html4 video embed
What is client-side routing and how is it used?
Heroku Logs - open log referred to in error message
Bayer Pattern - Bilinear interpolation - How?
Why must a user be an admin to add a tab?
Correctly distributing a Java application with database
expected point is not right in epipolar geometry
error while generating script
Entity Framework Code First ASP.Net and DbContext
RTF Extract from SQL Server 2008
WPF trigger on Content property (bound to boolean) not working
not clearing the listbox items when i opened popup second time in wp7
Directly display the value of an array returned by a method
MySql conditional SQL. Is my scenario possible?
Format for time zone in web service that will be used by many different platforms & conditional serialization
twitter4j: No route to hostRelevant exception occured
IDataErrorInfo - Initially ignore the errors when view is first loaded
bash: ignoring specific fields during file comparisons
How can I avoid this Deadlock in Oracle.sql.ARRAY type?
Passing LinkedList<short[]> to a Constructor, will it work?
IPC Suggestion for lots of small data [closed]
Dynamic Data in Drop down
Dragging from NSBrowser and use bindings?
Saving a file to 'C: Windows System32 dns' causes 'Could not find a part of the path' error
Android 2.1GuessContentTypeFromName not working
CFWheels - Validate two different forms using the same model
JQuery/Javascript - Need RegEx to match the multilingual text
Multiple issues in upgrading Grails Project from version Grails 1.3.6 to Grails 2.0.1
Complicated Javascript string modify
Selection sort modified
HTTP PUT file upload progress
Bizarre difficulties when adding + modifying objects in Entity Framework
Launch exe after setup
Change the whole content of iFrame
Converting ArrayList Strings of to Characters?
HTTP get request communication js to PHP doesn't return a result?
webkit transform 3d on Android is not wroking
Bulk update in Oracle gives error ORA-01779
Why could <exclude-unlisted-classes>false</exclude-unlisted-classes> fail to work?
validation on input box
Resize border around control in custom DesignSurface
NSURLConnection returns data but I cannot read it
PHP5 xsl install
How to implement a button that gets all checkbox's state and adds the value of checked item into arraylist?
Dispatch event from nested activity to container activity
like detail page inside timeline page tab
Facing an error while uploading a Image on to the server in android
How to let ebean not generate any value for the ID?
Set margin in textbox
Bind computed column to GridView
RAII class design
how to record voice and play in iphone
Java Spring configuration and Resteasy
Check If User Liked Fan Page
Remove ViewController
How is the range-based loop different to a for-each loop?
Specified cast is not valid error for ip address
OpenMP not supporting break in loop
checking if string is numeric is not working in vb
Get data between record in table
Is there a generic patching utility that can create deltas that don't contain source bits?
Making a JSON API request from meteor server
Passing parameter with a4j:mediaOutput
Getting id of tr element if the checkboxes is checked
Appletviewer not running from command prompt: access denied ( resolve)
Simply set width with CSS or perchance jQuery
How can I insert values into table like Bulk Insert?
Do I have to use UNION insted of JOIN?
is there a way to overload extraction operator , inside a class and not as a friend of class?
ASP.Net code behind being overridden by JQuery
XAMPP USB Lite - How to change or upgrade MySQL 5.5 to 5.6?
Connect2 and
Magento sales_flat_order_item table
Android Action sheet
C++/CLI wrapper for C++ native dlls
How to determine if user is accessing from LAN?
For a given priority, are Dispatcher.Invoke() and Dispatcher.BeginInvoke() equal?
How to display all picture formats in TImage using Delphi
c++ boost graph library: Building a vector of vertices visited in an undirected graph search?
RavenDB workaround for nested LINQ expression
JSTL if tag for equal strings
Weka machine learning:how to interprete Naive Bayes classifier?
Root IMAP folder in MS Exchange similar to ALL MAIL folder in gmail IMAP
Minimize complex linear multivariable function in java
allowed characters for filenames for user upload/download
Change MembershipProvider from SQL Server Express to SQL Server CE
Reacting to changes in a draggable PowerCharts graph
Including multiple sub directories in a make file
MySql if statment not working
Why is the boolean undefined?
Is there anyway to have hangouts outside google+?
Make a string a literal regex in ruby
How to get currently compared value in if statement
live('click' not working but .click( workig in IE 8
maven datanucleus ASM issue
Connect to MS-Access in JBoss
Form css reflecting to ajax calendarcss
Child selector using `querySelectorAll` on a DOM collection
HTML Decrations are not working in Liferay
django-postman discards RequestContext
SQL - How to reorder a select query that uses the limit constraint
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'addEventListener' of undefined
Rails - how to run method only first time, when user come to my page
Is it possible to write constraint on table that primary key not equal to column4
How to get a value from a form control
How to Post data to server using SOAP
Why old value appeared in tableViewCell
UIButton is unable to be pressed when UITableViewCell is reloading
How does this define work?
creating pictures with imagemagick is too slow. how to improve?
Exclamation mark missing in facebook API name
how to reach into PHP nested arrays?
C# If string contains
Configure command and response colors in the windows command line. Alternatives?
How to get birthday list from facebook [closed]
htaccess re-direct rule fails
Controlling input for Google TTS API
Show iAds Continuosly in iPhone App
get all the values in Sql table using foreach
Facebook OAuth redirect_uri to page tab error
How to implement a timer in c?
