Token timeout issue when using Silverlight with ADFS passive federation
what event listener to add to radio button when page is swiped in Android?
how do i initialize a class' private member static map whose value is a struct?
What is a better practice for the following HTML tags?
Thread handle leak in .Net service (Not win32 threads. i.e not observable in Task Manager)
Get a reference CMAttitude (aTtitude, not aLtitude) from ground level in CoreMotion
MVC3 db.SaveChanges() INSERT statement error
Does php urlencode the same with java urlencode?
Perl script that extracts data from HTML table [closed]
Selenium and Node.js: simple idea. Is it possible?
How to make Easing effect for Dreamweaver Image Rollovers?
Checking internet connection transferring data or not on android
MySQL - Getting the top-level parent id in a hierarchy
Why does this code not compile in g++
Doctype and sections
getLoginUrl randomly not working
Team Foundation Server: Building to a fixed Location
WPF binding to custom class with observable collection
How do I install Python 2.7.3 32 bit and 64 bit on Windows side by side
Extend doesn't seem to work in jquery plugin
Iframe and absolute positioned elements
Android including layout file (reference id)
How do I remove duplicates in paging
Multi touch with UIControl
How to User not operator In MongoTemplate
Changing the Endpoint.Binding of a WCF System.ServiceModel.ClientBase doesn't work
Tool to generate a ERD (entity-relation diagram) based on JPA annotations
How to get an image of what System.Drawing.Graphics object draws?
Read Nist Wav File in TIMIT database into python numpy array
How to name a controller file for uppercase table in cakephp
Getting AccessToken from Code using Facebook C# SDK
InterServer Communication through Java Sockets
PHP Extension with Custom C++ Library
Add custom type with zend framework in php?
.htaccess with a slach isuee
how to setup Logging for MYSQL stored procedures
Backing Up mmssms.db From /data/ With Root Permissions
Refining GUI developed by RGTK2
RequestFactory fails with 鈥淯nexpectedException: No RequestContext for operation LPZEK7DlYkoG1$NQ5MjHlmuRChk=鈥�
Place Polyline on top of everything
BoneCP 0.7.1.RELEASE and hibernate 4.1.*
jstl inside a composite not handled correctly?
codeignite anchor can't find link
Draw custom tab bar for Android app
Liquid Layout IE Problems, of course (Newbie)
How do I structure this kind of sql query
Take a snapshot of using the rectangle in WP7
Creating multilingual wordpress site with shared structure and php functions
How to create PDF file in C#.Net
Is there a plugin for image gallery per category in WordPress?
Nested sql count from two count queries into one query
Unit testing in Android apps. How should I go about it? gray out a textbox with enabled = false, but need to get the value
timeBased and time
HTML5 textarea placeholder not appearing
NFC standards (NFC Forum, ISO/IEC, ECMA
Java thread pool to solve for a single result
How to play a local audio file using phonegap
CustomValidator with onservervalidation returns false but control moving to next step c#
Linq Query for dataset in c#?
Multiple tab render in parallel in WPF, C#?
Java Axis Webservice parsing error
What ajax toolkit zimbra 6.x is using ? kabuki or YUI
RegEx get value from _GET request
xcode - decode xml output string
counter-increment in CSS
Shortest path variation
Too much testing on simple view?
How to make Android share button appear on touch?
How to close a simple modal dialog on a button click?
Current plugins for padding in TinyMCE
Using components under MS-PL, BSD, or LGPL licenses
yii global date format (l18n)
Convert nat to big_int in extraction of Coq to Ocaml
How to navigate a website using AJAX?
Can't implement abstract class from C++/CLI-dll
android:overlap images?
How to Run cmd.exe with parameters from javascript
BlackBerry (BB) API Recurring Events for custom Calendar App
Calculating age from date of birth in PHP
鈥淧erformSelector names a selector which retains the object鈥�error and ARC
MKL error when using IMSL
CAKeyframeAnimation dropped frames for large animations
jQuery and Ajax: how can i 鈥渁ctivate鈥�an event?
JavaScript load different functions on different select options
NServiceBus Gateway public url
How to use embedded fonts with CSS in Spark skins of a Flex mobile project?
performSegueWithIdentifier gives me NSInvalidArgumentException
Clock widgets in PHP
How to Display json array to listview with AsyncTask?
SQLite database not available in .apk file? It showing no match?
Uploadify onComplete is not getting called
Passing JS array to PHP page
Invoking SOAP request from shell command
ZK window not unique in ID space
Java minesweeper method to add numbers around bombs not working right
SQLite database not available in .apk file? It showing no match?
Uploadify onComplete is not getting called
Passing JS array to PHP page
Invoking SOAP request from shell command
ZK window not unique in ID space
Java minesweeper method to add numbers around bombs not working right
Char array vs Char Pointer in C
Android ADK supported devices [closed]
Getting OLE Exception while closing document in Perl
Error during archive
NodeJS + client won't connect on Ubuntu server in homenetwork
input in a div that has the haslayout attribute in ie has a 鈥渕argin-left鈥�
Apply time duration on moving or animate shapes on canvas
gwt decorated tab panel not showing the tabs properly
i want to write this query in mysql will you please help me [closed]
Word-wrap break word in paragraph in a table
Perl Regular expression understanding?
best NoSQL for inverted index
Error saving information in c# [closed]
get data from customize listview
Open Source SMTP
What happens after calling close() of Androids Sqlite database?
Re-use the jquery dialog modal popup across the project with various content
NSLocalizedString using external sources in Objective C?
Select the current category in wordpress, unexpected behavior
Obtaining perfect sprite rotation in XNA
Android + ORMLite + java.sql.Timestamp
Finding xPath in IE Dev tools similar to $x(xPathString) console function in Firebug
how can we can get the size of progress dialog box with timer in android
PreferenceActivity Android 4.0 and earlier
Confused in Taking The Number Of Table View Controllers [closed]
Any methods to deploy Python packages with 'pip , easyinstall' + '*.pyc only' + 'flat namespace packges' + virtualenv?
