Play Developer Account to Google Checkout
What am I doing wrong with dragstop?
custom UIPickerView - limit user to spinning one wheel at a time
Create a Non-Database-Driven Lookup
Getting 403 error when jquery dialog box submits
How is jquery used to check for the 'disabled' attribute on an <a> tag?
Create a static dictionary object, filled with values from the database
Zend Framework Date to MySQL
css & jQuery: elements changing sizes on click/drag
System.DateTime.ParseExact error in SOAP response in Monotouch iOS
iOS UIWebView window width and height on iPad
Resizing a Rectangle while dragging on Windows Form
PHP test if form has file uploaded [closed]
jQueryUI DatePicker 12 months view 'jumps' when clicked on date
Auto-implemented properties and additional function
mongo bson insert/read child records
Execute lambda expression immediately after its definition?
Creating A New MySQL User In Amazon RDS Environment
Old JavaScript Function Crashes Browser
Fluent NHibernate - How do I create a one to many mapping which has a bridge table in the middle?
Is apache2 reload for .conf changes only or is it allowable to be used when application code changes?
How do I simulate a copy machine transition in iOS?
InstallShield Change Company Name
Jquery - mouseenter pushing content down
Android db.delete(); on ListActivity
My cURL became broken, I think login page is redirecting to alternate URL
Symfony newbie: can't get right VirtualHosts in Apache
How to prevent two events from being fired?
Basic Spring MVC Data Binding
how to set ttf font in emacs [closed]
Wrapping JQuery function results with <p> tags
:greater_than_or_equal_to in validates_numericality_of only partially working in rails 3.1
python pil image to django imagefield convert
How do I make a UITableView stop scrolling
RealBasic: execute shell commands
jQuery click not working with select option in ie7/8
Git Fetch vs Pull: Different Results, Not Sure Why
Last non-NaN value in a group
PHP, mysql_real_escape_string and MySQL query
Is still useful to implement EJB with RMI when you can implement Web Services (SOA/REST)?
XCode - Objective C: Deleting Table row crash
Monodevelop console on OS X
Accessing foreach variable in HTML element with runat=鈥渟erver鈥�
ssh forward - bidirectional
SSIS C# Script Task fails around 250MB memory usage
Moved Target to New Project in Xcode, GLEW won't compile anymore
Iterating through primes a certain way
Console app exits before callback is executed
comparing 2 strings alphabetically for sorting purposes
fadeIn & fadeOut seem to cause an overlap
Why does Delphi 6's MSXML library leak memory in Delphi 5?
How do I prevent the Android canvas from erasing each time I call onDraw()?
Error in R 2.15 when using source('filename.r') [closed]
Do Ruby hashes have a method like `reject!` that returns matching items?
Simple way to solve a system of linear equations in Matlab?
Increase size of text area without using CSS
Heat map or density map in R
MVC3 Actionlink with confirmation dialog
insert code behind property in html anchor
Keep hyperlinks while creating a table of contenst in MSFT Word
Resource Dictionary raises exceptions when calling a method located in MainPage
JavaScript add distinct rows to table -addRow function
What's afast and stable algorithm for a random path in a node graph?
Problems saving child records to database
Auto Populate a form from Email?
Trying to use result of CASE as criteria for Inner Join, what am I doing wrong?
Can Resharper produce an MSpec HTML report as well as the live Visual Studio test results?
Enable Submit/Cancel button through WPF Command pattern
usercontrol find button control in parent
Regex to replace timezone offset
Java Timer Issues Possibly Involving Storing them in lists
Get handle from a main process [duplicate]
Get + 4 days to date
How to on page load start at bottom and then auto scroll to the top?
Android httpclient request and processing with entity
Rails 3.1, jQuery Mobile 1.1 nested list problems?
Join nested table and normal table to fetch the result
@import 'bootstrap' error on win7 , showing 500 error
IIS express swith Off/On site in Solution?
cakephp 2 ajax form
Question mark in Curl PHP response and CodeIgniter
Generating functional Keystore Tomcat 7.0, Windows 7
When do I need to call the 鈥淐onvertToGenerated鈥�member to generate types using a type provider
Deleting a node in the linklist
Identity Server Your account is not active
cant get EOF to exit a do while loop, with getchar()
How to find the longest substring by order of frequency?