Randomizations and hierarchical tree
LEFT OUTER JOIN not showing rows where missing on the RIGHT side of JOIN
Apache Tomcat(http localhost:8080 blank)
SQLite3 : Assigned directly the query result to a struct in C
How to enable the use of HTTP_RANGE on server
Objective-C IF statement with OR condition
c++ operator overloading logical opertors
Manipulating WCF header details
XSL Transformation and XPath
Webservice with IIS 7.5and 4.0
Generic Base class inheriting from Generic Interface
Copying two external folders to installation path with the setup project
PHP object to array using self
How to add focus listening using jquery to every input box?
raise event handler attached to element
Simple multi-touch drawing application on iOS: Too slow (because drawRect() not additive ?)
How to capture exact td value in jquery independent of browser
Copy an Array - Bad Design?
PHP: display input sequence in blocks of 25 letters and only 75 letters per line
How to treat additional parameters on Rails model creation?
Android : Difference from two date and time
Can't schedule a stored procedure in MySQL
Add a new User for the database in mongodb
IE8 Embedding flash in a document ready [closed]
UITableView custom separator, hidding when selecting
Android : Difference from two date and time
Can't schedule a stored procedure in MySQL
Add a new User for the database in mongodb
IE8 Embedding flash in a document ready [closed]
UITableView custom separator, hidding when selecting
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: java.lang.NullPointerException how to solve
How to reset or change the passphrase for a GitHub SSH key?
Is there any usage of Sizzle to get unique search results from an html document?
python __import__ all files in folder not working
Get the dates of pull and update in Mercurial
image uploaded to wall using hackbook-url generated
Delphi Firemonkey IOS TContextOpenGL.DestroyPixelShader EXC_BAD_ACCESS
How should i call my javascript. href, onclick or bind the click event?
AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'write'
How to Store a data From JSON file into a JSON Store
How to avoid business logic (if-else/ looping) inside a view
activemq message redelivery
Nancy: FormsAuthentication - Getting Started
Memory warning when loading google map in UIWebView
wsgi via apache through SSL causes error 500, no log entries
Grep Regex: List all lines except
Delay when reading from TCPClient
Stuck getting images from Arduino in bytes, and making them back into images with Java
Get Orthographic Width, Height parameter in OpenGL (OpenTK)
How to create unique identifier for an entity in iphone core data
Shockwave Flash Object into C# Surface 2.0 Application, toolbox item hidden
jQuery count LI-elements inside UL and get the number of the currently hovered
WPF stretch menu items
Realtime tracking of top 100 twitter words per min/hour/day
ShareKit facebook, view disappear after loggin, dont display link in dialog window
Where and how should I define the spl_autoload_register?
Direct all errors to a textfield
How to lock in a single skeleton
Urgent help required in mysql complexion
Native libraries not running on the device
Get many connection using mysql_pconnect()
Git: Forking and using only a part of the solution
Points desappear in SMS source address
MVC2 and Google Custom Search
How to create a folder using .tt template?
Git clone issues on debian
How to call Shell Script from Java Program using Hive JDBC
How can I use the same DataSource for multiple DataGridViews with a different filter applied on each?
Term Lookup Component
can't execute cvs command in DOS in windows 7
RSS feed does not validate on wordpress
Handler not assigned to KoGrid's filter field (Knockout + jQuery)
how to change the image of div on click of other image
invalid argument supplied for foreach() php
Netty architecture - questions about NioWorker loop
TouchEvent() and FieldChange() in blackberry
May I use zend framework together with php files not using it
Detecting duplicate lines on file using c
Change icon in a Matplotlib figure window
How to get all the news of the selected tag in CoreData?
get cross tabulated report according to data available - pivot
jquery animation from right to left
Regex to match valid values for html style attribute
Why is Eclipse not showing values of all objects in the Debug perspective?
How to bind a DataTable to a DropDownList using MVC RAZOR?
open a fancybox on pageload
Passing info message to a Wicket page while using PageParameters
Can anyone suggest an XSLT template suitable for rendering XML as 鈥淴ML鈥�
Pixel perfect collision on spritesheet animation, XNA
emailing contents of text fields advice needed xcode
Ruby rails - how to find_by multiple options?
div class wrapping fieldwitherrors won't work
How to get correct date in Jasper Parameters using URL
UISlider remove right side of slider
Illegal offset type in isset or empty in EntityChoiceList.php line 273
How to add result to resultset of a MySQL stored procedure in java
Out of MemoryError when creating gallery on android
upgrade project to grails 2.0.1
Both @Component and @Named for the same bean class
Error occured while running task Cap deploy:setup During deployment using Capistrano with Unicorn
Renaming column names to blank in SELECT
iphone TabBarController default view
Multiple Authentication Sources in Redmine
Java Eclipse plugin development - using external files
mvn archetype:generate gives missing class plexus PrompterException error
Some doubts regarding 鈥渦nset鈥�feature in unix
Foreach loop : duplicates output error
Java phonetics or language pronounciation
exec-maven-plugin exec:java failing: Cannot assign configuration values to array of type java.lang.String
Adding validation support for custom controls in mvc3
Using Tomcat connection pool in JBoss AS 5.x
how to encode href attribute in HTML
Blank video in Firefox (Mac) using mediaelement.js
Right-aligned page number information in JasperReports
Can you set HTTP header before posting
Json.NET Serialize private members and not readonly properties
Normalize LastFM Tags
How to append tables 鈥淪ideways鈥�in SQL
netbeans logging tutorial
Mule 3 webservice does not return stacktrace
Case insensitive string search using contains
Tokenize a String in C++
including javascript files in my page
Jquery/Magento - triggering a select change
Same source and destination register in ldr
@webmethod - does not expose the method as webservice (JAX-WS)
xcode start simulation in specific line, view, or point
Rspec falling with ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch 鈥渪鈥�expected, got 鈥渪鈥�when running all specs; but not when separately
Match but don't include in result using regex
How to extract result of Linq Expression?