System.Linq.Dynamic - Can I use IN clause in WHERE statement
How to copy/crop text using pdfsharp?
Lucene Index problems with 鈥�鈥�character
Can't access PostgreSQL databases in Django with normal Ubuntu Linux user
How can I convert POI HSSFWorkbook to bytes?
How to login using webservices(Jersey) in java
rails with ajax, respond_to confusion
Keyboard not appearing for making entry to text box
How to get instance of main class android?
Difference between base_stuff and stuff in sales_flat_order in magento
How can I obtain a file's size in C? [duplicate]
How to integrate Narrator in iPhone App
Calling a c# COM server dll from a C# client app
passing string using ajax when done
Java Fiscal Year Week Counter
How to make OpenGL program run on Graphics Card by C++ MFC?
.attr() related things stopped working after jquery upgrade 1.3.2 to 1.6.4, what else could be broken?
Can't use @string notation to define <intent-filter> in AndroidManifest.xml
Application rating function in android
XNA SoundEffect fails to be loaded from file
comparing BigDecimals
How to implement simple thread-safe memory management preventing fragmentation?
error in MATLAB regarding dimensions mismatch
C++/CLI global function accessibility issue
read Attributes parameter values from config file
How to pass jQuery variable from slider to url to PHP?
Fully transparent ActionBarSherlock by using theme
Does a path exist through all vertices of a directed graph?
instance method beginAnimations:context: not found
load spinner from text file android
best way to handle a set of 2D matrices in opencl
Java: validating a certain string pattern
Redirecting to mobile website using opencms
How to automate a series of actions in windows
how to add cancel button inside spinner
node.js REPL 鈥渦ndefined鈥�
How to create a csv file with bold header row using C#
Yii Models: Using dynamic table name in a Yii model
Doubling up on WHERE condition
Opening PDF in Lightbox/Fancy Box etc From Flash AS2
How to access variables defined in ViewPartial (ascx page) to be used in normal View (aspx page) in ASP.NET C#
Restricting certain page functionality or user interface to authenticated users in Asp.Net
Algebraic Equation for SQL Select Query
Hibernate: How to refresh child entities
How to make simple control of MPMoviePlayerController
How to create friendly URL
how to link to a specific tab in a tab bar controller
Restore users in SVN after migration
How to set user agent in: new XmlSlurper().parse(URL)
Full Asset URL in a Rails .js.erb file
Windows 8 manipulate tiles
adding button to a form in Ruby Mechanize
Create a toolbar within the Eclipse text editor
What are the best ruby on rails learning resources [closed]
Best Approach to get & send data from server in Android
Keyboard-Problems with WPF UserControl inside WinForms
UIAlertView Dynamically in iPhone App
error clob (oracle) value in code igniter, how to solve it?
camera app not working?
dropdownlist-selecteditems error
twitter search api +paging +max_id +next_page
as3 issue with navigateToURL post methods
Multiple rows into single row with header name
Is it required device Id and Registration Id for C2DM?
I Can't Write Arabic text in the XAML file
Want to Deploy Task on AWS
Removing primary output while uninstallation in Setup Project
NullPointerException Query in JSF
Serialize object, preserve order of xs:group
How to obfuscate an ASP.Net MVC3 Project using Dotfuscator? [closed]
creating threads through annomyous inner class
Need to start application with same splash activity
Are most websites out there built on XHTML rather than HTML?
How to set a field required in joomla 2.5?
C2DM Device to Cloud data transfer possible?
Wordpress integrate plugin with cimy user extra field plugin
Sorting does not work on 2nd page of pagination
How to make Views with an Invisible attribute 'Visible' after clicking a button
How to associate two foreign key to a post on create
What is difference between Google Market billing package and Google Play Billing lib
how to get the group id of a contact in android
Rewrite-rules cases 鈥淚nternal server error鈥�(error.log inside)
ThreadPoolExecutor without a Queue
Render Map<String,Object> in freemarker table
Adding extra Literal Character
Backbone JS, collection view empty for a second when fetching
Table data parsing and saving the table data in excel sheet using php
How to give the progress value morethan hundred to progressview
Browsers adding www. and .com to server address automatically
How to do multi-threading with asynchronous webrequests
mongodb: calling end_request on a ReplicaSetConnection throws database error
Use query result as table name
Python __init__/General Function Inline Equals In Argument(s):
Wsdl return php object
define a function-like macro in bash
The best overloaded method match for 'System.Data.DataView.DataView(System.Data.DataTable)' has some invalid arguments
Usage of Dp in Android
How can I use select() to monitor an object?
jqGrid default value does not work?
Weird KeyUp behaviour (main form handles events from child?!)
NullPointerException proximity alert
How can I format a json date in dd/mm/yy format in javascript?
When i am keeping request to shoutcast server for genres to display in windows phone 7
absolute positioning relative to body of a div generated dynamically
How can I paginate like: Prev 4 5 6 7 Next
Proper simulation of [] operator
What is the best GUI builder for swing [closed]
SVN commit Error 鈥淐ommit can only commit to a single repository at a time.鈥�
How to ensure a Thread won't delay in Java?
FBConnect API is not showing Share page recently in iOS
No option for Dynamic web project in eclipse
IIS 7.0 Application pool is stopped while continuous hit my web service
UIScrollView paging works fine in simulator but application crashes in device after 15-20 pages
Move IP configuration from one interface to another
How to validate number and capital letter in javascript
How to get Div of Master Page in page in
Do IBOutlets have to be public?
How to find memory used by a function in java
How to get different columns for multiple rows in one query from Cassandra?
Get A Threaded Message by Recipients
How do i ignore illegal characters when parsing an rss feed using nsxmlparser?