RSpec can't find haml files
Add search feature to simple website without mySQL database
Intellisense for code editor on Mobile Devices
WP7 - ignore listbox scroll inside ScrollViewer
Using OnContactStatusChange in Delphi Code interacting with Microsoft Communicator 2007
Mocking a controller method at CakePHP
Should I use a Timer, Handler or ASyncTask?
SLIM framework Halt call
Simplifying a Cascading pipeline used for aggregating sales data
Ant give Error creating temporary file
Generating DocSet within Xcode using Doxygen (but excluding some files)
Additional 鈥�lt;鈥�(&lt;) character in html output in Kohana 3.2
Zend Framework: Intialize session (Database) error
WPF Treeview Expand / Collapse MouseOver Animation
Identify low-color jpeg images
System.ComponentModel.BindingList: Add(object) vs. AddNew()
Applying Proguard to Android App that Contains Multiple Library Projects
Lotus Notes Views are not showing up in the web browser
C++ Member Variables
Why ActiveAdmin files appearing in Rails logs, each requests?
why system_process kill my service the second time?
how to read/understand ruby/rails documentation
Intercepting mail sent with the Pony gem, in a development environment
How to get rid of the white edge around the image button?
Is a top-left origin coordinate system what's stopping this equation from working?
Groovy vs. Java syntax discrepancy
Find my air application version in AS3 on iOS and Android
PHP script is not working because of 鈥渞aw data鈥�
How to see variables stored on the stack with GDB
Need ideas to create a Judging algorithm
firefox .aspxauth cookie not working
How do I access a JSONObject subfield?
How to set timeout for dataWithContentsOfURL:url
Apache Camel can't find servlet class
Camel Route to XMPP Chatroom failing miserably
Trim Array Path TO JUST Filename
Can't install gem ray
A property exists in the parent class, but can't be used from the child class
How to get started with epl visual basic zebra printing
Performance issue - clear and reuse a collection OR throw it and get a new one [duplicate]
Attached files with mail not working in yahoo or hotmail
How can I use setOnClickListener in my adapter Android?
Battleship game in python
url rewrite using php and .htaccess
Ensure all radio buttons have a value using jQuery
strange Z3 model value
Regex for extracing multiple email addresses in PHP
LoggingFacility - controlling the logger that will be used
JMeter NTLM/Windows Authentication Load Testing
Trouble with Validation script showing error-div
WPF ItemsControl Binding to UserControl
Java thread lock on System.err()
Facebook Graph empty data for likes, tags etc
Receiving changes from server in real-time, Server/Ajax-Push, HTML5 Websockets, ready-made server implementations or what?
How to specify FK names when using @JoinTable mapping?
Python Requests Library timing out under Linux
How to Store multidimensional array into mysql using PHP
Java Moving Up Window [closed]
How to get/post/delete/put information with jQuery and AJAX
Last modified date of a directory in OSX
ye olde 鈥渙rg.hibernate.NonUniqueObjectException鈥濃� I am stumped on this one
how to fix the android project
Bison and Flex: yyparse() function not generated
Find DOM-element that occurs the most
Working with Cursors in Python
Facebook activity feed not working?
Given a Unix timestamp, how to get beginning and end of that day?
iPad JavaScript Error not helpful
T-SQL long running query inside a view
No EAR to Deploy
Updating Date Field in C#
Is there a jQuery selector that looks for a substring NOT being there?
Django File-based session doesn't expire
Coldfusion-9 Trim Values
How to avoid broken links in common header file
Populate Spinner with async call to Web Service only when clicked
SocialLib error creating TwitterConnector
Python: serializing/deserializing datetime.time
ACRA - Stacktrace not showing line number
Error Handling on Controller
UITabBarController w/ Multiple MKMapViews
Need to filter out user input to only alphanumeric, commas, fullstop and spaces
iPhone crash log - what is the reason?
How to use html5 boiler plate?