How to add many child objects for a HABTM self-reference in Factory Girl Rails/Cucumber?
Boost.Python and Polymorphic Behaviour with std::shared_ptr
Animate ul within view site
Having a window with ShowInTaskbar, Topmost, but also a notification area icon
read uploaded file name in java
Can the selected columns affect the row order in a MySQL result?
javascript - generate a new random number
errors in GWT2.4 Hibernate
Select data from database and update it PHP/PDO
How do you use a CAtlStringW with boost format?
Sinatra session members 鈥渄isappearing鈥�
YUI: Buttons in a datatable not rendered after a sort
magento connections to two databases
Facebook for android video upload - works with one app and not with another
Which is best platform for education directory or big site? [closed]
Spring controller main methods
How to interprete my ShowPlan(Execution Plan)
display the output in the same page using php
Unresponsive buttons in GWT
standards to describe Database Services
Return result from nested asynchronous ajax call
Mahout Naive Bayes Classifier for Items
EF 4.1 to EF 4.3.1: Something is still referencing 4.1, but can't find it
IntPtr does not contain native value
Backbone and PHP Model Code Duplicate
How to add screenshot to READMEs in github repository ?
Jquery Clone and wrap every 3 childs and add jquery-tools scrollable
Reading root node attribute with Wizous XML plugin in NSIS
Dynatree IE9 problems loading
How to make light cursor in auto-complete in emacsClient
Qt: Get previous typed char
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: PWC6033: Error in Javac compilation for JSP
How do I handle special characters like(#) in OpenSearchServer / Lucene?
Java - Storing a 鈥渟core鈥�from play to play
C++. Child inherits from Parent and is included as Parent attribute
Permission denied with Perl Storable
Hashing function and keys
copy the files with creation date range using VBS (in Sub folder files also)
sort stackpanel based on child elements?
Without marking transaction demarcation, just loading an entity through session
Close jQuery modal popup using link in AJAX content
Gap between menu and submenu hover
Can't run GWT sample
Quartz clustering setup when running in tomcat on multiple machines
Is MKReverseGeocoder delegate method working on seperate thread?
Insert CheckBox value into SQLite Android
jQuery Rule plugin - add a new rule
how find 鈥渉oles鈥�in auto_increment column?
Menu button in XNA
For a Python dictionary, does iterkeys offer any advantages over viewkeys?
jQuery - callback for toggle (show/hide) within event handler
Tracking the position of the line of a streamreader
Make Eclipse look like Visual Studio 2010
PHP: socket_connect() does not return false when the socket is not connected
Install fileinfo php extension
flexslider and jquery tools overlay - accessing the slider object
Free styled SQL request on CoreData
Difference between Array adapter and Cursor Adapter in Android
ASP.NET MVC 3 send <head> before <body> renders
Threads in django application
Use greasemonkey to add images into any web page?
What is the difference between XSLT attributes when and if
Hiding the first tab of accordion panel in JSF Primefaces
custom method op uploading user avatar in rails 3
Custom CellIdentifier is Null When Using Search Display Controller
UITextView textViewShouldBeginEditing crashes when tapped more than once
file_get_contents timeout
JPA enhancement with Bndtools
NSIS installer creates directory using wrong character set
How to create a custom file name for a file while saving the print page?
C# enumerator terminology confusion
Normal instance method calls within a clojure doto
Detect Changing Battery state at every percentage in android
Matlab newff class labeling
UITableView and NSFetchedController delegates never called
How to Create custom control in with jquery
std::array iterator range without template?
What is the maximum length of a column in csv file?
jQuery Plugin Authoring Default Settings on Methods
Android force close with memory issues
Check if target of a shortcut exist in batch or vbs?
Same Token for both web and installed apps (Google Calender API V3)
Identify a foreign language font in arbitrary text
Focusing first combo box using JavaScript
iOS Core Data search speed improvement
Theorem Proof Using Prolog
Running XQuery transformation from XSLT
2 same tables, update second table where data exists in table 1
Adding data from an array to a new array
What objects are guaranteed to have different identity?
Rule based PDF text extraction for verious bills and invoices
Need help regards copy image to clipboard in website using ASP.Net or JavaScript?
Automapper conditional language mapping
eclipse popup window
Create an NSManagedObject with the contents of a NSMutableDictionary (may have NSCFString in place of number)
Need help regards copy image to clipboard in website using ASP.Net or JavaScript?
Automapper conditional language mapping
eclipse popup window
Create an NSManagedObject with the contents of a NSMutableDictionary (may have NSCFString in place of number)
rails update_attributes returns false when trying to update db values
What is the best practice for implementing a download in Android 2.1?
How to write the Join Query?
Retrieving the previous 10 results from a table that are nearest to a certain date and maintaining ascending sorting order
jqGrid Advanced Search button outside the grid
android USBHost flash drive
Google Fusion Tables query: Select All option
How to make each bar clickable in a graph in perl
Server validation doesn't work when i post via jquery
Chrome hides my windows when I move it
xcode shows type as 鈥渋d鈥�rather than the original type in Code Sense
LinkedIn Integration Into an Android Application
keep doing scanf for all input in command line. C program
Portal Server is too heavy as a solution
Kendo grid sorting in desc order
how to get off with the libxml2 error messages
Service oriented architecture spring-mvc
Symfony 1.4 validator
Decoding the Special characters retreived from the XML file
Change color of preference header list
Using JQuery in a web application based on master pages to open a popup window
Reporting and Logging errors while using DotnetopenAuth
What is the best way to internationalize Schematron error messages?