Issue with canceling UILocaleNotification
How to create joomla 2.5 component? [closed]
How to get drive information by volume id
Any way to check if an Activity in android is registered in manifest file?
Stack and heap and equality testing
Android - JSON mySQL query gives NetworkOnMainThreadException
Need to uninstall rake and install rake 0.8.7
Event occurs after clicking a Flash (.swf file type)
Playstation Eye with Labiew
Why not animated GIF instead of animated CSS sprites?
MVC 3 DropDownList Syntax for a View/Model/Controller
Issue in DB2 Express-C Connection while sharing a database over LAN from Java
Magento List all out of stock items
Part of as string from a string using regular expressions
overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap; not working inside fieldset?
Styling a page by local css
Window closeAction error
C++ Win API Specify Custom toolbar Bitmap?
Export gridview data to Excel using JavaScript/jQuery
How to convert String representation of ArrayList to ArrayList
array subscript has type 'char'
SharedPreferences value is not updated
Unknown NullPointerException in Java
Same code base differences to merge [closed]
Flask .htaccess for FastCGI
How to change thin image to fat image in iPhone SDK?
javascript sort of HTML elements
node js and hbase
How to open XML with XSL file in Applet?
symfony2 chained selectors
What is difference between System.gc() and finalize() method in java?
How to add a layout below a view
Delete session after close window [duplicate]
Regarding java statement
Redirect to previous page in Codeigniter after login
How to encrypt a part of a PHP script
iOS5 - custom form API's
Catch password expiry warning with OCCI
how to display multiselect values from the combobox to the gridpanel extjs 4
Align checkboxes within modal popup
FFMPEG in Java (runtime error)
Add new UIButton 鈥渟tate鈥�with custom image
Python Buffer of PNG Image
AVPlayer currently playing item details and volume control in iPhone?
Set image coming directly from web server to imageview
jQuery rounded slider
WebContents folder not visible from Eclipse Project View
c++ overloading virtual + operator
split dmp file into multiple dmp files?
Sql anywhere connection
How to design Customised progress bar in android
ASP.NET MVC3 dropdownlist not get selected item
How to import and use/run a C++ dll into another C# project?
Phonegap Media API (Android) - Media is not defined
script not activated by click event
Determining the correct origin to rotate a QPolygonF around
Outlook email ripping application to start upon receiving mail?
execute handler from one page to another
How to get confidence intervals by bootstrapping for quantile regressions by default
Implementing spring cache plugin in grails
Table breaks when printing
How to bypass the proxy using java
GoogleAPI added but MapActivity becomes unseen
Android Animate Scale Image to fit screen width and height
C++ Out of Subscript Range
How to retrieve the entire HTML tag with Gecko in C#?
NSPredicate Filtering with special characters
Displaying an item from css through php
Using DownloadDataAsync with Cookie aware Webclient to get Update Progress
Convert the uploaded files to jar or rpm files
How to bridge to remote gits
Android: Can't prevent Maps work
How to construct a GET parameter in router On zend
Jquery ajax submit form without specifying data
How do you use a Facebook user object to get your own user object?
Add a prefix to all media links in a html file
ajax: responsetext returns my entire php code locally
Compiling native COM client stub in client, using VS2010
Set Start and End Time according to time zone for .Ical files?
How can I validate a form with jQuery and unobtrustiveValidation?
How do I create a new instance of a control in the view without violating MVVM
What is way to show authorization activity instead of main app activity?
Check messages posted to queue in boss
How to Bind List<string> into ListView in WebForms
htaccess redirect with no referrer ( the same as )
Create slideshow for images using nstimer?
Run PHP script in background on submit button click without page reload
Ruby on Rails Tutorial( by Hartl) when doing name = encoutner Can't mass-assign protected attributes error
CDI Ambiguous dependencies
SQL query construction
Improving buffer read write speeds in Android (in comparison with a desktop C# based application)
Creating surface Controller in Umbraco 5.0.1 using 鈥淰isual Web Developer 2010 Express鈥�
Print PDF from inside aspx page
jQuery Mobile PHP Site - How to Stay Logged in using Web Clips on iOS
Play Framework 2.0 multiple static routes
How to right align labelfield using horizontal field manager in blackberry
Problems with Mongo value-in-array query: $not operator doesn't work, and ObjectIds cannot be selected
golang output templates
How to apply paging to the data I am fetching from database?
Cocos2d: How to keep sprite instance visible during scene transition?
htaccess - only index requires valid-user
Prevent handle from disappearing when dragging
Which registers are protected from user space in linux?
MongoDB and GridFS
PHP and Redis - Performance - PHP is a Bottleneck
JQuery: Parse XML document to find a tag with special character ':'
Media queries in Opera mini - incorrect display
jsdom doesn't process script inside web page
Using DiskLruCache in android 4.0 does not provide for openCache method
How to add a value to arraylist if none of the checkboxes are selected in a page in android?
Windows Azure Node.js Debugging
Nodejs , wait until current request completes, then proceed (or) wait until firstfunction executes before going to second function
How to empty or clear heap memory dynamically
android: attaching file to mail
Understanding Common Lisp do macro syntax
Work with Twitter upload, update_with_media API and curl
Post Trades to IRC from MT4
PowerShell equality operator not a symmetric relation?
Button should work like scroll up and down
How to put two buttons on same line in Android
Getting null value when snapshot method is called
Java synchronized difference threading [duplicate]
How to Hide Files Outside IntelliJ Project but in Same Mercurial Repo
ActionMailer cannot attach a HTML file
Split 鈥淪ubject鈥�key word into Outlook subject line java
JavaScript opening new window instead of tab when command run too early
Calling code-behind with Javascript clarification
Regarding joining of threads
How do I fix a facebook fanpage that loads with a blank white screen?
How to Make Combobox and DateField as non editable dynamically in flex
Cannot access my applications from http
Validation error messages remain on page while closing modal box
Questions about Microsoft Point-to-Point Compression(MPPC)?