How to close a forgotten connection?
character escaping: from Python string literal to JSON and then to HTML
Need an ability to tunnel data from NFS to FTP
Why can't I set DataLabel.Position to xlLabelPositionCustom?
Need to filter out user input to only alphanumeric, commas, fullstop and spaces
iPhone crash log - what is the reason?
How to use html5 boiler plate?
How to close a forgotten connection?
character escaping: from Python string literal to JSON and then to HTML
Need an ability to tunnel data from NFS to FTP
Why can't I set DataLabel.Position to xlLabelPositionCustom?
How to mock a private readonly IList<T> property using moq
App sounds cause iPod music, Pandora or Pod cast sound to stop
java - how to make an xml into a hyperlink? [duplicate]
Prevent malicious flash ads in an iframe from redirecting users in the top location
Reading the System.Diagnostics.Debug window
is this the correct way to post xml as a string?
Unexpected C struct pointer size behaviour
How to prepend a path to a buildout-generated script
Phone can't connect to Eclipse on debug mode
How to turn off initialization for user control
Yesod Editable Table
How to change the alpha of a window shown as a sheet?
Build Lisp code in SublimeText2
How can I deduce the AWS Account ID from available BasicAWSCredentials?
Is this too much code in my Razor - View?
Keeping several description balloons open at the same time in KML/Google Maps
Facebook Wall Post through WP7
WCAG guidelines (CSS+HTML+Javascript)
NGINX => serve several applications on a single host name with sub-uris
VBA Excel - How to lock specific cells but allow filtering and sorting
Tell visual studios to skip over?
sample code for google places api in android
R Avoid x axis beeing automatically power of ten scaled
Pass sender through UIAlertView?
findContours gives memory heap error
How does the jQuery pushStack function work?
Is it possible to run Android 2.2 app on Android 2.2+ Platforms (Gingerbraid, Ice Cream Sandwich etc.) [closed]
Multiple css for multiple resolutions - image resizing problems
Can I make an IDataReader ignore column length definitions?
how to separate code from html in java appengine?
Add a footnote citation outside of plot area in R?
XQuery: why does this transform modify the source document?
Can I change the order of watches in Delphi XE2?
No data found Java exception
generate heap dump reduces dramatically after performing manual GC
Allowed memory size in a Dedicated
Check if decimal contains decimal places by looking at the bytes
Multiple handlers in netty
How to upgrade gtk2hsC2hs?
Validating Excel sheet contents
How can I cancel performSelectorOnMainThread?
CodeIgniter with advanced-images spark (and Phil Sturgeon's DRY methodology)
Required field missing when importing dates from Mysql to Solr
Hey one undesired error is occuring in mysql [closed]
Set a specific input fields
Java bitwise operator not working as expected
SQL if column A is null, then use column B's value to compute column C
Wi-fi capture packets IVS.
Confusing error about missing left parenthesis in SQL statement
How do I make my MySQL statement to have sub query for limit & group by?
MySQL Query to delete rows whose timestamp is older than current timestamp
HTML: Best practice for POSTing empty/disabled form elements
Joomla - create hidden test page
How to remove repetitions using retract in this particular situation?
Datepicker JQuery on JavaScript generated fields
SQL Distinct limitation
Is narrowing of overriden method arguments types a Liskov Substitution Principle violation?
Should all CSS styles be in stylesheets?
How to add facebook like button ,linkedin share button and twitter tweet button for each link on a page?
How can I pass a JavaScript callback function to Cocoa/Obj-C?
How to remove CGI default meta charset encoding in Perl?
How to open emacs with a buffer containing the input? [duplicate]
When was Java's 鈥淪ystem.out.println()鈥漮verloaded?
100% height minus header? [duplicate]
text box with placeholder text that dissapears character by character
cakePhP REST configuration
ssh configuration: override the default username
Regular Expression to find <img /> tag which doesn't have alt=鈥�#鈥�
PHP: Check if DateTime isn't expired
(Solved) Import mysql table to XML file
iOS Wake Up App For Local Notification
Ajax doesn't replace the div contents unless I pause the script with an alert
Change website to .php from .html , will this hurt my seo rankings [closed]
Dynamic Memory Allocation Functions- Malloc and Free
IOS/SQLLite: Where/Where is the best time to create the database
How do I run sample Caja(secure subset of JavaScript ) source code?