JSON RPC Returns numbers as property names
SendOnly in NServiceBus
Resharper code indenting configuration
Compare two diff array with same size
Android Activity Flow
Trying to output php -> md5 -> html but the file is empty
Run Regex in Sublime ,, Make Regex Package in Sublime
How to download source Code with bazaar?
Android custom title. How to follow the system theme
Get offset in file read by BufferedReader?
How to play another video in the same MPMoviePlayerController?
adding user to a Database using mongo c# driver
Animated gif lags while uploading file from browser
PHP: Move data from one php database app to another on a different server
How do I update multiple items in ElasticSearch
RecordNotFound raised when using find_by_id to get non-existent record in RSpec
How to create sub columns under a super column in a column family
generate short random number in java?
FileStream and ObjectDisposedException in .NET CF
Removing default namespace attributes in XML with C# - can't pass object by ref and then iterate
Make lingering hover repeat action in jQuery
How to use HTML tags for sending image NOT as an attachment in iOS 5
Max Size of unique JMSMessageID
Spring MVC with EXT JS error: DispatcherServlet noHandlerFound
Java - Remote Console
setTimeout doesn't work when using Functional Inheritance
How to change the device orientation in android?
Why is boost::program_options accepting chopped words?
WPF DependencyProperty Binding Changed
My AS3 preloader loads to 100% but the Main content is blank?
SQLite - calculate moving average
send variable with ajax request to div?
Can I create threads in PHP? [duplicate]
Start Launcher Selection Programmatically / Android
ambigious definitions in c++
my c# program is not printing
Android - How to draw an Image pixel by pixel?
WebWorks UI structure: All in one HTML, or separate files?
How to get the frame from video file in android
PostgreSQL full-text search headlines do not contain enough context
RichTextBox with text filtering
new AjaxUpload start by some other button
Javascript JSON comparison
Use Gif image in Surface view?
Is lazy lookup in Rails I18n a bad practice?
how to install php_zip
adding jars dynamically from build.xml ant
Sorting algorithm with Qt/C++ - sort a QList of struct
JavaME Date String to Long
Redirecting to an external URL in a new tab and performing an action in backing bean at the same time
Binding the Key in <object property=鈥渰StaticResource key}鈥�鈥�> to a value
SharpArch.Data.NHibernate.Repository.SaveOrUpdate() don't save
Android Application Just After Boot
Android images from SD and drawable different sizes
JSON Object Parsing Error
Java file upload - inputstream issue
Swiss Franc currency does not display correctly
jsf - register SessionListener in faces-config
Using Customized Membership in Asp.Net
hbase connection refused
Function inside selection condition in relational algebra
Typo3 : using typoscript to modify the base-url
$(this).each(function() in jquery plugin returns DOM[] object instead of this object
Get Url in post Action of ASP.NET MVC 3
Android custom keyboard implementation
How to call procedure in hibernate?
SQL script to rebuild indexes - Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Group'
How load a txt file using ClassLoader?
#pragma AVRT_CODE_BEGIN - what does it mean?
More widgets (js) in same page
Regular expression to extract texts between square brackets
Coverflow : How to specifying the widget in an XML and how to do infinite loop?
Hbase Map/reduce-How to access individual columns of the table?
Is it possible to have sub namespaces in the same dll?
How can I check the existence of an environment variable?
jQuery animation not smooth in Safari on Windows
Print date on all log lines with SLF4J
SelectionIndexChanged firing twice
Regex diacritics
Two UITapGestureRecognizer in on UIView
asking for confirmation on GPU GPL v2 license
What's wrong with this jQuery $.getJSON YQL request?
A particular PHP script is not read on my LAMP server temporarily, while other work fine
How to make ContentControl stretch horizontally
Weblogic 9.2 bug while accessing resource from same jar - how to work around?
Theming Sencha project using ScoutApp
NHibernate Query, using OfType and Subqueries
How to insert UTF8 literal in GtkTextView?
java - File reader/writer crashing and not working
Conditional show of an element in the view if an object is empty
Response Buffer Limit Exceeded error in ASP page
SQL 2012 bug for the ACOS function
Retrieving Kerberos from Windows to Linux
Error while selecting rows in MySQL according to count criteria
Is Unpivot (Not Pivot) functionality available in Linq to SQL? How?
Google contacts import using oauth2.0
how to get position of arraylist in own adapter
How to implement Insertion Sort?
How to instantiate
SQL - Show offers between range
Necessary to declare !doctype in Joomla pages?
How can i invoke the native gallery and browse/zoom/pan the photo
Enabling my jstl fmt messages entityframework 4 - migrating SQL server to mysql
How is jsf-api.jar and jsf-impl.jar inter-connected during execution?
How To Work With User Authentication, Permissions And User Roles With Symfony2?
Pregreplace youtube embed with an image
Using data inside an array of objects
VideoView displaying online streams
How to structure so that Ember uses fewer/no metamorph tags?
How do I import package from Java project to OSGi Bundle project?
How to skip duplicate values appending into a dict value of type list
What would be a efficient way of Storing an XML to oracle tables parent child
Android Tab Views - could not create tab content because could not find view with id
Validation of an email in iPhone
How to implment touch funcationality on a PC running Windows using Jquery/Javascript?
jQuery $.post and cakePHP controller giving 400 bad request
Refreshing a TAB of TabHost
Is 'public Boolean isBikeTyreFlat()' a valid JavaBeans method signature?
PSD to HTML and CSS [closed]
Streamlined approach to globalization with WinForms and ASP .NET
Array doesn't appear to be holding data
How to properly cleanup MSMQ listener?
Profiling CPU cache for C# .net code?