AVD setting for installing firefox and chrome on Android Emulator
UnInstalling ClickOnce using MSI wrapper - Error
Should rollback data be applied on primary? - MongoDB
Which IPC has the simplest implementation in .NET 4.0?
[eclipse pde]How to catch the event that a launch is terminated?
Trigerring a javascript event to display error text on an another div with an ajax response
Most efficient way to use navbars?
Rails ajax form on Firefox returns 406 not accepted - but only on second post request
Retrieving and displaying dynamic content from SQL database into ASP.NET pages
Graph Theory: Splitting a Graph
How can I implement a 鈥渉ighlight mode鈥�using Backbone.js?
Android native driver api error while running instruments command
How to customized select element through css?
Send Email in Background from iOS [duplicate]
Clipboard monitoring on Mac OS X , Java
Shell Command Starting with 鈥�gt;鈥�
Django two foreign Keys in model, how to dynamically change options?
Are there any tricks to set in css inheritance from another object or rule?
How to amend more changes to a previous commit?
Jmp from one function to another?
Bytearray from c# to java over socket keeps failing after send from java to c#
shell script to change IPs and save the new files
Actionscript 3.0 - removeChild doesn't work
Internal Server Error - htaccess
Get license file from Resources folder in C#
iOS Referencing Outlet Collections
expect: how to keep all output?
Char Pointer Segmentation Fault
I find that when the network connection is slow, my Android application is force-closed [closed]
Spell checker in iPhone application
Getting input of unlimited FAQs in Umbraco 5
How to save a HTML page on the SDCard
PKCS7 encoding in Java without BouncyCastle lib
I can connect to team foundation project, but can't load from source control because project folder doesn't exist
rails route--undefined method
Emacs experts : is possible connect f# intellisense command line tool with emacs?
Add dynamic javascript variables to script
perl json output from mysql query
Javascript how to resize and clip an image at the same time?
How to implement a text file into a linked list?
SQL Server 2008 - UPDATE never finish
What is the difference between an interface and an abstract class in Java? [duplicate]
convert js to coffeescript
Objects of this type do not allow properties named 'og:video:release_date'?
Android Hotspot with MAC filtering.
SharePoint 2010: form based authentication using HttpModules
How can we make the destructor private in case of Singleton design pattern?
Reading pdfcontent using iTextSharp in C#
Optional Arguments in WHERE Clause
PHP Function Arguments - Use an array or not?
Tabpanel in Extjs4 has memory leak?
SurfaceView in Layout
Event Brite QR code
Not calling Method didSelectRowAtIndexPath:
Can I access Hadoop files in Java without using MapReduce?
How should I store a 3rd party API authentication token in a Rails app?
Codeigniter: Generating student result sheet from three tables
Download a file from the browser using HttpServlet
Redirecting errors in codeigniter
jPlayer pausing
Open an HTML File Inside a .JAR File
Unable to start a Bloomberg session
Grouping strings by matching substring
Dealing with subsets of data using csv.Dictreader
How to load html5 page properly with out scroll effect in android
Twitter gem find by user id
gnuplot: multiplot zooming
jquery ajax refreshing page content
The Java files opened by Eclipse's menu 鈥渙pen file鈥漝oes not auto-build
DataTable - Lazy Loading Primefaces showing error
Using PDO fetch to get an array and using if statement
Detect an open pinch - like UIPinchGestureRecognizer, programmatically in a Box2D/cocos2d world?
Is WebGL part of the Html5 specification
Bundle install runs from incorrect directory
sql count records in from multiple tables using single query
.htaccess adding characters into url via rewriteRule
UDPclient in WinForms?
iOS subclassing UIControl not responding
how to draw UIImage image such as fit out style
How long does mysqli_query('SET UNIQUE_CHECKS=0;',$dbc) remain active?
How to download Java SDK from a script?
Read/write text file from javascript in objective-c project
How to style an image tag in Ruby on Rails
Android database connection how to connect with serverdb?
less css import rules without styles
echoing of getchar and ' n' char from stdin
For Rails, if there is a project that uses Rails 3.0.0, it looks for bundler 1.0.0 and it is there but rails server won't run?
Difference between two solr indexes
in C, how do I store a String type AND an int type in the same variable?
BIRT integration with Broadvision
Opening a new window via a button press [closed]
Seg fault for writting to CR0
Elmah within a Web Farm
Gstreamer: How to get audio and video to play at the same rate
Checking OK button is clicked on alert box
Servlet returns data from database only once after deployment
Joomla admin componet redirect is not working?
Sitecore Publish Agent not picking up queued items,for incremental publishing
Exporting from C# to Excel with numbers that use a comma as a decimal point?
Finding Bitrate of video file
Node command line interface change
Drawing dotted (鈥�trail path instead of a line (________)
how to make the color image to black and white in Android
Jquery - A better way to deal with hover
Record video with overlay view
Project has both English.lproj and en.lproj. How to fix it?
GWTP - How to create multiple views depending on formfactor?
require suggestions for creating a sql query
Is there a list of required graphics assets for iOS apps in the app store?
How to use trigger for update in SQL Server 2005
Python script writes text to file, but doesn't add the text it's supposed to
UIPinchGestureRecognizer - Suppress 'close pinch' detection
Does Lisp meet 鈥渁ll data is immutable鈥�
how to calculate checkbox value using jquery
Customized navigation bar buttons freezing after stand by
Custom class principal in @PreAuthorize
How to display the date example format 鈥�15-Apr-2012 10.12 AM鈥漞xactly using this javascript new Date() format in javascript
Wanted to use auto sorting with GridView in ASP.Net with VB code
SQL performance on one column
jsonp issue - success function doesn't execute
Twitter Bootstrap Responsive Navbar Broken on Small Screens
Populating gridview based on database info when logged in session based
Boost interprocess: How to start a new process?