Rewrite - forward server IP to domain url nginx
RavenDB Slow Query with an Empty DB
oracle query nested select using case
Get list of (floored) hours between two DateTimes
Win32 bitmap color to grayscale
鈥淭his Emacs session has clients鈥�- how do I find out why?
adding images next to radio buttons in cakephp
VS 2010 C++ Express, project creation error
Displaying images with AJAX
Sitecore Publish creates corrupt item
Dumping SQL table to XML file
What is the best way to remove/skip an item from collection
Realtime Update with Jquery, AJAX,PHP & Arrays
Using post in forms but url displays all params?
hardcoded warning in emulator
Can't import RKRequestSerialization.h for RestKit
formset, inlineformset_Factory and kwargs
adding images next to radio buttons in cakephp
VS 2010 C++ Express, project creation error
Displaying images with AJAX
Sitecore Publish creates corrupt item
Dumping SQL table to XML file
What is the best way to remove/skip an item from collection
Realtime Update with Jquery, AJAX,PHP & Arrays
Using post in forms but url displays all params?
hardcoded warning in emulator
Can't import RKRequestSerialization.h for RestKit
formset, inlineformset_Factory and kwargs
VGroup - how to apply distributed layout
Tooltip Flickers in IE When Absolutely Positioned
RavenDB sharding causes updates to act as inserts
Dependency injection in functional programming
c: implementation of a rownames function
Django ModelForm Validation Not Working
reading fortran binary file in c++
Multi-Level Cache Performance
XLS File displayed as an HTML content in IE
How to trace indirect precedents in Excel?
Facebook Comment Box Callback on Load?
Defining a constant variable pi in a library
Divide numbers into decimals from UILabels - xcode
Will IAP non-consumable products keep working if I pull my binary from the AppStore?
How to convert string to date time
Constant polling, or Java RMI?
cakephp multilanguage setup
MVC3 how to update stock of multiple items
Using reactive extensions for a simulation engine
Best way to index on multiple column for dynamic select
Symfony2:: Fatal error: Class 'Swift_Mailer' not found in cache/dev/appDevDebugProjectContainer.php on line 1331
compare two text file in python
How to upload multiple photos to Facebook from within iPhone app?
Oracle SQL 鈥�insert multiple rows into a table with one statement?
Measure various App Engine Statistics
iptables remove specific rules
Can't get error message in action of Yii
transferring int between viewControllers
page looks bigger than it should
How to query by time in rails?
Create a local-only port to communicate between processes on the same computer?
Timers and threads
Hidden form wont pass variable to php
XPATH - Correct?
C to Delphi conversion of union and struct with bitfields
Oauth for PHP on Windows
Android Start/Stop a service
ispunct() Function in C++
proper use of call_user_func_array
Flashvars don't get registered in AS3 via SWFObject
Transition between screens on Android
LINQ: How to test if value is contained in set
Efficiently computing the first 20-digit substring to repeat in the decimal expansion of Pi
Why can't my inner class see my outer class object?
unable to implement descriptors in android
Iterating through std:list<wstring>
start video on div popup - load video on popup
Rails form - how to send in the input an array?
How do I add items after a list in Sencha Touch 2?
MYSQL to display only the earliest of duplicates [duplicate]
How to make this navigation bar floating on top while scrolling?
Forum isn't following the BBcode
SQL date compare
App crashes when trying to load from SQLite
Simple HTML as blog [closed]
Confusion surrounding @import behaviour in LESS, using Codekit
Two questions: should I do client-side or server-side in terms of validation? Also, how would I verify that no textbox is blank/invalid鈥�
How can I add Faces Messages during @PostConstruct
I would like to use this jquery countdown plugin for my dynamic points? Can someone help me? [closed]
Can someone help me to know how I can make my layout work in small screen using css , css3?