C# Lamdba Statement with Express Test
the difference between anotating a field and its getter method JPA
Use lift as a proxy
Getting User statuses with graph api not working for users with new timeline profile
Pagination and INNER JOIN
rails : rabl gem, customize type conversion
Not able to persist entity in jpa if extending class with spring AuthenticationProcessingFilter
Python, numpy : 3 dimensions broadcast
xpath for a google search url issue no content
How to implement paging in gridview in a modular popup?
Windows phone Post thread message, Post message
how to register a custom json marshaller in grails
How to detect if barcode scanner is attached to PC
Ruby on Rails: segmentation fault when running 'rake assets:precompile'
iframe src in Haml
Something like unity but for C++ programmers
avcodec_decode_audio3 of FFmpeg return -1
Android jsoup select table cells
Change Formula Value through another Formula in Crystal Report
How to pass different integer arrays to same gallery in the same Activity in Android
CCTexture2D leaks of memory
Can i call setContentView() method in getView() method of Android?
Alpha Beta Pruning, Does it need a extra tree data structure?
Client side + Server side templating, feels wrong to me, how to optimize?
Odd jQuery AJAX behaviour: XML comes back as #document and not object
Zend_Form_SubForm nested multiple levels deep
Informix 4GL ignores window border when UTF8 set
Client HTTP Handling & ETag
Missing network sent/received
How to get the whole trace list of program with help of GDB?
PyOpenGL TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable
Custom shortcode always appears at top of content
LESS CSS: selector substitution?
Javascript evaluating HTML special characters, breaks function call in AJAX result
Not enough storage is available to process this command
Drawing paint brush using UIBezierPath is working with uiview but not working with uiimageview?
Convert Latin characters to Normal text in Java
SSLException during handshake while resuming cached session [duplicate]
GDB backtrace tells me symbol name but not source file
Textbox value to a Session variable in JSP
Android 2.1 emulator does not give permisson to installed apk
When I apply filters in my datatable it appears without style
Where to put my taglib declaration?
Include sorting in query
error sending mail using apache james
Eclipse RAP Installation
Real Time Monitoring Tool Cisco(RTMT) and Postfix
Put device into offline status in adb
How do I use the Quicksand jQuery plugin with a Rails AJAX request?
Error in adding element to array on view + MVC
Tshark - can't display just data of custom protocol
Custom type converter for Mojo configuration?
Autowire annotation is not working for different package
Undo Subversion commit in NetBeans
Read XML response webservice
django custom model field
RecordList method not working
How to select the first child node with class via CSS selector? [duplicate]
How should I define methods when using knockout.js?
W3 validator for HTML5
Breaking join between two vertices in Box2D AndEngine
obfuscating JPA entities with proguard
how to use class file from another war
Can I use node-inspector with meteor?
time() with different timezones
Differences between VS2010's std::shared_ptr and boost::shared_ptr
cpack: how to associate program with file extension during install?
windows symbolic link target
sending email with javamail API NoClassDefFoundError
How to make view resizable on touch event
Error: NSArray was mutated while being enumerated thrown when accessing globals and Core Data
How to show/hide Activity views from a ListFragment
How to test shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation?
How to loop all properties in a Class
Do we have to delete QUpdSockets?
How to read an age into double
Python - Insert line break every x-number of elements
Ninject property binding, how to do correctly
Phonegap: file transfer fail on Android
Custom container browsable in debugger
Check if last X characters of a field are numeric
TinyMCE/CKeditor freezing container div's scrolling when initializing
Using plugin outside of Wordpress pages
Tool to send request and receive response
Does ormlite support inheritance?
Is it OK to leave installed Visual C++ 2010 Express on Windows 8 Hyper-V Client and on Windows 8 Host with the same license and use?
Why did a simple ,, work like an if sequence?
Date limiting query for MongoDB
Visual C++ - cant see which external missing
Compile single C++ file in Visual Studio 2010
how to make a div come to the top of screen jquery?
Django not storing session cookie in Internet Explorer
Text selection listener in Android(API level 7)
Yii renderpartial (proccessoutput = true) Avoid Duplicate js request
Communicating with a running process
How to implement Deep copy for the Class in UIKit?
Impossible to instantiate an OsmDroid MapView
WPF Prism how to have duplicate views inside a region
Identifying which tab is clicked in accordion panel in JSF Primefaces
Yii renderpartial (proccessoutput = true) Avoid Duplicate js request
Communicating with a running process
How to implement Deep copy for the Class in UIKit?
Impossible to instantiate an OsmDroid MapView
WPF Prism how to have duplicate views inside a region
Identifying which tab is clicked in accordion panel in JSF Primefaces
Extended WPF Toolkit - using the RichTextBoxFormatBar
WCF service managed by a WPF application?
How to move from one game scene to another?
Hello World in SOAP (java). How to fix it?
in memcmp can we use array instead of pointer
Setting response to listView
rails, getting syntax error with coffee script
I don't want the form to be drawn progressively from top to down. I want it to be displayed all at once
CSS3: Floating first div between second and third
Glassfish 3 has two configurations
Access an object properties without casting to a type
Set attribute for a taglib through javascript
SQL in Calculated member expression
CSS error jQuery Mobile Themeroller
NSFetchedResultsController fails to fetch in child context
MySQL using IN() with a tuple
Git merging moved and renamed file
I am having trouble scaling my h2 based java app that is using views
Swipegesture on MPMoviePlayerController disturbs seeking the video in iOS 4.x
How to save/persist and access data on client side in javaScript:Jquery?
Does hover, active, focus states inherit values?