Android dynamic RelativeLayout overlaps each other
How to login into Drupal and get current session id from a remote website?
Check capslock is on or off on button click
Calling one stored procedure from another in Oracle
Exception when endpoint is configured in web.config file
finding smtp username and password for ubuntu postfix mail server? [closed]
how to search a hash using the values and return the corresponding key upon success in perl
What are the other heroku environment variables?
HTML Tables not visible, from PHP code
Spring 3 + MyBatis 3
Newbie problems with Persistent
Player does not properly get odometry data for Create in multithreaded application
insert numeric records into ms access from c#
Opening my application from Google Play App crashes on exit
create adatabase through CreateDatabaseDocument() function
ios UIMenuController doesn't work with balloon view
How to convert Library project into jar
Java thread ending with a delay
How to use printf in NS-2
Parsing complex type element in xsd and create xml file
jQuery that works inside of a function 鈥�but not outside?
Alternative to Window.Print()
Debugging Firebreath using gdb in Linux
BaseURL not found zend hosting [closed]
Why the alert doesn't work?
multidimensional array in a custom smarty php plugin
What to use thread or Services for android multiplayer game app
Program aborts after freeing previously allocated memory
Play audio file on website
Memory addressing in assembly / multitasking
Calling an Opencv function inside a Cuda Kernel
How to automate web UI using Python [closed]
Run Ruby Unit Tests(Test::Unit) inside the Code
Chrome addon - update URL?
How to count touch movement
javascript: function is not defined? - databinding
Loading into map, multiple addresses of a single person in address book
Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to 'int' error
What could be CSS causes of breaking under footer
Eclipse Debug mode & Exceptions
Sharing Foreign Key
Zooming and Moving of Swf Loader Content
Retrieving Currently Logged In User From Dajax Function
Do not show the web part of the SPList in SharePoint 2007
How to get actual height of 1 td?
How to pass in Strings and combined them to make a new variable(String concatenation trouble)?
read an xls file using hashmap
openSSL: handshake failure - server cannot get client certificate
adding an modal window on jsp page onload
Cannot find a namespace despite it being RIGHT THERE
Locate only non-hidden elements using Selenium WebDriver in C#
Add alert DIV to validation script (jquery / javascript)
wrong value time difference
C# Spawn new thread and then wait
set serveroutput ON permanently?
What is the most efficient way to check if a string is part of a bigger string?
FaceBook UI is not populating multiple friends selected
Custom SQL Server Session Provider in ASP.NET
Sun Grid Engine suspend instead of restart jobs
Query and Update fusion table via HTML form?
Reading from a binary file to byte array in j2me
Multitouch charting library for iOS [closed]
How to get jQuery placeholder/watermark plugin to work for ajax loaded text fields?
Tile based collision works perfect except against blocks with position.y == 0
Add Delay to For Loop
Redirect parent page from a ifram in JSP by JAVA
How to keep view when changing tab in TabbedViewNavigatorApplication
How to append and remove checkbox values to and from hidden field
Creating and linking a private Umbrella framework
C# Capture screen to 8-bit (256 color) bitmap
UpdatePanel refreshing with <input type=鈥渋mage鈥�gt; but not type= button
C# & XML - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Create array of paths with spaces in powershell
Key generation requirements for TLS ECDHE-ECDSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256
Toggle the button Image
Can I use .show() or .hide() with a switch 1/0 instead of an If statement
when i am decrypting ,i am not getting the proper plaintext
How to configure Apache2.2 to set HttpOnly and Secure parameter?
File caching in application
ASP.NET- What is the type of the args.Value
How to associate a project folder with a heroku app
installing dependencies in haskell
C++ Destructor inheritance
In Solr, why use different analyzers for index vs query?
Getting NSDate from a UIPickerView
Custom tokenizer solr only is invoked at the first
Problems with model.destroy()
python fabric: prevent already installed packages from being installed again
Display table after choose the selected value from dropdownlist (HTML)
GWT compiler can't find sources of depending module in IntelliJ IDEA
Spring HttpInvoker: how to replace serviceUrl at runtime?
Calling Parent Methods Cocos2d
Use the WPF toolkit messagebox using custom name
Search and replace in Perl
How to yield an event periodically into schedule without waiting in SimPy?
Show AlertDialog after background thread executed succefully
Foursquare trending api with category filter
Prism - strategy for removing newly added record from master view
generating logs of simple java class with log4j api
Phonegap Cordova 1.6.0 what is going on? [closed]
commonly integrate a line of code at many places in c#
F# PSeq.iter does not seem to be using all cores
change an image via php dropdown
Saving JPEG images as a Video in Android
how to load a tarball to pig
How to show if rhomobile array is empty
Writing unmanaged C++ DLLs for use in C#
If vs if-else vs switch when each condition results in a return
generating serialized rsa public / private keys from N E D Big Ints
How can you inject objects into non-controller objects using Ninject 3.0 with ASP.NET MVC3
Using 'AND' and 'OR' in same mysql statement with PDO
ab (Apache Bench) error: apr_poll: The timeout specified has expired (70007) on Windows
py2app is not copying the Python.framework to the new app while using virutalenv
Stop Android Service from another package
MVC EnumMember custom string
linux file attributes
Cocoa: How to create CFUrl/NSUrl for reading from a memory buffer for ExtAudioFileOpenURL
Getting Error with an SQL query
Getting nested JSON output from Rails
Authenticate HTPPS using SSL having .crt file in c language
Custom memory allocation in wxWidgets
Sound API Ubuntu Linux
Secure transfer of password from iPhone app to web server
Modal dialog / replacement for RadWindow in jquery?
How to call classes in GWT
Google Maps - Shortest route between two points using given polyline
How to detect mouse click on images displayed in GUI created using PySide
how to use ILspy debug a dll?
Why <div class=鈥渃lear鈥�gt;</div> is used after multiple floating DIVS in a container DIV?
carrierwave upload caching
MySQL & PHP: summing up data from a table
How to get text filed value in ajax?