Get Date of every alternate Friday
Find tuple element in a list with anonymous values
Adding incrementing numbers to select box name attr on duplication in jquery
Rotating 2D square
Getting Subview from another Subview
How to know that it is a new month?
Ruby - Case statement with multiple values in each 'when' block
How do i append a list to a jquery-forms-plugin before form submit?
DES/ECB/PKCS5Padding decryption in PHP
What should be the sizeof(int) on a 64-bit machine? [duplicate]
Creating a SWF with Frames and Bitmaps using AS3SWF
Pre Populating Paypal amount through an email link
Reallocating memory for a struct array in C
Apache Commons Configuration 鈥�Cannot load/use config files
Why is my Windsor Implicit Delegate Factory Registration not working?
Web Browsers Showing Error Page
Creating objects in for loop. I missing the mark a bit
Windows + wmic + memory
The dreaded Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in [closed]
create Hash table from existing list in Ruby
Warning for unused variable 'completion'
how can i make a javascript form wizard in muilt pages with a next and cancel and back and submit the last page [closed]
Keep text input scrolling synchronized
google maps api: displaying mouseover window from code
Permanent background task in WP7
git flow branches have diverged
Using glutIdleFunc to get out of glutMainLoop?
Is using Prototype to extend native objects bad? [closed]
Want to return a key pressed in python 3.1
Order by tablename?
How to start writing DDK code ?
prompt() with Internet Explorer 8
Can I use CComPtr inside of a std::map?
ASP.NET 2.0 FormsAuthentication Application AuthenticateRequest should ignore WebResource.axd
Google Maps API V3 not rendering competely on tabbed page using Twitter's Bootstrap
WF4 persistence is slow
remove single elements in a text file in bash
Xcode, update project file automatically
Android testing and Fragment IllegalArgumentException
Behaviour Tree library in C++ (Multiplatform and opensource) [closed]
php: massive assignement
Accessing key of an array on HTML check boxes
Issue with cross-referencing and augmenting XML elements in XSLT using document()
How to set my ClassLoader as the JVM's ClassLoader for loading ALL classes (jar classes included)?
Callback from jcrop not being called
UDK March 2012 vs CryEngine 3 (for a Job in the future?)
How to parse value of attribute using xslt?
Disabling authentication in Passive STS WSO2 Identity Server
static Class doesn't show same values between other classes
Serialize Dictionary<int,object> using
Database management php mysql
Connecting FB accounts with accounts on my website
css and page layout like FB and similar sites [closed]
Is there a request context in Java?
Correct way to represent a one-to-one relationship (reference) in UML
Why are spaces between imgs if margin and padding are 0?
SUM columns by hour (using DATETIME column)
OpenGL perspective projection and camera location
jquery - reverting back to original style declarations after .css() call, and other weirdness
Is this late binding or what?
Batch Script - Call a subroutine for each token
SaveChanges affect several repository
In MongoDB, why does updating/finding exact documents fail when the document has an embedded document?
uiImageView error with SDWebImage
rpm not finding files specified
Passing JavaScript objects with c#
ListItem Click doesn't work
Simple csv comma delimited html table gen
Handle events in DART
xsd key not being validated
Make Something Disappear In Certain Browser
Parsing firewall rules in Python
Tell if it's the last bar on the chart in SSRS report
MVC 3 401 Unauthorized on hosting server
How to manage view management inside a mvc 3 application
Passing function to another page in PHP
Images are not being stored for html5 2D canvas
I am trying to populate a DOJO pie chart from a json array created by a url
Spring DAO inejction in JSF bean's constructor
Tell if it's the last bar on the chart in SSRS report
MVC 3 401 Unauthorized on hosting server
How to manage view management inside a mvc 3 application
Passing function to another page in PHP
Images are not being stored for html5 2D canvas
I am trying to populate a DOJO pie chart from a json array created by a url
Spring DAO inejction in JSF bean's constructor
Intermittent positioning issue with a jQuery cycle() slideshow
How can I prevent the Require.js optimizer from including the text plugin in optimized files?