Asmack Conflict(409) - when trying to login to server
Losing image when re-serialising Xps document
PHP/SQL/XML with with googlemaps V3 api not working
Linking a 'table view' object to a Postgres table
Is it possible to get Visual Studio or Resharper to highlight enum's with a different color?
SQL Server - Join two tables based on most recent date
HTML Agility Pack stripping self-closing tags from input
Faster `elem` Using Binary Search In Haskell
NSJSONSerialization parse multi level json format data
CSS: Background image and padding
Receive audio byte arrays with HTML5 Audio API?
How to close a dialog opened by my own application
System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException Message: Unable to find assembly 'Lucene.Net
Encrypt in PHP and Decrypt in Ruby
How do I enable the SSE4.2 instruction set in Visual C++?
iOS Push Notification internal corporate alternative - would it be necessary?
Java - Remote file browser
Method not executed using Magento observer
Can't get result with cvMatchTemplate?
check whether SD card is available or not in device programmatically for Windows Phone 'mango'
Easiest way to convert a number into years and months
Zend_Form elements rendering in wrong order
SIFT feature matching performance while matching multiple images
What are the cons of passing by reference?
Avoid dynamic allocation in local scope
OnClick Event of EditButton in GridView
Using a small lookup table in a GLSL shader
UITableViewController vs UITableView
How can I use CCFollow in cocos2d for android?
how to load htmlpage in safari browser using silverlight App
How to create Multi-Level Game with Cocos2D(iOS)
T-SQL : Error: 8114, Severity: 16, State: 5 Error converting data type varchar to float
What's the error in my project?
How do I use the Wikipedia API
Retrieving a json array from a cakePHP controller
How to lock unmanaged memory in .NET
How to set outline without using CSS outline property?
My own App as Lockscreen in ANDROID [duplicate]
Best way to load data with AJAX in Drupal 7
Why does MonoDevelop 2.9.4 error when typing D code?
Rotate Image to tilt down
Is Grails a good choice to develop a web application that works against Cassandra?
JSP form nested checkboxes
Condition for counting distinct rows in an SQL query
How make display several date/time with Ant , like your topic 鈥渙utput timestamp in ant鈥�
How get textview height
Facebook Meta Tag PHP condition
Regex dependency from previous match
How to write Unit Test for a method that accepts an xml filepath as a parameter
inheritance with c++ templates [duplicate]
Trouble recognizing digits in Tesseract - android
Using DateTime instead of Date in Google chart CandlestickChart
Android IllegalStateException thrown on (GlobalApp) getApplication() casting
Ambiguity between 'function1' and 'function2' (C++)
What is the resource server?
Problems with jquery Table sorter on my table, I recieve wall of json text
Python assert statement trigger SystemError: loewis release python Objects longobject.c:270: bad argument to internal function
Average process speed is getting slower
ScrollView too slow 鈥�Memory management issue?
CSS: Reset 鈥渞ight鈥�property in IE7?
RavenDB IIS authentication/authorization
Cakephp Model error
Most efficient way to pass SQL Login credentials to Delphi Datasnap servers?
What does RegAsm really do? Where are files copied?
How to capitalize first letter of each sentence AND give User the chance to change the letter to lower?
clojure: unzipping a zip file stored as a resource
How to use ItemsControl to assign <DataGrid.Columns>?
Use DOM inspector in a script
SQL query Join with datetime inside
Simulation Click with JavaScript
Windows Forms control wrapping in WPF doesn't work properly
HttpWebRequest - sending file by chunks and tracking progress
Seeking for a line i a text file
webcam can't open when run Android application [closed]
converting string to variable [python]
How to launch an activity included in your library automatically?
Jersey produce duplicate log messages
An error when running a ruby project
Scala convert Option to an Int
Why are there Code Signing Build settings for the project and the target and which takes preference?
Custom event type casting issue
Not storing the newly croped image in to folder?
Hiding div then posting form
How to drop shadow on a custom shaped Form in C# .NET?
Using Spring.Net for dynamically creating objects
How to make a ViewPager loop?
Recursion in Ruby. Am I doing this correctly?
openejb embedded container cannot find persistence.xml
BAT script to search directory for folders that match an input name
How can mobile browser change screen.width?
Loop DataColumns in DataRow
Using __weak to modify storage of a parameter in implementation
Redmine and Related issues
How to start two asynctask in a single button click on one activity android
jquery select the first lis of each ul
WPF Usercontrol performance vs window performance issue
getJSON() JavaScript function not called
full tutorial for SQLite database on SD card
boost::details::pool::pthread_mutex and boost::details::pool::null_mutex
Selecting an item in comboBox by typing
Cannot modify record in table using MVC 4 beta Yet I can add records
Intellij IDEA cannot evaluate Groovy expression
Must a custom table view cell be prototype cell instead of static cell?
Plist serialisation in Iphone?
Windows phone Web service call using http request
How to post an image on Google Plus in an Android Application
Making an added element draggable
Rsync previous half-copied files?
Determine Request Latency
Make FB Like button take user to FB page
Some trouble about Apache Mina
SQL Query in VB.NET code
Minimal but fast Weighted- Least Squares Regression
Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: Iam displaying webpage on JEditorPane
Migrating data from source to target with Schema change in target
Efficient choosing of the binary tree node childs
Cross browser keydown handling of carriage return?
Trim string by strings
Fill form in WebView with Javascript
Odd class member syntax shown in ILSpy
Expand inner table to fit surrounding <td>
How to generate success alerts in jsp after successful execution of a servlet?
Can anyone guide me or suggest how to make a client for live media server streaming over HTTP
Trim string by strings
Fill form in WebView with Javascript
Odd class member syntax shown in ILSpy
Expand inner table to fit surrounding <td>
How to generate success alerts in jsp after successful execution of a servlet?