Unable to open a MS Office word file from SharePoint Document library in
GLUtesselator : Issues with zero-area triangles and T-intersections
Javascript class 鈥渦ndefined鈥�- IE7
memory usage of grails application
Beginning Address Endless Loop
cannot be serialized because it does not have a parameterless constructor soap client php
How to bring heavy traffic to mysql database in my local machine?
Pythonic Way To Draw Polygon
Read file to variable in Visual Basic
How can I pinch and zoom an HTML 5 canvas with touch events?
if foreach and condition
Bind a form field in Play 2.0 with a constant value?
How to reduce size of JPEG Image in Android
Syntax highlighting for non-project files in Visual Studio
How to know that a void runs? [closed]
鈥渃an't define singleton鈥�error in a simple Article-User association
Javascript return only parent object that contain a special property
Cassandra or SOLR? What gives better performance to frond end read queries?
Need Authenticated WCF REST Architecture Advice
Rails, Stripe and Subscriptions - Model
Entity Framework Code First: Initializing a Database using Console Application
find the source for jquery contains pseudo-selector
remove deletion on node where it is similar not exactly the same in XML using xslt
How to get waitress server working in an EC2 instance?
Multi-page App on iOS
Order by Case with like
formatting from text area in rails app
jQuery CSS: Dropdown Interaction
Why does this dependent type not count as specialization using the template argument?
SPARQL: Equivalent of SQL UPDATE?
Loop searching an array, printing multiple results
flash/vector asset generation for other platforms like C#
Rotation issue for iPad after lock mode
How do I have my project specific files inside a git submodule?
SeekBar width in a TableRow?
Send Custom Android App to Customer
Trouble with CLLocation method distanceFromLocation: Inaccurate results
recursive division method [closed]
Make a Cocos2d mac window transparent
Ruby on Rails: No method error in Rails 3.0.10
why route of backbone needs the default route
highlight menu item using jQuery with 2 menus
Loop jquery $.get, how to know when loop is finished
Loding Image onto Tomcat Server in Android for phoneGap
How to make a screenshot that contains the mouse cursor with QT API?
SQL to return rows that which contain same data for one field but different data for others
mvc3 SelectList SelectedValue is displayed but not returned in Edit view
iPhone storage & retrieval in Xcode
Setting button drawable through RemoteViews
Add suffix if doesn't exist
Primefaces tags are not working
MATLAB Simulink to Workspace
Retrieving Data from MS Access using Visual Studio C#
How do I make this scroll function work on jQuery?
How does Symfony2 find the correct controller without extending the ControllerResolver?
PHP & MongoDB - Querying Array
How to iterate in 1:N relationship in Dynamics CRM4 C# Plugin
How can I make a POST request inside Ruby Sinatra?
How can I make a POST request inside Ruby Sinatra?
Ruby rails - redirect_to a different view with get parameters
What's the DB independent (works for both mysql and sqlite3) solution to calculate days between two dates in SQL?
BlackJack Java Code Testing
How to let an <a> no-refresh and redirect a page? [duplicate]
Center text in parent with 2 variable width views aligned to sides
Runtime of a dynamic array that increase by a constant instead of doubling
basic smtp server in node.js
python:looking for a more elegant solution to this from codingbat
Checking a file's content type by URL?
Using Javascript/JQuery Mouseover fades in Firefox (keeps repeating)
How to configure Cached Exchange mode for Outlook using C#?
Access int variable from other class
How to create hyperlink using XSLT?
Is there a way to determine the filename passed to a map job in Hadoop/Dumbo/Mrjob?
Create DataItem in Dataview Sencha Touch 2
Adding TextView object dynamically to a Fragment
Problems constructing a datetime obj?
editing TXT file on web server using
Error whilst inheriting in C++
Draw a line in a View with xml layout
How to format date based on the windows locale using batch?
Is an ISO or EXE download available for Visual Web Developer 11 Beta?
AppleScript to get value of active cell from Excel sheet
jquery: Uncaught SyntaxError in Dropdown
When is it necessary to add a 鈥渨idth: 100%;鈥�to your website?
Pulling data from MySQL into json array
Creating unique IDs with JQuery
DevExpress ExtraEditors checkedcombobox doesn't synchronize?
Method prints table incorrectly
What is the result if I read after a uncommited update within the same transaction
git revert commit/push but keep changes
Creating a trigger that deletes a row when an attribute becomes negative [oracle sql]?
What would setting a getter do?
Getting String from a Spinner
Why is my for loop not working on my Javascript properties?
Wondering how to output and format information from file
Java Integer vs. String Autoboxing Design
Can't find libcurl or curl/curl.h (RuntimeError)
Could not load NIB in bundle in ios5 pagebased application
how to manage loading dll's before entering main() function in visual c++
JavaScript not resizing height of UL element sometimes when inserting LI elements using Jquery
How can I select unique rows in a database over two columns?
ADO Exception Operand type clash
Accessing spring context in testng's @BeforeTest
NSArray arrayWithObjects: limited to nine objects
Deploying PostSharp into a Source Repository with NuGet Package Restore
PHP: matching MIME with in_array
multilingual tables - are composite keys the way to go?
Synchronize Memcache and Datastore on Google App Engine
Are all hive queries supported when hive is backed by hbase?
javascript array numerical key resulting in excess 鈥渦ndefined鈥�
Regex working in regexpal but not in Java
Android JNI: Calling System.loadLibrary() causes SEGV [duplicate]
Java - Recursion Program - Convert a base 10 number to any Base
what is the meaning of the term 鈥渃omputation space鈥�
Breadth First Search Pruning and Memory Leak C++
Use Yii findAll to return a model w/ all properties
Exception while copying text from edittext to clipboard via context menus?