Skip ahead in Windows Media Player embedded webpage object
Creating a Deque Class methods
Mongoid querying inclusion Array
Understanding SharedMem
How much to grow buffer in a StringBuilder-like C module?
select value of dropdownlist item jquery
HDFS Reading a compressed sequence file
Does it make sense to test controllers
What is the easiest way to design Java Swing GUIs in Eclipse IDE?
Estimate error in floating point calculations
retrieving images from database and displaying all on a page
JSlider alternative
fix image size without re-sizing
Run Visual Studio Debug. The process cannot access the file, because it is being used by another process
How to secure Elmah in MVC in area
Looping through all of the days within a Unix Timestamp range in PHP
Sticky footer with adjustable height array / arraylist error
Best Practices for storing a database schema version in SQL Server?
Can I use Phonegap Transition Plugin in Cordova-1.6.0 for Android
The evaluation of 'if' expressions
MemoryMappedFile.CreateOrOpen throws The handle is invalid
Django: filter ForeignKey in value or None
Strange NSInvalidArgumentException in MonoTouch
PHP - Footer function sample
Django Haystack Solr - Recommeded location and directory structure for Solr
drawing predict line on an R graph
Android Spinner Within TabWidget Bad Token
total exchange in linear array
Copy file from Windows to Linux Machine using python
Using a dictionary within a class from user input in python
Python Pandas: how to turn a DataFrame with 鈥渇actors鈥�into a design matrix for linear regression?
Camera app on android open souce?
Basic form with twitter bootstrap components
Call php function from form, and complete form with result
loading data from the database continuously in a jsp page
My gacutil (vs2010 4.0) does not seem to be working
Grails - Passing selected checkboxes
Map Model to View Model
How to optimise filtering and counting for every row in a large R data frame
Disappearing images in IE8 jQuery Cycle
Transferring files between Windows Servers using shutil copy/move
chart drawing in Java [closed]
Tridion 2009 - Retrieve Component's parent folder TCM
Updating positions and positions outside screen
jpa can't execute a simple query
HTTPS request can't verify certificate oniOS Safari
Does JavaScript have a defined order of evaluation for function parameters? [duplicate]
measuring php performance
Atk4 Step by Step form doesn't load Facebook Like Buttons
PAM 鈥渟ession required module鈥�equivalent in Windows
C++: delete values from map in 鈥渇or each鈥�loop
HTML/CSS Input Button Styling Not Working
best way to add jquery to an 鈥渆mpty鈥�web project in visual studio?
CakeMail doesn't recognize to and viewvars functions
php explode() function issue - spaces
convert csv file to table in ruby 1.9
Design practicality of using a segmented control with a single option in the navigation bar
Change JSON key names (to all capitalized) recursively?
jQuert .find(鈥渋mg鈥�.attr(鈥渟rc鈥� not returning image source.
How can I play instrument notes in a web browser?
Using maven to produce production ready output
SQL query that selects effective costing rate based on charge date
Search next button javascript
Need help to figure out which algorithm to use
PDF Packages in iOS
AppID not recognized, but it shows up correctly in the source code (Comment box)
VBA Excel Line Break in Cell
Pyqt table widget updation
MySQL query to select on-air program from playlist schedule
saving mathml rendered to html5 canvas as png
Is there a gem that provides 鈥渁fter_response鈥�filter in Rails?
Create separate classes for insert and save
Rails: How to make require reload on every refresh?
What query language is used to query SSAS 2012 tabular models?
How to replace image references in html body repetitively
Mouse events only on visible parts
RegExp - replace quote doesn't work
Eclipse plugin project with eclipselink and derby database
SQL SMO Objects SqlRestore Method (ReadFileList)
Xcode error: ld: library not found for -lgomp
Parsing XML with custom schema/ namespace
Is this code the right way to prevent duplicate IDs?
WebP encoding - Segmentation Fault
Git rollback 1 pull
does the memory space of windows and linux overlap for some folders when both operating systems are installed?
Need advice on how to create node class for r/b tree in java
Simulink numerical evaluation to prevent overflow
Is it possible to list files in a folder sorted by last check-in time in perforce?
Incorrect syntax error using sp_executesql
Importing certain table columns into database table