Can anyone guide me or suggest how to make a client for live media server streaming over HTTP
divs with particular shape
reStructuredText styles
Check if its morning or afternoon in ruby
Username/Email Spam List?
Make the first nav item start off closed in accordion menu
PHP + MongoDB: Error when trying to insert an multi-dimension array into MongoDB
Displaying image when button clicked
PHP: sending a link to a results page
Dynamic view compilation and rendering express.js
What gets send to the server with request factory
Spreading/distributing an entity into multiple tables instead of a single on
Control multiple login with same user name in same time in php
Is there a way of declaring a custom relationship usable from Interface Builder?
Granting SeServiceLogonRight to a user from PowerShell
XML Parsing in C# .net 4
Spring MVC repsonsebody
how to pass two array variable in one another array variable for searching in iphone
How to use JRDataSource for jasper reports
WP7 Listpicker not showing all items
Apache 2 : Multiple Website sharing same domain
Why splice() method changes the value of other array?
Android : countdown and format time
How do applications such as HypeDNS resolve both custom and standard domains?
How do I get the current URL in Python or attach BeautifulSoup to the current URL
How to open urls in new screen for android webview and get back to previous page on back key press?
Less Conflicting Session Manager for Zope 2
How to insert spacing between my list items?
How to generate xml file from listview?
QuickLook with IKImageBrowserView
EditText with multilines android API level 8
IntelliLock 1.5 An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B)
SQL: combine update with group-by?
Clean OpenGL support on MacOS X with multiple monitor fullscreen
Pass Array to Asp webservice
passing array from one page to another in php
Oracle 10.2:Invalid cursor with sporadic nature
Deploying a Windows Azure app from the Command Line?
How to use Url Helper in splited js/coffee files
WP7 Camera CaptureImage not returning if back is pressed while taking picture
Rails, date search query from a datetime field. Why this one does not work?
AjaxToolKit Modal Popup not working in sharepoint 2010
Sending an SMS to a web page? [closed]
Mysql Lock wait timeout errors
Greasemonkey does not recognize and can't install local scripts
Drop Down menu in Jquery
how to dynamically change height of text area jquery?
How can I use two pivot, or panorama item like one?
Need Xcopy command to copy and rename all the files
C#, Windows Forms, LinkLabel Column
changing button text inside gridview using
Performance considerations on deleting Managed Objects using Cascade rule in Core Data
i need to change a function in a buddypress theme (wordpress)
How to export nested gridview to excel/word with gridlines on the child grid
webdriver 2.20 with threads
How do I improve this Haskell function to evaluate an RPN expression?
Google map asdasdas sadasda
what is the use of throws Exception
div grid which dynamically rescales
In iOS how to create a custom control with predefined clickable area?
PHP S3 upload progress
Express 3.0 req.flash?
CakePHP Shell, how to use a controller action
class not found in Actionscript error
Android GridView vertical borders
How do I display sAMAccountName or alias of the LDAP contacts in Thunderbird?
How to use the client id for a custom player
How can I implemente Save/Discard functionality with NHibernate?
How to stop activity when my application icon is clicked again
create different session for different tabs in same window
Android sdcard not perpared after the phone restart
Apache location match wildcard URL
Routing scroll events to ScrolledPanel in wxPython without routing focus
What are 鈥業 Space鈥�and 鈥楧 Space鈥�on osx and the difference between them
Multiple bindings in IIS slowing down all other sites
How to store table into linked list?
write query in mysql [closed]
Bash parsing outputs to variables
Complex test in unittest / django - how to debug?
Is it possible to let Gerrit randomly pick a reviewer?
Is it possible to look for last change of a property using envers
RTP over GTP with PCMU content- Disection
Exception handling behavior in WinForms application, which uses modal dialog
How to find unique values from set of rows using pentaho kettle?
iterate over an object and transform into an array type
UserAgent in JSOUP?
SVN how to ignore a directory
EJB 1.1 and disk io
Django Templatetag loading
Graph API and friends' info
Make service self install in delphi
Problems trying to compile in C with OpenCV
OpenCV (python) fundamental and essential matrix do not agree
Radio Button event handling
Files missing after *git svn clone*
Graph API and friends' info
Make service self install in delphi
Problems trying to compile in C with OpenCV
OpenCV (python) fundamental and essential matrix do not agree
Radio Button event handling
Files missing after *git svn clone*
Getting an address and creating a static google map in php
What are the differences between various threading synchronization options in Java?
FreeLibrary blocks my application
security of remote javascript (cornify and other easter eggs)
ExpressionTree Debugger Visualizer And VS2010
compressing json response from server in a shared hosting environment
Removing CSS Margin on iPad / iPhone
Is there an Expression Tree Visualizer for VS 2012?
Ignore the slash in Magento <url>
iPhone/Objectivec-C float division incorrect output
Reading android manifest file
How to call Objective-c function from JavaScript?
Show Loader while Div is Loading or Fading in or out [closed]
PyGObject in Python 3 on windows
how to avoid chrome chime sound
Can I use JPEG compression for images in pdf files generated on iOS?
configure Ivy 2.2.0 through build.xml instead of installing it on machine
Android Service updates table; How to get corresponding ListView to update?
Why does (float)1.11111111 = 1.11111116 in c#?
File permission issue with apache+mod_wsgi with pyramid&pyramid_beaker
Ruby rails - damn frustrated - my first Ajax
Windows Phone 7 GetDistanceTo() returns incorrect distance
Chronological list of branches?
ActionBarSherlock: how to access home button view?
How to intercept service-to-service call in Fiddler2?