SDK - R18 still has some bug
iPhone C++/Objective-C exceptions
Java Map implementation
stackpanel highlight on mouse over from code behind
Jquery validate via remote using unknown POST variable
Affiliate Tracking Program for existing ASP.Net website
Submit values from partial view to parent viewmodel
Small amount of unwanted data going to iCloud
How to prevent the double-click select text in javascript
Make variables universally accessible in ASP.NET MVC 3?
Tracking users' clicks and page visits in Rails
get drawable from assets xml file
How to use regular urls without the hash symbol in spine.js?
Android: calling Java class from C++ Native Activity
Can i programmatically add a product with a specific id?
Javascript/jQuery can't seem to get ClearInterval to work
how to import theZXing library for my app for Encoding QR codes(while there is preinstalled ZXing scanner app for my mobile)
combine two arrays into a third array
FaceBook SDK Sample for Android
MDM:iOS mdm command sending format
Ask for matrix lib for java (PCA / linear Regress)
How do I force keyboard focus for a Modal Window without Title Bar
lost my Facebook appid for my website
EDIT: UITextView Label is Cut in Half (Horizontally)
How to NOT recycle auto_increment IDs in InnoDB
False memory leaks reported in my MFC app
Parametric polymorphism in java with simple example
Matplotlib EPS export ignores interpolation='nearest'
i want to make the div show after few seconds automatically
Django load parts of pages dynamically as they become available
Crystal report is making the menu for master page disappear
How to config rails to run rspec with mysql2
Anchor Tag Direct Link Needs to Over-Ride
javascript scroll to bottom of div class
Performance Object cannot be seen in Windows 7
how is it possible for a crypto library to determine if you are using the right key to decrypt the message?
PHPUnit Mock Multiple Expectations
Can Oracle DB be used with Tornado?
How do I check that a byte is sent successfully using the TCP protocol? [closed]
Doesn't work on tcsh: set kk=`cd $THE_PATH; pwd`
Repository Not Found when pushing to GitHub remote
CSS click suckerfish menu doesn't stay open in chrome
Dynamic query with linq to entities using PredicateBuilder
Why is this file path outputting an error saying my sqlite database cannot be opened?
'Order' does not contain a constructor that takes 0 arguments [closed]
How to set PVM's environment?
get methods and attributes of a compiled class in JAVA
How to redirect output to a file only if it exists?
Rspec and Rails Controller Expectations
Delete file from a FTP server using Java
Thread count increases a lot, even when deleting the threads
Problems searching dates
cant get the value of a readonly textbox in
Authorization adapter was not found in cakePHP
Single FancyBox form with multiple links
Implementing Yii RESTful API from example - _sendResponse function generating 500 error
Gitolite: git push origin master fails with 鈥渇atal: The remote鈥︹�
Replacing std::async with own version but where should std::promise live?
Auto Increment in Temporary Table
鈥渞ange out of order in character class鈥�in PHP regex?
parseInt always returns NaN?
cursor changes back to I-beam when dragging
Using the same rules for jQuery validation and server-side validation
How to use RVM to install Ruby 1.9.3 when Xcode 4.3.2 is installed and gcc is missing?
How to refresh parent browser window on GridView page change
OpenGL - maintaining aspect ratio upon window resize
How to start activity when user clicks a notification?
Sharepoint People View - add column with groups
Code to Exclude Column Headings from Transferring to Excel 2007 from Access 2007
Excel 2007 Conditional formatting with 2 conditions, one based off another column
How to automatically update a file on every git commit?
Unable to cast object of type exception using Interfaces
How to change the navigationController's rootViewController
Saving blob files in mysql database
Nodejs execute exported function from string
How to bind the automatic preferences file to the custom preferences in android
Batch adding 鈥�fno-objc-arc鈥�flag to (multiple) source files
Using Cache ASP.NET
How to tell if AsyncTaskLoader is running
Data type for Credit card Details using mvc 3
鈥淓:target鈥�not working in iframe?
Why my database disappeared then appeared and now again is disappeared?
Jquery Show/Hide Toggle Next
refactoring code in rails controller
How to import my local svn project to new created svn repository and keep history information
Django Store HTML Input Array from _POST
user_id in session not set when I decode the base64 cookie?
Upload a picture and create a link [closed]
(Android) Inserting thousands of rows to sqlite
Why does this instance of getFile work with SVNKit?
How can I turn Google fonts into a png or gif?
How can I turn Google fonts into a png or gif?
Using doseq and atoms rather than loop/recur
JDBC Code Won't Create Table
how to retrieve values from places.sqlite firefox database?
How do we find the information for launching other app?
Use of HttpValidationStatus.IgnoreThisRequest
Disabling the scheduler to reduce the cpu time on spinlock
How to use custom directive in a T4 template?
Saving QueryString to protect URL manipulation
How to make vim jump to first tag by default
what is the trick Facebook uses to inject its icon onto a linked page?
How can I distinguish between an unset float and one with a value of 0?
Count down from 10 and repeat it when the timer has reacted 0
ws-discovery: how to obtain services in the central repository (Governance Registry), with their real names and not Discovered-3442536235?
objective c: EXC_BAD_ADDRESS
Generating a comprehensive callgraph using GCC & Egypt
Assembly language with String Operations
ios Mapview properties are not persisting
Can an NSOpenPanel open with a package pre-selected rather than showing the contents of the package?
complicated SQL: How to filtrate duplicate data about technical support and compute rank of order
SQL server 2008 - populate a column for more than one record in a set
Haskell: Reading from /proc. Issues with strictness and laziness. Process statistics
PHP & MySQL: Converting Stored TIMESTAMP into User's Local Timezone
which is best for performance while referring using _id? While retrieving using _id, i am getting error INVALID OBJECT ID
Fastest way to Convert String to Binary?
mysql select with 2 different substrings and single WHERE from 1 column
How to 鈥淧RE-PROCESS鈥�ajax call before showing the mvc view?
How to create multiple overlays with Simple Modal?
Ormlite - Constructor call failing when BaseDaoImpl is extended
Proper way to match bytes in a stream? - verilog
Backbone: what's the point of a View that's never rendered?
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 21 [closed]
Android service mBoundService null in onResume
What's the difference between .replace and -replace in powershell?
jQuery Ajax/Jetty; Chrome javascript console showing 'Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier' from server response
control JSON is undefined in Windows Phone WebBrowser (IE)
Orderby datetime query in a foreach loop
populating datagridview with files in multiple subfolderse
Why does to_a and to_ary behave differently in subclasses of Array?
Multidimensional List C#
FQL Query Returning Inconsistent Results
Image upload not working
Find a node in a the tree based on some selection criteria
How to get fixed sizes on images retrieved from the database?
Swap function for heaps seems screwy
Need help in MySQL query - GROUP BY
AS3: Is it possible to create a variable to hold instance name?
Error in loading youtube, stackoverflow or facebook main pages into iframe tag
How to select a row in an NSTableView when clicking on an NSTextView inside an NSTableCellView?
Moving things in terminal based on their name
Play video using canvas
Has anyone use this User Defined Form module from Silverstripe?
PHP Google maps embedding with dynamic locations
regular expression for finding escaped apostrophe's around contractions
Groovy Console read input
How to Compile Java Servlets and many other classes with GCJ?
How does this code work to reverse bits in number?
My magento site can't sent email to the customer
MySQL - How to increase varchar size of an existing column in a database without breaking existing data?
Using JQuery Autocomplete using array and drop down list
Reachability Notification Never Called
Prevent access to UIViewControllers with tab bar controller (storyboard)
Protovis JQuery Change Histogram Xticks
Rename namespace in NetBeans PHP?
How to make a UserControl being wrapped inside a DIV with the generated ClientID
Capturing ASP.NET MVC Errors and WebActivator
Do I have to register and get a key from Google to be able to have a 鈥渓ogin with Google鈥�
What is the best way to design a Key Pressed Control?
Is there a CSS :visible (scroll) selector?
2d Mobile Gaming
Asynchronous unit test not being called by SenTestCase
Android : Listen to packet data when Android in sleep mode
MySQL querying rostered shifts over a number of days - simpler way?
Get a user's email address from the username via PowerShell and WMI?
Singly Linked List with special methods in python, stuck
Flash ActionScript 2 JSON returning [object Object]
鈥淐alls to the web service will fail鈥︹� Once Again
Navigation fade in after scroll down?
What is Type Object in Heap
Adding backbone.js events after initialization
Generating a key from ancestor path in Google App Engine
how do I use futures for parsing rss?
Crowd source the community standards of a gaming community?
How can I get my blocks to update?
Complete HTTP GET with scapy
Visual C# combox1.Items.Add(鈥渢est鈥�; Error?
Key Points/Challenges while working with Apache Tika and Solr
How to connect formidable file upload to in Node.js
Crystal Report Licensing
Display result from database in two columns
String manipulation: randomly swapping out the first letter with one of the other letters of the word
Cant Read Resource
Filter/select specific type of data
How to select table rows/complete table?
Can you tell me about any methods that Rails adds to existing Ruby classes?
windows mobile & google analytics
Page fault despite doing as tutorial says? [closed]
django loaddata issue with new datetime field in postgres
C++ ifstream tries to open file while being written
Recursive Function, setTimeout, and 'this' keyword in javascript
Nothing Showing When Dynamically Creating a Relative Layout
jQuery and jsFiddle, cannot get PreventDefault() to work on $.submit()
WCF Rest Services And User Info Persistence
Script not working when called from .cs file
Re-keying a dictionary
Equivalence of p[0] and *p for incomplete array types
Fire functions consecutively with delay between each
How can I make jquery load after all images loaded completed?
Delete control from form
The right way to share settings among modules
How to disable javascript from <head> on a single page or div
Minimal script--still getting Cannot modify header information - headers already sent [duplicate]
Node.js unit testing for session-specific middleware
Having problems iterating over dict in Django template
Navigate though previous edit points in vim?
MySQL command to drop all non-primary indexes of a table
c# Substring, if the string is not long enough replace chars with spaces
Python dictionaries
How can I insert session data into a database? [closed]
How can I add second axis labels in ggplot2?
Android code, Activity.onTouchEvent Unknown Source
Is it much more resource-demanding to load 100 mysql rows than to load only 5 of them?
JVM options : what values are passed?
What's the difference between QueryParam and MatrixParam in JAX-RS?
PHP MVC - adding more Views
What is the fastest way to do integer division?
SQLite / Javascript: How to know when all values in column A are identical
Android - Why i'm getting fatal signal?
cocoa 锛欻ow to make background transparent webView 锛�
jQuery countdown stopping page from showing
How to add a new image to a rails project?
How to deal with a database in Android's Tab Activity
Receiving data from Android in a ASP.NET web site
Persistent the Current Session Regardless of Page Reload
Search through document and find all inputs with titles
Populating form fields using TAL/Chameleon
Convenient way to see what's new in remote repositories?
Using 鈥渢his鈥�vs. not using it in a singleton class for Java?
Jquery - Getting data from database when dialog window opens
PHP never-repeating Random Number [closed]
Google Analytics - In Page Analytics - Can not see everyone's date only logged in data
Can Mono Gendarme run on source files?
Ruby, using interpolation in variables' names
Backbone.js navigation working once but not again
if Not undefined and indexOf ('foo') do something
How to reuse data in xml
Can't text-align:center on css
SQL how to get an equality comparator on a list of ints
How to communicate with a USB device?
Is it OK to use Twitter and Facebook profile images without storing them in my server?
PHP mail sends but sender is always 鈥淎pache <apache@hosting12鈥�
Unix find and replace recursively?
Cocos2d: CCCallFuncO with target as parent
Is there a way to read a file in a loop in python using a separator other than newline