Eclipse JDT compiler can incrementally compile Java Source and notify what classes compiled?
KnockoutJs & jqTransform
Pivotting a table in Pervasive SQL 11
using posthreadmessage() from different threads
Understanding pointers in C
Object creation: Pointer to dynamically allocated data inside a value type object - good or bad?
Date Range Validation in GridView asp .net
Forwarding mouse events between GWT panels
SpringMethodInvocationBean: Argument is an Interface
NSManagedObjectModel initialized with mergedModelFromBundles:nil not finding model in SenTestCase
How do you compile structs with member functions with Android NDK? [duplicate]
Redirecting TCP traffic to another destination
Merging pdf files with bookmarks
input button causes RequiredFieldValidator to fire
after wordpress site hacked only displaying white page
Pass SelectedValue of DropDownList in Html.BeginForm() in ASP.NEt MVC 3
Jquery - If width less than 767 then change href
Navigation/Menu displays in Internet Explorer behind the slideshow
Find query inside MongoDB reduce
Workaround Firefox Update Addons
Is it possible to automatically declare a method into header file(.h) in appCode?
How to not display this blue frame around my image?
CakePHP - Prevent model data being save in a saveMany call when certain fields are blank
Saving file in IIS hosted WCF Service
GridView parameters
How can you display textbox1 value in textbox2 using keystokes
Why do Panel elements only receive mouse or stylus events if a Background is defined?
Simple Java proxy server - google search error
template class with STL container member
Remove same repeated points from list<poinf> with lambda expressions
Generate MSI as part of TFS build
Hover Text for Zest GraphViewer
Javascript automatic close down popup window after 10 seconds
User control with custom properties
DisplayMemberPath concatenation
Simple DOM and
Transaction Management in SOA
Open another app in-app, then close and return to calling app
select query in java (JPA)
Populating NSTableView from multiple NSArray records in one go
If I need a database view or not?
Async connect and disconnect with epoll (Linux)
Xvfb doesn't start
AJAX: How to call javascript function from C# code behind AJAX method
How to encode URL in Groovy?
Re-using IBOutlet programatically
Jython code for deleting spaces from Text file
addvaluechangedHandler fires twice in gwt..what alternate method shall i use?
Chat widget for Liferay
Specifying the path for PostgreSQL in jboss
Different configuration sets for components in CMake
Childbrowser plugin iOS error
Which statement is memory/processor efficient ?
How to prevent galery snap to page when lazy-loading (asynchronous) images
canvas.toDataURL() throws security exception, despite image being local
Why ormlite has its own annotations?
Reactive Extensions installation package doesn't contain ReactiveUI libraries
Show all branches that commit A is on and commit B is not on?
Issue with Task Scheduler launching a task
dropDatabase from spring mongo
Using dictionaries as switch statements in Python 2.7.3
drop down instead of a href
which bug is in following code?
override the connection in table adapters - UpdateCommandConnection Method
$(this +鈥渟elector鈥� ? $(鈥渋mg鈥�this) possible?
Facebook App Policy : incentivizes users to use Facebook social channels
How to add integer value in sql select query?
mysql error when using 鈥淚DENFIFIED BY 鈥�at end of statement
How to add border around content in each printed page of the same HTML page?
preg_replace Regular Expression not match
Testing AJAX post in TestApp and Pyramid
Is it possible to force a user to like a Application?
Mathematical Expression using NCalc
Mobile Request Detection and Redirect to Mobile Pages in Asp (Active Server Pages)
Datalist on image click populate a gridview with data that is inside a div popup
COM Interop Exception when trying to read Excel file
Unknown error while executing select statement
How to make a char array in J2ME to work as a char in c++
Knapsack Dynamic Programming
AJAX get from another domain (Dropbox)
Gridview with Dictionary
Calling a function with with args using its reference in Scala
How to make PyCharm always show line numbers
How can I set a simple multi-line ItemReader and configure bulk operations job to be resumable?
Google Chart needs alert() invocation before rendering properly
How to use type hinting to create a Clojure multimethod with a variable number of args?
Android Activity transfer not happening in a single time
what are the new features introduced in java5? [closed]
Spring WebFlow - add flow XML configuration check at compile time
Best way to export data from Java to MS Excel
Facebook SDK: post to wall only visible for me for testing purposes?
How to handle blur event with click event jquery
Delete item from database but not other item related to this
R script exhausting memory - Microsoft HPC Cluster
Query with Regex object checking specified string pattern
PHP excel reader cannot read excel file from command prompt
Android device in avd not working
javascript sort of HTML elements in-place [closed]
MySQL errors: 1146 and 1051
android where to keep encrypted files
SMS Logger: how to monitor incoming/outgoing sms activity?
What is this Ribbon control called?
PowerShell and executable
Mixing and converting wav files to one mp3 file
Counting number of code lines and classes in STS
SQL- how to find the top 1 row?
How to disable local history feature in NetBeans IDE 7.1?
what is the right way to use CTR mode without padding?
Which Internet Radio API should be used for Android app
Onload Jquery cycle through div:hovers?
Scheduling Multiple SMS at Different Times
Extracting only some rows of a table in R
How to lookup a non-jta-data-source/jta-data-source via a Webservice
Capture class (Emgu) issue in multiple background worker threads
Browser can't get file using express
Facebook comments results in javascript error in Safari for iPhone and iOS
Programmatically affecting load order of perspectives
Token timeout issue when using Silverlight with ADFS passive federation
what event listener to add to radio button when page is swiped in Android?
Capture class (Emgu) issue in multiple background worker threads
Browser can't get file using express
Facebook comments results in javascript error in Safari for iPhone and iOS